World's Deadliest Assassin @pyrohelixdrago1
Chapter 8


"Here you go Woodhouse" Naruto said as he was giving the man some body armor as they were assisting Malory's 'friend' preventing an assasination "that claymore ready" he asked them curiously as he wanted these people dead quick

"Set" Pam said as she was a little high right now

"You really need a case for those needles" Naruto said as he looked at Woodhouse knowing about his addiction knowing it and despite his disapproval he knew Woodhouse was to addicted to it

"What are our jobs again" Sterling asked as he drank wine he found in the basement

"We are to stand back outside hiding so encase any reinforcements come we kill them" Lana said tossing him his AK-47

"Well as long as you got my backs" Naruto said as he held a rocket launcher seeing cars pull up

(2 hours later)

"Can he even survive without Woodhouse" Lana asked as Naruto was giving Woodhouse a vacation here in Italy and the father was watching over him acting as his host

"I babysit him as is won't be any different" Naruto said to her

Lana smiled slightly at the word baby and put a hand on her stomach

(1 week later)

"Naruto" Cheryl said walking into his room

"What's up" Naruto said working out in just his boxers

"I need a favor" Cheryl said sensually as she looked at the sweat on his abs

"Ask away" Naruto said not stopping his work out

"Remember when those assholes tried to kidnap me a while back" Cheryl said getting an odd look from Naruto

"Yeah" Naruto said as he found it was a cold trail as whoever paid them made the one who paid pay through a series of connections just for the down payment

"Turns out it was my brother" Cheryl said sounding annoyed as she scoffed in disgust

Naruto had to admit that Cheryl's family made his seem a hell of a lot better as while Cheryl had her violent tendencies and quirks….and arson habits, but her brother was just as bad with his own habits as he was a gullible idiot paying for things that may have sounded good but in the end were a waste of money and often made things worse

"And he just called your mother for a meeting" Cheryl said with a smile on her face

"And you're happy why" Naruto asked as it was a little concerning when Cheryl was happy about something she normally would be angry about was always cause for alarm

"I want you to fuck his girlfriend" Cheryl said having a sadistic grin "she is a fucking bitch" she said remembering how annoying she was "I want her to be put in her place" she said with a smile knowing Naruto would in fact wreck and destroy her "destroy her please" she said as she really wanted to see her be wrecked by her lover just to see her become a mess

"Sure" Naruto said to her simply as her brother seemed to have it coming with the shit he pulled with his money and what he did to Cheryl

(next day)

Naruto knew the meeting was in a few days so he had time to do some research and found out Cecil and found where he had been staying

"She's ok" Lana said looking at a picture Cheryl gave her of Tiffany or Tiff for short

"I can actually use a person like her she's smart" Naruto said as she had natural skills with flying and other things

"They chartered what's basically a helicopter hotel for transport" Lana said seeing Cheryl's brother recent purchases and saw a high-quality helicopter

"Screw that I'd never pay that" Naruto said as the price was almost criminal "anyway I'll go meet her and see what we're dealing with" he said as he approached a bar where she was staying

(20 minutes later)

"No fucking way you seduced her that fast" Lana said as she was playing games on her phone

"I basically did this was so easy I'm not kidding" Naruto said as he guessed Cecil wasn't a good partner in bed or the relationship and Naruto's reputation with the environment certainly helped grease the wheels

(next day)

"Drop it Naruto" Sterling said as they were having a standoff

"Not a second into the mission and you two are trying to kill each other" Ray said as he carried and dropped the mission bags

"What ass lips do now" Lana asked curiously

"Ass lips" Sterling asked curiously

"It basically means everything that comes out of your mouth is shit" Lana said getting some laughs from the others

"Fuuuuucck" Naruto said as the helicopter rose

"What did he do" Cyril asked wanting to prepare for the worst

"Why the hell did you bring my grandchildren on this mission!" Malory yells after seeing a door open revealing Tina, Gene, and Louise.

