Omni-Naruto @pyrohelixdrago1
Chapter 3


"Hard to believe all those people are fighting in there" Kevin said as they drove speaking on a open line as he was doing some work while the others were elsewhere

"Is it?" Naruto said as he was working on his car

"Yes and no" Gwen said as after seeing someone break free from the control of a DNAlien parasite she called her brother after what happened to him and as much as it pained her to remember she asked him about it and what it was like

"I asked Copper to look into the omnitrix feature of genetic repair" Naruto said as he was glad he put a camera on his car that saw him removing the alien parasite earlier from a stray DNAlien that was acting more like the human underneath and gave it to Copper so he had something to work with

"This is all happening in our own backyard and we haven't been able to do much" Helen said in her apartment she shared with Swift

"You saw the completion and the numbers they had Naruto we're running out of time" Kevin said knowing they were outgunned and outnumbered and needed to do something fast

"Look here, apparently we're heading to a place that may have some, some guy came out of the desert talking about aliens, says he kept holding his head, he's locked up in the sheriff's office just a bit ahead of us" Naruto said as they all got ready

"Better than nothing I was getting bored" Kevin said

(1 hour later)

"I get this weird feeling from him" Gwen said as they were outside the sheriff's station and she was sensing the man in question

"Do any of you know what the DNAliens meant by Hyper Dimensional Oscillator key this guy has?" Swift asked as they prevented some DNAliens from barging in and collecting the man

"I know my tech but that sounds pretty important" Kevin said as alien tech was named cryptically for a reason so the technology would be undermined by less intelligent species

"Well let's get him and find out, guy had to come out of somewhere in the desert" Naruto said as he knew more and more would come for the man

They entered the police station and found the man sitting in the brig

"Mr. Tyler?" Helen said as she approached the bars

"Stay back" Tyler said seeing the girl as an alien

"Whoa easy, they're the good kind of aliens" Naruto said understanding the man's lack of trust

"We're here to help you" Gwen said

"You believe me?" Tyler asked skeptically

"Buddy we wouldn't be here if we didn't" Kevin said as he tore the bars off "Time for a early parole, come on" he said taking much joy breaking the bars as he sorta wished he was on the other side to make this even better

"Come on, take us to where you got onto the highway" Naruto said wanting to know what happened to him before he got to the police station

(Few minutes later on the road)

"Here it is, apparently a hyper dimensional oscillator is used to warp space, but why do they need it?" Helen asked

"They're making a Hyperspace warp gate in Los Soledad" Tyler said

"We know that" Swift said as they knew that and wondered what he knew

"Where are they planning on going?" Gwen asked curiously

"Not going, bringing, they're bringing their fleet here, that's all I can remember" Tyler said

"If they need an arc that big must be big" Helen said as the arc was hundreds of feet tall

"Kill your lights" Naruto said immediately

"Why?" Kevin asked wondering what the deal was

"Do it!" Naruto said as he saw DNAliens off the side of the road making him and Kevin turn off their cars' lights and soon a ship passed them by

"Right here, this is where I crashed my truck" Tyler said as he brought them

"That key must be in that truck" Naruto said as they began tearing it

"Dang you're lucky to be alive" Kevin said seeing the shape the truck was in

"Yeah and I have an idea why" Naruto said as he grabbed Tyler's face and removed a ID mask revealing Tyler's 'real form'

Tyler looked in Kevin's rear view mirror and saw himself as a DNAlien "I-I'm one, how?" he said not understanding how

"Lately we've been finding some that have actually fought the parasite that changes them, you must've been one of them and stole the key to stop their plans" Naruto said as that was his best guess and the least likely was that this was shear luck

"Uh guys, they spotted us" Kevin said as the DNAliens turned their attention from the truck to them

"Then let's kick some butt!" Helen said dropping her visor and raced at the DNAliens

"We have to keep them from that truck" Naruto said as if they were this desperate the truck must've been important

"That's kinda hard when that ship has a tractor beam" Kevin said pointing up to the ship over them

"Swift can we ice this thing?" Naruto asked the weapons specialist

Swift looked at the piece and fired a ray from her eyes and tail and focused it on one spot and soon saw her beams did nothing at all "nope" she said not knowing what else to expect as the jumpgate was apparently made of advanced high tech most of it must've been pretty strong to handle the strain

"Then we keep the key from them" Naruto said as he changed into Humungousaur

Tyler ran ahead and dodged some of the gun fire and launched some slimeballs at some

The ship's tractor beam fired at the key but Gwen made a shield to stop it "I can't keep this up forever" she said struggling to fight the ship's beam

"Stop" Naruto said loudly causing everyone to stop, he then approached the DNAliens

"What is he doing?" Kevin asked wondering what he was doing

"Here" Naruto said handing over the key

"Have you lost your damn mind" Kevin yelled at him

"There's not going to be any sacrifices on my watch" Naruto said as this was a losing battle as there was no way they could get the key away from them without major sacrifices

The ship took the key into itself while also taking the DNAliens with it before flying away

"It was a losing battle, and I'm not going to risk anyone's lives, especially the lives of my friends" Naruto said as he changed back

The others sighed in frustration

"Though they may have some trouble as I did a few things to the key before handing it over" Naruto said as that'd buy them some time

"Better than nothing, but what about me?" Tyler asked looking at his current state

"I can help you" Naruto said placing his hand on him and in a second Naruto ripped off the parasite "hope Cooper has a way to remove these things" he said as it took a lot of energy from the omnitrix to remove them

(few days later)

"Give me a reason" Minato said as he had a blaster aimed at an arachnichimp's head "you have the gall to try and use my son and endanger my home my planet" he said as Naruto immediately contacted him about this so called fortress on the moon

"Listen it was a job ok just a job I swear" Simian said as he got his ass throughly kicked by the human

"A job you knew that would endanger the planet" Minato said charging his blaster

"Hold on c'mon we can work something out please" Simian said in fear

"Information" Minato said simply "and you'll have my word I won't hurt you" he said as Simian then spilled the beans and gave him some good information

Simian was very relieved when Minato kept his word and walked away but the moment he turned around he saw a red anodite giving him a look that would have killed him dozens upon dozens of times

"He made a deal that he wouldn't hurt you me I agreed to nothing" Kushina said with a sadistic grin

Minato could only chuckle as he heard loud primal and monkey like screams from Simian from the distance as he was reminded his wife was not to be messed with

(few days later)

Naruto was currently sitting on the hood of his car looking to the stars knowing that the day was approaching where the battle was imminent and he knew he'd have to call in as much help as possible

"Hello grandson" Verdona said as she appeared before him

"Haven't married Gwen yet" Naruto said with a smirk

"Oh semantics now why did you call me?" Verdona asked seriously as she knew from Naruto's mana something was on the rise

"I honestly need your help teleporting" Naruto said simply

"Ah an advanced technique" Verdona said as teleportation was advanced even by anodite standards "your parents not teaching you" she asked as she knew Minato who could use mana to teleport studied 'magic' after meeting Kushina "honestly the people of Legerdemain weren't very protective of magical artifacts" she said a little sadly

"So can you teach me or teleport me some places?" Naruto asked her curiously "And yes they are teaching me I just need help from the best" he said

"Where….exactly?" Verdona asked a little curious

(Plumber academy)

"Naruto" Lucy Mann said in surprise seeing the earth hero, she had mid D cup breasts and a bubbly ass

"Hey Luce gotcha" Naruto said with a grin "also lets go I moved you up you've graduated" he said as due to his official plumber status and backing of the Galvan and a Tetremands and the war time he could speed things up for Lucy

"You'd never take the easy way unless it was important what's going on" Lucy asked as Naruto gave her a badge

"Invasion she'll teleport you to earth" Naruto said as Verdona waved her hand and Lucy was gone


"This is the most sadomasochist species in the universe" Naruto said as he saw the natives duking it out

"Ah yes certainly entertaining" Verdona said looking around

'She and my mom have too much in common' Naruto thought wondering if all anodites were like this

"So beloved what brings you to my planet?" Looma said as she approached him

"Wanna fight an invasion" Naruto asked and could literally see Looma's eyes gain stars and hearts

"Oh you wish to marry her early" Gar said as he approached "fighting an invasion together is relative to a shotgun wedding if I am to believe" he said to Naruto

"I don't know about that but I'm gonna need all the help I can get" Naruto said as this would be a minor inconvenience

"What are the odds?" Looma asked curiously

"10 to 1 in the enemies favor" Naruto said seeing her get even more excited

"Don't need to ask" Verdona said as she sent the very in more than one way excited princess to earth


"Been a while since I've been bowed to" Verdona said as she enjoyed it a little and decided to soak it in

