Lillum's Lewd Prison @atomskthepirateking
Chapter 8

The scene opens up to reveal TME and Atomsk, who recovered from their fatigue long ago, sitting next to one another while they played on TME's 360, they were playing the Borderlands games and like all great games start out with… the duo was playing the first game, Emerald was playing the berserker Brick since he remembered having a lot of fun with him.

Atomsk was seen playing as Mordecai the sniper and boy did he chuckled whenever he pulls a headshot.

TME then noticed the readers before he paused the game and spoke up after he tapped Atomsk's shoulder and points to the readers so he would notice as well.

"Hey Everyone, sorry about that, was just playing Borderlands one with Atomsk here, anyway last time we left the story, Marceline went to get punished by the Crabbit and afterwords punish Maja the Skywitch for her crimes, and Emerald, Clover, Demonga, and one of Demonga's ladies, a Battle Mage, are going to the Rabbit Kingdom to solve this mystery and maybe get Clover's crimes erased… man Demonga was pissed that their kingdom was possibly played with and looks like he's on the warpath now." TME said before chuckling when he got his controller again so he and Atomsk can play some more after Atomsk said his piece.

"No kidding. But when has he never been on the warpath?" Atomsk asked.

"When he's getting it on with a lady I bet, either way, things should get interesting soon for Emerald's group." TME said when he set his controller down and looked at Atomsk with a grin.

"Hehe, oh yeah. Plus with what Clover's packing things would be interesting especially since Marceline owns her remember?" Atomsk said with a grin.

"Yeah, but when have things not been interesting?, personally I'm hoping the Queen at least gives Clover a second chance since well… not only did Clover get used, I'm sure with what happens soon, Clover may get another chance to get with her… this time not so forced wouldn't you agree?, especially with that roleplay that Marceline did… may give Clover certain thoughts right?" TME said with his own wide grin.

"Hehe, oh yeah. But why tell it when we can just start the story yes?" Atomsk asked with a grin.

"Yup, want to start out with the Crabbit's fun with Marceline or build to it by going to Emerald's group?" TME said when he points out those two options.

"Hmmm, let's just go with the Crabbit Familiar since that's where we were before the chapter ended." Atomsk said.

"Alright, well let's get back to the game while the readers go ahead and get into the story." TME said while he picked up his controller and got ready to unpause the game.

Atomsk chuckles before he looks at the readers and said this.

"Well you heard him folks. Hope you enjoyed reading the chapter while TME and I continue the game. See you at the outro." He said before the scene changes to one of the rooms in the Bondage Kingdom's castle.

Ooo/ Bondage Kingdom/ Punishment room/ Marceline, Myr, Maja, Lillum

When the camera went into the room, Lillum was gently rubbing the Crabbits chest while she grins at Marceline and Myr.

"So… mind I give the orders since this guy here doesn't like to talk?" Lillum asked since as far as anyone knew, the Crabbit didn't talk at all while the Crabbit looked at Myr and Marceline to see what they thought.

'Can't believe this guy is my personal punisher though then again he has an impressive size.' Marceline thought.

Lillum saw where Marceline was looking before she got an idea.

"Say Mr. Crabbit… why not let Marceline get a taste of that cock of yours, I mean it would be very interesting to see the person who kicked your ass before worship your cock right?" Lillum teasingly said while she used a hand to gently stroke the Crabbit's dick in front of Marceline while the Crabbit shudders at the touch.

Myr blushes a bit brightly as looks at the scene while Marceline practically licked her lips when she felt a bit of her succubus side affecting her.

The Crabbit then looked at Lillum before it nods it's head when it agreed with Lillum's suggestion.

"Great… Marceline… get over here and lets see those sexy lips of yours work this dick good." Lillum said while she gave the Vampire Queen a lustful look.

Marceline blushes from the look before she starts to walk towards the duo before she got on her knees and was now staring at the Familiar's dick.

She a little heated when she smelled the musky scent.

Lillum just grins before she stroked the dick off in front of Marceline before she saw a bit of precum drip from the dick right in front of her nose to show the Crabbit was liking Lillum's work so far.

It wasn't long before Marceline opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue before she starts licking the head a few times along with licking up the precum.

Her body really reacted well when she tasted the precum which caused her to lick a bit faster which made Lillum chuckle while she keeps stroking the Crabbit off a bit while avoiding Marceline's tongue.

"I bet that pre tastes good for a succubus like you huh?, bet you would love to deep throat a dick like this right?" Lillum teasingly says while she keeps jerking out more precum for Marceline to lick up like it was some kind of treat.

Myr blushes as watched Marceline with the way she uses her tongue before Marceline looks up at Lillum a bit before she actually nods her head.

"Hehe, well then… opened wide and let the Crabbit here facefuck you while I get Myr set up to join it in punishing you… you don't need to breath anyway so might as well let your throat be used as a fucktoy for now." Lillum teasingly said while she lifts and lowered the dick a few times to slap Marceline's tongue.

Marceline couldn't take it anymore as she felt more heated before she just opens her mouth and just practically gobbles up Crabbit's dick.

The Crabbit jolts from that before panting a bit when it enjoyed Marceline's mouth while Lillum giggles before she let go of the Crabbits dick and pets Marceline's head a few times before she starts walking to Myr with a grin on her face when she had so many ideas for the Amazon in training.

Myr couldn't believe at what she saw while Marceline gags bit before she starts to bob her head on Crabbit's dick with gusto.

The Crabbit practically shuddered from what Marceline was doing but decided to really mess with her when it shapeshifted into Bubblegum's form, granted the coloring was way off with pure black for most of the Crabbit's body, but then it surprised Marceline when parts of the black lightened up and low and behold, though the Crabbit didn't have other colors, thanks to the lighter shades of black, it looked like a pretty good double of Bubblegum right now before the Crabbit grins at Marceline's reaction while the Succupire sucked *her* dick.

Marceline blinked in shocked when she saw Crabbit's form. However, the image of her friend caused the succupire to bob her head a bit harder.

The Crabbit or *Bubblegum* then grabbed Marceline's head with both hands before *she* starts to facefuck Marceline's mouth while she grins at the look on Marceline's face.

Marceline gags a few times while feeling a little surprise from this predicament before thinking.

'Damn… Not only did I suspect getting Maja's lackey as my punisher but didn't know that this one can turn into Bonnie… almost, despite the color difference. Although the way *she's* choking me with her dick is making me feel… excited.'

A moment later the Crabbit formed a few tentacles on it's body before they moved down Marceline's body to play with her asshole and folds while two more went to play with her large breasts and the Crabbit was a bit surprised when, after a few squeezes, Marceline's breasts start to leak milk.

Marceline jolts after feeling that which made her bob her head harder now before she starts to use her tongue to lick around before she starts to stare at *Bubblegum* with a tinge of lust.

*Bubblegum* blushed a bit at the look and as a result, *Bubblegum* thrusts her hips harder which forced Marceline to take more of *her* dick down the Vampire Queen's throat while she could feel the *princess* throbbing inside of her.

Marceline gags and groans a few more times as her lust grew more on the *princess* before the succupire brought her hands to *Bubblgum's* folds before sticking her fingers inside.

*Bubblegum* shudders before gritting her teeth when the pressure got to be too much and she thrusts her hips which forced her dick all the way down Marceline's throat before she came hard inside of the Vampire queen's throat.

Marceline gags for a bit while feeling surprised at how much cum the *princess* let out before Marceline's succubus side starts drinking the cum up as it starts to absorb.

The Crabbit slowly returned to normal as it keeps cumming inside of Marceline's mouth before it tapped off when it returned to normal and pulled the tentacles back into it's body for a moment.

Marceline was able to absorb the cum in her mouth before she uses it to clean the Crabbit's dick as she now stares at it with lust now.

The Crabbit blushed a bit from the look before the duo's attention was grabbed when Lillum giggles when she walked back to the duo with Myr in tow… and they both had pretty large dicks equipped.

"Well Marceline, sorry if the Crabbit was a quick shot, but the first shot is the only quick one, the rest will really make you work for it…. Now then… since you're warmed up so to speak… why don't we get a bit kinky… remember the Sunlight magic that Ayuyat used?... well guess what's making a comeback times three…" Lillum said with a grin while she muttered the spell and gripped Myr's dick and starts to stroke it, and like last time with Ayuyat, it got coated with magical sunlight but at a dimmer intensity to show that Lillum was holding back on the magic for now before she repeats the same spell on her own dick and the Crabbits dick as well.

Marceline's eyes widen when she saw this before saying this.

"Oh Glob no." She said before shuddering when she remembered the pain that Ayuyat brought.

"Oh don't worry… unlike Ayuyat, I have a bit more class… by the time I'm through with you, you'll be begging for the pain with the pleasure… and I'm not done yet… I'm bringing this out as well…" Lillum said before she summoned a Cat O'nine tails that cracked a bit when Lillum flicked her wrist which showed Lillum was getting full on dominatrix right now.

Myr blushes brightly when she that while Marceline was feeling the same thing but was still a tad worry about the sun covered dicks.

Lillum noticed and chuckles before she walked over to Marceline and with a dick pointed at Marceline's mouth, Lillum said this when she points to her dick.

"If you really think I'm anything like Ayuyat who has no tact, then why not take a lick or touch and see for yourself what the difference feels like… besides… I heard from Emerald while he was getting some things for Clover that you came hard on a dick like this… remember what he said… just enjoy and you can deal with it… after all… remember what you are… two sexy masochistic creatures mixed into one... so why not drop the act and get to pleasing this dick slave… I don't have all day after all." Lillum said with a grin on her face before she said that last bit with a dominating tone to her voice.

Marceline blinks before she gulps while staring at Lillum's dick with a slight blush on her face and sadly she knew she can't stall this before she cautiously brought her head to Lillum's dick.

She swallowed a bit before the succupire opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue before she gave the head of Lillum's dick a lick or two.

Thankfully aside from a serious sting or two, the pain wasn't too bad thanks to the spell that Lillum used on her dick being weaker than the one that Ayuyat used while Lillum grins at the look on Marceline's face when she mimicked what the Crabbit did and slapped her dick on Marceline's tongue.

Despite the stinging sensation, it still wasn't too painful before Marceline opens her mouth and carefully swallows Lillum's dick even though it stung.

Lillum gave a pleased moan from that before she pets Marceline's head while Myr blushed a bit more when she saw Marceline actually pleasing Lillum's dick which made Lillum grin for a moment when she noticed.

"Now Slave… stick your ass out… I believe Myr has a date with your pussy if you're wet enough…" Lillum ordered while she gripped Marceline's head and starts to thrust her hips which forced her dick down Marceline's throat with each thrust.

Marceline gags before groaning from how much it sting before she did what Lillum said and brought her ass up before showing Myr her folds which was surprisingly wet already. Probably from either sucking Crabbit's dick earlier or the feeling of Lillum's sun covered dick.

Myr blushed at the sight when she approached and when she saw that foreplay wasn't needed, she gripped her dick and gently rubbed the head of her dick on Marceline's folds to lube her dick up for what was about to happen next.

Marceline jolts before she let out a slight groan when she felt the slight sting.

Myr then gripped Marceline's hips before she slowly starts to push herself inside of the Succupire Queen's pussy with a groan, seems the sunlight caused Marceline's pussy to tighten greatly to either try and keep the dick out or Marceline's body really liked the feeling even if it hurt a bit and Myr groans when she forced herself deeper while Lillum grins when she saw that.

"Well well… looks like Myr is liking your pussy so far… I wonder what you're thinking right now Slave… especially with sunlight covered dicks going in and out of your holes… hehe." Lillum teasingly said while she thrusts her hips faster in Marceline's mouth.

Marceline gags a bit before groaning a bit loudly from feeling both dicks that are covered by sunlight before the succupire had this thought.

'Fuck… both of their dicks hurt but at the same time… It actually feels good. Bit better than what that bitch Ayuyat did to me.'

Myr then felt her dick touch Marceline's cervix before she just starts to thrust her hips with a need to fuck Marceline, Marceline could feel every inch of her dick enter her, all 8 inches in length and 3 in width that really stretched her out at the moment.

Marceline gags and groans a few times before she finally starts to moan as it begins to feel good even though it hurts.

Lillum in turn chuckles while she keeps going before she looks at the Crabbit and signaled it to join in somehow.

And surprisingly enough, it did when it had it's dick stretch like a tentacle and after moving in front of Myr, poked and prods Marceline's asshole a few times before it shoved itself inside which caused Marceline to be fucked hard by three sunlight covered dicks now.

Marceline groans loudly from that sudden action before shuddering greatly as she felt all three sun covered dicks in each of her holes while trying to fight back the tears that were trying to leak out.

Lillum however just chuckles when she saw that.

"Oh don't worry, you can cry here and no one will even notice, besides… I'm wondering… those tears from pain… or joy from your body getting it's long overdue does of kinky sex?" Lillum teasingly said when she thrusts her hips harder and faster which caused Myr and the Crabbit to do the same and after a few minutes, all three people felt their dicks throbbing hard in Marceline's holes.

Marceline groans and moans each time as her holes tighten around the trios dicks while her hold on her tears starts to slip away.

A moment later, Lillum, Myr, and the Crabbit thrust as deep as they could while Myr busts into Marceline's womb before the trio start to ejaculate into Marceline's holes and to Marceline's shock, all three had sperm that was filled with sunlight which filled every fiber of her being for a moment when it all flooded her insides.

Marceline's eyes widen as she groans loudly before her pussy tightens greatly around Myr's dick before climaxing hard on it while at the same time the Succupire Queen's tears starts flooding out whether from relief or from the serious pain she's feeling.

The trio keep cumming for about 20 seconds each before they all tapped off one by one with Myr tapping off first, followed by the Crabbit, then Lillum who then pulled their dicks free and saw their handiwork leak out of Marceline's holes when Marceline's body had a hard time deciding if it should absorb it or not because of the sunlight on it.

Marceline groans as she tries to stay focus but failed which caused the semen to leak out of her holes since the sunlight was too much.

Lillum chuckles at that and with her hand gripping Marceline's chin and making the Vampire Queen to look at her.

"So Mar Mar… think you can take more?... want more of our semen?... if you beg me like the good girl that you can be… I can remove the sunlight magic from our dicks if you want..." Lillum teasingly said while she gripped her dick and teasingly swinged it to and fro in front of Marceline's view.

Marceline blushes brightly as she stares at it and even though part of her wants to say no, her succubus side was already countering it which made Marceline say this.

"P-Please… need… more."

Lillum then leaned in and whispered this in Marceline's ear.

"Then beg me properly slave… and you'll get what you want…" Lillum teasingly whispered before lightly licking the tip of Marceline's pointed ear when she pulled her head back to give Marceline a lustful look.

Marceline blinks from that before blushing and sadly for her she can't fight back her body's needs since she needs cum in her system now before she looks at Lillum and said this with a cute begging look.

"Please… Mistress I need more… cum. My body can't go a single second without it. I'll do… anything for it."

Lillum grins at that before she had an idea.

"Anything?... alright… why not mix things up and have Maja's punishment at the same time as yours… follow this order and I'll grant your wish… I want you to fuck Maja's so hard while she's knocked out that you wake her up… but you can't cum until she's awake otherwise you'll be punished… understood my pet?" Lillum teasingly says while she leaned down and blew on Marceline's bite marks to leave goosebumps for a moment.

Marceline shudders when she felt that which made her blush a bit before speaking up.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good girl… now then… Crabbit, Myr, get Maja untied from the bed… I'll get the horse…" Lillum said with a grin on her face before she snapped her fingers and a wooden horse appeared in a puff of smoke, it had a triangular shape for the body while a few buckles were under it to hold arms in place.

"No worries about splinters… enchanted to prevent any nasty injuries… now then… to get her ready…" Lillum said with a grin on her face before the scene went to a moment later with the Crabbit carrying Maja's knocked out body towards the soon to be intense seat for the sky witch.

Myr also assisted while Marceline watched.

A moment later, Maja was tied up to the wooden horse in the nude and her shaply ass was pointing right at a grinning Lillum who was next to Marceline.

Marceline would've gulped but honestly a big part of her wanted payback and this was a good way to get.

That's when the Succupire summons the biggest dick that she had… the Emerald sized dick.

Lillum grins at that before she walked forward and grabbed Maja's ass with her hands from the side and moved the cheeks apart to give Marceline a good view of Maja's holes and saw how tight Maja's pussy was.

Without much further delay, Marceline came over with a determined grin before she got behind Maja and just roughly jams her dick inside the witches pussy.

Maja groans in her sleep while Lillum let go of Maja's ass and stepped back to let Marceline focus on the sky witch, she even went to have some fun with the Crabbit and Myr.

Marceline groans at how tight the Sky Witch's pussy was before she just starts thrusting her dick in and out at a harder rate.

Maja keeps groaning in her sleep while her pussy slowly starts to relax on Marceline's dick while Maja grinds a bit on the wooden horse.

Marceline grins as she continues this action as made sure to give Maja's pussy the same treatment like she did to Ashely's pussy.

Maja in turn pants a little in her sleep as time went by while Maja's orgasm starts to approach her thanks to her not having any control.

Marceline grins more from that while making sure to hold herself back so she doesn't blow as well.

A couple minutes later, Maja starts to come to while she looked confused before she groans loudly when she came hard on Marceline's dick while her brain was still trying to wake up.

Marceline groans before she sees Maja waking up before Marceline spoke up.

"Have a nice nap did you?"

Maja, though disoriented, recognized Marceline's voice before she growls this out when she tried to push herself up.

"A-Alright y-you b-bitch…. J-Just w-wait till I…!" Maja tried to say before getting a shocked look on her face when Marceline looked different then she normally was.

"W-Who in the n-nightosphere are you!?, And w-what the fuck are you doing to me!?" Maja said before growling that last bit out before she starts to realize that she was naked, tied to a wooden horse which made her blush, and could feel Marceline's dick going very deep I to her.

Marceline chuckled before she spoke up.

"I'm hurt you don't remember me. After all… it was my bear that you bought from my dumbass of a ex boyfriend or did you forget the very shirt that my friend, Bonnie, traded to get it back?"

Maja's eyes widen in shock when she tried to get free.

"D-don't fuck with me!, I made legal trades for those items, even your pink girlfriend said so, even if I did attack the Candy kingdom, I didn't do anything to you personally!" Maja said before panting for breath when she couldn't get free.

"Hoo… is that what you think? Well let's see… you attacking the Candy Kingdom, where Bonnie lived I might add, was indeed personal. You say the trades were legal except… my bear was not for trading. You of all people should've realized it when you made that dumb deal with Ash. Now it's time you get what's coming and there's nothing you can do about it." Marceline said before she resumed fucking Maja's pussy but this time at a much harder rate.

Maja in turn had to grit her teeth to fight back the groan that nearly got out of her before she barely said this.

"W-W-Well… W-Who broke t-through m-my t-traps and b-broke into my home!, Who beat up my familiar and made them quit!, And d-do you think s-shopk-keepers care where some items come from?, It's like going into a monsters lair and stealing treasure, no one asks were it comes from!… I never did anything to you!, So tell me… a-aside from trying to get even… what did I do to YOU… p-personally!?" Maja growls put while she fought as hard as she could to not cum on Marceline's dick as it bashed into her cervix again and again.

Marceline scoffed before saying this.

"Oh shut up. Your not weaseling your way out of this with your logic. In case you're confused, I'm gonna fill you in. You're in the Bondage Kingdom where people like us are being punished. However the difference between us is I'm accepting my mistakes but you haven't which is why I'm gonna teach you a lesson. And I'm not the only that has beef with you."

Maja in turn however chuckles a bit oddly enough before she looks at Marceline with a strained fanged grin.

"W-Well I h-heard of this place… and I can get that no matter what… you and others are going to have their way with me… but… how are you and I different?" Maja cryptically said while she keeps grinning at Marceline.

Marceline just frowns and just kept pounding Maja's pussy to submission like if she was trying to break her in some way.

However Maja, though groaning a little through her chuckles just full on laughed through it all much to Lillum, Myr, and the Crabbit's surprise.

This however angered Marceline before she asked this.

"What the fuck is so funny?"

"Simple… just like me… you do whatever you want to get what you want, even if it involves force… I got your doll, you barged into my home to get it back, so I attacked the Candy Kingdom, but I heard that you didn't really care about the consequences of getting rid of your Vampire powers… and your powers nearly wiped the Candy Kingdom off the map and I also heard that you gave up at first… so tell me… how are we different since at the end of the day… at our cores… we're selfish bitches who try to get what we want and damn the consequences… you say your trying to make up for your mistakes…. But who's the one raping me… who's the one using their privileges to do this to me right this minute!" Maja said with a wide fanged grin on her face while she enjoyed the look on Marceline's face.

Marceline's eyes widen for a second before they turned red with anger before she had her hands on the witch's throat and starts to squeeze as she said this.


Maja, though had a strained look on her face, managed to get this out with a twisted grin to show how messed up she was.

"O-Oh really?... y-you g-gonna k-kill me?... rape me… t-till your satisfied… use me… like I-I used your t-toy to get what I want?…. F-force me t-to submit?... w-well g-good j-job… mistress...Y-your doing a g-good j-job r-right now… with all of the above!" Maja barely got out though the Mistress seemed a bit mocking.

Marceline wanted to continue but stopped when she heard Maja said this before Marceline's eyes returned to normal as she let go of Maja's neck and stared at her hands before she immediately pulled her dick out as the Succupire now questions herself.

However Lillum cleared her throat to get the duo's attention.

"I believe I said to keep going till your finish right?, besides while it is true that you two are similar in some cases, there are differences as well that make you much better then she is… mind listening before you try running off Marcy?" Lillum said while she approached the duo.

Marceline however wasn't sure of herself before she said this.

"... I don't think I can."

