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Interesting Trades

The scene opens with Atomsk, Spirit and Kamikazix at the Master Emerald Shrine.

"So… you want to know where TME is even though it hasn't been a few chapters yet?" The Spirit said with a blank look.

Atomsk took a moment to think on this before he spoke.

"Well I like to know if he's okay. But I take he would still needs some alone time."

"Well like I said, I would let you know when the time is right, give things a chance to cool down first, if he was in trouble, I would let my Elemental's know first then you, trust me, I can see possible futures remember, why not get this story started while I try and single out a good possible future that allows me to let you know where he is soon." The Spirit said with a serious look on its blank face.

"Yeah okay." Atomsk said before he looks at the readers before speaking up.

"Hey everyone, welcome to chapter 6 of LLP. I'm your host Atomsk and with me are Spirit and Kamikazix."

"Yo, Spirit of the Master Emerald here, sorry for the drama here, just some hiccups that will be solved soon, no need to worry people." The Spirit said with a relaxed grin on its face while giving a peace sign.

"Yeah. Though I hope TME feels better and is doing okay. Anyway sorry if you guys waited long but we hope you greatly enjoyed chapter 4 with the whole punishment scenes. What did you two think?" Atomsk asked.

"Well I have no feelings one way or the other but the scenes were spicy in a sense." The Spirit said while using its iconic grin with Kamikazix nodding in agreement.

"Yeah they were. Though there were some dark moments that almost put me down. Almost made me want to listen to emo music." Atomsk said when he did felt a bit down while remembering some of the scenes.

"Well… possible Emo tendencies aside, I'm feeling fine, as for the others at the Pool, Atomsk, why not head on back after you get the readers into the story, granted you and TME may have questionable reviews sometimes but the rest is interesting right?" The Spirit asked with a grin on its face.

"Yeah it is. Though you sure I should head back? I did promise I would find TME." Atomsk said.

"No worries, knowing most of them, if you tell them that I said to wait, they will wait, though Emerald might try and get more info from me since he feels guilty… and probably frozen in a block of ice, but still, I may hide some info, but not for harmful reasons, like in ANVK's latest chapter and the chapter before it, Half truths and white lies to help ease people, can't really blame me for that if I know the answers but others don't right?, I keep certain info until the time is right after all." The Spirit said with a patient smile.

Atomsk nods in understanding before speaking up.

"Probably right. Do you wanna lead this while I head on back?"

"Hmmm… sure, last time was where Bubblegum and Me-Mow get past their first punishment time together right?, and then there was the adoption yes?, well this stuff happens after with minor time skips here and there for important moments before Marceline's trial… wonder how Finn and Phoebe will react to her new form… Hehe… I can feel the drama just piling up…" The Spirit said with a grin on its face before saying this.

"So want to say any last minute things to the readers before I bring us into the story?" The Spirit said while giving Atomsk one last chance to say something.

Atomsk looks at the readers before speaking.

"We hope you enjoy reading Ch.5 along with some possible surprises here and there. We'll see you in the outro. Cue scene shift." He said before the scene shifts just as he starts to head back to the pool.


Time passed to quite a bit later with Bubblegum and Me-Mow and various things happened while the date to Marceline's trial got closer and closer.

First off, thanks to the fact that Bubblegum and Me-Mow were a bit more friendly with Lillum, she brought them to Obsidian's area to get some relaxing treatment after a few punishments and with some help, the duo was quickly getting points for perks, mainly from Me-Mow's new family, Obsidian, Sake, the Wolf trio, and a few other people in the Bondage kingdom like that rabbit couple on the duo's first day, all in all they were getting surprisingly popular with the prisoners and depending on the deals they make.

They got a few allies from unexpected people, like Ingrem's wolf pack who would also help with getting points and help ward off the more… aggressive people and since most of Ingrem's pack was not ringed, then they couldn't be stopped from helping.

Speaking of helping, Ingrem would sometimes check on Bubblegum if she was okay since she was carrying his pup.

Bubblegum sometimes blush at his concern before letting him know she was fine.

A few times during those visits, Ingrem and sometimes his brothers and even quite a number of packmates, male and female, came to see her as well… sometimes resulted in an orgy here or there but for the most part… was interesting.

Sometime later after the first punishment for Bubblegum and Me-Mow, they saw a few orcs or Jackal amazon's walking around the place, sometimes they would have to please either of the species if one of them asked for them but considering Bubblegum had the elder Orc's card and that some knew of what Me-Mow did as an apology, they at least made it pleasurable for them and sometimes had others join in.

Me-Mow though had to make sure that no one else knew of what she said since she feared how everyone else will react to her. Especially Prince Obsidian and her new family. she was more worried about what they would think.

Thankfully and unthankfully for Me-Mow, Sake in a drunken stupor told Obsidian about that when she was hammered to hell… honestly, he wasn't as mad as she would think but he made her promise to not make a threat like that again, anger was one thing, but threatening people like the Jackal Amazon's who have a pack mentality for their kind could have landed her in very hot water if she didn't manage to get them to accept her apology.

Me-Mow promised she wouldn't do it again before she starts to cry since she still feels bad saying it.

Obsidian wasn't really mad about it, but he was a bit stern with his talk and explained about political issues and what not, he said he would forgive her, before he took her to one of the Room's in Sake's place and long story short… when Obsidian walked out, Me-Mow looked like she had the time of her life while Obsidian asked Bubblegum if she could clean Me-Mow when the assassin wakes.

Bubblegum blinked for a moment before she looks at Me-Mow before chuckling when she saw the look on her face before she went to help clean her friend.

Some time later, Me-Mow was brought to her new family and was taught by her new mother and one of her sisters about how to be a masseuse, she and since she got the dick growth perk a bit early, she was taught how to drain fatigue from a client and was told to give it a try by the sister she was worked with while the sister fucked a client gently while massaging her while the client, a female with a dick, seemed to be a prisoner with a purple ring, and got the dick growth perk, was letting out pleased sighs from the Massage while Me-Mow at the time…

Me-Mow was enjoying using those techniques on those clients which help get her some more points.

She was at first a beginner before becoming popular with some clients asking for her.

Cassandra took a moment to explain that she needed a bit more practice before going for solo work, but she did tell them that when Me-Mow was ready, she would let them know and they gave her their numbers, Cassandra fibbed a bit when that happened so that Me-Mow could get used to the job itself, she was surprisingly adapt with her skills that she learned and when she told Me-Mow about the group and how popular she was, she told her she would call a client or two when she wanted, seems she was taking the mom thing seriously.

Me-Mow smiles each time when Cassandra tells her things.

She was very committed into trying to make her new family be proud of her.

The scene then focused on one part for now… the time Me-Mow, Bubblegum, and a few prisoners were going to be sent to the Jackel village for a week and with many prisoners lined up, Lillum, Obsidian, and even Demonga of all people was there while Ayuyat was talking to the group while a large bus was near the group.

Ooo/ Bondage Kingdom/ Many Prisoners, Me-Mow, Bubblegum, Obsidian, Lillum, Demonga, Ayuyat

"Alright you fuckers listen up, right now, thanks to some deals that the princess here made, we will be sending some of you every week every few months to a village full of Amazon Jackal woman who can grow dicks, make no mistake, this maybe a field trip for some, but that place may as well be considered the Bondage Kingdom for the few rules, follow them, things go well for you fuckers, if not… well… I doubt anyone, mainly the males, what would happen if you piss off the Wife you will be assigned, and by wife, I mean each of you will have a handler who will make sure you stay in line, if they give an order, follow it, if they tell you to fuck someone you better fucking do it, I won't hesitate to tell you that during your stay there, you will be going under their customs, so while you may wear loincloths and such, aside from your personal item like the hat that Pinky here wears sometimes, you are not allowed to cover your body, so… any questions before I get to rule two?" Ayuyat said while looking over the crowd, when she mentioned the personal item, she points to Bubblegum as an example.

Bubblegum blushed a bit from the stares while some of the inmates, mainly the men and some women, did feel excited.

"So… no questions before I continue?, last chance…" Ayuyat said while she looked the crowd over again.

Everyone looks to one another before one inmate raised his hand.

"Yes maggot, you got a question?" Ayuyat asked when she looked at the inmate.

"Say that one of the women get knocked up. Does the person have a right to see the child?"

"Ironically I was about to get to that so consider this a bonus, if any females here get knocked up, once the child is born it is to be sent to the village to be raised with the other children, same with the other kids whose mothers get knocked up in the village and stay there, however, since you are prisoners, I am adding a perk that you need to unlock that allows you to visit them, and that visit has a cooldown of 3 weeks, remember you are prisoners but we are not monsters, you may not leave freely and we don't want to make multiple trips for one to 5 people only, so once a certain quota of people register for a visit, you will be signaled to get on a bus like this and will be personally taken there by the guards the Orcs have graciously given us as muscle... does that make sense to you all?, the three week cooldown is to allow others to visit as well while you wait a turn, so unless anyone has any more questions, I suggest getting on the bus here so we can go ahead and get started, I will say this, after a certain amount of time passes, we will be visiting an orc stronghold for the same reason and the same rules apply." Ayuyat said while a few Orc's where standing nearby while they licked their lips at a few of the female prisoners, hell a few even looked at Bubblegum and Me-Mow, the only article of clothing was a loincloth like theirs but were a bit longer and wider… good things too when some women saw them getting a bit aroused right now.

Said duo blushed from the stares before Bubblegum looks at Me-Mow with concern before speaking.

"You okay Me-Mow?"

"Honestly… hard to say, part of me is saying yes if this trip can help me settle things, I mean if I remember right, I may have to speak with the boss there, and part is saying no in case things go bad…" Me-Mow said while she crossed her arms and took a few breaths to calm herself.

Bubblegum placed a hand on the feline assassin's shoulder before speaking up.

"Well remember I'm here for you Me-Mow."

"Thanks… hope you… get a good wife there." Me-Mow said with a slightly teasing tone to her voice to try and distract her for now.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before she chuckles when she said this.

"Same to you. Knowing how frisky and sexy you are." She teased before she lightly smacks Me-Mow's ass.

Me-Mow jolts when she felt that before Ayuyat said this to everyone.

"Alright, if there are no more Questions, then get on the bus, you may talk with one another but I better not hear anything about causing trouble or I will have you choke on my dick or I'll go for the troublemakers ass… try and remember, some of you may think this is fun… but believe me… you are not here to do that, you all are prisoners with various levels of destruction or grand scale issues that had to be stopped or you could have caused serious harm to Ooo, I don't know about you all but I prefer to keep living on this planet unlike you all who seem to want to destroy it… now… ON THE FUCKING BUS!" Ayuyat said before roaring that last command while she points at the bus.

The prisoners jolts before they start heading for the bus in a single file.

A few minutes later after getting seated with Lillum, who sat next to Bubblegum and Me-Mow with Obsidian who saw in front of Me-Mow in the chair in front of her, while Demonga sat far in the back with crossed arms, Ayuyat said this to everyone.

"Alright fuckers, this bus is now leaving, it will take about 20 minutes to get there so you better hold it or have went before getting on this bus, make a mess and your mine for the duration of the ride and I don't care if people here watch!, start the ride driver." Ayuyat said before the driver, some kind of ghost with a classic bus drivers uniform said this.

"Yes ma'am." The driver said before the bus starts to rocket forward with surprising speed which made everyone lean back for a moment.

They were a bit surprise when they felt that before after a few minutes some of the inmates start to converse with one another.

Bubblegum then looks at Me-Mow before she grabbed her paw and squeezed it a little letting the feline assassin know that everything will be okay.

Me-Mow looked to her before nodding while she saw Lillum next to her and said this.

"So… know who will be assigned to us?" Me-Mow asked while Lillum giggles before saying this.

"That my dear is a surprise for later, enjoy the ride for now since it will be a bit before you all travel back to the village after your week there is up." Lillum said with a grin on her face while the bus rockets along the ground with unnatural speed, and with how many people were on it… that didn't make sense.

Bubblegum wondered why and was gonna ask but decided to wait since she thought Lillum will give her the same answer.

A bit later, the group finally slowed down before the driver said this when he looked back to the group with a creepy grin.

"Here is your stop… enjoy the scenery well…" The Driver said before he opened the bus door for the prisoners to exit.

"Alright you fuckers, there is markings on the ground that is where you will stand, unless you get called, you are to NOT pass the line, you already know what I will do if so, now get off the fucking bus and get ready for your assigned wife!." Ayuyat said before she pulled out a whip and whipped the floor of the bus which caused some damage, but healed up with an eerie light before the bus driver said this to Ayuyat with narrowed eyes.

"Hey Ayuyat, watch it, you know this bus is apart of me so unless you want to be paralyzed then don't do that again!" The bus driver said while everyone felt a horrible energy emit from him before Lillum said this before a fight could break out.

"Sorry Mr. Ghost bus driver, we'll behave, sorry for Ayuyat but she was just making a point." Lillum said before the ghost driver sighed and said this.

"Fine, but remember I work for Death, not you or Ayuyat here, remember that unless you want me to leave you all here." The Driver said while gesturing for all of them to get off the bus now.

The prisoners were shocked to hear that the driver was an employee for Death before the inmates got up and exit the bus in an orderly fashion.

A bit later, the group was standing in a large circle while Ayuyat, Lillum, and Demonga walked to some kind of strong looking Amazon Jackal woman while Obsidian stuck near Me-Mow before asking this while his family and the Amazon talked for a bit.

"So… how you feeling now Me-Mow?" Obsidian asked while he looked at the feline assassin.

Me-Mow looks at the Jackel women that were talking and walking before she looks at the prince before speaking.

"Well nervous and… a little fear knowing that the whole tribe knew what I said." She said while actually feeling this with some regret as well.

"Well as long as the leader says something positive, I doubt anyone can say much." Obsidian said before he went to talk with the others who talked with that Jackal woman as well.

Bubblegum placed her head on Me-Mow's paw to remind her again.

Me-Mow lets out a sigh of relief from that before Ayuyat called out to get everyone's attention.

"Alright Fuckers!, stand still and when I call your name then walk forward, you will be sent to your assigned wife…." Ayuyat said before she starts calling out names on a list.

The prisoners all stood at attention so they don't piss of Ayuyat before they heard the Warden call each name.

"Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum." Ayuyat said before she looked at the Candy Princess with a piercing gaze.

Bubblegum gulped from that gaze before she stepped forward and walked towards Ayuyat.

"You will be following this Amazon Jackel, she is a high class fighter and has built up a lot of stress… so I'll say good luck to you since I pity you a bit." Ayuyat said while pointing a thumb at an Amazon Jackal woman who looked more toned than the past ones and had many scars on her body, and one eye was missing and was scarred shut while she looked down at Bubblegum with a piercing gaze.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised when she saw that before she gulps again and went towards the Jackal woman.

A minute later after Bubblegum was led away, Me-Mow's name was called.

Me-Mow deep down felt some dread before she stepped forward and walk towards the Warden while feeling nervous.

"Well congratulations, the leader of this place made a personal request for you, better follow Princess Lillum so you don't get lost." Ayuyat said with a grin on her face when she liked the reaction that Me-Mow gave her.

Me-Mow however gave the Warden a slight glare before she walked towards Lillum.

Ayuyat just chuckles at that before Lillum noticed Me-Mow approaching her.

"Something wrong?" Lillum asked with a smile on her face.

"It's nothing. Just that ass of a Warden enjoying seeing me nervous since you know..." Me-Mow said while rubbing her arm.

"Well can't really fault her, she doesn't like rulebreakers after all, so who did you get assigned to?" Lillum asked… did she not know?

Me-Mow blinked in confusion before speaking.

"You didn't know? I was personally requested by the leader."

"Really?, well I don't get everything and my advisors normally handle stuff like this, maybe the Leader requested you and no one thought anything bad about it." Lillum said before she starts walking down a path and gestures for Me-Mow to follow.

Me-Mow gulps before speaking up.

"That's what I'm worried about." She said before she follows Lillum.

A few minutes later, after seeing some prisoners getting it one with some Jackal woman, either with or without dicks here and there, Me-Mow found herself right in front of the Amazon Jackal ruler… and she was massive compared to the others, not in weight alone, no, pure muscle, height which was like a head and a half higher then her subordinates, and the fur on her head was pure white, either she was an elder Amazon, or that was a rare pigment… all in all… she looked intimidating as hell and looked like she could squash Me-Mow in one hit.

'Oh shit.' Me-Mow thought when she looks at the tribe leader with a surprise look.

While many other important looking people in the room where there, mainly other tribal leaders, they were nothing to the head leader before the leader said this.

"So… I hear you threatened possible unborn children of our tribe… is that right?" The Leader said with a hard to read look.

Me-Mow shook a bit before speaking.


"You do realize I can do whatever I want to you for that right?, even if Lillum is here, she knows how important pack is to the rest of us after all." The Leader said while gesturing to the others in the room who seemed indifferent, maybe they were calmer then the rest but they still had hard to read looks when they look at her.

Me-Mow continues to shake a bit in fear before speaking.

"I-I know… b-but… I w-wanted to say that I'm… s-sorry… I was wrong to do that."

"Really?, will you do anything to make up for that insult?" The Leader said while looking at Me-Mow with a gaze that said to say her next words carefully.

Me-Mow shakely nods her before she dropped to her knees before putting her head and hands on the ground before she said this.

"I'll do… anything to earn… f-forgiveness." She said before tears start to leak out.

"Very well… you have two conditions to make up for this insult, one… you will be under my daughter's watch while you are in this village and what she orders… you do… and second, I heard you can drain stress and fatigue from a client is that correct?" The Leader said while she rests her arm on the chair rest and puts her cheek on it while looking down at Me-Mow.

The feline assassin still had her head on the ground before she spoke up while crying a bit more.


The leader sighs before saying this.

"Stand up, and calm down, compared to previous insults from others, I'm going easy on you since your in the Bondage Kingdom and that place can do worse then what we can do here." The Leader orders Me-Mow while she waits for her to calm down and get up.

Me-Mow did calm down before gets up.

However if you look at her face you can see some tears leaking out a bit along with a look of guilt and regret.

The Leader sighs before she said this.

"Clean yourself up, we can wait while my daughter is fetched, who knows, you two may hit it off and maybe brought into the tribe by marriage, but that's a different story altogether." The Leader said while she looked at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow blinked before blushing a bit when she heard that before the feline assassin used her tail to wipe away her tears.

A few minutes later after one of the lower ranked elders left, an Amazon Jackal with white fur that was slightly bigger than the others but nowhere close to the Leaders size was seen walking in before she noticed Me-Mow and said this.

"So… you're suppose to be with me for your time here unless you're with my mother?, interesting… name's Tibet, a pre mushroom war name for an old mountain, lost the meaning there… but you can see how impressive my mother is so I may get a similar size in the future." The Daughter, now known as Tibet said with a grin on her face while she walked to Me-Mow while her muscles were practically bulging, but they still looked natural, she must train a lot to get a physique like that.

Me-Mow did blushed a bit when she saw Tibet before she nods her head the daughter.

"Now, considering that you two will be together daily, I'll just say this as a reminder, Me-Mow, you will follow my daughter's orders to the letter, understand?, and when the sun sets you will come to my room with my daughter as a guide before she leaves so you can relieve my stress, do these until your time here is over and you will be forgiven, understood?" The Leader said while she waits for Me-Mow's answer while Tibet grins a bit.

Me-Mow lowers her head a bit before speaking.

"Yes… Master."

"Good… now unless you have any questions, you and my daughter are dismissed, I have things to discuss with Lillum here about our Kingdom's reactions, our tribe may not have a Kingdom but we are many and we can be called into one massive force if needed." The Leader said while giving the duo a blank look while Tibet grins before saying this.

"Very well Mother, lets go Me-Mow, might as well show you my place where I'm staying in." Tibet said with a grin still on her face.

"Okay." Me-Mow said without giving some emotion before she follows Tibet.

A bit later while Lillum spoke with the leaders, the duo walked through the Village while Me-Mow got a good look and saw many people here and there, most were the native citizens, some were just visitors, while others were prisoners getting dominated by Amazons of all shapes and sizes, Bubblegum was nowhere to be seen right now so she must be in a building somewhere.

Me-Mow, though blushed when she saw the prisoners going at it, only had a look of sadness while following Tibet.

When they got to a surprisingly large hut, the duo enters… and saw Bubblegum who was speaking to the scarred Amazon while the duo ate something that looked like large slabs of meat.

Bubblegum noticed Me-Mow and Tibet even though she had no idea who she was before speaking.

"Me-Mow!" She called with a smile on her face.

Me-Mow cheared up a bit when she saw Bubblegum before saying this.

"Bubblegum!, thought you were somewhere else in the village doing… well… you know…, guess this one hasn't for some reason." Me-Mow said before Tibet spoke up.

