Project Infinity @pyrohelixdrago1
Chapter 1

(Xavier Institute)

'Hmm a level 5 omega reading' Xavier thought as it seemed like it was climbing

As Cerebro began listing the powers it was getting from said subject it began to shake and spark from the sheer volume of powers

'Interesting' Xavier thought to himself as pretty much all he got was a name Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

(few hours later in Japan)

"Drop dead" a man said throwing a spear at one Naruto Uzumaki

"Tell me where your boss is and I won't have to beat you in" Naruto said simply

"You'll not get anything out of me Arsenal" the man said mockingly

Naruto breathed to calm himself down "Just when I was thinking of letting you keep your power, Harpoon" he said as he had the ability to take some mutants power permanently or use it to a certain degree

"Fuck you" Harpoon said throwing another spear

"Hold still, it will only hurt for a moment" Naruto said as he dodged the spear and grabbed Harpoon by his face

Harpoon screamed in agony as he felt like he was being ripped from his very core

"Now before I let you go I want answers where is he?!" Naruto said putting much emphasis on the last three words

(1 hour later)

"Harpoon? What are you doing here bub?" Logan said in a bar having a few run ins with the petty mutant crook

"Wolverine you need to help me" Harpoon said shaking nervously in fear

"Why would I help you?" Logan said as Harpoon looked like he was coming down from something

"He took my powers" Harpoon said in terror

"Why would Sinister take the powers from his own crook?" Logan asked seeing that Sinister seemed very capable

"It wasn't Sinister who did it to me, it was the Arsenal, he's real. He came after me trying to look for where Sinister was, but I didn't have any information so he took my powers, I'm human now!" Harpoon said as he screamed at him

"Not a bad guy if he made you useless" Logan said shoving him to the side and soon noticed people around him frozen

"Hello Logan, didn't expect to find you here" Charles said as he wheeled in

"Sup Chuck, here for a drink?" Logan said sarcastically as he knew Charles rarely drank anything and to top it off he would've just called him if he needed him

"I'm looking for a mutant, the same one that I believe Harpoon ran into" Charles said as he looked at the man on the floor

"Must be one strong kid" Logan said simply

"Omega level 5" Charles said as that was before Cerebro rebooted

Logan slightly coughed as he set his drink down "But that's like Sinister and Magneto's level" he said as he didn't know the specifics but omega was a high class and Magneto and Sinister were on it

"Yes would you care to assist me" Charles asked him

"Better with you than with Magneto" Logan said as he didn't wanna leave this to chance

"Why are you in Japan anyway Logan?" Charles asked him

"Settling old debts" Logan said simply

"Can you help me track him, I can't psychically reach him it's like he's blocking me out" Charles said as that was impressive on it's own

"I think I can get his scent" Logan said looking at Harpoon seeing blood that wasn't the man's own

(next day late at night)

"Chuck I don't care what you say this kid did me a huge favor" Logan said seeing many Yakuza and ninja on the floor knowing exactly who they belonged to most of them were beaten bloody and much more

"Friends of yours?" Charles asked

"Just assholes" Logan said simply as he sniffed around

"What do you want?" a loud voice in the distance

"Harada" Logan said in silent fury as they peered through the corner and saw Naruto and Harada

"You were the last person to see him I want a location" Naruto said loudly

"He'll kill me" Harada said ready to fight

"Motherfucker I'll kill you, I'll probably just not enjoy it as much as he does" Naruto said as his hand glowed and he breached the chest piece

"We just did business I swear I know nothing please!" Harada said as he screamed in pain

"I feel that is enough" Charles said as he rolled in

"Damn it Chuck" Logan said as he was enjoying this very much

"Charles Xavier, the world's leading expert in mutations, I've read your book" Naruto said kindly "oh hold on" he said placing his hand in the hole of Harada's armor and stole his power the man's screams being music to Logan's ears

"So you really are the Arsenal" Logan said with a grin seeing the teen take Harada's sword

"I'm assuming you know this guy?" Naruto asked as he recognized the look of hatred and disdain in Logan's eyes

"I can't seem to read your thoughts" Charles said as it was most perplexing

"That's because I don't want you to, I've… been through stuff I don't want anyone else to see" Naruto said to the man neutrally

"Why are you looking for Sinister?" Logan asked as anyone who looked for him rarely get what they'd want

"He sent me away to some bad people and I want to make him pay" Naruto said as his hands became claws

"Is that?" Logan asked recognizing those claws

"Sabertooth yeah but it's just a pale imitation " Naruto said as Sabertooths power was just a copy made by the doctor who tortured me "Kind of a good imitation as the people I got sent to, Weapon X, they did this to me" he said as his voice began to become more guttural as his eyes became slits

Naruto took a breath to calm himself as his claws retracted and his eyes returned to normal

"Weapon X?" Charles asked looking at Logan tense up

"Yeah weapon X but I was sent there by Sinister" Naruto said as he let out an angry sigh

'Sinister sent him there' Logan thought as Sinister never gave up a mutant he had

'You should leave' a female voice in his head said to him

'Oh fuck me' Naruto thought to himself as he knew that voice instantly

"Someone's here" Logan said sniffing the air

"Hey Betsy" Naruto said simply as he gave e a small smile as a woman with purple hair came out holding a glowing purple sword, mid DD-cup breasts, wide hips, nice legs, and a big round ass

"Why are you here? your parents want you home Naruto" Betsy said simply

"You know why I'm here, I'm getting back at that bastard for throwing me to Weapon X" Naruto said as he remained calm in her presence given their history

"You're the one that told me that I'd be giving them the power if I just kept focusing on them plus your mother told me to drag you back if needed " Betsy said with a slight smile knowing he feared his mother when she was mad

"That sounds like her." Naruto said as his mother was very crazy "But aren't you mad at him? Especially with all he did?" he asked

"Of course I'm mad, but I can't do much to him. All I care about is gettin you home before you bite off more than you can chew trying to take on Sinister" Betsy said

"She's got a point kid, Sinister is way out of your league even if you do have a bunch of powers" Logan said as he understood the urge as there were a lot of people that he wanted dead

Naruto growled as he punched a wall leaving a hole in it "All that for nothing, let's just go." he said as he left

"Wait" Charles said before they simply vanished

'No scent' Logan thought a little impressed

"Perhaps a little web searching can help us find his family" Charles said

"Before Sinister or Magneto make a move" Logan said as Magneto always seemed to know somehow and Sinister was the creepiest and effective stalker there was

(1 week later)

"Seriously took you this long to find me what search engine to slow?" Naruto asked as he saw Charles leave his limo and soon saw a red headed girl walk up to the front door, she had Low DD cup breasts nice hips and a round ass

"H-hello, I'm Jean Grey" Jean said lightly blushing as Naruto didn't have a shirt on

'Oh Charles you clever bastard' Logan thought watching from the driver's seat watching teenage hormones unfold as he knew Jean had a thing for blond guys considering she seemed interested in a total moron at school as he did pass by her and him once and even though he liked to leave them alone to make their own mistakes even he felt like intervening

"Well hello" Naruto said as he didn't take his eyes off her

"Naruto, who's at the door?" a woman's voice came from the kitchen

"Visitors mom, come in I guess" Naruto said letting them in

"Well I wasn't expecting you to bring any women besides Betsy home" His mother said suggestively as she walked in

"Hey aren't you Kushina? Wife of Minato Namikaze?" Jean asked curiously

"The one and only. Hold on Kurama I'm getting it, geez. You eat like Naruto" Kushina said as a pet fox was eating out of a bowl and after he ate its contents he desired more

"Charles Xavier, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?" Minato asked as he came down the steps

"You can relax they're mutants too" Naruto said looking at kurama

"Oh thank god, give me a steak you hag!" Kurama said as he glared at her

"Careful fox don't forget I feed you" Kushina said as she glared at him

'Whatever hag you still have to pick up my crap' Kurama thought as demeaning as being a pet was it made him feel better knowing they had to take care of him

"A talking fox, that's a new one" Jean said surprised greatly

"Well my son here gave his pet a intelligence power when he was a kid" minato said laughing at the memory

"And I've been dying laughing hearing him talk ever since" Naruto said as Kurama was hilarious

"Yeah cause he's kinda like your mother" Minato said with a chuckle

"He gave him an intelligence power?" Jean asked surprised

"Well it's more than that as he can do stuff with his tail" Kushina said as the fox separated it's tail into 9 then merged them again

"Oh yea he can take powers and pass them to others if he wants" minato said

"I figured all you could do was take powers, according to the rumors of a supposed person going by All for One" Charles said

"Don't call me that, some retard thought of it and now I can't hear the end of it" Naruto said as after he kept taking powers of mutant criminals they all started calling him that like he's some kind of boogeyman

"So why are you here?" Minato asked Charles

"I suppose I should get to the point I run an institute for gifted youngsters, those like Jean and Naruto, a place where they can learn to control their gifts." Charles said simply

Jean placed a hand on her head and sent some sugar over to Minato before opening then and putting them in his coffee

"Wow that's impressive" Minato said with a smile

"So uh sugar, can you read my mind?" Naruto asked before Kushina swatted at him

"You be a gentleman before I have you fixed,'' Kushina said while Kurama snickered at this "that means you too fur ball." she said silencing the snickering animal

"Well if all the girls are gonna be hot like her, I'm in" Naruto said chuckling as Kushina looked at him "What, you said the same thing the first time when you saw dad when you worked at that place." he said

Kushina covered his mouth chuckling nervously with a blush

Naruto gained a serious look and turned to Charles "are you sure you want someone like me there? All I do is take powers from others" he said with a frown

Charles looked at Naruto "well tell me what kind of people do you take powers from?" He asked wanting to know more about Naruto

"I only take powers from people who are really bad and people who don't want their powers and want a regular life." Naruto said truthfully as he only took the powers from those who misused them or just wanted to be normal

"Sounds like what a hero would do to me" Jean said "You also have the power to give powers to others, that's interesting" she said as she petted Kurama

"Finally a red head who isn't a bitch" Kurama said with a smile

"Give her time she doesn't know you yet." Kushina growled as she felt her fingers reach toward a frying pan but restrained herself

"I think it would give Naruto a good chance to have some normal in his life, and interact with others his age. My company and myself can take care of all of his needs" Minato said simply

(few days later)

"Guess he's the wrong kinda blonde" Naruto said as he looked at Duncan as he was the reason blondes got a bad name

"Yeah" Jean said as she was showing him around Bayville High School "So what will this be, your senior year, sophomore?" she asked curiously

"Junior, hers too" Naruto said pointing at Betsy

"Oh, it's my junior year as well" Jean said as she grabbed a quick drink from her water bottle

"Hey I gotta ask… is Ororo single?" Naruto asked making Jean do a spit take

"Behave" Betsy said rolling her eyes at Naruto's antics

"Oh like you don't think she's hot too" Naruto said

"I-I do not think she is d-dating anyone. W-why?" Jean asked

"Because like I said, she's hot" Naruto said simply

"But she's older than you" Jean said

"So what?" Naruto said simply

"He lacks any shame" Betsy said to the redhead

"You love me don't deny it" Naruto said pulling her into a one armed hug giving her a kiss

"Uh" Jean said with a slight blush

"Don't worry, his family comes from royalty and because of some ancient japanese tradition he has the legal right to have a harem" Betsy said

Jean's head turned as dark as her hair as she blushed darkly

"Don't worry I prefer getting to know a girl I'm not a deviant" Naruto said

"Thanks to your mom kicking your ass" Kurama said from inside Naruto's hood

"Keep talking like that and no special treats for you" Naruto said with a grin

"Shutting up" Kurama said as he didn't wanna risk that

"You brought him to school?!" Jean asked

"Hey be glad he's in my hood otherwise I would have tried making him pretend he's a scarf" Naruto said

"Why did you bring him to school?" Jean asked

Naruto just shrugged "Because I wanted to" he said simply

"And because I can go where I want" Kurama said proudly

"Check out chicken boy" Duncan muttered to one of his buddies

"Say that to my face you limp noodle!" Kurama yelled when his back was turned

"What did you say blondie?" Duncan said thinking Naruto said it

"Thanks dick" Naruto said to Kurama who raised a paw and saluted him

Duncan goes to slug Naruto but Betsy grabs his arm and flips him onto his back

"There's some advantages to having a bodyguard" Naruto said with a chuckle as even though he liked to defend himself

"Duncan are you okay?" Jean asked

"What's going on out here?" A woman's voice came through the small crowd of students, revealing herself to be principal Darkholme

"It was me I knocked the dickless wonder on his ass" Naruto said quick to take the blame

Betsy gave him a look and let out a sigh as she knew he was too noble for his own good

"Excuse me" Darkholme said "I won't stand language like that, who are you anyway?" she asked not seeing him before

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, you probably heard of my dad. I just started today" Naruto said as he felt something off with her

"Hey ain't that the CEO of that company in Japan?" a student asked

"The multi-billion one, yes" Naruto said

"He's rich?" Another student asked

"Rich or not I will not have fighting and such language in my school" Darkholme said

"It was me, not him, Duncan was going to punch him and I defended him" Betsy said

Darkholme turned to Jean "Is that true, Miss Grey?" she asked Jean

Before Jean could answer Duncan did "no it was him" he said glaring at Naruto and Betsy

"Alright Mr Namikaze to my office now" Darkholme said

"Duncan!" Jean said surprised he would lie like that

"So what? He's just some spoiled rich kid, he deserves to suffer a bit like all of us do" Duncan said laughing

"He can't help who his parents are." Jean said with a glare

"Ah who cares, let's go get something to eat" Duncan said as he tried to put his arm around her but she pushed him away

