World's Deadliest Assassin @pyrohelixdrago1
Chapter 4


"What the hell do you mean you're selling ISIS" Naruto said to her impatiently "and to ODIN fuck sell it to me" he said to her willing to buy it

"A little too late for that kiddo" Trexler said walking in with paperwork and champagne

"Now hold on a minute-" Sterling was saying angrily till Naruto grabbed his shoulder and shook his head

"We we were just leaving" Naruto said as they exited the office

(few minutes later)

"How was Jamaica Pam" Naruto said as he was gathering people to stop this "we have a drug test coming up in a few months just so you know" he said seeing her smoke weed

"Shit" Pam said as she put it out

"Wait when" Ray and Cheryl asked as they came in

"I don't know a couple months" Naruto asked as working at his mother's desk gave him access to her calender and she really had set things throughout the year and he forgot the exact date

"Hey everyone" Barry said walking in not at all bothered or caring about the boo's he was getting

"Get the hell out of here" Sterling said to him simply reaching for his gun

"Sterling shut up and here" Naruto said as he handed Barry a briefcase

"Alright I'll go do my job" Barry said walking away

"The fuck was that" Sterling asked his brother wanting to know what that was

"Don't ask" Naruto said as he just paid Barry off

"Hey Naruto" Trexler said walking in with Malory

"Hey Len gonna try and kill my brother again" Naruto said making the air in the room tense

"Yeah hey sorry about that but c'mon fresh start" Trexler said laughing as he hugged him

"Naruto once this deal is made you'll be regional director" Malory said in excitement for him

"Meaning I'll work for him" Naruto said as that'd mean his boss would be Trexler

"Semantics" Trexler said as he and Malory drank champagne and left

"Can we brain chip him please Krieger tested it on a rabbit and it'll work" Sterling said to his brother basically begging to do it

"Done" Naruto said to him quickly "listen bro you look like you can handle this I have lunch plans" he said as he took off

(few minutes later)

"Naruto that's amazing" Lana said hugging him

"Sorry I got your dream job" Naruto said to her knowing she wanted that job

"No do not apolgise I'm so happy and hey you'll be my boss you'll get to order me around" Lana said whispering the last part in his ear

"To bad it ain't gonna happen" Barry said sitting across from them

"What why" Lana asked glaring at him wondering if that was a threat or hint at blackmail

"Lana I can't take the job if it means a dozen people will be laid off just so ODIN can have some cash cause they don't think the others are worth it" Naruto said to her getting a kiss on his cheek "wow I thought you'd be pissed" he said to her

"Naruto you're turning down a job for the right reasons I can't be angry with you" Lana said as it touched her very soul that Naruto was doing this for his friends

"So what are you planning so I can drug my idiot squadron" Barry said as the people that worked as basically grunts were idiots "Sterling may already be doing that" he said as Sterling just texted him his plan

"So I got paid to do nothing sweet" Barry said to him kicking back

(1 hour later)

"How fucked up is he" Naruto asked Sterling

"Pretty bad I almost feel bad cause after the surgery we brainwashed him into thinking our mother was a demon" Sterling said chuckling a little before he gained a slight sad expression as this made him feel guilty

"Why the hell do you smell like pure alcohol" Naruto asked as his brother reeked of the stuff more so than usual

"I tell you" Ray said whispering something in his ear

"Ok go to a bar and drink a therapeutic level of bourbon and find a therapist cause there is no way you don't have any psychological problems after that" Naruto said trying to suppress his laughter and horror as Ray informed him his brother touched his mother's marital aid

"Still no sink" Ray said running away as Sterling chased him

"Mother before you kill him let's make a deal" Naruto said seeing his mother angry and approaching them

(few days later)

"Hey Naruto" Trinette said at his door

"Oh shit" Naruto said as he saw her with a baby carriage and the baby had steel blue eyes

(few hours later)

"Ok here you go" Naruto said as he was giving her way cheaper rent than everyone else as she had a child and those required a lot of money "are you sure it's Sterling's" he asked her

"Well there is something that makes him stand out" Trinette said as she filled him in on a certain night

(few minutes later)

"Are you fucking serious a fucking candy bar" Naruto said as he punched Sterling across the face

"Ok" Sterling said as he spat out some blood "not my best move" he said as he thought back

"You're lucky Popeye and her like me so much" Naruto said as Popeye kept pictures of who exactly 'meet' with Trinette

"Why are you pulling up the ISIS personnel files" Sterling asked him

"Because Trinette did it with another person in the office and I'm doing a background check if they have or if their relatives have similar features to you ot the baby more accurately" Naruto said to him

"So who am I tunnel buddies with" Sterling said as he drank some booze

"Cyril" Naruto said making Sterling spit out his drink

"Please name one person in Cyril's family that has any resemblance to me" Sterling said as he laughed

"His mother" Naruto said as Cyril's mother file said she had steel blue eyes

"So what I'm in the clear" Sterling said to him

"Nope you gotta do a blood test" Naruto said as he was filling Trinette about the second candidate

(next day)

"You both are idiots" Naruto said as Barry punched both Sterling and Cyril as they both sodomized Barry's fiance and then had his agents steal a large amount of blood from both of them

"Ow" Cyril said whiningly

"Pussy" Sterling said weakly

"Idiots" Malory said as this was disgusting

"And due to Mr Archer's deal we are willing to lower our initial asking price for child support if the other Mr Archer is indeed the father" the lawyer said as Naruto made a deal for Trinette

(later that day)

"Where the fuck is Woodhouse" Sterling said in anger and wooziness

"He's meeting up with his brother I gave him the day off turns out they have a vacation in a few months" Naruto said as he was setting up a baby shower for Trinette and watching Sterling as he was still weak from blood loss

"I still can't believe there is a chance for a baby Sterling" Lana said as she laughed

"Hey you coming to the shower" Naruto asked Lana curiously as he was wondering if it'd be awkward for her

"No idea" Lana said as she was trying to get her feelings in order

(next day)

"Oh thank god" Malory said as Sterling's test results were negative

"Well at least the child support won't be that expensive" Cyril said letting out a sigh

"Yes it will" the lawyer said with a chuckle

"But the amount you had agreed with Naruto" Cyril said in a whiny tone

"Yes that was for him only not you" the lawyer said simply not caring as he left

"Fucking most expensive candy bar you ever paid for huh Cyril" Trinette said with a chuckle

(later that day)

"Hey Trinette" Lana said coming to the woman with a smile on her face

"Oh hey Lana" Trinette said nervously as she was nervous to be around Lana as she felt like a bitch that she had sex with Cyril while they dated "oh hi Woodhouse" she said seeing the elderly man she met everytime she came over

"Hello Ms Trinette I apologize for your last visit here" Woodhouse said to her

"It's no problem" Trinette said as she was still a little pissed about what happened but chose to let it go, they were all soon heard the sound of the baby crying

"I shall take care of that" Woodhouse said as he entered Trinette's apartment

"There are bottles in the fridge" Trinette said to him as he went to look after her baby "listen Lana I-I'm sorry" she said nervously not knowing how Lana was going to react