"Oh really?, well try telling that hard on of yours that, besides there are three key things that make you better then Maja… one is pretty obvious that unlike her, you have people who love and care for you, some even lust after you as well unlike this reclusive bitch." Lillum said when she walked behind Marceline and gently gripped the Succupire's dick and stroked it gently to keep it hard.

Marceline shudders before she groans from having her dick stroked.

"Two is that you don't have to force others into having sex with you… try and remember Emerald, Bubblegum, myself… etc… point is… have you ever forced any of us into getting it on with you?, this is payback for what Maja did… no matter what she says, she's the one who nearly destroyed a kingdom… killed innocents… you just wanted to be normal for a bit… nothing wrong with that… so tell me… before I get to the third point… have I said anything wrong?" Lillum said while she grinds her dick on Marceline's folds when she aimed her dick there and slowly pushed herself inside and keeps stroking Marceline off while Lillum gently fucks Marceline.

Marceline groans from that as she registered what Lillum said before she shook her head at Lillum.

Lillum then smirked before she said this after she kissed Marceline's bite marks a few times.

"And my third point is this…. You are the fucking Vampire Queen… and a succubus as well… Maja took what was your's plain and simple… tried to kill what's yours when she tried to attack Bubblegum even when Bubblegum herself didn't do anything to her… legal trade right?... well Maja broke that when she attacked Bubblegum's kingdom… and Bubblegum plain and simple… so tell me…. Who actually cares between the two of you… you… a sexy woman with plenty of assets to work with… or a simple witch bitch who is just nothing more than a cocksleeve for you?" Lillum said before she sucked a little on Marceline's bite marks while she slowly sped up her thrusts and stroked Marceline off at a faster rate and could feel her throbbing in her hands.

Marceline moans a bit before groaning when she said this.

"I-I… c-care."

Lillum then stopped fucking Marceline and pulled herself free while Marceline was really worked up.

"Then enjoy the cumdump in front of you, no matter what she says… you two maybe similar… but the same could be said between her and I… however the difference is that unlike us… others don't care about her so who cares on what she says… keep going and fill her till your satisfied and I'll let you fuck me in any way that you want… test out a few new powers that you have yet to get used to…" Lillum teasingly said before she slapped Marceline's ass to get her to approach Maja again.

Though Marceline jolts, hearing Lillum's pep talk gave Succupire the courage to jam her dick into Maja's pussy and resumes fucking her without mercy.

"GAAAHH!, YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Maja yelled out when she didn't expect that to happen and wasn't ready for Marceline to jam herself in like that.

Marceline however ignored her as she continues this onslaught before she uses one hand and starts smacking Maja's ass hard.

Lillum grins when she saw Maja yell from the pain before groaning when she reluctantly start to lose herself to the pleasure and looked to see how the Crabbit and Myr was doing so far.

Myr was blushing brightly at the sight while the jungle warrior was feeling very turned on that sight as she surprisingly wished Marceline to give her the same treatment.

The Crabbit was just looking at Maja and Marceline with raw just in it's eyes while it's dick was pulsing with blood when it was so hard that it looked painful before Lillum giggles before she looked back to see how Marceline was doing and wonders what the Succupire was thinking.

Marceline kept treating Maja like the bitch she is while thinking this.

"That stupid bitch Maja think she can try and make me look bad. Well now I'm gonna do everything that I can make a complete mess out of her.'

Maja in turn couldn't really think when Marceline used more and more power and speed with her thrusts till Marceline's hips look like blurs while Lillum licked her lips at the sight before she approached Marceline and stood next to her.

"So Marcy… how does your cumdump's pussy feel?, bet it feels good huh?" Lillum said while she leaned in and kissed Marceline while angling the succupire's face to her and used a free hand to play with Marceline's breasts to really get her worked up.

Marceline moans into the kiss which made Marceline thrust her dick even hard than ever which caused her to hit Maja's womb before the Succupire kissed Lillum back and used her tongue to fight Lillum's tongue.

For a bit, Lillum keeps the kiss up before she used her free hand to go to Marceline's ass and starts to finger it deeply to help set her off, Maja already had a few orgasms already so it was time for Marceline to get her own relief.

Marceline continues to kiss Lillum as well while feeling her climax getting closer before she tries to hold so she can build up her cum tank.

Lillum then pulled away to whisper this in Marceline's ear.

"Come on Marcy… finish up now and I'll make sure that when the next punishment time comes… I can have you and Bubblegum dominate one another in kinky ways… and Bonnie can't refuse any of your requests." Lillum whispered like she was tempting Marceline like she was trying to make a deal with a demon right now.

Marceline blinked for second when she said that before whispering back.

"Deal." She said before after one last thrust into Maja's womb, Marceline roars loud before she unleashed a huge load of her cum inside.

Lillum just grins while Maja had one last orgasm before she passed out again with a fucked up look on her face and waits for Marceline to finish up.

It took the Succupire 25 seconds before she finally taps off and pulls her dick free.

Lillum chuckles when she saw Marceline's handiwork pour free of Maja's pussy and tapped Marceline's shoulder to get her attention.

Marceline was able to catch her breath a bit before turning her head to see what Lillum wanted.

Lillum in turn grins before she kissed Marceline on the lips after pulling her in for a kiss and their massive breasts pressed into one another for a really hot sight for Myr and the Crabbit.

Myr was now really turned on as her dick twitch a few times while Marceline melts into the kiss before she hugged Lillum and returns it while Marceline stares at Lillum's eyes with lust.

For a bit, the duo keep going before Lillum pulled away and teasingly kissed Marceline on the forehead before she pulled away.

"Feel better?" Lillum said with a smile on her face.

Marceline had a slight blush on her face before she spoke up.


"Great, and since Maja is out again, want to have a bit more kinky fun?, I believe I do have a deal to make now and later right?" Lillum teasingly says before stepping back from Marceline and with a snap of her fingers, had her dick vanish and her clothing vanished as well and Marceline saw Lillum's figure in full.

Marceline's eyes widen before blushing brightly when she looked at Lillum's bod.

Lillum then posed a bit in front of Marceline.

"See something you like?" Lillum teased before she turned to show Marceline her ass and slapped it to really get Marceline worked up.

Marceline again blushes when she saw that before she grin a bit.

"Maybe… maybe not."

"Oh really?... well then… why not get over here and see how well this booty of mine can do when it pleases that dick of yours?" Lillum said with a lustful look in her eyes while she shakes her round ass at the Succupire.

Marceline chuckles before she walks towards Lillum and got behind before aiming her hardened dick at Lillum's asshole.

"Prepare to be amazed and scream my name loudly." She said before she shoved her dick all the way in Lillum's ass.

Lillum just got a fucked up look on her face from that before moaning when she could feel Marceline's cock go deep inside of her before Lillum leaned back, placed an arm around Marceline's head and starts to wiggle her ass on Marceline's dick, for a person who wasn't a succubus yet, Lillum was seriously kinky to adjust to that already.

Marceline was amazed that Lillum could take her dick just like that with no problem before the Succupire Queen grins as she starts humping away like theres no tomorrow.

Lillum moans and groans from that before she used her free hand to finger her pussy which caused her ass to tighten more on Marceline's dick, all in all, Lillum wasn't holding anything back with the succupire right now, no wonder Emerald is in a contract with her… if she's this good now, how good would she be as a succubus?

Marceline groans from how tight it was which caused her to thrust her dick even faster before leaning down till she was by Lillum's ear.

"That's right. Moan for your Mistress." She whispered before using her tongue to lick Lillum's ear.

Lillum shudders from that before she chuckles and said this when she had some kind of plan in mind.

"Oh I don't know… Ayuyat managed to get you off and she's not to my level… so why not let me get serious… Mistress!" Lillum said before she used a burst of magic in front of her to force herself back and knock Marceline onto her back with Lillum on top of her and after a moment of sitting up, Lillum starts to ride Marceline's dick with serious speed which made the Princess of the Bondage kingdom moan and groan when she went much faster then Marceline did with the succupire thrusting her hips.

Marceline was shocked by that sudden move before she starts to groan a bit loudly.

Lillum in turn just looks back at Marceline before she got to her feet but made sure to kneel on Marceline's dick before Lillum starts to twerk and dance on Marceline's dick to really show Marceline she wasn't a low class lay.

Marceline groans a bit more loudly before she tries to not be outdone and starts thrusting her dick up harder then ever.

Lillum moans and groans more while she played with her massive breasts and could slowly feel Marceline getting closer and closer as time went by until…

Marceline groans loud as she grinds her teeth after feeling her dick spurt out her cum like a volcano inside Lillum's ass.

Lillum moans from that before she squirts on Marceline's legs when she came hard with her ass and it really worked to milk Marceline's dick dry.

Almost 30 seconds pass before Marceline finally taps off.

Lillum's orgasm tapped off a but later and pants for breath while she enjoyed the afterglow and looked back at Marceline to see how she was doing.

Marceline was trying to her breath for a moment but seems she's not done yet for the count.

Lillum in turn chuckles before she slowly stood up and shuddered in a pleased way when she felt Marceline's dick pop free and Marceline could see her handiwork flow from Lillum's ass.

Marceline blinked before she chuckled a bit when she saw her load leaking out.

"Hehe, damn. This load looked a bit bigger than what I gave to Maja."

"Well unlike her I have trained holes… speaking of which… you got a pussy to visit… but with a twist so to speak since this is a punishment for you… I mean it's a punishment time for a reason right?" Lillum teasingly said before licking her lips.

Marceline chuckles again as she remembered before looking at Crabbit Familiar to see how it's doing.

Turns out, it was fucking Myr's pussy since it was turned on greatly from what Marceline did to Maja and Lillum, it had taken a well muscled form and was playing with Myr's breasts while he fucked the amazon doggystyle.

Myr was moaning loud while enjoying the pleasure while Marceline blinked for a second before looking at Lillum.

"Seems this guy is a little preoccupied."

"Well I wasn't saying to go to it yet, I was talking about my pussy… but with some sunlight magic added for a kinky sting…" Lillum said before getting a teasing grin on her face when she wondered if Marceline got what was about to happen.

Marceline blinked a few times when she finally get what Lillum meant.

"Wait, I thought the deal was that no sunlight was needed."

"When did I ever say that?, all I said was that I would let you fuck me in any way you want and that I would bring you and Bonnie together for some kinky fun times to help make the punishments interesting… and you just fucked my ass right?… this is a punishment chamber and you're a red ring, try and not forget that, or do you have a different idea?, I'm just trying to make things kinky since I can mix pain and pleasure well…" Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Marceline blinked a bit and tries to think of something to counter but so far... she couldn't think of anything to say before she sighs a bit.

"Dang… seems I can't talk my way out of things."

"Not at this moment no… but I will tell you this… considering that you got fucked by three sunlight covered dicks, how bad would a sunlight filled pussy be?" Lillum teasingly said before she muttered the spell and starts to finger her pussy which slowly starts to fill with a dim sunlight and allowed Marceline to see how detailed Lillum's pussy was when she was finished.

Marceline couldn't believe when she saw how much sunlight coated Lillum's pussy and folds. If there was singing angels, this would be a promise land for both men and women, that has or can grow a dick.

Lillum then got over Marceline and didn't say anything when she knelt down and gripped Marceline's dick and starts to rub the head of the Succupire's dick on her folds a few times.

Marceline at first shudders before hissing a bit when she can feel a bit of the sunlight hit the tip of her dick.

After a few more rubs to get Marceline's dickhead slickened, Lillum slowly starts to lower her body and groans when she took the head of Marceline's dick into her pussy and slowly lowered herself more so Marceline could feel every inch of Lillum's sunlight covered pussy.

Marceline hisses as she grinds her teeth a bit as she felt every inch of Lillum's sunlight covered pussy while the Succupire tries to not let out any tears even though a bit was leaking out of her eyes.

Lillum in turn noticed but focused on getting Marceline's dick inside of her until Marceline's dickhead touched her cervix and used a hand to pet Marceline's tears away while she smiles at the Succupire queen.

Marceline did had a slight blush on her face as she tries to adjust,or more likely still trying to get used to the feeling of the sunlight effect.

However Lillum wouldn't give her time when she starts to raise and lower her hips and Marceline's dick starts to go in and out of Lillum's pussy as a result which made Lillum moan and groan each time.

Marceline hisses a few times from the stinging sensation which caused her toes to curl a bit before the Succupire starts to moan a bit.

Lillum then used her hands to play with Marceline's breasts and really worked Marceline's nipples to get the breast milk to flow before Lillum leaned down to lick and suck the large globes.

Marceline was a bit surprise before she moans a bit loud when she felt her milk getting sucked out.

Lillum in turn, after drinking such good breast milk, really starts to ride Marceline's dick at a faster and harder rate which threatened to have Marceline's dick bash into her womb as time went by.

Marceline moans and groans a few times even though it still stings thanks to the sunlight spell, it was still surprisingly a pleasurable feeling before Marceline brought her hands on Lillum's hips and just starts thrusting her dick up hard before hitting Lillum's womb again and again.

Lillum moans and groans muffly while she keeps on drinking Marceline's breast milk and could slowly feel Marceline getting close thanks to the sunlight making it hard for holding back but Lillum didn't mind which caused her to drop down harder and harder till Marceline felt her dick bash through Lillum's cervix finally and hits the back of Lillum's womb which caused Lillum to groan loudly when she came hard on Marceline's dick and squirts hard on it.

Marceline moans loud before she climaxed hard again inside Lillum's pussy this time which flooded both cervix and womb. Wonder if Lillum was on the pill or not.

Though no one would say right now when Lillum grinds her pussy on Marceline's dick to help Marceline unload more into her.

Load more the Succupire Queen did which lasted for 30 seconds before Marceline finally taps off.

Lillum in turn moans in a pleased way when she could feel how much semen was inside of her before she pulled her mouth off of Marceline's nipples and said this to the Suppire Queen with a grin on her face.

"So… how was my sunlight filled pussy?, seems you let out even more then with my ass you kinky bitch." Lillum teasingly says when she leaned back and showed how bloated her womb was right now.

Marceline had a slight blush on her face as she saw her own work pooling around inside Lillum's womb before Marceline said this.

"I-It felt… p-painful but… it also felt… g-good." She said as she swallowed her pride… or what's left.

Lillum chuckles before she slowly stood up and Marceline could see that some sunlight had gotten onto her dick with some semen as well which made Lillum grin at that.

"Now then… why don't I clean this off… or do you want Maja's mouth to do that for you?" Lillum teasingly said while she gently rubbed the head of Marceline's dick.

Marceline blushes a bit at the options before making up her mind.

"Y-You do it."

Lillum just chuckles before she leaned down and starts to lick the head of Marceline's dick clean before she slowly works her way down to the base.

Marceline shudders for a bit before letting out a slight moan as she enjoys Lillum's mouth.

Lillum then licked up the semen on Marceline's dick before she pulled away with a grin on her face for some reason and starts to chant before a ring of light was summoned in the air before it slowly went over Marceline's dickhead and when it slipped on, it stung like hell to show it was made of sunlight as well.

Marceline hisses a bit loudly before looking at Lillum with both a frown and a confused look on her face.

"W-What the ball?"

Lillum just chuckles before she said this when she knelt down in front of Marceline.

"Just a slight… change before I do this…" Lillum said before the ring of sunlight sat at the base of Marceline's dick before Lillum placed her hands on her breasts and placed them around Marceline's dick and starts to lick and suck on the head of the dick before Lillum starts to move her breasts.

Marceline shudders before moaning a bit at Lillum's actions but was still wondering what she meant about the… slight changes.

For a bit, that question went unanswered while Lillum keeps on giving Marceline a titfuck and blowjob as well when she took the head of Marceline's dick into her mouth and could feel Marceline getting closer and closer until…

Marceline groans loudly before she felt her dick spurt out another load of cum.

Or she would have if the ring of sunlight didn't tighten greatly at the base of Marcelines dick to near painful levels to hold back the flow while Lillum got a mischievous look in her eyes which showed this is what she had in mind.

"W-What did you do?" Marceline asked with a surprised look.

Lillum however just ignored that to start licking, sucking, and titfucking Marceline's sensetive dick to help build up another orgasm.

Marceline moans a few times before groaning a bit when her dick starts to hurt from her orgasm being held back.

This kept repeating with Lillum's sunlight ring stopping Marceline from cumming again and again while Marceline was helpless to stop Lillum who keeps pleasing her dick with a lustful look on her face while Marceline's dick felt like it was in agony right now from how much cum she had built up.

Marceline was grinding her teeth while a bit of tears began to leak from her eyes.

Lillum then pulled her head back from Marceline's dick and teasingly says this when she made sure to keep rubbing her breasts up and down the painfully throbbing cock.

"So… I bet you want to cum do you?, bet you want to get rid of all that semen built up behind that cock of yours right?" Lillum teasingly says with a dominating tone to her voice.

Marceline groans for bit but surprisingly gave Lillum a challenging look that said she was not gonna loose.

Lillum didn't mind the look before she just went back to pleasing Marceline's cock again and again before she made Marceline cum again and again till the dick looked a bit swelled from how badly it wanted to cum… and when Lillum got to another orgasm… she surprisingly stopped and took a moment to sigh.

"Oh well… if you're not going to beg then I guess you're too tough for my work, might as well leave you alone for a bit then." Lillum said before she stood up and stretched her body in front of Marceline.

Marceline laid on the floor as her dick continues to swell and even though she put up a good front, all that cum being backed up was a bit much before the Succupire Queen finally spoke.


Lillum just looked down to Marceline with an innocent look to see what she needed while she smiles at the Succupire Queen.

Marceline felt like her pride had been killed as she felt defeated before she turned her head away from Lillum's view before saying this.

"P-Please let me… cum." She said while feeling so humiliated.

Lillum however grins oddly much to the Succupire's confusion.

"Very well… but on one condition… do this and I'll let you cum as much as you want." Lillum teasingly said while she rubbed a finger on Marceline's dick which got an interesting reaction.

Marceline groans since Lillum's touch caused her swollen dick to twitch before she asked this.

"F-Fine. What do you want?"

"Simple…" Lillum teasingly says before she used the finger to push Marceline's dick up till it rests between Marceline's breasts.

"I want you to suck your own cock and tit fuck it as well while I fuck you as hard as I can… do that… and you can cum… but only when I finish... the ring will stay on until then." Lillum said with a grin before she summoned her dick again and stroked it in front of Marceline's view.

Marceline's eyes widen when she heard that but sadly she needs to have some relief.

So she sighs while feeling defeated again before speaking up.

"Fine… you win." She said with a defeated sigh.

Lillum however giggles before she said this when she got into position.

"Oh don't be like that… try and remember what Emerald told you… just enjoy yourself and go with the person's desires… makes you stronger after all… and with a pussy this soaked, I would be surprised if you don't beg me for more after this punishment time is over…" Lillum said before she used a few fingers to rub Marceline's folds and showed how soaked they were right now to the Succupire.

Marceline blinked when she saw the juice covered fingers before remembering what Emerald about being stronger and using someone's desires.

"Yeah I guess you're right."

"Yeah… and what I desire… is to see you titfuck and suck your own breasts while I fuck this pussy into submission!" Lillum teasingly said before she put the head of her dick at Marceline's folds and pushed herself balls deep into the Succupire and leaned down to press her breasts onto Marceline's before she starts to fuck the Succupire while licking the tip of Marceline's dick.

Marceline shudders before groaning loud from having her pussy pounded.

After a moment, Marceline finally gives in and said this with a now challenging smirk.

"Fine. If that's what you want then here I go!" She said before she pushed her breasts together and starts titfucking her own dick.

Lillum just giggles before she licks the parts of Marceline's dick that were not taken care of by Marceline's own breasts and mouth and sped up her thrusts into the Succupire's pussy while wondering what Marceline really thought right now since she was no mind reader.

'Fuck… can't believe I'm actually doing this… scratch that… I can't believe I'm actually enjoying it… though I have to remember what Emerald said, using people's desires will make me stronger. Least with that, I can survive anything the Bondage Kingdom throws at me. Plus, being being part vampire I can't get pregnant from anyone even if they try. And I will admit that Lillum is actually fun to be and to fuck with.' Marceline thought as she continues to titfuck her own dick with gusto while looking at Lillum with lust.

However what the duo didn't expect was a tentacle wrap around them and lifts them into the air while still in that position before they were set on their knees and saw that the Crabbit had lifted them and it and Myr had hardons still and Myr got behind Lillum to fuck her pussy while the Crabbit formed a second dick after transforming to look like Fionna surprisingly enough with large D sized breasts and a well muscled body and moved so he could fuck Marceline's holes… both of them even if Lillum already had one filled… looks like it was going to get really intense here.

Marceline was indeed caught off guard before she groans loudly from having two dicks in her pussy while one was in her ass which caused the succupire Queen to move her breasts faster on her dick.

Everyone else then starts to have their own fun with Myr fucking Lillum, Lillum fucking Marceline, and the Crabbit, after forming another dick which jammed itself up her already filled ass, was going wild with their thrusting before the Crabbit knocked Marceline's hands off of her breasts and placed *her* own hands on the breasts and moved them for Marceline who came again and again without her control.

Marceline continues come from her pussy on Lillum's dick but can still feel her dick bulging which was painful knowing how backed up she is.

Unfortunatly for Marceline, the trio who had no issues, keep on fucking one another while Marceline was in the middle and only after about 7 to 8 minutes later did she feel the Crabbit about to blow with Lillum as well while Myr sounded like she was getting close as well if her rushed thrusts are any indication.

Marceline groans as she grinds her teeth when she felt her orgasm coming and sadly it's gonna keep building up until Lillum gives the greenlight.

Thankfully for Marceline, Lillum could feel herself about to blow and managed to get this out between thrusts.

"S-So… how bad… d-do you want to cum!, I want y-you to really t-tell me how much you want to climax before I set your cock free!" Lillum groans out before she went back to licking part of Marceline's dick.

