Omni-Naruto @pyrohelixdrago1
Chapter 2

(Los Soledad)

"This seems familiar" Naruto said as he looked at the wall seeing that whatever breached it did more than break through it left no trace or debris

"To what cause I got nada" Kevin said as he inspected the newest hole next to the larger one and found zero traces of anything

"Something is off here" Gwen said feeling something was weird here

"What was your first clue? The freaky trail here, or the freak trail there?" Kevin asked as he saw very dead ground in a trail

"It feels like every trail is like aged so much" Naruto said as there was no other way to explain it

Naruto suddenly raised his hand making a orange sphere pointing it at a man in a lab coat

"Amazing, you managed to detect me, .03 seconds faster than I predicted." the man said with a grin "good to see you again Naruto" he said happily

"Have we met?" Naruto asked as the man seemed very familiar with him and he felt like he was telling the truth

"I guess it has been a long time since we met, I do remember you calling me Paradox, or rather have you yet to call me that? Time travel causes such a headache" Paradox said, still having a smile on his face as he then took out a small container "gumball?" he said offering them one

"Fuck it" Naruto said as he took one

"You know this guy?" Kevin asked as Naruto knew some weird people and in weird ways but this seemed a little bit more

"I think but brains kinda fuzzy" Naruto said as this whole place was giving him an itch in the back of his head

"How could you forget me? I'm Professor Paradox, remember?" Paradox said with a chuckle "also time anomaly happens with conflicting timelines you've experienced it but have yet to do it" he said with a smile

"I messed with time?" Naruto asked curiously

"Ooh, sorry spoilers, so hard to forget to not let out too much details." Paradox said happily

"This guy's giving me the creeps" Gwen said as she didn't know what she was feeling when she looked at the man

"Hmm, didn't you visit here with your mother or has that happened yet?" Paradox said making Naruto look at him curiously but chose to put that away for another time

They were interrupted when they saw some blue creature move all around and soon focused on them

"There it is" Paradox said as he looked at his pocket watch "Few minutes early, but then again things don't always go as is when it comes to you Naruto" he said

"Guys move" Naruto said as they looked at what it touched and saw everything it touched aged "So I was right, it does age everything. Think you can hold him doc?" he asked, seeing the man teleport them away "Time jump or teleport?" he asked

(one second later)

"I hate time travel" Kevin said as they went on a small rollercoaster ride

"Try making correct verb tenses then we can talk" Paradox said as time travel made verb tenses so confusing

"We need to kill that thing" Naruto said as a dead earth was not something they'd let happen

"Are you sure?" Paradox asked curiously

"Well it's killed the earth… wait a minute, wasn't their experiments going down in Los Soledad a long time ago?" Naruto asked Kevin who nodded

(few minutes later)

"Reality was seriously messed up here" Gwen said as she touched the stretched panel going into the stone ring

"What did they call this? Spaghettification?" Naruto asked as this seemed like black hole level stuff and breaching time was a new one not counting their experience of being brought to the future

"Okay so what's the plan?" Kevin asked as he was real interested in not dying

"Okay so that thing sucked you in, which is what gave you your powers correct?" Naruto asked Paradox

"Of course, didn't I explain that?" Paradox asked seriously wondering if he did or didn't

"No you didn't, now, did anyone else get sucked in with you?" Naruto asked as he doubted Paradox would have been alone for a military experiment of this proportion

"What are you thinking, Uzumaki?" Paradox asked curiously

"Think about it, where have those trails been going? A phone, a police station, a apartment complex, this thing isn't acting like some monster, it's acting like someone scared who just woke up all alone in a military base" Naruto said as this thing wasn't seemingly aware of the damage it was doing and was only acting on instinct

"But I can't jump back to that moment as I'm already there" Paradox said as he'd be creating a loop or damage the time zone here even more

"Then don't send yourself, send us. You can hold that monster off as you can't age while we investigate its origin" Naruto said seriously as the choices were limited

"Bit of a troubling moment there, but alright" Paradox said as he took out his pocket watch

(decades earlier)

"Fuck me" Naruto said as he grabbed onto Paradox's assistant and as he looked into the vortex a bolt of lightning strike the omnitrix "Time to shut this thing down" he said as his hand became like upgrade and he forcibly shut down the machine

The omnitrix glowed slightly as two forms appeared in it's glass


"This was a fucked up night" Kevin said as they went to the cars

"Well we've been here" Naruto said stopping to look at his watch "10 minutes but in reality we were here for hours" he said as he laughed "time travel" he said as he laughed

As they drove off they failed to see a distortion in the hole and a man in purple armor appeared "you will suffer Naruto like you made me suffer" the figure said before he faded

"Ah the time war" Paradox said appearing when the man left "such a bore" he said thinking back or in this case later about the boring war

(few days later)

"Why are we helping the forever knights?" Gwen asked curiously as after Eon and the Forever King this'd be the last thing they'd be doing

"Because they are morons" Naruto said as he wanted to destroy the forever knights especially for making children get inducted and raised into the life

"And because you want to see a dragon" Kevin said as he couldn't deny the urge as he wanted to see one as well

"Makes you wonder how long they had it or others like it" Gwen said as to the knights she was a witch, aliens an abomination, the dragon as itself it made her wonder what else they had classified or labeled

"Yeah" Naruto said as he had binoculars before he noticed something "I'll be damned" he said handing the binoculars to Kevin

"It's literally a dragon" Kevin said amazed by it

"Well Omnitrix isn't acting up must have it's DNA" Naruto said as the omnitrix could detect DNA miles away

"You think it's an alien?" Gwen asked curiously

"Everything the forever knights deal with is alien" Naruto said as nothing they did didn't involve aliens "Seems like the predatrix has it too, that is if the thing can scan dna like the omnitrix" he said as Zed's predatrix didn't light up or anything

"Try to change into it" Kevin said excitedly

"Doesn't work like that" Naruto said as if it did he'd have over a dozen transformations from his enemies

"Damn it" Kevin said as he figured Naruto would become one awesome dragon

"What's that on its chest?" Gwen asked seeing a circular device

"Hmm, looks like a translator" Naruto said as he and Kevin carried a few as certain aliens could only speak their own tongue and not english

"Looks busted" Kevin said seeing sparks come off it

"Don't we have that model" Naruto said as he looked at Kevin

"I think so, I got a few in the car" Kevin said as he looked in his trunk

"Great now how do we swap them out?" Gwen asked

"We, take his off and put ours on" Naruto said as if it were as simple as breathing

"Oh boy" Gwen said not liking this plan

(few minutes later)

"This is suicide I hope you know" Gwen said over the comm

"I know" Naruto said as he was currently Big Chill and he was both invisible and intangible getting closer to the dragon

"Heat beats you man don't get too hot" Kevin said to him

"Well it's better than wrestling him to put the damn thing on" Naruto said as they'd more likely break the spare

Naruto gently got closer and in a swift movement switched them but couldn't move away in time as his omnitrix was clawed 'not this crap again' he thought as he changed into an exact replica of the dragon but was green "beats having fleas" he said remembering his time as a werewolf "Hmm, what to call this guy? Drago?" he said thinking of names to call this form

The dragon stared at him with sad eyes looking like a wounded puppy seeing Naruto

"What?" Naruto asked curiously

"You remind me of one of my babies, probably flying by now" the dragon said sadly as he looked up

"Oh" Naruto said feeling awkward

(with Gwen)