"Hi Hope" Naruto said seeing Charmcaster shiver in delight seeing him use her real name "I need-yes" he was saying before she interrupted him

"Impressive" Verdona said amazed he made this girl so love struck for him "you do your ancestors proud" she said as she knew where the girl was from and saw many great things in her, she waved her hand and sent her to earth "anyone else?" she asked as she saw him let out a sigh


"Gotta say you are very brave coming here" Attea said with a chuckle as she sat on her throne "but sure I'm in" she said as she had many deadly weapons she wanted to try out

"And considering EightEight is working for you, I'm assuming that means she's in?" Naruto asked looking at the bounty hunter who nodded

(next day)

"You brought this jackass?" Kevin said to Naruto seeing Darkstar with him

"Hey we need all the bodies we can throw at this and besides we have a deal, he helps and I give him some mana to give him back his looks" Naruto said as he hated to do this he really did

"How do you know he won't just take your mana anyway?" Gwen asked as she looked at him with pure hate

"I'm taking a risk and besides if he does betray us he will have my mom to deal with" Naruto said as he knew that would be interesting

(few minutes later)

"I know" Naruto said those being the first words spoken between him and Azmuth as they sat in the car for a long while "but if we do nothing we die and you know that is much worse" he said as he and Azmuth were much alike neither willing to admit it but it was true

Azmuth looked up to the sky past the windshield looking somewhat apologetic and sad and soon let out a deep sigh "unlock master control" he said as the omnitrix did as instructed

"I'm sorry Azmuth you know I prefer peace but we're out of options" Naruto said as he stepped out and looked at Paradox and sighed "no spoilers" he said both knowingly and to himself

"All of the aliens inside the omnitrix are now at your disposal." Azmuth said

"Let me guess the whole 10 sets of aliens you put in was just for simplicity" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Yes and if you could give me a moment I can unlock all the predatory aliens stored inside the Predatrix for Zed" Azmuth said as the dog yips in excitement

"I didn't figure there was many" Naruto said as many creatures outlived their predators

"For every alien you have there is a predator and for some they are predators so she will have some of the predatory aliens you have like the Vulpimancer" Azmuth said as that was a predator species

Suddenly Kevin knocked on the door getting their attention "Get out of my seat" he said a little upset they were using his car and not Naruto's

Naruto got out of the car and saw everyone they brought, including Alan and Julie "Uh Julie?" he said

"Before you say anything, I needed to help because this is my home too, and if anything happened to you" Julie said before Naruto pulled her into a kiss

"I was gonna say be careful out there" Naruto said with a grin "keep her safe bud" he said looking at Ship who nodded and barked and made dozens of guns and weapons appear "Now let's move" he said the girls looking at him hotly seeing him be so commandingly

(1 hour later)

The group stood outside the town of Los Soledad

"Honestly wish I brought some booze" Kevin said as now seemed like a last call kinda moment

"Same honey" Turbine said as she showed up

"Turbine, what are you doing here?" Kevin asked surprised to see her

"To help" Turbine said with a smirk

Before Kevin could object armor began to go around Turbine similarly to the kind of armor Rojo wore "did you steal that?" he asked not knowing whether to be condescending, attracted, or impressed

"Yep, Cooper upgraded it, you like?" Turbine asked striking a pose

"Oh yeah" Kevin said as he stared at her slightly drooling

"Now look, nothing fancy, we take down the bypass and that stops this whole thing. We're all going home after this so watch each other's back. Also, some of you may hate me, the rest don't but honestly I couldn't ask for a better army to fight alongside" Naruto said as he knew he did somethings that started out rocky with some but Micheal was probably the only one that hated him he then dialed in a alien and changed "Cannonbolt!"

"Haven't seen him in a while" Gwen said as it was nice to see the classic

"What can I say, I'm feeling nostalgic" Naruto said as they walked in seeing much snow

"Snow?" Darkstar said a little confused as this was his first real dealing with the DNAliens

"They love the cold" Gwen said simply "Should've brought a jacket" she said tauntingly

"I have a feeling it's going to get pretty hot in here" Cannonbolt said looking ahead seeing the hordes of DNAliens in front of them

"Thankfully I finished these" Cooper said holding green blasters

"I should keep these" Kevin said thinking out loud getting blank stares from the others

"One shot will change them back to human" Cooper said passing them out to everyone

"I'll take two" Swift said as she'd be more effective with two as she was one of the few that could fly and was fast on the draw

The DNAliens soon appeared and surrounded the small group

"Charge!" Cannonbolt yelled as everyone charged as did the DNAliens

The DNAlien horde began to dwindle down as the guns were changing them to human

Cannonbolt jumped in the air and changed into Swampfire and began throwing seeds making vines wrap around DNAliens making them free to be shot at

"It's going to come on!" Paradox said alerting them of the short time they had

"No it's not!" Swampfire said before he changed into Waybig and charged at the bypass

"Naruto you need to let go!" Helen said as Naruto was simply lifting the casing of the bypass

The bypass came on and the energy sent Waybig sliding back leaving Naruto in a crater

Everyone looked up seeing hundreds of highbreed ships flying above them through the bypass

(ew minutes later)

'Fuck my organs feel cooked' Naruto thought before he saw the ships flying over them "No" he said seeing things went from bad to very worse

"So what now Uzumaki?" Darkstar asked actually wondering if he had any suggestions as running wasn't really and option

"Okay there has to be someone that can call this off, so we capture a highbreed-" Naruto was saying

"Only problem with that is that the Highbreed themselves aren't in charge" Darkstar said as he read books of warfare

"What do you mean?" Gwen asked wondering what he meant

"They're receiving orders from the Highbreed Supreme" Darkstar said as he learned a few things about the Highbreed when he last tried using them

"And where are they or he?" Naruto asked wondering what the correct term was

"The highbreed homeworld, the same place these ships are coming from" Darkstar said

"Only problem, that tower will shoot Ship down the moment he gets close to the portal" Gwen said

"Then we take that watchtower down and then go to the highbreed homeworld and make them shut all of this down" Naruto said as he called Julie who soon showed up with Ship

"Why do I think you're gonna do something crazy" Julie asked him seeing the look in his eyes

"Because I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" Naruto said with a smirk

"Just a warning you may suffer some side effects mid travel" Azmuth said seeing the mechamorph didn't have any specific shieldings for this kinda travel

(few minutes later)

"I'm gonna hurl" Kevin said as he felt sick

"I am also feeling a bit of nausea" Brainstorm said with a massive headache

Azmuth smiled as he was unaffected before he suddenly vomited

"That was weird, anyone else felt high on that travel?" Gwen asked as she felt loopy mid travel

"Ooh pretty" Brainstorm said moving his claw before chuckling seeing Gwen blush slightly

"The council building is the tallest one" Azmuth said to them

'Egos' Naruto and the others thought as big buildings were meant to stroke the egos of the superior

Suddenly a explosion was heard as Ship groaned

"We're hit!" Kevin said as he hated being on the enemies base as it meant they fought on their terms

"Come on Ship, stay up!" Brainstorm said as Ship began to fall

"Not again" Kevin said as he felt the urge to vomit again

"Look that way" Naruto said turning Kevin's head so he was looking in the direction of Azmuth

(Sometime later)

Naruto groaned as he found himself and everyone else in restraints "What happened?" he asked

"We were shot down and then captured by Highbreed" Azmuth said filling him in

"Omnitrix: Humungousaur!" Naruto said as he changed into the alien and freed himself and everyone else

Then Humungousaur smashed open the door slamming it into a Highbreed before grabbing him

"Hi, take us to your leader" Gwen said as her hands glowed pink

(Few minutes later)

The Highbreed was flung through some doors right into the middle of a group of… rather fat and giant Highbreed

"Who dares?" The Highbreed supreme said as Humungousaur, Kevin, Gwen and Azmuth walked in

"I'm sorry master, they took me by surprise..." The Highbreed was saying before the Supreme motioned for him to leave

"Ok you walking talking wasabi platers stop the invasion" Humungousaur said to them

"Just like that?" The Highbreed Supreme said

"Pretty much, what do you have to gain from attacking Earth?" Humunguousaur asked curiously

"It's not Earth they're after but the whole universe" Azmuth said as he knew what their plan was

"Indeed, to wipe out all" The Highbreed Supreme said

"But why?" Humungousaur asked curiously

"They aren't attacking because of their supposed superiority, they're attacking because they're dying out. Their ridiculous belief in racial purity lead to inbreeding, a lost of resistance to disease before finally sterility, this is the last generation of Highbreed is it not" Azmuth said to him