"That answers that question" Ray said rolling his eyes

"I thought it would be a good bonding experience for us?" Archer said as he shrugged

"...Very well but you are on THIN ICE mister...Now Louise how about Grandma teaches you how to hog tie an insurgent?" Malory asks

"YES SCORE BEST GRANDMA EVER!" Louise yells in excitement

"Aw aren't you precious...Now Cyril come here we need a volunteer" Malory says with a smile while Cyril gulps seeing Louise have a savage grin on her face as she caresses a rope she got from somewhere

"I swear" Naruto said rolling his eyes "hey Cheryl bathroom" he said to her

Cheryl jumped for joy hearing that and ran into the bathroom and dropped to her knees

"We're not doing that….now" Naruto said to her getting a whine "the ship has cameras in every room besides here illegal in bathrooms" he said to her "Cecil plans to make a tape to give to a judge to get control of your inheritance" he said explaining Cecil's plan

"Fuck him" Cheryl said to him angrily

"No one is giving you up" Naruto said as he filled in everyone not to say anything "and if this mission goes as expected we'll have money a lot of it" he said as he did a check into all of his finances and there was only one thing out here

(1 hour later)

"Hey Ray mind flying this thing" Naruto asked him curiously

"There something wrong with the pilot" Ray asked curiously and got a look from Naruto "oh my god seriously you need to write a book" he said as he kinda wanted to get as laid as much as Naruto did as the man had game

(few minutes later)


"So you really think I can be apart of your environmental preservation team" Tiff asked in excitement as they were in a bedroom inside the plane

"Yep" Naruto said with a smirk "but I need some convincing that your loyal" he said to her "I mean Cecil is an idiot but I know you were going along to help him put Cheryl in an institution so I need some proof of loyalty" he said to her with a smirk

Tiff actually blushed as he was really handsome and she actually had pictures of him she fingered herself to as he had helped the environment in many ways "what do you want me to do" she asked with a blush on her face

"Strip" Naruto said with a smirk

Tiff wasted no time and undid her tracksuit unzipping her jacket and taking it off showing she wasn't wearing a bra freeing her large DD-cup breasts and pulled down her pants showing rather bold black panties which rode her large plump ass, she pulled down her panties and didn't hide herself if anything she seemed proud having Naruto eyes on her

"You'll do fine work for and under me" Naruto said complimenting her walking up close

"I'd do anything you ask sir" Tiff said as she waited expectantly for him to use and play with her body

"I want these nice and wet Tiff" Naruto said handing her her own panties

Tiff blushed as she squatted down and began to finger herself blushing brightly

"I want you to look at me Tiff" Naruto said commandingly

Tiff blushed as she looked him in the eye seeing him look right back at her not even blinking making her feel much more hotter as she felt more vulnerable she couldn't help it when she climaxed

"Wow you climaxed that fast" Naruto said teasingly as he took her now soaked panties "keep fingering yourself" he said as he took out a blind fold and tied it on her, he then took out his phone and sent a message soon the door opened silently and Cheryl walked in closing the door and walking in a deathly silence

"What can I do to her master" Cheryl asked in a whisper as she stripped down

"Whatever you want" Naruto said seeing juices flow down her legs

Cheryl smiled in delight and walked over to Tiff completely naked and massaged her tits pulling on her nipples making her moan out as she did

"Tiff I want you to stand" Naruto said with a smirk giving Cheryl a hand

Tiff did as instructed and moaned loudly as she thought he was playing with her breasts

"Turn around and place your hands on the bed" Naruto said sternly as he saw Cheryl working down

Tiff place her hands on the bed and moaned as her ass was now being spanked

Cheryl loved having Tiff at her mercy as it made her so wet she looked at Naruto and blew a kiss his way she got on her knees and used one hand to spank Tiff and the other to finger her ass

"Oh sir I've never had that hole used before" Tiff moaned loudly only to feel it get fingered even harder as Cheryl saw that as an invitation

"Tiff I want you to know I am very through when it comes to people in my employ if you are gonna work for me I need to know you inside and out and I have to know you will do as your told" Naruto said hearing the woman moan loudly