"I want you to know when I found out I was angry I wanted to punch you in the face since you seemed nice when we met but you know me and Cyril were dating but still banged him" Lana said to her simply "undo your trench coat" she said to her as Trinette had been wearing that and she wanted to see what she was wearing under it

"Oh I um" Trinette said as she trailed off

"Either show me or I will rip it off" Lana said to her in a low tone

Trinette slowly undid the belt and pulled her jacket open revealing she was wearing a lingerie

"So that's how you got such an expensive lawyer you slut" Lana said to her examining her body

"No I didn't have sex with him look he was an old client he's just into weird shit he didn't touch me" Trinette said to her

"Well look at that a whore with standards" Lana said walking up to her

Trinette felt small as Lana stood over her and wondered if she was gonna punch her

"How much do you charge" Lana asked her simply

"W-What" Trinette asked in confusion

"How much do you charge" Lana said slowly as she emphasized each word

"A little under a grand" Trinette said to her not knowing where Lana was taking this

"Well guess what your free now" Lana said to her

"You want to be my pimp" Trinette asked her in shock

"You can say that but you'll be doing it for Naruto" Lana said to her making her even more shock

"So you want to whore me your boyfriend" Trinette asked as she was ok with banging Naruto as he was actually someone worth having a relationship with

"I'll explain at a later time but if you speak a word of this to Naruto or anyone I'll break your hands" Lana said walking away

Trinette didn't know how to respond or act from what just happened and didn't know if she should've been scared or aroused

(few weeks later)

"Hey isn't this where you went to college" Naruto asked as he was looking over a folder of a man by the name Joshua 'Gandalf' Gray and was looking at his early life as apparently he had dropped off the grid before becoming a terrorist

"Yeah" Lana said as she let out a sigh

"You ok" Naruto said as the stewardess brought him 2 glasses of hurricanes one for him and the other for Lana

"Yeah I kinda knew Gray in college" Lana said feeling a little shame for dating a man who turned into a monster

"Wanna talk about it" Naruto said as he quickly finished off his hurricane

"Not really" Lana said glad he cared and appreciated him dropping the issue

"Man those things run right through you I'll be back" Naruto said as he walked to the bathroom in the back and as he got up he saw their target a literal row behind them and as he acted casual he went to the bathroom and walked back to his seat "act natural" he said to her

"Why what's up" Lana asked quietly

"He's here the row behind us" Naruto said to her

"Shit what are we gonna do" Lana asked him

"Well we can either drug him or maybe you can lure him at the airport" Naruto said to her

"Drug him with what" Lana asked until she saw him take out a needle and a vial "why are you carrying a sedative" she asked in surprise

"Well before Sterling backed out I carried this incase he was acting up cause gators and crocodiles are 2 of his 3 biggest fears and I didn't want to deal with him" Naruto said knowing Sterling expressed his fears in a violent matter

"How do we get it into him" Lana asked as stabbing Gray with a needle would startle a lot of people

"Hold on" Naruto said as he went into his bag and pulled out a CIA badge

"How the fuck do you have that" Lana said as it looked completely real

"A friend" Naruto said as Slater gave it to him to get in and out of certain situations "ma'am we need to speak in private" he said to the stewardess and told her to remain calm and glad the nearby passengers were more focused on their own business

(few minutes later)

"How can I help you agent" an elderly man said to him as he showed his sky marshal badge

"I need your assistance sir there is a bearded man in the first row of the back of the plane and he is a major terrorist that needs to be brought in to answer his crimes your help and silence on this matter will be much appreciated" Naruto said acting as professional as possible

"Of course what do you need" the man said to him

"I have a drug that should knock out Gray but I need him to drink it so no one panics and this is all under the radar so no passengers panic" Naruto said to him "if the stewardess can give him this glass" he said handing said glass to the woman "he'll drink it and me and my fellow agent will take the returning flight back I'll pay for all three of us and drug Gray again if he begins to stir from his state" he said as the man and woman nodded

(few minutes later)

"So this was a quick mission" Lana said as they were waiting for the plane to take off for home

"Yep" Naruto said as he had Gray handcuffed behind his back and his state hidden by a blanket

"Hey can I ask you something" Lana said to him curiously

"You just did but go ahead" Naruto said jokingly but wondered what was on her mind

"Am I not good in bed" Lana asked him

"What hell no you're great" Naruto said to her wondering where this line of questioning was coming from

"Yeah but every time we do it I see that your still so hard" Lana said as for every time he came he made her cum 3 times

"Listen you make me happy end of story ok just forget about it" Naruto said pulling her close feeling her head on his shoulder

Lana felt insecure as she didn't think she'd ever fully satisfy Naruto like Elke said to her after her first experience with him 'maybe I do need to consider I need help' she thought to herself

(later that day)

"Good you showed up" Lana said as she opened the door for Trinette

"Well you called me over what do you want" Trinette asked her curiously

"Do you have any STD's" Lana asked her receiving a smack to the face

"No you bitch Naruto's my doctor the only thing he wasn't involved with was the pregnancy" Trinette said in anger

"So your clean that's surprising" Lana said catching Trinette's hand as it was about to slap her face "since you've had raw sex with Sterling" she said to her as Sterling had many sexual encounters getting an STD wouldn't be surprising

"Oh yeah I mean you know can never be to careful" Trinette said to her in understanding as she could understand her reasoning taking Sterling into consideration

"Hey I gotta ask why the trench coat so much are you literally in a lingerie all the time" Lana asked as she wondered if that was all the woman wore

"Oh no I mean I wear them or the occasional dress but I prefer to be naked" Trinette said to her simply

"You're a nudist are you naked under that right now" Lana asked her in surprise

"...Maybe" Trinette said to her not knowing how she'd react "I thought you called me over to have sex with Naruto not 20 questions" she said to her

"Oh my god kinda regretting this" Lana said to herself "I want you to know I'm gonna try and warm Naruto up to it" she said to her

"Well aren't you guys going to a party in a few weeks" Trinette asked as Pam invited her but she didn't have a sitter she could book for then so she had to stay with her baby

"Yep" Lana said wanting to get Naruto nice and drunk

(few weeks later)

"Fuck me how is she doing our thing" Sterling said in a drunken rage as Elke had made 3 bullseyes with her darts like him and Naruto

"She's an assassin dude" Naruto said to him simply not mentioning he had been putting her through extensive training

"Ok you, me, and Ray went for guys so that leaves Cyril" Sterling said wishing it could've been anyone else even Krieger

"So who's in the lead" Pam asked curiously but very drunk

"It's a tie" Ray said as he tallied up the score

"I thought you said you never lose" Sterling asked his brother as his brother was a lucky bastard

"I don't and a draw isn't a loss also we'll have to see which is better my good luck or Cyril's bad" Naruto said to him

(few minutes later)

"I swear you suck at everything you can't do shit" Lana said as she insulted Cyril as he walked away

"I know that guy" Naruto said as he looked at a man sitting with twin Japanese beauties

"Hey Naruto" Lana said as she slurred a little "you smell amazing" she said as she pressed herself into his arm "hey everyone this guy right here he's great in the sac" she said a little loudly