"Yes Galvan you are correct impressive of a species nothing more than pond scum" one of the leaders said

"Omnitrix… Can you help the Highbreed? Fix their genetic damage?" Humungousaur said looking at the omnitrix

"A action of that scale will need all available power" The omnitrix said as Humungousaur changed back into Naruto "Genetic recombination sequence is ready" it said

"What are you doing?" The Highbreed Supreme asked wondering what he was doing

"Saving us all" Naruto said raising the omnitrix and soon a massive energy wave was unleashed from it

All highbreed planet soon found themselves and others to be multicolored and different

"All the highbreed are fixed and all the DNAliens are themselves again" Naruto said to them

"How could you do this to us?" The Highbreed supreme said sounding disgusted and horrified

"I-I helped you" Naruto said

"You've made us impure… their is only one honorable action left" The Highbreed supreme said as everyone knew what he meant and it was nothing short of a foul and disgusting act to do

"No!" A highbreed said as he entered and Naruto saw his green arm

"Reiny!" Naruto said seeing the highbreed he was marooned with on a desert planet, he also got questioning looks how he knew the highbreed "It's the Highbreed I helped that's swampfire's arm he has or at least the dna of it" he said

"There is another way" Reiny said as he stood before the council and Highbreed Supreme "This human once cured an ailment of mine by changing my dna at first I thought the impurity a curse but I have since learned otherwise, fellow Highbreed, we can live!" he said

The Highbreed council talked amongst themselves before looking to their leader

"It is decided, the Highbreed council elects you Highbreed Supreme. Lead us wisely" The former Highbreed Supreme said to the smaller highbreed wishing to follow in his example and wisdom

"I will try" Reiny said as he bowed

(1 hour later)

"You saved the world and you're just lying here?" Gwen asked Naruto

"Correction we saved the world" Naruto said with a grin as he looked to all his friends

"Ah we need vacations" Kevin said as this saving the world thing was tiring

"It gets easier...sometimes" Max said as he looked at all the kids

"That ain't really comforting to them Max" Minato said as he looked at his son proudly

"Hey buzzkill I know what's coming" Naruto said not even moving knowing the person he was referring to would know

"Still disrespectful" Azmuth said not hiding the proud smile on his face as he deactivated master control

Naruto soon started to laugh for no apparent reason and soon everyone else did enjoying the fact that they could

"Darkstar got away" Kevin said wanting Naruto to be filled in

"A problem for another day" Naruto said as they dealt with enough for today "Let's just go home" he said with a smile

"Way ahead of you" Gwen said sending certain girls some looks


(1 hour later)

'Really glad I moved out' Naruto thought as he got a really nice place on the edge of Bellwood and was currently making out with Gwen

"I can't wait anymore" Gwen said as she was full of lust for Naruto feeling it burning deep inside of her, she used mana to remove her clothing instantly and began to strip Naruto manually wanting to take her time with this act

Gwen felt her body heat up when she got to see Naruto's entire body especially his member which sent her mind into overdrive trying to comprehend its size "H-how big is it?" she asked him wanting to know the size of his third leg

"16 and half inches long and 5 thick" Naruto said chuckling at the look on Gwen's face "A real bitch breaker" he said

Gwen gulped in anticipation as she put her hands on his cock not even able to wrap her hand around it and felt its incredible heat, she lightly gave the head a lick before she began kissing his cock

"Soft hands, feels good" Naruto said complimenting her

"Funny you should mention hands" Gwen said as she snapped her fingers and a naked Charmcaster and Looma appeared

"He's bigger than most of my kind" Looma said as men lacked more than just strength on her planet

Charmcaster was in a hypnotic trance seeing the two people she most desired wanting her to join them in the pleasurable act

"Figured you'd bring them" Naruto said as he rubbed Gwen's head in appreciation

"I thought I'd need help and looking at this I see I was more than right" Gwen said looking at his erect throbbing member

"That looks painful" Charmcaster said sensually

"It's my first time of course it looks painful" Naruto said as he has had zero relief as he never masturbated or anything of the sort

'He's stuffed to the brim' they all thought looking at his balls knowing they'd be heavy with cum

"Hope Looma get me ready" Gwen said with a lustful grin

Looma wanted to object but the flash of pink made the warrior rethink as she knew Gwen had defeated her making her below her, she immediately began eating Gwen out and fondled her ass

'Good' Gwen thought very pleased that Looma was complying as she made out with Charmcaster

Naruto's cock began to throb even more from the display he was seeing

"I get him first" Gwen said sternly to the other girls daring them to say otherwise

Gwen began to lick his cock wanting to get it nice and wet and wanted to taste it as well 'he smells so manly' she thought as Naruto always excited her being who he was making her not be the goody two shoes know it all

Naruto groaned loudly as Gwen took the head of his cock into her mouth

Hope wanted to say something but was silenced as Looma grabbed both her arms and used her third to finger her pussy and the fourth to massage her bust

Gwen coughed and gagged as she tried to take his cock deeper which was proving a challenge when she hit 6 inches 'I'm not even half way' she thought in excitement and shame wanting to please her man

Gwen's eyes widened as Naruto grabbed her head and shoved all of himself down her throat making her gag and cough extremely as tears fell down her face as he began thrusting making her eyes roll up 'I can barely breathe' she thought her pussy moistening from the action

Naruto began to get rough with Gwen as he felt his lust beginning to go to extreme levels "I'm sorry Gwen I can't control myself" he said

Looma felt herself get even more turned on seeing how dominant Naruto was being, using Gwen's throat like a pleasure toy 'I wonder what he'll do to me' she thought feeling her pussy moisten from the thought of all the pleasure and pain she'd experience "isn't it grand" she said as Charmcaster was a squealing mess as Looma didn't stop her assault on Charmcaster

Gwen began to rub her pussy furiously as she felt her entire body heat up every time Naruto's balls smacked her chin

Naruto grabbed the back of Gwen's head as he made her take him to his base as he began to cum

Gwen felt excitement fueled panic as she felt and tasted Naruto's cum 'he's like a fucking horse' she thought with the mount of seed he let out

Gwen's cheeks began to bulge before his seed began to come down from the bottom of her lips and out of her nose and when she pulled back and fell onto her back Naruto was still cumming so he covered her face and tits in his cum as well

"Did you never masturbate?" Hope asked as she looked at all the cum he unleashed in awe

"Never, that's the first time I've ever climaxed" Naruto said panting slightly

"He's still erect" Looma said glad he was not done after just one load

Gwen was on her knees as she looked up at Naruto before she opened her mouth to show all of his cum in her mouth before she swallowed and opened her mouth backup to show it all gone "You may clean me" she said to Looma and Charmcaster seeing the hunger in their eyes for Naruto's cum knowing they desired to know the taste of their lover

Looma and Charmcaster crawled over to her and licked Naruto's cum off of her body making the redhead moan before they felt their pussy juices run down their legs after they taste Naruto's cum

After she was clean Gwen crawled on top of Naruto and smiled as she looked down at him 'that thing needs release' she thought as knowing Naruto he wouldn't go down easily and it would take a lot of effort to put his cock down

Gwen got on top of his cock and began to push herself down onto it grunting as it was taking a lot of effort to push it inside of herself feeling every muscle of her pussy get stretched out

"Need a hand?" Naruto asked her teasingly

"M-maybe i-it doesn't want to go in" Gwen said feeling embarrassed

"Maybe you're just that tight" Naruto said with a grin

'More you're to big' Gwen thought to herself

"Want me to help?" Looma asked very much wanting to do so

"V-very well" Gwen said allowing her submissive harem sister to help her

Looma grabbed Gwen's shoulders with her upper arms and her waist with her lower arms before beginning to push Gwen down onto Naruto's cock knowing it was going to go in one way or the other

Gwen screamed as Naruto's head entered her pussy immediately making it begin to stretch out

"Holy fucking shit! You're fucking tight!" Naruto said

Charmcaster and Looma watched as a trail of blood began to go down Naruto's cock

Gwen felt many things including pain but she felt a lot of happiness seeing the love of her life take her virginity

Gwen fell onto Naruto's chest as she felt the strength in her arms leave her

"Gwen are you okay?" Naruto asked concerned

"Y-yeah you just took my V card as well. G-give me a moment y-you're fucking huge" Gwen said as it took her a while to get use to his massive member in her and waited for the pain to dissipate

Naruto rubbed her hips as the two made out wanting to take Gwen's mind off the pain

Gwen began to go lower as she began to throw her hips back trying to take in more of his cock

"Easy Gwen try doing more than what you're ready is going to get yourself hurt" Naruto said wanting Gwen to go at her own pace

"I want it, I want it so bad!" Gwen said feeling more full than she thought possible