"First off, hello Bubblegum, I'm the leaders Daughter so in a sense I'm a princess here like you if I'm using the Royal term right… anyway, Me-Mow and I got back from the meeting and Me-Mow was assigned to me and to relieve my Mother's stress every night, as for why these two are not going at it, I'm guessing it has something to do with her pregnancy right?" Tibet said while she looked to Bubblegum's stomach which showed a tiny bump.

Bubblegum, though blushed, lightly pat her stomach before speaking.

"Yes indeed, your majesty." She said while the scarred Jackal woman took another bite.

"I see, well I'm guessing now that unless you only go pure anal or oral, you can't do much well, or can you go vaginal as long as it's gentle?" Tibet asked with a serious tone, she could smell that the baby was a cub wolf and she seemed a bit protective of canine babies.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before she nods her head at Tibet.

"I see, well don't worry, But Red here is a surprisingly gentle lover even though she doesn't look gentle, trust me, you got a good one since she is a favorite of the pregnant women here for that reason, the rest would have control issues and had to be stopped sometimes… hell that's why she and I are lovers." Tibet said while sitting next to Red and placed a arm around her.

Bubblegum blinked in surprise when she heard that before hearing Red chuckles before speaking.

"Trust me pinkie. When I get through with you, you'll see why I'm favorited. Heck if you want Tibet, you can join as well and maybe bring the kitten over unless she's with your mom."

Tibet chuckles before she said this.

"Yeah, and just to let you know, as long as you stick near us, we won't force you into anything… though I'm hoping to have fun with you two since you are living under our roof after all." Tibet said while she licks her lips at the duo.

Bubblegum blushed brightly before speaking up.

"I-I'll… make sure to be available to you."

"Great, and since you two are new roomies here, I suggest a party to help you two fit in, Me-Mow, mind coming with me?, we will have to barter at the store and you and I will have to please the owner to get top grade stuff." Tibet said with a grin on her face while she got up from the floor.

"O-Okay." Me-Mow said before she gets up before the duo heard Red spoke.

"See yeah Tibet. Tell your mom I said hey."

"Oh I will sweet ass, hope you and Bubblebutt there don't get too loud or too into it, we gotta cook a meal for these two after all…. Hehe." Tibet said while she looked at Bubblegum's round ass and licked her lips again when her mouth watered at the sight.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised when she saw that while Red chuckles before speaking.

"Well it be hard not to but that doesn't mean I still won't get to have fun with you."

Tibet chuckles again before she and Me-Mow left before Red asked Bubblegum this when they were alone.

"So… you have a thing for canines yes?" Red said with a fanged grin on her face.

Bubblegum blushed brightly before speaking.

"Uh well… I guess I do I mean there's one who's nice though I have feelings for a few other people but… I do enjoy when he visits and how… great he ravages me." She said before blushing a bit at the memory.

Red chuckles before she leaned back and a moment later… Bubblegum saw Red grow a dick after muttering a spell before saying this.

"So… how about some fun while we wait." Red said with Bubblegum blushing before the scene went to Me-Mow and Tibet.

The duo mentioned were walking through the village while they passed by a few people who fucked one another before Tibet said this with a grin when she saw Me-Mow looking at them.

"You know… if you want a quicky then go ahead and ask, no shame in getting it on here and now, I'm sure Red is doing the same with Bubblebutt back there." Tibet said with a grin on her face.

Me-Mow gulped a bit before speaking up.

"Uh… that's okay. I think helping with the party is more important."

"Well you and I will have to have some fun with the owner before we can get some stuff, I mean we don't have currency per say, but you can say this tribe here uses sex as a way to pay for things, I think it's similar to those perk points things I heard that you have, but no need to have over 100 partners or so, just fuck if you want something, that simple here." Tibet said while she continues to lead Me-Mow past a few vendors in the market area… to see some people fucking the managers like Tibet said in public to prove the point.

Me-Mow was surprised when she saw that before thinking this.

'Glob it's like I haven't left the Bondage Kingdom.'

A few minutes later, they walked up to a certain middle aged Amazon vendor who surprisingly had a strong looking body but a right prosthetic leg who was letting a humanoid woman suck her dick.

The Vendor noticed the duo before saying this with a calm tone.

"So, what do you two want?" The vendor asked before Tibet said this with a grin on her face.

"Enough food for a party of four, but one is knocked up so make it five." Tibet said before the Vendor said this.

"Alright… just let me finish here and one of you two can pay for the meal." The Vendor said right before she gripped the Woman's head and forced her to deep throat her dick before unloading down her throat with a slight growl noise.

The woman moans when she felt the amount entering her mouth before she tries swallowing the vendor's cum.

She tapped off about 20 to 30 seconds later, before pulling the woman's head off her dick before saying this.

"Give me a moment to get your food." The Vendor said before she got up and starts walking into the store with a slight limp in her pace.

Me-Mow looked at the leg while feeling bad for the vendor to lose her leg.

"Don't feel pity for her, she was a strong warrior, and when she lost her leg, she got that prosthetic to help her do something for the tribe and gets free sex from customers, granted she would prefer to be in a fight, but she is pretty content with getting it one with people like you and me." Tibet said with a grin on her face before the Vendor came back with a surprisingly large bag, and passed it to the customer who struggles to hold it in her arms.

Me-Mow sees this before she went to help the customer with the bag.

After a moment, the customer said thanks before the Vendor looked to them before saying this.

"So food for 5?, you have to really give me a good time, a blowjob won't cut it." The Vendor said with crossed arms while Tibet took a moment to think before saying this.

"Hey Me-Mow, mind helping with paying for the food while I carry it back?, food for 5 here is a large amount and I doubt you could carry it alone unlike me." Tibet said while she crossed her arms which pushed her breasts up again and flexed her strong arms again.

Me-Mow blushed when she saw that before she got behind the counter and bend over to show the vender her ass.

The Vendor had to grin a bit before she placed a hand on the ass and squeezed it a few times to see how toned it was and to see how well she reacts for what she had in mind.

Me-Mow jolts a bit when she felt her ass get squeezed before letting out a slight groan.

However to the vendor, the feline assassin's ass was evenly toned.

"Hmmm… not bad, hope you're good for anal, cause that is my favorite hole to use." The Vendor said while her dick was erect in no time flat while she massaged her ass.

Me-Mow let out a soft moan before speaking up.

"Then go for it. Use it for as long as you need it."

"Very well, I'll aim you but you'll have to do the work, your meal remember." The Vendor said while she pulled Me-Mow back and while sitting on a stool, had the head of her dick touch Me-Mow's asshole and after a second of pulling, the head of her dick popped in but she stopped to let Me-Mow do the rest.

Me-Mow shudders at first before she took a deep breath and pushed her ass till she felt the vendor's dick enter her.

The Vendor grins a bit when she saw Me-Mow taking her dick well, she wasn't small by any means but she wasn't too big while she waits for Me-Mow to take her dick to the base or close to it if possible while Tibet summoned a dick and starts to masturbate at the sight, hey, hot scene and she didn't have the food, might as well have some fun, she had a foot long dick and thanks to her large frame, the width was massive.

Me-Mow groans as she grinds her teeth while trying to make sure that her ass can take the vendor's dick before she finally able to hilt it.

The Vender lets out a pleased groan before saying this.

"Not bad… not bad, do well and I may thrown in a little extra food if you really drain me well." The Vendor said while she waits for Me-Mow to move while other Customers gather at the stand to ask for food while they watch Me-Mow about to get it on with the Vendor in full.

Me-Mow blushed at the stares before she starts moving her ass up and down as hard as she could.

The Vendor lets out some pleased groans while she gripped Me-Mow's ass and played with it and even used a hand to play with Me-Mow's folds to get her to right faster.

Me-Mow moans a bit before she decides to up the ante and brought her paw to the Vendor's folds before she starts fingering it.

The Vendor jolts from that before grinning and said this.

"Huh, didn't expect that, might as well do this." The Vendor said before she reached up to Me-Mow's breasts and fondles them while many people watched the sight with many people masturbating at the sight.

Me-Mow moans again before she bounced her ass a bit fast while still fingering the Vendor's pussy.

For a few minutes, the duo continue to go at it while people masturbate while watching before the Vendor said this.

"Almost there… Almost… GAH!" The Vendor said before yelling while she pulled her hands to Me-Mow's hips and pulled her down to fully hilt her dick again before she fires her load up Me-Mow's ass while others start cumming on the duo with Tibet doing the same, mainly on Me-Mow.

Me-Mow was surprised when she saw that before moaning loud when she felt her pussy climax from having her ass filled up.

About a minute later with many people tapping off, the Vendor tapped off as well before noticing the mess and sighs before saying this.

"Gonna need to clean first and clean this area before getting you the food, mind coming back in an hour or so?" The Vendor said while she lets Me-Mow sit on her lap while Tibet took a moment to calm herself before saying this.

"No problem, going to show Me-Mow here the hot springs here so she can get cleaned." Tibet said while she and the vendor looked to see how Me-Mow was doing.

The feline assassin pants a bit while her legs almost felt a bit weak.

A moment later, the Vendor raised Me-Mow off of her dick and semen flowed out of her ass which made the Vendor chuckle when the semen hits her dick.

"Hehe, thanks for the fun, hope you stop by for more food, maybe we can do something different later… but for now, you got to get cleaned." The Vendor said before she sets Me-Mow on her feet and Tibet grabbed her arm to make sure the Assassin didn't fall down while the duo walks away while the Vendor goes to get clean and clean her stand.

Me-Mow tries to keep up with Tibet even though her hand held the leaders daughter but can still feel the Vendor's cum leaking out little by little.

A bit later, about 5 minutes or so, the duo found themselves walking into a large building and with Tibet doing the talking, the duo found themselves sitting in a hotspring that felt perfect, not too hot to boiling, but not too cold to chilling, and many people of both genders were around them either relaxing, having sex, or getting clean, guess the water was enchanted cause the moment Me-Mow's body was submerged for a moment, she pulled out to find herself cleaner then she ever felt.

"Wow. That's some spring." She said when she looked at her fur.

"Well we do have some perks and secrets that we keep to ourselves, but we have a Water Elemental woman enchant this spring to instantly clean all who enter… and the temperature feels good…" Tibet said while she leaned back while her dick grew erect in the water, guess she forgot to dispel it which showed Me-Mow how large she was… and it was an inch longer then a foot… like a monster of monsters and that reminded Me-Mow of Tibet's much much larger mother... And the fact Tibet could possibly grow to that size as well…

Me-Mow blushed brightly when she imagined the possibility after looking at Tibet's dick.

It pulsed a few times while Tibet was still leaning back a bit with closed eyes while she relaxed in the spring, they did have time after all…

Me-Mow shrugged before she went back to the spring and a moment later got on top of Tibet before she positioned her folds above the princess's dick.

Tibet jolts from that when she didn't expect that, but grins when she saw what Me-Mow was about to do.

"My my, if you wanted me to fuck you, why didn't you say so?" Tibet said with an amused tone while she waits for Me-Mow to work her magic.

The feline assassin took a deep breath and lowers herself down before she feels Tibet's dick entering her pussy.

It was massive to say the least, and while Tibet groans from the pleasure, she made sure that she didn't move so Me-Mow would adjust easily.

Me-Mow groans as she tries to get more of Tibet's dick in while having this thought.

'Fuck that's big.'

Tibet in turn just grins before saying this to Me-Mow when she got 1/4th of her dick into her.

"Need some help?" Tibet said while she raised her hands and starts to clinch them in a perverted was near Me-Mow's breasts and lowered them so that she rests her arms on the spring edge and it seemed Me-Mow would have to beg for help.

Me-Mow however didn't say anything as she was too busy trying to adjust to Tibet's dick and also was trying to show the princess she wasn't weak.

Tibet grins at that before she shrugs and just waits for Me-Mow to get a bit deeper on her dick while having this thought.

"Hehe… damn, bit surprised at this cat, she can take part of my dick and she's smaller then Red and a few other ladies I've had, hehe, going to enjoy this when she gets some practice in." Tibet thought while she gave the occasional pleasurable shudder while Me-Mow slowly went lower on her dick.

It took a few moments before Me-Mow was finally able to hilt Tibet's dick in her pussy or at least as much as she could when she felt the head of Tibet's dick bump into her Cervix which stopped her..

Tibet grins at that before she said this.

"Not bad… going to need to make sure you can take my entire length later with a bit of practice… but for now… start bouncing and lets see if you have what it takes to handle the princess of this tribe." Tibet said while giving Me-Mow a challenging grin.

Me-Mow groans at first before she said this.

"With pleasure." She said with a challenging look on her face before she starts bouncing on Tibets dick.

Tibet in turn lets out a pleased groan before saying this.

"Damn, heard you people at the Bondage Kingdom can be pretty freaky in the sack, but I gotta say, didn't expect you to start already, may visit you when your in prison and make it a fun visit." Tibet said with a pleased tone to her voice.

Me-Mow grunts and groans with each bounce before speaking up.

"S-Sure… sounds… g-great."

Tibet in turn reached her hands forward and with her hands gripping Me-Mow's breasts, she starts to play with them while she had her grin still on her face.

Me-Mow moans from that action causing her to bounce a bit harder.

Tibet lets Me-Mow keep her actions up while to Me-Mow's surprise, Lillum appeared when she walked into the room, and when she saw the duo, walks right to them before sitting in the water next to the duo.

"Hey Tibet, Me-Mow, how are you two doing?" Lillum asked while she watched Me-Mow riding Tibet's dick.

"D-Doing… fine." Me-Mow said while she keeps bouncing on Tibets dick.

"Yeah, really good, gotta say your kingdom has some pretty good prisoners of sex, really like Me-Mow here since most can't take my dick easily." Tibet said while she keeps fondling Me-Mow's breasts.

Me-Mow moans before she grinds a bit on Tibet's pelvis before she resumes bouncing.

"Well I would say your welcome to her if you want, but you may need to go through my brother who has a thing for her… mind if I join?, Me-Mow's bouncing ass is tempting after all." Lillum said while she summoned a dick which stood like a tower as well.

Me-Mow's eyes widen when she heard that before blushing a bit.

"Hehe, well that's her call right?, I may give orders but I don't force a lady like this to do what she doesn't want… so how about it Me-Mow… think you can take the two of us?" Tibet said with a grin on her face while Lillum did the same as well.

Me-Mow looks at the two before she mentally shrug and said this

"Sure… go right ahead."

Lillum grins when she heard that and stood up in the water before walking behind Me-Mow and said this when she had the head of her dick at Me-Mow's asshole after moving her tail a bit.

"So… rough or gentle?... I'll let you return the favor if I go rough…" Lillum teased while she gently grinds her dick between Me-Mow's ass cheeks.

Me-Mow groans and shudders from that before speaking up.

"R-Rough please."

Lillum grins when she heard that right before she pulled back and slammed herself inside of Me-Mow's ass before thrusting as hard and fast as she could while she had a wide grin on her face.

"Gah!" Me-Mow yelps before moaning.

Lillum grins at that before she leaned forward while rapidly thrusting her dick in Me-Mow's ass while Tibet lightly thrusts her dick up into Me-Mow before Lillum starts to lick and suck at Me-Mow's neck.

Me-Mow shudders before moaning a bit loud before the assassin tries to resume bouncing on Tibet's dick.

"Oh yeah… really feel these dicks go at it with your holes… tell me… punishments aside… do you hate the Bondage Kingdom?, do you hate what is in those walls?, try and remember… you're a prisoner who is there for a reason… if you weren't being punished there… would you hate it?" Lillum said while she thrusts a bit faster while using her hands to help push Me-Mow a bit deeper on Tibets dick.

Me-Mow did try to take a moment to think and despite the punishments and … the Bondage Kingdom didn't seem that bad even if she was a prisoner.


"Hehe… maybe when your a free woman, you may find a few prisoners you favor and want to dominate yourself… the Bondage Kingdom is two sides of a coin in a sense… the light hearted side that thrives on pleasure… and the other that thrives on the darker side of that pleasure… and thanks to the fact that you are still in Bondage Kingdom territory thanks to this alliance, you get points here as well…. Just a little tip… between… FRIENDS!" Lillum said before groaning loudly when she came hard in Me-Mow's ass.

"AAAAHHH!" Me-Mow moans loud before she came hard on Tibet's dick.

Tibet grunts from how tight Me-Mow's pussy got before groaning when she came as well… all in all the trio came hard with one another before Tibet and Lillum tapped off.

Me-Mow tapped off as before she tries to catch her breath.

A minute later, while the semen that fell into the water getting cleaned away from the enchanted hot spring, Lillum surprised Me-Mow when she starts thrusting her dick in Me-Mow's ass while saying this.

"Sorry for the quick shot, was a bit backed up, won't let that happen again." Lillum said while she keeps thrusting her dick in Me-Mow's semen filled ass while she forced Me-Mow to ride Tibets dick again which made Tibet let out a pleased groan from that.

Me-Mow moans and groans before she decides to up the ante and leans down before she latched her mouth on the nipple on Tibet's right breast thanks to Tibets large frame which made it easier for Me-Mow before she starts licking and sucking.

Tibet in turn lets out a pleased groan from that before the scene shifts away from the trio and to Finn and Ruby while they were leaving a dungeon while a boulder chased after them.

Ooo/ ?/ Ruby, Finn

"THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER!?" Ruby yelled while she ran alongside Finn, who was not wearing a hat this time, while they were being chased by a boulder, seems the treasure had a booby trap and they were caught up in it.

Finn however was laughing before he said this.


"WE'LL FEEL MORE THEN EXCITEMENT IF WE DON'T GET AWAY FROM THAT ROCK!" Ruby yelled while she looked back at the boulder with shock from how close it was before screaming and shocked Finn when she ran from the rock and him with shocking speed… must be the adrenaline doing the boost for her.

Finn blinks for before he tries to keep up while saying this.


"SPEED UP THEN!" Ruby called back before the duo saw a light at the end of the tunnel before Ruby said this.

"THE EXIT!" Ruby called out while she ran a bit faster.

Finn sees it did the same thing while getting away from the boulder.

A moment later, the duo jumped through the door and the boulder crashed into the doorway but didn't crash through it before the duo found themselves landing on the ground and rolled through dirt and grass.

Finn groans before he pants a bit before speaking up.

"T-That… was… c-close… Y-You okay… R-Ruby?" He asked before turning his head on the side to look at her.

What he didn't expect was her outfit torn a bit which showed a bit of skin to Finn and part of her breasts while she pushed herself up and her face was covered with a bit of dirt but not enough to really mess with her looks.

Finn blushed when he starts to stare at Ruby.

Ruby rubbed her face a bit to get rid of some of the dirt before looking at Finn and said this.

"Remind me to not let you grab the treasure next time… you'll just activate a trap without thinking right?" Ruby said while not noticing her state of dress.

"Y-Yeah… I'll remember that. Sorry." Finn said.

"Well just remember to let me handle the thinking, kind of surprised a hero like you doesn't think much… I mean you tried to order that Gargoyle to do the splits for some reason…" Ruby said while wondering why Finn tried to do that.

"Was trying to be intimidating. Sometimes it works. Me and Phoebe did that when we went to a dungeon years ago that was home to chainsaw wielding skeletons." He replies.

"Well kind of backfired when he threw a stalagmite at you in anger, still, what treasure did you get?, didn't really notice thanks to this." Ruby said while she looked back at the boulder that glows for a second and starts rolling backwards, must be an enchantment so that people wouldn't have to push it by hand.

Finn was surprised when he saw that before he spoke up.

"Not sure, let's check it out." He said before he pulls out what appears to be an old leather bag.

That's when he puts his hand inside the bag and starts to rummage through it before he pulls what appears to be…

A pair of ruby heeled shoes.

Ruby blinks a few times before saying this.

"We… came here for Ruby heels?, what the?" Ruby said when she had trouble thinking of why they got those from this place.

Finn blinked when he saw that before he surprised Ruby by saying this.

"Well since I did cause this much trouble… why don't you keep them Ruby?" He said while handing her the shoes.

"Huh?, but wouldn't they be a good gift for the Queen of Flames or Marceline?" Ruby said with a surprised but confused tone.

"Well no offense but Phoebe might melt them and Marcy would suck the color out. Besides I think they'll look better on you since they match your hair." Finn said with a smile.

Ruby blushed a bit from that before saying this.

"Thanks… might as well try them on real quick and see if they fit, can't really keep them if they don't fit right?" Ruby said before she unties her shoes and pulled them off which showed her feet and shapely legs to Finn thanks to the shorts she wore.

Finn blushed blushed when saw the succubus's legs before having this thought.

'Wow… her legs looks so sexy.'

Ruby then held a leg towards Finn before saying this.

"Mind helping me?, doubt I can stand in this area with heels." Ruby said while she looked to the ruby slipper with a somewhat excited look.

