Fox of Los Santos @pyrohelixdrago1
Chapter 2

(garment factory)

"Karim Denz, Packie McReary, and Micheal's guy Rickie Lukens" Naruto said with a smirk

"I thought you would have picked Paige Harris for our hacker" Lester asked curiously aas she seemed way over qualified

"Paige is to expensive and if we're fast enough we can steal everything with Ricky" Naruto said as Paige could buy them a lot of time but she'd take to much of the cut "and besides Packie owes me one from a while back he tried robbing some drug store and I had to save his ass so instead of twelve he'll get eight" he said with a smirk

"So that's twenty percent of the take for the crew" Micheal said adding up the math

"Don't forget me and Franklin's five percent each" Naruto said as he was doing this as a favor and for the boat while Franklin was looking for experience

"Yeah ok just get in contact with everyone" Micheal said to Lester

"Me and you will go steal the tear gas I'll send Franklin the location for the pest control van" Naruto said as this will be quick

(few hours later)

"I swear man this is boring" Micheal said as they were on the highway late at night waiting for the truck with the materials

"Be happy I'm helping you" Naruto said as they sat in a stolen car waiting for the truck "so how's Amanda" he asked curiously as his friend's wife cheating at him was still surprising

"I don't know man sometimes I ask myself what's the point" Micheal asked himself as he and Amanda

"Dude no offense but I can't exactly defend you man" Naruto asked as when he visited Tracey he talked to Amanda "I mean dude seriously hookers" he said as he went to back alley strip joints

"Not my best move" Micheal said as those were moments of weakness on his part

"Listen man either talk to her alone and see if you can fix it or end it" Naruto said as their marriage was problematic to themselves and others

"Why do I go to a therapist and not you" Micheal asked with a small laugh

"No idea man but here's the truck you know what to do" Naruto asked as he drove behind the truck

"Where the fuck do you get this shit" Micheal asked as Naruto gave him an advanced blowtorch

"List of illegal contacts" Naruto said with a smirk as Micheal got on the hood of Naruto's car

Micheal began to cut through the lock on the back of the truck and hopped on board the truck

"Ok" Naruto said going on the left side of the truck and pushed it to the side of the road as Micheal shot the driver and guard in the passenger seat and left the stolen car and entered the truck throwing the bodies in the back stealing their hats to somewhat look the part and cleaned the blood on the inside and drove to Lester's garment factory

(half hour later)

"Why did you leave them here" Lester asked inspecting the gas in the truck seeing the bodies

"Oh please you have any vehicles we steal cleaned and hidden plus we have more time till people look for this truck" Naruto said as Lester always hired a cleaner and had scramblers around the small area of his factory to avoid detection

"So we all set" Micheal asked seeing the pest control van

"Yeah" Lester said with a sigh as he called his normal guy

"Call Mei she'll want to inspect the formula" Naruto said as Mei was a scientist as she knew how to determined chemical reactions as she was skilled in the art and was also a doctor

(next day)

"You good on standby" Naruto said to Tenten and Anko

"If a guy dies I get his cut right" Anko said as she heard things about Karim and he didn't seem the type to be actually good at this type of situation usually doing lesser crimes

"And you know my price" Tenten said winking at him

Naruto smiled and got into position outside the sewer exit as it wouldn't take long for the cops to figure this out

"You ready" Micheal said as they waited in position as he came straight here after the jewelry store

"Yeah" Naruto said as he was listening to the coms "Karim died" he said to Micheal who cursed "Anko got the money" he said seeing Micheal calm down and soon heard the loud roar of bikes from the tunnel and sirens from the distance and soon started driving

"I swear" Naruto said firing from a sniper killing multiple cops and shooting their black boxes

"That girl you married is terrifying" Micheal said as he saw Tenten using batons to cause a wheel lock in the cops cars making them suddenly stop and flip

"Yep" Naruto said as he always found her deadliness attractive

"Yo homie how it is" Franklin asked over the com as he dodged cops seeing the truck closing in on them smashing cop cars

"How it is is that I'm covering your ass" Naruto said letting out a chuckle

"Nice shooting kid" Micheal said with a smirk as he drove the truck

"I swear this is to easy" Naruto said as a dozen cop cars wasn't really a challenge

(later with Naruto)

"You and Franklin better drink one for me" Naruto said as he was driving to Martin's home seeing it still being built and saw Martin there and handed him the money

"Tell Micheal he did good work" Martin said with a smirk

"Hola Naruto" Patricia Madrazo said as she greeted Naruto

"Hola Patricia" Naruto said as this woman was very kind despite her environment which was always surrounded by criminals and killers

"Ay dios mio bette" Martin said as he shoved Patricia away "anyway my friend I must go as you can see much work needs to be done, but I need you to do me a favor for a friend" Martin said as he smiled

'You're gonna rob and kill him put up with him for a little while longer' Naruto thought as he nodded with a forced smile

"An dealer I know Oscar Guzman is selling me guns on the side of a rival of mine down in Mexico would you mind making sure the delivery goes according to plan they're stealing it from Sandy Shores airfield I believe from some biker gang tomorrow" Martin said as Oscar gave him much info but failed to mention his associates

'It's a half hour from here' Naruto said as he went to his car and smiled at his passenger Debra

"I know that look what are you up to" Debra asked with a smile

"I have a job to do I'm gonna drop you off" Naruto said letting out a sigh

"Let me come with" Debra asked excitedly as she became more and more attracted to danger whenever she asked and heard Naruto's stories and soon began craving the real thing

"Fine remember how to work a gun" Naruto asked as he took Debra to the gun range to teach her how to use a gun

"Yes" Debra said excitedly

Naruto let out a sigh as he went to the back and got her a pistol with an extended clip an a combat knife "what's Floyd think you're doing anyway" he asked curiously wondering what she told the pansy of a man

"I told him I went to a conference or some shit" Debra said as she really hated Floyd

(hour later)

"You're gonna kill all these guys" Debra asked in excitement as Naruto parked outside a small trailer park lot

"Yeah the idiots at the air strip are just waiting there I don't like reinforcements showing up if I can help it" Naruto said as he counted less than thirty bikers here a lot of explosives objects they left outside "I mean seriously this gun has 12 bullets a clip and I only need to use five to kill them all" he said wondering if they kept much money here seeing as this is where they slept and kept their drugs

They were brought out of their thoughts as a van sped into the small trailer park and saw a red truck follow behind a mostly palled man taking out an ak-47 from the back while his two passengers hid

'Trevor' Naruto thought as Lester told him he was almost certain Trevor was dead at this point as Mei hadn't heard word of him for about a year, he watched seeing Trevor scream and fire at the bikers chasing down the ones who decided to run killing them 'thank god I carry these' he said as he took out a small tracker from his pocket and threw it at the back of Trevor's truck before Trevor took off

"Well that was a bust" Debra said as she was looking forward to some action

"Not as much as you think" Naruto said as they walked along the trailer park picking up some of the dropped guns, ammo, money, and even some bullet proof vests

"Seriously 20,000" Debra asked wondering if she chose the wrong profession

"And I'm giving you 5,000" Naruto said with a smile

"Why and anyway I can earn the other 5,000" Debra asked pressing herself against Naruto with a naughty smile

"To show you what this life is like and maybe right now though we gotta follow Trevor" Naruto said with a sigh as he counted a dozen and a half bikes here all in great quality surprisingly 'if Trevor doesn't try and kill me we can steal a bunch of these' he thought to himself

(few minutes later)

"I'd throw him fully in the stream so his body drifts out to the ocean less likely of the cops knowing where and sometimes when he died" Naruto said as he just saw Trevor kill Ortega

"Well look at this a second ghost how ya been kid" Trevor said pulling Naruto in a hug "why haven't you wrote or called mother fucker" he said a little angrily

"You've been off the grid for years we tried finding you I mean I only came here to make sure a delivery went on track for a guy named Oscar Guzman" Naruto said as Trevor calmed down as he realized Naruto had been right he did go off the grid for a long time and lost contact with everyone after being in a drunken rage over Micheal for a few years

"So what about Micheal" Trevor asked wanting to fish for info

"Found him a few weeks ago" Naruto said as Trevor knew the same thing he did up until he saw Micheal

