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Chapter 1: Two Become One

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Two Hearts, One Soul

Chapter 1: Two Become One

Sunday, September 1st, 1991

#4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

Harry Potter sat on his bed in the smallest bedroom of Number Four, Privet Drive thinking about the events that lead to the new world he'd soon join. In just a couple hours he would be headed to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The week before his eleventh birthday he started receiving letters from the school and his Uncle, desperately trying to avoid them, was eventually unsuccessful and his letter was finally delivered by Hagrid on his birthday at the shack they were hiding in.

It was on this day that, in addition to finding out he was a Wizard, he found out that his parents were murdered and not killed in a car crash because of his dad's drunkenness. To top it all off his Aunt and Uncle knew that he was a Wizard and had been keeping it from him all this time. He should've figured it out over the years with all the weird occurrences that happened around him especially when he got angry. At times where his anger got the better of him the lights would flicker and various items around him would start to shake. He learned pretty quickly to hold in his anger. In fact he could feel his anger building up thinking about his Aunt and Uncle keeping things from him so he got off that train of thought.

After getting his school supplies in Diagon Alley he'd had to return to the Dursley's as there was still two months left till school started. At least they left him alone now and didn't make him do all the chores although he still continued to cook because he actually liked cooking.

Over the next two months he started reading his textbooks and trying to learn all he could without actually using magic. He picked up the knowledge fairly easily because regardless of what his primary school thought he was actually very smart. He just wasn't allowed to do better than Dudley otherwise he'd go without meals. Another thing that he wished that had been different in school was that he didn't have any friends. He always felt alone, but everyone he tried to befriend was run off by Dudley. He really hoped that he could make some friends in this new world.

His Uncle Vernon had grudgingly agreed to drive him to King's Cross Station since they had to take Dudley to London to get his tail removed and he was dropped off and left without them even caring whether he got on the train or not, which is how he found himself abandoned, looking for a platform that apparently did not exist.

King's Cross Station

Harry searched up and down the station for anything or anyone that could help him find Platform 9 . It was getting close to when the train would leave and he started heading back to the entrance thinking he was going to have to figure out away to get a hold of his Uncle to bring him back home when he felt a pull towards a group of seven people. Five of the people had the same orange red hair so he assumed they were a family. The other two had red hair, but more vibrant looking. Two adult women were having what looked like a heated discussion although he couldn't hear what was being said. In fact it seemed like nobody could hear what was being said as no one paid any attention to them. He could still feel the pull and so he headed over to them. As he got closer he realized the pull wasn't to the group as a whole, but to a little red haired girl that was staring at him. She smiled and waved at him and started walking towards him.

"My name is Susan Bones, are you going to Hogwarts too?" asked the girl when they reached each other.

"I'm Harry Potter and yes I'm supposed to go to Hogwarts. Are you all related?" asked Harry gesturing to the others.

"My Aunt Amelia is the taller woman. She's the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The others are the Weasley's. We got here a little late and she heard Mrs. Weasley talking loudly about Muggles and saying the platform number out loud. We're not supposed to do that around the Muggles." said Susan.

"I remember reading about the Statute of Secrecy in our history book. It said the punishment for breaking it could be severe." said Harry.

"They can be if the breach is large enough. All my Auntie is doing is giving Mrs. Weasley a verbal warning, but she didn't like receiving it which started the argument. I hope they stop soon it's getting close to when the train leaves. Why are you not on the train yet? Did you just get here?" asked Susan.

"My relatives dropped me off over an hour ago, but I can't find the platform." said Harry.

"Oh, I can help you with that." said Susan holding out her hand.

Harry didn't have any good experiences with anyone touching him that he could remember so he surprised himself by taking her hand. When he took her hand their hands glowed, a warmth spread through him and a wind picked up around them. Images of people and things he'd never seen or done went through his mind. After a moment he realized these were Susan's memories. When the final memories passed which were of him and her meeting he felt energy from both of them merge together and the wind around them went away.

"What was that?" asked Harry.

"I don't know, but did you notice that we're speaking in our minds?" asked Susan.

"Yeah, I can also see you looking at me at the same time as I'm looking at you. It's a little confusing." said Harry.

