The Kage of Gotham @pyrohelixdrago1
Chapter 1


"Where the hell do you think you're going?!" Naruto said as he grabbed onto Kaguya as she was mid portal

"Fool we can only stay in this dimension for a brief time" Kaguya said as her portal technique wasn't meant for people to stay in it only pass through it

Naruto and Kaguya soon saw the portal begin to spark purple lightning on both side of exit and entrance

"Fool let me go you'll kill us both" Kaguya said as she didn't know what would happen in here

"If that's what it takes to stop you, then so be it!" Naruto said as his cloak shined brighter causing more instability in the portal till an explosion happened causing an explosion between all the worlds causing a massive ripple effect affecting all worlds in many ways

(a moment later)

"Whoa" Naruto said as he jolted awake finding himself in an unfamiliar environment "where's Kaguya?" he asked out loud

"You okay, sweetheart?" a familiar voice Naruto thought he'd never hear again said

"Mom?" Naruto said getting a headache

"Motion sickness huh never liked planes" Kushina said as she sat next to him

"I told you he'd get one" Minato said as he sat next to her

'What the hell?' Naruto thought as he got a migraine as images came to his mind quickly 'what the hell' he thought as he saw things he knew he didn't experience but felt and believed were real, when they weren't looking he performed the seal to dispel genjutsu and nothing happened

'They're real gaki' Kurama said to him mentally as he felt sore and messed up

'Kurama?' Naruto asked glad he heard a familiar voice

'Yep, still here with the others kid' Kurama said as the other tailed beasts sounded off

'What happened?' Naruto asked them

'When that portal exploded it caused your reality and this one to merge permanently with some differences than what used to be back home' Gyuki said

'Like my parents being alive' Naruto said as that was definitely a new one

'Congratulations brat, you get a second chance at life' Shukaku said laughing maniacally finding it hilarious that for once Naruto fucking up worked out in his favor

'You're gonna die laughing when you find out what happened to Kaguya' Son Goku said to him laughing

'She's powerless and in this reality she's your bodyguard' Chomei said as the tailed beasts all laughed at her dismay

"Relax honey, we'll be in Gotham soon for our new lives" Kushina said

"Tsunade's going to college there, the same Tsunade that you've had a crush on since you were a kid" Minato said teasingly

'I think I'm gonna love this reality' Naruto thought with a smile

'You and us both' All of the tailed beasts said

(Few hours later)

"Whoa" Naruto said as he looked at Gotham City, and felt so small compared to its buildings

"I know honey, this is where we'll be starting our new lives" Kushina said happily

"Just wait until you see our house" Minato said with a smile

"Not now you have school young man" Kushina said

The tailed beasts laughed as they heard Naruto's mind shatter from horror

'You all do realize if I have to go, so do you' Naruto mentally said to them and smiled as he heard loud whines from them

"Shouldn't he at least unpack before he goes to school?" Minato asked his wife

"Go to school" Kushina said sternly

"But where's all my stuff, my bookbag and everything? I don't even know where we live at, we just got here" Naruto said as Kushina threw a bag at him and sent him a text with their address "Ow, you could've thrown it softer" he said

"Now go" Kushina said angrily

"You just want me out of the house so you and dad can go at it" Naruto said as he put on his bag "Wait, where even is the school and how am I supposed to get there?" he asked

Suddenly a limousine pulled up in front of them

Naruto was shoved in by his mother and the moment the door closed someone tackled Naruto

'Whoa' the male tailed beasts said seeing Kaguya now was bearing skin tight jeans and a buttoned up shirt

'That's our grandma' Kokuo said to them

'So what, hot is hot' Kurama said not really caring

"Hello, Naruto" Kaguya said she has very large F-cup breasts, a gorgeous body and a large plump ass

'You know as she was trying to kill me I didn't realize just how hot she is' Naruto thought as she wore a baggy kimono before which really didn't show off her body and now she's wearing a tight business suit with the two top buttons on her shirt undone

"Sorry to just abduct you like that but Kushina told me to get you to school as soon as possible." Kaguya said with a calm but teasing look

"Probably so mom can have dad all to herself as they have fun in their new bedroom" Naruto said rolling his eyes and wondered why this felt so natural

"She just told me to get you to school" Kaguya said to him "It is at least a two hour ride to your school, though" she said with a teasing smirk as she sees him looking at her breasts

'Give me this Kaguya anyday' Kurama said as this was way better than the psycho bitch

Matatabi and Kokuo whacked him on the head

"As fun as it would be to make you a man I prefer one who knows how to please a woman, come see me when you've had some experience" Kaguya said giving him a wink

'Teasing bitch' Naruto thought as she was grinding against him, he grabbed her ass "looking forward to it" he said with a smirk

Kaguya playfully growls at him

(2 hours later)

"Have a nice day" Kaguya said as Naruto got out

'Hamilton High huh, better be better than school back home' Naruto thought as he walked inside as he was suppose to meet his guide/tutor

'This world just keeps getting better and better' Kurama said as he spotted someone in the crowd which he knew would be Naruto's guide/tutor

"Are you, Maxine Gibson?" Naruto asked the black woman with pink hair, she had mid DD-cup breasts, curvy body, plump ass, and fantastic legs

"Yep, and you're Naruto. At least they gave me someone handsome to tutor by the way, my friends call me Max" Max said winking at him

'Oh honey give it time and you'll be doing more than tutoring him' Kurama said

Kurama's head was hit by his other siblings making him groan as he lay on the ground with multiple bumps on his head

"Come on, let's get this tour started" Max said with a smile

(20 minutes later)

"No way" Naruto said freezing up as he saw a face he didn't think he'd see again Hinata Hyuuga but then saw some Jock grabbed her arm and she broke his 'Definitely not the same Hinata, this one has backbone' he thought

"When are the guys gonna learn to not mess with her?" Max asked herself with a chuckle

"Hey handsome long time no see" Hinata said as she walked over to Naruto, she has mid E-cup breasts, curvy body, and a plump ass

"Hey beautiful" Naruto said

'Okay apparently new you knows how to talk to girls' Kurama said sounding both surprised and a little bit proud

"I take it you know each other?" Max asked curiously

"Yep, hard to forget him" Hinata said as she pressed her hands on his chest

'Thank you new world' Naruto thought

"Well we should be getting to class" Max said

"Oh honey, don't be jealous if the rumors are true then there's plenty of him to go around" Hinata said winking before walking away

"Yep, same old Hinata" Naruto said with a grin as he was remembering this life's memories version of Hinata

"You're the first guy I've ever seen her hit on" Max said as Hinata didn't bat an eye at any guy and any that didn't take no for an answer got their bones broken as she was a black belt in many martial arts

"Yeah she's always had a thing for me" Naruto said feeling like an idiot not realizing it in his original world

"You must be some guy." Max said as her curiosity was aroused

"Oh you have no idea" Naruto said with a chuckle

(few minutes later)

"Terry McGinnis ….Naruto Namikaze?" a teacher said as he was reading the names on the attendance sheet

"Sup" Naruto said as many people looked at him

"You're the son of Minato Namikaze head of Namikaze Industrial" Terry asked next to him

"Last time I checked, yeah" Naruto said with a chuckle as many people asked him questions and sucked up to him but he decided to just hang with Max and Terry as they seemed honest

(2 months later)

Max gulped nervously as she stood in front of Naruto

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked her as she was sweating nervously

"Do you… want too..." Max was saying trailing off

"Wanna what?" Naruto asked curiously wondering what she'd ask

"Oh fuck it, do you wanna go out with me?!" Max asked loudly

"Uh… sure, yeah" Naruto said with a smirk

"Arcade later" Max asked as she liked to go there to unwind

"Sure see you there" Naruto said winking at her

(few hours later)

Max was currently in the showers in the gym locker room

"Hey Max" Hinata said lying against the wall not bothering to cover herself

"Hey Hinata" Max said as she felt feeling a little lacking seeing Hinata's bust

"Heard you were having a date with Naruto" Hinata said as she walked up to her

"Yeah" Max said a little nervously

"Have fun, but know I'm not losing to you" Hinata said as she gave Max a friendly smack on the ass

'Everytime I try not to get attracted to her she does something like that and makes me feel even more attracted' Max thought as she rubbed her thighs slightly and breathed a little more quickly

(Later at the arcade)

"How are you so good?" Max asked as Naruto mopped the floor with her

"What did you think all I knew was just money, I like to have fun too you know" Naruto said as Max brought him here enough

"C'mon let's grab a slice" Max said as this place had decent enough pizza

"You know if you wanted I could just buy the place" Naruto said

"Don't you dare" Max said with a laugh

(few minutes later)

"What is it with arcade food being so good?" Naruto asked as this pizza was pretty good

"I don't, way more cheese" Max said to him as she was sure this food was had way more fats than regular pizza

"You can say that again" Naruto said as the cheese and grease was practically dripping off of his slice "All this place is missing is bowling and it'd be awesome" he said with a chuckle

"So next date?" Max asked thinking this went great

"Definitely" Naruto said as he really wanted to do this again

Max smiled happily hearing that

Naruto leaned down and kissed her cheek "Till next time" he said with a wink as he walked away

(Later at Naruto's house)

"So how'd it go? Did you have fun? How much fun? Did you get any more girls? Remember back home harems are allowed" Kushina said grilling him about his date wanting details and wanted to make plans for future grandbabies

"It was fun mom, and no harem… yet as knowing my charm it'll probably lead to multiple girlfriends before long" Naruto said as he had been attracting girls like moths to a flame

"And if you're stamina is like that of mine and your father's you're gonna need it" Kushina said laughing as Naruto blushed slightly from embarrassment and a little green from disgust

"Smart girl you got" Minato said as he looked up Maxine's grades and found she was really an intelligent woman

"Just try not to knock any girls up, as much as I'd love to be a grandma I don't know if I could handle it yet" Kushina said as she both loved the thought of being a grandma but didn't think she was old enough to be called one

"Mom!" Naruto said with a dark blush on his face then went to his room trying to ignore his mom

"Think we should tell him about the arranged marriages with Hinata and Tsunade?" Minato asked Kushina curiously

"Nah, I want him to squirm when they tell him" Kushina said with a smile as it was a spur of the moment thing and both girls jumped at the chance when they asked if that was what they wanted

Naruto turns on his to trying to ignore his mom and sees a story about the Batman 'Gotham's a pretty big place for one guy, maybe he could use a hand' he thought with a smirk as he wanted to get some action

