Lillum's Lewd Prison @atomskthepirateking
Harsh Punishments and a New Family

The scene fades in to show a surprisingly large pool like area before TME, Atomsk, Lillum, Emerald, and Maite walked in wearing various swimwear.

Emerald was wearing black swim trunks with green Emerald icons on them and he went shirtless, he was in his battle form for the muscles.

Lillum wore a very revealing bikini that if something happened could really cause a complete wardrobe malfunction if she didn't use her magic to keep it to her body, and any kind of movement caused her breasts to bounce… caused a few… accidents with onlookers on the way here...

TME was wearing deep green colored swim trunks and wore a black T-Shirt with some sandals and he wore an odd looking hat that looked foreign to block out the sun, it was a rice paddy hat that had a string on it so that it would stay on TME's head.

Atomsk was seen wearing black shorts with blue like flames, light blue shirt with with a dragon on the left side and sandals.

Also around his neck he was wearing a necklace that had a ring in it.

Maite was seen wearing a very sexy yellow printed see through one piece swimwear.

"So… how do you guys think about a dip in the pool today?" TME said with a grin on his face which made Lillum giggle a bit before she spoke up.

"Well I did want to try out my new swimsuit… what do you think?" Lillum said before she posed a bit for the group.

Maite blushed a bit when she saw that while Atomsk, who blushed as well, spoke up.

"You look stunning. And a nice dip in the pool would be good. Wish Monica was here."

"Thought you would say that… take a look." TME said when he used an arm to have Atomsk look in a certain direction while he had a grin on his face.

Atomsk blinked for a moment before he turns around before his eyes widen before blushing at what he saw.

Turns out, he saw Monica while she was sunbathing while she laid on her front which really gave Atomsk a good view of her ass which was fit well in the two piece bikini that she wore, had plus's on it to show her nursly nature.

Atomsk did blush before he walks over to his girlfriend before speaking.

"Hey Monica." He said with a happy look.

Monica took a moment to look over before smiling a bit before she spoke up.

"Oh, hey Atomy, didn't expect you here, but good timing, mind helping me with rubbing some sunscreen on my back?" Monica asked when she held the bottle for the group to see before Lillum spoke up.

"Oh I don't know… unless he's willing to let Maite take over for a bit, I doubt he can do that right now… maybe I can lend a hand or two?" Lillum teased while she sent a blushing Monica a grin.

That's when someone spoke.

"I can fill in for Atomsk."

The group then looked over to see who spoke up.

It was Monica's sister Heather and she was wearing a very nice bikini though her breasts were a bit big like C to D size.

Heather looked to everyone before speaking.

"Hey guys. Hi TME." She said with a smile.

TME looked a bit nervous when he saw her before he spoke up.

"Hey Heather, guess you and your sister came here as a pair huh?" TME asked while he had his hands in his pockets.

"Oh yeah. She asked me if she wanted me to go to the pool. So I said yes since it today is hot. Of course seeing you here is an added bonus." Heather said before winking at him.

TME kind of acted like Sonic when he looked nervous again before he spoke up.

"Umm… happen to read the chapters of the story yet?" TME asked while Emerald facepalmed before he spoke up.

"Oh for the love of... look... your suppose to be me before we got sent into two different directions so why the hell are you trying to keep your distance from a beautiful woman like Heather?, honestly I would try and seduce her in a heartbeat believe it or not." Emerald said while TME just looked to him with a shocked look, granted the duo looked identical but personality wise… very different.

Atomsk, Maite and Heather were surprised when they heard that. Though she did blushed at that part.

"I mean seriously, did I use to be such a coward?" Emerald said before TME stepped in front of him with a pissed off look before he spoke up.

"I dare you to say that again!, you and I share memories so you should get why!, honestly I still don't see why she has a thing for me when a guy like you, Atomsk, or hell, even Lillum and Maite if she swing that way, all I got is author based abilities, I don't have a job that can actually support anyone, a car that I can legally drive, nor have I romanced anyone before, so tell me, do I have a right to date anyone when I can't even do that!?" TME said before he got the shock of his life when Emerald actually shocked everyone by headbutting TME before said author crashed onto his back.

Atomsk, along with Monica, Heather, Lillum, and Maite were shocked at that. They didn't know if they should stop this.

"What… the fuck!?" TME said when he tried to push himself up before he got shocked again when Emerald put a foot on his chest and held him there before he spoke up.

"I was actually based on you?... pretty pathetic since I seem to have more balls to actually do things then you." Emerald said before he moved his foot and starts to walk away with his hands in his pockets while TME just laid there with the hat covering his face.

Everyone else was shocked before Heather came by and try to help TME up.

TME however just sat up while he kept the hat covering his face before he spoke up with a dull tone.

"I'll… just leave for now, Atomsk, you and whoever can handle the rest." TME said before he vanished with a shocking burst of speed before anyone could stop him.

Heather was sad while Monica and Maite tried to comfort her before Atomsk looks at Lillum before speaking.

"Mind if I just cut to black Lillum?" Atomsk asked while feeling awkward at what just happened.

