Fox of Los Santos @pyrohelixdrago1
Chapter 3

(few days later)

"How screwed are we" Franklin asked Naruto curiously as they were dressed in suits

"If you shut up and follow my lead none at all" Naruto said to him

"I swear you were the last person I thought who'd get caught" Franklin said to him

"Shut up I had to plan this on the go" Naruto said as they walked into a courtroom and took the defendants stand

"Please rise" a judge said as Naruto and Franklin got up

"Mr Namikaze and Mr Clinton I see you chose to defend yourselves how do you plead" the judge asked them

"Not guilty" Naruto said to the judge

"Now Mr Namikaze it says here you broke many traffic and speed violations care to explain" the judge asked curiously

"Yes your honor" Naruto said with a smirk


"Fuck fuck fuck" Naruto said angrily as he drove and loaded a a set of pistols and drove to grove street where he saw Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor at a house "fucking idiots" he said angrily as he then saw Trevor do his thing which was basically a shit storm

(flashback end)

"I had to rush to the location your honor as that place was known for much crime and multiple homicides and I heard through a lot of friends something was gonna happen and I heard Franklin was gonna be there" Naruto said to him

"Yes Mr Clinton who was in the possession of an illegal firearm" the judge said as that was a charge for Franklin

"Your honor I have proof that firearm is not Franklin's and he is a registered gun owner" Naruto said as they had the evidence brought up and Naruto handed the guard a file

"Serial number matches your guns and Mr Clinton's" the judge said to him "but that does not excuse the discharge of firearms" he said to them

"It was an act of self defense your honor as you can see from the police dashcam footage" Naruto said with a smile using the cops own evidence against them


"You are all fucking idiots" Naruto said as he tossed Franklin a gun and threw his in the nearby sewage line making it into the water "keep that gun on you" he said to Franklin seriously as they were getting shot at by the cops and gangsters

"How'd you know we were here" Trevor said as he swiped a gun from a nearby corpse and started shooting

"Easy dumbass I have people everywhere why in God's name did you come here" Naruto said as he was then told they were here for a deal "hold on Trevor c'mon" he said as they went back Lamar and Franklin covering them as they broke into the house of the man that ripped them off and killed him

(flashback end)

"Why Mr Clinton were you there in the beginning" the judge asked Franklin

"I was catching up with an old friend" Franklin said as Naruto gave him the ID of the man that ripped them off as he and Trevor stole both that and the money and he told the judge who looked over the deceased list seeing the name

"As you can see on the footage your honor we used our legal guns and defended ourselves" Naruto said to him

"Can you identify the two men seemingly helping you two" the judge said to them

"No" they both said to him


"Trevor put this on" Naruto said stealing Franklin's mask and told Lamar to put on his and keep his cap on

(flashback end)

"Your honor if I may be so bold I have a friend in the police department and here are some statements matching one of the men's description he seems to be a non affiliated with any gangs and seems to be doing his own thing we had nothing to do with him" Naruto said to him as the judge read all the random and bizarre crimes the man supposedly done and was appalled and soon had to side with Naruto on his point


"Ok Trevor we need to be fast ok listen me and Franklin need to get arrested ok lay low for a while alright you've been making scenes seriously throwing people off bridges in broad daylight" Naruto said quickly as they shot

"Yeah that may have been a little much" Trevor said as he was surprised how easy he got away with stuff

"C'mon" Naruto said to them running down into the sewer line 'this is lucky' he thought seeing a local celeb MC Clip 'better than Lazlo at least' he thought to himself as Trevor tried to shoot him and he saved his life and soon saw the camera 'good publicity' he thought to himself

"Put your guns down" a cop said as Franklin did as instructed and saw Trevor and Lamar ride away

(flashback end)

"Mr Namikaze given the circumstances you've been a model citizen and since you didn't shoot any police you and Mr Clinton will be given leniency and won't be charged thank you for being marvel citizens" the judge said to him as he hit his gavel

"I'm still suing" Naruto said to the police


"It's official people Naruto Namikaze is a free man. After being wrongfully incriminated Naruto Namikaze is free and is already being shown appreciation from the man he saved and his fans" a man on the tv said as he showed Naruto leaving the courtroom

"So he is alive" a woman said with a smirk on her face in a old styled house overlooking the ocean and she made a call to an organization she ran called the Epsilon Program

(1 week later with Naruto)

"Mind killing someone for me need you to distract some idiots" Naruto said as he hacked Steve Haines phone and knew who he was after and was gonna let Micheal waste his time and free the man

"Done" Anko said as she took off using the tidbits to easily find a left handed smoker with a beard at a party "only what small percentage are left handed" she said as people were mostly right handed

(20 minutes later)

"Molly Schultz" Naruto said with a smirk

"Oh Mr Namikaze a pleasure to see you again" Molly said with a blush as she had met Naruto in a few meetings as he owned a lot of stocks and actually was able to buy 20% percent of Weston's company through many men

"How is Debra" Naruto asked as a while back he sent Debra to work for Weston or more accurately Molly as Debra was his inside informant and Molly was someone he had been persuading to work for him in secret for a while

"Fantastic actually" Molly said as she had less trouble dealing with the more eccentric investments of Mr Weston

"Well I need to go have a nice day Molly" Naruto said walking away but not before giving Molly's rear an nice slap

"Mr Namikaze" Molly said as she blushed as she always admired the man as he seemed so much more than Devin Weston

(few minutes later)

"Stop ok stop" Naruto said as Trevor was about to use some jumper cables for torture he untied the man and gave him a burner "tell the police it was Steve Haines" he said as he could tell the man's vision was blurred

"Why Haines" Trevor asked curiously

"It'll put more heat on his ass and trust me when I say we need that also be glad he never heard your name" Naruto said as the man was crying on the floor slowly reaching for the phone

(few days later)

"So Jimmy robbed you bold move" Naruto said to Micheal

"Yeah I'm really impressed" Micheal said as he was being half sarcastic as this finally showed something

"He called earlier he's chilling with Lamar here stole your car back before he did what he did" Naruto said as he hoped those two coil help each other somehow

"Thanks" Micheal said to him as they sat down and watched some movies

(few days later)

"Private ship reserved and private cargo and a bunch of other stuff I'd say illegal smuggling of artifacts, weapons, and a whole bunch of other stuff" Tenten said on a live feed as she was on a bridge at night overlooking the area for Trevor and Naruto

"Gonna be hard to salvage all that" Trevor said as all that sounded like a couple million for each person

"Not as hard as you think" Naruto said as he climbed out the water "water is about I'd say forty maybe 50 feet down not a lot but not a little either I say screw the offshore thing Trevor but keep the case I may have an idea for that in the future" he said as the location seemed real remote

"So how do you plan we steal all this" Trevor said to him sarcastically as it didn't seem possible

"Easy I recently bought then invested into a tow truck business Franklin manages it for me hell basically runs it it's now a carrier business transporting things like supplies and the like can also be used to pick up crates I say when we attack we also mark the containers Lester has beacons we label them with each for whatever we find" Naruto said as that was both quick and fast

"Wait back up why bring up the tow truck shit what's that do" Trevor said to him

"Technically in bay areas or all sea areas you need a license to salvage Naruto offers it to Merryweather a few crates go missing" Tenten said to him

"How many trucks you got" Trevor asked curiously

"Ten why" Naruto asked curiously

"Ok so 10 people drive we hijack the drivers for Merryweather and steal from them" Trevor said greedily

"Problem crazy nuts" Tenten said bursting his bubble "we'd need a massive truck not your pickup to move all the items and a place to empty the containers" she said to him

"Stole one on my way out" Trevor said as he had a huge one he drove to his current residence

"Merryweather is all men mercenaries meaning I can't help with the drivers" Tenten said as she was poking holes in his theory "and where are we gonna put them all" she said not knowing what materials would be in each delivery

"I have some thoughts if we reuse the sub and have a team in the water we can move certain items faster" Naruto said as he could say it was his team hooking up latches to the crates

"I don't like this to many people" Trevor said to them

"What if we're looking at this wrongly what if we use Merryweather to rob itself" Naruto said as Trevor stole enough from them to give him an idea of their channels and if they made certain orders where the drop off point was things would go quickly

"Free labor I love it" Trevor said with a smile

"Also you know that base you wanted to rob from the one for the chopper do it" Naruto said to him

"Why" Trevor said not needing a reason but was curious

"They have a few choppers at the the base take Micheal made him get flying lessons for this reason more helicopter time also did the same for Anko try and get the heavy duty stuff" Naruto said to him hearing Trevor cheer

"So how you plan to off load the other stuff one truck going back and forth ain't gonna be much help" Tenten said to him

"We use the boat it's big enough we can easily hide stuff in it Trevor takes the weapons we keep a few of each model and so on we sell the rest" Naruto said to her

(few days later)

"Ok all the bodies are hidden we ready" Naruto asked Micheal as they needed to make sure the alarms didn't go off

"Yeah" Micheal said as they needed to make sure they had the correct frequency and the inside of the ship had it

"Explosives are planted" Trevor said to them as he climbed to shore and walked right onto the ship

"Ok go below deck and mark each container better to do this dry than wet incase one of those containers has art in it" Naruto said to him

Naruto and Micheal rushed inside immediately killing the men before they reached the alert button and soon heard back from Trevor

"Ok all of them are marked not counting the ones up top they're about another 20 here" Trevor said to them

"Nice" Micheal said as he and Naruto raced into the water Trevor soon catching up and remotely activated the ships alarm and as soon as security arrived they detonated it killing everyone nearby and sinking the ship

(next day)

"Pleasure doing business with you Mr Percival" Naruto said as he hung up

"Man it's hilarious that they're paying us as we rob them" Micheal said as he and Franklin laughed

"Ok we have four hours told him we had two oxyhydro cutters on hand and we'd need to come up and change them as we'd need to work on the hull to retrieve the contents that work for you" Naruto said to Franklin

"The ship is kinda far for the sub and we got 20 containers" Franklin said to him telling Naruto his thoughts

"True" Naruto had to admit "there is a place we can rent one for the day" Naruto said as he knew a place off the highway

"Oh with two subs hell yeah" Franklin said to him

"Good and Trevor" Naruto said to him

"2 trips 10 trucks 10 drivers 10 bullets 1 insanely well armed psychopath" Trevor said with a smirk

"Sharks come by here a lot maybe we'll get lucky" Micheal said as he was assisting Trevor while Franklin had sub duty

"You gonna kill Floyd" Naruto asked Trevor curiously

"After the job one less share and one less bitchy mouth" Trevor said as he was tired of Floyd now

"Use him as a patsy leave his body in a truck we say he was the mastermind and that he got betrayed by whoever and that's actually true" Naruto said to him as Floyd was known at the docks so if he was in the driver seat of a Merryweather shipment people would think this was him getting payback after the first time with them