'This is gonna be fun' the tailed beasts said together as they grinned in excitement as they all loved some action

(Few weeks later)

'All available units, the Jokerz are in the process of robbing a mall' a policeman's voice came through a radio

"They're playing my song" Naruto said with a grin looking suit that was like a robotic ninja style suit that was mostly black and orange

(Few minutes later)

We see a gang of the Jokerz firing at police officers inside the mall

"I think I got one!" One of the Jokerz said in excitement as he thought he blasted a cop

"I hope you did" Another one the Jokerz said as they laughed together maniacally

"I hope you didn't as that would make me cranky" Naruto said as he stood on the side of a pillar "And trust me you wouldn't like me when I'm cranky" he said to them

"Is that a ninja?" One of the Jokerz asked as they saw the man's attire

"Were you expecting Santa Claus?" Naruto asked him sarcastically

"Well, you can deal with us, or this!" One of the Jokerz said as he set off explosives that were scattered throughout the mall to cover their escape

"Help!" two women's voices said screaming through the flames

"Shit" Naruto said as he made a clone to handle the Jokerz as he ran to who was calling for help

He saw the twins known as Dee Dee, Delia and Deidre Dennis, known members of the Jokerz gang as one of them was trapped under the rubble they both have low DD-cup breasts, athletic bodies, and big round asses

"Go Delia" the trapped twin said wanting her to get away

"Not a chance Deidre, when I get my hands on those assholes. They didn't tell us about those damn bombs, and just left us to die!" Delia said angrily from the hand they were dealt from people they thought they could trust

"Let me help" Naruto said as he jumped down to them before lifting the rubble off of Deidre and freed her

"My leg" Deidre said as she held her leg in pain

"I got you" Naruto said as he picked her up bridal style

Once he got them outside, he ran back inside and clapped his hands creating a storm cloud inside that extinguished the flames, he then went back to them as they saw the other Jokerz getting taken into a police van as he healed Deidre's leg and their cuts using some medical ninjutsu he was able to learn

"Thanks" Deidre said rubbing her leg and happy to not feel anymore pain

"You can thank me by quitting while you're still alive. This'll be your only freebie" Naruto said as he disappeared as he walked into the shadows 'those girls...they're not like those thugs' he thought as he could feel their emotions and compared to the rest they were good people

"Cool" The twins said as they ran away hearing more cop cars approach


Naruto came through a window as he retracted his helmet

"You did good out there especially with putting out that fire" Kaguya said as she was in a chair

"That's because I had you helping me" Naruto said with a smile as he patted his earpiece

"So what now?" Kaguya asked him curiously wondering what else they could do

"Well I'm feeling like throwing a party" Naruto said as he took his suit off

"So how'd it do? That suit has some of the greatest tech made by your father and mother" Kaguya asked wanting to know how his suit worked as it took her awhile to design it

"Excellent" Naruto said as he put it away "seriously runs like a dream" he said as the suit was perfect as it didn't restrain him in the slightest

"So where are you wanting this party? And are you throwing it tonight?" Kaguya asked him as if he wanted to many people would be here in moments

"Hmm, I don't know it is a little late. Maybe tomorrow for my birthday" Naruto said with a smile as he'd get to celebrate it with the people closest to him

"Okay, sir" Kaguya said jokingly as she left to go home

(The next day at Hill High)

Naruto smirks as he hears Chelsea Cunningham and some of the other students talking about the new hero, he checks her out as Chelsea has low D-cup breasts and a bubbly ass

"Only a few months ago Batman returns and now we get a new hero, gotta say he looks cool" Chelsea said as Naruto passed her

"So birthday boy, any plans today?" Max asked him coyly as she gave him a kiss

"I'm thinking of throwing a party at the new place my parents bought me" Naruto said as the place his parents got him was nice and private

Naruto checks out some blonde twins wearing black shirts and black pants as they passed him by one had her hair covering her left eye and the other had her hair covering the right

"They're new, wanna invite them?" Max asked him as she thought it was a nice thing to do for someone new

"Don't lie you were checking them out too" Naruto said teasingly as he was doing it as well

"Well Hinata told me your family has a stamina problem" Max said as smiled at him teasingly

Naruto grabs her and kisses her "Don't tease me." He growled into her ear making her shiver

"Hey Terry, Naruto's throwing a big party for his birthday, wanna come?" Max asked as they saw Terry

"Sorry, can't got stuff to do save me a slice of cake though" Terry said as he walked away in a rush

"What is it with that guy always being so busy? Taking care of Bruce Wayne shouldn't be that hard, right?" Naruto asked Max her curiously as Max informed him Terry took the job after the early passing of his father

"Well he is an old man, I'm happy Terry's taking the time to help him" Max said as she liked Terry taking the time out of his day helping people

"Yeah, out of a lot of people I can trust Terry" Naruto said as Terry was the kinda person you'd trust to watch your back

Naruto yelped as he felt his ass getting pinched and saw Hinata "Want your present early?" she asked him lustfully as she licks her lips hinting what she's thinking

'Say yes' The male tailed beasts said before getting smacked by their sisters

"If anyone's getting his v card it's me" Max said looking at Hinata challengingly making a claim

"School's out and it's hours until the party so let's all get out of her and have some fun until then" Hinata said winking at her

Max blushed and nodded

Hinata smiles and they both grab Naruto's arms and walk to his car with him with a little bit of pep in their step

(Later at the beach)

'This is a big ass condo' Isobu said as they looked at his new place

"Hey Naruto" Max said getting his attention bringing him out of his thoughts

He turned and saw her and Hinata wearing very sexy bikinis, Max's was a red one piece as Hinata was wearing blue two piece and they were in the hottub, which according to his mom was top of the line

"Wanna join us?" Hinata asked him sensually pushing her chest out as she relaxed in the water

'Say yes' The male tailed beasts said to him urging him to go into the hot tub with the two women

'Ok that's it we're ejecting Naruto if you please' Kokuo said as Naruto made them into small animal sized versions of themselves, Kokuo and Matatabi using each of their tails to restrain one brother as they escaped not being seen by either Max or Hinata


"So baby wanna get in here and give us a little peek of what you're hiding underneath those clothes?" Hinata asked staring at his crotch

Naruto took off his shirt leaving himself in just his trunks

Max and Hinata lick their lips seeing his muscular body as he gets in the hot tub with them

"I could do my laundry on these abs" Max said as she felt Naruto's strong and chiseled features touching them all over feeling and seeing no baby fat on his body

"Now you see why I'm only interested in him" Hinata said as she panted a little as she felt her internal heat rise even hotter than the hot tub

Naruto put his arms around them making them smile as they lean further into his embrace wanting to be as close to him as possible

Max's hand went to Naruto's crotch and rubbed it through the fabric 'shit' she thought as it felt huge in her hand

Max and Hinata gasp as they felt Naruto's hands reach underneath their swimsuits and rub their asses

"Feel as much as you want baby" Hinata said as she pressed her ass deeper into his hand wanting him to feel as much as he wanted before she yelped as she felt him pinch her ass

"C'mon Hinata" Max said as they got up and removed their swimsuits showing Naruto their bodies in all their glory

The two women lick their lips as they look at the bulge in Naruto's swimming trunks, they got down and freed it and looked at it in awe seeing his large member which was 14 inches long and 5 inches thick feeling even more wet as it hit them in the face as they freed it

"Figures our man has a bitch breaker" Max said with lustful look on her face as Naruto was gonna break them with that

"It's not only a bitch breaker, this monster is a hole destroyer" Hinata said as that thing would ruin them for all men except him

"Best Birthday ever" Naruto said as this was the best gift he could ever receive

"And it has only just begun" Hinata said to him as she and Max began kissing Naruto and kissing downward to till they both met at his cock

"Get it wet for me" Max said to Hinata commandingly as they agreed after a...intense debate it was decided she'd get his virginity

"I love you" Naruto said as Max was getting him even harder being so dominant

"I know foxy" Max said teasingly

Hinata licked all over Naruto's cock making sure to not leave one spot not touched by her tongue enjoying it's taste immediately becoming addicted to it not wanting to let it go

"With a dick like this and balls like that, how do you walk let alone stand?" Max asked wanting to know how he hid his amazing cock

"Let's just say I'm full of surprises" Naruto said as they kissed

"C'mon Hinata take more" Max said tauntingly as she began helping Hinata grabbing the back of her head and pushing it forward making her take more of Naruto's cock until she reached the base

Hinata moaned loudly against his cock as her eyes rolled slightly

"Did you just climax from me doing that?" Max asked sounding amused as she saw her dripping pussy "you are just a slut wanting our man's cock huh I bet if he asked you you'd drop all your clothing in a second no matter where it is" she said to Hinata wanting to push her over the edge

"It's funny as I'm pretty sure that's true" Naruto said as he knew Hinata would both do and like that as she was very daring

"Would you do it?" Max asked him getting a little wet from the thought

"To show how much a slut this angel is, yeah" Naruto said as he loved to do that knowing Hinata would love it more

"If she's an angel, what am I?" Max asked him curiously wondering what pet name he'd have for her

"A goddess" Naruto said making Max smile

"Hurry up" Max said loudly sounding very impatient to have Naruto's cock in her

"Let me help" Naruto said as he grabbed Hinata's head and fucked her mouth like a cocksleeve

'Fuck' Hinata thought in bliss as Naruto fucked her throat aggressively

Naruto kept one hand on her head and used the other to pull Max into a kiss

Max watched in amazement as Naruto began cumming in Hinata's mouth and as he pulled out he hosed her in his cum 'it's like he's pissing' she thought as the cum he let out was insane

Hinata felt bliss as she rubbed his cum into her body while taking some into her mouth savoring it's taste moaning as she tasted it

"Finally" Max said with a smile as she kissed his cock "all primed up and ready" she said as she licked his cock tasting his juices

"Help clean her off" Naruto said to her looking at Hinata

"But-" Max was saying getting a smack to her ass then realized he wasn't asking her he was telling her

Max got up and began licking some of Naruto's cum off of Hinata before the two kissed and swapped some of his cum between their tongues

"That is so fucking hot" Naruto said feeling harder than before

"Can you fuck me please?" Max asked him beggingly as her pussy ached for his cock

Max squealed slightly as Naruto picked her up

"Taking this party to the bedroom" Naruto said with a grin

"Aw" Hinata said as she wanted to be picked up as well

Hinata then squealed as Naruto threw her over his shoulder as he then moved Max into the same position