"Yeah… sorry Maite but I'm going to have a little… talk… with Emerald, we may like him but even he can't say certain things without some kind of karma…. Good thing he can regenerate..." Lillum said while her body gave a chill aura when the air around her frosts a bit.

Maite did shivered before speaking.

"Go ahead Lillum. I need to help make Heather feel better."

"Not to be rude but I think its more like TME needs cheering up, not Heather, sorry about saying that but you saw how… empty TME sounded, like the emotions were drained from him or something." Lillum said before she starts floating after Emerald with a scary look on her face.

That's when Atomsk spoke.

"She is right. Not insulting you Heather. But TME needs help too. Monica, think you and Maite can watch Heather while I try to help TME?"

"Sure, but with a place as big as this, you may have trouble finding him, you may need to ask that Spirit guy that I saw a few times to figure out where he is." Monica said when she remembered that always smiling Spirit guy from a few intros and Outros.

Atomsk nods for before he approached the trio before speaking.

"Good idea I'll see you guys later." He said before he gave Maite and Heather a platonic kiss to the cheek before he kissed Monica on the lips.

Monica blushed a bit from that before she pulled away before she spoke up.

"Better get going now Atomy, don't worry, we'll be fine." Monica said to Atomsk with a strong look in her eyes.

Atomsk nods before he looks back and gives the signal to switch to a different scene before he left the pool area before the scene shifts too Ass… er… Ash while he was sleeping in his home… that is if you could call it a home.

Ooo/ Decrepit home / Ash ( AKA Ass)

We find Ash, Marceline's ex and Ooo's biggest douchebag, was doing like Marceline said, sleeping on his lazy ass.

While he slept, he didn't notice his door opening or two people entering his home, one floated through the air, while the other quietly walked across the ground before they stopped at Ass's… er… Ash's side while they watched him sleep for a moment, the two were Emerald and Marceline while they looked down at Ash while having various thoughts, starting with Marceline.

'Glob look at this loser. Can't believe I went out with him. Seeing him now makes me want to tie him down, and stomp his balls to submission.' Marceline thought while looking at Ash with hate in her eyes.

Emerald noticed before he just smirks before he had this thought.

'I am going to enjoy this… time for the reveal.' Emerald thought before he looked to Marceline and when he got her attention, he stuck his finger in his mouth to get it covered with saliva and then used it to point at Ash's ear… guess he wanted to wake the ass in an interesting way.

Marceline sees what the Incubus meant before she tries to hold back a snicker before she gives him the okay signal.

A moment later, Emerald shot the saliva covered finger right into Ash's ear before moving it around.

That caused the donk's eyes to widen before he shot up before speaking.

"GAH! What fuck?!" He said before he looks at Emerald while rubbing his ear before speaking.

"Who are you and… Mar Mar? Is that you?" He said with a surprised look on his face when he saw Marceline.

However before she could speak, Emerald spoke up.

"A yup, and while I would love to call her a lover, we're just sex friends at the moment, honestly don't know why a dumbass like you would be an idiot with a beautiful rose like her." Emerald said to not only mess with Ash but to tease Marceline a bit when he put an arm around her and held her close.

Marceline blushed a bit while Ash felt pissed before speaking.

"Hey I don't have to take this from you. Get the fuck out of my house. Though Mar Mar can stay. I say she must've got one Nightosphere of a makeover to look better than her old look." He said with a grin.

Emerald just gave him a half lidded look before he looked to Marceline before he spoke up.

"So… think I should be gentle with this or just flat out tell him?" Emerald asked when he looked to Marceline after Ash said all of that.

Marceline, while angered, just said this.

"Give it to him hard, honestly any sympathy I had for the guy, even microscopic left for what he's about to endure after he said that." Marceline said with arms crossed under her enhanced breasts.

Ash, though blushed a bit, was confused before speaking.

"What's going on?"

"Simple numbnuts, you've been selected for an up and coming trial for your dumbassery… and if you have any kind of intelligence in that tiny excuse of a thing you call a brain… then you should know that it's the Bondage Kingdom who's doing the trial." Emerald said with a demonic grin on his face.

Ash was shocked before speaking.

"Whoa wait that place exist? Why should I be on trial? Is this all because of a stupid bear Mar Mar?"

"Ohhh, you shouldn't have said that, may I say this before you try and rip an arm out… and just to spite the bastard… mind if I call you Mar Mar to actually try and give that Nickname a good feeling when said?" Emerald asked while grinning at Marceline.

Surprisingly, hearing Emerald call her Mar Mar sounds good coming from his mouth than the donk's before speaking up.

"For you Emerald… I'll make an exception." She said which made Ash look surprise before speaking.

"Whoa wait, how come you get to say it and I can't? I made up the nickname."

"True, but coming from me, I make that name sound good, as for you… well you were a good guy before you went insane… as for the bear… well… consider that the catalyst, remember Maja the witch?, She's going to trial for what she did in attacking the Candy Kingdom and your going down for causing the thing in the first place… I mean… didn't Bubblegum leave without a certain item that she exchanged for Hambo?, many people haven't seen Bubblegum wear that shirt ever since she and Mar Mar went to Maja's place." Emerald points out… and if Marceline didn't know… wow would Ash be in trouble…

Marceline was shocked before speaking.