"Amen" Pam said raising her glass

"Preach it bitch" Cheryl said to her loudly cheering for her

"Lana" Naruto said as he saw she was getting tired "ok let's get you home" he said and then noticed the man he saw earlier was gone

(next morning)

"Here some aspirin" Trinette said as she gave Lana some pills and water "so I'm assuming the plan didn't work" she asked her curiously

"No shit" Lana said as she threw up a little in her mouth

"You'll get him next time" Trinette said patting her on the back

(30 minutes later)

"Good morning Kage" an elderly man said as he drove by in a limo

"What do you want Moto" Naruto said as this man was in charge of a few of Pam's hobbies and he had run into the man whenever he was there "what do you want" he asked glad he was a few blocks from ISIS

"I made a contract earlier with someone and I believe he is trying to cheat me please step in" Moto said as Naruto entered the limo

"Why come to me if you know he's cheating you" Naruto asked as he knew this man well enough to know he saw as much opportunities as he did

"Sharp as ever I see" Moto said complimenting him "it has come to my attention you have unique transportation" he said to Naruto

"My ship and the zeppelin ok I see where this is going but who is this person you have a contract with" Naruto asked wanting all the pieces to the puzzle

"George Spelvin he said he could get me some sensitive information from ISIS and I knew you worked there so I thought you'd see this as a good faith gesture" Moto said to him

"Playing all the angles" Naruto said in a neutral tone "that's who he was I knew I knew that guy" he said as George was at the bar last night "those girls with him they were Yakuza" he said to Moto who laughed

"Yes very astute of you" Moto said very impressed

"Why are they with him" Naruto asked wanting some answers

"Apart of the deal but once they learn he went back on his deal they'll leave him" Moto said to him "and if you complete our deal they are yours my best assassins" he said as those two were skilled

"Ok fine" Naruto said not even going to argue with the man's code "how was he cheating you anyway" he asked curiously

"He offered me an even split of 10 million but he intends to make 5 times more" Moto said to him

"Ok I'll handle it after work my mother is calling me urgently" Naruto said as Moto nodded accepting that

(few minutes later)

"Since when are you a computer expert" Naruto asked Cyril as he looked ready to jump the gun thinking he could get rid of the virus

"Oh uhm I took a major in college" Cyril said nervously

Naruto just stared at him for a moment and walked away 'that was weird' he thought finding the nerds behavior odd

"Hey looks like we all might be dying today" Pam said as she came with a drink "virus got into the mainframe" she said as the download would take a while but she was preparing for worst case scenario

"Well I'll be fine I'm always expecting people to kill me" Naruto said as he pissed a lot of people off

"Well here's shit in your eye" Pam said as they toasted and drank

Naruto saw Cyril run by nervously as he left to the elevator "hey Krieger" he said seeing the man run by

"Yeah" Krieger said poking his head into the door

"Can you make a call for me" Naruto asked as unlike most Krieger had access to the security of the building like his mother and a handful of other people

"Sure" Krieger said to him simply

(few minutes later)

"Whaaaaaaaa Cyril is mole" Pam said in surprise as Krieger just called the security company and it turned out Cyril's code was punched in last night after hours

"Pam don't tell anyone I'll owe you a favor" Naruto said as he saw Cyril rush in and ran to his brother

"The fuck do you want Fagus" Sterling said to Cyril as he was drinking his worries away

"Easy fucktard over here sold us out" Naruto said approaching his brother

"He did what" Sterling asked very confused

"He came in last night and uploaded the virus there wasn't a break in" Naruto said to his brother

(few minutes)

"You Cyril are a fucking idiot" Sterling said as Cyril had a black eye as he punched him earlier

'Can not believe the guy I have to kill is the same one who did this shit' Naruto thought as killing George Spelvin became much more convenient

"I'm sorry" Cyril said to him with tears

"How much did he pay you" Sterling asked angrily as Cyril wouldn't be that stupid

"Fift-fourty thousand" Cyril said nervously

"Bullshit and the rest of that money goes in a college account for Seamus" Sterling said to him as he cocked his gun "why are you bringing so much tech" he asked his brother

"This guy works for all our rival agencies" Naruto said as it be dumb not to take al his information and software info

(few minutes later)

"Your friend didn't keep his end of the deal call Moto" Naruto said in japanese to the twins

"Hold on" they asked in japanese as they called Moto

"Ok asshole...what the fuck is this" Naruto said seeing his brother holding a sword fight Spelvin

"Sterling said a battle of honor" Cyril said as that was the gist as Spelvin said something that poked at Sterling's massive ego

"He's telling the truth Meiko" one of the sister's said to the other

"Ok Keiko" Meiko said to her sister

"My hand" George said as Sterling cut off his left hand

"Well at least you still have your writing one" Sterling said to him nonchalantly

"I'm left handed" George said as he yelled at him

"Oh" Sterling said in realization

"Well all I needed was his thumb but this works to" Naruto said as the twins moved away from the server and he destroyed it and he then took the man's dismembered hand

"What are you doing" George asked as he tied his hand's wound with a tie to slow down the bleeding

"Returning the favor" Naruto said as he entered George's computer using the man's finger print and plugged in a flashdrive stealing all his software schematics and a few other things and sent them to Krieger

"I'll get you for this" George said angrily looking at all of them

"We'll see" Naruto said as Yakuza came in and took him 'give Moto one thing he's punctual' he thought to himself

"The fuck were they" Sterling asked his brother

"No clue" Naruto said not wanting his brother to fuck that relationship up and get them all killed

"Meh" Sterling said not giving a shit

"Ok so now I'm robbing this asshole blind a lot of this shit is really expensive" Naruto said as it be dumb not to rob the man with expensive taste

"What about them" Cyril asked seeing the assassins

"We work for Mr Naruto now" Meiko said to him simply as Keiko nodded

"Mind if I take one or both of you out for a drink" Sterling asked with a smile looking them up and down

Keiko grabbed his hand causing Sterling to smile and then groan in pain as she twisted his wrist making him fall to the floor

"Why me why not the nerdy one" Sterling said as he held his wrist

Cyril ran away as they had smiles on their faces as if they were considering it

"Here I'm basically giving out apartments" Naruto said tossing them a key "help me raid this place and you get a year off rent" he said as they agreed immediately


(few hours later)

"I swear Moto bought that stuff quick" Naruto said as he sold most of Spelvin's stuff, he unlocked the door and was surprised to see the lights were all off.

"Welcome home." A familiar voice said in a sensual tone of voice.

Naruto looked over towards his room to see Lana leaning against the wall, she was dressed in a cupless red bra with matching crotchless thong garter belt and fishnet stockings. Her hair was let down flowing elegantly over her.

"Wow." Naruto said his words leaving his mind

"Come inside, I've got a present for you." Lana said wagging her finger in an alluring way as Naruto followed behind

And what he saw was a shock, a woman wearing a leather hood that covered all but her eyes and mouth which was stuffed by a bright red ballgag, she wore a cupless black leather corset and matching heeled boots, laying on his bed spreading her legs like an eagle with its wings

"Alright sweetie, your gonna do what mama tells you and give her boyfriend a good time right?" Lana said with a smile as the woman nodded.

