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Chapter 6: Dead Again and Flamel

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Chapter 6: Dead Again and Flamel

Friday, January 10th, 1992

Harry and Susan were heading to Hagrid's. With what they heard a week ago and the rumors they remembered of there being a Three Headed Dog they thought he might have some information. Harry also remembered that Hagrid picked up something for Dumbledore during his visit to Gringott's. Harry knocked on the door.

"Why hello there, Harry. I was hoping yeh'd come ter see me sooner, but I guess yeh've bin busy." said Hagrid.

"Yeah. I'm sorry, Hagrid. May we come in?" asked Harry.

"Sure. Who've yeh got there with you, Harry?" asked Hagrid while letting them inside.

"This is Susan Bones." said Harry.

"Oh, yer Amelia's niece. Mighty fine woman, Amelia." said Hagrid.

"Hagrid, what do you know of the Sorcerer's Stone?" asked Harry.

"Where did ya here 'bout that?" asked Hagrid.

"Professor Snape was threatening Professor Quirrell about it and we heard rumors that it's a Three Headed Dog guarding whatever's in the third floor corridor. Fred and George thought he was yours.

"Ah, Fluffy. Had 'im since he were a pup." said Hagrid.

All of a sudden there was a crackling coming from the fireplace.

"Hagrid what is that? Come to think of it, it's quite hot in here." said Harry as Hagrid removed an egg from the fireplace. It immediately started to hatch once he put it on the table.

"Hagrid where did you get that Dragon Egg from. I'm going to have to tell my Aunt." said Susan.

"I won the egg off some bloke down at the Hog's Head. He seemed quite interested in getting rid of it." said Hagrid.

"I'm sorry, Hagrid we have to go. I have to send my Aunt a letter." said Susan taking Harry's hand and leaving.

The next day Auror's came along with some members of the Department of Magical Creatures to transport the Dragon to a colony in Romania. Hagrid was fined for not turning in the Dragon Egg.

Wednesday, January 15th, 1992

A few days after talking to Hagrid, Harry was leaving after a strange Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

"Susan, did you notice anything strange about that Defense class I just had?" asked Harry.

"Not really. There hasn't been anything odd since you had that pain in your scar in your first Defense class. That hasn't happened since the scar healed after our death." said Susan.

"Well I've noticed that it seems easier to do magic. Since we've been doing good, Professor Quirrel taught us the Stunning Spell as a treat even though we'd normally not learn it until next year. I was able to perform it right away and it took several tries for Professor Quirrell to revive Ron." said Harry.

"Well we'll see if the same thing happens to me when I have the class. I hope Hannah will forgive me." said Susan.

"I can't believe you stunned me. Nobody else was able to get the spell to work that well." said Hannah as the three of them were on their way to Study Hall.

"I told you I was sorry." said Susan.

"And where is all this ability coming from all of a sudden. You're always the first one to get the spells done and perfectly too." said Hannah.

"We don't know. It's possible we may never know." said Susan.

Friday, March 20th, 1992

The next couple months went by much the same. Harry and Susan were at the top of their class much to Hermione's annoyance. Not that she was far behind them or anything like that since she was right on their heels, but she wanted to be first.

They tried to think about how to stop Professor Snape, but couldn't come up with anything.

One day towards the end of March, Susan forgot her Defense book in class and went to retrieve it. Before she went into the classroom she heard Professor Quirrell crying and heard him say,

"I'm sorry, master. I'll get it tonight. I promise."

Forgetting about her book she ran to Gryffindor Tower.

"Harry we need to go see Dumbledore. Meet me outside of your common room." said Susan.

Harry was there when she got to the portrait.

"So we were wrong. It's actually Professor Quirrell who was trying to get the stone?" asked Harry.

"Yes. We need to tell Dumbledore so he can stop him." said Susan.

They got to the Gargoyle that led to Dumbledore's Office and saw Professor McGonagall coming down the stairs.

"Professor, we need to see Dumbledore." said Harry.

"I'm sorry, but the Headmaster just left for the Ministry." said Professor McGonagall.