"Bonnie trade in her shirt… the shirt that I gave her to get Hambo back?"

Emerald then looked to her with a gentle smile before he spoke up.

"Yup, apparently when some people that I have looked into the spell that Maja used to awaken Darren, something of great value was needed, Hambo was a good catalyst but it looked like Bubblegum really treasured that shirt you gave her… maybe she has more feelings for you then you realize?" Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Marceline was still shocked before she gave Ash a hateful look before her eyes became demonic red before speaking.

"This is all your fault."

Ash was now paling a bit before thinking this.

'Oh shit.'

Emerald however just went behind Marceline and gently held her from behind in a surprisingly loving way before he spoke up in Marceline's ear.

"Now now, you remember he's going to trial for that right?, granted I could make this look like an accident with my connections if you want to end this guys life here and now… but wouldn't that be helping him get off easy?... also… remember the thing we mentioned that we would do while he watched?" Emerald said before he kisses Marceline's bite marks.

Marceline blushed before shivering a bit at that action which made Ash grind his teeth a bit in jealousy before wondering what Emerald meant.

Of course his question was answered when Marceline said this.

"Y-You're right. We make him suffer."

"Good girl, now then… to show him what he missed out on." Emerald said before he looked to Ash and when he raised his hand, snapped his finger and the Donk was forced to sit properly in the chair he was on and his arms and legs got bound together with multiple rings of light and his cherry blossom want floats to Emerald before he held it and said this.

"I think I'll keep this… as for you… I believe this will say a lot." Emerald said before that little ghost appeared while saying this to Ash.

"You're not a genius… You're not a genius…" the little ghost like thing repeats to the mad Wizard.

Ash struggled to get free before speaking up.

"L-Let me go! And get that ghost out!"

"Hmmm… nope, your going to sit and watch while Marceline and I have sex… right… in… front… of… you…" Emerald said before his hands went to Marceline's breasts and starts to fondle them right in front of Ash after he slipped Marceline's bra like shirt off which vanished into the dark mist.

Ash eyes widen while blushing mad when he saw the Vampire Queen/Succubus's breasts while Marceline shudders and moans a bit from that action.

"So Mar Mar… how do you want to start?, a blowjob?, a titfuck?, me licking you till you squirt?, or just get straight to the fucking if your wet enough?" Emerald said while he pinched Marceline's nipples and lightly pulled them.

Marceline looks back before speaking up.

"Pull down those pants and let me give that monster a nice titfuck."

Emerald grins before he stepped back and his pants vanished into a dark mist before Ash saw his monster sized dick that was about to please Marceline right before his eyes.

Ash was shocked when he saw that before Marceline licked her lips before she grabbed her breasts and put them around Emerald's dick before closing them together and starts moving her breasts up and down.

Emerald lets out a pleased hiss while he rests his ass on a table he pulled towards him before he spoke up.

"See this Ass or Ash as you call yourself, Marceline is doing this to me because I treat her with respect… and just an FYI… she's part succubus… so she can get really freaky with that sexy body of hers… she could take my dick down her throat and not worry about it since she's part undead and she can take my dick up her ass with a bit of practice and she loved it… why don't you tell him how good it felt to be with me instead of him my dear Mar Mar?" Emerald said with a wide grin on his face before looking down to Marceline and petting her head gently.

Marceline in turn did blushed a bit before chuckling as she looks at Ass… Ash before speaking up while moving her breasts up and down.

"There's no words to describe you donk except, Emerald treats me right and made sure to please me with this monster dick of his. He was able to get my best spots. Something you were never able to do with that 5 inch pecker of yours. Oh and FYI, I faked my orgasms."

"HAHA, wow, guess you failed as a man… and just in the defense of all guys with 5 inches, they can adapt with some fancy fingerwork or work to really please a lady with stubbornness, but I guess this donk had neither attribute huh?" Emerald said with a grin on his face while he watched Marceline work his dick.

"Nope. And it's surprising that for all that magic he uses, he never once thought of using it where it counts." The Vampire Queen/Succubus said as she continues to work on the Incubus's dick.

"Hehe, well then… how about a personal lesson from the King of Incubus's then!" Emerald said before he pinched Marceline's nipples and his hands glow with energy… the effect was instant.

Marceline hisses a bit but liked it anyway before she opens her mouth and stick out her tongue before she starts licking the head.

Emerald hums a bit with a pleased look on his face before he looked to Ash to see how he was doing so far.

Said douchebag who struggles a bit, couldn't stop… feeling turned on when he kept look at Marceline's breasts.

"Hehe, jealous I bet, knowing that you threw away a perfectly beautiful woman like Marceline for some wand that can barely do anything in your capable hands… but for me…" Emerald said while he held the cherry blossom want in his hand and it shockingly lengths and moved like a tentacle towards Marceline's pussy before it starts to lightly brush the cherry blossoms on her pussy.

Ash was shock when he saw that before thinking while Marceline shudders a bit.

'Wish I thought of that.' He thought before speaking.

"Oi! Give me back my wand!"

Emerald sighs before he looked at Ash before he spoke up.