Finn blushed brightly before speaking up.

"S-Sure." He said before he gently held her before he was a bit surprised from how soft it before he actually rubbed a bit of Ruby's leg before thinking.

'Very smooth.'

Ruby jolts from that while blushing somewhat and said this.

"Uh.. F-Finn.." Ruby said to snap Finn out of his trance while he kept rubbing her leg.

The human blinked before speaking up.

"Oh Glob… I'm sorry Ruby. It's just… your leg was soft and smooth and… I'm sorry." He said before closing his eyes in case Ruby was gonna hit him.

"I-It's alright, being a succubus can do that.. Still thought you were going to help me with my new shoes, not with skin care." Ruby said while blushing lightly when she saw that Finn seemed nervous right now and the closed eye thing did tell her what he was thinking right now and tried to calm him as well.

Finn opened his eyes while surprised that Ruby wasn't gonna hit him before he remembered the shoes before speaking.

"Oh right of course." He said before grabbing one.

It took a moment before he slide the shoe on her foot while hoping that it fits.

Turns out it was a bit bigger then he or Ruby thought before it glows and shrank down to fit Ruby's foot perfectly to her surprise and actually shifted into heelless shoes… did it know the terrain and adapted somewhat?

Finn blinked for a moment before he spoke up.

"Wow. Guess these are enchanted shoes that can magically fit any girl's feet."

Ruby nods a bit before she spoke up.

"Well… mind if you help with the other?" Ruby said while she held her other foot towards Finn.

Finn nods before he grabbed the other foot and and did the same thing with the other shoe before it magically fits on Ruby's foot.

Ruby blushed a bit when she saw that they complimented her feet well but also saw that Finn still held her right leg.

"Uh… Finn… can I have my leg back?" Ruby said while she waits for Finn to respond.

Finn jolts before he gently let's the succubus's leg go before speaking.

"Sorry." He said while blushing a bit.

"N-No worries… should we head on back?" Ruby said while she got up from the ground but stumbles a bit and fell onto Finn with a whoa… and somehow ended up kissing one another with wide eyes… while a root behind Ruby moved back where it was while the root led back to some bushes and saw Iris was the one who moved it like that and grins a bit at what just happened.

Finn was completely shocked when that happened before blushing big when he felt Ruby's lips on his before he had this thought.

'Oh Glob… I don't know what happened but we're actually kissing! I don't know if I should move but… Ruby's lips feels so good. I'm almost tempted to keep kissing her.'

Ruby had similar thoughts when the kiss went on for a bit longer then they duo realized while Iris heard this next to her.

"So Iris, how is operation set up?, hope your aiding Ruby well in this." A familiar male voice whispered to Iris from next to her.

Iris smirk before speaking up by whispering.

"Well Master… I think it's coming good. Finn gave Ruby some nice shoes, he seems to like how soft her legs are, and, with a little help of me, Ruby is having her first kiss with the human. Surprisingly they have not pulled away."

Emerald in turn, when he appeared a minute before whispering to Iris and kneeling next to her, grins before saying this while holding up a gas canister he got from Lillum awhile ago and said this.

"Take this and use this on them, not enough to make them go mad… just enough to… make them a tiny bit heated… like… you know the saying, a tiny snowball can turn into a large one if rolled down a mountain right?, well just a small whiff of this and boom, Ruby is a full succubus, you can chose not to use it, but if things start to get heated between the two… can't say it's not bad to help Ruby a bit like this right?" Emerald whispered with a grin on his face when he saw Finn and Ruby realizing what happened and quickly pulled away from one another, they each said sorry at the same time before they start to head back to Finn's treefort which made Emerald grin more, just a few more… incidents… and Finn and Ruby may become contracted with one another.

"Indeed Master." Iris whispered with grin before she took the item.

A moment later, Emerald vanished, but not before saying this.

"Try and make it look natural Iris, Ruby may know what's going on but Finn doesn't, might as well make it so that if he does, he should only find out that we just gave small pushes, now if you'll excuse me… need to check up on Jungle Princess who's carrying a kid of mine, Marceline since she was resting in her home… maybe get a quicky before going to see Maite… maybe visit Lillum right after since I heard she took some prisoners on a field trip." Emerald whispered before his presence vanished.

Iris lowly chuckles before whispering even though no one was around.

"This is gonna be fun." She whispered before she made sure to wait for Finn and Ruby got a good distance before coming out of the bushes and head to the tree fort.

When the duo got there, with the hidden third party member, the duo went into the Treefort's front door and when Ruby was fully on the hard floor, her heelless ruby slippers turned into fully heeled ones that were perfect for indoor areas which made her stand a bit more gracefully and pushed her chest out a little from the angle, seems she didn't notice the torn area of her sweater yet… and Finn could have imagined it… but he could have sworn he saw something… a bit pink when her breasts moved a bit again.

Finn blushed before he turned his head away before speaking.

"Um Ruby…"

"Yeah?" Ruby said while she took a moment to get used to the shoes that shifted.

"I-I don't know i-if you noticed but…" he said before stopping when he points at Ruby's outfit.

Ruby was confused at that before she looked down… blushed brightly and said this after covering her chest.

"You.. you… how long did you know… y-you perv… I maybe a succubus… but I still have manners, I mean I don't look at your dick if your clothing got ripped did I?" Ruby said while she blushed brightly and starts to climb the ladder.

Finn felt bad before trying to call her.

"But Ruby…"

"No buts perv, you'll have to make it up to me somehow, maybe make me a good meal since I'm starving right now." Ruby said with a blush on her face after she got up to the main part of the treefort when it sounded like she just asked Finn out on a date in a sense.

Finn blushed when he thought of that before trying to call her again.


"SURPRISE ME!" Ruby called out to the Human before she went out of Finn's view.

Finn had a sad look on his face before he talk with his indoor voice.

"Smooth Finn. Smooth. You take a cute girl to a dungeon, give her nice shoes, somehow got kissed and now she's mad at me… *Sigh*... Might as well do the cooking now and hope see if she forgives me." He said before climbing up the ladder and stop on one floor before going to the kitchen.

A bit later, after hearing an explosion or two from the kitchen, Finn had made a pretty decent amount of food that looked like it had a bit of everything, meat, vegetables, you name it.

Finn had a sigh of relief before he went to set the table up by trying to make it a bit fancy with plates, silverware, a couple of candles and a bouquet of roses in the middle.

"I hope this works." He said before he went to clean himself up a bit before calling Ruby.


A minute later, the Human saw Ruby walk into the kitchen… while she wore a red strapless dress that looked perfect on her body and had some red lipstick and still wore the ruby slippers while having this thought.

'Iris… why am I wearing this again?, hope Finn likes it…' Ruby thought before she waits for Finn's reaction when she saw that he was turned away from her and said this.

"Hey Finn… I'm ready for dinner." Ruby said while blushing a bit while she hoped Finn liked her outfit.

Finn turns around to say something before his eyes widen before blushing when he saw how beautiful Ruby looked.

Ruby blushed a bit when Finn stares at her before she said this.

"So… think this is too much?" Ruby said while she spun around once to show Finn the full dress which was backless as well and showed off her flawless ebony skin.

Finn blushed a bit more before speaking.

"No in fact… you look very beautiful."

Ruby blushed a bit from that before saying this.

"T-Thanks… so… this the meal?, not bad and a few are a favorite of mine… so I guess I can forgive you… so… shall we eat?" Ruby said while she walked to the table.

Finn quickly got to the table before he pulls up a seat for Ruby.

Ruby blushed a bit before saying this.

"T-Thanks." Ruby said before sitting down before time passed to much later in the day with Finn and Ruby sitting in the living room after they finished the meal.

"Wow… got to say, not bad Finn… though I do have to ask.. What was with that food that moved?, I didn't think a drumstick could do that." Ruby said while she wondered how Finn did that.

Finn blinked for a moment before speaking.

"Not really sure but I'm glad you liked the food Ruby."

"Thanks Finn, and sorry for getting mad…" Ruby said while the camera went to Iris who was watching the duo from the window and held the canister in hand, seems like things are getting good between the duo right now since apologize are being said right now.

Finn shook his head before speaking.

"No Ruby you had every right to be mad. I'm the one that's sorry. I should've told you earlier but I didn't since I was worried for you when the boulder almost got us, then when I saw how great you look with those slippers on, then of course when we… kissed." He said before blushing at the memory.

Ruby blushed as well while Iris grins a bit when she used her magic to make the window open a little before jolting when she heard someone say this to her.

"Hello pretty Lady, why are you opening the window like that?" The voice said which made Iris wonder who could have snuck up on her… she could sense any living thing that approaches her… whoever it was… must be a master of stealth…

She looked to the source… to see no one… before she heard the voice speak up.

"Down here pretty lady." The voice said which made her look down with a stunned look… to see BMO.

Iris didn't expect to see the little robot before she kneels down before speaking.

"And what are you doing sneaking up on on woman?"

"Oh I didn't sneak up on you, I just walked, you looked like you were thinking of something and I just wanted to know what you were doing by opening the window, some kind of game with Finn pretty lady?" BMO asked with an innocent tone.

Iris couldn't help but smile at the robot's innocent look before speaking up.

"Actually I'm watching… my little sister Ruby, who's on a date with Finn, but apparently the two look nervous so… I have something that can help Finn become more of a man. Would you be willing to help me?"

"Oh, you're helping Finn?, sure, what do you want me to do pretty Lady?" BMO asked with a smile on its face.

Iris smiled as well before thinking.

'Boy that was easy. Though I do feel bad for lying to the cute robot. I'll make up to him… or her later.' She thought before telling BMO the plan.

BMo after a minute of listening, smiles before saying this.

"Alright, so I'm suppose to take that thing after you use a little on Finn and your sister and do the same again if they go to another room or something since you can't breath it in yourself?" BMO asked to make things clear on the matter.

"You got it buddy." Iris said.

BMO then smiles before Iris used the canister through the crack on the window and starts letting out the mist into the room, it was thin enough to not be seen… but as for breathing in the mist that flowed to Finn and Ruby… they had different reactions…

Finn blinked for a moment when he felt something before speaking up.

"H-Hey… is it hot in here?"

"I-I don't know… maybe… I'm feeling a bit warm…" Ruby said when she glances at Finn before her eyes slowly looked over his body and when her gaze went south… she blushed a bit when she saw Finn's dick getting erect in his pants but didn't say anything when her body felt a bit warmer as a result while her more demonic side starts to surface.

Finn's eyes also went to Ruby's body before his face blushed as he could stop staring at her since he kinda remembered when he saw a bit her breasts and her legs as well.

For a minute, Iris continues to use the gas before Ruby got up while panting for breath and said this.

"I-If you'll excuse me… r-restroom." Ruby said with a rushed tone before she starts walking away and climbing up the ladder in a rush while her ass was seen by Finn… did it always look so tempting… or was it the dress?

Finn blushed big when he saw that before thinking this.

'Dat ass.' He thought before he felt his dick twitch in his pants causing him to look down before he was shocked when he saw the tent forming before thinking again.

'Oh Glob how did this happen? Did Ruby saw? What's making us feel this way?'

A minute later, with Iris continuing to use the mist in a small way… Finn had this thought when his mind was more clouded with lust.

'I don't know why but… I must go to Ruby.' He thought before he gets up and starts climb up the ladder to look for the young succubus.

When he got up to the bedroom… he saw to his surprise that on the bed was Ruby while she moved the lower part of her dress away and was masturbating like mad while her folds were soaked… seems like she couldn't make it to the bathroom.

Finn was surprised to see a girl actually do that though then again, he was told that men and woman do that to get some relief here and there.

He gulped a bit before speaking up.


Ruby jolts on the bed before looking to Finn with a surprised look before saying this when she realized she was on his bed.

"S-Sorry F-Finn… I-I'll just… go finish in the bathroom…" Ruby said while she tried to get up from the bed while BMO, who was moved into the living room, used more of the mist under Finn in the Ladder which caused Finn to notice the little bot while his mind, and Rubys was more fueled by lust now when the room quickly fills with the gas, but not enough to see still.

Finn would've been confused but was now too focused on Ruby thanks to the gas before the human spoke up.

"S-Stay." He said before he starts walking towards that bed.

Ruby stopped with some surprise before looking to Finn's face while she had a bright blush when she saw the expression he had.

Finn continues to walk before he surprised Ruby by getting on top of her before looking at her eyes.

Ruby blushed when she wondered what he would do next.

Her question was answered before Finn leans down and brought his lips to hers.

Ruby's eyes got wide from that… but instead of fighting it… she went with the kiss and wrapped her arms around Finn's body and pulled him in closer to help the kiss get deeper while her tongue went into his mouth to really make the kiss deepen.

Finn hugged Ruby back before he slides his tongue in her mouth before moaning was heard.

A minute later, Ruby rolled them both over so that she was on top and said this when she couldn't take it anymore.

"F-Finn… p-please… help me feel better." Ruby said when she pulled the top of her outfit down to show Finn her breasts which were around B to C in size while small pink nipples were seen that quickly got erect and she pulled the lower part away to show her soaked folds to Finn.

Finn blushed big when he saw that before feeling more turn than ever before say this.

"O-Okay." He said before standing on the bed and starts removing his clothes with Ruby doing the same by tossing her dress and shoes off the bed and in a pile next to it.

It only took a moment after the human undressed and tossed his clothes aside before he was completely nude.

He was indeed thin and had some muscle here and there along with a 6 pack thanks to his adventuring.

However the big surprise was how big his dick was which happens to be 9 ½ inches long and 2 inches in width.

Finn in turn saw Ruby while she was kneeling on the bed and saw that her figure looked perfect even when she wasn't awakened yet… honestly if she wasn't Emerald's daughter, she could have looked like some kind of goddess.

Finn blushed brightly when he saw Ruby's body before he remembers from what Jake told him about tier 15 and how to please a woman.

He got down on his knees again till he was in front of the succubus before he leans down starts to kiss Ruby's neck.

Ruby lets out a slight groan from that when her body tingles from Finn's touches and the kisses really excited her already.

Finn then starts to kiss down Ruby's body before he was in front of her breasts.

That's when he brought his mouth to the right breast before he put his hand on the left and gently squeezed it.

Ruby groans from that before she glanced down to Finn's length and remembered a few words of advice from her mother Maite and Iris…

'Remember Ruby… men, and mostly women, enjoy having their dicks sucked.' Iris said.

'Yes but also remember when you're with a virgin, need to take it a bit slow since its your first time too and it can get a bit messy since your partner might be a quick shot at first. Also the head of the dick, mainly the tip, is sensitive. But with the right tongue technique, you can make any your partner howl like a wolf.' Maite said.

Ruby gulps for a second before she carefully reached down and gently grabbed Finn's length to get a feel for it while she slowly strokes it like she remembered to keep Finn from blowing to soon.

Finn at first shudders before he resumes sucking on Ruby's right breast before he brought his mouth on her tit before he starts to lick and gently suck on it while rubbing the left before squeezing again.

Ruby moans from that while she slowly sped up her stroking while BMO, who was at the bottom of the ladder, ran to the window before climbing up with the canister, and dropping down in front of Iris, said this.

"The Deed is done, did I do good or do I use more?" BMO asked while holding the Canister towards Iris with an adorable smile on its face.

Iris smiles before speaking.

"No you did good little buddy."

"Do you need anything else then pretty Lady?, I don't think I introduced myself, my name is BMO, who are you?" BMO asked while setting the Canister in front of Iris before stepping back a few times.

"Nice to meet. I'm Iris. So what are you?" She asked with a quizzical look.

"Oh I am a… what did my pop say?, oh!, I'm suppose to be like a family for a child or something like that, I think he said my name means Be More, or something, but then I had to leave soon so I can hang around Finn and Jake, though since Jake left his home, I've just been hanging with Finn… I miss Jake, and if Finn leaves… well.. Who would I play with?.. NEPTR went with the Ice King for a bit to… uh… get recharged and what not so I would be all alone if Finn left." BMO said with a worried tone, no one told it where Jake went and BMO was a bit worried for the Magical dog.

Iris blinked for a moment before she picks BMO and gives it a hug by bringing the robot to her bosom before saying.

"Well not to worry you little cutie, I'll play with you whenever I can. Plus if you're worried I can take you Jake so you know he's okay. And if you want I'll put in a good word with my Master to let you go with Finn to some place."

"Go where exactly?" A voice said from behind Iris and BMO which made them jolt before seeing Emerald himself who seemed to be stretching a bit when he walked up to Iris, thought he left to do some things.

"Master, you're back already?" Iris asked with a surprise look.

"Just a stop on the way before I visit Lillum, already visited Marceline, after Lillum will be Maite, decided to change the list since I would have to go to the Nightosphere for Maite, guess she found a few demonesses there to have fun with after her fun with Hudson… so… what's this good word I heard about?" Emerald said while looking at the duo with a relaxed look.

BMO was a bit confused when it saw Emerald before talking to Iris.

"Who's this man Iris?"

"This Man BMO is my Master, he is the kind of a certain kind of Demonic species… I… really hate to ask this mainly for the fact that you seem so innocent… but… know anything about tiers?... mainly… tier 15?" Iris asked while being a bit curious about what the little robot knew or didn't knew... Hard to tell right now...

BMO was a bit confused before speaking.

"I remember Finn asking Jake and Jake said this…" It said before Iris and Emerald heard Jake's recorded voice.

"You stay away tier 15. Don't do tier 15!"

The duo sweatdrops before Iris asked this.

"Uh... how old was Finn at the time?" Iris asked while Emerald wondered the same things.

"Hmmm… about either 13 or 14. That's when he started to date Flame Princess." BMO replies.

The Duo sweatdrop before Iris asked this.

"Anything different when he turned 18?" Iris asked while Emerald wondered if Finn ever had the talk… maybe pairing his daughter with Finn was a bad move if he didn't know the ABCs of sex.

"Hmmm… I remember when it was Finn's birthday Jake wanted to have a… what was it?... a man to man talk. But I left and was hanging out with Lorraine." BMO replies.

"Lorraine?" Iris and Emerald said with confused tones when they never heard of any other female around here.

"Yes. She's red hot like pizza supper. In fact there she is." BMO said before point at the direction.

Emerald and Iris looked over before shadows covered their eyes while they sweatdropped comically… when they saw a chicken walk by… and it looked right at them before it walked away… the duo wanted to say something but didn't for a moment to let BMO enjoy the innocence for now before Emerald spoke up when he got his bearings.

"S-So…. You have no ideas about tiers right?, willing to learn?, honestly would be a shame… how old are you anyway?" Emerald asked since robots are hard to gauge in age.

"Hmmm… no idea. But Finn and Jake give me a birthday each year to celebrate the day they found me." BMO said.

"Hmm, so younger than 18?, or do you know of the place that made you?, I can go get the info to see your real age if you want." Emerald said with a grin on his face when he felt a bit excited to see a place that made robots, bit rare for him these days.

"I know where it is. But the only one that truly knows is Moe and he no longer there." BMO said with a sad look.

"Moe?" Emerald asked while frowning a bit when this could complicate things… or at least normally…

"So… know his full name or was it just Moe?" Emerald asked with a thoughtful tone.

"Just Moe… and he was my creator." BMO said before his screen starts to light up before an image of Moe pops up.

After a moment of looking, Emerald said this.

"Iris, keep an eye on this little bot… I'll be taking a detour to a place that may have some info on this little bot here… a…. Dark place that's not for the regular mortal to go to if you get my meaning." Emerald said while he talked about going to Death's realm while hiding that from BMO.

However that's when BMO said this.

"Wait. Here is map if you want to go where BMO was born." It said before showing another image which was map to Emerald where the facility was.

Emerald took a moment to pull out something from a pocket he had to show a… touchscreen phone of all things before taking a picture of the map before saying this after he said this.

"Thanks, hopefully Iris here can teach you some things, Human or not, Robot or not, everyone deserves to learn a thing or two right?" Emerald said when he decided to stop by this place marked on the map and after looking at the directions, turned towards that direction.

"Okay have fun Mr… Uh… Master was it?" BMO asked with a confused look.

Emerald chuckles before saying this.

"Names Emerald, Iris is a servant of mine, that's why she calls me Master, now if you'll excuse me…" Emerald said before he used some shocking speed to blast through the grasslands and towards BMO's place of birth and Iris and BMO were left alone again.

Iris chuckles before looking at BMO when she asked this.

"So BMO, do you wanna play a game first or wanna learn something from little old me?"

"Hmmm, maybe both?, we could pay 'Compy's Castle' and see if you can get further then Finn, and what can I learn from you Iris?" BMO asked while blinking at the succubus.

Iris chuckled before speaking.

"I tell you but first, lets play… Compy's Castle was it?"