Tiff would have responded if Cheryl didn't just then put her mouth in Tiff's pussy "oh fuck sir oh I'll do whatever you want anything sir oh please use me however you want" she said lustfully before climaxing very hard

"Time to take off the blindfold" Naruto said to Cheryl

"Sup bitch" Cheryl said as she saw the shock look on Tiff's face

Before Tiff could say anything Lana walked into the room

"Hi Tiff" Lana said with a smirk "glad to see you've joined the group" she said with a smile "we're gonna have a lot of fun together" she said happily

"Wait" Tiff said nervously "sir what's going on" she asked feeling embarrassed and still lustful

"You see Tiff I have many lovers and they work for me in many ways" Naruto said to her

"Yep and so do you" Lana said as she got close "look at him do you honestly wanna walk away" she asked in a whisper as they watched Naruto strip

"N-No" Tiff said getting even hornier

"Good Naruto will give you what he promised and more but you need to understand we do whatever he asks" Lana said as Cheryl nodded in agreement "now I hope you're ready to get fucked like never before" she said teasingly "oh and before we start here" she said handing over her digital pad to Tiff

Tiff looked at it and saw it was her and that she was being filmed

"This is gonna be between us don't worry but we are gonna show it to Cecil" Lana said with a grin hearing a light moan escape Tiff's mouth "now then Tiff we wanna know are you in or out" she asked massaging her breasts

Tiff's mind was in overdrive as she felt very hot to what has been said and desperately craved releash seeing Naruto naked and in all his glory made it even more so

"The bitch is gone Lana" Cheryl said as she smiled seeing the lust in Tiff's eyes

"Lie her down" Naruto said to them as they got Tiff on the bed and Cheryl got on top of her

"It's gonna be so much fun Tiff think about all the fun times we'll have" Cheryl said as she fully intended to take all her aggression on Tiff's body whenever she could in the future, she moaned as she felt Naruto spank her as he began fucking Tiff "this is your man do you understand me slut this will be the only dick in you forever are we clear" she said as she moaned loudly getting off on each hard slap

"Fuck sir your dick is destroying my pussy I've never had a dick so big" Tiff said crying in lust and pleasure

"All you have had is my brother's weak pussy dick this is the dick of a man" Cheryl said to her with a smile

Naruto smiled as he had his way with all three women till they got closer and closer to the location


(few minutes later)

"So you can get me double what were being offered" Malory asked him

"We get 100 million each" Naruto said to her

"My little blackmailer" Malory said with a proud smile which she soon lost as Sterling burped loudly "and my little fucking pig" she said giving him a look

"That's why Dutchess never liked him you know" Naruto said to her rolling his eyes

"Eh" Malory said as she took a sip of her drink

"How'd me nieces and nephew do" Naruto asked her curiously

"Well Louise tied up and gagged Cecil and tortured him after Ray called Cyril to the cockpit. Tina and Gene eventually joined her in torturing him but they paled in comparison to Louise. I have to say that girl has the gift and is a chip of her grandmothers block that's for sure" Malory says proudly

"C'mon we go out in a few" Naruto said calling the others "yo fuck up" he said as he went to Cecil "we know about the dumb shit stunt you pulled" he said to him "Cyril put him in a room and Pam you know what to do" he said to him with a smile as Pam dragged Cecil away to play the porno they just made

"Enjoy bro probably the best and only show you'll ever see" Cheryl said laughing in a sadistic manor

(1 hour later)

"Shit this place is actually well maintained" Naruto said as one man did all this was simply impressive

"And you're sure he doesn't have nerve gas missiles" Ray asked curiously

"Ray we had to take a sub here" Naruto said to him

"And that means" Cyril asked in slight terror

"We're to deep for anything to fire the nerve gas to be launched" Sterling said to him "they'd basically need to get rocket fuel to launch from this depth and the missiles themselves would need to be nearly unbreakable as they are kept in gas containers so they'd burst it's why we got this bitchin sub" he said to them as he patted it "tempered glass and highly precious metals" he said with a smile