"Seriously?, you really don't get it?, you're nothing and you have nothing that could even make me consider that, you lost it all when you tried to delve too deep into magic when you couldn't handle it and it's biting you in the ass now, like I said, I'm keeping this thing and you can't stop me." Emerald said before the ghost surprised Ash and Marceline when it flowed out of the want and after gripping her ass, starts to lick her asshole, either Emerald was doing that or it was the ghost itself.

Ash was again surprised while Marceline, who moans a bit opens her mouth and swallows the head of Emerald's dick before she starts bobbing her head while moving her breasts.

"Oh yeah… really work it Marceline… and I guess you too Mr. Ghost, guess being in a wand left you really backed up huh?, might as well enjoy this… mind forming a dick and going right for Mar Mar's ass?" Emerald suggests to the ghost of the wand.

Surprisingly, the spirit of the wand spoke up.

"With pleasure." He said before he stood up and something phallus shape poked out.

It was at least 8 ½ inches long and 2 in width before he grabbed Marceline's ass and aimed his dick at her asshole.

Emerald grins before he spoke up.

"Get ready for a surprise spit roast Mar Mar, courtesy of the wand that is bigger than Ash." Emerald teased while he used his magic to have Marceline float a bit so that she stood on her feet while she keeps sucking his dick and the ghost was brought up a bit by proxy.

The spirit then jams his dick in Marceline's ass which caused her to muffly groan before she took Emerald's dick deeper in her mouth.

Emerald then looked to the ghost before speaking up.

"Time to really please a Lady in 3.. 2...1!" Emerald said before he shocked Ass by thrusting himself balls deep into Marceline's mouth which jams his dick down her throat.

Ass's jaw dropped while Marceline gags and moans while on the Incubus's dick before feeling the Spirit start thrusting hard in her ass.

Emerald then gripped Marceline's head before he spoke up when he starts thrusting his dick into her mercilessly.

"See this Ass?, you would think that this would be overkill… but if she wanted to get away from this, she would have pushed me away or something… but now… take a good look at her face while she chokes on my cock." Emerald said while he used his magic to make himself float a bit before he turned so that Ash could get a clear view of Marceline's face when she was brought a bit closer to him while Emerald and the Ghost keep dominating Marceline.

Ash looked and saw that with a surprised look that Marceline was… enjoying this.

The evidence was on her face when you see her eyes roll on the back of her head as she continues to moan from the pleasure.

Emerald then grins before the tentacle cherry blossom wand formed more branches and when they fully grew… more ghosts popped out of the wand before he spoke up.

"Well boys… shall we please this loving lady who is treating us so well?" Emerald said when he looked to the extra ghosts in the room.

The 7 ghosts nod to Emerald while grinning at the opportunity in front of them.

"Well gentleman, pick a hole or body part and start worshipping it like you would for a goddess!" Emerald ordered to the extra ghosts with a grin on his face.

Marceline at first blushed at the goddess part before the 7 ghosts had their dicks appeared which were the same size as the main one before each one went to a different part of the Vampire Queen/Succubus's body.

One ghost went to her pussy before two went to both of her sides.

Marceline knew what they want before she used both of her hands to grab their dicks before stroking them.

The two ghosts groans a bit before Marceline used her hair to split in two before forming two hands before they grasps the other two ghost's dicks before she starts stroking them as well.

The two final ghosts stroke their dicks before they went to her breasts and latched their mouths onto her nipples and start sucking as hard as they can when they thought Marceline had breastmilk for them.

Marceline groans and moans from the pleasure as she continues to suck and Emerald's dick..

Emerald then looked to all the ghosts pleasing Marceline before having this thought before he spoke up to the lead ghost in Marceline's ass.

"Hey… since your technically from a cherry blossom tree and don't have a real gender… think you have and these other ghosts have female forms?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face while he keeps thrusting his dick in Marceline's mouth… if the ghost had a female form for all of these years…. Then Ash really missed out on a personal sex ghost for years.

The ghost in Marceline's ass grins at Emerald before he and the other 7's bodies start to shift before they became more feminine with large E cup breasts, wide hips, and more shapely bodies till they shift a bit more till they looked like full on women who still had the dicks in Marceline or getting pleased by her.

Emerald grins at the sight from that before he spoke up.

"Damn… why don't the two getting hairjobs and the lead one in Marceline's ass lose the dicks and come here so I can give you some love that you rightfully deserve, I'm sure you didn't do this with a guy like Ass… opps Ash since he's not your really owner… hell even after what I did to give you that extra boost for the full body size… and not even I am… am I?... Marceline is since that douche mc ass over there used her treasured bear and all he was is just a delivery boy who kept the sexy package way to long huh?" Emerald said when he saw how excited the ghosts were to be with Marceline right now.

The female ghosts blushed a bit before they glare at Ass before the main one in Marceline's ass spoke up.

"When you say it like that, we be more than happy to be owned by the Vampire Queen instead of this weakling. The fool didn't even know of the wand's true potential."

"Well ladies, or Lady if you have these ghost as a kind of hive mind, mind introducing yourself to your new Mistress and her well endowed lover?" Emerald said with a grin on his face to the womanly ghost that continues to screw Marceline's ass.

"Certainly. I'm Blossom" Said the spirit now Blossom who's fucking Marceline's ass.