"So that fat sob is alive where" Trevor asked curiously

"No no you're on your own I never get between your bs I will tell you he's in Los Santos" Naruto said as he knew picking a side was a deadly decision

"Fine" Trevor said letting out a sigh before kicking Oscar's corpse in the stream like Naruto suggested as Naruto had on point murder cover up skills and the cops here were easily bought by gangs to fuck with other people or extort them into being paid off

"Oh before we take off let's go back to those bikers you killed and steal their bikes you left" Naruto said with a smirk

"Still the same old smart bastard, let's go I think I left the van they had intact and working" Trevor said as he was kinda sure that was true

(next day)

"Three fucking trips kid" Trevor said as he and Naruto made three trips to the bikers trailer lot and got all the bikes and loaded them into Trevor's crap garage

"Oh please these bikes can go from 5 to 7 grand easy and we have about 16" Naruto said with a smirk

"Meaning between 80,000 and 112,000" Trevor said as he and Naruto were doing an even split so Trevor would have more or less around 50,000 "you are the most ruthless criminal but still somehow have a code I swear you're like the characters from Micheal's movies" he said as Micheal watched old movies whenever they hung out

"So what next" Naruto asked as he may as well helped Trevor while he was here

"Easy gonna meet some drug dealers" Trevor said as he got in his truck

"I'm out but call me if things get violent" Naruto said as Debra was excited to fight and had a little to happy of a trigger finger

Trevor just waved it off and went to a local bar he went to where he usually got repeatedly banned

(few minutes later)

"Hello?" Naruto said picking up a phone

"Trevor where are you I heard the Aztecas are coming to kill you" a man over the phone said in urgency

"I'm not Trevor I'm his old running buddy" Naruto said quickly leaning the man's name was Chef and he made drugs with Trevor at a gas station and when he got the location he told Trevor to hold off on bringing his associates as he went to help Chef

"Oh this is gonna be so fun" Debra said as they arrived

"Who the fuck is this?" Chef asked as Naruto walked in

"Not important right now" Naruto said as he knew people like them didn't like amateurs "how good of a shot are you" he asked curiously as he saw a muscle car approach in the distance

"Better than most" Chef said as he was an ok shooter

"Good then lets try and avoid shooting these cars" Naruto said as he bought Los Santos customs with the massive amount of money he got from the stock market when we was working with Lester as he had been stealing a lot of vehicles lately so he thought what better way to make money than using a place that repaired vehicles and gave them upgrades

Naruto and Chef soon began to take them out quickly killing the Aztecas on this side of the building

"Oh my god" Debra said as they were in the back and she killed five Aztecas and he was acting so entirely calm

(30 minutes later)

"Hey Debra" Mei sid as she arrived seeing Naruto bring some cars to a nearby Los Santos customs

"Hi Mei" Debra said still feeling her adrenaline rush had yet to cease

"Mei as I live and breathe" Trevor said to her as he arrived with some chinese associate's walking up to her to give her a hug but was slapped across the face

"That was not calling me to tell me you were alive" Mei said as she worked with channels that didn't connect to many things to her so if they were ever discovered she could be scott free if the cops were ever involved

"Ok I deserve that" Trevor said in admittance "gentlemen let us go to the lab" he said taking them upstairs

"They won't sign" Naruto said to Mei "he's to small time from a certain perspective he has 3 people working for him not counting your partnership and his place is a literal hell hole" he said to her

Mei was curious as to what he meant and when she appeared in the gas station and peered upstairs and placed a hand to her mouth as the smell even with all the windows open was fowl she smelled urine, vomit, blood, and feces "yeah those guys aren't signing" she said as she held back her own vomit from coming out

"We have a few days here don't we" Naruto asked as Mei had to check on their 'Smoke on the Water' store here and offered Chef use of it allowing him to manage it and even use it instead of the gas station that should be condemned

(next day)

"We're moving up in the world Chef" Trevor said as he checked his relocated lab and was glad they were near ammunation "and good to see you kid" he said as he hugged Anko

"Good to see you T" Anko said as she liked the psychotic man as they always messed things up together especially when they were on rampages

"I'll go with them" Mei said as Naruto was giving her a look and she understood it fully these two together spelled trouble

(10 minutes later)

"How big is their lab" Mei asked curiously as the O'Neils were apparently a large family cooking meth and they were apparently one of the bigger 'organizations' out here so eliminating them was a simple matter but she'd like the materials and give some of them to Chef to make Trevor's lab more functional

"Pretty big from what I'm guessing" Trevor said as he had some mutual dealings with them in the past as he was eyeballing their material so he knew what competition he had

"How many of them are there" Anko asked taking out a machete, combat knife, switchblade, and a pump shotgun

"About 30" Trevor said as he was guessing at this point as they all looked alike

"Here's a scope we're here and there's a small hill right there" Mei said tossing a scope to Anko

"3 spotters and a guard" Anko said looking at the roof then spotted two idiots shooting bottles and two more rolling materials in the back

"Those are the head brothers" Trevor said seeing 5 of them drive off "we'll get them later" he said more to himself than to Anko

"I'll take out the guards" Mei said as she had a sniper rifle and immediately took out the men on the roof "you can go play Anko" she said as she sat back and watched Anko sneak to the idiots shooting bottles having her machete and switchblade out

"Ohh she's gotten good" Trevor said as he watched Anko slit a guys throat as she shoved the machete up his chest then as the man in front of her turned around she pulled the machete out and decapitated him

"Yep but her deadliness isn't in her skills with a blade" Mei said seeing her change the switchblade with the shotgun killing the two in the back by stabbing one and shooting the other 'glad Naruto got her silencers' she thought to herself as Anko's bloodthirst had its drawbacks at times as she sometimes threw stealth away "her deadliness lies with her athletics" she said as Anko was incredibly athletic even without chakra

"What's she doing" Trevor asked curiously seeing her pick up a nearby gas can and pour it on an atv

"A tactic she picked up from Naruto" Mei said as people always would be drawn toward explosions, they watched as Anko placed it by the dead bottle shooting O'Neil's and she tossed her a grenade to make it extra loud and an unlit molotov 'it's not lava but it'll do' she thought as she was an explosives expert as well as a scientist making the most out of her drugs and other materials

"Nice jump" Trevor said as he saw Anko dropped the grenade by the atv and jumped on the roof in a single bound

"Go see what those idiots are up to" a O'Neil said as many of them came to the porch

Anko smiled as she fell forward her feet hooked on the gutters as when she fell she hung upside down surprising the men "boom bitches" she said tossing a lit molotov and shot it when it was close seeing the many brothers burn

"Be a dear and go get that extinguisher" Mei asked Trevor pointing at one near the barn

(few minutes later)

"What a bunch of pussies" Anko said as her bloodlust died as the few stragglers were no fun

"Well the lab is decent" Mei said as she packed it up and had Trevor put it in his truck to take it to Chef and have some of these shipped to her and stole all the supplies they had

"Wanna go blow up some bikers" Trevor asked Anko as she squealed and said yes

"Remember to pick up the bikes" Mei said reminding them of Naruto's chop shop side business with illegal vehicles

"We will" they said taking of

'Wonder how Tenten and Temari have been' Mei thought to herself as those two had a weird relationship as Temari always seemed nervous around the woman

(few days earlier)

"Alright girls time to go earn some money" Tenten said as she was talking to the strippers in the back

"Yes mistress" the women said in unison

Tenten smirked as she and Naruto personally hired and fucked with all of them all of them loving her husband's sexual prowess, she especially liked the girls didn't give into prostotution as they were able to make many lawsuits making over a million dollars and the no touching rule was heavily enforced as they got rid of the male bodyguards as they barely useful and were no longer necessary 'now where is Temari' she thought as for all intents and purposes Temari owned this place but she ran it while Tenten took care of finances and the like

Tenten walked into Temari's office and saw the woman was asleep at her desk, she walked to her and carried her to the nearby couch and tucked her in just as she was about to leave she saw Temari's computer was unlocked and her ninja born curiosity got to her and she decided to see what secrets the woman had having slight computer skills

Tenten looked through the computer not seeing anything noteworthy till she found a file that was named 'Ninja' and seeing as how Temari barely had a sense of humor this was something special when she clicked on it she saw it was a live feed to cameras all placed in a familiar environment and saw it was coming from their home on Greenwich Place that they bought recently from Lenny Avery after renegotiating the price "what are you hiding Temari" she said as she looked at each camera