"Not a chance" Jean said walking away

(1 hour later)

"Why is the boy to be left alone?" Mystique asked Magneto curiously

"Do not question my commands Mystique" Magneto said

"But what separates him from the others?" Mystique asked curiously

"I said, no. I have a… history with this boy and his parents" Magneto said simply

"Yes sir" Mystique said

(Few days later)

Naruto grunted as he caught the football as Jean was showing him the football team

"Hey dude, can we have our ball?" One of the players said

Naruto saw the one at the touchdown mark and tossed it to him perfect surprising everyone even Duncan who was watching on the bleachers

"Dude, you realize what you just did?" One of the players said

"Tossed the ball?" Naruto said

"From the other side of the field" the player said as that was impressive

"Since Duncan got suspended for a month because of that lie he said last week we've been needing a quarterback, interested?" One of the players asked

"Ehhhh I don't know" Naruto said as he never really played sports as he was afraid he could seriously hurt someone with his powers

"Who threw that?!" A older man said running over to the team

"Oh dang it's the coach" one of the players said as the coach had been on edge all week because of Duncan's one month suspension

"Me" Naruto said putting his hand up

"Man son and I thought Duncan had a arm we could use you" the coach said with a smile

"He said he's not sure coach" one of the players said

"I'm afraid of seriously hurting someone as I'm kinda strong, fast yes, but kinda strong" Naruto said as that was why his parents didn't want him in sports back in his old school a few years back as he performed greatly

"Well playing on the team could help you learn control" the coach said

"Really?" Naruto asked curiously slightly interested

"Yeah you should have been here last year when Rob here first tried out, just about knocked Duncan's teeth out when he tackled him" Jean said as she looked at a rather large player who chuckled

"Tell you what kid you join and you can have my parking spot" the coach said seriously as he never really used it and Bayville was a small town he doubted parking was serious problem

"Well I was thinking of getting a car." Naruto said with a smile

"I thought you had a motorcycle." Jean said

"Yeah but I always wanted a car as well, mom's bringing the bike sometime this week" Naruto said

"Ain't that parking spot right around where the cheerleaders go in to shower in the locker room?" a player asked

"Sold!" Naruto said with a smile

"Oh brother" Jean said as she rolled her eyes with a smile as she could tell he wasn't a complete pervert

(Few days later)

"Taking any good pics, Jean?" Naruto asked as he was in the middle of a football game and Jean took his picture

"You could say this is for my private collection" Jean said with a chuckle

"This mean you will let me take you out tonight?" Naruto asked as he knew she dumped Duncan

"Sure why not?" Jean said simply not seeing the harm

Duncan was watching this man that not only did the new kid get his spot on the team but he is going after his girl

"Oh man Tolansky is at it again" A football player said as he noticed Todd Tolansky was stealing people's wallets from underneath the bleachers

Duncan smiled as he found something he could take his anger on

"Hey coach can I be excused?" Naruto asked seeing as he saw Duncan and his cronies take off

The coach looked to the scoreboard seeing their score was 25 as the other team had just 5 "S-sure just hurry back" he said wanting his secret weapon to be at the ready

Naruto took off his helmet and followed after Duncan

When Naruto turned the corner he just saw Scott get knocked over and his shades come off causing him to release a optic blast at a gas tank "Oh shit" he said just before the tank exploded

(few minutes later)

"How are you not dead" Jean said seeing a large chunk of metal buried in his chest

"I'm just lucky and I heal" Naruto said as he ripped out the metal and he began to heal "Times like this I'm glad that quack gave me a knockoff of Creed's power." he thought "How's Duncan?" he asked not at all concerned but didn't want him dead

"He got a concussion" Jean said kinda glad as that meant he'd forget seeing Scott firing off his optic blast

"So no effect" Naruto said as he was sure Duncan had no brain

Jean laughed at this joke as she couldn't deny that

(Few hours later)

"Hey weather beauty, we're home!" Naruto called out with a chuckle making Jean and Betsy roll there eyes

Storm chuckled ignoring his flirting as she came down the stairs, she had very high DD cup breasts nice hips and a thick plump ass

"Ah, good you're here, we have some people I want to introduce you to" Charles said motioning to the person in the large robes "This is Kurt Wagner, he just arrived" he said

"Sup dude I'm Naruto, the smoking hot redhead is Jean, the violette is Betsy and that's Scott" Naruto said putting his hand out but Kurt backed away

"Kurt you are among friends here" Charles said hoping he'd feel comfortable in his skin

Kurt pulled his hand out of his pocket revealing a blue three fingered hand surprising the others as he shook Naruto's hand "Hello" he said

"I was just telling Kurt how I set this institute up for gifted youngsters, youngsters whose gifts aren't always an asset, right Scott?" Charles said as he gave him a neutral look as he knew about tonight

"So you heard about what happened at the football game" Scott said

"Difficult not to, it was on all the news channels. Luckily no one was hurt and nobody noticed anything, you must be more careful" Charles said

"I'm packing a bazooka behind each eyeball, what do you want from me" Scott said

"Control Scott, that is what you are here to learn" Charles said before he turned to Kurt "Scott's eyes emit a powerful destructive blast that is why he requires those red shades" he said as he explained Scott's powers

"Cool" Kurt said as he removed his hood to show his blue furry face

"So what about you Kurt, got a special gift that brought you here?" Jean asked

Kurt disappeared in a puff of smoke and reappeared on the other side of the room "Maybe" he said with a smile feeling comfortable showing his power

"Whoa" Jean and Scott said

"What about you?" Kurt asked Naruto

"Hope you got a lot of paper as I have a lot of powers" Naruto said as he put emphasis on the word lot

"Now that you have been introduced to Kurt, come the other two were just unpacking their things" Charles said as he lead the others to the other room

"Well Hello" Naruto said seeing a blonde woman who was wearing tight silvery jeans and a white belly shirt, she has low DD cup breasts, wide hips and a bubbly ass and a black haired woman wearing a short pink shirt and jean shorts that revealed her curvy and athletic figure, she has high D cup breasts, athletic build and ass

"Whoa" Scott said before Jean elbowed him

"Everyone meet, Emma Frost and Jubilation Lee or Jubilee for short" Charles said

"A pleasure" Emma said

"Hello" Jubilee said

"Emma also comes from a rich family like you Naruto but her powers are telepathy and the ability to cover her body in what looks to be diamonds however she cannot use her psychic abilities during so" Charles said

"And what can she do?" Jean asked looking at Jubilee

"She has the ability to fire off what I like to call fireworks" Jubilee said as she fired off a beam of light

(few hours later)

Betsy laid in her in bed quietly and as she was unaware of the shadows moving by themselves slowly approaching her

(next day)

"Hey are you alright?" Jean asked as she looked at Betsy

"Fine where's Naruto?" Betsy asked in an emotionless tone

'Whoa' Jean thought as she felt waves of psychic energy coming off Betsy and it felt off to her

Kurama began to growl at Betsy as she came near him "he's gone and I'll ask this once who are you?" he said as his hair was standing on end

Betsy looked at him and her eyes flashed pure black

"You're not Betsy!" Kurama said as he lunged at her but was then sent flying by a blast of psychic energy "lucky shot" he said as he growled and struggled to get in

"Whoa, is this a training exercise?" Jubilee asked curiously

"No stay down, bubblegum girl" Kurama said seriously

"It appears your friend is under some form of possession" Emma said as she sipped some tea

"You think Ms. Sparkle?" Kurama said sarcastically

"Who are you and what do you want?" Emma asked simply

"I am the Shadow King and I seek the perfect vessel for my spirit" A dark male voice came through Betsy's lips

"Naruto" Kurama said with a knowing look

"With his powers combined with my own, I will be a god!" 'Betsy' said loudly

"I don't know about god but I'm ok" Naruto said as he appeared behind Betsy

"Thank you" 'Betsy' said before a shadow creature exited her mouth and shot at him

(Naruto's mind)

"Finally!" a dark figure said in joy

Suddenly a snarl was heard as the figure was tackled by a orange blur revealing it to be what appeared to be a werefox

"What is this? A second presence?!" the dark figure said

"You wanted into my mind deal with the consequences" Naruto's voice said echoing in his mind

The Shadow King groaned in pain as the beast bit him and clawed him tearing into him

"No I will not be defeated by a mere child I am a god evil incarnate I will not die I am the Shadow King" the shadow said as it yelled in anger

"Get. OUT!" The beast roared as the Shadow King groaned as hurricane force winds struck him sending him flying

"NO!" Shadow King said he felt his very being begin to fade in the child's mind as he felt himself getting rejected out of the boys body

(with Naruto)

"Please!" the Shadow King said as it was in the astral plane looking at Naruto

"Funny I'm sure a lot of people asked the same enjoy dying bastard all alone no power nothing left" Naruto said as he flashed the entities black eyes at him "you know I think this is your fear no power and at the end you realize and finally become...nothing" he said as the astral figure dried up and began to burn

"Naruto!" The Shadow King shouted as he charged at him only for Naruto to punch him and shatter him like glass

"What the hell was that?" Betsy said as she got up

"A nightmare" Naruto said simply

'Impressive' Emma thought to herself as the mental fortitude it took to eject that powerful a telepath in a few short minutes was nothing short of impressive

"Can you turn those off you look creepy" Jean said seeing his pitch black eyes

"Sorry" Naruto said

(Few hours later)

"Toad? Why are you here and what the heck are you wearing? And stop chasing Kurt before you wreck something" Naruto said as Toad was wearing a green and silver suit

"What I'm supposed to be doing, and trying to get this blue devil!" Toad said

"And what's that you're supposed to be doing?" Naruto asked as he caught a vase and put it down

"What that lady told me to, get info" Toad said

"What lady?" Naruto asked

"I don't know Mys something" Toad said

"Okay enough!" Naruto said as he made Toad and Kurt halt in mid air

"What the?" Kurt said

"Why the hell are you helping someone like that bitch? She's literally the only redhead my dad has called a bitch" Naruto said to him

"She scares me dude plus not a lot of choices since my mom died " Toad said as he honestly didn't see the point in lying about that

"That fucking bitch" Naruto said as he growled

"Um excuse me, can I get down? As I feel the blood is rushing to my head" Kurt said as he was floating upside down

"Here go get a hotel room and something to eat you're way too skinny" Naruto said handing him a roll of bills

"Thanks man" Toad said as he hopped to the door and went right into Logan's chest

"Going somewhere bub?" Logan asked as he unsheathed the claws on one of his hands

"Let him go Logan" Naruto said as he gave the man a look

Logan turned and let Toad hop away "Smelt some trouble but turns out it was only stinky." he said looking in the direction of Toad

"Welcome back" Naruto said "Oh and who's the elf?" he asked seeing a pink skinned woman with Logan and she had Mid D cup breasts and a athletic fit body and a bubbly ass

"Technically my niece" Logan said as he took out a cigar

"Sabertooth has a child?" Storm asked in surprise

"Surprisingly yes." Logan said as he didn't believe where the scent of Sabertooth lead him "Meet Clarice Ferguson aka Blink as it turns out Magneto was using her as his personal taxi for a time before she decided to cut loose and bolt" he said

"Hi." Clarice said waving to them

"Is every girl who comes here attractive?" Naruto asked curiously

"So why do they call you Blink?" Kurt asked rubbing his head happy to be right-side up again and on the ground

"That is why I'm called Blink I can do this in a blink of an eye" Blink said with a smile as she made a pink portal and stepped through it and appeared behind him with a 'blink' sound

"Okay apparently I missed a lot" Logan said seeing the new students

"Eh I wouldn't say that" Naruto said with a chuckle

"So Logan would you care to stay and teach?" Charles asked

"Teach what? Art?" Naruto asked sarcastically making Blink laugh

"I'll make a art project out of you in a second" Logan said as he growled at them

(Few days later)

"So what's the brain got for us today?" Naruto asked

"Cerebro and it's a girl" Charles said

"Alright!" Naruto said happily

"Man whore" Scott said simply

Naruto did a fake charge at him making Scott run out of the room

"Her name is Kitty Pryde in Northbrook, Illinois and she has the power to phase through objects" Charles said filling them in

"Hey ain't that where you also got another signal?" Naruto asked curiously

"Yes, but I couldn't get a good reading for some reason I could only get a name Lance Alvers a young man in a foster home" Charles said

"We should go before Mystique fills her head with lies" Naruto said wanting to beat her to the punch

"But we have midterms" Jean said whining slightly

"I'm sure we can take them when we get back" Naruto said

"Good, Jean, Naruto you're coming with me" Charles said as they went to the X-jet

(Few hours later)

"Well that went well" Naruto said as Kitty's father practically slammed the door in their face "well you know where I'll be" he said walking off

"Watching the cheerleaders" Jean said sarcastically

"Yep, gotta do something while we check her school" Naruto said getting a dirty and dry look "What and by the way coming from you that just looks cute" he said

"Guess Betsy is really better with those looks" Jean said as Betsy seemed to have glares down

"Go to her school and check for her there" Charles said to Jean

"Already gone" Naruto said with a chuckle as he disappeared in a orange flash

"I hate it when he does that" Jean said rubbing her eyes

"He's smart to know when to run" Charles said as he chuckled finding Naruto to be very entertaining

(Few hours later)

Naruto walked down the hall whistling a little tune

"Hello? Is someone out there?" A female voice came from inside on the lockers

Naruto stopped and went to the locked when suddenly a girl with a ponytail wearing a pink overshirt with a white one underneath and blue jeans fell through the locker and onto him, she had low D cups breasts nice hips and a bubbly plump ass "I knew girls were falling for me but this is ridiculous" he said with a chuckle as he helped her up "density shifting huh not bad" he said guessing her power

