Lillum's Lewd Prison @atomskthepirateking
What Goes Around Comes Around

A scene opens up with TME who's trying to calm down a very enraged Atomsk. Seems someone pissed him off greatly.

"Dude, you gotta calm down, that guy or gal was just a guest reviewer that you deleted, no use crying or raging over it now, besides, this is payback remember?, why not channel that into really going all out for this chapter?" TME said while he rubbed the back of his head.

Atomsk was fuming before he spoke up.

"Sure. But first… I gotta release some extra anger that I have by doing... this!" He yells before he pulls out Kylo Ren's lightsaber and starts lashing out at a table with his fury.

While that was happening, two stormtroopers, who were walking by, stopped when they heard Atomsk and his strikes before they walked back in the other direction they came from.

It wasn't long before Atomsk finally calm down for a moment.

TME was hiding behind a nearby couch to avoid the debris from Atomsk's attacks before saying this with his head popping up for a moment.

"Is it over?" TME said with a wide eyed look on his face while looking at Atomsk.

Atomsk took a deep breath a few times before he spoke up.

"Yeah… it's over."

"Want… to just go into the story?" TME said to help calm Atomsk down more.

Atomsk took another deep breath before he spoke.

"Yeah might as well. Probably help me take my mind off of something else."

"Right… so like many would ask by now, QUE THE STORY!" TME said before the scene went to the others right when Emerald casts his spell on Timmy.

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ Trial area/ Finn, Bubblegum, Timmy, Marceline, Phoebe, Huntress, Canyon, Lillum, Obsidian, Me-Mow, Ingrem, Beo, Ed, Maite, Various other people around the kingdom

When the light died down from Emerald's spell, everyone's vision was a bit blurred from that before their gaze starts to return to normal with some rubbing their eyes.

That's when Finn spoke up.

"W-What was that?"

"Hehe, well everyone, once your eyes clear up, please look at Timmy, gave him a real upgrade so to speak." Emerald said while he was seen wearing sunglasses made of Darkness before they fade away.

It took a few moments before everyone's vision starts to clear up before their eyes widen when they saw Timmy.

Seems Emerald either didn't make Timmy Macho or this was Timmy's look as a humanoid… but he looked like one of those feminine pretty boys you would read in a manga with pink hair, snow white flawless skin, and eyes that when opened, showed eyes so sky blue that they seemed to shimmer in the light… though the Ladies and everyone else noticed one critical thing which was nosebleed worthy… Timmy was fully nude… and contrary to his feminine body, he… was well endowed for someone of his stature… around 10 inches or so but hard to gauge with a flaccid dick.

Everyone was still surprised at Timmy's new look before Bubblegum spoke up.

"T-Timmy?" She called.

The newly Humanoid Timmy tilts his head before smiling and with a cat like mew, crawled over to her on all fours and starts to rub his body on her leg which caused Emerald to sweatdrop when he realized that he forgot to give Timmy a more human like mind, he would fix that, but he wanted to see how Bubblegum would react.

Bubblegum though blushes, smiles a bit before she pets the humanoid cat's head.

Timmy smiles at that before purring while Bubblegum's hand hit a few things on Timmy's head and two cat ears appeared.

Everyone else blinked when they saw that before Me-Mow asked Emerald this.

"So… why did you turn… Timmy humanoid?"

Emerald blinked a few times before he said this.

"Didn't Bubblegum give the OK for that?, maybe I should change Timmy back." Emerald said while he cracks his knuckles when he got ready to change Timmy back to normal.

Everyone watched while Me-Mow took one last look at Timmy before she spoke up.

"Hold on a moment. I wasn't asking you to do that. I was wondering why."

"Well I asked Bubblegum that and SHE gave the OK, wonder if I'm losing my touch and scrambled someone's memories, quick Finn, what's 1005 X 4502?" Emerald said before quickly pointing at Finn.

"Uh... what?" He asked as he got a confused look.

"Great, memories are not scrambled, would have worried if he could answer that, anyway I got permission from Bubblegum a bit ago so why not try to see what Timmy looks like as a humanoid, besides… he seems happy to see you all." Emerald said when he points his thumb at Timmy who was looking at everyone with an excited look in his eyes… and an erect dick when he looked to Me-Mow, Bubblegum, and a few other ladies while he crawled near everyone on all fours.

A lot of the females blushed brightly while Me-Mow and Bubblegum blushed the most after looking at Timmy's erection.

Seems the flaccidness did hide his real size to around 11 to 12 inches before Marceline said this.

"Wow, if he's coming with, mind if Bonnie and I keep him as… our little pet?" Marceline said while looking at Timmy with a lustful look in her eyes.

Everyone, including Finn, Me-Mow and Bubblegum, were surprised when they heard that.

Though the trio knew it was her succubus side affecting her.

Some probably already know what the answer was gonna be.

"Well I don't mind personally, but Emerald will have to give Timmy here a more human like personality before he can unleash the beast with any ladies he meets." Lillum said before she knelt down and scratches the underside of Timmy's chin which caused the now humanoid cat man to purr.

Some of the people were surprised after hearing that, while the rest knew that was gonna happen.

Emerald then grin before he said this.

"So, anything else before we leave?" Emerald asked Bubblegum since she did call Timmy in the first place.

Bubblegum took a moment to think on this before she spoke up.

"Actually, I think I'm good."

"Right, so we heading back to the Bondage kingdom now?, need to set some things up for the search party and may go around Ooo solo for a bit to at least get to know people, after all, nothing better than an info network is an info network that you can trust." Emerald said with a grin on his face before he chuckles.

Everyone else sweatdrop at that before before Me-Mow walks up to Lillum.

Bubblegum looks at Finn and Phoebe with a smile before she spoke up.

"I'll see you both soon." She said before she starts walking towards Lillum as well.

Marceline grins while she floats to the group with Emerald summoning a demonic looking umbrella made out of shadows for Marceline to hold onto before saying this.

"A bit of practice and you can make an umbrella of shadows or a thin film around you that would be see through so you can stand in sunlight without an umbrella, but I'm sure you would like to hold onto this for now, I can teach you more later when your not busy." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline blinks in surprise when she heard that after grabbing the umbrella before speaking up.

"S-Sure. Sounds like a plan. Thanks Emerald."

"No problem beautiful, just making sure you don't burn up when we get there, I'll go with you to handle Ayuyat if she causes you trouble about it." Emerald said while giving her a thumbs up.

Marceline blushes a bit while Finn feels a bit jealous but doesn't show it on the outside.

"Now then, Canyon, Huntress, since you two are joining as well, Ingrem, Ed, Beo, gather around please." Lillum said to make sure there were no stragglers.

Said trio nod their heads at Lillum before doing just that while Huntress and Canyon got near the teleporting group.

Demonga walked back into the room and saw what was about to happen before he walked near Lillum, Obsidian did the same to the other side of Lillum near Me-Mow.

"Now then, Bubblegum, could you call Timmy please?, we can change his mentality later, but for now, we should get him some clothing, he looks cold right now." Lillum said while she points her finger to a shivering Timmy who sat on the ground, granted he more like plopped on the ground, granted when he noticed his form, he did jolt a bit, but like his cat nature that was still in control, he looked at his body and fingers, even took a moment to poke at his own dick for a second which caused him to jolt comically which made him make a cat like noise that was a mix between a gasp and a mew.

Everyone didn't know what to say now before Bubblegum calls out to the humanoid cat.

"Timmy." She calls with a cute voice.

Timmy jolts before he looked at Bubblegum with a smile before he crawled on all fours to her and rubs his body on her leg again.

Bubblegum then kneels down and wraps her arms around Timmy so he can be warm before Bubblegum spoke.

"Let's get going then."

Lillum nods before she spoke up.

"Alright, just a quick Q before we go, we missing anyone, everyone here?, would be a pain if I have to come back if we forget anyone." Lillum said before she took a quick headcount and when she saw that everyone was near her before she said this.

"Alright, teleporting in 3...2…" Lillum said before she snapped her fingers and everyone around her minus the few who stood away from her, teleports and the room was a lot more empty now.

Ooo/ Bondage Kingdom/ front gate/ Emerald, Maite, Lillum, Bubblegum, Me-Mow, Marceline, Ingrem, Beo, Ed, Timmy, Obsidian, Demonga, Canyon, Huntress

When everyone teleported in front of the Massive kingdom Emerald looked to Marceline to see how she was holding for being in a place that was lust incarnate, would be hard for a succubus to hold back.

Marceline was able to regain her composure for a second before she shudders and asked this.

"W-Whoa. I-I'm feeling… a lot of lust coming this place."

"Well this is the kingdom of Lust, as long as you keeped focus, you'll get used to it soon, anyway follow me, I'll take you to orientation with the others with Ayuyat, you know her right?" Emerald said when he looked to Maite to see what she thought about this place so far.

Maite had a deep sigh before she spoke up.

"This almost reminds me of our home Emerald."

"Hehe, yeah, so after I help Mar Mar here, want to take a tour?, you can join us if you want." Emerald said to help Maite get used to this place.

Maite did a cute thinking pose for Emerald to see before she spoke up.

"Sure why not. Would love to see what the fuss is about."

Emerald chuckles at that before he said this.

"Great, Marceline, Maite, let's get going, Mar Mar, you can go to the place where Bubblegum is staying at, Lillum told me about Sake and how much Bubblegum loved her drinks before she got knocked up, so maybe you can get what Bubblegum had if you play your cards right." Emerald said while placing an arm around Marceline and held her close to help calm her from the lust around them.

Marceline blushed a bit before grin after hearing that before speaking.

"Well if Bonnibel enjoys that place, then maybe I can wow Sake and see if I can stay as well and maybe me and Bonnie can… catch up." She said before sending the former Candy Monarch a lust filled grin making Bubblegum blushed a bit.

"Great, two tips since I'm sure you and I will get to know one another very soon, there is a 24 hour period from when you get done with the orientation to tomorrow where you can't be forced by others to have sex and etc, two, while I'm not trying to insult Demonga here, but stay out of his territory and away from his group, they really push the limit with the rules to just a hair's breadth of breaking them." Lillum said which made Demonga make a hmph noise before he starts walking away from the group.

"Gotcha and… noted." Marceline said before frowning at Demonga's direction.

Demonga however just gave her a cold emotionless look for a moment before he walked away when he didn't care what she thought about him.

Marceline didn't care what Demonga felt or what he look he gave before Marceline looks at Lillum before speaking.

"So anything else I should know before this orientation thing?"

"Hmmm… Oh yeah, unless you unlock various perks with a card that Bubblegum, Me-Mow and other prisoners have, then you'll have to wear those only, level 1 so to speak here." Lillum said while she points to some male and female prisoners in simple loincloths only.

Marceline blinks for a moment when she saw the loincloths before she shrugged and said this.

"Eh, no problem with that. With my skills, I can gather up some points faster than anyone can count."

"Great, Emerald and Maite will be with you so the rest of us can split up and do whatever we do here, I want to speak with Bubblegum about BMO's new bodies anyway and get Timmy some new clothing, consider them a gift from me Bubblegum since Emerald did humanize Timmy here and he's getting interesting looks from passerby's." Lillum said while pointing around to show some ladies ogling Timmy while he looked around while staying near Bubblegum.

Bubblegum sees this and nods to Lillum before Me-Mow spoke up.

"Do I come as well or do whatever?"

"Well you don't have to come with, your call though on doing whatever you want." Lillum said which showed she didn't care if Me-Mow followed or not.

Me-Mow took a moment think on this before she looks at Obsidian before asking this.

"You have anything to do Obsidian?"

"Not really... asking me on a date or something?" Obsidian said while grinning at Me-Mow when he didn't think that would be an option to her yet.

Me-Mow blushes after hearing that.

That's when she remembered that out of all the sex she and the prince had… they never did had one date.

That's when she took a deep breath and said this.

"Actually… if you want… I would like to go on a date with you." She said while blushing.

Obsidian who didn't see that coming blushed a bit from that before he rubbed the back of his head and said this.

"S-Sure, will need a bit to set up, see you in an hour?" Obsidian said to Me-Mow while he had a slightly nervous look, seems he wasn't one for dates much even with all the ladies he got with, must be the prince thing working in favor or maybe a downside since the other ladies probably don't care about dating, just the sex.

Me-Mow blushes again before she spoke up.

"S-Sure. An hour would be good."

Lillum's eyes sparkle at that before she said this.

"Ahhhh… now I'm wanting Me-Mow to come with us, Bubblegum, mind if we take a detour to get this Kitty ready for her date?" Lillum said to Bubblegum with a grin on her face.

Bubblegum, who was surprised at first, smiles before she spoke up after grabbing Me-Mow's arm.

"Yes let's do it now."

Lillum grins and grabbed Me-Mow's other arm before the duo starts to pull Me-Mow away from the group into unknown territory… the Territory of a makeover for a Date… while Timmy gave chase on all fours.

Me-Mow could not believe this was happening as she was being dragged by the duo before she had this thought.

'Oh Glob… I can't believe I'm gonna have my first date. But also something tells me that… I'm gonna get a makeover.'

A moment, later, and the group was now down 5 people down which caused most to sweatdrop while Obsidian chuckles before he said this.

"Wow, looks like sis is having fun, punishments aside, I haven't seen her act like this in, well, who knows how long." Obsidian said with a smile on his face when he watched Lillum leave with Bubblegum, Timmy, and Me-Mow.

That's when Marceline spoke up.

"I guess seeing one of her brothers going on a date must've been the trigger."

"Yup, now if you'll excuse me, I got a date to get ready for." Obsidian said before he walked away with a grin on his face.

Everyone else blinked for a moment before Marceline spoke up.

"Well now that everything is done, shall we get going for my orientation?"

"Sure, Canyon, Huntress, hope to get to know you two later if you need practice with… punishing someone... three stooges, see you later, my wife, lady sex friend, and I need to go now." Emerald said before he starts walking away from Ingrem, Beo, and Ed with a grin and Canyon and Huntress while winking at them while he led Marceline and Maite away while he had his arms around Maite and Marceline.

Marceline blushes a bit before Beo blinks for a moment before he asked this.

"Why call us the three stooges?"

Canyon sweatdrops when she got the reference from a really really old pre-mushroom war video before she said this.

"Well… I think it's because Emerald finds you funny, why not give us a tour of this place instead of wondering what he means." Canyon said to change the subject.

That's when Huntress and Beo ask this.

"What do they get in exchange for the tour?/What do we get in exchange for the tour?"

"Well… we heard about those perk things, maybe Huntress and I can… you know… since were signing up to be punishers here." Canyon said before she lightly blush while she looked down to the four since she was at her usual height right now.

Huntress and the trio blinked in surprise when they realized what Canyon meant before Beo chuckled and said this.

"Well if you two are offering, my brothers and I would be happy to give you both the tour and later give you lovely ladies… a good time." He said with a fang grin.

Canyon blushed a bit at the look Beo gave the two and more when Ed was looking at her with a crazed look before she saw his gaze go to her ass, seems things get interesting soon.

Huntress blinks a few times before seeing what Ingrem was looking at.

Seems he was just examining her with a calculating look before he said this.

"Well seems my crazed brother is going to Canyon here, so I hope you don't mind if I give you some company after this tour is over." Ingrem said in a mannered tone while bowing lightly to Huntress.

Huntress looks at Ingrem for a moment before she shrugs and said this.

"I don't mind at all. Very interested in seeing how you pleasure your mate." She said with a stoic look.

However instead of not feeling bad from not getting a reaction from Huntress, he did surprise her when he took her hand and gently kissed it before he said this when he looked in her eyes.

"Well I'll be happy to show you how I can pleasure a mate again and again, all you need to do is ask, I am a prisoner so no need to hold back on requests." Ingrem said with a slight smile on his face.

Huntress surprisingly had a light blush from having her hand kissed and stuff before she spoke up.

"A-Alright. Show me around first and we'll have some fun."

Ingrem smiles at that before the three stooges and the soon to be two punishers went into the kingdom before the scene went to Marceline, Emerald and Maite when they got in front of the orientation building while a few buses were pulling in.

Marceline sees this before she asked this.

"Guess those are the new prisoners arriving?"

Emerald nods to Marceline before he explained this.

"Yup, pretty much, sometimes they have tagalongs, family or friends, or even lovers to drop them off, but all in all, every person going into that building has risked Ooo's safety in one form or another, others may complain and bitch about it but all in all, these people are either mass genociders or possible Genociders who got stopped before they could do the deed, was trying to sugar coat it but it seems people are just not getting why we take prisoners of this level in, we don't do it for individual based prisoners, the regular law and what not can handle it, but we handle the serious cases that would normally get the death penalty if this was the pre-mushroom war era, it's not like we're outright killing them or anything, that would cause a lot of legal issues that would have been fired at us if this was before the mushroom bombs or the atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, etc, point is, what's worse, 5 years of sex based punishments or waiting in a cell with possible lifetimes of no parole and a death penalty waiting when your old a decrepit?, I can explain much more but I think I made at least one point right?, technically depending on the person, were the lesser of two evils." Emerald said with a serious look on his face with his hands in his pockets when he saw a few prisoners being pushed into the building by Orc guardsman when some prisoners acted up.

Marceline sees this before taking a moment to think on this before speaking up.

"Surprisingly… you bring up a good point. And I guess 5 years in prison won't kill me and stuff since I wouldn't want everyone I know and care for see me die."

"Yup, and let me ask you this while we get going, but who is worse, a person out to destroy the world, unintional or not, or the Bondage Kingdom who at a large scale level, is trying to protect it even if most see it as an evil place, personally, I think of this place as a necessary evil, something to make sure the truly evil can be kept in check and changed over the years, for example, did you know Ayuyat was an army commander who once tried to lead an army across Ooo in its early days and Obsidian was the one who tamed that foul mouthed woman?, I mean granted she's still foul mouthed but did you expect her to be army leader material?" Emerald said with a grin on his face near the end after that serious question.

Marceline blinked in surprise after hearing that before she spoke up.

"I guess not."

"Hehe, right?, anyway let's get inside, careful in case of a grabber you may drain them dry before they get to orientation, then again, I doubt the person will complain." Emerald said before he walked by a few prisoners and some female one's blushed when he got close to them.

Maite followed while Marceline who took a deep breath, floats by the prisoners to follow the married duo.

A few prisoners, male and female blushed at them while some gave them cat calls and what not before everyone was in the orientation room, and Emerald, Maite, and Marceline were standing near one another while Maite and Marceline saw how big this place was and how many prisoners and guards were in the room.

"Geeze, didn't think they would have a room this for orientation. What's next, a big screen TV with the Warden's mug on it?" Marceline asked.

However to her shock, a Large TV did appear with a person walking on stage to show Ayuyat on screen, seems the place was upgraded since last time so that prisoners in the back could see her before she spoke up… or yelled this out.

"ALRIGHT YOU FUCKING MAGGOTS LISTEN UP!..." Ayuyat said before she starts the orientation for everyone.

Marceline covered her ears before she whispered this to Emerald and Maite.

"Is there a volume switch on her or is it just broken?"

Emerald chuckles at that before he said this.

"I wish, thankfully while she can talk at a normal level, but she doesn't have a filter unless Obsidian is around so sorry to say but we will have to power through this." Emerald said while Ayuyat keeps on with the orientation at a shouting cursing level before she got to the perk and point system and the three levels of the Rings.

Marceline heard about the perk thing and she's confident she'll do fine due to her succubus nature.

She was however concerned about the ring thing after hearing about the levels.

She knew that Bubblegum had the red ring but didn't know what she went through for the punishment.

Now Marceline was a bit worried if she'll receive a red ring for the Vampire King thing.

However what Ayuyat would say would be a real interesting thing to hear when Emerald looked to Marceline after Ayuyat said this… or shouts it out.


Marceline however frowns when she heard who Ayuyat mentioned before saying this.

"That fucking bitch."

A prisoner however laughed a bit at that which caused Ayuyat to stop in the middle of her speah to say this.

"And what is so fucking funny you maggot!" Ayuyat said before the prisoner said this.

"S-Sorry, j-just overheard this lady here saying something about you." The prisoner said while pointing a thumb at Marceline while the prisoner tried to hold back from laughing when Ayuyat looked at Marceline with a glare.

Marceline looks at the prisoner with a half look before speaking.

"Hey buddy, remember this phrase… snitches gets stitches."

The prisoner however just gave her a half lidded look before he said this.

"Maybe, but you gotta admit that saying that about the Warden here after all of that would make some laugh even if they don't want to and considering what she said, I don't want to get what the previous two bitches got from her." The prisoner said before he looked away from Marceline while Ayuyat grits her teeth before she starts walking down the stage and past prisoners who got out of her way and towards Marceline.

Marceline crossed her arms as she waits for the Warden to get here.

When the Warden did, she looked Marceline in the eyes and said this.

"Give me one fucking reason I shouldn't make you my bitch in front of everyone right here right now?, you remind me of that fucking cat and Candy bitch, if it wasn't for Prince Obsidian, I would have made that pink bitch choke on my semen as well, got blue balled that day so I wish she was here to finish things up." Ayuyat said while glaring at Marceline.

Marceline however glared at Ayuyat before speaking up.

"Watch what you say bitch. Those two happen to be friends of mine."

"Hooo… so that would explain it, guess trash will hang with trash since you're here, I mean I personally don't care what you think of me per say, but considering who's the prisoner here, maybe you should back off before I make you, unlike most Warden's who back away from not using force, I'm more than happy to make you my bitch, bitch!" Ayuyat said before she reached forward and gripped Marceline's right breast with one hand and pinched her nipple harshly as well.

Marceline hisses for a bit but however she surprisingly chuckles before she said this.

"If anyone's a bitch here I say it's you since I'm not controlled by any Royal prince."

Ayuyat however chuckles back before saying this.

"Well considering who the prince is, I don't mind being his bitch, but you, well, here you have no rank, and once your ringed, you'll be everyone's bitch whether you like it or not… I was taking therapy at Prince Obsidian's and I have a three strike policy… last chance… shut up or I will make the rest of this Orientation for you an unpleasant one… then again from the state of your dress and the energy I can feel, you must be a succubus or part one so I guess a whore like you will like anything I do to you as long as it gives you a sexual thrill huh?" Ayuyat said while she used her other hand to really grip Marceline's other breast hard, more so then the other breast.

Marceline hisses again before she said this.

"You can bitch all you want, I won't surrender easily. Besides even if you think my friends are trash, at least one of them had the courage to ask Obsidian out which he agreed. Bet you never did that huh?" She said with a smug grin.

Ayuyat however was silent for a moment before she said this while shadows covered her eyes.

"You.. fucking bitch… well if you want to play it like that, why don't I do you one better…. I have a special magic to identify prisoners and your Marceline the Vampire Queen, well why don't I tell you this… once that fucker Finn is here, just to spite you, I'll bring you here while you're ringed and watch while I dominate him, heard rumors that you're having trouble with making up your mind about him and Lillum's Incubus Emerald, so do you really want to go there when I can really make you regret it later?" Ayuyat growled out darkly to Marceline while looking at her with eyes that practically glow with rage.

Marceline's eyes widen before her eyes glowed red with rage before she used one leg to furiously kick Ayuyat's nether regions.

Ayuyat's eyes widen in shock before she sent Marceline a glare while Marceline unfortunatly didn't feel anything downstairs.

"Bad move bitch… let me tell you straight up right here and now that not even Prince Obsidian can stop me from doing whatever the fuck I want to you now… you attacked me plain and simple, a serious violation of the rules, the fucking head Warden of this place that only the Royal's outrank and I have witnesses…. So do the fucking math… once your ringed and once 24 hours are up, I'll be requesting to personally punish you for doing that, as for everyone here… they are about to see a show right now…" Ayuyat said with rage in her eyes before Emerald said this to get her attention.

"Err… Ayuyat… May I interrupt?" Emerald said to get the enraged Warden's attention.

Ayuyat look up before she asking this.

"What?" She said as she was not in the mood.

Emerald just eye smiles for a moment before he said this when his body radiates power.

"1st… calm… the… fuck… down… 2nd, if that rage of yours clouded your mind, you should get a reminder that I am Lillum's Incubus Emerald, Kind of Sex demons, 3rd, my Daughter, Ruby, who is dating Finn right now will be with him during his orientation here IF, I repeat IF, he is found guilty so just a word of warning but my daughter will make you her bitch if you push things too far… and 4th… while I can't stop you from doing things to Marceline since she did break the rules by kicking you… Take things too far and you'll be dealing with one pissed off Incubus who's trying to get with this lovely Vampiress over…" Emerald said with a demonic grown to his voice.

Ayuyat though enraged, shudders at the power she felt along with the threat and realized she has no chance against Emerald before Ayuyat tries to calm down.

Marceline, while still being gripped Ayuyat, shudders as she felt Emerald being serious with the way he spoke.

Maite felt the same, but for different reasons when she shuddered, she was impressed with the power he emitted even when under a contract to make sure his power doesn't run rampant and with how protective he was with Marceline.

"Now then… if your calmed down, like I said, while I can't stop you from doing anything to Marceline now, you shouldn't mess with Finn since he hasn't done anything yet, I mean this is a place for prisoners and your a Warden, a person of the law, and while there is a chance of Finn coming here as a prisoner, he's not one yet, ergo you can't do fucking squat to him at all, innocent until proven guilty remember?, or do I have to bring you to Lillum, Demonga, and Obsidian to suggest a different position here since you seem to have trouble with your anger?" Emerald said while giving Ayuyat a raised eyebrow.

Ayuyat eyes widen a bit when the thought of the three royals coming here and knowing the situation before she slightly shook her head at Emerald.

"Good, oh and before I leave you to do what you want with Mar Mar, I'd like to introduce you to a person, who is uncontracted so she is stronger than I am currently, my wife and Queen of Sex Demons, Maite the Succubus, just to give you a heads up since if you insulted her, I would have made you my bitch right here and now since A, she is unringed, and not a prisoner, and B, my wife." Emerald said while placing his arm around Maite in a loving way.

Maite chuckles before she gave a tender kiss to Emerald's cheek as proof.

Ayuyat's eyes widen at that before she kept that in mind when looking back at Marceline.