(1 hour later)

'Little slut' Tenten thought looking at the sleeping blonde as she found and discovered recordings of her and Naruto's sexual encounters all on Temari's computer Tenten took a deep breath and sighed 'time to unleash some punishment' she thought to herself as she left to get some items

(few hours later)

Temari woke up on her couch and stretched not hearing any music she looked at the clock and saw it was past midnight as that was when the club closed as she got up she immediately noticed she was in the nude 'what happened to my clothes' she thought to herself wondering what happened to her clothing, she was brought out of her thoughts as she saw Tenten walk in wearing a black leather corset and matching panties and black thigh high heel boots, she had a riding crop

"Get up" Tenten said as she placed the riding crop under her chin

Temari did as instructed as she felt very vulnerable right now and followed Tenten to the bar where two martinis were waiting on the bar

"I'm going to punish you Temari you recorded me and Naruto fucking others and fingered yourself to it" Tenten said calmly as she found it interesting Temari recorded herself as she played with herself

Temari became stiff holding in her breath when Tenten said that as she didn't know what to do

"Do you remember when I had this place renovated" Tenten asked her "you remember what I did with the basement don't you Temari" she asked her with a grin sipping the martini

Temari knew well what the basement was as Temari had peeked into it when she was alone once, it was a sex den for Naruto and Tenten's use usually bringing the strippers or their other intense lovers there , it was full of costumes and sex toys for the women to use

"Now finish your martini and we'll be on our way" Tenten said in a tone that was non negotiable

Temari blushed and they went down stairs after finishing their drinks and when they made it in she saw the room seeing the low powered lights on and saw how large the room was easily the size of the whole club and saw the giant bed the could fit at least 20 people she saw another bar, a stripper pole, a large closet, and the wall that had hooks for a few items she was brought out of her thoughts as Tenten used the riding crop on her ass

"To the bed" Tenten said to her as she went to get something and grabbed a few items "spread your legs" she said in a demanding tone

Temari did as instructed and moaned as Tenten rubbed the riding crop against her pussy and striked it "you need to be punished you recorded me and Naruto when we fuck people I'm angry, pleased, and horny" she said to her friend "I'm recording this just so you know I wanna remember this night" she said to her "you can talk you know" she said with a smirk seeing her face was bright red

"What're you gonna do to me" Temari asked her as her mind was playing many scenarios and they made her wetter

"Easy I'm gonna fuck you" Tenten said with a smile "your body is mine to take out all my frustration on I'm gonna get back for our fight to all our arguments everything" she said with a smirk and took out a marker "this is a special marker you can wash away what I write in the shower but it won't come off from sweat" she said to her as she uncapped it and began writing above her pussy

"What are you writing" Temari asked in worry wondering what Tenten was write on her body

"The leaf symbol thought it'd be appropriate since your gonna be Naruto's and my property" Tenten said with a smile as she began to write on the blonde's breast things like 'slut' and 'whore' "perfect" she said with a smile tossing away the marker "now on your knees" she said commandingly as she removed her panties "oh before I forget" she said raising handcuffs as she handcuffed Temari and then pulled Temari's head to her pussy

Temari moaned as she ate out Tenten tasting all her juices flooding her mouth

"Stop" Tenten said having enough of Temari's mouth and lifted her up then pushed her on the bed getting her on her knees and her head face down as her arms were still bound, she grabbed a strap on and put it on immediately rubbing Temari's pussy with it "I know you know Naruto is much bigger but I'm still gonna do my best to fuck the shit out of you because I am your mistress you answer to me and him" she said thrusting fully into her making her scream "scream his name tell me what you want him to do to your slutty body" she said demanding ly

"Naruto" Temari said as she moaned out the center of her affections name

"Tell me what you want him to do to you" Tenten said more sternly

"I want him to fuck me like the whore I am I wanna ride him and drink his cum have him bathe me in it mark me as his nerdy little slut" Temari said shamelessly as Tenten spanked her ruthlessly

"That's it that is what you are something to please our man your body will pleasure him in anyway it can" Tenten said with a smile as she loved breaking in the girls making sure they knew their place "we're gonna keep fucking Temari being fucked by Naruto gives you a lot of stamina he's fucked me for days and I'll do the same to you but remember he'll do it better" she said knowing she was second to Naruto in everything

(few hours later)

"Aww to bad" Tenten said as she was looking at Temari who was panting in exhaustion "you're not getting out of this that easy slut" she said pulling out a dildo and soon made it vibrate "now take it" she said as she shoved it inside Temari's pussy making sure it'd remain in place and activated it making Temari scream "goodnight" she said lying next to the girl her moans and climaxes sounding like music to her as she drifted off to sleep

Temari could only cry out moans as her pussy felt intense pleasure after being fucked raw by Tenten

(next morning)

"Good morning Temari" Tenten said cheerfully as she lied in a soaked bed next to a still moaning woman "I see you're having fun" she said removing the vibrator as she watched Tenten panting "we're having a guest coming" she said with a smirk

Temari even in her dazed mind could piece together it was probably one of the strippers as it was possibly opening time for the club

Temari was soon proven right as a woman wearing a choker that said 'BITCH' and had a leash attached to it, she had high D-cups, curvy body, and a heart shaped ass

"Temari this is Carmen Ortiz one of my favorite sluts" Tenten said kissing the woman passionately making her moan out in pleasure and lust "and we're gonna have some fun Carmen you see this bitch in training" she asked her submissive lover coyly

"Yes mistress Tenten" Carmen said with a moan as if Tenten addressing her made her feel pleasure

"Good we're gonna play a game" Tenten said as both women shivered seeing the look "Temari you are gonna eat out Carmen and if she doesn't cum before you do you won't get out of those cuffs and you'll get that vibrator in you again for another 3 hours Carmen on the bed spread your legs" she said making Temari face the woman's pussy and got to work as she felt Tenten was gonna do something and she was proven right as Tenten began to strike her ass with the riding crop

Temari tried not to moan or lose herself to pleasure as she ate Carmen not wanting to be punished again

"Mistress this one needs more training" Carmen said as her sexual appetite wasn't being fulfilled

"You are so very right my little nympho I guess Temari doesn't want to be freed" Tenten said teasingly

"It'll be sad mistress I heard this one was smart but soon she'll be no better use than a cum dumpster waiting to be filled by Naruto" Carmen said to Tenten

"And nothing wrong with that" Tenten said as she giggled as she watched as both Temari's asscheeks brightened from all her strikes

"Oh mistress she's getting better" Carmen said as she moaned as Temari found a sweet spot

"If you cum Carmen I'll punish you instead" Tenten said wanting to be rough with one of them

Both women continued the battle of holding their ogasims but soon both exploded

"Hmmm both of you climaxed guess you both lose" Tenten said as she approached them both and groped their assets

(next day)

"Hey babe" Naruto said walking inside as he just got back in the city and came here to see Tenten and the other girls

"Sweetie" Tenten said as she got off the bed with the two panting women "I was spending time with our pets" she said as both girls kissed her breasts

"Found the cameras" Naruto asked his wife

"So you did know" Tenten said as not much got past Naruto

"Yeah was gonna pretend to catch her one of these days" Naruto said petting a blushing Temari as she was still somewhat coherent

"It's good to see you master" Carmen said as she moaned just being in his presence just imagining all the things he would do to her

"Hi Carmen" Naruto said as he then began to disrobe the women watching him like he was a slab of meat and soon marveled at his member its appearance never ceasing to amaze them

"Fuck your newest addition" Tenten said as she glared at Carmen daring her to complain asserting her dominance in the harem

Temari approached Naruto and began to jerk his member as she pressed her rack against his chest

"Nice tats" Naruto said seeing the graffiti on her body and noticed she had tally marks on her ass 'guessing Tenten was keeping track of her orgasims' he thought seeing tally marks on both oh Temari's asscheeks

"You can do whatever you want to my body" Temari said having no reservations of what he'd do to her knowing she'd love it and trusted him fully with her body

