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Chapter 3: Goblin Surprises

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Chapter 3: Goblin Surprises, Be Careful of What's Inside

Saturday, September 7th, 1991

With Hannah in on their secret the three of them made their plans for visiting Gringott's. Harry went to Professor McGonagall and informed her that he had business with the Goblins in regards to House Potter and she gave him permission to use her floo to go to Diagon Alley. Susan would just have to teleport to him while Hannah would cover for Susan if anyone asked about her. They weren't too worried about that, but Harry and Susan were worried about the teleporting because it would be the first time they tried it at that distance.

After breakfast Harry went to Professor McGonagall's office. She told him that she understood that he couldn't know how long the meeting would be, but if he wasn't going to return by lunch that he needed to floo call her to let her know.

Since Harry had Susan's memories of using the floo he stepped out into The Leaky Cauldron like he'd been using the floo all his life. He went out back and through the way into Diagon Alley and ducked between two shops out of people's eyesight and Susan appeared in front of him.

"That's strange. There was no difference between this time and the times at Hogwarts. I thought with the distance I'd feel something." said Susan.

"Me too. While we're here we should talk out loud so people don't get suspicious." said Harry.

Susan agreed and they walked down the street to Gringott's. They made their way to the nearest available teller and asked to see Ripclaw. When asked if he had an appointment he showed the teller the letter that Ripclaw sent. They were told to have a seat in the lobby and someone would retrieve them shortly.

They hadn't waited too long before the Goblin that took Harry to his vault came and got them.

"Hello, Griphook. How are you doing?" asked Harry.

"I am well, Mr. Potter. Follow me. Account Manager Ripclaw is ready for you." said Griphook.

Harry and Susan followed Griphook down a long corridor. Griphook stopped at a door and knocked and they were immediately told to enter.

"Thank you, Griphook, you may leave." said Ripclaw. "Mr. Potter you and Miss Bones may have a seat."

Harry and Susan shouldn't have been surprised that he knew her name, but they were.

"Mr. Potter I am going to be blunt and just ask what needs to be asked. Are you here of your own free will? There've been some changes to our records regarding House Potter and I can clearly see the connection between the two of you and I need to be absolutely sure that Miss Bones isn't controlling you somehow." said Ripclaw.

"Yes, sir. I am here of my own free will. Susan and I are connected, but it is nothing malicious and it was not something that Susan did to me or I her." said Harry.

"Just call me Ripclaw. There's no need for calling me sir. I can see that you are being truthful about your connection, but whether or not it is malicious is yet to be seen." said Ripclaw.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Harry.

"I've never heard of a connection like this so there is no way for me to know whether it is good or bad. All I can tell you is the facts we have regarding your house accounts." said Ripclaw sliding some pieces of parchment to Harry.

The Ancient and Noble House of Potter

Head of House - Lord Harry James Potter

Spouse - Lady Susan Amelia Potter


Lord and Lady of House Potter
Lord and Lady of House Bones
Lord and Lady of House Slytherin (By Right of Conquest)
Heir to the House of Black


Vault 687 - Potter Trust Vault - 10,000G - Refilled to That Amount Annually
Vault 725 - Bones Trust Vault - 10,000G - Refilled to That Amount Annually
Vault 25 - Potter Family Vault - 55,350,275G
Vault 37 - Bones Family Vault - 52,286,182G
Vault 3 - Slytherin Family Vault - Unknown - Sealed - Claimant Must Undergo Test For Vault to Fully Transfer Ownership


Potter Manor - Unplottable
Bones Manor - Unplottable
Potter Cottage - Godric's Hollow - Taken by the Ministry of Magic as a War Memorial - 1,000G Deposited into the Potter Family Vault Annually
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - 25% Ownership - 5% of All Tuition Deposited into the Slytherin Family Vault Annually



"Auntie is going to kill us! It's a miracle that she doesn't already know!" said Susan.

"Calm down, Susan. We'll get through this. At least we found that I don't have to go back to the Dursley's." said Harry. "How is it that we are married?"

"We don't know, Lord Potter. All we know is that you are and we verified it by checking the registry in the Ministry." said Ripclaw.

"Why weren't we told?" asked Harry.