"Yeah we're just gonna call his bluff so Sterling no rampage" Lana said as she gave him a fierce glare

"Sure" Sterling said with a smile as no one could tell if he was being serious or sarcastic…..or just an idiot

(few minutes later)

"Oh my god Naruto Archer sir it's a pleasure" Murphy said as he shook Naruto's hand "sir your book and work are an inspiration I swear it's an honor sir truly" he said acting like a total fan

"You have a book" Sterling asked curiously

"Yeah Lana is mentioned as my co-author" Naruto said as Lana did a lot of groundwork when she could and he even used some of her research papers from college

"Oh Ms Kane a pleasure" Murphy said to him

"It's Archer now" Lana said looking at Naruto

"Oh congrats" Murphy said to them "can't believe that idiot actually got you two oh man this is gonna be great" he said very excitedly

"Yep" Naruto said as he and the others played along for a while

(20 minutes later)

"You know these are all extreme right" Naruto asked as the whaling and fishing alone was gonna be ignored "I mean maybe reduce supply and demand for intervals I mean we do that during winter" he said as fishing was greatly reduced then

"Yes but the population keeps growing and soon the world will run out of natural resources…." Murphy said as he began going in depth

'Fuck feels like that dick with the space pirates' Naruto and the others thought

"Hello" Murphy said loudly reaching into his pocket

"Gun" Cyril said as he jumped and pulled out a gun grazing the man but also hitting the glass

"Emergency lockdown" Naruto said as he closed the other sections of the base off

"Hey do sharks smell blood in water or the air" Ray asked the group

"Water why" Naruto said to him until he spotted what he saw a colossal great white

"You know Lana all those period jokes I made on the sub….I really hope I was wrong" Sterling said as sharks were climbing his list of fears

"Ok we need to manually open these doors to deal with this we have about-" Murphy was saying before they heard a crack "less than 2 minutes" he said to them "also" he said punching Cyril in the face breaking his nose

"You so had that coming" Ray said as they opened the door and as they got to the other side the glass burst

"Fuck no" Naruto said as he hit the button to seal the door but a lot of water got in right up to their necks and to make matters worse the shark was blasted passed them and they were trapped with it "Cyril I want you to know if we die I'm gonna strangle you with your own intestines" he said very seriously

"Listen we need to drain this room there are three doors we open them less water for this thing to swim" Murphy said to them

"I got Lana" Naruto said quickly

"I got Ray" Sterling said quickly "not in that way ass" he said as he dealt with Ray and his games in the past "those two are just the easy prey" he said as Murphy and Cyril were bleeding making them targets

"What" Cyril said in fear

"Careful they smell fear" Murphy said to him

"Really" Cyril said in a whisper tone

"No jackass thats mammals" Sterling said to him

(with Naruto and Lana)

"This how you saw us spending our day" Lana asked as they were at their door

"Nope" Naruto said as he didn't see this coming

"And done" Lana said as the water poured out and went a few inches lower reaching a little below their chests and saw they reached some kinda greenhouse room

"So when were you gonna tell me" Naruto said placing a hand on her stomach

"Of course you knew" Lana said as she hugged him "wanna know some names I picked out" she asked him as she had one in particular for a girl

Naruto would've responded if he didn't see a large fin getting closer "tables" he said grabbing a shovel and waited for the shark to make a move but it soon left "guys it's coming" he called out

(with Ray and Archer)

"Didn't you defuse bombs why the fuck is this taking so fucking long" Sterling said to him

"It's made a certain way and….why the fuck do you have Cyril's gun we don't need you richoteing things into a worse position ass" Ray said as Archer

"Listen ass I have shot a shark before" Sterling said before

"After crashing a plane" Ray said as Naruto told him this story

"Just means I have experience" Sterling said to him

"Of being a moron" Ray said to him and when he got no response he saw Sterling was gone from his spot and soon saw him moving away as he then spotted the shark "you bitch" he said as they reached up and held onto a pipe in the ceiling