"Nice" Trevor said to him

(next day)

"5 million motherfuckers" Trevor said with a smirk as they each got 5 million dollars each

"Eh who knows maybe we don't need a big score" Micheal said as Trevor shot him a dirty look "or maybe we do" he said to him

"Man that was insane how much did they pay you" Franklin asked Naruto

"Cool mill" Naruto said to him

"Fucking genius" Trevor said as they celebrated

"And to make matters better Steve Haines is under investigation with the cops" Naruto said as they all laughed

"Speak of the fucking devil" Micheal said as he saw the caller ID

(few minutes later)

"You know we stole from Merryweather they had plenty of high tech bullets" Anko said coming in

"Get a good sniper to make the shot and boom" Micheal said as they tested some of them at ammunation and a bullet went right through bullet proof glass

"We also have a time limit they have sensors on the truck like if the door is opened or if the truck is in one place to long" Naruto said to them

"How long we got" Trevor asked as banks had a fast response time with calling the cops

"They have the lights timed for red lights from point A to B so we may have something there and if the truck stops for more than a minute they radio and alert the police" Naruto said as he'd done enough heists with banks

"And they usually have passwords and that kinda shit for the all clear" Trevor said as that'd be complicated

"So a full minute two dead drivers we can do that two people on the roof the other 3 on the ground" Micheal said as he and Anko could make the shots easy while Naruto, Franklin, and Trevor stole the bonds

"We should park separately" Anko said as she'd drive to pick up Naruto afterwards

"Franklin can take a tow truck park it somewhere I'll make a false claim that we got a call of expired plates" Naruto said as that gave Franklin an out

"I'll take my chopper go to Sandy Shores with Micheal and he can drive back" Trevor said as he was best at aerial combat

"Ok everyone is ready we have a day" Naruto said as they all nodded in agreement

(next day)

"Easy play" Anko said to him as they stopped at a bar to celebrate

"Yeah we really lucked out with Merryweather" Naruto said as they'd have to do a blitz play as a backup and those took to much time and they'd have been surrounded by cops

"They're in the clear" Anko said to him as Trevor texted her

"Hello Naruto Namikaze my name is Cris Formage I'd like to extend you an invitation from the Epsilon Program" Cris said to him as he then walked away

"Eh babe you have a cult of women why are you looking at that" Anko asked with a raised eyebrow

"He knew my name" Naruto said as that was a little odd the tone the man spoke in was so calm it was unsettling

"You're being paranoid" Anko said as Naruto showed her a magatama in the invitation

"Weird thing to add don't you think" Naruto said to her as his interest was peaked now and saw a text he just received "Micheal is on his way to see Devin Weston c'mon" he said as they drove off

(few minutes later)

"Naruto hey buddy how's it going and who's this nice tail" Devin said seeing Anko

"Another occasional girl you know me" Naruto said as he built up a persona that he used around Devin making him think they were on the same level making him believe something totally false to make him feel safe

"Um ok assholes I'm done" Micheal said as Naruto told him to pretend not to know him

Naruto watched Devin try to pull an angle on Micheal trying to draw him in using what Micheal loved the most, he looked to Anko who was wearing a disguised necklace that was a camera she was using it to look over the edge past Devin's car to get a good look at the back

(few hours later)

"You can do what Micheal did and pull it down" Temari said as she looked at the schematics

"We'd need a chopper and their is a heavy response team ready to get their in under 30 seconds" Naruto said as scaling the hill side was tough "either way we need to wait Devin now has a car fetish and right now that works for us" he said as Molly was gonna handle it in the end like always

(week later)

"Fuck you man stop stealing all the women" Trevor said as he tried to call dibs on Molly but apparently Naruto was ahead of him

"Yeah ok also listen how do you feel about a hostage exchange make I don't know 2 million per kid" Naruto said as those cars were expensive so they'd make some good money like that

"How much do you have man" Franklin asked as Naruto was always talking about money but he never knew how much he earned as a criminal

"70 million" Naruto said making a lot of them go slack jawed

"Fuck man" Franklin said not having a response

(1 hour later)

"I left them with Ron that cool" Naruto asked Trevor as his place was remote

"Yeah no problem" Trevor said as he was getting a larger cut

(few days later)

"How goes the car hunting" Naruto asked Franklin curiously "Trevor sold me some tech from a chopper he parted with a scanner have Temari breaking down the software we have an in with the cops now" he said as Temari's network was growing

"Sucks man" Franklin said as he really hated Devin Weston

"Here I bought you some stocks" Naruto said to him "Molly informed me of the method of unique payment also Micheal seems to be getting sucked in" he said as he was gonna let that play out for Micheal

(2 weeks later)

"Idiots" Naruto said as Trevor stole Mrs Madrazo and ripped off Martin's ear "what the hell is wrong with both of you" he said over the phone

"Blame this fucked up cunt" Micheal said to him

"Did you keep the files" Naruto asked him

"Yeah Trevor kept them and I send it to Temari with the high power rifle location" Micheal said as he had Temari pick it up as a gun that powerful was a waste to get rid of

"At least you're getting smarter" Naruto said to him "listen hold onto it ok I may have some plan in the works just need time" he said as he made some calls "Lestor hi remember that thing we talked about" he said to him

(few days later)

"Naruto my boy thank you now where are they" Martin said as Naruto called him with information

"At sea how about we get your boat a few of your men and we kill them" Naruto said with a smirk

"Ah yes that certainly sounds fun I want to take my time with them" Martin said his eyes looking a little red from anger

(few hours later)

"Don't think we have enough for your men" Naruto said as Martin brought 20 of his men

"It's alright now how is that steak" Martin said as Naruto was grilling

"Almost how you like it" Naruto said to him calmly

(with Temari)

"How's it going Natalia" Temari asked her curiously

"Fine Martin has 20 million where would you like me to send it" Natalia asked curiously

"10 to Micheal and 5 to Trevor and Mrs Madrazo" Temari said as Naruto didn't want a single penny from Martin as it was no big loss

(with Micheal)

"C'mon Franklin" Micheal said to himself seeing his ship close in 'don't worry baby you'll be back home soon' he thought to himself as he missed that boat and jumped at the opportunity to get it back

"Micheal Trevor so good to see you" Martin said as his men cocked their guns and aimed it at them "Trevor where is my wife" he said angrily

"Oh she on the tip of my you know penis" Trevor said suggestively as he laughed at Martin

Naruto smirked seeing Franklin climb aboard with a shotgun and began shooting at the men

"Die you pricks" Trevor said as they all began to shoot

(few minutes later)

"Got my goat back and am enjoying a steak" Micheal said with a smile

"Still gotta stay with Trevor Martin's loyal men may try to kill you" Naruto said as that was a real possibility

"Fuck" Micheal said to himself

"Oh and Trevor you own 40% of Martin's house" Naruto said to him

"Speaking of" Trevor said as all the blood was attracting sharks and Trevor had Martin hanging over the edge "wait I get less than half" he said in anger

"Patricia is getting the other percentage" Naruto said as the woman needed something

(1 week later)

"A car with live rounds" Naruto said as Franklin just stole a car from the movie studio "ok good to know" he said to himself as Franklin was almost done and he was sure to take advantage of that

"Yeah but Lamar and Jimmy are involved now" Franklin said to him

Naruto had to admit that was a problem "I'll get back to you on that" he said to him "Epsilon Program 10 years" he said as the program started after he and the girls arrived something that was drawing his attention more and more

(next day)

"This is kinda crazy even for you how'd you know he'd make it this far" Micheal asked as he and Naruto were looking up to see a plane in the distance

"Trevor couldn't land that thing even if he wanted to next best thing is to crash it and luckily for us his house is nearby so easy salvage easy pick up also look out" Naruto said as boxes started to land nearby

"Fuck" Micheal said as they grabbed Trevor's truck and loaded them and put them into his garage

"How'd we do" Trevor said landing on his roof

"All weapons no cash upside you have a fully functional military jeep" Naruto said as the jeep had been made to be dropped from a ship as it had built in parachutes

"Eh better than nothing" Trevor said calmly going inside

(1 hour later)

"Fucking cunts" Trevor said to the FIB agents that left his former cook sight

"Be chill alright we have the equipment for the stuff" Naruto said as they had all the supplies besides the military convoy, he was interrupted when he got a call "hello" he said answering the phone hearing it was from Anko

(with Anko)

"Yo these assholes are a bunch of scammers they gave this asshole some kinda tractor thing" Anko said as she laughed "listen they approached me a while ago and wanted to make a deal with me they said they have something I want" she said to him

"Depends on where Anko never give the enemy an advantage" Naruto said as deals made in public places were for more than incognito it was to avoid being caught off guard or ambushed

"In public I checked" Anko said to him

"Go alright I gotta steal from the military" Naruto said as they had to move

"Ok" Anko said hanging up and driving away to a coffee shop as that was the meetings location

(1 hour later)

"So what do you assholes have for me" Anko said as she stood in front of some Epsilon stooges

"Orochimaru" the man said to her and he soon felt a blade touching his thigh

"Not possible how is that fuck even alive let alone here" Anko said as Mei and Naruto filled her in on Orochimaru coming back from the dead, they had found more and more of people from their world but they didn't make the trip as some where just dead when they found them registered as Jon Doe's

"He works for Merryweather and is currently out at sea at this very moment" the woman next to the man said to her

"Where" Anko said thirsty for the blood of her master

(1 hour later)

'Of course' Anko thought as she looked at the coordinates 'Naruto thinks it might be a seismic suppressor or some kinda nuclear weapon' she thought as she looked through Naruto's notes on the papers Trevor stole before the Merryweather ship heist

(3 hours later)

'This is it' Anko thought as she drove a sub out here not going about this as she normally would and was doing this how Naruto would

Naruto installed a vacuum seal on the door to the sub incase it ever needed to be used to breach a ship from underneath

'Merryweather said 12 people on deck' Anko thought as she brought a shotgun with a suppressor on it

Anko slowly moved from below deck upwards, she became the cold blooded killer she always was killing off the guards the men at the control and slowly went down to come face to face with her first master

(2 hours later)

Orochimaru found himself tied to a chair and was gagged and as he looked around he deduced he was in a submarine

"There's no way out" Anko said calmly surprising her old master with her appearance "we're miles underwater right next to the nuclear device I've disabled the subs engines and took the keys this is where you will die" she said as she imagined all the ways she'd kill him but this seemed best

Orochimaru was gonna try and say something but Anko stabbed his stomach with a burning hot knife

