World's Deadliest Assassin @pyrohelixdrago1
Chapter 9


"I truly appreciate this my friend" Moto said as he and Naruto drank together watching drift cars race

"Your people are no longer skimming and you are making a lot of money….and I killed some of your traitors" Naruto said to him

Moto laughed loudly at this "we have done good business my friend" he said as they watched the crashes

Naruto was content as he checked the numbers with Cyril and saw they were ahead of the game in the money they were making

"You truly earned Meiko and Keiko" Moto said as giving them to Naruto was a good alliance deal

"I keep the end of my deals" Naruto said with a smile 'been a while since I had some private times with them'


(next day)

Meiko and Keiko were very happy as their master was happy with them and told them he was gonna reward them, they were currently in a very high-end expensive limo with very dark windows no one able to see inside, both girls took advantage and were on opposing sides of Naruto and did their jobs as his servants and pleasured him kissing him on his neck whenever he was kissing the other sister

They moaned as his hands were fingering their pussies very roughly as they screamed and moaned into their kisses

"You have both served me well and will be fucked thoroughly" Naruto said as they served him very well, he undid his pants and they immediately began sucking him off licking his dick and sucking his balls

Meiko and Keiko loved the taste of his dick as they had sucked it so much they were addicted to his taste and the taste of his seed as he always filled them to completion stretching them past their limits every time he touched them

Naruto ripped off their clothing smiling as they weren't wearing any bras or panties

Both sisters looked at each other as they soon began to kiss each other as they knew their lover loved to watch them fuck each other knowing full well as all the girls in the harem often fucked them before him like they were toys "we're ready master as we always are our bodies are ready to recieve your magestic dick and be stuffed to the brim with your seed" they both said having much practice as like many others them being twins enticed their master

The limo rocked violently in the alley it was parked in very aggressive fucking taking place on the inside

(FYI each line is gonna be a montage)

Naruto fucked both sisters Meiko on top of Keiko inside the limos hot tub both women making out jumping slightly in pleasure after each and every thrust

Meiko moaned as she sat on her sister's face as Keiko was being fucked by Naruto very aggressively

Keiko moaned as she blew Naruto kneeling down outside the limo looking like a hooker as she blew him

Meiko and Keiko posed as they were drenched in cum and their and each others juices as Naruto took their pictures as they often took pictures of themselves whenever they fucked with him or serviced Naruto's girls

Both girls felt no shame walking through the parking lot of Naruto's building naked to the elevator and felt no shame when their fellow harem members who entered teased, smacked, and punished their nude bodies however they liked


(few weeks later)

"Why is your name snowball and I thought you stopped eating coke" Sterling said as he had just awoken from his long nap after being drugged by Pam

"Oh it's not coke…... Naruto made them" Pam said as her mouth was covered in….white liquid

"What is that" Archer asked very hungry and Naruto's cooking rocked

"Paws off" Pam said stuffing her face savoring the cream-filled center

(with Naruto)

"Can someone explain to me why my pregnant wife is driving" Naruto asked a little heatedly

"Because pansy ass here can't handle a little lack of sleep" Malory said to him

"You can all drive what the hell is the problem" Naruto said to them

"C'mere babe let me help you….unwind" Cheryl or Cherlene said as she had become a trailer slut with her country singer act and was often Janelle 'taught' her both how to be country and how to be a trailer slut

(few minutes later)

"I swear bro what the fuck did you do" Naruto said as this seemed like something on his brother's bucket list as a motorcycle gang pulled up alongside the RV

"I have been drugged how could I have done this" Sterling said to him

"...Pam" everyone asked over the CB

"I may have mentioned we're carrying a shit ton of coke over a game of craps" Pam said over the phone

"You idiots brought cocaine" Malory said angrily

"Ok what is our weapons situation" Naruto asked as he grabbed a shotgun and had a pistol