"But this is important. It's about the Sorcerer's Stone. Someone's going to steal it." said Susan.

"I don't know how you know about the stone, but I assure you it is well protected. Now go to your common rooms immediately." said Professor McGonagall.

"But, Professor…" started Harry.

"I won't hear anymore. Go to your common rooms." said Professor McGonagall while walking away.

"We'll stop Professor Quirrell ourselves. Take my hand and I'll teleport us to the third floor corridor." said Harry.

Susan took his hand and they appeared in front of the door. Harry unlocked the door and they saw the three headed dog asleep with a harp playing and an open trap door. They jumped through the trap door and landed on a bunch of vines that they immediately recognized as Devil's Snare.

"Lumos Solem!" said Susan making the Devil's Snare disappear and they fell to the ground.

They wanted to get where they were going quickly so in the room with the keys they just teleported passed the door and did the same for the Chess board. Luckily the Troll they found was already dead and instead of doing the Potions riddle they just teleported through the fire and the door.

"Well what a surprise. I expected Mr. Potter to come, but not for him to bring me a gift. Incarcerous." said Professor Quirrell binding Susan in ropes.

Harry went to free her, but was stopped.

"If you free her she'll die. Come over here, Potter." said Professor Quirrell.

Harry went over to him and saw The Mirror of Erised.

"I know the mirror is the key. I see myself presenting the stone to my master, but how do I get it?" asked Professor Quirrell.

"Use the boy."

"Where did that come from? There's no one else here." said Harry.

"I don't know." said Susan.

"Potter look into the mirror and get me the stone." said Professor Quirrell.

"No." said Harry.

Professor Quirrell summoned Susan to him and put his wand to her throat.

"Do it or I'll kill her." said Professor Quirrell.

"You'll kill her and me both anyways. I'm not doing it." said Harry.

"Let me speak to him."

Quirrell removed his turban to show the grotesque face underneath.

"Harry Potter, I am Lord Voldemort." said Voldemort.

"You killed my parents!" said Harry.

"I killed young Susan's parents also, Harry. You and her don't have to die as long as you help me." said Voldemort.

"You liar! I'm not stupid. You'll kill us as soon as you have the stone." said Harry. "I'm sorry, Susan. I love you."

"I love you too." said Susan.

"Kill her, Quirrell." said Voldemort.

"Diffindo!" said Quirrel slicing Susan's throat.

Susan fell to the floor and Harry could feel her dying slowly. He was running out of time so he jumped and grabbed Professor Quirrel by the throat to try and choke the life from him, but his skin disintegrated and he fell down dead before falling to pieces as a vapor left him.

Harry could feel himself getting weaker. It wouldn't be long before he died with Susan, but first he'd make sure that no one could get the stone. He didn't know the Blasting Curse, but he poured all of his intent into what he wanted and sent a wave of magic shattering the mirror. Shards of glass went everywhere along with pieces of the stone that found their way into the wounds sustained by Harry and Susan.

Harry felt Susan finally pass and then he passed out and fell on top of her which caused a gold bubble to envelope them.

Wednesday, April 15th, 1992

"Harry, Susan, wake up." said a man.

Harry and Susan started to move.

"Be careful. You have to stay touching." said the man.

"Who are you? asked Harry.

"Ah, yes. We must observe the niceties. I am Nicholas Flamel." said Nicholas.

"The creator of the Sorcerer's Stone?" asked Susan.

"The one and only. Thank you for trying to protect my stone. I guess it's a part of the two of you now." said Nicholas.

"What do you mean?" asked Harry.

"Dumbledore told me the stone was destroyed, but I can sense parts of it in the both of you. I'd imagine that you'll find out soon that you can do what the stone could. It would be easier if I could show you. This is one of the last vials of elixir I have left. You see how silvery and shiny the liquid is?" asked Nicholas.

"Yes. What are you doing!?" yelled Susan as Nicholas grabbed Harry's hand and sliced his palm with a dagger and dripping some blood into a vial before healing his hand.

"I'm sorry, but look at the blood. It has the same silvery and shiny liquid in it." said Nicholas.