Marceline grinds her teeth before she said this.

"I want to come so bad I would… knock you up badly or let this guy keep fucking my pussy and filled it to the brim… heck I won't mind if it uses the… sunlight spell on me."

Lillum grins before she moved her right hand to a snapping position.

"Good girl… and good girls deserve a reward!" Lillum said before she snapped her fingers and the cockring broke on Marceline's dick right before she and the Crabbit came hard into Marceline's holes while Myr did the same into Lillum's pussy while the Crabbit used a hand to force Marceline's mouth onto her dick head and further to prevent a mess from hitting them.

Marceline muffly moans before she felt cum spurt out of her dick and quickly filled her mouth and throat and boy was she backed up.

Unlike Lillum, the Crabbit, and Myr, Marceline's dick ejaculated for an actual full on minute and all three people could see the dick pulsing and throbbing hard to get all of that backed up cum out of her while the Crabbit let Marceline's head go.

Marceline continues to feel her dick pulsed in her mouth as it let out more cum while Marceline tries to absorb it as much as she can before the Succupire's dick finally stops firing after 37 seconds passed.

Lillum chuckles at that before she stood up on slightly shaking legs with Myr doing the same while the Crabbit let Marceline rest on her back when Marceline's body wouldn't listen to her.

"So Marcy…. How was an orgasm like that?" Lillum asked while making sure that Marceline was still conscious.

Luckily for her, Marceline was still breathing before she took her mouth of her dick before you see a couple strings of saliva connected to each other before she said this.

"V-Very… relieving." She said as she felt so much better.

"Well then… why not finish up with the Crabbit here and we can get you to Obsidian's spa?, it's nearly time for your punishment to end anyway so…" Lillum said before the Crabbit surprisingly spoke up.

"Indeed, got a form request in mind?" The Crabbit shockingly said with crossed arms.

Marceline and Myr blinked in surprise before Marceline spoke.

"You can talk?"

"Yeah… but before you ask why, I can only say the most logical answer… no one ever asked until Lillum did… now then… form request?, male?, female?" The Crabbit said before turning into a replica of Emerald then Lillum then Finn then Jake, Etc before it returned to normal.

Marceline blinked a few times in surprise before she gave some thought and finally made a decision.

"Hmmm… how about me… but as a male?"

Lillum, Myr, and the Crabbit were a bit surprised before the Crabbit shrugged and just flat out transformed into a black and grey version of Marshal Lee.

"So how's this babe?" The Crabbit said with a pretty good imitation of Marshal Lee's voice or the Crabbits interpretation of it, he even made the form ripped from head to toe, had a dick that could rival Emerald's and had a cocky grin just like Marceline would have sometimes.

Marceline blinked before blushing a bit at Crabbit's form before grinning a bit.

"Oh very nice."

"Now then… why not get on all fours and let the Vampire King see that sweet ass of yours." *Marshal Lee* said while gesturing for Marceline to turn all fours.

Marceline however rolled her eyes at the mention of king before she did just that and got on her hands and knees before her ass was pointing at *Marshal*.

"All for you stud." She said before shaking her rear to entice *Marshal*.

And enticed he was when he walked up to Marceline and *Marshal* gripped Marceline's hips and aimed his dick at her asshole… but hesitated for a moment before grinning when he formed a second dick that aimed for Marceline's folds without her noticing and Lillum, getting the message, quickly casts the sunlight spell on both dicks and *Marshal* just shoved both right on inside of her before he starts to thrust his hips again and again into her holes.

"GAH!" Marceline yelps since she didn't expect a double penetration that was coated with sunlight before she starts to groan and moan loudly as her pussy and ass tightens around *Marshal's* dicks.

*Marshal* in turn just chuckles when he slowly speeds up his thrusts while Lillum looked at Myr to see how she was doing so far since *Marshal* and Marceline was busy.

Myr was blushing brightly as watched the duo go at it which was surprisingly very hot.

Lillum just smirks before she snuck up on Myr and reach around her body to grip her dick and starts to stroke her off while she grinds her dick on Myr's pussy.

Myr jolts before looking back only to have a surprise look on her face when she saw Lillum.

All Lillum did was just wink before she pulled her hips back and after taking a moment to align her dick with Myr's pussy, thrusts herself inside and starts humping away while she keeps stroking Myr off.

Myr groans for a bit before she let out a cute moan as she enjoyed having her pussy fucked.

For a bit, *Marshal* and Lillum keep up their actions with Marceline and Myr while they both wondered what they were thinking, *Marshal* from seeing how easily Marceline adapted to this and Lillum since Myr barely spoke up much.

'Glob dammit, Lillum was right. I actually am enjoying the feel of sunlight and now I'm starting to want more of it even though it hurts… in a good way. Plus this Crabbit guy is no slouch. Surprisingly, I'm already looking forward for my next punishment with it.' Marceline thought as she moans loudly before thrusting her hips back to with *Marshal's*.

'O-Oh my… even though I came to learn, Mistress Lillum has been showing so many pleasurable things and now I'm experiencing them with assisting on on the punishment. I will admit, this Crabbit… person was indeed forceful and I haven't had the chance to go with Marceline but seeing her act this way makes my dick go hard.' Myr thought.

For a few minutes, the group continue to have their fun before Marceline and Myr could feel *Marshal* and Lillum's dicks throbbing inside of them to show that they were about to blow.

Marceline and Myr were feeling the same thing as they felt their climaxes approaching which made them tighten their holes on the duo's dicks.

"G-Going to…" *Marshal* groans out with a strained look on his face.

"G-Gonna…" Lillum muttered before she and *Marshal* thrusts their hips at a faster rate while they got closer and closer to coming but wanted Marceline and Myr to hold back which forced the two to hold back until...

Marceline and Myr throw their heads back and moan loud before the duo climaxed hard on *Marshal's* and Lillum's dicks.

"C-CUUUMMM!" *Marshal* and Lillum yelled after they thrust their dicks as far as they could go into their respective partners holes and flooded their insides with semen, though *Marshal's* semen had plenty of sunlight on it from the usual after effect.

Marceline moans louder as her climax got stronger which resulted her pussy tightening on *Marshal's* lower dick even though it stings but the succupire Queen didn't care.

For a bit *Marshal* and Lillum keep going till they tap off 30 seconds later with *Marshal* returning to normal and pants for breath with Lillum doing the same to help recover.

Marceline and Myr also pant for breath after tapping off from their intense orgasm.


Lillum then chuckles before she looks at the clock.

"Well well… seems time is over with… so Marcy… want to go around with Myr here to get some semen to recover?... she seems very interested and it's your call right now." Lillum teasingly while she placed her chin on the crook of Myr's neck while she made sure to use a spell to make Myr's dick erect again and made it 10 inches long this time, no tricks like the sunlight this time to show it was pure pleasure now.

Myr blushes brightly when she heard that before Marceline said this.

"Well… I was gonna ask if Crabby here wants more but can't say no to this pretty thing although…"

"Although… heh… let me guess…. You want the sunlight on their dicks and for me to join in for a gang bang right?, the Crabbit as well?" Lillum asked to see if she hit the head on the mark or not.

Marceline blushes brightly in embarrassment before speaking.

"Y-Yeah I do. Don't care if its a gang bang or one on one." She said while still feeling embarrassed.

"Wow… looks like our little Succupire gained a kink for sunlight huh?... well… who am I to deny a thrill like that…" Lillum teasingly said before the scene went to a couple minutes later to show Marceline on her back, Lillum was laying sideways above her head on the ground while she thrusts her hips lightly and her dick enters and exits Marceline's mouth a little, the Crabbit had taken an interesting form of some kind of snake with two dicks that was fucking her ass while wrapped around her legs while Myr held them up and was fucking Marceline's pussy all at the same time, and all four dicks had light coatings of sunlight on them to really sting her holes the entire time.

Even though it stung greatly, Marceline was really enjoying it as she muffly moans loud with ecstasy before Marceline uses her holes to tighten around Crabbit's and Myr's dicks while Marceline uses her tongue to lick Lillum's dickhead.

All three groan a little from the feeling before the Crabbit in Snake form moved its head to her breasts and used its long tongue to play with one nipple that lengthed to get to the right while it sucks hard on the left for breast milk.

Marceline shudders and moans loud from that before she uses one head to pet Crabbit's snake head before sending it a lust filled wink before the Succupire thrusts her tongue in the urethra of Lillum's dick.

Lillum groans loudly from that while the Crabbit blushed a bit from the petting.

"O-Oh fuck yeah… k-keep this up and I may teach B-Bubblegum the sunlight magic so you two can have some pretty kinky fun… doesn't have to be just dicks, other things can be coated and used like dildos and stuff, imagination is the key for it… but for now… k-keep it up… g-going to let a big load out soon… h-how you feeling Myr… how's M-Marcy's pussy?" Lillum said before she looked at Myr with a lustful look on her face.

Myr blushes brightly as she continues to thrust her dick hard in the Succupire's pussy before she spoke up.

"I-It feels… so good. Especially when she tightens around my dick." She said which made Marceline chuckle as she continues to give Lillum's dick some great treatment before using one hand to hug Crabbit's snake head close to her breast so she can let him enjoy her milk.

Thankfully for Marceline, the Crabbit sucked harder on her breast while it fucked her at a harder rate while Lillum, The Crabbit, and Myr felt themselves getting closer and closer until they start cumming one by one starting with Myr who had the least amount of experience here.

Marceline muffly moans when she felt the jungle warrior's load enter her pussy and enjoyed how much the cum sting before Marceline came hard on Myr's dick.

A moment later, the Crabbit came hard in Marceline's ass with both dicks with a groan followed by Lillum who fired her load onto Marceline's mouth and it coated her tongue that was in her urethra as a result.

Marceline moans again before she grabbed Lillum's dick with one hand and stroke it hard to make her orgasm stronger as she was able to absorb the groups cum with ease now as she was getting used to the sunlight spell.

For a bit the trio keeps cumming before they tapped off one by one with Myr going first, followed by the Crabbit, and finally Lillum who's strengthened orgasm made them cum around the 20 second mark before they all tap off fully.

Marceline taps off as well before using her mouth and tongue to clean Lillum's dick good as she petted Crabbit's snake head again for a job well done.

A moment later after everyone calmed down before everyone pulled their dicks free one by one and all three people stood over Marceline to see how she was doing so far.

Marceline had a very pleased look on her face while blushing a bit as she enjoyed the afterglow.

Lillum then giggles before she spoke up to the Crabbit.

"Hey Crabbit, mind taking Maja to her cell while I get Marceline and Myr to the spa?, you already know where it is so you can join us there ok?" Lillum asked while she smiled at the Crabbit since he did a good job so far.

Crabbit looked at Maja's unconscious body before he looked at Marceline's nude body and did like this side of her before speaking to Lillum.

"Sure thing."

Lillum smiles a bit more before she stood up on her toes and kissed the Crabbit on the cheek.

"Good boy, after that since Emerald will be away for a bit, consider yourself my bedmate for a bit since I got so much to teach you, and the forms I have in mind from the premushroom war will be handy later… some myth like… some not so myth like…" Lillum said before she winked at the Crabbit when she pulled her head back.

Crabbit blushes from the kiss before feeling excited after hearing what Lillum will do before she before quickly went to Maja and picked her up before saying this.

"I'll be back quickly." He said before he starts running so he can put Maja in her cell.

Lillum giggles before she looked at Marceline and Myr.

"Now then you two, let's get going, though if Marcy needs a minute to recover after that fuckathon then I understand if she wants to sleep." Lillum said with a teasing tone to her voice when she looks at the Succupire.

Marceline chuckled before she got up and said this.

"You kidding? After finally getting my lunch, I'm up for anything." She said with grin.

"Then follow me to a paradise that will impress you if you never heard about Cassandra and her daughters…" Lillum said before she starts walking away while not caring about the semen that dripped from her body.

Marceline blinked before she send Myr a teasing grin and said this.

"Talk about a great performance. Even though you were starting out. Can't wait for a repeat performance." She said before smacking Myr's ass.

Myr jolts at that before blushing brightly and went to follow Lillum when she didn't trust her voice to break or something right now.

Marceline chuckles before she starts following the duo towards the spa and Marceline could use some relaxation.

Though when they got there, Marceline saw for the first time, the Spa area of Obsidians and saw how people… relaxed in the room and some of the cat like masseuses came up to the trio to help them clean and relax...

"Whoa… this place is something." Marceline said with an AWE look.

"Yup, now take your pick?, I call these two cuties here." Lillum said when she walked after a couple Cat masseuses while 6 others stand in front of Marceline and Myr and smile calmly at her while waiting for Marceline to take her pick.

"Hmmm… I'll take… you three cuties." Marceline said with a smirk as she points to the first three cat ladies on the left.

Said three ladies bow deeply to Marceline before one spoke up after the two went to get some things ready.

"Please follow me so I and a few others may bathe you for your massage later." The Woman said with a smile on her face before she starts to walk to the bathing area.

Marceline grins before she looks at Myr and said this.

"Enjoy your massage." She said before following the cat woman.

Myr blushed brightly from that before she looked to the three cat women and just went with what Marceline picked and chose the last three for herself while the scene shifts to Maite after she managed to get the Husband home after the fuckathon she went though with him and was now walking around town to get a feel for the place.

Ooo/ Bondage Kingdom/ Maite

Maite was wondering around the area and after hearing some rumors that Obsidian was getting married to Ayuyat which got passed down from the maids in the castle to the common folk around town… she also heard that Emerald would have to pay for not one… but 5 royal weddings… but that couldn't be right could it?

Maite begins to frown before she had this thought.

'Emerald you better hope those rumors aren't true.'


Emerald was shopping for some clothing for Clover before he got a chill up his spine and wondered where that came from but shrugged that off while he worked on getting some more clothing.

Back to Maite…

Maite in turn continues to walk through the town and never noticed the D symbol she just passed and after a few minutes, heard some shuffling feet near her which made her look to see that she was followed by about 8 to 10 people if the shuffling didn't cause her to see things who looked… off.. Some looked like they were grinning like mad and had somewhat insane looks but seemed intact mentally… while some… looked broken and had rings on their necks…

Maite blinked for a second when she saw the people before asking this.

"Can I help you people?"

One of the people chuckles before they spoke up, looked to be a man with some kind of torn up pants.

"Yeah, you got a ring or you just lost?, well… no matter… point is that you're in Demonga's territory so unless you can pay points, we won't let you through easily… the boss has us guard certain places and it would be just better for us if you can just pay up… or… we can make a deal and forget about you being here if you… get where I'm going." The man said with a grin while he points a thumb at the D marks here and there on a few corner buildings.

Maite blinked for a second before she got what the man said as she can detect some of the lust coming off them.

"Okay I think I know what you're all getting at. However, I should let you all know that my husband is the King of Succubus's and I don't think he'll like what you're all trying to do." She said with crossed arms.

Many were surprised by that before the man just laughs for some reason before he spoke up after calming down.

"You know, if you got here when he was first here, we would be worried, but you don't know much of this place do you?, while it's true if we were in normal areas, we would let you go without an issue but this is one of the more highly guarded areas for the entire kingdom, and while we're technically not guards here, we are given plenty of points or broken in men and women as rewards depending on the place to guard… take a good look at this building and the mark near the D and you should see it's different then the unmarked D marks…" the Man said before pointing a finger to the D on the Building that was next to Maite.

Maite did look before she D on the building sees how different that building was compared to the others.

For some reason this one had the premushroom war Roman numerals for 4 or IV before the man spoke up.

"There are 5 levels for each building, depending on the level, various punishments for trespassers are implemented, 1 is simply a serious warning and a 1000 point fine, those buildings are simply for non-ringed people to pass so you're clear on that now that I get a better look at you, they are our pet's homes, 2 is the same but with a higher point cost of 3000, if you can't pay, then expect some form of punishment, 3 is our weapon stash since we do act as guards for the area and unless a reason is issued by the heads of this area when the boss is out, then the fine is a whopping 10000 since these weapons are dangerous, the fourth level is where we keep certain prisoners at who don't fall in line with the city and are repeat offenders, Demonga has special permission from Lillum and to some reluctants, Obsidian, to break them in somewhat… not only is the fine 15000 points from ringed people, but if any non ringed people have no reason for being this far in Demonga's territory, then they are given a punishment as well for two reasons… one is for possibly interrupting the prisoner's more… extreme punishments, or for some stupid idiots who try and break some out when they feel sorry for what goes on inside, I won't have to go to the fifth level since those are personally handled by Demonga, anyway, as long as you have no reason here, not even your husband can help, you're not contracted, you're not a citizen, so tell me… what kind of reason do you have for being here?... or have you never hear about the warnings in town at all on staying away from the more dangerous areas?" The thug said while he and the sane people grin at Maite Wildly.

"I was just wondering around town and got distracted." Maite said as she doesn't show any fear.

"I see… well we can forget all about this and point you away from here… though not for free after all, Demonga has special magic on his guards and free passes get all the guards punished, take a look at these poor saps who endured Demonga's punishment and see if I'm bluffing." The man said while he points at the broken people in the group, one of them, unknowing to Maite, was the panther woman from earlier and she gave Maite an empty look like she had no soul at all.

Maite blinked in surprise when she saw the panther. Made her felt sad at the look she gave out.

The man noticed before he chuckles and with a pretty tough grip, forced the woman up front.

"Oh don't feel pity for this bitch… take a good look at her neck… remember the ring color at least?, she has a purple ring… multi town destruction level, and she actually is a killer… when she was caught, she was a serial killer who went around various towns and killed men painfully, sometimes women as well... now tell me if you feel pity for her now." The man said when he let the panther woman go.

Maite frowns before she looks at the man and said this.

"Surprisingly, yes. Despite what she did, this woman didn't deserve to be so broken. I don't know how your master sleeps but he should be in prison for allowing this and you all should have your dicks cut off and fed to dogs."

However what Maite didn't expect was the man vanishing with serious speed and gripping Maite's neck and slamming her into the ground hard while he spoke up with venom in his voice.

"You know… I wouldn't dis our boss since he keeps filth like that in line, if we don't do our job, then how would you feel if murderers who could potentially destroy Ooo or cause senseless murders wonder Ooo unchecked… you can say whatever you want about this kingdom, but I have never seen our boss rest well, in fact bit of a tip, he's plagued with nightmares of his previous life on what Humans can do and thanks to some spells, we have seen it as well and don't want that to happen… you can kill me easily I bet but don't think for a moment that you and you're kind are saints, I'm pretty sure for every kingdom there is a dark side to it and while we are the darkside to the Bondage Kingdom, there are people like Bubblegum and that Queen of flames who risked war and could have gotten the entire world destroyed if it went out of control… I'll let you go and you can kill me if you want but don't think you know everything!" The ma said while looking Maite in the eyes with so much hatred it was inhuman.

Maite blinked for a second before she frowns and sends a very powerful kick to the man's nether regions.

The man cringed from the hit before he let Maite go and fell back while covering his nether regions though a woman's laugher above the group did cause the guards to look up and pale in fright for some reason.

Maite picked herself up and dusted herself off before she looks at the man and said this.

"Let this be lesson… Don't ever lay your hands on the Queen." She said in a demonic tone.

"How about a fist." A Man's voice cryptically said from behind Maite before she was backhanded pretty powerfully into the wall.

Maite was caught off before she tries to see who did it.

She saw a pretty large man with brown hair and he wore a simple loincloth but unlike the prisoner's, his looked like on a warrior wears with some kind of animal on it before a woman jumped down from the roof and lands on the man's shoulder and sat on it, she wore a simple orange one piece and had sandals equipped, she had long orange hair that trails down her back and had Ebony skin.

"Oh wow, I never expected a high class bitch to wander here and not only insult our boss but cause trouble, wonder if she's missing a few screws or something… or maybe she was screwed too much and lost some IQ points, hehehe…" The woman said while the man gave Maite a cold look while his body shockingly radiates power, granted it wasn't to Maite's level but the woman's had a similar strength which could complicate things.

Maite doesn't like the odds here before she spoke up.

"You know I don't have time for this, I'm leaving." She said before she tries to walk.

"Grigori." The woman said before the man took a single moment to move in front of Maite to stop her while the Woman chuckles at the look on Maite's face when the man named Grigori used some serious speed just now.

Maite was a bit surprised when she saw how fast Grigori was.

"Okay… you two are making a big mistake."

"Oh really?, planning to call your Hubby?, please… Grigori and I are the number 3 and 2 here respectively and can call our boss here, try and explain to Emerald and Lillum why you're causing trouble here and getting us involved, not only that but you insulted our boss, so trust me… in Emerald's current state, he and the boss are pretty even even if they BOTH hold back… so tell me Miss Queen… why should we let you go when you not only insulted our boss but attacked one of our own, granted he did get a bit hands on, but I'm sure with the amount of power that you have, you were easily able to guard against it." The Woman said with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Maybe. But still doesn't excuse that fool for assaulting me so I was in my clear right to defend myself. And for the record who gives a fuck if I insult your boss. His methods are monstrous making people nothing but former shadows of themselves." Maite said as she glares at the woman.

"Ahhhhh… and this is what makes you a moronic bitch… tell me… if the Bondage Kingdom wasn't here, and killers and world destroyers could run free, how would you feel then in that what if?, you'd probably just kill them or something instead of making them into people who won't do it plain and simple… then again, considering I'm talking to a brick wall, I doubt you would even understand even if I take 100 years…" The woman said while she got an angered look on her face and her power shockingly skyrockets.

Maite was a little surprise when she felt that before sent some demonic powers and said this.

"Don't tell me how the world works. Emerald and I have seen things from the sidelines on how people are and I may not agree with how things work here there's nothing I can do about it. Now why don't you do yourself a favor and step aside?"