"You know I killed some people like this sometimes they light on fire others their stomach becomes a charred mess but I won't be here to find out this is your tomb where you will die painfully and even if you do manage to get out those ropes" Anko said stabbing him in a certain location "that blood will attract sharks this is shark infested water" she said as she left not giving her sensei a second glance as she left him to at the very least suffocate

(few minutes later)

Anko looked over the slowly sinking ship and all the information Orochimaru had intending to give it to Naruto as soon as she could but soon got another call

(1 hour later)

"We hope you were satisfied with the information" the man from earlier said

"Sure why not" Anko said as she drank her beverage

"We have additional information that we know that you'd like" the man said to her

"Oh what now" Anko said as there wasn't much past Orochimaru that she wanted dead

"This is a gift to you and Naruto" the woman said handing her a file "followers of Orochimaru" she said to her

Anko smirked as she loved torturing followers of her master as it gave her such glee she opened the file and smirked as she recognized some of these women from information back in the leaf and from Naruto as he was very open about his adventures

(1 hour later)

Gurren began to panic as the moment she woke she was tied up and gagged

"Hello" Anko said to her "I know you don't recognize me but we know someone in common someone I have no doubt you'd spread your legs for" she said as Naruto was a hero and every woman he saved felt like a princess and fell for him and likely wanted to spread their legs for him

(next day)

'Now this one I will most definitely enjoy' Anko thought to herself as the woman she was hunting was foul mouthed and a bitch that needed to be put in her place 'seriously does the lost never learn' she thought as more bikers were here even after all the killings she, Naruto, and Trevor did here so many times

Anko was on the lookout and soon she spotted a female biker leaving the bikers territory "hello 911 a woman fell off her bike" she said with a smirk as she followed Tayuya taking out a taser gun


(few hours later)

"A little surprised you were so easy to convince I mean c'mon I know Naruto is sexy but you dropped everything after I kidnapped you" Anko said to Gurren "is it because of the pictures" she said with a teasing smile as Gurren froze up

Gurren blushed remembering the pictures Anko showed her as she wanted proof Naruto was here and she got more than she bargained for as Anko showed her lewd pictures of Naruto and other women it made her wonder if Naruto looked at her like that especially when he addressed her wounded leg

"He's amazing you know woman after woman and he is still horny always fucking and loving us" Anko said to Gurren wanting to stir up her imagination "he loves us all but in bed we are all his whores taking in all that he gives us" she said to her knowing the woman had a strong urge to serve as all of Orochimaru's men wanted to serve someone powerful or someone they truly respected "now will you serve Naruto like a good girl" she asked teasingly

"Yes" Gurren said immediately

"Good" Anko said as she liked this one especially as she betrayed Orochimaru something she liked and admired

Gurren than looked at the two naked women they had two she knew and disliked 'at least they'll be put in their places' she thought with a smile as Anko made her aware that Naruto dominated the women he had sex with and no one needed to be put more in their places like Tayuya and Karin

(few minutes later)

"Fuck you dyke" Tayuya said to Anko immediately after she told her about Naruto

Anko smiled at Tayuya and pulled out her phone showing her a live feed of Orochimaru in pain and struggling to breathe "let me make something clear bitch I am not some run of the mill woman in our world I would've owned you your former master is dead very dead and those bikers me and Naruto kill them on the regular so you can join the winning side or die with the rest of those shitheads" she said getting on Tayuya's level which wasn't very hard

Tayuya was frozen seeing a man she feared slowly dying and thinking about all the things she heard happen from the bikers about all the dead ones and knew there wasn't anything to consider as she nodded in acceptance

"Now for you" Anko said looking at Karin with a displeased look "fucking stupid cunt" she said slapping Karin's tits "you willingly followed scum a litteral piece of shit" she said refering to Sasuke

Karin bowed her head as she had years to think back on that as she felt shame allowing herself to be abused

"So ladies wanna have some fun before our man shows up" Anko asked them playing a video for them

"Fuck me" Tayuya said looking at Naruto in action "I'm in" she said as she was also told she could make a profit

"And you" Anko asked Karin with a non impressed look "you know with both you being Uzumaki's it would've been your duty to rebuild the clan" she said with a smirk

"Ok" Karin said as she lowered her head to hide her blush

(few minutes later)

"Why are we getting fucked and not her" Tayuya asked Anko as Anko and Gurren were using strapons on her and Karin

"Because I was never loyal to that snake you little cunt" Gurren said as she was fucking Tayuya

"And good behavior gets rewarded" Anko said with a smirk "unlike this naughty bitch" she said as she was fucking Karin roughly

"And this one" Gurren said as she dealt with Karin a lot when she was in Orochimaru's employ and didn't like her one bit so fucking her was a nice payback

(1 hour later)

"Gurren" Naruto said in surprise seeing his former enemy turned friend seeing her naked

Anko filled him in on what happened and he decided he needed to punish her for telling him sooner

Naruto gathered the girls and made them watch as he got naked making them marvel at his erect member, he bent Anko over his knee and began to spank her ass with a lot of aggression and all Anko could do was scream in pleasure

Karin may not have had chakra sensing abilities any longer but she now had empath abilities and all she felt from the two was love and lust

"Fuck" Tayuya said as she touched herself as she was a masocist and always wanted to be dominated by a stronger man who just took control of her fucking her for all she was worth and seeing Anko a woman she viewed as a dominant and strong woman get spanked and was moaning like a bitch in heat made her feel extra horny for Naruto

"Karin" Naruto said calling her over placing Anko down on the bed as she rubbed her sore ass and her pussy leaked juices

Karin approached Naruto and felt her knees tremble as she saw Naruto's erect member and wasted no time kissing it

"She broke long before you touched her master" Anko said as she breathed heavily "she wants to be your slut" she said as that was the only thing about Karin she respected

Naruto smiled as he looked down at the female Uzumaki and smirked

Karin sucked Naruto as best she could feeling herself get wetter and wetter

"You know usually all my girls have to be broken in but you don't seem to have any problems being my slut" Naruto said to her with a smile

"None at all" Karin said as she looked deep into his eyes and moaned

Naruto smiled as Karin got on his lap and penetrated herself with his member and began to ride him and as he enjoyed her work Gurren came over and kissed him and they began to make out

"I missed you" Gurren said as she had thought about Naruto repeatedly after they had met as he often invaded her dreams and fantasies, she let out a loud moan feeling his hand massage her breast

Anko regaining feeling in her ass and went over to an unsuspecting Tayuya and smirked 'easy bitch' she thought as she pulled her into a kiss and put on a leather collar and leash around the redhead

Karin climaxed all over Naruto's member "please cum" she asked beggingly as she wanted his cum inside her

Gurren kissed Naruto's chest as he began to suck on Karin's nipples as he picked her up and dropped her onto his shaft at a quick pace

"That'll be you bitch" Anko said to Tayuya as she fingered her "your body is going to pleasure him as he stuffs you and makes you choke on his cock you'll become addicted to him" she said with a smirk

"How much of a slut will I be" Tayuya asked curiously wanting to know how messed up she'd be

"That depends all on you we're all his sluts and whores some more than others" Anko said with a smile as Naruto broke and destroyed their minds when they rutted like animals in heat some broke under the constant pleasure while some merely became addicted

Gurren watched how easily Karin succumb to the pleasure moaning as Naruto emptied his load in her pussy

'Weak bitch no Uzumaki stamina' Anko thought to herself as she looked at the moaning redhead 'don't worry bitch we'll fix your stamina issue' she thought with a sinister smirk as she was intending to mess her up greatly both physically and mentally

Gurren moaned as Naruto's dick poked and prodded her pussy teasing her but accepted it not going to complain as she wanted Naruto to enjoy her body

"You know I need a girl like you Gurren a girl who'll do exactly as she's told" Naruto said whispering into her ear as he teased her

"I'll do whatever you ask" Gurren said as Naruto was what she wanted in….everything 'I want him to be my lover, my man, my husband, and my master' she thought to herself as she'd do anything he'd ask of her

"Lick my cock" Naruto said in a simple tone seeing Gurren drop to her knees licking his cock showering it with affection

Gurren tasted and adored every inch of Naruto savoring his taste and how hot his dick was 'I love this man and his dick' she thought loving every last inch of Naruto 'I want him to enjoy my body' she thought remembering when Naruto didn't touch her when he treated her body now wishing he had

"I'll do it to you ya know in public make you finger yourself maybe strip you down" Naruto said to her

"Ok" Gurren said with a smile

"You're ok with that" Naruto asked her wanting to be sure

"Yes" Gurren said to him with a smile as she blushed from imagining what he said

"Good" Naruto said with a smirk

Gurren felt him feel her body up and down giving her subtle noticeable teases 'don't ask' she thought not wanting to ask him anything wanting him to just enjoy her body not wanting to make any demands of how he enjoyed using her, she moaned feeling him penetrate her

"Go play with Anko" Naruto said as Gurren as both women left the room leaving him with Tayuya who he tugged by the leash "now for you… were dead" he said pulling her close to him

Tayuya nodded

Naruto was a little perplexed as to how she was alive as she was sealed before the final battle of the war 'either somethings up or something else happened on the way here' he thought not entirely worried but not at ease either, he was brought out of his thoughts as Tayuya was blowing him "putting your whore mouth to good use" he said teasingly as he remembered her mouth

Tayuya moaned as he insulted her finding that to be a turn on

"You are gonna be nice slut Tayuya" Naruto said with a smile "I really like redheads I might call you frequently" he said with a smirk feeling her moan on his cock

Tayuya moaned thinking about Naruto calling her like his own personal slut, she savored the precum leaking from his cock into her mouth

"Maybe you shouldn't wear underwear be on the ready" Naruto said grabbing the back of her head face fucking her

Tayuya blushed in pleasure as she looked into Naruto's eyes

Naruto pulled out and showed Tayuya in his cum

"Oh fuck there is so much" Tayuya said in awe and amazement as she felt all the cum on her body and began to lick herself collecting it all and moaned after she swallowed it all "I want more" she said licking her lips craving more cum

"You haven't cursed at me once" Naruto said raising a brow

"Because stud why would I insult someone who'll be giving me pleasure" Tayuya said shamelessly

The night was then filled with screams of lust and pleasure

(Lemon End)

(few days later)

"So still no answers to how the fuck this chick is alive" Naruto asked her curiously

"Nope maybe the reanimation kept her alive crossing into this world" Anko said to him

"Maybe" Naruto said as there was nothing to disproving that "but seriously someone we know has to be running the epsilon program I mean they knew who you hated and people you'd like to fuck" he said to her

"Yeah that's concerning" Anko said to him as that worried her

"I'll be back in a few days gonna go steal from the bullshit bank" Naruto said as the heist was gonna happen soon

"Still can't believe we have all this military grade shit" Anko said as the bullets were awesome in her opinion and the all the other things they raided from merryweather and government