"Well you heard him bitch, as long as I don't go too far, I won't have to worry about him or his wife getting onto me, so why don't we get to the fun part for me and I see what you got under that clothing before I make you my bitch to prove to these fuckers that I'm not one to mess with normally, I'm sure everyone here felt Emerald's power so they can't really complain to me about backing away from him, like some old movies say, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way… your choice." Ayuyat said when she was focused on Marceline.

Marceline took a moment to calm down before she spoke up.

"Alright. How you wanna do it?"

"Simple, get on all fours, I'm going for that ass here and now and I don't care if hundreds of prisoners watch." Ayuyat said while grinning at Marceline.

Marceline however shrugged before she spoke up.

"Don't matter to me either way. Might as well give them some material to jerk off."

Ayuyat however said this to Marceline.

"Maybe… but I'm no idiot, I know you succubus's or part succubus's are pretty much kink freaks incarnate so I'll be playing on your Vampire's side's weaknesses to really push you to your limit without going over… like how Demonga would do to really break a bitch in without actually breaking the law himself… gave me a few spells to deal with bitches like you in a just in case moment." Ayuyat said with a grin on her face which didn't seem good for Marceline right now.

Marceline blinked in surprise before she had this thought.

'Oh shit. Don't like the sound of that.'

Ayuyat then said this.

"Just to give you a heads up to be fair and to make you nervous, Demonga, Lillum, and Prince Obsidian was alive for centuries…. When Vampires were a serious threat around Ooo, do you think he and a few others didn't learn a few tricks to really make the rare few Vampires that came here in the past pay for some crimes?, at the very least, I'll make these 24 hours one where you won't be able to sit right." Ayuyat said while grinning more at the look on Marceline's face.

Marceline's eyes widen when she heard that before thinking this.

'I can just float you dumb bitch. Although now I really screwed myself a bit after this. Really shouldn't have kicked her.'

"Oh and just to give you one final mindfuck before I fuck your ass… unless you unlock the perk to use your abilities outside of a punishment room, you'll be walking and physically grounded the entire time so good luck with actually sleeping on a bed bitch." Ayuyat said like she knew what Marceline was thinking right now.

Marceline's eyes widen again after hearing that before she thought two words.


"Now then… undress and get on all fours bitch… I'm about to make this assfuck very kinky for you." Ayuyat said before she muttered something and her finger glows with an odd light… she then touched Marceline's right breast with it and it actually burned…. Like Marceline got hit with sunlight…

Marceline hisses a bit before wondering what the Nightosphere was that.

Emerald however frowns before he said this.

"Magical sunlight?, hold on, you can't b-!" Emerald said before Ayuyat interrupted him to say this.

"Oh but I am, before you complain, all three Royals and the punishers who had vampire prisoners back in the day before I was here used this spell, long story short, I can use this to paint the dick I will grow in dimmed sunlight, I mean can you complain when most things here would be good for a Sex demon… maybe I should complain to Lillum that your getting in the way of my job?, I'll admit my anger did get the better of me, but you are contracted with Lillum… so I wonder what she can do to you if you get in the way by being partial to this bitch here instead of being impartial to a prisoner like her." Ayuyat said while Emerald stopped saying anything while looking frustrated when Ayuyat had a point.

Marceline couldn't believe what she heard while Maite grinds her teeth knowing that Ayuyat was right since Lillum can use her husband for anything.

Ayuyat grins at that before she said this to Marceline.

"Now then… like I said… off with your clothes bitch and get ready to feel the burn going right up your ass." Ayuyat said while she poked at Marceline's breasts a few times with her sunlight covered finger when Marceline didn't move yet.

Marceline grinds her teeth for a moment before she sent the Warden a sharp glare before she starts removing her clothes.

Ayuyar grins at that before she waits for Marceline to be in the nude in front of a cheering group of prisoners before Ayuyat said this.

"Not bad, large breasts, wide hips, I'm going to enjoy my time with you later if I get permission for a Punishment room… now then… time to show what I'm packing." Ayuyat said before she removed her skirt and when her pussy was shown, she used her magic to grow a dick that was around 10 inches long and 3 in width before she used her hand to stroke her dick while it glows with sunlight and it paints the dick with magical sunlight that stuck to her dick.

Marceline, after removing her clothes, had her eyes widen when she Ayuyat doing that to her dick before thinking this.

'Glob dammit.'

"Now then… get into position and brace yourself…" Ayuyat said while grinning at the look on Marceline when Marceline had trouble looking at her dick.

Thanks to her succubus side, Marceline could almost feel the folds of her pussy getting a bit wet before she grumbles something and gets on her hands and knees.

Ayuyat smirks at that before she walks up to Marceline with heavy footsteps with her boots before she was behind Marceline, she then gripped Marceline's waist and forced her ass up so that Marceline was on her hands and feet instead of her hands and knees and took a moment to rest her sunlight covered dick between Marceline's ass cheeks and grinds on Marceline's ass, thanks to it being diluted, the sunlight wouldn't cause real harm but it would still effect Marceline greatly.

Maite felt sorry for what Marceline was about feel while wishing she could've done something.

Some of the prisoners whispered to one another saying stuff like 'I can't believe she's gonna do it' and 'I feel bad for her.'

Others were like "Well she did deserve it" and others were like "Better her than me" while Emerald had a cold look on his face when he saw the expression that Marceline had on her face when Ayuyat grinds her sunlight covered dick on her ass.

Marceline had a slight pained look as she grinds her teeth for a bit after feeling that.

Ayuyat then pulled her hips back, spat once on her hand and used it to lube the head of her dick up, then pressed the head to Marceline's asshole before Ayuyat placed her hands on Marceline's hips and the next thing Marceline felt was something like fire being jammed right up her ass, very deep as well before Ayuyat didn't even give her time to adjust when she starts thrusting her hips fast and hard into the Succupire's ass.

Marceline's eyes widen before she starts to groan loud while grinding her teeth while trying to keep some of her tears from leaking out.

However it seems like Ayuyat was going to try and get her to cry when she covered her hands with sunlight and starts to grope and fondle Marceline's massive breasts when she leaned over the Succupire while thrusting her sunlight covered dick in Marceline's ass.

Marceline's groans got a bit louder when she felt the pain on her breasts but was not going to give the Warden the satisfaction.

Ayuyat however did have one other trick to pull when she leaned back after letting go of Marceline's breasts to say this.

"Quick Q, you may have heard of this dick growth perk… but did you know about some interesting features that can be mixed and matched if your imaginative enough…" Ayuyat said cryptically while she seemed to plan something.

Marceline while trying to be strong was wondering what Ayuyat is talking about.

That was answered a moment later when Marceline, with a dick up her ass, saw a second dick point from between her legs which showed that Ayuyat grew a second dick of all things that matched the first size for size.

Marceline and everyone else's eyes widen in shock when they saw the second dick before Marceline had this thought.

'Oh Glob. She better not do what I think she'll do.'

However Ayuyat pulled back and used a hand to stroke it a few times to give the new dick a good coating of sunlight before she aimed the second dick… right at her already filled asshole and said this.

"I meant what I said about teaching you a lesson bitch, and I did say it would be… through… your… ASS!" Ayuyat said before she forced the second dick in and fully hilts both sunlight covered dick all the way into Marceline's ass.

Marceline's eyes widen greatly before she made this noise.

"GAAAAHHH!" She yells at the searing double penetration.

Ayuyat grins at that before she starts to thrust the dicks without letting Marceline adjust again, this time she strength's the magic a bit as well to really let Marceline feel the burn so Ayuyat could break Marceline's control and cause her to cry if she could.

Even though it was painful, Marceline was trying with all her might to not cry as she felt her ass getting brutally pounded before she did this unsuspecting move by biting into her arm to counter the pain.

"Oh fuck no you don't!" Ayuyat said before she gripped Marceline's arms and forced them back and pulled before she starts to wildly fuck Marceline's as with the sunlight covered dicks and everyone could see her face now, Ayuyat used a bit of magic to lock Marceline's wrists together behind her back with cuffs made out of sunlight which burned Marceline's wrists before Ayuyat said this when she pulled back once and her second dick sprung free to rest between Marceline's legs.

"You know what, just for that and I'll change things up by actually fucking your pussy with the lower dick, can't have a prisoner try and harm themselves can they?" Ayuyat said with a twisted grin when she aimed her lower dick to Marceline's pussy and Marceline could feel the head pressing against her folds.

Marceline groans when she felt that before she said one word.


"Hoooo… and why is that bitch?, sooner or later, a sunlight covered dick is going to go in here so why not rip the bandage off now?" Ayuyat said with a grin on her face when she was enjoying this right now.

Maite and some of the prisoners stare with wide eyes while Maite was beyond concerned for the Succupire.

Maite maybe the Queen of sex demons but she wouldn't go that far.

Emerald just had shadows covering his eyes when he had a hard to read expression, but a hand on his crossed arms was clinching hard which showed he was holding himself back from acting right now.

Marceline groans again before she spoke up.

"A-Anything but… t-that."

"And I'm asking… why… I mean like I said, sooner or later… a sunlight covered dick… will go… in here… after all… answer me or I… will… start…" Ayuyat said while she rubbed the head of the lower dick on Marceline's folds.

Marceline hisses a bit before she spoke up.

"I-It wouldn't… m-matter. Y-You'll do it… a-anyway."

"Hmmm yeah I would, but depending on if you answer or not, I may remove the magic on the lower dick at least, give you some mercy… I maybe a bitch but I'm not heartless with reasonable." Ayuyat said while she slowly moved her hand to Marceline's hip again to show that Marceline was running out of time and Ayuyat said this when she placed her hands on Marceline's hips.

"3….2…" Ayuyat said while her grip on Marceline's hip strengthened when she got ready to pull.

Marceline tries to think fast for a good answer but sadly she had none before saying this.

"I-I don't have one."

Ayuyat grins at that before everyone saw in one big thrust, Ayuyat went balls deep into both of Marceline's holes in one go and the head of Ayuyat's dick bursts through Marceline's cervix and the inside of her womb was bathed with sunlight which caused it to glow for everyone to see when Marceline's womb bulged.

"GAAAAHHH!" Marceline screams again before everyone saw her tongue hanging out.

That's when they noticed her pussy was beyond soaked. Seems she climaxed right after Ayuyat bashed into Marceline's womb.

"Hehehe, wow, would you look at that, forget kink freaks, your a kink whore for cumming like that… wonder what Finn or any of your friends would say in this situation… and they can't do a damn to stop me." Ayuyat said before she starts to thrust her hips hard which caused the dicks to enter and exit Marceline's holes at a fast, strong, rate.

Marceline screams again but was able to turn her head to gave Ayuyat a hateful glare before saying this.


Ayuyat however laughs before she said this with a wild look in her eyes.

"No whore!, I'm the one fucking you!" Ayuyat said before she starts to thrust harder and faster and moved Marceline's bound wrists to her mouth and bit into the cuffs which seemed to be more like rope before Ayuyat used her left hand which was coated with light to start spanking Marceline's ass and leave glowing burning handprints on Marceline's ass.

"Gah!" She yelps before groaning a bit at the pain.

For a few minutes, Ayuyat keeps on fucking Marceline while she got more and more rough with her assault on Marceline's holes before she could feel her dicks twitching and after using her left hand to hold Marceline's arms, said this.

"Hehe, bit of a trick that we made to really break a bitch like you in… but quick pop quiz for all who's paying attention and see if you can guess the answer here… Can I apply this sunlight magic to A, my Hand, B, my dick, C, my breasts, or D…. my own Semen!" Ayuyat said with a wild look in her eyes to show what she was about to do with Emerald already knowing the answer with his body tensing up.

Marceline, Maite and a few prisoner's eyes widen at what was about to happen before one prisoner asked this.

"Ummm… all of the above?"

"FUCKING RIGHT!, I DON'T CARE IF SHE IS THE MOST MASOCHISTIC BITCH ON OOO, SHE IS GOING TO HURT AFTER THIS ONE!... RIGHT… ABOUT…. FUCKING NOW!" Ayuyat roars before she came hard in Marceline's holes after hilting her which quickly caused her body to burn from the inside out and her womb bloats greatly with a fiery pain like no other before everyone saw glowing semen pour from Marceline's holes.

"GAAAAHHH!" Marceline screamed from the pain of having both of her holes being filled with that painful semen before she surprisingly came hard on Ayuyat's lower dick.

Ayuyat groans from that before she keeps on cumming inside of Marceline while semen pooled below them before Ayuyat tapped off after 30 seconds, and Marceline was just dropped onto the ground and sunlight filled semen while everyone saw the expression on her face.

Marceline had a slight blush on her face as her body shudders but surprisingly, you can actually see tears leaking out of her eyes as the pain was too much.

"Hehehe… Hahaha, oh wow, would you look at this bitch… she talks a good game but she's crying now… shows that I'm not bluffing." Ayuyat said with a wild grin.

Maite was shocked at the condition that Marceline was in before she looks at Ayuyat with hate in her eyes before saying this.

"You bitch!" She said before kneeling down to Marceline.

However a Dark mist emits from Emerald before he slowly walked towards Ayuyat.

"You… idiotic… bitch!" Emerald said when he got closer to Ayuyat while everyone could see the expression on his face… wide rage filled eyes, teeth mashed together from how clinched they were, veins showing all over his body…. All in all, Emerald looked like rage incarnate now.

Ayuyat gulps when she saw that before backing away a bit before the Warden spoke up.

"H-Hey… remember what that bitch did. I'm legally able to get payback. And don't forget, I can get Lillum too." She said hoping that stops Emerald.

However Emerald moved with shocking speed and a moment later, Ayuyat was held in the air with Emerald gripping her head while his hand covered her face before he said this while holding up three fingers.

"1st…. Marceline gave you a simple kick… she wasn't ringed yet so unless you knew ahead of time, not even a Black Ringed prisoner would experience that, 2nd, you can get Lillum, but remember I'm the fucking Demon King of sex, any punishment that Lillum does only makes me stronger and if I'm forbidden to have sex for a certain amount of time, well, guess that makes what I'm about to do to you a bit of a last meal for a bit, but I know that at worst, 1 full week for me since I know for a damn fact that Lillum won't go for too long without me… part of our contract after all…. and 3rd… until Marceline makes a choice between Finn and I… She is my woman… and believe me… I hate anyone who harms… what's… MINE!" Emerald said before he roared the last part when he ripped his pants off and with a quick grip of Ayuyat's hips after using a dispelling magic to get rid of them, summoned a second dick on himself and practically pushed himself balls deep into both of Ayuyat's holes before Emerald starts thrusting away after using a hand to grip Ayuyat's hip while his other held Ayuyat's head to keep her quiet.

While Maite was checking on Marceline, the prisoners were in deep shock at the sight while Ayuyat was muffly screaming from this action.

Emerald however didn't care while he worked on destroying Ayuyat's holes, even when some guards tried to get in his way, all Emerald said to them was this with a demonic tone.

"Then try and stop me by force if you want… but you better get ready to regret it… not the first time I fought off enemies while fucking a woman, did it with Maite once when we were in the middle of a few battles in our younger years so I can get some energy from her and I can do the same to Ayuyat here as well." Emerald growled out while giving the guards the mother of all evil eyes.

The guards paled greatly at the look before they backed away cautiously.

"He... some allies you have Ayuyat, seems they would rather leave you to me right now then help a bitch like you, what's the matter, not going to even try and fight back?, your a bitch who breaks bitches after all and your arms are free so why not try and break free… that is… if you can." Emerald said with a fanged grin when he let go of Ayuyat's head and gripped her hips with both hands to really thrust both dick in Ayuyat's holes.

Ayuyat, who was able to breathe, groans loud before she yelled this.

"YOU FUCKING COWARD!" She said before she attempts to use her free hands to get herself out.

Emerald however grins at Ayuyat's attempts, she tried to claw at his face to no result when his magic blocked her, she tried to punch him with surprisingly strong punches that made loud bangs that would have ended regular people, hell, she even tried to bite his throat to tear at it but all it did was just cause Emerald to grin when it barely did anything when he said this.

"Coward?, well I'll admit that I am enjoying the love taps and bites but I don't think I'm a coward…. Mind explaining why I'm one?... that is if you can even talk." Emerald growled out with a fanged grin when he thrusts twice as hard into Ayuyat and even leaned forward to bite and suck at her breasts harshly.

"FUCK!" She yells from having her breasts getting bitten and stuff.

Emerald looked to her before he said this.

"Hehe, well considering you can't talk, might as well show you you're place as the higher up's fucktoy, I maybe in a contract with Lillum, but there is one little thing you forgot aside from the 1 week maximum on holding back on sex." Emerald growled out when he used his magic to make Ayuyat float before he thrusts his hips hard while his hands played with her breasts.

Ayuyat was a bit shocked from being in the air before she asked this.


Emerald grins at that before he said this.

"Simple you anger prone bitch… one interesting thing is one simple fact… Lillum is in love with me and gave me one perk of working with her… I'm the same rank as her, Obsidian, and Demonga as long as our contract is in effect… add the fact that Marceline and Lillum hit it off well in Marceline's home before the trial and you get a friendship between her and Marceline… all I need to do is just tell the truth to her that I used you as my fucktoy and she would just think nothing of it… after all… considering the state I found her in thanks to this Fucking Kingdom… do you think she would punish the one who saved her life." Emerald said while looking Ayuyat in the eyes with a cold piercing gaze while his thrusts got faster and faster while he could feel Ayuyat getting closer and closer until...

"OH FUCK!" Ayuyat yells before she climaxed on Emerald's dick.

However she was able to hear Emerald say the things he said before realizing how screwed the Warden is right now.

Emerald grins coldly at the look before he thrusts faster and faster when he decided to not hold back on cumming and Ayuyat could feel him getting close, and from the look of things, it seemed that Emerald wouldn't do it outside.

Ayuyat's eyes widen when she realized that before she tries to get away from Emerald by trying to force the Incubus's dick out.

Emerald however groans when he could feel her holes tightening before he said this to Maite with a demonic grin.

"So Maite, should I knock her up?, seems like she's really desperate to not get creampied right now." Emerald demonically said to his wife while she was checking on Marceline.

Ayuyat's eyes widen when she heard that before the duo and everyone else heard what Maite said.

"Knock her up dear."

Emerald grins at that before he starts to thrust his dick as hard and fast as he could in Ayuyat now while his dick twitches faster and faster in her holes.

Ayuyat begins to moan like crazy before she yells this.


Emerald then stops, and with a cold grin said this.

"Hooo…. Then give me one good reason not to." Emerald said like a daja vu moment when Ayuyat said something similar to Marceline earlier.

Ayuyat groans for a bit before she spoke up.

"I-I… d-don't want... a-anyone's kid except…" She said before stopping when she blushed a bit at who she was gonna say.

Emerald then slowly starts to pull free before he said this when the head of his dick was still inside and looked like Emerald would pull free.

"Well when you put it like that…." Emerald said with a normal tone again.

Ayuyat felt relieved that the Incubus was pulling out though Maite had a passive look before grinning a bit which was odd to the guards and prisoners.

That grin on Maite was answered when Emerald, while smiling innocently, said this with a demonic tone when he thrusts himself balls deep into Ayuyat and his semen blasts into her womb and stomach.

"GET KNOCKED UP YOU BITCH!" Emerald growled out loudly to the off guard Warden.

"NOOOOO!" Ayuyat screams before she surprisingly moans from having her womb bloated before she came hard on Emerald's dick.

Emerald groans from that when he enjoyed how tight things got before he let go of Ayuyat and she flew off of his dicks for a moment when the force of the semen escaping made her fly away before Emerald dispelled his magic and Ayuyat fell to the ground while Emerald held his dick when he came long and hard on Ayuyat's body, practically painting her with his scent.

Maite grinned at the sight while the guards and prisoners were shocked as they continue to watch this.

Ayuyat groan as she felt her body getting sprayed before she said this.

"Y-You… f-fucking… monster."

Emerald grins at that before he said this.

"You kidding, I consider that an insult… I'm the king of Monsters, King of sex demons remember?, this kind of things happens daily with all the ladies I'm with, granted most do come… pun intended… willingly, but all enjoy this time with me no matter how stubborn or bitchy they are… at least their bodies enjoy it... I don't even know how many ladies I knocked up and some kept quiet about it but I'm sure I have plenty of sons and daughters who do well where they're at, good thing your going to Obsidian cause the magic I am using on you will make sure that you stay knocked up until the kid is born…" Emerald said before he walked to Ayuyat and a few crests appeared on Ayuyat's body before Emerald said this.

"First off, and every lady carrying a sex demon kid should know, you will forget about food for quite a bit because when you're knocked up by a sex demon, you will be going after anyone with a dick to get laid, sexual energy is a good way to grow a healthy sex demon after all… now for the two spells I used, one, a shield to prevent abortions, potions, spells, or anything, so say bye bye to an easy way out, second, well lets just say that if you're stubborn about not having sex with anyone, even Obsidian… well… you will be teleported to me if I'm in a safe area and I will take you like I did here to give you energy… so no need to hold back on getting it on with Obsidian… I mean you did want to start a family with him right?, why not consider this practice, and I'm sure if you want to give up the kid, Maite and I can take care of them, Ruby did want a baby brother or sister and its so hard to knock up Maite from the raw energy she has alone." Emerald said with a fanged grin on his face when he looked down at Ayuyat.

Ayuyat however glares at Emerald before she spoke up.

"F-Fuck off. I-I'm not gonna give you the satisfaction. I'm gonna keep the kid. But you're not aloud to go near me or it."

Emerald just looked to Maite while pointing a thumb at Ayuyat with a look that said 'Is she serious?', before he looked to Ayuyat and said this.

"First off, I believed I just proved I don't need your permission to do jack shit, second, I believe the kid will wonder why they have demonic features when the momma and pappa don't have any, so good luck explaining to the kid on why you got raped by the sex demon king, third, I am the fucking king of sex demons so like it or not, the kid is my kid even if I don't have parental rights and you can't stop me from walking around here, the kingdom of lust where you live so you can know I'll be around to make sure that you don't fuck up your kids head with your anger, and forth, while mentally you hate me… I'm sure your body at least is thrilled to have been with me… but I'm sure you're 100% thrilled to have a reason to go to Obsidian huh?" Emerald said while he grins at Ayuyat, he even leaned down and touched a breast that wasn't hit to prove his point about her body being pleased.

Ayuyat did shudder at the feeling before she spoke.

"N-No matter what you fucking say… I ain't gonna come to you for any sex energy. Not you or anyone your related or married to."

"Well if you keep the kid well fed, I won't have to do anything, I'm sure Obsidian would be happy to give you all the energy you need, but just be warned… don't go to him and be stubborn… well… I won't have to even fight you, you'll be so consumed with lust that you will spread your legs out for me, after all… when a person is overcome by emotions or lust in this case… they will do anything to satisfy it… that's the issue with mortals like you, you let your desires rule you and while a bit hypocritical of me to say, I, Maite, and many others need to feed so while sex can be fun… its a way for sex demons like us to survive… its like breathing air or drinking water but tastes so good… now then… get up and get on all fours, I'm going to give the kid a good boost since once knocked up, they grow fast with enough energy… you underestimate how fast a person can get knocked up with a sex demon after all, and the first time is very off guarding." Emerald said while grinning down at Ayuyat.

Ayuyat glares at Emerald but unfortunately she's too weak to fight back.

That's when she said this.

"I fucking hate you."

Emerald rolled his eyes before he said this.

"Just for that, I want you to suck this clean before I visit your pussy again, and before you make a snarky comeback, I can force you to blow me and FYI, magic makes a good shield from bites." Emerald said while pointing the dick that was in Ayuyat's pussy at Ayuyat's head when he used a burst of magic to make her sit up after making the second one vanish.

Ayuyat still glares at Emerald before she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue before she starts licking the base of the Incubus's dick.

Emerald grins at that before he said this when he looked to a random guard.

"Hey you, finish this orientation since Ayuyat is busy right now, and Maite, how is Mar Mar doing?" Emerald ordered before saying the last part to Maite.

The guard jolts before he went to finish the orientation on the prisoners while Maite rubs Marceline's head before she spoke up.

"She seems okay. I used a soothing spell to make her sleep for a moment."

"I see, hey you guard, place a ring spell on her now, Maite can handle the rest." Emerald said to a different guard with a cold look to be quick while he gripped his right hand and his knuckles made a good cracking noise when he made a fist.

The guard gulps before he approaches Maite and kneels down before he cautiously starts applying the ring spell to Marceline's neck.

Marceline squirms a bit from it in her sleep before a ring appeared before it's color shifts to a red ring in color.

Emerald saw that while Marceline rests up again before he said this.

"Hey Maite, sorry if you don't want to, but mind cleaning out Marceline's holes and making sure she's laying someplace safe?, I think she may be burned on the inside out and while I can respect a kinky burn, I think that was overkill even for a red ring." Emerald said while he looked to Marceline.

Maite looks at Marceline's cum filled holes before she spoke up.

"Very true. Don't worry, I'll take her someplace safe."

"Great, and don't worry about me Maite, worse comes to worse, I'll break the contract with Lillum or something, that should show Lillum how pissed I am at Ayuyat right now and Obsidian as well, and believe me, without that contract limiting me greatly, I can bash anyone's skull in like a grape with a simple grip even if it's for people as strong as Obsidian or Demonga, believe me, I may be in a contract with Lillum and I do like this place, it's not like home and Lillum helped make it bearable for me when I had some trouble feeding over the years." Emerald said while he looked down at Ayuyat when he felt her not doing a good job on the sucking when she didn't do much.

Ayuyat continues her actions before she noticed Emerald looking at her meaning he wants something before Ayuyat opens her mouth again and swallows Emerald's dick as much as she can before she starts bobbing her head for a moment before giving Emerald a hateful glare.

Emerald just grins now at the look before he said this to Maite.