"Sorry I really wanted to live" Sterling said seeing the shark pass him

"Naruto you alive" Ray called out

"I'm fine to jackass" Lana's voice said loudly

"Well it's official….Cyril is gonna die" Sterling said as everyone shrugged

(with Cyril)

"You know considering who's on your team I expected you to be much less of a pussy" Murphy said to Cyril

"What's wrong with me" Cyril asked him

"You're skittish, an idiot, a coward, a pansy ass, and these are all of the things I have guessed in knowing you for five minutes hell you must suck as an agent since you lost your damn gun" Murphy said to him

Cyril checked himself frantically and found he had no weapon and soon saw the shark

(with Naruto)

"I swear" Naruto said as he saw Ray being attacked by his brother's paranoia "it's not here" he said as he opened their door the water reaching their waists

"Well I feel safer" Ray said getting down

"And what with me you didn't" Archer asked him getting blank stares

They all soon heard a loud girly scream they all identified as Cyril's

"Who wants to bet that our luck isn't good enough for that to have been Cyril getting munched by the shark?" Sterling asked

"Well not now" Ray said to him

"Yeah man you totally jinxed it" Lana said to him as the water drained

(few minutes later)

"What the hell" Sterling said seeing a dead shark and a half eaten Murphy only seeing his legs

"Ok I am at a loss here and…..what is that smell" Naruto said as there was a terrible stenched that smelled even worse than low tide

"Ew oh my god Cyril the fuck is wrong with you" Sterling said in disgust as he saw a rather large brown stain on Cyril's beige pants "you seriously should've worn the brown pants" he said waving his nose

"Did you shit in the shark's mouth" Ray asked in disgust seeing brown on it's teeth

"No wonder it's dead" Lana said as she backed away and threw up for many reasons

"Ok lets go I want out" Naruto said as this was foul and disgusting

(1 hour later)

"Ahhhh 100 million dollars" Malory said in a very relaxed tone

"My brother had little choice when Naruto talked to him" Cheryl said happily as her brother almost shitted himself as bad as Cyril did when he told him about all the crimes he commited and a threat to national security he was with the fake hydrogen bomb which was all false and would have landed him some major jail time

(3 weeks later)

Naruto was in his penthouse with Slater "so FBI is doing some bullshit huh" he asked Slater

"Yeah all of ISIS except you will be arrested and charged with treason" Slater said to him

"Why not me" Naruto asked curiously

"You are a benefactor to the agencies and I haven't told Hawley jack about our side business only a few higher ups" Slater said to him

"I'll warn everyone to hide their assets" Naruto said to his close circle and knew Pam would message everyone privately about this

"Listen Hawley is an asshole to a major degree alright" Slater said as he disliked working with him sometimes

"Gotcha" Naruto said to him

(1 month later)

"Well we're fugitives and no longer agents" Sterling said as they were all getting drunk

"No our mother made us drug dealers for the fucking feds" Naruto said as he caught the deal she made with the jackass

"Is now a bad time to say I'm trying to be a country singer" Cheryl said to them getting blank stares and shrugs

"Great how much is there to sell" Lana asked seeing Malory hit a button and saw many bags of cocaine "fuck" she said to herself

"Hey Naruto did they try and claim the building" Ray asked curiously

"Bitches tried" Naruto said as Hawley tried, failed, and looked like an idiot when he attempted

"Don't worry if you've done everything I've asked your money is secure and you can keep all stuff in your apartments" Naruto said as the FBI was trying to steal everyone's stuff "anyway I called in some favors we're selling this immediately" he said to them

"How we're not drug dealers" Cyril said in his fearful tone

"Mercedes and Maria's mother agreed to sell it for 10% of the profit, Moto owes me a favor so I agreed to let him use Pam for his races to make him some money so he's doing it for free, Janelle gave me a list of her and Randy's contacts for up here in NY, and Popeye said he can point us to some sellers in exchange for a little start up money for a project he has in mind which I already covered"" Naruto said to them simply

"Dude" Ray said in shock "I swear you were made to be a Kingpin" he said being completely serious