"Uh Lana what's going on?" Naruto asked a little confused but still very turned on

"Oh nothing can't a girl do something nice for her boyfriend?" Lana said playfully licking the bound woman's hard nipple

"Wondering what the occasion is" Naruto asked as he stripped down

"Well I want to see if we can bring down that dick" Lana said wanting to see how he could handle two women

"And who is this mystery woman" Naruto asked her curiously

"It's a surprise" Lana said as she kissed Trinette's masked face

Trinette was nervous her pussy quivering as juices leaked from it very as Naruto approached her and felt the tip of his dick entered her 'fuck that's only his tip' she thought her eyes widening in shock as she felt his enter her pussy

"Mind giving me some lovin" Lana said as she pulled him into a kiss "oh yeah" she said as she moaned in pleasured bliss "enjoy bitch" she said to Trinette as Naruto fucked her "oh I almost forgot something" she said with a smile as she reached for a nearby table and revealed a dog collar "now I want you to blink once for no and twice for yes" she said with a grin "will you be Naruto's little fuck pet" she asked Trinette with a grin as the woman moaned as she got fucked by her boyfriend

'You bitch' Trinette thought as this was demeaning and humiliating as Lana was treating her like a pet bitch Naruto could fuck whenever he wanted and she loved the very idea of being just that so she slowly blinked twice

"Good girl" Lana said putting on the collar

"Who is under that hood" Naruto asked Lana curiously

"A bitch" Lana said as she could feel Trinette's glare "but she wants to be here" she said wanting to ease Naruto of any thoughts he had

'I definitely wanna be here' Trinette thought as she was crying tears of joy 'he's so fucking big' she thought as her pussy was stretched out by Naruto

"Maybe I should've done a little more to you" Lana said as she grabbed Trinette's breasts squeezing her nipples

Trinette moaned and glared at Lana 'fuck you bitch' she thought as she tackled Lana and let out a displeased moan as when she did Naruto's dick left her pussy

Lana was surprised Trinette tackled her and even more so when she overpowered her in that moment

Trinette took out some handcuffs and handcuffed Lana's hands behind her back, she then ripped off her ball gag "how's it feel bitch" she asked with a grin

"Trinette" Naruto said in slight surprise as he had a feeling he recognized the woman

"Hey handsome" Trinette said as she took off her mask "now...can you please fuck the shit out of me" she asked wanting to get wrecked

"Done" Naruto said pulling her into a kiss

"Ugh sweetie what about me" Lana asked a little embarrassed as she was vulnerable

"Paybacks a bitch" Trinette said with a grin as she got on her knees and started to blow Naruto

Naruto felt Trinette up and soon found the key to her handcuffs and tossed the key to Lana Trinette not noticing, he picked her up and when he did she wrapped her legs around his waist

'Wide open' Lana thought as she got behind Trinette and spread her asscheeks and began eating out her ass

'Fuck' Trinette thought as she was being attacked on multiple fronts and soon let out a fierce climax

"Get her on the bed" Lana said as Naruto brought her over to the bed and got her on her hands and knees

"Get next to her" Naruto said as Lana did as she was told and got on her hands and knees next to Trinette, he began to finger both their holes making both women moan loudly and without shame "which one of you wants my cock more" he asked them teasingly

"Me Naruto fucking pick me fuck me please" Lana said as she begged

"No me fuck me like a cheap slut" Trinette said as she screamed in pleasure

Naruto smiled as both girls climaxed all over his fingers "Trinette get on your back Lana get on top of her" he said as the girls got into position and began grinding against each other and making out, he looked at their glistening pussy's and thrusted between them rubbing them both simultaneously making them moan in their make out session as they felt their pussy's get rubbed by Naruto's dick

Trinette and Lana felt such intense pleasure it was driving them mad and made them even hornier

Trinette moaned out loudly as she felt Naruto thrust inside her ass and pull out slamming into Lana's pussy switching between both the women's holes after each hard and rough thrust

(next day)

Trinette woke up with a truly satisfied smile on her face as she woke up laying on Naruto's chest with Lana, she got up and walked to the bathroom and even though she liked her current scent she desired to be clean

As Trinette turned on the water to the shower she failed to notice someone walk in, and as she stared at the shower head with her eyes closed letting the hot water hit her thinking about last night smiling as it was the most pleasurable night of her life, she was brought out of her thoughts when someone came from behind her and grabbed her tits

"Hey Trinette" Lana said as she massaged her breasts "did you have fun last night" she asked as her hand reached down and played with Trinette's pussy

"Amazing" Trinette said as she moaned giving into Lana's touch

"You misbehaved last night" Lana said as she kissed her neck and took her hand off her breast and slapped her ass

"I'm sorry" Trinette said receiving another slap to her ass

"Will you listen to me from now on" Lana asked her curiously as she fingered Trinette at an incredibly fast pace

"Yes I'll do anything you say" Trinette said desperately

Lana pulled her into a kiss and smiled hearing Trinette moan and climax and drop to the shower floor, Lana smiled as she looked at the former call girl looking at her face flushed with lust 'this is fun' she thought as she wanted more as being with Naruto and fucking Trinette with him was amazing


(few weeks later)

"You girls ready my mother has a lot of assassination and counter assassination missions" Naruto asked the female assassins

"Yes" Uta said confidently

"Hai" Keiko and Meiko said with neutral faces

"I always am darling" Elke said with a grin as she winked at him

"Alright you guys will know what to expect" Naruto said as his mother had given them each a folder and document on their missions which were relatively short in his opinion

(few minutes later)

'Is everyone a high roller' Naruto thought seeing a limo pull up next to him on his way to work

"Hey sweetie" Lana said as she opened the door

"Ok weird way to start the day but why not" Naruto said stepping inside the limo seeing two famous movie stars, Rona Thorn and Barbie Zisner

"So you're Naruto Uzumaki" Rona asked as she looked at him, she had high DD-cup breasts, curvy body, and a nice plump ass "this is gonna be amazing Lana told us so much about you" she said in excitement

"And a lot more" Barbie said as she winked at him, she had low E-cup breasts, curvy body, and a bubbly ass

(1 hour later)

'Vital spots' Naruto thought to himself as he saw the target Rona had shot 'lung, kidney, jugular, heart, and the brain' he thought looking at each spot each either a kill or a wound that'd bleed heavily 'Brett is one thing but this to much' he thought as this didn't track in his opinion

(few minutes later)

"I swear you are both very lucky" Naruto said as he was redressing Brett's bandages and also his brother's ears "you need some ice on those ears and keep your head elevated" he said as he was trying to help his brother not develop a severe case of tendonitis

"Fine now if you need me I have to go do something" Sterling said shoving people out his way

"He's a real ass I hope you know" Brett said to Naruto

"Yep" Naruto said as he didn't disagree as his brother rubbed a lot of people the wrong way

(few minutes later)

"Here" Naruto said handing them a hand held lock picking device "gotta move it around sometimes" he said to Ray, Cheryl, and Pam