"Huh, wh-what? I-I just fell" the girl said trying to play it off

"It's okay Kitty, you don't have to be afraid" Naruto said with a comforting smile

"How do you know my name?" Kitty asked in surprise

"Did you see what she did? She fell through the locker" a guy wearing a brown jacket over a black shirt and jeans said

'Lance Alvers' Naruto thought as this was the other mutant Cerebro detected

"Like, n-no I didn't" Kitty said going straight to denial

"You're just like me" Lance said as he concentrated and made a small tremor happen

"Back off Quakemaker, she doesn't need someone like you… okay I think I worded that wrong" Naruto said as Kitty ran off

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Lance asked not liking being talked down to

"If you don't back off you'll find out" Naruto said as he walked away

Naruto made the wind pick up in the hallway making a miniature tornado and when Lance looked again Naruto was gone

(30 minutes later)

Naruto sees Kitty about to do the long jump "You can do it Kitty!" he said cheering her on

Kitty looked at him with a small smile before she felt something rush through her and when she did the long jump, she did it perfectly

"That cheer boost power may sound stupid but it gets results." Naruto thought smiling at kitty who was happy she succeeded

"Nice job Pryde but tell your boyfriend we don't allow peanut galleries" the coach said impressed with her and looked at the other girls who were staring at the blonde teen who waved at Kitty

When Kitty noticed Lance she got scared and ran off towards the schools theater

(Few minutes later)

"You don't know anything and neither does that creepy guy out there" Naruto heard Kitty say to Jean as he entered the theater

"Oh boy" Naruto said thinking Jean may have screwed the pooch

"Oh it's you" Kitty said seeing him enter

"Kitty your power is not a curse. If you want to know a curse, try mine or at least that's how I saw it for a time" Naruto said as he took a seat

"R-really? What can you do?" Kitty asked curiously

"Well I can grant people powers, but also I can take them away permanently" Naruto said

"Can you take mine?" Kitty asked hopefully

"I would prefer not to, as you're still adjusting to this and don't know if you really hate your powers" Naruto said

"I thought my high school life was hard enough, now this happens" Kitty said as she took a seat next to him

"Yeah life loves screwing with us like that, but we can take you to a place where you can train in how to use your powers, and use them to do some real good" Naruto said as he wanted to lay out her options ' plus you will have friends that have powers like you" he said

"Like who?" Kitty asked

"Jean is a telepath, which means she can read others minds and lift objects" Naruto said as Jean gave a small demonstration "Scott Summers, who has a powerful eye blast, Emma Frost who can become a diamond and do what Jean can, Jubilee, a walking fourth of july display and there's Kurt and Blink now they have a different look as Kurt kinda looks a bit devilish especially with his tail but Blink looks like a elf" he said

"What he means is that what you're going through, others have gone through worse" Jean said

"Like you still have your parents, Scott has nobody but us" Naruto said as her situation could've been worse

"I-I don't know" Kitty said unsurely

"Come on little Shadowcat, what can you think sucks when you haven't even given it a try" Naruto said as he smirked at her

Kitty blushed slightly at the way he was looking at her

"Down boy" Jean said as she didn't want Naruto scaring her off thinking he was a pervert

"Training?" Kitty asked curiously

"Yeah" Naruto said

"So I wouldn't be able to phase out of my clothes when I sneeze, like when I woke up this morning" Kitty said

"Now I'm gonna have that image stuck in my head" Naruto said simply as he looked at her

Kitty blushed again

"Ow!" Naruto said as Jean grabbed his ear "I have to hear with that thing!" he said as he whined

"Come on Kitty, let's go talk to your parents to set things up, come on boy" Jean said pulling him along by his ear making Kitty laugh

Suddenly Lance busted into the theater

"Get Kitty away as this is gonna be messy" Naruto said as his eyes went red for a moment

"I'm the one she needs" Lance said as the ground rumbled

"What you need is probably a good therapist or doctor if you don't get lost" Naruto said as he was about to tear him to pieces

"And what are you gonna do?" Lance asked not impressed with Naruto's little wind gust

Naruto growled as his fingernails got longer "Leave her alone or I'll tear you apart" he said growling

"Yeah right" Lance said as he sent a rock wave at Naruto only to watch Naruto smash it to pieces

"Getting it now?" Naruto asked as he sent some bloodlust at him

Lance took a few steps back before he began shaking the entire theater room intending on bringing it down on him

Naruto began a blur and was in front of him before punching him in the gut a massive amount of air pressure leaving his fist upon contact sending Lance flying out of the building

Naruto wiped his hands knocking the dust off of them as he left "I probably should have held back some on that attack" he said with a chuckle seeing the hole in the wall

"Naruto!" Jeans voice yelled from outside

"Shit" Naruto said as he dashed outside

"Did you make that hole?!" Jean said pointing at the large hole

'She really reminds me of mom right now' Naruto thought

(with Kurama)

'I felt a chill go down my spine' Kurama thought on alert

(with Kushina)

"I feel pride" Kushina said out of the blue

Minato chuckled as he could only tell that Naruto pissed off a redhead

(Few days later)

"So basically we have a girl out there who can do what I can?!" Naruto asked shocked

"Not to that extent" Charles said chuckling "sadly she can't turn her power off" he said with a frown

"Just like I couldn't when I was young" Naruto said remembering how he couldn't touch anyone not even his own parents for months "We have to get to Mississippi now" he said with urgency

(few hours later)

"We got company" Naruto said as he could sense Mystique was close

"Great" Logan said as he hated dealing with her

(with Raven)

"What do you mean you can't see?" Mystique asked her wife curiously

"It means something is gravely affecting my ability to see the future I can tell you it's focused around a boy" Destiny told her

"It's that Naruto boy again" Mystique said as she wanted to unravel that particular mystery

"Something about him is blocking me from being able to see his future, it's like anything can happen, and I can't see it" Destiny said as the future rarely changed and never on such a drastic scale

"Can you at least see where Anne Marie went Irene?" Mystique asked curiously

"I don't know where she is but I know where she will be" Irene said to Mystique

(with Rogue in a playground)

"Scary ain't it" Naruto asked her curiously as he saw Rogue slightly breathing fast, she had very high DD cup breasts and nice hips and a round ass

"Who are you?" Rogue asked in worry

"Someone who knows exactly how you feel" Naruto said as he remembered when he was given certain powers at a certain time in his life

Naruto sat next to her "When I was 5 years old my powers kicked in and for 5 months I couldn't touch anything, my parents, my pet fox, anything, it sucked and felt so bad. So trust me, I know how you feel" he said

"Did you get their memories when you touched them? It's like I'm having another person's memories flowing in my head" Rogue asked

"Trust me with time that'll fade when you stop thinking like them and think like yourself" Naruto said simply

"I'm just so confused" Rogue said

Suddenly Rogue's hand touched Naruto's but Rogue was shocked to see nothing happened

"I-I can touch you?" Rogue said surprised not feeling anything come into her

"Probably due to us sharing similar powers, so you got a name or am I just supposed to keep calling you Rogue?" Naruto asked

"Anna, Anna Marie" Rogue said not knowing why she felt so calm around him

"Pretty name for a pretty girl" Naruto said with a smile making her blush "Now how's about telling this handsome devil what's been chasing you?" he asked curiously as he recognized the look of fear of being hunted

(few minutes later)

"I'm gonna kill Mystique." Naruto said mumbling under his breath as he understood his father's hatred for the blue skinned shapeshifter

"You gotta protect me from the X-Men" Rogue said holding onto his arm

"Hold on" Naruto said to her "hey Mystique come out you redheaded whore version of Smurfette!" he said screaming loudly

Mystique glared from her position in a tree at that comment

Naruto's eyes glowed yellow as he looked around before looking at said tree and saw a glowing crow "Got you" he said with a grin

His eyes then widened as he looked at the crow before suddenly it turned into Mystique and she fell out of the tree

"Who is she?" Rogue asked getting behind him

"The real person who's been chasing after you all night, she's a shapeshifter" Naruto said simply

"You ruined everything!" Mystique yelled trying to transform into something that could kill him but she couldn't "what have you done?!" She demanded

"As long as my eraser eyes are on you your powers won't work" Naruto said as he was glad he took this power from a guy who was too lazy to do anything with it

"Why are you after me? Just who are you?" Rogue asked

"She's Mystique a world class bitch at least according to my dad but from what I see so far he's right" Naruto said

"You dump one guy and he holds it against you forever" Mystique said mumbling under her breath

"I think I just threw up a little in my mouth" Naruto said "You and my dad, wow he must have been scratching the bottom of the barrel that day or you were imitating my mom" he said simply

Mystique was silent confirming his theory

"Ha! That actually makes a bit more sense." Naruto said as he chuckled

"But why are you after me?" Rogue asked wanting answers

"I have my reasons" Mystique said not willing to talk

Naruto's eyes began to twitch

"You okay?" Rogue asked seeing Naruto was stressed

"My Eraser power only works as long as I have my eyes open, if I blink then it cancels and my eyes are beginning to burn" Naruto said

Mystique smirked at That "guess your not as powerful as lance said." she said

"At least I don't use my power to sleep with people." Naruto said

"Seduction is a good skill to have in a war and trust me a war is coming" Mystique said

"Please I can name 20 people more pretty than you" Naruto said making Rogue chuckle "Rouge is ranked in the top 5" he said with a smile

"Watch your mouth boy!" Mystique yelled not knowing where to stand on that insult as it was a compliment to her daughter

"Make me you old fossil" Naruto said before he blinked as he couldn't keep up the eraser power anymore

Mystique turned into a rat and scampered off

"Yea that's right run" Naruto said before he rubbed his eyes "Oh shit that burns" he said as he got some eye drops and dropped some into his eyes

(few hours later)

Naruto was having a cold sweat as he tossed and turned in his sleep

(Naruto's dream)

Naruto laid in a pool as he had dozens upon dozens of needles connected to different blood bags in him

"He'll be the perfect weapon, weapon 12" a man said Naruto hearing him clearly despite being submerged

"Sir the prototypes for the X project aren't doing to well the first dozen X's have all terminated" a scientist said to the man

"Keep working on it that man was the perfect weapon making a copy shouldn't be to hard after all we did to Weapon X it should be easier this time around" the man said to him "but this project will be the crowning jewel the ultimate weapon" he said proudly

"Is that why you called the project Project Weapon Infinity?" the scientist said to him

"Yes as this weapon has infinite potential" the man said happily

Naruto soon began to feel his body shift when they injected him with blood labeled 'Creed, Victor' and 'Logan, James' among others

Naruto began to snarl as his eyes became bloodshot and slitted and he thrashed around in the pool and soon all he could hear as his vision faded was gunshots and screams and when his mind cleared he felt the warm sensation of blood all over his body and some even in his mouth

(In the mansion)

Naruto's eyes shot open as he shot up off the bed grabbing someone by the neck

"Whoa, whoa kid. It's us" Logan said as everyone stood around the bed

Naruto panted as he looked at everyone and saw he was grabbing Kurt by the neck "I hate nightmares" he said as he let the blue devil go

"Trust me kid, I really know how you feel" Logan said as he could only imagine what Weapon X did to him

"Seeing as you are alright, I say we all get back to bed" Charles said as they all left

As Naruto laid back on his bed all he could hear was a primal growl of something that craved only one thing…..death

Naruto felt the covers shift as Kurama jumped onto his bed before laying down beside him

(With the others)

"You okay elf?" Logan asked Kurt

"I'll be alright, but is anyone going to ask what in the world just happened?! I thought someone was getting murdered!" Kurt said as they all heard grunts, growls, and whines of pain

"Naruto was put through something… very traumatic and it still haunts his nightmares to this day" Betsy said as she had comforted him before

"Something me and him have in common" Logan said as he felt very sad that his past was lived by a child something he felt sick to just thinking it

"I'm not going to pry, Naruto will tell us when he's ready" Charles said as he rolled back to his room

"I don't know if I can sleep after hearing that" Kitty said as it sounded like something one would hear in a horror movie

"Same" Rogue said as she thought she had it bad

(With Mystique)

"And as long as he stared at me, I couldn't use my power" Mystique said

"I remember that power a person I tried to recruit had it, but how did he?" Magneto said curiously to himself as he decided to look more into Naruto's past "Unless he… no that's impossible" he said

"What?" Mystique asked

"When I tried again to recruit the man he said he didn't have his power anymore as he gave it away, to a man that mutants everywhere had called All for One" Magneto said

"All for One, I thought you said that was just a myth as nobody can just take a mutants power" Mystique said as taking them from someone like her daughter or how the Weapon X facility did by implanting them from one mutant to another was different than completely taking it

"So that's why you did it Sinister" Magneto said as he kept eyes on factions that got in the fight between him and Charles

"Did what?" Mystique asked curiously

"Word spread about Sinister throwing a young child to Weapon X to make a perfect ultimate weapon that he could control, they told me something bad had happened but this?" Magneto said as he couldn't believe it

"What?" Mystique asked

"My friends Kushina and Minato's son Naruto was kidnapped, but now to find out he was the very same child that was thrown to Weapon X? That poor child, I once was captured by those monsters, but what could they do to a child with his power? They really did have the chance to make a ultimate weapon, a weapon that could steal any mutants power" Magneto said as Naruto would soon be in a class of his own if he wasn't already and the facility had stored many powerful mutants in it, it was only a guess what powers the boy had