(next day)

"What the fuck are the charges for" Micheal asked as they were inside the bank

"This bank is small and they'll be distracted by this cluster fuck" Naruto said holding a literal grenade cluster and threw it outside as he sealed the vault and activated the C4 no one seeing the car outside

"Who the fuck is driving that" Micheal asked curiously

"No one noticeable" Naruto said as the person behind the wheel was in fact Amanda "you got those hooks" he asked them as he gave them all some really good grappling tech

"Still don't see why we need this" Micheal said to him seriously

"I made a few calls" Naruto said as they looked outside seeing a military chopper "shoot up" he said as they wiped out the current wave of cops and could hear more approaching in the distance they quickly shot the military and soon used the grappling hook on the chopper and climb up quickly stealing the helicopter

(3 hours later)

"30 million cunt" Naruto said to Steve Haines newest assistant his name escaping him but he sent Anko his info days earlier and after he delivered the money and reported about Steve Haines he was to be taken out and have a similar incident like Sanchez

(1 week later)

"The fuck do you mean Lester didn't pay you" Naruto asked Franklin as he got a call from him saying he took a job for the nerdy man but wasn't paid

"Yeah homie just as I was about to pull the trigger my target got iced" Franklin said to him

"Oh god listen I'll spot you the money he was gonna pay you" Naruto said as Lester had a 'no play no pay' moto which caused a lot of problems

(next day)

'Looks like someone is pulling a Lester' Naruto thought looking at local news hearing whispers and mentions "ok Franklin's target was at that hotel witness protection the parking lot doesn't have surveillance but Los Santos customs does" he said to himself as he called that Los Santos customs outside the parking lot and got the footage and after a few searches he got someone 'not Anko' he thought seeing a woman on a motorcycle pulling up in front of the place taking off her helmet to look at her phone "Samui" he said remembering the woman with the teammate that beat him also remembering she was a student of Bee

Samui was wearing a ice blue shirt under a biker jacket barely containing her EE-cup breasts and did nothing to hide her nice curves and wore leather pants tight on her large supple round ass

(few hours later)

"Thanks Temari" Naruto said leaving his tech genius all tired and sweaty after finding out all the information she could on Samui

(next day)

"Been a while since I did a house call" Naruto said as he had to admit he was surprised when he found out Samui lived in a house down the block from Micheal's place 'I should really start making a list' he thought to himself as he knocked on the door

Samui opened the door to see none other than Naruto Namikaze "hi" she said simply "please come in" she said to him

"So can I ask" Naruto asked her curiously as they sat down

"Ask anything you'd like" Samui said calmly and respectively

"Why are you being so forthcoming" Naruto asked curiously as even though he didn't have chakra he didn't still have some empathic abilities and Samui was incredibly calm and trusting of him

"Because my master was someone who I respected and he respected you a great deal and saw you as an equal and I was most impressed with your contributions in the war and you even saved my life during it and you've been on my mind for a long time" Samui said honestly "you reek of sex" she said calmly

"Yeah I had sex before coming here" Naruto said unsure of what to say

"It's fine so who is she" Samui asked desiring to know

"More like they" Naruto said to her never ashamed of his relationship status

"You have a harem" Samui said a noticeable perk appearing in her "may I ask how you are with your women" she asked curiously

"Easy I dominate" Naruto said finding this conversation enjoyable "I fuck them to the point where they are begging for release begging for my cum fucking them like a crazed animal making them weak in the knees sending them to nirvana" he said to her proudly bringing up a group chat he had with all his lovers and asked them to send him a nude showing Samui his phone she saw many lewd images and messages appear

"I am the same" Samui said licking her lips

"With who" Naruto asked curiously

"My wife and daughter" Samui said making Naruto look at her "my wife is my teammate she was married to a friend of yours Choji I apologize he passed years back" she said to him

"Easy come easy go" Naruto said to her as he motioned for her to continue

"Anyway my wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl whom I've loved and raised as my own and after I wedded her mother I fucked her furiously whenever a moment came I made her my slut" Samui said proudly as she smiled at him and he sent one back at her making her blush "and the moment the girl I raised turned 18 I fucked her" she said to him handing him a picture of her daughter

"What is her name" Naruto asked seeing the 18 year old dark skinned beauty, she had large DD-cup breasts, slim curvy body, and a bubbly ass

"Chocho" Samui said to him "oh where are my manners" she said clapping her hands

Naruto soon saw a familiar face of Karui appear as she wearing a short french maid outfit sweating and had a very noticeable blush "what you do" he asked curiously

"She misbehaved the other day and now has a powerful vibrator in her pussy set to the highest setting and anal beads inside her as more than a dozen each a little bigger than a golf ball" Samui said to him as Karui served them tea showing off her ass to them as she bent down to pour the tea for each of them

"Hey Samui would you like to join my harem" Naruto asked politely

(Lemon Warning)

"Yes oh god yes" Samui said sounding as if Naruto's suggestion was gonna give her an orgasim "take my slut of a wife and daughter as well" she said with a happy smile "you know I don't think my teammate properly apologized for what she did to you that day please take any aggression you have on her out on her body she's no more than your pleasure toy now" she said with a smile seeing Karui stiffen

"Karui sit on my lap" Naruto said seeing Samui glare at Karui for hesitating and looking back at her and soon did as he instructed "tell me how does Samui fuck you" he asked her kissing her breasts

"S-She fucks me with a strap on sometimes or makes me pleasure her pussy" Karui said as her teammate successfully made her her bitch

"Does it turn you on that she fucks your daughter" Naruto said with a smirk seeing her blush "answer" he said playing with the cord to her anal beads lightly tugging it

"Yes" Karui said as she moaned loudly

"Good" Samui said with a smile happy to know that

"Samui where is your bedroom" Naruto asked her and watched her smile as she lead him to the room "on your hands and knees" he said to Karui as she got on the bed "now have you fucked either of them before the other" he asked Samui curiously

"No" Samui said feeling a little embarrassed that she had yet to do that

"Go get Chocho" Naruto said commandingly

Samui did as commanded and went to her daughter's room smiling seeing her daughter clad in nothing but her bra and panties on her phone laying on her stomach unaware of her presence 'oh Chocho normally I'd fuck your unsuspecting body but you now serve a new master' she said as she fucked Chocho whenever she could and seeing her like this was an opportunity "slut" she said spanking her ass

"Yes daddy" Chocho said jumping in alert

Samui smiled being called her daddy as it always made her feel wet "come" she said as Chocho making her follow her to her room "look at your whore of a mother" she said to her daughter

Chocho looked at her mother moaning and screaming like a whore as a handsome blonde man she'd never seen pull anal beads out mother's ass "who's that" she asked Samui

"My master meaning he's yours to" Samui said her hand going into Chocho's panties and began fingering her and massaging one of her breasts

"Samui which sounds better to you making Karui watch as I fuck her daughter and you fuck her making sure she watches or vice verse" Naruto asked her curiously

"Fuck Chocho" Samui said licking her lips as she stripped down and put on a strapon she had in her room "Chocho go greet your master" she said to the girl commandingly

"Hi" Chocho said blushing a little as she looked at the naked man feeling a little intimidated by his large cock

"I knew your father well you know" Naruto said to her getting closer to her making her look him in the eye "he was a clan heir meaning your an heiress" he said making Chocho's eyes widen making her feel special

"Look at him" Samui said as she was currently fucking Karui in her ass "making your daughter clay in his hands" she said with a smile "you are such a slut our daughter just as much a slut as you" she said to her wife "ahhh" she said moaning as she thrusted harder into Karui "god I haven't been this turned on since our wedding night the night I made you my woman" she said with a proud smile

Karui remembered that night well as Samui fucked her relentlessly making her into her own personal slut and every night after never giving her a moment of rest always fucking her whenever the opportunity presentted itself and the day her daughter turned 18 and knowing Samui fucked her as well made her feel ashamed as the very thought made her horny

Samui smirked seeing Chocho be lifted up by Naruto seeing her wrap her legs around him and try and bounce on his cock inside her pussy 'poor girl' she thought with a grin seeing the euphoria on Chocho's face 'can't even handle a real cock' she thought to herself as she couldn't blame Chocho for that

"Samui did a nice job training you but I need to sharpen some of your skills" Naruto said pressing her against a wall feeling her pussy tighten and felt her kiss his neck

(2 hours later)

"I'm sorry about them master" Samui said with a flushed face as she lightly bounced on Naruto's lap his dick currently in her pussy as her wife and daughter on the floor drenched in cum along with their holes leaking out cum as well

"It's fine honestly" Naruto said massaging her ass cheeks "I'll want them trained Samui you have a lot of work to do" he said to her already filled her in on his standards

"Oh fuck master I will strap them down, tie them up, put vibrators in all their holes, fuck them senless, make them commit shameless acts, and allow your fellow lovers to use them however they or you deem fit" Samui said as Naruto had began slamming her on his lap making his dick pierce her womb

"Good" Naruto said as he unleashed a heavy load into her womb making her cry out his name as even though he came inside her he still kept up his thrusts


(1 week later)

"You want to break in by yourself" Dave said as he was currently drinking coffee with Naruto

"Yeah Haines wants to move in and get some form of glory and also have some shit with the nerve toxin you can't lie that it'd be safer in my hands than his I'll deliver it to you and when Haines tries to get it himself and fails you'll look even better" Naruto said calmly

"How do you intend to get in" Dave asked curiously

"Same way dipass did through the ocean but I'll be able to get in and out the way I came" Naruto said to him

"The way your talking about can't work the water will be to hot and the toxin will be inert then" Dave said as Steve filled him in on that way

"Yeah the water is hot because it's a cooling system" Naruto said as it use to be an old style cooling system but they use the water to lower the temperatures of a few devices that built up heat "anyway if I turn it off when I enter the heat will dissipate it's water from the fucking ocean" he said to him

"I assume you know the required gear" Dave asked as he both knew and didn't know about Naruto as officially he was as clean as they came but unofficially he was a skilled criminal and he knew it

(next day)

"I swear this is so remote" Naruto said as he was south of mount chiliad heading for a remote docks and stopped seeing someone in the middle of the road someone who looked like a ghost to him "Hinata" he said stepping out of the car and as he approached her he froze

"Not quite" the woman said she was wearing a simple kimono that outlined her body perfectly she had low F-cup breasts, a curvy body, and a nice bubbly but supple ass "it is a pleasure to meet you Naruto my name is Hitomi Hyuga(AU:most common name given to her)" she said bowing her head slightly

"You're Hinata's mother" Naruto said as that was the only other thing he could connect her to