"Thanks" Ray said in appreciation

"So hey you still selling apartments" Pam asked curiously

"Yep" Naruto said as he tossed her a set of keys "don't walk together also take the stairs" he said as there were rarely any cameras in stairways but they were always in the elevators

"Will do" Cheryl said as they took off

Naruto walked out the armory and ran into someone he talked to earlier "Hey Bilbo" he said politely "you got the stuff I asked for" he asked curiously

"Yeah the Thorn's purchased airline tickets today" Bilbo said to him handing him a folder

"This is getting weirder" Naruto said as he looked it over "have you got her credit card statements" he asked curiously

"Not much to go on mostly withdrawals" Bilbo said to him

Naruto looked at the information and saw they weren't from banks mostly ATM's "a fish lab" he said as he noticed Rona had recently visited a marine biology lab as she withdrew money from a ATM in the cafeteria there 'I know this place' he thought to himself and made a phone call

"Hello darling a bit busy right now" Elke said as she was shooting a gun

"I'll make this quick I'm sending you an address" Naruto said as he sent it to her

"A black market trader works there he sells mostly poisons from the fish they go from a wide variety from imobilzing to a wide variety of deaths" Elke said as she went to this location many times

"Thanks any idea who you are shooting" Naruto asked as he knew she got her target

"Yep Manfred" Elke said as she fired a shot and hear him start running "well he's bleeding I hope I killed him" she said as she hated the man with a passion and hoped he bled out

"Thanks Elke I owe you one" Naruto said as he hung up "ok gotta go back to the armory and get my stun kit" he said as he had a stun kit for jobs that required the target to be alive as it was filled with non lethal weapons and drugs

(1 hour later)

"Be glad I got the antidote" Naruto said as he was treating Lana and Sterling from their fugu fish poison "I added a bit of adrenaline so it should work pretty fast" he said as he saw Lana twitch slightly

"Thanks" Sterling said with a slur

"Yeah bro next time I find you like that I'll break your fingers" Naruto said to him

"Loud and clear" Sterling said as he meant it to be a joke

"Also you would've been here for hours what would have stopped her from pissing" Naruto said knowing Lana would do it to spite Sterling

"Woulda done it to" Lana said with a grin as she really would've as she seriously hated him

"Ew" Sterling said thinking he should've rethought his original plan not counting for that

"So what you dose her with" Lana asked curiously

"Drug cocktail morphine and small dose of the stuff they put in animal sleeping pills" Naruto said as those things put people on their asses as they were meant to immediately work on animals

"So" Sterling said as he cocked his gun "we killing her" he asked curiously

"No I have a theory" Naruto said as he looked at her

(next morning)

"Yep she works for Jakov" Elke said as she examined Rona's belongings and easily found the hidden communication devices as Jakov gave her the same devices in the past

"I'll let my mother handle this one" Naruto said as he went to the interrogation room "wanna make a deal" he said looking at Rona

"Well I'm low on options so yeah" Rona said as she knew she was screwed

"We haven't let out you're a sleeper also Jakov would have never let you direct" Naruto said as he had someone in the KGB and told him Jakov lied to her

"Oh" Rona said in surprise not knowing that

"So here's the deal you can work for us at ISIS and keep your movie career...but I'm gonna be honest my mother will probably try to take full advantage of that" Naruto said to her simply

"Well it's better than nothing I guess" Rona said to him

"Here" Naruto said handing her a key to an apartment "it's where the agents and other assassins are I own it rent is manageable" he said to her simply writing down the monthly rent and gave her a picture of her new apartment

"Wow way cheaper than my condo" Rona said as she always felt she was being robbed blind paying for that

"Yep I have your stuff being moved right now" Naruto said as he thought she'd appreciate having her belongings

"Oh hey Barbie told me to give this to you" Rona said as she gave him her number

"Cool" Naruto said as he took it

(1 hour later)

"So why did you want to meet me" Naruto said in the limo with Barbie having a drink

"Lana told me how you were in sack and I have to say wow" Barbie said with a huge smile

"Thanks" Naruto said simply

"I love a dominant man" Barbie said placing her hand on his lap "you wanna know something about my husband" she said with a grin "I was gonna leave him I mean he tries to be dominant but it just got creepy with him and the sex was bland" she said sipping her drink calmly "I stayed when he wanted to have an open relationship but then it got weird when he wanted to record our separate sessions" she said letting out a disgusted look

"Ok why tell me all this" Naruto asked Barbie curiously

"Because after what Lana told me about you it really got me going" Barbie said as when she was drinking with Lana and Rona earlier Lana gave them all the details about her relationship and to say Barbie was interested would be an understatement

"I'll be honest married women aren't really my thing unless say going through a divorce or the husband is a major ass" Naruto said as he had a moral code he intended to follow

"I'll file for a divorce I mean I never signed a prenup" Barbie said as she stared in a few of her husband's movies and was paid amazingly

"Ok" Naruto said as he tossed her a key

"Do you just carry these around" Barbie asked curiously as Rona sent her a picture of her newest place and that Naruto gave it to her

"Yeah I made copies and have them all marked and whenever I make" Naruto said as he had copies in his desk and copies at home and carried 3 or 4 copies on him for vacant apartments

"Thanks" Barbie said giving him a kiss on the cheek "you can expect a lot more than that little kiss" she said with a grin

(next day)

"This place is amazing" Rona said with a smile as she enjoyed her apartment

"Yep so you settling in fine" Naruto said pouring them a few shots

"Yeah well I met a few people and dropped the charges on those three that stole my journal" Rona said still a little pissed at that "oh and your brother bit of a dick" she said as she took a shot

"Yeah you and a lot of women seem to share that opinion" Naruto said chuckling a little "but he has his merits" he said always seeing the best in his brother

"If you say so and hey I met your young assassin" Rona said as she met Uta and liked the young red head

"Yeah she's doing well" Naruto said as she was coming into her own as a assassin

(few weeks later)

"Seriously mom what is wrong with you why not come to me I could've sent you to a specialist" Naruto said as he, Sterling, and their mother were at the hospital waiting to be seen

"Because I didn't want you to know" Malory said to him "but I do appreciate the rushed service I hate waiting in hospitals" she said to him

"Everyone does" Naruto said as nurse walked in "hi Rita" he said as he waved at his nurse

"Hello Dr Archer-Chet" Rita said looking at his brother

'Of course' Naruto thought as his brother just had to do something with one of the nurses at his hospital "Rita send in the doctor and if this idiot caused you any trouble take the day off" he said giving his brother a look

"Hi everyone I'm Dr. Speltz" Speltz said as he came in

'Oh lord' Naruto thought as he felt like he had a headache as the only reason he hired this guy was because he was a skilled surgeon with everything else like delivering news or charts or medication or even blood work he was a disaster

(1 hour later)

Naruto and Sterling were quietly sitting in Naruto's office not knowing what to say or do

"So...breast cancer not how I expected to go out" Sterling said as Naruto punched his shoulder

"You can be treated man your surgery can still be helpful" Naruto said not wanting to give up hope

"Yeah" Sterling said as that did nothing for his fear

(1 week later)