"Use some common sense, Lord Potter. As far as the Ministry is concerned they only keep a record. They have no reason to inform you as if you got married, normally you would know about it already." said Ripclaw.

"How is it that my Aunt Amelia doesn't already know about this?" asked Susan.

"While your Aunt was your Magical Guardian and had custodianship over the family vault she didn't have access to the vault other than for purchases that were used for the Manor and anything that could be proven for your care. Your Aunt has her own personal vault that she uses. As such she would not be notified that you became of age and had taken over access." said Ripclaw.

"Ok, what about Slytherin? How is it that I'm Lord of that House by Right of Conquest?" asked Harry.

"You defeated Lord Voldemort on October 31st, 1981. It was rumored that he was Slytherin's Heir so that is how. Whether you are able to pass the test to access the vault is not known." said Ripclaw.

"What is the test?" asked Harry.

"You will slice your hand and place it onto the door of the vault while pouring your magic into it." said Ripclaw.

"And what happens if I fail this test?" asked Harry.

"Then you will have the vault stricken from your holdings. You'll still be allowed to carry the title as you earned that by defeating the previous Lord, but you won't have access to the family vault. If there are no more questions here are your House Rings. Place them all on your left ring finger and they will merge into one. For your Heir Ring place it onto you right ring finger. With your three Lordships you control those Houses votes in the Wizengamot, but you must be 25 to be a part of the Wizengamot so you will need to appoint someone as a proxy for your Houses. Now we have some vaults to visit." said Ripclaw.

"May I use your floo to contact Professor McGonagall? I need to tell her that I won't be back by lunch and that I hope to be back by dinner time." said Harry.

Ripclaw allowed Harry to use the floo then they took a cart on a much longer ride than his first visit to the bank. Harry got out and sliced his hand with the dagger that Ripclaw provided and did as he had been told. He heard a hissing voice in his head that said, "Welcome descendant. We find you worthy of the name, Slytherin.", then there was a loud clicking noise and the vault door opened.

"You must actually be a descendant of Slytherin. We had to allow you to try as you bear the title, but having the Lordship by Right of Conquest alone would not have given you access to the vault." said Ripclaw.

The vault was massive and filled with more gold than either Harry or Susan had ever seen. The benefits of Centuries of tuition payments in addition to what the family accumulated before the school's opening and after the Founders left Hogwarts.

"I forgot to ask earlier. What does it mean with me owning 25% of Hogwarts?" asked Harry.

"Just that, Lord Potter. You own the castle and the land it's on, but don't control anything else. When the Founder's left the school and created the Board of Governors they gave up all control over the actual running of the school." said Ripclaw.

They visited the Bones and the Potter vaults and took a little bit of money out, but they were getting hungry so they headed back to the lobby to go to the Leaky Cauldron.

"Is there any way that we can get away with not telling your Aunt?" asked Harry.

"You already know the answer to that, Harry. Auntie was the proxy for House Bones in the Wizengamot. I don't remember when they meet again, but she would find out then and be even more furious if we tell her now." said Susan.

"I don't think it's a good idea to find her now. You're out of Hogwarts without permission and if we go and tell your Aunt now then Professor McGonagall at least will find out about us and most likely Professor Dumbledore as well." said Harry.

"Ok. We'll go to the Post Office here and use one of their Owls to send a letter to Auntie telling her that it's important that she visit Hogwarts tomorrow. Then let's get something to eat at the Leaky Cauldron before you floo back to Professor McGonagall's office I'll go back to where I teleported to you and as soon as you're alone at Hogwarts I'll teleport to you." said Susan.

After finishing eating Harry flooed into Professor McGonagall's office. She asked if everything was taken care of and he said it was and thanked her for allowing him to go. He then found an unused classroom and Susan teleported to him.

"We better go find Hannah so she doesn't worry about us." said Susan.

Harry and Susan found Hannah in the Hufflepuff Common Room and had her follow them to an unused classroom and told her what happened at Gringott's.

"This is crazy, Susan. Wow. I just can't believe this. Your Aunt is going to kill both of you." said Hannah.

"Thanks for telling us what we already know, Hannah. Now do you have anything helpful to say?" asked Susan.

"I'm sorry, Susie, but I don't. You're the one that told me about when she gave you the talk. What was it that you said she basically told you?" asked Hannah.