"Oh shit" Kevin said as he saw the forever knights showed and he guessed with the two dragons it furthered their ambition

"Naruto" Gwen yelled using her magic to increase her voice

(with Naruto)

"Got a ship?" Naruto asked curiously

"Yes but I don't know where I've been tracking it" the dragon said as he had been trying to find it

"Then go trust me this planet honestly sucks a good portion of the time" Naruto said to him as he was not lying when he said that

"Okay?" The dragon said wondering why he was being helpful

"Listen take it from a son who doesn't always see his dad wasting time on petty things isn't worth the time you have with friends and family" Naruto said as his father was gone a lot especially now that he was filling in for Max with him gone

"Thank you maybe not all earthlings are bad" the dragon said to him

"Yeah well-" Naruto was saying before he was shot at "I hate these dicks" he said hissing out in pain "go" he said to him

"But you-Go" the dragon was saying before Naruto yelled at him

"I'll kill him" Gwen said as she looked at Connor fully intending on maiming him

"I really gotta start robbing these guys more" Kevin said as he picked up a blaster and absorbed it

(Few hours later)

"Sucks he left before I could ask him about his race, like what if I have ice breath or wind breath?" Naruto said as he wondered what his limits were

"Okay Spyro, we'll just learn as you go" Kevin said as he chuckled as that was what Naruto did anyway

"Fine but we have one thing to do first" Naruto said as he held up a map

"What's that" Kevin asked curiously

"Locations of a few arsenals and bases for the forever knights" Naruto said as Kevin and Gwen smiled at that implications

"You plan to cripple them" Gwen said liking that idea

"At least make it a little more safer for aliens out there" Naruto said as he wanted to flip the forever knights the biggest bird ever

(Few days later)

"Reports of DNAliens going missing, and we care why?" Kevin said as they had picked up some channels and wondered how this was a concern to them

"Cause under those things are people and it'll be good to know if we have allies or another faction in this war" Naruto said to him simply

"And the fact one of them could be a hot chick?" Kevin asked teasingly

"There's always that" Naruto said with a grin

Gwen chuckled as she rolled her eyes

Suddenly Kevin got a alert on his phone

"A call from your mechanic girlfriend?" Naruto asked teasingly

"No that's a dimensional energy alert, someone just used a null void projector" Kevin said knowing the energy signature better than anyone

"Do you think it could be Grandpa?" Gwen asked wondering if there was a chance

"As much as I wish it was, it's probably our new friends again" Naruto said at least they knew where the DNAliens were going

(Few hours later)

"Okay here, see how the marks go? This thing started getting dragged, then… nothing?" Naruto said as he made the ground glow showing DNAlien footprints

"This is where the null void energy is coming from, definitely a projector or at least a portal" Kevin said as he had seen plumber schematics for the projectors for a magnitude of reasons

"Just imagine, getting dragged into one of those things" Gwen said as that was terrifying as they all knew what would happen going into the null void

"I don't need to imagine" Kevin said as people knew about the null void and very few people like himself got out

Naruto's head whipped around as he looked at a rooftop

"What's up?" Kevin asked curiously

"Nothing, let's move" Naruto said thinking he saw something familiar 'was that?' he thought feeling some nostalgia

(2 hours later)

"We're being tailed" Naruto said easily spotting a truck following them

"Is that?" Kevin said fixing his rear view mirror and saw a familiar species "oh no way" he said seeing the tetremand grab his pistols and fire

'I swear is every one of that species a hot head?' Gwen thought to herself as she remembered Tiny and how Naruto acted when he was in that form

"Give me something good" Naruto said transforming into Big Chill to put out the fire from a gas tanker"Now how's about we-" he was saying before red and green beams hit him in the chest

"Nice shot Leander" A girl who looked like the cross between a human and a Aerophibian said to what appeared to be like a walking furnace who gave her a thumbs up, she had high c cup breasts and a athletic round ass

"Ow, okay that hurt." Naruto said as he rubbed his chest "listen I don't have time for this so move" he said unleashing a huge icy mist covering the on fire truck

"Why would a DNAlien bother helping people?" The Aerophibian girl said as her partner just shrugged

"Two things one I ain't a DNAlien and two you picked the wrong guys to pick a fight with" Naruto said angrily

Suddenly a Kineceleran got between Naruto and Leander "Whoa, hey, time out!" she said

"The brains I'm guessing?" Naruto asked as he was skeptical it was the tetramand or the walking oven

"Well, now she is" The Aerophibian girl said before dropping her head "Now that Pierce is..." she said sadly

Naruto pressed the omnitrix changing back "Okay we've obviously gotten off on the wrong foot, I'm Naruto Uzumaki" he said introducing himself "and your alien hybrids" he said to them

"Thanks to the DNAliens" the Kineceleran girl said "I'm Helen Wheels, this is Swift and Leander" she said, she had mid D cup breasts and a plump thick ass

"Nice to meet you and there is no way the DNAliens did this to you your parents one of them was an alien sometimes it can take years to unlock that genetic material inside you" he said wondering what was happening with people unlocking their powers or not knowing zip about their parents

"Really?" Helen said in surprise

"Yes, now can you get him to stop?" Naruto asked looking back at the Tetramand kid and Kevin wrestling

"Manny? It's impossible to get him to stop, he's a hot head" Helen said as Manny always looked for danger and for a fight

Leander walked over to Manny and picked him up by the crook of his neck pulling him off of Kevin and picked Kevin up as well

"Hey, let me go, I was winning!" they both said glaring at the other

Leander shook his head before he slammed their heads together

"That hurt man!" Manny said to him

(few minutes later)

"What kinda species comes with armor" Naruto said as he look Leander over

Naruto didn't receive a answer

"Can he not speak english?" Naruto asked wondering if it was a species thing

"Can't speak at all" Swift said to him sadly

"Oh" Naruto said before he began to make signs with his hands, speaking sign language

"You know sign language" Swift said as she learned so she could communicate with Leander as he couldn't speak back

"Met a mute kid once and had to learn it just in case I ever needed it again" Naruto said simply as he thought it was a good skill

"Took me forever to teach them how, though Manny doesn't really use it" Swift said as she thought with as many hands Manny had he'd be better at it

"Seriously what is up with this town" Kevin asked seriously wondering why aliens came here of all places

"No idea" Gwen said having similar thoughts

"Wow, I thought you could only see things like this in museums" Kevin said as he looked at a device

"Stop the eradicannon-" Helen was saying

"It's a null void projector, mark 1 version, think of it like a gateway into a parallel world" Naruto said to her

"Null what now?" Manny asked

"Prison dimension this opens into it" Kevin said simplifying it greatly

"My brother went through there he could be alive" Helen said in hope

"Yes" Naruto said not wanting to tell her the truth about how dangerous it was

"Yo Naruto check out all this gear" Kevin said to Naruto

"What's the problem" Naruto said not seeing anything wrong with it

"Their tech is old and some of it is state of the art" Kevin said looking at the tech over "this is all plumber tech man something ain't adding up and considering they know next to nothing about their heritage or history how is it they know how to work all this" he asked him wondering how this team got started

"Rogue plumber maybe" Naruto asked as it wouldn't be a first

"Might be I don't know how else to explain this" Kevin said wondering how this came to be

"So this means those aliens we sent through that had plumbers badges, were actually plumbers" Swift said feeling ashamed