Susan was about to agree, but she was interrupted by her Aunt calling her.

"Susan, who are you talking to there?" asked Amelia.

They released each other's hands; both of them noticing the warmth disappear. Then both of them turned toward her quickly and bumped into each other confused by which way they needed to turn.

"Don't say anything about this, Harry." said Susan.

"Auntie, this is Harry Potter. He wasn't told how to get to the platform. I offered to help him." said Susan when she recovered.

"Harry Potter, it is so nice to meet you. I wish we had more time to talk as I have so many questions for you, but we need to hurry. The train leaves in five minutes." said Amelia.

Hogwart's Express

The three of them hurried and Amelia went through first showing them how to get through the barrier. Harry and Susan were amazed by the scarlet red Hogwarts Express. Susan said her goodbyes to her Aunt and followed Harry onto the train. They had some mishaps walking through the hallway, bumping into the walls and each other, but were able to make it into the compartment. Harry was surprised to find an empty compartment, but Susan explained that with it being a magical train there was never a shortage of compartments. They helped each other with their trunks and sat down. Instead of sitting across from him, Susan sat beside him and took his hand again. They both noticed the warm feeling again immediately.

"What is that feeling?" asked Harry.

"I don't know, but it feels really good." said Susan.

"I like how it feels too, but why didn't you want your Aunt to know." asked Harry.

"You saw my memories like I saw yours. Do you remember the talk my Auntie gave me?" asked Susan.

"Yeah, she wouldn't like how connected we are and wouldn't think it was appropriate. Especially with some of the private memories we shared. I'm sorry for seeing…" started Harry.

"You don't have to apologize for that. It wasn't your fault and I saw you too. Also it doesn't feel wrong that you saw me like that in those memories for some reason. I also feel like it's very important that we keep this to ourselves." said Susan.

"I feel that too, but how are we going to keep this to ourselves? We made it here ok, but it was very difficult to keep focused on what I was doing when I could see both of our perspectives at the same time." said Harry.

"I think it's just going to take practice. Like what it says in our books about how eventually we'll be able to use silent casting. First we have to learn the incantations, but with practice and repetition it becomes like breathing and we'll just be able to do it. So when we get off the train, try to focus on yourself and what you're doing and I'll do the same." said Susan.

"Ok. Have you ever heard of anything like this before?" asked Harry.

Susan blushed remembering when she found some erotic romance novels that her Auntie kept in her room. This caused Harry to remember them and he blushed as well. They both giggled.

"So other than fiction you haven't heard of anything like this." said Harry.

"No, but it is similar to the soul bond I read about it in one of those stories. I've never heard of one happening in reality though and I'm sure that if it had it would've been recorded before." said Susan.

"You're probably right." said Harry.

Susan was about to ask a question, but was stopped by a knock on the door to their compartment and a bushy haired girl walked in with a nervous looking boy behind her.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but have you found a toad? Neville has lost his." said the girl.

"We haven't seen one, but if you head up to the Prefect's Car I'm sure one of them will summon him for you." said Susan.

"Thank you." said the girl. She turned to leave, but then turned back and said, "I can fix your glasses for you if you'd like."

With everything that had happened with Susan, Harry had forgotten that he was going to try to fix his glasses. He pulled them off to hand them to her and she saw his scar.

"Holy cricket, you're Harry Potter! I've read everything about you, even the fictional stories they tried to pass off as your adventures." said the girl.

Hermione saw Susan and Harry both blush at that, but didn't understand why.

"Well, Occulus Reparo. There you go. That should be better. My name is Hermione Granger and this is Neville Longbottom." said Hermione.

"I'm Susan Bones. It's good to see you, Neville. Neville and I have seen each other at different parties our families have gone to." said Susan.

"Would you and Neville like to join us after you find his toad?" asked Harry.

Hermione checked with Neville and he agreed and they headed off to get a Prefect.

"I'm sorry about the books, Harry and other things." said Susan.

"It's ok, Susan. I know I don't measure up to your imagination of me." said Harry.

"No, Harry. You are so much better the way you are because it is the real you." said Susan.