Everyone gave him a blank nervous stare

"Are you kidding" Naruto said in annoyance as he had to admit he came light since this was a concert "Sterling" he asked over the CB

"WHERE THE FUCK IS MY GUN PAM" Sterling said over the line

"You are fucking with me" Naruto said as he saw the hatch to the roof of the RV and climbed

"Careful daddy" Lana said teasingly as she drove

Naruto just chuckled as he climbed up top seeing a dozen bikers and the leader "hey pussies" he said taking out his pistol firing shooting the front tire of the bikers the leader dodging the bullet an impressive feat "Lana slow down" he said to her as he kept his eyes on the leader, he ran and slid as the man tried to shoot him and he grabbed the railing on the top left side of the bus grabbing the shotgun from the man and kicked him making him fall to the side

(5 minutes later)

"Let's go" Naruto said as he and Sterling replaces the shot out tire 'I need some ammo if this gang is bigger than I think it is' he thought to himself

(1 hour later)

"Hey I'm gonna get some ammo load up Cheryl or Chelene or whatever" Naruto said as he went to the gun store to pick up some high-quality ammo since Texas was known to have guns

(few minutes later)

"Here are the explosive shotgun rounds"

(trailer park)

"Oh my god" Cherlene said as she moaned sounding like she was climaxing as she was tied up freaking out the bikers a bit, she gained a predatory look as she glared at them with a vindictive smile "you're gonna die YOU ARE ALL GONNA FUCKING DIE" she said sounding excited

(outside the trailer park)

"Seriously 40 guys" Naruto said as he looked through a sniper scope

"So how you wanna do this" Ray asked him curiously

"Well I-" Naruto was saying till he saw Ray in some biker BDSM gear wearing assless chaps "well infiltration is out" he said to him immediately "ok we're loaded here take extra bullets" he said as Ray was a good shot but Naruto knew he was the best and needed the mount he had "try and sabotage their engines with these" he said giving him some thermite charges "place them in the ignition they are very close to the gas tanks" he said to him

"Wow seriously man this is heavy-duty for bikers" Ray said to him

"Yeah the explosives are for Cherlene's benefits you know how she is" Naruto said as she still liked things to burn

"That makes sense" Ray said to him

"I'll take it to the rooftops after you sabotage the bikes and make sure you space them apart those thermite charges are powerful" Naruto said as they seperated

(few minutes later)

"Blow them when I start firing" Naruto said before thinking of his brother "phrasing I know" he said before Ray could say it, he climbed to the roof and mentally counted "hey cunts" he said calling out getting attention "fuck you" he said shooting two in their heads and fell back the moment he fired as soon as their heads exploded as everyone fired at him and he dodged the incoming buck shots and bullets and soon he heard the loud booming from the motorcycles

(a few minutes later)

"Hey babe" Cherlene said with a grin as she was dragging the lead biker by his beard as he was on the ground covered in scrapes, burns, and bruises "can I ask a favor" she said in a sensual manner

"Oh dear lord did you piss yourself" Ray said seeing her soaked short shorts

"I didn't piss myself but I am wet" Cherlene said with a grin as she looked at Naruto "the moment I heard those explosions and trailers burning I knew it had to be my man" she said with a grin

"I swear man I wish I had that power with men" Ray said as Naruto was a literal panty-dropper whenever he crossed a woman's path

"So babe ready to get outta here" Naruto asked her curiously

"No I wanna kill this bastard" Cherlene said pulling out a thermite charge

"The fuck did you get that" Naruto asked as he thought he was missing a charge on the way here

Cheryl didn't respond as she got behind the biker and grabbed a latex glove that was nearby with some drugs and shoved the charge up the bikers ass making him scream in pain as she pushed it in a rough way

Everyone ran knowing what to expect next as they soon saw the man scream in agony as he burned from the inside out

"Cheryl...where were you keeping that thermite grenade?" Naruto asked again looking at the now-dead biker who had sparks and flames shooting out of his ass as his abdomen melted away