"That if any boy even looked at me inappropriately before I was 17 she would have their bits cooked and fed to a dragon while they were still attached." said Harry turning pale.

"Well, Harry I can tell you now that Amelia's going to come to the conclusion that you've done more than looked at Susan inappropriately and that'll be before you tell her that you are sharing a bed." said Hannah.

"Hannah! You're not helping!" yelled Susan.

"I'm not trying to help. There is no helping this. It's going to be bad and you'd better resign yourself to that fact." said Hannah.

"I'm new to these memories of what you learned about House protocols and etiquette, but would your Aunt be able to disobey an order given by her Head of House?" asked Harry.

"She could, but it's been instilled in her like all Pureblood children that she is to obey her head of House. It's worth a try. It'll at least allow us to be heard before she…" started Susan.

"Bits, Dragon. I get it." said Harry.

Sunday, September 8th, 1991

While the students were eating breakfast the following morning the doors to the Great Hall opened and Amelia walked in and headed to the Head Table. While she was there to see her niece it was customary to greet the Headmaster upon arriving at the school.

"Good morning, Madame Bones, what brings you to our hallowed halls this morning?" asked Dumbledore.

"Good morning, Professor Dumbledore, I received a letter from Susan that it was important that I meet with her today. May I please have use of one of the unused classrooms for this meeting?" asked Amelia.

"Of course, Madame Bones. If you need anything else you know where to find myself or Professor McGonagall." said Dumbledore.

Amelia walked over to the Hufflepuff Table and hugged Susan.

"Auntie, this is Harry Potter." said Susan.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Potter." said Amelia.

"I wonder how long the pleasure will last." said Harry.

"Auntie, Harry is the reason we needed to talk to you and Hannah knows what this is about so may they join us?" asked Susan.

"Ok." said Amelia thinking that this would have something to do with her capacity as Head of the D.M.L.E..

The four of them went to an empty classroom that wasn't too far away from the Great Hall. Amelia conjured some comfortable chairs to sit in.

"Ok, Susan. What is this about?" asked Amelia.

Harry handed her the parchment that they got from Gringott's. Amelia read what was on it and her face got red with anger.

"What is the meaning of this!?" asked Amelia.

In answer Harry willed his ring to show the Bones' Coat of Arms and said, "Amelia Susan Bones of the House of Bones, as Lord Harry James Potter, Head of Houses Potter, Bones and Slytherin I hereby order you to calmly listen to what Lady Potter and I have to tell you. Do you agree?"

"I'll hear you out, but you better have a damned good explanation!" said Amelia barely holding her anger in.

"He's lasted longer than I thought he would." said Hannah laughing.

"Hannah, now's not the time." said Susan seriously.

Harry had Susan do the talking and she told her Aunt about what happened at King's Cross Station and everything that they currently knew about the connection including how they could go about an average of three hours apart without the agitation and pain starting. She was about to get to them sharing a bed when Amelia stopped her.

"Ok, this is ludicrous. Hannah if this is true, how did they convince you? Because I'm at a loss to how this could be proven." said Amelia.

"Madame Bones. Your brother, Susan's father's name was Edgar. Now while I could know that because she told me I think you'll know that what I'm about to say is something that Susan would never have told me. At your house is a Grand Piano that belonged to your brother. He was the only one who ever played it. You used to love sitting in the sitting room listening to him play. One day when Susan was five she was playing on the keys and you grabbed her off of the bench and slapped her telling her that she was never to touch the piano again. It was the only time you ever physically punished her and you regretted it instantly." said Harry.

"The teleportation is the easiest to show." said Susan disappearing and appearing against the wall of the classroom followed by Harry doing the same before they both returned to their chairs.

"Continue with what you were saying before I interrupted you, Susan." said Amelia.

"As I said we get about three hours apart before our connection gets really agitated and eventually the pain is unbearable. That is how Hannah found out. When we have classes apart we can stave off the discomfort by holding hands whenever possible. However at night…" started Susan.

"If you're about to tell me that you are sharing a bed with that boy…" started Amelia rising out of her chair.

"That boy has a name!" yelled Susan getting up as well.