"How astute" Hitomi said with a smile

"Now I know you should be dead" Naruto said as he knew Hinata's mother was deceased and that she wasn't taken as he asked some of his friend's when Kabuto had stolen corpses the only one that had ties to the two Hyuga's he knew that was taken was Neji's father 'this changes things Tayuya was reanimated how the fuck is she alive' he thought to himself seeing the dock past her

"True may you come with me for a moment" Hitomi asked politely walking toward a house not to far

'Guess I'm not pressed for time' Naruto thought as he saw no one in the distance and she was taking him to the house literally not a half mile from his destination and he was currently early

(few minutes later)

'This is not what I was expecting' Naruto thought to himself as the house looked haunted on the outside but on the inside it was state of the art and fully furnished his interest was peaked when he saw a symbol on the wall 'the epsilon program' he thought to himself

"I assume you have question" Hitomi said making some tea

"Not really" Naruto said as she looked at him curiously "I'm gonna take a quick stab and say whoever is your fucking leader they still have access to chakra" he said to her simply "only hard part is narrowing down who cause I know it can't be Orochimaru or Kabuto" he said knowing that Orochimaru was dead and even if Kabuto was here it'd be for more nefarious purposes "it has to be someone who knows how to resurrect the dead and the fact you have this whole bs religion means it definetely ain't the 2nd hokage so who" he asked her simply

"My my you sure haven't changed Ashura" a female voice said getting Naruto's attention

"That voice" Naruto said turning around seeing the woman who was the cause of him and everyone coming here Kaguya Otsutsuki, wearing a smaller much less constricting and formal version of her robes, she had large GG-cup breasts, a very curvy body, and a large supple ass

Naruto angrily ran up to her and pressed her into a wall taking out a switchblade "Give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you" he said angrily

"I can give you hundreds but come Ashura let us discuss" Kaguya said getting out of his grip

"My name is Naruto" Naruto said as he may carry Ashura's spirit but the bloodline connection from Naruto to her was so vast it was nonexistent

"Alright now can we talk" Kaguya said as she sat down on a chair

"I'm assuming you have brought certain people back to life" Naruto said stating the obvious looking at Hinata's mother

"Yes" Kaguya said with a smirk "and you were correct I still have chakra" she said hearing his earlier discussion

"How do you know the reanimation technique" Naruto asked and then froze as he remembered she used Madara's body to reconstitute herself and he did know the technique

"My tree if you will when we were in our world and my tree captured everyone I got the technique from someone who knew it" Kaguya said to him simply

"You have access to everyone's memories" Naruto asked in surprise

"Mostly I have some before they got loose and broke apart from the tree as we came to this world you should know that I mean people are appearing at different times Naruto" Kaguya said with a smile

"Ok as fascinating as all this is why the fuck are you sane and follow up what the hell do you want" Naruto asked her

"I want you and I to join forces" Kaguya said seeing the look of surprise in his eyes

"You don't have all your chakra do you" Naruto said knowing this woman was too proud to ever ask for help

"No you can say I'm limited for the time being" Kaguya said to him

"The tree you said broke apart" Naruto said in realization of how she phrased herself earlier "the tree was damaged" he said to her

"Yes and I believe you can fix it" Kaguya said to him with a smile "think about it Naruto work with me this world is so easy help me rule it from the shadows" she said giving him her pitch "I've done my research on you I know how much you like the pleasure of the the flesh" she said motioning to Hitomi

Naruto had to weigh his options because he could tell Hitomi wasn't under any control or genjutsu as she showed no signs 'I could regain chakra' he thought to himself as he pushed his hatred "what do you need" he asked her simply

Kaguya got up and took him to the basement and saw a hole in the ground as it looked like a giant well "ignore the bodies the daughter killed the mother and was mentally unhinged" she said as she raised her hands and soon a familiar but smaller tree appeared

Naruto had a few guesses as to what the woman needed from him specifically and his main answer was it revolved around the sun mark he formerly had in their world and as he touched the tree he saw a golden light appear and then checked his hand and saw his mark and once again felt chakra coursing through him

Kaguya moaned as she felt the power increase in the tree

(1 hour later)

"To a new alliance" Kaguya said as she and Naruto drank champagne together "and to show my appreciation I have a gift for you Naruto" she said with a smirk "your teammates they need to be punished" she said as she had studied Naruto since she saw his return on the news looking through the memories of everyone that had an interaction with him and to say she was impressed was an understatement she did hate that Naruto was treated so poorly by his friends and teammates so she had an idea for him to get a little revenge

"What did you do" Naruto asked wondering what the woman's game was

"Hitomi if you please" Kaguya said clapping her hands

"I gotta ask why does she serve you" Naruto asked curiously

"Because Naruto those who work for me get rewarded and whatever they desire" Kaguya said with a superior smile

Hitomi soon came back with two familiar faces to Naruto


"May I present Mikoto Uchiha and Mebuki Haruno" Hitomi said present her fellow MILFS who were both naked and blushing

Mikoto had large E-cup breasts, a curvy and athletic body, and a nice supple ass

Mebuki had low DD-cup breasts, a curvy and slim body, and a decent round ass

"You see Naruto I feel you deserve to have some vengeance on your team and seeing as these two" Kaguya said looking at the two women "are just desperate whores I felt it was a perfect match" she said with a smile

"Yes Naruto these two are sluts desperate for some good fucking they often told me how disappointing their husbands were in bed" Hitomi said with a smirk seeing them blush even brighter

"Both of you kneel" Kaguya said in a demanding voice as both women did as instructed "your children are terrible" she said as that was the truth "your son is psychotic and has nothing he is no warrior no survivor he just wants to kill he is a butcher" she said looking at Mikoto "and you your daughter is a moron always blaming others for things she yet to has a grasp on she is no woman only a little girl you failed to put in place" she said as Sakura had no appeal in her mind "you both owe this man everything for not only keeping those failures you call children alive but also for the pain they have caused him am I clear" she said seeing them nod

Naruto was actually turned on right now as he wanted to fuck these MILFS into submission

"Let's start you off with something light Mebuki" Hitomi said getting the blonde's attention "he's going to fuck your ass" she said knowing Mebuki was very vanilla and wanted to break her seeing as she had no room to say no

Mebuki blushed very brightly it would've put her daughter's childhood blushes to shame, she went over to Naruto and watched him strip and blushed seeing his monster of a cock and turned around and sat on it dropping onto it thinking the pain would be quicker that way, but was very mistaken as she was now screaming as tears came down her eyes

"I need to ask" Naruto said grabbing Mebuki by her thighs and thrusted into her anus making the woman moan and scream in pleasure and pain looking at Hitomi "how are you such a slut" he asked as he was surprised by the Hyuga woman's attitude

"Little secret amongst my clan's women we like bad boys and aren't as prim and proper in the sheets" Hitomi said as she then stripped and kissed Mikato "and this one has had such a dry sex life it's not even funny" she said gropping Mikato "she agreed to be your slut immediately Naruto you were the only one to fight for her son pointless as it is now but she appreciated it and she's a nympho had to use so many sex toys in her marriage" she said as she even used them on her friend on some occasions

"Well slut what do you have to say" Naruto asked Mikato as Mebuki was squirting out juices as he fucked both her holes making her scream out her affections for him

"I want to be your toy master" Mikato said with a light blush as Hitomi sucked her tits "Itachi was my only son after what Sasuke has done I no longer feel any love toward him and now all I want is to be your cocksleeve please use my holes" she said practically begging for him to fuck her

"I will after I'm done with her" Naruto said as he spanked Mebuki's ass

Kaguya watched with a smile as she saw Naruto put these women in their place

(few hours later)

"I'll have them delivered to your home" Kaguya said with a smirk as Naruto nodded and left


(few minutes later)

'Idiots' Naruto thought using his chakra to break the steel bars to the underwater tunnel and made his way through 'shut of time' he thought cutting a cable disabling the cooling vents but not the base's power, he easily made it by passing by security guards and everything and soon made it to the lab shocked to see a familiar face. One he hadn't seen in a long, long time.

Tsunade Senju. Former 5th Hokage. Largest tits in their village. Terrible gambler. In the flesh. Naruto was absolutely stunned.

"Naruto" Tsunade said in pure shock, her body bring both model like with it's curves and very thicc, her breasts being low GG-cup, and her beautiful bubbly ass being large and supple

"Ba-chan" Naruto said out of habit. Still in a daze

Tsunade slapped the back of his head "we're the same age" she said never been more happy about that fact

"These people kidnapped you." Naruto said, seeing her with the virus and wearing an ankle monitor.

"Yep you think you can deactivate it there-" Tsunade was saying until she saw him use chakra "of course you still have your chakra" she said rolling her eyes a little jealous.

"Not like I use it all the time. I prefer to get my hands dirty personally nowadays when needed." Naruto said not mentioning he got it back recently and by Kaguya of all people

"Mind getting me out of here?" Tsunade asked and soon wished she hadn't as Naruto took her out the way he came. The warm water now ice cold, soaking her clothes and making her nipples harden from the sheer freezing touch.

"I have a few lawyers and stole this security footage, you can sue them later" Naruto said seeing her brighten hearing that

"Great" Tsunade said stripping as they got to his car in nothing but her bra, panties, and heels "take me home, we have much to discuss" she said with a smile

Naruto didn't hear her as he was too distracted from staring at her bra clad tits. Tsunade shook her head seeing him not even answer her. However she was getting tired of the car not moving.

"Naruto quit staring at my boobs and get this car moving." She commanded him very glad he liked her body.

(1 hour later)

"Nice place" Naruto said admiring her mansion with a smile as they went to the living room and there was sake already on the table

"Yeah I got a pretty good deal on this place. Owner asked for a titfuck. I broke one of his legs. I didn't break the other one as a thank you." She said, chuckling at the memory "so how have you been?" She asked wanting to hear what he had been up to.

"Easy I'm a successful businessman, have a double life as a criminal, stealing from other criminals and assholes, I have an army of women that I love and fuck constantly, and a bunch of other stuff in between" Naruto said to her in total honesty

Normally Tsunade would've been concerned about everything Naruto said. But considering how this world is, she had no qualms with anything he just said. Even the women.

"Sounds fun. Kinky even." Tsunade said a little aroused at the thought of Naruto pleasuring an army of bitches on the regular. "I may not have an army but I do keep an eye out for people from our world and have these two to keep me company" she said snapping her fingers

Naruto watched seeing Shizune and Mabui walk in dressed as maids

Shizune had large FF-cup breasts, a hourglass figure, and a large plump ass

Mabui has low F-cup breasts, an athletic and slightly curvy body, and a round well toned ass

"When did Shizune get tits?" Naruto asked surprised at seeing her new massive boobs

"Little slut was hiding them with a seal" Tsunade said spanking her ass "still punishing her for her lie" she said taking a sip of her sake

"Well maybe I can take a crack at her for her punishment." Naruto jokingly said as he punished many of his girls and knew where to hit home as he knew all of them personally before coming to this world


"You know what, sure! Shizune you slut get over there and do everything he tells you to!" The tipsy Tsunade demanded as she wanted a show as she drank and watching the man she fantasized about going to take her assistant was definitely gonna be a show.

