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Chapter 5: Christmas and the Mirror

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Chapter 5: Christmas and the Mirror

Friday, December 20th, 1991

Hogwarts Express

The time between Halloween and Yule Break went by very quickly. The ride on the Express back to Platform 9 ¾ was quiet for the most part. Harry and Susan shared a compartment with Hannah, and Hermione and they talked about their plans for the holidays. With everything that happened with the troll they told Hermione everything.

"I know you're just staying with the Bones' because Madam Bones doesn't want to lose Susan, but what are you going to do for the summer?" asked Hermione.

"Well Auntie said that she was inviting Harry over for the Yule Holidays, but what she's forgotten is that Harry now owns our home. She can't say that he isn't allowed to stay there." said Susan.

"Do you really want to go toe to toe with your Aunt, Susan?" asked Hannah.

"No, but we need her to understand that this is how it is and that Harry isn't going anywhere." said Susan.

"Do you have any other options?" asked Hermione.

"Potter Manor, but I don't want to take Susan away from her family." said Harry.

"Well maybe Madam Bones will understand that and there will be no problem." said Hermione.

"Yeah. That's going to happen." said Hannah sarcastically.

The train pulled into the station and everybody exited. Harry and Susan said goodbye to Hermione and Hannah. They didn't see Amelia anywhere on the platform, but Susan saw Mipsy their House Elf.

"Mipsy? Where's Auntie?" asked Susan.

"Mistress got held up at work. She told me to take you and Mr. Potter home and that she'll be home before dinner is over. She'll take you Christmas shopping tomorrow." said Mipsy.

Mipsy apparated Harry and Susan home. Susan told Mipsy they'd take care of their trunks and she gave Harry a small tour of the manor before Mipsy popped in and told them dinner was ready. They had just started eating when Amelia came in.

"I'm sorry for not being there at the platform, Susie. Mundungus Fletcher was causing problems again." said Amelia.

"It's ok, Auntie. I got to give Harry a tour of the house after we put away our trunks." said Susan.

"Are you sharing your room or one of the guest rooms?" asked Amelia.

"I like my room so we'll be in there." said Susan.

"Amelia, I'm sorry for this. It's not my intention to cause problems between you and Susan. I know it's hard because of us being married, but other than us sharing a bed we're still children and we're not doing anything inappropriate." said Harry.

"Sleeping in her bed is inappropriate, but I understand what you're trying to say." said Amelia.

"We need to talk about the summer breaks, Auntie." said Susan.

"I know. This is now yours and Harry's home and he'll be living with us." said Amelia.

"Are you going to be ok with that?" asked Susan.

"I will not lose you, Susan." said Amelia.

Saturday, December 21st, 1991

The next morning Harry, Susan and Amelia headed to Diagon Alley after breakfast. After a quick stop at Gringott's they headed to the bookstore to find something for Hermione.

"Harry, I know we're here to get Christmas gifts, but maybe we should go to Madame Malkin's and get you some clothes also. You know you have the money so why not get rid of Dudley's hand me downs?" asked Susan.

"I guess we can do that. What are we going to do about our gifts? We haven't figured out a way to block one another so we'll know what our gifts are." said Harry.

"I don't know. At least we'll know for sure that we'll like our gifts from each other. With everything you know about me and me you I don't think we could choose a bad gift. I also already know what you want to get me." said Susan.

"You cheat." teased Harry at which Susan stuck her tongue out at him.

"What are you two talking about?" asked Amelia.

"Nothing." said Susan and Harry.

"We need to go to Madame Malkin's and get Harry some clothes. He has nothing but the hand me downs from his cousin." said Susan.

"Ok, Why don't I drop the two of you there while I go do some shopping of my own." said Amelia.

Harry and Susan agreed and they went to the Muggle clothes section as soon as they entered the store.

"At least it seems like Auntie is trying." said Susan.

"Yeah. What do you think we should get her for Christmas?" asked Harry.

"I had a thought about that." said Susan.

"I know you did." said Harry.

Wednesday, December 25th, 1991

Christmas morning came and Harry was trying to get some more sleep, but someone wasn't having it.

"Wake up, Harry! It's Christmas!" yelled Susan happily while jumping up and down on the bed.

"Ok, ok, Susan. What happened to the girl who hates early mornings?" asked Harry.

"You know Christmas is the exception." said Susan.

Harry put a shirt on and the two of them and almost ran into Amelia in the hall.

"Only you would be loud enough to wake me up when you are able to talk in your heads, Susan." said Amelia.

"I'm sorry, Auntie, but it's Christmas. Come on. Harry and I want to give you our present first." said Susan.

Well this should be good if you want me to open a gift first." said Amelia.

Harry followed as Susan dragged Amelia into the sitting room and sat her down on the couch. Harry handed Susan the folder from under the tree.

"Auntie I know we kind of backed you into a corner with Harry owning the house which gave you no choice but to accept him living with us so we wanted to give you this." said Susan.

Amelia opened the folder and read the parchment inside.

"You're giving me the manor?" asked Amelia.

"Yes. I don't want to be here because we forced you. If you don't want me here I'll live at Potter Manor and we'll work out the bedtime arrangements." said Harry.

"Thank you. Both of you. You're welcome to stay here, Harry. I'm sorry for how I reacted before. Just make sure to be careful and take care of each other." said Amelia.