"Tenten" Naruto said motioning to the camera Tenten immediately catching onto what he meant and she grabbed the camera and approached them "get ready to be seen up close and personal Temari" he said as he picked her up by her thighs "look at the camera and tell it the truth" he said teasingly

"I'm a slut I'm my master's pathetic and horny slut" Temari said as she hung her tongue out as she was flushed with pleasure feeling Naruto rub his member on her slit "my pussy wants to be stuffed with his cum" she said having no shame as she screamed as Naruto thrusted himself into her

Tenten smiled admiring her work on Temari "oh honey" she said as she fingered herself as she watched 'welcome to the harem Temari' she thought as she watched Temari get 'christened'

Naruto smirked feeling her climax immediately and soon lowered her to the floor having her kneel before him and slapped his dick against her face and watched her kissed his dick covered in her pussy juices then began to blow him always keeping eye contact making her blush even brighter

'His dick is insane' Temari thought as she drooled tasting his precum savoring his taste and soon was overcome with hunger for his cum, she moaned feeling him grab the back of her head and forcing the thrusts to go even deeper than before and cried out a moan when she felt him cum inside her mouth stuffing her cheeks making her swallow his heavy load 'he's still going' she thought thinking his dick was like a fire hose shooting out cum and when he pulled out he was still going strong covering her face and tits

Naruto wasted no time after Temari ate his cum he forced her on all fours and mounted her

Carmen watched in jealousy as she felt her pussy pour out juices as her insides burned with desire for Naruto to fuck her but knew that it'd be unwise to anger her mistress and master

Tenten smiled as she saw Temari's face and saw she lost herself to the pleasure and Naruto placed her down to rest "Carmen dance" she said as Carmen approached the stripper pole and began to dance for their pleasure "hmmm" she said as she rested her head on Naruto's shoulder feeling comfort and warmth from his touch and moaned as she felt his erection on her thigh and his hand was chershing her ass

"I want you to ride my cock" Naruto said as he loved watching his wife ride him

Tenten smiled as she loved to give Naruto pleasure taking great pride and joy in her work pleasuring him, she watched him lay on the bed and crawled on top of him and grinded her pussy against his dick and soon took it into her and began bouncing on it

Naruto took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it aggressively

Tenten pulled his head closer to her breast 'fuck me Naruto' she thought wanting to be destroyed wanting him to just claim her body like he always has in the past

Naruto had enough and got up but was careful to hold onto Tenten and pressed her into the wall fucking her with more in a primal fraction

Tenten saw the look in his eyes and felt herself tighten as she looked into his eyes and saw the eyes of a predator she moaned even louder as Naruto switched from her pussy to her ass making let out a loud moan as she loved him just taking her like this no warning giving her all his love both emotional and physical

Naruto kept going and came inside her ass making her moan, he slowly let her down smirking as he saw her legs wobble and shake as she tried to stand, he gave her ass a nice slap and grabbed it aggressively as he began to kiss her neck

"Hmmmm Carmen your turn" Tenten said looking at the nympho giving her the permission so she could fuck Naruto

Carmen wasted no time jumping on him wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck 'fuck me like a toy make my pussy a gaping hole like you always do' she thought as Naruto was the only one to satiate her needs and desires and then some

Tenten watched with interest and limped her way over to the bed and watched Naruto fuck Carmen like she was a fuck toy, she moaned in surprise as she saw Temari licking the cum out of her hole 'this slut is coming along nicely' she thought and moaned as she enjoyed Temari's actions glad she had learned enough to act without orders

Carmen lost herself as Naruto knew ll her weak spots and was fucking her to great succesion

Moans filled the basement of the strip club for hours


(later with Naruto)

"You sure you're ok with all….that" Naruto asked Debra outside her condo

"Yeah I was moving out anyway rents paid for two more months" Debra said to him as she was moving into his place

"Hey keep in touch with this number" Naruto said handing her a number which she took then took off

(Micheal's house)

"Can you all just stop" Naruto said walking inside seeing the family argue "you grow up" he said looking to Jimmy and motioned for him to take off "Amanda this guy is bullshit he harrashes women convincing them that his sex positions are yoga he also targets the elite acting as a sugar daddy and anal fixated one at that" he said to them

Fabian was about to say something but Naruto's glare made him shut up

"Here divorce papers" Naruto said as he got them for Micheal when he brought it up weeks ago "you're both unhappy at least this way you can't have a reason to be at each other" he said to them

The husband and wife looked at each other with sadness but knew this was true as all the anger they had trying to hold onto a relationship that was filled with anger and hatred and devoid of love wasn't really worth it at this point and hopefully it'd break the tension of all the malice they felt

"You're not going anywhere" Naruto said as he looked at Fabian who was trying to sneak away "you harassed a friend of mine" he said as Mrs Madrazo was his client and he tried to make some passes at her

(1 hour later)

"Good luck" Naruto said to Micheal as he was about to meet up with Trevor and it was either meet him like this or meet him at his doorstep

"On a scale of 1 to 10 how fucked up is he" Micheal asked Naruto

"It's Trevor" Naruto said simply

Micheal sighed as he walked into the condo

Naruto waited outside before he soon got a phone call from Tracey

(20 minutes later)

"Lazlo right" Naruto said as he was waiting in the bathroom for the man as he slipped him some drugs in his coffee as he got called from Tracey that he was harassing her

"Yeah listen I'll do an autograph or selfie in a-" Lazlo was saying before he screamed as he was tazed in the neck

(few minutes later)

"The fuck happened here" Naruto asked seeing the apartment was trashed and a lot of blood was spilled

"Um Trevor and Micheal started fighting and they're still fighting" Wade said to him as he was nursing his cousin as Trevor punched and bit him as he tried to stop the fight

"Yo assholes Tracey was in trouble" Naruto said as both men paused as despite their many many differences they did care about the children they looked after "they're outside tied up" he said tossing Micheal some brass knuckles and gave Trevor nothing as the man's mind was all he needed to torture someone

"You get a reprieve" Trevor said as they pulled Lazlo and Fabian inside where he and Micheal began to beat him senseless and after a while Naruto and Micheal left them to Trevor so he could do Trevor like things which he recorded

(1 hour later)

"Oh you two are gonna be good with some friends of mine they'll eat your sweet meats" Trevor said as he had some unique friends "they love people" he said with a smirk thinking of how these two would be slowly chopped up and diddled with

Both men shivered in fear and slowly began to shit and piss themselves from fear

(next week)

"Let me go" Naruto said as it be best if he went with Micheal as well as stealth wasn't his forte

"Fine" Dave Norton said as he injected Naruto with a mysterious drug to knock him out

(next day)

'Ok time to get to work' Naruto thought as he woke up the moment they took Micheal's unconscious body 'shit they found everything' he thought thinking he must've went through an X-ray as he carried a switchblade with him leaving his guns and other materials in his car, he walked out quickly getting dressed and grabbed some scalpels and went to the lab where Micheal was about to be cut up and before the men could scream he stabbed them in their vocal cords

"Thanks" Micheal said as he was a little tired

Naruto took the men's clothing and Micheal took the other wearing the caps and goggles so no one would be suspicious they heard someone coming down the corner and saw a security guard as he seemed to be doing his rounds

"Hey doc-" was all the security guard was able to say

"Stun gun are you fucking with me" Micheal said as Naruto tossed it to him

"There are 7 people and they're all locked and loaded 4 in the lab and 3 down the hall and listen the one at the desk needs to be taken out first there is an emergency button there and they have sound sensors if bullets fire we're screwed listen that stun gun takes about 3-5 five seconds till it can fire again" Naruto said as they had to time this right

Naruto walked into the lab holding the scalpels between his fingers and immediate threw them at all the scientists

The man at the desk was about to hit the alarm button but was shot in the face with a taser getting knocked out

Naruto rushed to two of the corpses he killed in the lab and threw it at the two remaining guards

"Nice" Micheal said grabbing a shotgun and Naruto an assault rifle

"Let me see if I can access the terminal" Naruto said as he grabbed a the unconscious man's ID and used it to access the computer shutting down the cameras in the stairwell and elevator and disabled certain alarms

"You take the elevator I'll take the stairs no matter what we do we'll be noticed the moment we make it to the top floor but silver lining I've disabled all the outgoing alarms best not to make them think anything is wrong" Naruto said as he they split up, he waited on the same floor and soon heard men rushing upstairs and immediately began to shoot them killing all the men that were running upstairs and reunited with Micheal