"Believe me Ayuyat, if you think I'm evil now… well… just be glad I showed some mercy to a bitch like you… we have creatures and what not in the Sex demon dimension where I'm from that would make a bitch like you break down from the pleasure, Maite loves raising some of them as pets… maybe I should give you one of the younger pets that are in the prime of their life and looking for a mate?... should be interesting to see or maybe a field trip to work on these skills… Lillum's blowjobs are much better and Maite beats that out of the water." Emerald taunts the Warden with a demonic grin on his face.

Ayuyat continues to bob her head but still gave Emerald a heated glare with a look that said 'fuck no'.

Emerald chuckles at that before he waits for Maite to clean and move Marceline and for the prisoners to be moved to the dressing room which left Emerald, Ayuyat, and Maite when she walked back, alone in the room, some guards were still there but they were more or less trying to ignore Ayuyat and the look on her face while she sucked Emerald's dick.

It was a few moments before Ayuyat pulls her mouth away so she can breath for a second or two.

However Emerald gripped the top of her head and forced her back onto his dick, he even moved her head for her while he grins down at Ayuyat with an evil look on his face.

Ayuyat's eyes widen by that action before she gags a bit.

Emerald chuckles at that before he said this.

"Oh and two things, not really related, one, Marceline's personal item is that Axe she had, and the other for protection from the sun is the Umbrella I gave her, try to remember that when you see Marceline here or there if she is carrying both… and second, Maite, want to join in and see if her body's at least honest?" Emerald said while he let go of Ayuyat's head to look at his wife for the second part.

Maite looks at the Warden with a cold grin before she spoke up.

"Gladly. I want to give her a piece of my mind for what she did to Marceline."

Emerald then gave Maite the come here gesture with one finger and said this.

"Then bring that sweet ass here so I can give you some loving that's long overdue, and might as well show Ayuyat that perfect bod of yours as well." Emerald said with a grin to his wife.

Maite grins as well before she walk towards Emerald and wraps her arms around Emerald's neck before Maite kissed his lips.

Emerald in turn placed an arm around Maite's waist, placed a hand on her ass, and pulled her in so that she was pressed into his body while his tongue fought aggressively with Maite's and Ayuyat saw how intense their making out was.

Surprisingly Ayuyat blushed a bit from the sight but rolled her eyes nonetheless.

Emerald ignored that to focus on Maite when he used a bit of magic to make her float and he pulled down her bra like covering which showed her large breasts before he gripped one and pulled it a bit so that he could move Maite a little before he latched his mouth onto her nipple before he bites it lightly and sucks on it hard to really get Maite going.

Maite moans for a moment before she said this.

"Oh fuck Emerald keep doing that. These babies miss you."

Emerald chuckles before he did just that while he used a hand to move Ayuyat's head more and more on his dick while prisoners and guards start to come out of the showering area with the prisoners exiting in loincloths and with one personal item.

The prisoners and guards were able to see the show while Maite moans more and Ayuyat gags when she felt Emerald's dick moving forward.

Emerald then used the hand on Maite's ass to rip the shadowy clothing away before he starts to finger her pussy when she was warmed up a bit already from the sights from earlier, downside of sex demon nature, even if they may hate some things, if it gets them going lust wise, things quickly spiral out of control.

Maite shudders and moans from that action while some of the prisoners and guards had blushing looks on their faces when they saw the succubus Queen's ass.

Emerald noticed and with a grin, said this to two female prisoners.

"Hey, you two, come here now." Emerald ordered with a grin on his face, seems he had an idea in mind.

The two female prisoners blinked for a moment before they walked towards the trio while Ayuyat wondered what Emerald was planning.

"And out of the guards here, male or female, doesn't matter, who was treated as a punching bag by this bitch here when she lost her temper, I'm sure one of you must be a favorite of hers to blow off steam on am I right?" Emerald said when he looked to the guards with a grin.

The guards looked at each other before surprisingly, two guards, a male and a female, raises their hands in unison.

Emerald grins at that before gesturing for all four to get close, and when the two prisoners and guards were near, Emerald said this.

"First off, all four of you have perk cards now, correct?, well I have a proposition for you four, for these two lovely ladies in loincloths, do what I say and I'll give you quite a number of perk points right from the get go from my own card, and before you ask, I've worked here a long time to give the max many times over, but I won't for a few reasons, as for you two guards, I have a different offer for you once you all here these orders…. Ready?, but before I give them, I want to hear your names." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

The male guard was the first to speak.

"Name's Rolf."

The Female guard then spoke up.

"Diana." The female guard said before Emerald looked to the two female prisoners.

The first female prisoner on the left gulps before she spoke.


The other female prisoner then spoke up after clearing her throat.

"Bloom." The other prisoner said before Emerald nods his head.

"Alright… you two, May, Bloom, eat my wife's holes out to warm her up and I'll give you two a large number of points as a starter bonus, there maybe a 24 hour period before you can get them from others, but no one said that they can't be transferred, as for you two… how about a change in careers for doing one teeny tiny thing." Emerald said to the two female prisoners before he said that last bit to the two guards.

Rolf looks at Diana before he looks at Emerald and asks this.

"What do you mean change in careers and tiny thing?"

"Simple… I'll hire you two as mine and Maite's servants, Diana here goes to me, and you go to my wife, aside from a good payday, there are perks of working with us and add the fact that you could visit the sex demon dimension, you could get plenty of loving from others there… Mortals area a rarity so you two would be very popular there… all I ask is that you gave your way with Ayuyat here… she won't be an issue since I can feel the hunger for sexual energy coming from here… consider this payback and a test to see if you got the balls to go through with it." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Rolf was shocked at the opportunity to have a new career change and a chance to get payback at Ayuyat before he looks at Diana before asking this.

"What do you think Diana? New jobs and some payback does sound good right?"

"Yeah, personally I was getting tired of being Ayuyat's bitch since she normally hits it in her anger and quits it before I can even cum, I know for a fact that you're tired of it as well since I've seen her tie you up and she had her way with you, hell she even made your girlfriend watch a few times, personally I don't think we get paid enough for that shit." Diana said with gritted teeth.

Rolf was seething in anger at the memory before he looks at Emerald and said this.

"We will be happy to work with you, boss."

"Hehe, great, do well and I may let Maite reward you well, and give your GF a taste as well, Maite doesn't care about gender… now… simply put, I want you two to really get your stress out with your soon to be former boss, be creative and I may give Diana here an overdue release since she may be tired of being blue balled time and time again so to speak right?" Emerald said before he looked to Diana with a grin on his face while Diana blushed brightly at that.

Rolf blinks in surprise at the reward part before blushing a bit when he said this.

"Uhh… me and Diana aren't dating."

"Wasn't saying she was, was just saying that Maite would reward you and your GF really well if you do a good job here, was saying that I would personally reward Diana really well if she did a good job as well." Emerald said while grinning more.

"Oh right." Rolf said while feeling embarrassed.

"Then again, you two do sound like you like to back one another up, maybe you and Diana could hook up as well, kingdom of lust after all and if your GF lives here, I doubt she never tried to go for the ladies here." Emerald said to the two guards.

Both Rolf and Diana blushed brightly when they heard that before they looked at each other for a moment.

Emerald chuckles before he looked to the two prisoners and said this.

"Well you two?, we got the former guards in on this… so why not join in on the fun and show my wife a good time, I'll be joining in a moment once I make sure Ayuyat here can't cause these two excellent workers who she owes any issues." Emerald said while he moved his hand to Maite's ass and held a cheek and pulled a bit to show Maite's soaked pussy and her asshole to the two prisoners while he could feel the heat from Maite when her body was excited greatly.

May and Bloom blushes when they looked at Maite's body for a moment before they decide to just go with it and walk towards Maite before May went to eat out Maite's ass and bloom takes her pussy.

Emerald grins when he heard Maite moan from that before he said this to her.

"Hehe, just wait a couple minutes and I'll be with you shortly to give you what your body desires and more my sexy Queen." Emerald said before he gave her a light peck on the lips and pulled away when his magic caused Maite's lips to tingle in a pleasing way.

Maite moans for a moment before she spoke up while enjoying having her holes eaten out.

"T-Take your time dear."

Emerald chuckles before he said this to the two guards.

"Get over here you two, were going to show this anger prone bitch some serious karma for all the times she fucked with you both." Emerald said when he held Ayuyat's head to keep her from pulling away before he walks a few steps away to get some space for Rolf and Diana to get close.

Both guards grins before they walk towards the Emerald and Ayuyat before waiting for more orders.

"Now then, Rolf… I'm sure you would love to be a pain in Ayuyat's ass right?, and the Lovely Diana, you have plenty of perk points right?, well why not grow a dick once you two are in the nude and you can pick what you want to fuck, Ayuyat's pussy, her mouth, anything, I'll make sure she can't scream your ear off so no need to hold back." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Ayuyat pales when she heard that before Rolf and Diana grins at the possible holes to use before the duo starts to undress.

It wasn't long before Rolf was in the nude.

He had some nice muscles here and there along with a six pack. He also had brown hair, with a teal skin tone and hazel eye color.

If you look at his dick it's at least 10 inches long and 2 inches in width.

Diana, who had a tanned look to her purple skin tone and blue hair with white lines in it, had a similar body that was well toned from training and had large C to D cup breasts that were perky and a well toned ass that showed she wasn't one to mess with normally and she used her card to summon a nine inch dick that was 3 in width, she could grow it bigger but she wanted to build up to it, and her green eyes looked at Ayuyat with raw lust.

Despite the dick, Rolf did blush when he had a good look at Diana's body.

Diana had a similar look when she looked Rolf up and down when she notice his gaze before the duo looked to Emerald when he said this.

"So Diana… which hole do you want?" Emerald said before Diana said this.

"Why not let me go for her mouth, seems your wife misses you and I hate to break up a loving couple, and since we're trading jobs, no need to hold back right?, Rolf, you can take her pussy or ass if you want, I'm sure she won't mind right now." Diana said while looking to Rolf after they saw Emerald using his magic to clean Ayuyat's body before he pulled his dick free, but not before using the spell he used on Ashley to make a cockring gag in Ayuyat's mouth to keep her mouth forced open.

Ayuyat's eyes widen when she couldn't close her mouth before Rolf chuckles and said this.

"Oh I'm definitely gonna take her ass."

Emerald chuckles at that before he said this.

"Well then, I believe you two have a date with Ayuyat here so I'll go to my wife now… oh and Ayuyat… bit of a tip for you… I recommend following their orders or you'll feel a nasty side effect of that ring in your mouth, and to make sure you get a reminder…" Emerald said before he summoned the cherry blossom want to his hand and said this.

"Hey Blossom, mind appearing and making sure Ayuyat here follows the orders… I mean she did cause your real master some serious pain just now." Emerald said with a knowing grin while the rest were confused when Emerald seemed to be talking with a stick.

That's when the ghost known as Blossom appears and apparently when she looked at the Warden, Blossom gave a cold look before she spoke.

"I will make sure she follows orders and make sure she suffers for what happened to Mistress. How is she?"

"Well… aside from Marceline getting her holes and her body attacked by sunlight covered dicks and semen, she's doing great, you can thank Ayuyat for that one, Marceline seemed to have came hard a few times with the pain and pleasure but considering that there maybe some Vampire or Succupire harming semen still in her womb then…" Emerald said while shrugging a bit while letting Blossom connect the dots.

Blossom's eyes widen before she glares at Ayuyat and said this.

"Ohhh… you're in for it now."

"Welp, I'll leave you three here, I'll hold onto the cherry blossom wand in case Blossom wants to call up some clone ghost help, about 30 or so last I checked, anyway…. Mr. Guard on stage, mind finishing this orientation if you would be so kind, thanks." Emerald said before he approached Maite, May, and Bloom.

The guard on stage blinks at what he saw before he just sighs and motions for the prisoners to look at him so he can continue the orientation.

Though some prisoners had trouble looking away, mainly the prisoners near Ayuyat's group and Emerald's group, when things got really heated real fast when Rolf had Ayuyat on all fours while he fucked her ass, Diana was taking her mouth, while Blossom, who was thinking about joining in or not, saw that her pussy was unoccupied.

Emerald however was standing near Maite, May, and Bloom while May and Bloom seemed really into eating Maite out right now, good thing Emerald knew both were by with a quick peak at their desires.

Maite continues to moan before she saw her husband before speaking.

"H-Hey honey. D-Done already?"

"Yup, for now I'm just enjoying the sight of my sweet wife enjoying herself… hmmm… Hey Blossom, mind if I summon a few ghostly clones, male or female version and let them join in with Maite here?, show her what you are capable of in the gangbang department?" Emerald said to Blossom near him while trying to keep his voice low enough to hear stuff about the rings and their rankings which Maite heard as well with the reds being the worst off in the Bondage kingdom, same with Blossom as well.

Blossom looks at Emerald before she spoke up.

"Sure. Go nuts."

Emerald nods before he channeled his magic into the cherry blossom want and 7 ghosts were summoned, all of them looked like Blossom before he said this.

"So Maite, want any of them to look like a man?, if not, then don't worry, they can grow a dick if you want, but I will say this, surprisingly good pussies, these ghostly ladies have, that they do." Emerald said when he put his arms around two of them and held them close.

Maite took a moment to think on this before she spoke up.

"Hmmm… have 3 of them turn into men."

Emerald nods before he said this to the 5 who were not in his arms.

"Alright, you all decide on who gets to be the lucky three to go for my wife, better get ready though cause an unguarded ghost may blow their load when she gets a hold of you." Emerald said before he starts to fondle the ghosts that he had, one with a breast, other with the ass.

The first two female ghosts shudders from that action while three of the 5 ghosts turned into males before their dicks appeared.

"Well guess 5 is better then three, alright you 5, have fun with my wife." Emerald said to the 5 male shifted ghosts in front of him before they nod and float around Maite before one gropes her breasts and fondles them, another went to kiss her, the third male formed ghost went to phase through May and Bloom and starts to eat out both of Maite's holes and Maite could feel herself getting eaten out at twice the pace when it was like two tongues were attacking both her holes at the same time.

Maite was feeling great pleasure as she muffly moans while kissing the ghost.

Emerald chuckles at that before he said this to the other two ghostly ladies who stayed in that state.

"So… want to join me and these two sexy phantoms, or get payback for Mar Mar?" Emerald said while he nudged his head towards Ayuyat to give the two free ghost clones the option.

The two ghosts look at the sight and even though they want to avenge their mistress, it looks like Blossom and the two guards got everything under control.

Both female ghosts look at Emerald before saying this in unison.

"We like to join you."

"Alright, get those sexy see through asses over here and lets get you two warmed up." Emerald said when he licked his lips at the two female ghost clones.

The female duo blushes from that before the float over to Emerald before waiting to see what he will do.

Emerald grins at that before he surprised them when he breathed in and out and a gas like substance flowed from his mouth before it starts to settle in between him and the ghostly lady duo.

The two female ghosts blinked in confusion before one of them asked this.

"What was that?"

All Emerald did was just give them the shushing gesture a moment later before the gas starts to condense and shift til a blush inducing sight was seen, one that would make Maite blush when she realized what Emerald was doing.

The female ghosts and some of the prisoners that were seeing this blushed big at they saw after the gas disappears.

Turns out, Emerald summoned a female version of himself and contrary to what some with think, it was not half assed and actually looked like the female clone could be his sister with how beautiful she looked, large breasts that could rival Maite or Lillum's, wide hips with a large round ass but looked like it wouldn't get in the way, thin waist, brown hair that trailed down her back to the green eyes that sparked when they shined with life, honestly she looked like she was bubbling with happiness right now.

The female ghost duo continues to blush before they both said this.


The Female Emerald giggles cutely before winking at them.

"Hey, name in this form is Esmerelda, nice to meet you two, hope you can put up with me, maybe a bit rusty with pleasing you two… in… a-n-y-w-a-y… that you two want." the Female Emerald clone or Esmeralda said while giving the ghosts a shy smile which was oddly adorable even past the lust shown in Esmeralda's eyes.

The female ghost duo blushes brightly at Esmeralda before the the female ghost on the right float towards her before the ghost spoke up.

"I don't mind getting to know you."

Esmeralda smiles at the female ghost before saying this when she walked up to her and hugged her gently.

"Nice to know… hope you don't mind if I do this." Esmeralda said before she kissed the ghost on the lips and her tongue went into the female ghost clones mouth and Esmeralda used her hands to fondle the ghost on the ass which made most nearby blush when they saw the kiss getting really heated.

The female ghost clone moans in Esmeralda's mouth as she had her tongue fight back a bit before the ghost clone uses her hands to fondle the Esmeralda's breasts.

Esmeralda moans into that before she pulled away while her body felt good before looking to the other ghostly clone and said this.

"Hehe, don't hold back now, why not summon a dick so this sexy ghost and I can blow it." Esmeralda said before licking her lips.

The second female ghost blushed for a bit before she summons a dick of her own.

Esmeralda grins at that before saying this to the Ghost clone she was holding.

"Hehe, seems this orientation is not to bad if I can get with a cutie like you, maybe I can show Mar Mar what I can do in this form later to help cheer her up." Esmeralda said with a gentle smile, a complete 180 from the normal confident grin that was seen on Emerald's face.

The ghost clone blushes before she spoke.

"That would be nice. Mistress could use some cheering after what SHE did." She said while frowning at the thought of Ayuyat.

Esmeralda gave the ghost clone a kind smile and rubs her cheek on the ghost clone before saying this.

"Oh if you were mine, I would see what you can really do, sorry for my male side not being able to do that, you seem like the perfect lover when given the chance." Esmeralda said before Emerald got a half lidded look on his face before he said this.

"Hey watch it…" Emerald said with a bland tone to his voice which made Esmeralda giggle when it looked like their was no real issue with Esmeralda messing with Emerald a bit.

The female ghost duo sweatdrop before one the female ghost with Esmeralda said this.

"Regardless, as long as I'm here, I'll give everything that I have to pleasure you." She said before kissing Esmeralda's lips again.

Esmeralda hums into the kiss while she lightly pets the ghost she was with which caused everyone to see a really heated make out session with the duo.

While the female ghost keeps kissing Esmeralda, the other ghost clone, with her dick still attached, looks at Emerald before she asked this.

"If you want, I'll be happy to please you."

"Hmmm… sure, lose the dick or use it on one of these lovely ladies here, because all of this sex is making my dick harder then an iron sword right now." Emerald said while his dick was erect to prove it and it pulsed with blood for everyone to see.

Some of the female prisoners blinked in surprise before blushing big when they saw the Incubus's dick while the female ghost clone blushes brightly after looking at it before she made her dick vanished and floats towards Emerald before she wrapped her arms around Emerald's neck before the clone smashed her lips on his.

Emerald hums into the kiss before he used a bit of magic to make the Female ghost clone's hips rise before he aimed his dick at her pussy before he starts to rub the head of his dick on her folds.

The female ghost shudders at first before she just raised her hips and slams herself down on Emerald's dick making her pussy swallow some of it.

Emerald in turn in reflex thrusts his hips as hard and as fast as he could into the female ghost clone which caused her to bounce on his dick and everyone could see the outline of it go deep in her thanks to her slight transparency.

The female ghost clone muffly moans loud in Emerald's mouth as she enjoys the pleasure while holding onto the Incubus.

Meanwhile with Maite, May and Bloom, and the male shaped ghost clones with Maite leading the orgy….

Maite moans as she was enjoying pleasure while using two hands to stroke the two male ghost's dicks.

The Ghosts groan while they enjoyed the handjobs while the third ghost was holding back for now on doing anything when the ghost keeps on playing with Maite's breasts while May and Bloom switched side on eating out Maites holes.

Meanwhile with Rolf, Diana, and the original Blossom…

Ayuyat gags as she felt Diana roughly thrusts her dick in her mouth while Rolf was doing the said with her ass.

"Y-Yeah that's right. How do you like it?" Rolf said with each thrust.

Ayuyat would have said something if she was able, but with the ring in her mouth and the dick as well best she could so was just moan and groan while her tongue moved on Diana's dick, seems even if she didn't want it, her body was craving sexual energy right now.

That's when Ayuyat had this thought.

'Glob dammit. I can't be enjoying this. Ohhh I'm gonna get back at these guys. But what am I gonna do if Obsidian finds out? He'll probably hate me.' she thought before she heard Rolf talking to Diana.

"How you doing over there Diana?" Rolf asked while thrusting his dick in Ayuyat's ass.

"Probably better than you, you seem to be getting close already from the look of things, enjoying the Bitchy Warden's ass a bit too much?, maybe we should ask Prince Obsidian what he would think if he was watching us fuck her, maybe I could ask him to join in or maybe fuck me while I fuck her..." Diana said with a grin on her face while she keeps on facefucking Ayuyat's mouth.

Ayuyat's eyes widen while part of her felt fear for what if Obsidian knew and the other half… well her body felt a bit excited at the idea.

Rolf groans a bit before he spoke up.

"W-Whoa… seems this bitch likes idea with the way her ass tightens around my dick."

"Well keep on fucking her, might as well get one last hurrah before we stick with our new bosses, bet you would love to fuck the wife huh, I saw you eyeing her." Diana said when she thrusts deeper into Ayuyat's mouth and goes down her throat.

Rolf blushes before he spoke up.

"I-Indeed I do… t-though I do have to ask you something?"

Diana blinked a few times before looking at Rolf and said this.

"What?" Diana said while she keeps on pulling Ayuyat's head back and forth on her dick.

Rolf blushes more before he asked this.

"I-I was thinking later or something if you… wanna catch a movie or something."

Diana blinked once more when she heard that before chuckling and said this.

"Tell you what, keep on fucking this bitch here to show how much stamina you got and I'll let you take me on a full blown date and more if we go to your place, bit late for being shy now." Diana said with a grin on her face when she wasn't irritated by being asked out in this situation when prisoners were being ringed right now before they were leaving one by one.

Rolf was surprised after hearing Diana said yes, somewhat, before he spoke up.

"D-Deal." He said before he starts going rough at Ayuyat's ass.

Diana chuckles before looking down at Ayuyat and said this.

"See that, didn't even have to worry about a date, maybe you should work more on your anger and maybe you could get with the Prince… then again he does have his eye on a prisoner, must say something about you if he prefered a possible planet destroyer compared to the lawful you." Diana said with a grin on her face while she thrusts herself deeper into Ayuyat's mouth.

Ayuyat glares at Diana before thinking this.

'What the fuck do you know slut?! It doesn't matter now, Obsidian wouldn't go for someone like me if he's after the slutty cat. Might as well be alone with the kid on the way.'

Diana however only saw the glare before shrugging before she thrusts faster and faster in Ayuyat's mouth while she and Rolf got closer and closer after a few minutes until…

Rolf groans loud before he climaxed hard in Ayuyat's ass.

Diana in turn forced Ayuyat to take her entire dick down her throat before she came hard as well with a groan through gritted teeth and she could feel her dick pulsing hard, guess she was backed up.

Ayuyat muffly groans at the amount before she surprisingly came on Rolf's dick when her pussy squirts out her juice on the floor.

The two tap off after 10 seconds or so before they pulled their dicks free of Ayuyat's holes, all in all, they came a surprising amount in Ayuyat while Blossom watched the trio.

Ayuyat groans when she felt Rolf's cum leaking out, before she coughs a bit making Diana's load exit out as well.

Diana gives a sigh of relief before she looked at Blossom and said this.

"Hey Ghost lady, want in on this?, got an untouched hole after our new boss cleaned her up." Diana said before she gripped Ayuyat's shoulder and turned her so that Blossom and many others could see Ayuyat's pussy which was soaked.

Blossom took a moment to look at Ayuyat's pussy before she grins and spoke up.

"Sure. Unless you and Rolf like to have a crack at it first."

Diana took a moment to think about it before she shook her head and said this.

"Nah I'm good for now, got to save energy for Romeo here for later, why not show us what a sexy specter like you can do when you go all out." Diana said while winking at Blossom.

Rolf blushed after being called Romeo while Blossom chuckled before she said this.

"Don't mind if I do." She said before she summons her cock out.

Diana grins at the size before saying this to Ayuyat with a grin.

"Well Ex-boss, looks like this is were Rolf and I take our leave, hope you enjoy your time with this babe here, personally I wouldn't mind inviting her but I'll see her later if I play my cards right, now then, Rolf, let's get going, doubt we would be welcome here for a bit and I'm hoping to see this sex demon dimension, maybe bring your GF over and make this an interesting day." Diana said when she got up and stretched while making her dick vanish.

Rolf blushes a bit when he looked at Diana's body before blushing more after hearing about his GF before speaking up.

"Hehe, right."

"So if you'll excuse us you sexy ghost, were heading out now." Diana said before she walked to hers and Rolf's clothing and tossed Rolf his and could have been by accident, a pair of panties.

Rolf blinks for a moment before he spoke up.

"Um Diana? I think you…" He said before showing Diana her underwear.

Diana just grins before she said this.

"Eh, just hold onto them, consider them a gift to your girlfriend as well before I get her panties when I impress her, lets just say I like to pull panties off of ladies in bed with my teeth before I eat them out so think of it as a message that I'll be giving your girlfriend a good time later when I meet her." Diana said before winking to Rolf while she got dressed.

Rolf blushes a bit brightly after hearing that before he starts getting dressed as well.

Diana chuckles at that and when the duo was dressed, minus Diana's panties which were stuffed into a pocket for later, Diana turned to Blossom and said this.

"Well Miss Ghost or Blossom if I heard right, hope you and I can get to know one another later if we get the chance, not like I would complain with a sexy spectre like yourself needing me for a good time." Diana said while admiring Blossom's figure.

Blossom chuckles before she said this.

"I don't mind getting to know you as well. Though I'm only here if Master Emerald and Mistress Marceline summons me."

"Nice to know to summon a cutie like you, wonder if I can do the same if I borrow that wand, then again I don't have the raw power that he showed or the legal rights so maybe if I show your mistress a good time, I can see you again, later now, and have fun with our bitchy Ex of a boss." Diana said before she wrapped an arm around Rolf's and starts dragging him away.

"I'll be sure to let Mistress know that." Blossom said before looking at Ayuyat with a cold grin.

Ayuyat just gave her a glare which showed she wasn't happy about this… but she knew she couldn't fight what her body… or soon to be growing kid would want and she just spreads her legs and held them apart for Blossom, seems the lust was overpowering her rage right now.