"Yeah" Gwen said as there was no easy way to put this

Leander bowed his head as he punched a wall breaking a part of it

'Seriously wonder how a species like that has a hybrid child' Naruto thought as to his knowledge no species had a form like that and what was really off was the heat and low levels of radiation he got from Leander

"We need to go in" Helen said with solid conviction

"Yeah but we need reinforcements here listen I don't know if you know about the war with the DNAliens but it's here and we need back up" Naruto said to them

"Two stay and two go" Swift said as they all nodded

"I'm going in" Manny said a little excited about the action

Leander put a arm on his shoulder and nodded

"Leander no, with your strength and skill you're more useful here" Swift said to him

Leander shook his head as he spoke to her through sign language

"Yeah, going in there might be too much for me, besides someone does need to keep Manny's big butt out of the fire" Swift said making Helen laugh as Manny got angry

"Hey!" Manny said in anger

"You'll need this" Helen said as she tossed Leander a sword

Leander twirled it as he put it on a sheath on his back

"Is one of your parents Snake Eyes, geez" Kevin said as Leander gave off that vibe

Leander walked over to Naruto and put a hand close to his face after making a few signs, ending with making a fist

"I'll look after them" Naruto said

Leander gave him a respectful bow as he walked over to Manny

"Is he part Japanese?" Kevin asked curiously

Leander nodded as he and Manny went into the null void

"Be careful" Swift said as the portal closed

(few days later)

"Wow" Helen said as she saw Naruto's XLR8 form feeling a strong attraction

"Didn't know I could still change into this guy" Naruto said as he ran around "so you ready for some recon" he said as he was introducing her to the forever knights

A visor dropped over Helen's eyes as she smirked as they began running

(few minutes)

"Abominations" a forever knight said as he and his men blasted at the blue blurs

"You're no spring chicken yourself buddy" Helen said as she stole their guns while Naruto delivered much deserved pain "I honestly hate these guys this is persecution" she said not liking the forever knights as she found them to be bigoted assholes

"Yep" Naruto said as he honestly loved the chances he got when it came to messing with them

Then some mechamorph like goo went over XLR8's ear

"Yo, Uzumaki, we have a problem" Kevin said

"Kinda busy here" Naruto said as they were in the middle of finishing

"The end of the world kind" Kevin said to him seriously

"We're on our way" Naruto said seriously

(Half an hour later)

"Okay, what's going on? What's with the toad guys, and the guy with his brain out?" Naruto said as he arrived in the Mr. Smoothie parking lot

"This is Raff, and these are Incurseans" Kevin said smiling at Raff

"What's the problem?" Naruto asked curiously seeing the toads mummer about themselves seeing Gwen and Naruto "and what's theirs" he asked curiously

"They know your parents I talked about you guys a lot" Kevin said as he knew Raff after he escaped the null void

"Look, we are looking for a girl, the daughter of the emperor, I work with. SevenSeven has taken her and I really need to find her otherwise bye bye earth" Raff said

"Let me guess, the Emperor has a weapon that can destroy planets?" Naruto asked as seemingly everyone got their hands on those

"Oh yeah" Raff said not denying it at all

"Hmm, do you have anything of hers? I could track her mana" Naruto asked curiously

"Just this piece of her garment" Raff said holding a piece of purple clothing

Naruto swiped it and it glowed for a moment "they're at the dam" he said to them and in a second they were teleported there "really need one of those"he said as that was quick

"There she is" Kevin said seeing the ship "good luck with this one she was a pain when I met her" he said as Attea was a sadistic brat

"EightEight? Oh no" Raff said in fear

"How many siblings does SixSix have?" Kevin asked in wonder

"One more if I do recall" Raff said as he rubbed his chin

"I was joking!" Kevin said

"So the higher the number the more the danger" Naruto asked curiously

"And EightEight is the most dangerous one as she is the oldest" Raff said seriously

SevenSeven and EightEight pointed their weapons at them as they got over a rock, SevenSeven kinda looked like a upgraded SixSix while EightEight looked a small almost human sized purple SixSix she had High DD cup breasts and round ass

"Ok time to do what I do best" Naruto said with a grin as he put his hands on the omnitrix

"Was that dam damaged when we got here?" Raff asked as he saw cracks appear

"Damn it" Naruto said as he saw the cracks "Okay, time to give you a try" he said as he pressed down on the alien he hasn't used yet "Alien X, seconded water stopping motion carried!" he said as he raised his hand and swiped it in a circular motion as a ring went to the damn and everything seemingly went in reverse


"Kindness and rage that kinda deal right?" Naruto asked as he looked at the green faces

"Yes, I am Serena the voice of love and compassion." Serena said in joy and happiness

"And I am Bellicus the voice of rage and aggression." Bellicus said as his voice was angry and grumpy

"What does that make me?" Naruto asked curiously wondering what his role was

"You're supposed to be the voice of reason" Bellicus said telling him his position "so kid anyway I can convince you about bringing back the dinosaurs" he said with a smile

"Hell no" Naruto said as Serena smiled at him

"Dang it" Bellicus said as he wanted the resurrect the violent and deadly creatures

"Let me guess, whatever I am, can't make a move unless we all agree on it?" Naruto asked them

"Yes we are of the celestialsapien race making our thoughts reality is child's play" Serena said to him

"And let me guess again, you two can never come to a agreement" Naruto said as this was classic opposing forces

"Well we are siblings after all" Bellicus said to him

"I've got my work cut out for me this time" Naruto said he rubbed his head

(with Gwen)

"This is a new one" Gwen said as she was concerned when Eighteight started attacking Naruto clawing him but no damage happened and when she realized she did nothing she flew off

"Is he okay?" Helen asked waving her hand in front of his face not seeing any movement or sign or responses

"He's a celestialsapien, he can't move unless everyone inside there is in agreement" Kevin said as he borrowed Naruto's book and ran into this species thinking it was nothing more than a rumor

"Oh boy" Swift said as their biggest gun not being able to do anything was a problem for an invasion sized threat

"Oh shit" Kevin said as they were teleported to the mothership before emperor Milieus

(with Naruto)

"So you see everything negative, and have a more… warriors view. Violent." Naruto said as he looked at Bellicus "And you see everything positive and nice, a pacifists viewpoint" he said to her

"Yes" They both said simultaneously

"Combine them and you could get a pretty good hero, Bellicus, you must have seen centuries of battles, correct?" Naruto asked him curiously

"Of course" Bellicus said as he found those to be the best

"And Serena you must have seen countless peace talks so you know compassion and how to talk rather than battle" Naruto said to them

"Indeed" Serena said with a bright smile

"Where are you going with this kid?" Bellicus asked

"Then you know that what the incurseans are doing is unfair they've done this to many planets we can't do nothing inaction is the worst kind've action" Naruto said to them

"True" Bellicus said considering his words "And they just destroyed Pluto" he said not having a single care about it

"At least that should help out that blue planet's orbit, oh what is it's name again Bellicus?" Serena asked

"Neptune" Belicous said to her simply

"If Alien X can't act without us working together, then let's. Tell you what, I promise to have sessions with you every week, to deliberate on things, come to decisions on things to do, or not do. But we must work together, show the universe what we can do together." Naruto said appealing to their sense of compassion and show of force

"Is there a second?" Bellicus asked wondering if Serena would agree cause he was sold this deal

"Aye" Serena said in agreement

"Then we are in agreement, not bad kid" Bellicus said as he was impressed by his argumentative skills and persuasion