"Yes Tsunade-sama." Shizune said obediently as she blushed as she walked to Naruto as Tsunade wasn't the only one that had fantasies about him, she got on Naruto's lap spreading her legs so they were on both sides of him.

Naruto pulled her into a nice kiss which made Shizune moan in delight and soon moan louder as he took the kiss even higher as he invaded her mouth erotically claiming it

'Oh' Tsunade thought with a smirk as she drank and was excited seeing Naruto rip off Shizune's clothes

Mabui watched silently her pussy getting wet as she had never seen a member that big from what she could tell from the outline in Naruto's pants as the Raikage was sorely lacking in comparison

"Say slut how's about you lick me since you're just standing there." Tsunade commanded Mabui as she removed her panties and freed her tits from the war crime that was her bra.

"Yes mistress." Mabui said as she knelt down and started to lick at Tsunade's folds. Lapping up the woman's juices like she was dying of thirst.

Shizune undid Naruto's pants and coward slightly from how intimidating his member looked

Tsunade and Shizune always knew how big Naruto was as they were his doctors in their world and prostate was a regular thing, they both wondered to themselves how they never took him then and there

"Are you scared Shizune?" Naruto asked a little jokingly and mockingly to the black haired woman.

"Yes" Shizune said in admittance as her fear did nothing to stop how horny she felt

"Don't worry. I'll be gentle. Maybe. However, by the end you will be loving it either way" Naruto said with a smirk to Shizune.

Shizune moaned as he ripped off the taters of her bra and panties

"Tsunade" Naruto said getting the attention of the former kage

"Yes" Tsunade said burying Mabui's head in her pussy

"You owe me a lot of debt" Naruto said to her making her eyes widen

Tsunade blushed as she often gambled with Naruto and gathered a strong amount of debt

"I'll take Shizune as payment for some of the debt" Naruto said with a smirk

Tsunade nodded immediately to that offer winking at Shizune

"What do you wish of me master" Shizune said already fully committed to Naruto

"Kiss my cock I want proof of your eternal servitude" Naruto said to her smiling as she bowed down and kiss his head lovingly with passion

'I wonder what else he'll ask for' Tsunade thought in fear and lust as Shizune didn't cover much of her debt

"Now I want Mabui" Naruto said to Tsunade

Mabui looked at her mistress and saw her nod and went over to Naruto and began kissing him

Tsunade watched as her assistants pleasured and serviced Naruto feeling very envious of which was unknown why that was,

"Now" Naruto said looking at Tsunade as Shizune and Mabui kissed his body and played with his dick "for the rest of your debt" he said looking at Tsunade predatory

"How much did I pay off" Tsunade asked him as her pussy moistened as being in debt never felt so pleasurable

"Not even half" Naruto said to her with a small grin "wanna play a hand you win it's gone and if you lose you are mine in every sense" he said with a smile

Tsunade nodded getting off the couch walking in her heels to grab a deck of cards

(5 minutes later)

"We play a single hand of poker standard rules" Naruto says, shuffling the cards before dealing himself and Tsunade a hand. Tsunade had to keep her poker face as he saw the cards she drew. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 all clubs. A straight flush. It took all of her willpower to not grin.

"Are you gonna take any new cards?" Naruto asked Tsunade as Mabui and Shizune were currently kneeling and rubbing against his cock obediently.

"Nah. I'm happy where I am brat. How about you?" She asked

"I'm perfectly fine where I am so how's about you show me yours and I show you mine" He asked

"Ooh ballsy brat! Fine! Read 'em and weep! Straight flush!" Tsunade cheered thinking her debt would be paid. However, her cheer died suddenly at Naruto's unflinching gaze.

"I'm reading them, yes. But I'm not weeping. However I think you might be soon" Naruto said as he laid his cards down. King, Queen, Ace, Jack, 10. All hearts. A royal flush.

"What?!" Tsunade asked in shock. Was her luck so bad that she had an amazing hand and still lost?

"You lose Tsunade. You're mine now" He said as he gestured for her to stand before him so he may inspect his newest acquisition.

Tsunade never felt so vulnerable to the man that secretly invaded her fantasies and her dreams, often making her stain the sheets from the day they met. "Am I desirable Master?" She asked often, wondering how he saw and looked at her.

"I see your mouth moving but I have a condition where I can't hear my slaves unless they're nude and bouncing their cow tits for my amusement." he told her with a mocking smirk

Tsunade blushed, catching on to what he wanted from her, she placed her hands on the back of her head and started doing squats, her tits bouncing as she did. "Does this please you master?" She asked. Naruto grinned at his new slave.

"Yes it does but I feel like something's missing. Oh I know. You haven't pledged yourself to me yet. Why not say an oath of servitude to me now while you squat" He told her

"I" Tsunade said gathering the words "pledge myself to you. I swear to be your loyal bitch and shall do anything you ask of me. My body is yours. Every inch of it is your property and you can do with it as you please" She said, fully submitting to the man before her as her master, nay, her God.

"Ah the sweet sound of whores knowing their place. Is there anything better?" Naruto asked himself as he looked at his newest addition.

"I do not know Master" Tsunade answered his question.

"Yes because a bimbo like you doesn't know anything except how to please her master" he told her as he beckoned her to come closer to him while also motioning for Shizune and Mabui to stand before him. "Three whores for me to choose from. I want to hear each of you beg me to fuck you over the other slaves here. Mabui you start" He commanded.

"I wanted you to take me the moment I laid eyes on you master" Mabui said unashamed "the Raikage was weak limpdicked loser that had to resort to kidnapping in the hopes of producing any offspring since everyone in Kumo knew he barely had a one inch dick" she said in a completely serious tone

Naruto smirked having a low opinion of the man already liking what he heard

"You are the only one worth serving, master." Shizune said with a blush and a kneeled down bowing her head. "Tsunade is what she seems. A drunken worthless whore" she said with a serious look having no respect for her former master "She has denied her true self for too long. Masquerading behind political power. I beseech thee Master. If I am not chosen first I ask you to make her wait as punishment for her cruelty oh great and powerful Master" Shizune said never once getting up from her kneeling bow.

"And you." Naruto said to Tsunade with a smirk. Tsunade immediately squatted down and started to move her tits up and down in a bounce while she spoke every word. Remembering his words from earlier.

"Master, I am your personal cumdumpster willing to do whatever you demand. Had I known how manly you were I would've offered you my body from day one of us meeting. You are the true Hokage of Konoha!" Tsunade claimed whorishly.

"Mabui" Naruto said with a grin as she stepped forward

"Ask and it shall be done master" Mabui said having no problems as after being submissive to Tsunade there were few if any act she wouldn't perform

"I want both of you to stand there and watch" Naruto said commandingly to Tsunade and Shizune "nothing else" he said to them sternly "I want you to blow me" he said to Mabui who wasted no time putting his entire member in her mouth taking and savoring it

Both women of the leaf watched as Mabui shamelessly moaned as if she experienced pleasure and excitement just from the simple act of oral

"Oh fuck yeah! Work that mouth Bitch! Enjoy the show sluts" He commanded the two leaf women as he placed a hand on the back of Mabui's head.

Mabui moaned as Naruto's member stretched her throat and he gave her no room to breath and had no resistance to him whatsoever

"If I knew Kumo girls were this easy, I would've taken a stop down there during my training trip with Pervy Sage" He mentioned with a smirk towards Tsunade and Shizune to let them know how good this Kumo slut was doing, hoping to mess with them a little.

Both women whimpered quietly. They couldn't pleasure themselves and now hearing how amazing Mabui is was starting to drive them crazy.

Mabui kept her pace blowing Naruto looking him in the eye as she did it having no shame at all in how she looked or acted before him as she serviced his every whim and need

"Fuck! Take my load Mabui!" He shouted as he pushed Mabui's head down to the base of his crotch as he unloaded his hot semen down her vicelike throat.

Mabui gulped having to admit the firehose amount of cum going down her throat was too much to handle. While she managed to swallow most of it, some flooded out her mouth and dripped down not only onto her massive breasts, but onto the floor beneath her.

"Not bad for your first time bitch" Naruto said as it was a feat to be able to take that much of his load on the first attempt. "However a good Bitch knows not to waste any cum. Lick it up" he commanded the dark skinned woman before him.

Mabui first licked her body clean before getting on the floor and licked up the cum that dropped onto it having no amount of shame in what she was doing. When she finished licking up the cum like the hungry bitch she was, she opened her mouth and let her tobue hang out to show her master that she had eaten all of it.

Naruto petted her affectionately like one did a pet "Very good Mabui. Now I want you to move your sexy ass over here and bounce on my dick facing the two leaf whores over there and tell them exactly what my cock is doing to your hole." He commanded as without hesitation Mabui stepped toward him and hovered over his dick in a reverse cowgirl position.

Mabui looked at Tsunade and Shizune with a smug and pleased expression on her face as she looked at them watching her ride their master. "Watch what Master's massive cock does to me ladies!" She exclaimed as she dropped down on it without hesitation, feeling it impale her fully reach depths no other had ever reached with her.

The women watched in envy able to make out Naruto's shaft from inside Mabui seeing he was literally rearranging her insides for just his dick

"Ah! Master is so big and thick! I can feel him already impaled directly into my womb!" Mabui moaned out at the feeling of his massive cock inside her.

Both women felt their ovaries water from the thought of having such a strong thing in them

"Oh master" Mabui said as she felt Naruto play with her ass slapping and fingering it as she bounced on his member moving at incredible speeds

"Keep describing it to them! I want them to know what they'll feel when I'm through with you!" he told Mabui.

"His dick is monstrous every time he enters me I feel like I'm being punched and spread open it's amazing" Mabui said as she screamed and moaned which intensified when he grabbed her hips roughly slamming her down on his dick as he thrusts up and blows his load directly in her womb causing her to climax intensely and her abdomen to visibly inflate causing Tsunade and Shizune's eyes to widen in shock at how much seed Naruto was dumping in Mabui's womb.