"This house has soundproofing so once inside you two can scream as loud as you want" Naruto said as he rubbed their asses

Max and Hinata got wetter happy they could scream at the top of their lungs and not hold themselves back

"Something tells me every room in this house is going to be seeing some action" Max said knowing Naruto would fuck them thoroughly and no place was restricted to love making

"Before my birthday is done this house is going to reek of sex, so get ready to have the time of your lives" Naruto said with his signature grin

"Marry me" both women said as this would be the time of their lives

Naruto took them up to his room before throwing them onto his massive bed "Wanna know a little secret?" he asked them teasingly

"What?" Hinata asked wondering what he was getting at

"Not only is the glass in the living room bulletproof, it's also one way glass, meaning nobody can see in. Which means I could be fucking you so hard against it and they'd never see a thing" Naruto said seeing them moan a little as they seemed to get excited from that thought

"It's like you made this house perfect for sex" Max said getting even more excited

"Who knows maybe if it's just us or whoever we let in on the fun, maybe there could be a rule to not where clothes" Naruto said as he rubbed their dripping pussies

"You really are like your mother" Hinata said as the redheaded woman was very pervy, she then fantasized about being naked for him everyday being primed and ready for Naruto at any moment of the day

"Yeah, but maybe I like being a bit pervy" Naruto said as he gave her ass a smack

"Naruto, please, fuck me! I need it, I can't wait any longer" Max said as she felt like someone dying of thirst not receiving Naruto's cock waiting this long

"Sorry, baby" Naruto said as he petted her head and aligned his dick with the entrance of her pussy "Oh how I've fantasized of pounding this ass of yours" he said as he rubbed her ass and gave it a nice slap

"Pretty sure I've fantasized about that more than you" Max said as ever since they started dating she had been having fantasies about Naruto fucking her in a lot of ways

Naruto put her on her side and put one of her legs over his shoulder as he leaned against her back before he thrusted into her pussy

'Fuck' Max thought repeatedly as Naruto's cock felt bigger than it looked inside her

Naruto put one arm around her and began rubbing one of her tits before pulling her into a kiss

Hinata fingered both of her holes furiously as she watched Naruto fuck Max wanting it to so desperately to be her turn

Max looked down and felt herself get even wetter than before as she saw the outline of Naruto's cock

"This tight pussy feels like it was made for me" Naruto said kissing Max's neck

"It's because it wants only you baby" Max said as she cried and moaned from pleasure

"It feels like we were meant to meet" Naruto said as he pinched her nipple

"Don't go all philosophical on me now" Max said as she fought back her moans as Naruto was giving her breasts attention

Naruto gave her a harsh thrust making her scream in bliss as she felt him enter her womb

'Thank god we got birth control' Max thought as she wanted it raw and Hinata got them birth control and morning after pills

"When you look like this, all I want to do is fuck you until I can't fuck anymore" Naruto said

"You'd kill me" Max said as Naruto didn't look tired at all and if he fucked her till he was tired she'd have been brain dead

"Would be one hell of a way to go. Death by fucking." Naruto said as he chuckled as he was sure a lot of people would chose that

Max screamed in bliss as she climaxed and Naruto continued to fuck her

"Hope you're ready Max takes a lot to make this one cum" Hinata said as they had to work really hard for Naruto's cum

"He can use me as long as he, fuck, wants to!" Max said as she had a bright heated blush on her face

"I love you, Maxine" Naruto said as he kissed her

Max felt herself tighten and climax hearing that

"You're 0 for 2" Hinata said with a smirk as Max climaxed twice and Naruto hadn't even once yet

"Shut up, Hinata. This is more about making sure you all are pleased." Naruto said as he gave her ass a hard spank

"And that's what we want to do for you, honey" Max said as it went both ways wanting to please the other

"I care more about you than I do myself" Naruto said as he cared more about the women he loved than he did for himself

'He is the perfect dream man' Max thought as Naruto was perfect in every conceivable way and made other men seem pathetic in comparison

"Having fun fingering your pussy and ass Hinata?" Naruto asked her tauntingly

"I just want them ready for you" Hinata said as she wanted Naruto to have all of her in anyway he wanted

"Your palesh skin, lavender eyes, and blue hair I swear it's like you were made to look like a angel of the night" Naruto said as Hinata was gorgeous not just in body but in spirit as despite her sometimes bitchy behavior she was a kind person

Hinata moaned loudly and climaxed from hearing him say that

"Please cum in me, I need to feel it!" Max said as her pussy was thirsty for Naruto's cum desperately wanting it

"Sorry, let me fix that" Naruto said as he began thrusting faster and harder into her making Max scream out in bliss and pleasure as she and Naruto cummed together

'Fuck my womb feels like it'll burst' Max thought as Naruto quickly filled and stuffed her pussy

"3 to 1 not bad" Hinata said to Max with a smirk as she looked at the barely conscious girl

Naruto slapped her ass "guess you're tagging in then" he said pulling her into a kiss

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this" Hinata said as this had been her fantasy for a long time and now being here at this moment made all her fantasies weak in comparison to the real deal

"And I'm sorry for not noticing for so long, my moon angel" Naruto said as he kissed her

"It's ok I have you now" Hinata said happily

As Hinata put her arms and legs around him Naruto thrusted into her pussy

Hinata moaned loudly in bliss feeling him enter her pussy and began crying tears of joy

'Fuck she's tight' Naruto thought as Hinata was incredibly tight that she was gripping him harder than a vice

'Naruto's finally inside me' Hinata thought in pure joy letting out a few tears never wanting this moment to end

Naruto kissed her neck as he thrusted into her making her moan loudly than she already was her screams of pleasure music to Naruto's ears "I could listen to your screams all day" he said

"I'd scream as loud and as long as you want" Hinata said with a blissful look on her face

Naruto picked her up and pressed her against his window "Just imagine, later people are gonna be on that beach for my party. This would be the show of a lifetime for them, and yet they can't see us, but we can see them." he said wanting her to imagine

Hinata felt herself tighten up at that thought as it made her horny the thought of Naruto fucking her in front of so many people

"And downstairs, the only thing separating us and everyone else is the doors and the glass. All it would take is someone opening the side door to see us, kinda gets your engine running at the thought of getting caught, doesn't it?" Naruto asked her feeling her tighten and moisten and soon screamed out moaning loudly as she climaxed basically soaking the bed and Naruto's cock

Hinata felt Naruto leave her pussy before feeling him rub himself against her ass

"I was surprised to see you finger your dirty little hole" Naruto said as he poked her ass repeatedly with the tip of his cock

"I wanted you to wreck it, to ruin all of my holes so only you can please me" Hinata said as she wanted Naruto to be the only man to ever touch her holes she wanted only his cock to be the one to give her pleasure

"This soft marshmallow like ass, I love watching it ripple, it's like I'm looking at water when it does" Naruto said as he rubbed her ass before giving both cheeks a smack

Hinata shakes her ass against his cock wanting it inside her

"If your mother and sister could see you now" Naruto said teasingly

"They'd be on their knees begging to be fucked" Hinata said as her mother left her father as he had to large a stick shoved up his ass and had difficulties in the bedroom from what her mother told her

"Just picture me fucking your milf mom as you and Hanabi wait your turn" Naruto said

"I'd love it" Hinata said as seeing Naruto dominate her mother made her hot and her bitchy little sister being destroyed made her pussy even hotter

"Especially in front of that dick of a father of yours,him being forced to watch as I wreck your mother" Naruto said

"I think you're worse than your mother" Hinata said as when she was hitting puberty Kushina gave her her version of 'the talk' and it made the Hyuga see the woman in a whole new light

Naruto shoved himself into her ass making her scream in bliss and a bit of pain before moaning loudly as he pressed her head against the bed muffling her screams

'Oh he's punching his way to my stomach' Hinata thought as Naruto was basically rearranging her inside for the sole purpose of fitting his cock

Hinata began screaming in pure bliss as Naruto began alternating between her two holes

"I can't decided which one I want to cum into, so let's just see which hole I'm in when I do" Naruto said as Hinata couldn't answer as she was screaming so loudly "Keep screaming with beautiful voice of yours" he said with a happy grin

"I love you Naruto!" Hinata screamed wanting the world to hear her claim as it would never change

"Could you just imagine it… Hinata Namikaze?" Naruto said whispering into her ear

Hinata's mind ran a mile a minute as she thought about serving him food and blowing him as he ate, Naruto taking her as she did the dishes, coming into the shower and rubbed her whole body down not missing a spot touching every square inch of her

Hinata then screamed loudly as she climaxed very hard practically squeezing the life out of his cock

Naruto couldn't fight the urge and soon climaxed stuffing both her holes and spraying his load onto her ass "You look even more beautiful in white" he said making another marriage remark

"... Speaking of marriage… your mother" Hinata was trying to say as she desperately tried to catch her breath

"What'd she do?" Naruto asked curious to know what his mother did

"She… arranged for you and me… to get… married" Hinata said shyly not knowing how'd he react

"Well I'll accept it since well we both love each other" Naruto said as he'd never agree to a loveless marriage

Naruto then pulled her and Max close as they laid on the bed "Let's get some rest, my party isn't for another few hours" he said as they enjoyed the warm embrace

'Am I forgetting something' Hinata thought as she felt like she had forgotten something


"You really know how to have a good time roomie" a woman with short red hair said, she had high D-cup breasts, athletic body, and an athletic and bubbly ass

"I know" a gorgeous 21 year old blonde woman said as she had large F-cup breasts, curvy body, and large bubbly ass

Between the two naked women was another naked woman with short black hair she had mid DD cup breasts, curvy body, and round ass

"Pounding Shizune was fun" the redhead said as she and the blonde fucked her silly and groped the unconscious woman's rack loving how her body reacted

"Don't forget who your mistress is Deanna" the blonde said to her having a perverse smile on her face

"I wouldn't mind a reminder every now and again" Deanna said as she was silenced with a kiss from the blonde who gripped her ass with incredible strength

Shizune unconsciously moaned slightly as she felt them squeezing her tits

"Another round?" Deanna asked very aroused

"Just you and me" the blonde woman said

Throughout the night the dorm room was filled with their moans


(couple hours later back with Naruto)