"Why Bellicus did you just compliment him?" Serena asked in joy

"N-no" Bellicus said in denial

"What's going on with my friends anyway?" Naruto asked curiously

(with Swift)

"Is he back yet" Swift said on top of the car firing at the incurseans

Suddenly the blaster fire of the Incurseans halted in mid air

"Guess who's back and got a new alien under control" Naruto said as Alien X moved in front of them "Now what do you think you're doing to my friends you fat overgrown piece of frog legs" he said as he sent the blast right back at them

"Dude you got the controls awesome" Kevin said in excitement "I mean these things make anodites look like nothing no offense" he said to him and Gwen

"Yeah" Naruto said as the omnitrix symbol glowed yellow "oh new DNA" he said as he clapped the omnitrix symbol and transformed into a familiar armored alien "NineNine! I'm like SixSix, finally!" he said as he saw his armor was black and orange light and he was packing major heat and weapons "Oh you froggies are in so much trouble" he said as his armor opened in spots and missiles were shot at the incurseans

"The omnitrix must have scanned SixSix back when we were kids" Gwen said to him

"That or I got it when Eighteight was trying to rip me to shreds" Naruto said tossing a bomb making a squadron of incursions flying back

"Ugh speaking of the number siblings we got one" Kevin said as Sevenseven and Eighteight were aiming his weapons at them

EightEight's helmet slightly turned red as she looked at Naruto's armored form as he was very appealing to her species wise

"That Attea?" Naruto asked Kevin curiously looking at the female frog who honestly seemed much better looking than the rest of her species

"Yep, and she paid us twice as much so she can overthrow her dad" Eighteight said to him

"Oh cool I can understand you" Naruto said to her

"Uh dude, we all can" Kevin said to him thinking something was off

"The one sibling that actually has a translator" Eighteight said as it was troubling that not many knew or spoke her language

"So what do we do?" Naruto asked

"Well it's customary for our people to celebrate a coronation with a planet being destroyed" Attea said as she tossed the conquest ray up and down

"You don't wanna do that" Naruto said to her with a stern hard look

"You're Naruto Uzumaki right" Attea asked curiously

"The one and only" Naruto said to her

"Hmmm how about this an alliance and a show of good faith I'll spare your planet deal" Attea said to him

"What's in it for me, besides the Earth getting spared, what does Earth get out of it?" Naruto asked as he changed back

"Hmm we can discuss that at a later date" Attea said as she flung her tongue at him pulling him close as she pulled him into a deep kiss "Later" she said with a wink

"Dude this must be some reverse fairy tale" Kevin said as they were teleported back to earth

"Namikaze charm just like dad said" Naruto said with a chuckle

(with Attea)

'Kevin 11 why does that sound familiar' Attea thought to herself as Raff gave her information on how he knew Naruto "oh right Luma is looking for him" she said remembering her fellow princess/rival/enemy/friend

(Few days later)

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip off all your quills" Naruto said as he found Argit sneaking into his house

"Where's Kev I gotta find him" Argit said in fear

"Why?" Naruto asked curiously

"Someone dropped the dime on Kev" Argit said in fear

"Oh god what did you two do this time?" Naruto asked curiously as Argit filled him in

(1 hour later)

"Maybe Kev has a type" Argit said as he was watching Kevin's girlfriend beat him senseless after finding out he was engaged

"Dude you alive?" Naruto asked as Turbine walked away

"Ow." Kevin said as he spat out some blood

"Ok good he's fine let's go into hiding Looma is gonna hunt both of down" Argit said in fear

"So on a scale of one to ten how screwed are we" Naruto said not knowing much about Tetremand laws but knew about their weaponry

"Very I need some idiot to fight her" Kevin said to him

"Well if someone can beat her, then we're okay but then he would become her fiance" Argit said

"Classic warrior rules" Naruto said as he knew these customs as he took out his phone to fill in Gwen

"Oh and dude, female Tetramands tend to be stronger than males" Argit said to him

"Got it I seriously need Azmuth to pick up now" Naruto said as he used the omnitrix

(few hours later)

"These guys don't waste time" Gwen said seeing a combination between an arena and ceremonial/religious grounds

"They're primarily a warrior race, what do you expect?" Naruto said as he knew tetramands were smarter than they appeared but most couldn't control their battle lust

"So Fourarms won't be much" Argit said

"Now don't count him out, don't forget I train with my aliens, let's just see if it's enough" Naruto said as he was glad to have reached Azmuth as he unlocked his old playlist

"Aren't you gonna go up and stop this?" Argit asked as Kevin was getting beat savagely

"Let him sweat a bit more, let karma take a hold a bit longer" Naruto said as he was sending Turbine the live feed

"Does anyone refuse this bond of warriors, if so speak now or forever hold your tongue" Looma's father Gar Red Wind said

"Yeah I do" Naruto said stepping into the ring

"You dare?!" Looma said as she glared at him, she had low F-cup sized breasts, athletic body, and a firm ass

"Yeah I do, gorgeous, Kevin already has a girl and I'm not going to let you take him, so if you want a fight? I'm game" Naruto said as he transformed into four arms

"Did you seriously just flirt with a girl who can tear your head off?" Kevin asked wondering if he was in the right state of mind

"Hey flirting is in my genes"Naruto said as he couldn't deny he felt a strong attraction to strong women

"Let us dance" Looma said as she charged but Naruto caught her fists easily

"I trained just for this occasion, never know if you're gonna face a stronger opponent" Naruto said as he learned to fight as the races he transformed into making them that much more dangerous against the enemy

"A true warrior's spirit, but you shall not be dea-" Looma was saying before Naruto slugged her in the gut sending her across the arena

"Advice, don't talk when you should be fighting. It leaves you open for a attack" Naruto said as he saw her grin as they clashed

"We're dead if he loses right?" Argit said as Naruto was their best hope

"We could always throw Gwen at her" Kevin said before he got blasted by said Anodite

Naruto and Looma clashed fists causing a split to form right through the arena

"You are strong, I will give you that" Looma said impressed by his skill

"And you're strong and hot" Naruto said with a grin "You're actually making me sweat, haven't had that happen in a while" he said as this was the first time in a while he had to work for a victory

"Who are you? No Tetramand has ever given me this rush in battle" Looma asked

"Naruto Uzumaki at your service" Naruto said with a grin

"The Naruto Uzumaki?" Looma asked having hearts in her eyes

"Are you a fan, hot stuff?" Naruto asked curiously

"Yes but you know my sister I'm an admirer of your battles" Looma said to him

"You're Tini's sister?" Naruto asked curiously wondering how screwed he was

"Yes" Looma said simply "We are too evenly matched, need something to break the tie" she said excitedly

Naruto suddenly got an idea as he began tickling her under arms with his lower arms making her laugh uncontrollably before Naruto threw her into the wall and pinned her against it "Yield?" he asked curiously

"I yield" Looma said as she moaned sensually

(few minutes later)

"I'm sorry I think I heard incorrectly" Gwen said in an all to sweet tone "but what makes you think you're at the top of the food chain" she asked her giving Looma a glare

"I am obviously the strongest" Looma said confidently

"What happens when I kick your ass will you be my fiance" Gwen asked as her skin slowly became pink

"Technically I'd be beneath you in his harem" Looma said to her

"Ah let's stop before we level a city" Naruto said not wanting to level city blocks

"Speak for yourself we can make cash off of this" Argit said receiving a blow to the head from Naruto