Naruto looked at her and smiled seeing her euphoric face seeing her twitch and jolt from pleasure from the slightest movements he did. Getting an idea that causes him to smirk devilishly Naruto pushes Mabui off him causing her to crash to the floor. Then standing up Naruto positioned himself behind her with his dick probing the entrance to her dark star causing her eyes to widen "You have been teasing me with this thicc chocolate ass of yours and now your going to pay the consequences as I destroy your tight ass" Naruto said

Mabui screamed as Naruto slid right into her ass, spreading it wide. Naruto's sheer size put pressure on her bloated and stuffed womb that his insertion into her ass caused the cum he deposited in there to start gushing out of her well fucked pussy. She seemed incoherent from the assault of pleasure she was getting "FUCK" she said as she cried in pleasure "fuck me master fuck your slut please I'll be good I'll take care of whatever you need I shall serve you in any way you deem fit" she said wanting to serve her master and to please him in anyway he wanted her to serve him

Naruto groaned as her ass clenched tightly around his shaft making Mabui take him to his base like he did with her pussy wanting her to feel him entirely "Fucking hell bitch! Your ass is like a vice" he grunted out as he was having trouble moving in and out due to her tightness.

Mabui knew her ass would never be the same as Naruto was making her ass adjust to his size and so it would only be for his dick. "Maybe I should walk around the city with you impaled on my cock like this. Make you my own little cock ornament." He said as she was so tight he couldn't really thrust as much so maybe she'd be better off acting like a whore hood ornament.

All Mabui could do was scream and climax riding out a massive orgasm spraying the floor in her juices and Naruto's cum still dripping out of her and soon blacked out

"Such a shame" Naruto said as he gently put her to the side looking at the remaining two women. "Now then which whore should be next I wonder?" He asked himself, thinking on which one should serve him next.

Both women blushed as they looked at him with lustful hunger as they saw Naruto look at them like an animal would its prey which made them all the hornier

"Shizune" Naruto said calling her over

Shizune squealed slightly as she always had a crush on Naruto as he was so handsome even for someone of his age she gained a small crush and after all his examinations all she ever wanted was for him to press that nicely developed body against her and use her in any way he saw fit.

"I'm very disappointed you tried to hide these tits Shizune" Naruto said pinching her nipples

"I'm sorry" Shizune said as she let out a whiny moan as she felt like she had disappointed him hiding something from him

"Sorry isn't good enough. I want you to make them bounce as you call yourself every name you can think of. And if you do a good enough job, I'll let you touch my cock." He said wanting to see her debase herself as an apology.

"I'm a worthless, cock slurping, cum guzzling whore! Everything I do with my useless, slutty body is for the enjoyment of my master. Please accept this pathetic bitch's apology and use me like I should've been used from when we first met!" Shizune said crying out wanting his forgiveness. Each word accentuated with a bounce of her tits.

Naruto smirked in amusement glad about the show he was witnessing

"Please master let me pleasure you and be rewarded with your cum when you deem fit I have pleasured you properly" Shizune said to him a lewd look and desperation on her face

"Very well. Let's see how you do at slurping my cock bitch. Let's see if you are as worthless as a slave as you are an assistant" he commanded Shizune as he leaned back on the couch with his rock hard cock pointing up right in front of her.

"Yes" Shizune said wanting to prove her worth to him and prove that she was a decent enough assistant to be his cumslut, she kneeled down and licked his cock that had recently been inside Mabui 'it tastes amazing' she thought dreaming of this moment with his cock in her mouth

"This is your proper place Shizune" Naruto said thinking this was the position meant for her "Maybe while I'm at my desk you'll be beneath it sucking me off. Maybe I should keep you chained under my desk in the perfect position to suck my meat all day and twerk your fat ass and tight pussy on it all day long. Maybe that'd be the position you were meant for as the office pet" he said with a smirk to the kneeling woman blowing him

"I'd love it" Shizune said as she'd take any position he's give her sexual or otherwise

"And how would you like it when I make you serve me in every possible way more than Tsuande ever did" Naruto asked her teasingly

"I'd love it and do it for you master! There is no one I'd rather serve than you!" Shizune said to him loudly, making a claim on him to be his office cumdump.

"Good answer whore. However, get back to sucking my cock. Whore mouths have only one use and it sure ain't talking like you've been doing since we started." Naruto told her dominantly.

"As you wish" Shizune said taking in his cock sucking it with impressive skill as she had been preparing for this day for a long time by using toys she had made modeled after Naruto's dick though even then the toys were slightly smaller than his actual size given how she was only able to use his flaccid state as a base for her estimates.

"Ah this is the life. A passed out bitch on the floor after being fucked unconscious, another bitch trying to keep from touching herself while a third bitch blows me. There's almost nothing that can top this except bringing in more bitches." Naruto moaned out as Shizune sucked him off expertly. "How are you Tsunade" he asked wondering how his big titted blonde was

Tsunade cried slightly "please master I need you my pussy aches for you I need to filled by you" she said to him watching her former assistant blow the man she loved and lusted for

"Mmm then you need to wait your turn like a good little needy bitch. Play with yourself as I want that pussy good and ready for me when I finish wrecking your former assistant here. However you are forbidden to cum. You are to bring yourself to the edge of cumming before stopping each time. If you fail and end up cumming then I won't fuck you and will instead just keep fucking Shizune and Mabui here forcing you to watch" Naruto commands as he shoves Shizune's head down making her deep throat his dick and keeping her down there "As for you Shizune work my dick with that tight throat of yours, make me bust my nut in under 2 minutes and you get to be my sexy little office pet" he growls out.

Shizune with renewed vigor at the prospect of getting her dream job of serving Naruto as well as to ingest his magnificent cum, used her own hands and pushed her own head down to the base of his cock. Deep throating him before forcing her head back up to the tip of his cock and repeating over and over again. Literally face fucking herself to get him to cum as drool dribbled out her mouth and down her body, creating a small pool of her drool on the floor beneath her. 'Finally' she thought mentally leaping in joy, feeling his dick twitch inside her throat opening her mouth as he pulled out and sprayed his load onto her body, soaking her in his seed. As soon as he started to cum she used her fingers to open her mouth as wide as possible so she could catch as much of his cum into her mouth as she could.

Naruto smiled at the sight of Shizune licking herself clean of his seed when she finished he pulled her up and mounted her thrusting into her pussy dominantly making her scream as her pussy practically gushed with each and every thrust

"Ride it Bitch!" He told her as he slapped her ass harshly leaving a red hand print.

Shizune began doing as she was commanded to and riding his mighty cock with fervently raising and lowering her hips forcing his dick to crash into and bust through her the entrance to her cervix with every downward thrust her ass cheeks rippling and clapping everytime they collided with Naruto's thighs "AH YES YOUR DICK FILLS ME PERFECTLY OTOUTO!" Shizune yells drunkenly on pleasure only to freeze when Naruto firmly grabs her hips holding her in place

"What did you just call me?" Naruto asks with a grin having clearly heard what she said but wanting her to admit it.

"Ah it was nothing now please fuck me!" Shizune says desperately trying to move her hips down to have his dick continue reshaping her insides.

"Answer me or I take my dick out and fuck Tsunade after all she has been following the rules I set" Naruto said as he spanked her ass

Shizune's eyes widen in terror at the thought of Naruto refusing to fuck her anymore "I called you Otouto! I have seen you as my little brother for a while now and one of my fantasies has been to be utterly dominated and fucked by my little brother and become his obedient and naughty cum slut of an older sister who lives to serve him!" she answers honestly hoping and praying it satisfies him so that he will resume fucking her.

Naruto chuckled which then turned to full blown laughter. "I really wish you had told me all that when we first met! I could've been wrecking you since we sat across the table in that bar. You could've been my bitch from day one!" He laughed out curious to see Shizune's reaction and smiled seeing it was one of lewd pleasure as he could see the gears turning in her head thinking about his words vividly

Shizune thought about how much of a fool she was due to the pleasure she was receiving now thinking she could've had this to herself back then made her feel like an idiot but she was glad to have him now glad to serve him

"Oh well Let's make up for lost time now sis!" he told her as he grabbed her hips and forcefully bounced her up and down on his dick.

Shizune felt like she could die from the sheer pleasure she felt as she felt like she reached nirvana being completely free and at the height of pleasure

"I wonder if I should knock you up" He told her as he accentuated that with a hard thrust. He wanted to see how depraved her answer to the question would be.

Shizune screamed from the thought of carrying Naruto's children, his heirs and would very much enjoy the attempts to make sure she was knocked up. "Let's see if this gets my dear slutty sister pregnant!" Naruto roared as he came inside of her pussy.

Shizune felt him flood her womb to the point where it felt like it was about to burst

"We'll keep at it till we know for sure" Naruto said whispering into her ear

Shizune screamed as she climaxed so hard she soaked Naruto's lap and the coach in her juices to the point of passing out on top of Naruto.

"Huh was hoping to break in her ass but guess she still needs to be trained a bit more. Damn Tsunade, I'm a little disappointed. You had all this time to teach her and yet couldn't teach her to take more than one load to her pussy without passing out? I thought you were a better whore than that" he told her as he pulled the passed out Shizune off his cock.

"Than show me what a good whore is like master" Tsunade said approaching him seductively before moaning as he pulled her to him

"I can't show you what a good whore is. You just have to be one. So tell me. Are you a good whore or a bad one?" He whispered in her ear.

"I'm a good naughty whore master" Tsunade said as she kissed his neck as he massaged her tits

"You better be" Naruto said, sucking on one of her tits. "Damn I've wanted to suck on these funbags for years" Naruto said before going back to suckin on said rack.

"They're yours to play with" Tsunade said as Naruto had full ownership of her rack and could do whatever he wanted to it

"I know how sensitive your breasts are." Naruto said as he could feel her nipple harden in his mouth immediately. Before he even started sucking on them just putting them in his mouth made hers as hard as diamonds.

Tsunade could only pant as he played with her breasts 'I hope he likes them' she thought hoping he liked the breasts she took much pride in

"Fucking whores with big tits are the best" Naruto moaned as he stopped sucking her breasts and decided to lick in between said holy globes "I own you and everything you are" he said picking her up as they walked around her house feeling Naruto's member pressing against her ass and pressed her against a large window "just imagine Tsunade anyone can see you getting fucked maybe even your neighbors will see how much of a whore you are" he said teasingly.

Tsunade tried her best not to think about it and failed moaning from the sheer thought of being seen as Naruto pressed her front against the glass. "Let's give them a show whore!" He shouted as he slammed his length into her cunt in one quick motion.

'I'm a whore' Tsunade thought as Naruto was doing things that many people dreamed and wished about, her eyes were opened wide as she wanted to see the faces of whoever saw her being fucked by Naruto as she was proud to be used by him.

"Scream for me Tsunade! Shout how much of a whore you are for your neighbors to hear!" Naruto told her as he pulled her pigtails to make her look out the window as he plowed her tight cunt.