"I don't give a damn who he is! This is unacceptable! What have you been doing, Susan!? Whoring yourself out in the Gryffindor boys dorm!" yelled Amelia.

Harry got up and took Susan's hand to try and calm her down, but instead her anger started to affect him and his anger rose.

"You will not call Susan a whore!" yelled Harry.

"You will release my niece and I'll be taking her from Hogwarts!" yelled Amelia drawing her wand.

Harry didn't know what she was going to cast, but was afraid that she'd hurt him or Susan so he waved his hand and a surge of magic threw Amelia into the wall of the classroom knocking her unconscious.

"Hannah! Go get Madame Pomfrey!" yelled Susan.

"I'm so sorry, Susan. I didn't mean to. I just wanted to keep her from hurting us." said Harry.

"It's ok, Harry. I'm not mad at you." said Susan.

The door to the classroom opened and Madame Pomfrey followed by Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and Hannah came rushing in. Madame Pomfrey went right over to Amelia to check on her.

"What happened here? The wards registered an enormous amount of magic." said Dumbledore.

"Should we tell him?" asked Harry.

"I don't think we have a choice now." said Susan.

"Answer the Headmaster." said Professor McGonagall.

"Madame Pomfrey can you revive Madame Bones temporarily so we can find out what's going on?" asked Dumbledore.

"She needs to be taken to the Hospital Wing to rest, Professor. You have five minutes." said Madame Pomfrey.

Madame Pomfrey finished a quick healing of Amelia's head and revived her.

"Madame Bones, what happened?" asked Dumbledore.

Amelia looked at Harry and Susan and saw that he was standing slightly in front of her protectively.

"It is a family matter, Professor. As soon as Madame Pomfrey says it's ok we'll be up to your office to discuss it." said Amelia.

"I'll be waiting for you." said Dumbledore wondering how Harry could be involved in a family matter with House Bones.

Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall left while Madame Pomfrey levitated Amelia to the Hospital Wing followed by Harry, Susan and Hannah. Amelia refused to be put back to sleep and told Madame Pomfrey to give her potions for her headache, nausea and a concussion.

"You can have your conversation here, but do not overexert yourself. And don't even think about getting out of that bed for at least an hour. Then I'll consider letting you go see the Headmaster." said Madame Pomfrey.

Amelia performed a spell to ensure privacy.

"Lord Potter I want to apologize. I said I'd hear you out and I lost my temper and for that I ask your forgiveness. Susan, I mean Lady Potter I am sorry for implying that you were a whore. I still believe that this is inappropriate, but you are my niece and I love you. I know that you wouldn't do anything like that and I know that to come to the conclusion that you needed to share a bed with Harry that you are not lying to me about the pain involved. I don't fully understand it and unless I actually witnessed it I probably never will." said Amelia.

"There's a way you can witness it, Aunt Amy." said Hannah.

"How?" asked Amelia.

"Well not the sleeping part, but on the night of our Astronomy class I saw part of what happens when they've been out of physical contact." said Hannah.

"Mipsy." called Amelia.

"How can I help you, Mistress?" asked Mipsy after popping in.

"Can you bring me my Pensieve?" asked Amelia.

Mipsy popped away and was back quickly with it. Amelia took Hannah's memory and placed it in the Pensieve.

"I'm going to activate the projection rune. Somehow I think Madame Pomfrey will see going into the memory as me getting out of bed." said Amelia.

They watched the memory and she could tell that Harry and Susan were in quite a bit of pain and when Hannah switched places with Susan she saw the spark shoot between Harry and Susan's hands.

"How did it get that bad?" asked Amelia.

Harry and Susan explained how Hannah didn't like Harry being around that much and that they'd been in their separate common rooms from the end of dinner to the start of the class.

"I'm probably not going to like the answer, but how do you sleep?" asked Amelia.

"Harry's always slept without a shirt on, even before coming to Hogwarts. He lies on his back and I lay on his chest to make sure that we don't lose contact through the night. Nothing else happens." said Susan.

"Except for that based on what you said you share I know you've seen each other naked." said Amelia.

"That's something that we can't control and it was not on purpose." said Susan.

"I understand that, but think about it from my point of view, Susan. You're connected to Harry in every way imaginable and not only that you are married to him at the age of 11. Do the Goblin's even know how that happened?" asked Amelia.