"Guys are dead" Micheal said to him covered in blood

"Hold on before we go I'll do us a favor" Naruto said as he went to a nearby computer and used another ID and got in and used his minimal computer skills and made a call to Lester and Temari both creating a backdoor and hole in the program

"Let's go" Micheal said to him as they wasted enough time

(1 hour later)

"So he worked for the feds and snitched on his homies" Franklin said looking at Micheal

"Yeah and to top it off the feds are gonna use us all" Naruto said to him as he drank some bourbon from his car as after they left the building they found his car

"Man shit got fucked but listen I ain't backing off man my homies are in trouble and to top it off we did good shit together" Franklin said to them

"Thanks Franklin I really appreciate it" Micheal said appreciating the loyalty

(next day)

"Oh man that guy is an ass his show is terrible" Anko said looking through a scope seeing Steve Haines and his assistant

"Dave Norton is not a target he can be manipulated" Tenten said as the other two were the targets as they were corrupt as they come "c'mon we gotta go" she said to her friend

(few minutes later)

"You're gonna go in" Micheal asked as Tenten decided she'd retrieve the target

"Yeah I marked the building Trevor you still fly Anko is backing Franklin up seriously the guy is a good shot but with helicopters and using a sniper isn't his forte" Tenten said to them

"I guess I'll go to them to" Micheal said as he was a hell of a shot

(20 minutes later)

"Temari if this doesn't work I'll kill you" Tenten said as Temari asked her to do something once she made it inside, she jumped down the helicopter having a loose hold on her cord and soon held it tightly breaking through the window throwing shuriken that embedded themselves in the nearby agents heads 'c'mon' she thought to herself plugging in a flashdrive to a computer

(with Lester and Temari)

"This is a really smart system" Temari said as she and Lester were trying to match codes and hack into the IAA

"It is also you think she can make it" Lester said as the IAA wasn't their true target they were just taking advantage as the morgue building gave them certain details and info it wasn't high on the food chain

"Oh you mean the stunt she's about to pull" Temari said as she had to admit Tenten was doing something crazy with a lot of risk

(with Franklin)

"I swear Naruto is a fucking genius" Franklin said as he and the others were shooting at helicopters as Tenten was dangaling in mid air by the cord with the man they were sent to retrieve as Trevor flew in the direction of the FIB building

"I'd use genius loosely" Tenten said as she crashed through a window and ran up some stairs making it to the server room stealthily placing another flashdrive in place

(with Lester and Temari)

"Ok we're in hurry and bury a virus in their code" Lester said as the server was exceptionally powerful and was on its own system

(with Anko)

"C'mon" Anko said as she shot down another helicopter and than looked back at the FIB building and began shooting at the men they could see trying to rush the top floor

(with Tenten)

"Stop your bitching" Tenten said to the man that was crying as she shot some FIB agents "time" she asked checking in on their status

"10 seconds" Lester said to her

'Really hate guns' Tenten thought as she had little choice in this scenario and waited the time and was given the all clear and soon raced downstairs shooting her way out and made it back to the helicopter cable with the package

(1 hour later)

"So we got nothing" Micheal asked a little pissed off

"Yes and no" Lester said to him "we created a virus gives us a backdoor into their system won't alert anyone we buried it under miles of code no one will notice it but we need to wait we made it seem like we were downloading agent files which we were and this virus will delete and notify us if our names are entered from this moment on we even erased some crimes like….Franklin's indecent exposure" he said as they all looked at the man in question

"Avoid Steve Haines for a while let him think he has all the power" Naruto said as he was on standby in case things got ugly "better than nothing pal" he said to Micheal knowing he wanted his crimes past and current erased "if it makes you feel better one of the choppers crashed into Steve Haines office" he said as that made everyone smile

(few days later)

"Oh this is gonna be awesome" Anko said with a smirk as they were hunting down the Vagos trying to get a reaction out of Madrazo hitting up one of the Vagos new hang outs in Sandy Shore

"They're joining up with those hillbillies you and Trevor shot" Naruto said as Anko and Trevor got drunk and he was designated driver but when both wanted some more booze and wanted some from some hillbillies and they made rather interesting comments about their mothers which the two drunk blood thirsty people got angry of but before they could go on a rampage he got them out of their

"Good" Anko said with a smile as she had an ak-47 and lot of ammo

"You're insane" Naruto said as he took out an ak as well as there was gonna be around 70 people here in a few short minutes

"Thank you" Anko said as she then strapped a few grenades to her as she walked up to a bar and started to shoot some people up "grab a drink" she said as they waited hearing a straggler from both groups make a call

"I swear your ideas for dates" Naruto said as he served them both glasses and clicked drinks before drinking all their glass' contents

"They're here" Anko said hearing the cars pull up and immediately tossed grenades blowing up the cars hearing some screams

Anko smiled as she aimed for vital points never wasting more bullets than she had to on each person always going for the kill

"Cops" Naruto said as he heard them coming

"Correction corrupt cops" Anko said as it soon became a three way gun fight 'normally I like more partners' she thought to herself jokingly

"Wonder if there is anything at the cops station" Naruto said to her as the cops were minimal compared to the city and Trevor informed him about many things happening in the county

"Seriously you have a back door in how many places" Anko asked as she liked working with/for Naruto as he always lead her to action

"A lot" Naruto said as he even paid Ricky to steal all the life invader programing from the building after he was fired

(20 minutes later)

"How much was here" Naruto asked as Anko pocketed cash from wallets swiped the guns and

"Easily 10 grand from the crooks" Anko said as she lit the corpses in a pile on fire

"And the cops" Naruto asked her curiously as she brought him to the back of a cop car and opened it revealing guns and cash "payment" he said as he looked it over seeing the bill had to be from people paying off the cops

"30 grand" Anko said with a smirk as she did like to make a profit and show something for her actions

(few minutes later)

"That was insulting" Anko said as they just walked in and out of the station as they took some cop uniforms taking the least bloodiest ones

"Yeah but it benefits us turns out we interrupted a pow wow" Naruto said as Natalia called him and told him that meeting was a set up for distribution and that Madrazo had supplies being moved into a warehouse "yeah we gotta call Trevor" he said to her as some other information caught his attention

"Why" Anko asked curiously

"Turns out Madrazo is the guy the chinese want to do business with as Natalia said she saw a drunk and high chinese party boy and a translator" Naruto said as Anko knew that description as she remembered Trevor basing his head before going to the O'Neils

(1 hour later)

"Fuck them fuck all of them fuck the Mexicans and the Chinese" Trevor said as he was getting angry

"Careful that's racist" Naruto said as that was one line he wasn't gonna cross ever

"I meant the gangs you mother fucker" Trevor said to him

"Ok so are we gonna go rob and kill these motherfuckers" Anko asked curiously

"Fuck yes" Trevor said as he got knowing where they'd be

(few minutes later)

"50 people half Chinese and half Mexican" Trevor said as he spotted them all

"Ok and" Anko said as she munched on dango

"They are transporting weapons and drugs my kinda deal to rip off" Trevor said to them happily

"So what's the-" Anko was saying till her dango was destroyed by a bullet by chinese man who told them to get up, but all Anko could do was see red as she took Naruto's ak-47 and used both hers and his to kill the man violently

"And I thought you had anger issues" Naruto said to Trevor as Anko loaded the guns and walked straight into the warehouse

"Have some beer" Naruto asked Trevor and he immediately provided as they sat in his truck watching Anko work "surprised you didn't join" he said as they drank

"Eh the chinese will send more" Trevor said to him as the chinese were actually international so he would get his fair share of bloodshed

(20 minutes later)

Anko smiled as she avenged her dango covered in the blood of the enemy head to toe as she and the others loaded Trevor's truck with guns and Naruto's car with drugs

"Well I'll store these in my garage" Trevor said as they were gonna sell most of these until they

"I'll bring the drugs to Mei and Chef" Naruto said wondering if they were ny good or could be used for any other purpose

"Good call" Trevor said as Chef was a bonafide scientist always improving with his drug skills with the offshore pure drugs Chef would become next level and with the new lab and Mei;s assistance made him a way bigger deal out here