"Still can't believe you have a pool" Max said as they all chilled by it

"We why get in the ocean when you can get into water that doesn't have sharks in it" Naruto said as he was also worried about all the pollutants as Gotham had questionable waters

"Those two haven't taken their eyes off of you since they got here" Hinata said pointing over at Delia and Deidre as they were by the hot tub

"Go talk to them twins are on your bucket list" Max said teasingly

"That was a private list" Naruto said grumbling under his breath

"Well they are hot" Hinata said checking them out "it'd be fun to watch you break them" she said happily, she and everyone else were brought out of their thoughts as guns went off and people on motorcycles came

"Hello boys and girls we heard there was a party going on and we wanted to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday"

"You must be confused I didn't order douchebags and didn't you hear, the circus is that way" Naruto said as he pressed a switch Kaguya gave him for emergencies as he had it behind his back

"Look at the rich boy with the jokes" one of the Jokerz said chuckling a little

"Only jokes are you all, I mean seriously the Joker was someone to fear, you all? All you are is a bunch of people who think that dressing up like clowns make you scary, but trust me you haven't seen scary" Naruto said as he was restraining himself from unleashing his bloodlust

"You talk too much" One of the Jokerz said as he pointed his gun at him only for it to get hit out of his hand by a batarang

"Mind if I crash this party?" Batman asked as he stood on Naruto's roof

"I don't but she might" Naruto said as a Joker soon disappeared and moments later was thrown in the pool screaming in terror as he ran away

"What the fuck was-" another Joker said before feeling watched

"Say hello to my bodyguard" Naruto said to Batman

"Crashing birthday's now? Oh how the mighty have fallen" Kaguya's voice said bouncing from multiple directions

"Some bodyguard… huh?" Batman said as he turned and saw Naruto was gone

"Go inside people the glass is bulletproof" Kaguya said as the people were outside hiding and watching in interest as Batman showed up

"Want a hand?" Naruto asked as he dropped down between them wearing his armor

"And you must be the ninja I've been hearing about" Batman said neutrally

"Sup, name's Kage" Naruto said as he took out some shuriken "so wanna skip the pleasantries and go help that woman out before there ain't any Jokerz left for us" he said as Kahuya was tearing them apart

"Sure" Batman said with a grin

Naruto threw his shuriken but they just went past the Jokerz

"Nice aim, why bring shuriken to a gunfight?" a joker said sarcastically

"What guns?" Naruto asked as their guns flew out of their hands and went to where the shuriken were as they were embedded in a wall

"Supercharged magnets?" Batman asked him

"Yep, glad to see you know your tech" Naruto said mentally thanking Shukaku for the use of his magnetic abilities

"Uh… are those your pets?" Batman asked as the shrunken tailed beasts were jumping and attacking the Jokerz

"More friends than pets, and I forgot they were let loose" Naruto said as he forgot he let them out earlier before he had fun with Hinata and Max

"Ugh is that one on fire" Batman asked seeing a cat with two tails

"Ok simple answer they're magic?" Naruto said wanting to avoid all the dumb questions

"That's cool" Batman said as he brought his arm up to punch a Joker coming from behind "I seriously hate these guys" he said as they were like roaches in this city

"So mind explaining how you got here so fast" Naruto asked as it was to coincidental that he showed up literally moments later after the Jokerz showed up

"I was just in the area, you?" Batman asked only slightly nervous

"I was… around" Naruto said as that was the best he could come up with

"Let's get out of here!" One of the Jokerz said as they were getting destroyed

"Looks like we're making local news" Naruto said as a news vehicle was in the air live streaming them

"So not schway" Batman said as this wasn't gonna end well

"Can I catch a ride?" Naruto asked as Batman called the batmobile

"Hop on top this thing wasn't meant for 2" Batman said as that seemed like a design flaw

"I'll stick below" Naruto said as he attached to the bottom of the batmobile glad he left a clone at the party

(half hour later)

"So what are you anyway no one can stick to something like that" Batman asked as they chilled on a rooftop

"A ninja" Naruto said to him simply "so who's the guy listening in?" he asked as he could tell this guy was inexperienced and he was taking a while with his questions and responses

"A friend" Batman said simply keeping the answer short

"I'm gonna guess the original Batman" Naruto said getting his answer as the Batman in front of him glared at him

"You're good" Batman said to him

"Yep, as you had to be getting help as no offense you're not really that experienced and you had to have been getting your stuff from somebody" Naruto said as the gear looked high tech and expensive

"Kinda like you? That tech looks like stuff from Namikaze Industrial" Batman said as he scanned him getting some hits on the tech in the suit

"Yeah but unlike you I have the skill to not be so reliant on the tech" Naruto said to him simply as he seemed to reliant on the suits capabilities

"Okay let's start over before tempers rise up. Why are you doing this?" Batman asked

"Same reason as you" Naruto said to him "this city needs help and people like us are what it needs a symbol of hope" he said to him simply

"Alright look, I don't exactly want you going all freelance so how's about we work together? Our combined tech with your experience, we could make quite the team" Batman said thinking an alliance would be beneficial despite the literal voice in his ear saying he shouldn't as it was his voice of concern

"And what's grandpa bat saying?" Naruto asked as he was guessing Batman was very old considering the year and the year when he first appeared

"He says that you're an unknown and that I shouldn't be trying to work with you just yet. But on this I'm trusting my gut" Batman said as that was how he worked best

"Sometimes that's all you really need to do kid" Naruto said

"Kid? We're like around the same age range" Batman said as the original batman was trying to range out his voice

"Well later" Naruto said as he disappeared in a poof of smoke

"...You saw that to right" Batman asked the person looking through his lenses seeing what happened

'Yeah, definitely some kind of magic or something' the man said as he had been alive long enough to know that was something new

"So is he an actual ninja? As I thought the whole disappearing poof thing was just tv stuff" Batman asked the man on the open channel

"His skills are definitely that of one but none that I recognize" the man said as he traveled the world and had been trained by assassins

"Freaky" Batman said as the old man not knowing something was a bit spine tingling

(Back with Naruto)

"Well at least they didn't wreck the place too bad" Naruto said as he was cleaning the aftermath of the party/Jokerz attack with Kaguya, Max and Hinata

"Need a hand?" Delia asked as she stood with her twin sister Diedre

'Thank you god' Naruto thought almost putting his hands together in prayer

"Aww, these little things are so cute" Diedre said looking at some animals that were the tailed beasts

"Call me a couple more things and we'll have some fun" Shukaku said

Matatabi smacked him with her tail

"Am I high, or did that animal just talk?" Diedre asked as she did a lot of stuff in the past

"Nope, he talked" Naruto said "Meet the tailed beasts, Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki and Kurama." he said introducing them

"Sup hot stuff" Kurama said before Kokuo kicked him "I am hurt" he said in pain as having a horse for a sister was a literal and agonizing pain in the ass

"It's supposed to hurt it's a ass kicking" Kokuo said

"I'm pretty sure they'd get along with Bud and Lou Jr." Delia said scratching Kurama's chin instantly making him fall to his side

"What pets do you have?" Naruto asked curiously

"Hyenas" The twins said in unison

Naruto sent them a quizful look as he knew they were being honest "How in the world do you have hyenas as pets?" he asked as that seemed very illegal to have that animal

"From our grandma, she has her own hyenas and boy are they looking well for their age" Delia said as the hyenas had a long life span

"Who's your grandma?" Max asked as this sounded real interesting

"We call her Nana Harley." Deidre said simply

Naruto dropped his broom hearing that "Hyenas, grandma named Harley… Do you mean Harley Quinn?" he asked in wonder as he thought she was dead

"Well her full name is Harleen Quinzel" Delia said as that was her real name

"That was the name of Harley Quinn, well this explains joining the Jokerz and the hyenas" Naruto said

"How'd you know we joined the Jokerz?" the twins asked him

"Well I figured they had to have come here for some reason, because if they came for me they would've just tried taking me and running" Naruto said

"He's got a point, they didn't show up until like 15 minutes after you did" Hinata said

"The Jokerz don't like deserters" Delia said as they were assholes with their bs rules

"We don't worry about those idiots, I'll protect you" Naruto said to them

"How many girls are you planning to sleep with before your birthday ends?" Kaguya asked him sending a wink

Shukaku laughed at Naruto who's eyebrow twitched before he kicked Shukaku into the pool

"You bitch" Shukaku said as his sand got all mushy

"Well I'm not getting him out, cats and water don't mix" Matatabi said as her point was furthered as she was made of literal fire

"Get me the fuck out of here! I don't think I can swim actually" Shukaku said as he began to sink

"Ok Isobu Gyuki you idiots gotta get that idiot" Kurama said as he pushed the other 2 in the water before Gyuki pulled him in as he got pushed

"Cannonball!" Son Goku said

"That pool is full of chlorine idiots"Naruto said as Son was making the water literally boil

"It's like the biggest hot tub ever" Son said sounding proud

"If you get fur all in the pool I'm killing you" Naruto said

"I think you should be more worried about turtle soup and cooked octopus" Kurama said as his siblings were trying to get out the pool as they had no fire nature to withstand the heat

"Damn this shell" Isobu said as he had a tough time getting out the pool

Naruto sighed as he pulled the all out before everyone burst into laughed watched them all poof up

"I hate water" Matatabi said as when Son jumped in he got her soaked

"We're like balls of fur now" Kurama said as Matatabi may have looked like her flaming self but she honestly had fur now

"Aww, now I just pick up these little poof balls and nuzzle them to death" Deidre said as she picked up Kokuo petting the very small whale-horse

"It could be worse" Kurama said as Delia picked him up and was petting him

"My brothers are such pervs" Matatabi said in annoyance

"Really?" The twins asked before Delia dropped Kurama

"Ow, hey what the hell" Kurama said

"I don't carry pervs" Delia said as she picked up Matatabi and dried her off making the cat purr

"I like them already" Matatabi said purring happily

(Few days later)

"Split up" Naruto said to Batman as some thieves were trying to escape via jet packs and there were more of the thieves than them

"First one to catch the second one wins" Batman said to him as he wanted to raise some stakes

"Huh?" Naruto said getting confused

"The thieves we each take one and see who catches the second whoever does is the winner" Batman said as he sometimes wondered if Kage was messing with him

"Whatever, just go" Naruto said as he was more concerned with catching the thieves

The then split to go after their group of thieves

(Half an hour later)

"How'd you wrangle them ahead of me?" Naruto asked

"Lucky I guess, I mean seeing you in action I figured it would take you seconds to get your guys" Batman said