"Oh you know the usual place...Though it was tough keeping it in at times considering how slippery that area became watching you kill all those bikers" Cheryl said lustfully

"Easy girl I can wreck your holes after your album hits platinum" Naruto said with a grin

"That's all well and good but I am horny now...and we have a perfectly good tour bus that needs to be broken in" Cheryl teases with a slight pout drawing circles on Naruto's chest with one of her index fingers

"Hmm that's true...Okay we can have a quickie in the bus but the main event is will be saved for after your album drops" Naruto says comprising

"DEAL!" Cheryl yells before she begins dragging Naruto towards the tour bus

(1 hour later)

(Short Lemon Warning)

Naruto was relaxing naked in the jacuzzi as Cherlene was blowing him pressing on her head roughly making her take him for a long time underwater

Cherlene was having a lot of difficulty as she worked very hard for him to cum and soon she earned her breath of fresh air when Naruto came down her throat, she welcomed the air when she rose above the water "I heard you like gingers. want me to give you some spice?" she said sultrily as she sat in his lap feeling his erection on her ass as she pressed it down

Naruto smiled as he said nothing as he grabbed her by the throat making her blush and moan as she gasped


"Oh don't worry Cheryl I own you already you know that" Naruto said to her as he had been making a lot of money over the months and was worth about the same as Cheryl as he had half a billion in cash

"Yes take everything what's mine is yours I'll blow you for a penny. Everything else I'll do free. that way you can claim I'm your personal hooker" Cherlene said as she loved the thought of being Naruto's cheap and easy slut

The bus visibly shook outside the team seeing it and was either jealous/disgusted/inspired/or some combination thereof

(Lemon End)

(few days later)

"How fucked is the operation" Naruto asked Slater over the phone

"Very your brother killed our middlemen and has our weapons some of my men are Hawley's men ok so I had to let them go listen I need you to unfuck this ok" Slater said to him

"Gotcha" Naruto said to him as his brother somehow got himself into another crazy situation

"Hey what's this I hear about you shooting Hawley" Slater said sounding very interested

"He was checking the house acting like a jackass and he heard a scream, but it was a scream of someone I was with and the moment he walked in kicking the door I shot him while still screwing my girl" Naruto said to him

"Wow" Slater said as that sounded amazing and humiliating for Hawley "ok good luck and listen Hawley just directs the rebels but in truth, they don't like him they like me cause I supply them with the good shit so they answer to me mainly I gave them your picture so just give them some orders here and there" he said to him

"Ok can you send me a profile of the guy who I'll be dealing with and also any notes you may have" Naruto asked him receiving an email

(next day)

"Krieger if you blow this up in here I will kill you myself" Naruto said to him as he spent some of the profits on a submarine "I'll hold onto this" he said as he'd rent it out to his contacts

"You want" Krieger said in excitement

"Yeah" Naruto said calmly as he took the detonator

(few days later)

"Hmmm arms deal" Malory said to him in surprise

"No robbery and here is what I am offering you" Naruto said giving her a drink which she drank as he gave her a piece of paper making her spit her drink onto Ron who was reading his paper

"What the hell" Ron said seeing his wife in shock and went over to her as he grabbed the paper "a billion dollars" he said in shock

"Yep and she just has to be herself keeping the president or whatever the fuck he is distracted" Naruto said as he expected to make 20 billion easy between the art and the vehicles he had stored and Slater was proving a plane and handling the shipments himself storing everything in a whole building full of storage units for him

"I love you" Malory said as she was actually crying as she hugged him

(next day)

"This was way easier than I thought" Naruto said as when he introduced Cherlene the president became a total moron

(1 hour later)