Blossom grins before she spoke up.

"I don't normally care for you after what you did to Mistress. However I don't want no harm coming to Master Emerald's child since I've heard about succubuses and the kids they planted. So I hope you enjoy this!" She said before she float towards Ayuyat and grabs her hips before Blossom inserts her dick inside the Warden's pussy before Blossom starts thrusting away.

All Ayuyat could so was groan and moan when she felt that and she could feel how deep Blossom was going, however a prisoner, a Minotaur that looked nothing like Mannish man, much bigger height and size wise, walked over and said this with a deep voice.

"Pardon me Miss Ghost, but considering the situation… mind if I join in?, heard about you ghosts being phasable so maybe you and I can both fuck this bitch's pussy." The Minotaur said with a grin on his bull like face while the loincloth was lifted to show a massive dick was laying underneath.

Ayuyat's eyes widen before paling greatly at the thought of the Minotaur's dick in her pussy.

Blossom smiles at that before saying this.

"You kidding, help me make this bitch squirt and I'll personally suck you off as thanks, maybe I can talk Master and Mistress into letting you hang around them, Master Emerald's wife may like you if that loincloth isn't enchanted to make you look bigger then what you maybe… why not show us what your packing." Blossom said before licking her lips at the Minotaur.

The Minotaur chuckles before he lifts up his loincloth before Ayuyat's eyes widen at the size the prisoner had.

It was at least 10 inches long and 3 inches in width.

Blossom grins at that before she said this.

"Well well, seems this bitch is liking the sight, come on in and hump away big boy, don't worry, I won't get in your way of helping me reshape this bitch's pussy." Blossom said while she wiggled her hips a bit to cause her dick to move around in Ayuyat's pussy.

Ayuyat groans from that while the Minotaur chuckles before he said this.

"With pleasure." He said before he got behind Blossom and inserts his dick through the female ghost's ass which coincidentally went inside Ayuyat's puussy.

Blossom groans at that while she looked down to see how Ayuyat was doing at getting filled by two monster sized dicks while her partly phaseable body moved around to cause the Minotaur to feel things as well when he moved so that most of her body was covered by him.

Ayuyat's eyes widen when she felt that before moans a bit loud through her open mouth.

A moment later Blossom starts thrusting her hips before the Minotaur starts thrusting his hips a moment later before Ayuyat felt her pussy being constantly barraged by both the female ghost and the Minotaur.

Ayuyat starts to moan and groan louder as she felt the insides of her pussy stretching a bit.

Meanwhile with Maite…

Seems things changed when it looked like Maite used a spell to grow a dick on May and Bloom and she was getting fucked by them while she sucked off a ghost's dick and the other two ghosts were fucking May and Bloom's pussies.

Maite was moaning loud at the pleasure while bobbing her head in the ghost's dick with gusto while the other two pound the duo's pussies like there was no tomorrow.

Seems things were going on for quite a bit when Maite could feel The ghost in her mouth about to blow and she could feel May and Bloom getting close until…

The ghost in Maite's mouth groans loud before he climaxed hard inside the succubus Queen's mouth while the other two did the same to May and Bloom's pussies as well.

May and Bloom in turn groan loudly when they came hard in Maite's ass and pussy and it seemed they really enjoyed the holes when they really filled Maite, thankfully for Maite, her body wouldn't bloat much when she turned the semen into energy, but it was still a surprising amount.

It took the ghost trio at least 35 seconds before they tapped off.

Maite took a moment to drink the Ghost's load down before she pulled her head back while licking the dick clean and when May and Bloom tapped off, Maite said this to them.

"So my dears, ready for more… or did fucking little ol me tucker you two out?, I got these sexy ghosts here so I'm not worried about continuing." Maite said with a grin on her face.

May and Bloom pant a bit before May spoke up.

"I-I can… k-keep going."

"S-Same here… I c-can go all night if n-needed." Bloom said with a blush on her face which caused Maite to look at the duo and think this.

"Hehe, these two are adorable, might as well make it a pet project and train them to be real sluts." Maite thought before the scene went to a minute later to show Maite on her knees while she sucked off May and Bloom when she alternates on sucking one at a time while the ghosts fondle May and Bloom's breasts while two of the three were fucking their pussies again, the third was fucking Maite's ass when her ass was lifted a bit.

May and Bloom had deep blushes on their faces while they enjoyed having their dicks sucked on and their holes fucked.

When the duo came hard in Maite's Master level mouth, the scene shifted to show May was laying on her back while Maite was fucking May's pussy, Bloom was riding May's dick while two ghosts were sucking on May's nipples, the third was getting sucked off.

May was on cloud 9 from how good it was while Bloom who continues to bounce on her dick, leans down and kisses Maite on the lips.

Maite moans into the kiss while her thrusting got rougher and rougher with May as a result, the Ghosts really went to suck on May's nipples while they looked to one another, winked, and start to play with Blooms ass when she wasn't looking at them.

Bloom jolts from that action which caused her to bounce on May's dick a bit harder now.

For a bit, the two ghosts keep up their actions on the two ladies while Maite fucks May and kisses Bloom and Maite could feel May getting close and thrusts her dick more and more into the woman's pussy until…

May moans loud before she climaxed hard Bloom's pussy causing Bloom to moan in Maite's mouth before she came on May's dick.

Maite groans from that before cumming hard in May's pussy, seems she really enjoyed their holes before the trio tapped off before the scene went to a minute later to show Bloom on all fours while she sucked Maite off while May was fucking Bloom's pussy, the one ghost turned back into a woman for now and was getting fucked in the ghostly pussy by Bloom while two ghosts that stayed male were fucking Maite and May's ass's while they fondled their breasts.

May groans and moans as she thrusts her dick in Bloom's pussy while enjoying having her ass pounded while Bloom was bobbing her head with gusto on Maite's dick while she tries to fuck the female ghost's pussy as hard as she could.

For a bit, the group keeps on fucking while the scene went to Emerald, Esmeralda, the other female ghosts and saw that Emerald had let go of the other female ghosts and was now pounding away at the female ghost's pussy like a man possessed while Esmeralda was sucking the dick of the female ghost she was with and deep throating it as well with a lustful look in her eyes when she wasn't bothered by the fact that the ghost was fucking away at her throat like she hadn't got any in years, the other ghost was pounding away at her tight ass while the other two ghosts with her were getting stroked off quickly and roughly.

The female ghost with Emerald was moaning loud while the other with Esmeralda shudders and groans from Esmeralda's blowjob before the ghost brought her hand down and pets the clone's head.

Esmeralda hums a bit from that and then really starts to hum to get the ghost to feel her work, Emerald turned into Esmeralda with Maite sometimes to practice so she was no slouch with pleasing a dick and with the dick twitching in her mouth, she could feel how close the female ghost was.

The female ghost groans as she felt her climax getting closer and closer with the way her dick twitched in Esmeralda's mouth.

The same could be said for the other three with Esmeralda before the two getting jerked off groans before they came hard on Esmeralda's body while the other fucking her came hard as a result inside of Esmeralda which caused Esmeralda to make slurping sounds when she increased the pressure on the ghost she was sucking off.

It wasn't long before the female ghost clone moans loud as she climaxed in Esmeralda's mouth.

Esmeralda moans while she drank the load down before she pulled away and the ghost fired a few glowing shots on her face, and with one eye closed from some semen on her eye, Esmeralda said this with a smile.

"Now now, you four are not done yet right?, I barely started." Esmeralda said with a cute begging tone to her voice.

The female ghost clone panted a bit while feeling a bit surprise at Esmeralda's libido before the ghost spoke up.

"I-I'm not…s-stopping."

Esmeralda gave the Female ghost clones a smile before the scene went to Emerald who was pounding away at the female clone he was with, he didn't even need to ask about how she was feeling with the look on her face when he forced her to bounce just like how Maite liked it, hard, fast, and not stopping anytime soon, doesn't mean he can't be gentle, its just most ladies he gets with like the rough treatment.

The female ghost continues to bounce on Emerald's dick with a pleased and fucked up look on her while her breasts bounced wildly.

Emerald then used a tiny bit of his magic to make the two breasts float a bit and press together so that he could take both into his mouth, his tongue then danced on the ghostly nipples when he really went all out to please the female ghost clone.

The female ghost clone moans loud from that action before she wrapped her legs around Emerald's waist to make him thrust deeper.

And thrust deeper Emerald did when he tightened his grip on the Female ghost's ass and really starts to thrust faster if that was possible, though Emerald's body did glow with magic so maybe until now, he never really got serious in Tiers on Ooo except with his wife.

The female ghost clone continues to moan and groan loud from the pleasure before she feels her climax approaching.

Emerald just grins before he pounds away at the Ghost before saying this.

"Hehe, well get ready for 5% of what I can do, never got that close with a mortal or a sexy ghost yet on this plain of reality… hope you enjoy." Emerald said to shock Blossom and her clones and May and Bloom nearby… 5%!?, then what has he been doing up til now!?, did Lillum ever get by that mark!?

The female ghost clone was both shocked and confused when she heard that before thinking this.

'F-Five percent?!... T-Then what percent was he fucking me with?'

Maite blinks in confusion before she spoke up.

"5% percent dear?"

"Hehe, well considering this sexy spectre is already about to cum, I might as well give her an orgasm that will make her rest in peace... hopefully not literally but there have been stranger things, I mean your not even close to serious so why not show your own 5 percent?, we can show what we sex demons can do when he efficiently use a small amount of power for some big results, I mean I barely got to the 2 mark on Ayuyat there so I am worried that I maybe out of practice with holding back just right." Emerald said while looking to Maite with a grin on his face.

Blossom, Bloom, May, Ayuyat, and the other ghost clones had their eyes widen after hearing this before Blossom asked this.

"5% percent and second mark?!"

"Well I mean 2% with Ayuyat there with that Minotaur as well, but I believe I made my point… still… why speak… when I can fuck this sexy ghost clone's pussy when I actually try a little." Emerald said with a demonic tone to his voice and his eyes gave a light glow while his body emits a light green energy which covered his body slowly and his dick… somehow got an inch bigger in length and width as well...

The female ghost clone groans when she felt the Incubus's dick growing.

Emerald chuckles at that right before the female ghost clone threw her head back and screamed with a fucked up look on her face when Emerald's hips thrust again, this time with speed's that made his hips blur a little… but Emerald himself just grins when he made it look like he was fucking her gently somehow…. How the fuck was that possible!?

Ayuyat was shocked when she saw the scene before she had this thought.

'Fuck! I can't believe he's using 5%. What if he used it on me?' She thought before she immediately shook her head as the Warden didn't want to think that.

Emerald chuckles when he noticed that before saying this.

"Oh don't worry Ayuyat, I wouldn't do this… and this… or maybe this…. To you… would make it so that not even that brat Obsidian would be able to please you properly." Emerald said when he made various thrusts that caused the female ghost clone to cum again and again like it was on his command that the Female ghost would cum.

Ayuyat though felt relieved glares a bit after hearing that insult to the prince.

Emerald then looked back at Maite before saying this with a slight grin on his face.

"Oh, seems your getting a tiny bit serious as well Maite." Emerald said when the camera went over to show Maite was fingering May and Bloom with surprisingly gentle motions but the look on May and Bloom's faces showed otherwise….

May and Bloom both had very pleased looks on their faces as they moan a little loud from these actions.

Maite then said this when she looked at Emerald.

"Well I can't be the only one not getting into the mood, wonder if Marceline would enjoy this compared to the painful fucking I saw that bitch give her." Maite said before Emerald chuckles and he said this.

"Well I'm sure anyone would be a better lover then that bitch there, best she's good for right now is a cumdump for that Minotaur and Blossom right now, no offense to you Minotaur and Blossom, but I'm sure if you two gave Marceline a good time, you two would feel a great difference." Emerald said while Emerald and Maite gave Ayuyat cold grins.

Ayuyat gave both a Emerald and Maite a glared look that said 'fuck you'.

Emerald however grins before he said this like he was reading her mind.

"Sorry but I believed you already fucked me a bit ago, and I you, so I doubt you can complain when you came all over me." Emerald said with a dark grin on his face.

Ayuyat continues to glare at Emerald even though he was right before the Warden had another thought.

'Stupid sex demon. I can't believe this is happening to me. Not only am I getting raped but I'm also carrying this bastards kid. I may be a bitch but I'm not a monster since I'm not gonna abandon the kid. Though I can not let him see the child. Obsidian will hate me when he finds out what I did. I'm gonna have to probably stay away from him and Lillum as well.'

However Emerald got distracted from Ayuyat when he felt the female ghost clone cum hard on his dick before her body fell limp and Emerald who blinked a few times, when he looked to her, said this.

"H-Hey, you ok?" Emerald said when he tried to get a response from the ghost clone.

Surprisingly the female ghost clone was out cold while having a very pleased look on her face along with a deep blush.

Emerald chuckles at that before he said this to Esmeralda and Maite.

"So, you two done on your ends?" Emerald asked while Maite, after licking her fingers clean, said this.

"Indeed, guess I got a bit to into the act." Maite said while the camera pulled away to show that May, Bloom, and the three ghosts, all in full male form this time, were out cold as well before Esmeralda spoke up.

"Yup, same here." Esmeralda said while her body was covered with ghostly spunk and the female ghosts clones with dicks were down for the count as well.

They all had fucked up looks on their faces while most of their bodies shudders a bit.

"Well then, Blossom, you and the Minotaur are last in line, mind picking the pace up?" Emerald said with a grin on his face while his female clone and Maite got near Emerald to watch the Minotaur and Blossom herself while they were with Ayuyat still.

Blossom chuckled before she spoke up.

"No problem there. How about you Mr. Minotaur?"

"Hehe… no problems here, though I feel like going to those ladies there if they're that good." The Minotaur said with a grin before he starts to pound away at Ayuyat's pussy to finish up.

Blossom groans as she did the same as well while Ayuyat groans and moans loud as she felt both dicks pounding her pussy.

For a few minutes, Emerald, Esmeralda, and Maite all watched the show while Emerald walked around while admiring the sight.

"Hooo… didn't expect to be able to to that with a ghost, maybe you're more kinky then you look Blossom, may have to ask Mar Mar for official ownership of your wand so we can really see what you can do later while she is here, and what do you think of the Minotaur, Maite?" Emerald said when he saw Blossom enjoying herself right now.

Maite took a moment to think on this before she spoke up.

"He does show some excellent movements though better to experience it hands on than see it."

"True, would love to go for Ayuyat and show her what a mind shattering orgasm would feel like but I don't want to show her mercy." Emerald said while grinning at his wife.

"Oh yeah. No mercy till she understands what she did was wrong." Maite said with her arms crossed.

"Yeah… but from the look in her eyes, seems like this could take awhile, Hey Blossom, Minotaur, take as much time as you want with her, I'll be hanging with Maite and Mar Mar, and show her my female double here before Ayuyat or her guards around here tattle on me." Emerald said before he placed an arm on Maite's shoulder and starts walking away while he summoned clothing of darkness that equipped to him while Esmeralda did the same which gave her a bikini like look, just minus the bra to show she wouldn't hide much.

Ayuyat's eyes widen when she heard that before hearing Blossom said this while thrusting.

"Sure thing my lord. Just make sure Mistress is okay."

"You kidding, by the time I'm done with her and with Maite as well, Mar Mar may ask who Ayuyat is again when I blow that low grade lay out of the water." Emerald said with an amused tone before the sex demon trio left the room.

Blossom chuckled before she turns her head to the Minotaur before saying this.

"Well Mr. Minotaur, we have some work to do."

The Minotaur chuckles before he said this.

"Hehe, anything for you if I can get a turn with you after this, if those clones are as good as you, I'm hoping for the real thing soon." The Minotaur said before thrusting his hips more while his large dick pounds away at Ayuyat's cervix with Blossom's doing the same as well.

Ayuyat groans loud from these actions while her mouth still had the ring on before thinking this.

'Someone fucking… SAVE ME!'


The scene went to Marceline when she was coming to under a large tree for shade while a petite looking Rabbit girl humanoid with a black ring on her neck nervously held the umbrella that Emerald gave her over her.

Marceline groans for a moment as she starts to open her eyes before she starts to speak up.

"W-What happen? W-Where am I?"

The Petite looking rabbit woman nervously stutters a bit when she got startles by Marceline waking and said this.

"U-Um… y-you were c-carried here and placed h-here b-by this… n-nice… lady… and told me to hold this over you… s-sorry if you were uncomfortable, but s-since you have no home here… a-and a r-red ring, I'm not sure on what to say…. I-I n-never met a R-Red ring a-and heard rumors t-that they would be M-Monsters w-who want to d-destroy the world if it m-meant getting their way." The Petite looking rabbit woman said while she nervously looks around to see a surprising number of purple and red rings near her with unringed people who were having sex around them.

Marceline blinked a few times after her eyes were finally open before she asked this.

"Wait I have a red ring?" She asked before she used her hand to rub her neck a bit.

"Y-Yeah… y-you don't seem b-bad… but y-you can't judge a book by its cover right?... I-I'm C-Clover… N-Nice to m-meet you." The Rabbit woman or Clover said while she fidgets a bit near Marceline… was she really even ring material with an attitude like that?

Marceline looks at Clover up and down for a moment before she sent the Rabbit woman a kind smile before saying this.

"Well nice to meet you Clover. Name's Marceline. And you can relax. Even though I have a red ring, doesn't mean I'm trying to destroy the world. Although I accidentally did something that would lead to that. But still the only thing I'm gonna do is serve my time here. Besides, I don't wish to hurt a nice gal like you."

Clover blushed a bit at that before looking down and said this.

"T-Thanks… and s-sorry f-for what the w-warden did… R-Ring or not… s-seems overkill.. To… h-harm a n-nice l-lady w-who stands up for others…" Clover said while the loincloth she had started to move…. Wait… wasn't she a girl with B-cup sized breasts?

Marceline blinks when she noticed that before she asked this.

"Ummm… something going on down there?"

Clover noticed and with a panicked look, covered herself before saying this.

"S-S-Sorry, w-where I-I'm from, there a-are plenty of m-my kind w-who has b-both sets of… you know…. S-so s-seeing what h-happened to you… e-effected me… s-sorry I-I'll leave now!" Clover stutters out before she got up and tried to leave.

Marceline however rolls her eyes before she grabbed Clover's arm and brought the Rabbit woman down next to her.

Clover got a shocked look on her face at that before looking at Marceline with a blushing face.

That's when Marceline said this.

"First of all, you need to relax. Second, I'm not bothered by that at all." She said while grinning a bit.

"R-Really?... E-even after hearing me s-say I-I enjoyed what happened with the W-Warden e-even i-if it was b-bad of me to?" Clover said while fidgeting next to Marceline while her dick grew a bit bigger under the loincloth.

Marceline looks at Clover before she used one hand to go under Clover's loincloth and gently grab the rabbit woman's dick before Marceline slowly stroke it before saying this.

"Well… I don't enjoy what that bitch of a Warden did to me and hope I get payback on her. But anyway, it doesn't bother me if you got a good look at the show. Also you having both genitals doesn't bother me since I, and a couple friends of mine that are here can grow a dick too. Though like them, I'm gonna have to earn that perk if I need to use my powers."

Clover blushed brightly while she pants for breath when Marceline stroked her dick… however to Marceline's surprise…. Clover's dick just kept growing and growing way past what Marceline would have thought would be possible for a person as petite as Clover before Clover said this.

"A-Actually… w-when you were… o-o-out… T-That g-guy you were w-with…. S-snapped a-and got b-back at her e-even t-though he m-mentioned a c-contract a-and a w-week off of s-sex or something…. T-The warden g-got knocked up w-with his kid a-and t-then broke out in-into an orgy… w-with this o-other l-lady… w-who was b-beautiful…. And t-things r-really g-got out of h-hand… g-glob… f-feels so g-good." Clover said while her dick was finally seen and to Marceline's shock, Clover had a monster sized dick that did not match her frame and was a full 12 damn inches and looked to be around 4 in width.

Marceline's eyes widen when she saw that monster cock before speaking up.

"Okay, first, I can't believe Emerald did that for me. Second, wish I was there to see it and third… this a perk or all natural?" She asked while she continues to stroke Clover's dick.

"A-All… N-Natural… I-I'm…. F-freakishly…. B-big for my kind…. A-and n-normally scared off o-other's w-when t-they see how… freaky I am…. N-never l-lost m-my v-virginity t-thanks to that…" Clover said while worrying that the same would happen with Marceline even though she was glad her dick was getting stroked.

Marceline was surprised when she heard that before she said this.

"Well lucky for you I ain't scared of this monster. Plus those idiots are fools if they turn down a beauty like you. I could just eat you up right now." She said before looking at Clover with a lust filled look.

Clover blushed brightly at that before she said this.

"R-Really?... y-you really think… I'm beautiful?" Clover said while blushing more at Marceline.

Marceline continues to smirk before she said this.

"Does this answer your question?" She asked before she leans in and kissed Clover on the lips.

Clover's eyes widen at that, and from her lack of experience, her eyes rolled back into her head before she groans into Marceline's mouth before Clover came all of a sudden and unlike a normal load, it looked like Clover was pumping out a geyser of semen that really showed either A, how fertile she was, B, showed how backed up she was, or C, never masturbated and this was the end result.

Marceline was surprised when she saw the amount before she pulls her head back before speaking.

"Damn you weren't kidding. With this amount you can knock any girl up. Though are you that fertile or never jerked of at all?"

When Clover tapped off after that, she pants for breath for a moment and said this.

"W-We're…. A-all fertile… b-but I-I let out m-much more…. O-only j-jerked off o-once w-when I was 1-16 a-and g-going through puberty… a-and n-never again… w-when I… a-accidently caused t-the v-village e-elder to s-slip in the f-forest near my home in the m-mating grounds a-and I-I t-tried to not harm anyone l-like that again… M-Mistress…." Clover said while blushing brightly when she saw that Marceline wasn't going to stop yet if the look in the Succupire's eyes were anything to go by.

Marceline eyes widen when she heard that and tries to fight back the laughter after hearing the part about the forest before she spoke up.

"W-Well, sorry about that. Though what's with the Mistress thing?"

Clover blushed brightly when she realized she did say that before saying this.

"W-Well… you… were the f-first to… do this to me… s-so… m-maybe you can… h-help me… be… more confident like you a-are… a-and I-I always wanted a f-friend w-who understood me… b-but if you don't want to… I-I can leave." Clover said while blushing more and covered her face with her hands.

Marceline blinked before she used one free hand, which was clean, to gently grab Clover's chin to make her look at the Succupire before Marceline spoke up.

"You need to chill. I didn't say I didn't like it was a bit surprise. Besides, I be an idiot to turn you away with what goods you have on you. So yeah I'll be your friend and help you get confidence. Maybe I can also have you as my special pet." She said.

Clover blushed a bit before saying this with a gentle smile.

"Y-Yes… Mistress…" Clover said to Marceline while from Marceline's angle you could see Clover getting a bit soaked between her legs.

Marceline sees this before she smirks and said this.

"Then let's celebrate by having some fun." She said before she went to kiss Clover again.

Clover in turn blushed more when she returned the kiss before the duo heard this.

"Oh my, didn't expect you two to get friendly that fast, guess you recovered nicely Marceline." Maite said when she, Emerald, and Esmeralda walked up to the duo and saw Marceline playing with Clover's large dick.

Marceline's eyes widen after hearing that before she pulls back and spoke up.

"E-Emerald you're back. And... who's this lady that… looks a bit like you? She your twin or something?"

Esmeralda and Emerald looked to one another before Emerald chuckles and he said this.

"Long story real short, this one here, Esmeralda, is a female clone that I made, I know a spell that can change genders so I could have turned into a full on woman to dominate you, but I was holding off on that for a bit later, seems you seem pretty happy right now, or is playing with your new pet getting you that excited." Emerald said while noticing Marceline's soaked pussy while Esmeralda licked her lips at the sight.

Marceline blushes when felt how wet her pussy was before she remembered what Emerald did for her before the Succupire spoke up.

"I-I heard what you did for me. Even though she deserved it… I'm sorry for causing some trouble." She said while feeling a little down.

"Eh let's just say that I love bad girls enough to be one hell of a bad boy myself for them, besides I don't mind getting the kinky punishments if Lillum is involved and if I take a week off, I can just come to you and this sexy rabbit to have some fun with after you trained her well, you get the dick part, and I can handle the soaked pussy, then there is Maite... Blossom the ghost… and many ladies here in the lust based kingdom and plenty of other fine ladies around Ooo, I got plenty of high class ladies here already so no need to worry if I get into something and need a good meal." Emerald said while winking at Marceline and Clover.

Marceline blushes a bit before she spoke up.

"Well still thanks again. Though hope I get some payback on her when I see her." She said with crossed arms under her breasts.

"Well she is busy right now getting raped by Blossom and a Minotaur that would give Mannish Man a run for his money, hey Maite, weren't you a fan of Manly Minotaur and his body for being well muscled or something?" Emerald said while he glanced at Maite for a moment.

Maite chuckles before she spoke up.

"Yes. Even though he's no match for you, he still has some decent muscles."

"Hehe, yeah well I try my best to impress, anyway Marceline, I'm going on towards the castle to let Lillum know what happen, or maybe I can hold off to have some fun with you and your new pet here since I do have about… 30 minutes or so before Obsidian and Me-Mow have their date and could use a quicky." Emerald said while wiggling his eyebrows at Clover and Marceline.

Both duo blushes before Marceline spoke up.

"Well I don't mind as long as Clover is alright with it." She said which caused Clover to blushed brightly before she shyly nods her head at the group.

Emerald chuckles before he said this to Maite.

"Hehe, your right Maite, this Clover woman is adorable, no wonder you said she was good enough to eat." Emerald said while grinning at Clover.

Clover blushed brightly while Marceline wrapped an arm around the rabbit woman's shoulder before saying this.

"Told you so." She said which caused Clover to blush more while Maite chuckled before saying saying this.

"So let's get started shall we."