Charmcaster latched her mouth onto Gwen's breast sucking on it aggressively making the redhead moan even louder as Naruto fucked her

Naruto put his hands on Gwen's hips and thrusted upward

Gwen felt the wind get knocked out of her as Naruto shoved the rest of his cock into her pussy before Naruto pushed her onto her back and put her legs on his shoulders and began thrusting into her

Charmcaster and Looma watched in amazement seeing the outline of his cock as he fucked her furiously

"Fuck! You're an animal!" Gwen shouted as she threw her head back tears of pleasure leaving her eyes

"Just giving you what you wanted" Naruto said to her with a smile as he continued to thrust into her with stride

"Oh shit… fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Gwen yelled as her voice pitched as she felt her body getting closer and closer to release

"Good hope you can handle another load" Naruto said with a grin

"Please give it to me!" Gwen said as she begged him desiring for her insides to be flooded with his cum

Naruto groaned loudly as his eyes glowed orange while Gwen's glowed pink as they came together

Charmcaster was shaking as she saw Naruto pulled out of Gwen and saw his cum gush out of her she pounced at the chance to lick out her combined lovers juices

Gwen breathed shuddering in pleasure as her eyes faintly kept their pink color as she felt like she was in nirvana

"Well, my fellow half anodite, was it worth the wait?" Naruto asked Gwen as he petted Charmcaster's ass as she ate out Gwen

"Yes" Gwen said letting out a hot breathy moan

"Waited a long time to do this with you Hope" Naruto said as he continued rubbing her ass

"Probably not as long as I've dreamed about this" Charmcaster said as she and Gwen never went that far touching the other always wanting Naruto to be the one to have claim to being their first

"Time has been good to you, You should've became a model with this body" Naruto said as he rubbed his hands down her legs

"You really think so?" Charmcaster said as she loved the compliments he gave her as they were always filled with genuine love and compassion and she jolted forward in pleasure as she felt him slap her ass "You've wanted to do that for a long time haven't you?" she asked him knowing Naruto looked at her ass for a long time

"Well yeah, can you blame me? Your ass is firm but soft enough to have some jiggle to it." Naruto said complimenting everything he loved about the spellcaster's great rear

Charmcaster moaned as Naruto began to eat her out

'Keep it together' Charmcaster thought but the pleasure grew each and every second as Naruto seemingly knew every weak spot she had

Charmcaster lightly yelped as Naruto picked her up by her hips not stopping eating her pussy out but she moaned even louder as Gwen came from behind and began eating out her ass

"Don't lie you dreamed of getting double teamed by us, haven't you?" Gwen asked her as she knew Charmcaster better than most as she confided in her as Gwen was her only real friend

"L-like you haven't d-dreamed of the same thing" Charmcaster said not wanting to deny it

"True" Gwen said with a chuckle before she got back to work

Charmcaster felt great pleasure from both her holes being invaded and climaxed all over Naruto's face

"You taste sweet" Naruto said sending Charmcaster a wink "hope you're ready" he said as he lowered her down

"Was that another joke about my NAME!" Charmcaster said before yelling as Naruto thrusted into her pussy making her wrap her arms around to steady herself

"Maybe" Naruto said with a smile

Charmcaster was very glad her hymen broke years ago otherwise this'd hurt a lot more

"Forgive the joke but you feel magical" Naruto said seeing her eyes light up slightly

"So does this!" Charmcaster said as she wrapped her legs around his waist not wanting him to go away and just continue using her body

Looma licked her lips enjoying seeing how easily Naruto could continue lifting Charmcaster and thrust into her body without so much as being winded

"Hope!" Naruto yelled as he began to kiss her neck

"Ah Naruto, don't stop!" Charmcaster said as she pushed his head deeper into her neck as she threw her head back moaning loudly feeling her insides tighten as he used her true name

"Hope, Hope!" Naruto said as he began to thrust faster and harder

"Yes, say it again, say my name!" Charmcaster yelled feeling more and more pleasure each time she heard her name roll off his lips

"Hope!" Naruto shouted as he began flooding her womb with his cum making her scream in bliss as she came as well

As Charmcaster breathed and twitched slightly Naruto's cum dripped off her body to the floor below "I'd have waited an eternity to feel like this" she said as she and Naruto kissed

"My turn to clean you" Gwen said with a smile as Naruto set Charmcaster down on the bed

"I think you've waited long enough" Naruto said looking at Looma

"Yes beloved, I hope I do not accidentally crush anything" Looma said knowing she was taller than everyone

"It'll be fine" Naruto said as he surprised her by rushing her into the wall and lifting her up by her thighs

"How?" Looma asked in surprise

"Training" Naruto said as he was crazy strong

"Were you holding back in our battle?" Looma asked wondering by how much

"A lot, I didn't want to hurt that pretty face of yours" Naruto said

"Y-you were that strong holding back?" Looma asked surprised

"I have to hold back otherwise I could accidentally kill someone" Naruto said and all that did was excite Looma

Looma felt his large member rub between her wet dripping and excited lips "none of us ever stood a chance did we" she asked feeling so turned on her insides felt like they were on fire

"Against my cock or in fighting? Because if I wasn't holding back then you would've gotten creamed" Naruto said teasing her

"Both really, and I'll holding you to that battle" Looma said before yelping as Naruto slapped her ass

"I have to know, how much of a masochist are you" Naruto said whispering into her ear

"Very I love to feel the rush of pain" Looma said as she always craved battle but the truest pain that'd give her pleasure would be for the man she loved only he had the right

"Then you're gonna love this" Naruto said with a grin "Because right now I'm going to use you like you're my btich, how does that sound?" he asked as he slapped her ass again, even harder this time

'Yes' Looma thought to herself as she was at peace knowing that she found her desired lover

Looma felt her body heat up as she noticed Naruto had put her lower arms in cuffs made from his mana and put them behind her back

"There's no escape for you, I'm going to enjoy this" Naruto said with a grin as his eyes flashed orange

Looma became even more excited as she knew after her fight with Gwen an anodite was no joke in combat and she knew Naruto was a better fighter than Gwen

Naruto turned Looma around and pushed her face into the wall

Looma felt her body go slightly stiff as Naruto began to rub his cock against her second hole 'my ass' she thought in fear and excitement

"I can use whatever hole I want, and there's nothing you can do to stop me" Naruto said as he grabbed her neck but didn't use much of a grip as he didn't want to choke her

Looma had never felt so powerless or so weak to someone and never thought it'd turn her on so greatly, she said absolutely nothing not wanting to deter him and wanted him to just take everything from her

"Why don't I take both?" Naruto said with a grin as he let mana flow through him

Before Looma could even get a thought come to her Naruto slammed his cock into both of her holes making her scream as he didn't give her a moment to rest as he slammed into her holes like a animal 'he's gonna give me a limp my holes might even be bruised after this' she thought ravishing in the pleasure and pain she felt

Naruto grinned as he slammed into her "Well, how does this feel? Does it, you masochistic slut!" he asked her wondering if this is what she wanted

"AMAZING" Looma said as she screamed without an ounce of shame

"I wonder if next time I should become Four Arms, would you like that?" Naruto asked as he slapped her ass again

"A-as long as it's you pleasuring me beloved, I don't care what form you take!" Looma yelled

Naruto smiled a little happy she preferred him as himself "Gah, channeling mana makes it more sensitive!" he said having as much of a hard time as her

"I am NEaring release BEloved, are you?!" Looma yelled wanting to hold herself back from coming before he was ready

"Yep" Naruto said as he soon came inside the princess as they both climaxed together

Looma panted as she shakily stood on her feet

"Who's ready for another round?" Naruto asked her as his member stood proudly

'I'm gonna die' Looma thought thinking it'd be the most pleasurable way to go out

'We may not get much sleep tonight' Gwen thought

(next morning)

"Oh my god" Julie said thinking out loud seeing Gwen, Charmcaster, and Looma covered in sweat and cum the room reaking of sex sleeping soundly

"Hey Jules" Naruto said from the shower in his bathroom not needing to see or sense who it was

Julie felt her pussy moisten seeing the three women's states

"There is room for more people in here" Naruto said to her breaking her out of her thoughts

Julie walked to the bathroom peeling herself out of her tennis outfit and when she was outside the shower she took a breath before she went in

"Hey, figured you'd show last night" Naruto said

Julie was speechless looking down at his large not even erect member and felt her pussy get wetter than the shower possibly could

"God you're gorgeous" Naruto said complimenting her

Julie blushed a little feeling a little inadequate as she knew about all the beauties Naruto surrounded himself with and felt she didn't measure up in a lot of areas but Naruto always seemed to wash away any doubts she had and it always filled her stomach with butterflies