"Beautiful name, would have thought it would have been Sakura for the cherry blossom thing, though half of the name is funny as well… anyway… jokes aside, still interested in getting pleased while the other yous please Marceline?, really show the Ass here what he missed out on for his fuck up?" Emerald said with a charming grin on his face.

Blossom, though blushed, grins a bit before speaking.

"You bet. I've been dying for some action."

"Then get that sexy see through ass over here and I'll give you a night you won't forget for the rest of your after life." Emerald ordered with a grin on his face while using a finger to beckon the Ghostly woman to him.

Blossom immediately pulls her dick out which causes Marceline to groan on Emerald's dick before Blossom quickly floats to the Incubus.

A moment later, he quickly reached behind her head and quickly pulled her to him with his magic which made it hard for Blossom pull away before he kissed her on the lips… but to make sure Marceline wasn't left out, he used his magic to summon a large bumpy dildo that was labeled Emerald sized before it jams itself into Marceline's ass and with a snap of his fingers, it starts vibrating madly.

Marceline shudders and groans a bit from that action which causes her to bob her head quicker while the 7 ghosts continue to pleasure their new mistress.

Blossom blushed a bit before she kissed Emerald back before she slides her tongue in his mouth.

Emerald just let's Blossom do her own thing before he used some magic coated fingers to tease her partly see through ass and pussy while he enjoyed the odd feeling of her holes.

Ash in the meantime….

Said royal Mc douchebag was in agony for two this. 1) Seeing Marceline getting fucked by hot female ghosts. 2) He has a hard on that's a bit tight in his skin tight pants… that spells a recipe for uncomfortable to an 11 on the 1 to 10 scale.

Emerald then slowly pushed his fingers into both of Blossom's holes while he starts to get a bit more aggressive and he slowly starts to overpower her tongue with his own.

Blossom groans and moans in the Incubus's mouth before she wrapped her see through arms around his neck before she uses her tongue again to fight back Emerald's.

A moment later Emerald pulled away before he spoke up.

"Damn, why the hell are you a ghost?, not that I'm complaining, but with a body like that, then you should have no regrets if you could find a guy or gal who would treat you right, if you were just a tree based ghost I would get it since in life you couldn't move much… but you seem to have more of a hunger then that… got a reason my dear Blossom?, or did getting misused by assy mc douche over there cause this?" Emerald asked with a tone that was genuinely curious.

Blossom pants a bit before speaking.

"Sadly… I don't remember much of my former life. The only thing I can remember was first me being own by that dumb which, then this buffoon shows up and trades an adorable stuffed animal bear which obviously belongs to Mistress here. I felt bad that it happen. Plus Ass-head over here never bothered to listen to Maja's directions regarding a ghost's needs."

"Wow… hear that Ash, seems you really fucked up by not listening… I'm sure that if you did, you would have this beautiful specter here please you and you would please her in turn, but then again this is you with your head up your ass and me getting pleased by two woman, and one of them can multiply with the right know how so honestly all I can say is this… you done fucked up." Emerald said while he held Blossom at his side in a loving way… though his hand was on her shapely ass and squeezed it a few times… hey Emerald's an incubus so that's a risk most woman take with him.

Blossom blushed a bit but chuckled before speaking.

"Well technically this guy's pecker wouldn't please both of us. I mean he's a quick shot and would get knocked out before he has a chance to please a woman. Ask the women in Wizard city."

"Wow… can't really blame size on stamina for this one, guess I'll be visiting Wizard city to help the unfortunate ladies who had the displeasure of him hitting on them… got any names?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face… seems he was trying to fully break Ash right now in the pride department.

"Hmmm… there was that one woman name Huntress Wizard a while back, but this small dick didn't get further when she warned him that she'll shoot an arrow at his manhood if he bothers her again. Which he didn't. Last I heard of her was a rumor spreading that she and Finn the human were dating. That's all but there are other ladies than can use a real man's touch."

Emerald chuckles at that before he decided that after this, he would head to Wizard City to meet with Huntress Wizard, and if not get some fun with her, then maybe some info or maybe to recruit her for Lillum, she was talking about getting help and Wood Nymphs have a habit of not getting knocked up except by a bond mate.

"Alright… anyone else in mind that might be willing to have some fun or did this guy try and hook up with any female who was unfortunate enough to speak with him?" Emerald asked while he lightly fingers Blossom's ass and pussy again to get a bit more out of her for the right incentive.

Blossom chuckled a bit before speaking up.

"Hope you have a pen and paper."

"I'll do you one better… Iris." Emerald said while he called for Iris, if she wasn't busy at the moment she would come, if not, then he would call another.

A poof of smoke appears for a moment before its starts to clear before you hear Iris speak up.

"You rang Master?"

"Indeed, first off, say hello to Marceline and Blossom, as you can see, Marceline is part succubus now thanks to Maite and while we are not lovers, we are sex partners if she wants, as for this sexy ghost here, you can ask her the details but long story short, she is the ghost in that ass's wand and I need you to write down some names for me so that I can make personal visits to some ladies that were unfortunate enough to run into the guy." Emerald said while pointing to a bound Ash, Marceline who was sucking his dick, and Blossom in his arms.