"But those dreams you would have about being rescued by me like the girls in those books…" said Harry.

"Were exactly that, dreams. I can tell you that other than most of the Muggleborn's there isn't going to be a witch in Hogwarts that didn't have those books and dream about being rescued by you. It was a child's dream and yes I'll admit that I liked having those dreams, but now I have the real you and I prefer the real you." said Susan.

"It's strange remembering the dreams, especially the ones where we kissed. Remembering those I feel as if I'm you and I'm being kissed by myself. Do you want to do that for real? I've never thought… I mean…" tried Harry.

"Maybe someday, Harry, but right now we just turned 11 and I know that regardless of dreams that I knew were never going to happen I'm not ready for that either. What we need to talk about is how you were treated by the Dursley's." said Susan.

At that point the door opened and Hermione and Neville came back. They took the seat across from Harry and Susan after putting their trunks up.

"You know everything that has happened to me. You also know that I wish you didn't. Not because I want to keep anything from you personally, but because I never wanted anyone to find out." said Harry.

"So Hermione, are you a Muggleborn?" asked Susan while telling Harry, "There are things we can look into to help you get away from them, but I think for now we should just talk to Hermione and Neville. I don't know if they'll notice that we're talking to each other also."

"That's a good idea." said Harry.

"I am a Muggleborn. Since you knew Neville I'm going to guess that both of you are Purebloods." said Hermione.

"Harry is a Pureblood also." said Susan.

"But the books say he's a Half-Blood." said Hermione.

"The books are wrong. The definition of a Pureblood is being born of two magical parents. Only the blood purist bigots would claim that he's a Half-Blood because of his mother being a Muggleborn. Even if a Squib has a child with a Witch or Wizard it would still be a Pureblood, because while they can't access their magic they still have some magic in them. The only way to be a Half-Blood is for a Muggle to have a child with a Witch, Wizard or Squib. I guess if you have a magical creature and a Witch or Wizard they could be called a Half-Blood also, but mostly they are referred to as Half-Breeds." said Susan.

"Does it really make a difference what you are?" asked Hermione.

"No, but there will still be people who will treat you a certain way just because of your blood status." said Neville as the door to the compartment opened.

"You should remember that Lardbottom." said a boy with platinum blonde hair. "I was told that Harry Potter would be starting Hogwarts this year. So it's you, is it? Why didn't you tell me who you were at Madame Malkin's?" asked the boy.

"You weren't exactly nice in the shop and if you didn't already know who I was your attitude now would make me not want to introduce myself as well." said Harry.

"I'm Draco Malfoy, this is Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. You'd do well to pay attention to who you hang out with. You wouldn't want people to see you hanging out with the wrong sort." said Draco sneering at Hermione. "I can help you find who the right sort are."

Draco held out his hand.

"I think I can find the right sort for myself. I think you should leave." said Harry not taking Draco's hand.

"You better watch yourself, Potter. You're parents didn't and look what happened to them." said Draco before turning and leaving the compartment.

"It's ok, Harry. He's just a bigot. Don't listen to what he says." said Susan.

"Are you and Harry boyfriend and girlfriend?" asked Hermione.

"No, why do you ask?" asked Susan.

"You've been holding his hand the whole time since we've came back and I noticed you were earlier as well." said Hermione.

"Oh, I didn't even notice that we were." said Susan taking her hand and putting it in her lap noticing the warmth leave immediately. "We can hold hands later when she's not paying attention to us. It makes me feel lonely when we are not holding hands even though either way I still feel everything you do."

There was an announcement that they were 15 minutes away from Hogsmeade Station so Harry and Neville stepped out of the compartment to let the girls change. Harry took the time to try and focus on himself, but it didn't work and he saw Susan and Hermione both in their underwear.

"Don't apologize, Harry. At least to me. If Hermione ever finds out about us I think you'll need to apologize to her, but I know that you tried at least." said Susan.

After they were both changed the girls stepped out and Harry and Neville changed into robes.

Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

When the train came to a stop at Hogsmeade Station they were told to leave their things and exit. Harry and Susan followed by Hermione and Neville exited and were lost in the amount of people on the platform. Harry saw Hagrid through the crowds and took them over to him.