"Dude I get this cancer is scary but you are out of control" Naruto said as Sterling had a baby tattooed and he had to pay a lot of money so Woodhouse could go see his brother with Sterling and he had to baby a few fines for Woodhouse and Dicky but he let Cyril take the fall for his brother thinking that was a funny move on his part

"I'll be fine now c'mon let's go have my last meal" Sterling said jokingly as Naruto gave him a hard punch "not funny got it" he said as they left

(half hour later)

"You know in another life I see myself as a chef" Sterling said as they sat in a both of a diner

"Really" Naruto said with a chuckle finding that funny "mom always said you'd be at a gas station working the counter watching movies all the damn time if she didn't make you an agent" he said jokingly

"Watching movies doesn't sound so bad" Sterling said with a shrug "Linda hey" he said seeing a woman come to them with two plates of burgers

"Hey Bobby" Linda said to him with a smile

Naruto let out a sigh as this woman knew Sterling under a different name one of Sterling's names from his bug out bag 'seriously he blows it the day he gets it' he thought remembering years ago when Sterling was a new agent and he just became an agent and he blew it when he got drunk here

"Hows that dick Pesto" Sterling said as he once ate there and thought it was terrible

"Still a dick" Linda said making him laugh

'What the hell' Naruto thought as he saw a pair of pink bunny ears behind the counter and soon a little girl walked out from behind the counter 'what the fuck' he thought as he saw a little girl ome around the counter 'no way' he thought seeing remarkable similarities between the young girl and his brother

"Hey Mr you wanna know something" the girl said to a customer "the burgers are made from bodies from the morgue next door" she said with a neutral dark and scary look making the customer run out terrified out of his wits making the girl laugh maniacally

'My brother's humour and my mother's sadistic personality this kid in undeniably my brother's kid' Naruto thought to himself looking at his brother who seemed happy and relaxed telling him about his thoughts would ruin that, he gave Linda a look

(next day)

'This chick' Naruto thought as Linda was one of the few people Sterling slept with repeatedly and he did some digging and found out Linda had a child after her and Sterling first met and found out she had 3 children and the girl he saw was the youngest out of the three

(few hours later)

"Naruto I thought you were with Sterling" Linda said as she got Naruto some coffee

"I dropped him off and would rather be with him right now but I wanna ask" Naruto said as he took a sip of coffee "why did you never tell my brother or me about his kids" he said giving her a hard glare

"Oh um I just didn't think he'd want to be involved" Linda said nervously

"Bullshit and I'm gonna give you a choice when my brother survives you will tell him or I will give you hell" Naruto said very serious as he knew his brother would

(few hours later)

"I'm gonna kill that doctor" Naruto said with tears as he cried holding his brother close as his surgery was unsuccessful and to make it worse the doctor called repeatedly telling him he mixed up his chart then he read the wrong chart and that he was right with the first call

(few weeks later)

"I checked out a bunch of other pharmacies a bunch of them have the same gimmick" Naruto said as he checked out where his cancer patients were going and saw that their pills were the same deal as his brother's situation with his medicine

"Seriously I'm sorry" Lana said as they were sitting in her car watching Sterling go on his rampage with the Irish mob

"It's fine" Naruto said as that was a mixture of the truth and a lie as he didn't know what to feel as he just felt so very heavy on the inside as he felt like so much emotional baggage but he felt a little numb to it

(few minutes later)

"Hmmm cock flavored spit let me see cock flavored spit" Sterling said as he blasted a guy's kneecap

"This is getting nowhere" Lana said mumbling as she saw Naruto speaking spanish to the janitors

"Ok I got it" Naruto said as he saw his brother get same info as he threatened a kid

"You ok" Lana asked him as normally he would've said something especially with the kid involved

"I don't know" Naruto said simply

(next day)

"What are you doing" a man handcuffed to a gambling table asked Naruto sweating in fear

"You see I was gonna let my brother do this but I need to do this" Naruto said as he took out a red cylinder "this is a flare" he said simply and shoved it deep in the man's ass "I had a guy rig it to a remote control all I have to do is press the button and boom your insides are cooked" he said a little grateful for what crazy shit Krieger made

(minute later)

"Thanks" Naruto said as he pressed the button on the detonator and the man gasped in fear as he heard beeping

"I told you everything" the man said in terror

"Yeah but you willingly profited from killing people who were dying and spent a lot of money and fought tooth and nail to live you're scum and deserve what's gonna happen" Naruto said as he walked out as the beeping increased he stopped at the doorway as he heard the man scream as he in horror as his insides were beginning to char and he lit on fire experiencing such excruciating pain

"Jesus" Sterling said as he was a little scared at what his brother had done

Lana looked at Naruto in shock that he killed the man like that as it scared her slightly

(1 hour later)

"I swear all we seem to be doing is robbing and making a profit lately" Lana said as they were robbing from the old man who ran the mob as Sterling had killed him and they killed his guards

"Yeah" Naruto said simply

"Naruto" Lana said as she walked up to him hugging him from behind "talk to me" she said wanting to know what he was feeling as she knew he was bottling it all in

"I'm scared Lana" Naruto said as his voice was shaky and he had tears come down his face "he's my brother" he said as his heart ached at the thought of losing Sterling

This was a reason Lana hated Sterling so much as he played it off making jokes about his condition it hurt his brother inside and out hurting more than a punch to the gut

"We've been there for each other I can't just see him die" Naruto said as he hugged Lana tightly as he wept into her shoulder and when he calmed down and they went home after cleaning out the place he wept some more and it broke Lana's heart to hear it as she stayed with him and comforted him as best she could and cried herself as she felt pain in not being able to help him

(next day)

"Hey asshole" Lana said over Sterling's bed with said man laying there high off his mind

"Oh great the fun police" Sterling said as he received a slap to the face

"Look I understand you're dying but guess what you're not the only one that's hurting" Lana said with red eyes of sadness and anger "as much as I hate you you are important to people you are going to more than this crappy medicine and you're going to smoke less weed you addict Krieger told you it combats the effects but it increased cancer cell growth" she said to him

"And I care why" Sterling said to her liting up another joint

"Because Naruto your brother cares about you and is suffering as much as you, you may not give a damn for your life but he does and if you care about him even a little you'll try and fight for your damn life" she said angrily

Sterling felt a little guilty as he remembered what his brother did to that guy and realized how much of a dick he was being by being so inconsiderate

(next day)

"What the hell are you eating" Naruto asked as he saw his brother with a healthy breakfast professional trainers usually ate as he had egg whites, toast, and apple juice

"Thought I'd try something different today" Sterling said to him

"Woodhouse" Naruto said calling out to him "what the hell is wrong with him" he asked the man

"I believe he's sober sir" Woodhouse said to him "and he hasn't taken his reefer in quite some time" he said as it had been a few hours

"Hey I'm going to the doctor later to get a check up you wanna come" Sterling asked him

"Sure man" Naruto said immediately

(1 hour later)

"I swear all these treatments and all this shit I need to do" Sterling said bitching on the way to car

"Gotta do it man or a least try some of them" Naruto said as treatments worked differently for everyone

(few days later)