"Right… let's see how Marceline does with getting Clover in gear, I mean, Marceline maybe weakened from what just happened so she could use a good meal, we can join in after and if you picked Clover here out, she must have high quality semen since you don't just pick out random strangers Maite." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Marceline beat Maite to the punch before she spoke up.

"Oh believe me, Maite picked good and plus Clover here is very fertile with what she's packing." She said before lifting up Clover's loincloth to show the group Clover's dick which made said rabbit woman blushed brightly.

Esmeralda then giggles before saying this.

"And I'm guessing she's a grower with how much of a mess she made… why not give us a gander at her full size before you give her the goods." Esmeralda said before licking her lips.

Marceline grins before she gently grabbed Clover's dick and starts stroking her off.

It took a few moments with some groaning from Clover before the group saw the rabbit woman's dick getting erect.

Emerald blinked a few times before saying this.

"Wow, gotta say that I am impressed, looks like it can rival my dick, and considering I have a pretty big dick myself, I can respect that, did you expect that Maite?, old habit of trying to dominate cute looking beings with surprising packages popping up again?" Emerald said while giving Maite a teasing grin.

Maite giggled before she said this.

"Well I did thought there was something special about her, though her dick size was surprising. Mar Mar here won herself a little jackpot knowing she has first pet."

"And maybe contract Material once Marceline gets a better grasp on her succubus's side's powers, hehe, bet the other succubus's will be jealous that Mar Mar has such a cutie with her." Emerald said which made Esmeralda giggle at that when she looked to see how Clover was fairing, and considering they didn't know about her issues and this talk of sex demons seemingly going after her left and right, maybe a bit overwhelming.

Clover blushed brightly when she heard that before everyone saw a couple tears leaking out before she went to hide behind that tree.

The Trio jolt before Emerald with a rare moment of looking worried said this.

"E-Err… d-did we do something wrong Mar Mar?..." Emerald said while he looked to a worried looking Esmeralda.

Maite was worried as well while Marceline looked to where Clover was before she responds to the trio.

"No it's not what you guys said it's just… Clover is very nervous. You see where she's from, her… equipment caused some people to be scared. Basically she's a virgin."

That caused Emerald, Esmeralda, and Maite to tear up a bit before Emerald said this to Maite and Esmeralda.

"O-Oh Maite, Esmeralda, y-you heard that right!, it would be a shame for her to not be able to enjoy the fun of sex if that is the case, what do you say we help her feel better about her body." Emerald said while tear ran down his face with Esmeralda nodding her head vigorously at that.

"Y-Yeah, would be a crime for a sexy bunny like her to not get laid in a pleasing way, and being here is no fun really unless you enjoy being punished." Esmeralda said while getting comically tear filled eyes.

Marceline was completely caught off guard by this scenario before she saw Maite blew her nose in a tissue before Maite spoke up.

"T-Then let's go and h-help our new friend experience this."

The trio then looked at Marceline before saying this as one.

"Marceline, let's go!" The trio said before the trio starts to go behind the tree that Clover went behind.

Marceline had no idea what just happened but decided to let things go and followed the trio to see how Clover was doing.

Clover was crouched near the ground and was crying greatly while she rubbed her eyes while Emerald, Esmeralda, and Maite all jolt before looking at Marceline to see what they can do, they were not very good with criers after all.

Marceline walk towards Clover, since now that Marceline is ringed she can't use any of her powers till she unlocks a perk.

The Succupire sits by Clover before she spoke up after wrapping an arm around the rabbit woman.

"Hey, everything is going to be okay." she said in a caring tone.

"I-I… *HIC*... S-S-sobby…*Hic*... d-dever… f-felf this h-haffy…. T-to be… c-cofplimented bevore." Clover barely got out through her crying.

Marceline blinked a few times before she spoke.

"Really? Well that's good to hear. You had us worried for a moment. But listen, I understand what you're feeling since it's your first time. I promise you, we'll do this slowly until you're more comfortable okay?" She said while smiling.

Clover in turn, after taking a moment to calm down and wipe her face clean with a tissue that Emerald summoned for her, said this.

"Y-Yes… *Hic*... M-Mistress…" Clover said before hugging Marceline and rubbed her face on the crock of Marceline's neck in a loving way.

Marceline just smiles before she hugged Clover back while using one hand to rub the rabbit woman's back.

Clover shuddered at that when it felt nice…. Right before Marceline felt something large poke her leg and Maite and Esmeralda said this.

"Wow." The two said while Emerald got amused at what happened.

Marceline realized what was going on before she pulls back and asked this.

"Is this a stick up, or you're just happy?" she said while smirking.

Clover blushed brightly and tried to hide her dick again but failed when she hugged it to her body and said this.

"S-Sorry!" Clover said before she stumbles and fell on her back with her dick pointing in the air.

Marceline, Maite and Esmeralda blinked in surprise before Marceline quickly went to Clover's side and held her up a bit before she spoke up while looking down.

"You okay?" She asked with concern.

Clover blushed again before saying this with a cute look on her face when she tried to look away.

"Y-Yes Mistress… sorry for worrying you…" Clover said before Emerald said this to Marceline.

"Hey Mar Mar… since you have 24 hours or so before the safe period is over, how about giving Clover here the ride of her life… really give her a first time a sight to remember." Emerald said when he suggests to do it here and now with others looking.

Marceline blinks a few times before she looks at Clover and said this.

"Well Clover, want to lose your V-Card to your Mistress?" She asked while smiling.

Emerald then said this while Clover blushed at the smile.

"And if you really want to up the ante, if your still a virgin with your pussy… I'm more than happy to help, Maite and Mar Mar are my ladies after all… and my lady's pets are my pets as well so I want them to be satisfied." Emerald said with a large grin on his face to the Rabbit humanoid.

Marceline blushes when she heard that before looking at Clover before saying this.

"Well Clover, let's continue where we left off." She said before she leans down and kissed the rabbit woman's lips in a loving way.

Clover blushed when she got kissed again before she carefully and gently placed her tiny arms and hands around Marceline and returned the kiss while Emerald admired the sight.

"Ah, this reminds me of mine and Iris's first time before her contract, not my first time sure but I'm sure she would love to meet Clover as well, speaking of which, Maite, I forgot to ask since it's been four years but still have your own personal servant?, what was her name again?" Emerald asked when he was out of the loop from Maite for 4 or so years.

Maite giggles before she spoke up.

"You mean Charlotte?"

"Yeah, heard she was Dawn's rival years ago, same Mortal to succubus by contract, gifted magically, heard that she outgrew the ranking and went on her own, she set up shop as a magical teacher in the Sex Demon Dimension." Emerald said with a curious look in his eyes.

Maite chuckled before she spoke up.

"Oh she has and she did."

"Ah, well remind me to pay a visit to her later, might as well see if she's got her own contracted servants now as well… hmm… ever think of getting a new servant Maite?, I noticed that while I have Neko and Iris who sticks around by choice, you only had Charlotte and Dawn… you hoping if we find Dawn, things could go back to how they were?" Emerald asked while getting a rare moment to look seriously to his wife in understanding, granted he didn't interact with Dawn much but she was a sweet woman.

Maite was a bit taken back by that question before she sighs a bit before speaking.

"Well… part of me hopes so. But… not sure if she wants to go back to Hudson. Right now, I only want to help find her so we can at least have Mar Mar her mother/daughter reunion."

"Hehe, well I'm sure Marceline doesn't care who Dawn goes to, just as long as her and Dawn can have their family reunion, and even if she does go to Hudson, doesn't mean you can't visit for some fun times as well… but remember if you somehow get that sweet ass of yours getting fucked by Hudson, don't blame me if I rock Dawn's world, I will find Dawn no matter what, if she is alive then I'll kick Lucifer's ass if he kidnapped her, and if she did die, I'll ask Death on who she reincarnated as and we can see who she reincarnated into and use a spell to help bring those memories up again." Emerald said with a teasing grin on his face while he used a finger to have Maite look up into his determined eyes to show he wouldn't stop til Marceline and Maite were happy.

Maite was a bit surprised before she smiled and went to hugged Emerald before speaking up.

"Oh Emerald. I don't know if I said this enough but you're best husband this succubus ever have."

"Haha, well considering I'm your king, I might as well put 150% into sweeping you off your feet, I don't care who gets in my way and you can even call me selfish, but I'll kick anyone's ass if they try and get in my way, doesn't matter if its mortals, other demons, or even Globs, I'll do anything to make my women or subjects happy and safe, we maybe branded as monsters and what not in certain areas and some even call us sick freaks, but all in all, aside from those who deserve a serious revenge fuck like what I did to Ayuyat, we sex demons are kinky lovers who just want a good time and nothing more, so yeah, I may get a punishment from Lillum, so what, I'm a fucking king of another Dimension who has a nice home and a loving wife who's right next to me, so I'll break as many rules as it takes to see you and every Lady I get with to smile." Emerald said with his own charming grin while his eyes glowed with power to show he was 100% serious about all of that.

Maite giggled before she reaches up and kissed Emerald on the lips before making it passionate.

Emerald in turn hugged Maite around the waist while he kissed her back without touching her ass or breasts to some shock which showed he was using pure romance from his human past to whoo Maite more.

Maite moans into the kiss as she hugs her husband a bit tight before she slides her tongue in Emerald's mouth.

Emerald in turn moans into the kiss while he lets Maite explore his mouth a bit before he had his tongue fight back like he was countering Maite at the right time while Esmeralda who smiles at that looked to Marceline and Clover to see how they were reacting to seeing that if they saw this display of passion.

Marceline and Clover, who stopped kissing, blushed when they saw the display before Marceline said this.

"Talk about a sweet moment. Reminds of me and Bonnibel."

"Hehe, well I hope you two have a lot of fun together again, and maybe with your cutie of a pet Clover now, hehe, with a feisty cat assassin that likes to hang around Bubblegum as well, would make an interesting fourway… I can just picture it… three sexy ladies worshipping Clover's dick before taking turns getting fucked by her then turn the tables by growing your own dick and fucking the ever loving semen out of a happy bunny rabbit." Esmeralda said while she licks her lips at the sight of Clover's dick.

Marceline blinks before blushing a bit at the idea before she looks at Clover to see how she's reacting to that.

While Clover couldn't picture Bubblegum or Me-Mow, she could picture a pretty cat humanoid she saw on a rare occasion and from the name Bubblegum, thought she was a Candy humanoid that sometimes came by her village on the way to a different kingdom, and when Clover's imagination pictured all three licking and sucking her dick and getting fucked by it and fucked in turn, she got an iron hard dick that looked like it could burst.

Marceline blushed when she noticed the rabbit woman's dick before she chuckles and said this to Clover.

"Let's get the pleasure started Clover. Hopefully later I'll introduce you to a few my friends here. A couple more or so are coming as well but I know they're gonna really like you my cute pet."

Clover blushed brightly at that before nodding when she didn't trust her voice right now.

Marceline chuckled before she leans down and starts to kiss and nibble on Clover's neck before the Succupire grabbed Clover's dick before stroking her a bit.

Clover moans when that happened before she fidgets on the ground like a helpless creature, ripe for the teasing and at the mercy of Marceline the Succupire Queen.

Marceline continues to kiss Clover's neck before she starts to kiss down before reaching the rabbit woman's breasts.

Marceline then put one of Clover's nipples in her mouth before she used her tongue to lick it before the Succupire sucks on it.

Clover moans from that before she wiggles a little more while saying this when she struggles to stay still.

"M-Mistress… S-So… g-good." Clover moans out, she was a virgin so made sense, good thing she was a fast recovery or this would be disappointing.

Marceline chuckles before she went to Clover's other breast and repeat the process while Marceline continues to stroke the rabbit woman's dick.

Clover moans more from that while she gripped the ground before Esmeralda who was alone, noticed a few people who were a mix of prisoner and unringed people before they got close enough to see the passion between Emerald and Maite and the sexy dominating display between the Mistress Marceline and the pet Clover and Clover's dick size that mismatched Clover's body and the lone Esmeralda.

Some people blushed at the scene while others felt turned on with some of their dicks getting erect.

Esmeralda chuckles at that before she said this to the group.

"Hey you all, forget these four and follow me, I'll satisfy you all, unless any of you want to stay and watch only if you are desperate enough, if any of you are virgins, then Clover, the Rabbit humanoid could use some experience… I mean if you prisoners are virgins then you should take this time to get on Clover's good side… she does have one of the biggest dicks that I have ever seen on someone her size." Esmeralda said while walking by the group and gestured for them to follow her while winking at Maite and Marceline to show that she would take a hit for the team to make their own moment special.

Some of the prisoners and ringed people looked at Esmeralda before they went to follow her.

Some of the other prisoners, and a few unringed people stayed behind which showed some couples who wanted to watch Clove and Marceline while some watched Emerald and Maite continue their make out session which caused the king sex demon to look to his queen and said this when he pulled away.

"Hehe, what do you say we give these people a good show… maybe let a lucky person get a taste of a hole of yours while I fuck the other." Emerald said while he pulled Maite towards him and she could feel how excited he was.

Maite giggles before she spoke up.

"Sure. I don't mind."

Emerald grins at that before he turned his wife around, and said this when he held her up and her legs wide to show how excited Maite was to the crowd while he used his magic to unzip his pants and his dick sprung free.

"Hello everyone in the Bondage kingdom, hope you all enjoy the show, maybe one or two of you lucky people can get the honor of fucking my wife's pussy while I fuck her ass, don't worry, she won't drain you too fast… that is if she's not in a hungry mood." Emerald said while winking at the ladies in the crowd.

The women in the group blush when they saw Emerald's dick along with Maite's wet pussy.

That's when suddenly a couple of rabbits walked forward, they had red fur, no rings, and they both looked well trained.

Emerald blinked a few times when he saw them, to him and Maite it was a first but Emerald was sure he at least heard of these two if they lived in the city thanks to the fashion they wore… think it had something to do with wolves or something.

The one who looked like a well endowed Rabbit wife with an impressive looking ass, wore a skirt that showed a lot of well muscled legs and wore a vest that showed her breasts off when she walked and the style didn't restrict her figure.

The man next to her seemed to be well endowed if you look at the crotch part of his jeans and even though he's wearing a shirt, you can see some muscles on his arms and chest as well.

Emerald looked at the duo before saying this.

"So… you two want in?" Emerald said while he grins at the couple, more so to the wife but she seemed interested in Clover right now.

The husband sees the look Emerald gave to his wife before the husband spoke up.

"Yes sir. We would like to join."

"Alright, though considering things, seems your wife maybe more interested in Clover there, why not lose the pants and we show my wife a good time, play your cards right and you could be a favorite here since Maite does love rabbits it seems." Emerald said with an amused tone to his voice when three Rabbit Humanoids were about to get it on with three sex demons.

The husband blinks a few times before he shrugs and unzips his jeans before he slides them down to his feet before kicking them off a bit.

Surprisingly the husband was not wearing any underwear so his dick was out in the open.

It was 9 ½ inches long and 3 in width.

Emerald nods at that before he looked to the wife and said this to her.

"Hey, after you go a round with Clover, I don't mind giving you a bit of fun myself after your friend and I give it good to my wife." Emerald said to the duo… they really seemed familar… but where has he... *Record scratch!*

"Hold on… are you the couple who were with Bubblegum and Me-Mow when Bubblegum got knocked up?" Emerald asked with a surprised look on his face.

Maite blinks in surprise while the rabbit couple were a bit shocked before the husband spoke up.

"Wait how do you know about that? And how do you know about me and my wife being friends with Bubblegum and Me-Mow?"

"You kidding, I don't make many appeariences around town but I'm Lillum's incubus Emerald, and the sexy lady blowing Clover now is Marceline's, Bubblegum's ex, or soon to be former Ex if she plays her cards right, as for how I know, Lillum had the security camera's hacked and she and I were at Mar Mar's and watched what happened, granted it was a surprise to us at what happened and we were nowhere near the kingdom to stop what happened, but Lillum and I are pretty good friends with Bubblegum and Me-Mow even if they do get the occasional punishment from the punishment chambers, the kid is doing pretty well in Bubblegum if you were worried there could have been health issues, we take pregnancies seriously since an unborn life is an innocent one and they don't deserve harm, so while Lillum was pissed at Demonga, she can't exactly force him to stop his ways with prisoners." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

The husband and wife were surprised when they heard that before the wife spoke.

"Well we're glad Bubblegum and her kid are doing okay. Including Me-Mow. My husband and I still wished we did something before to stop the incident."

"Hehe, well don't worry about it, Ingrem, the wolfman who knocked her up and his brothers hang around her so she has protection, and lets just say that if things get interesting, Bubblegum may have two husbands, one with a real love and another with a wolfman who gave her a child." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

The husband and wife blinked in surprise after hearing that before the husband spoke up.

"Well not sure how she'll do it but we'll be supportive to Bubblegum. My wife and I do visit her and Me-Mow to see how they're doing before the four of us has some fun of our own."

"Hooo… well considering I can read desires like my wife can, I'm guessing that they like to tie you up and dominate you on a chair or bed huh?, seems to me that the wife here is the kinky type, me likey, hope I can visit with Maite to make things even more interesting… but before we get off topic…" Emerald said before he lifts Maite up and he lowered her so she would take his dick up her ass and with surprising ease as well.

"Ah, much better, nothing like a good sized dick as a good chair right Maite?" Emerald said before he starts to lift and lower Maite on his dick with his arms alone to show his raw strength.

Maite groans when she felt her husband's dick going in her ass before she spoke up.

"Y-You said it Emerald."

"Hehe, yeah, so anyway, we can talk more later, maybe with actual food and drinks or something, but for now, why not get over here Mr. Husband and give my wife what she wants, as for you miss Wife why not get over to Clover and Marceline and show them how sexy of a bunny you can be with that hot as hell ass." Emerald said while he pulled the shadowy panties off of Maite to show the husband how showed she was while he gave the two their orders.

The wife chuckles before she walked over to Marceline and Clover while the husband went to Emerald and Maite.

When the Husband got close, Maite smiles at him before she said this.

"Come on you hunk of a rabbit, you may as well show me what those sexy muscles of yours can do and fuck my brains out, I heard from Emerald that you rabbit humanoids are no slouches with your leg power… and from the look of things… your dick size as well if you and Clover there are any indication." Maite said while she held her pussy open to show how wet she was right now.

The husband though blushed chuckled as he got close to Maite with his erect dick before he spoke up.

"I'm aim to please." He said before he slides his dick in Maite's pussy before grabbing her legs.

Maite moans from that while Emerald grins at Maite before he said this.

"Don't hold back on my wife, she's the fucking Succubus Queen so she won't go down easily…" Emerald said before the camera turns to show Marceline while she carefully but skillfully sucked about 5 inches of Clover's dick while Clover pants and moans at the treatment.

Marceline continues this action before the duo this voice.

"Hello. Mind if I join?"

Clover and Marceline blink a few times before they looked to see the Rabbit wife standing near them with a smile on her face.

"Hello… not complaining if you do but I think it's Clover's call." Marceline said while she stroked Clover's dick to keep her hard.

Clover moans a bit before she spoke up while blushing.

"I-I don't… m-mind."

"Hehe, great, because from the look of things, a cutie like you may need some tag teaming to satisfy." The Wife said when she looked Clover up and down with an impressed look on her face.

Clover blushes while Marceline looks at the wife for a moment before she asked this.

"Say… you look familiar. Have I seen you before?"

"Hmm?, I don't think so, I never seen you around here before, what makes you say that?" The Wife said when she looked to Marceline after she knelt next to her and gripped the lower part of Clover's dick and starts stroking it while her other hand went to rub Clover's folds gently.

Clover shudders a bit before letting out another moan before Marceline spoke up.

"I don't know. You just reminded me of this rabbit couple that I saw on tv through the security cameras and they were with two people that I know. One was a feline assassin name Me-Mow and the other was my friend name Bonnibel Bubblegum."

The Wife's eye's widen a bit at that before she said this.

"Wait, tan skin… fangs… black hair… are you Marceline the Vampire Queen?, you look more shapely then I heard from Bubblegum but I could be wrong." The wife said while she stroked Clover off faster and rubbed her folds at a faster rate.

Marceline chuckled before she spoke up.

"Yes well being part succubus gives ya new changes. And I was right, you were there when Bonnie got knocked up."

"Seriously!?... well…. Sorry for not being able to help her… she's a nice person who my husband and I visit from time to time during her pregnancy and we help her in the lab by relaxing with her in various ways, sometimes with those three wolfman and Me-Mow joining in so she gets a good amount of points daily but still…" The Wife said when her stroking and rubbing motions got slowed down when she felt bad.

Clover's moans lessens before Marceline said this.

"Eh, don't worry about it. I'm not mad at you or your husband. It's Demonga whom I'm angry at and maybe those three wolfmen though if they're helping Bonnie then they're safe. I do appreciate you guys helping her."

"Hehe, well, we try our best to make Bubblegum feel better, besides she does this thing with her tongue that I like so I like to return the favor for it, normally involves my ass but I am curious about what dirty things you two did, I heard you got shapeshifting powers, you may not be able to do much but shapeshifters can naturally grow a dick here without the perk so in case you heard something wrong, then you shouldn't hold back." The Wife said while grinning at Marceline while her stroking and rubbing on Clover sped up again.

Marceline blinks for a moment before she spoke up.

"Hmmm… I should probably test this out then." She said before she starts concentrating and summons out her dick, it was Emerald's size.

The Wife licked her lips and said this with an impressed tone.

"Not bad, I'm guessing you modeled it after that man there huh?, maybe you and him are…" The Wife said before trailing off with a teasing look in her eyes.

Marceline blushes a bit brightly before she spoke.

"W-Well...not sure really. There's someone else that I have feelings for and Emerald and I are… lovers per say but… with the way he tries to woo and impress me, he's pretty much halfway. Though it's a big problem for me since I don't know who to go for." She said while having a troubled look.

The wife however smiles before she lightly pets Marceline on top of the head, and with a motherly tone, said this.

"Well while this is a bit complicated, why not just make it simple and just follow your heart, granted you could try and be selfish and keep both, but if you had to pick one, then just don't think, just feel, besides since your a prisoner here, you got 5 years or so so you have plenty of time to decide right?, no one said you had to rush that." The Wife said before pulling her hand away and smiles at Marceline.

Marceline looks at the Wife for a moment before she smiles and said this.

"You're right. I have plenty of time to think on this. For now, we have a cute virgin here to help feel good." She said before she help stroke Clover's dick.

The Wife chuckles at that before she said this.

"Indeed, want to take her dick's virginity or I while you fuck her pussy, maybe tight from how small her body looks." The Wife said while she looked at Clover's pussy and moved her head down and starts to lick her pussy.

Marceline took a moment to think on this before she said this.

"Since she's my pet… I'll take her pussy." she said while grinning.

"Great… why don't I save her dick's pussy virginity with a dick for you and let her go for my ass, think she would enjoy it?" the wife said when she turned a bit to wiggle her round ass at the duo.

Marceline looks at the wife's ass before she looks at Clover before asking this.

"What do you think Clover? That ass looks tempting huh?"

Clover blushed brightly at that when the Rabbit Wife tempted her by wiggling her ass more which caused Clover to nod in agreement to Marceline's question.

Marceline grins before she looks at the wife and said this.

"She's onboard for it."

The Rabbit wife grins at that before she said this.

"Want to do the honors of taking her pussy virginity real quick?, I'll hop in a moment after." The Wife said while she turned to sit on the ground to watch Marceline and Clover.

Marceline sends the wife a thumbs up before she got on top of Clover before she aims her erect dick at Clover's folds before she asked this.

"You ready? I'm not gonna lie since it will hurt for a moment or so." She said with a normal but cautious look.

Clover blushed a bit at that before she looked to Marceline and said this.

"I-I trust you Mistress… p-please continue." Clover said while Marceline saw her blushing cutely.

Marceline couldn't believe how cute Clover was before she asked this.

"Okay but just in case… are you safe today?"

"Y-Yeah… took a p-pill before I got transferred here, t-the previous warden didn't want to deal with the headache o-of unwanted pregnancies so we get p-pills every few days and I used them, took the last one I had before coming here." Clover said to Marceline.

"That's good. I don't have a problem with kids. Though I have to admit… I wouldn't mind having a kid or two with a cutie like you."

Clover blushed brightly at that before muttering random things when she got caught off guard before stopping after a moment to blush brightly to the point that she could be mistaken for a smaller version of the Wife right now.

Marceline blinked for a moment before she asked this.

"Something wrong?"

"J-Just s-so h-happy that I can f-finally do something like this, I'm nearly 26 and I never got it this far with anyone." Clover said with a embarrassed look on her face about her age.

Marceline blinks for a moment she said this.

"Then I better not keep you waiting then." She said before she starts to gently slides her dick inside Clover's pussy.

Clover groans at that when she felt her pussy getting penetrated for the first time, and to Marceline's surprise, it was extremely tight inside of Clover which made it hard for even her to get deeper, but then there was the hymen that Clover had when Marceline bumped into it…

Marceline groans at first from how tight feeling Clover's hymen.

She then looks at her pet's eyes before she used her hands to grab hold of Clover's before the Succupire starts pushing her dick through.

Clover grit her teeth before groaning in both pain and pleasure when she could feel her hymen tearing and when Marceline burst through, the extra strength caused her to fully hilt in Clover to some surprise when Clover's pussy was surprisingly spacious, maybe the large dick that she had showed she had some serious room in her pussy or it was a normal thing for her species.

Marceline groans as she squeezes Clover's hands a bit before Marceline asked this.

"Y-You okay?"

Surprisingly Clover, though feeling pain, felt more pleasure then she would have thought before lightly kissing Marceline on the lips and said this with a happy look on her face.

"Yes… Mistress." Clover said without stuttering this time while she had some tears of joy flowing out of her eyes.

Marceline though blushes, was a bit surprise at Clover before she smiles and starts to slowly thrust her dick in and out of the rabbit woman's pussy.

Clover moans and groans at that while she could feel her insides being stretched time and time again and whatever pain she felt fades greatly a minute to two later before she only felt pleasure and her dick which was erect was standing tall between Marceline's breasts and it nearly touched Marceline's chin.