"I'm not familiar with the town yet" Naruto said as he made a few bad turns 'really need someone to help me like him' he thought wondering who he could get to run comms

"Well, see ya" Batman said as he flew off

"I gotta figure this city out" Naruto said as he walked away "Or at least get some help" he said as he flew off as well

(Few hours later)

'That guy' Naruto thought angrily watching Nelson Nash bullying Willie Watt, again. While also bragging to Bobbi Summer aka Blade about his new car

'Someone should really teach that asshole a lesson' Kokuo said as she hated seeing people bully others just make themselves feel good

'Really really wish I could' Naruto thought as the beating and humiliation he'd give this guy may have been seen as borderline criminal

Naruto held up one finger and dragged his nail across Nash's red car

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing to my car?" Nelson said as he tossed Willie down and marched over to him, Nelson quickly noticed Naruto had a foot or 2 above him

"Leave him alone, or do you wanna try doing that with me?" Naruto said as he leaned down at him almost wanting him to try something just so he had an excuse to kill him

"Whatever, I got places to be, see ya Blade" Nelson said to her as he got in his car and drove off sending a puff of turned up dust at them

"I really hate that guy" Terry said as he helped Willie up

"Join the club I'm serious I think there is one" Naruto said as he a lot of people hated him

"Oh man my shirt" Willie said as when Nelson pushed him down his sleeve got caught in his car's door

"Might I suggest hitting the gym Willie?" Naruto asked as Willie looked like he could gain some muscle

"Yeah or self defense classes" Terry said as he took up wrestling and his training made him stay in his shape

As Naruto looked at Willie's exposed wrist he could see a bruise that definitely couldn't have been made by when he fell "Where'd you get that bruise?" he asked as that looked kinda bad

"Uh, m-must've came when I got pushed down" Willie said

'I don't believe that' Naruto thought as his childhood experience allowed him to identify bruises caused by abuse and assault

"W-well I gotta get home, see ya" Willie said as he walked away

"That bruise wasn't made from his fall, was it?" Terry asked with watchful eye carefully wondering how'd he react

"No, which makes me wonder what else he deals with outside of school" Naruto said as the two watched him turn a corner and get out of sight

"You don't think he's being abused at home do you?" Terry asked Naruto wondering if he knew anything

"I don't know and I hope not" Naruto said as he felt his blood heat up

(few hours later)

"You okay? You seem upset" Max asked as she could read Naruto easy and saw he was upset

"It's that kid Willie, always dealing with Nelson and to top it all off he could be being abused at home. I wanna step in but I may just make things worse" Naruto said as he couldn't fight others battles for them

"Yeah, I've seen his dad, he's a construction worker and man does that guy have a temper… that's not helping your situation is it?" Max said realising she was adding to Naruto worries instead of calming him down

"No, I'm just afraid that sooner or later Willie's going to reach his breaking point and you have no idea what people are capable of when that happens" Naruto said as everyone had a breaking point and no one was safe when that person finally decided they had enough

"Yeah, I just hope somebody does something before Willie does something he'll regret" Max said as Wille seemed like a decent guy

"I really wish someone could really teach Nelson a lesson" Naruto said as he had a deep thoughtful look

"No no no what are you planning?" Max asked as she saw a small smirk on his face

"Just a little prank" Naruto said trying to ease her nerves

"Pranks are not little by you in anyway shape or form" Max said to him completely serious

"That's not true" Naruto said

"Uh huh, and putting itching stuff in Jamie Maxwell's body wash in the showers was just a little one" Max said

"Okay one time" Naruto said in admittance

"And then you completely filled Zack's hair gel with orange hair dye making him have orange hair for 2 weeks" Max said

"Okay you have a point" Naruto said in admittance

"Then those cookies you made for the team filled with hot sauce and chocolate laxatives" Max said as that one was the best as seeing the team fight for the stalls was legendary

"Alright I get it, my pranks go to very crazy extremes" Naruto said in admittance as it was basically and art

"Yeah it's a miracle you haven't gotten thrown in jail" Max said as a lot of those could be seen as assault "What are you planning on doing anyway?" she asked

"I was just gonna mess with his car" Naruto said as no one would ever know it was him

"Uh huh, out with it, tell me everything" Max said knowing there was something that was going to be taken to a extreme

'This girl has you wrapped around her finger' Chomei said sounding impressed

"Okay, first off I was gonna paint his car pink" Naruto said with a smile as he knew Nelson thought it was a very girly color "Among other things" he said

"I'll help" Max said as she wanting a piece of the action

(next day at the end of classes)

"My car" Nelson said as he saw his car was turned a bright neon pink and had rainbows and unicorns on it

"Nelson" Blade aka Bobbi Sommer said as she approached him, she had mid DD-cup breasts, curvy body, and a round ass "what is this" she said angrily as she showed him pictures of him with other women in compromising positions

"Ugh well-" Nelson was saying till Blade kicked him right in his crotch

"Fuck you you small dick bitch" Blade said as she walked away

Naruto watched as the blades of grass around her seemed to shake as she walked over to Delia and Deidre as the twins took her away 'What the?' he thought as he momentarily felt something from Blade but it passed rather quickly

'Something's up with that girl' Matatabi said as she and the other tailed beasts could feel a small disturbance around her

"Dude got what he deserved if you ask me" Willie said happily

"Yeah that paint ain't coming off for a while so he's stuck with it for the entire day" Naruto said as he used the good stuff

"That was awesome" Terry said as Max filled him in on what they did and he was happy to cover for them

"So Willie did you look into any gyms or self defense classes yet?" Naruto asked him curiously

"Found a gym I can go to" Willie said as he did look into it when Naruto said he should try looking for a class

"Yeah before long guys like Nelson won't be able to pick on you anymore, not once you bulk up. Then you can be fit and smart, like me" Naruto said as he flexed a little getting some laughs

"Back up the ego there buddy" Terry said with a chuckle as Naruto was always a good time

"Gotta go" Willie said leaving in a bit of a rush

"Hey Willie, if you ever need anything or just wanna hang, give me a call. Here's my number" Naruto said giving him his phone number on a slip of paper

"Thanks" Willie said

(The next day)

Naruto was brushing his teeth as he turned on the news

'And in the latest news of last night, reports of the Galvanic Lifter Machine or GoLeM of the local construction crew has been stolen and in other news Franklin Watt has been placed in the hospital under critical care as the robot in question seemed to have attacked him and nearly would have killed him if it weren't for the swift actions of Batman' The news reporter said

Then Naruto's phone rang showing Willie's name in the caller I.D 'please don't let it mean what I think it means' he thought to himself as he had a bad feeling

'Hey Naruto, we need to meet I really need to talk to you, as I think I've really messed up' Willie said over the line sounding nervous and stressed

'Tell me where and I'll meet you' Naruto said mentally groaning as his gut feelings always panned out

'Guess the kid finally reached his breaking point with his dad' Kurama said to Naruto slightly impressed

'Sure his dad may be abusive but he put him in the hospital you idiot! If the police find out he could go to jail' Kokuo said being the responsible voice of reason

"Speaking of parents" Naruto said as he dialed in his father's number "hey dad can you pull some strings and do a favor for me" he asked his father as his father had a lot of connections and could get things done fast

"Sure what do you need?" Minato asked wondering what his

"I need you to look into something for me" Naruto said to him

"What do you need Naruto?" Minato asked as this sounded serious

"I need you to look into a friend of mine's dad" Naruto said as he wanted this to be done quickly


Naruto walked into an abandoned building "Willie? You here?" he called out waiting for a response

"Yeah, right here" Willie said as he came out from behind some crates before the GoLeM entered the view

"Oh Willie, I was so hoping it wasn't you." Naruto said as he groaned as this just got real complicated

"I don't know what came over me, I-I just snapped" Willie said slightly angrily

Naruto noticed some of the crates lift off the ground as he was mad "Whoa" he said a little surprised that happened

"When Batman hit the machine in a spot, the controller fried me and I got this power" Willie said

The GoLeM leaned down to look at Naruto

"Apparently that's not all it did" Naruto said as he could tell there was something different about the large piece of tech as it seemed more lively then before

"It's like it's sorta alive, it scared off some Jokerz trying to rob me" Willie said as he felt a connection between the two of them

"Willie -" Naruto was saying till Willie interrupted him

"I know, I know, I stole a very expensive piece of machinery and put my dad in the hospital. If the police find out I could go to jail" Willie said nervously as he paced making some crates lift again

"I'm kinda more worried about what people will do once they find out how you gained Telekinesis" Naruto said as he could see many people trying to make it for a profit to the military or whoever pays them the most and people didn't like metas in this day and age

"I know, I know" Willie said nervously making even more crates lift up

"Okay, Willie calm down before you make the whole building lift up" Naruto said as Wille's powers were obviously tied to his emotions

"Phew, okay, okay I'm cool, I'm cool" Willie said calming himself down

As Willie calmed himself the crates dropped

"Look I can get you some help, my dad hired detectives to look into your dad" Naruto said as his dad hired professionals and he knew they'd find something and asked his father for another favor while he was at it

"Really?" Willie asked hopefully as he always hated his father

"Yeah, I got tired of seeing you coming to school wearing clothes to hide the bruises. Come on Willie, you can tell me. You need to come out because with you confessing to him abusing you, we can put him away for a long time" Naruto said as with proof from him and what the detectives could find, they could put his dad away

"And my mom, what about her?" Willie asked as his mom left his dad years ago and it really stung when she did

"My dad's handling that too. You won't be alone, I promise" Naruto said as that was the second favor he asked

"And him?" Willie asked turning to the Golem

"I think I can think of something for him, don't forget my dad's company is kinda better than Wayne-Powers" Naruto said as he could fit it's programing into something way smaller


"Can't give it a cool acronym but I was thinking of calling the Titan. Smaller to fit inside buildings were we can go, just as strong and it can talk, I also took the liberty of giving it's AI a upgrade so you can nerd talk with it" Naruto said as they looked over the GoLeM's programming being transferred into a new robotic body

"Thanks, and my dad?" Willie asked wondering what kinda fate awaited him and how it affected himself

"Dad called and the detectives found enough, put that together with him abusing you he should be put away for life." Naruto said as the man had anger issues and started more than his fair share of fights