"Oh really?, sure you could kill one of us and neither of us would complain but could you take on the two of us at full strength?, and I would like to remind you that while you are a Queen, you're not a part of this Kingdom, you are a visitor and shouldn't insult anyone without a good reason… I work for Demonga because of people like that bitch there… did you know that my entire home was destroyed by a murderer who wanted to test out a bomb and I was lucky enough to be away at the time?... and Grigori here lost his entire family to a bandit gang going around and getting more and more members all thanks to their leader?, and they were all raped first… so don't try and preach to me about morals when we personally saw how low Killers will go when left unchecked… and Demonga personally caught them all for us and pretty much put them in their place… killing them won't bring back what was lost but making them pay in the long run is the next best thing… just remember that we don't mind dying as long as it makes this world a better place in the long run… we'll let you go and you can even tell your Hubby, but come here again bitch and next time we won't hold back, I'll be letting Demonga know so he can keep your Husband on a leash when he heard you trespassed in a place you shouldn't and provoked a guard." The woman said with a twisted grin on her face.

Maite just rolled her eyes before she starts walking away from the woman and to the exit.

The Woman just huffed before she gestures for Grigori to follow her and he did quietly before a few men helped the guard that was knocked to the ground out of the way so the guards can go back to their shifts while Maite had a thought when she left the area after feeling a little blood on the side of her head… if Grigori was that strong then how strong was Demonga exactly to have a mortal of that level in his employ.

'Damn. Should've been more careful when I entered that place. Seems I need to watch out for those two, especially Grigori. I don't care what they say, they may be criminals but they don't deserve to be used like that. When I have sex with someone I want them be more alive. I can't save all of them but… that panther will be the one I will try to save. For now though, I need to find a place that can heal this head wound of mine. Maybe I'll find Emerald on the way.'

Thankfully for Maite, she did find Emerald after he exits a nearby store with a… purse… of all things?...

Emerald then noticed Maite, but missed the injury before he gave her a grin.

"Hey Maite, look at what I got Clover, can't have her go on this journey practically in the nude though would be pleasing to see hehe." Emerald said when he showed Maite the purse that had a carrot pattern on the side.

Maite blinked before seeing the purse before speaking.

"I see… and it looks very nice." She said before rubbing her head a bit since it still hurt.

Emerald however noticed and with a quick grabbing motion, had Maite's hand move… before he froze with a very angered look when he saw some blood on Maite's head… he couldn't even say anything but his power was felt by all and he felt pissed off to no end…

Maite knew what was happening before she sighs and spoke up.

"I can explain… see I accidentally went to this D section of the city and was surrounded by broken horny 'guards'. Even saw the condition of the prisoners there and it was very… saddening. And I may have bad mouthed some stuff about Demonga which made one of the 'guards' think it's okay to just bash me to the ground before I gave him a good kick in his kiwis. Which is when I met two of the stronger 'guards'. Don't know about the woman but she and I seem to be on par for power but that Grigori person… he's definitely gonna get what's coming after giving me a cheap shot."

Emerald however was silent when he let go of Maite's hand and starts walking to the gate where he was suppose to meet up with Demonga, Clover, and Demonga's woman, but the feeling that emitted from Emerald, plus the dark lines on his skin slowly forming, looks like it would not be a happy meeting if he had any say on the matter.

Maite blinked before she follows Emerald and tries to say something.


However he just seemed to ignore her or didn't trust himself to speak calmly to Maite right now and saved it all for Demonga when he saw him near the entrance with Clover and his lover… she looked to be a… surprisingly sexy Nun of all things thanks to the revealing outfit that barely hid her breasts and lower half surprisingly and she had a pretty shapely figure, she had a staff but looked to have a gauntlet on the hand that held the staff and looked like she had ebony skin, white hair, and a kind smile on her face while she and Clover seemed to get along before noticing Maite and Emerald though Clover did freak out a bit when she saw Emerald in his current state, Demonga had a raised eyebrow when Emerald was approaching him, and Demonga's woman just looked confused before Emerald shocked Clover, the woman, and even Demonga of all things when Emerald moved and slugged Demonga right in the face and launched him back into a nearby wall.

Clover and Maite were shocked when they saw that before Clover spoke up.

"L-Lord Emerald…. w-why did you do that?"

However before anyone could respond to that, a powerful magical power bursts from Demonga, far outclassing the woman's and Grigori's combined shockingly enough before Demonga got up from the ground and gave Emerald a cold look when he walked over to him.

"I hope you have a damn good reason for doing that." Demonga said with a cold tone to his voice while Emerald's energy bursts to match Demonga's.

"For your goons harming my wife… they shouldn't have laid a hand on her and she's not a citizen here… so unless you want a War here and now… I suggest you have the people responsible apologize for their error or I will break my contract with Lillum here and now and no one can stop me from wiping this place off the map." Emerald said much to Demonga's confusion which made him raise an eyebrow at Emerald before he looked to Maite to see if that was true.

Maite rubbed the back her head before speaking.

"It's true Demonga. I had said something regarding about you, one of your 'guards' slams me to the ground and I was punched by that lackey, Grigori."

Demonga just keep his raised eyebrow but he didn't break his cold tone.

"Well unlike most guards, Grigori is one of the rare mortals who can take beings like you and probably thought you were causing trouble and reacted in defense to the weaker guards, granted he may lose his life but not without causing you serious damage and Vivian is at a similar level but she is mainly the brains, if he did cause an injury, it's probably because you had your guard down and didn't think anyone here could actually take you or your husband correct?, could have been fatal for anyone else even if he was holding back." Demonga said with crossed arms.

Maite crossed her arms before speaking.

"Well his reaction is shitty since I was clearly in my right to defend myself. You oughta keep your people in check because that one guard didn't think twice when I almost destroyed his balls."

Demonga just rolled his eyes before he said this with a more cold tone.

"Then maybe you should have held your tongue and not insult a Royal in his own kingdom, my guards in my higher level restricted areas are trained enough that simple actions or words won't provoke them so unless you trespassed in an area that you shouldn't and they were just doing their job then you were the one risking harm, I could care less on what the reason is, point is, you are a Royal from another Kingdom, or are you being like Bubblegum and overstepping your boundaries?, I don't know what you said about me which provoked them and I could personally care less but harming my men under any circumstances is not treated kindly here…" Demonga said while his power skyrockets again… this point far outclassing Grigori and Vivian's power combined.

Clover shivered in fear when she felt that while Maite stood her ground and glared at Demonga before saying this.

"Look who's calling the kettle black when one of your men dare to actually attack me just for stating an opinion. I think I deserved some more payback on that man. And also the Grigori guy is also on my list. Don't care if he was doing his job. And for the record I want an apology from you."

Demonga just raised an eyebrow again before he gave Maite narrowed eyes.

"Hooo… well I'm not just going to give my men to you for no reason since it seems you were the one doing the provoking in the first place and Grigori was just doing his job with trespassers so I'm not going to find a fault with him… I don't care if you are this man's Queen, you overstepped your boundaries when you pretty much insulted me in front of my men, and as for the apology… you'll have to be more specific since plenty of people hating me is a pretty common thing here." Demonga said with his normal cold tone.

"I'm not talking about the attacks, which I didn't deserve… it's about what you have your men doing to those prisoners. I don't care what crimes they commited, they did not deserve to be treated like broken zombies. I even saw one woman, a panther woman, and it's like she had… no soul inside. That's so sickening." Maite said which made Clover gasp a bit at the news.

The woman next to Clover however got some narrowed eyes from that but before anyone could say anything… Demonga's power skyrockets to unbeliveable heights which shockingly surpassed Maite's just now while Demonga's energy got a mix of light and dark for some reason.

"They don't deserve it…. People like them… THEY DON'T DESERVE IT!?... WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW YOU SEX CRAZED BITCH!?..." Demonga roared with his calm nature breaking and Maite saw that Demonga looked like rage incarnate while Emerald looked surprised since this was the first time he ever saw Demonga get like this.

Clover was very shocked when she saw Demonga getting so angry while Maite, who was a bit shocked, still tried to hold her ground before saying this.


Demonga got wide eyes with his teeth mashing together and his power steadily rising to further shock while many people gathering around.

"...You…. have no fucking… idea…. What you are talking about…." Demonga growled out while he looked like he was actually about to attack Maite even with Emerald in front of her before Obsidian, who felt the rising energy, appeared with a burst of speed, most likely from the castle and placed a hand on Demonga's shoulder.

"Calm down Demonga, she doesn't know how wrong she is in this moment, let me explain first alright?" Obsidian said to try and calm Demonga down before he looked at Maite to drop this for now, but even Obsidian had an angered look at Maite, could be from messing with his brother or from the heartless comment, either that or from Demonga's current state right now...

Maite however was not lowering her anger since she was very pissed off for a bunch of things.

"Excuse me?! I'm wrong?! The wrong thing I'm seeing is what your brother is doing to those prisoners. I can understand about punishing them but there should be a limit on breaking their minds. They're still people."

However before anyone could say anything, Demonga raised his left arm near Obsidian who looked shocked before Demonga actually backhands him through a wall and into a nearby house and the energy from him was monstrous… it was like he was being overcome by the energy but still looked sane… no… he knocked Obsidian out of the way for a reason but looks at Maite with raw rage on his face.


Maite's angered expression didn't change before she lowers her head a bit and grinds her teeth before she just turns around and walks away.

However it seemed like a bad move when Demonga took that the wrong way and looked like he was actually about to attack Maite but Obsidian appearing behind Demonga with his hands clasped together and bringing it down on Demonga's head which slammed Demonga into the ground face first did get everyone's attention when the ground cracked greatly under the blow.

Clover was shocked when she saw that before Maite stopped walking as she felt the ground rumble but doesn't turn around.

Obsidian didn't mind at all because he couldn't trust his voice right now while he picked up Demonga and placed him on his shoulder before he starts walking by Maite to the castle but not before saying this to Maite on the way.

"Unless you've seen what Demonga, Lillum, and I have seen and experienced which made us what we are today… you have no right to judge any of us… just like we have no right to judge you since you're kingdom isn't exactly clean itself… I may not agree with Demonga's methods… but let me ask one question and you think about it… do you want this world to be destroyed by people who don't care about their actions?" Obsidian said before he keeps walking to the castle without looking at Maite and Emerald who just looked at his wife with some worry on his face.

Maite still had her head down before a bit of tears was seen leaking out of her eyes.

Emerald didn't know what to say right now and all he could do was gently hug Maite to help calm her down.

Maite let out a bit more tears before saying this.

"I don't want to come back here again Emerald… ever."

Emerald took a moment to think on that before he said this in a calm tone.

"Maybe, but can you really?, while none of us like it, sometimes this world needs a necessary evil, I've always asked myself if what Demonga does is even needed or not, but that question should really be thought about… do you want this world to be destroyed or saved?... because I've been here for much longer and I've seen cases that… deserve Demonga's attention… either from the prisoners actions or from how stubborn they are… follow me for a moment alright?... I want to show you something… should help with understanding Demonga a little before you make the choice to go back home and stay there… it's probably the main reason why I… tolerate his actions… I may not agree… but I can't fault him after what I found out..." Emerald said while he looked to his wife with a look that begged her to agree in following him…

Maite however wasn't exactly looking at him before speaking.

"Fine but on two conditions."

Emerald tried to break the tension a bit when he said this with a slight chuckle.

"Just as long as I don't have to try and get an apology from him, I think I can manage… what are the two conditions my lovely dreamwalker." Emerald said with a calm tone to his voice.

Though Maite had a slight blush on her face, she still had no expression on her face before speaking.

"1) If you can prove to me that his methods are needed… then I'll admit to being wrong… but I'm not apologizing either to any of them."

"Never said you had to apologize, just make sure to let Demonga know at least that you won't question his methods if you can't disagree with him… should help him keep calm since you saw how… explosive he can be." Emerald said while he looked at the hole that Demonga sent Obsidian through.

Maite did saw the hole this time but wasn't phased by that before speaking up.

"I'll consider it."

"Alright, and condition 2?" Emerald said while he wondered what the second condition was.

This time Maite looked at Emerald with a half lidded look, even though there were tears still leaking out, when she said this.

"I want to hear an explanation from you because I've been hearing rumors that you're paying for some weddings… something you have to say?"

Emerald paled quite a bit from that and wished he could fight 100 fully enraged Demonga's right now instead of being here at this one moment.

"Er…. uh…. Sure… though promise to not hurt me too much if you don't like it?" Emerald said with a nervous grin on his face.

"Well I won't hurt you… but your balls are a different story when angry sex is involved." Maite said.

Emerald gulped while he rubbed the back of his head before he looked at Clover and Demonga's woman.

"Er… I'll see you two later… hopefully things will be sorted out soon… if not… expect me to be… in a lot of pain soon." Emerald said while he nervously grins at Clover and the woman, the woman could care less right now since she was more worried about Demonga and just walked towards the castle while she didn't look or speak with Maite right now.

Maite couldn't care less of the woman before looking at Emerald.

"Time for you to show me the proof… dear."

Emerald in turn, got a unusually serious look on his face before he nods at Maite.

"Alright, Clover, just to make sure, you want to stay here and do something or go with us to see Demonga's main drive for doing what he does?" Emerald asked when he looked at the Rabbit Humanoid.

Clover blinked before having a thoughtful look on her face before speaking up.

"U-Um… I'll come with you both."

Emerald nods at Clover before he starts walking Maite away.

"Alright, follow me and keep close… this is in Demonga's territory and is in a level 5 area but unlike the other areas, anyone can come and go… though do one thing wrong and expect serious repercussions… the place is a… well… gravesite after all." Emerald cryptically said to the duo.

Maite didn't show any emotion while Clover gulps while shivering in fear.

For a bit, the trio walked by certain parts of the Bondage Kingdom while Emerald payed points to the guards that stopped them no questions asked and some even let them pass by for free when they heard about Emerald taking Clover and Maite to the gravesite which… gave them somber expressions which was strange for some reason.

Clover shivers a bit but was a bit confused on the guards's expression.

Maite was also confused but stayed silent for the time being as they followed Emerald.

For a bit, the trio keep going till things got oddly quiet in a certain area and the trio came up to a large gravesite… but oddly enough only one gravestone was on one side far from the gate with a large elevator of some kind was behind it and a small house was near the gravestone… and to Maite's shock, she saw Grigori and most likely Vivian standing near the grave… and looked like they were praying for some reason…

Maite would've glared when she saw the duo but didn't as she was beyond confused on whose grave they were praying on.

Emerald however just walked to the grave which got Grigori and Vivian's attention while Emerald placed his hands in a praying motion, granted he wasn't much of a praying to Glob kind of guy which was shocking all on it's own so whose grave was this to get so much respect from Emerald?

Marceline and Clover were again confused before the duo walked over to see who the grave belonged to.

The grave in turn had this on it…

"In loving memory of Mio Spiritus, soul mate of Demonga from before he reincarnated into a prince of the bondage Kingdom, she was betrayed by her own kind for unjust reasons and broken down physically and mentally till she committed suicide… may her soul rest in peace where she can't be harmed in the mortal world…. Even if her body can't..."

Though Clover was shocked, Maite was completely floored after reading the grave marker.

Though a voice behind Maite did get her attention when shockingly, the voice was so close behind Clover.

"Curious on why people like even your husband prey for Demonga's wife?" A man's voice said out of the blue which caused an interesting reaction from Clover…

"GAH" Clover yelped as she jumped away a bit before Maite turned to see who spoke.

Turns out, the man looked like a priest in modest gear and looked like he carried a massive weapon that looked like a Cross with a sword hilt on one end, he looked like he was athletic and could match Grigori muscle wise and his clothing had a mainly black and red coloring while his hair was slicked back and tied into a ponytail while he wore a hat on his head that had a Cross on it.. (A/N: think of the weapon that the Priest from slap up party Arad Senki used and you get the general idea about the weapon.)

"My apologize for startling you Miss Rabbit, but I make it a key to be quiet in this sacred place even if it's not sacred at all, my name is Hikari, it is a word meaning Light in another language, if you'll give me a moment to do the purifying ritual, I'll be more than happy to explain… please stand back." Hikari said while he walked by Maite and Clover and over to the grave while Grigori, Vivian, and Emerald stepped back so the Priest could do his job when he starts to mutter something and the grave glows a little and looks… cleaner… even the ground around it looked healthier as time went by.

Clover was able to calm herself down while Maite watched Hikari do his job.

A couple minutes later and the entire area looked like a beautiful garden of all things with many different kinds of flowers all around their feet while a single path was the only thing untouched for Emerald and the others before Hikari finished chanting.

"*Phew* always takes a bit out of me… anyway I take it your new here yes?, I've tended to this grave for centuries and Demonga permitted me to live here free of charge as long as I keep the place maintained, I also deal with people who try and cause trouble so please don't cause issues here if you would be so kind alright?, I also handle the rights and what not for people who have died and take care of the grave on the other side of the city for the prisoners that pass away here." Hikari said while he gave Maite a kind smile fitting for a priest like him since his holy magic was the real deal.

Maite looks at the priest for a moment before turning her head away. Seems seeing Mio's grave made the succubus Queen feel… so sad.

The priest just smiles at Maite before he spoke up when he looked around.

"And I can see that my brother and Vivian is here, sorry if they gave you trouble earlier, but Vivian doesn't try and seem mean, it's just the way the world made her, as for Grigori, he hasn't spoken much since his family was killed and I'm one of his last remaining family members… see the resemblance?, then again I guess big muscle men like us are intimidating for a beautiful lady like yourself." Hikari said with a surprisingly kind and nice grin to Maite to try and cheer her up since she was the one who seemed the most down right now.

Maite, though sees the resemblance and did slightly blushed a bit, let out some tears as she lowered her when she now felt guilt for all the things she said before realizing why Demonga does this.

Hikari got comically wide eyes when he saw that and animatedly tried to do some funny gestures while he tried to calm her down.

"M-Miss… did I say or do anything wrong?, my apologize if so, maybe I upset you somehow… oh how much of an idiot I am for doing that to a beautiful flower such as yourself since tears don't suit a face like that!" Hikari dramatically said to show how different he was from his silent brother.

Maite did felt slighter better she was still sad before speaking.

"No… it's not you. I'm the one that's… wrong. I can not be here any longer."

"Hmmm how so?" Hikari asked when he got a curious look on his face.

"How so?… you want to know how so?... I made a fool of myself when I bad mouth Demonga and his mission. They told me that I didn't understand this and sadly… they were right. I didn't know why till I saw this grave marker. Now I just want to leave and never return here again." Maite said as she cried a bit more.

Hikari in turn nods a few times before he shockingly said this.

"Well Demonga can be a right ass about things and unlike the others, I don't mind insulting him if he does something wrong, but let me ask you this since Emerald here was in a similar state to yours believe it or not…. Now that you know Demonga's reasoning and learned your lesson… will you insult Demonga's way of life?, even if you don't agree with it, it doesn't mean you have to like it… I mean take me for instance… I have nothing to do with Demonga's work, but I do take care of the prisoners who survive and die off if they try and escape and die as a result, all I am is the priest of the Bondage Kingdom so I can help the prisoners weary souls rest in peace… I mean there were a few times that I even fought Demonga to a tie sometimes when I didn't agree with some of his choices… hehehe, really had to rebuild a few buildings when that idiot ran amok, but all in all, I do it since I'm an honest person, but I know that unless someone does the dirty deeds needed, nothing may change… I mean considering the situation, you now have a broader perspective on things right?, learned something about Demonga and can understand him yes?... does that mean you have to like him?... hell no, all it just means is that you understand him more and you don't have to run from this place and stay away to make up for it and what not, no one here blames you for anything." The Priest said with a kind smile on his face while Vivian got a ticked off look on her face but didn't say anything either from how strong Hikari was or from being respectful of this place and didn't want to cause a scene here.

"You kidding? After what I did, I'm not sure if I can show my face here again." Maite said.

Hikari then surprised everyone when he laughed loudly before he spoke up after he calmed down.

"S-Sorry, it's just you remind me so much of myself when I first got here, I mean I originally came here when I heard about my brother and how this place was with it's prisoners and you want to know what Demonga and I did?, we nearly totaled his entire section before I was subdued by Obsidian and Lillum after Demonga was stopped, if anyone should leave for their mistakes, its me since I had no idea of what's going on until now, but here I am, working under him as the priest here and he doesn't mind, in fact I gained his respect since I not only admitted my mistakes on my part, he admitted his and gladly said that as long as Ooo was safe, he didn't mind taking on the entire world's hate… can you believe it given his personality normally?" Hikari said with an amused look on his face.

Clover and Maite were again shocked by the story before Maite lowers her head again and spoke up.

"It just proves how much of a bigger person he is while someone like me behaves like a fool."

Hikari just chuckles now before he placed a hand on Maite's head to pet it.

"Then all you have to do is apologize... Demonga has a big heart believe it or not so do you really think he won't forgive you?, I'm sure he would even apologize to you as well since I could sense how angry he was earlier." Hikari simply said while he smiles at the Succubus Queen.

Maite looks at Hikari and said this.

"He won't apologize or accept one from the very woman that called him a heartless."

Hikari then chuckles before full blown laughing again before he looked at Maite.

"Well want to know what I called him?, I called him a soulless abomination but he still forgave me, so trust me… if it's one thing that I know of Demonga after all these years… is that all it takes is a heartfelt apology and he will forgive you and apologize in turn since you understand him better… besides… how will you know he'll turn you away if you never try?, or is the Succubus Queen a coward of a woman?" Hikari said while he got a teasing grin on his face.

Maite however said something surprising.

"I might as well be one since I don't think I can bring myself to face him."

"Well what if this old priest tells you a little secret?, something to help give you a bit of courage to do so…" Hikari said with a grin on his face.

Maite sighs lowly, before she spoke up to humor Hikari.

"Alright… might as well."