"No they don't. They could see our connection as well, but had no idea what it was." said Harry.

Amelia glared at Harry.

"I don't think she's ready for you to talk to her yet, Harry." said Susan.

"I'm sorry, but she's going to have to get used to me eventually." said Harry.

"You two are really talking to each other. At a glance it's not noticeable, but if someone looks at you closely you can really see it." said Amelia. "Do I want to know what you were saying?"

"I told him I didn't think you were ready for him to talk to you and he said that you'd eventually have to get used to him." said Susan.

"You're right, Harry. I guess I'll have to accept this. I really don't like it, but sticking to my beliefs would only hurt you and Susan and I will not do that. I also know by the parchment that you showed me that if you wanted you could move on your own and I would never see Susan again. It'll be hard, but I'll try to be understanding." said Amelia.

"We were hoping you'd be the proxy for all three houses in the Wizengamot." said Harry.

"I would be honored." said Amelia. "You know that this will have to be told to Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. Possibly Professor Sprout as well with her being Susan's Head of House."

"We know. We have this feeling that this needs to be kept secret, but it became necessary to tell Hannah then you. I guess we should add them as well because of the sleeping situation, but I'd feel better if there was a way to ensure that they couldn't tell anyone else." said Susan.

"It's not exactly done anymore as it's seen as being rude, but we can ask the professor's to swear an oath. Do you really feel that it's that important?" asked Amelia.

"Yes." said Harry and Susan together.

Amelia drew her wand and said, "I, Amelia Susan Bones, swear on my life and magic to not tell anyone what Lord Harry James Potter and Lady Susan Amelia Potter have told me today unless given their express permission. So mote it be."

"You have permission to tell Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout under the condition that they swear the same oath that you just did." said Susan.

Amelia ended the privacy spell and called for Madame Pomfrey. Madame Pomfrey wanted her to rest longer, but Amelia said she'd be fine and it was important that they got this over with now.

Headmaster's Office

When the four of them arrived in the Headmaster's office Professor McGonagall was already there so they just had to call for Professor Sprout. When they were asked to swear oaths they were shocked.

"Is this really necessary, Madame Bones?" asked Dumbledore.

"Harry and Susan believe it is and I am inclined to agree with them." said Amelia.

"But they're children…" started Professor McGonagall trailing off when Dumbledore said,

"I'll agree to the oath."

Professor Dumbledore gave his oath and Professor Sprout followed him. Professor McGonagall reluctantly gave hers as well.

Amelia handed the parchment from Gringott's to Dumbledore and Harry and Susan told their story once again before proving the teleportation part.

"After seeing the teleportation I'm inclined to believe their story, but sharing memories and everything else they mention is hard to prove." said Dumbledore.

"I can assure you that the way they proved that to me was effective." said Amelia.

"And for the whole week you've been sleeping with Mr. Potter in the Gryffindor boys dorm?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"I saw the memory myself of what happens when they've gone too long without physical contact." said Amelia.

"But it's still unacceptable." said Professor McGonagall.

"From what they've told us they've done everything possible to make sure that the other boys don't find out about her." said Professor Dumbledore.

"And that makes it ok?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"It makes it what it is. Both choices are improper, but I feel that Susan sleeping with Harry in the boy's dorm is more appropriate than for Harry to be in the girl's dorm and I for one can't think of another solution. If we move them to a room of their own or to the married quarters it'll get out to the public and I agree with Harry and Susan that this does need to be kept secret at least till we find out what it is. It was good for them to learn the Sticking Charm, but I want you to teach them one that can't be countered with a simple Finite, Minerva." said Dumbledore.

"Yes, Headmaster." said Professor McGonagall.

"Harry, Susan. I promise you that I will do everything I can to find out what this is. Madame Bones would you like to use my floo to return home?" asked Dumbledore.

"No, thank you, Professor. I'm going to walk to The Three Broomsticks. After this I need a drink." said Amelia.

"Understandable, Madame Bones." said Dumbledore.

Everyone left the Headmaster's office and Professor Dumbledore was left with his thoughts. The main ones were, 'How could this have happened?, 'What did this mean for the prophecy?' and 'Were any of his plans still feasible?'

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