'This guy is an easy mark' Naruto thought to himself as he had the others working on certain areas where the cameras didn't reach and also killed the Krieger clones and had to talk Krieger down explaining to him he was a clone or whatever he was doubting he was Hitler's clone since he didn't look like the man and the fact that his mother retrieved him as a child making him the most likely choice of being an original, in his mind, this would take a month or month and a half to fully steal this man's stuff

(few hours later)

'Man Slater wasn't kidding' Naruto thought as he was tracking his first shipments to the plane 'this nerve gas canister is something we can't mess with though' he thought as it was too dangerous to leave in careless hands, he talked to Slater about it and both agreed it was best to wait before they move it


(next day)

Naruto came from the gym Calderone had and once he came into his room he saw a woman's pantyless ass raised up in the air, her upper body under his bed

"Oh hello sir I'm just cleaning the room" the woman said as she shook her ass

"Thanks" Naruto said to her as he walked into the bathroom

"The fuck" the woman said as she heard the shower running "was I just over looked" she said sounding angry, she was a gorgeous redhead in a french maid uniform, she had G-cup sized breasts, a curvy model hourglass figure, and a nice large bubbly ass "No one over looks Juliana Calderone" she said marching into the bathroom and brushed the curtain aside and soon saw Naruto in all his glory

"If you want to join you're welcome to" Naruto said not even batting an eye

Juliana was impressed by his confidence and had no problems stripping and entering the shower

"How about you do your job maid and wash my cock with those tits of yours" Naruto said to her

"Yes sir" Juliana said staying in character as she grabbed some soap and lathered his impressive member in soap and gave him a titjob giving him an erotic scrubing 'fuck I may have to keep him' she thought as there were rarely any men she thought about keeping, but a member like this was unheard of and she didn't want to give it up 'it even tastes good' she thought as she kissed and licked the tip sensually

"C'mon you can do better" Naruto said sounding bored

Juliana became annoyed as he wasn't moaning in pleasure like all the men she had slept with who scream and call out her name

Naruto smiled seeing Calderone's wife become frustrated knowing she was a prideful woman, he took further control grabbing the back of her head and thrusted into her mouth making her take him to his base

Juliana was surprised as she was usually always in control during sex she was surprised by how much control Naruto had over her 'let's see if he can keep control' she thought to herself

Naruto wasted no time fucking the hell out of her throat hearing her moan loudly making him even more turned on

Juliana felt his member twitch and kept her mouth open as he pulled out of her mouth and shot off a firehose of seed onto her face and tits

"Lick yourself clean and meet me on the bed" Naruto said as he turned off the shower and dried himself and left the bathroom

Juliana was a bit excited as she was covered in his seed 'fuck he even tastes good' she thought tasting the seed and how heavy and thick it was, once she was finished and dried herself a little she saw Naruto on the bed looking rather relaxed and bored but his dick stood proud, ready, and on alert

"Well" Naruto said to her as he gestured to his waiting erection that pointed straight up like a tower.

"Right away sir" Juliana said still keeping her maid persona up, she crawled on top of the bed and ride his dick his shaft between her pussy lips 'damn he feels even bigger' she thought before she positioned herself above his member and aligned it with her entrance and began to do squats on it 'I will not be weak' she thought as she squatted on his member unable to believe how much he stretched her out

"Not bad for your first time with me" Naruto said with a grin as he watched seemingly unaffected

"Cocky bastard" Juliana said as she both hated and was aroused by his confidence as she began to bounce up on and down on his long and thick member which stretched her walls wider than any cock or toy to enter her before.