"Great… what normally helps me when I need to gather some courage is think of the people around me who would miss me if I wasn't around… for me it's Grigori and I can't leave him alone so I sucked up my pride and fears and apologized to Demonga… now tell me… who would miss you the most here if you just up and left the place for good?" Hikari said with a gentle smile on his face.

Maite blinks before she starts to think on who miss her if she was no longer here in the Bondage Kingdom.

Emerald would be one obviously since he was contracted with Lillum.

Marceline would be a seconds since she would be here for 5 years.

Ruby would be a soon to be one soon since she would be following Finn here.

Honestly it was hard to think of some people here… but all in all… they were the top 3 in the Bondage Kingdom… her Husband and Daughter would worry for her… and while no real relation yet, she did have a bond with Marceline thanks to her bond with her mother Dawn… all in all… they were the most important people in her life right now….

"I can only think of a few people and it may be a short list but they are important to me." Maite said.

"Well don't you think those few people would worry if they never saw you here again if they live here?, it maybe a cliche but the power of love is a powerful thing and can make even the most Coward of cowards have a moment of bravery if it means staying near the people they care for the most..." Hikari said with a gentle smile on his face while Emerald gave Maite a worried look when he wondered what she would do now.

Clover was curious while Maite took a deep breath after finally making a decision.

"Okay… I'll… apologize to Demonga."

Hikari laughed while Emerald looked relieved and surprisingly Vivian and Grigori looked a bit more relaxed before Hikari says this.

"Well then, want to get something to drink first?, I got plenty of drinks back home since Demonga will most likely be out for a bit more if Obsidian knocked him out, guy's the only one here to overpower Demonga as far as I know." Hikari said while he points a thumb at his home nearby.

Maite sees the house before she spoke up.

"Thank you but no. I just need some alone time for the time being."

"You sure?, I can make a mean cup of tea from some of the flowers here and it really helps soothe the soul, think of it as Mio's gift since all the flowers here are placed here over the years by various people, they are strong enough to regrow so no worries about ruining the garden here, could even give you a room to drink in alone so you can think on things.." Hikari said with an understanding tone.

Maite took a small deep breath before speaking up.

"Alright. I'll go for the tea."

"Great, if you want, you can even rest in the room as long as you want, no one would dare come here to cause issues… especially with me here." Hikari said before he got a serious look on his face while a large pressure was felt from him but it felt more calming than threatening…

Clover did shiver from that while Maite, who felt that, did spoke up.

"That would be nice."

"Great, please follow me, I'll whip up a tea fit for Royalty, I also heard about the mission to the Rabbit Kingdom as well and if all else, I can go with your husband to provide backup for the Idiotic Demonga's stubbornness for making a beautiful woman cry… or make it two since we have a cute Rabbit woman here as well... HAHAHAHAHA!" Hikari said before he starts walking to his place…. The guy was strange but nice as hell it seemed.

Clover blushes while Maite did slightly feel better but was still feeling down for the most part.

Emerald then walked to Maite with a small smile on his face.

"Feel better now?, all things considering?" Emerald said while he looked a bit worried for Maite.

Maite sighs a bit before speaking.

"A bit but… still feeling it."

"Great, guess that means my story on paying for Ayuyat's 5 royal weddings can wait then." Emerald said and… while it could have been on purpose to get some kind of reaction from Maite, Emerald starts to jog to Hikari's place with a spring in his step.

Clover was blinking a bit when she heard that while Maite…

Maite was trying to register what her husband just said before saying this.

"Wait… YOU'RE DOING WHAT?!" She screamed demonically before she starts marching towards Emerald at a fast pace. Hope he's wearing cup.

A moment later, Emerald ran by Hikari with a girlish scream while he blinked in confusion while he saw Maite walk by him at a fast pace and worried for the state of his home which left Clover with Vivian and Grigori who looked at the smaller Rabbit Humanoid…

Clover gulped before she looks at the duo and didn't know what to do or say at this time.

However Vivian just made a hmph sound before she turned back to the grave while Grigori just turned back to it so he could prey for Mio which awkwardly left Clover alone technically… in the middle of the graveyard…

Clover shudder at the sight of this place before she quickly starts heading towards Hikari's home.

Meanwhile while Hikari made tea for the four of them, and while Emerald explains things to a royally pissed off Maite… the camera went to Obsidian who carried Demong on his shoulder and into the castle before he saw Ayuyat looking at him with worry on her face.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Demonga getting a rare pissed off moment because of Emerald's wife and I had to knock this idiot out, sorry but we'll have to talk about the whole marriage thing later, mind waiting with Me-Mow to make sure that she doesn't wake up and just think that what I said was a dream?" Obsidian said while he walked to Ayuyat and she could see a bruise forming on the side of Obsidian's chest thanks to Demonga's attack blowing part of the shirt off his body from the blow… looks like the bruise was delayed.

Ayuyat was shocked after hearing that before seeing the bruise but knew that Obsidian would tell her later.

"Yeah alright. I'll keep her company."

"Great, do well and I may personally reward my soon to be first wife greatly, still have to feed the kid after all." Obsidian teasingly said to Ayuyat when he walked by her.

Ayuyat blushes brightly after hearing that before she went to check in on Me-Mow.

Obsidian then continues walking while he had this thought.

"Fucking hell… I'll need to visit the spring under the castle to recover from a blow like this… considering how Demonga's energy won't allow others to heal from their wounds normally." Obsidian thought while he keeps walking to one of Demonga's rooms in the castle while the scene went to Me-Mow when she was coming to finally.

Me-Mow groans for a bit before she starts to sit up a bit on the bed before speaking up.

"W-Wow. Talk about an interesting dream." She said while rubbing her eye.

"It wasn't a dream just to let you know." Ayuyat's voice said next to Me-Mow.

Me-Mow's eyes widen after her brain starts function fully before she looks at Ayuyat and asked this.

"If this is not a dream then why are you… this is not my room." She said as she finally noticed her surrounds before realizing she's not at Sake's place.

"Right about that, you're in my room to be exact, Obsidian is dealing with Demonga right now and wanted me to make sure you didn't forget what happened… since your most likely going to be Wife number 2 soon." Ayuyat said while she had her arms crossed while she sat near Me-Mow.

Me-Mow's eyes widen in surprise when she heard that before speaking.

"Then that means… I really am engaged."

"Not until your 2 and half years are up, at the very least I'm going to make sure our soon to be husband doesn't marry convicts." Ayuyat said with a determined look on her face.

Me-Mow had a half lidded look when she looked at Ayuyat.

"You know I was actually feeling some excitement till you had to ruin it."

"Well sorry for that but I'm not going to let anything ruin anything for Obsidian in the future, I mean you were lucky enough to actually get a reduced sentence and get Obsidian's favor, and a soon to be fully paid Royal wedding, try and not push your luck further." Ayuyat said while she raised her eyebrow at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow did remember that Emerald, who was unlucky, had to pay for both weddings and 3 more along the way.

"So now what? I'm sure you have some ground rules since we're marrying the same guy."

"Damn straight, and since I'm carrying Emerald's kid whether I like it or not, then I expect you to help feed the kid since I'm going to make sure that it's raised by Obsidian and myself, not only that, try and not piss me off by doing things around him with me around for the soul sake of just pissing me off… I may not like this as much as you but I don't want to piss Obsidian off, he's still a Royal here and as soon to be wifes, we should at least have some class in public… and finally… unless you can actually take me in a fight, I'm the lady that calls the shots around here… understand?... follow those three conditions and I'll be fine if you have your fun with the prince when I'm not around." Ayuyat said with a look that just dared Me-Mow to object right now… she was still the Warden and that position wasn't given for looks alone.

Me-Mow took a deep breath after hearing this before speaking.

"Fine… as long as you don't piss me off either, I'll agree to the terms."

"Fine by me, and since Obsidian is busy, time for you to start your work by stripping, I need to be able to have sex at a moments notice and right now I can barely hold on any longer." Ayuyat said when she got to her feet and gave Me-Mow a dominating look.

Me-Mow blinked a bit when she saw that but didn't have much choice since she agreed to it before she got off the bed and starts stripping.

Ayuyat chuckles when she did the same and a minute later, both women were in the nude.

"Good Kitty, now, start licking my pussy and don't stop no matter what." Ayuyat ordered while she got on the bed and stood over Me-Mow after placing her feet on both sides of Me-Mow's body while her pussy was near Me-Mow's face.

Me-Mow rolled her eyes at the 'good kitty remark' before she brought her mouth closer and starts to eat the warden out after latching her mouth on Ayuyat's folds.

Ayuyat moans from that and used a hand to push Me-Mow's head so that she was forced to eat her out deeper.

Me-Mow muffled a bit before she gave Ayuyat what she wanted as the feline assassin pushed her tongue in deeper than ever.

For a minute, Ayuyat keeps having Me-Mow eat her out before Me-Mow felt her body get oddly horny even in this situation and could feel a tiny amount of energy leave her for some reason which showed that the kid was draining her of a bit of energy right now for the needed meal.

Me-Mow was a bit surprises as she felt that while continuing to eat out Ayuyat's pussy.

"Oh yeah… really lick it deep you slut… might as well show I'm the top bitch in this relationship sex wise as well." Ayuyat said with a grin on her face while she uses her other hand to hold Me-Mow's head steady.

Me-Mow mentally scoffed before thinking this.

'I'll show you who's top bitch.' She thought before she got rough on her eating out before using her paw to roughly play with Ayuyat's bud.

Ayuyat groans from that but didn't complain when she keeps holding Me-Mow's head to her folds which got wetter and wetter as time went by.

Me-Mow continues to roughly eat out the Wardens pussy while lapping up a bit of her juices each time as Me-Mow kept messing with Ayuyat's bud even when the feline assassin pinches it a tiny bit.

Ayuyat in turn groans a bit louder which showed she liked it rough and could feel her orgasm getting closer and closer with each lick until Ayuyat threw her head back and groans loudly when she squirts hard onto Me-Mow's face.

Me-Mow was taken back by the squirt before she went with it and lapped up Ayuyat's juices as hard as she can as she kept playing with Ayuyat's bud to make her orgasm stronger.

Ayuyat managed to ride out her strengthened orgasm when that happened before she tapped off after 15 seconds.

Me-Mow was able to pull her head back so she can breathe for a moment as she licked her lips a bit.

Ayuyat in turn managed to calm down before she looked down at Me-Mow with a grin.

"Better not think it's a one way street, lay back and get ready to see how this tongue of mine can please a pussy." Ayuyat said with a grin on her face before she opened her mouth and an abnormally long tongue came out of her mouth, either that was natural, used magic… or she had some kind of perk… hard to tell with this place...

Me-Mow blinked a few times since she did not see that coming before a moment later she lays flat on the bed with her back before spreading her legs to Ayuyat.

Ayuyat chuckles before she knelt down to see how wet Me-Mow was right now.

So far it was slightly wet but not too much while Me-Mow slightly blushed from having the warden stare at it.

A moment later, Ayuyat licks her lips before she starts to eat out Me-Mow's pussy with aggressive licks to get her worked up first.

Me-Mow jolts before she begins to groan from how aggressive Ayuyat was as she grinds her teeth a bit.

Ayuyat just chuckles once before she starts to work her tongue into Me-Mow's pussy while her upper lip rubbed Me-Mow's bud.

Only a minute or more passes before Me-Mow's toes surprisingly begin to curl before she finally let out a moan or two.

Ayuyat in turn continues to eat out Me-Mow with her tongue getting deeper and deeper until she shockingly hit Me-Mow's cervix and her tongue wiggles in Me-Mow's pussy a moment later.

Me-Mow's eyes widen as she felt that which made her say this.


"That's right, moan like the cock sleeve that you are, I'll make sure that Obsidian has a good second best pussy when I'm not around." Ayuyat thought before her tongue wiggling got more and more wild in Me-Mow's pussy.

Me-Mow kept moaning loud at this action before she feels her climax approaching.

'Oh fuck. Can't believe I'm actually enjoying this.'

Ayuyat then surprised Me-Mow when she used her index finger and middle finger on her right hand to finger Me-Mow's ass after lubing her fingers up with Me-Mow's juices.

"GAH!" Me-Mow yelped after jolting a bit.

Ayuyat chuckles a bit before she thrusts her fingers in and out of Me-Mow's ass while she keeps on pleasing Me-Mow's pussy which twitched more and more as time went by until...

Me-Mow's eyes widen a bit before she moans loud as her pussy squirts out her love juices on Ayuyat's face.

Ayuyat in turn just lapped up the juices while she keeps fingering Me-Mow's asshole to help get her orgasm as strong as she could get it.

And stronger it did as Me-Mow continues to climax before tapping off after 20 seconds pass before the feline assassin pants for a bit of breath.

Ayuyat then pulled her mouth away with a grin on her face while she licks up the juices on her lips so that Me-Mow could see and made sure to pull her fingers out of Me-Mow's asshole.

Me-Mow groans after feeling that before she finally catch her breath but had a slight on her face when she saw the way the Warden licked her lips.

Ayuyat then got onto her knees and summoned her card to her hand.

"Tell me you got enough points for the dick growth perk, otherwise this will be a short bonding time for us if I have to do most of the work soon." Ayuyat said with a teasing tone to her voice before her dick was summoned, it was around 10 inches long this time and 3 inches in width as well.

Me-Mow blinked after hearing that before she takes out her card to see how many points she has.

Thankfully for Me-Mow, when Lillum unlocked the perk during that first punishment time, it was still unlocked while Me-Mow had saved up quite a number of points for her own use, all in all, she had access to the dick growth perk.

"Yes I have." Me-Mow said as she showed Ayuyat her card.

"Good then… better get ready to use it on me soon because I'll be fucking you as hard as I can before I have to hold back in a few months thanks to the kid in me." Ayuyat teasingly said with a grin before she dismissed her card and stroked her dick a few times while Ayuyat got between Me-Mow's legs.

Me-Mow blushes a bit brightly when she heard that as she watched Ayuyat stroke her dick before bracing herself for what happens next.

Ayuyat in turn angles her dick to Me-Mow's folds before Ayuyat slowly starts to push her dick inside of Me-Mow then gripped Me-Mow's hips and used her arms strength to pull Me-Mow onto her dick slowly.

Me-Mow groans as she felt the Warden's dick going into her pussy while at the same time Me-Mow was trying to adjust to it with ease due to her time at the Amazon village.

Ayuyat didn't care however when Me-Mow gripped her dick tightly which made her groan in a pleased way and felt her dick bump into Me-Mow's cervix to show how deep she was.

Me-Mow groans for a bit as she felt that before lifting her head up a bit to see the large lump in her stomach.

Ayuyat, after a minute, then starts to pull her dick free of Me-Mow's pussy before she starts to thrust her hips back and forth with her dick entering and exiting the assassin's pussy again and again while Ayuyat has a slight blush on her face when she felt more pleasure than ever before for some reason and chalked it up to the kid absorbing Me-Mow's energy and some of it going to her.

Me-Mow, who noticed that, gave off the same blush look as she begins to moan and groan each time she felt Ayuyat's dick going in and out at a rough pace.

For a bit, Ayuyat keeps on going while she watched Me-Mow's blushing face before she adjusts her body so that she was over Me-Mow and placed her hands on Me-Mow's breasts and fondles them roughly while she thrusts her hips harder and faster into the assassin's pussy even with her orgasm approaching.

Me-Mow moans loudly from that action before a moment or so passes when Me-Mow actually wrapped her legs around Ayuyat's waist.

Ayuyat didn't mind when it helped her with getting deeper into the feline's pussy and a couple minutes later, Ayuyat made one extra hard push to break into Me-Mow's womb before Ayuyat lets out a loud groan when she came hard inside of her, filling Me-Mow's womb with her sperm.

"GAAAAHHH!" Me-Mow screams loudly as she felt that before she felt her pussy tightening around the Warden's dick before Me-Mow climaxed on it.

Ayuyat grit her teeth when she keeps cumming hard inside of Me-Mow before she tapped off with a groan 15 seconds later and pants for breath to help recover.

Me-Mow tapped of a couple seconds after before trying to catch her breath while having a deep blush on her face.

Ayuyat then surprised Me-Mow when she plants a kiss right on her lips and her long tongue went to wrap around Me-Mow's aggressively like it was trying to get her tongue to submit to Ayuyat's.

Me-Mow's eyes widen in surprise as she didn't expect to be kissed by Warden.

However Me-Mow wasn't gonna submit that easily before she returns the kiss a bit hard and uses her tongue to fight back Ayuyat's tongue.

Ayuyat's tongue however was much stronger and made it hard for Me-Mow to fight back but Ayuyat felt amused by Me-Mow's stubbornness and pulled away, licks her lips, and said this when she turned Me-Mow onto her side and gripped Me-Mow's ass cheek.

"Now then, I believe it's time for my dick to go into that slutty ass of yours." Ayuyat teasingly said while she pressed the head of her dick at Me-Mow's ass and rubbed the head on it to tease Me-Mow.

Me-Mow shudders a bit when she felt that before she did a surprise move by using her tail and wrapped it around Ayuyat's dick before stroking it.

Ayuyat was a bit surprised by that but all in all enjoyed Me-Mow's tail work when she stopped for a moment to enjoy the tail as it strokes her dick.

Me-Mow chuckles as she continues this action before speaking.

"That's right. Keep enjoying it. Didn't expect that didn't yeah?"

Ayuyat in turn just grins at that and surprised Me-Mow when she placed her hand on Me-Mow's tail that stroked her and started to jerk off with the tail still under her hands.

"Maybe, but I believe an aggressive woman like me really likes it rough, this gentle shit won't get me worked up for long!" Ayuyat said with a forceful tone while she used Me-Mow's tail as her sex toy.

Me-Mow was a bit surprise from that action before she groans a bit.

However, the feline assassin did say this.

"Fine then. You want rough? Then lay on your back so I can ride you with my ass."

Ayuyat was a little surprise by that but instead of saying anything, she just got next to Me-Mow with her back on the bed and her dick stood like a tower for the assassin.

Me-Mow grins before she stood before straddling herself on top of Ayuyat before Me-Mow starts lowering herself til she groans as soon as she felt the Warden's dick enter her ass.

Ayuyat groans a little from that but all in all, she barely made a noise after that while she watched Me-Mow get lower and lower on her large dick, she made sure to stay still... for now.

Me-Mow groans a bit as she kept pushing her ass down before she was finally at the hilt.

Ayuyat in turn felt how tight Me-Mow's ass was, but instead of giving her a chance to adjust, she just placed her hands on Me-Mow's breasts and starts to fondle them while she thrusts her hips upward to make Me-Mow bounce on her cock.

Me-Mow groans before moaning a bit from these actions but she still gonna show the Warden how rough she can before Me-Mow starts bouncing on her own but made sure to do it harder.

Ayuyat groans a bit from that but placed her feet on the bed to one up Me-Mow when she really starts to thrust her hips harder and faster which caused her dick to enter and exit Me-Mow's ass at a quicker rate.

Me-Mow groans from that before she up the ante by using her tail to wrap around Ayuyat's dick again and made sure it was tightened as Me-Mow bounced faster and harder like she never had before.

Ayuyat grit her teeth when that happens since it felt like a tight cockring was clamping onto the base of her dick which made her thrust harder and faster as a result.

Me-Mow grinds her teeth as well as she continues to bounce hard while making sure to keep her tail tightly wrapped around Ayuyat's dick.

About a moment or so later, Me-Mow leans down while still bouncing hard before she surprised Ayuyat by latching her mouth on one of the Warden's breasts before the feline assassin starts to suck and bite on the nipple a bit while making sure it was not long damaging.

Ayuyat groans loudly from that and gripped Me-Mow's ass cheeks and really thrust her hips up for a few minutes while she could feel her orgasm getting closer and closer and could feel Me-Mow's orgasm getting closer as well.

Me-Mow tries to hold back her orgasm as she made sure to give Ayuyat the works while bouncing harder so she can get her to climax while sucking hard at the Warden's right breast as if she was trying to draw out some milk.

After a minute, Ayuyat surprised Me-Mow when she surprisingly turned the duo over so that Ayuyat was on top before Ayuyat used more power in her thrusts thanks to the better angle and was able to get really deep in her ass, so much so that the part that had Me-Mow's tail wrapped around it hit her own ass as a result.

Me-Mow was definitely caught off guard by that sudden action before moaning very loud as her ass was getting the pounding of its life.

Ayuyat chuckles barely but still kept going strong with her thrusts in Me-Mow's ass until…

Me-Mow moans very loudly as her ass tightens around Ayuyat's dick before Me-Mow climaxed from it as her juices squirt to Ayuyat's groin.

Ayuyat in turn thrusts as deep as she could go one last time and yelled with a fucked up look on her face when she fires her load deep into Me-Mow's ass.

Me-Mow moans loud again as she felt her ass getting filled up which caused her orgasm to get stronger before tapping off at 30 seconds.

For another 5 seconds, Ayuyat keeps cumming hard in Me-Mow's ass before she tapped off with a groan and Me-Mow could see and feel how much cum Ayuyat fired into her.

Me-Mow pants a few times before she was able to say this.


"Hehe… yeah, I got one last thing in mind before we switch, and it involves those large jugs of yours." Ayuyat teasingly said before she grabbed Me-Mow's tits for emphasis.

Me-Mow blinks a few times as she blushes a bit before wondering what Ayuyat was gonna do though deep down, she might've already figured it out.

And low and behold, Me-Mow's instinct was right when she was laying on her back and Ayuyat was having the time of her life fucking Me-Mow's tits and pulled her nipples a few times.

Me-Mow hisses a few times groans and moans a bit loudly from having her breasts played with.

Ayuyat in turn chuckled while the tip of her dick popped free from the top of Me-Mow's breasts.

"How's this feel slut?, Bet these massive titties enjoy a cock going to town between them!" Ayuyat teasingly said before moving her hands to the side of Me-Mow's breasts and pressed them together harder to give Ayuyat's dick a tighter hole to fuck.