"Well at least we can say we have some strong allies for when we really face the DNAliens" Kevin said as tetremand allies were awesome allies for combat

"Don't think you're off the hook" Naruto said reminding him about Turbine

"Shit" Kevin said in realization

"So what shall we do now beloved, shall we prepare the wedding?" Looma asked curiously

"Hold on" Naruto said sending a text to someone "give her a minute" he said to her

They all waited a few seconds and soon a red comet was approaching them and suddenly stopped mid air and revealed Kushina

"My baby's getting married?!" Kushina said squealing in excitement

"Through the trail of combat" Looma said "I take it you are my mother in law?" she asked curiously

"Yes" Kushina said as she grabbed Looma and gave her a strong hug making Looma wince

'She is certainly strong' Looma thought to herself

Gwen growled angrily "You're actually supporting this?!" she asked in rage

"I get why you're complaining but you don't hear Helen or Swift saying anything" Kushina said as said women blushed and looked away

"B-but he's too young to get married" Gwen said

"Gwen I'm like 18" Naruto said as that was average wedding age

"Shut up" Gwen said glaring at him

"Can you say jealousy?" Kevin said to Argit

"Duck" Argit said as he dodged a blast from Gwen but Kevin wasn't so lucky as his ass was now covered in ash and fell back

"You're just mad that it's not you getting engaged" Helen said teasingly

"You think?!" Gwen said as her hair flared up

"Ok Gwen wanna get married?" Naruto asked making Gwen turn red with a blush

"Yes!" Kushina said in excitement thinking about the prospect of grandbabies and having granddaughters

"Well that just happened?" Swift said as Gwen fainted

"Oh boy." Naruto said seeing there would be much problems in the future

(Few hours later)

"Well this has been entertaining" Naruto said as he watched Looma and Gwen fight for the position as head wife

"We should make this public that way -" Argit was saying before Naruto hit him on the head

"Bet he wants a private show" Swift said to Helen with a chuckle

"It's not my fault if they tear things up" Naruto said with a smile as if he was being honest he was enjoying the fight

"And if it ends up being a tie?" Helen asked curiously

"Eh we'll see when we get there"

(The next day)

Naruto found Gwen and Looma on the ground laying next to each other "You two actually fought all night?" he asked

"Still haven't found… a winner" Looma said actually exhausted taking a knee

"Just getting… a breather" Gwen said as she was kneeling

"Okay that's it, get up" Naruto said "I found this funny at the beginning but not now" he said as he saw them struggle to stay conscious but soon Looma feel over

"Winner" Gwen said as she yelled as loudly as she could in her exhausted state which was pretty low

"There is something wrong with you" Naruto said to her as he chuckled

Gwen just groaned as she fell asleep making Naruto roll his eyes

(later that night)

"Hey" an alluring voice said behind Gwen as they were in the spooning position

"Hey Hope" Gwen said not even opening her eyes to look at her fellow magic user

"Heard you and our favorite blond are tying the knot" Charmcaster said with a smirk, she had low E-cup breasts, curvy body, and nice bubbly ass

"Well not exactly, I just didn't want someone else getting him before me" Gwen said with a small smile as she was able to stake her claim

"Well just remember if you ever need anything and I mean anything I'll do it in a heartbeat" Charmcaster said to her as she nuzzled into the crook of her neck

'Still can't believe the people of Ledgerdomain worshipped Anodites' Gwen thought as when Hope found out about their heritage she freaked and bowed saying the people from her magical dimension prayed and worshipped the people there and taught the people how to channel mana and Hope made it her personal mission to try and please them anyway they could

(Few weeks later)

"First Michael came back, then I had to help save a Highbreed only for him to stay on the planet we were on because he said he was tainted and now there's another me out there?" Naruto said in frustration

"Could be a good thing" Gwen said jokingly as she had thoughts about having more than one Naruto to herself

"Yeah but apparently you are looking for yourself, according to all the forever knight chatter" Swift said

"Who knows maybe we let him do his thing I mean the forever knights are no friends of ours I say let this guy work" Helen said with a smirk

"Yeah and if he starts looking for me in other places? Filled with innocent people?" Naruto said as he wasn't gonna let innocent people get hurt if this guy was that willing to find him "what has me concerned is the omnitrix" he said looking at his watch

"What did you do to it now?" Kevin asked wondering if he messed up

"Yeah, remember the mix up incident?" Gwen said as she shivered a little

"Hey I was a kid back then, and don't remind me especially after… Gramps Slug" Naruto said as he shivered in disgust never able to look at slugs the same

"Huh?" Kevin said feeling like he was missing something

"I accidentally knocked the ring off the watch, making alien hybrids like Stink-Arms and Heat Jaw and Diamondmatter, Animo used the thing to change animals like a bat to Heatblast and Gramps into a Stinkbug slug" Naruto said as it would've been awesome if he could've controlled that better deciding what aliens he fused together

"Ew on the slug bit but a Heatblast bat sounds awesome" Kevin said picturing it in his head

"So what's wrong with the watch?" Gwen asked

"Nothing but I'm wondering if this guy made an omnitrix and has my face it might mean something bad could happen if we clash" Naruto said as the omnitrix was powerful and Azmuth set the settings to him only

"Has an omnitrix? Only Azmuth knows how it was made, right?" Kevin said in confusion wondering how someone got a duplicate

"Now that I recall there was a annoying little assistant he had named Albedo" Gwen said as she remembered a certain Galvan that was rather bigoted with others and a major kiss up to Azmuth

"Oh no." Naruto said as he rubbed his head "Not that guy" he said not even wanting to entertain the thought

"Guess we're going on a fake Naruto hunt" Helen said in excitement

"Think you're a Galvan and you've been turned into a human, you've probably got all the likes and dislikes of the original, where would you go?" Gwen asked curiously

"Ramen!" Naruto said in both excitement and fear

(with 'Naruto')

"How is it I keep eating vast quantities yet it doesn't sustain me!" 'Naruto' said in frustration

"Just be glad I like it more than Chili Fries" Naruto said making his other whip around

"Finally, I was wondering what else I had to do to find you, give me the omnitrix!" 'Naruto' said

"Find me no I found you genius" Naruto said not wanting the galvan turned human to think he had done anything "and hell no am I giving you the omnitrix" he said firmly

"This would be a pretty good dream if I knew it wasn't Albedo as one of them" Gwen said as she had many dreams of multiple Naruto's around her

"You remember me?" Albedo said sounding pleased

"Hard not to remember an ass" Gwen said as she saw he still had his superiority complex and short temper

"Give it!" Albedo said to him demandingly

"You idiot if our watches get too close do you not know what will happen?" Naruto said

"I said, give it!" Albedo said as he threw his hand forward and threw a red sphere "What is this?" he said before smiling as he threw it again

"Great he figured out how to throw a mana ball" Gwen said sarcastically

"Glad he's too weak to do shit though" Naruto said as being an Anodite was more than DNA it was about spirit and Albedo had very little of that

Albedo growled as he changed into Chromastone

"You may have my aliens but you sure can't fight like me" Naruto said as he transformed into Echo-Echo and trapped him in an echo chamber shattering him to pieces "if you knew a single thing about using my powers this would've been an actual challenge" he said to the broken down Chromastone

Chromastone's horn glowed as his body came back together

"Okay didn't know he could do that" Naruto said as he was a little surprised by that