Marceline was a bit surprise when she felt that before she decides a to up the ante by opening her mouth and swallow the head of Clover's dick before she starts sucking on it while thrusting her dick.

Clover moans and groans at that while she keeps muttering this.

"Mistress… Mistress… Mistress…" Clover muttered when she could feel pleasure again and again while the Wife felt left out… though she grins when she saw Marceline's unguarded holes and slowly sneaks up on her while she pulled a card out of her skirt after unzipping a pocket.

Marceline was to busy to notice the wife while she continues to give Clover the best pleasure as the Succupire's thrusts got a bit hard and Marceline uses her tongue to lick the head before going to the tip.

For a minute, everything went good, right before Marceline got the surprise of her (Undead) Life when something got pushed inside of her pussy.

Marceline jolts for a moment before she turns her head a bit to see who did that before her eyes widen at the culprit.

Turns out that The Rabbit wife was grinning at Marceline while she held her ass with one hand and another held a card in her hand.

"Don't think prisoners are the only ones with cards, got the dick growth perk long ago and I put it to good use, like I will now, natural size is nine inches and 3 in width, hope that's not too small for a sexy demoness like you." The Wife said before wiggling her hips and teased Marceline by grinding her dick in her pussy.

Marceline groans before she pulls her head back and said this while grinning.

"Not at all. So let's continue this fun shall we." She said before she went back to bobbing her head on Clover's dick before Marceline resumes thrusting her dick hard.

The Wife grins at that before she starts thrusting her dick as well, long story short, everyone saw Marceline, Clover, the Rabbit Wife, Maite, Emerald, and the Husband all getting it on in front of them which caused quite the orgy to break out around the 6.

Marceline muffly groans as she enjoys the feeling of her pussy getting pounded by the Wife's dick while Marceline enjoys the taste of Clover's dick and the feel of her pussy as she thrusts her dark hard before she felt the head of her dick hitting the entrance to Clover's womb.

Clover keeps on moaning and panting with a pleased look on her face while the Wife leaned over Marceline and pressed Marceline's breasts together which caused Clover's dick to be sandwiched between Marceline's breasts before the wife moved them up and down which caused Clover to moan more.

Marceline was a bit surprise when she felt the Wife do that but otherwise wasn't bothered by it as she just continues to bob her head on Clover's dick making slurping sounds.

Clover moans and groans from that before she could feel her dick and pussy twitching faster and faster as time went by.

Marceline felt that as well while the same thing could be said for the Succupire's dick and pussy as well.

Meanwhile with Emerald, Maite, and the Husband a few minutes ago when they heard what was going on and saw the wife joining in after pulling out her card…

"Ah, seems my wife has pulled out her card." The husband said.

"Hehe, yeah, though I wonder if I could have some fun with your wife later, seems fair since you're having fun with mine here." Emerald said while he and the husband lift and lower Maite on their dicks while they thrust their hips wildly.

Maite moans a bit loud at the pleasure before the rabbit man chuckles and said this.

"Not at all. Your wife's pussy does feel good."

"Hehe, well maybe if you play your cards right, you could have fun with my daughter Ruby, she will be tagging with Finn the Human who she's in a contract with and dating, maybe your sexy wife there can show Finn a thing or two about really going fast… so why don't you show your real speed since I know you can go at a faster rate then this." Emerald said when he mentioned the security video.

The husband blinked in surprise after hearing that before he asked this.

"You're a father as well?"

"Oh yeah, and believe me, when my daughter awakened she is a real chip off the ol block with Maite and I when it comes to sex, I'll even send you a picture later showing who she is, consider it a gift and possible dream material if you have a dirty mind, hope you have a daughter or two who are 18 or older so I can pay them a visit." Emerald said to the Rabbit Husband when he thrusts his hips at a faster pace.

The rabbit husband decides to go fast on his thrusting before he said this.

"Well my wife and I have 5 kids that live in the kingdom. And out of the 5 we have two older daughters."

Emerald grins at that before he said this.

"Nice to know, hope you can give them a message from me that if they want to have some fun with me, then just ask Lillum the princess here or Bubblegum or Mar Mar or Marceline there, they know who I am so they can find me in one way or the other." Emerald said when he really thrusts hard into Maite's ass while he gripped her breasts after using his magic to make her float.

"Oh and little tip, my wife here can emit breastmilk on command so if your thirsty… drink up." Emerald said before he squeezed his wife's breasts extra hard but to not harm her.

Maite moans before the rabbit man was surprised when he saw milk coming out of the Succubus Queen's breast.

The husband was indeed tempted. Plus he was thirsty.

That's when he said this.

"Well if you're both offering, then don't mind if I do." He said before he leans down while thrusting fast before the husband latches his mouth to Maite's left nipple and starts sucking on it.

Emerald grins at that before saying this to Maite.

"How's that feel Maite?, sweet relief huh?, well I got a few new toys that Lillum's R&D department worked on… hey Mr. Rabbit, want to help give them a field test?" Emerald said while he looked at the Rabbit husband.

Maite moans while she enjoys having her breast sucked on before the rabbit husband pulls his head back for a moment before he spoke up.

"Hmmm… sure. I don't mind to help." He said before going back to sucking Maite's left breast.

Emerald grins at that before he pulled out two objects that looked like they were jars attached to suction cups while a tube came out of the other end before Emerald said this.

"This thing runs on the wearer's magic, the stronger the person, the more high quality the breast milk it extracts since the magic cleans any negative impurities away, perfect for newborn babies who need nutritious milk, not saying your milk is bad Maite, just saying that your magic will make your milk much better… and more pleasurable for yourself when I attach these to your breasts, and this guy and I drink from these tube like straws when its full..." Emerald said when he placed both items on Maite's nipples and the effect was instant when the suction cups felt her magic and starts to suck out a large amount of breast milk which made Maite moan loudly with relief before stopping when it was full a minute later, guess it was automatic.

The husband was surprised when he saw that before speaking up.

"Wow, that's something."

"Yup… grab a hose and drink up, we got some milking to do." Emerald said before he grabbed a straw tube and starts drinking the milk.

The husband blinked for a moment before he he shrugs and grabbed the other straw tube before he starts drinking it.

A moment later, his eyes widen in shock when he tastes the breast milk and had this thought.

'Oh. My. Glob. This milk… tastes… awesome.' He thought before he excitedly resumes drinking it.

Emerald however grins before he said this after removing the swraw for a moment.

"Hehe, I should mention one thing… a succubus's breast milk is a great energizer, and also for those in the tier based act, a good aphrodisiac to really get a person to reveal their real sex based skills since you seemed to be holding back." Emerald said with a dark grin on his face.

The rabbit husband's eyes widened after that before he suddenly felt the milk gave him a powerful boost which caused him to go beyond fast into pounding Maite's pussy to submission.

Maite moans and groans from that before Emerald joins the Rabbit husband in pounding Maite's holes, all in all, Maite was having the time of her life at this level.

The rabbit husband continues to fuck Maite's pussy while said Succubus Queen had this thought.

'OH FUCK! This one is fucking me at a fast rate. And it feels so go. We have got to invite them back to our world later on.'

For a bit, the trio keeps on going at it before Maite could feel Emerald and the husband getting close, seems the speed and power they were going, they would cum soon and hard.

Maite felt some excitement at the thought of both of her holes getting filled up before she felt her climax approaching as well.

A moment later, Emerald took a few more thrusts before roaring and came hard up Maite's ass.

The rabbit husband was on the same boat before he groans loud and came hard in Maite's pussy.

Maite moans loud as she enjoys this before she climaxed hard on the rabbit husband's dick.

Meanwhile back with Marceline, Clover, and the wife when the trio got close…

Clover was trying to hold back as long as she could before she yelled out when she came hard on Marceline's dick and her own dick fired a massive load in Marceline's mouth.

Marceline was surprised at the amount that entered her mouth.

Luckily thanks to her vampiric side, breathing was no problem.

Marceline begins to drink Clover's cum before she climaxed hard as her dick release a big amount of semen that filled up both Clover's pussy and womb while Marceline's pussy climaxed on the rabbit wife's dick.

Clover continues to moan while the Wife did the same when she came hard in Marceline's pussy and everyone keeps on cumming before they tap off one by one.

It took Marceline 30 seconds before she tapped off and used her succubus side to absorbed the rabbit wife's cum.

Emerald tapped off in Maite's ass before he took a moment to breath when he felt relief.

The rabbit husband felt relief as well when he tapped off in Maite's pussy before taking a moment to breathe.

Maite then pants for breath as well while her body enjoyed the afterglow before moaning when the milk drainers sucked the milk from her breasts and Emerald and by accident when the Husband took an extra deep breath and closed his mouth around the straw which caused him to drink some milk, and while Emerald was used to it, the Rabbit Husband was not which got this reaction.

The Rabbit husband felt another boost of energy in his body which caused his dick to get hard again inside Maite's pussy.

And if that wasn't surprising, then no one expected the rabbit man to completely just thrust his dick in and out of the Succubus Queen's pussy.

He looked very possessed with the way he looked.

Emerald was surprised by that before he just shrugged and used his magic to cause Maite to float a bit when he pulled his dick free before Maite and the humping Rabbit husband fell onto the ground gently while Emerald saw the rabbit husband getting on top of Maite and humps at a harder and faster rate.

"Wow, guess I won't be needing this." Emerald said before he took the straw tube out of his mouth, cleaned it off with magic and placed it in the rabbit husband's so he could get double the dose of Maite's milk.

Maite was was surprised after seeing Emerald do that before she saw the rabbit husband drink from both straws which caused to go in a berserk stake like if he was a animal in heat during mating season.

Emerald chuckles at the look that Maite gave him before he said this.

"Hehe, love you dear, but I saw the look you gave this guy, might as well start training him now, if you'll excuse me, I'll stop by Marceline's group and see how they are doing, may pay that Wife's sweet looking ass a visit." Emerald said before he walked to Marceline's group while being very amused right now.

Maite couldn't respond back as she was moaning loud with the way the rabbit husband was pounding her pussy.

Back with Marceline's group…

When the trio tapped off, the group had to pant for breath while the Rabbit wife pulls her dick free and said this.

"O-Oh wow, forgot how intense that was, backed up since I last used it." The Rabbit wife said but was surprised when she didn't see any semen flow out of Marceline's pussy.

Marceline pants as well before she looks at the wife before she spoke up.

"I-I can… tell. T-That was some good cum."

"Hehe, well hope you got your fill Mar Mar, cause I'm hoping to have a good time with her next." Emerald said when he walked up to the trio.

Marceline blinked for a moment before she asked this.

"Done already Emerald? Where's Maite?"

"Wellll…." Emerald said before pointing a thumb back at Maite and the Husband Rabbit who was fucking Maite like a being possessed while he keeps on drinking Maite's breast milk.

The trio were surprised when they saw that before the rabbit wife asked this.

"Yikes. Only time I see my husband act like that is when we're trying to have kids. And what is he drinking?"

"Maite's breast milk, a succubus's breast milk is a good energizer and when used at the right moment, like in the act, acts as a good aphrodisiac." Emerald explained to the group when they heard Maite say this when the Rabbit husband came hard inside of her, but he keeps on fucking her even through his orgasm which starts to make a mess when Maite had trouble keeping up the absorption of the Rabbit husband's semen.


Emerald sweatdropped before he said this.

"Damn, guess I know who to call when Maite needs a good meal and I'm not around… wonder how wild you can get when you lose those limits." Emerald said when he looked to the rabbit wife with a grin on his face.

That's when Marceline asked this.

"Hold on, does this mean I can produce breast milk also?"

"Hmm?, yeah, with breasts that size, I'm sure you have some top quality breast milk to give, a downside of Vampires is that they can't get knocked up easily thanks to their undead nature but for the ladies, they give some top quality stuff, and since your half succubus, who knows how tasty it is, all we need to do is really play with those puppies and see how much you fire, need to be extra rough to get them to flow the first time but the times after will be a simple grab and suck." Emerald said before chuckling while talking like some vampires still live or something.

Marceline blinked a few times before she asked this.

"Um from the way you said that, it sounded like there are still Vampires living in the world."

"Well duh, plenty of Vampires still live, either some in My dimension since they can be power top tier lovers or in small pockets in Ooo, I mean I heard of your exploits at taking out Vampires in Ooo, but what about outside the land of Ooo?, I mean didn't Finn the Human, once a rare breed being human, found more humans out of Ooo and they now live here or there in the land of Ooo now?" Emerald said while looking at Marceline while pointing that fact out.

Marceline was a bit surprise when she heard that before taking a moment to think on this.

That's when she facepalm herself and said this.

"Glob dammit."

"Welp we can talk more about that, but for now, why don't we try and get your milk to flow." Emerald said with a grin on his face while looking to the wife and winking at her to give her some kind of signal.

The rabbit wife sees where the Incubus was going with this before she surprised Marceline and pulls her off of Clover before the rabbit wife had the Succupire laying on her back.

Emerald grins at the look on Marceline's face before he quickly moved and placed a mouth over Marceline's left nipple and starts sucking hard while the wife went to the right to do the same while both people gripped Marceline's breasts and squeezed them and what not to really work Marceline's breasts.

Marceline was gonna say something but moaned instead with the way the duo treated her breasts.

Clover at the same time, sat up and with a blush saw what was going on while her dick twitched and pulsed with blood when she saw how good that Marceline felt and wanted to join in.. which caused her gaze to land on Marceline's wet pussy before her lust starts to override her reasoning and she quickly moved to get into position and angled her dick towards Marceline's folds… but misjudged and aimed a bit too low with Marceline and didn't noticed that she was pressing against Marceline's asshole.

Marceline's eyes widen before she shouts this out.


However that was a bad move on Marceline's part because when Clover jolts, her legs slip on the juices from Marceline's pussy and low and behold, Clover fell on and practically into Marceline's ass with 3/4th of Clover's dick busting on in as a result while Emerald and the rabbit wife stopped sucking on Marceline's breasts when Clover crashed between them and her head rests between Marceline's breasts.

Marceline groans loud before realizing that it was Clover's dick in her ass while the rabbit wife was a bit surprised before she spoke up.

"Huh. I didn't see that coming."

"Neither did I, you alright Mar Mar?, Clover?, Emerald said while he looked back and saw most of Clover's dick in Marceline's ass.

"Wow… regeneration or not, Marceline may have trouble sitting later." Emerald said while he wondered how the duo felt.

Marceline groans for a moment before she spoke up to Clover.

"Y-You okay Clover?"

Clover groans greatly, not only from the slip but from how tight Marceline's ass was before she said this when she looked up with a regretful look on her face, but away from Marceline when she had trouble looking her in the eyes.

"I-I'm s-so sorry M-Mistress!" Clover said when she didn't know what to do and worried Marceline maybe pissed, not every day a monster dick gets jammed right up the ass after all.

However the rabbit woman was surprised when Marceline said this.

"Eh, don't worry about it."

Clover blinked in surprised when she heard that before she said this when she looked at Marceline.

"R-Really Mistress?" Clover said while her dick twitches in Marceline's ass, seems she was a bit relieved to hear that.

Marceline then brought her hand to Clover's cheek and rubbed it before she spoke up.

"Yes really. You just caught me by surprise. Plus you show some good initiative there."

Clover blushed before she said this.

"S-Still I'm sorry… I-I hope I didn't hurt you or your… p-pussy." Clover said when she mistakes Marceline's ass for her pussy in the confusion.

Marceline blink in confusion before she spoke up.

"Ah, well I'm fine. And so is my pussy however, you're in the wrong hole."

"Eh?... you mean I'm in… I-I'm sorry!" Clover said before she tried to push herself up and her dick moved around in Marceline's ass which caused Clover to freeze and fall back on Marceline to pant for breath when the pleasure she felt from just that caused her to be at the brink already.

Marceline was a bit surprise before she asked this.

"You okay there?"

"T-Too… g-good… c-can't control… o-or move myself… M-Mistress…" Clover said while she fought as hard as she could to cum with a strained look on her face.

Marceline was again surprise after hearing that before she surprised Clover by wrapping her arms and legs around the rabbit woman before Marceline spoke up.

"Shhhh, just relax. No need to rush this."

Emerald however had other plans in mind when he snuck up on the duo, and with one tap of his finger on Clovers ass with a small spark of power, had Clover go balls deep in Marceline's ass which caused the Rabbit Humanoid's eyes to widen greatly while her eyes roll back in her head before her limit snapped and she came hard in Marceline's ass, so much so that even Marceline's body absorbing the semen couldn't keep up and her stomach slowly bloats while Emerald had a imp like grin on his face while Clover groans with a big blush on her face.

Marceline had wide eyes before groaning from all that cum in her ass before she asked this.

"W-Whoa… W-What was that?"

"I believe she's cumming hard in you… read her desire's Marceline, and read her body as well, the signs were obvious she would lose control no matter what so I just gave her a slight push, thought wise, she would have done what I did but at a much slower pace to enjoy things… but why not let her get some relief before really giving her a first time to remember, after all, you still need to take her full virginity right?" Emerald said with a grin on his face… before raising an eyebrow and said this with an impressed tone.

"But damn is she productive, I think she's still going…" Emerald said before getting an impressed look that turned into shock when Marceline got an odd look on her face and Emerald had to jump back when Marceline's mouth opened and semen starts to pump out of it.

"What the Flipping fuck is with this woman and how the hell is she not dead from that!" Emerald said when he looked to Clover with a look that showed complete surprise while Clover seemed out of it while her body twitched on Marceline's while Clover held Marceline tight.

Marceline coughs out some semen while the rabbit wife that was watching this wide eyes spoke up.

"Don't know but is there a way for you to stop this?"

Emerald blinked for a moment before saying this.

"Er… can you tell me that you could pry her off and pull her away?, she seems stuck good." Emerald said before the duo noticed that Clover tapped off finally with a loud groan before Clover starts crying and said this constantly.

"I-I'm… sorry… s-sorry…. I-I'm sorry…" Clover said which caused Emerald and the wife to look to one another when this seemed… not too sorry for the situation here, but more… mentally for some reason.

Marceline groans for a moment before she coughed out another load of cum out of her mouth before she tries to breathe for a moment.

That's when the wife asked this.

"Hmmmm, you know with the way you acted and how apologetic you are, I kinda wonder how a nice girl like you ended up here and got ringed."

Clover got an anguished look on her face before she said this.

"B-Because…. E-even though I don't remember it… many say I just r-r-r...raped the Queen of our kingdom a-and I-I would have gotten the death penalty i-if it wasn't… for Lillum…" Clover said which shocked even Emerald for two reasons… one was the Queen part sure… but not remembering doing something like that…

The rabbit wife was shocked as well before she asked this.

"There's a rabbit Queen and you don't remember what you could've done? And what did Lillum do?"

Clover nods her head with a anguished look in her eyes before saying this.

"T-The last thing I remember…. Before coming to in jail… w-was seeing this h-handsome man and woman… who… now that I think about it…. Looked a lot l-like M-Mistress near the man… but things… get hazy after that…" Clover said which made Emerald's eyes widen in shock before narrowing at a possible situation... one that was not good…

The wife was both curious and confused on who this mystery man and woman was before the trio heard Marceline spoke up.

"W-Was the woman… n-name… D-Dawn?"

"H-Huh?... M-Maybe… I think the man mentioned it but her face had a veil like mask so I have a hard time remembering… but she had a vacant look in her eyes…. Like… she wasn't in control of her own body or something… even if she looked like she could move and talk… said the… man was Hudson or something…. I-I… don't know what happened but… a-all I wanted was to… be accepted and I remember one thing that he did… that if I took a piece of paper from that Dawn lady if that was her name… then I would have plenty of friends… *Tears up*... but I was called a freak… a monster… and the prison there… wasn't pleasant… if it wasn't for Lillum… I would have died… w-why d-did I do to deserve this?... was it for being born?" Clover said while tears streamed down her face which caused Emerald to grit his teeth and get a rare moment to show his rising anger at what he just realized…. If that was really Dawn… then if Lucifer was the man… then he twisted Dawn's mind with an illusion to make her think Lucifer was Hudson.

Marceline might've got the same conclusion before she said this.

"No Clover. You did nothing wrong. You were used as a guinea pig. Now this man who calls himself Hudson, what did he look like?"

Clover blinked a few times before she said this.

"E-Er… I think it was the Dawn lady who called him that…" Clover said before Emerald for some reason floats over the duo and placed a finger on her forehead before he used a spell to read that memory, reading minds was one thing, desires another, but memories was simple… and when he got done when an image flashed in his head, he said this when he lands nearby and starts walking away.

"Don't worry Marceline, it's not your dad, but I do have to leave now… you got a job of cheering this sexy bunny up so Maite and I can have fun with her later." Emerald said before looking back to the duo with a cheery grin to cheer up the two ladies.

Marceline blinked a few times before she spoke.

"O-Okay Emerald."

Clover blinked a few times in confusion before she asked this.

"W-What just happened?"

"Oh just a memory reading skill, got all the info I need from that recalled memory you picked up, thanks Clover, you really helped with finding Marceline's mom…" Emerald said before he walked away and when he was turned away from the ladies under the tree, they didn't see the look on his face, but Maite did when she saw that Emerald had a look that showed he would kick anyone's ass right now if a person looked at him wrong… which was a rare thing to be honest while Emerald had this thought.

'... and if that man's look wasn't an illusion… the main ass I'll kick to rescue Dawn and get some payback for Clover here.' Emerald thought before he walked to the castle while he had trouble reigning in his power and gave his skin a tattoo like look when dark lines start appearing on his skin which caused a few prisoners and unringed people to back away from him when he walked by.

Clover was beyond confused before she looked at Marceline and asked this.

"D-Did he just say I helped found your mom?"

"I-I believe so… I-I will say this… he didn't seem mad but I feel bad for the next person who gets on Emerald's bad side right now if those looks on people's faces are anything to go by." Marceline said before she looked down to Clover to see the look on her face that would make or break this tier based time.

Clover however felt bad before she starts to cry a bit.

Marceline then made her choice and used a finger to make Clover look at her and after bending down for a moment, kissed Clover on the lips gently before pulling away to say this.

"Clover… I don't blame you at all, you may have given us a clue to help find my missing mom if that lady you saw was her being tricked, like you, and she could need saving… so thank you for giving us that important hint." Marceline said to try and cheer Clover up while giving her a kind smile.

Clover blushes when she saw that smile before she hugged Marceline and said this.

"O-Oh Mistress. I don't deserve to have a kind Mistress like you."

Marceline however grins before she rolled over so that Clover was on the ground now before she said this.

"Nonsense, I maybe still getting a hang of these succubus abilities, but I got more than enough practice to read your desires so I can say this with 100% honesty… but what kind of Mistress would I be if I didn't make my pet happy… so for these next few rounds… I'll listen to your commands for the rest of this round until you cum so why don't we really enjoy a first time to remember… though I will give that to you after this since you are in my ass after all…" Marceline said before she starts to lift and lower her hips which caused Clover's dick to slide in and out of her ass which made Marceline moan and groan when Clover's dick went deep in her.

Clover moans and groans as well as she starts to enjoy the pleasure before she said this.

"O-Oh M-Mistress!"

Marceline would have chuckled at that when she got an interesting idea of sorts and said this when she leaned down and her form shifts to look like a mirror version of Clover, tighter ass and all, minus the dick and had a black fur color and demonic features before Marceline said this to Clover.

"Hey Clover… I have a… gift for you, but on two conditions, one is that you have to let me know when you're about to cum, and two… well… let's just say that you may be confused, but my second condition is that you hold the questions till after we finish giving you a good memory." Marceline said before winking at Clover.

Clover was confused for a moment or so before she gave Marceline a slight nod.

Marceline smiles at that before kissing Clover on the lips before she starts riding Clover's dick while the Wife in the meantime who watches…

The Wife smiles at the scene though she does feel a bit left out.

Now she doesn't know if she should join the fun or let them have their moment and go join Maite and her husband.

Marceline then pulled away before looking at the Wife and said this.

"Hey, don't know if this helps but since Emerald is gone, why don't you join in… I got a free hand and mouth sometimes and Clover here can eat you out… should give her a moment to taste your pussy as well, Clover's call though." Marceline said to get the wife involved before looking to Clover to see what she thought.

Clover blushes brightly when she heard that before took a moment to think on this before speaking up.

"I-I don't m-mind."

Marceline chuckles and said this to the wife.

"Well you heard her, get that sweet ass here so my cute pet and I can please you, but when Clover is getting close, I want you off, sorry if that sounds pushy but I got an important reason for that." Marceline said while giving the wife a grin… but the look in her eyes, which normally held mischief and lust, had a look that showed Red Ringed or not, if the wife disobeyed that order, the wife would regret it greatly.

The Wife was a bit confused before she shrugged and walk towards the duo before she carefully positioned herself on top of Clover with the her pussy above the rabbit woman's face while the wife's dick was pointing at Marceline.

Marceline licked her lips before she opened her mouth wide and took most of the dick in before she starts bobbing her head while Clover got a close up view of the Wife's pussy and dick and saw Marceline's tongue moving around and even going to lick at The Wife's bud as well with an extra long tongue.

The wife shudders a few times before moaning at how good Marceline's tongue technique was.

Clover blushes before she looks at the wife's folds before Clover closes her eyes and brought her mouth to the Wife's pussy before she starts to eat her out.

The wife shudders at that before Marceline starts to bounce again on Clover's dick while feeling amused at Clover when it seemed the hermaphrodite humanoid rabbit enjoyed the taste of the Wife's pussy.

Clover muffly moans at that action as she felt herself relaxed while still eating out the wife's pussy, before Clover surprisingly slides her tongue in.

The Wife moans at that while Marceline moved her head twice as fast on the Wife's dick, seems Emerald was right about getting the first shot off earlier because it helped Clover last quite a bit longer, she even rode Clover's dick at a rougher rate.

It was about a few moments later before Clover felt her climax approaching a bit before feeling the wife's pussy twitching.

Marceline noticed and with a quick pull away, said this to the wife.

"Remember the deal, off please and I'll do whatever you want in any for your desire." Marceline said while giving the Wife a look that said she was serious about that.