BMO smiles before going to get the controller while the scene went to Emerald who was flying through the air while he was heading to the location on the map… and when he got there, he saw this sight.

The structure consists of several refinery-like cylindrical buildings. Many of them have pipes and antennas protruding from their surfaces.

Emerald grins before he starts looking for the entrance and when he found one, he lands and starts walking through it.

As he got further, the King of Succubus's realizes that underneath the facility in the desert, consists of extensive tunnel systems and rooms containing old equipment that was once used to produce MOs.

After a bit of searching, Emerald managed to find a hole going down, very down, and jumped down for quite a bit before he found himself in some kind… of office like room.

However it was not just an office since it looks like there's a bed across the room as well.

"Cozy…" Emerald said before he starts looking around the place for info on BMO while making sure to be careful of the old items.

It took Emerald only a few moments before he saw folder that said BMO on the top left corner.

"Hmm… interesting… but why would it be here…" Emerald said before he picked up the folder in front of a large computer monitor while unknowingly to Emerald, the back of the folder had some kind of device on it.

That's when light the light on the screen starts to turn before you hear a voice.

"Hello there."

"Huh?" Emerald said before he looked to the screen… to see an old man's face.

"Uh… hello?" Emerald asked with a confused tone while having his hand at the monitor.

"Hello. I am Moe."

"Wait… Moe as in the one who made BMO Moe?, Thought you were dead." Emerald said when he saw the old man on the monitor.

Moe surprisingly smiled before speaking.

"Oh I am dead. Before I died, I put part of myself in the system to keep watch of the facility and the Mo's."

"So… your an AI?, Wow, guess you went for an upgrade, and Mo's?, Huh, didn't know there were others… well… since I'm here, mind if I ask about BMO if this folder doesn't have everything?, Like how old are they or stuff like that… the reason I ask is that BMO's friends are going to a place called the Bondage Kingdom for tier based Punishments, also wondering if there are upgrades for the little bot since if they are alone, they will need a bigger stronger body, male like, female like, doesn't matter since BMO will learn sooner or later and I'm trying to make the issue less of a blow to BMO." Emerald said before he quickly explained everything to the AI in detail.

"... So you see why Finn and the others are going there, they risked Ooo's safety and the facts and stuff is there." Emerald said with a patient tone to the AI.

Moe's eyes widen when he heard everything before speaking up.

"Wow... I can see why they need to be taught a lesson with the shocking info. Especially what happened to my Fire Giants."

Emerald blinked a few times before saying this.

"Your Fire Giants?" Emerald asked with a surprised tone.

"Yes. Before the Mushroom War started, I was overseeing their construction while at the same time, I was building BMO." The Moe A.I. replies.

"Well, I could ask a lot, but for now, I'm here for BMO, right now they are still immature and innocent, is there an upgrade for BMO that your living self was working on in case BMO needed a stronger body or an update to their programming?, The situation I told you would require that or BMO would have a hard time accepting and adjusting to the situation." Emerald asked with crossed arms.

"Well not to worry, ideas for upgrading BMO are in the folder." The Moe A.I. replies.

"Right, and is there a new body upgrade plan here or is there one made here already?, Just checking so that the people I work with don't make a crude body for a more adult BMO." Emerald said while he opened the folder to look at what was inside.

"There is a plan for BMO to have a new body, but I never did got to building since I was dying." The Moe A.I. replies with a small sad look.

"Well then… if I bring the plans to a person I know who is pretty smart, Bubblegum, or someone else who is as smart or smarter than you, think they can make BMO their new body?" Emerald asked when he looked for the plan for a new body for BMO in the folder.

"Be my guest. BMO deserves it. Even though Finn and his friends did bad things, I hope they make it out okay." The Moe A.I. said with some concern.

"Well I hope things go well myself, Bubblegum is doing well, though thanks to Lillum's brother, she was knocked up by a wolfman named Ingrem, heard she and a few prisoners went to a village of Jackal Amazons and won't leave for about a week, going to head there after I pay a visit to a lady friend I know, My name is Emerald, king of sex demons in case I forget to give that title." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

The Moe A.I.'s eyes wides at the news before speaking up.

"Well despite hearing that… it was great to meet you Emerald." He said with a slight smile.

"Same here, and if this is all about BMO, then I'll be heading out, who knows, may send some of my people here to fix this place up and make this place thrive again and give those other Mo's a good home if your willing to let sex demons and others adopt them." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

The Moe A.I. blinked before speaking up.

"Well I don't mind if they get adopted. As long as they're happy, then that's all it matters."

"Alright, they should be here in a few days, I'll take this stuff to BMO and my servant Iris, need anything before I leave?" Emerald asked while he closed the folder with a grin still on his face.

The Moe A.I. took a moment to think on this before speaking up.

"Nope. I'm good."

"Very well, and nice to meet you Moe, or at least an AI version, hope we can get to know one another better when this place is restored, who knows, we can probably make a Mo body or something for you if possible." Emerald said before he starts to walk away with the folder.

The Moe A.I. smiles for a bit before the screen turns off.

A minute later, Emerald was walking through the facility one more time to make sure he didn't miss anything in the lower levels after storing the folder safely away before he decided that unless something jumped out at him personally, then this place was empty for now.

He was now walking through facility and towards the entrance but had the feeling he was being watched… either by the Moe AI with a camera or two or something else, maybe other Mo's or something else, this place was technically abandoned so anyone could have came here for shelter.

And low and behold, someone was indeed watching him. Though who was watching Emerald was hiding in a vent above him.

The figure appears to be a woman of some kind though hard to tell since it's a dark.

She continues to stare before thinking.

'Who's that guy? He does look cute but… could he be working for the monster that's hunting me?'

A moment later, loud thuds were heard from the entrance which sound like large footsteps which had the hiding woman watch Emerald while he rubbed the back of his head and said this which surprised her.

"Strange, didn't expect anyone else to be here, wonder if its a local." Emerald said before he continues to walk towards the noise.

To the hiding woman a bit away from him in the vent, he was walking away from the vent to the source of the noise, while Emerald did look strong, he looked human… and he didn't have any weapons on him at all, only some kind of pants.

The woman at first blushed at Emerald's figure before her eyes widen when she believed that Emerald couldn't be working for the monster but was still wary of him.

However she had to warn him.

"Don't go outside!"

Emerald, who was about to exit the building entrance, looked to the source of the voice and said this.

"Huh?" Emerald said when he couldn't identify the voice's location before some kind of tentacle wrapped around his body and he was pulled outside of the facility and his form vanished thanks to the sunlight from outside.

The woman's eyes widen before she covers her mouth with one hand.

A moment later, she heard a few loud crashes, a monster roaring, followed by something flesh like exploding and large amounts of blood filled the area outside of the facility… and part of it flowed into the facility… all in less then a minute… and the blood… was much more than what Emerald would use for his own body…

The woman didn't know what's happening but she believes that Emerald must have fought the monster but with what weapon? since she didn't see any on him.

A moment later, she saw Emerald walk back into the facility for a moment while his body was covered with blood before he said this.

"Don't know who you are or why you were hiding, but I took care of that monster, don't know why it was here but if that was the reason, then you don't need to hide anymore, watch your step, that thing got popped like a balloon and its not pretty out here." Emerald said before he starts walking out of the facility again while trying to get the blood off of his body.

The woman was a bit hesitant before she carefully got out of the vent.

Once the woman got out, you can now see what she looks like thanks to the light from the entrance.

She appears to be a humanoid antelope with brown skin, brown eyes while her hair was tied in a ponytail.

She also has an hourglass figure and slender legs though she was wearing a long dress that covered most of her legs.

However it's seems the outfit has some tears here and there including her top where her bust is which could either C to D size.

The women then covers her nose since she didn't want to smell the blood before on the floor and walls of the entrance before she cautiously approached the entrance.

When she got there, she shockingly saw Emerald while he was examining the remains of the corpse, or what was left of it at least, there was only a torso, the bull like head, and a arm like tentacle before Emerald muttered this.

"Seems like a Minotaur… but with an arm like this… did someone make an experiment that went wild?... why make something like this in the first place?" Emerald muttered while he continues to think.

The woman then walks forward while trying to be careful before she spoke up.

"Uh hello?"

Emerald took a moment to look at the creature before saying this to the woman.

"Sorry for the scare miss, but I was caught off guard and reacted without thinking and gave you a scare." Emerald said before he stood up and looked at the woman with a smile on his face while the blood seemed to be falling off his body with a magical mist till it was fully gone and he was clean.

The woman was surprised when she saw that before speaking up.

"N-No worries… just glad that monster is gone."

"Yeah… speaking of which, mind telling me why you were hiding from it?, granted it doesn't seem pleasant, but why hide here in the middle of nowhere?" Emerald asked when this place was in a desert like area.

"Well I am… homeless. I was traveling through the badlands carrying what little food I had. That's when it showed and the way it looked at me… I had a feeling he wanted to… rape me. So I ran till enter this place. I thought I was safe but… I think that beast saw me and was waiting for me since then." The humanoid antelope spoke.

"I see, well can't really blame a guy with a mug like this for lusting after a beautiful woman like yourself… though I am wondering how a guy like this exists… and why are you homeless?, was it this guys fault?" Emerald said before he kicked the monsters remains a little.

The woman blushed from being called beautiful before speaking up.

"N-No… my home got destroyed by some bandits that were attacking my village. I was there at the time but I saw from afar the damage. I was worried of being found so I had to find a safer place."

"I see… got any family?, my name is Emerald, King of Sex demons so I have more magic then what to do with, made this guy explode from the inside out." Emerald said with a grin on his face while he looked at the woman.

The woman, though surprised when she heard that, shook her head before speaking.

"No my parents past away by a terrible illness. I'm an only child… your majesty." She said before bowing her head.

"Hehe, none of that bowing crap, personally I don't care about that… only time I want a woman to worship me is when I'm in bed with them… hope you are willing to join me since I did get rid of your problem for you, though considering you just went through a rough experience, I won't force you… I prefer to sweep you off your feet for that first." Emerald said with a teasing grin on his face.

The humanoid antelope blushed brightly before speaking.

"W-Well… you are nice a-and… good looking."

"Hehehe, why thank you, and you look lovely as well, but all compliments aside, I don't think this will be a good place to show my stuff, want me to take you to the next place where I'm about to go to?, heard it will be fun there, but we do have to stop by one place on the way so I can drop this off." Emerald said while he summoned the folder that had the name BMO on it.

The woman blinked for a moment before speaking.

"O-Okay… mind if we stop for some… food as well?" She asked before blushing brightly when her stomach made a noise that sounds like a growling bear.

Emerald flat out laughed at that before saying this.

"Sure, but you may underestimate my speed, why don't we drop this off and I'll get you a bite to eat and a place that can give you a warm bath… though I heard that there is a welcoming party for two people at the place I'm heading to and plenty of food will be there… think you can hold out until then?" Emerald asked while he keeps a grin on his face.

The woman blushed a bit before she nods her head at Emerald before speaking.

"My name is Cynthia. Sorry for not saying it before."

"Ah a beautiful name for a lovely woman, hope you and I can get better acquainted later, but for now…" Emerald said before he vanished and reappeared next to Cynthia and picked her up bridal style before saying this.

"...We should get you something to eat and a good bath if you haven't gotten one in awhile." Emerald said before he bent down like he was about to jump but was looking forward like he was about to tackle something.

Cynthia was caught off guard before blushing big at the position she's in before wondering what Emerald's gonna do.

Her question was answered a moment later when Emerald launched from the ground at an angle and the duo was flying through the sky with quick speed, much faster then one would think and were already far from the facility when Cynthia looked back.

Cynthia was shocked she was this high up before she wrapped her arms around Emerald neck like if she was worried of falling.

Emerald laughed at that before he said this.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't be a sex demon king if I let harm come to a lady… well… not if they don't want a little pain with pleasure but that's a different matter altogether." Emerald said while he tightens his grip on Cynthia to comfort her.

Cynthia blushed brightly when she heard that while still holding onto Emerald.

Meanwhile, the scene goes back to Finn and Ruby right when Emerald first left the Treefort which showed that Ruby had pushed Finn onto his back on the bed and was looking at him with a blush on her face when she looked down at his dick which stood like a tower before she tries to remember bit more advice that her mother and Iris gave her… when it came to giving a partner a blowjob.

'One thing you need to do before giving a blowjob is to give the base of the dick some good licks. You can also give his balls a lick as well.'

'Yes but you must also remember that man's balls, which house delicious sperm that gives us energy or if you want to have kid, is very sensitive so when you suck a man's dick and holds his ball sack, make sure you do it gently… unless he's masochist… but do it gently first if the man you're with is a virgin.'

Ruby gulped once before she leaned down and she remembered one last thing about stuff to pleasure a dick, mainly with for finding extra sensitive spots and she wrapped her fingers around the base of Finn's dick and starts to gently stroke it to see what Finn's reaction would be.

Finn shudders when he felt that before letting out a slight moan.

Ruby looked at Finn when that happened before she took a moment to adjust her body when she saw something form at the tip of Finn's dick after a minute of stroking before she opens her mouth and licked the tip and her body jolts with an intense feeling when that happened and she starts licking the tip like it was the best thing in the world to her right now.

Ruby then remembered one other thing, mainly what a person has their first time, but more exactly, a succubus who first starts out when they are doing the deed for the first time.

'When you first taste your partner's pre-cum, you will feel a slight jolt but eventually it'll make you want to get your partner's cum a bit more.' Iris explained to her.

'But you must remember to be aggressive. Men and women like that. Especially the quiet ones. However being aggressive helps because if you hold yourself back… it won't be pretty.' Maite said to her daughter.

Finn, unintentionally getting Ruby back on task, shudders again before saying this.

"O-Oh Glob… Y-You're… tongue's amazing Ruby."

Ruby in turn blushed right before she opened her mouth and took the head of his dick in and slowly took more in with each bob of her head while she keeps licking Finn's dick.

Finn pants for a few seconds before speaking.

"O-Oh fuck."

Ruby then used a free hand to gently fondle Finn's balls while she lets her instincts run wild, most of what she was doing consciously was trial and error but her demonic sex demon side was slowly correcting it as time went on.

Finn groans and moans for a moment before he surprised Ruby by placing his hands on her head before he actually starts to thrust his dick in her mouth.

Ruby's eyes widen for a moment while she made some gagging noises, but surprisingly to Finn, she didn't pull away from him while her gagging noises got less and less before she was able to effortlessly deep throat his dick in Ruby's throat and she took it with ease now when her demonic side starts to go a bit wild while she was trying to keep some control, she was on a thin line from going berserk now.

Finn continues to face fuck Ruby for a few moments before he felt his dick twitching in the succubus's mouth.

Ruby keeps on letting him face fuck her throat while she felt Finn's dick twitch more and more in her mouth until…

Finn grunts and groans for a second or two before he yells out.

"C-CUMMING!" He yells before he felt his dick spurt out his cum in Ruby's mouth.

Although judging from the amount, its like the human never masturbated before.

Ruby's eyes widen in shock for multiple reasons when she felt herself drinking Finn's semen while her eyes roll back when she surprisingly squirts when she came hard as well…. And before her mind fully hazed over… she remembered this from her mother only about an awakening when it happens when they finally get the semen needed.

"Once you have your first taste of cum, you must now mount your partner and try to get more. Once that's done, you'll be a full succubus my little angel." Maite said.

Ruby in turn, when she felt Finn tap off, leaned back while she swallowed the last of his load in her mouth while her hair covered her eyes while she pants a bit when her body felt warm… really warm… and a hunger like no other was felt…

Finn pants a bit before speaking.

"F-Fuck Ruby… S-Sorry about… b-before but your… m-mouth felt great." He said before lifting his head up.

However Ruby didn't respond after a minute which… was confusing…

"R-Ruby?" The human asked with concern while worried if he upset her.

A moment later, Ruby licks her lips before saying this to Finn with eyes that gave a gentle pink glow.

"Oh… sorry Finn… just… a bit… surprised is all… now… mind staying like that while I give you the ride of your life?" Ruby said with a tone that… wasn't like her usual self.

Finn blinks a bit before blushing when he heard that before speaking.

"O-Okay." He said before laying back down.

Ruby then crawled over Finn with a smile on her face before she was over Finn with her eyes still glowing and she looked down before she used a few fingers to angle Finn's dick to her pussy which showed that it was soaked beyond belief before Ruby lowered her hips, and when the head of the dick entered her, she lets out a placed groan and leaned back to stand on her knees.

She then starts lowering herself while she felt more and more pleasure build in her body.

Finn shudders and groans when he felt his dick enter Ruby's pussy before feeling how warm it was.

That's when he had this thought.

'Oh Glob… her pussy feels so warm… I can't believe we're actually losing our virginities. Don't know how or why but… I'm actually glad we're doing.'

A moment later, Ruby stops when she felt Finn bump into a Hymen of all things to Finn's shock and before he could say anything, she just dropped down to fully hilt his dick and lets out a groan from that, from pain or pleasure, it was hard to tell, but Finn did see some blood come from her pussy.

Finn blinked for a moment before speaking.

"O-Oh Glob… you okay Ruby? We can stop if you want." He said with concern since he remembered Jake telling him that a girl's first time will hurt badly.

However, that was for a normal person, to a succubus… the reaction was totally different even if pain was felt.

'Ah…. t-this is…' Ruby thought when she felt…. More pleasure then she ever had before and could feel how deep Finn was before she smiles to Finn's surprise and said this.

"I'm fine… Finn… just enjoy the show." Ruby said before she starts to lift and lower her hips while moaning and groaning when she felt jolts of intense pleasure fill her body which quickly overrides the pain.

Finn was at first shocked at Ruby's attitude but if she's okay then that's all it matters before he groans and moans at well from how good it was.

Ruby does the same while she keeps riding Finn while her body goes on auto pilot to enjoy the pleasure, this went on for quite a bit with Ruby slowly speeding up and down to help Finn last longer.

Said human continues to enjoy this pleasure before he saw Ruby's breasts moving.

That's when he follows his instincts and brought his hands up before he grabs the succubus's breasts and squeezed them but not too hard.

Ruby gave a loud groan from that before she starts to ride Finn's dick wildly, for a few minutes she went full speed to get what her body desired with Finn's dick twitching faster and faster in her pussy until...

Finn groans when he felt his climax approaching before speaking up.

"R-Ruby… I'm gonna cum."

However all she did was just ride him harder and faster while groaning and moaning like a person possessed until...

Finn grunts and groans again before he yells out.

"I-I'm… CUMMING!" He yells before he climaxed hard inside Ruby's pussy.

Right when that happened, she felt her body pulse when it starts to absorb the long overdue semen before she gripped her shoulders and leaned down before she threw her head back and came hard on Finn's dick to milk it while her body glowed brightly with a pink light before the scene went to Iris first who was in the living room while she played Compy's castle and was about to get past sleepy sam without the combo move but she froze when she felt a wave of power from Ruby and that can only mean one thing.

"She finally did it." Iris said while smiling before saying this.

"You're welcome Finn."

The scene then went to Emerald who was nearing the grasslands at this time before he had to stop with one of his jumps and smiles for some reason to Cynthia's confusion.

"Hehehe… my little girl is growing up huh?" Emerald said to himself while he held Cynthia in his arms still.

Cynthia however was confused before speaking.

"Who you talking about?"

"Hehe, my daughter, she's just awakened into a full succubus." Emerald said before he starts to jump towards the Treefort again with a spring in his step while Cynthia was shocked about Emerald having a daughter before the scene went to Maite who was dominating a female demon who grew a dick.

The Succubus was fucking the demoness's pussy and stroking the demoness's dick before she stopped when she finally felt her daughter growing up.

The demoness was confused before speaking.

"Why'd you stop?"

Maite blinked once before grinning before saying this.

"Oh, just felt my daughter finally become a woman… now… time to celebrate." Maite said before she starts to fuck the demoness and stroke her off like a person possessed.

The demoness was surprised to hear that before she starts moaning from the pleasure.

The scene then went to Marceline who, after a intense quicky with Emerald, starts to stir before she was shocked awake when she felt Ruby's change, but since she never met her in person, that energy was not familiar to her, but it did come from Finn's direction.

"Whoa… I don't who it is but if it's coming from the treefort and the only person who's with Finn would be…" She said before stopping when she realized before saying this.

"If Ruby is there and if that's her power then that means… hehe… way to go weenie. You're finally a man. Maybe later I might give a try to see how good he is." Marceline said before blushing a bit.

However she's still in some turmoil on who could be better for her…. Finn…. Or Emerald...

The scene then went back to Finn and Ruby while Ruby's form starts to shift on Finn while her pussy tightens greatly on his dick.

Finn groans from how tight before his eyes widen a bit when he saw what's happening to Ruby.