"Come on, the shower's great, close the door as I'm trying to let them sleep" Naruto said as Julie stepped out the shower and closed the door and rush back inside

Julie slightly giggled as Naruto pulled her into a kiss as they rubbed each other's bodies 'even in the shower he's romantic' she thought as no matter what Naruto made them all feel loved and each moment with him truly special and loving

"Sorry if it's too big for you" Naruto said

'I wouldn't be apologizing for that gift' Julie thought as she looked at his cock "You poor thing did you go all night?" she asked wanting some details as she slowly stroked his cock

"Yeah pretty much I still got some energy to burn, tennis queen" Naruto said lovingly

'Why do I think my version of some is waaaaay different than his' Julie thought as Naruto was a monster in a lot of cases mainly energy and fighting

Julie got on her knees and began kissing his cock "God, how do you hide this monster?" she asked wanting to know how he kept this hidden as his body was always able to be determined even if he wore clothing

"Sometimes I think it's magic" Naruto said jokingly

"Let me clean you off" Julie said slowly taking his cock in her mouth taking in only a few inches

"Aaaare you sure this is your first time?" Naruto asked as she felt like a pro

"Well I did practice a bit readying myself for this but my toys are nothing compared to yours" Julie said as Gwen said Naruto was big as she had peaked at him in the past and Julie soon began to do everything she could when they started dating going the extra mile to tame her gag reflex

Naruto groaned as he felt Julie hit 12 inches "W-wow Gwen could only get h-half that when she tried taking my cock before I helped her" he said very impressed

Julie felt a slight boost to her ego hearing that she may be better than Gwen and went even farther than her

Naruto was very impressed as Julie managed to take all of his cock by herself, albeit she was coughing and gagging slightly but nevertheless was still impressed "You may actually be better than Gwen" he said as he rubbed her head

Julie moaned at the compliment and soon began to blow Naruto 'I thought the tennis balls were big' she thought feeling Naruto's balls slap her in the face

Naruto groaned loudly holding her head "You're a pro! God, the others got nothing to this, damn!" he said really enjoying Julie's throat

'I think this is hotter than the shower' Julie thought to herself

Naruto began to face fuck her "Sorry Julie, you're just too good, I can't help it!" he yelled taking control and fucking her throat

Julie looked up to him increasing the intimacy with a smile 'take my body' she thought to herself wanting to be showered in his affection wanting to be his sole focus

Naruto shouted as he began to cum making Julie's eyes widen from the sheer volume going down her throat and when he pulled out and shot it on her face

Julie step out of the way of the water coming down wanting Naruto's cum to stay on her body wanting to be marked in his escene

"Who fucking taught you, a sex god?" Naruto asked curiously

"No" Julie said as she licked herself clean of his cum savoring it's flavor

"Well if that's you all natural, then the two of us may be sex gods" Naruto said with a chuckle before he grabbed her tit and her ass "you wanna know something Julie" he ased her pulling her close to his chest

"What?" Julie said letting out little and light moans

"You're an attention whore" Naruto said with a grin seeing her jump at his claim

"Can you blame me loving to have your attention?" Julie said as she always wanted to be someone's sole focus

"No but I'm gonna have to teach you to be a good girl" Naruto said whispering in her ear

"I'll be whatever you want me to be" Julie said sensually truly meaning what she said

"Why didn't I meet you before high school" Naruto asked as she was starting to be like his dream girl "And Julie, I love all my girls equally, don't think you have to do something fancy to make yourself think you have to try to get my affections, you'll always have them as I love you just like everyone else" he said

Julie felt her heart begin to beat so fast it'd leave her chest feeling Naruto so close

"If your pussy is any indicator I'd say you're ready" Naruto said as he felt her pussy was wetter than the shower

"Give it to me, please" Julie said beggingly wanting him to fuck her bolegged

Naruto turned her around and picked her up by her thighs and pushed her against the shower wall

Julie was nervous as she looked down seeing Naruto beginning to rub his cock against her pussy

"If you're too scared we can stop" Naruto said offering her the chance to back down

"I'm more nervous than scared I mean yeah I broke my hymen in a tennis accident but you have that third leg" Julie said thinking it looked much bigger pressed against her pussy

"I'll try and be gentle until you get used to it" Naruto said to her giving her a kiss

Julie put her arms around his neck and gulped as Naruto began to push himself into her pussy feeling him spread her pussy wider than it ever had been

Julie moaned loudly feeling him going deeper and deeper inside of her making it seem like there was no end

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked her

"Y-yeah, just give me a minute" Julie said as it would take her time to adjust to the monster inside her 'fuck it's so big feels bigger in me than it looked' she thought to herself drooling a little

Naruto kissed her neck as he began to lightly move not wanting to hurt her

Julie soon felt incredible pleasure from his movements, her moans letting Naruto pick up the pace "Harder, leave me bowlegged!" she shouted

Naruto grinned as he slammed into her

Julie felt the wind leave her lungs as Naruto shoved all of himself into her

"If you want full throttle then you're getting it" Naruto said as he began to slam into her like a animal in heat

"FUCK" Julie yelled out as she moaned and took his thrusts

Naruto took one of her tits into his mouth making her moan even louder

'He's not wasting anything' Julie thought as Naruto took each and every opportunity before she felt herself go slightly stiff as she felt him shove two fingers into her ass

"Do you want it" Naruto asked her teasingly

"YES I WANT IT!" Julie shouted in embarrassment, lust, and desperation

"Alright then!" Naruto said as he pulled out of her pussy and thrusted into her ass

Julie threw her head back and screamed in bliss as Naruto showed her ass the same treatment he gave her pussy

"Damn your ass is tight!" Naruto said as Julie's ass felt amazing

Julie wrapped her legs around him tightly as he pulled her into a kiss

Naruto pulled back and roared as he felt himself erupt inside of her rectum

Julie's eyes rolled back into her head as she squirted her juices on Naruto's body

Naruto carried Julie out of the shower bridal style and brought her to the bed and soon as she was down on the bed she saw he was still erect and the girls began to stir and when they all looked at Naruto they saw his wet glistening body and his member still erect

'We're all gonna die' the girls thought knowing Naruto


(Few days later)

'Ugh these awards are really getting on my nerves' Naruto thought as he gave some to the others each getting something he felt they deserved and the ones he kept he put them in a case and gave them each the proper respect they deserved

As Naruto put the new medal in the case, he was about to return to his game of Sumo Slammers but his phone rang "Please tell me it's something to punch, these awards are really getting on my nerves and I need something to punch" he said to Gwen

"Giant snake man, sound good?" Gwen asked over the phone

"I'm on my way" Naruto said as that sounded interesting

(few minutes later)

"You know I thought you'd be tougher" Naruto said as he looked at Ssserpent

"Ssshut up" Ssserpent said in pain

"Hopefully the version of you I become is a lot tougher as you could afford to work out some there, looking a bit pudgy" Naruto said poking the snake man's stomach glad he was restrained

"Man, we must really be slacking if we had trouble with him" Kevin said as he rubbed his eyes

"Just because we defeated the highbreed doesn't mean there isn't some tough guys out here, and besides you were blinded by his venom" Naruto said as they weren't invincible at all and could be taken out by the simplest of things

"I miss Helen and Swift, they always had our backs" Gwen said sadly

"Hey can you blame them joining up with the other plumbers kids now that Gramps is back along with Manny, Pierce and Leander" Naruto said as Max was speeding up their training bringing them into the final year of plumber academy

"Yeah well let's go get some smoothies" Gwen asked him

As they walked away suddenly Naruto's phone went off and the caller was Max "Hey Ma- whoa slow down… he's back?!" he said

"What is it?" Gwen asked

"Vilgax is back and he's just challenged me" Naruto said

"Oh shit this gonna be awesome man" Kevin said thinking out load

"He just demolished Gramps, Helen and Swift and the others and wait for it it gets worse just got a message from Looma she said her sister called her Vilgax took Ultimo's powers" Naruto said to them "he's done so for 9 other planets with heroes" he said knowing Vilgax was doing something symbolic due to his 10 transformations

"I think I can help give you an edge" Kevin said with a grin

(2 hours later)

"Are you high right now" Naruto asked Kevin seriously

"You want to hack the omnitrix?!" Gwen said

"Nothing good ever happens when the omnitrix is messed with" Naruto said as he remembered all the mishaps he suffered through when the omnitrix showed even a slight problem

"You're gonna need every edge you can get if Vilgax easily took down a juggernaut like Leander" Kevin said