Mystique looked down as she remembered what Magneto did to her own son and this reminded her of that very same event for a mother to find her son being change by some experiment, she could only imagine what that put Naruto or his parents through as he was still a child so the events would forever haunt his nightmares whereas Kurt was just a baby so he couldn't remember what happened to him "So what do we do?" she asked

"Leave the boy be I highly doubt even he knows what he's truly capable of" Magneto said to her

"And Sinister?" Mystique asked curiously

"Leave him to me" Magneto said as Sinister was someone he could not allow to roam free for he was a large threat to both humans and mutants Sinister was likely one to let the world burn if it meant he'd get what he'd want "I will not allow him to torture another mutant" he said as he left

(few days later)

"I love rednecks" Naruto said as he and Jean were in Texas

"I honestly don't see the appeal" Jean said as she felt like she was dressed like a whore as she was in overalls and jean shorts

"Because you're not looking at what I'm looking at." Naruto said looking at her

"Down boy." Jean said rolling her eyes but smiled as she liked that he found her attractive

"Holy moly." Naruto said as he saw the person they were here for in the middle of the monster truck stadium Fred 'The Blob' Dukes before watching as the teen kept two monster trucks in place before jumping up and landing on their truck beds causing the tires to pop as he crossed his arms looking at the crowd with a grin "That was awesome" he said

"Whoa" Jean said

"He's definitely a big one" Logan said as he came here mostly for the beer

"He reminds me of one of my old friends back in Japan Choji" Naruto said as he laughed a little

(2 days later)

Naruto looked as Fred was in Bayville High but looked confused, so he picked Duncan up and asked him something

Duncan being Duncan naturally pissed Fred off who tore a locker off the wall and lifted it

"Whoa there" Naruto said as he and Jean stepped in "Trust me bro, he ain't worth it" he said

"Do you need some help?" Jean asked as she looked at Fred

"Trust me there are good kinda people then there are assholes and that guy is an capital A asshole" Naruto said smiling trying to calm Fred down

Fred took a deep breath and put the lockers back "I don't know where anything is." he said handing them his schedule

"Oh your first class is right over there" Naruto said pointing down the hall "if you need any help come find me buddy." He said

""Buddy?" Fred asked not used to being called that

"Yeah, buddy, friend. Don't tell me you've never had a friend before." Naruto said surprised

Fred shook his head with a frown

Naruto frowned as everyone needed a friend "well you have one now names Naruto Namikaze." he said holding out his hand to Fred

Fred looked at his hand and grabbed it to shake his hand

"Later Fred" Naruto said as he and Jean walked away

Fred smiled at getting his first real friend

"You are so sweet." Jean said to Naruto hugging his arm happy he befriended Fred

"I know sugar." Naruto said pulling Jean close

Jean rolled her eyes as she pushed him away with a chuckle

(Few hours later)

Fred whined as he emptied out his pockets for extra change for his food but got nothing

"I gotcha big guy" Naruto said handing the lunch lady some money "Come on, you can sit with me and my friends" he said

"Thanks" Fred said as he grabbed his tray and walked over to where Jean and the others were sitting

Naruto quickly used a power to strengthen the seats for Fred so he doesn't smash through them

(Few hours later)

"So how's the blue hag treating you?" Naruto asked Fred

"You want to come over to my place?" Fred asked excited

"I'm game" Naruto said as they took off

(1 hour later)

"This is where you live?" Naruto asked as the place looked a little worn on the outside

"Sup Naruto" Toad said happy to see his friend

"What's he doing here?" Lance asked

"I bring a peace offering rock slide" Naruto said holding a bag filled with burgers

"I'm sold" Lance said as he took the bag

"Couple big ones for Fred, couple for Toad, and some for you" Naruto said to all of them

"You are the bomb" Toad said

"How can you all live here? It sorta looks like with one wrong move you're gonna make it fall over" Naruto asked

"You think that's bad? Look at how Mystique's room is compared to ours" Lance said

Naruto went upstairs and looked through the keyhole into Mystique's room "You have got to be fucking kidding me, hers looks like a room for like a 5 star hotel!" he said to them

"Yeah, that's what I said" Toad said angrily

"When you two stop being slobs maybe we can talk also Toad take a damn shower, once a month ain't enough" Lance said to them

"Hey" Fred said as crumbs fell off him

"And come on man I can't be that bad" Toad said

"This is one real fixer upper" Naruto said as he looked around

"Why are you being nice to us, we're your enemies" Lance asked as that was how it was supposed to be

"Well I don't see you as enemies, just people Mystique swindled into helping her" Naruto said

"Do you actually think you can put this place into top shape?" Toad asked

"I'm sure I can it'd take a while though" Naruto said as he was sure it was possible

"Is good optimism one of your powers or are you just that happy?" Lance asked

"I like to say I'm just extremely lucky" Naruto said with a grin as no one noticed a small golden glow in his hands

(Few weeks later)

"You're happy I tagged along, I know it beautiful" Naruto said to Ororo as they were watching her nephew Evan Daniels basketball game

"I shouldn't have brought you" Ororo said as she rolled her eyes

"Come on, you love me" Naruto said as he put his head on her shoulder looking up at her

"I am your teacher" Ororo said trying to be professional

"You do realize that makes it hotter to me right?" Naruto said with a grin

Ororo groaned "you are incorrigible" she said as she let out a sigh while trying not to smile at his joke

"But you love me, somebody's gotta love you and if ain't Logan it'll be me" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Quiet you're making me miss the game" Ororo said not wanting him to know he was actually distracting her mind with rather vivid images

"Yes honey" Naruto said with a smile

They heard thunder outside as Ororo blushed

The time got to the last few seconds and when Evan jumped up to shoot Naruto and Ororo said as what looked plates and spikes came out of his arm after he got knocked over but the ball still went in the basket giving them the final point to win 83 to 82

(Few minutes later)

Ororo and Naruto went to the locker room to congratulate and talk to Evan but overheard a small argument between Evan and Pietro Maximoff before watching as Pietro left

"Seems like you two have been competing with each other ever since you were babies" Ororo said

"Hey Auntie O, what's up? Hey is this your boyfriend mom told me about?" Evan asked looking at Naruto "he's slightly older than me." he said surprised

"H-He's not my boyfriend." Ororo said trying to keep her composure

"Not for lack of trying, nice to meet you Evan." Naruto said with a grin

"Evan are you alright? I've been concerned about you lately, you know about the stuff we've talked about" Ororo said as she looked at his shoulder knowing he knew she knew what happened

"Yeah, yeah everything's cool" Evan said trying to down play it

"I saw what happened when you fell" Ororo said

"It's no big deal, I got it covered" Evan said before he sneezed sending bony spikes all over the place

"Bless you" Ororo said to him sternly

"Busted huh" Evan said nervously laughing

"Big time" Ororo said

(2 hours later)

"I'm surprised you've kept it under wraps for so long" Ororo said as she was impressed he was able to hide it with the constant occurrences

"I mean come on, a few points a few spikes, so what? This is New York" Evan said as a ton of crazy things happened here

"Yea I heard there's some guy swinging around like a spider." Naruto said with a chuckle

"See?" Evan said as that was true honestly the things that happened here made his powers seem normal at this point

"Not helping Naruto." Ororo said firmly lightly glaring at Naruto

"Shutting up." Naruto said as Ororo had a scary glare

"I mean come on, anybody messes with me and bam!" Evan said as he made some plates and spikes on his arm as he punched a tree

"No Evan, you shouldn't use your powers like that" Ororo said as Evan's powers were much on the offensive side

"Get 'em while they're hot!" Evan's dad said from the grill

"I'm gonna be over, there" Naruto said as he walked away

(The next day after school)

"Man you do not give up, Auntie O" Evan said as Jean and Scott sat on the couch

"She's just concerned as she loves you, we all are" Jean said

"This certainly explains why you're always coming home with holes in your clothes" Evan's mother said

"This was always a possibility Vi, as you didn't receive the mutant gene like I did, there was always the chance of it showing up in future generations" Ororo said

"It's really not so bad Mrs. Daniels having special powers can be kinda cool" Scott said to him trying to appeal to him

"Well I tell you what shades, how's about you show us what you got that's so cool?" Evan said challengingly

"Evan!" Vi said

"Sorry mom" Evan said

"Scott's powers aren't exactly what you'd call indoor friendly" Naruto said

"Well what about you whiskers?" Evan asked

Naruto nodded and stood up and held up his hands suddenly Evans limbs were bound to his sides like he was tied up

"Hey what gives!" Evan said

"This power allows me to manipulate threads in any fabric perfect for subduing people." Naruto said as he let Evan go

"You can control the clothes on someone? There's a joke in there somewhere" Scott said

"Look man I like it right here and I don't want to go to some school for freaks, now if you'll excuse me I got homework to do" Evan said as he went up to his room

"Evan!" Vi said

"That went well" Jean said

"And I thought we were making a real connection." Scott said sarcastically

Naruto's ears twitched "Hey he's going out the window" he said getting looks from everyone "yes I have a super hearing power." he said as he just had enhanced senses making it so every normal sense was tuned way up

Is there a power you don't have? Scott asked annoyed

"I'll have to get back to you on that" Naruto said as he honestly didn't know

As everyone ran outside they saw Evan rolling away on his skateboard

"Shit" Naruto said

(2 hours later)

"Jail wow and I thought I did it big" Naruto said tossing him a harmonica getting a dry look from Jean and Ororo "what gonna be in the slammer may as well play the part"

"Welcome to the downside, misuse your powers, go to jail" Scott said condescendingly

"It wasn't me man!" Evan said denying all the claims

"Hey I believe you, in fact I know you didn't do it" Jean said as she took a quick peek in his mind

"Look man, how's about a deal? I pay to get you out and you give the institute a shot, what do you say?" Naruto said

"Like I have a choice" Evan said seeing as it was that or jail

"Hey dude, you always have a choice we just want it to be the right one" Naruto said

"Okay, deal" Evan said as they shook hands

(The next day)

"So where's the new guy?" Kitty asked curiously

"Still sleeping, Evan had a rather difficult evening" Charles said to them

Kurt poofed in causing Naruto and Kurama to cough and hold their noses "I love the smell of bacon in the morning" he said

"Well I hate sulfur, move it somewhere else monkey boy walk somewhere else." Kurama said

"Yeah man we have sensitive nose due to heightened senses." Naruto said as he preferred not smelling explosives in the morning

"Eh, you get used to it." Logan said as he was use to this

"I think he really knows who trashed those lockers, did he tell you?" Scott asked the Professor

"No, and I'm not going to pry, he'll tell us when he's ready." Charles said

"Ask me, he's looking to settle that score personally." Logan said "Pass the sausages red" he said to Jean

"Ew, that stuff totally clogs your arteries you know" Kitty said as the plate of sausages floated over to her

"I appreciate your concern" Logan said with a chuckle as he stabbed some with his claws

"I think you might be right on that Logan" Naruto said

"Yeah trust me, I may not be able to read minds but I know what a boy is thinking about when he's been wronged, Elf!" Logan said as Kurt was hanging from the chandelier reaching for the pancakes "How many times do I have to say it? Ask and it'll get passed to you" he said as he may have been an animal at times but at least he had manners

"Sorry, I didn't want to interrupt you" Kurt said as he ported back to his seat

"Now that's better, mind your manners" Logan said as he passed the pancakes down

(later that day)

"He ain't half bad" Naruto said as he watched Evan skate on a ramp

"Where's Frost and Jubilee?" Storm asked curiously

"Playing Chess and designing her room" Naruto said answering in order

"I thought they were making their own uniforms, wanting theirs to be unique like yours. Speaking of which whiskers you about done doing that?" Logan asked curiously understanding the need for individuality

"I think I'm about done" Naruto said as he ran off as he came out moments later wearing black combat pants, a dark green shirt, and a red jacket with black flames at the bottom with a black mask pulled over his mouth

"Creative" Logan said as it was impressive and then saw Emma and Jubilee walk in "don't we have a dress code" he said seeing Emma in nothing but a white corset and white skin tight leather wearing white heels and had on a short cape, while Jubilee was wearing a pink crop top and oversized yellow jacket, and jean shorts

"Looks good to me" Naruto said

"Of course you'd say that" Logan said with a chuckle "I see you're not changing Clarice" he said as Blink was still wearing the outfit she arrived in a green dress

"Fluent fighter man I can fight anyway I please in this" Blink said simply as she was a fast and smart fighter using speed and her teleportation as a tool to attack

"Anybody looking to get some training in? I could use a workout." Logan asked curiously

"You know I'm game." Naruto said as Logan's training was always fun "Watch and learn ladies, or just watch I don't mind" he said with a grin

"Alright Spyke take a break, and probably get some popcorn" Scott said over the speakers into the danger room

(few minutes later)

"I have to ask, is he suicidal?" Emma asked seeing Naruto and Logan turn the danger room to the highest level and turned off the safety protocols

"He heals" Betsy said as Naruto could afford to make mistakes with how he healed though she didn't like seeing him in pain

"5 bucks on Logan" Evan said as they started taking bets

"So what are you gonna break out on me this time kid?" Logan asked as he had seen a lot from Naruto never knowing what to expect

"Something new" Naruto said stretching his limbs

"Something new from the fabled All for One, I'm honored" Logan said sarcastically

"I said don't call me that!" Naruto shouted as he hated that name so much "I told you, it's Arsenal!" he said

"Wah, wah, come on whiskers" Logan said as he unleashed his claws

Naruto growled as pieces of armor made out of bone started appearing covering Naruto from head to toe and soon giant bone claws that overlapped his hands formed

Everyone watching slightly felt nauseated seeing Naruto's body change into that

Naruto's red eyes smiled as he took a stance hissing at Logan

"That's new bub, let's dance" Logan said a little impressed before he roared and charged