"I wouldn't talk shit to me Juliana especially when I am gonna own your ass" Naruto said to her confidently as he grabbed her hips pulling her down harshly as he thrusted up into her roughly

Juliana was brought out of her lustful stupor but still moaned as he kept fucking her "You know who I am" she asked surprised he was still fucking her "and what do you mean you own my ass" she said with a glare

"Easy bitch" Naruto said to her slamming into her extra roughly "Your country is gonna be destroyed the US isn't backing you they are helping the rebels they are just using you for profit even now I just stole a billion dollars from this place" he said confidently "So I'll make you an offer you can be my maid and serve me like a good bitch who I will fuck whenever I want and you get to live confetably and won't have to worry about anything or you can stay here we leave and help the rebels take all of this and you die with that pathetic excuse of a husband you have who by the way just purposed to my bitch" he said grabbing his phone pulling up the security camera footage and handed it to Juliana taking a pause in his thrusts to her

Juliana watched the video as Naruto's cock was still in her

"Let me think about it give me a few weeks maybe a month" Cherlene said to Calderone

"Yes and I will get rid of my wife guard go kill the former first lady" Calderone said to his soldier

"No I want her around I like to cuck people I dislike" Cherlene said to him

Juliana now felt nervous as her now ex husband was willing to put her down "Very well if you can satisfy me I will submit to you and be your maid, cocksleeve, mistress, cumslut or whatever you want me to be...and you must also kill my pathetic husband naturally" she said to him

"Good girl and don't worry that won't be a problem as you can no doubt feel" Naruto said giving her another powerful thrust hearing her loud moan "and your husband will die I'll kill him hate people like him" he said to her

Juliana had to admit Naruto in these few minutes proved to be more than any man she had been with, he was strong, powerful, smart, dominant, assertive, and most of all he was an amazing lover with an equally amazing cock.

Naruto decided he had enough and decided it was time to break his latest addition, he pulled her into a kiss as he stood up and pushed her against the bed face down getting behind her

"Oh Naruto baby" Cherlene said walking in

"You slut" Juliana said in heated anger as because of her and her husband's addiction to her she lost everything

"Damn right slut" Cherlene said walking to Naruto and gave him a kiss "you know our man loves redheads you were his before he laid eyes on you" she said with a grin as she began to strip

Juliana would've said more if Naruto didn't thrust into her pussy his hips slamming against her ass

"Love seeing you make our asses clap babe tell me what your newest slut is" Cherlene asked as Naruto made sure all his girls knew their positions in the harem

"My maid" Naruto said to her

"Oh wonderful" Cherlene said with a smile "Uta will love the extra help and having a fellow redhead" she said with a grin "you should know as his maid the moment you enter a fellow harem member's apartment you get naked as you clean and we play with you and you do as you are told" she said as she made Uta do many things for her

Juliana became a little wet from that as the women she saw with Naruto were impressive, she screamed as she felt Cherlene put 4 fingers in her never before been penetrated ass

"Oh Naruto and us girls will have a lot of fun with you some royal upclass bitch" Cheyl said as Naruto liked breaking the superiority complexes in his women, she remembered when he broke her of her own superiority and passed her around to his other girls like she was a bottle of beer remembering how they all played with her using her like a toy "I hope your ready whore for the best first day of the rest of you life your holes are his now" she said feeling Juliana's ass clench around her fingers motivating Cherlene to finger it faster and rougher

"Let go" Naruto said to Cherlene as she did as told and took her fingers out of Juliana's ass and pulled out of her pussy and thrusted into Juliana's ass without warning or mercy "I wanna hear it Juliana say your mine" he said wanting to hear her claim her loyalty to him

Juliana blushed and now had a shy expression as he pounded her ass mercilessly "alright you win I am you servant Naruto I live to serve your cock my body is only for you as I am yours I will do anything you tell me to do as I am your maid" she said her pussy clenching a little as her maid fetish was now her permanent position in life

(6 hours later)

"Oh my fucking god babe look at her look at your slut" Cherlene said bouncing on his cock with a lewd smile as Juliana black out 3 hours ago her ass and pussy gaping and twitching as the cum Naruto desposited deep in them still flowing out much like how it leaked out the corner of her mouth and her nostrils from the final cumshot he gave her which was the one that caused her to black out.