"And me?" Willie asked curiously wondering what hand fate dealt him

"You were just a kid striking back having enough of his dad constantly abusing him, my dad pulled some strings and managed to get you in the clear and also, he made this" Naruto said as he pulled out a necklace "It's a dampener, this way you don't make anything lift up or explode in school" he said as his father suspected something may have happened to Willie and his father guessed correctly

"How long do I have to wear it?" Willie asked curiously as he didn't want to not be able to use his powers after just receiving them

"At least until you get a hold of this new power of yours. I suggest meditation while also keeping up with your workouts, a strong mind also should need a strong body" Naruto said as it would help Willie learn control

"Thanks for everything" Willie said as this meant the world to him

"Thank me by doing the right thing, you've been given a clean slate, don't let that go to waste" Naruto said as from this moment forward it was all on Willie on how his life was shaped

"So what, you're suggesting being a hero like those Terrific Trio guys?" Willie asked him

"The who?" Naruto asked never having heard of them before

Willie brought out his phone and showed him a video

"Ok this is a new one" Naruto said as this was definitely worth investigating

(Few days later)

"I don't believe it" Kushina said as they looked at the tv watching the news

"Wait, ain't that Mr. Freeze?" Naruto asked seeing a bald man standing with Derek Powers

"Yes, apparently Wayne-Powers made him a new body" Minato said as he was a bit skeptical on how this would go as he had a few theories on how this may have come to be and any of the drawbacks he thought of were to happen

"A new body? Isn't that kinda impossible?" Naruto asked wondering how they made such a thing possible

"Well the process of cloning isn't a perfect art yet, but apparently they've been calling me as they want help trying to revive Nora Fries now" Minato said as he was interested in doing it as it meant he'd get a chance to save a woman's life

"Nora… wasn't she his wife, he froze her to keep her alive till he could find a cure for her disease?" Naruto asked as he read up on Mr. Freeze as he used to be someone the old Batman fought constantly

"Yes, Fries' work in cryogenics was ahead of its time as normally Nora should've died a long time ago but to completely halt the process of her disease is remarkable. I wonder if he'd agree to coming and working for Namikaze Industrial" Minato said as Fries was a skilled cryogenics expert even now no one came close to his skill

"Well if he does, he'll be working for someone better than that Powers douce" Naruto said as anyone could tell Powers is corrupt

"You can say that again dear, that man only cares about making his next buck then actually helping people" Kushina said as rumours of Powers happened a lot and they were all on similar things

"If it means saving a woman's life then I guess I'll swallow my pride and work with Wayne-Powers. But it's going to be on my terms, if Derek Powers thinks he can pull one over on Minato Namikaze then he's got another thing coming" Minato said as he was gonna take precautions in this joint operation

"Way to go dad, that Powers guy has nothing on you" Naruto said proudly

"Hmph, why do you think he's calling for my help?" Minato said with a laugh

"Be safe Minato" Kushina said giving him a kiss

"Ain't I always? Come on Naruto I'll drop you off at school on my way there" Minato said as they left

(Half an hour later)

"Have fun son" Minato said

"You too, and if Derek tries anything remind him who you are and why you're company is better" Naruto said with signature grin

Minato laughed as he waved to him before driving off

"Derek, as in Derek Powers? Your dad is working with him?" Terry asked him sounding a little heated

"I thought your dad said he'd rather crawl through hell than work with Powers" Max said as she wondered why Minato would work with Powers of all people

"My dad has his reasons. Derek's stumped on trying to revive Nora Fries and had to go to my dad for help, though this is probably another thing for some profit. But my dad is doing it if it means Mr. Fries can be with his wife and saving her life" Naruto said as that was what it came down to

"Still can't believe they made him a new body, I mean I didn't think that was possible" Max said still surprised that was even possible

"Technology today can do a lot of things" Naruto said as it even amazed him

Naruto yelped as Delia and Deidre pulled him with them to class

"They've been waiting for him to do that" Max said chuckling as she rolled her eyes

"Surprised you didn't do that yourself" Terry said with a chuckle

"I'll have other opportunities" Max said nonchalantly

(Few hours later at Wayne-Powers)

"Glad your dad scored us these passes" Terry said as they were literally walking around having a run of the place

"Just be careful my dad said that you should be careful about the smell" Naruto said seriously

"Smell of what?" Max asked not getting what he was referring to

"Greed and selfishness, Derek's up to something, he knows it and I know it" Naruto said as he kept his mind focused

"Oh so your dad took the opportunity to both help Victor Fries and keep an eye on Powers" Hinata asked him as that seemed very risky

"Got it in one, dad doesn't trust Powers as far as he can throw him" Naruto said as he could tell what his father was thinking

"Glad you invited us" Diedre said as she and Delia had their arms around him and also walked with Bobbi Summer or Blade

"Why'd I come?" Bobbi asked curiously wondering how or why she agreed to this

"Because you can't say no to us" Delia said with a smile

"And he had a extra pass so we decided to give it to you" Deidre said

"Of course, they're arguing" Naruto said as he saw his Father talking to Derek Powers

"It's not safe, her body has rejected the medicines that I've tried to inject into her system" Minato said

"Then what do we do? Put our hands together and pray for a miracle?" Powers asked him sarcastically

"The only type of cellular regeneration I've seen that could help her is from the Kage, I've seen reports of him getting shot and stabbed and yet still healed. If I can get a drop of his blood then maybe I could make something that can save her" Minato said as he had been seeing the news and that type of regeneration was next level

"And how are we supposed to get that?" Powers asked as he put a mental note of that down

"I don't know, now if you don't mind my son and his friends are here" Minato said as his anger faded as he saw his son

"Not going so good huh?" Naruto asked his dad as Powers walked away

"Well considering what I'm being forced to work with, yes" Minato said as being near Powers gave him a headache working with him even worse

"I heard that!" Powers said as he entered the elevator

"You were meant to!" Minato said as Derek went up the elevator "Oh I can't stand that guy" he said letting out a sigh

"I doubt anyone can stand him" Terry said heatedly

"Mr. Namikaze, have you made a breakthrough?" Victor Fries asked as he approached him "oh hello I am not intruding am I?" he asked trying to be polite

"Dr. Victor Fries, it's an honor" Naruto said extending his hand

"It is?" Victor said as that was a first as he had mostly gotten hate

"I have read all of your books on cryogenics, fascinating work, you my friend are a genius" Naruto said

"I'm afraid not yet Victor but I refuse to give up, I will save your wife one way or another." Minato said before handing him a glass of water "You seem thirsty" he said

"Thank you" Victor said as he drank the water "It is nice to meet someone who appreciated my work, though now I'm going for a walk" he said leaving as he gave Minato the glass back

Minato pulled out a cotton swab and rubbed the glass with it

"What're you doing?" Naruto asked him curiously

"Proving a hunch" Minato said as he put the cotton swab in a bag and put it in his pocket "Well back to it, I guess" he said getting back to work

Naruto looked as his dad left for the lab with a thinking face

"What do you think that was about?" Terry asked Naruto as that seemed very suspicious

"I think my dad thinks something's up with Power's cloning procedure" Naruto said as he knew something like this would have major drawbacks

"Well Mr. Fries hasn't complained. Hello, Stephanie Lake, I'm the head of Power's cloning project" Stephanie said as she came in and saw the group, she had high D-cup breasts, curvy body, and round ass

"I swear, am I like a babe magnet?" Naruto asked himself mumbling under his breath and soon saw something on her tablet "is there code on those brain waves" he asked curiously

"Yes that's exactly right like father like son, huh" Stephanie said as she was impressed he knew that

"Yep and put that together with my mom's brains and I'm a really smart kid" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Would you mind taking a look at this? I'd ask your father but I don't want to add anymore problems for him as he's dealing with helping Nora" Stephanie asked as she was happy to have an actual intellectual peer

"For you, good looking, anything" Naruto said giving her a wink

Stephanie winked back as she had to admit he was very handsome

"Oh brother" Terry said as he sometimes wished he had that level of skill with Dana as he sometimes made mistakes sometimes repeatedly

"Hey if you took my advice then you and Dana wouldn't have issues" Naruto said as Terry was always taking off on her

Terry chuckled as he rubbed the back of his neck as Naruto had a point there

"Welp there you go" Naruto said as he gave the tablet back to Stephanie "Fixed it and also worked over any errors, you're welcome"he said with a smirk as he broke it down for her

"Thank you very much" Stephanie said as she gave him a peck on the cheek "and here" she said taking out a business card and wrote on the back "that's my private cell" she said walking away

"Geez even being smart gets your girls" Max said with a chuckle

"When you got it, you got it. It's in my genes" Naruto said with a proud grin

(Few hours later)

"Huh, figured dad would be back" Naruto said seeing his mom home

"You know your father when he's determined he won't stop until he makes a miracle" Kushina said with a small tired smile as it was one of her husband's best qualities

Naruto put on a thinking face before smirking

(Some time later back at Wayne-Powers)

"Another failure, are you sure you're as smart as you say you are" Derek said to Minato intending on being insulting

Minato turned and gave him a glare making Powers take a step back "Don't. Start." he said to him very sternly as Powers left in a huff

"You look like you could use a hand" Naruto said wearing his Kage suit as he stood on the ceiling

"It's a good thing you came by, I need your help with two things. Saving Nora and also saving Victor" Minato said to him simply

"What's wrong with him?" Naruto asked wondering how the cloning failed

"His DNA is beginning to revert back to his previous state, meaning he's going to be needing the cold again. But with your unique DNA and regenerative capabilities I believe it can save them" Minato said to him explaining what was happening and how they could try and remedy this

"M-my DNA? I don't know." Naruto said nervously as his father knew his dna structure like the back of his hand

"Come on Naruto, I know my son would help anyone in anyway" Minato said letting out a chuckle

Naruto pressed the side of his helmet making it retract "You knew?" he asked him in surprise

"Come on, how else would someone be able to get their hands on my tech, I'm not stupid, and neither is your mother" Minato said with a smirk

"Of course, mom knows. Well, let's get started but I don't know how my DNA will effect them" Naruto said as he had thought about it and his dna was amazingly complex

"It's their only chance, every attempt I've tried has failed" Minato said as he knew it was a gambit

"Alright, I'll do it" Naruto said as he made his helmet appear as he exposed his arms

Minato grabbed 2 syringes

"Oh great" Naruto said nervously as he was still slightly afraid of needles

"Yes, I know you hate needles" Minato said as his son always hated needles when he had to go to the doctor