"I'll bring it to Mei in a few days" Naruto said as it was like 3 in the morning

(next day)

Anko after killing all the men still didn't feel satisfied and needed some action so she made a call

"What do you want" Temari said sounding tired

"That virus you placed with the FIB I want you to check something out for me" Anko said over the phone

"Ok in what" Temari said as she accessed the hole in system

"Sanchez no assistant works for someone that corrupt he seems to calm unlike Haines was when he and Micheal first met" Anko said to her

"What's bothering you for you to think clearly" Temari said to her as she was doing as requested

"Ugh need to calm my nerves" Anko said to her

"Holy shit they're using him to spy on Haines they're trying to use him as a patsy they have no evidence on him and using him as a witness" Temari said to her

"So he knows all of us perfect" Anko said to her as she got on her motorcycle 'time to do some hunting' she thought with a smirk

(few hours later)

Sanchez walked into his home after a long day and got himself some coffee wanting to ease his stress placing his gun down as he looked in his fridge but as soon as he closed the fridge door he saw Anko and freaked and as he reached for his gun he saw it was in Anko's hands

"Hey" Anko said cutely as she saw him tense up

"What do you want" Sanchez said as she twirled his gun in her gloved hands 'no fingerprints' he thought to himself

"Give it a minute" Anko said never losing her smile

"Give what a minute" Sanchez said as he soon saw his vision begin to blur

"Seen your credit card statements you're a caffeine addict coffee every day and night" Anko said as he was now on one knee

Sanchez looked at his coffee "yo poisoned me" he said in surprise

"Poisoned no sedated yes" Anko said with a smile as he fell unconscious

Anko raided his home stealing all his valuables and his computers and hard files he had on everyone of the criminal element that Steve Haines interacted with and before she left taking a cab claiming her friend was 'drunk' she left all the gas maines running and all the water lines running clogging all the drains and even pulled a livewire from the wall and as soon as the gas was ignited the house was gone and it'd be seen as construction or pipe failure she did as a precaution that he had evidence she couldn't find

(3 hours later)

"Hey Anko" Naruto said relaxing by the pool on a beach chair reading a book

"Hey handsome" Anko said in a violet bikini

"What you do with the body" Naruto asked her

"Left it in Ballas territory near Franklin's place Haines had assigned him to look into us to learn about our contacts so him being killed in gang territory near Franklin's won't be to suspicious" Anko said laying next to him pressing into him

Naruto placed the book down on a nearby table and pulled Anko into a kiss

Anko liked this as after a long day of killing and doing a bunch of the other shit she liked to do kissing spending time with Naruto being treated like a woman and not a psycho path which she knew she was, but despite that Naruto saw something more in her and that made her heart race and soar having someone who saw so much in her when all she did seemed to show the opposite


Anko moaned as she kissed Naruto wanting him to be pleased wanting to show her love for him wanting to drive him wild like he did her, she moaned in surprise when she felt a knife cut her bikini top

"Get in the hot tub" Naruto said to her giving her a wink and slapped her ass as she got up

Anko smirked from the treatment finding it to be amazing as whenever they fuck he always took control demeaning her fulfilling her erotic fantasies and never treated her less because of them it was one of the many reasons she fell for him...he accepted her as she was

Naruto joined her in the hot tub smiling as she got in his lap the moment he sat down kissing him and slowly trailed down his body moving off his lap to her knees peeling him out of his swimsuit sucking his dick strongly never having a problem s she tamed and mastered her gag reflex and was able to give him the best blow jobs

Anko moaned as she held her breath exceptionally well being underwater and sucking Naruto off and her moans became louder as she felt him rip off her panties leaving her completely naked she let her mouth go off his cock and looked to his face "so what's the plan handsome you gonna fuck me out here piss of ou neighbors" she said with a smile

"No" Naruto said pulling her up walking to the house nude

(next day)

Anko was blushing and rubbing her thighs furiously as she was in a revealing topless maid outfit as Naruto fucked her all over the house yesterday the women living there smiling as they watched Naruto wreck her in every room in the house the women smiling at her giving her occasional kisses, sucking her nipples, finger whatever hole was being unused, sucking on her breasts, and slapped her in random places and this morning Naruto woke her at the crack of dawn and instructed her that she was to wear this and not complain

Anko did household chores and whenever she had to stretch or bend over her pantyless ass would be on full display

(with Naruto)

"You made Anko your maid" Debra asked in surprise

"Yep" Naruto said to her simply in his office as Debra was reporting to him of her work status

"And she has to do anything we say" Debra asked curiously

"Yep" Naruto said to her as he made it clear to Anko that she had to do all requests and demands given to her and Naruto knew Debra would take full advantage as Anko liked to fuck with the women lower then her in the harem surprising them and fucking them at certain times and places to ess with them

Debra smiled as she remembered when Anko came to her job went under her desk and ate her out the whole day till she had to go home, she went to go find Anko and smiled seeing her scrub the floors

Naruto came downstairs as Debra began to spank Anko 'this'll be interesting' he thought to himself

"Oh how I've waited for this Anko" Debra said as she licked her pussy before spanking her ass again, she got in front of Anko and made her lick her pussy "oh Naruto thank you" she said as she was moaning loudly

"Having fun" Naruto said as he sat down enjoying the show

"Yes baby" Debra said in a breathy voice as she moaned from Anko's skilled tongue

"Come here" Naruto said to Debra as she did as she was told and sat in his lap

"Please baby let me have my fun please let me fuck her" Debra said beggingly

"You can Anko" Naruto said as he called her over

Anko walked to him and bowed her head slightly "yes master" she said politely

Debra moaned at this "fuck how you fucked her into submission is so hot" she said in excitement "she's such a bitch all the time always teasing us" she said to him

Naruto had to admit that Anko had minimal to no sexual restraint and her teasing went a little far a lot of the times as he often had to reign her in

"Oh fuck c'mere" Debra said as she began to finger to finger Anko in front of Naruto

"Debra c'mere" Naruto said pulling her into a kiss before pulling her down to his dick shoving his dick into her mouth face fucking her "had enough of you talking" he said as Debra could be a little much when she was given to much power as she was quick to abuse it

Debra moaned as she sucked him off wanting more and more

"Anko you can have fun" Naruto said seeing Anko smile as she ripped off her maid outfit and slapped Debra's ass

(few minutes later)

"Ok what you do" Naruto said seeing Debra tied to a chair red and crying and her pussy was pouring out juices

"I gave her a little something" Anko said to him with a smile "enjoy the show Debra he's gonna fuck me and we'll pour our juices all over you as your pussy drips in desire for release" she said to Debra with a smile on her face

Debra whined as she saw Naruto pick Anko up into a full nelson and fucked Anko like that agressively making juices rain down on Debra

(next day)

Anko woke up barely having any feeling in her legs looking at Naruto fuck Debra 'god he's a fucking horse that dick and stamina' she thought to herself as if this was how she was gonna die she'd welcome it with open arms


(1 week later)

"Here are the drugs" Naruto said delivering drugs to Mei

"Oh thank you" Mei said in relief "seriously the cops have been buckling down holding up orders" she said as it was hard to get her weed to her stores as it was 'technically' illegal when her trucks were carrying heavy amounts of weed

"We can steal some from that guy you have that book on ferns you can steal all of them and see if any of them are good or you know" Naruto said as there was a guy trying to make weed more legal something they agreed on fully as it'd help business and people could stop trying to steal their product and the illegal drugs they possessed were still in production in the testing stages as Mei had compared drugs and improved her own

"That's a plan I guess" Mei said as she tried it once and she felt like she was being attacked when she did she nicknamed that weed 'The Massacre'

(few hours later)

"How this guy isn't in jail baffles me so much" Naruto said to Mei as they were following the man and found several locations filled with more than 100,000 dollars worth of weed

"Yeah" Mei said as they were in a car following the guy

"So how are the drugs coming" Naruto asked as Mei was making more money in Sandy Shores

"Good especially since we don't have to pay off the cops" Mei said as she also took advantage of all the info she got from the cops servers finding out about small time business' and ending them quickly and stealing their product with the help of Chef

"Those cops are morons bet they're your best customers" Naruto said with a knowing smile as it was better to befriend than blackmail