"I hope you know Cherlene your pussy is gonna be destroyed during this trip" Naruto said as her record went platinum thanks to her number one fan stalker

"Yes master" Cherlene said as Naruto told her how rough and often he was gonna fuck her and it made her so wet

"Now my precious little music slut what is your name" Naruto said gripping her neck with one hand and cupped her chin with the other

"Cheryl" Cherlene said with a raspy voice

Naruto smiled as he let her go and lifted Cheryl up and got her into a full nelson but instead of his hands on the back of her head he wrapped his hands around her throat and fucked her pussy

Cheyl choked out moans as her pussy sprayed and gushed with each thrust as no one knew her body as well as Naruto did not even her, he knew everything it craved and desired no matter what he knew what she wanted even before she did

(next day)

Naruto smirked as he made out with Juliana "remember what I told you Juliana" he said whispering into her ear as he kissed her neck roughly

"Yes baby" Juliana said to him sensually as she told him that despite being his bitch she would be treated like a queen and that she was his and his alone

Both her and Cheryl watched as he left

"He may have business to take care of but we can still have some fun" Cheryl said cupping her tits

"I have a double sex room I use for when I want to sleep with the actual maids" Juliana said as she did enjoy breaking in the other maids as she made and asserted herself amongst them

"Let's go" Cheryl said to her as she fully intended to claim her as Naruto did

(Lemon End)

(with Naruto)

"Remember the night we made her" Naruto said to Lana as they rested in bed spooning with Naruto being the big spoon his arms wrapped around Lana as he gently ran his hands over her swollen belly.

"You know the night our child was conceived" Lana said as that was a one in a million shot guess with the amount he fucked her

"Yeah it was the night I got to marry you again" Naruto said to her


"Welcome to the honeymoon sweet Mrs Archer" Naruto said as he was really liking this mission as he got to marry his wife all over again

"Thank you Mr Archer" Lana said with a grin

"This will be a nice honeymoon especially since I already stopped the deal that was going down" Naruto said as he called in Slater to handle the Koreans as he stopped the deal already as he found out it was Krieger as he was messing with a pig and even screwing it his dick becoming radioactive in the process

"Then I guess these 3 days are all about you and me" Lana said as she felt her panties moisten "and we have plenty of booze, a hot tub, and many other things that I am sure we can find some use for" she said as she kissed him

(1 hours later)

"Hi Lana" Anka said as she came to the suite the moment she was called, seeing Lana in pure white panties and bra

"Hey my little countess" Lana said as Anka has finally earned her title as 'Countess von fingerbang' "do you know why I called you here" she asked her with a small smile

"My only guess is you want me there as you fuck our man" Anka said with a teasing smile

"Oh yeah but you and I are gonna have some fun first" Lana said as she easily ripped Anka out of her clothing "do you know why tonight is so special" she asked her simply getting a curious look in response "I am gonna get knocked up on my honeymoon" she said placing a hand on her womb

Anka looked at her in amazement as now she was positive the fucking they were gonna be doing would be more intense than usual, she moaned feeling Lana's fingers enter her pussy

"You know Anka I always liked you I often thought of you as a little sister" Lana said as with Anka being the youngest in the harem it was easy to see her that way "but I think we can be more than sisters I want you to call me mommy" she said wanting to abuse that title before she became a literal MILF

Anka felt her pussy mosten at that "ok mommy" she said as Lana spanked her ass with her other hand 'Naruto is my daddy and she is my mommy' she thought lustfully

"Good girl" Lana said as she played with Anka "suck on mommy's tits" she said still playing with Anka's ass and pussy

Anka did as told and sucked on Lana's massive tits

Lana smiled as due to Anka's small size she wondered if this is what nursing would feel like in the future but much less sexual than what she was feeling with now "that's my girl Naruto is your daddy and I am your mommy" she said fully intending on making her 'daughter' do many things to her and vice versa "now be a good girl and lick my pussy" she said removing her bra and panties

Anka wasted no time as she had eaten out Lana before but now there was a more sexual component now that she called her 'mommy'