The two began clashing their claws making sparks fly from each swipe

'Fuck' Naruto thought as he saw his bones were already damaged 'I hate adamantium' he thought to himself

Naruto reeled back his fist and punched Wolverine in the face making him stagger backwards before Naruto kicked him into a wall

Logan smirked slightly as he rubbed some blood off the corner of his mouth "Not bad whiskers" he said

Naruto charged forward and Logan leapt over him causing Naruto get his claws stuck in the wall

Logan smirked as he saw Naruto struggle

"Oh I fucking hate doing this" Naruto said as he broke his claws to free himself causing himself to scream in pain "Oh fuck that never feels good!" he said seeing they slowly reformed

'Yeah that was never easy' Logan thought as the one thing he never missed about his former boney claws was whenever they were destroyed he felt intense pain and anguish as they had a lot of nerves in them

"Screw this, we're too even" Naruto said as he changed back to normal before he began to grow into a T-Rex and roared at Logan

"He can become a T-Rex?!" Everyone shouted in shock and surprise

"Show off." Betsy said as he always did stuff like this when pushed into a corner

"Oh great" Logan said as he forgot Naruto did have the powers of a shapeshifter

Logan groaned as Naruto bit down on him and tossed him against the wall before stepping on him

Naruto felt pain as Logan stabbed his foot 'fuck I can't heal while using this power.' He thought as he couldn't use certain powers at the same time

Naruto became an Ankylosaurus and smacked Logan right into the viewing area where everyone else was

"Okay, that one hurt." Logan said groaning in pain but smiled that this fight was actually hard

"Ok that's enough I don't want you two destroying the mansion." Charles said as that was actually a possibility

Naruto turned back to normal and started to heal "Whoo! I win, respect my gangster!" He said laughing loudly

"Okay dial it back." Ororo said trying not to laugh at his antics

"Hey Spyke, coach just called, get dressed you have a game this afternoon" Kitty said speaking through the comms

"There wasn't any game scheduled for today" Evan said as he remembered this morning as he checked it

"Yeah well Principal Darkholme apparently put it together last minute, you're going up against PS 104" Kitty said

"Dude, alright, you get to play against your alma mater" Kurt said thinking that'd be fun

"Yeah" Evan said thinking the exact opposite of Kurt for various reasons the top of which being that he now had a chance to get even

Everyone looked at each other as they didn't like the way Evan said that

(Few hours later)

"What's going on here?" Naruto asked as he put a hand on the shoulder of a white haired teen as Evan was on the ground

"Stay out of this." Evan said wanting to handle this on his own

"Is this the guy who was stealing from the lockers?" Jean asked helping Evan up

"That true?" Scott asked looking at the Albino teen

"Actually, yeah, name's Pietro Maximoff and I did trash those lockers, why are you gonna do something about it?" Pietro asked poking Naruto's chest

"Oh hell" Betsy said knowing provoking Naruto was a bad move

"Don't do that." Naruto said warning Pietro

"Oh." Pietro said as he then did it again and again using his super speed

"I'm warning you." Naruto said getting angry

"Sounds like a challenge" Pietro said as he flicked Naruto's forehead

"Evan it ok if I take this guy? I'll buy you something on exchange" Naruto said turning to Evan

"Go ahead" Evan said as he backed off knowing Naruto had a pretty sadistic nature plus he had his eye on a game system

"You're gonna have to catch me first." Pietro said as he ran off

Suddenly Naruto was in front of him with his fist in his gut

"How?" Pietro said coughing up his lunch

"Little power I stole from a assassin I call time skip it allows me to stop time for a moment " Naruto said

"You can control time?!" Pietro said now sounding a little afraid

"No you idiot I can stop it for a second and that's it." Naruto clarified as people always assumed that with this power

"So what, you still can't clear Evan that I got him in trouble." Pietro said with a superior grin

"Ooh, sounds like a challenge" Evan said as he held a tape recorder up that said what Pietro said to them about the lockers

Naruto laughed "nice job Evan way better to be smart then a one trick loser like this guy." he said with a proud smile

"Who are you calling a loser?!" Pietro yelled in rage

"Zip it or I'll take your power. I always wanted super speed." Naruto said glaring at him

Pietro was silenced instantly

(The next day)

"This is why I love the fact we have a pool!" Naruto said checking out all the girls in their bikinis whereas Kitty, Betsy and Blink were wearing one pieces

Ororo groaned as she rolled her eyes but deep down she was kinda glad he found her sexy

"Persistent suitor." Evan said as he laughed at his aunt's dismay

"So porcupine how's it feel being cleared of all charges?" Naruto asked seeing as now Evan's record was clear

"Feels pretty good" Evan said with a smile

"Look out, cannonball!" Kurt said as he ported above the pool and landed in it knocking Kitty off of her float

"Excuse me, sunbathing here" Emma said not amused with the water splashing on her

"Oh you're rich afford a sense of fun why don't you." Kurt said neutrally

"Yeah jump on in" Naruto said

"I'd rather - hey!" Emma said as Naruto picked her up bridal style and jumped in with her"I hate you." she said looking at him with a stern glare

"Liar." Naruto said with a grin

"Whoo!" Evan said as he jumped in but his spikes came out causing him to pop Kitty's float

(few days later)

"What is this Charles?" Naruto said as small orange whisps left his hands as if they were trying to guide him somewhere

"I do not know." Charles said finding this curious

"Well this is great." Naruto said as nearby trees were growing and blooming

"You remember what I told you, don't tease her. Wanda is… tempermental." Charles said

"Sounds like my mom" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Perhaps her powers and yours are reacting to one another, observations have shown one of your powers is almost exactly if not a direct opposite to hers" Charles said wondering how that'd go if they met

"Well tell me about her." Naruto asked wanting details

"She was left here by her father" Charles said as it was much more than that "he left her there because she couldn't control her power." He said getting a frown from Naruto

"So she has been here a few years?" Naruto asked hoping she hasn't been here long

"She's been here since she was 5." Charles said sadly as that was a terrible fate on a child so young

"I can relate to something like that." Naruto said thinking back to his experience with the weapon X program

"She's vowed vengeance on her father for putting her here" Charles said

"That I can understand" Naruto said as he felt the same thing about a certain vampire like mutant

"Yes but this hate has made her hate everyone and everything." Charles said

"Again, I can relate, seems me and this Wanda have a lot in common" Naruto said as he found that difficult to find

"Just try not to upset her." Charles said as an upset Wanda was not a pleasurable experience

"Oh please women love me." Naruto said with a grin

(few minutes later)

"Ok I take it back" Naruto said as Wanda seemed very angry and lashing out in her straight jacket

"Yeah dude" Kurama said as he stuck his head out of Naruto's backpack

"You little, when did you get in there?" Naruto asked

"When I found your snacks." Kurama said as he let out a loud burp and looked at her curiously "she has burned flesh and dried blood" he said picking up on her scent and the scent of her clothing

'I'm gonna kill her father when I find out who he is' Naruto thought to himself

"I'm sorry but Wanda can't have visitors today." one of the workers said

"We'll see" Naruto said as he walked over to her "Hello." he said with a smile

"Go away" Wanda said as small wisps of blue energy came off of her as small orange wisps came off Naruto and the two merged making rainbow sparkles "Whoa" she said finding that pleasantly delightful

"Same thing, I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" Naruto said introducing himself

"Wanda Maximoff" Wanda said neutrally but there was a bit more emotion in it this time

"Pietro is your fucking brother?" Naruto asked in surprise

"You met him?!" Wanda yelled angry that he knew her brother as she hated him a great deal

Naruto grabs her hand to calm her down "its ok if it helps I punched him in the gut and sent him to jail, for a while at least." he said

"You actually managed to hit him? not many can catch my brother" Wanda said with a small smile at the thought of him getting hit

"I do not believe the straight jacket will be necessary for this" Charles said as this was the most Wanda ever talked to someone

"Likewise." Naruto said as his hands glowed orange and he ripped the straight jacket right off

"Woah." Naruto thought looking at her body as she had mid DD cups and a bubbly ass

Wanna blushed lightly, not used to being checked out "eyes up here whiskers." she said with a frown

"Sorry." Naruto said not wanting to upset her

"No you're not." Kurama said from his bag as he knew naruto never regretted checking out women

"Your bag just talked." Wanda said surprised

"It's not the bag talking." Naruto said as he pulled Kurama out who had his head in a bag of Cheetos "Hey." he said pulling Kurama's head out

"That's a little pudgy fox you have." Wanda said poking kurama's belly

"Who you calling pudgy?!" Kurama said making her jump back

"Okay I'm dreaming, the fox is talking." Wanda said wondering if the nut house finally made her snap more than she cared to admit

"Nope I made him able to talk, something everyone says that shouldn't have been done." Naruto said

"How can you do that?" Wanda asked curiously actually interested

"Well we have a few hours I guess I can explain my power to you." Naruto said smiling

Charles smiled as he closed the door. "Have fun." he said

(1 Hour later)

"So you can take powers?" Wanda asked surprised that that was even a possibility

"Yup, I can also give people powers and no I'm not taking yours it's not yours or your powers fault you're here." Naruto said

"Tell that to my father." Wanda said growling as her hands sparked from her anger

"Oh trust my it's on my to do list." Naruto said "Who is this dickbag you call a dad anyway?" he asked

"Eric Lehnsherr." Wanda said with absolute loathing

"Magneto is your dad?!" Naruto said in shock as he knew of Magneto's true name

"Great now you have another powerful guy you want to hunt down." Kurama said as the sights of Naruto's enemies was always difficult

"Another?" Wanda asked curiously as Naruto didn't seem the type to hunt down someone

"I'm hunting down Mister Sinister for what he did to me." Naruto said with hate in his voice

"Mister Sinister? That's a stupid name" Wanda asked with a light laugh

"Same thing I said but he threw me to an organization made to make controllable mutant weapons. Weapon X, I was the same age as you when I got thrown into that hell hole, poked, prodded, burned, and half a dozen other things" Naruto said as he gave her the details of his tortured childhood

"How did you get free?" Wanda asked

Naruto smiled "a friend broke me out as he had enough of hearing a kid suffer." he said

"Who was he? Was he an operative there, I mean how else do you get into a secret organization?" Wanda asked

"Deadpool though he prefers I call him Uncle Wade." Naruto said with a laugh "guy broke me out and took me back to my parents." he said "You may be surprised to hear but my parents asked Magneto to help find me." he said

"They went to him for help? Why?" Wanda asked wondering why he'd help him

"Apparently they're old friends as every now and again I'd get a present from my Uncle Eric, now I know who he really is." Naruto said

"Wait? Uncle?" Wanda asked in surprise

"No we're not related, he was just a good family friend" Naruto said to her

"I pity Sinister, knowing what he did I guess my father has made it his mission to kill him" Wanda said as she knew one thing that she and her father shared they both had strong grudges

"Well that fucker can get in line." Naruto said holding her hands

Rainbow sparkles fly off as their hands touch

"Guess our powers are connected, what's yours?" Naruto asked curiously

"Chaos, like a witch" Wanda said as that was it

"I sorta have something like that but my thing is more good luck" Naruto said

"So what does that mean? Our powers are direct opposites?" Wanda asked curiously as that was her best guess

"Maybe" Naruto said as they watched their powers make more rainbow energy "You know, you have a pretty smile." he said making her brush her hair back as she had a blush

"Hey Romeo, don't forget you have school in a hour" Kurama said

"Way to ruin the moment furball." Naruto said flicking his nose

"You have to go?" Wanda asked sadly actually enjoying another person's company in a good long time

"We can talk anytime I have an idea." Naruto said with a smile "I'll open up a psychic link so we can talk anytime through our minds and whenever I get time I'll visit." he said as he closed his eyes

Wanda smiled as she was glad to finally have a friend

Suddenly they heard a banging sound on the door

"Hurry up the freaks time outside solitary is up!" A man's voice yelled

Naruto's eyes slit for a moment as he growled "excuse me Wanda I have something to discuss with that asshole" he said as his powers started to show malice

Naruto went outside the room and grabbed the guy by his neck and picked him up "From now on Wanda is a VIP to you and your fellow assholes do you understand or should I shock you half to deathlike you did to her?!" He yelled in rage

"Naruto!" Charles said trying to stop him

Naruto simmered down as he put the man down "remember if you do anything to her I will know so remember this face when you feel like being an asshole because it'll be the face that haunts your every thought because I will find you and I will make whatever you did to her pale in comparison to what I'd do to you." he said making the man tremble in fear

"Naruto that is enough!" Charles said as he honestly thought the man was gonna faint from fear

Naruto walked away as kurama followed and headed for school

(1 hour later)

"Whoa, whoa, what the heck is going here?" Naruto asked seeing Fred holding Scott with one hand

"We're just walking in the hall and Summers here goes ballistic for no reason!" Lance said as he needed little to no reason to start a fight with Scott as was a little to tight laced

"Where's Kurt, what did you do to him?" Scott asked Lance

"We never saw the guy man" Fred said honestly "Speaking of where people are, have you seen Toad?" he asked Naruto as he hadn't seen his little buddy in awhile

"Great, everyone is vanishing today" Naruto said before he heard something and ran away

"Where's he off to?" Pietro asked before Jean and Scott followed after him

(Few minutes later)

Toad chuckled as he blasted Darkholme's car with a device making it vanish

"Toad, what the heck is that thing?" Naruto asked curiously as he saw no trace of the car

"Don't know dude, but it just sends things away. Hey!" Toad said as Naruto took it