"I'll stick to my guns and call Azmuth" Naruto said hoping for a little insight and if worse came to worse he'd ask for master control

"And you think he'll just give you the master control?" Kevin asked curiously

"Better than this debacle" Gwen said to him

(few minutes later)

"No" Azmuth said in hologram form standing before them

"Told you" Kevin said

"You don't need it for Vilgax even with the power he's stolen you possess something he never will quality" Azmuth said as he believed in Naruto's skills as he was Vilgax was to arrogant to think he had mastered the powers he stole while never using them

"I just don't know, he has all those powers and if I mess up then Earth's done and he gets the omnitrix" Naruto said as those were the stakes

"Then don't mess up, he's had trouble with you before, show him why he should still be afraid of you" Azmuth said as he disappeared

"He's real good at making you think" Gwen said to them

"Yeah c'mon I need some sleep I'm on a deadline" Naruto said as they left the garage unaware they were being watched from a distance with by someone on a red motorcycle

The person on the motorcycle stepped off and took off their helmet revealing a woman with silky black hair, she had an athletic and curvy body having large E-cup breasts, and a nice bubbly ass 'be safe Naruto' she thought knowing what was going on as she was on the plumber frequency for a while

"Elena?" Naruto said his eyes on alert in the car

"Who?" Kevin asked never hearing that name

"Nothing thought I felt something" Naruto said closing his eyes trying to sleep

"Who is she?" Kevin asked Gwen

"A girl who had a crush on Naruto back in the earlier days of elementary school but she and her father, a fellow plumber left. Grandpa never explained why they left though" Gwen said as her Grampa always seemed to have secrets

"Ooh a mystery" Kevin said smirking slightly

"Let's go" Naruto said as he wanted some rest

(few hours later)

"So you walking talking dish of calamari what are you putting up for this I read the rules you gotta offer something to" Naruto said as

"You win and I call off the invasion" Vilgax said

"That goes away cause I win you want the omnitrix as a prize try again dick" Naruto said as he knew Vilgax liked to cheat and would do anything in his power to keep and not lose

"Fine I offer you the traitor of my race...Myaxx" Vilgax said as he banished Myaxx on principle alone for siding with Azmuth

"Hold on" Naruto said as he phoned Azmuth "what's he talking about" he asked knowing good and well Azmuth was watching somehow

"That's how she got sent to incarcecon in the first place she chose prison there over Vilgax" Azmuth said as his assistant chose that prison over a hellish one

"Fine I win she's free of your ugly ass that the deal?" Naruto asked him

"Fine" Vilgax said as he hated having to barter when he felt like it should be given to him on principle alone

"Now let's get this over with there's a sumo slammers marathon at 8 and I forgot to set the DVR" Naruto said

Vilgax growled as he pulled his sword out and slammed it on the ground but Naruto jumped back

'That sword' Naruto thought transforming into Swampfire 'it swiped some of my mana as it brushed past me' he thought as he thought this seemed familiar

Swampfire blasted Vilgax with flames but they only hit a yellow shield "Your flames are no match for the shield of seagle" he said

'Really gotta steal his shit' Naruto thought as he saw the potential the gems and weapons have and thought that it'd be better away from Vilgax

Vilgax clapped his hands and launched a red beam at Swampfire sending him flying right into a statue with water in it, the Chimera Sui Generis was on him in the blink of was punching and kicking Swampfire right into the statue before getting frozen as Big Chill floated behind him

"There's nothing like a cool refreshing dip on a hot summer day" Big Chill said jokingly as he froze Vilgax and soon saw his eyes glow "oh shit" he said in realization transforming into XLR8 and ran 'I love cartoons' he thought loving the classic heat seeking beams

XLR8 looked in front of him and got slammed by Vilgax's fist "Can't out run me anymore Uzumaki" he said as he stepped on XLR8 as the beams hit Naruto making him scream "Yield and your demise will be merciful" he said simply

"You need to pick on someone your own size, or better yet..." XLR8 said as he flashed Green

"Humungousaur!" Naruto said to him

Humungousaur tried out muscling Vilgax but was easily taken down

'All these powers this sucks' Naruto thought to himself 'Come on give me Waybig' he thought desperately slamming the omnitrix

"Chromastone ah c'mon" Chromastone said as he knew Chromastone was able to match Way Big but he truly felt might was a better option "oh wait" he said realizing something as a fin appeared on his head and arms "double the trouble" he said firing a green beam with rainbow energy spirling around it

"Really?" Vilgax said before he dodged the attack and blasted the head fin

Chromastone found himself to be frozen 'crap I can't move' he thought to himself

"Did you forget the head fin of a To'kustar is their weak spot?" Vilgax said as he anticipated Naruto using that species

Vilgax charged and slashed Chromastone shattered him to pieces

"NO!" Everyone said

"I am victorious!" Vilgax shouted in pure joy

"The omnitrix master" Psyphon said picking it up from the pieces when it suddenly began to glow and the pieces of Chromastone went to it

"Diamondhead!" Diamondhead stood in the place of the collected pieces "You're in trouble Vilgy I've had lots of practice with this one" he said happily

Diamondhead fired shards at Vilgax who raised his shield but the shards of Taydenite broke through it "I'll be taking this" he said grabbing the jewel from the gauntlet "oh and your sword" he said swiping that to

Vilgax growled as he pointed the Ruby Ray of Rouleau at Diamondhead who clapped his hands together making a cluster of diamonds on his hands "What goes around comes around" he said as he reflected the beam back at Vilgax "And this" he said taking the ruby "No more toys Vilgax, now let's just fight!" he said as he charged firing more shards at him and when he got close enough he started to beat him furiously

"I love this guy" Kevin said as it was awesome to see Naruto wail on people

Everyone looked as blood began to get on Diamondhead as he kept his onslaught going on Vilgax

"Is he going to kill him?" Gwen said as she was sure no one in the universe even Azmuth would have a problem

Diamondhead panted as he looked at the heavily bleeding Vilgax "Now say it" he said

"I… yield" Vilgax said in pain both physical and spiritual

"That's right, you do" Diamondhead said

"And for the agreed terms" Psyphon said as a bright light appeared

"What the hell" Naruto said to himself

(1 hour later)

Naruto, Kevin and Gwen were slightly baffled by what they saw before them

"Ok I'll ask how are you human" Kevin asked Myaxx

"Blame Azmuth for that one genius the codon stream over flowed one day and I fell in the dna I got hit with was human" Myaxx said to them, she now had light green hair that reached just above her lower back, red eyes, fit athletic body, large bubbly ass and large EE-cup breasts she was wearing tight black pants and a tight crimson shirt

"Well at least you're attractive" Naruto said getting a blank look from her "Better me saying it than him" he said pointing at Kevin

"Hey leave me out of this" Kevin said as he had enough women troubles

(few days later)

"What do you got?" Kevin asked as he was attending a buy set up by some middle man

"Alien tech, the good stuff" One of the men said

"Is he serious" Naruto asked Gwen from around the corner

"Yep" Gwen said able to tell these guys were amateurs at best and just happen to stumble upon the aliens are real secret

"You don't know what they are do you?" Kevin asked the dealers

"Come on it's alien tech, it's got to be worth something" the guy said to him

"Hey Myaxx what we got" Naruto asked there expert

"I don't know never seen anything like them" Myaxx said as they were nothing like she had seen before

"Never met buyers like you all before" One of the dealers said

"You never met people like them period" The female on the motorcycle said getting everyone's attention

"Was wondering when you'd speak these ass hats are the muscle and know jack shit while your the brains am I right?" Naruto asked

"To smart for your own good just like always" the woman said getting off her bike removing her helmet "right Naruto" she said to him

"It's been a while Elena" Naruto said as he was right the first time he sensed her 'what is this' he thought as he felt Elena but something else as well

"What's it been Elena? 3 years since your dad quit the plumbers?" Gwen asked a little heatedly as Elena was always her competition back in the day for Naruto

"Quit? That's what they told you?" Elena said as she laughed a little from hearing that

"I'm assuming you know what these are?" Naruto asked

"They're the key to finding my dad" Elena said to him

"Oh a mystery but someone mind filling me in on who the hell this chick is" Kevin said as he felt like he was missing the bigger picture

"Elena Validus she's a plumbers kid like us except her dad was human then one day 3 years ago he quit and we never saw her again" Naruto said

Zed began to growl and bark

"What's up girl?" Naruto asked as he looked at where Zed was looking "Uh who's the creepy guy in the trench coat?" he said as he saw things flying through the air and the contents of the canisters move "fuck everyone hit the deck" he said to them

"May be a good time for the watch and collar!" Kevin said looking at the dog and master