"Good girl suck and kiss mommy's pussy" Lana said to her with a grin "get my pussy ready so your daddy can ruin me like he has for you" she said to her

"Hmmm you taste so good mommy I bet you and daddy taste good together" Anka said as she drank Lana's pussy juices

Lana wrapped her legs around Anka's head burying Anka's face deep into her pussy as she grinded it against her face "you're absolutely right baby me and daddy do taste good together and you'll taste us after I have you good and ready because you are gonna be our wedding gift" she said fully intending for Naruto and her to really break Anka in a whole new way

Anka moaned as she drank Lana's juices her pussy gushing out juices

Lana moaned loudly as she let out a massive orgasim dosing Anka's face "lie down" she said commandingly

Anka did as she was told as Lana was sounding a lot more like Naruto in bed making the blonde feel a sudden rush of hormones

"Mmmm nice and ready" Lana said as she looked at Anka's pussy which glistened, she got on top of Anka claiming her lips as their tits mashed against the others "now lay there my little girl" she said as she spread her legs apart and grinded her pussy against Anka's "you still have work to do Anka" she said motioning to her tits her nipples looking as hard as diamonds

Anka did as instructed and went back to sucking Lana's giant tits "I want tits like yours" she said feeling her breasts were small in comparison to Lana's

"You're still growing don't worry mama will rub them for you everyday" Lana said as she cupped her face "I'll play with your tits everyday if you want and who knows maybe you'll be as big as me someday" she said as she claimed Anka's lips once again

(1 hour later)

"How are my girls doing" Naruto said seeing Lana strapping Anka to the bed, Anka's body in a X position her head at the foot of the bed and her legs at the top

"Amazing sweetie" Lana said sensually seeing her husband "our girl has done a fine job" she said as she groped Anka's breast

"Good to know my little girl is a grade A slut" Naruto said seeing Anka's face flush

"Oh before I forget our little girl wants to taste us" Lana said giving Anka a teasing look

"Well wish granted move Lana" Naruto said getting Lana into the doggy style position her pussy over Anka's face

Anka looked up in excitement seeing Lana's pussy drip onto her face as she saw how eager her mother's lips were for Naruto's shaft

Lana screamed in pleasure as Naruto penetrated her "yes oh god sweetie you fuck me just right" she said in euphoria

"Oh tonight is gonna be special Lana" Naruto said as he fucked her making her scream to the top of her lungs

Anka could only watch as she saw Naruto's dick stretch Lana's pussy opening her mouth as Lana's juices and Naruto's precum dripped on her face and fell into her mouth

(few minutes later)

Anka moaned as she kissed Lana on the bed both exploring each other's mouths

"Here Anka" Naruto said giving her a bottle of wine

"Yes daddy" Anka said opening it and kissed Lana's neck before slowly pouring the wine on Lana's body covering her from the neck down the wine pooling in her thighs

"Now drink it up" Naruto said to Anka

Anka wasted no time drinking the wine contained by Lana's thighs

Naruto licked Lana's body teasing her as he drank the wine off her body

Lana could only moan as they licked her getting every last drop of the wine off her skin

(10 minutes later)

Lana was excited as they were gonna do a favorite kink of her that she really liked, she stood up tall as Anka was lathering her body in chocolate body butter

"I got the chocolate sauce and whip cream Lana" Naruto said as Lana had developed this after they were on Skorpio's boat after his brother's pirate king phase and the many times she had sex with Pam

"Well the whip cream will have to do for now though I would prefer only one type of cream" Lana said looking at his heavy balls wanting what was inside them to be inside her

Anka was excited as the body butter was basically lube and Lana wanted it everywhere from the neck down and Lana did the same for her