"Give it!" Albedo said in frustration

"No" Naruto said as he ran over and slapped Albedo's omnitrix making him change back to human "Thank you Azmuth for teaching me how to do that" he said glad he knew how that worked and changed back

"Give me the omnitrix you hairless simian" Albedo said as he reached for the omnitrix with his omnitrix hand

'Left handed?' Naruto thought noticing the small uncommon thing they had as he was right handed

Suddenly their watches linked

"Great now what did you do?" Naruto said as a small energy burst happened when the omnitrixes latched onto each other making Albedo into a inverse copy of Naruto with red eyes and black hair and a yellow jacket

"Good to be able to tell the difference now" Kevin said glad to not have to deal with the who is the real one bit

"Ahh, now my form is ruined!" Albedo said

"It's my form asshole" Naruto said as he glared at his discolored duplicate

"Children" Azmuth said sitting on a nearby tree walking over to the Narutos

"What are you doing?" Albedo said as Azmuth ripped out the core to his omnitrix

"Stopping you before you kill yourself, while not bad of a knock off if you used it after that little energy surge you could have destroyed yourself and the surrounding area. Didn't I teach you anything" Azmuth said seeing that Albedo used his schematics and didn't link the omnitrix to himself rather than leave the custom settings as they were

"Um did you say, destroy yourself?" Naruto asked curiously

"Don't worry it's not gonna happen to yours, it just needs a little reboot for a few hours" Azmuth said as he tapped on the screen "my apologies now please don't tell your mother" Azmuth said wanting out of here before the mother learned what had happened under his watch

Albedo got teleported away followed by Azmuth

"It's funny seeing the smartest guy in like 10 galaxies be so afraid of your mother" Helen said finding that funny

"You do not want to tick off a Anodite, especially my mom" Naruto said as they had met her for only a few minutes so they got a small dose and even then she was happy

"Well I'm hungry, let's go get some ramen or something, I'm craving chinese food for some reason" Kevin said to them as his stomach growled

"I'm down for that" Naruto said with a grin

(Few days later)

"You want me to what?" Julie asked Naruto

"Follow me around, I feel like I've been blacking out when I've been going alien lately" Naruto said to her as he informed her of his small episodes

"Okay, let me get my notebook and Ship and we can see" Julie said as she ran upstairs

(Few minutes later)

"Okay, let's try Jetray" Naruto said as he transformed and when he did he changed again without even touching the omnitrix

"What? You chose Jetray, not Big Chill" Julie said as he flew away and she followed him seeing him go into an industrial plant and when she made it inside she was speechless as he was downing molten slag "Okay we definitely have a problem" she said as Ship nodded in agreement

(few hours later)

"I drank molten slag? I didn't think Big Chill could do that" Naruto asked baffled by that

"And took bites out of tons of metallic objects all over town" Julie said as Naruto went to a junkyard and ate as much metal as he did ramen

"Eating things left and right, reminds me of myself when I was pregnant with you" Kushina said to them jokingly

"God the ramen combinations" Minato said as he shivered as his wife's cravings were a bit disgusting as she had added things to her ramen

"I don't even wanna know what you ate" Naruto said as he looked at his mother and moved away slightly "So what the heck is making me black out and do all this? I mean it's definitely not like what happened with Ghostfreak as Big Chill is a Necrofriggian not a Ectonurite" he said as this didn't feel like another person taking him over for freedom this felt different

"We just need to collect more information" Julie said with a smirk not giving up on this

"I just don't want to be attacking innocent people, that's why I gave Zed the okay to turn into Hypnotick so she could knock me out if needed" Naruto said to them

Minato smiled as his son definitely took after him always worrying about others before himself

"Hypnotick?" Julie asked

"Big Chill's natural predator a Psycholeopterran" Naruto said before hearing Zed whine at that a little not wanting to fight him

(few days later)

"You're telling us this now?!" Gwen said as they drove in the middle of the desert

"I swear can you two not find my computer I swear I have information on Big Chill somewhere" Kevin said as Helen and Swift were looking through his car

"Were trying you slob" Swift said as she much preferred Naruto's car as Kevin's was meant for slobs

"Found it… What the?!" Helen said as she looked at the computer after dialing in Necrofriggians

"What?!" Gwen said thinking she found something bad

"Big Chill… is pregnant" Helen said simply

"What?!" Everyone but Kevin said as he laughed

"Necrofriggians reproduce asexually every 80 years and Big Chill is displaying all the signs that he's about to lay his eggs" Helen said as she wondered if any of his other asexual aliens did that

"Naruto's a mom" Kevin said laughing before Gwen hit him on the head and got looks from all the women

(few minutes later)

"Why is he only attacking me?!" Kevin said trying to get Naruto off of him

"It's Naruto, what did you expect?" Gwen said thinking Naruto saw Kevin as a threat or a meal since he was covered in metal "And why did you choose metal to absorb when he's been eating metal?" she asked him curiously wondering if he had been paying attention

"Get away from there!" Naruto said seeing Julie, Ship, and Swift around the metal cluster he was making

"Ok ok backing up" Julie said as she backed up and saw Naruto calm down

Soon the metal cluster began to shake and out poured green goo and soon blue water like spheres rose up and soon took the form of miniature Big Chill's

"Aww" the girls said as the babies flew over to Big Chill

"Who the hell are you calling?" Kevin asked Gwen as she took a picture of the babies

"Guess" Gwen said as a familiar red comet of energy blasted in their direction

"They're adorable! I always wanted grandbabies but I didn't expect Naruto himself to make them" Kushina said in joy as the babies flew over to her covering her head to toe

Naruto looked as the smallest one flew over to him as he held it in his hands "Go little one, fly" he said as the baby cooed against him

"I think I know somewhere close by they can go" Minato said as they needed a steady pace of plasma from stars and their sun had a twilight to it and Necrofriggian lived on the icy half

Big Chill changed back to Naruto, who shook his head knowing he couldn't take care of them but at least like to know they were safe "Uhh, guys?" he said seeing all the baby Big Chills flying around him knowing he was their parent

"You may want to sit down" Julie said as had a notebook filled with notes

(Few hours later)

"Congratulations, mamma" Kevin said as he laughed hysterically

"Watch it" Kushina said as she was fighting Minato on trying to take her grandchildren to the sun despite knowing they had to go

"So that explains all the things I was putting into my ramen" Naruto said as he found things like pickles and other weird food ingredients

"Welcome to the club" Kushina said with a smile

"What's gonna happen to them?" Naruto asked

"They'll be fine with their race they are actually quite peaceful unless threatened" Minato said to them

"Can't understand how these things eat red hot plasm but spew out cold" Helen said holding one that blew icy mist into her face making it ice up a little

"Kushina let go" Minato said trying to separate his wife who was holding their grandchildren

"I want them to stay" Kushina said as she cried like a kicked puppy seeing their adorable faces

"You're an anodite a trip to the sun is like a stroll down the block for you" Minato said realizing his wife just realized that "you completely forgot you could do that didn't you" he asked curiously seeing her blush confirm his thoughts

"So I can visit them?" Naruto asked as he held the smallest of the babies

"I thought that was obvious" Minato said as Jetray could be there and back in under ten minutes

"Well I guess this is, see you soon little guys" Naruto said as they all enveloped him

"Aww" the women said unable to stop finding this adorable

"It's like getting covered in butterflies" Naruto said as feeling their wings was nice

"They're more moths" Kevin said receiving a slap to the back of the head making him fall forward courtesy of Kushina as she shed a tear looking at the babies