Iris looks at Ash before speaking up.

"Good Glob. I can already feel sorry whoever slept with that guy. No offense to you Marceline. I knew your mom so if you want to talk just ask Emerald to summon me. Also nice to meet you Blossom.

Marceline gave Iris a wink meaning okay while Blossom gave her a slight smile and a nod.

"Nice, so Blossom, want to continue and talk later or go to Iris and speak with her?, personally it's been awhile since I last had fun with Iris and she might need the relief when she got stressed when Maite bolted on her." Emerald said with a grin on his face when he looked at Iris.

Iris did blush while Blossom looked at the succubus before speaking.

"Hmmm… have her join us and then I can tell her what women that needs a good man."

"Alright… Iris… strip down and get that sexy ass over here, might as well get some bonding with Marceline and Blossom out of the way and really get this guy here all kinds of reasons to feel jealous of me… hehe." Emerald said with a wide grin on his face when he looked at the douchebag.

Ash groans in annoyance before speaking.

"Come on man. If seeing these hot bitches get fucked by you is my punishment, then I learned my lesson. Just let me go."

Emerald chuckles a bit for some reason before he spoke up.

"Oh trust me my idiotic annoyance, this is nothing compared to what will happen to you at the Bondage Kingdom… in fact… Marceline, mind pulling away… I have an idea to really get the point across to the… well… can't really call him much more than an idiot at this point." Emerald said while he shrugs a bit near the end.

Marceline, and the 7 ghosts that are pleasing her, didn't want to stop before she pulls her head away making a little pop sound before hearing what Emerald's plan is.

Emerald grins for a moment, but instead of saying anything, he just snapped his fingers and a moment later a cloud of smoke appeared around Ash before coughing was heard.

"Ladies… I give you… Ashley." Emerald said while the coughing continues and when the cloud vanished… a shocking sight was seen… when a very shapely woman who looked a lot like Ash was seen.

Ash or Ashley coughed a bit before she spoke up.

"W-What was that? And why does my voice feel different?"

"Well…. Considering I don't do dudes unless my mind and body are fully changed into a woman, I can't exactly please… or punish them can I?" Emerald said with a grin on his face which showed the others on where he was going with this.

Ashley was shocked when she heard that before speaking.

"No no. Change me back! I don't sleep with guys!"

"Well for you… this might be more considered Rape… Mar Mar, Blossom, Iris, what do you think I should do?... show mercy… or go bone dry right up her ass?... well slicked up a bit thanks to Mar Mar here but with my size… well… doubt it matters right?" Emerald said with a grin before a table was summoned and Ashley was moved over and placed face first on the table with her legs hanging off of it which showed a surprisingly shapely ass that was restricted by the tight pants around Ashley's legs… and she was still bound so she couldn't move.

Marceline, Iris and Blossom looked to one another before they looked to Emerald with a grin on their faces before speaking.

"Destroy her."

Emerald grins before he spoke up to the bound Ashley.

"Welp, you heard them, my dick is going right into your female ass, Mar Mar, Blossom, Iris… summon the largest dicks you can and Blossom… summon as many ghosts as you can with dicks as well... and let's all gang rape this bitch." Emerald said with a demonic grin on his face when he looked at Ashley to see her reaction.

Ashley's eyes widen with shock before paling at what she heard.

The 7 ghosts got off of Marceline before she stood up before she, Iris, who stripped naked, and Blossom, who summoned at least 30 more ghosts before they all summoned some large dicks that were the same size as Emerald's before the group approached Ashley.

"So… any last words before we all make it so that you won't want to return to that male form of yours?" Emerald said while he cracked his knuckles a few times.

Ashley, though scared, looks at Emerald with a glare before speaking up.

"Go fuck yourself."

Emerald just chuckles before he spoke up.

"Considering some succubus's try that and take a female form for me in my image, been there done that, but I will say this to the real ladies of the group… Mar Mar… want to do the honors of breaking our new bitch's ass in since she's been a pain in yours for much longer?" Emerald said while being a gentleman to Marceline by stepping aside for her and using both hands to gesture Marceline to approach Ashley's ass.

"With pleasure." Marceline said with a grin.

However before she approached her ex, Ashley said this.

"You better hope I die Mar Mar, because if I make it out, I will hunt and kill anyone you love starting with that chump human friend and that pink bitch."

Emerald when he heard that, approached Ashley and sat his well toned ass on the table near her head before he spoke up.

"*Sucks breath through teeth* Ohhh… you really didn't just say that did you?... honestly hard to hold Marceline from fully breaking or killing you now, but I'm sure if she doesn't kill you… well… let's just say that the Bondage Kingdom will do worse to you… and just a little tip… we break bitches like you with glee since you don't make much of a contribution to Ooo, hell even recluses and loners who stay out of the way are better than you since they don't cause trouble… but I digress… what we will do to you will make it so that you be sucking our cocks with glee after this… I mean… you heard of sex demons yes?... well... If you really are a Wizard who's worth anything… you must have heard of the King and Queen of the species right?... Guess who I am?" Emerald said while one eye glows which radiated power.

Ashley's eyes widen before speaking up.

"Oh fuck."