"Mmmhhh" Lana said as she cover herself in chocolate sauce and sprayed whip cream on her tits "my favorite treat" she said looking at Naruto's chocolate covered dick, she got on her knees and began to blow him 'he hasn't cum ONCE he's making me work for this baby' she thought in both anger and lust, she felt drawn to his balls as they hit her chin

"C'mon Lana you want that baby right well make me cum so I can stuff your pussy my heavy load" Naruto said to her tauntingly

Lana sucked his dick as much as she could cleaning it of the chocolate "fuck me" she said demanding her pussy dripping like a faucet "stuff my pussy destroy and break me fucking breed me like the slut I am for you" she said beggingly

Naruto smiled as he saw her and how lustful she was "ride my dick Lana" he said to her commandingly "Anka come here I want to lick your pussy" he said as he laid back

Both girls did as they were told and assumed the positions Anka sitting on Naruto's face and Lana riding him cowgirl style

(next morning)

Lana felt at peace as she slept on her side and slowly stirred from her slumber seeing Anka eating her out "naughty girl I need that" she said lustfully their bodies, the blankets, and even the wall covered in chocolate stains of hand prints, foot prints, ass prints, and even a print of both of their tits side by side on the wall above the headboard of the bed.

"But mommy it tastes so good especially with papa's cum mixed with your juices" Anka whines playfully with a pout.

Lana chuckles hearing this "Very well continue eating your breakfast while we wait for "Papa" to wake up so we can have him provide a refill" she says before letting out a moan as Anka resumes her breakfast.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea and when she is done I am going to thoroughly refill you. However we are going to need more...chocolate" Naruto whispers huskily into her ear as he begins fondling and groping her breasts from behind as he begins grinding his hardened member in-between her ass cheeks causing her to moan from the dual assault.

(flashback end)

"You two couldn't stop milking me I think I got friction burns" Naruto said jokingly

"I wanted this baby and Anka kept eating me out" Lana said as it was catch 22 situation she lost the cum she tried to make herself pregnant with but that gave her more opportunity to get more

Naruto just chuckled as he rested his hand on Lana's stomach and felt their baby kick


(few weeks later)

"Thanks for the billion" Slater said as he and Naruto flew the plane with Slater having a black eye "and again sorry" he said to him

"Dude we were trying to deliver my daughter I have to ask are you into prego porn" Naruto said as he thought Slater was a bit to invested in seeing Lana as she was gonna deliver

"No of course not" Slater said as he laughed nervously

"So how are we gonna deal with Hawley" Naruto asked him curiously

"Well he's a dick and an idiot but with your recommendation and the bomb I will be turning in I will be even more promoted" Slater said as he was already holding rank against Hawley but Hawley had no knowledge of it at best he was a scapegoat

"Damn and here I was hoping we could just kneecap him and shove him out of the plane giving the sharks a nice breakfast" Naruto says

"I'll take that under consideration" Slater said to him sounding very serious "hey I got this go see your kid also I'll handle the paperwork for the kid" he said to him

"Thanks" Naruto said leaving his seat and closed the door behind him "hey Ray mind taking over also the guy in the other seat super single" he said thinking this'd be enough punishment for earlier

"Great I'm a grandmother again" Malory said to herself taking a drink to either celebrate or deal with stress was up for debate

"Her middle name is Malory" Naruto said with a grin seeing her momentarily brighten

"So I'm an uncle" Sterling said sounding happy about that

"You drink, smoke, or drive like you usually do with my baby I'll kill you myself and make all those torture simulations look like daydreams" Naruto said with a small smile

Everyone laughed at Sterling as he saw the seriousness in Naruto's eyes

"Shit" Sterling said thinking it was about time he wised up

"Hey" Naruto said walking into the back as Lana was given it as she deserved privacy after delivering

"Hey come see her" Lana said unable to take her eyes off Abbiejean Malory Archer, she had Lana's skin tone, Naruto's eyes, and her hair was honey brown with streaks of blonde in it

"She's perfect" Naruto said to his wife giving her and their baby a kiss

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