"Thank you" Naruto said as he got to work as they all made calls

(few days later)

"I kept it cool inside and the inside is made of a actual cast you'll be fine" Naruto said as he helped Krieger made the cast "I am still pissed my mother made you come" he said to Lana as they came to Miami for a secret deal their mother made

"Eh who cares we're handling the deal" Sterling said to him as he drank

"Yeah a deal our mother set up" Naruto said as Archer got as tense as the others

(1 hour later)

"Shit" Naruto said as he saw Pam give his brother a head wound and eating the coke 'she must've absorbed some coke into her skin' he thought thinking her nerves made her sweat a lot more making the cast moist enough for her to absorb it

(20 minutes later)

"Wake up idiot" Naruto said opening some smelling salts "c'mon not good to be knocked out with a head wound" he said to him, he was ignoring Pam go on about freezing and time travel to fix this

"Let's go we have an address" Lana said as she helped him lift the idiot up

"I swear my mother's schemes will be the death of us" Naruto said as they made it to the car

(30 minutes later)

"No fucking gun unbeliveable" Naruto said as he was going to kill his brother for allowing hs crush to get the better of him

"He gave his palabra" Sterling said for the umtenth time

"How did you not kill him as a child" Lana asked Naruto curiously

"It was harder than you think" Naruto said to her "Maria and Mercedes are here sent them ahead" he said to her in a whisper as they were here to help with this deal and possibly beat their father

(10 minutes later)

"I really need to kill you sometimes" Naruto said as his brother's past mission was coming to bite him in the ass

"Oh my god this is your brother shame on you for stealing his style bitch" Charles said as he and Rudy took the coke

"Down Bastados" Maria said shooting her gun at their guns making them useless

"Um why wasn't I filled in" Sterling said to them

"Because you are a dumbass" Mercedes said to him simply "and your erection for my father is creepy man" she said as it was weird how attracted he was to her father

"Mi bebes" Ramon said before getting punched in both his eyes courtesy of his daughters

"Fake million nice" Naruto said leaving them half the coke just to avoid issues

(few days later)

Pam breathed heavily as she made it to one of the sub basements many floors where the coke was stored and soon she saw the pile of pure white powder and just as she grabbed a brick Naruto grabbed her hand and dragged her away

"I allow my girls to use some drugs Pam but coke ain't one of them" Naruto said to her "I thought you'd detox on your own but it seems I need to intervene" he said dragging her to the elevator pressing the elevator button going to a particular floor

Pam was a little worried as she was caught red-handed or was it white-nosed in this situation.


"Pam I am disappointed in you" Naruto said sternly "You are not leaving this room until I say so and you will do as you are told" he said to her as he went over to a light switch with many switches "I made this room to punish my girls if they had been bad and we're going to use it" he said flicking some switches as a stripper pole pops up outta the floor, then a sex swing lowers from the ceiling, a panel opens on the wall revealing various paddels and riding crops, another panel opens revealing a walk in closet with various outfits "strip" he said spanking her ass

Pam felt ashamed as Naruto was disappointed in her, so she did as she was told and stripped down all of her clothes. Pam watched as Naruto sat on the couch and grabbed a riding crop.

"I want you to lay on my lap" Naruto ordered as Pam did as she was told and then he began to strike her ass with the riding crop

Pam took each and every strike without complaining, not wanting to disappoint him more than she had done already feeling her ass begin to sting as Naruto was not being gentle with her

Naruto stopped and pulled her up looking at her bright red ass "In the closet there is a cow bikini with your name on it" he said to her

Pam went over to the closet and saw the outfits each having a name tag on them 'guess he's got one for every girl' she thought as she found the one with her name and saw, a cow themed bikini with a cow eared headband, cow themed leggings, and a red collar with a bell on it, she put it on but felt the bikini was to tight and guessed that was the point of this

"Hands on the couch" Naruto said to her dominantly

Pam wondered if he was gonna spank her again but moaned out in surprise as he jammed a butt plug with a cow tail theme completing her look as a cow

"Stand up straight and stay still" Naruto said as he got naked and got behind Pam sandwiching his dick between her ass cheeks as he reached around her and began massaging her tits in a similar motion to how one would milk a cow.