"Firs' year's, Firs' year's o'er 'ere. How ye doin' 'arry? Looks like ye met some new friends." said Hagrid.

"I'm good, Hagrid. This is Susan Bones, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom." said Harry.

"Great ter meet ye all. Now pick ou' a boat." said Hagrid to them then he yelled, "E'rybody grab a boat. No more'n four to a boat."

Harry helped Susan into the boat and kept hold of her hand.

As the boats all moved forward on their own Hagrid pointed out the sites and everyone was amazed when Hogwarts came into view.

Once everyone was out of the boats they continued up the stairs to the main doors of the castle where Hagrid stopped and knocked three times before a very stern looking woman opened the door.

"Is this everybody, Hagrid?" asked the woman.

"Yes, Professor McGonagall. E'ryone is all accounted fer." said Hagrid.

"Very well, follow me everyone. My name is Professor McGonagall. I'm the Transfiguration Professor and Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. Now when we are ready for you you'll enter through these doors where you'll be sorted into your houses. The houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Now while you are at Hogwarts your houses are like your family. Just like your real families good behavior is rewarded, but bad behavior is punished just as swiftly. Take a moment to smarten yourselves up while I go and see if they are ready for you." said Professor McGonagall.

When Professor McGonagall left Harry and Susan were approached by a blonde girl in pigtails.

"Susan, where were you? I looked for you everywhere. I was afraid you missed the train. Who's this?" said the girl.

"Hannah, I'm sorry, but we were running late and Auntie had to give a family a warning for talking about the platform in front of Muggles and we just barely made it on time. This is Harry Potter, Harry, this is my best friend Hannah." said Susan.

Hannah saw the two of them holding hands, but decided to tease Susan later.

"Nice to meet you Harry." said Hannah.

"Nice to meet you too, Hannah." said Harry.

Professor McGonagall came back and had them follow her into the Great Hall down the aisle all the way to the front where a tattered hat sat on a stool.

"Before you are sorted, Professor Dumbledore has a few words for you." said Professor McGonagall.

"Welcome to Hogwarts first years and to our returning students welcome back. I have a few notices for you before we get on with the sorting. First years should know that the Dark Forrest that surrounds the school is considered out of bounds and is forbidden for you to enter without proper supervision. Some of our older students would do well to remember this as well. Also Mr. Filch has asked to remind you that magic is prohibited from being used in the corridors. Also this year the third floor corridor is closed until further notice. Only venture there if you want a swift and painful death." said Dumbledore.

"Students, when I call your name come forward and sit on the stool. I'll place the Sorting Hat on your Head and you'll be placed in your house. Hannah Abbott!" said Professor McGonagall.

"Don't worry, Harry. Wherever we get sorted doesn't matter. You're not getting rid of me." said Susan.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" called out the hat and Hannah ran to the table that was cheering the loudest.

"Susan Bones." said Professor McGonagall.

Susan squeezed Harry's hand then went up to the stool. When Professor McGonagall placed the hat on her head he could hear what the hat was saying.

"There is only one house I can send you too as it's your dominate trait. I haven't seen anyone with this level of loyalty since Helga Hufflepuff herself. Have fun in,"

"HUFFLEPUFF!" called the hat out loud and Susan joined Hannah at the table that was once again cheering the loudest.

The sorting hat continued, but Harry tuned it out.

"Congratulations, Susan. I remember that you and Hannah promised that you'd be in Hufflepuff together." said Harry.

"Thank you, Harry. Hannah saw us holding hands and is teasing me as you know. Can I just tell her that you were feeling lonely and I was comforting you?" asked Susan.

"Yes. With the way it makes us feel when we're not holding hands it's kind of the truth." said Harry.

After a bit of talking some more with Susan he heard Professor McGonagall call,

"Harry Potter."

He walked up to the stool trying to ignore the whispering that was coming from all the students and sat down. Once the hat was on his head he heard,

"Interesting, very interesting. A thirst for knowledge that would put you on par with any Ravenclaw, plenty of courage to stand up for your friends on the train and ambition that would make Salazar Slytherin proud, but where to put you? You would do well in Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Slytherin." said the hat.