Ruby's figure starts to mimic her mother's figure and her bust grows to G cup breasts and wide hips that looked perfect, and two wings grew from Ruby's back…. all in all... when the glow fades, Ruby looked like she shifted into a different… more sexy and shapely woman that was impaled on Finn's dick which really tried to milk his dick.

Finn, though groaning, was shocked at when saw Ruby's succubus look before speaking.

"W-Wow… Ruby you look so… beautiful and sexy." He said before blushing brightly.

Ruby then placed her hands on Finn's chest before saying this with a lustful tone.

"Thanks Finn…. But now… get ready to see what the new me can do while I ride this monster cock that you have!" Ruby said before she starts to bounce up and down on Finn's cock and she looked like she was in paradise right now if the pleasurable look on her face was any indication.

Finn, though groaning again, was feeling the same thing before he brought his hands on Ruby's hips before he starts thrusting his dick up as hard as he could.

"O-Ohhh OHHHH!" Ruby groans out while her tongue hangs out of her mouth before she leaned forward and her massive breasts were seen over Finn's head before she said this.

"S-Suck my nipples Finn!, do whatever you want to me!, j-just don't you dare fucking stop!" Ruby said with a lustful tone to her voice… did this change shift her personality somewhat?

Finn was very surprised when he heard that but seeing the succubus's breasts was enticing.

So the human opened his mouth and took the left nipple before he starts licking and sucking on it while thrusting.

Surprisingly he even bit it a bit.

Ruby in turn lets out a surprising groan before saying this when she keeps riding Finn's dick.

"O-Oh fuck yeah… suck it… b-bite it… do whatever… j-just keep f-fucking me!" Ruby groans out while she lets out pleased moans and groans when she felt Finn practically abuse her nipple… and she loved it.

Finn didn't need to be told twice as he can continues to do that before switching to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment while thrusting hard.

That's when surprisingly, he looked at Ruby with lust of his own and another feeling that can be quite familiar.

Ruby right now couldn't make it out well in her lust frenzied state, so she just decided to let Finn keep going with her nipples getting treated well before time passed to Emerald landing at the front door with Cynthia in his arms before he set her down.

"Hehe, time to see how things are going, expect to hear my daughter and Finn going at it though." Emerald said with a teasing tone before they heard Ruby yelling this.

"O-OH FUCK FINN!, KEEP FUCKING MY ASS!" Ruby yelled which made Emerald chuckle when it seemed they the duo went from the basics and to the rougher stuff.

"Ah I remember stuff like that from my first feeding, hope they make a contract." Emerald said with an amused tone before he enters the Treefort.

Cynthia, though blushed brightly when she heard the moaning before following Emerald inside.

Iris was with BMO before the duo sees Emerald but was surprised to see a new comer with him before Iris spoke.

"Back again Master? And who is this beauty with you." She said with a slight smirk.

Emerald chuckles before he placed an hand on Cynthia's shoulder and said this.

"This Iris is a possible lover if I play my cards right, thought I would take her in, feed her, cloth her, the works, her name is Cynthia." Emerald said to tease Cynthia a bit.

Cynthia blushed brightly when she heard that before waving her hand a bit.


"Hehe, as you can see, she's a bit on the shy side, so hope you can be patient with her since she's joining our fun little family." Emerald said before he surprised Cynthia by lightly patting her ass when he walked by her.

Cynthia jolts a bit when she felt that while Iris chuckles before speaking.

"Not to worry Master. I'll be patient when the time is right."

"Yeah, still I'm just here to bring BMO a present from an AI version of Moe and his late living self." Emerald said before looking at the little bot while summoning the folder to his hand.

BMO blinked a bit before speaking up.

"A.I. version?"

"Yeah, a… digital robotic version of Moe so to speak, I would explain more but I think this will help better, before Moe died, he left this and it holds various things, one of them is this, an update for your operating system and other things." Emerald said before he took out a floppy disk that says BMO 2.0 and a disk that says BMO 3.0, the floppy disk makes sense… but a CD?

Iris blinks a few times before she spoke up.

"Okay… a floppy disk I get but a CD?"

"The floppy disk is for upgrading BMO once, but this is for BMO when they get a new body, just showing that BMO is about to grow up right before our eyes." Emerald said while he looked at BMO.

"So…. Where do I put this floppy disk?" Emerald said while he knelt next to BMO to try and find a slot for it.

"Right here." BMO said pointing to this long rectangular hole above the yellow D-Pad.

"Ah, well get ready for your 2.0 self BMO." Emerald said before he slid the floppy disk in and the trip wait for a reaction from the little bot when the floppy disk was successfully inserted.

That's when BMO's screen change and before some lettering appears which said.

"Update Commencing for 1 hour."

The trio sweatdrop before Emerald rubbed the back of his head and said this.

"Well… guess we have an hour, but Cynthia and I should be going Iris, give me a call if you have issues alright?" Emerald said when he stored the folder and the contents in his own storage area.

"Alright Master. And nice seeing you Cynthia. Hope you and I can get to know each other very soon." Iris said before licking her lips which caused Cynthia to blush.

"Hehehe easy Iris, don't want a repeat of that virgin incident, kind of made you go nuts when you tried to seduce those triplets and you got dominated when you pushed too hard." Emerald said with an amused tone to the succubus servent.

Cynthia blinked in surprise while Iris sweatdrop before rubbing the back of her head.

"Hehe, yeah… and to add to that, you went for Wizard triplets to boot… really saw a kinky sight when they grew dicks and practically stuffed your holes… ah that was a good five way when I joined in and they removed the dicks." Emerald said before he starts to laugh lecherously and the duo saw Emerald's dick getting erect under his pants.

Cynthia blushed a bit brightly when she saw that while Iris, though feeling embarrassed, grins before speaking.

"Geeze Master, are you asking for a stick up?"

"Don't know, you ate?, You seem to be getting a bit hungry and lusting after this fine lady here, maybe I should leave her here and go get a meal, relax is a hot spring, and have some fun with the locals there on my own… and I guess since they are a female only tribe who take in males, I'm sure they would be more than happy to welcome a sex demons with open legs…" Emerald said while he turned to walk to the door slowly while counting back from 3.

Cynthia blinks for a moment before she spoke up.

"B-But I want to eat with you."

"Oh ho… that an invitation for a date?, I'd be more then willing to do that then." Emerald teasingly said while turning to look at Cynthia be with a grin on his face.

Cynthia was shocked when she realized what she said. However, Emerald did said he was gonna add her to his family of sorts. So if that was the case, she might as well get to know him first before meeting the others.

Cynthia then walks towards Emerald while blushing a bit about the date.

Emerald chuckles at that before he said this.

"Relax, date or no, I'll give you a good meal free of charge, I'll worry about sweeping you off your feet later, for now, to an all you can eat buffet." Emerald said before turning back to the door while he gestures for Cynthia to follow him.

Cynthia blushes a bit before turning around to look at Iris before speaking.

"It was nice to meet you Iris. Hope to meet you again soon."

Iris smiles at the humanoid antelope before she spoke up.

"I hope so as well."

Cynthia did smile a bit before she turns around and follows Emerald.

The camera then went to Finn and Ruby when The duo, or Finn starts to look exhausted while Ruby was giving him the mother of all tit fucks while he was sitting on the bed.

"Come on Finn… give me that juice in your balls." Ruby said when her personality got more and more lust driven.

Finn was moaning and groaning from how good it Ruby's breasts were before speaking.

"Oh fuck Ruby. Your breasts feels so good."

"Thanks… now… to finish you off!" Ruby said before she lifts and lowers her breasts while Finn's cock twitches faster and faster before Ruby starts to suck the tip for a few minutes until…

Finn grinds his teeth a bit before he grunts loud as his dick starts to spurt out his cum.

Ruby stopped moving her breasts and made sure she drank Finn's load without spilling much on her ebony skin.

It took Finn at least 30 seconds before he taps off and tries to catch his breath a bit.

Ruby took a moment to lick Finn's dick clean before pulling her head away from Finn's dick and licked her lips clean before she waits for Finn to catch his breath.

Finn pants for a bit before he spoke.

"W-Wow… Ruby… t-that was… a-amazing… r-really glad… t-that we… d-did it."

"I am too… I am wondering… want to make a contract with me?, You and I get it on daily… and I'll give you a bit of power that I have…, no need to answer now… but when a contract is made… it's for life unless the contract is broken." Ruby said when she got off the bed to get a better look at her awakened body while Finn's semen seemed to be noticed more on her darker skin.

Finn took some thought before speaking up.

"I-If I sign… d-does that make us b-boyfriend and… girlfriend or is it like a m-marriage thing?"

"Hmm… think both in a sense, my Mom goes for others like my dad, but if a contract is signed… you can have me do whatever you want, all that a succubus needs is sex to thrive so as long as you can keep giving it to me good… I'll come when you call if you want some fun." Ruby said with a lustful grin.

Finn blushed before speaking.

"W-Well… what if hypothetically I got more lovers and or maybe do a harem?"

"Then you better learn how to share Finn cause the new improved me will want to get a slice of that action… I mean just picture it, me with a woman of your choosing and taking any form you wish… just think of the combos if you want… two Bubblegums, Marceline's if she goes for you, two Huntress's, maybe me taking Me-Mow's form…. Or Maybe that Fionna woman's if you want to try that.

Finn blushed brightly when he heard that before he actually did thought of the possibility. But if he wants a woman, it should be through what he feels.

Finn took a moment to think before he made his decision.

"Okay… I'll sign because… I really care for you Ruby." He said while blushing.

Ruby blushed for a moment before saying this.

"Hehe, better take a break while you can Finn… cause I'm about to see how much stamina you really have when your rested and at full strength… believe me, I was shy before… but I'm a woman who knows what she wants… and I want you Finn." Ruby said before she starts walking into the bathroom while her shapely ass shook at Finn.

Finn blushed when he saw that before speaking.

"Glob she's so hot." He said before he felt a bit lovestruck when he starts to think of Ruby.

That's when his eyes widen in realization before speaking.

"Oh my Glob… I think I'm love." He said before blushing.

Meanwhile in the bathroom after Ruby starts to clean herself, she starts to think of Finn… in a more open way, the old Ruby would have passed out at these thoughts… but the new Ruby….

Ruby grins a bit before thinking this.

"Lillum… you may get a kid from Finn and whatnot but harm him out of those punishment days… and your ass is mine and my father can't stop me." Ruby thought while getting protective of Finn while a fluttery feeling was felt inside of her which made her wonder if she was going from a crush…. to actually loving Finn…

Ruby just smiles a bit more and with this thought, really starts cleaning her body.

"Even if I do have feelings… I'm not one to rush… hehe, I'm going to enjoy making Finn mine, body… and Soul…" Ruby thought before the scene went back to Me-Mow after she, Lillum, and Tibet finished their bath, Me-Mow would have been sore after the sexathon she just went through… but Lillum's magic cured that up in no time.

Me-Mow sighed with relief before stretching a bit.

"Hehe, so… mind If I join the party you two?" Lillum asked while stretching her arms which made her breasts jiggle while Tibet said this while eyeing the massive melons.

"Well… don't know about Me-Mow but I'd be glad to have you there if I can have some fun with you." Tibet said with a lustful tone, seems she wasn't shy about her intentions which made Lillum giggle a bit from that while the trio walks.

Me-Mow was a bit surprise to hear that before speak.

"Well I don't mind."

"Great!, Mind leading the way, all this exercise is making me hungry." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face when she glanced at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow blushed a bit before turning her head to look at Tibet.

Tibet had a similar look on her face before the trio went back to the house after taking a moment before to get the food from the vendor… and when they entered, they surprisingly saw Emerald of all people with a strange woman who looked like a humanoid antelope while Bubblegum seemed a bit nervous around him while Red looked indifferent, and Emerald waved to the group and said this.

"Yo… sorry for dropping in." Emerald said with a grin on his face, Me-Mow never met him in person but she did remember him from a certain video awhile ago and had this reaction.

Me-Mow was surprised to see Emerald here before thinking.

'So that's Emerald in the flesh. Though why is he here? Who's that woman with him? and why is Bonnibel nervous around him?'

"Emerald!, What are you doing here?, And who's your friend?, And why does Bubblegum look nervous?" Lillum asked when the trio enters the place fully.

"Well in order, first off, came here to let you know that I stopped by here to let you know that Finn and my daughter have most likely hooked up and may make a contract with one another." Emerald said to start things off with answering the questions.

Me-Mow and Bubblegum were shocked at the news before Me-Mow spoke.

"Wait you have a daughter? And the hero got laid?"

"Yup… *Sniff* I'M SO PROUD OF MY DAUGHTER!" Emerald said before he comically starts crying into a handkerchief that he summoned.

Everyone sweatdrop before Me-Mow spoke up.

"Okay… So who's antelope chick that's with you?"

"Oh, she's a tag along I picked up after helping her plain and simple after I rescued her from this mutated Minotaur who oddly enough had tentacles for arms, got the jump on me but one shot killed it when I got free, got pretty bloody, was shortly after I got BMO an upgrade for its operating system, got another but will need a more compatible robot body for BMO, the one who gave it to me was an AI of a deceased person named Moe, don't know if any of you heard of him, but he made BMO and other Mo's, going to take over that facility for my kingdom and bring it back to life again, also going to give the current Mo's living there a chance to get their own families by putting them up for adoption… and as for the blueprints for BMO's upgrade…" Emerald said while he summoned the folder he got from AI Moe and held it out for Bubblegum to take.

Bubblegum, though didn't know who Moe was, was confused before she took the folder that had BMO's name on it before she opens it.

What she saw was the disk for BMO 3.0 and very complicated blueprints that would have been impossible for anyone else but Bubblegum or for people who had similar intelligence levels like her for two bodies that looked male and female and said that they were for a more human like appearance and that 2.0 was the teen year upgrade and 3.0 was the Adult upgrade and that there was a feature that could allow BMO to either switch bodies or control both with some practice, there was even schematics for human emotions and to help the body be more lifelike and actually feel things like pain and pleasure… almost like a Human or an Android to be exact… there was other stuff like the parts required and what not, but all in all… this stuff was way beyond what most could accomplish…. This Moe… was a genius in robotics… or maybe more like a global of robotics if a quarter of this stuff actually worked.

Bubblegum stare at the folder with amazement before speaking.

"But why show it to me unless… did you want to me to help build a new body for BMO?" She said while feeling a bit confused.

"Well unless there is another tech genius of Moe's caliber nearby, then my options are limited on who to ask, the Bondage Kingdom lacks in the tech department and is more focused on the stuff on sex, magic and tech for sex, unless you can train someone to be decent with tech in a more robotic fashion, then I doubt anyone else can make these bodies for BMO." Emerald said with a surprisingly kind smile.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised before speaking.

"Well… If I'm going to do it, then I need a lab at least, along with some parts."

Lillum giggles from that before saying this.

"Consider it done, may not be as advance as you may like but you did build your own lab from the ground up yourself and did it alone or with… some guards with questionable intelligence which I'll have to ask about the reason why later… I'll have some of my guards and some people I have that can work some tech well work with you to help set it up and be assistants for you, hehe, can't wait for BMO's more adult forms, always did wonder if that lil cutie would stay like that forever but now we get to see it grow into a full fledged adult bot." Lillum said with a slightly excited tone.

Bubblegum blinked for a moment before she spoke up.

"Thank you Lillum. I also have another request."

"Ask away, may not be able to give it for certain reasons, but I can if possible." Lillum said with a curious tone.

This time Bubblegum blushed a bit when she thought of something or someone when said this that surprised a few.

"Would it be okay if… Ingrem assist as well?"

Lillum and Emerald got a surprised look on their faces before Lillum got a lecherous grin on her face before saying this.

"Hooo… I get that he's smart… but hoping for a bit more than a little assistance right?... I mean it can be spicy to have a little chemistry yes?" Lillum said with a teasing tone to the Candy Royal.

Bubblegum blushed brightly from the teasing but had no way to counter anything.

Lillum just grins more before saying this.

"Alright… but if I'm doing that, hope you don't mind if I can have a little fun with you two if you two are… experimenting in the lab… I did give the place and I would want a piece of that action after all." Lillum said before licking her lips to tease Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushed brightly again before speaking up.


Me-Mow who was hearing everything was surprised before she spoke up.

"Okay as surprising as it is I still like to know why Bonnibel was nervous around Emerald."

"Oh, that's because she saw what I was packing in that little video Marceline and I sent her… you remember that right?, considering you two seem to be sticking together I'm sure you saw it… not only that I did tease her a bit just now about having some fun with her if she's interested, I am a fun loving guy after all, and I guess she still remembers more of the… things I did to her before she got sent here so I guess she's a bit on guard around me, makes sense if you think about it." Emerald said with a teasing grin to explain the reason why Bubblegum was nervous.

Bubblegum felt a bit embarrassed while Me-Mow did blush when saw some of the video.

"So… is that all of the food?, considering my daughter just lost her V-Card and became a full succubus, and that she got with the guy of her dreams as well and may contract with him, I'm ready to party!, were going to need more food then that after all!" Emerald said before he starts laughing… seems he's in a good mood…aside from the obvious... what does a contract me exactly?

Me-Mow was confused before speaking.

"What do you mean contract? Is that like a marriage or something?"

"Hmmm… hard to say to be exact, but depending on the conditions, three things can happen, one of which is Lillum giving me her soul so I can turn her into a succubus if she dies an unnatural death, that's if she dies early, if she lives, she bears my kid, simple as that, in exchange, I'm at her beck and call and give her a fraction of my power, unless something stops me from coming to her aid, unlikely, but possible, then I'll have to hurry since a contract between a sex demon or demons in general are serious things to consider, I mean… have you ever tried to back out of a deal with a demon if they succeeded in their mission?, trust me those issues are not pretty, but long story short, the basic is this, if you have sex with a sex demon and they decide your good enough, then they can offer a contract… like this…" Emerald said before he summoned a parchment that had an otherworldly glow with many complicated words on it with Emerald and Lillum's names on the bottom in what looks like blood.

"As you can see, the parchment is physical and if I wanted to, I can break it, but for only someone of my power since I have more then most, anyone else… well… won't tear at all, this stuff is strong… here you seem like the strongest mortals here, try and rip this thing." Emerald said before he passed the paper to Tibet and Red to see if they can rip it.

Said duo looked at each other before Red tries to rip the contract.

However, no matter how much strength she used and how hard she tried… nothing happened, sure it bent and folded like paper, moved like paper, but nothing happened to it and Red had to pant for breath while she set the undamaged paper on the table and sat down while sweat dripped down her face, looks like she really tried and got nowhere while Emerald just sipped some tea he got like he wasn't even paying much attention.

Me-Mow, Bubblegum and Tibet were shocked to see that which meant that Emerald wasn't joking.

Me-Mow then chuckled before speaking.

"So if that contract thing is legit and Finn signs it, then you have one interesting son in law."

"Well thats for Finn and Ruby to fine tune, ask Lillum, no one else can influence a contract since it deals with what the person most desires, sure we sex demons can be an influence, but Lillum, and possibly Finn are the ones who will sign the contract, all we do is just offer a means to be more than they are now, I mean think about it, if Finn took the same contract like I did with Lillum, if he died an early death, maybe from an adventure harshly enough, at least he will be reborn as a Incubus like myself, a demon who thrives on sex and as long as he gets a constant string of lovers, then he won't be able to die of age, I mean I was mortal once." Emerald said before he just calmly drank his tea like he didn't say anything mind blowing.

"You were a mortal?" Bubblegum asked with a surprised look.

"A yup, and if you want to amp up the shock meter, I was once Human believe it or not, shortly after the Mushroom war if my memory holds out well… hehe, guess that means if Finn gets a contract like mine with Ruby then he will turn into a Incubus king candidate or something, I mean I was once contracted with the former Succubus Queen and some things happened which caused the former's powers to go to me when the old Queen died of injuries, granted I didn't see that one coming mainly for the fact that I didn't think it was possible, but I guess when a Succubus is desperate to keep the throne in good hands, they do desperate things, but that's a story for later, for now I'm starving… so… know how I can get more food here?, just got into town." Emerald said with a grin on his face… either he didn't realize what kind of info he just revealed or he didn't care that he did.

Everyone else was surprised at the story before Tibet chuckles before speaking.

"Well if you need to get more food, there's a market that's a few blocks down. Payment would be to just have sex with the Vendor."

"Just to be clear… Female right?, like you and this scarred beauty here?" Emerald said while pointing a thumb at Red and Tibet with a teasing grin on his face.

Said duo did blush before Tibet spoke.

"Yes. Now the Vendor has a prosthetic leg but she can still get some nice action. Just ask Me-Mow. She was able to impress her." She said with a grin that made Me-Mow blush a bit brightly.