"Trying but I think these things are screwing with the watch" Naruto said as he was having trouble getting an image from the watch

"That's okay, let me give it a shot" Kevin said as he touched a beam and started thrashing the flying chips

"Damn it" Naruto said as he soon got Big Chill "finally"

"Who is that creep?" Kevin asked getting a puppet master type deal

"I don't know" Elena said simply

"How's about we find out?" Big Chill said as he began freezing the chips before flying at the man and began breathing his frost breath but the man jumped and fried at the group "No!" he said

The group jumped out of the way and when they looked the man was gone as was Elena

"The mystery is getting good, now let's check these things out" Kevin said as he held a chip between his fingers

(Few minutes later)

"I seriously still can't believe this place existed without us knowing" Naruto said as they were in 'the hole' as Max liked to call it as it was a communications for plumbers and a base

"Seriously the old man has gotta start telling us about these places" Kevin said as they hid their alien stuff mostly in his garage

"Okay start up the scanner, see what we got" Naruto said as if Myaxx didn't know chances are this was worse than he thought and none of his books had anything on it

"Whatever it is it's dead" Kevin said not finding any energy or life signs

"But it's both organic and inorganic" Myaxx said not seeing any signs of life or activation

"I could start up a energy pulse see if I can give it a bit of a jumpstart, but it may take forever" Kevin said getting looks "I'll get started" he said

"Or we could find Elena and ask her" Naruto said seeing an easy way

"How do you even know she would tell you the truth she could have set us up" Gwen said to him

"Gwen I know you saw her as competition but don't let that cloud your judgement" Naruto said as they didn't know how big this problem could've been

"I'm not! I just don't trust her" Gwen said to him in slight anger

"Well apparently I can't trust Max or my dad" Naruto said as Max and his dad lied to them

"Trust me with what?" Max asked as he came in eating soup

"Trust with you not putting baked moths and lizard gizzards in your soup" Gwen said to him

"That sounds like a pretty good combo" Max said before he noticed the computers "What are you looking at? Looks familiar" he said as his memory was a bit hazy

"So what can't you trust us with?" Minato said as he came in

"Valadus" Naruto said making both men tense up and freeze

"Unidentified entry at entry point 3" the computer said

"My office" Max said to them as they took off

"Let's go!" Naruto said in urgency

"They better not touch my model train set, I just painted the caboose" Max said pulling out a blaster

When they got there they found Elena

"It's okay" Naruto said not seeing her as a threat

"No it's not, it's a Validus, how'd you get in here" Max said not moving his gun away as she held up a set up keys on a wrench

"Guess it's time to get Big Ed some glasses" Kevin said

"Hey Mr Tennyson Mr Namikaze" Elena said with a challenging smile

"Elena, what are you doing here?" Naruto asked her curiously as he knew Elena was smart and this seemed like a dumb play

"She was the one who set up the deal with those chips" Gwen said informing Max and Minato

"I thought I recognized them" Max said in distaste looking at her "It's time for you to go" he said to her

"Listen those things are alien tech" Minato said to them

"Ok spill or I walk out of here with her" Naruto said not liking to be kept in the dark especially by family

"Look my father's been kidnapped by whoever or whatever is making those chips I had to set up that deal to get your help" Elena said

"You know the rules, get her out of here" Max said to Kevin and Gwen

"Naruto wait you don't understand" Minato said seeing his son march away with her and sighed when they left and soon realized something else 'where are my keys' he thought to himself

(few minutes later)

"You stole your dad's keys guess I rubbed off on you" Elena said through a comm in the helmet

"More like the other way around so mind filling me in I'll go it alone if you think I'll be kept in the dark" Naruto said

"I-I don't know" Elena said as she was truly confused

'Somethings up she's being honest and she's lying' Naruto thought to himself "So where do we start? Where you got those chips?" he asked her wondering if she had any leads

"Is that your motorcycle or your dads?" Elena asked as she saw a few motorcycles in the garage and thought Naruto stole the keys to slow his dad down

"Yep, can't get more mad at me than he already is" Naruto said with a chuckle

"I'll take you to where I got those chips" Elena said as she lead him

"Lead the way beautiful" Naruto said as he put his helmet on and followed her

(2 hours later)

"This is where he was working? What was he doing working on cockroaches?" Naruto asked as the building Elena brought him to was really ragged

"He had a lab set up here" Elena said as she brought him somewhere

'It's too quiet' Naruto thought as he heard nothing not even crickets or birds

"They're all gone they were in containers all over the place" Elena said as they were all gone

"This is off we need to go" Naruto said wanting to put this place in the rear view mirror

As they turned around they saw many people standing in the doorway

"Look at their eyes" Naruto said seeing their eyes flashing

"Not just their eyes" Elena said as she turned the light to them and saw one of the chips moving around under the skin of a woman's neck

"We would like you to meet the queen" A lunch lady said

"Sorry I don't think I'd be interested in meeting some bitch" Naruto said to the mind slave

Elena felt physical pain from that remark but it soon faded

"She would like you to join us" a child said to him

'This is creepy and why the fuck not make me a mind slave' Naruto thought thinking they could've easily done it to him and the others but this seemed dumb they weren't touching them for some reason

Naruto threw a mana ball at the people knocking them over and they ran down the fire escape "get to your bike don't stop" he said seriously as these people only seemed capable of walking 'guess they're still learning' he thought to himself

Elena went to her bike but when she tried going around the people her bike got knocked over and she punched the closest man near her

"Get on" Naruto said as he went over to her 'my life never stops getting strange' he thought thinking he was missing the bigger picture to all this

(Few minutes later)

"So why couldn't you go alien?" Elena asked

"The chips are alien, so the watch is probably going into overdrive trying to scan them" Naruto said as that was his best guess as it was like Gwen with her mana when she tried tech 'might be a species like the mechamorph tech but is still alive' he thought to himself

"So where do we go next? Ship It I'm guessing" Elena asked

Before Naruto could answer he heard a familiar car engine "Kevin" he said grabbing his helmet "Hang on tight" he said as he punched it

(2 minutes later)

"Take over" Naruto said to Elena seeing a giant spikeball heading for Gwen and Kevin

"What?!" Elena said before Naruto jumped off and turned into Humungousaur

"Yes" Kevin said as he saw his friend beat the chips that tried to kill him but soon after they advanced Naruto took his car "no!" he said in sorrow seeing his friend trash his baby

(few minutes later)

"Say what you will she has style" Naruto said as he and Elena took off

"Says the guy not having to take a freaking cab!" Kevin said angrily

(3 minutes later)

"How in the world did these things go from alien hardware to this?" Max asked Naruto as they waited for Gwen and Kevin

Zed growled as she jumped at a table

"Gotcha!" Naruto said putting a tube over a stray chip "Thought you could get us, not so smart now are you" he said looking at it

"Mind filling us in on what you know" Minato asked Elena curiously

"Besides the fact plumbers all over the country are going crazy about alien activity" Max said to her

"Yeah I tell you and you kick me out like last time how dumb do you think I am" Elena said as she looked at him challengingly

"Enough!" Naruto said stomping the ground making it shake "Tell us everything now or I'm about to kick someone's ass" he said not knowing whose ass he'd kick specifically or first for that matter

"Victor and I brought these chips in and he was caught stealing them, and so he got an honorable discharge" Max said

"He was taking them because they were a threat just like they are now, just like how he tried warning you about" Elena said

"His tinkering on them probably activated them" Max said angrily

"No they were in hibernation like insects" Elena said as her father thought they were like cicadas

"Elena… how do you know that?" Naruto asked curiously

"M-my father told me" Elena said to him stuttering on the first part

"Can you explain why they didn't do anything to hurt me or you?" Naruto asked her curiously

"Naruto what are you saying?" Minato asked wondering what he meant

"I'm saying she's hiding something and I'm tired of beating around the bush" Naruto said as he looked at her "Elena tell me the truth these things are attacking us instead of trying to assimilate us what is the deal" he said to her

"It's my dad" Elena said to him

'Truth' Naruto thought wondering if this was misdirection for a moment

"Her dad is the queen" Kevin said as he walked in shocked by what he heard

"Is this true?" Max asked her

"Yes, it's taken him over" Elena said sadly

"You knew the entire time and you didn't tell us" Gwen said to her

"I didn't want to lose my dad" Elena said sadly

"I believe her" Naruto said as all he felt was anger confusion and sadness 'still can't shake this weird feeling' he thought as he was still getting weird vibes from Elena

(few hours later)

Naruto put a blanket on Gwen as she fell asleep and took a picture of Kevin drooling on the desk

"Still the same annoying guy I knew as a kid" Elena said with a smile glad to see he didn't change

