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Chapter 6: New Year's Problems

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Chapter 6: New Year's Problems

Sunday, October 31st, 1993

Harry woke up and was surprised that he was waking up. 'Didn't I fall over fifty feet?' thought Harry.

"Harry!" yelled Hermione.

"Calm down, Miss Granger or you'll have to leave. You're lucky to be alive, Mr. Potter. Drink this and it'll take care of any soreness or pain." said Madam Pomfrey giving him a potion. "You need to rest and I'm keeping you here overnight. You have fifteen minutes with him."

"Hey, Pup." said Sirius.

"How are you feeling, Harry?" asked Ron.

"How do you think he's feeling?" asked Fred.

"He just fell fifty feet." said George.

"He looks like hell." said Ron.

"Well let's throw you off the astronomy tower." said Fred.

"And see how you look." said George.

"Ok, boys. Settle down. We don't want to incur the wrath of Poppy." said Sirius.

"I'm so glad you're ok. You don't know how scared I was seeing you fall like that." said Hermione.

"It's ok, Hermione. I'm still here. Hey. I know we won, but what happened to my broom. Did someone get it?" asked Harry.

"Well you see when you fell, your broom kind of blew into the Whomping Willow." said Ron.

"Yeah I know how that tree is." said Harry.

"Don't worry about it, Pup. I'll get you a new broom." said Sirius.

"Thank you, Sirius." said Harry.

"I just wish I knew why the Dementor's affect me so badly." said Harry.

"The Dementor's feed on the bad memories of a person and you just happen to have one of the worst memories imaginable, Harry. You are not weak." said Remus walking into the Hospital Wing.

"Moony." said Sirius pulling him into a hug.

"I thought you might be here. I'm sorry I haven't been able to see you yet." said Remus.

"Did you just call him Moony?" asked Fred.

"Which one are you, Sirius?" asked George.

"Which what?" asked Sirius.

"The Marauder's." Fred and George said together.

"You know about the Marauder's? Well, I am the irresistible Padfoot." said Sirius.

"Irresistible, I think, Prongs would've had something to say about that." said Remus.

"Who was Prongs?" asked Harry.

"Prongs was your dad, Harry." said Sirius.

"I think I'm going to feint." said Fred.

"We've had the son of a Marauder with us this whole time." said George.

"What would you say if I told you that you had one in your home for twelve years. Albeit the traitorous one." said Sirius.

"Wormtail was…" started Fred.

"Scabbers." said George putting it together.

"Otherwise known as Peter Pettigrew." said Harry.

"We have something that belongs to you and Moony, Mr. Padfoot." said Fred.

"It's your map. We've put it to good use, but we have all the shortcuts and hidden passageways memorized now." said George handing Sirius the map.

"I never thought we'd see this again." said Remus.

"You and James did put in a lot of work getting the Charms and Runes to work together right." said Sirius.

"What does the map do?" asked Hermione.

"You want to do the honors, Sirius?" asked Remus.

Sirius took his wand and tapped the parchment.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." said Sirius.

"See, Hermione. There we are." said Remus.

"The map shows all of Hogwart's." said Fred.

"And everyone inside." said George.

"Mischief Managed. So, Moony I think it's time to give this map to a new group of Marauder's and name a leader of the New Marauder's." said Sirius.

"I believe you are correct, Padfoot. Fred, George, are you prepared to follow your new leader and help him learn the ways of his pranking forbearers?" asked Remus.

"Absolutely." said Fred and George.

"Then we the honorable Marauder's do hereby gift this map to Prongslet, son of Prongs." said Sirius handing the map to Harry. "Now would you all allow us a moment with Prongs. I think Poppy's going to kick us out soon."

Everyone left the Hospital Wing.

"As I told you earlier, Harry, you're not weak. You have memories that no child should have to live with and that is why they attack you so strongly." said Remus.

"Is there a way I can protect myself?" asked Harry.

"There is a way. It's called the Patronus Charm. Very difficult to master, but I think you might be able to. After the Holidays I can start teaching you." said Remus.

"That's great. Are you going to join us for the Holidays?" asked Harry.

"He wouldn't miss it." said Sirius.

Sunday, December 19th, 1993

After the conversation with Sirius and Remus where Harry found out that Remus was a Werewolf the rest of the term up to Yule Break went by with no issues. Instead of taking the Express, Harry apparated with Remus to Sirius' house. Sirius greeted them at the door.

"Harry, Remus! Come in. Let's bring some joy into this hate filled home." said Sirius

"I thought you said you were going to get this place cleaned up." said Remus.

"I've been trying, but Kreacher won't do anything and my Mother's portrait is a pain." said Sirius.

"You should've asked for help. I'll see what I can do about the portrait. If I remember the Black's had every ward imaginable on their properties so underage magic won't be monitored. Harry, remind Padfoot on how to do the Cleaning Charm." said Remus.

"The incantation is Scourgify…" started Harry.

"I know the bloody spell. What good is having a House Elf if I have to do it myself." mumbled Sirius as he started casting all over the house.

Since he could do magic in the house Harry helped and in less than an hour the house was clean and Remus had blasted the portrait of Sirius' mother and repaired the wall afterwards. There were several places that had creatures that had to be removed, but by dinner time they were taken care of. Without a complete remodel the house would never be a cheery place, but at least now it was clean.