Pam moaned as he then began massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples making her let out a whiny moan

"Whose tits are these Pam" Naruto said whispering into her ear

"Yours" Pam moaned as he pinched her nipples even harder

"I wonder how much milk are in my sluty cow's tits" Naruto said squeezing them even harder making Pam blush as she moaned louder

Grinding his dick between Pam's meaty ass had quickly made it rock hard so Naruto reached down with his left hand and slid the bikini bottoms to the side before ramming his cock balls deep into Pam's wet womanhood in a single thrust causing her to let out a loud moan as she climaxed just from the insertion.

"What a naughty cow I have to cum just from me sticking my dick in her" Naruto growls out as he begins savagely sawing his dick in and out of her pussy with long hard thrusts. With each pull out he would go all the way until just the head of his mighty meat was inside before ramming balls deep again sending Pam's tits flying and her ass rippling from the force as she moaned loudly and wantonly.

"Cheezy fucking pete your DEEP!" Pam yelled as Naruto continued his assault on her pussy somehow getting even deeper to the point she could feel the head of his cock battering on her the entrance to her womb sending massive jolts of pleasure up her spine with each hit.

"You're damn right I am my naughty cow. If I don't go deep, how will you learn your lesson!" Naruto snarled as he continued his brutal fucking while using his hands to maul her tits.

For what felt like hours to Pam she was pierced by Naruto's mighty battering ram until finally she felt her inner sanctum give way and it entered her womb where it swelled before unleashing a flood of his little soldiers into her, setting off a massive oragasm for her. Then just as she felt that orgasm end she was hit by another as Naruto pinched and twisted her nipples causing her to let out an orgasmic wail.

"Hmm it seems my naughty cow does in fact have some milk" Naruto says feeling something wet on his hands and seeing a clear liquid. He brings them up to Pam's mouth as he says "Lick my fingers clean my naughty cow" before she does so lapping up her milk from his fingers and sucking on them as if she was sucking on a popsicle.

"Very good though it seems you still have more milk in you...assume the position my cow" Naruto commands pulling his dick out of Pam's flooded pussy resulting in a waterfall of Naruto's semen to begin pouring out before Pam gets down on her hands and knees.

"Ah Naruto, hurry up, I need more!" Pam yells only to let out a moan as Naruto slaps her ass.

"No that's not how my cow speaks," Naruto says with a growl.

"Mooo Moooo!" Pam moos guessing that's what Naruto wants her to say and finding it very hot.

"That's a good cow now I am going to milk those fat udders that you call your tits. While I do that you are going to suck on my dick and moo. If you do a good enough job I might just BREED you after I am done milking you...would you like that my slutty cow?" Naruto says before kneeling down by Pam's head and reaching down to start 'Milking' her tits.

"Moo MOOOO!" Pam says before taking Naruto's dick into her mouth and deep throating it all the while mooing thus making her throat vibrate around his meat.

"Mmm damn that's good my cow" Naruto says as he increases his 'Milking' of her tits and for the next several minutes a rhythm is established of Naruto working her tits while Pam throats his cock. All too soon however due to Pam's superb oral skills and her vibrating throat Naruto feels his release coming "Get ready cow here comes MY milk" he says before he blasts his seed down her throat and into her stomach resulting in her cumming and more milk to squirt out of her tits onto the floor.

Standing up and removing his dick from her mouth Naruto looks down at the heavily panting form of Pam "Mmm very good job especially for such a slutty cow, and for that you deserve a small reward" Naruto says before moving behind her and lining his dick up with her pussy again.

"Get ready because now I am going to BREED my sluttly little Holstein" Naruto says causing Pam to shudder and spasm before shaking as Naruto hilts his dick back into her pussy.

"MOOOOOOOOO!" Pam screams as Naruto begins savagely thrusting into her pussy once again.