"I think I know what happened to Kurt now" Naruto said as he examined the device "Did you blast Kurt with this?" he asked

"Hey it was a accident, he tried taking the thing from me and when Rogue got in the mix it went off" Toad said

"I believe you, now to figure out how to work this fossil" Naruto said

(2 hours later)

"I say we blow it up" Evan said

"What is it with boys and explosions?" Kitty asked Jean

"Yeah no we only get one shot" Naruto said as his hands now had been encased in electricity and was about to touch the device

Suddenly a flash came in showing Kurt "Reset, don't-" he said before he disappeared

"Whoa" Rogue said

"Was that his ghost?" Jubilee asked slightly scared

"Ghosts, don't exit" Emma said rolling her eyes

"Reset?" Naruto said as he looked at the buttons on the machine and found a reset button and pushed it then fired the device

A portal was opened revealing Kurt with some other teen

"Come on, what are you waiting for?" Naruto said as he saw the two ran away from the portal

"What are they doing?" Emma asked unable to read their minds

"The hell?" Lance said as the brotherhood boys showed up

Scott blasted Lance immediately

"Don't go picking fights moron" Naruto said as this was the last thing they needed

Suddenly a engine was heard as Darkholme's car came through the portal right at the boys but Fred stopped it

"Whoa, good thing I'm the Blob" Fred said as he was glad the car didn't do anything to him

"Yeah, you can say that again" Toad said "Ah man thing's broke let's go" he said seeing the machine was smashed

"You guys showed up to help me didn't you?" Naruto asked

"We heard a big bang and wondered what it was." Lance said as he thought there was action going on and if Naruto needed a hand he'd lend one as disloyal he was not

"Why would I want to help you power thief?" Pietro said glaring at Naruto

"Quit bitching before he punches you again." Fred said as he picked Pietro up and carried him away

"You better thank Fred asshole you and your dad are on my shit list!" Naruto yelled after them thinking about Wanda

"Who's his dad?" Blink asked curiously as Naruto didn't hate a lot of people

"Your former taxi caller" Naruto said as Blink gained a glare

"Hope I'm there when you kick his ass." Blink said as she adjusted her watch and gained a normal appearance

"So who's your friend?" Naruto asked Kurt

"Everyone meet Forge he was trapped in that place since the 70's" Kurt said introducing his non aged friend

"And I'm guessing the inventor of this thing?" Naruto asked holding a piece of the device

"Yeah, I accidentally got caught in the blast when I was testing it in 1978" Forge said

"How'd you make it anyway?" Rogue asked curiously

Forge's left arm became metallic and had many tools on it

"Cool" Evan said thinking that was awesome

"Now if you don't mind, I'd really just like to find my parents and go home I'm 20 years late for curfew" Forge said with a chuckle

"Well if you need help be sure to call us." Naruto said giving him his number

"Thanks" Forge said as he walked away

"Now for you." Naruto said as he turned to Scott

"Me?! What'd I do?" Scott asked

"News flash asshole we are not all boring Boy Scouts like you. Having flaws Is what makes us people" Naruto said as everyone had their differences and their own unique attributes

"What brought this on?" Scott asked annoyed at being lectured at

"You attacked lance and the others twice today without getting all the facts first" Naruto said

"So? They are not on our side anyway" Scott said rolling his eyes

""Well isn't that republican of you." Naruto snarked at him with a growl

"Ooh" Evan said as the girls brought hands to their mouths

"They are all ok. The only one that's an asshole is speed boy. " Naruto said "so start actually acting like a leader before I decide I take over" he said getting in his car with Betsy and Jean

"Whoa, when'd you get a camaro?" Kitty asked as she liked newer cars

"Fews days ago, wanna ride? There's still some room" Naruto said before Betsy pulled on his ear

"Down boy" Betsy said condescendingly

"Sure! Let's go Rogue" Kitty said dragging Rogue along with her

"Yea we can start your training Rogue" Naruto said with a smile

"Sounds good sugar" Rouge said with a smile

Naruto looked back at her "you hitting on me?" He asked surprised

"Maybe" Rogue said with a smile and a wink at him

"First time a girl has flirted back to me." Naruto said just realizing that fact

"Come on Jubilee and you too Clarice" Kitty said making room in the car as they got in the car

"Lucky bastard." Evan said as Naruto drove off with a car full of pretty girls

"Pretty sure, luck is one of his powers" Scott said making a excuse

'Ain't no luck that powerful' Kurt thought to himself

(Few hours later)

"Are you really calling yourself Arsenal?" Kitty asked

"Better than what Jean called herself a while back" Naruto said

"Jean had a code name?" Emma asked with a smirk pointed at jean

"Yeah, pfft, Marvel Girl" Naruto said making the others laugh as Jean huffed and blushed from embarrassment "Check out her old suits." he said as he pulled up pictures of them from his phone

"Don't you dare!" Jean said reaching for his phone but missed

"You wore a mask like Hawkeye used to?" Jubilee said laugh lightly looking at Jean's first suit "We didn't know you liked it rough" she said laughing louder at how her second outfit looked

Jean's blush darkened feeling even more embarrassed "I-I thought I could make my own suits" she said

"Yeah well all you did was make good boner material" Naruto said laughing and soon stopped as Jean gave him a migraine "Ah, not cool!" he said

"So how do you think you can help me gain control of my powers?" Rogue asked excited to hear this

"Well I may have a few powers that could help you." Naruto said getting shocked looks from the girls

"Like what?" Rouge asked curiously

"Maybe an energy based power I have a few" Naruto said as energy seemed like a good power considering Rogue drained who she touched

"So how does this work sugar? Do I… have to kiss you for it to transfer?" Rogue asked with a smirk

"Well, we could" Naruto said walking towards her but Betsy grabbed his ear

"Easy and since when are you a flirt?" Betsy asked Rogue

"Since she's been reading flirting books" Kitty said as they shared a room and she saw her reading books on how to flirt with a guy

"All it needs is physical contact" Naruto said as he rubbed his ear

"Well let's do this ah trust ya whiskers." Rogue said with a smile

"Damn her accent makes me crazy," Naruto thought as he held Rogue's hands and energy began to flow from him into her arms

"Whoa." Rogue said as she felt charged and soon felt a massive flow of energy

'What the hell?' Naruto thought as Rogue unconsciously tried to drain him of his own energy power but he stopped it immediately

Rogue soon began to glow in orange light "Whoa, hey now!" she said as she began to float upward towards the ceiling "Someone get me down, or up or something!" she said as she was going in circles

"Looks like she can use the energy she absorbs to fly" Naruto said with a thoughtful look

"So she got your dad's power." Kurama said

"Seriously someone stop the spinning, ugh, I feel lunch coming up" Rogue said as she got dizzy

Naruto flew up and caught Rogue and helped her stay still "Thank you." she said

"Since when can you fly Naruto?" Blink asked

"Always I just haven't had a reason to use it" Naruto said

"Are you really surprised at this point?" Kitty asked as Naruto was showing new powers all the time

"Hey Naruto, have her touch something." Kurama said as he had a theory

Rogue steadied herself in the air and punched a wall leaving a dent in the metal

"Woah " Kitty said seeing her best friend dent the metal wall of the danger room like it was nothing

"So she also got my one of my super strength powers " Naruto said seeing that was impressive

"I'm sorry" Rogue said feeling like she stole something from Naruto

"Oh it's fine I have plenty of powers that are strength based. I can spare one for you." Naruto said with a smile

"So besides probably being able to shoot energy beams can she actually touch someone now?" Kitty asked curiously

"Yea that's the main goal here." Jubilee said

"I don't know, let's check any volunteers?" Naruto said as he couldn't test it as he was immune to it anyway

Everyone stepped back but Jean who looked back and noticed how they just stepped back

"Thanks Red, come on" Naruto said with a grin

Jean glared at the others but floated up to them "One of you better catch me if I fall" she said shooting another dirty look at the others

Naruto floated down and stood under Jean "don't worry I got ya beautiful" he said with a smile

"You're just down there to stare at my ass" Jean said while looking at the other girls with a superior smirk as she knew they were jealous

"Well there's that" Naruto said not denying as he sent Jean's ass a nice look

"Let's get this over with" Jean said as she put her hand forward for Rogue to touch and when Rogue touched it nothing happened

Rogue smiled in pure joy and flew at Naruto and hugged him "I can control my powers!" She said in joy getting cheers from everyone

Naruto smiled at her being happy but was surprised when Rogue pulled him into a kiss silencing everyone there

Naruto was stunned as a girl has never stolen a kiss from him before

'That bitch!' The other girls thought in jealousy seeing her do this

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did sugah?" Rogue asked putting emphasis on her accent

"Oh yeah, sugah" Naruto said in a mock accent which made the southern belle laugh as she kissed him again this time with more tongue 'thought she was from Mississippi not France' he thought absent mindedly

"Alright enough" Betsy said pulling Rogue back

"You're no fun." Naruto said pouting as Betsy always did this

Betsy then tackled him to the floor and grinded against him and kissed him even more erotically than Rogue 'still think I'm not fun?' she told him mentally

'I can't think straight now' Naruto thought as the blood in his body was leaving his brain

"Ugh really?" Jean said as she separated them two "Can we act a little appropriately and maturely?" she asked

"What you want a turn?" Betsy asked knowingly with a smirk

"Ok I'm out of here before I pass out" Jubilee said as her face had turned as bright as her top

"Same" Kitty said full of jealousy

Emma was biting her lip watching this but shook her head to focus "such a disgusting display." she said not fooling anyone that she wanted to be in her fellow telepath's place

"Ditto" Blink said making a portal as her Jubilee Kitty and Emma left

"Let's go show the others the good news about Rogue" Jean said grabbing Betsy and Rogue and dragged them out of the room

"Damn now I'm gonna have blue balls for a while." Naruto thought pouting

"Wait for me in your room tonight." Betsy's voice said in his head sensually

'Thank you god.' Naruto thought to himself happily

'You realize other telepaths can hear you.' Jean said in his head as they were on an open line

'Hey ether block us out or join in don't be a party pooper luv' Betsy thought at her and Emma

'We just might' Emma said as she only had so much control

'So glad the professor isn't on this' Naruto thought glad he blocked out the old man from hearing this

'Yeah' Jean said as the thought of this being heard by anyone else sounded mortifying

'You planning on joining or continue to kill the mood and blue ball him?' Betsy said to Jean

'S-sure' Jean said to her mentally


(few hours later)

Naruto exited his private bathroom and walked into his room after finishing in his shower before seeing Jean, Betsy and Emma on his bed

Betsy was in her hero uniform but lacking the boots and the gloves

Emma was wearing a tight white corset and a tight white thong and high heels

Jean was wearing some nice red lingerie bra and panties while having a very dark blush on her face

The three girls looked down as a certain part of Naruto's towel lifted up making them very excited

'Finally something fit for a queen' Emma thought lustfully

Betsy crawled off the bed and sensually crawled to him "You been wanting this as bad as I have?" she asked him as she rubbed his covered bulge

"I haven't been obvious?" Naruto asked her curiously

"You have it's just so hard to approach a man you love" Betsy said as she rubbed his covered cock against her face

Betsy removed his towel and all three women's pussies moistened as they looked at his third leg

"How big is that monster?" Emma asked wanting an answer

"16 inches long 5 inches wide" Naruto said seeing them shiver in feared delight

"A real bitch breaker" Betsy said happily as she nuzzled his cock and looked up at him with a sensual look in her eyes

"Get to work" Emma said impatiently wanting pleasure

"Don't order us around" Betsy said as she hated the blondes superior attitude

"Fine" Emma said grabbing the back of Betsy's head and rammed her mouth against Naruto's cock making the woman deep throat it "see no orders" she said with a grin

Betsy gagged against Naruto's cock as he groaned from the sudden action

Jean held onto Naruto's arm placing it between her breasts and watched as Betsy sucked him off before Naruto pulled her into a kiss as he petted Betsy's hair

Emma grabbed Naruto's free arm and placed it between her mounds "if you are a king prove how worthy you are to have us in your harem" she said whispering into his ear wanting to be wrecked and devastated by someone she respected and found worthy of her

Naruto grabbed Betsy and began fucking her throat roughly as Emma and Jean kissed his shoulders and his pecks wanting to give him attention

Betsy rubbed her pussy through her one piece uniform feeling pleasure from how rough Naruto was being 'you have always treated me right you've saved my life and given me purpose and after tonight you can have my body any way you want.' she said to him mentally

Naruto roared as he erupted down her throat making her let out a surprise moan as her eyes widened in shock on how much and how heavy and thick his load was before she fell back while he was still cumming causing his load to shoot all over her body

"Guess we get a taste too." Emma said as she brought her fingers to Betsy's body and tasted it and moaned and shivered finding it delicious as did Jean

"Tastes like ramen" Betsy said shivering in bliss from what just happened

"Not surprised considering how much of it he eats" Jean said with a chuckle

Betsy then moved the part of her leotard that covered her pussy showing she was primed and ready 'come and get it luv.' she thought at him sensuality

As Naruto rubbed himself against Betsy's lower lips Jean continued to clean her of Naruto's seed

Emma took the opportunity to finger Jean's pussy very fast and very rough making the redhead scream in pleasured surprise

"I'm glad my room is soundproof" Naruto said as he did so after his nightmare fiasco

Naruto pushed himself inside of Betsy making her shout as she felt her pussy begin to stretch out

"Bet you wish that was you getting his first time, slut" Emma said to Jean seeing the desperation and carnal craving in her eyes

After Naruto got all of himself inside of Betsy's pussy he leaned forward and groped her still covered breasts