Me-Mow doesn't say anything but the moaning indicates that she's enjoying this a bit.

Ayuyat in turn chuckled before she sped up her thrusts more and could feel her orgasm getting closer and closer.

Me-Mow can feel it to as she moans and groans a bit loudly while watching Ayuyat's dick going in and out of her breasts.

A moment later, Ayuyat pulled her hips back once a day thrusts forward with her dick aiming at Me-Mow's face before the Warden groans loudly when she blew a large load on Me-Mow's face, coating it with semen that never seemed to end.

Me-Mow, though surprised at the amount, moans loud as she felt her face and mouth getting covered by cum.

Ayuyat tapped off 20 seconds later and pants for breath and admired her handiwork on Me-Mow.

Me-Mow pants for a bit as her face was coated with the Warden's cum. She even licked her lips a bit which resulted in tasting it.

Ayuyat chuckles when she sees that and decided to tease Me-Mow a bit.

"So… does the kitty like her Mistresses cream?, Bet you want me to please your cock in the same way huh?" Ayuyat teasingly said while she surprised the assassin when she wiped a bit of cum off Me-Mow's nose and tastes it while making sure the assassin saw her do that.

Me-Mow was indeed surprised when she saw that which made her blush a bit before she said this in a low tone but still loud enough for Ayuyat to hear it.


Ayuyat grins at that before she said this in a very teasing way.

"Then I want you to beg for it like the good kitty that you are… or are you going to try and be a real woman and take what you want?" Ayuyat teasingly said while she grins at the assassin.

Me-Mow blinks for a bit before grinning and said this.

"Take what I want." She said before she actually pounced at Ayuyat making said Warden on lay on her back.

Ayuyat blinked a few times from the action and just chuckled when she wondered if Me-Mow would actually go through it it.

Me-Mow grins more before she used the perk to summon her dick. It may not be bigger than Ayuyat's but it's still decent size.

Ayuyat chuckles and starts grinding her pussy on Me-Mow's dick to show how hot she was right now.

Me-Mow shudders from that before she jams her dick deep inside Ayuyat's pussy.

Ayuyat lets out a loud groan from the feeling while her pussy gripped Me-Mow's dick tightly when it seemed to have a mind of its own right now and was already trying to milk her of her cum.

Me-Mow groans from that before she decides to give Ayuyat's pussy what it wants before Me-Mow starts thrusting her dick in and out as hard as she can.

Ayuyat moans and groans each time and surprised Me-Mow when she placed her arms and legs around the feline while she worked her magic to try and help Me-Mow get much deeper than before.

And deeper she did as Me-Mow continues to thrust hard before a moment passes before Me-Mow said this.

"Y-You know… back then you were a bitch as a Warden but… s-surprisingly, the way you act and looked… you're actually kinda hot."

Ayuyat was surprised by that a little and managed to get this out with a grin on her face.

"And I bet c-choking on my c-cock got you soaked huh?" Ayuyat got out while she enjoyed the pounding she was getting from Me-Mow.

Me-Mow did remember that before she grins again as she looked at Ayuyat closely.

"Maybe… maybe not. Guess we'll never know." She said before she surprised Ayuyat again by actually smashing her lips on the Warden's lips.

Ayuyat blushed a bit from that before moaning into the kiss when she felt her pleasure skyrocket and blamed it on the kid messing with something in her to cause it.

Me-Mow kept the kiss up before she slides her tongue inside Ayuyat's mouth before using it to fight it while Me-Mow kept pounding Ayuyat's pussy harder and faster.

That's when she did another unexpected move by placing her paws on Ayuyat's hands before interlocking them.

Ayuyat didn't care at the moment when all she could do was moan and groan through it all while her hands gripped Me-Mow's and she could feel Me-Mow getting close.

As Me-Mow continue to give Ayuyat's pussy the works she did had one thought while thrusting her dick hard.

'Damn didn't think it be possible but I'm really… starting to like this side of the Warden… when she's not being bitchy that is.' She thought she looked at Ayuyat with some good amount of lust in her eyes while kissing her.

Ayuyat moans back into the kiss and could feel Me-Mow getting closer and closer until…

Me-Mow, after making one last thrust to push her dick deep in Ayuyat's womb, growls loudly before she released a big dose of cum inside the Warden's pussy.

Ayuyat groans loudly from that when she had a really intense orgasm while her pussy really works in overtime to milk Me-Mow's cock and considering how strong Ayuyat was normally… that was an understatement of how tight things got for Me-Mow.

Me-Mow grinds her teeth at the vice grip on her dick as she kept climaxing for almost 35 seconds before the feline assassin taps off.

Ayuyat in turn tapped off and pants for breath while she laid on the bed.

Me-Mow pants a bit as well as she lays on top of Ayuyat before speaking.

"F-Fuck… talk about… a-an intense… o-orgasm."

"Y-Yeah… though I'm hoping you're not down yet… got a few more Ideas in mind for that kitty cock of yours." Ayuyat said with a lustful tone to her voice.

Me-Mow chuckles after hearing that.

"Girl please. I can keep going for as long as I need to."

Ayuyat chuckles before she teasingly said this.

"Well then, looks like your dick and my ass have a date planned right now… pick a position and let's see if you can tear my fucking ass up." Ayuyat said with a lustful tone to her voice.

Me-Mow grins as she gave Ayuyat a lustful look.

"On your hands and knees." She said while giving the same lustfulled tone.

A moment later, Ayuyat got onto all fours, and all she did was shake her round ass at Me-Mow to tempt her into action.

Me-Mow was indeed tempted but decided to do a little teasing before she grabs Ayuyat's hips and starts rubbing her dick at Ayuyat's asshole.

Ayuyat shuddered from that but didn't say anything while she waits for Me-Mow to act.

And act she did when Me-Mow made sure to aim her dick before pushing it inside the Warden's ass.

Ayuyat groans loudly from that while she felt her asshole getting stretched by the barbed dick as it went deeper and deeper into her asshole.

Me-Mow groans from how tight it was as she kept pushing her dick further before the feline assassin was finally at the hilt.

Ayuyat groans more from that and waits for Me-Mow to start while her ass gripped Me-Mow's dick tightly with a vice grip like no other.

Me-Mow grinds her teeth a bit after feeling that before she starts trying to thrust her dick hard in Ayuyat's ass.

Ayuyat moans from that before she starts to thrust her hips back to meet with Ayuyat's thrusts so that she could really get Me-Mow's dick in her and wiggles her ass to really tease it a few times.

Me-Mow groans a few times as she thrusts her hips hard before a moment or two passes before Me-Mow raised her paw and starts smacking Ayuyat's left asscheek.

"Gah!" Ayuyat yelled a few times when she felt that and starts to moan and groan when the smacks keep coming… all in all she was surprisingly enjoying her ass getting spanked right now.

Me-Mow chuckles as she continues this process before saying this.

"Yeah that's right. Keep moaning like a slut."

Ayuyat in turn would have gotten pissed normally, but because of certain things, all she did was grin at Me-Mow and said this though a strained tone.

"Y-Yeah w-well I-I maybe a s-slut now… b-but you b-better get used to… being O-Obsidian's slut soon… d-doubt you would do s-stuff like this t-that easily… w-with any guy huh?... t-then again… h-he has a dick that few can match… b-bet it felt good at Sake's huh!?" Ayuyat moans out before thrusting her hips back to meet with Me-Mow's thrusts more.

Me-Mow doesn't say anything but did had a slight tick mark on her head before she starts pounding Ayuyat's ass even harder now.

Ayuyat moans and groans more while she keeps grinning when she realized her simple observation just got Me-Mow into overdrive and wondered what she was thinking right now.

'I'll show her. I'll show her I can please Obsidian in ways that this bitch couldn't or doesn't even know about.' Me-Mow thought with determined look although the way she looked and acted made Me-Mow act like an animal in heat.

For a bit, Me-Mow keeps up her assault on Ayuyat's ass while making sure to have her ass cheeks bright red from all the spanks before Ayuyat could feel Me-Mow getting close after another minute.

After a few more thrusts, Me-Mow growls as she throws her head back before climaxing hard as she released her load deep inside Ayuyat's ass.

Ayuyat threw her head back as well before she groans loudly when she came hard on Me-Mow's dick and her juices squirt onto the bed.

Me-Mow continues to climax for 25 seconds before she grunts as she finally taps off.

Ayuyat did so as well with a loud groan and her torso fell onto the bed while her ass stayed in the air while she stayed connected to Me-Mow.

Me-Mow pants a bit before she groans a bit as she pulls her dick out of the Warden's ass before seeing her handiwork.

Thankfully for Me-Mow, she saw that she was very productive while Ayuyat pants for breath with a wide open mouth…. Which was very… revenge idea forming… especially since what happened with her and Ayuyat at day 1 and Me-Mow nearly passing out…. And Ayuyat's horns do look like good hand holds...

Me-Mow grins as her dick hardens before she gets in front of Ayuyat before grabbing her horns.

Ayuyat was a bit surprised and what not while she was slowly coming to from her afterglow… to only feel her head moving and the tip of Me-Mow's dick right in front of her panting mouth while her brain starts to process things.

Me-Mow grins even more as she said this.

"Payback's a bitch!" She said before she thrusts her dick inside Ayuyat's mouth.

Ayuyat's eyes widen a bit from that before she gagged quite a bit from the unexpected action.

Me-Mow shudders as she felt how warm and wet Ayuyat's mouth was. It was like being back in her pussy again.

That's when Me-Mow starts thrusting her hips hard as she firmly held Ayuyat's horns.

Ayuyat in turn keeps gagging a bit on Me-Mow's dick but she shocked Me-Mow when she surprisingly adjusts fast and starts to lick the underside of Me-Mow's dick, seems for being the Warden here, she was trained well it seemed.

Me-Mow was indeed shocked but didn't care as she was trying to treat Ayuyat as if she was her bitch as he face fucked her hard.

Though it looked like Me-Mow would have to settle on a top quality throat fuck it seemed when Ayuyat starts to bob her head on Me-Mow's dick to suck it faster with Me-Mow's thrusts.

Me-Mow groans and moans as she kept thrusting her hips hard before a minute or so passes before Me-Mow felt her orgasm approaching after a bit.

Ayuyat in turn just placed a hand on Me-Mow's ass and starts to help pull Me-Mow's hips so that Me-Mow's dick could glide in and out of her mouth at a steady pace until…

Me-Mow, after thrusting one last time, growls as she pushed her dick further in Ayuyat's mouth before she climaxed hard in the Warden's mouth and throat.

Ayuyat groans loudly from that before she starts to drink Me-Mow's load as best as she could and managed to keep a mess from happening surprisingly enough… it was like Ayuyat was trying to suck all of the semen out of her body right now with how powerful the suction was.

Me-Mow grunts and shudders as she continues to climax for almost 30 seconds before she taps off.

Ayuyat then starts to lick Me-Mow's dick and tried to suck the last few drops of semen from Me-Mow's dick while Ayuyat had a lustful look on her face, guess the kid really made Ayuyat's personally shift to a fully lustful one.

Me-Mow moans a bit while blushing a bit brightly as she stares at the Warden.

Unfortunately for Me-Mow, it seemed with her hands still on Ayuyat's horns, Ayuyat couldn't do much but lick and suck Me-Mow's dick before a voice was heard near Me-Mow.

"Wow, I figured Ayuyat would try and treat you well when you woke but I didn't expect this." Obsidian's voice said from near the duo.

Me-Mow's eyes widen when she heard the prince's voice before she let go of Ayuyat's horns.

"O-Obsidian." She stuttered since she wasn't expecting her soon to be fiance to be in this room.

Turns out he was sitting on a chair nearby and he chuckles when he saw Me-Mow looking at him.

"Oh don't stop on my account, I am enjoying the show that my two Fiance's are showing me here after all, well… Fiance and soon to be Fiance if you'll agree to it after your time as a prisoner is up." Obsidian said with an amused tone to his voice.

Me-Mow blushes brightly before she grins at Obsidian's way before speaking.

"You kidding? No way would I say no to you."

"Great, and with a couple years of dates, no one can say that we rushed… though I will ask, if you and Ayuyat are interested…. Mind if I join in on the fun to celebrate?... gotta feed a soon to be kid after all and you seem to be doing well so far Me-Mow." Obsidian said before getting an amused expression from the looks on Ayuyat and Me-Mow's faces.

Me-Mow blinks a few times before looking at Ayuyat's expression.

Turns out she had a lustful look on her face and was trying to get to Me-Mow's dick and starts to lick the tip again when she seemed overwhelmed by her lust right now.

Me-Mow shudders before looking at Obsidian.

"Sounds to me like she wants it."

"Great, though considering things, might as well give you the first round… so might as well let Ayuyat nurse from you or something while I fuck a hole of your pick…" Obsidian said before he snapped his fingers and was in the nude instantly, seems Lillum didn't trademark that vanishing clothing trick and his dick sprung free with how erect it was.

Me-Mow blushes while feeling turned on from looking at the prince's bod while Ayuyat like what she saw as she kept pleasing Me-Mow's dick.

Obsidian grins at that before he approached the duo while the scene shifts back a bit to Lillum and Marceline… both getting their stress sucked a fucked away by the masseuses

Lillum and Marceline were on their fronts and had their dicks summoned to allow their respective masseuse work their magic while one masseuse each fucked their asses and the third set was just doing a full on massage that was surprisingly relaxing…

Marceline let out a happy sigh as she was enjoying this treatment.

"Man this feels nice. Haven't had a massage since… well can't remember the last time but still feels good."

"I see, well hopefully we can visit here later after your next punishment day, can't come here to often or the pleasant feeling will be dulled and I did tell you that their stress sucking was a lot better then mine… in fact… guh!" Lillum said before she shuddered a bit when she actually came in her masseuses mouth and not just stress fired from her but the masseuse drank it up anyway before continuing her work even if her outfit was ruined thanks to Lillum's load.

Marceline was a bit surprise when she saw that before she gave off the same reaction and climaxed in her masseuses mouth as well.

Shortly after they finished, they both got the shock of their lives when Demonga's energy spiked greatly all of a sudden, so much so that it practically matched Maite's if there was a good comparison in mind… and the anger felt… then there was the spike of Emerald's angered energy… just what was going on with those two right now?

"What the Nightosphere was that?" Marceline asked as she shudders from the power spike from both parties.

Lillum would have answered and gotten up herself, but sensed Obsidian going there already and just got a relaxed look on her face.

"Oh I wouldn't worry for now, Obsidian is going there and knowing him, he will make sure things calm down without bloodshed… trust me, Obsidian is many things, even lighthearted in some cases but he's the only one here who can actually get an enraged Demonga subdued, I'm not sure what's going on that pissed off Emerald and Demonga like that but knowing Demonga, most likely an insult to his work, I may not condone it but I can't fault it… there are some people who just won't break or calm down and Demonga takes all the hard cases that Obsidian and I can't take…" Lillum said before she just relaxed on her massage table and lets the masseuses work their magic after they got over their own surprise.

Marceline blinked when she heard but frown a bit before she spoke up.

"Well I personally don't like the work he does. Especially what that type of work did to Bonnie. I mean red ring aside, you don't make someone get pregnant just to see if the experiment work."

Lillum in turn just hums from the massage she was getting before she said this when she gave Marceline a surprisingly cold look on her one eye that was seen.

"Maybe and I'm not agreeing with Demonga's methods, but remember that every prisoner, Black, purple, or red Ring, are here for mass level destructive incidents, we don't take light rulebreakers here… try and remember that for all intents and purposes, none of you gave a crap about Ooo… so tell me… if none of you at the time of the incidents didn't think of what your actions could do, why should we care how we treat you exactly?, Obsidian and I are being nice with some restraint and while borderline pushing it, Demonga didn't break any rules, red rings are the worst of the worst and we can have someone knock a red ring up without their permission… try and remember that since you did help unleash the Vampire cloud and that could have rampaged around Ooo and caused the Vampire King and his court to reappear… I may not look it but I'm just as old as you and Bubblegum so I'm not just saying this stuff to be mean… and considering that you are the daughter of Hunson Abadeer… I'm sure while not as… tier based…. His methods in dealing with his people are crueler than what my brothers and I can do." Lillum said to remind Marceline that she was a prisoner here for a reason and that Marceline and all the other prisoners crimes her are not something that can be ignored either.

Marceline scoffed a bit before she said this.

"Don't remind me. I know what dad does and what ruling the Nightosphere meant. He did trick me into wearing that sex amulet of his. As for the Vampire Cloud thing, I can admit fully it was my fault since I selfishly didn't want to be a Vampire anymore, at first, but even if I was red ringed or not, I can't get pregnant so good luck with the idiots that want to try torture me."

Lillum just shrugged before she said this with a oddly calm look on her face.

"Well we can already do that, we did have Vampire prisoners before, Demonga just did what he did because he wanted to bring the success rate up to 100% for the prisoners who royally fuck things up, before you get pissed and complain… may I remind you that Demonga, Obsidian, and I are not doing this because we want to… though I'll admit that the sex is great… we all have a motive for doing what we do… Demonga's wife in a past life tried to stop the Bombs that caused the mushroom war and was betrayed by her kind and was used as a test subject… her body is buried underground in a single cemetery that is kept up constantly and thanks to those experiments… her body is still moving and what not and you could say her body is like an unkillable Zombie now…. I was forced day in and out to watch prisoners being broken in and forced to give orders to some prisoners when I was around 10 so I could learn the trade… and for my parents… no was not an option… and when I turned 18 I was forced to have sex with plenty of people till something snapped in me and I had no choice but enjoy it or break… Obsidian… well… you never seen him get pissed off right?... well… lets just say that from a few red rings in one past life when he had to take an extra stop…. His hometown was completely annihilated by a massive army of bandits and like with Grigori, one of Demonga's men… Obsidian's sisters and mother were raped in front of him and killed slowly… and when he couldn't take it anymore… he fully unleashed all his dormant energy and became like a war Glob incarnate and exterminated every single of of those bandits... so I can understand more then anyone on what it's like to feel pain… but Demonga… Obsidian… and I… we can take all the hate in the world… we know no one will like what we do at first but in the end… it's better that people who don't give a Damn about Ooo feel some of the pain that they bring onto it or they get stopped before they try to… if Demonga, Obsidian, and I are going to hell for this then so be it!..." Lillum explained with her look in her eyes getting more and more twisted and crazed before she had a crazed look on her face at the end but calmed down a moment later when she took a breath to calm down fully and went back to enjoy her massage like she just didn't go on a crazed lecture just now...

Marceline was kinda creeped out from the crazed look but was shocked at the story before finally connecting the dots.

"Even if what you say is true and your goals are… 'pure' in your own way, I still won't agreed to it even if the results differ. I have rights to my own opinion."

Lillum however didn't answer for a moment before she gave Marceline an extremely cold look for some reason.

"Even if what I say is true?... please don't insult me or my brothers… I know more about you then you may think Marceline and while it's true the years have not been kind to you, you're more or less a free spirit, free to wonder where you want when you want it, hell, you could even kill me here and now like Maite wants since I know she doesn't like me... but I would be winning in the end since I would go to Emerald as his succubus, free of this hell that I'm living… I've been trained here to deal with people who don't give a shit about Ooo and forced to adapt my body to enjoy sex even if I don't want it sometimes… not sure if you know… but I actually considered killing myself and taking the cowards way out but Emerald helped piece my mind back together… so trust me… Mrs. Abadeer… have you ever consider killing yourself?, have you ever nearly lost your mind?, have you ever ruled a kingdom that many curse?... because aside from loneliness with Simon and your break up with Bubblegum which could be fixed here after a bit of time… you seemed to be much more… blessed than you may think… try and think of how your life turned out before you bite my head off…" Lillum said before she just surprised the masseuses when she got up from her massage table and starts walking away with a pissed off aura about her and her energy crackles a bit while a few people near Lillum stepped back to give her space… especially with the crazed look on her face that Lillum struggled to keep down…

Marceline grumbled before she decides to get up as well before saying this to the masseuses.

"I think I'm done here. Just tell me which way is the exit so I'll be out of your hairs."

The massauses looked to one another with some worried looks before a new voice spoke up.

"Actually Mrs. Abadeer, may I speak with you?" A calm voice said near Marceline while the cat women looked relieved at who appeared.

Marceline had a raised eyebrow before she turned around to see who was talking to her.

Turns out it was Cassandra, the head masseuse of this spa and she gave Marceline a gentle smile that seemed motherly when she approached the Vampire Queen.

"Greetings, my name is Cassandra and while I can point you out of here, mind if I suggest one last soak to clean off before leaving?, I have a special area that can help even relax a person with an aura like yours… before you object, please just humor me alright?, what could the harm be in just listening to this old woman and her suggestion?" Cassandra said with an amused tone.

Marceline wanted to say no but sees this would be pointless before sighing and spoke up.


"Very good, please follow me then…" Cassandra said while she bowed to Marceline and the Succupire could see that Cassandra was stacked… old woman nothing… she looked like she could be a model right now before Cassandra starts walking away and her ass sways to and fro under her robe, not sure if that was intentional or not though...

Marceline may still have a frown but did blush as she saw how well stacked Cassandra was on most places before she followed the elder feline.

A couple minutes later, with the majority of the sounds of the spa fading for some reason, Cassandra keeps leading Marceline away from the area but didn't say anything.

Marceline was a bit impatient but part of her thought it was an ambush just for saying something out of turn.

Oddly enough, Cassandra led Marceline out of the area and in front of some massive double doors that looked like they had plenty of seals and what not guarding the door, there was even a few golems guarding the door but Cassandra seemed to ignore them when they looked at her and Marceline before Cassandra stopped in front of the door and gestured for her to approach with a slight wave of her hand oddly enough.

Marceline was confused on the golems before she follows Cassandra to see what the fuss was about.