Harry picked up a small box from under the tree and opened it.

"Why are you opening my present?" asked Susan.

"Well you already know what it is so I thought I'd do this right." said Harry getting down on one knee. " Susan Amelia Bones, I know we are already married in the eyes of magic, but I want you to know that I promise to give you the wedding you deserve when we are older. Susan, will you marry me?"

"Yes, Harry, I will. But you know the right way would've been to ask Auntie for my hand." said Susan.

"Erm…" started Harry.

"It's fine, Harry. Put the ring on Susan and kiss her." said Amelia.

Both Harry and Susan blushed.

"Auntie, we haven't kissed before." said Susan.

"Well no time like the present." said Amelia.

Harry placed the ring on Susan's finger and leaned forward and kissed her on the lips quickly making Amelia laugh.

"You'll get better at that with practice." said Amelia.

Harry and Susan while still blushing went to opening there other presents. They were almost finished when Harry got to one that had a note, but was unsigned.


Your father left this in my possession before he died.
It is time it was returned to you. Use it well.

Harry opened the package and revealed a shimmering cloak.

"Well put it on." said Susan.

Harry did so and was amazed when his body disappeared.

"An Invisibility Cloak. Who in their right mind would give an Invisibility Cloak to an eleven year old?" asked Amelia.

Harry gave her the card and she sighed.

"Of course Dumbledore would. That's his handwriting." said Amelia.

"I wonder why Dumbledore had it if it belonged to my father?" asked Harry.

"I don't know. Maybe it had something to do with Dumbledore's Order. Anyways I know I'm not your parent or guardian, but please be responsible with that." said Amelia.

"I will, Amelia." said Harry.

Sunday, January 5th, 1992

The rest of the holiday break went by and after the long train ride they got back to Hogwarts. After dinner and talking with Hannah and Hermione, Susan joined Harry in his bed.

"Do you want to try out the Invisibility Cloak?" asked Harry.

"Did you even need to ask?" asked Susan.

Harry and Susan laid in bed for a couple hours then put on the cloak and snuck out of the tower. They weren't really looking for anything in particular. They just wanted to use the cloak. They turned a corner and almost ran right into Professor Snape and Professor Quirrell.

"What'd you want to see me so late for, Severus?" asked Professor Quirrell.

"Less people around. Students aren't supposed to know about the Sorcerer's Stone or have you forgotten. Have you found out how to get past that beast of Hagrid's yet?" asked Professor Snape.

"B-b-but Severus, I…" stuttered Professor Quirrell.

"You don't want me as your enemy, Quirrell." said Snape taking a step toward him.

"I… I don't know what you…" stuttered Professor Quirrell.

"You know perfectly well what I mean." said Professor Snape.

"B-but I d-d-don't…" stuttered Professor Quirrell.

"Very well. We'll have another little chat soon, when you've had time to think things over and decided where your loyalties lie." said Professor Snape.

Harry and Susan moved off quickly before either Professor Snape or Professor Quirrell found out they were there. They entered one of the unused classrooms to hide for a bit before going back to the tower.

"What was that all about?" asked Susan.

"Well I guess we know what's being held in the third floor corridor. I wonder why Snape wants it." said Harry.

"Think about it, Harry. The Sorcerer's Stone. It makes an elixir that can make you immortal and also turns any metal it touches into gold." said Susan.

"Well that explains why he would want it. What's that?" asked Harry removing the cloak and walking towards an object in the middle of the room.

Harry took Susan's hand and walked up to the tall object.

"Are you seeing this, Susan? It's my parents and yours too. I remember from the picture you showed me. Your Aunt is there also. We're a little older though and there are a bunch of others around us who look like a combination of me and you." said Harry.

"I think those are our kids." said Susan.

"Then why do some of them look older than us?" asked Harry.

"I don't know." said Susan.

"Well, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter. I see you have found the delights of the Mirror of Erised." said Dumbledore.

"Professor. I'm sorry. I know we shouldn't be out…" started Harry.

"No worries, Mr. Potter. It seems that I've forgotten the lateness of the hour. Have you figured out what this mirror does?" asked Dumbledore.

"It shows us what we want. What we most desire. For me and Harry that's all of our family together including our parents and our future children." said Susan.

"That is an admirable desire, but I hope you know that nothing can bring back the dead." said Dumbledore.

"Yes, sir." said Harry.

"This mirror can be very dangerous. Men have wasted away wondering if what they see can become true. You must remember that in order to get what you desire that you can't forget to live. The mirror will be moved to a new home tomorrow and I must ask that you don't search for it again. Now take that magnificent cloak and head back to bed." said Dumbledore.

"Thank you for returning the cloak, sir." said Harry.

Dumbledore nodded as they got the cloak on and headed back to the tower and got back in bed.

"Harry, can we try something?" asked Susan.

"You want to try and kiss again?" asked Harry.

Susan nodded and Harry put his arms around Susan and took her lips in his.

"That was a little better than on Christmas." said Susan when they separated.

"We have our whole lives to get better at it." said Harry laying back down with Susan curling up on his chest.

They fell asleep, but then Susan thought about what Harry said.

"It won't take us that long to get good will it?" asked Susan.

"Goodnight, Susan." said Harry.

"We're talking more later. Goodnight, Harry." said Susan.

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