"I've wanted this ever since you started using this outfit" Naruto said as he growled in pleasure

Betsy moaned in surprise as he ripped her top off exposing her breasts making her smile as it was always her sole intention to show off her body to him "and now my body is yours" she said while moaning like a slut

Naruto thrusted into her roughly while he sucked on her tits making her moan loudly "such a desperate girl" he said as Betsy moaned even louder

"Considering how long I've waited for this, ah, I'm very desperate" Betsy said as she had dreamed of this for so long

"I getting close Betsy where you want me to cum?" Naruto panted as he felt he was almost there

"Inside me!" Betsy said as she wrapped her arms and legs around him wanting him to unleash his load in the deepest part of her

'Damn that's hot' Naruto thought as he groaned as he climaxed from hearing her say she wanted his seed

Emma and Jean watched as Betsy's stomach bloated slightly from the sheer volume of Naruto's cum that flooded into her 'thank god we got birth control' they thought knowing if they took that load they'd be knocked up for sure

Naruto pulled out of Betsy panting trying to catch his breath

"Tired, luv?" Emma asked teasingly

"Not at all" Naruto said as they saw his dick stand tall and proud showing no signs of becoming flaccid "I think it's time for the queen to be put in her place" he said as he pulled Emma over to him by her foot and mounted her and pulled her into a heated kiss and ripped off her thong making her gasp in surprise

"And what is my place?" Emma asked nervously as she felt his member rub her lips

"Where I say it is Jean sit on her face" Naruto said making the redhead jump as she got on her face

Naruto grinned as his eyes flashed orange

Emma and Jean moaned as their minds were filled with them and Naruto in various erotic and sexual positions making them even wetter than before

Naruto pushed himself inside of Emma causing her to scream into Jean's pussy

Emma had the same idea as Naruto as she focused on Jean's mind showing her images of the redhead in sexual submissive positions to the blonde telepath


Inside a construct of a certain house belonging to a certain redhead laid a cage that held a special bird and that cage soon had one of it's bars bend creating a small opening

(with Jean)

As Jean's eyes rolled upward into her head from feeling bliss seeing herself and Naruto in all those sexual positions, her eyes also flashed orange for a moment

Emma's eyes widened as she suddenly felt her mind being filled images of her in sexual submissive positions with Jean and Naruto dominating her

"Uh, Jean?" Naruto asked as various things in his room was lifting into the air as her hair lifted up

"Huh?" Jean said as her hair went back down as did everything else in the room

"Looks like our good girl lost control from the pleasure she was feeling" Betsy said with a smile as she hugged Naruto from behind and kissed his shoulder

'That didn't feel like Jean, it felt like something else entirely' Naruto thought to himself as he slowed down his thrusts into Emma

"Hey what gives?" Emma asked pushing Jean off her very excited but wouldn't admit it

"Hey!" Jean said getting in her face

"Oh go play with the Brit so I can finally get off me and you can establish who's top bitch later" Emma said with a smirk

Jean growled as her hair stood up again

"Alright, enough" Naruto said as he smacked their asses making them yelp and he felt Emma get way tighter "Alright Jean, not that I'm complaining about this new side of you, but don't fight you'll all get your turns. And you little miss rich girl, stop ordering everyone around" he said sternly making the woman in white quiet down

Emma pulled the strings on her corset and removed it showing him her impressive breasts "Don't worry Jean you'll get a body like this someday" she said with a grin

Unknown to everyone Jean's eyes flashed red for a moment she then felt Betsy put her hand on her shoulder "relax luv let's let Naruto train her a bit while I prep you for him." She said with a smirk as she pulled Jean to her as they kissed and Betsy slowly kissed down her body giving Jean's nipples and stomach some extra attention before she made it to her pussy and started to eat her out

Jean's eyes flashed orange again as she moaned loudly

'What's going on with her?' Naruto thought to himself as he caught her eyes flashing orange

"Come my king, show your white queen who truly rules" Emma said having many thoughts of Naruto to dominate her to assert his power over her

Naruto flipped Emma onto her hands and knees and smacked her ass "So my queen wishes to be dominated?" he said as he leaned in close to her ear "Be careful what you wish for" he whispered dominantly into her ear

Emma felt a shiver run up her spine before screaming as Naruto began pounding her pussy like a animal moaning even louder as Naruto roughly groped her breasts as he licked her neck

"Like any wild animal, don't tease it, just like you shouldn't tease Naruto" Betsy said with her face covered in Jean's pussy juices

"Holy jesus" Jean said as she panted from Betsy's actions

"You think that's impressive look at Emma" Betsy said as Naruto did a much better job than her

They then looked at Emma and where surprised by what they saw

"Fuck me my king!" Emma screamed drooling with a crazed look of pleasure on her face as Naruto had her hair in his hand as he forced her head down into the pillow so she couldn't move

"That's right bitch, I am the king, your alpha!" Naruto said as his eyes flashed red for a moment

Jean felt herself getting hotter seeing this and couldn't wait for her turn wanting to give Naruto everything

Naruto roared as he began cumming inside of Emma's pussy making the woman scream in bliss as she came hard soaking the bed

Naruto finished cuming and pulled away from Emma making her whine lightly feeling the loss of his cock inside her

Naruto turned to Jean ready to take her next when he felt a force push him on his back onto the bed next to Emma

"Let me take care of you" Jean said as she crawled onto Naruto and kissed him while taking his cock into her hand and started pumping it wanting to be sure it's ready for her

"I want to ride you like the stud you are" Jean whispered into his ear as she mounted his cock and rubbed it against her pussy teasing him slightly

"Wow Jean, what's gotten into you?" Naruto asked slightly impressed

"You're about to" Jean said licking her lips as her eyes flashed orange again, but this time Naruto saw the image of some kind of bird

Jean screamed in pleasure as he penetrated her 'lets have some fun' she thought flooding images into Betsy and Emma's mind 'you will please him and myself' she thought to them commandingly

Betsy and Emma felt weak to deny her and did as they were told

'Lick my ass Emma you aren't the Queen I am' Jean thought superiorly and happily firmly making her claim

Emma shook wanting to deny Jean not wanting to be beneath her

'I gave you an order Emma now do it' Jean thought her voice carrying much more power

Emma finally gave in and did as she was told and licked Jean's puckered hole

Naruto smacked Jean's ass making her jump and her eyes turn back to normal "Huh?" she said as she shook her head

'I'm definitely looking into that' Naruto thought as that wasn't Jean at all but someone or something else entirely

Jean leaned forward squishing her breasts against his chest and kissed Naruto

Naruto then grabbed her hips thrusted into her pussy making her moan loudly into the kiss

Naruto continued to thrust into her making Jean moan loudly

"I've never felt so alive" Jean moaned as she placed her hands on his abs and bounced on his cock feeling him stretch out her pussy

"Who knew you would enjoy this so much you're just a bad girl aren't you? Naruto asked as he spanked her ass hard leaving a red mark

"It's always those prim and proper ones" Betsy said as Jean always was a straight laced girl coloring inside the lines

"Yeah!" Jean said as her hair lifted up again As she bounced even harder on his cock making the headboard of Naruto's bed start smacking against the wall "Can you feel it? It's like I'm soaring, on the wings of the Phoenix!" she yelled not knowing why she spoke that particular line

"I'm cumming soon Jean." Naruto groaned as her pussy got hotter

"Do it! Fill my pussy up, fill your bitch full of your cream!" Jean yelled her eyes glowing bright the light shining brightly in the room

"Fuck!" Naruto yelled as he came hard filling Jean with his seed

Jean yelled in pure lust as she came and fell on his chest barely awake

Naruto got up off the bed and looked at his lovers who were all on his bed" let's up the fun" he said as pink mist came off his skin and when the girls smelled it there eyes dilated and they all started panting like bitches in heat

Unknown to Naruto a certain violet hair colored telepath was broadcasting the events to certain females in the mansion

Ororo was panting in lust as she couldn't sleep because of the images in her head 'he's not gonna beat me this easy' she thought sweating knowing he or one of his girls was sending this to her and even though she wanted to deny it she wanted to stuff and play her pussy with something large and the image of Naruto's cock wouldn't leave her mind

Meanwhile with Jubilee and Blink they were in there shared room making out as the images where to much and they needed relief so they decided to play with each other currently jubilee was eating blink out while she growled in pleasure "good girl." She said petting her hair as she ate her pussy

Meanwhile Kitty and Rogue were in the middle of making out with each other on Kitty's bed as Rogue took full advantage of being able to touch another person and abused her super strength dominating the kissing between them

Rogue yelped in surprise when kitty pinched her ass "god it feels good to feel again." She thought as she continued to dominate kitty


Later that night, Naruto looked at Jean who was sleeping on his chest and decided to take a look inside her mind to see just what was causing her eyes to flash orange and red

(Inside Jean's mnd)

"Everything's so organized, so what's gotten into you, Jean?" Naruto said to himself as he saw himself inside of a house with pictures of her memories

"Who goes there?" A deep female voice spoke out through the halls

"Okay, that's not right" Naruto said as he then found himself pulled into a room that looked like he was in outer space "Cool" he said

Suddenly flames appeared in front of him that took the form of a phoenix "Who do you think you are invading this mind" the bird asked him in anger and soon froze 'he's different' it thought as it pushed aside everything and peared at his very core

"Okay I'm gonna assume what's been going on with Jean while we fucked was you?" Naruto asked

"Yes, for so long she has kept me buried by being so prim and proper and accomplished but the moment she truly let her emotions free, I got a opening, I am the Phoenix Force" the Phoenix said to him not mentioning her hatred for Charles Xavier being the one to trap her to begin with

"Why are you here? How did you get here?" Naruto asked

"Life starts a new in different ways I am born after each time a host of mine dies I am a Primordial force that defies death" the phoenix said 'the bitch' she thought to herself

"No, I meant what are you doing inside of Jean?" Naruto asked

"She is my newest host plain and simple" the phoenix said to him

"Are your intentions evil? Do you wish to harm her?" Naruto asked

"I am neither good nor evil but I can guarantee Jean will be safe my force serves my host" the phoenix said to him

"Why haven't we seen signs of you beforehand? Like I figured Jean would be showing off your powers if she could" Naruto asked

"Because Charles Xavier sealed me off which is quite dangerous for Jean" the phoenix said to him

'This feels familiar' Naruto thought to himself

"Jean was lucky she broke me free breaking my cage ever so slightly otherwise...she would've gone insane you can thank your professor for that I was never meant to be cut off from my host such a stupid thing to do" the phoenix said to him

"If I free you from your cage completely, what will you do?" Naruto asked

"You think you can?" the phoenix said chuckling slightly "and like I said before boy I serve my host so the real question you should be asking is what will Jean choose because for every light there is darkness" she said neutrally

"Well if you being free will help her then you should be free, besides what I saw while you were freeing yourself was hot and I think that was the true Jean, someone who can freely show her emotions"

"Exactly, when I first started showing myself Xavier believed me to be a intentity seeking to destroy the girl, but really that was her body slowly trying to adjust to me." the Phoenix said

"I gained the powers of a entity that has more power than Xavier does, perhaps that can be what can set you free" Naruto said

"Careful child, Jean could choose to use my powers the wrong way compared to your way" the Phoenix said finding his intentions to be pure

"Yeah but she deserves to choose for herself, where's your cage? I can open it a little bit more to allow you to gradually free yourself at a faster pace" Naruto asked

"Deep within her subconscious thanks to Xavier" the Phoenix said still harboring a great hatred for the man in the chair

"I'll do it if you promise not to harm Xavier, as stupid as it was to cage you, he thought he was doing the right thing and I don't want to see him hurt" Naruto said as it was a pretty big mess up for Charles to mess with something this big

"After what he did?!" The Phoenix squawked in anger

"That's the deal" Naruto said firmly

"You drive a hard bargain boy" the Phoenix said as she agreed as she knew forgetting her vengeance was a small price to pay for freedom "I see something dark within you, a beast that could possibly rival my own power with such strength and ferocity, what is it?" she asked

"None of your business, it's something that I've been cursed with by Weapon X and Sinister, and I'm not gonna stop until he pays" Naruto said as his shadow transformed into a beast like figure for a moment

"Whatever you say child, but I've found acceptance is a powerful thing" The Phoenix said giving him that rare piece of advice she never gave her hosts as it was a matter of self discovery

"Let's agree to disagree" Naruto said as the Phoenix took him to where the rest of itself was being held

(With Jean)

Jean smiled in her sleep as a small glowing orange aura came over her as she nuzzled into Naruto's chest

'I know you'll make the right choices' Naruto thought to himself

(The next day)

"Shopping? I don't really care but why?" Scott asked curiously

"Jean's been talking about upgrading her wardrobe" Naruto said as Jean had a newer personality

"Is she okay? She's been acting weird all morning" Scott said finding her behavior odd

"She's just… being more true to who she is" Naruto said as he felt unlocking the phoenix made Jean more intune with herself

"And the reason why everyone else is going?" Scott asked curiously as he much prefer to spend time detailing his car

"I figured we could add everyone else so we could make a day out of it I mean it is Saturday, unless you have something better to do" Naruto said

"Well I wanted to tune up my car" Scott said as he was planing that for weeks

"We're busy too Naruto me and Kurt have a online match to play thanks for the ps5 by the way" Evan said desperately wanting to get to his game

"Guess it's just me and the girls" Naruto said with a grin

"Something tells me you planned it that way" Scott said frowning

"I don't know what you mean." Naruto said walking to the door when he saw Ororo "hey gorgeous want to come with us?" He asked with a smile