"Alright Namikaze, got any- oh hello" Powers said walking in seeing Minato taking blood from Naruto

"I'm only here to help save their lives" Naruto said glad his helmet was on

"Their lives? I thought only Nora was the one with the problem?" Powers asked Minato wondering what he knew

"Victor is reverting because he had a mnemonic agent in his DNA, you would've realized this if you weren't so busy making me do all of the work and actually cared to check on the patient for your so called cloning project" Minato said as he filled the syringes with Naruto's blood

"Making you do all-" Powers was saying till Minato interrupted him

"I don't have time for your temper tantrums I need to isolate Kage's regenerative properties to help save Victor and Nora, now if you'll excuse me" Minato said as he got to work

Derek growled as he exited the room

"Something's not right with that guy" Naruto said as he could've almost sworn that it was getting hotter

"Oh you're only realizing that now?" Minato asked him jokingly

(Half an hour later)

"Got it!" Minato said as he ran tests on Naruto's blood with the Fries' blood and saw Naruto's blood completely killed the disease in Nora's and helped fix Victor's

"Now all we need to do is find Victor" Naruto said as he'd need it immediately

"He's in the lab in the cold, as after his televised thing of starting the Nora Fries Foundation he started to get really hot." Minato said as he kept track of the man's condition

"Let's hope Powers hasn't fucked it up" Naruto said and the moment he said that he saw a half naked Victor Fries running away

"Victor!" Minato said as he tried to catch up and calm the man down

"He lied to me, he said he could help me but he lied!" Victor said angrily

"But I can with this, I've isolated Kage's regenerative capabilities and synthesized his DNA, and ran tests and this can save you and your wife" Minato said

"Albeit with some differences" Naruto said as they still didn't know what his DNA would do to them

"Yes thank you but I will not go back there" Victor said as they made it outside

"Which is why I had Nora moved to my company, because that is where I'll have the proper equipment to help you" Minato said as he knew Powers would botch this whole thing

"Thank you, and what did you mean Kage when you said differences?" Victor asked him curiously

"I have no idea what this will do to you both. It will save your lives but I have no idea what side effects may happen" Naruto said to him as the changes were difficult to understand and were always different in each test

"If it will save Nora, and allow me to hold her in my arms again, I will do it. No matter the consequences" Victor said firmly as he didn't care as he was willing to risk it all on this gambit

(Later in Namikaze Industrial)

Minato typed away on a computer as tubes were attached to Victor's body and to Nora's through the device keeping her cryogenically frozen

Naruto watched as his blood flowed through the tubes and into their bodies

"Think it'll work?" Batman said as he became visible against the wall behind Naruto

"Yeah thanks for coming" Naruto said to him in appreciation

"If anybody deserves a second chance it's them" Batman said seriously as he wanted to witness this

"Don't suppose that sits well with grandpa bat, does it?" Naruto asked him as seeing his former enemy must've put him on edge

"He doesn't trust Victor" Batman said simply as that was how it was

"I'm pretty sure the old Batman didn't trust anyone" Naruto said as he heard a lot about the world's greatest detective

"I'm pretty sure there was some" Batman said letting out a small chuckle

"Well I don't see anyone ever got the Bat or any little bats running around so sure wasn't any women" Naruto said chuckling with Batman as they laughed together

"And done" Minato said as the process finished

"How will you be sure?" Batman asked as any side effects wouldn't have shown this early

"Well I'll need to take DNA samples and run tests before I can let Nora thaw" Minato said as he wanted to prepare just incase

"Take as much as you need" Victor said as he sat up on the lab table

"And we can finally defrost your wife, according to this the disease inside of her is dying, she's cured" Minato said as he turned off the cooling system and turned on the heat as he took a blood sample from Victor to run tests

(1 hour later)

Everyone stared at the motionless body of Nora Fries as she thawed out and laid her on the table

"Come back to me, Nora." Victor said as he held her hand wishing for her to awaken

"Well he's not complaining about the heat so that's good" Naruto said as the heat was a little strong

They all heard groaning as Nora stirred and opened her eyes "Victor?" she said happily in joy as she opened her eyes and let out tears of joy seeing her husband

"Nora" Victor said in pure joy as he began to cry tears of joy as he embraced and kissed his wife

"Is anyone else reminded of Snow White?" Minato said as this reminded him of that old story

"Don't ruin the moment" Naruto said punching him in the shoulder

(The next day)

"And now with Victor finally stabilized and his wife Nora successfully healed and thawed we will be looking at a new age in the work of Cryogenics as Victor has agreed to work for my company and I assure you all that I do not attend on letting this man's genius go to waste as we work together to save lives" Minato said as he and Victor shook hands as many of the photographers took pictures of them "Little cold there buddy" he said with a chuckle

"It's cold out" Victor said as the cold weather was nice to feel actual coldness, and he made the crowd laugh a little

"Your father is a great man" Nora said to Naruto as they watched them on the stage

"I know, I'm reminded that everyday" Naruto said "You'll love your new house, just like mine it's on the beach and you'll get the most amazing views of the sun rising in the morning, dad wanted it to be perfect for you both" he said

"Thank you, for everything" Nora said in genuine appreciation as this was the kindest thing anyone could do for her

"You're welcome, but you should really be thanking my dad" Naruto said as his dad was the real hero here

(Few hours later at Namikaze Industrial)

"Are you kidding me? We tried so hard to get them out of the cold and now they can make it?" Naruto asked as he and his dad were behind a glass window and saw Victor and Nora making cold blasts from their hands

"I think your DNA is what made them like this, but at least they can control it" Minato said walking up to him showing their dna

"Dad, it's Mr. Freeze of course he can control cold" Naruto said with a chuckle then he noticed a light was flashing

"That's strange, according to this the radiation levels outside the building just went up" Minato said before turning on the surveillance cameras outside

They saw a bright green glowing man with his skeleton being seen as he then shot the camera

"What was that?" Naruto asked in surprise

"Minato Namikaze where are you?" the man said angrily "I want Kage's blood you bastard hand it over" he said as he began blasting in random directions

"I gotta go" Naruto said suiting up

"Naruto that guy is like a walking meltdown" Minato said as his geiger counters were in the red

"And if we do nothing he'll kill all of us. Besides the suit gives me shielding from radiation" Naruto said intending to buy them time

"Just be careful" Minato said to him knowing there was no safe way to get out of here

(Few minutes later)

Naruto exited the building just in time to catch Batman who got blasted by the radiation powered man "Who's your new friend?" he asked in slight pain

"Didn't catch his name, but he plays rough" Batman said as they needed to be careful

"You may call me Blight and so nice of you to come to me Kage" Blight said as he made a ball of energy "now if you'd be so kind I'd like you to bleed" he said blasting the ball of energy

Naruto brought out his sword and sliced the energy ball in half making it explode around him

"Schway" Batman said as he was amazed he could do that

"Hmm, if I can't get your blood then maybe I can get the good doctor to give me some" Blight said as he turned towards the building but Naruto tackled him

"You're not touching him, you hear me!" Naruto said before Blight blasted him in the chest sending him flying

"Enjoy the tan, now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with the doctor" Blight said as he entered the building only to get blasted out by a ice blast

"Pardon the wait, I needed to put my suit on" Victor said as he was wearing a bulky version of his old suit but without the helmet

"Whoa" Batman and Naruto said

"Where'd that come from?" Naruto asked curiously as the suit seemed very high tech

"Minato had it moved out of cold storage in Wayne-Powers. I must say I am enjoying the upgrades he did to it" Victor said as he was able to better use his newly found powers now

"I'm not afraid of some old fossil even if he does have some new tricks" Blight said as he got back up

"Oh yeah? Then by all means, bring it" Victor said challengingly

"Should we help?" Batman asked curiously not knowing if they could

"You're about to see one of your mentor's old enemies in action, we'll help if shit starts going down" Naruto said as they couldn't do much with Blight being so radioactive

Blight threw a punch but Victor caught the fist and squeezed his hand steam coming from the interaction as Victor was trying to ice his palm

"Can't freeze me old man" Blight said arrogantly

"We shall see" Victor said as ice formed around other hand and he punched Blight in the face "You should learn to respect your elders, boy" he said to him as he kept blasting him

Blight met his ice blasts with his own "The old Batman actually thought you were a threat? Ha, can't imagine why" he said

"Allow me to show you" Victor said as he increased the power until Blight got sent flying off to somewhere unknown

"Whoa, glad he's on our side" Batman said as he wouldn't have liked to fight Freeze back in the day as he was apparently one of Batman's more top enemies

"Yeah" Naruto said as they'd really need him as Blight was to dangerous to be close to

"Looks like Gotham may have gotten two new heroes" Naruto said as this would be something else entirely

"I just hope they blow up the tvs like those Terrific Trio guys" Batman said as he wouldn't mind a little limelight

'I really gotta look into those three' Naruto thought "Well Terry, goodnight" he said walking away

"Good- wait, what?" Batman said in surprise

"Come on, I saw you at my birthday party and when you disappeared Batman appeared, every time you run off Batman showed up" Naruto said as he retracted his helmet

"Of course it's you, who else could get their hands on your fathers tech" Terry said as he shook his head feeling stupid for not realizing it

"Look on the bright side, now I can help you with Dana, your regular life and hero life all at the same time" Naruto said trying to put a positive spin on it for him

"Okay, you got a point" Terry said

(Few days later)

"Deja vu" Naruto said as he and Batman chased after some thieves wearing jetpacks

"I know right" Batman said as somehow thieves were getting jetbacks

"I got one" Naruto said destroying a man's jetpack

"Mine- hey!" Batman said as he was going to throw a batarang at one of their jetpacks but it froze

"Sorry boys, mind if I cut in?" a ghostly woman said with a smirk

"Oh no, not these guys" Batman said as he hated seeing these guys

"Freon" Naruto said before seeing a lava like creature and a flat man stop the others "Magma and 2D man, the Terrific Trio, what's the big idea stepping in our turf?" he said letting out a sigh

"You're welcome ninja boy" Magma said giving him a glare

'Cool his ass down Naruto' Isobu said to him as he could feel the heat the man was letting out

"Ooh I'll show you ninja boy, captain volcano" Naruto said as he readied his hands to spray him

"Cool it" Batman said getting in front of him

"We were in the area and thought you could use a hand" 2D man said helping Batman try and cool things down

"Well thanks but we had that covered" Naruto said to him "and did way less damage" he said to them