"Oh ho… maybe I should have a little fun with you if a quarter of the things about you I heard are true." Emerald said with a lustful tone when he looked Me-Mow up and down with a pleased eyes.

Me-Mow's blush grew a bit when she saw the Incubus look at her.

"Still, it will be after I get back… might as well sample the local cuisine here… then eat some food hehe." Emerald said before he starts to walk out of the building and after a moment of looking around, saw a sign that said Market few blocks away before he starts to walk to it and the ladies saw him grinning the entire time when he left, seems this place was like a second paradise for him which made Lillum giggle before saying this.

"Hehe, seems like Emerald will be awhile depending on how much food he might get, so… want to talk about some things while we wait or do something to pass the time?" Lillum said with a grin on her face, seems the human part of Emerald didn't shock her as much as it did the others.

Bubblegum and Me-Mow were most confuse before Bubblegum spoke up.

"You're not shocked at what Emerald said about his past?"

"Well… would explain a few things, I mean unlike other Succubus's and Incubus's, Emerald does seem a bit too controlled for a normal sex demon, I mean I get that they are crafty but he does things that would make it seem like he cares more than a real sex demon… I mean you two heard my story right?... would a sex demon really care enough to try and stop me like that?, actually take the time to try and make it so that I won't make a mistake that I can't take back?, and then there is your Marcy friend for another, and he was able to make some pretty good intelligent moments during your trial Bubblegum, would most Sex demons actually be able to do that normally?, most of the time they have sex on the brain and wouldn't really care but I could be wrong." Lillum said while looking at Bubblegum and Me-Mow while reminding them subtly about her past attempt at suicide and how Emerald stopped her from doing that.

Me-Mow and Bubblegum, mostly Bubblegum, did take a moment to think on this and they had witness Emerald acting different than a normal sex demon... plus they did hear how he saved Lillum from killing herself so she did bring a good point.

"Well all this does is tell that if Finn does become a Incubus… well… he could make a contract with you Bubblegum or just ignore that since you will live for a long time and you and Finn can have as much fun as you want…" Lillum said with a teasing tone while she smiles at the Candy Royal.

Bubblegum was blushing brightly when she heard that before she actually starts to picture Finn as an Incubus along with the idea of her and him having sex.

"And don't forget that he could shapeshift as well… maybe he could turn into something from your wildest fantasies if you want… I mean just think of all the dirty stuff you two could do together." Lillum said with a teasing tone when she got a bit closer to Bubblegum and sat next to her… seems she was enjoying the teasing she was doing to Bubblegum right now.

Bubblegum's blush grew deeper at the idea before she actually felt her legs getting a bit wet.

Lillum noticed somewhat thanks to the front of Bubblegum's loincloth getting a bit damp before saying this when she placed and arm around Bubblegum and gripped the Candy Princess's breast to play with it.

"My my, seems we have a dirty girl here… what do you ladies say we give her a good time and hopefully give her a reason to think about us instead." Lillum said to Me-Mow, Red, and Tibet with a lustful grin and a look in her eyes.

Me-Mow blinks while Tibet and Red grins before Tibet spoke.

"Sure I'm game. Been meaning to try that sweet bubblegum."

"Count me in." Red said with a lustful look.

Lillum chuckles before looking to Me-Mow with Red and Tibet doing the same to see if the feline would join in.

Me-Mow blinks a bit for being put on the spot before she shrugged and said this.

"Not like I have anything else to do."

Lillum grins before looking to Bubblegum before she starts to fondle the Princess again.

"Well Bubblegum… ready to have some fun with four sexy ladies while we wait for Emerald to get back?" Lillum said while she used a finger to touch Bubblegum's chin and moved her head to have Bubblegum look at her.

Bubblegum moans at first from having her breasts fondled before her face blushed before speaking.


Lillum and the others grin before the scene went to Emerald who was walking through the marketplace before he saw the vendor with the prosthetic leg and approached her.

"Hey, I'm new here and just so I don't have the wrong person, you the food vendor here?" Emerald asked while giving the vendor a charming smile.

The vendor blushed a blit when she saw Emerald before speaking up.

"You guessed it handsome." She said with a slight grin.

"Well I am here for some food, you remember the feline with Tibet?, well there was an event away from here and I want to celebrate by throwing a large feast, I think there was enough food for about 5 to 6 people in that bag right?, think you can double that with a second bag… if I make it worth your while?" Emerald said while grinning at the Vendor to let her know that he knew what the payment was already.

The Vendor blinked for a bit before giving Emerald a lecherous grin when she said this.

"If you can please me like that sexy feline, I'll triple it."

"Alright… and just FYI…" Emerald said when he leaned over the counter and gave the Vendor a lustful look.

"I'm the fucking king of sex demons, so better expect to be in a pleasure induced coma by the time I'm done with you, so to humor me, mind setting things up first by making the pack of food for me and then I'll rock your world?... I'm sure that can be a simple thing to do for a beautiful woman like yourself." Emerald said while his eyes glow a little and his body radiated a dominating pressure to show the vendor he was serious.

The Vendor, though blinked in surprise, blushed for being called beautiful, before she went ahead and made sure to prepare Emerald's package.

Emerald then waits at the counter for a bit sinse he wants to be sure that the Vendor could have ample time to prep the food, he was in no rush after all and did want to see what this Vendor could do in the bedroom… or in public if the people around him having sex was a common thing here.

It took about 3 minutes before the Vendor, with a bit help of some employees, came back with big bag of food.

"Here you go my good sir. This is triple than what I gave to the princess."

Emerald then surprised the vendor and her employees by using one hand to lift the entire package up and after a moment of thought, said this.

"Not bad, so… do I please these ladies as well since they were so kind to help?" Emerald said while his muscles flexed a bit while he held up the package single handedly.

The women, which consists of 3, blushed when they saw his muscles before the Vendor chuckled when she said this.

"Why not? My girls work hard and make sure they're rewarded." She said with a grin.

"Great, and to make sure this stuff isn't stolen or anything…" Emerald said before he snapped his fingers and the package vanished before saying this before questions are asked.

"I just stored this so I can summon it later, I can summon it back if you want, but I believe I have multiple woman to put into pleasure induced comas… so… want it here in the open so I can show everyone how good I am or do you have a bed in there that we can use… either works for me since I don't mind getting down and dirty in the dirt here, heard there is am enchanted hotspring so I can wash off later." Emerald said while he sent the ladys a lustful look while he waits for their answer.

"Eh… I have no problem doing it here. The feline with Tibet did it with in the open while everyone watched." The Vendor said.

"Alright…." Emerald said before he snapped his fingers and his pants vanished which left him in the nude and everyone of the ladies saw his nude in full… and his dick which quickly sprung to life while he grins at the reactions they had before he said this.

"So… who goes first?" Emerald said before he fell silent to wait for an answer.

The three women looked to one another before the one in the middle raised her hand.

All Emerald did was just gesture for her to approach him while he gave her a more lustful look, seems he was about to get serious right now.

The Jackal woman blushed a bit before she walk towards the Incubus.

A moment later, Emerald reached to lightly grip the underside of her jaw before pulling her face in for a kiss, granted the Jackal Amazon's had more jackal like heads which made kisses hard, but it seems Emerald had practice with various humanoids and was able to adapt quickly while his other hand went to the womans ass and gripped it with a surprisingly rough grip, seems Emerald was using the desires of the women right now and the one right now loved to be Dominated.

The Jackal woman was at first surprised by this action before she melts into the kiss before she wraps her arms around Emerald's torso.

Emerald chuckles a bit before saying this when he pulled away from the kiss.

"Just to let you know… I can read every one of your lustful desires… so to all who are about to get it on with me… well… I am aiming to please here so…" Emerald said before he surprised the Jackal woman before him when he used his right foot to sweep her feet out from under her and with a surprisingly quick movement with the others, the Amazon woman realized she was now sitting on the ground and Emerald had roughly gripped her head with a surprisingly strong grip and placed the head of his dick in front of her mouth while he grins.

The Jackal woman was shocked by that sudden action, but deep down she was more shock about Emerald finding out about her desires.

However since she's about to have sex with him… who cares.

That's when the Jackal woman opens her mouth and swallows Emerald's dick as best as she could before the woman starts bobbing her head even if she made gag noises.

Emerald had to groan from that for a moment before he looked to the other ladies and the Vendor right now before saying this.

"In case you ladies didn't know, Succubus's and Incubus's can use the desires of their lover to really make them heated… for example…" Emerald said before he forced the Jackal woman blowing him to fully deepthroat his dick and held her there for a few seconds to say this.

"This bitch here loves to be dominated by anyone and getting treated like this is making her soaked right now… take a good look if you ladies don't believe me." Emerald said when he pulled the Jackal Amazon woman's head off of his dick and roughly pulled her so that she was on her hands and knees and her ass was pointed at the vendor and her co-workers to show her pussy to them.

Surprisingly the folds of her pussy shows that she's very soaked which meant that she enjoys to be manhandled.

"So… think I'm bullshitting you all when I can make you my bitches here and now if I wanted in various ways… for example… you Miss Vendor… well… you have a surprisingly romantic side to you so I might as well take my time with pleasing you… that one there, the one to your left… really likes Anal… and the one to your right, well… seems I may make her into a mother if she wants a kid that badly." Emerald said while talking with the others after he forced the Jackal woman on the ground to deep throat his dick again before he gripped her head and starts to face fuck her without mercy.

The Vendo blinks in surprise before she looks at the other 2 employees before seeing their blushing looks on their faces which means that Emerald was right again.

"So… after I'm through with this bitch here, who is next?, the Anal loving bitch or the one who wants to be a breeder?, I'll save you dear Vendor for last since I will have to take my time to get you to call my name." Emerald said while he grins to the others before slamming himself balls deep into the Jackal woman's mouth and held her there for about 5 seconds to make her choke on his cock.

The three Jackal women blushed while the one getting face fucked was muffly moaning loud while enjoying the taste of the Incubus's dick.

A moment later, Emerald pulled her head away and pushed her onto her back roughly and with a look of a King dominating a subject… said this with a lustful grin.

"Spread those legs bitch… I'm about to show you why I'm a fucking Sex demon king!" Emerald said with a tone that was full of domination in it.

The Jackal woman pants a bit while surprised when she heard that before she spreads her legs to show Emerald her soaked folds.

Emerald grins and a moment later, he was on top of the Jackal woman before he aimed his dick at her folds right before he slammed himself inside and just starts thrusting as hard and as fast as he could, it was like he was really trying to break her down.

"GAAAAHHH!" The Jackal woman yelps before moaning loud from how good getting her pussy pounded.

"So bitch, how do you like my cock?... how do you like getting dominated?… I want you to tell everyone here how much of a bitch you are… I want you to tell everyone how badly you want a cock!" Emerald ordered while he keeps on thrusting without mercy into the Amazon Jackal's pussy while the vendor and the other two co-workers saw and heard everything.

The Amazon Jackal was moaning loud with ecstasy before speaking up.

"Y-You're cock is… a-amazing! I-I enjoyed getting dominated greatly!... I'm a bitch that wants to be dominated by cocks 24/7!"

"Hehe…. And if I see you later, no matter where you are… no matter the time… what will you do if I give you an order to spread your legs or get on all fours?" Emerald asked while he moved a bit to grip the woman's waist and starts to thrust deeply into her and bashed through her cervix in one go to get his dickhead in her womb before he starts to bash into it constantly.

The woman's eyes widen before she moans loud and spoke up.

"I-I do it and… b-beg you to fuck me."

Emerald grins at that before saying this when he felt his dick twitching.

"Good girl… so… so you want a treat for your mouth or pussy?... I'm in a good mood so I'll let you decide… better choose fast or your womb is getting the largest creampie it will not be able to hold!" Emerald said before he starts to thrust like a madman possessed.

The Jackal woman groans before she said this.


Emerald grins before he slammed himself inside before roaring… and a moment later, the Vendor, the co-workers, and many onlookers who saw and heard what was going on practically saw the Co-worker's womb bloat greatly and quickly when Emerald did what he said and made her look a few months pregnant with how much he shot into her, if it wasn't for his large dick, semen would have gushed from her practically destroyed hole.

The Jackal woman moans loud when she felt her womb getting filled up before she climaxed hard on Emerald's dick.

Emerald in turn grit his teeth before he rides out his orgasm and when he tapped off, he carefully pulled himself free of the Worker's pussy and a moment later, semen starts to flow from her overfilled snatch while Emerald stepped to the side to admire his handiwork, and this all happened in the span of a few minutes.

The Jackal woman's body shudders a bit while she enjoys the afterglow before Emerald looked to the Vendor and her employees before saying this with a grin.

"So… who's next?" Emerald asked while his dick stood tall.

The Vendor and her two employees blinked in surprise before the Jackal woman that likes anal spoke up.

"I'll take a piece of that." She said with a lustful grin.

"Well then… either get on all fours or place your hands on the walls… either way I'm about to make it so you won't sit right for a fucking year." Emerald said while he approached the Worker with a grin on his face.

The Jackal woman grins before she walk towards a wall and placed her palm of her hands on the wall before she shook her ass to entice Emerald.

Emerald however didn't need much when he got behind the woman and a moment later after gripping her ass cheeks and moved them apart, he used his lubed up dick and practically repeats when he did with the previous woman and jammed himself all the way inside in one go before he starts to fuck her ass without mercy, he even used his right hand to spank her ass cheeks which slowly starts to turn them red from how much strength he was using.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" The Jackal woman moans while enjoying getting her ass fucked and spanked.

Emerald grins from that reaction before he keeps up his actions while the vendor and the last remaining worker in the meantime…

The Vendor stares at the scene with wide eyes while the third co-worker blushed brightly seeing Emerald go like an animal before she imagined herself being in that position but only to her pussy since she really wants a kid.

A few minutes later, with the Co-Worker getting ass fucked and cumming multiple times, Emerald said this when he was getting close.

"Get ready bitch, going to fill your ass up in a moment!, and you saw how productive I can be, word of warning, aside from succubus's who absorbed my semen, others practically coughed up mine, so fair warning if you think you can take it up the ass!" Emerald growled out when he thrusts harder and harder and he gripped the Co-Workers's asscheeks which were sore beyond belief from how red they looked right now.

The Jackal woman groans a bit before she continues to moan before saying this.

"D-Do it!... FILL MY ASS UP!"

Emerald chuckles before saying this.

"Alright… can't say I didn't warn you… HERE I CUM!" Emerald said before he roars when he hilts himself in her ass and starts to fill her up quickly, and not even 30 seconds later, her stomach bloats before she made a funny face before her mouth opens and the vendor and the other co-worker saw her actually coughing or puking up large quantities of semen while others looked on in shock.

The Jackal woman was shocked at the amount Emerald released before as she continues to cough while trying to hold her ground.

About 30 seconds later, Emerald tapped off before he pulled free of the Amazon's ass and a moment later she fell to the ground and coughed up semen a few more times and was able to breath again.

"D-Damn…" She weakly said while still trying to catch her breath.

Emerald chuckles before slapping her ass once before he turned to the Vendor and the final co-worker and said this to the final employee.

"So… you want a kid huh?, Well why don't we switch things up and let you ride my dick, or do you have a position in mind?" Emerald asked before he waits for the answer.

The Jackal woman blushed brightly before she spoke up.

"I would like to… r-ride you."

"Well then my dear… time to sit on your throne." Emerald said before he sat on a nearby chair and his dick stood like a tower.

The Jackal woman gulps while blushing big before she approaches Emerald.

A moment later, the Jackal woman climbs on top before she positioned her soaked folds above the Incubus's dick.

It was only a few seconds before she took a deep breath and lowers herself before she felt Emerald's dick entering her pussy causing her to groan before grinding her teeth.

Emerald just sat there while he watches the woman work at her own pace an Emerald could work with that.

The Jackal woman continues to lower down while she grinds her teeth a bit for a few moments before she was finally at the hilt.

Emerald groans from the feeling before saying this.

"Not bad… not bad at all, start at anytime. You like." Emerald said while he reached forward and gripped the Amazon's breasts before he starts fondling them.

The Amazon Jackal groans before letting out a slight moan from that action.

She then took a few deep breaths before she raised her hips and slams it back down before repeating the action.

Emerald groans from that before he starts to please the woman's breasts by pinching her nipples and to his surprise, felt breast milk leak out which made him say this.

"Damn… either your already a mother or your body is all ready for a soon to be bun in the oven… either way, I'll be knocking you up like you want…." Emerald said before he starts to lick and suck at the woman's neck.

The Amazon Jackal woman shudders before speaking up.

"T-Thank you… My breasts… l-lactate when I'm in… h-heat and ready to be… k-knocked up!" She said before moaning.

"Hehe… well then… how about I do this!" Emerald said before he used his magic to make the Amazon float up for a moment before she was turned to sit on Emer's dick fully while facing him now… and when he saw her leaking breasts, he latched his mouth on the right nipple and starts sucking hard to drink the breast milk and his right hand went to play with her left breast and after a minute of drinking, switched breasts.

The Amazon woman was at first surprised before she shudders and moans before wrapping her arms around Emerald's head to get him closer to her breasts.

Emerald mentally chuckles before he starts to lightly thrust his dick up into the woman's pussy, he placed his hands on her ass to help her bounce harder on his dick.

The Amazon Jackal moans and groans from the pleasure before she wrapped her legs around Emerald's waist and continues to hug him.

Emerald in turn would have grinned, but his mouth was full so he stood up on his feet before he starts to lift and lower the woman on his dick while the vendor who was watching had this thought when she saw that Emerald wasn't slowing down.

'My Glob… it's like he was given an unlimited supply of stamina. He could do a 100 women and still not stop.'

A bit later, after the Jackal woman came a few times, Emerald pulled his head away before saying this.

"Better get ready my dear… going to give you the knock up of your life!" Emerald growled out before he starts to thrust his dick in and out of the woman's pussy without slowly down at all.

The woman was moaning loud before she said this.

"Yes please keep going! Let me bear you a child!"

Emerald grins before he pulled back once and thrusts himself balls deep into the Jackal Amazon's pussy before the vendor saw her womb bloat like a balloon and Emerald held himself inside of the Woman's pussy and his semen practically starts to leak out from how much he unloads into the woman on his dick.

The Jackal woman moans loud with ecstasy as she feels her womb getting filled up before she climaxed hard on Emerald's dick causing the insides to squeeze around it in a tight grip.

A minute later, Emerald tapped off before he pulled himself out of the Woman's pussy and his semen flowed out of her pussy in waves while Emerald took a moment to float so that he wouldn't step in it before saying this to the barely conscious woman.

"Hehe, better get ready to be constantly horny… bearing a sex demon's child will have you go for anything for sex, we like to absorb a bit of life energy from our partners, not enough to really cause damage, just enough to make you feel like you're starving but a good meal with fix that… and the same thing will happen with the child to help it develop, the more sex before being born, the stronger it will be when the kid is born." Emerald said to inform the woman that he held in the air.

The Jackal woman was surprised to hear that before she weakly nods her head at the Incubus before she said this.

"K-Kiss… me."

Emerald chuckles before he did just that for a minute while his tongue went into her mouth to fight with her tongue.

The Jackal woman moans into the kiss before she had her tongue fight back a bit while she hugs him.

Emerald pulled away after a minute before he said this while he used his magic to set the woman next to the anal loving one who was laying on her front to keep her ass from getting on the ground while the submissive one was just left in the puddle of semen she was laying in.

"If you ever want a repeat, well you know where the bondage Kingdom is, Lillum is my contractor so just give her a call and she will send me to any of you, will be easy to find you all if you work here hehe." Emerald said with a teasing tone to the three downed Co-workers.

The three Jackal women blushed brightly before they nod their nod heads at the Incubus.

Emerald chuckles again before he looked to the Vendor and said this.

"So… how loving do you want me to be?, if you want the full package… why don't we do a bit of roleplay as Husband and wife and it's our honeymoon?" Emerald suggests while he walked up to the Vendor with a lustful look in his eyes and his dick was still erect.

The Vendor blushed a bit brightly when she heard the suggestion before she actually nods her head to try it out.

"Hehe… so… Wife… want to have some fun here or in the bedroom?, Your call my dear." Emerald said with a teasing tone to his voice.

The Vendor blushed again before she spoke up.

"T-The bedroom… dear."

Emerald grins before he walked next to the Vendor and surprised her by picking her up bridal style and starts walking into the building that the Vendor and said this.

"So my dear… live here or elsewhere?, And before I get back into character… may I ask your name beautiful?, Like I said before… names Emerald, King of Sex demons." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

The Vendor, though surprised, blushed brightly before she spoke up.


"Well… have a cute nickname for a beautiful name like that?, Or no?, I can work with Elizabeth, but was curious." Emerald asked before he surprised the Vendor, now known as Elizabeth, by kissing her lightly on the lips and pulled away to see her reaction.