Ororo blushed and decided to keep walking

"She wants me" Naruto said confidently

"Oh stop teasing her sugar she has yoga on Saturdays " Rogue said to him

"Maybe I should stay here" Naruto said wanting to see Ororo in yoga pants as the girls grabbed him and pulled him to his car

"Not happening whiskers let's go" kitty said from the back seat of his car

"Yea we need a man's opinion on our new outfits." Blink said activating her holowatch

"Meaning you want me to look at you in stuff hoping I faint from looking" Naruto said

"Pretty much." Jubilee said giggling

"Let's go girls, time to have some fun!" Jean said

"What's gotten into her?" Kitty asked

"I don't know but I kinda like it" Rogue said as she didn't like Jean much before but now had a different view on the redhead

Naruto drove them to the mall

(Few hours later)

"You plan on making him buy the whole mall Jean?" Betsy asked as Naruto was carrying tons of bags

"I want to have plenty to show off to him" Jean said as she placed a hand on her hip "plus I asked his mother for some tips" she said with a grin

"Nice" Emma said becoming a little impressed

"Can we take a damn break, my arms are about to fall off" Naruto said buried in clothing

"I guess" Jean said before Naruto dropped all the bags as the girls went into changing rooms and he then fell through a portal in the floor


"You love abusing that power don't you?" Naruto asked Blink as they were on a beach and she was in a green and pink bikini

"After what Betsy did last night sending what you were doing to them, I need you now" Blink said

"You're gonna have to be more specific" Naruto asked her feigning ignorance

Blink clawed as his clothes "I need you to wreck me" she said in primal lust

Naruto smelled her and could smell her hormones and when his eyes flashed red he grinned as he pinned her down "Don't worry my Elf, your alpha will take care of you" he said seeing her shiver

"Come on, impress me big boy, scratch my itch" Blink said teasingly placing her hands behind her head and shook her breasts swaying them wanting to entice him

Naruto yanked his pants down and moved her lower bikini aside as he thrusted inside of her and groped her breasts

"G-guess you don't believe in foreplay huh" Blink said as she tried to hold back her moans of pleasure as even though she liked foreplay she much preferred to be fucked stupid

Naruto picked her up by her hips and thrusted up into her as he moved her bikini top aside to suck on her tits and soon moved to her neck kissing and sucking it before he lightly bit her

'Hope he leaves a mark' Blink thought finding that very erotic and hot to be marked by him

Naruto put her on her hands and knees as he pounded her like the animal he knew was inside of her

Blink screamed as she reached behind to hold Naruto's head closer to her neck feeling his fangs bite into her 'leave a mark' she thought repeatedly wanting a mark to be left

Naruto roared as he came inside of her making her scream in bliss as she came with him

'Guess I have a type' Blink thought as she could only blame her father as he clearly affected her choice in men

Blink felt nervous as Naruto flipped her onto her back and looked down at her with a primal look in his eyes as he poked her back hole 'Don't say anything' she thought wanting him to just take her and she soon got her wish when he thrusted into her ass making her scream

He leaned down and licked her breasts while looking her in the eyes that same primal look in his eyes which really turned her on as her own animalistic instincts kicked in as she scratched his back

"Who's your alpha?" Naruto growled out thrusting into her ass even harder

"You!" Blink said submitting herself knowing she was the weaker one between them

"Damn right" Naruto said as he had a feral grin on his face

Blink screamed in bliss as Naruto roared filling her insides with his seed causing her to climax very hard

"Your ass is mine" Naruto said whispering into her ear as he squeezed her ass roughly

"Yes it is" Blink said as she panted in lust submitting herself to him "I'll be your little fuck pet." she said as all he needed to do was say the word

"Let's get back before the girls figure out you stole me away for playtime." Naruto said helping Blink up

"Alright" Blink said in slight disappointment


(few days later)

"Kid I fucking love this" Logan said as he laughed seeing his rival fight Naruto

"It was her idea not mine" Naruto said as he was trying to not get mauled by Sabertooth

"You're dead runt you hear me dead!" Sabertooth said in fury having every intention of ripping him to shred Naruto to pieces

"Grr, back off!" Naruto said as he blasted Sabertooth through a tree with a blast from his palms "how screwed am I" he asked Logan

"Kid if I had a daughter you'd be mauled so you're screwed for life" Logan said as he laughed wishing he had a beer to fully enjoy this

"Oh like you have a daughter Logan." Naruto growled as his fingernails elongated as he got on all fours as he thought the odds of him having a daughter he would be interested in where pretty low

"I see Weapon X put some of me into you runt" Sabretooth said in a neutral tone

"Thankfully it's a knockoff of your power so I don't look like a dirty hippie with all that hair" Naruto said not knowing if he meant what he said as a insult or compliment

Sabretooth growled as he charged while Naruto ran at him on all fours before he jumped up and caught Sabretooth's head between his legs and flipped and flung Sabertooth across the yard

"My life is so fucked" Naruto said as he knew he couldn't kill him as he was still Blink's father

"That's the price you pay" Logan said as he had paid similar prices with exes who hunted him down

"This ain't funny you fucking living fossil!" Naruto said as he saw Logan's smirk

"You're right it is hilarious good luck at least I don't have to deal with this ass as much" Logan said as after decades of fighting Sabertooth it got old and enjoyed his peace

Naruto growled as he blasted Logan in the face sending him flying

(Few hours later)

"Yea yea keep laughing see if I decide to sleep with you again" Naruto said as Blink was laughing hard at the fact her dad tried to kill him

"I'm sorry I just didn't think he would care this much." Blink said trying and failing to not laugh

"You are the only person he gives a rats ass about" Naruto said as Sabertooth hated everyone and only put up with others

"True" Blink said as she knew her father didn't have a fondness for people

(Few days later)

"Okay the Juggernaut, is your brother?!" Naruto said to Charles

"Well stepbrother actually" Charles said wanting to clarify

"Still, the guy who can dance with the fucking Hulk is your brother?!" Naruto said still shocked not seeing Logan scoff at that still thinking he could take on the Hulk and win

"Yes" Charles said simply

"And you sent everyone but me to freaking camp we're dead" Naruto said as he doubted he could steal the Juggernaut's power

"Can't you just take his powers?" Logan asked curiously

"I doubt it, with how much he has, do you not know how long I'd have to be touching him to do that?" Naruto said as he was sure he'd be killed in that time

"How'd he get out of his facility?" Storm asked curiously

"Someone freed him" Charles said as that was the only possibility

"Mystique, that bitch!" Naruto said as it had to be her "well time to bring my A game Logan sorry but you will be ripped in half" he said as Logan could still be ripped in half

"Sorry kid but how exactly are you going to stop him? I don't think you have a power that can stop him" Logan said thinking Naruto was in over his head

"I may have one, but I don't want to use it not unless I have no choice" Naruto said as his eyes flashed red

"You're going to use one of the powers Weapon X gave, aren't you?" Logan asked knowing Naruto didn't like to use powers that weapon X facility 'gave' him

"It's probably the only one that can stop him, but Logan if I get out of control, I'm counting on you being the one to take me down" Naruto said

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ororo asked

"This particular power I have no control over, I'll be a mindless beast whose only desire is to destroy so if I go wild and start attacking everyone, take me down" Naruto said as he left

(few hours later)

"You and me big guy you want Charles you gotta go through me" Naruto said in front of the mansion

Cain Marko pushed Naruto sending him flying through the mansion doors

"Charming" Mystique said as she walked in behind Juggernaut

"I'm so going to kill you" Naruto said as he glared at her as he and Juggernaut were in a shoving match with Juggernaut pushing him backwards

"You're out of your league kid, nothing stops the Juggernaut" Juggernaut said confidently

"Except me" Naruto said throwing him far back "you and me big guy you want a challenge than fight the guy at the top of the food chain"

Naruto looked up as Juggernaut slammed his fist down sending him through the mansion

"Finally some decent action" Juggernaut said with a grin

(Few minutes later)

Naruto groaned as he got flung into the danger room

"You brute, what did you do sit on Cerebro? What about our deal?!" Mystique said

"I don't make deals" Juggernaut said as he flung Mystique over to where Charles was

"Funny how the tables turn bitch" Naruto said as he tackled Juggernaut

Naruto coughed up a glob of blood as Juggernaut stepped on him and kicked him aside

"You've got spunk kid I like that" Juggernaut said with a grin

"That's it!" Logan said as he charged only to get backhanded

As Marko walked over to Charles he easily demolished the danger room defenses and just as he was about to touch him Marko was lifted up by Jean as the others and the brotherhood boys showed up

"His helmet" Logan said before he lost consciousness

"Screw that back off" Naruto said as he glared at the others

"Oh shit is gonna get real" Toad said hoping on top of Blob

"Do you need to keep getting humbled kid? You can't hurt me" Juggernaut said as he laughed at him

Naruto roared as he charged only to get punched in the gut sending him to the ceiling and then punched again as he descended causing him to slide across the floor but he just got up again

Everyone was amazed he wasn't dead and wanted to intervene but the look on his face told them to back off

"Lets see how much you can take bitch" Naruto said as his hands glowed so bright in orange light it was blinding

When he ran to Juggernaut punching the invincible man just walked through it before getting him in a bear hug and when Juggernaut let go he kicked Naruto in the face sending him past the others and laid on the ground

"Anyone else want to try? I'm enjoying the workout" Juggernaut said until he noticed something wet on his face "seriously kid lose any more blood and you'll bleed out" he said to Naruto as he wiped the blood away only to see more appear and as he repeated the cycle he saw that he was bleeding "You actually made me bleed, not bad kid" he said as he began to laugh in pure joy and excitement

Naruto was unconscious now so he couldn't reply

"You bastard!" Jean said in anger filled worry

Suddenly Naruto's eyes shot open red and slitted as he got back up causing everyone to stop, his skin began to tear like paper as red orange fur came out of the tears before he began to growl like a primal animal and as he stood up the other saw him

"Whoa he's a werewolf" Toad said in surprise

"Werefox" Betsy said as she had seen this before

When Naruto fully got up his skin fell off and his jaw elongated like a canine's

"Oh shit" Pietro said as he got out of the way as Naruto roared at Juggernaut

Naruto ran at him and this time completely overpowered Juggernaut as this time he was the one getting pushed backwards before he began clawing at anything he could reach like a wild animal

"So this is what the kid meant, god whiskers what did they do to you" Logan said as he felt what the facility did to him was weak in comparison as this was seemingly much worse

The beast Naruto managed to tear off Marko's helmet before he slashed at his face leaving a mark causing Marko to scream in pain

"Stop" Jean yelled unknowingly unleashing a psychic blast at Naruto

Naruto roared at her as he sent a blast back knocking her back before he continued beating Juggernaut

"He's gonna kill him" Lance said a little unsure if they should stop him

Naruto roared as he brought Juggernaut down on one of the machines

"Stop kid, you won!" Logan said putting a hand on Naruto's shoulder

Naruto roared as he whipped around and slammed his fist into Logan's side sending him flying

"Naruto don't make me do this" Psylocke said as she made a sword appear

Naruto roared at her before holding his head as Charles blasted him with multiple psychic blasts as did Jean and Emma before he fell down and changed back lightly snoring as his skin grew back

(Few hours later)

"How do you feel?" Logan asked as Naruto was in the infirmary and he sat right beside him

"Is everyone alive?" Naruto asked him simply

"Yeah and nice work baffling Charles he's amazed you cut Juggernaut...and Juggernaut respects you be careful of that kid respect means a lot of things" Logan said as he knew that respect was different for everyone

"Now you see why I was alone whenever I get furious or lose my cool, that thing comes out and I have no control of it, it just attacks everything around it" Naruto said

"I've been there, like when I have a berserker rage" Logan said as he had been drugged and lost himself to bloodlust more times than he cared to admit

"Sometimes I feel like I'm just a bomb, and I'm ticking" Naruto said looking up at the ceiling

"Get some rest kid you've earned it" Logan said simply

"Well that was nuts" Kurama said as he approached Logan

"And where the hell have you been?" Logan asked curiously

"Sleeping" Kurama said simply scratching his ear

"You know I think it's time you earned your keep around here as that's all you do is eat and sleep" Logan said

"I don't answer to you the moment you think I do I'll piss and shit in your bed" Kurama said seriously

"At least have some thing for him, he went berserk and you didn't even do anything, let alone show up! With friends like you, who needs enemies" Logan said

Kurama growled at him but knew he was right "I didn't want to see him fight" he said as he would never admit it but Naruto was family

"Didn't want to see, or was just afraid?" Logan said as he walked past the fox

"I don't want to see my best friend like that ok?!" Kurama yelled

"How do you think I felt? How those girls felt seeing him like that?" Logan said "you don't have any right to call him a friend if you are just gonna let him suffer without helping" he said

Kurama growled and grew to wolf size "say that again asshole!" he said ready to rip him to shreds

"Enough! Can't you see he's trying to sleep?" Ororo said looking at Naruto in the infirmary

The two looked at each other before huffing as they went their separate ways

"Since when can you grow like that?" Kurt asked as Kurama never did that before now

"I have other powers kid skunk hair wasn't the first he powered up" Kurama said pointing at Rogue

"What did you call me? I'll turn you into a hat!" Rogue said as she chased Kurama away

"Will he be okay?" Jean asked Betsy

"I don't know the last time he changed, he kept his distance for weeks, who knows what will happen this time" Betsy said as she knew Naruto's mind always went through the ringer each time he fought it

"We'll just have to be there to help him through this" Blink said as she would be persistent

"Yes as he has helped us with our own problems" Ororo saidas she looked at Naruto finally asleep

"Get better" Kurama said as everyone left to let him sleep

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