(Few days later)

"Cooper? That kid that had that crush on you, what does he want?" Naruto asked as he laughed a little

"You're misunderstanding the thing, I said we needed his help to fix this stupid teleporter pod" Gwen said to them

"Why not just have me and Kevin try?" Naruto asked

"Because Kevin's been trying for days and has gotten nowhere if anyone can understand what's going on it's a technopath" Gwen said as with Cooper it'd be quick

"Alright let's go find the little dude" Naruto said wondering what happened

(few hours later)

"Looks like we missed one heck of a party" Swift said seeing the damaged smelly lab

"Foods old and there's this" Naruto said as they saw familiar goo on the floor

"DNAliens" they all said in realization

"Why take him" Swift asked curiously

"The dude can make anything he can imagine they must need him to make something" Naruto said as they found a recording of them taking him not using a parasite to control him

"Think you're aliens trying to invade, what do you need?" Kevin asked

"Cover and a base of operations" Naruto said as they focused on things like factories

"What about Los Soledad that place is a few miles away secluded filled with advanced tech" Gwen said as that was somewhere that came to mind

"Last place they'd expect us to look" Naruto said as it was better than nothing

(1 hour later)

"Well I see noTHING!" Kevin said as he leaned against a wall and fell through it

"Wondered why my hair was on end" Naruto said as he felt some kinda electrical disturbance "cloaking field" he said as those always created a somewhat small electrical field

"You guys might wanna see this" Kevin said as he poked his head back through

The group walked through and immediately felt cold but what got their attention was a giant arch way

"It's a gateway" Naruto said as he immediately guessed what it's purpose was

"We need to find Cooper immediately" Helen said to them

"Good where do we look?" Kevin said sarcastically

"I think I can help with that, please be in here" Naruto said as he cycled through his aliens before stopping at one and selected it

In Naruto's place was a familiar orange dog like alien

"I remember this guy" Kevin said as he petted Naruto

"Wildmutt" Gwen said getting looks from everyone "What he can't talk, somebody had to do it" she said

"Never do that again please" Swift said as that was disturbing

Wildmutt sniffed around along with Zed before Wildmutt got a scent and growled at the others before taking off

"I think that's Vulpimancer for follow me" Kevin said getting blank stares

(5 minutes later)

"Whoa, somebody had a growth spurt" Gwen said seeing a tall grown Cooper

"H-hi Gwen" Cooper said nervously

"Just hold on Coop we'll get you out of here" Naruto said as they looked out

"Their cloaking field, the arch way they made me make them" Cooper said feeling down

"Dude they were holding you against your will you're good" Naruto said wanting him to know there was nothing to be shamed about "We need to go" he said

"And not blow that gateway up?" Kevin asked as they needed to do some damage in order to delay them as long as possible

"What can all of us do against an entire army of DNAliens, we'll be back." Naruto said as they were outgunned and outmatched "Helen run around and place these they should make enough of a boom to slow them down some" he said handing her some small ball like objects

"What are these things?" Helen asked curiously

"Bombs made by my dad" Naruto said as his dad was creative

"Oh we're getting big booms, let's go" Kevin said

(Few minutes later)

Naruto smirked as Helen came back after a loud explosion was heard

"That'll really slow them down some" Helen said with a smirk seeing her handy work paid off

"Yeah lets go people" Kevin said seeing dozens and dozens of DNAliens appear

They ran to the cars and raced off, feeling slightly proud to slow down their operations at least

(Few days later)

"Whoa Julie, slow down, what happened?" Naruto said over the phone with Julie "Who took Ship?" he said in shock

"Oh boy" Kevin said knowing there night just got busy

"Forever knights" Naruto said as the others groaned

"Seriously how many of these assholes are there?" Helen asked curiously as they were more annoying than cockroaches

"Let's move" Naruto said grabbing his jacket

(Few hours later)

"Julie, no offense but what exactly can you do when we find Ship?" Kevin asked as Julie was coming along with them

"Whatever I can, he's my dog" Julie said as she wasn't gonna stand and do nothing

"Starting to see what you see in her Uzumaki" Kevin said as he chuckled a little seeing she was a spitfire

"We seriously need to attack them more often" Helen said as her hatred for them grew regularly as they sunk to new lows

"Since Ship is tech it's hard to track his mana" Naruto said as there was no way for them to track him

"Alright let's think, you're a part of an organization of knights and love medieval themed things, where would you set up a hideout?" Helen said

"A castle duh, but there's no castles in Bellwood, is there?" Kevin said to them as there was none to his knowledge

"Well there is one that just got recently bought" Julie said as she looked up online

"And you're just bringing this up now?" Kevin said sarcastically

"Well I didn't think about it till now" Julie said as she gave him a glare

"Never piss off a worried woman dude" Naruto said giving him a warning

(Few hours later)

"Okay red just makes him scary" Kevin said as Ship became a giant ship his regular green lines a bright red

"Come on Ship, don't you recognize me?" Julie said as she approached him without fear

"Shoot you blasted thing!" Joseph Chadwick said in anger commanding ship as if he were an ignorant attack dog

"Come on you big blob, it's us, Naruto, Zed and Julie, come on don't you remember all the times we played together?" Naruto said as Zed stepped forward and barked at him non aggressively

"Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it!" Kevin said wanting to take him down before he did them in

"Come on Ship, let's go home, I got your favorite ball" Julie said as she held up a red squeaky ball

"Shiiiiip" Ship said as the ship shrank down and became the mechamorphic dog

"Ship, I knew you could do it boy" Julie said having a few tears go down her face

"Julie" Ship said as he surprised everyone there saying that "Naruto" he then said jumping in Naruto's arms

"Love the most powerful thing in the universe" Naruto said with a small happy smile "As for you, shoot it, shoot it, shoot it?" he said looking at Kevin

"It was a suggestion!" Kevin said defensively

"Seize them!" Chadwick said as the forever knights there ran away when Ship took on the ship mode and made all it's guns appear then Chadwick did the same thing they did when Ship turned to him

"Well I'm gonna steal their tech" Kevin said as he looked around

"Is that all you care about is taking someone's tech" Naruto asked curiously

"Souvenirs" Kevin said not looking back

"My ass he's just looking for ways to upgrade his car" Helen said as she had seen what he did with alien tech

"Or sell it" Swift said knowing he was into shady stuff

(Few days later)

"A telepathic message from Manny?" Helen said in excitement hearing from her friend

"It's not looking good from what he said" Gwen said sadly not wanting to take her hope or peace of mind but needed her to know he was in trouble

"Where's the Null void portal? I'm going in with Zed, Helen, you and Swift are the only two who know how it works and Kevin, you and Gwen are the only ones who can pull us back out so it's just me and Zed on this one" Naruto said as the dog barked in excitement

(1 hour later)

"You ready girl?" Naruto said as the dog barked as they jumped through the red vortex

Within minutes they saw a green four armed alien screaming as what looked like the cross between a Vulpimancer, a bat and a squid was taking him

"I always hated these things" Naruto said as he saw Zed's predatrix beep and scan it "that's a new one" he said to no one in particular

Naruto then blasted the creature with his mana freeing the alien from it's grasp

Zed growled as more creatures showed up

"Shit" Naruto said as he didn't like these odds

"D'Void's Null Guardians, he must not be far if there is this many, we need the Wrench and the Helpers, the Null Void is destabilizing" the alien said in fear