"Yeah the cops are always there they even gave us protection" Mei said as it made things easier for her and Chef when the crooked cops protected them

"Idiots" Naruto said to her as the cops doubled down on stupidity

"Gets better a cop there is an addict and gives us confiscated drugs and wanted a discount I gave it to him cause the drugs were in both quality and quantity so he keeps supplying our stuff gets better" Mei said as it was certainly a beneficial arrangement as the cop gave them a few uncut drugs as drugs had taken a turn for the worst in years and wasn't very pure

"Nice" Naruto said as that was certainly lucky

"Seriously these hiding places scrapyards and residential areas" Mei said as kage she knew how to hide things and these things seemed way to obvious it was baffling the cops didn't find anything out

"Yeah now lets rob this idiot" Naruto said as they got out the moving truck they were driving and gathered all the weed

(1 hour later)

"Damn" Lamar and Franklin said as they looked at the full truck stuffed with weed

"Need some help with the business can you help me out" Mei said as she knew these two were big fans of her products

"Do we get an employee discount" Lamar asked as Franklin then elbowed him but was in truth wondering the same thing

"Employees get 10% off on all store products for you morons I'll make that a cool 30%" Mei said as they smiled at the offer

(few days later)

"What in god's name did you give him" Naruto asked Mei as Trevor seemed to be on something else compared to all the other things he was on

"New and improved versions of all his drugs" Mei said as she worked on Trevor's drugs to stop any future complaints he may or may not give her as she expected Trevor to want to see results and this'd shut him up

"How much did you give him" Naruto asked as Trevor just drove off

"A small dose if you can believe it but it was completely pure" Mei said to him

"How do you test these things" Naruto asked as he never asked before

"Well mostly on rats but I've learned how to level the doses equally so it won't kill people" Mei said as all her drugs were in the green as she had nearly no fatality rates

"Cool anything in development" Nruto asked her

"Aphrodisiacs have a deal with some places" Mei said as it was with a few sex shops and stripclubs and they'd buy in bulk and it'd be a nice side drug to sell in her shops

"Who you testing that out" Naruto said as aphrodisiacs were unharmful to certain people

"Maybe my delivery girl" Mei said as her delivery girl worked for less than what she was worth in the criminal world and to top it off she worked fantastic as her delivery girl always protecting her product from cops and rival gangs she was honestly a good friend at this point "...or maybe someone else" she thought remembering something

(next day)

"Hi Amanda" Mei said in her office

"Why'd you call me out to Trevor Philips country" Amanda asked Mei as she was at a seedy looking hotel

"To offer you 10,000 dollars" Mei said to her with a smile

"Why" Amanda asked raising a brow knowing there was something Mei wanted

"I wanna test you" Mei said as Amanda knew what she did

"With what" Amanda asked curiously

"An aphrodisiac" Mei said to her

"Sure" Amanda said as she didn't think those things were that powerful as people were made out to believe


(few minutes later)

Amanda was naked and tied to the bed by her hands and feet a few candles lit and had taken some oils rubbed on her and had taken a pill

"Now that you are juiced to the gills let me show you something" Mei said as she turned on the tv and her daughter came on screen "everyone in Naruto's harem has sex with each other" she said with a smile "but with Tracey we pass her around you can say she's the harem's whore always so willing having no shame you gave birth to a slut" she said with a smile as Amanda's pussy was getting soaked and she was turning red

"Why are you showing me this" Amanda asked seeing a video of Mei fucking her daughter with a strap on

"Because I'm trying to turn you on push you to a breaking point and make you do something you haven't considered" Mei said seeing Amanda's nipples stiffen looking as hard as diamonds

Amanda watched her daughter get fucked by Naruto and other women seeing her daughter look and act like a total slut easily taking everything that was given to her

"I used her as well" Mei said as Amanda knew from watching she fucked her daughter "she's a toy now and I called her here" she said surprising Amanda "she'll be here and you'll be out of your mind in lust" she said with a smile as she was gonna test the mental state seeing if Amanda would fuck her own daughter after being pushed

(few minutes later)

"Hi Mei" Tracey said as she kissed the woman on the cheek, wearing a pink bikini top and short shorts

"Hello slut" Mei said as she grabbed her ass Tracey not losing her smile and moaned from the touch

"So we doing it in here" Tracey said looking at the seedy motel room

"Did you wear it" Mei asked as her curiously looking at the shorts

"Yes" Tracey said as she had a strap on under her pants

"Good now go inside" Mei said motioning to the room

Tracey did as instructed and as she did she was tackled onto the bed and saw her mother "mom" she said in surprise

"Shut up" Amanda said ripping off her daughter's clothing but not the strap on

"Tracey your mother is on an aphrodisiac so she is very horny" Mei said next to the bed strapping Tracey to the restraints Amanda was in

"I gave birth to a whore" Amanda said fucking herself with her daughter's strap on playing with Tracey's boobs

Tracey could only moan as her mother bounced on her strapon and soon Amanda kissed her and pressed her breasts against hers

Mei watched Amanda seeing her using her daughter to fuck herself 'she's lost all restraint having no problems at all' she thought as Amanda had so many aphrodisiacs in her it sent her over the edge

"My purse" Tracey said as her mother looked at her and reached over to the nearby purse

Amanda reached in and pulled out a double sided dildo "I'm so proud of my slut of a daughter" she said taking of Tracey's strapon and put the double sided dildo into both of them and continued her earlier actions "suck my tits" she said pulling Tracey to her breasts making her suck them

"I'd say this test is a success" Mei said with a smile as she as she did a quick vitals check and the only real difference to Amanda was that she had an elevated heart rate

(3 hours later)

"Immediate response and lasted 4 hours" Mei said as she looked at Amanda and Tracey "guess I have something to celebrate gonna invite Naruto" she said to the girls teasingly

"Wait" Amanda said to her getting Mei's attention

(next day)

"Be glad Anko owed me a favor" Mei said as she handed the girls bags full of clothing looking at their naked bodies seeing they had gotten tattoos they got the previous day 'bold choice even bolder statement' she thought to herself checking out the tattoos

(next day)

"You know you have expensive taste and exotic demands" Naruto said as they were off the coast of Sandy Shores on his boat

"Oh c'mon I have already sold 300,000 dollars worth on the aphrodisiacs alone" Mei said with a smile

"And the drugs both legal and not" Naruto asked her curiously

"Both around 2 million helps that I have been stealing from the Ballas and Vagos" Mei said as she had been pushing her product into the streets Franklin, Lamar, and his whore cousin being her best customers for legal and illegal

"Made them think the other is stealing from the other" Naruto asked her curiously

"Yep" Mei said as Lamar had his uses and using him for false advertising was perfect as everyone believed he was an idiot which in truth he was but for information they thought he was perfect it also helped him as he was making cash on the side

"So why'd you bring me out here I know you like the high life but this seems a little much" Naruto said as there was caviar and she even made some high quality ramen

Mei smiled as she got off her seat and sat on Naruto's lap "do you know what I love about you" she said resting her head on his chest "you shower me with affection and love" she said as that was something she always wanted in a partner and he did that and more "now come we have a show to see" she said with a smirk

Naruto followed her lower into the ship and came into a room where he saw Tracey and Amanda in very revealing clothing

Amanda was wearing a black lipstick and eyeliner, black fishnet body suit, a black tube top that was so small it was basically a bra, a tiny black skirt, and black stiletto heels

Tracey was wearing bright pink lipstick and eyeliner, white fishnet body suit, pink tube top like her mother, a white skirt, and pink wedge heels

"Are they on drugs" Naruto said seeing their juices go down their legs when he arrived

"None" Mei said as they were burning with horniness just being in Naruto's presence "give him a show girls" she said as she and Naruto sat down with Mei on his lap "their whores now" she said with a smile

"So are you" Naruto said ripping off her top massaging her bust pinching her nipples and began to finger her pussy

Mei moaned as her cheeks flushed and Naruto ripped off the rest she got off his lap and got on her knees and began to blow him smiling feeling his hands on the back of her head as he began to face fuck her making her take him to his base

"Keep dancing sluts" Naruto said using one hand to take out a roll of ones as sometimes he visited the vanilla unicorn to tease his girls cause he knew when they knew he was watching they got horny