Emerald chuckles before he spoke up.

"Yup, the King of Sex demons up close and personal, and my record for breaking bitches like you hasn't been broken yet, so I would say good luck… but that would be just mean of me huh?" Emerald said while he lightly tapped the side of Ashley's face a few times in a mocking manner before he got up from the table.

"Welp… Mar Mar, you ready?" Emerald said before he snapped his fingers and Ashley's legs were spread wide open with rings of light which gave a perfect view of Ashley's pussy and ass while Ashly's body was further restrained by rings which fully pin her to the table.

Marceline was seen with an angry look after hearing her ex's threat on her friend's life before she marched forward, gripped the bitch's ass cheeks and immediately jams her dick in without any mercy whatsoever in Ashley's asshole.

"AAAAHHH!" Ashley screams in pain from the huge penetration before the Vampire Queen/Succubus starts pound hard like there's no tomorrow.

"Ah music to my ears, do you agree Iris?" Emerald said to his succubus subject when he saw Ashley in agony and heard her cries when Marceline was practically destroying her ass.

"Indeed Master. This will teach this bitch to respect women. What will you do with her when this is all over? After her sentence and all." Iris said.

"Hmmm… maybe toss her to Hudson as a gift to get his blessing for Marceline, words may be one thing, but this should show that I'm serious about romancing Marceline, and if not, well the subjects back home need a new breeder after the old one left for a new place, *Sigh* pretty hard to get good succubus's nowadays without a ritual to keep the mother from absorbing the semen and turning it into power… but hey, that's what breeders are for right?, and we do need one who everyone will enjoy breaking further right?, either that, or keep her as my or Marceline's personal pet so we can relieve our stress, we have plenty of options after all..." Emerald said with an evil grin on his face… seems Hudson might have a contender as the lord of Evil right now.

Iris chuckles before speaking.

"Indeed so many options. I guess we'll wait till we cross that bridge right?" She said while Marceline, who kept pounding Ashley's ass without breaking a sweat, was a bit surprised but also felt touched to hear that Emerald will do something to romance.

Hearing it made her heart flutter a bit.

"And if not that, we could always let Hudson absorb Ashley's soul and give the body to Blossom after some customization, give her a second chance at life with a body you know, I do try and reward others, or maybe toss Ashley to Hudson's army of demons, last I heard about 100,000 do need a moral booster… and what better than a broken in cumdump?" Emerald said with a grin while he looks at Ashley to see how she would react, even with a dick up her ass she should at least hear what he is saying.

Iris grins evilly at Ashley's misfortune, while Blossom was a bit excited knowing that she'll get a new body.

Ashley who continues to scream in agony was now even more scared when she heard this.

Marceline chuckles at the options before thinking.

'Fuck! Emerald justs keep getting better and better. Plus what he said about getting my dad's blessing to woo me was sweet. If he keeps this up. I might actually go to him. Although I might have to let Finn down easy if he confesses. Hopefully he doesn't hate me if I'm dating this guy. Besides Finn is still my friend and I will need him.'

Emerald then chuckles a bit before he spoke up.

"Hey Mar Mar, mind if I join in?, I think it's time to show Ashley the joys of sucking cock?, personally I am already getting close thanks to your beautiful lips working me earlier and the sight right now so I figure I should give her something… healthy to drink." Emerald said while he gripped his dick a strokes it a few times to get the message across to the duo… mainly Ashley when Emerald looked at her… or more exact… her mouth.

Marceline, though blushed, grins at her sex friend before speaking up.

"No problem stud." She said before she grabbed Ashley's hair before speaking.

"Open wide bitch!" She growls out before she starts pulling her ex's hair as hard as she could which caused Ashley to scream in pain before her mouth opens wide.

A moment later, Emerald grins before he snapped his fingers and Ashley's mouth was held open by magic before it was widened greatly right before something appeared in her mouth… a ring of sorts that forced her to keep her mouth open before Emerald spoke up with a grin.

"Might as well make this easy for all and have this hole at the ready… you ladies like the accessory I gave her?, I feel so generous sometimes." Emerald said while messing with Ashley a bit who couldn't even do much since her mouth was forced wide open.

Marceline, Iris, Blossom and her look alikes all nod in agreement while grinning at the sight.

"Now then… time for some relief… get ready for a protein shake my pet, quality stuff that most succubus's say at least, ask Marceline and Iris that, they really enjoy it." Emerald said when he walked to Ashley after licking his lips and with a surprisingly strong grip, gripped her hair and slowly brought his dickhead closer and closer to Ashley's forced open mouth while he looked at her face to see her expression, he really wish he could read minute thoughts instead of desires… he really wanted to know what she was thinking right this second.

Ashley's eyes widen when she saw before she shook her head before thinking.

'Oh Glob… he's gonna… put that monster in my mouth. There's no way it can't fit. I need to get out.'

However to Ashley's horror when her binds prevent her from doing just that… a moment later, Emerald got his dick right in front of Ashley's mouth and a moment later, had the dickhead slip through the ring and Emerald slowly pushed in so Ashley could feel every inch of his dick enter her mouth… how was her jaw not broken from that!?