Sirius asked Harry to clean out the junk in one of the rooms and when he came across a locket he felt a stab of pain in his scar that made him fall to the ground with enough noise to bring Sirius and Remus running in.

"What happened, Pup?" asked Sirius.

"There's a locket there. I dropped it before I fell. There was a sharp pain in my scar when I touched it." said Harry.

Remus levitated the locket and placed it on a desk and scanned it with his wand.

"There's something, but I can't tell what it is. I'm going to have to take it to Dumbledore." said Remus while conjuring a box for it.

Saturday, December 25th, 1993

Dumbledore told Remus that he'd look into the locket, but by Christmas they hadn't learned anything yet.

Christmas was great. As far as the amount of presents for Harry it was turning out to be the best Christmas yet. Harry was cleaning up the wrapping paper and boxes when Sirius brought out another gift.

"Now, Harry I know that you told me that getting you another Nimbus 2000 was fine, but this broom practically begged me to buy it for you. I mean it already had your name on it and everything." said Sirius handing Harry the package.

Harry opened it and found a Firebolt. Harry thought the broom looked amazing and as if it was going fast just staying still. Also Sirius was right. On the handle of the broom was the name Prongslet engraved in it.

"Thank you so much, Padfoot. For everything." said Harry.

Saturday, January 1st 1994

"So, finally one of my faithful has come to find me. How did you escape from Azkaban my dear, Bellatrix?" asked Voldemort out of the back of an unfortunate Wizard's head.

"I had help, my Lord. From someone who wants a meeting with you and Harry Potter. Gellert Grindelwald. Although he's masquerading as Dumbledore." said Bellatrix.

"Interesting, very interesting. Are you here to serve him or me?" asked Voldemort.

"I live to serve you, my Lord." said Bellatrix hoping that he didn't see the lie.

"Excellent. There are some preparations to make before we can make our way back to England." said Voldemort.

Grimmauld Place

Harry Potter woke up suddenly.

'Voldemort coming back and Grindelwald is Dumbledore.' thought Harry.

Headmaster's Office

'So this is how he made himself immortal. Of all the stupidity. There were better ways to achieve immortality other than ripping apart your soul. They were dangerous yes, but he was the proof that they could work. Although one slip up and you die.' thought Grindelwald.

Grindelwald was troubled. 'How do you keep two people you needed from trying to kill each other when they can't actually kill each other while at the same time figure out a way to kill them both?'

Riddle really was an idiot. If he'd never created his Horcruxes it's possible that the prophecy never would've happened, but at the same time the prophecy could have nothing to do with the Horcrux in Harry's scar and instead there's some kind of magical bond that keeps both Harry and Riddle alive.

'So much to think about.' thought Grindelwald. 'I wonder if I offer Harry something or perhaps someone I can convince him to work with me or at least meet with me and Riddle. First I'll have to wait until Bellatrix finds Riddle. Oh what does he want now?'

"Headmaster, Harry's had some kind of vision and we need your help. Can you come through the floo?" asked Remus through the floo call.

"I'll be right there." said Grindelwald.

Grindelwald stepped through the floo and immediately had to dodge a stunner.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked Grindelwald throwing up a shield.

"We know that you're not Dumbledore. Where is he?" asked Sirius.

"Why don't we talk? Regardless of the impressive wards I can feel in this home you can't contain me and I would rather not spill your blood, Sirius." said Grindelwald.

"Ok, let's talk." said Sirius.

"This would go easier if young Harry were to join us." said Grindelwald.

"Not going to happen." said Remus.

"If you want Albus back I need to speak to Harry. I, Gellert Grindelwald, swear on my life and magic that nothing will happen to Harry Potter today. So mote it be." said Grindelwald as his wand flashed signifying that magic accepted the oath.

"Remus go get Harry." said Sirius.

"But…" started Remus.

"He's right. We can't stop him from just leaving and we need Albus back." said Sirius.

Remus reluctantly retrieved Harry and brought him down.

"What do you want, Grindelwald?" asked Harry.

"For now what I want is a meeting between you, me and Voldemort. Agree to the meeting and I'll give you your Headmaster back." said Grindelwald.

"Unharmed?" asked Harry.

"Harry what are you doing?" asked Remus.

"Yes unharmed. Regardless of our past I love Albus and he's been well taken care of." said Grindelwald.

"Ok, I'll agree to your meeting." said Harry.

"I don't know when it'll be so I want an oath that when I send for you that you'll come." said Grindelwald.

"I, Harry Potter, swear on my life and magic to attend the meeting with Gellert Grindelwald when scheduled. So mote it be." said Harry and his wand flashed.

"Thank you. I am going to use your floo to leave. Keep the connection open and I'll send Albus through. And even though oaths get tiresome, I Gellert Grindelwald, swear on my life and magic that I will be returning the real Albus Dumbledore. So mote it be." said Grindelwald once again with a flash from his wand.

Grindelwald activated the floo and went through. After a few minutes of waiting Dumbledore walked into Grimmauld place. Sirius and Remus checked him over before concluding that he didn't have any dangerous curses or anything on him and that he was in fact Albus Dumbledore.

They told him what happened and what Harry agreed to and Dumbledore was disappointed but said that there was no way out of it and that they might gain some information from letting the meeting proceed.

Dumbledore returned to Hogwart's and Sirius walked over to where he kept the liquor and poured three shots of Firewhiskey and gave one to Harry and Remus.

"Here's to the start of a wonderful New Year." said Sirius.

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