The wife blinked when she saw the serious look before she pulls her pussy away from Clover and stepped back a couple of feet so she can let Marceline do her thing.

A moment later Marceline looks down at Clover and said this to her.

"Hey Clover…" Marceline said while she looks at Clover with a odd look.

Clover was a little confused on the look Marceline had before the Clover asked this.

"Y-Yes Mistress?"

Marceline then asked this.

"I know we just met, but do you trust me?" Marceline said with a smile on her face.

Clover was a bit surprise by that question but even though they just met… Clover felt comfortable with Marceline.

That's when she nods her head at the Succupire while blushing a bit.

Marceline nods back before she said this.

"Good… then relax and enjoy." Marceline said before she leaned down to one side of Clover's neck and after lickin and sucking at it a few times, she used her fangs and bit into Clover's neck lightly, now one may wonder if she was turning Clover into a Vampire, but with her now revealed Succupire nature, the bite may have changed… but with Marceline reading Clover's desires and a little pain only helping, it got this reaction from the rabbit humanoid below her.

"GAAAAHHH!" Clover moans before she surprisingly climaxed hard in Marceline's ass while surprisingly enjoying having her neck bitten.

Thankfully for Marceline, she was more then ready for Clover's load and thanks to the larger load from earlier, it seemed Clover fired less so Marceline's body was able to keep up this time while Marceline moans while she let her body do most of the work… now for what she planned with biting Clover… it was slightly above the ring on Clover's neck so it would be noticed but Marceline, with her lack of succubus skills did the next best thing by infusing her bite with some sexual energy and some lines appeared on Clover's neck before they shift into a heart shaped M that looked like a bat as well if you looked at it right before Marceline fed a bit on Clover's blood to get a rush herself which caused her ass to tighten on Clover's dick.

Clover groans and moans from the tight grip of Marceline's ass on her dick as Clover kept climaxing before she hugged the succupire close.

Marceline waits for Clover to tap off about 40 seconds later since Clover's body wasn't shocked into having an orgasm like last time before said this when she pulled her head away from Clover's neck and licked it a few times while the wound bled for a few seconds and it closed thanks to Marceline's saliva having some kind of healing property before she pulled away and said this.

"There… now people will know you are mine and mine alone, granted I'll be sharing you with a small few when not in this prison and I have to share for now… but long story short, and you can look in a mirror to see, but this mark will let me know where you are at all times and also give you an urge to come to me daily to satisfy you… so in a sense… you are officially now my pet now and forever until I can get a hang of these succubus abilities and we can make our own contract which is more official… hope you like the gift my dear pet." Marceline said while grinning down at Clover.

Clover was very shocked after hearing this before blushing brightly.

However, knowing she that is owned by Marceline made her feel happy for being accepted.

That's when the hermaphrodite rabbit humanoid said this.

"I-I love my gift M-Mistress. E-Everything on my body… is yours."

Marceline chuckles at that before she said this.

"Well then… why don't I take that official virginity of yours with my pussy now… just name the position and fuck away like the sexy rabbit you are." Marceline said with a grin on her face, she may look a lot like Clover, but the black fur and her own personal touches made it good to tell the difference between her and Clover.

Clover blushes brightly before she said this.

"M-Missionary please."

Marceline grins at that before she said this.

"Very well my pet, but one slight change…" Marceline said before she floats up and said this.

"Want me to rests against this tree here or one the ground?, your pick, only difference between the two is the angle." Marceline said while giving Clover the options.

Clover continues to blush before she said this.

"A-Against the t-tree."

"Alright… got a form request?... I do have shapeshifting that's not an illusion so the fur here in this form that I borrowed from you is purely physical… so… why not try and make the first form your officially fuck special?... I aim to please after all… hmmm… maybe we could be really kinky and try and make your first time with the Rabbit Queen one that's not mentally scarring… I am a Vampire Queen so not really an issue if I take another Queen's form." Marceline said to give Clover one final option before they would take Clover's cherry.

Clover blinks in surprise when she heard that but couldn't actually think of any other forms.

That's when she said this.

"T-The Rabbit Queen p-please."

The Wife nearby was surprised when she heard that before Marceline grins and said this.

"Great, want my own personal touches or match the Queen figure to figure?" Marceline said to Clover.

"Y-Your personal touch." Clover replies.

Marceline grins at that before she said this.

"Nice… and if she was knocked up by you, why not do this…" Marceline said before her figure glows before her form shifts to change shape a little, she was already in a rabbit form like Clover's but she was making it very different when her figure shifted to form a very busty beautiful Rabbit Humanoid that had beautiful snow white fur with long flowing fur that mimicked hair and blue eyes, demonic features aside, if one ignored them, Marceline would look like a goddess among Rabbit humanoids.

"So… how is this form Clover?, I may have made the bust a bit too big, about a cup size bit bigger but that's only if the Queen got knocked up and her breasts were filled with milk… that I can give now… so… judges?" Marceline said in a near exact replica of the Queen's form from Clover's memories, but with a cup size bigger to mimic Marceline's own form when she first awakened.

Clover blushes brightly at Marceline's rabbit form and even though she didn't say anything, her dick twitch in excitedly meaning she did like the form.

Marceline grins at that before she said this.

"Want to Roleplay as well?, I can play the part that if you didn't get forced to do what you did… but romanced her, then why not make it so that you and her are mating in the forest you mentioned earlier… we are next to a tree after all…" Marceline said to play on Clover's kinks when she could read her desires more and more when she played on them.

Clover blushes brightly at the option before she slightly nods her head at Marceline.

Marceline nods before saying this.

"And thanks to the memory's you have of her…" Marceline said before saying this in a different voice.

"I can mimic the Queen's voice exactly thanks to my succubus side helping… for all intents and purposes I could be her double if she wanted me to play that role… now Clover… I'm going to get in the act so get ready alright?" Marceline said in the Rabbit Queen's voice while she walked up to the tree with her ass and cute puffy rabbit tail that was on display.

Clover blushes brightly when she saw that before waiting Marceline to get in character.

Marceline did when she leaned back against the tree and said this to Clover while she used a hand to play with her left breast and the right went to open and close her soaked folds.

"Clover, my husband is out on a diplomatic mission right now, leaving me in this heated state from him being so late in returning, so I want you of all of my subjects to fuck me like you never have before… I always did admire that cock of yours and my Husband did give me permission to have one pet… why not have one who is well equipped?" Marceline or *The Rabbit Queen* said in a teasing tone.

Clover blushes brightly when she heard that before she starts walking towards Marceline.

Once she was in front, the hermaphrodite rabbit humanoid knelt down a bit before she leans in and kissed the *Rabbit Queen's* lips.

The *Queen* moans into the kiss and used a hand to gently grip Clovers dick and said this when she pulled away and strokes the dick near her pussy.

"Come Clover… give your Queen the fucking she wants… give it to me… show those idiotic people that your more than a freak like I heard about… more like a Rabbit Goddess." *The Rabbit Queen* begged with a lustful look in her eyes while she rubs the head of Clover's dick on her pussy, making sure that Clover was aimed right.

Clover blushes brightly after hearing that before she said this.

"Y-Yes my Queen." She said before she slides her dick inside the *Rabbit Queen's* pussy.

The *Queen* moans from that and when Clover bumped into her cervix, she said this.

"O-Oh yes… s-so fucking massive… nothing like those low grade women who I bedded in the past… show me how good you are… and make me scream your name…" *The Rabbit Queen* said with a blushing look on her face while she had to pant for breath already… she did wonder how Clover was doing in her first ever pussy that she could consciously remember so she wondered if she got the actual Queen's shape right inside.

Clover shudders and groans a bit at the snug tightness of the *Queen's* pussy before she starts to thrust her dick in and out.

*The Rabbit Queen* moans and groans at that before she said this to Clover after wrapping her arms and legs around Clover's body.

"O-Oh yes Clover… fuck me hard… get all of your frustrations out… no need to be shy around me, no need for stutters, holding back, or anything negative… you're my pet now and always… so no need to hold back with me…" *The Rabbit Queen* said, granted hard to tell if it was Marceline or the roleplay, but it was still an honest thing that Marceline in her role said.

Clover took that advice to heart and surprisingly starts to give it to the *Rabbit Queen* good by thrusting even hard like if she was in heat and want to mate with the *Queen*.

The Queen moans and groans from that before saying this when she rubbed the back of Clover's head.

"O-Oh fuck Clover… y-you're perfect… I-I already birthed a child for my husband and he doesn't care if I get knocked up by another woman, so give me a child, and I'll let you fuck me anywhere, even bring in my Husband to fuck you while you fuck me." *The Queen said* to Clover when she could feel Clover thrusting as hard as her powerful bunny legs would allow and she was about to burst into *The Rabbit Queen's* womb past the cervix.

Hearing the part about knocking up Marceline or the *Rabbit Queen* made Clover feel very excited before she really went thrusting hard with a new desire to knock her Mistress/Queen up.

If you noticed, Clover started to thrust a bit faster than before.

*The Rabbit Queen* moans and groans from that before she keeps letting Clover fuck her more and more while holding Clover's head between her breasts to let Clover rub her head on her and smell her scent while she could feel Clover's dick pulsing more and more until…

Clover moans loud before she came very hard inside the *Rabbit Queen's* pussy while hugging her.

*The Rabbit Queen* moans loudly at that before she pets Clover on the back of her head while she waits for Clover to ride out her orgasm while shushing Clover when she wanted to say something.

"Shhhh… just wait till your finished… we can talk after… first ever orgasm with my pussy after all." *The Rabbit Queen* or Marceline said when she slowly returned to her human form with the ebony skin color that her mother had while she could feel her body absorbing Clover's semen as fast as it could but it seemed that Clover was being over productive right now when she didn't seem to have an end again and her pussy was being overfilled and semen flowed out from her pussy and around Clover's pulsing dick.

It took Clover almost 45 seconds of climaxing before she finally tapped off.

Marceline gave a sigh of relief at that and thanks to Clover, all of the issues she had thanks to Ayuyat was gone when Clover gave her more than enough energy to recover and then some before she looks down at Clover to see how the Rabbit Humanoid was doing after letting out all of that semen that was more that possible to normally fire out, productive or not, she would have to ask a healer here to check to see if that didn't give Clover health issues.

Surprisingly, Clover was fine after relaxing on Marceline's breasts before you little snoring sounds.

Marceline blinks a few times before chuckling and said this to the Wife nearby who was stroking herself off.

"Hey, want to just call it a day and let Clover rest?, I don't mind helping you finish up if you want to get one last shot off, but I doubt I can move much from here to do anything aside from carrying Clover here, or you can go to Maite there but I think your Husband maybe a bit to berserked for you to handle." Marceline said while using a hand to give the stroking gesture to the wife to show she was willing to help before pointing to Maite and the Husband to show he was still in a heated state while Maite, even in her pleased state, used her magic to clean the ground around them while she lets the husband fuck her pussy.

The Wife sweatdrops at the scene before she looks at Marceline before she spoke up.

"Yeah I guess I can get off one last shot before calling it a day."

"Hehe… alright… want to make it interesting?, I picked up a trick in training and I can help Clover really sleep well… so want to try giving it to her good while she sleeps?, she won't be to bothered by it since she is on the pill… just let us get more comfortable." Marceline said before she gently moved away from the tree while holding onto Clover and Marceline was now on the ground on her back while she held Clover gently while Clover's body glowed a bit and she snuggled more into Marceline's embrace with a pleased look on her sleeping face.

The Wife blinks a bit for a moment before she grins and said this.

"Sure. I'm game." She said before she walk towards the duo and got behind Clover.

Marceline grins at that before she keeps on using her magic to make sure that Clover was comfortable and in a deep sleep while she used some magic to help Clover dream that she was about to get fucked by Marceline from behind to help really make one intense dream that Clover wouldn't wake from for a bit.

Clover kept snoring a bit before she let out a slight moan in her sleep before saying this.

"Mmmm, Mistress."

Marceline chuckles before giving the Wife the signal to start when she had the dream version of her getting ready to fuck the dream version of Clover in Clover's dream.

The Wife nods before she grabbed Clover's hips and gently slides her dick inside the hermaphrodite's pussy.

Clover lightly moans from that when her pussy gripped the Wife's dick tightly while thanks to Marceline, her dream with Marceline fucking her made it so that Clover wouldn't wake yet.

The Wife groans before she spoke up.

"Damn, she's tight."

"Hehe, yeah I know, now get to fucking you sexy bunny, I can feel Clover throbbing in me from her getting erect again so the dream I put her in is getting good." Marceline said while she tightened her pussy on Clover's dick while the Dream version of Marceline strokes the dream version of Clover off.

The Wife nods and just starts thrusting her dick in and out of Clover's pussy while enjoying how nice and warm it was.

Marceline hums at that when Clover was lightly forced to fuck her pussy and for a few minutes, the Wife keeps on fucking Clover while the Wife and Clover in her sleep got closer and closer to cumming until….

The Wife groans a bit loud before she climaxed hard inside Clover's pussy before filling her womb up.

Clover in turn groans lightly in her sleep and came hard on the Wife's dick and Clover's dick came hard in Marceline which made the Succupire groan from the amount before her body works to absorb the semen while she waits for the duo to tap off.

It took about 35 seconds before the Wife tapped off and tries to catch her breath for a moment.

Clover took an extra 10, but instead of waking up, she just snuggles more into Marceline's chest cutely while Marceline rubbed the back of her head, bit of a sweet sight really.

"So, feel better?" Marceline said to the wife after looking to her.

The wife took another moment to catch her breath before she spoke up.

"Oh yeah."

"Hehe, though I do have a favor to ask but until I can find a place to crash probably with Bubblegum and Me-Mow, I'm technically homeless right now, so is Clover, mind if we crash at your place?, my pet and I can make it worth your while and I did hear of these point and perk things a few times so it will be easy to get points from you and your hubby and we can be really kinky in bed if you want." Marceline said while hugging Clover in a way to make the duo look like a combo of sexy and cute at the same time while Clover slept in Marceline's arms.

The wife smiles a bit before she chuckles and said this.

"Well I have to speak with my husband first once he's back to normal but you have my okay. We have one guest room that's big enough for you two."

Marceline grins at that before she said this.

"Great, mind pulling Clover and I there so we can have more fun… your Husband… maybe a bit…" Marceline said when she floats into the air with Clover safely on top of her a bit while summoning some dark clothing but made it into the shape of a large umbrella to block the sun before Marceline looked over with a half lidded look to see what the Husband was doing to Maite now.

The husband was now ramming his dick into Maite's ass and he still had that berserk look.

Maite in turn was moaning and groaning from that while she keeps absorbing his semen while her breasts produce milk for him to drink in a cycle of drinking and cumming, seems unless he was stopped, he wouldn't stop with how much milk he was drinking and it dribbled down his chin and onto Maite's body before everyone saw the Rabbit Husband slam himself inside of Maite's ass and came hard like last time and everyone saw his nuts clinching hard as they worked in overtime to produce semen while he drank the breast milk to recover.

The Wife sweatdrops at the scene before she spoke up.

"Boy he's gonna be mega sore for a while. The only time he went berserk was when we were trying to have kids."

"I think you mentioned it before, you can stay if you want but mind pointing me in the right direction of your place if you're not leading us there?" Marceline said when she wanted to get Clover sleeping on a bed to recover.

That's when the wife said this.

"Nah I'll lead you to our place. I'll come back after I help you two settle in."q

"Great." Marceline said before the trio left the area with the Rabbit Wife pulling Marceline by her foot while they heard Maite say this when the Rabbit Husband didn't seem to have an end in sight.

"Alright. Now it's my turn!" She said before she surprisingly managed to flip them over making Maite on top in a reverse cowgirl position.

The berserked Husband however just gripped her hips and starts thrusting up into her to show that he wasn't done yet.

Maite groans loud before she starts bouncing her ass on the husband's dick to meet with his thrusts.

And since it would be awhile before either of them would be stopped, the scene shifts to Emerald in the throne room with Lillum after Obsidian and Me-Mow returned from their date with Me-Mow in a beautiful dress and Demonga who didn't looked pleased to be near a prisoner period, heard Emerald explain a lot of things when Ayuyat ran in to try and stop Emerald, and was too late when Emerald explained that after what happened to Marceline, paid Ayuyat back in kind up until he found out that possible info about Clover being tricked, Dawn possibly being with Lucifer there, and stuff… though Obsidian did say this with a pissed off look on his face.

"Hold on all that aside, what gave you the right to rape Ayuyat and knock her up!?, she's the fucking Warding for Glob's sake!, granted she did go a bit overboard with Marceline but I doubt that sunlight spell would stop because punishers used to use it on Vampire's before." Obsidian said with a pissed off look on his face while he held Ayuyat close to get her away from Emerald who had a disinterested look on his face and he used a couple fingers to plug his ears when Obsidian chewed into Emerald big time and was extra loud.

Ayuyat blushed with the way Obsidian was protecting her though deep down she has a bad feeling that the Prince will scold her later.

Me-Mow was shocked after hear what happened to Marceline along with the fact that they might have a clue about Marceline's mom.

That's when the feline assassin had this thought.

'Bonnibel is not gonna like when she hears what Ayuyat did.' She thought and even though she didn't like what the Warden did, surprisingly… Me-Mow kinda felt a bit bad for her.

"Well first off, considering that until Mar Mar makes up her mind about Finn and I and makes a choice, she is technically my woman, if she goes to Finn, her choice, she goes to me, her choice, but at the moment, she and I have had sex daily and she likes it, I don't force a lady except when they deserve it, and Ayuyat here practically scorched her from the inside out BEFORE she was ringed… so two questions in return, one, am I really in the wrong when Ayuyat broke a rule in the first place and two, why care so much for Ayuyat?, you were not that possessive of her before so why now?" Emerald asked the Chaos based prince with a grin.

Me-Mow was shocked at the info while she, and also Ayuyat, wondered the same thing.

Lillum and to some surprise Demonga was stunned silent while they they watched the duo argue back and forth about the moral issues here.

Obsidian glares at Emerald but when he heard the second question, he surprisingly let out a slight blush before asking this.

"I-I don't know what you mean."

"Oh don't kid with me, you went on a date with Me-Mow and screw her daily so why should a knocked up Ayuyat be any different, besides you probably know she likes you so why not?, or do you think Ayuyat is a dainty flower to not be picked by the big bad Prince of Chaos in the Bondage kingdom, trust me, dainty she is not… foul mouth she is and very pleasing to fuck." Emerald said while nudging Obsidian on the side of his arm with his elbow.

Me-Mow and Ayuyat were a bit surprised to hear that while Obsidian furrows his brow before he spoke up.

"Regardless if it was true, just because Ayuyat broke a rule, doesn't give you the right to knock her up."

Emerald gave him a half lidded look before he said this.

"And did you get onto Demonga for that incident with Bubblegum?, don't think you can complain to me about that until you do that to him, but I would like to point out two things, one, SHE, used sunlight coated semen to burn Marceline from the inside out before she was ringed… and isn't it a rule to not do any kind of lasting damage type of punish until the 24 relaxation period is over?, and two, Marceline was knocked out from the pain alone… so before you get onto me… ask Ayuyat this… aside from knocking her up, did I torment her physically, did I burn her from the inside out or do anything that her desires didn't ask for… remember I'm a fucking Incubus Obsidian and I can read her desires like a book and one of them was to be fucking knocked up by you so I put a twist on it to help her get her ass in gear with you, I mean think, would either of you even try to get with one another without one or the other chickening out?" Emerald said with narrowed eyes near the end while Demonga rolled his eyes when he heard about Bubblegum… but he was thinking about something when he had a hand on his chin before he starts walking away…

Me-Mow was shocked after hearing that juicy info while Ayuyat was blushing mad.

Obsidian also had a blush look on his face but still frown at Emerald.

Unfortunately for him though… he had nothing to counter that argument.

Lillum however looked to Demonga and said this when she got curious when she saw the look on his face.

"Demonga, where are you going?, were having a serious talk." Lillum said which stopped Demonga for a moment before he said this.

"I'm asking the Prisoner Clover where the Rabbit Kingdom is and I'm investigating personally once I arrive there, if this former Deity Lucifer is behind this then I will make him pay for not only using us, but for caused a mass incident in a kingdom." Demonga said which was surprising, granted the investigation was obvious, but why investigate it personally and how were they used?

That's when Me-Mow asked this.

"Why does that sound personal?, and how were you guys used?"

Demonga gave her a cold look and said this.

"Simple prisoner, by using my sister and her kindness and her lust, Clover was sent here with this possible Lucifer and Dawn, and if not Lucifer then someone else, I'm not going to waste resources here by sending a full squad so I'll end this before it gets started, besides I smell a trap for many here, the new Prisoner Marceline for example is Dawn's daughter, bring her along and you risk getting her kidnapped and put in the same state, my sister, same thing, point is I'm not going to let this Lucifer screw with the Bondage kingdom and get away with it." Demonga said which made Emerald hide his mouth with his hand when he tried to hold back his laughter which made Demonga raise an eyebrow before he said this.

"And why are you laughing." Demonga coldly said which caused Emerald to say this.

"Well first off, Not let Lucifer… a guy who's like sin incarnate in various religious circles in the pre mushroom war era screw with the Bondage Kingdom?... seriously?, and you said it with a straight face..." Emerald said which made Lillum blink a few times before she laughed a bit at that…

Me-Mow, Ayuyat and Obsidian began to laugh as well when they get the double meaning.

Demonga got a tick mark on his head from that before he emits energy with a pissed off aura which made most sweatdrop before Emerald said this.

"Oh chill out, I'll be going with you to make sure that things go well…" Emerald said like he was finished talking with Obsidian already.

Me-Mow and Ayuyat blinked in surprise while Obsidian though surprise did say this.

"Hold on a second, what makes you think the conversation we have before was over?"

Emerald however gave Obsidian a cold look even though he was grinning which was chilling for a few reasons.

"And what makes you think I'll listen anymore, I'm not your subject, I'm under a contract with Lillum the Ruler of the Bondage kingdom while you two are princes and I'm the king of sex demons and a subject of mine is in trouble from being used, so we can play 20 questions mixed with the blame game… so I'll just flat out say this… if you get in my way, I'll break my contract with Lillum, I can always make it again at a later date… but can you really stop a full power me?... trust me… you don't want to get in my way on this matter boy, you may be reincarnated from the Mushroom war and we may be similar in age, but I ruled a kingdom with my Queen while your still a prince who hasn't taken the throne like your sister, I know who this Lucifer is and he is Hudson's brother, a demon who can make a guy as strong as I weary from his illusions alone, but I have a chance of kicking his ass if I can break through them, do you think your brother knows what he is getting into?... or do you have a punishment that won't hinder me too much, the worse that your sister can do is force me from having sex for a week and that's it, but the worse this Lucifer can do can risk all of Ooo if he really is the one causing panic in the Rabbit kingdom and that could just be the start of him causing trouble… I'll humor you though and I'll let Ayuyat, the person I had my way with, give me one punishment… but that is it… you are not in a relationship with her as far as I know so how about it… let Ayuyat here make the call." Emerald said while looking Obsidian in the eyes with a extremely cold look.

Me-Mow shudders a bit while Ayuyat blinks in surprise.

Obsidian however returns the look before he spoke up.

"What do you think Ayuyat?"

"I… wha!?" Ayuyat said when both Obsidian and Emerald looked to her with serious looks before Emerald said.

"Your call, what will you do to me, granted I still think this was karma hitting you hard before of what you did to Marceline, but before you decide, try and at least think of this, what if the situation was in a reverse and I did something to Obsidian here like rip an arm off or something… wouldn't you be pissed off and want revenge?" Emerald said which made Ayuyat blink when she had trouble processing that, but she did get that she would be pissed and want to get back at Emerald… but she had a hard to read look before she said this.

"Alright, I made my decision…" Ayuyat said when she seemed to have gotten a serious look on her face.

Lillum, Demonga, Me-Mow, Emerald, and Obsidian wondered what the Warden was gonna say.

"But first… P-Prince Obsidian…" Ayuyat said before she looked at Obsidian with an unusually serious look.

Obsidian blinked in confusion before he looks at Ayuyat and says this.


Ayuyat then blushed brightly at what she would do next before she said this.

"L-Listen… P-Prince… i-if… it would please you…. c-can I ask y-you out?... e-even if I'm foul mouthed and anger prone?... a-and this p-probably isn't t-the best s-situation to ask..." Ayuyat said to the groups shock, even Emerald got wide eyed at that when he and no one else saw that coming.

The Prince was definitely shocked after hearing this.

It was only a few seconds of silence before he did something that shocked the group by cupping Ayuyat's cheeks and smashes his lips on the Warden's lips.

Ayuyat was surprised by that but she went with it and hugged Obsidian back and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Gotta say… did not see that coming…." Emerald said while everyone agreeing with him mentally before Ayuyat said this to Emerald.

"Your punishment Emerald, while its true that I can't stop you from seeing the kid or talking with them, or even having a sex demon train them when they come with age, but I can do one thing and make it so that you won't have parental rights, I'm the mother after all and I want to make sure that the kid is raised right… and if I play my cards right, but a guy who can keep my anger in check." Ayuyat said while glancing at Obsidian while Emerald got a bugged eyed look when two unexpected things happened… one… Ayuyat not cursing just now… and two… Ayuyat practically asking for Obsidian's hand in marriage in the future…. Granted he wouldn't complain much about parental right since he has Ruby as his daughter and knew Obsidian would take care of Ayuyat and… her kid but that only works if he agrees.

That's when said prince said this.

"If you're asking what I think you're asking Ayuyat, then my answer would be… yes." He said while smiling.

Ayuyat smiles more at that while Emerald's eyes widen more before Ayuyat said this to Emerald with a grin.

"And that was for the kid… for forcing yourself on me… your paying for the entire wedding in the future if Obsidian and I get that far… and I'll be making it pricy since you are the king of sex demons… so I bet a royal class wedding won't be too much right?, I mean you don't want the kid to be a bastard child right?" Ayuyat said while Emerald's jaw dropped when he heard that one.

Obsidian chuckles while Me-Mow was shocked at what just happened before she had this thought.