Though aside from a shushing gesture to keep quiet, Cassandra just gestured for Marceline to carefully open the door a smidge so she could take a peek inside.

Marceline raised an eyebrow at the elder feline before doing just that.

To her shock, she saw Lillum in the room getting it on with about 6 or 7 men with hoods who looked like they had unnaturally massive muscles and what not, seems this was Lillum's room or something from the decor and… it looked like she was being fucked in many ways without mercy, in fact, one of the men was whipping her body in various ways without holding back and leaving red welts on her body that looked like it hurt but surprisingly Lillum looked like she had a fucked up look on her face when she was getting the ever loving Nightosphere fucked out of her, Marceline even saw the dicks on some were inhuman, some at the 12 inch mark and some far surpassing it as well while Cassandra waits for the expected reaction from a sight like this since it was intense even for Bondage Kingdom standards… especially when some of the men in there had rope and many other things as well to really push the limits.

Marceline covered her mouth as she stepped back a few feet while still feeling shocked at what she just saw. Why did Cassandra show her this?

"As you can see…" Cassandra said with a slight knowing smirk while her normally closed eyes had one slightly open before she said this.

"... Lillum normally trains here to push the limits of her body tier wise like her parents did and her parent's parents did, she was trained like this since she was 15 or so and was forced to by her parents until their passing, they didn't want to do something like this but knew that someone would have to be strong in a certain way to rule the Bondage Kingdom, Obsidian and Demonga have similar rooms with female trainers and they go through much worse then the prisoners go through… they wouldn't put a prisoner to the same pain that they are going through right now… and unfortunately for Lillum, she grew too accustomed to this kind of sex and since her time with the prisoners was tame, she normally comes here to blow off steam, I'm older then Obsidian and I've been here since the former King and Queen have been in power so I know their methods, why don't we go in shall we?, I have something else to explain as well before I give you directions out of the castle and back into town..." Cassandra said before she shocked Marceline when she opened the doors and… oddly enough… aside from the men looking at her and Marceline, they just ignored the duo to keep fucking Lillum in intense ways while she seemed to overcome with her lust to notice either of them.

Marceline was a bit shocked before she looks at Cassandra and spoke up.

"You could've just told me and not open the door."

"Would you have stuck around long enough for me to get to my point?" Cassandra said with a knowing look when she saw the shocked look on Marceline's face, though Cassandra did look down for a moment and got an amused look in her eyes.

"Then again, I'm sure you're body loves the sight of such rough carnal pleasure I see…" Cassandra said before Marceline felt… not just a slight wetness but a full blown flow of juices flow down her legs just now.

Marceline blinked when she saw that her own juices leaking before saying this.

"Not true."

"Try telling your body that, I overheard what you and Milady were talking about, so why not have a real one on one time with Milady without her limiters holding her back and see how good she really is?, why not see what kind of things that Milady is trained for can really do for a sex craved woman like you?, personally I would take over right about now since even these men have limits and as you can see, they have worked up a real sweat, the only reason I brought you here is twofold… one is to understand that Milady's pain wasn't just a fabrication and two is to see what the Queen of this place can really do… I mean haven't you always felt like she was holding back for your own good?, have you read her desires even once?, there is a reason why she wants to go with Emerald, aside from love, he can actually satisfy her and help her forget her pain for just a moment… why not help with that… especially since you and her may see more of one another even after your 5 years are up… heard you have trouble with deciding on Finn the Human and Emerald… so why not take advantage of this… personally I want to see Milady be happy again but with the way she is now with no one really able to keep up with her libido, she may never be happy even if she gets Finn the Human to take over or something, or even give her a child who can take over for them, I'm sure she won't put the child through the hell she went though, but sooner or later, someone will have to take over for Lillum when she's gone… so tell me… understand the pressure that has been piling on Milady since she was young?" Cassandra said while she sat at the edge of the bed while gesturing for Marceline to look around for a moment.

Marceline cautiously walked around the room before taking a moment to look around.

She saw that aside from all the bondage gear and sex toys and machine, Lillum barely had anything to call her own aside from a small bookshelf filled with framed pictures and what not with her perk point Card set on one of the shelves and a nightstand with a mirror attached and some makeup to get ready for her day… didn't she have other hobbies or something when she wasn't busy… getting busy?

Marceline blinked in more surprise as she kept looking around to see there was any other sign that Lillum had a hobby at least.

Unfortunately, aside from some kind of pictures books that showed a knight freeing a princess from a tower and some albums that showed Lillum, Demonga, and Obsidian, as kids, with Demonga funnily enough having the same expression he does now today, there was nothing else, even for some books and other items, they detailed on how to make sex more intense, even a book on sex positions was seen and some really looked kinky as well….

'Geez louise… is there anything that's not sex related?' Marceline thought as her search come up empty handed.

"As you can see, Milady has no real personal life and to be honest… until you, Bubblegum, and Me-Mow appeared, Lillum was never able to make any friends believe it or not, most prisoners here and even the citizens are normally too intimidated or scared of her since she and her brothers are sometimes known as the monsters of the Globs, so I bet you can understand how lonely all three felt right?, but mostly Lillum who, as a reminder, is this kingdom's top ruler and has to keep training so she can stay the number one person here… you could counter why not just find someone else or something… but the throne can only be inherited by those of royal blood and have the required power… well… Obsidian… Demonga… and Lillum are the last of the Royal's of the Bondage Kingdom and while I have had a few daughters from Obsidian… they are nowhere near a required level to even be near the throne…" Cassandra said while she looked to Lillum who just keeps moaning and groaning while she rides the dicks she was fucking without even registering what was being talked about right next to her.

Marceline was at a loss for words after hearing this as she had nothing to counter on this matter.

Cassandra however smiles a little at Marceline before she said this when she stood up.

"And just to be frank, I didn't bring you here just to go over all that for no reason, you see, not only do I want you to be one of Milady's friends, I want you to be able to satisfy her as well, you see these men have a harder and harder time with getting her to snap out of her lust fueled frenzy, even with their bodies trained to the absolute limit and only a sex demon can help Milady nowadays, and maybe… depending on how things go, it doesn't have to be Finn who gives her a child… remember what Milady said?... we dealt with Vampires before so Hybrids are not a rare thing here..." Cassandra said with a grin on her face while she wondered if Marceline was following her right now or not…

Marceline blinked before saying this.

"Even if I want to be her friend, getting knocked up is not on my to do list."

Cassandra just chuckles before pointing to her own neck.

"Try and remember you got a red ring, piss off someone big time and you will be forced to be knocked up, even without Demonga's help, happened before and can happen again… but I'm not asking Lillum or anyone to knock you up… no… the other way around… I'm asking you to knock up Milady so a strong heir can be birthed for the throne… Emerald had plenty of chances but he's purposely holding back so the Contract can stay active between him and Milady… besides… with Bubblegum knocked up by Ingrem, why not give this kingdom a bit of payback and knock its leading lady up?" Cassandra said while she mischievous grins at Marceline.

Marceline did want payback but she shook her head.

"Even if I want to, it doesn't prove a point. Besides if I wanted payback, it would've been on either Demonga or that Ingrem guy. Too bad that can't happened."

"Maybe, but try and think for a moment, even if you don't agree, take a look at Milady and tell me she doesn't need some kind of help, we tried therapy but that didn't work, we tried other things and it was only thanks to Emerald that she managed to calm down greatly, why not at least think about it for a couple minutes before you decided to stay or go… besides you'll really need a bath with how wet you are… seems your body liked the idea at least if that flow is any indication… could be because it's starved for a good lay I bet?" Cassandra said with a smile on her face.

Marceline facepalm herself before speaking.

"Stupid succubus side."

"Hehe, well you can't be too mad, I mean what do you think personally?, I mean if there wasn't all of this baggage and issues and what not… would it be so bad to indulge a bit on what your body needs?... Just take a good look at Milady and try and tell me that her lust doesn't seem like a exquisite feast for you…" Cassandra teasingly said when she walked up to Marceline and around her after she got off the bed and hugged her from behind and gently touched Marceline's soaked folds which got an interesting reaction…

Marceline, who was surprised from the hug, shudders before she let a slight moan from the action as her folds got wetter.

Cassandra in turn just keeps rubbing her folds slowly while she used a spell to bring over Lillum's perk point card before she whispered this in Marceline's ear.

"And think like this…. Whether you or Lillum get knocked up… does it really matter?... you would have your own daughter or son either way that you can spoil and what not… and the child will be well taken care of here… not like how Milady was but raised by people who know what they are doing…. Your choice… to stay and sate your bodies desires…. Or go and only get low level lays that will just make you hungrier and hungrier…" Cassandra teasingly said like she was trying to corrupt Marceline with such subtlety that it sounded completely natural to the Catwoman…

Marceline wanted to say no but… sadly the idea of getting low level lays did not sit well for her. Reminded her of her 'times' with Ash.

The Succupire grumbled before she said this.

"Fine… I'll stay… but only to satisfy my body's hunger… and maybe help Lillum but nothing else matters."

Cassandra chuckles before she starts to finger Marceline's pussy with masterful motions and whispered this in her ear.

"Good enough for now… but you never know what the future holds… if something comes up and either of you knock one another up in the future… then it happens… after all… while you have made a choice or not yet… you are technically Emerald's woman right now unless you object… so why not get along with a possible sister wife to the Succubus king?... I mean just think of all the perks… three top class lovers with Emerald… Maite… and Lillum… and that's not including their own personal harems and the Bondage Kingdom and the sex Demon Kingdom… seems to me you struck it rich with options if you think of it…" Cassandra teasingly said before she starts to lick and suck at Marceline's bite marks while she keeps on fingering Marceline's folds.

Marceline shudders before letting out another moan before speaking.

"N-Not gonna work. I know my way of manipulating and nothing will change my mind."

Cassandra chuckles before she whispered this in Marceline's ear.

"Not even teaching you're own kid your skills later?... for succubus's when a Succubus comes of age, a mother teaches her daughter everything she knows, what if you learned everything you could from Lillum, and used a more humane way of teaching that won't break a woman… but empower her?... I'll even admit to some manipulation… but that's only because of how good of a kid I can see if you two hook up… and it doesn't even have to be instant… you two are immortal… have all the time in the world… so why not take advantage of a lover who can stick around and take a pounding like no other…. I'm sure that while you love Bubblegum… she had limits… haven't you ever gotten tired of that and had to satisfy yourself in other ways?... haven't you always wanted to be truly selfish once?... and I don't mean for survival… but for real happiness?... Before you counter… when was the last time you gotten a good fuck?... when was the last time someone could speak to you like Milady did and not fear your wrath?..." Cassandra teasingly said while she used her point card to summon her dick which gently rubbed against Marceline's folds after she used a couple fingers to spread Marceline's folds a bit which seemed to throb painfully to be fucked right now… even if Marceline's mind was listening and resisting… seems her body wasn't right now…

Marceline groans from that and sadly… Cassandra was right. During her her thousand year journey, Marceline had not received any good action in a long run before meeting Emerald and Maite. Even during her relationship with Bubblegum in the past, the Candy Monarch hadn't given her the time of day and when she did, Bubblegum would only last for like a couple rounds or so.

As for Lillum, she was the only one who had big balls to talk Marceline down like that, which apparently was making the Succupire get turned on by that even surprisingly… the thought of either her and Marceline making a kid together gave the succupire… a warm feeling in her undead heart, if you see a tear or two coming down from her eyes, including the part of teaching the kid, no matter what gender, everything Marceline knows.

Cassandra was indeed good at manipulation. It's a wonder why she wasn't one of Obsidian's wives since she bared his daughters.

Cassandra smiles at the thoughtful look on her face before she surprisingly said this.

"Though if you want to stop and leave… that's your choice… your choice… no one else's… so why not pick what you want to do now…. Not let people second guess your choices…. You're over 1000 years old…. Not a child by any means with plenty to teach…" Cassandra said while she slow starts to push her dick inside of Marceline's pussy at a snail's pace like she was giving Marceline a chance to push her away right now if she wants.

Marceline felt like she should push the elder feline way but the pleasure was already overwriting that.

Cassandra pushed herself a bit deeper while taking the time to savor Marceline's pussy, she enjoyed every bump, every wave of flesh that wrapped around her cock, all of it which made Cassandra sigh in a pleased was when she gently poked Marceline's cervix.

"Ahhhh… it's been so long since I used my own cock…, I bet after a nice backed up load to wet that appetite… you'll be fucking Milady in no time for more and give some back huh?" Cassandra teasingly said before she starts to gently thrust her hips which caused her dick to enter and exit Marceline's pussy at a slow but deep rate like one lover would do for another.

Marceline doesn't say anything but groans for bit before letting out a slight moan or two.

"That's right, enjoy my cock, feel every inch stretching you wide… I bet you would love all of my cum yes?, How badly do you want to be fucked?" Cassandra said before she starts to thrust her hips at a faster rate while she gently played with Marceline's nipples.

Marceline moans from that as she still tries to be silent while pulling a bit of a tough front.

Cassandra then leaned forward and starts to lick and suck Marceline's bite marks and could feel her dick throbbing slowly as time went by.

As Marceline tries to be strong, the pleasure spiked a fews before feeling her orgasm coming closer.

Cassandra in turn thrusts her hips faster and faster while she wondered what Marceline's thoughts were about all this.

'F-Fuck… don't know how long I can take it. I want to fight it but at the same time it… feels so good. If only I have better control.' Marceline thought.

A minute later, Cassandra gave one last thrust before she came surprisingly hard inside of Marceline's pussy who's succubus side worked in overtime to absorb more semen that surprisingly never seemed to end while Cassandra gently hugged Marceline from behind.

Marceline moans loud as felt that before cumming a bit hard on Cassandra's dick.

Cassandra tapped off with a sensual groan though it seemed Marceline's pussy had a mind of its own when it tried to milk her more and looked at Marceline's face to see how filled with lust it was so she could get Marceline to go after Lillum on her own choice… she did wet Marceline's appetite after all…

Marceline, who taps off, had a deep blush on her face while panting as she wanted to feel more pleasure now.

"Now then… why not indulge a bit with the Queen of Bondage here while I take these strong men here for some TLC, depending on how you want it… I could bring them to you later if you ever need to feed, I mean they do look delicious right?" Cassandra teasingly said when she points at a few of the overly muscled man with hoods that had dicks that were monster in size.

Marceline didn't say anything but pant a bit more as she nods a bit at Cassandra since the Succupire felt more lust and was now feeling very hungry.

Cassandra giggles before she whispered this in Marceline's ear.

"Now then… a deal of my own… satisfy Milady here for tonight… and I'll convince her to bring in these big boys on your next Punishment day for some really kinky fun… should be interesting if you can train Bubblegum to withstand more as well right?" Cassandra teasingly said while she let Marceline go and steps back which had her dick slide free of Marceline's greedy pussy.

Marceline groans as she felt before feeling some excitement when she thought of those men taking her during her punishment.

Marceline looks at Cassandra before she quickly nods her head at the elder feline.

That's when Cassandra cleared her throat to get the men's attention.

"Oh boys, I believe I found your replacement for this evening, why not let a sex demon take over and enjoy mine and my daughters's Handiwork yes?, all of you look so tired after all and could use a loving touch." Cassandra said with a slight lick of her lips since the way to get the stress from people was no secret.

One of the men looked at Cassandra before seeing a heated Marceline before looking at Cassandra.

"If this is true, then yes please."

"Oh don't worry, she's Marceline the Succupire Queen, getting trained by Emerald and Maite in how to be a sex demon… so… why not follow me out so they can have a real one on one without any worry… don't worry, my daughters and I will keep you company… during… and possibly after your massages…" Cassandra teasingly said while she walked to the doorway and gestured for the men to follow her out of the room while her ass swayed to and fro for all of them to see.

The men, who sighed in relief, quickly follows after Cassandra, even though her ass was tempting, which left Lillum alone with a horny Marceline.

Lillum pants for breath while she wondered what was going on while her head cleared a little and was a bit surprised when she saw Marceline, but instead of questioning things, all she did was just give her a lustful grin and turned onto her back and spreads her legs to show a soaked pussy to Marceline to tempt her into just digging in if she wants.

And tempted she was when Marceline practically ran towards Lillum and starts eating out of Lillum's pussy with such hunger.

"Ooooohhh!" Lillum groans out when she reached down to Marceline's head and gripped her hair tightly when she tried to push her mouth closer to her pussy.

Marceline didn't need to be told twice as she got closer before shooting her tongue deep inside Lillum's pussy before the Succupire really moved it around.

Lillum tossed her head back and groans more while Marceline could taste the semen of the previous man from before which really caused her hunger to kick into overdrive while Lillum lightly scratched her scalp to help Marceline feel relaxed.

And Marceline was indeed relaxed as she continues to eat out Lillum's with such gusto.

Lillum moans loudly when she could feel her orgasm approaching thanks to her being worked up from earlier and her toes start to curl on the bed while she grinds her pussy on Marceline's face with such intensity.

Marceline used a couple of fingers to get slick from the juices that was leaking out of Lillum's pussy before Marceline brought said fingers towards Lillum's ass before the Succupire shoves them inside.

A moment later, Lillum tossed her head back and yelled out without holding back when she squirts hard on Marceline's face which quickly drenched her face in Lillum's juices while Lillum's legs wrapped around Marceline's head to keep her from pulling free.

However, Marceline, even if she wasn't in her lust fuel state, had no intention of pulling out as she hungrily lap up Lillum's love juice while Marceline thrusts her fingers in and out of Lillum's ass to make her orgasm stronger.

Lillum just groans loudly while she really gripped Marceline's hair while she rides out her orgasm for 30 seconds before she tapped off to pant for breath and her legs unlocked from around Marceline's head to let her free.

Though surprisingly, Marceline still licked Lillum's pussy to give her a second wind.

Lillum moans and groans from that before she surprised Marceline when she leaned forward and roughly gripped Marceline's right shoulder before she turned Marceline onto her back and crawled over Marceline and surprised the Succupire when she starts eating her out all of a sudden and pretty much sat her pussy on Marceline's face while she used her fingers to finger Marceline's pussy and ass, and unlike last time, Lillum used all four fingers from the get go to loosen her holes up and slowly adds her thumbs before she starts to fist Marceline's holes.

Marceline was bit surprised, though she didn't care as she was enjoying this pleasure before she decides to put her fist inside Lillum's ass.

Lillum's eyes just rolled back into her head while she groans with a fucked up look on her face before she doubled her efforts on Marceline's holes and rubbed her pussy on Marceline's face.

Marceline hums as she continues to fist Lillum's ass before the Succupire went back to pleasing Lillum's pussy with such hunger which showed when she really used her tongue to eat out Lillum's pussy.

Lillum groans from that before she leaned down and took Marceline's bud between her lips and starts to lick and suck it hard like she was trying to suck a dick while she keeps on moving her fists faster and faster while she slowly felt the two holes twitch more and more when Marceline's orgasm got closer and closer to happening.

Marceline groans from that before she decides to do the same thing to Lillum's bud before Marceline's fist turned to a tentacle and starts moving it around in a wild fashion.

Lillum groans from that but didn't stop her actions with fisting Marceline's holes while her orgasm got closer and closer while she could feel Marceline's getting closer as well until she tossed her head back and came hard on Marceline's face when the tentacle hit a few spots in her ass that really caused her to lose it.

Marceline moans loud as she lapped up Lillum's juices before the Succupire felt her pussy squirt out her juices as well.

For 20 seconds, the duo keep cumming before they tapped off 20 seconds later to pant for breath while Lillum pulled her hands free of of Marceline's holes.

Marceline pants for breath as well as before pulling her tentacle out of Lillum's ass before returning to normal.

A moment later, Lillum turned on the bed and was facing Marceline's face now before she just flat out kissed the Succupire Queen while their breasts press into one another.

Marceline just went with it as she hugged Lillum close before gripping the back of her head to make the kiss more intense before Marceline slides her tongue in Lillum's mouth.

Lillum just did the same before the scene went to a couple minutes later to show that Marceline, who had grown and not one dick, but two dicks, was plowing Lillum's pussy and ass while she was on top of her while Lillum moans and groans with a fucked up look on her face.

Marceline had a crazed and lust filled look on her face as she fucks Lillum's pussy and ass as hard as she can while the duo's bodies start to sweat.

Though the duo ignored the sweat when they keep on the fuck fest with Marceline and Lillum orgasming again and again till a shocking 2 hours pass and the duo was still going at it, this time with Lillum actually riding Marceline's monster dick while she was in her large monster bat form, and Lillum had the mother of all fucked up looks on her face while her pussy was bulging greatly when she was stretched way beyond what Marceline would think would be safe but Lillum took Marceline's dick like a champ.

Marceline moans and groans while having a fanged grin as she watched Lillum bounce.

"F-Fuck yeah! Keep doing that!"

Lillum in turn didn't need to be told twice before she starts bouncing harder and faster while she played with her breasts to help her feel better and could feel Marceline's orgasm getting closer and closer as time went by.

Marceline groans a few times before saying this.

"F-Fuck!... Hope you don't have any other plans… c-cause we ain't leaving this room for the time being."

Lillum this time shockingly was able to speak up this time.

"F-fuck… YES!... KEEP FUCKING ME!" Lillum groans out with a yell a moment later while she rides Marceline's cock more and more until…

Marceline grinds her teeth before she growls loudly and gave Lillum's pussy a very big dose of cum that quickly filled her womb up before bloating like a balloon.

Lillum yelled when her orgasm hit her like a fucking truck before she squirts hard onto Marceline's dick and her juices drench Marceline's groin as a result.

Marceline groans as she kept climaxing before tapping off after 30 seconds pass.

The scene then went to a few minutes later with Lillum, who used her perk point card, grow a dick and was now fucking Marceline's ass while Marceline was on all fours but her legs hanged off the bed to allow Lillum to really get a good grip on the succupire's shapely ass.