"What about Hufflepuff?" asked Harry.

"Yes I did see you in Miss Bones head. I don't quite understand the connection of yours. Don't worry though. I am duty bound not to reveal anything I see in the student's heads so your secret is safe. As to your question your loyalty is only to her. While I believe that once you develop friends here that'll change it's not one of your current traits. You can ask me to place you there, but I don't think you'll do well there." said the hat.

"It's ok, Harry, go where you'll thrive." said Susan.

"Ok, place me where you think is best." said Harry.

"I remember your mother saying those very words to me, better be,"

"GRYFFINDOR!" said the hat out loud.

The table with the students in red stood up cheering loud with two redheaded twins jumping up and down saying,

"We got Potter, we got Potter."

Harry joined Hermione and Neville at the table. The food appeared on the tables after the last student was sorted. After a little mishap where Harry's Pumpkin Juice felt like one of the foods Susan was eating caused him to spit up and choke they decided to eat the same foods at the same time.

Once everyone was finished eating, Professor Dumbledore made some more announcements about Quidditch tryouts and some other clubs that were available since first years were not allowed on the Quidditch team. Eventually he finished and it was time for them to be shown to their houses.

"I know from when we were changing that even with focusing that we can't stop seeing what the other sees, but we need to try to pay attention to what you're doing more so that we don't trip or fall down the stairs." said Susan.

"Ok, when we're in bed we'll talk some more." said Harry.

It took the Gryffindor's longer to get to their common room than it took Susan and the Hufflepuff's so she was already in bed when they just got up to the portrait. Percy told gave them the password and told them that it would change every month and that they weren't allowed to have anyone from the other houses in the common room.

"Hufflepuff is the only house that allows others in. And because of our connection you'll always know which barrel to choose." said Susan.

"Your prefect wasn't as much of a windbag." said Harry.

Finally Harry got to go up to the room, but then his roommates all wanted to introduce themselves and talk.

"You could just tell them that the girl in your head doesn't like missing out on her sleep." said Susan giggling.

"I don't think that'd go over well." said Harry.

Harry told the others that he was going to bed so he'd be ready for classes the next day and changed into his pajama pants and got into bed. He pulled his curtains closed so their voices wouldn't be as loud.

"We really should go to sleep, but do you really think we can come up with something to get me away from my relatives?" asked Harry.

"Yes. The way you've been treated is horrible. The only problem is that if we take this to my Aunt she's going to want you to press charges against them and it'll all come out into the open and I know you don't want that to happen. Let's wait until we see how busy we are with classes and if we have time we can write the Goblins and see if they have any ideas. As the Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Potter they will keep your secrets." said Susan.

"Because of your memories I know what being the heir means, but I wonder why I've never gotten anything from anyone about it." said Harry.

"I don't know, but I'm getting tired, Harry. I promise we'll figure this out." said Susan.

"Ok, Susan. Goodnight." said Harry.

" Goodnight, Harry." said Susan.

Harry turned on his side and closed his eyes.

After tossing and turning for 30 minutes he turned back onto his back and opened his eyes.

"Are you awake, Susan?" asked Harry already knowing the answer.

"You already know I am, Harry." said Susan crankily.

"Sorry." said Harry.

"Don't be sorry. I'm not irritated at you, I just get cranky when I'm tired." said Susan.

"I know. I don't know why we can't sleep. I'm exhausted and I can feel that you are too." said Harry.

All of a sudden there was a pain through both of their bodies.

"What is going on now?" asked Harry.

"I don't know. It hurts so badly though" cried Susan.

"I'm coming to get you, Susan. We need to go to the Hospital Wing." said Harry.

"I'll meet you in the common room." said Susan getting out of bed.

Harry was about to get out of bed when he saw Susan disappear and appear in his bed.

"How did you get here, Susan?" asked Harry taking her hand.

"I don't know. I got out of bed and wanted you to hurry and get to me and then I was here. I feel a lot better already though." said Susan curling up against Harry's chest and falling asleep.

"So do I, but I don't think it's ok for… you…" tried Harry as he fell asleep too.

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