"Why are we doing this" Cyril asked as they all sat in Malory's office

"Cause I say so and if you bitch I'll let Cheryl do whatever she wants to you" Naruto said as Cheryl wanted to do a lot to people and it was random but the common factor was that she was violent about it

Cheryl just laughed maniacally for a few moments as she looked at Cyril

(2 weeks later)

"I'm cured" Sterling said looking at Rita in relief "wait my charts didn't get mixed up right" he asked feeling the need to after last time

"Yes I made sure I did the tests myself for Naruto" Rita said smiling at him as even though she disliked Sterling she liked Naruto who even promoted her

"Oh thank you god" Sterling said in relief "shit I need to tell my brother" he said searching for his phone "and hey how long till my hair grows back" he asked her missing his best feature

"Hello?" Naruto said as he answered the phone

"Uh hi little bro." Sterling said nervously as even though he tried to be a better brother like Lana suggested he still kept his distance between him and Naruto. "Look I...I'm sorry. I let this cancer thing get to me. It made me start worrying only about myself and not the people in my life. I've been the whipping boy and the butt of everyone's jokes I felt that nobody would care if I was gone hell I doubt anyone would care if I was in a coma for three years." he said throwing a random idea out there

"Well I would you fucking moron! Jeez man sometimes I forget which of us is the older one here!" Naruto shouted, banging his hand out his desk getting some attention from others in the office. "We've been through everything together asshole! We brothers! What happens to you happens to me too! After all the shit we've been through together don't you get it, when you gave up you weren't just giving up on yourself but me too!" he said as he shouted with tears falling down his cheeks

Sterling felt like a huge pile of shit and saw him being cured as a second chance to do right by others and he was definitely gonna start with Naruto

(few weeks later)

"Pam was kidnapped" Naruto asked in surprise

"Oh please" Malory said not believing that at all

"Why would anyone kidnap Pam" Sterling said finding this humerus

'Yakuza for one' Naruto thought as he knew Moto was honorable his underlings may have not have been as Pam beat many of them in underground fighting and with her recent start in drift racing which had many accidents with many of the drivers there it wasn't a stretch

"They may have thought that Pam was maybe me" Cheryl said laughing a bit nervously

(half hour later)

'Oh shit' Naruto thought as he couldn't believe that he fucked such a rich girl and he even thought Lana was a little excited about doing Cheryl

(2 hours later)

"Yeah hi I'm sorry I'm taking over my friend on the line is a bit crazy and he thinks your a robot" Naruto said as they we're at 40% on the trace

"I want to trade Pam for Cheryl" the man said on the line

Before Naruto could even reply his mother came in "No no no" she said taking the line and explained Cheyl's value and complained about Pam's status even though they all heard her

"I can do 10 thousand" Malory said getting looks from everyone

"Ok we're do-2 million" Naruto said interrupting the man as they were only at 60% on the trace "I'll wire you 1 million after we establish a place to meet and as a sign of good faith and I'll send over the other million after I get Pam is that reasonable" he said hearing some muffles

"Ok we wanna meet-at the ISIS laundromat I know you know where it is you got the number so you have to know where we are" Naruto said interrupting the man again

"And why would we agree to meet there" the man on the line said

"Because you know who I am you know I keep my word and if I'm fucked with you'll spend everyday hiding in fear cause I'll find you" Naruto said as he had a reputation with negotiations "so we meet outside the laundromat you clowns stay in your van and when you release Pam you'll get your money fair" he said simply seeing they were at 80% on the trace

"Ok deal I'll send the account info" the man said as he stupidly read it over the line

"87%" Ray said as that was better than he thought it'd be when Sterling started it

"That'll give us the block maybe narrow down a few buildings" Lana said as she saw the map location and saw she was right as it narrowed down to 3 buildings

"This'll be good for later but Lana I have a mission for you instead" Naruto said to her walking up whispering something in her ear and when he looked her in the eye she nodded

(few minutes later)

"You look like hell" Naruto said helping her up "I sent the money dicks and word of advice you have a hostage make sure not to damage them" he said giving them a glare as he sent the other million making them drive away

(A few hours later at 2 A.M.)

"Boss you sure this is a good idea I mean 2 mill is a good take" thief 2 said to thief 1

"No look that Tunt bitch is right there in her home we'll kidnap her and steal some shit on our way out" thief 1 said to them as he looked at the mansion and saw movement in one room with the lights on they exited the and rushed inside, they journeyed up the stairs and barged into the room seeing someone unconscious on the bed as they went to grab her they were surprised to see someone else instead of their target

"Hi" Lana said in a joyful tone

"And goodbye" Naruto said as Lana raised her guns and Naruto raised his and they began shooting at them

(few minutes later)

"Why are you searching them" Lana asked as curiously

"This seems a little odd don't you think" Naruto said as looked through the man's pockets and was luckily able to send the money he sent back to himself

"Rich girl she's worth a lot" Lana said simply

"Feels more than that I mean these guys seem professional and her parents died recent to recent if you ask me" Naruto said not finding anything on them

"A few days ok I'll give you that this is odd" Lana said as the men looked more like a hit squad than actual kidnappers

"Yeah but the weird thing is they knew about ISIS these guys don't seem that advanced or high up the food chain" Naruto said as these guys were amateurs at best

"Ok so someone hired them to get Cheryl" Lana said as that was a definite fact

"They have to be powerful considering they knew about ISIS so rival agency or someone high up" Naruto said as there were a few people low on the chain thanks to his mother and Sterling "but this person would have to know about Cheryl I mean like intimately they got her the moment she got out the subway that ain't planned in the days they had that had to be known" he said to her

"So you think someone Cheryl knows could've done this" Lana asked as she knew she pissed a lot of people off by doing crazy shit which made her smile as she thought about what she did with the money Cyril lent her

"Has to be can't be ISIS cause she put a different name on the forms" Naruto said as Cheryl used a different last name

"So someone personal maybe inner circle" Lana said to him trying to narrow it down

"Maybe but how do they profit is the real question" Naruto asked as they couldn't get Cheryl's money just by kidnapping her

(few hours later)

"Hello" Cecil Tunt said walking into an abandoned building and soon his phone rang "hello yes dear I know but 200 million to save the ocean seems like a steal and I know it seems like a lot but I'll find a way to get more money" he said as he hung up the phone

(few days later)

"Wow you look better" Lana said as she looked at Pam and saw she had some new teeth and that her bruises were gone

"Thanks I heal fast and the drugs and ointments I got from Naruto are pretty damn awesome" Pam said as her bruises were barely noticeable "can I ask you something" she asked her curiously

"Shoot" Lana said to her

"How's the sex" Pam asked curiously

"You know" Lana said chuckling a little

"With Naruto yeah but I'm wondering how it's going for you" Pam said as she specified

Lana took a moment to gather her thoughts "amazing but he's insatiable" she said in admittance

"And you can never keep up" Pam said knowing the feeling as Naruto was more than the other guys she was with he gave her actual pleasure not just some quickie to get the edge off

"Yeah I mean I got Trinette in on it and-it ain't enough" Pam said as she interrupted Lana "trust me I know he's like a bull" she said as she knew how that animal was like as she had bred cows before