Elizabeth blushed brightly again before she said this.

"E-Elly… I'm sometimes called Elly ."

"Well Elly… mind telling me where do you live?" Emerald asked while giving her a charming smile.

Elizabeth blushed before speaking up.

"J-Just across the street." She said while pointing at said direction.

Emerald grins before he walked in the direction before he stopped in front of a home and said this.

"This the place?, Just being sure if I went one over by accident." Emerald asked when he looked at homes… that looked exactly the same.

"Yes this is the place." Elizabeth said.

"Well then… before we go in… Iris, can you appear please?" Emerald said to the confusion of the Vendor when she wonders who this Iris was.

Her question was answered when a puff of smoke appears for a moment before it disappears and out comes Iris before she spoke.

"You call Master?"

"Well first off, sorry if I interrupted you and how is Finn and Ruby?, second how is BMO since an hour or close to it passed by now?, and third, I'm finishing a deal and role-playing as this lovely lady's husband, but I got quite a bit of food for Lillum and the others from her, mind delivering it for me?" Emerald asked while Iris saw the Vendor with the artificial leg.

Iris blinked for a moment before she smiles a bit at the duo before speaking.

"Well first, no worries since I wasn't doing much. Also Finn and Ruby are fine. They're just resting but surprisingly Finn seems to really like your daughter 'cause I saw him wrapped his arms around Ruby in a loving embrace. Second, the upgrade went successful. All BMO is doing now is recharging since it seems to be tired. Third I will deliver the food while you have fun with your... wife." She said before winking at Emerald which caused the Vendor to blush brightly and Emerald chuckles before he used a slight gesture and snaps his fingers before the large amount of food was summoned and it starts dropping down towards Iris.

Iris blinked for a amount before she shrugs and catched the bag like it was nothing before it crashed on to her.

"So where do I take it Master?" She asked.

"Just try to sense out Lillum, she will have some of my energy in her thanks to the contract we have." Emerald said before he turned to Elizabeth's door and used his magic to open it before he walked in while being careful to not harm Elizabeth before the door closed which left Iris on her own.

Iris surprisingly chuckled when she saw that before she did what the Incubus said and sensed where Lillum was before she starts walking to said direction.

Meanwhile with Emerald and Elizabeth, Emerald took a moment to look around the place to see what the room looks like.

It looks like a regular room with a king size bed.

"Hmm… cozy… "Emerald said before he looks to Elizabeth and said this.

"So… my dear Elli… shall we start?" Emerald said with a lustful tone when he got back in character.

Elizabeth blushed before she spoke up.

"Y-Yes… darling."

Emerald grins before he walked to the bed and gently set Elizabeth on the bed before saying this.

"So my dear Elli…. How do you want to start?, Your wish… is my command." Emerald said before he bent down and kissed Elizabeth on the lips and pulled away and gave Elizabeth a charming smile.

Elizabeth blushed a bit before she spoke up.

"I would like to… suck your cock."

"Very well… let me get comfy." Emerald said before he got on the bed and moved to sit at the head of the bed and spreads his legs to show his dick to Elizabeth, he used his magic to clean his dick and waits for Elizabeth to act.

Elizabeth blushes before she scoots closer.

That's when she leans in, opens her mouth and swallows the head of Emerald's dick before she tries to take it a bit deeper.

Emerald let's out a pleased groan from that before he let's Elizabeth work his dick, he wasn't going to rush things since he was playing the role of the loving husband right now.

Though he did lightly pet Elizabeth's head to egg her on a bit but that's all he did.

Elizabeth blushed from that action which caused her to take more of the Incubus's dick in her mouth before she starts bobbing her head.

"Oh yeah…. Really nice… gotta say, you ladies in this tribe really know how to please a lover and look like you can really kick ass, my kind of lady my dear, and that artificial leg just showed how hard you kicked ass before becoming a vendor huh?" Emerald said while he enjoys the feeling of Elizabeth's mouth and how good she was doing.

Elizabeth was too busy sucking on Emerald's dick to respond before she gently grabbed his balls before massaging them and use her tongue to lick the head of the Incubus's dick.

Emerald in turn groans before he continues to let Elizabeth work his dick while he watched her head bob on his dick while he wonders what Elizabeth was thinking, he may know her desires but that was about it.

Said Jackal woman, as she continues to bob her head had this thought.

'Wow… his cock tastes so good. And I can't believe he's helping me by living my fantasy. Although... it would be much better if it was real. Wonder if I can get in on a real relationship with Emerald.'

After a minute to two more, Emerald cleared his throat to get Elizabeth's attention before he said this.

"So… Elli… mind if I return the favor after you did so well?... wouldn't be fair if I was the only one to feel good after all… got to make sure my cute wife is satisfied after all." Emerald said with a teasing grin on his face.

Elizabeth blushed from being called cute before she sent Emerald a wink which meant she agrees before she had her tongue lick the tip of his dick.

Emerald in turn shudders before he said this.

"Mind pulling away then?, I'll need to get on my back to please you… or do you want to lay on the bed and let your hubby do the work?" Emerald said with a teasing tone.

Elizabeth acknowledges it before she slowly pulls her mouth away and a moment later you hear a pop sound before she spoke.

"Lay on your back… my dear husband." She said while blushing a bit.

Emerald chuckles before he surprised Elizabeth by moving and kissed her on the lips before he moved again and turned to lay on his back and waits for Elizabeth to move.

Elizabeth was indeed surprise before she climbs on top of Emerald before she shifts her body around before her face was again staring at Emerald's dick while her ass was above the Incubus's face.

Emerald in turn gripped her ass and shocked her a little when she felt Emerald licking her asshole and her pussy at the same time, sometimes switching to focus on one or the other while his hands fondles her toned asscheeks.

Elizabeth shudders and moans a bit before she opens her mouth and swallows Emerald's dick again before she went back to bobbing her head a little hard.

Time then passed to much later with Emerald eating her out while he surprised Elizabeth by not coming after 10 minutes while Elizabeth came again and again.

Elizabeth continues to bob her head before thinking this.

'My Glob it's been 10 minutes and he hasn't come once while I climaxed multiple times. He's really committed on pleasing his women even if I pretend to be the wife he'll still do it. Could I possibly found the man of my dreams?'

Another minute later, Emerald pulled his head away from Elizabeth's soaked pussy before saying this.

"Well Elizabeth, want to take this to the next step?, if so, just name the position." Emerald said with a smile on his face.

Elizabeth blushed before she pulls her head away before saying this.

"R-Reverse cowgirl."

"Oh ho… so you want to ride me huh?, well like I said to the last woman… your throne awaits." Emerald said while he lightly slapped her ass a few times with his hands.

Elizabeth jolts before she turns her body around before she was face Emerald.

Then she made sure to position her folds above the Incubus's dick before she lowers down and felt her pussy swallowing Emerald's dick.

Elizabeth groans while she grinds her teeth a bit as she felt Emerald's dick going in a bit deeper.

Emerald just laid on the bed for now to let Elizabeth go at her own pace while he took a moment to look at her artificial leg and had a thought… but kept quiet for now when he had an idea in mind for later when he looked back to Elizabeth's face.

Elizabeth continues to go lower while groaning before she had this thought.

'S-So… big.'

Emerald then felt his dickhead bump into Elizabeth's cervix before he said this when he saw that she managed to take most of his dick into her pussy.

"Hehe, not bad… how does it feel to have a cock like this in you?, did anyone else get that deep?, and if so, then do they have the same control I have?" Emerald asked while he lightly adjusts himself on the bed which made his dick wiggle inside of Elizabeth's pussy.

Elizabeth groans a bit before speaking up.

"Y-Your cock… feels so good and… b-big. T-There were few back then but neither of them were able to get that deep."

"Hehe, glad to know… take your time, roleplay or not I want to make sure you feel good so enjoy being with the King of sex demons… and not trying to brag but I didn't get that title for no reason after all." Emerald said while he waits for Elizabeth to feel relaxed.

Elizabeth took a moment or two to get adjusted before she took a deep breath and and starts bouncing on Emerald's dick.

Emerald lets out a slight groan from that before he said this when a minute passed.

"Not bad… how about this." Emerald said before he reached up and gripped her breasts before he starts to fondle them while not being to rough with the large breasts.

Elizabeth groans a bit which causes her to bounce a bit harder which in turn caused Emerald to grin before he lightly bounced his hips to have Elizabeth get a slight bit deeper onto his dick which pushed into her cervix a little.

Elizabeth groans again before moaning a bit loud while still bouncing hard.

A few minutes later, Emerald felt his dick pulsing in Elizabeth's pussy before he said this to his bouncing *Wife*

"I'm about to cum my dear… hope you don't mind if I cum inside." Emerald said while he starts fondling Elizabeth's breasts and thrusting his hips a little faster which caused his dick to enter and exit Elizabeth's pussy at a faster pace.

Elizabeth was now moaning loud before she said this.

"D-Do it… fill my womb with your thick semen. I want to bear us a child. But kiss me when you cum… my love."

Emerald raised an eyebrow from that when he could tell it was more than just a roleplay thing… but he wasn't complaining before saying this.

"Very well… time to skip the roleplay and give you a creampie like no other… especially if you want to get knocked up by me!" Emerald said before he surprised Elizabeth by pushing himself up and with Elizabeth falling onto her back with Emerald gripping her legs when he stood up which gave Elizabeth a perfect view of seeing Emerald towering over her with his cock still in her which slowly pulsed from an approaching orgasm before he starts to lift and lower his dick into The Vendor's pussy.

Elizabeth was groaning and moaning a bit loud with ecstasy before feeling her own orgasm approaching.

A minute later, Emerald grits his teeth before he opened his mouth before roaring when he hilts Elizabeth's pussy and came hard in her womb when he busts right into her womb which quickly overfilled it.

"AAAAHHH!" Elizabeth moans loud when she felt her womb getting filled before she felt her pussy tightened when she climaxed hard on the Incubus's dick.

About 30 to 40 seconds later, Emerald tapped off before he pulled free of Elizabeth's pussy before he lets go of her legs which dropped her body to the bed fully.

He took a moment to look at Elizabeth to see if she was about to pass out or not, his plan for now would work best if she was asleep, but he could have more fun with her first.

Surprisingly Elizabeth was not done yet. Seems she's tougher than she looks as she tries to catch her breath before speaking.

"O-Oh… Emerald." She said with deep blush on her face.

Emerald chuckles before he said this.

"Well then, seems my work with you is not yet done… good thing I can see a tasty ass next." Emerald said with a grin on his face while his dick pulsed with blood.

Elizabeth blushes before she took a moment or to two to collect herself and managed to get on her hands and knees before she said this.

"All for you my sexy husband." She said with a slight smile before she shook her ass a bit to entice Emerald.

Emerald grins at that before time passed to a bit later with Emerald who had a smug look on his face was getting off the bed while Elizabeth in the meantime…

Elizabeth's body shudders while you see some of it covered by Emerald's semen especially her breasts.

She also has a very pleased but fucked up look while her tongue was out.

Emerald chuckles before he said this.

"You can sleep now, don't want to have a beauty like you missing some well deserved sleep." Emerald said while he looked to her with one eye when he turned his head to look at her.

Elizabeth blushed brightly before she closed her eyes and starts sleeping peacefully.

Emerald waits for a few minutes to see if she was fully asleep before he would act, he wanted to really surprise her when she woke up later.

Luckily for him the Jackal woman was indeed sound asleep before she lets out a cute snore.

Emerald chuckles before he waved his hand over Elizabeth and the semen on her and all other filth like sweat that built up and other things got cleaned from her body.

When that was done… he looked at her prosthetic leg and grins when he knew this would really surprise Elizabeth later while the scene shifts to when Emerald exits the house and he starts walking back to Tibet's place.

When he got there, he saw some people eating or getting it on with one another but Me-Mow wasn't in the room before saying this.

"Hey everyone, sorry if I'm late, hope Iris explained what happened." Emerald said with a grin on his face to get everyone's attention.

Everyone turned their attention to Emerald before Tibet grins at the Incubus when she asked this.

"Oh don't worry, she has. So how was Elizabeth?"

"Well she and one other maybe carrying me kid and may have a bitch who will practically follow my orders for mind blowing sex… and maybe a plus one… but… all in all with the gift I left Elizabeth, she maybe a new wife for me or something… hehe, sometimes I'm way too generous for my own good." Emerald said before finishing with that cryptic tone before he walked past Iris and Red while Red fucked Bubblegum's ass gently while she ate and Emerald grabbed some grub before he starts eating.

Bubblegum was moaning and groaning as she was enjoying getting her ass pounded.

"So, I'm guessing Me-Mow is going to the leader or with her already?, heard about that rumor from a few people so I'm guessing word got around." Emerald said after he finished eating a drumstick in record time, guess he worked up an appetite.

Most were shocked before Tibet spoke.

"Yeah… she's with my mom to help relieve some stress. Seems the kitty is doing everything she can to earn the tribe's forgiveness."

"I see, well if Me-Mow uses some of the things I heard from Lillum, then your mom will be in good hands, just don't expect her to be back soon if your mom likes her, you may get a sister if Me-Mow gets her going, heard Milf's who are leaders are really backed up so to speak… hehehe." Emerald said before he chuckles again before he starts to munch on his meal again.

Tibet chuckles before speaking up.

"Well that depends on my mom though I don't mind another sibling. I will admit despite what I heard… the kitty grew on me. Heard rumors that one of Lillum's brothers has a thing for her. Wonder which one will agree to share." She said with a grin.

"Hehe, well knowing Lillum's family, Obsidian may want to have some fun with your mom… well… considering he's older than he looks, I don't think people will complain much, and since you have a thing for Me-Mow it seems, maybe there is a mother daughter combo or something in the future if he wants to have some fun… Hehe." Emerald said before chuckling again before he dug back into his meal after drinking some tea.

Tibet, though blushed a tiny bit, did chuckle before she went back to eating as well.

The scene then shifts to Me-Mow while she got in the Village leader's home after asking some directions before she found herself at a massive door, looked too heavy to open herself… guess she will have to knock.

Me-Mow gulps before she nervously knocks on the door.

A moment later, large footsteps were heard which oddly got softer and softer when the footsteps approached the door… and and a small part of it in front of Me-Mow opened, most likely for the smaller residence to use… before Me-Mow saw a much smaller Leader of all things who was slightly taller than her… What the Glob!?

Me-Mow blinks for a moment before speaking up.

"Um… hello?"

"Glad you're here, follow me to my bedroom so we can start, and before you ask, shrinking magic, I doubt you could handle me at my full size, allowed me to knock up Tibet's mother, she will be back soon so expect a possible threeway." The shrunken leader said while she held the door open for Me-Mow.

Me-Mow was a bit shocked when she heard that before she gulped a bit and entered the building.

A moment later, she saw that the place was well furnished and well stocked with provisions, most likely for the leaders real size, makes sense.

"Need a meal before we start?, or after?, you'll be helping with stress relief after all so might as well get something for it, getting the tribes forgiveness is one thing, but at least I can reward you in my own way." the leader said while she leads Me-Mow to a large door which, like the entrance, had a built in hidden door to allow easy access for the duo and they saw a large bed to fit the leaders massive frame and saw a built in stairway next to it to allow them to walk up the stairs and onto the bed with ease.

Me-Mow was indeed surprised when she saw that before she spoke up.

"So… shall we get started then?"

"Indeed, so… how do we start since your the one doing the work for now and I heard you have a few spells to allow you to drain or fuck away fatigue, but those could be rumors so I could be wrong." The Leader said when she turned to look at Me-Mow with crossed arms.

Me-Mow did blush a bit before she nods her head at the leader.

"Great, so just tell me what to do and we can start, do I need to grow a cock cause I can." The leader said before she used a slight wave of her hand and summoned a dick which was around 10 to 12 inches in length, she must have held back since Tibet is larger then she is right now in her shrunken state.

Me-Mow blushed brightly when she saw that before she spoke up.

"W-Well… I can also grow a dick but if you want to use yours then there's no trouble."

"Might as well go ahead and grow one, we can alternate with you fucking me or sucking me off, I'm in no rush." The Leader said with a serious tone while she waits for Me-Mow's response.

Me-Mow blushes before she summoned her cock out.

The Leader took a moment to look at it before saying this.

"Not bad, so I guess the only thing I will ask is what do you want to start doing first." The Leader said while she waits for Me-Mow to speak.

Me-Mow gulps a bit before she said this.

"Well… I can give you a massage or you can ride me while I suck your cock."

"Hmmm… I'll go for the massage first, might as well see what kind of skills you have, better lube up my ass first since I heard you need to fuck my ass while doing that." The Leader said while she got on her front on the bed which showed how well muscled she was.

Me-Mow blushes a bit before she nervously approached the Leader's ass before she grips her ass cheeks.

That's when the feline assassin starts rub her dick on the Leader's ass.

The leaders lets out a slight groan from that but after that, she just waits for Me-Mow to do her thing since she really needed the relief right now.

Me-Mow then spreads the Leader's ass before she jams her dick inside the woman's asshole.

What she didn't expect was the leader letting out a growl of sorts before looking back at her with anger in her eyes.

"Watch it!, I said lube my ass up first!... better watch it next time or you won't even have to worry about going back to that Bondage Kingdom." The Leader growled out before she went back to lay on the bed and crossed her arms under her.

Me-Mow gulps a bit before speaking up.

"I-I'm sorry. Allow me to fix it." She said before she said some spell incantation that caused her dick to glow a bit that gave a green like color.

Surprisingly it was helping the Leader's ass feel more relaxed as it took away the pain.

The Leader lets out a groan from that before saying this.

"Better… but if I say lube up my ass, you better start licking understand?, I do feel better but try and remember my full size…. And I'm a leader here for a reason and your a prisoner… feel anger from that and try anything now… well… know I won't just lay here and your dick is in my ass, I can turn and break it off or have you under me and dispell this shrinking spell… put two and two together after that when your under my gigantic ass… not a pretty death dying under an ass." The leader said with a tone that said she wasn't kidding.

Me-Mow pales when she heard that before speaking up.

"I-I'm sorry… I'll make sure to remember." She said with a few tears leaking out.

The leader sighs when she noticed that before saying this.

"Stop crying!, I'm just giving you a warning, I mean what would you do if you had a dick jammed up your ass and it was bone dry?, would you be calm and collected?" The Leader asked while she tried to reason with Me-Mow.

"N-No." Me-Mow replies.

"Well then, calm down and start working, do well to make up for the dry ass fuck and I'll forget about it, understand?" The Leader said while flexing her ass a few times to get Me-Mow distracted by pleasure when it tightened greatly on her cock.

Me-Mow groans a bit which actually did distract her before she calms down.

"Yes." She said.

"Well then, get to work then, I'll stay silent for now." The Leader said before she did what she said and stays silent.

Me-Mow gulps before she brought her hands to the Leader's ass cheeks before she starts to gently massage them.

The leader gave out a pleased moan before time passed to much later with Me-Mow alternating in the massage in multiple ways while Me-Mow could feel how much stress she had and was surprised at the amount that was transfering into her and being turned into energy.

Me-Mow continues to do that before she starts going to the leader's back.

The door to the room then opened before Me-Mow heard this.

"Dear, I'm back, you on the bed right now?" A female voice said before steps were heard on the stairs before The Leader said this.

"Yeah, getting a massage from the person I spoke about." The Leader said before a surprisingly beautiful woman walked up to the bed, she looked like a Jackal Amazon but… didn't look as muscled, more like a regular woman with some tone to her body but it gave her a model like figure and had shining midnight black fur on her head that looked more well cared for then the other Amazon's here.

Me-Mow was shocked when she saw the woman while blushing a bit before she had this thought.

'What the?… She looks so different than the others. Could she be Tibet's mom?'

"So how was the meeting and who is this cute kitty?" The woman asked while walking up to Me-Mow and the Leader with careful steps.

Me-Mow gulps a bit before speaking up.

"I-I'm Me-Mow… a prisoner from the Bondage Kingdom."

"Ah, so you're trained in sex right?, heard that place is the go to place for getting down and dirty so its top tier is the sex department." The wife said while giving Me-Mow a lustful look.

Me-Mow blushes before she nods her head a bit.

"Well hope you don't mind if I watch and join in, I mean you are getting it on with my wife after all." The wife said while pointing a finger at the leader.

Me-Mow's eyes blinked in surprise before realizing her curiously was right before she spoke.

"I… don't mind. I'm only here to please whomever I'm with and do what I'm supposed to do." She said while trying to keep a straight face even though she's sad in the inside.

However the wife noticed when Me-Mow hesitates to answer before saying this.

"Aww… what's wrong?, don't want to have sex with you with a sad look, mind telling me what's going on?, you can keep going with my wife here if you want, she maybe large normally but she's a real softy, any threat she gave you is most likely a bluff after all." The Wife said while the Leader glared at her wife for a moment and looked away with a slight pout.