"But how?" asked Harry.

"When you destroyed the mirror shattered pieces of the stone must've went inside of the two of you. I'd wager that Susan's blood looks the same. As I said you'll be able to do what the stone did. Your blood has the Elixir of Life in it and that'll make you immortal, but that is not the only thing I came to talk to you about." said Nicholas.

"What else is there?" asked Susan.

"Your Soul Bond." said Nicholas.

"How do you know…" started both Harry and Susan.

"How I know is because of your condition. I've known two other Soul Bonded couples in my long life and you are the youngest, but also the worst at keeping the secret. You need to make sure that you keep the secret better. If you could without causing problems I'd say Obliviate the ones who already know, but that's not really possible." said Nicholas.

"We thought to keep it a secret, but what is the reason you say that we should? asked Susan.

"There are people that will use you for the power that you have. There are powers that you won't get until you've consummated your bond and you've already tapped into your power twice now to beat death and now with the immortality added you are almost un-killable. There will be those who fear you and those who want your power. Some of them in this castle. It's about time for me to go. Tell no one I was here except maybe Amelia. You're living with her so it'll be hard to keep things from her. The damage that you put yourselves through will continue healing. I don't know when you'll come out of the bubble on your own. Now get back into the position you were in. When I leave the bubble will reform and you'll be put back out. Good luck, Mr. and Mrs. Potter." said Nicholas.

Thursday, June 18th, 1992

"It's about time that bubble disappeared." said Professor McGonagall.

"When will they wake up? Can't you give them something." asked Amelia.

"I don't know when they'll wake, but it will be on their own. They are perfectly healthy and they'll wake soon I think." said Madam Pomfrey.

"Later if you all weren't talking." said Harry opening his eyes. "Susan, wake up. We have company again. I wonder why I'm laying on top of you like this."

"Well you're not that heavy and it feels good." said Susan.

"I'm going to move." said Harry.

Harry shifted himself and lost physical contact with Susan causing a crackling of electricity and Susan and Harry to shriek in pain. Harry quickly took Susan's hand.

"Madam Pomfrey?" asked Dumbledore.

"They're fine now. I wouldn't recommend them separating again though." said Madam Pomfrey after scanning them with her wand.

"May we speak with them?" asked Dumbledore.

"I'd prefer them to get better first, but I think we need to find out if they know anything." said Madam Pomfrey.

"Harry, before we start our questions I want to apologize for not listening to you when you tried to warn me about the stone." said Professor McGonagall.

"It's ok, Professor. At least Voldemort didn't get the stone and Susan and I got another good day of rest." said Harry laughing.

"Harry, what day do you think it is?" asked Dumbledore.

"March, 21st." said Harry.

"Just tell us, Professor." said Susan after seeing everyone's faces.

"It's actually June 18th. You've been out for three months. The Hogwart's Express leaves in two days." said Dumbledore.

"But how? We weren't out that long last time." said Harry.

"We were hoping you could tell us." said Professor McGonagall.

"Is there anything you remember?" asked Amelia.

"Well we were unconscious. How could we remember anything?" asked Susan.

"We couldn't do any scans or anything through that bubble. In fact it was lucky we could move you here. It took a while, but we could observe you and based on your eye movements your mind was active regardless of your being unconscious." said Madam Pomfrey.

"We can't tell them, Harry." said Susan.

"I know. Just your Aunt." said Harry. "No, we don't remember anything after we died."

"Do you know how long we're going to have to stay in contact?" asked Susan.

"I don't know. You've been in contact for three months so you shouldn't be having this reaction." said Madam Pomfrey.

They talked a bit more with Dumbledore trying every now and then to see if they had any memories, but they always said no. Eventually they were left alone with Amelia.

"So do I get to know the truth now?" asked Amelia.

"Not yet. We'll tell you after we get to go home. It's a little unbelievable. For now we can show you something. Can you conjure to small metal discs?" asked Susan.

Amelia did so and Harry and Susan both reached out and touched a disc with their finger turning the metal discs into gold.

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