"D'Void?" Naruto said thinking that name sounded dumb

Naruto put the alien down and began firing at the Null Guardians while Zed changing into Crabdozer and growled

"Yeah girl not much ground to walk on to fight, walkers won't do much here" Naruto said as flyers did best here which limited their options

Zed whined as tons of Null Guardians ganged up on her

"Don't touch my dog" Naruto said as his eyes glowed green before turning orange in anger blasting the horde on his dog

Suddenly blue laser bolts and one red one began hitting the Null Guardians as Naruto saw Manny on the back of some kind of dragon like creature with Leander

"I was wondering when you all were gonna show up" Naruto said before he noticed Manny was missing one of his hands as it was simply a clamp

"You're a sight for sore eyes" Manny said as he saw Naruto

"Dude been a while how've you guys been holding up" Naruto asked getting a 'so-so' from Leander

"Not good" Manny said as he looked at his clamp hand

Leander gripped his sword as Zed landed next to them as the Null Guardians parted showing a man

"Dr. Animo?!" Naruto said in surprise

"You know D'Void?" Manny said in equal surprise directed at Naruto

"He's a villain that I used to beat all the time as a kid, how'd he get here?" Naruto said wondering how the mad doctor made it here of all places

"We need to go" Manny said not wanting to be here longer than he had to

"Come on Zed" Naruto said to his dog

Zed ran over to them only to get taken by Null Guardians

"Zed!" Naruto said before Manny grabbed his shoulder

"Come on man!" Manny said as he saw a swarm of null guardians rush for them

"Not without her" Naruto said

"Sorry man." Manny said as Leander struck Naruto on the neck knocking him out

(1 hour later)

"Dude? Dude?" Manny said "I think he's coming to" he said before Naruto slugged him in the face "What'd you do that for?" he said holding his face

"Because I'd break my hand trying to punch him" Naruto said looking at Leander

"This is Naruto Uzumaki? How do you know it's him and not a shapeshifter" a quilled man said as he walked in

"Pierce I presume, Helen told me about you" Naruto said as he looked at the man wondering how he and Helen and the others found each other

"Helen? You know my adopted sister?" Pierce asked

"That explains a few things, wait Zed?" Naruto said

"Sorry man, I couldn't risk us going after her, she's in D'Void's hands now. If we're lucky she'll just be put under his control" Manny said

"That's lucky?!" Naruto said in anger and frustration wanting to hit the tetramand hybrid

"He's done worse to others for less" Manny said holding up his arm with his prosthetic hand

Naruto growled as he punched the wall

"You look mad, how's about calming down over a bowl of my famous centipede gumbo?" A familiar voice said as a man in a cloak walked in before pulling off his hood

"That's sounds… Gramps" Naruto said in surprise as he ran and hugged Max

"You know the Wrench?" Pierce asked in surprise

"You gonna make me ask?" Naruto said looking at the old man

"Well when I detonated that Null Void grenade, it didn't blast me to Kingdom Come, it blasted me here. I meant to come back home, but once I saw how badly these folks were being oppressed…" Max said trailing off

"You took it upon yourself to eighty-six Dr. Animo's rein once and for all!" Naruto said knowing he'd do the same as this was

"Yeah. Or at least throw a monkey wrench into the machinery." Max said to him

"Hence the Wrench, and the Helpers, Plumbers Helpers, I just got it" Naruto said laughing a little at what his title implied

"Pierce here helped me round up everybody willing to fight D' Void. But enough about me. What are you doing here? How did you get here?" Max asked wondering why he'd be here of all places

"The Null Void projector Pierce and them had I would've made a portal but those are exhausting to make" Naruto said as he and Gwen could make portals into the void but it took a lot of energy to do

"You mean the same one Pierce accidentally got sucked into?" Max asked as Pierce filled him in on how he ended up here of all places

"Yeah but now Animo just got a whole lot more dangerous, if he figures out a way to control Zed" Naruto said as Zed was deadly on the worst days

"Oh boy" Max said remembering the dangerous canine

"Well with you here, we at least have a shot to shut down D'Void" Manny said thinking with Naruto

"What's Animo been doing since he got here? That one alien that I saved said the Null Void was disintegrating." Naruto asked curiously

"Then it's happening faster than I thought" Max said to him

'I might know why it's happening' Naruto thought, having nothing to confirm his thoughts "Like is there anything that he could be using that could boost him?" he asked curiously

"He has been having his prisoners mine for Kormite, to power his drill to return to earth and when he does he'll take his army of Null Guardians with him" Max said to him

"That drill might be powering a lot more than just that drill" Naruto said as he

"Well it's time to shut down D'Void once and for all" Pierce said seriously

(2 hours later)

"Now keep these squid things busy while I get the drill" Naruto said

"Oh it will not be that easy, Uzumaki" Animo said as he walked through a entrance petting Zed's head who stood there perfectly still

"Zed" Naruto said in anger and sadness

"I have a new pet I wish for you to meet" Animo said as he snapped his fingers and Zed charged and turned into a Crabdozer knocking Manny over

"Hey Animo" Naruto said turning into Heatblast "how about another go for old times sake" he said angrily

"It will not be as simple as in the past" Animo said as he walked through the flames unharmed

"Damn it" Naruto said as he looked at the heat from the drill and smiled and let out a sigh before extending his arms out wide his body glowing bright as he drew in heat consuming it

"What are you doing?" Animo asked as he backed away as Heatblast got brighter

"What I do BEST!" Naruto said as Zed tackled him through a wall "Why'd you have to turn into Heatblast's predator" he said looking at the Crabdozer

"Your forms predator, you say?" Animo said as he smiled at that

"Me and my big mouth" Naruto said as he face palmed

As Zed tried biting him Naruto got a idea come to him as he pinched a certain spot under Zed's chin making her get knocked out asleep

"If taking in the heat won't work..." Naruto said as he became Big Chill "let's try cooling things down" he said as he fell backwards into the furnace letting out big heavy fogs of icy mist

The entire platform began to cover in ice

"No, stop him!" Animo said before he noticed the Null Guardians leave him and he began falling down to the platform feeling himself lose his power "Nooooooo!" he shouted before Max knocked him out just as Naruto came through the floor and changed back

"You're not coming back are you" Naruto said knowing Max

"Someone has to get those Null Guardians back working how they're supposed to Naruto" Max said as he was the only one who knew how to get them in line doing what they needed to do

"At least Gwen will be happy to know you-" Naruto was saying before a pink portal opened up showing Gwen

"Naruto, is that you?" Gwen said a little strained as she was having a tough time holding the tear between dimensions

"Hey, look who I found" Naruto said as Max stepped forward

"Hey pumpkin" Max said with a happy smile

"Grandpa!" Gwen said before the portal almost closed but she held it back up "The null void generator had a short, this is the only way back" she said

"Go Naruto, they need you" Max said as they were both needed elsewhere

"But- I'll be back after I take care of a few things, you don't need me, you proved that to me" Naruto was saying before Max interrupted him

"Pierce" Helen said widening the portal seeing her brother

"Hey Helen" Pierce said happy to see his sister

"Yo!" Manny said holding up his clamp hand before chuckling nervously as he put it behind his back

"Leander" Swift said happy to see the one she saw as a brother again

"Guys I can't keep this up forever" Gwen said as she was getting tired

"Time to go girl" Naruto said picking Zed up as he flew to the tear "Ooh you are getting to be one heavy dog" he said chuckling a bit as she growled slightly from that comment

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