Me-Mow blinks for a moment when she heard that before she resumes massaging the Leader's back before speaking.

"It's something I said that made me feel terrible and regretted ever since."

"Well I heard about that threat thing, but you were under stress sweety, I mean if my wife really wanted to punished you, she would have had you do something demeaning here, but you are literally fucking the leader of one of the strongest tribes ass, not many can get that honor since you will have to do something to impress her and I guess threatening multiple woman from our tribe would do that, I mean we don't force others to have our kids after all, granted if its was a prisoner it maybe different, but didn't you know about an anti-pregnancy spell or pill?, I heard only red rings can get knocked up by force but you have a purple one on your neck, so why the tears and sadness since it already passed?" The Wife said while the Leader looked back at Me-Mow to hear her response.

Me-Mow continues to massage the leader's back and ass before speaking.

"I may have purple ring but I was helping out a special friend who holds a red ring. Anyway during the punishment, Lillum gave me an anti pregnancy pill thought she made me think it was a pregnancy pill which was the reason I said those things."

"I see, so the stress of it made you say that, well I can't say I can blame you since you were told you would have been knocked up, but I doubt she would have gone through with it with a Purple or black ring, must have been psychologically torture for you huh?" The wife said before she pulled in Me-Mow's head to hug her gently to try and comfort her.

Me-Mow, though surprised, lets out a few tears before speaking.

"It has. I felt so terrible saying those things. I almost compared myself to my old mother. She was more terrible than me. I was abused during childhood before being abandoned."

"Abused… what did she do?" The wife said with some worry while the Leader lets out a sigh before she pulled herself free of Me-Mow's grip and the assassin's dick slid out of her ass.

"Welp, I can't enjoy this now, try and get her to calm down while I get something to eat, I'll bring in something for you two if you two are hungry." The Leader said before she starts walking to the edge of the bed.

Me-Mow sees the Leader leaving before she spoke.

"Wait… I can calm down. I need to finish massaging you."

"Eh, consider this one a freeby then, we can try again later, might as well talk with my wife or have some fun with her if you want after you get what's bothering you gone, I'm not a person to force a person into having sex without a reason, I mean if someone attacked me, sure, I would fuck them without mercy, but all you did was jam your dick in me and you fixed that, so just talk with her and try and feel better, but I expect a decent massage tomorrow understand?" The Leader said while she keeps walking away and she got to the edge of the bed.

Me-Mow was a little surprise when she heard that suggestion before she spoke up.

"Yes ma'am."

"Good, now if you'll excuse me." The Leader said before she surprised Me-Mow by jumping off the bed and when she fades from view, a massive thud was heard before she starts growing to her full height and was soon seen standing over the duo and was looking down at them before she starts walking away, she was around Canyon's height but a head taller so she was a giant compared to the duo on the bed so she made loud thuds when she walked away.

Me-Mow was at first surprised when she saw the Leader grow like that before she saw her leave which left her and the wife alone.

That's when Me-Mow looks at the wife before speaking.

"I probably know the answer to this but… are you Tibet's mom?"

"Yup, my little girl is my pride and joy, many people are saying she is a good candidate for the seat of leader in a few years, thanks to some magic, she can shrink and grow like my wife here, but the size you see is her normal size, hope she was nice to you here and I hope you had fun as well… heard some spicy rumors from the marketplace and the hot spring about you, seems you enjoy it here more than you realize." The Wife said with a gentle smile on her face.

Me-Mow blushed a bit brightly before she nods her head at the wife since technically it was true.

"Well while we're waiting for a meal, want to talk about what your mother did… personally would love nothing more then to have her choke on my cock and have her put through hell right now, but we have no idea where she is, so why not do the next best thing and get everything that is worrying you off your sexy chest." The Wife said while she laid back on a pillow while she wasn't even hiding her body from Me-Mow.

Me-Mow blushes a bit before she actually lays down next to the wife before she spoke up.

"Well… she's an alcoholic. Sometimes she would throw an empty bottle at me if I did something stupid… which I don't. There's times where if didn't do a good job on my chores well… I don't get a meal and had to sleep outside with a tattered blanket. Had to find food through… garbage cans."

A ripping sound was heard which caused Me-Mow to look and saw that the wife's claws pierced the bed before she retracted them and said this with a calm smile on her face.

"Sorry, please, do go on." The Wife said with a kind smile on her face.

Me-Mow was a bit surprise when she saw that before speaking up.

"Yes well… this went on till one day, I wake up and see a later that said 'I'm on my own' which meant that she left me."

"I see…. How did you feel when that happened?, happy that your mother was gone?, sad that she couldn't do better?, angry she put you through all that?... where was your father through all of that?, an honorable person would stick by their mate if they were knocked up, not run." The Wife said with a serious but kind tone.

Me-Mow sighs sadly before speaking.

"Never knew who my dad was. Part of the reason I was abused was that my mom blames me for him leaving."

"I see…. Well know that I doubt your alone now, you got my daughter and her lover, your friends, Lillum if I heard a few things right in the spring, something about a massage area where you were taken to after your punishment day and what not, and that Bubblegum person, all in all, is the present as bad as the past?, I mean sure you are in a place where your forced into tiers daily sometimes, but considering you and this Bubblegum woman did something bad enough for it, can't put all the blame on others… I mean why do you have that ring in the first place?, you seem way to nice for that." The Wife said with a curious tone.

"Well… let's just say when I got older, I joined this group called the 'Guild of Assassins' and I was tasked to… eliminate my targets. One of them was a royal from the Wildberry kingdom. However that was foiled by the work of Finn and Jake. Because of that I was kicked out of the guild. That's when I became a bounty hunter. Didn't pay much like the Guild but was able to help me get by till I saw those heroes again. Although they were doing a game and I ended getting pulled because I thought the human was a bandit. Long story short I ended up in the Candy Kingdom Prison. Didn't know how long I was gonna be there till I got out only to be sent to the Bondage Kingdom. That's when I saw Bonnibel. At first I thought it was nice she gets what's coming before she helped me when I was dealing with the warden. So we formed an alliance and surprisingly it made us be closer. She was actually my first friend." Me-Mow explained.

"I see… well I can't say much since you did attack Wildberry princess, and Lillum would have probably used her resources to find you since you did attack a Royal, but I don't think you should have been locked up by Bubblegum for two reasons." The Wife said with a serious look on her face.

"And what reason was that?" Me-Mow asked with a confused look.

"Well first off, it was Wildberry princess, not Bubblegum was attacked, granted you could have been turned over to Wildberry to be dealt with, but Bubblegum politically had no right to you in a different land, as for the second part… I think the part where you said it was a game that got you arrested is a serious issue, I mean did you really mean to harm Finn and Jake?, or was it someone else who arrested you?" The Wife said with a curious tone.

"Well when I was trying to assassinate Wildberry Princess, I was poisoning Jake so he could 'help' me. And Finn well like I said I thought he was a wanted bandit since I saw the posted which I later found out was a fake. Plus since I needed the cash, I was gonna pass Finn off as a wanted criminal so I could get money and a little payback." Me-Mow said while rubbing her head.

"I see… well can't really say much with that Jake issue since I wasn't there to see the full thing, but I think I should speak with Lillum to help make this fair… I mean you were unjustly arrested by finn and the others for that game right?, not the assassination attempt on Wildberry, just humor me and let's go to Tibet's place." The Wife said with a grin before she got up and starts walking towards the stairs.

Me-Mow blinks for a bit before she spoke.

"Tibet doesn't live here?"

"Remember Red?, she alternates to live here sometimes but she does live with Red mainly… now come on, we got your freedom to get." The Wife said with a grin on her face.

Me-Mow blinks before she got up before saying this.

"Alright… but let's try not to make it hard for Bonnibel. I mean she has the Red Ring for whatever she did and plus she's pregnant." She said as she was trying to protect her friend.

"Oh don't worry, this deals with you yourself, aside from a question or two to Bubblegum to help answer things, things could go smoothly, I heard Bubblegum had only a couple years or so now thanks to a deal and Lillum won't break it since I heard she honors all deals." The Wife said before she continues to lead Me-Mow back to Tibet and Red's place.

Me-Moe gulps while feeling a bit nervous believing Bubblegum will be mad with her when this is over as she follow the Jackal woman.

When the duo got there while the Leader was a bit confused when she saw her wife and Me-Mow missing, the duo saw that Lillum was getting fucked by Emerald while he was spanking her ass and looked like she was enjoying it greatly while Bubblegum was resting on the bed while Red helped feed her since Bubblegum had a hard time sitting thanks to earlier before the Wife cleared her throat to get everyone's attention.

Everyone looks at the duo before Tibet smiles a bit before she walks up to the woman before speaking.

"Hi mom. Didn't know you were coming." She said before hugging her.

"Eh, I decided to try and sort things out since I used to be a negotiator for our people before I married your mother, I heard some interesting things and maybe able to get Me-Mow's sentence erased in the Bondage Kingdom." The Wife said which caused Lillum to look confused before saying this when she had Emerald pull out of her.

"Pardon?, I would have had her arrested thanks to Me-Mow's attempts on Wildberry princess, so how would you free her from something like that?" Lillum asked before The Wife looks at Bubblegum and said this.

"I believe Bubblegum can help with that if she can answer just three little questions for me, nothing intense, but shoul help clear things up if your able." The Wife said while looking at Bubblegum.

Said Candy Monarch was confused at first but she did want to help Me-Mow before speaking.

"What kind of questions?"

"Well, even if we do validate the arrest of Me-Mow for Wildberry Princess… she wasn't arrested in that incident and years passed for her there right?, heard her make any trouble elsewhere?, I heard she worked for the guild of assassins, but got kicked out and became a bounty hunter legally, a lawman so to speak." The Wife said when she looked like she was leading this somewhere.

Bubblegum blinked for a moment before she spoke up.


"Great, great, now… the incident where Me-Mow… Kidnapped Finn… she saw a bounty poster that showed a bounty on him with two eyepatches equipped, we talked more about the details on the way here… now.. .if it was well made, do you think Me-Mow could have mistaken it for the real deal?, I mean she told me she would have turned him in safe and sound and things could have been sorted out then even if she knew it was Finn, she could have passed it off as an actual bounty and tried to figure things out, she also said she wanted to mess with him a bit but that is a different matter altogether, I mean, would people have actually put a bounty on Finn himself?" The Wife said with a smile on her face.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised when she heard that before taking a moment to think on this before speaking.

"I guess not."

"Great, now… tell me, if Finn was the bounty, did Jake make the arrest since they were… playing a game?, he was a hero after all so no one can fault him since he also had personal issues with Me-Mow here." The Wife said with a gentle smile on her face.

"Well no since they were accompanied by a small robot name BMO. Plus I don't think Jake can ever arrest Finn since they're brothers." Bubblegum said.

"So what your saying is this Robot named BMO made the arrest?, even if we ignore the fact that Finn and Jake were there, all they were doing was playing a game… but it got Me-Mow here arrested and sent to prison for who knows how many years, granted you could say that was for the Wildberry princess incident… but why didn't you give her to Wildberry princess to deal with?, I figure with crimes in different lands would have been held by the leading ruler in question… now if she gave you permission that would be an entirely different matter, but with the game that turned into an actual arrest, I would say… illegal arrest by a fake authority figure, false imprisonment in foreign lands, and to add to that she lost many years of her life to it, so tell me, if you didn't use both charges, then I can use the other to legally cause issues with either your charges back then or with Wildberry princess, we may not have the same laws from before the Pre Mushroom wars, but haven't many people tried to kill Finn and became allies in the end?, why are they not in jail or prison as well?, I mean correct me if I'm wrong and I apologize in advance, but compared to Me-Mow, hasn't she done much less than what others would have done in this room alone?" The Wife said with a tone that showed she means business now.

Me-Mow, though surprised, believes she got Bubblegum in trouble while the Candy Monarch gulps after hearing everything before she spoke up.


"Great, I won't say that I'm here to cause trouble, but I am here to make things right… Lillum, I have an offer for you for Me-Mow here since I know you are a fair person who honors deals… interested in what I have to hear in Me-Mow's defense since she is actually getting defended by someone instead of getting locked up just like that?, a fair trial in a sense here and now like I just did." The Wife said to the Princess of Bondage.

Bubblegum placed her face in her hands knowing how embarrassed she's feeling right now while Me-Mow who saw it was now feeling bad.

Lillum frowned a bit before saying this.

"Even so, she did attack Wildberry princess and nearly killed Jake, do you expect me to ignore that?" Lillum said before The Wife shook her head.

"No, but I would suggest taking the years she spent in Bubblegum's prison and subtract it from the 5 year sentence you have here, you are a lawful person no matter your feelings so you should get why I'm doing this." The Wife said while Lillum looked on in thought before saying this to Me-Mow.

"How many years did you spend there Me-Mow?" Lillum asked the former assassin.

Me-Mow rubbed her arm before she spoke up.

"3 years."

"Alright, all you will need to do then is spend 2 years as a prisoner, that fair?" Lillum asked which made the Wife look to Me-Mow before saying this.

"That good for you Me-Mow?" The Wife said while she placed a hand on Me-Mow's shoulder.

Said assassin did blush but felt she did something bad before she nods her head.

"Great, and my apologies Bubblegum, but you get why I had to ask those questions right?, I mean in a sense you and Me-Mow can walk out of Lillum's bondage kingdom in two year's hand in hand if you're lucky and on good behavior if that works here as well." The Wife said while trying to cheer up Bubblegum, she was just doing her job after all.

Bubblegum then sighs a bit before she spoke.

"Yeah guess you're right." She said though still feels bad now.

"Well I will say that while I can't say I didn't see this reaction coming, at least see the positives here, Me-Mow got three years off her sentence just like that instead of the normal 5 thanks to you so in a sense, you helped erase her time there so to speak, I mean if she was tried for the Wildberry incident only, she would have stayed a full five years." The Wife said to try and cheer up Bubblegum again.

Bubblegum took a moment to think on this before speaking up.

"That is true." She said before she let out a soft smile this time.

"So how about I leave Me-Mow here while I go have fun with my wife, long story short, we can do some things with her full size and lets just say her mouth has powerful suction if you get what I mean." The Wife said while nudging Me-Mow once before she starts to walk out of the home.

Me-Mow blushed brightly when she understood that while Bubblegum blushed as well though still feeling a little awkward now.

The Wife looked back before saying this to Me-Mow.

"Oh and if you want to talk more about your bitchy ex-mother Me-Mow, you know I'll be listening during or after my wife's fun relaxing time with you… hope I can get a turn later since I did help get three years off your sentence for free after all." The Wife said with a lustful tone before she left the room… but not before winking at the Feline assassin in a flirting way.

Me-Mow blushed brightly again while Bubblegum was a bit surprise when she heard before wondering what the feline assassin said during their talk.

A moment later, Tibet said this with a grin on her face.

"So… now that's out of the way, shall we continue this party?, Bubblebutt, Me-Mow, I want you two to myself for now, Red can join in if she wants but l want my bedroom messed up beyond belief if you two are backed up." Tibet said with a teasing tone to Me-Mow and Bubblegum.

Me-Mow and Bubblegum blinked in surprise while blushing before they both said this.

"Okay." They said before they approach Tibet.

Tibet grins while Lillum, even though she wasn't to thrilled at the time cut, was happy for Me-Mow before she said this.

"Well if you and Bubblegum are getting out early in a few years, guess that means you two won't come back to the Bondage Kingdom huh?" Lillum said with a smile on her face.

The duo looked at each other and for a moment, it seems they were both thinking something telepathically before they turn to Lillum before Bubblegum spoke.

"Actually Lillum, I don't mind coming back here. I could maybe get a second home their so I can visit." She said before Me-Mow spoke.

"Same for me though I would actually like to live there since I have a new family but I can visit Bonnibel as well." She said which made the Candy Monarch blush a bit.

Lillum was a bit surprised before saying this.

"And I bet Ingrem and Obsidian don't influence those choices huh?" Lillum said to tease the duo.

Both girls blushed brightly when they heard both of their love interest's names though according to Bubblegum she still having a little issue on deciding.

"Hehe, well as long as you two give me a visit every now and then, I don't mind…. But for now… mind if Emerald and I can join?, I do believe you two have yet to feel how good it is with him after all." Lillum said while placing an arm around Emerald which caused him to chuckle while his erect dick was seen, it had Lillum's juices on it but it showed how big he was in person to the duo.

Me-Mow and Bubblegum blushed brightly when they saw the Incubus's dick before they took a quick glance at each other before they surprisingly nod their heads at Lillum.

"Great… might as well have fun here and now… Emerald, Tibet, Red… mind if you three take the lead?" Lillum said with a teasing lustful tone which made Emerald grin before he looked back at Tibet and Red to see how they would respond.

Tibet and Red grin before they nod their heads at Lillum.

A moment later, Emerald, Red, and Tibet, the later two growing impressive dick, the trio stood in front of Bubblegum, who seemed to have been tagged with Emerald, Lillum, who was tagged with Tibet, and Me-Mow with Red before Lillum said this.

"So… shall we start everyone?" Lillum said before the scene fades to black with her smiling at everyone.

The scene then opens up with Atomsk returning to the pool and sees Maite, Monica and Heather sitting at a table by the pool.

"Hey ladies, I'm back." Atomsk said.

The trio looked back at him before Maite said this.

"Oh… hey Atomsk, sorry about Emerald but…" Maite said before she points towards the pool which made the author look… to see Emerald frozen in a thick block of ice while he had wide eyes.

Atomsk was shocked before he spoke up.

"What the?... how did this happen?"

"Remember Lillum?, she was the one who did that after that incident with TME, speaking of which, know where he is or was the Spirit being cryptic again?" Maite asked while looking at a worried Heather.

Monica wanted to know so she can help her sister before the trio heard Atomsk spoke.

"It was a bit cryptic but It also said that we should give TME time to cool off which is the only solution we have. Sorry if I didn't do more you guys."

"Eh it's alright, you did your best, guess we should have had more tact with TME since he still doesn't seem like the romancing kind of guy… kind of get why the Amy of this world had issues with the Sonic of this world now… maybe he was insecure of getting together with that Amy." Maite said while she looked a bit thoughtful at the end.

"Maybe. I guess something like that takes time. But I'm confident he'll come around." Atomsk said before say something else.

"So if Lillum turned Emerald into a block of ice, why did she bring him back here?"

"Oh that's easy, she did it to use him as a springboard." Maite said before Atomsk saw Lillum flying onto the block of ice and jumped into the pool while saying this.

"Cannonball!" Lillum said before she lands in the water with a sizable splash, granted the diving board preinstalled was to short so it made some sense to have Emerald or the block of ice he was in to do something.

Everyone else sweatdrop at the scene before Atomsk spoke.

"So how long will Lillum keep him in there?"

"I think she said until TME gets back so Emerald won't run off, the kids really love the new temporary addon to the pool." Maite said before her point was proven when some kids quickly ran up the block when it had steps on one side before they all jump into the pool.

Atomsk chuckles a bit before he spoke up.

"Well… I was gonna do a synopsis of this chapter but after the long trek, I could use a dip in the pool. Does anyone want to join me?"

"Yeah, I do, Heather, Monica, want to join in?, TME wouldn't want others to worry after all, he does bounce back fast after all." Maite said with a calming smile on her face.

Monica smiles a bit with the way Maite was helping before speaking.

"Sure. I would love to have a nice swim."

"Heather?, you want to join?, who knows, practice and you could wow TME with a swan dive or something thanks to Emerald in the block of ice, he does owe you after he caused TME to run off." Maite said to try and cheer up Heather.

Heather took a moment to think on this before she sent Maite a kind smile before speaking.


Lillum decided to make herself known by placing her arms around Maite and said this when she seemed to teleport, must be a new spell.

"Great, maybe you could have a wardrobe malfunction when TME get's back when you two are alone… give him a peak of the goods when he's off guard… I mean from what I can tell, he's a virgin so it's not like he would have defenses against your feminine charms… hehe, even I feel like having some fun with you." Lillum said before licking her lips while looking Heather up and down while her hands starts to caress Maite's body.

Heather was blushing brightly when she heard that while Monica and Atomsk sweatdrop at Lillum's antics while Maite felt her body heat up a bit from Lillum's touches.

"So… want me to end this chapter and have a pool party?, TME could pop in and he could join no problem." Lillum said while she had a grin on her face.

"Sure. Mind closing this one Lillum?" Atomsk asked.

"Alright, Hope you readers like the story so far everyone, and hope you get ready for a really spicy chapter next time, won't spoil much so like Atomsk would say before you leave us… Deuces." Lillum said while winking to the readers and a heart like illusion appeared before the scene faces to black.

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