"Yeah… what's going on with you?" Naruto asked her curiously

"W-what? Nothing's wrong with me" Elena said quickly

"Every time I'm around you I get a weird feeling like something is trying to warn me about something" Naruto said to her

"M-maybe your instincts are lying to you" Elena said as she backed away from him

"Elena tell me the truth" Naruto said as he approached her and then noticed a blue line on her neck "what the hell" he said as he touched it and felt her skin was a little hard

"Back off!" Elena said as she sent him flying "Oh no, N-naruto I didn't mean it" she said in fear of what she just did

"You're the real queen aren't you" Naruto asked

"Yes, maybe? I don't know" Elena said as she began to cry

(30 minutes later)

"So mind filling me in on what exactly happened" Naruto said as they were outside the gas station

"I don't know" Elena said as her eyes were read and a little puffy

'What if...the queen did die' Naruto thought to himself as he looked at her 'but the chips found someone else to worship' he thought to himself a little confused as to what was happening "after this happened you wanted to find me didn't you" he asked her

"Yeah you were the only one I could come to" Elena said to him with tears still coming down her face

'I caused this' Naruto thought to himself as before any of this and before Elena moved away he told her the truth about who he was and what he did and they promised to go out on adventures together like he did that summer...only it never happened after she suddenly 'moved' "So the queen, can she hear you?" he asked wondering what the relationship with the fake queen was

"It doesn't work like that, I'm starting to believe I'm the literal queen, but somehow a second queen was born" Elena said to him

'It's acting on her subconscious' Naruto thought realizing this was the promise fulfilling itself through Elena

"It's like after my father disappeared all I could think about was seeking you out, it's like the chips were giving me what I wanted" Elena said as she never wanted this

"Well luckily no one has died this is all subconsciously" Naruto said as he couldn't fault her for any of this

"That's not me, it's that other queen, as it turns out my father accidentally activated a second queen who's acting on her own I can't control her" Elena said

"Well the chips aren't killing us so that's a start" Naruto said as he was glad she had some level of control

"My dad must still be fighting her control even a little bit, you're not going to kill him are you?" Elena asked him fearfully

"I never kill I'll be damned if I start on your dad" Naruto said

"I wish I could help but I can barely control the chips I have" Elena said to him

'Doubt that' Naruto thought not wanting to talk about her powers and just wanted to comfort her

"How did this happen to me?" Elena asked herself

"Million dollar question" Naruto said not getting it either

"This is all my fault" Elena said sadly

"No it's not if anything it's this second queen but I honestly think you might have accidentally created it if not it's from the original hive" Naruto said as he knew this would be a lot to take in

"You think this queen is from the hive my dad tried stopping?" Elena asked

"No not like that" Naruto said as he let her relax and gave her comfort

(1 hour later)

"Fuck" Naruto said as he saw missing chips "dad Max" he yelled out

"We're right here" Minato said

"The royal we?" Naruto asked curiously as he saw the flashing in his dad's and Max's eyes

"Why are you looking at us like that?" Minato asked as Naruto blasted him

"Been dying to do that" Naruto said to himself

(few hours later)

"Afraid to ask" Kevin said seeing Max and Minato tied up

"They're under the control of the chips" Naruto said

"Oh no" Elena said in fear

"This isn't your fault Elena" Naruto said

"Why would it be her fault?" Gwen asked curiously

"No reason" Naruto said as this wasn't his secret to tell

"I got an idea" Kevin said looking at the crazed men

"Oh lord" Gwen said as she felt like they'd regret it

"Are we gonna like this idea?" Naruto asked curiously

"Probably not" Kevin said

(1 hour later)

"What's in that direction?" Naruto said as Kevin tagged Max and Minato

"Barren Rock, Missouri" Kevin said looking at the coordinates

"The main place for the Ship It company" Gwen said as she didn't believe in coincidences

"So that's how he's shipping all these chips all over" Naruto said as this was gonna suck

"Uh dude, when it comes down to fight the queen, what're you gonna do?" Kevin asked as it was inside Elena's dad

"I'm going to become one of them and fight the queen" Naruto said as he looked at the omnitrix

"No Ben, what if you fall under her control?" Elena said not sure which her it would be

"I won't" Naruto said as he had faith in himself

"How long till we get there?" Gwen asked curiously

"Not long if I punch it" Naruto said with a smile as he upgraded his car

"Do it" Kevin said

Naruto flipped a switch on the gear shift revealing a red button that he pressed and his car went into turbo

(1 hour later)

"Ugh turbo speed… not so good on a full stomach" Gwen said as she felt like throwing up

"You said it" Elena said as she felt sick to her stomach

"Come on let's move" Naruto said

"This place is colder than Bellwood" Gwen said as weird seeing as this was the desert

(few minutes later)

"How do we get past all of them?" Kevin asked curiously looking at all the controlled people working

"Only way in is up" Naruto said with a grin

"Why do I not like the sound of that?" Kevin asked feeling like he was gonna be sick before they left the ground

"What's stopping them from seeing us in the air?" Elena asked curiously

"Invisibility spell" Naruto said as he had been working on that for a while

(few minutes later)

"See why I never bothered to learn the spell" Gwen said to him

"Cause it's too quick and you wanted to peek at me longer?" Naruto said teasingly

"So what now?" Elena asked as she looked at her father as he was hooked to some machine reproducing more and more chips

"Are you a hundred percent sure this plan will work?" Kevin asked as they were screwed if he failed and got possessed

"I don't know, all I got is a bit of faith" Naruto said as he looked at the projection for his new alien before pressing it "What the?" he said as he saw he was very small and looked up at everyone before armor began to cover him

"He's become some kind of nanomechanical organism" Gwen said

"Nanomech, I like it" Nanomech said as he looked at himself

"Yo bro question how you getting in" Kevin asked feeling like that was important

"I don't like it but I'm going to fly up his nose" Nanomech said in a high pitched voice

"Ew" Everyone said as Nanomech flew towards Victor

"Hello Naruto" a loud booming feminine voice said in his mind

"Not going to control me that easy" Naruto said seeing everything become distorted as he entered Victor's body and saw the Queen "I know what you are" he said blasting her "you're made of of everything Elena wants but you're just some twisted fucked up version" he said to it

"I'm everything she refuses to be, we have the power to rule the universe but she refused to see it" The Queen said to him

"Yeah because she's human!" Nanomech said as he tackled the queen

"You were a fool to become a drone, I'm far superior to any drone!" The Queen said in a regal tone of voice

"Wrong bitch I'm half drone quarter human and quarter anodite so fuck off!" Naruto said unleashing a surge of power onto her

"Noooooooooooo!" The Queen screamed as she exploded

Victor groaned as a wave of energy came from his body and the chips began to shut off

(few days later)

"Listen Azmuth I will get my mother to torture your ass" Naruto said said as he brought Elena to Galvan Prime to be checked out

"Ugh fine, I'll waste precious time that should be used for research to check on your newest mate" Azmuth said as he was sure Naruto wasn't bluffing

"Glad you approve" Naruto said with an evil grin

"Is this going to hurt?" Elena asked curiously

"Probably" Azmuth said receiving a flick from Naruto "Ow, what it might" he said as it wasn't like he dealt with something of this unique nature

(Few minutes later)

"Amazing it's if she's bonded with these chips on a molecular level" Azmuth said as he checked her cellular scan

"Is she in any danger?" Naruto asked her curiously

"No but it's as if these chips are connected to her, like she is one of them in a way" Azmuth said as he checked her brainwaves and nanomech

"That doesn't exactly answer my question" Naruto said to him simply

"She needs training to be able to control these machines she would be quite the fighting force if she master her control" Azmuth said to him

"Like how?" Naruto asked curiously

"Like however she wants, she can make her body do anything if she just things it, she imagines it and the chips make it a reality" Azmuth said to him as the chips were capable

"That explains a few things" Naruto muttered to himself

"I would enroll her into the plumber academy while I also look over her training" Azmuth said as he looked at her practice "impressive IQ for a human" he said receiving a glare from Naruto "you don't need to worry about the chips controlling her, according to these readings they only answer to her" he said as he checked her brainwaves and found out she was alright

"Well that's good" Naruto said sighing in relief

"Now is there anything else you need to bother me with?" Azmuth asked him sarcastically

Naruto took out his plumber badge and made a call "hey mom" he said with a grin

"Not funny" Azmuth said

"What's not funny" Kushina said to Azmuth making the frog like alien jump in fear before running off

"Smartest man in 5 galaxies my ass can't even tell a recording" Naruto said as he laughed a little as he pre recorded his mom saying that and a few other responses to mess with Azmuth

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