Marceline groans and moans loudly while having a very pleased and fucked up look on her face as she enjoys this which made her ass tighten around Lillum's dick.

For a bit, the duo continue to have sex with Lillum's body not seeming to run out of energy while the duo's bodies drip with sweat and the smell of sex was intense in the room while the scene now showed Marceline riding Lillum's dick with her pussy while the duo seemed lost in pleasure right now.

Marceline grunts and groans as she bounced hard on Lillum's dick with her hands behind her head while her breasts bounced a lot.

For a bit, the duo keep going while Lillum got closer and closer to cumming until she threw her head back and came surprisingly hard inside of Marceline's pussy which worked in overdrive to absorb the semen.

Marceline threw her head back as well before she moans loud and as her pussy tightens around Lillum's dick, to not only milk more cum but also squirting some juices on it.

The scene then went to a couple minutes later to show a kinky scene when Lillum wanted to show something that Bubblegum did with Sake… and Lillum was now getting her dick fucked by Marceline's when she was asked to make her dick extra long so Marceline could really get deep inside of Lillum's urethra.

Marceline, was a bit shocked at first, but was now enjoying this very much as she thrust her dick very deep inside Lillum's dick as her toes squeezed the floor.

For a bit, Marceline's dick enters and exits Lillum's dick for quite a bit with her orgasm getting closer and closer until…

Marceline throws her head back again before she unleashed her load inside Lillum's dick.

Lillum groans while she leaned forward and pushed her hips so that she took all of Marceline's dick into her own before she waits for the Succupire Queen to tap off.

About 25 seconds pass before Marceline taps off.

Lillum then pulled her hips back while she looked unfocused and surprised Marceline when she pushed Marceline onto her back and pushed her dick into the Vampire Queen's pussy and when she got as deep as she could, she groans loudly before she not only came her load into Marceline, but Marceline's load as well which really made Marceline's womb bloat when it had trouble deciding to absorb it or not since it originally came from her anyway.

Marceline moans from that before she hugged Lillum close so she can let her keep climaxing while trying to make her body absorb all the cum even if some of it was own. Though not like Succupire Queen could get pregnant anyway since her Vampire side negates that.

The scene then went to another position where Lillum oddly had Marceline in her werewolf form and was fucking her doggystyle while she moans and groans when Marceline was really intense in her actions.

Marceline kept fucking Lillum's pussy hard like an animal wanting to breed with its mate as she leans down and starts licking Lillum's neck with her tongue.

Lillum moans from that and thrusts her hips back so that she could help Marceline get deeper into her while she could feel Marceline getting close after a few minutes and tightened her holes to help set her off soon..

Marceline groans as she felt that which made the Succupire/Werewolf thrust her dick even harder now while panting.

A minute later, Lillum tossed her head back and groans loudly when she came hard on Marceline's dick without warning while her fingers gripped the bed sheets tightly.

Marceline growls as she couldn't hold it any longer before she gripped the back of Lillum's neck with her fangs before she climaxed very hard deep inside the woman's pussy.

Lillum groans loudly from that while her body shuddered big time from how strong her orgasm was which really worked to milk Marceline's dick and Lillum's womb bloating showed how hard Marceline was cumming into her.

Marceline kept climaxing for about 35 seconds before she taps off after letting go of Lillum's neck.

Though aside from a slight bite mark on Lillum's neck, Lillum didn't show any other sign of damage before she fell forward and her torso fell onto the bed while her ass stayed in the air and Marceline saw her handiwork flowing from Lillum's pussy.

Marceline returns to normal as she watched her load leaking out before speaking.


A moment later, The doors to the room opened and Cassandra walked in with some bath towels and other cleaning implements before she spoke up when she approached the bed and saw Marceline's handiwork.

"Wow, looks like you're doing well for yourself, enjoying your feeding without holding back?" Cassandra said while she used a spell to clean the bed off and used a towel to gently wipe Lillum's forehead while she pants for breath.

"Y-Yeah… and it felt… g-great." Marceline said with a relieved look.

Cassandra giggles at that before she walked over and summoned a bottle filled with a red fluid and held it out for Marceline to take.

"Well I hope you're not done yet, while it's true Lillum was already well fucked earlier before you got here, she does get a second wind sometimes, if she just rests on the bed for a bit more, then congrats, you managed to satisfy her, if not, well… I doubt you would complain right?" Cassandra said while she smiles at Marceline.

Marceline didn't blink with a slight blush before chuckling a bit.

"No flipping way. To be honest… I actually needed a cool down period from earlier."

Cassandra just chuckles before she sets the bottle of red stuff next to Marceline.

"Well since she hasn't moved for a bit, I would say she is down for the count finally, so she should return to normal after a few hours of rest, why not get comfy on the bed here, fit for a Queen after all." Cassandra said while she smiles at the Succupire Queen.

Marceline did blush before she chuckles and spoke up.

"You have a point. And I don't mind the company. Whether they're tired or not."

"Nice to know, and since Emerald and Clover have left the kingdom for now… after Maite got through with Emerald on her finding out about the multiple marriages and Demonga waking and all that... this should help keep you from being lonely right?, Bubblegum is still busy with BMO's new bodies so she may be a bit more before she is free for visits." Cassandra said before she giggled at the look on Marceline's face.

Marceline's eyes blinked a few times before before asking this.

"Seriously? I thought those were just rumors I've been hearing."

"You mean the part about BMO right?, well I don't know all the details but I heard from Bubblegum that Emerald found some upgrades for BMO and Bubblegum is working with wolfmen that Demonga used to help knock her up as assistances for either heavy lifting of parts or in Ingrem's case, the second set of brains, he was a chemist who helped make the serem that allowed a 100% knock up rate, depending on how you see it, you could ask him to see if he can make something for Vampire's to use if you ever want a kid in the future, though I would wait till after you get out of prison… unless you are willing to either get knocked up by our princess here then that's a different matter altogether hehehe." Cassandra said before giggling more.

Marceline blushings a bit brightly at the thought before she regained her composure.

"Sorry but ain't gonna happen. Not against kids just not ready for one… nor if I'm mom material. I'm more of a wild girl type… And even if I did want one… hypothetically… wouldn't want him or her finding out that I went to this prison after this Kingdom goes public."

"Well I can't blame you for that one, but considering some of the… questionable things that I heard that you did, mainly pranking, minion getting, and other things, would this be so bad to find out about considering your nature?, pretty sure your kid would be proud you got with one of the top ladies here and all that, pretty sure sex demons would love this place… besides what's so bad about raising a child here since I have some daughters here?" Cassandra said while she gave Marceline a raised eyebrow from the raising kid part and the fact that Cassandra worked here as a sex masseuse.

Marceline waved her hand a bit in defense before speaking.

"Nothing. Not saying anything bad. If you're comfortable doing it then that's okay."

"Then what would be so bad if your child found out about this place?, not only that, you could be a good mother if someone gives you lessons on how to be one, if you want, I could teach you, even if you don't have a child anytime soon, you should at least know what to do if you ever get into that unlikely situation, I mean take Bubblegum for instance, does she have parental skills?, I'm not sure, but just in case she doesn't, wouldn't her little bundle of joy be a good way to help practice since there are so many people there who can help you?" Cassandra said while she smiles at Marceline.

Marceline did blush from that before saying this.

"I don't know… maybe… I-I need some time to think on this."

"Good, no one said you had to rush, I was just suggesting all of this because at the end of the day, you look like you could be a great mother and having your own flesh and blood family can be nice to have… take all the time you need in thinking because believe it or not, you have plenty of people here who would do anything to help, and while you may not like him, you may be surprised that Demonga, … well I am quoting from Milady and Obsidian… but the hardass… does know how to take care of children well, he did help raise Obsidian and Milady in their past life believe it or not and he does have a few buildings that help raise orphans that certain… ringed people caused to get them into that situation, has them in a level 5 area made to be like a miniature town for the kids to be in, no one goes there unless they get permission… for obvious reasons." Cassandra said while she slyly smirked at Marceline's shapely body and how sexy it looked right now.

Though Marceline did blush, she was surprised to hear that info before saying this.

"Well you haven't lied to me before and not saying I don't believe you, but I need to see some proof first."

"Very well, after you take a nap and everything to recover, I'll personally escort you there, but you'll have to shapeshift your form to something more modest and have to wear an outfit of my choosing since we are dealing with children after all." Cassandra said with a look in her eye that dared Marceline to object for many reasons… and for some reason… that look gave Marceline a chill up her spine without her control…

Marceline was taken back by that look before speaking.

"Okay Okay. I'll do that just take a chill pill."

Cassandra then smiles lightly before she said this when she points to the bottle with the red stuff inside.

"Great, that will help you recover and I left some bathing items here, the bathroom is over there and if you need me, Lillum has a phone here that connects to me directly, has little cute cat ears on it so you won't miss it." Cassandra said while she points to a few areas to show the bathroom, the bathing items, and shockingly enough, a wall of phones that had various labels on them.

Marceline blinks in surprise when she saw the phones before looking at Cassandra.

"Okay, for someone with no hobbies, why that many phones?"

"Oh that's just in case she is needed anywhere in the kingdom, we have various relay stations and we have various places that need aid sometimes but well… lets just say none of those phones aside from mine are used for regular talk, it's just faster than a person running from one end of the kingdom to here for Lillum to hear a issue so this is just a time saver." Cassandra explained while she points to a few phones that had labels for the Orientation area or for the entrance, etc.

Marceline blinks a few times after hearing this.

"Well I get that, though I'm surprised she didn't ask Bonnie to help upgrade them a bit. I mean with all that science mumbo jumbo, your princess here would have one phone for everything." She said before patting Lillum's ass.

Lillum moans a bit from that while Cassandra giggles from that.

"Maybe, but while I'm sure she would love that, she tries to not be too selfish, while she may not seem like it, she does think of her people first and foremost… though keep patting her and you may be forced into another round of sex." Cassandra said before giggling when Lillum blushed a bit in her sleep.

"Eh like that'll stop me. As long as everyone's feeling good." Marceline said with a smirk.

"Oh really?, well don't say I didn't warn you if you set Milady off again, I'll be going now, unless you have any other questions or do you need me to get your stress drained real quick?" Cassandra said before she got a lustful look on her face.

Marceline blushes a bit before speaking up.

"I'm good. Though I could use a little stress reliever before I get cleaned." She said while grinning before summoning her dick.

Cassandra just smiles when she got up and walked to Marceline's side of the bed.

"Very well, just lay back and relax, I'll be showing you that I'm the best sex masseuse here as well so I hope you visit me and my daughters later… Me-Mow does need some practice as well so hope you don't mind if you partner with her a few times." Cassandra said while she gently gripped Marceline's dick and strokes it a few times before she leaned down and opened her mouth before she took the head of Marceline's dick into her mouth so she could start her work.

Marceline let out a pleased groan as she lays down on her back with her hands behind her head.

"Sure. I'll be glad to help Me-Mow. Will make sure she becomes the most popular masseuse here." She said while enjoying Cassandra's mouth.

Cassandra would have said something from that, but she was too busy with licking and sucking Marceline's dick to say anything, and she used her fingers to gently finger Marceline's pussy while she took half of the Succupire's dick into her mouth while she worked her magic literally to help work Marceline's stress out of her body.

Marceline shudders as she let out a few pleased moans and groans before saying this.

"D-Damn… you really are good. I can see why Obsidian likes to go to you."

Cassandra giggles a little from that but didn't stop her actions while she had this thought.

"Well, it's not like I'm a regular woman after all…" Cassandra cryptically thought while she keeps her actions up on sucking Marceline's cock and made sure her tongue wiggles around it as well while she could feel Marceline getting closer and closer as time went by.

Marceline moans and groans for a bit as she was really enjoying Cassandra's work which made her toes curl a few times as her climax was getting closer.

Cassandra keeps her actions up for a bit more while Marceline's orgasm got closer and closer until...

Marceline moans a bit loud before she climaxed a bit hard from her dick inside Cassandra's mouth while the Succupire's pussy drenched Cassandra's hand.

Cassandra then felt Marceline's stress leave her dick with her sperm and surprised the Succupire by deepthroating all of the dick so she could drink Marceline's semen and stress with gusto while she roughly fingers Marceline's squirting pussy.

Marceline was indeed surprised by that as she kept climaxing for 26 seconds before tapping off.

Cassandra then slowly pulled her head up while making sure she licks the dick clean and pulled away with a pop before it fell flaccid on Marceline's body.

"So… was my work satisfactory?" Cassandra said with a smile on her face like she didn't just surprise Marceline with a top grade deep throat just now.

Marceline did pant for a bit with a slight blush on her face before giving Cassandra a thumbs up.

"Good, if you need anything else, then you know where to go or how to call me from here, now if you'll excuse me, I should let you get cleaned after I clean Milady." Cassandra said before she used a spell to make Lillum float in the air and Cassandra used a spell to make her clothing vanish and Marceline saw her nude figure in fill before Cassandra starts walking to the bathroom with a slight swing of her hips.

Marceline blushes a bit brightly when she saw that which surprisingly made her feel a bit turned on.

Her dick as a result got iron hard in no time which could be telling her to have more fun with Cassandra this time or something…

That's when Marceline blushes a bit brightly before she spoke up.

"A-Actually… was wondering if you want some more fun."

Cassandra looked at Marceline before she sent the Succubus a teasing smirk.

"Well of course, just follow me to the bathroom and help me clean Milady first, I'm sure I can give you a good rub down while I… slowly wash every inch of your body." Cassandra teasingly said before she starts walking again to the bathroom.

Marceline blushes a bit brightly from that before mentally chuckling.

'Oh she's good. Maybe I can learn some material from her.' She thought before she got up from the bed and starts following Cassandra to the bathroom so she can help clean Lillum.

A bit later, the sounds of pleasure came from the bathroom after Lillum was set on the bed while Cassandra started to… clean every inch of Marceline from head to toe while making sure to satisfy her.

"Hmmm… fuck Cassandra, this feels so good." Marceline said as she moans a bit.

"Thank you, I learned from the best, now then relax because this one is intense." Cassandra said before Marceline groans loudly before the scene changed to Emerald, Maite, and Clover, while they were at Hikari's place drinking some tea, and thankfully for Emerald, who was next to Clover while she was between him and Maite when she was steamed after hearing about Ayuyat's… punishment… for Emerald but Hikari's tea helped settle her anger quickly, seems Hikari used some kind of relaxing tea leaves because even Clover, the normally skittish one, looked content right now.

"Hmmm… This is some good tea." Maite said as she took another sip.

"Thank you, if you want, I can share the recipe with you, it's surprisingly easy to make as long as you get the right tea leafs, how is the taste?, not too strong I hope?, and same to you Miss Clover, how do you like the Carrot flavor tea?, took me quite a while to make a blend that tastes like carrots so I hope it's to your liking." Hikari said with a gentle smile on his face to the two ladies.

Maite chuckles at Hikari before speaking.

"It's delicious."

"I agree. Never had carrot flavor tea this good before. Thank you Mr. Hikari." Clover said with a slight blush.

"No worries Miss Clover, and please, call me Hikari, Mr. Hikari's my father, hahaha!" Hikari said before he laughed at his joke while Emerald sweatdrops since that was a really, really, old joke that was rare to hear about nowadays while he sipped his tea quietly.

Maite also sweatdropped but Clover did slightly chuckle from that.

"So… Maite… sorry about earlier, just didn't know what to do to so Clover and I could leave for her home kingdom fast, didn't even see Ayuyat asking for 5 Royal weddings." Emerald said when he tried to apologize to his wife.

Maite however did wag her finger at Emerald before saying this.

"Oh you're not getting out that easy… honey. Even if this tea is calming, I still got to punish you a bit."

"Er… may I at least ask for it to be after I help Clover and Marceline out a bit by solving some things at the Rabbit Kingdom first?" Emerald said with a weary look on his face while Hikari laughed a bit before he said this.

"Well why not get it out of the way now, I got to leave for a bit anyway for some things and I could have your friend here lend a hand if she's quick on her feet by helping me with getting some things on the other end of town, if you want, you can use my bedroom as long as you clean the sheets after alright?" Hikari said before winking at Maite to give her a signal that he was aiding her right now while Emerald's jaw comically dropped at how… Hikari just pretty much gave Maite a perfect setting here since no one would be around for a good long time… especially with the long list that Hikari pulled out and it unrolled to comical effect…

Maite had a wicked smirk before speaking.

"That would be nice Hikari. I'm sure Clover here would love to assist you as thanks for your hospitality." She said which made Clover blink a bit.

Emerald then saw Hikari get up from his chair before he picked Clover up by the scruff of her neck and said this when he dragged her out of the house after making sure she finished her tea.

"Now if you two love birds will excuse us, Miss Clover and I have some items to procure, try and not destroy the bed while I'm gone…. Hahahaha!" Hikari said before laughing and a moment later, Emerald heard the door slam shut and for a rare moment in his life… he felt fear crawl down his back when he gulped and looked over to see how his wife was doing.

Maite stares at her husband with a creepy grin on her face as she chuckled a bit.

"Oh Emerald. It's time the we get more… comfortable." She said as she gets up and walk towards Emerald.

Emerald got a frightened look on his face before the camera went out to Clover and Hikari while they were walking away from the house… right before they heard Emerald scream in horror which made Hikari laugh a bit from that.

Clover was a bit creeped out from the laugh before she spoke up.

"How is this funny? I'm actually worried for him."

"Oh don't worry, I doubt a sex demon king would die that easily from his loving wife's wrath, or do you want to go back and join Emerald in trying to calm his wife down?" Hikari said with a slight smirk on his face while he points a thumb at his home.

Clover jolt as she can still hear Emerald screaming before the female rabbit shook her head.

"I-I'll just stick with you and help out."

Hikari chuckles at that before he turned to continue walking and gestured for Clover to follow him.

"Great, just stick by me so we can get you to the safe areas safely, can't have you being carted off by overzealous people looking for a quick lay unless you need the points that is, need a certain amount or out will be forced into a serious punishment." Hikari said while he grinned at Clover's reaction to that reminder.

Clover pales at the thought of being rape by someone in the kingdom before she shook her head.

"N-No thanks. I'm good."

"Well you might as well find a few people to get it on with then at the town square while I handle the list." Hikari said before he showed the long list and snapped his fingers before it gotten short all of a sudden, was that an illusion or something?

Clover blinked in confusion before asking this.

"W-Was that list even long?"

"Hmmm, not really, just need to get a few potions, some flower seeds, some food and drinks, simple things, so when we get to the main area, you can have some fun with a few people while I handle the boring work." Hikari said while he gave Clover a kind smile.

Clover blushes brightly but was feeling nervous since she would be having sex with other people for the first time after having her first experience with Marceline but was still nervous.

Hikari saw that she was nervous and decided to give her some advice.

"Listen Clover, do you think Marceline will be there every time you are in trouble or are a nervous wreck?, or do you think Emerald can help you relax every time you get frightened?, while they may try and do that as much as they can, you are the only one who can do things on your own with your own will, I won't force you to do anything you don't want but you know that you need to do something to help break that shyness of yours, if you want my advice, try visiting those rabbit folks that you're staying with, they may have better advice then I will, or if you want a more direct piece of advice, go to where some desperate women and men are, sometimes they may be short of points and will do simple things just to get them, but that's just from an observer's standpoint on this so eh." Hikari said before shrugging before he starts walking to the square again.

Clover was still blushing while feeling nervous but surprisingly… Hikari was right. Clover can't always depend people like Emerald and Marceline to save her. Seems if the female rabbit needs to survive, she's gonna have to pull the bandaid off and be somewhat bold.

That's when she starts following Hikari to town square.

The scene then fades to black while many incidents unfold all at once for many people around the Bondage Kingdom… and after a few more, next stop, the Rabbit Kingdom!

The scene opens with Atomsk and TME pausing the game to take a short break or so before Atomsk spoke up.

"Phew... Talk about a challenging mission."

"Yeah but I think we did good for this chapter, would have been to the Rabbit kingdom already but we had some drama this round and plenty of lemons hehe." TME said while he leaned back in his chair so he could relax a bit.

"Hehe, yeah though we did need some great drama like what happened between Maite and Demonga, then Lillum and Marceline. Don't forget the reason why Demonga is like that. Seems those two finally understand why now and maybe say sorry to Lillum and Demonga. And how about the way Cassandra almost had Marceline agree about the… possibility for… kids eh?" Atomsk said while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Yup, and there maybe more to Cassandra then meets the eye but that's a solo surprise to surprise you as well hehehe." TME said before chuckling a bit from the idea.

Atomsk chuckles as well before speaking.

"Of course. Though I'm surprised we never had Cassandra be a wife to Obsidian since she bear his daughters unless you have a plan of sorts."

"Oh I do, also plays into the 5 paid weddings by Emerald hehe, I thought ahead on that one as well." TME said while he tapped his head.

"Nice. Which just leaves two open spaces now. Wonder which of the two lucky ladies will Obsidian claim next." Atomsk said with a smirk.

"Eh we already got 3 filled out for now so we should relax with forcing all 5 spots to be filled from the get go, for now, we should focus on Maite's… time with Emerald, Clover getting out for a one on one lemon to help her get some points, then the Rabbit Kingdom where the next Arc of the story starts." TME said while he grins at Atomsk.

"Oh so true and boy is Emerald dead meat now. Hope he regenerates fast." Atomsk said while chuckling.

"Well I doubt Maite would leave lasting damage, but I believe we took enough of the readers time, shall we end this outro so I can beat you in taking out more enemies than you in Borderlands?" TME said while he picked up his controller with a competitive look in his eyes.

Atomsk snorts before he picked up the controller as well.

"Yes and Bring. It. On."

The scene then fades to black with TME and Atomsk getting back into the game with some poor unfortunate enemies being slaughtered by the duo.

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