"Wanna help me" Lana asked her

"Thought you'd never ask but I gotta make a call" Pam said with a sadistic grin

(few hours later)

"Cheryl" Naruto said calling out to the redhead as she sent him a text to meet her at her place "hey baboo" he said petting the exotic feline

Naruto looked around until he made it to the spa area of the mansion


Naruto went inside the spa and found a lot of steam, he went inside and found a nude Cheryl and a bikini clad Lana and Pam

"Hey babe thought you deserved a little spa day and the girls wanted to help" Lana said with a grin

"Ok why is she naked and you two in bikinis" Naruto asked curiously as he stripped down

"Oh me and Pam had an idea to entertain you while Cheryl takes care of your needs" Lana said coyly

"Yeah me and Lana are gonna wrestle" Pam said in excitement

'Ooooh' Naruto thought not knowing who'd win in that kinda fight as both women were strong and skilled in their own right

"C'mon Naruto" Cheryl said as she led him to a nice lawn chair and when he sat down she began servicing his member

"Remember the bet Lana" Pam said as she and Lana had a little wager going on

"Yeah Pam I do" Lana said as they entered a small pool of mud

"What they bet" Naruto asked Cheryl curiously

"Loser gets to be the others bitch" Cheryl said in excitement wondering who'd win

"May as well enjoy while I watch" Naruto said as he grabbed the back of Cheryl's head and made her deepthroat him taking his dick down all the way to his base

Lana and Pam rushed each other grabbing the others hands in a battle of strength

'Damn' Lana thought as she was being pushed back

Pam pushed Lana to the floor getting Lana on her back both still struggling to over power the other but een in that state Pam took an opportunity to have some fun as she grinded a herself against Lana's leg

Lana knew what Pam was doing and took the opportunity and turned as hard as she could making Pam crash into the mud beside her

The two began rolling around in the mud trying to get above the other thinking then they'd have the upper hand

Pam twisted Lana around and got her into a choke hold "tap out Lana soon your gonna be my little bitch" she said sounding proud and dominant

Lana was gasping for air trying to think of a way out of this and soon had a flashback

'Remember focus on your strengths and break down the enemy's strengths and weaknesses and see how you can play any of them to your advantage' Naruto said to her in one of their training sessions

'Ok need to hurry otherwise I'll black out' Lana thought as she calmed down knowing she only had seconds of air 'Pam is stronger than me but I can't find a weakness' she thought as Pam was crazy strong and wild

"Look at these babies they'll be all mine" Pam said whispering into Lana's ear as she went under the woman's bikini top

'I will not roll over for her' Lana thought as she was running low on air 'think Kane what are you better at' she thought to herself 'she's stronger but I'm better' she thought using what little strength she had and used her foot and tripped up Pam making her fall back making her let go of Lana

Lana wasted no time and rushed behind Pam as she cleaned the mud out her eyes and while she was blinded Lana tackled her "tap out Pam" she yelled putting her in a strong blood choke hold making it harder for her to stay conscious

Pam was seeing stars and was turning red and soon tapped out

"Guess you my bitch now" Lana said with a grin "don't worry you can still mess around with Cheryl I know you want to punish the little bitch" she said as she knew Pam wanted payback on Cheryl as she couldn't touch Ms Archer as she was Naruto's mother and she didn't wanna ruin that relationship

Pam smiled at that as even though Cheryl was her best friend she wanted payback for what she went through

"So Naruto you ready for your prizes" Lana said as in the end Naruto still won despite not even playing

"I'll say" Cheryl said with some precum on her lips

"Honestly best night ever" Pam said as the fun hadn't even begun and it was awesome

"Well first off" Naruto said ripping the bikinis off of Pam and Lana making them moan "get on hands and knees all of you" he said giving each of their asses a nice slap

The girls got in the mud and did as instructed Lana got in the middle while Cheryl was on her left and Pam on her right

"Pam Cheryl lube up her holes" Naruto said commandingly

Pam immediately went for Lana's pussy while Cheryl took her ass

Lana moaned loudly as she was being pleasured and smiled as Naruto got in front of her and thrusted into her throat 'this is better than I thought' she thought as she was quickly becoming addicted to having sex with Naruto and other female partners and especially loved the fact that she could dominate the other lovers Naruto had and be dominated by him, she was soon brought out of her thoughts as Naruto shot his load down her throat filling her stomach

"You can stop" Naruto said to Pam and Cheryl

Pam grabbed Cheryl and took her out of the mud pool making the girl scream in excitement

"Which hole babe" Naruto asked as he poked both her holes teasingly with rhythm

"Hmmmm you decide babe" Lana said as she moaned in pleasure

Naruto smirked and decided to fuck both her holes switching between the two with each and every thrust "let me ask you Lana when did you become a sluttly whore" he said whispering into her ear teasingly

"The day you fucked me" Lana said as Naruto made her incredibly horny from the sex his personality, and his incredible body she was a nympho for him

Naruto soon started to cum filling both of Lana's holes and sprayed the last of his load on her backside "let's go see what the other two are doing" he said as he helped her up watching as sweat, mud, and cum dripped of her body

They soon found Pam and Cheryl and smirked at what they saw, Pam currently had on a strapon and was fucking Cheryl like there was no tomorrow in her ass and saw Cheryl's ass was a bright red from slapping, she had whip marks on her back, and was wearing a choker on her neck that seemed a little to tight

"Hey Pam time to tag out" Lana said as even though she didn't have a good a reason as Pam she didn't like Cheryl much and wanted to get back at her for a lot of insane shit

"Cool here" Pam said taking off the strapon and handed it to Lana

"Have fun" Lana said knowing Pam would definitely have fun

"Likewise" Pam said as she winked at the brown skinned beauty

"So were you just prepared " Naruto asked her as she had a lot for Cheryl

"I had time to kill" Pam said nonchalantly "I've missed your dick" she said looking at it hungrily

"And I missed your cow sized tits" Naruto said giving her nipples a teasing squeeze "now lie down" he said to her

"Ok" Pam said as she lied down and place her hands behind her head and smiled as Naruto saddled himself on top of her groping her tits as he hucked them his dick hitting her face 'only dick that can break my mind and tame my ass' she thought happily as she opened her mouth feeling it enter her mouth

"Man you really are a slut" Lana said seeing the smile and tears of joy Cheryl had as she got fucked like a sexy toy and had a bright red complexion in certain areas on her face

Cheryl could only nod as Lana was choking her roughly making her pussy spray juices as she climaxed and passed out

"Oh well" Lana said as she went back to Naruto and saw him fucking Pam's tits and mouth 'this is gonna be a long night' she thought as she got behind Naruto and aligned the strapon with her pussy and when she thrusted into it she saw Pam buck slightly from surprise

(next day)

"Should I be worried about how lustful you've been getting" Naruto said as Lana was sucking his dick

"No and I'd have to be lustful to keep up with this monster" Lana said as she then took his balls in her mouth having to admit it was much more difficult than Pam made it seem 'guess stuffing pool balls into her mouth was actually practice for this' she thought to herself 'how has he not turned my mind to mush' she thought as with the amount of sex she had with him she was surprised her mind didn't shut down


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