Tsunade saw someone outside her home and walked closer and watched her, Tsunade blushed as she realized who it was that was watching her and felt extremely exposed

Naruto felt Tsunade tighten even more and wondered what the cause was and soon got his answer as a beautiful redhead entered the room, having GG-cup breasts, thicc and curvy body, and a large supple round ass

"Granny Mito" Tsunade said as she moaned as Naruto didn't stop thrusting into her

"Hello leader of the Uzumaki's" Mito said walking in "Tsunade you failure you service our clan head and look at you pathetic I apologize Naruto" she said with a smile "please take my body and use it however you deem fit" she said to him

"Is every female with Uzumaki blood a slut" Naruto asked her shamelessly fucking into her grand daughter

"We were feared for our vast number only reason we never had more was because Uzumaki stamina beat Uzumaki stamina" Mito said to him "you need a true woman Uzumaki to please you Naruto perhaps we can train my granddaughter to be up to quality where it concerns the Uzumaki name" she with a smirk

"You think you can keep up with me" Naruto asked her with a grin

"Perhaps we were both jinchuriki" Mito said kissing his neck "we both have incredibly strong bodies" she said with a smirk "You need a true Uzumaki woman to please you Naruto perhaps we can train my granddaughter to be up to quality where it concerns the Uzumaki name" she said slapping Tsunade's ass

"I am amazed you are such a slut" Naruto said to her with a small smile

"My husband was very vanilla and not as equipped as you" Mito said to him with a lustful gaze. Unashamed of leering at the man taking her granddaughter to pound town.

"On your knees" Naruto said as the woman dropped to her knees as Naruto pulled out of Tsunade and thrusted into her mouth

Mito sucked his cock covered in Tsunade's juices shamelessly as she very much wanted to please him. "Mmmph" the redhead woman moaned using her mouth to please her new lord. Tsunade watched amazed at her grandmother acting like a true slut.

"You are a trained slut! You are a whore made just for me!" Naruto said as she was good "guess you were right I needed a real Uzumaki but you'll learn you're not a match for me" he said as he saw her blush and wink at him

Tsunade started to finger herself, missing the feel of Naruto's rigid prick invading her snatch. Watching as her highly respected grandmother serviced her master with more vigor and excitement than her and the other 2 women had.

"Get ready" Naruto said as he pulled out and came on top of Tsunade's ass "Lick it up" he said wanting her to lick it off her granddaughter.

Mito did as told and even licked her granddaughter's holes making her scream and climax onto her face "please as much as I'd love for the world to see me get wrecked by the perfect man let's take this to my room" she said with a grin

Naruto nodded as they went to her room, when they arrived Naruto looked over her room and it seemed average. Mito walked to the lamp flipping a switch over by the wall slowly the walls flipped over till all Naruto saw was red and black the walls were now velvet red with the Uzumaki symbol on the ceiling behind the bed revealed a collection of sex toys, ballgags, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, and vibrators along with other stuff like fuck machines, paddles, and riding crops. Hell there was even a sex swing all put together and waiting to be hung from the ceiling.

Naruto's whistled amazed by the older Uzumaki's collection.

"Quite a collection you've got Mito." Naruto said, Mito smiled strutting towards Naruto wrapping an arm around his neck while tracing around his chest.

"Well I don't need to tell you we Uzumaki's have strong sex drives." Mito smirked "Do you think you can keep up?" she asked.

"We're about to find out aren't we." Naruto said grabbing Mito and throwing her onto the bed causing her to give an excited yelp.

Naruto took a few fuzzy cuffs from her collection, cuffing her hands and feet to the edge of the bed. He then took one of her vibes and held it over her breast rubbing circles around her nipple making it stand, he moved onto the second repeating the process before moving the vibrator up and down over her sides causing Mito to moan in pleasure enjoying the teasing Naruto was giving her.

Naruto roughly took hold of her breasts twerking and pinching her nipple while massaging her breasts with strong force. Mito tugged a bit with her restraints wanting to rub her legs together to quell the fire building in her pussy. Naruto smiled seeing Mito's excitement but he wasn't about to let her have it yet.

Naruto moved the vibewand between Mito's legs running in a circle over her pussy making it drip.

"Are you having fun?" Naruto asked

"You of all people should know it's not wise to tease an Uzumaki." Mito said with a challenging tone.

"Oh is that right?" Naruto said, pressing the wand down hard on her pussy causing Mito to bite her lip in pleasure.

"You know we're built for more than this, these toys are just to take the edge off" Mito said as nothing ever sated her sexual appetite nothing ever

Naruto tossed the toy aside moving down to Mito's pussy giving it a soft lick over her wet slit which served to do very little to get any real stimulation out of Mito.

"Is that the best you can do? I guess your as limp as Hashirama was?" Mito teased.

Even Tsunade who was fingering herself watching the scene could have felt that blow aimed at her grandfather


The first Hokage was huddled in the corner with rain clouds over his head as he held his head down in despair.

(with Naruto)

Naruto's eyes narrowed and they soon shifted to pure red licking over Mito's pussy sending a blazing surge run down her

Mito knew she was in for a world of fucking as she had her eye on Naruto since she arrived in this world and she had to admit watching him excited her as she often kept tabs on him knowing how dangerous he was and how sexually powerful as he often had orgies, she was able to keep her distance as she had very small reserves of chakra in her system

"You know two can play at this game." Mito said as her eyes shifted to red to and broke her own restraints jumping on Naruto pinning down his arms licking the corner of his ear before biting down on his neck licking down his abdomen taking hold of his penis in a tight grip hard and stroked him

"You know Kurama often complained about you as you know he thought you were a bitch" Naruto said to her as his eyes went from red to gold "I mastered his chakra slut you never got this far" he said to her with a grin flipping them over

"Did he now? Well he was always one to bitch and complain cause I never needed his strength expect to give me a sex rise." Mito said squeezing his cock tighter, making Naruto grit his teeth harder before Mito brought it over to her mouth spitting on the top for a bit before her tongue swirled around the head of his cock in a way that would make even Anko jealous.

Mito took into her mouth only consuming the tip dipping her tongue into the urethra running it into the hole making Naruto grit his teeth as he felt pleasure build only for Mito to pull back smiling as her hands moved up and down his cock at a slow rough pace Mito holding his dick like a vice.

Mito moved down, taking his cock halfway in moving her head up and down slowly pulling back every now and then twirling her tongue over the length. Mito continued for 10 more minutes feeling Naruto's dick begin throbbing knowing his orgasm was coming soon. She then took the whole thing into her mouth rapidly bobbing her head down till finally like a volcano Naruto's cock erupted in a blast of cum. Mito kept her mouth over his cock not moving an inch from her junior Jinchuriki's crotch.

"Gluck, Gluck, Gluck, Gluck" Mito gulped down every ounce of cum that was pouring down her throat as fast as it came while sucking any that remained.

Naruto panted heavily as the aftershock of his orgasm rocked his body like a hit from a chidori.

'Damn...full blooded Uzumaki women are crazy horny.' Naruto thought looking over at Mito licking the remnants of cum from her lips she got off the bed and sauntered towards a still painting Tsunade gripping her by the back of her head smashing her granddaughter's lips against her own feeding her drops of Naruto's cum. She pulled away lightly, pushing Tsunade to the ground before picking something up from under the bed. She kneeled down in front of Tsunade placing a green and blue collar around her neck.

"Slut Princess. That's a good name for you TsuTsu, you're nothing but a dirty little slut. Get over here!" Mito shouted, yanking Tsunade up, tossing her on top of Naruto much to their shock.

Mito held up her hand as chakra surged around her hand coiling like a snake to form a whip. She twirled it around elegantly, cracking it hard across the floor several times.

"Hold Tsutsu tight, Naruto spread her ass." Mito said in a deadly tone.

Naruto looked over at Tsunade who had a fearful look in her eyes but he nodded spreading Tsunade's ass cheeks looking regretfully to her as they awaited Mito's neck move.

"Now Tsutsu you've been a very bad girl, Hashirama always spoiled you rotten and you ended up picking up all his bad habits. You're even a terrible gambler like he was. So I'll do what I should have done decades ago!" Mito shouted, cracking her whip striking Tsunade across her right ass cheek.

"Ten lashes, keep count or you'll get it worse!" Mito roared, striking Tsunade between her asscheeks right on her anus.

"Aaahhrgg!" Tsunade screamed, holding back tears from the surge of pain.

Naruto grimaced, rubbing Tsunade's burning red ass cheeks.

"Get ready Tsutsu." Mito said, rearing her whip back as Tsunade braced herself.


"O-one…" Tsunade grunted out

"Say thank you!" Mito ordered

"Thank you.." Tsunade said, gasping as she cracked her whip again.

"Thank you what?" Mito asked

"Thank you mistress Mito." Tsunade said


"Two! Thank you mistress Mito!" Tsunade screamed



"Four thank you, mistress Mito!" Tsunade cried



"Six! Thank you mistress Mito!" Tsunade cried



"Eight! Th-thank you mistress Mito!" Tsunade cried



"T-ten thank you mistress Mito for punishing Slut Princess." Tsunade panted with a blush over her face as she fell on top of Naruto, her juices falling over his crotch.

"Uh...Kurama.. Kurama...little help!" Naruto thought as after he got his chakra he was immediately able to call on his old friend

"FUCK THIS YOUR ON YOUR OWN!' Kurama shouted, hiding behind his cage in fear.

Mito walked up to Naruto, her eyes burning bright red as her hair waved, she got up behind her granddaughter cupping her large breast before planting her pussy over his cock slamming herself on Naruto's crotch impaling her pussy causing the bed to shake slightly. Mito began to bounce her up and down over Naruto's cock while mauling Tsunade's breasts, pinching her nipples while kissing her neck. She gently bit into Tsunade's neck drawing a small bit of blood, she dipped her nails in it a bit writing a small blood seal over Tsunade's neck then moved over to Naruto leaning down to write the symbol on his right bicep. Naruto and Tsunade gasped feeling a shock run down their body's Naruto's cock began expanding from within Mito's pussy making her smirk.

"Ero-Jutsu Uzumaki Euphoria Seal, it was a special seal we Uzumaki created in case we were brought to extinction but we never used it. But now I have two fine specimens to test it on." Mito smirked as she began to increase the speed of thrusts which Naruto returned in tandem.

'Wow my clan came up with something like this it feels like I could cum at any moment.' Naruto thought feeling excitement building up in him as he sped up his thrusts feeling his penis spray out inside Mito who gave an excited cry of pleasure as she gushed. Despite that neither of them felt like they were done yet and continued to roughly fuck each other with poor Tsunade stuck in the middle, Naruto rose to a sitting position kissing Tsunade over her neck with Mito doing the same both massaging the Senju heiress's breasts as she rocked back and forth between the two lovers.

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