Both women moaned seeing the ones and collected them

"I swear those sexy lips" Naruto said to Mei as Mei was famous for her kisses as they were both hot and made most women in the harem weak in the knees "tell me Mei for such a high class bitch you just like being a slut watching me fuck other girls or making other girls get even slutier" he said with a smile as he saw her cheeks get brighter

Mei only blushed as she liked this being put in her place by her man, dominating her, punishing her, and still loved her all the same

"I think it's time the girls get their turn" Naruto said as he pulled out of Mei's mouth a trail of precum and saliva coming out her mouth

"Oh go fuck them" Mei said wanting a show

Naruto walked over to the mother-daughter duo

"Fuck me Naruto" Amanda said beggingly wanting his cock in her

Naruto tore her skirt off and rubbed his dick against her pussy "you know Amanda you are a whore" he said to her "you've always been one and you made your daughter into one" he said teasingly

"Yes I'm a whore your whore from now on" Amanda said as she smiled shamelessly "c'mon Naruto take be my man be Tracey's new daddy" she said as she looked at her daughter who was fingering herself as she watched them

Naruto chuckled at that but said nothing as he began to fuck her pussy and as he played with her ass cheeks he looked at her pucked hole "your an anal virgin aren't you" he said bending forward whispering into her ear and then massaged her tits ripping off her top leaving her in just the full body fishnet suit

Amanda moaned as she nodded to him and moaned louder when he fingered her ass

"I swear Anko made the right call you are most certainly a barbie with those colors and Amanda goth slut interesting choice on her but looks so sexy" Mei said behind Tracey helping her "Naruto look above her ass" she said to her lover

Naruto did as asked and saw Amanda had a tattoo 'Naruto's Cumdumpster' written in script "nice" he said nodding at Amanda in approval and did the same seeing Tracey had the same "but you both should be able to live up to that name" he said going faster making Amanda scream even louder

All Amanda could do was moan as none of her lovers in the past could compare to this kinda fucking, she let out a whiny moan as he pulled out and sat down "well" he said and smiled as she ran to him spreading her legs on his sides and just as she was about to insert it into her pussy he stopped her "I want your ass" he said to her making her blush as she did as instructed and positioned it with her ass and dropped down screaming as Naruto entered her scream was silenced when Naruto kissed her aggressively and dominated her mouth as she rode him

'Fuck' was all Amanda could think as Naruto was fucking her stretching out her ass

Naruto then began to kiss her breasts making her scream "here's my first load" he said as Amanda was now hitting the high notes as she screamed loudly as Naruto unleashed his load into her ass

"Oh my god" Amanda said as she felt Naruto pull out and soon his cum began to leak out, she collected it and tasted it sucking on her fingers and soon began to crave more

"Your turn" Mei said as Tracey jumped up and went to Naruto

"Hi daddy" Tracey said as she stripped everything besides the fishnet body suit

"Fuck her" Amanda said wanting to see her daughter get pounded like a cheap slut stuffed to the brim with cum

Naruto just chuckled and fucked Tracey making her moan

"That's your daughter" Mei said to Amanda surprising the woman as she fingered her pussy "she was a slut way before Naruto fucked her she's just like you" she said teasingly "and in this harem you and her will be passed around fingered and fucked by me, the other girls, and Naruto" she said wanting to paint as vivid a picture as she could

Amanda was cumming not just from Mei's fingering but from the thought of being used for constant amounts of sex being like her daughter a sex toy

"Come with me" Mei said as they left the room and went to a nearby room "Anko sometimes uses this boat to have fun or party her ass off the coast and she keeps a lot of her things here and so does Tenten" she said as she brought her to a chair and soon she brought Amanda a few rings "rings for your nipples and clit" she said with a smirk

"These are real gold" Amanda said in surprise as she looked at them

"Tenten likes to give these to real slutty girls like you" Mei said as she and the other girls kept certain items hidden from the girls and only showed a select few, she placed the rings on Amanda who moaned when Mei tugged at them "you are gonna be Naruto's whore who knows when you'll get a ring on that finger" she said as Naruto was legally only married to Tenten but after some time she and the other girls who have been with him long got rings

Amanda moaned and had an explosive climax thinking about being his doting wife and his slut in bed or wherever he wanted her

(with Naruto)

Tracey was screaming as she was pressed against the wall as Naruto was pounding her like an animal in heat thinking the wall would give in and break and screamed as she climaxed feeling Naruto unleash another load into her pussy flooding her womb "daddy you were so rough on my pussy" she said as Naruto placed her down and she looked down at her gaping pussy

"I'll be as rough as I want with the rest of you" Naruto said groping her as and kissed her

"Tracey looked at you" Mei said as she smiled at Tracey coming in with Amanda going over to Tracey licking the cum that came out of her pussy with Amanda "mmm tasty" she said as she and Amanda ate her out till her pussy was clean

Amanda moaned when she suddenly felt her pussy be penetrated by Naruto's cock screaming in lust

"I'd get use to that he's always horny he won't give you a minute" Mei said as he always took women by surprise always spontaneous on how, where, and when he fucked them it honestly kept them on their toes and made the sex that much more amazing

"Fuck" Amanda said as he brought her to a bed not leaving her pussy keeping her ass high and her face burried down

"Look at you go" Mei said hugging Naruto from behind "keep this up and she'll get pregnant" she said teasingly

"I think she likes that idea" Naruto said to Mei as he felt Amanda tighten a lot

"You like that slut" Mei said giving Amanda's ass a nice spank "getting knocked up with his cum flooding your womb" she said as she and a lot of girls thought about it especially if they'd gone straight or as straight as it got with people in their social circles

"Yes oh fuck Naruto knock me up with your baby" Amanda said screaming pleasure "stuff my pussy with your cum" she said her womb meeting his shaft and feeling her insides on fire with lust wanting to be drenched by Naruto's cum

"You heard the slut Naruto paint her walls white and drench them in cum" Mei said with a sinister smile as Amanda was screaming louder

(1 hour later)

"Like mother like daughter" Mei said as Naruto fucked both women into submission and unconsciousness both stuffed and covered in cum their stomachs looking slightly bloated from the treatment

"C'mon" Naruto said taking her out the room taking her to the ship's jacuzzi and they soon entered

"This is amazing" Mei said in bliss as they let the warm water ease their muscles

"So what do you wanna do" Naruto asked her with a grin as he rubbed her thigh

"Wanna make a bet" Mei said getting a raised brow from Naruto "my lips vs your stamina" she said as she got on her knees before him "I lose you get to punish me I win get whatever I want" she said as he nodded and she went underwater and began to blow him with vigor knowing she was on a time limit

"You're gonna lose Mei" Naruto said knowing she could hear him

Mei went even faster and it was frustrating as Naruto was doing nothing to her body

"Clocks running out Mei" Naruto said to her knowing she couldn't hold her breath much longer

Mei tried as hard as she could but she eventually needed to surface for air

"I win" Naruto said teasingly

Mei just looked at him watching him stand with his dick still erect in her face thinking he wanted her to finish what she started she reached out only for him to smack her face with his member

"Bend over" Naruto said to her as she put her hands outside the jacuzzi

Mei did as instructed and moaned as Naruto pulled her ponytail and spanked her ass making her moan

"Look at you" Naruto said spanking her ass continuously "once a kage now whore my whore" he said making her scream "you act all high and mighty but underneath you are bitch needing to be fucked by her man me" he said to her his hold on her hair and his spanking never ceasing

Mei could only bend her head back and scream out her moan

"Maybe you wanna get knocked up maybe we could call you the milfkage instead" Naruto said to her as she screamed "you know maybe the only position you should have is this doggy style perfect for a good bitch like yourself" he said as she just smiled at him as if she were proud

They all fucked till the sunset till the sun rose all the women on the boat very satisfied and happy


(few days later)

'Fucking idiots' Naruto thought to himself as he got a call from Anko who was helping Mei move product that a contact of hers heard about some news that the Ballas had something planned for Lamar and Franklin after some issues they had at a plant and they were being sold out by someone they knew 'I gotta hurry' he said breaking many speed laws and saw the cops following behind him and heard through the police radio in his car "you fucking idiots you owe me so fucking much" he said as he put the pedal to the metal

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