'Oh Glob… It's really in. Part of me feels disgusted but other part… is liking how it tastes. Gotta resist.' Ashley thought before gagging.

Emerald however chuckles before he spoke up.

"My My… personally I didn't feel anything before but now… seems you like the taste huh?, normally I can't get details without doing a bit of digging with various ladies… but you… your like an open book to me… hell, I bet you're already feeling good with your ass you slut…. Honestly, I guess deep down, you were a born bitch… hehe." Emerald said when he forced his dick a bit deeper into Ashley's mouth and she managed to get about 5 or 6 in.

Ashley gags a bit before trying to ignore what the Incubus said.

However sadly, it was true since even though her ass hurts, its start to feel good. In a woman's perspective. Even to those that just got turn.

Marceline groans before speaking.

"Whoa, you must be right Emerald. I can already feel her ass tightening on my dick."

"If you think that's shocking, just open your mind and focus on Ashley's desires… your part succubus so it's natural to you… just let your instincts flow and the rest will come naturally." Emerald said like he was giving a lesson to Marceline right now.

Marceline blinked for a bit before she actually opens her mind and let her succubus side take over.

A moment later, various thoughts and feelings emit from every person in the room, Emerald, Iris, Blossom… even Ashley to some shock… now all she had to do was focus to really know what Ashley's desires are right now… and since she didn't like this situation… it could help break her.

Marceline can sense her ex trying to resist but at the same time almost enjoying this torment before speaking up.

"Dude this feels... incredible."

"Hehe, yeah, but the real kicker is when you satisfy your partners urges, remember the sexual energy I gave you?... well… honestly that was nothing compared to a Mortal who can't control the flow, practically intoxicating… satisfy an urge that they have and you'll get more pleasure in your life then you ever had before, same with your partner since it's like a full body orgasm like no other… honestly some people think that it's the same as regular sex but Iris can attest that an unprepared person can rally lose it after their first time with a succubus, you can also ask Maite the details about Dawn when they first met, heard it was really explosive… hehe…. It's also when a succubus can be called that since this would be their first official feeding." Emerald said with a grin on his face… he was holding back!?

Marceline was a bit shock when she heard it, although deep down she didn't want to know that about her mom even if she is part succubus.

She then sent Emerald a grin before speaking up.

"Well then let's continue breaking this bitch then." She said.

"Actually Mar Mar, after I finish in Ashley's mouth in a moment, this one is all you, consider it your first official test as a succubus… Iris can tell you that this one is important, really shows if a succubus can be one without the training wheels so to speak… right Iris?" Emerald said when he felt his dick twitching already, he was really warmed up after all.

"Indeed Master." She said while Marceline blinked for a bit before speaking up.

"Then I'll make sure to pass with flying colors." She said with a grin.

"Great, a little tip, pain is all well and good, but to really break a bitch like this and make her a submissive pet… you got to really show her pleasure that she doesn't want… really break her will and make her your own officially, make it so that Ashley here can't live without your cock, do that, and you can consider yourself a full true succubus who can make anyone your bitch." Emerald said before he used his strength and forced Ashley to deepthroat 10 inches of his dick before he really starts bucking his hips.

Ashley gags a bit while Marceline who was a bit surprised grins at what she heard before speaking.

"There's something you should know about me Emerald… I love a challenge." She said before she resumes pounding hard on her ex's ass.

Emerald chuckles before he spoke up.

"Well how is this for one, you know a pet is a lot of responsibility right?, well what good is a pet if you don't give it a treat every now and then… for you that's making sure Ashley is made to be the perfect pet for you until we decide what to do with her later… mine… is…. THIS!" Emerald said before he roars when he pulled himself out till the head of his dick was in the ring in Ashley's mouth before he starts firing his load, and thanks to the fact that Emerald nearly pulled out… Ashley could horrifyingly taste his cum as it pulled in her mouth.

Ashley's eyes widen at the amount before she tasted the cum before thinking.

'S-So much cum.' She thought before feeling it go down her throat before she surprisingly came hard from that.

"Oh my. Seem this one enjoys your cum Master if she came this much." Iris pointed out.

"Hehe, well considering she's being broken surprisingly quick, I expect nothing less… but for now, Iris, Blossom, mind losing the dicks so you all can come for me while we let these two have some fun?, you all can join in later but I can't wait so if you all would be so kind..." Emerald said when he pulled free of Ashley's mouth and thanks to the ring, his semen poured from her mouth in great quality and quantity before Emerald just dropped her head which lands right cheek first onto the stuff before Emerald walks to Ashley's bed while gesturing for the ghost army and Iris to follow him with a seductive grin on his face… looks like he could take them if he was going for all of them at once.

Iris, Blossom and her look alikes nod their heads before they each made their dick's disappear before they all walked towards Emerald.

Ashley, who coughs up some of Emerald's cum, starts to groan and moan from having her ass heavily pounded.

Marceline chuckles before speaking up to her ex.

"Hope you don't try to rest bitch. I got a test to pass. But don't worry, l'll make sure to give you the best pleasure ever. Perhaps later if your pledge your loyalty, I'll consider in making you pet."

Ashley couldn't talk since she still had the ring in her mouth. But the only sound she gave off was only her moans.

A moment later, