Pleasing Royalty @butteredcups
Chapter 2

Kaito's lips slid against his prince's, Shuichi holding him close by wrapping his arms around his neck as their tongues met every so often.

Pulling his mouth away with a pop, Kaito proudly looked down at his handiwork; Shuichi staring up at him with hazy eyes and a rush of color in his cheeks as his lithe chest heaved up and down while he panted for breath, his hair mussed up from his writhing against the pillows. Happy his lover was sufficiently messed up he began to press kisses against his jaw, delighting in the small whimpers his Highness made as he loosely hung an arm around his neck while the other was digging into the mattress. His hands sliding down the sides of his body, Kaito pressed lower and lower till he got to his neck. Once there he laid a small bite on it and pinned his hips down.

Shuichi yelped a bit at the pain, soon enough moaning as he felt Kaito start to suck a mark.


Kaito smiled around the hickey he was leaving; wanting to hear more of those noises he finished that one spot and moved onto another. As he did so, he began to play with one of Shuichi's nipples, stroking it with his thumb until it began to perk up. Shuichi desperately stifled a moan from that, giving Kaito incentive to pinch it and hear him squeak.

Shuichi leaked even more from that alone.

Wanting to torture him even more Kaito went lower, latching his mouth to his other pert nipple and sucked on that. Because of this Shuichi dragged a hand down his back, his other desperately clutching against his pillow.

The knight grinned, laving his tongue around the bud. Feeling mischievous he then bit down on it, making his prince cry out and wrap his arms around him, even hooking a leg around his waist, while digging his fingers into his shoulders. He then switched to the other nipple, worrying the tip between his teeth. Shuichi tried not to moan, refusing to even open his mouth, but nevertheless soft 'mms' escaped from his lips. Taking that as a challenge Kaito removed his mouth from his chest and went lower.

He first started by licking his nipple and then from there trailed down with his tongue. Shuichi shivered as he felt him lick patterns all the way down his stomach. Crawling down his lover's body Kaito's tongue ended up finding his erection.

Shuichi jolted upwards from that alone, Kaito beaming from the mewl that just left his lips. Wanting to hear more he grabbed his Highness's cock and guided it towards his tongue, taking small teasing licks at the tip. Shuichi whined at the touch, spreading his legs apart as he dug his nails into the bed. His knight enjoyed the display, even going as far to hook one of his legs over his shoulder.

Shuichi bit his lips as he felt Kaito take a long lick on his shaft, starting from the base and ending at the tip; he practically trembled when he pressed his lips against it too.

It was when he took him into his mouth did he lose it.

Kaito started with his tip, going further down his length while stroking his thighs. Shuichi arched his back as he grasped the sheets from the pleasure he was feeling, crying in ecstasy as he threw his head back into the pillows. He had tried to thrust into his mouth but was pinned down by his lover. Kaito then bobbed his head up and down, Shuichi's reddened cock slipping in and out his wet lips.

Shuichi turned his head to the side as he began to feel Kaito swirl his tongue around his tip and lick away any precum that beaded up there, making him bury his fingers in his hair. Kaito looked up as he sucked his Highness off; Shuichi was sweating heavily and was blushing from his cheeks to his chest. His lips also looked delicious from where he was, wet and hanging open. Kaito then noticed him start to twitch, a sign he was about to cum.

Wanting to blow his lover's mind Kaito sucked his cock even harder, bobbing up and down even faster. Shuichi threw his head back as a high pitched whimper left him.

"Kaito… t-that's so… hhhh!"

Smiling around his cock at the sounds he made from him, Kaito popped his mouth off and jerked him off while kissing his tip.

Shuichi was then over the edge.


Kaito pulled back to watch his lover cum, licking his lips as he watched him splatter all over himself. It was absolutely beautiful how he spurted all that white out like fountain while thrashing all about. Once he was done he flopped back down, panting for breath as his chest heaved up and down.

Kaito admired what a wreck he had become, and wanting to mess up further, leaned down and began to lick up all the cum off his body. Shuichi was definitely aware of this, being quite sensitive post orgasm. As Kaito came towards his face he used what little strength he had left to turn towards him.

Kaito immediately smashed his lips against his.

Very surprised Shuichi groaned, tasting his own cum in his knight's mouth, and so pulled him down against him as their tongues tangled together. Given a little more time they would soon go at it again.

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