"What damage?" Magma asked him challengingly

"Should I start with the frozen one, or the guys you tossed a chunk of concrete at? If it wasn't for stretch here you could've killed those guys" Naruto said to him

"Gotham news" Batman said as they just showed up

"And that's our que to leave" Naruto said to him

(next day)

"I hate reporters" Naruto said as the trio was getting all the credit

"Tell me about it" Terry said to him

"At least people online like us more, they see the trio as people just doing stuff to get on the news whereas we help everybody" Naruto said as the smart people saw it as publicity scams

"Instead of helping them fight crime, they should help them get cured. Who knows what the radiation did to their bodies" Terry said as radiation was even more concerning to him due to Blight

""And don't you think it was a little too convenient that the media showed up right then and that those thieves got taken down so easily? Naruto asked as that was too convenient for his taste as swarms of media right then and there

"Now that you mention it" Terry said as he was catching on to what he meant

"I think someone hired those thieves and someone called the media to get them there" Naruto said to him as that made total sense in his mind

"So who do you think it was?" Terry asked him wondering what his thoughts were

"Who else? It had to have been some military guy" Naruto said as the trio was being funded by the government

"You think the military is setting these things up just to make them look good?" Terry asked him curiously as that seemed a little messed up

"Gotta spend money to make money I mean they're making the merchandise" Naruto said as he hung out with Terry and his brother yesterday and saw a tag to a toy company which was recently bought by the government in secret

"If that's the case, then maybe the 'accident' that gave them their powers was no accident" Terry said as this seemed a little too messed up not to be set up

"I mean the guy that's like their boss was supposed to show up for their test and didn't. Something's up with that Howard Hodges fellow, I know it" Naruto said as he hated corrupt officials or men who abused power

"Guess what they say is true, you just can't trust the military" Terry said as all those people who questioned the government might've had a point

"We need to get some answers before the Terrific Trio becomes the Dead trio" Naruto said as the government didn't like things it couldn't control

(few hours later)

"Poor guy, helps save the little girl and she's still afraid of him" Naruto said as he saw the trio save a councilman's wife and daughter and the daughter was absolutely terrified of him

"That's life for you, everything that's not normal people fear" Batman said as he felt bad for the guy as it was the price of power

"I mean he can't even hold his fiance in his arms" Naruto said

"Can you cure them?" Batman asked him as this seemed in his wheelhouse

"Idk one's a ghost, the other is 2D, and the other guy is literal lava" Naruto said to him

"You helped cure Victor and his wife." Batman said knowing it was a leap from flesh and blood to...the Trio's states of matter

"Hmm, if I can get a look at how their bodies have been affected I can use dad's lab to work and see if I can reverse what the radiation did to them" Naruto said

"You need a blood sample? Can't you just use your blood again?" Batman asked him as his blood seemed like the holy grail

"Probably, but I want to see just how their bodies got affected by the radiation to see if it can be reversed" Naruto said as he need the exact science and method of how he could deliver the cure to them

"Okay but what doctor do they go too?" Terry asked wondering who had samples of their dna as Bruce told him the government had been trying to understand specific metas for years

"Only one way to find out" Naruto said as he looked at Howard Hodges as he drove off

"You want to steal his phone?" Terry asked him curiously

"Well that or wait to see if he goes to any doctor" Naruto said as sometimes it was easier to just follow then to act

"That works" Terry said, always preferring action "I mean even though he is a doctor he can't be smart enough to know all this, right?" he asked him

"Terry, you just said something brilliant" Naruto said "Think about it, the fiance wasn't supposed to show up but she did, he was supposed to show but didn't and the amount of radiation they were exposed to should've killed them" he said

"You think Hodges tried to kill them? Why?" Terry asked as it was said they were teammates

"She wasn't supposed to show, I think he wanted her fiance out of the way so he could have her" Naruto said as people did crazy things when in love

"And when it failed he decided to work with the military to make weapons" Terry said as he started getting mad as turning people into weapons was sick

"I think we need to have a chat with the doctor" Naruto said as this got way more important

"That'd mean breaking into their tower and probably dealing with the military" Terry said with a small smirk

"Yep" Naruto said simply as he smiled as well "well let's go danger awaits" he said with a grin

(Few minutes later)

Naruto and Terry dropped in in Howard's office

"Looks like the doctor's out." Terry said as they immediately began looking around searching the office

"Hello" Naruto said finding a small cube on Howard's desk right beside his phone

"That's convenient" Terry said as it held the samples of their dna

"Right" Naruto said as he examined it and saw something that shocked him "their dna is unraveling" he said as that would make them start becoming psychotic and unstable

"So they're becoming unstable? Can you still fix them?" Terry asked as the double helix unraveling made him very concerned

"Probably, now to look through his phone and surprise, surprise he has 1 General Norman on speed dial" Naruto said as that was furthering his theory

"Let's check out that particle fusion lab, bet it'll hold the biggest answer of them all" Terry said as where else to hide secrets then the place where it happened

(Few hours later)

"This place is surprisingly unguarded" Naruto said as he thought this place would be more active

"That's because they didn't think about would be stupid enough to break in, what are you doing here?" Magma asked as he turned on the lights

"Trying to save you" Terry said to him raising his hands trying to defuse any tension

"From what?" Magma asked glaring at them

"Your friend who betrayed you, general who sees you as weapons oh and death" Naruto said listing their problems

"What are you talking about?" Magma asked him giving him a serious look

"That accident wasn't a accident, Hodges purposely tampered with your device hoping it would kill you as he was jealous of you, of your fame and because you got the girl" Naruto said to him as he wanted to speed this up

"And if he couldn't get rid of you he figured he could sell you to the military to make weapons, we're here to see how exactly this happened to see if it can be reversed" Terry said to him

"You want to cure me?" Magma asked wondering why and didn't want to get too hopeful

"Of course, you don't want to stay like this, do you?" Naruto asked getting a hard look "I'll take that as a yes" he said as he got to work

"What do you need?" Magma asked him as he was still a scientist

"Maybe a way to make this into a vapor cause there is no possible way to inject it into you all" Naruto said as he took more of his blood and began adding chemicals to it

"Where can we find a gas chamber that big?" Terry asked him

"I have an idea" Naruto said

(2 hours later)

"Thanks for letting us use them, dad" Naruto said as Magma, Freon and 2-D man got into chambers

"They're usually used for cleaning objects as the vapors we send in help clean them up but this helps" Minato said as Naruto's vaporized blood began to get into the chambers the trio were in

"Let's speed this up" Magma said impatiently as he was getting hotter

"Give it a moment" Minato said to him punching in some keys as the chamber filled up with a blood mist

Magma began to feel his body shrink as Freon felt her body beginning to solidify and as 2-D man's body began to bulge back to normal

"How pissed do you think the government will be?" Terry asked them

"Extremely" Naruto and Minato said together as the government hated losing assets

"Probably even more now that I think Hodges and and the General may be looking at a long time behind bars with the stuff we got off of Hodges' phone" Naruto said

(Meanwhile in Blades' house)

Blade had just gotten out of bed after a long nap feeling very refreshed and when she went to the bathroom and splashed some water in her face and when she looked into the mirror she saw her hair was turning red as she had a long red streak in it and saw she had a light green skin tone

Blade became spooked and looked at her hands and began to freak out and soon ran to her room and looked for all the concealer she had

(next day)

"Something seems off with Blade" Naruto asked Max as she was more covered and her white hair had a dark streak in it as if it had been dyed

"I don't know but I feel a strong attraction to her" Deidra said getting a nod from her sister

"So she doesn't just attract guys she attracts girls now?" Terry asked jokingly as he chuckled

Naruto watched as a couple of flowers by Blade seemed to turn in her direction

'That's not creepy at all' Shukaku said as even though he and the other tailed beasts were natural beings they couldn't help but feel as if she was becoming a part of nature itself

"Blade wait up and what the hell are you wearing" Nash said as he noticed blade wasn't wearing anything revealing or skimpy

"Leave me alone asshole" Blade said as she walked away

"Hey wait" Nash said grabbing her wrist

The nearby plants seemingly gained monster like appearances and lashed out at Nash

"That's a new one" Naruto said as his sage instincts were telling him that this was natural and the nature was somehow trying to defend Blade something that seemed odd

Everyone noticed as he skin was beginning to turn green

"You know she's starting to look a lot like-" Terry was saying

"Poison Ivy" Naruto finished for him

"No wonder we felt so attracted to her" The twins said as their grandma would always talk about Poison Ivy and their close relationship

"We gotta get her outta here before these idiots put two and two together" Naruto said as the teens who saw ran away

"Should we save Nash?" Max asked curiously them curiously

"No" Terry said getting looks from them "I was joking, sorta" he said

"I wouldn't have had a problem with that" Naruto said as the flowers weren't doing much to him

They got Blade out of there and ran outside

"What the hell is happening to me?" Blade asked in terror

"That's what we wanna know" Naruto asked her

(1 hour later)

"What he have to say" Naruto asked Terry as he asked Bruce for details

"Well she's not Poison Ivy's daughter she's her granddaughter turns out Ivy had three daughters in the past" Terry said as

"Ivy had kids, with who?" Naruto asked wondering how that was possible

"They were made like lab made" Terry said as Bruce gave him a full run down

"So how does that explain Blade's parents? Her mom ain't like Ivy, I think" Naruto said as her mother was dead and looked almost exactly like Blade white hair and all

"Well looking into the records as it turns out her mother was one of the clones" Terry said as Bruce looked it up and saw her mother was known as White Mercy

"And the other two?" Naruto asked wondering where the other sisters were

"Probably dead" Terry said as they had been off the grid for a long time

"Great so I'm looking at relationships with three grandaughters of batman's old enemies" Naruto said as Blade asked him out a while back and they were keeping it normal for now

"And the problem is?" Terry asked him wondering how that

"No problem I'm just saying" Naruto said as that was how it was "hey Blade c'mon I might be able to help hide skin tone" he said as he was sure his father could develop a holo watch to disguise Blade

"I think I want to keep this" Blade said as the dye was fading from her red streak

"And you say you do like redheads" Terry said to him sarcastically as Naruto had an attraction to redheads

"Curse my dad's genes" Naruto said with a chuckle "I'm gonna go take care of Blade later man" he said as he picked her up making her blush slightly

Blade felt very relaxed in Naruto's arms feeling a small pull to him wanting to be closer to him

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