Naruto then reaches around and grabs her tits once more before pulling her up so that she is balancing on her knees against his chest as he fucks his meat up into her pussy. Over and over he hilts himself into her for the next hour sending her through orgasm after orgasm in an ever increasing hypersensitive state.

"Here it comes my cow, take it all and get pregnant!" Naruto yells as he pulls out completely before shoving his entire dick back into her in one thrust with such force that a small bulge can be seen in her abdomen before he unleashes his load directly into her womb.

His hands aren't idle either as they pull and squeeze her tits resulting in a shower of her milk as she throws her head back and looks up at the ceiling before letting out a final ear piercing "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" as the biggest orgasm of her life so far frys her senses as for the next several minutes Naruto empties his load into her.

The moment Naruto's dick stopped flooding Pam's insides he pulled it out of her resulting in another waterfall of jizz to start flowing out of her thoroughly fucked pussy. He also released his hold on her tits causing her to flop down face first onto the floor gasping for air as she tried to regain her breath as she slowly started coming down from her mind shattering orgasm.

"So how is my cow have my permission to speak" Narut says not even sounding the least bit winded even after the vigorous fucking he just gave Pam.

"That...Was...The...BEST...Fuck...I...Have...Ever...HAD" Pam managed to get out in between gasps of air.

"Oh we are far from done after all, that was only your punishment for using cocaine...Now I need to detox you which will require A LOT of heavy sweating. I will give you 3 guesses on how I am going to make you sweat" Naruto says with a wide grin as Pam's eyes widen and her face pales as he descends on her to start her 'Detox' therapy.

(Timeskip 3 days)

Pam layed on her back on the ruined sheets of the large bed in the room trying to get her mind together after what she just went through. For the last 72 hours Naruto had throughly fucked her with only short breaks to use the bathroom, eat, and get some rest...if it could be called that.

The two had gone through so many positions that Pam had lost count after the first 8 hours. They had fucked on every surface in the room barring the ceiling obviously. Naruto had used every paddle and riding crop on her ass, tits, and even her pussy.

Whenever the two grew hungry Naruto would call Meiko and Keiko to bring in food, usually sandwiches and for desert ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Even then Naruto would fuck Pam in some way usually by making her deep throat his chocolate sauce and whipped cream covered dick.

Not even when it came to sleeping was Pam given a break as Naruto would put her in the sex swing and have her suspended in the air with a ball gag in her mouth and bullet vibrators on her nipples, clit, and one in her pussy that were programmed to vibrate every 30 minutes resulting in a less than ideal amount of sleep for her.

Whenever it came to needing to use the bathroom Naruto would let her do so but then after she was done he would take her into the shower and fuck her in there for several hours.

"So Pam I take it you will never be using Cocaine again or any other drug I don't approve of?" Naruto asked cheekily lying next to the completely spent woman.

"You bet your ass I won't be. I love a good fucking but this was insane" Pam manages to say despite her state.

"Oh it won't be my ass on the line if you do that's for sure...Now time for the final round!" Naruto says with a chuckle and grin causing the woman's eyes to widen in shock.

"You can't be serious!" Pam nearly yells finding it unbelievable that after fucking her almost non-stop for 72 Hours he was not only ready for more sex but also still able to get an erection.

"Just kidding!" Naruto says with a grin before he starts laughing as Pam manages to lightly slap his chest with a grin of her own at having been tricked. Naruto then wraps his arm around Pam before pulling her to him so that she was lying on her side spooning him as her head rested on his chest and her legs intertwined with his. All too soon the exhausted woman fell asleep to the rhythm of Naruto's heartbeat. Naruto just smiled softly as he brushed his hand through Pam's hair before pulling the covers up over them and closed his own eyes to get some sleep as well. "Or am I" he whispered into her ear


Hey everyone sorry for the previous chapter I know and still feel the blow from Malory Archer's voice actor passing away she'll be missed and hope this chapter makes up for it and also gonna skim through the Vice season since I used some elements from it and it wasn't very usable to me in my opinion as I liked the elements about it but the illegal drug parts as I respect the use of legal drugs

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