'Dang didn't think she go that far. Can't believe Obsidian said yes. And that was after our date. And he didn't ask me if I can be in his harem.' She thought.

However to some surprise Obsidian said this.

"Hmmm… actually while that does sound interesting… why not spice this up and make it multiple weddings in the future… I mean Emerald did cause you a serious issue so why not really make him pay… for multiple future Royal weddings." Obsidian said before Emerald shouts this.

"WHAT!?" Emerald shouts out with wide eyes when he thinks he misheard Obsidian.

Me-Mow blinked in surprise after hearing that while Ayuyat who also was surprise later chuckled as she like this idea better before she said this.

"Oh that is brilliant. Sure let's do that. Anyone you have in mind?"

"Well I'll have to wait for later for more ladies, maybe pick a few from the small number who normally hangs around the spa area I have for them… but for a work in progress and a first choice… Me-Mow there when her sentence is up?, I mean pissed off at her aside you did say you liked the feeling of her mouth when you two met." Obsidian said to tease Ayuyat a bit while Emerald's jaw dropped more while though Demonga didn't find it amusing for Obsidian to try and get with a prisoner… he did enjoy the look on Emerald's face more while Lillum had sparkles in her eyes when multiple weddings maybe held in the future.

Me-Mow was shocked after hearing this before she starts blushing and felt her heart racing before thinking this.

'H-H-He wants to m-marry me?!' She thought before suddenly… Me-Mow fainted.

Obsidian and the others looked to her before Obsidian said this while he scratched his cheek.

"What did I say wrong?, I mean it would be in the future right?" Obsidian said while everyone practically facepalms at that.

That's when Ayuyat said this.

"Yeah… there's something you should know… sweetie… that when you picked to marry her next or something, she felt some excitement and fainted. If you don't believe me, look at her face."

Obsidian blinked a few times while everyone, even Obsidian got a bit surprised by that, before he did just that and looked to see the expression on her face.

Me-Mow has a bright blush on her face that almost made her look like a tomato.

And if you look at her lips, you can see that she's smiling happily.

"Well I can see the happy look on her face… but you sure she didn't have a stroke or something… do not think that is a healthy shade of red even for blushing." Obsidian said before Emerald joined the others in face palming.

Ayuyat had a half lidded look on her face before spoke up.

"She didn't have a stroke. Look just go with what I said. By tomorrow or so, she'll be back to normal."

Obsidian was a bit confused by that before he walked to Me-Mow and knelt down to pick her up before Emerald said this.

"Oh fucking… fine but I'll only pay for 5 royal weddings… can't have you empty the royal treasury back home so much that I have to increase taxes for the citizens, not only that but while we don't have weddings we do have marriage ceremonies and if Lillum becomes a succubus I'll most likely have one with her in the future." Emerald said with a grin which made Lillum jolt and get happy… before looking to Ayuyat and Obsidian with a serious gaze to watch what they say next while a flame burned behind his eyes to show the two to not fuck this up.

Ayuyat blinked for a moment before she said this.

"No problem there. Obsidian?"

"Er… no… nothing wrong with that." Obsidian said while he jolts from Lillum's gaze before she smiles and he sighs in relief before Emerald said this.

"Alright, now if there is nothing else, I'll be tag teaming with Demonga at the Rabbit Kingdom, unless there is anything else to ask or say." Emerald said while he looked at Ayuyat and Obsidian.

Said duo shook their heads meaning they don't have anything else to say right now.

"Good… can't believe I have to freaking pay for multiple marriages…" Emerald said while walking away while muttering that last bit… but when his back was to them, he smiles a bit at this turn of events while Demonga ignored that to walk out of the room as well..

That's when Ayuyat spoke up after seeing the duo leave.

"Well… that was something."

"Yeah… so…. What should I call you d-e-a-r since your calling me sweetie, and we could have a marriage soon if things get settled soon." Obsidian said with a teasing grin to Ayuyat.

Ayuyat blushes a bit before she grins back at the prince before she said this.

"Dear sounds good, s-w-e-e-t-i-e. Maybe later we can talk about the arrangements for our wedding." She said before grabbing Obsidian's ass before squeezing it.

Obsidian jolts before he said this.

"Well we would have to take time for that dear, why not just relax today, after all Emerald is paying for the weddings so no need to worry about holding back right?" Obsidian said before he and Ayuyat shudder when Lillum looked at the duo with her body radiates energy… guess that ceremony with Emerald was important for her.

Ayuyat felt a bit creeped out before she asked this.

"Think we should give her some alone time?"

"Y-Yeah… f-follow me, got a room that I can put Me-Mow in before we… give the kid some energy." Obsidian said to show what he had planned for Ayuyat.

Ayuyat blushes a bit brightly after hearing that before she said this.

"Then let's go then." She said with eagerness.

Obsidian nods before the duo, plus a knocked out Me-Mow left the room which left Lillum alone which made her sweatdrop when she was left alone before she had this thought.

'Well… what do I do now?' Lillum thought when she didn't have plans right now.

That's when one of her guards came along with Pillowmint Butler before then butler spoke up.

"Excuse me my Queen."

Lillum looked over to Pillowment Butler with a raised eyebrow before she said this.

"Yes?, I don't think I have an appointment with you today Pillowment Butler, is something wrong with Toast Princess and the Candy Kingdom?" Lillum said while she wondered if the advisor with her screwed up, she heard that a different one took her own sent advisor so she worries that the Candy Kingdom would have issues..

Pillowmint Butler shook his head before he spoke up.

"No my lady, everything is fine. I'm here because I brought someone here who wants to work as one of your punishers."

"Oh really… well then let's see who wants to work here since a punisher has to have a certain level of experience… might as well test them." Lillum said while shifting her body a bit on her throne which made her breasts bounce a bit in her skimpy outfit.

The butler and the guard blushed when they saw that before Pillowmint Butler whistles a bit which coincidentally made someone or something enters the room.

Lillum looked to them, and smirks before she said this.

"I see… you huh?, Well bring that extra you have and we can test you to see if you got the stuff to work here." Lillum said when she saw the figure who dragged in another who struggles in their grip to no avail.

The woman looks a bit small but medium size.

She has pea-green skin and brown hair tied into a large bun that is almost the same size as her head.

She also wears a light-brown cape covering what seems to be a teal dress or Japanese kimono with tight sleeves.

The scene the shifts to hours later with Clover starting to come to in on something very soft and warm and her dick in something pleasant.

Ooo/ Bondage Kingdom/ Clover

You see said hermaphrodite rabbit humanoid as she groans a bit before spoke up.

"Hmmm, w-where am I?" She asked as she starts to open her eyes.

To her shock, the first thing she saw was the up close look of a pair of Green glowing eyes looking right into her own.

"Gah!" Clover yelps before backing away from this mystery figure.

The Mystery figure laughed and it turned out the figure was Emerald and Clover fell off an amused Marceline who Clover rested on on a bed… though she did have a irritated look on her face when she saw Demonga nearby while he stood near the door to the room they were in with crossed arms.

That's when Clover and asked this.

"W-What's going on?"

"Well first off, if you remember the Rabbit Husband and Wife you were with, they let you and Marceline crash here after you passed out after losing multiple V-Card's with Marceline here and you and her can work out the details with them later, for now, Demonga and I need to ask you some questions and were hoping you would answer them." Emerald said while he offered Clover hand up to help her back onto the bed if she hurt herself while he gave her a kind smile.

Clover was a bit hesitant when she saw Demonga again but did felt a bit better seeing Emerald's smile before she took the Incubus's hand and spoke up.

"What do you need to ask?"

"Well first off, I would like to say congratulations are in order for you and Marceline, as for the Questions…" Emerald said before Demonga spoke up with a cold tone.

"Depending on how this investigation goes, you can either be cleared of your crimes from false imprisonment and leave to go wherever you want, even if you did rape your Queen, you have no memory and was a pawn, reduced charged by helping us take down the one who put you here if we don't find out much but do get a lead to another location that gets us more leads, or nothing at all, but that all depends on how much you can answer, plain and simple… first off and most obviously, where is this Rabbit Kingdom located?" Demonga said without breaking his cold tone.

Clover shudders but before she spoke up.

"B-Before I tell you… even if I'm cleared or not… I don't want to leave Mistress's side." She said while blushing a bit.

Marceline smiles at that like Emerald did as well before Demonga said this which caused them to frown.

"Hmph, like I care where you go if your cleared soon or in 5 years if we find nothing, your free to stick by anyone you want either way, just answer the questions and we can leave for the Rabbit Kingdom." Demonga said without losing the cold feeling he gave off, did he never feel anything else?... wait… we?

That's when Marceline asked this.

"What do mean 'we'?"

Demonga looked to her and said this.

"Clover, Charcoal, one of my personal guards and I are going to the Rabbit Kingdom with one other to investigate the place where Clover last saw them and we will need someone who knows the lay of the land… before you object, remember that you are a prisoner here and your punishment date has already been set by Lillum herself by the request of a new punisher she tested, if you have issues with that then take it up with her and the new guy later, I'm just here as a messenger for her for that part only." Demonga said while looking at Marceline while Emerald blinked when he realized who was named Charcoal.

"OI, why did you call me charcoal!?" Emerald said which made Demonga grin before saying this.

"Considering you got punked into paying for Ayuyat's wedding along with 4 more for raping her, I would say your not too bright for a king." Demonga said which caused sparks to shoot between Emerald and Demonga while Clover looked nervous as hell near the two.

However, Marceline had a surprise look in her face before asking this.

"Whoa whoa, back up… you mean that bitch of a Warden got the drop on Emerald and he has to pay for 5 weddings?"

Demonga chuckles for a moment before saying this.

"Hehe… 5 Royal class weddings to be exact… and you know how pricey just one is." Demonga said while Emerald crossed his arms and looked away from Demonga with an irritated look on his face.

That's when Marceline said this.

"No shit Sherlock. And that's the first time I see you not frowning. Are you planning to smile too while you're at it?" She asked rhetorically.

"Don't be a dumbass, why would I smile for anyone but my real lovers, I'm just amused that this pathetic king here put his own foot in his mouth when he gave Ayuyat the go ahead to give him a punishment and she said that Emerald would pay for 5 Royal weddings and not have parental rights to the kid when its born so we at least know it won't be a corrupt Royal heir." Demonga said which caused Emerald to get a pissed off look on his face while he looks at Demonga with a comical angry look on his face.

"Why you fucking…" Emerald said while he looked like he wanted to strangle the Law based prince.

Marceline scoffed before she said this.

"You having lovers? I find hard to believe to believe with that personality of yours." She said before chuckling.

"Considering I don't need Ooo level destroyer lovers to satisfy myself like you seem to need to, you really shouldn't take jabs at me prisoner, besides, the one I'm bringing with us is one of them, she is a powerful warrior mage who specializes in battle and can keep up with me, a battle mage if I'm using the term right, in fact she's talking with the Husband and Wife of this residence right now so if you want to see a proper woman, then feel free to look." Demonga said while pointing the thumb towards the door.

Marceline however scoffed again before she spoke up.

"Yeah like I'm actually gonna do that."

"Well like I care if you look either way, but prisoner Clover here will be joining us in an hour so better help her prepare for the journey ahead." Demonga said before Emerald rolled his eyes and said this.

"Don't worry Mar Mar, I'll make sure Clover returns in one piece so relax alright?" Emerald said while giving Marceline a big grin.

Marceline did sent Emerald a little smile before saying this.

"I know you will Emerald. Though if anyone flirts with Clover or tries something then you better show them the mark on her neck to let anyone know that she belongs to the Vampire Queen." She said with grin.

"Hooo… that mean I'm off limits from this sexy pet that you have?, well guess I can't help that, but what if I find a cute bunny there who wants to get with me, her, and you?, do I just ignore them?" Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Marceline blinked a moment before she spoke up.

"Well if another cute bunny wants some fun with either of us then you can bring her along if anything. Plus I'm not gonna be that selfish since I do plan to share Clover with the couple. Then of course my friends and you're more than welcome to have fun with her Emerald if Clover is okay with it. Don't want my favorite pet to feel uncomfortable."

Emerald chuckles at that before he looked to Clover and said this.

"Well Clover… think I would be good enough to have some fun with you?, I know a spell to temporarily get rid of your dick so I can take you as a woman or turn full on woman or make a clone of one that can please that dick if you feel pent up so no need to hold back you little cutie." Emerald said to tease Clover while flexing his arms a bit to show how well muscled he was.

Marceline though blushed a tiny bit, rolled her eyes at Emerald's antics while Clover blushes a bit brightly before she said this.

"I-I don't mind either way. And I would be happy to meet Mistress's friends as well."

"Great, oh and while it may not happen until 5 years pass, but Obsidian may use 2 of the 5 Royal weddings to marry Ayuyat and Me-Mow so I'll be saving up cash for the other three so I better get to work seducing ladies, good thing I don't get sick and can't get other ladies sick." Emerald said before chuckling a bit.

Marceline's eyes widen in shock before she asked this.

"Wait what? That bitchy Warden is marrying Obsidian? And Me-Mow also?"

"Shock to me as well but what can ya do, who knows, Obsidian my keep her in line as his wife." Emerald said while shrugging since he couldn't stop someone from marrying, even if it was a woman as bitchy as Ayuyat.

"Maybe he'll make her be nicer and less on the cursing. Though I would be upset knowing how your kid would inherit that." Marceline said.

"Eh, won't be too hard to work with, she can't force me away even if I have no parental rights, besides… she's really underestimating how powerful an unborn sex demon can get and if Obsidian isn't careful, that secondary spell I cast on Ayuyat will have her teleport to me so I can satisfy her… she said so herself... I have no parental rights and I have to pay for the weddings… never said that I can't get something from it… not only that, while I'll admit I was pissed at her, your body must have enjoyed it for the most part, even with the sunlight covered creampie, granted the passing out made me snap but seems your body loved the pain… guess your kinkyier then I thought my sexy Succupire." Emerald said before chuckling at the look on Marceline's face.

Marceline blushes a bit before she turned her away in embarrassment.

"Oh don't be embarrassed, since Lillum and other punishers will use lesser versions for health reasons, you can love the pain all the more and maybe ask them to ease you into higher levels, remember your a sex demon/ Vampire Hybrid, masochistic creatures and sadistic ones combined to make an interesting combos for many reasons, so tell me honestly… you enjoyed what Ayuyat did up until you were knocked out right?" Emerald sid while he sat on the bed and leaned in to look at Marceline's blushing face.

Marceline continues to blush while not looking at Emerald before the Succupire spoke up.

"Yeah… I did. Just didn't want to give her the satisfaction."

"Oh but Mar Mar, don't you know that playing into the enemy's hand is one way of a Succubus fighting back?, remember that the more you enjoy it, the more you can withstand, bit of a tip, the more sexual energy you get, the more you can reinforce your body… that tight pussy of yours for example,… if you and Ayuyat enjoyed it it, then all the better, I mean… you know the term too much of a good thing?, well let Ayuyat think she is winning then turn the tables and dominate her, ride her until she can't fire anymore, that a good example?" Emerald said while grinning at Marceline before he used a finger to move her face to look at him before saying this.

"Use this punishment day as a test run for that example and you'll see a 180 to how things will go, think the punisher will win in the end?, not against a sexy strong woman like you, if you think of losing to Ayuyat as a failure then learn from it, you know what they say about learning from mistakes right?, well I didn't get to be king for winning every fight that's for sure." Emerald said before he kissed Marceline on the lips when he leaned down to have his lips touch hers.

Marceline blushes for a moment before she melts into the kiss and returns it after wrapping her arms around Emerald.

Emerald hugs Marceline back and even groped her breasts for a moment to get her heated up before he pulled away with a teasing grin.

"Hehe, can't let you miss your punishment time you bad girl, hope you remember what I say about enjoying it and turning the tables… you'd be surprised at what your instincts can do when you follow them, but keep them in check so you don't go crazy." Emerald said before he got up and let go of Marceline's breasts which made them jiggle and shake before Emerald said this with a grin.

"Oh yeah… Clover, we never did get Mar Mar to give breast milk did we?, got interrupted by you crashing into Mar Mar's ass right?, why not lend a hand to do that first?" Emerald said while he looked at Clover.

Clover blushes brightly when she heard that though deep down… Marceline's breasts were tempting.

That's when the blushing hermaphrodite said this.


"Hehe… Well Clover, to help your Mistress feel as good as she can… Start sucking as hard as you can!" Emerald said before he quickly went to Marceline's right breast and starts to lick, suck, and bite on the nipple with a serious hunger behind it.

"GAH!" Marceline yelps before she starts to moan from that action.

Clover watched while blushing brightly for a few moments before she walks towards the duo and does what Emerald did on the other breast with equal manner.

Long story short, the duo really worked Marceline's breasts good while they used both of their hands to gripped the sides of Marceline's breasts and pushed on the breasts to increase the pressure more and more while the duo licked, bit, and sucked the two nipples while Emerald wondered if Marceline could feel anything off with her breasts like something about to burst or not.

Marceline kept moaning from how good her breast were getting treated before thinking this.

'Oh Glob… I feel a weird tingly going in my breasts. I feel like… something's coming out… through my nipples!'

A moment later, Emerald and Clover made one last powerful suck on Marceline's nipples and got this reaction.

"GAAAAHHH!" Marceline moans loud before she climaxed from her pussy before she surprisingly felt something liquid coming out of her breasts.

A moment later, Emerald and Clover starts to drink the liquid from her breasts which was breastmilk a plenty when it seemed to shoot out of her breasts even when Emerald and Clover stopped to breath through their noses, Emerald was able to hold back his lust for now but Clover had a painful erection on her but managed to do better than the husband and hold back to help give Marceline the relief she didn't know she needed.

It took about 30 seconds before Marceline tapped off and was able to feel better.

Emerald and Clover then pulled away while some breast milk leaked a bit before it stopped and Emerald said this while Clover pants next to Marceline while she fought back from jumping Marceline or Emerald.

"So Mar Mar, how did that feel?" Emerald said with a grin on his face while he got up from the bed to look at Marceline.

Marceline pants for a moment before she spoke up.

"A-At first… it felt good then weird and good again but better."

"Hehe, well hope it helped you, because Clover and I need to leave in 55 minutes, why don't you help her with her issue while I'm gone and send her out when she is settled, I'll take care of everything else so no need to hold back, though try and not make Clover too late otherwise Demongass will get onto my case." Emerald said before chuckling at the nickname he made.

Marceline, and surprisingly Clover, chuckles at the nickname the Incubus made.

A moment later Emerald left the room while Clover starts to pant a bit when she was having trouble controlling her lust right now and her dick stood tall on display while she was sitting on the bed in a cute position.

"M-Mistress… m-may we…d-do something?" Clover asked the Succupire Queen when she got a flushed look on her face.

Marceline blinked for a second before she chuckled and said this.

"Yes well shall." She said before she went to Clover to help her out.

A moment later, Emerald heard pleased moans and groans before time passed with Marceline heading to the castle after Emerald helped teach her on to how to make that thin film that was mentioned and Marceline was able to walk through the city without getting burned, though Emerald did warn her to only have sex in the shade so that she wouldn't lose the covered that she can make, at least until she could keep it up constantly so that she could do it in the sun without issue.

Marceline made sure to keep that advice in mind along with a little mental note to practice that whenever she has free time before she has some sex for points.

A bit later, she entered the castle when she got a note from Emerald when she left on where to go to find the room to find out where she was going and either had to places, the throne room for where Lillum normally was so she could lead her, or to some kind of map room which showed where the portal areas to the closed off punishment sections where.

After taking some time, Marceline was at the throne room and wondered if Lillum was there.

Thankfully for her, Lillum was indeed in the throne room while she was getting her pussy eaten out by a servant woman who looked like a Jungle warrior from Jungle princesses place, seems JP sent this one for lessons or something which made Lillum give pleased moans and groans when it seemed the woman had good tongue work.

Marceline blinks for a moment before she shrugs and stepped forward before she spoke up to get Lillum's attention.

"Yo Lillum."

Lillum blinked a couple times before she said this when she saw Marceline.

"Oh hey Marceline, sorry about this, but if you already guessed, I'm training a few ladies and men from Jungle princesses domain and this one is her turn for now, seems that since Emerald knocked JP up, she's been taking people into her own room daily and some are not quite up to the standard she needs, maybe after your punishment today, I can lend this one licking me out to you, but I do have an interesting twist for your first punishment today… consider it a bit of payback for you and one other." Lillum cryptically said to Marceline while she pets the woman licking her pussy on the head.

Marceline blinks in confusion before she looks at the Jungle woman and said this.

"Sure to that cutie but what do you mean payback? Is it the Warden?"

"Eh unfortunately I can't do that since she technically didn't break any rules with you, no… just… follow me and you'll understand." Lillum said before she stood up and said this to the Jungle warrior woman.

"Follow us Myr and maybe you can help with Marceline's punishment and get some experience in." Lillum said to the Jungle warrior woman with a lustful smile on her face after adjusting her outfit which caused her shapely body to wiggle and her breasts to bounce a few times.

The Jungle warrior, now known as Myr, pants for a bit before she blushes a bit from the stare before looking at Marceline, who also had a lustful look on her face when she saw Myr's figure even if she's clothed.

That's when Myr said this.

"Yes milady."

"Good, do well and I may let Marceline here allow you to help with part two, but that's all I'll say for now… please follow me you two." Lillum said before she starts walking out of the room with a swing in her step and her ass shook to and fro to tempt the two ladies.

Marceline did lick her lips a bit when she saw that before she looks at Myr, who blushes after seeing Lillum shake her ass, before she spoke up.

"I'm looking forward to getting to know you." She said with a lustful smirk.

Myr blushed brightly at that before she got up on unsteady legs before she followed Lillum out of the room with Marceline in tow, and when Lillum led the two through the castle, they were led through the phaseable wall in a different section of the castle then last time and were in front of a room before Lillum looked to Marceline and said this.

"You have met these two before Marcy, but make no mistake, while I won't say who, one of them you have fought before and lived and lets just say that while they were on guard duty at the time, combat is not their strong suit… they may give you a run for your money in the sex department after I gave them a test." Lillum said before she got ready to open the door with a grin on her face.

Marceline was confused after hearing before wondering who were the two people she met before waits for Lillum to open the door.

When Lillum opened it, Myr and Marceline saw who was in there, one tied to a bed with her arms and legs in chains, and another was standing over the chained up person with a look that Marceline would know anywhere since it dealt with a certain object that she worked so hard to get back and had this reaction.

Marceline's eyes widen in shocked when she saw the duo before saying this.

"No way."

"Yes way… say hello to your special two part punishment, getting punished by the Crabbit you beaten in battle and punishing Maja the Sky wWitch who not only stole things from you, Marceline, but caused Darren the ancient sleeper to nearly destroy the Candy Kingdom and possibly other places if she wasn't stopped." Lillum said when the Crabbit turned to look at Marceline with a blank look on its face but sported a large 12 inch dick that was 4 in width that pulsed with blood to show how excited it was for this.

Marceline's eyes widen while her face blushed when she saw Crabbit's dick.

Myr never heard of those two but did had the same reaction when she saw the Familiar's member before Marceline asked this.

"W-Wait, I can understand Maja but why is he my punisher? He was working for her as I remember."

"Ah but try and remember that he was her Servant at the time, I wasn't there so I may have missed some things, but didn't Maja attack him when he quit or something, you or Bubblegum should know that right?, on a personal level he didn't cause much except simple guarding, and considering this person's potential… would be a crime to not higher them since their shapeshifting surpasses even sex demons… for example… they can take any form they want, any gender they want, and not cast spells for that, saving time and energy that they can use to fuck you and Myr maybe to spice this up… or maybe have Myr join the Crabbit here in having her way with you… choices choices.." Lillum said while the Crabbit proved Lillum's point by shifting from the form it had to a form that mimicked Marceline's well endowed form, to one that looked like Clover, to another that looked like Myr, then shifted into one that looked like a firewolf, then a centaur, to one that looked like some kind of octopus, then back to the first form where the Crabbit stood there with the 12 inch, 4 in width dick and didn't look out of breath from the changes.

Marceline blinks in surprise at the many forms Crabbit can do before she spoke up.

"I can see why you hired him. Though I didn't know he quit or anything."

"Hmm, may have to ask Bubblegum that one later but at this moment, the Crabbit is now a punisher here and they are thriving… I mean don't you think they seem more fitting here then being a simple guard?" Lillum said before she walked behind the Crabbit and rubbed her hands across their well muscled chest that the Crabbit took to give them a more muscled look and Lillum lowered one to rub the Crabbits dick in front of Marceline and Myr.

Said duo blushes while Marceline did felt a little turned on seeing that before she spoke up.

"I guess you have a point."

"Right?, well then, Myr, Marcy, get in here and get ready to see what the Crabbit can really do when I give the order to fuck you two till you beg for their cum." Lillum said with a lustful grin on her face before the scene fades to black with the Crabbit and Lillum looking at Marceline and Myr with lustful looks in their eyes.

The scene now fades in to show Atomsk and TME with their heads on a table while they look exhausted before TME muttered this.

"O-Oi… A-Atomsk… my body hurts… too much for a full blown outro… want to just fade to black by saying one thing that we like for the readers?... mine was Emerald getting back at Ayuyat for Marceline before Marceline met Clover, technically two but Maite did carry Marceline out so that can be a behind the scene kind of thing, hopefully this will show those negative reviewers that we're not stopping anytime soon." TME said with an exhausted look on his face.

Atomsk took a deep breath before he spoke up.

"O-Oh yeah. This will show those jerks that we're not quitting this or any other story, past or future."

"Y-Yeah… so, got a favorite part or was it what I said earlier?" TME said when he could barely lift his head.

Atomsk took a moment to think before he said this.

"Pretty much what you said."

"Ah… then see you readers later, Atomsk has to edit this later so… see you after we wake up… p-passing out… Zzzzzz…" TME said before snoring was heard from TME.

Atomsk sweatdrop before he spoke up.

"Like TME said see you later. Got some major editing to do. Deuces." Atomsk said with two fingers before the scene fades black.

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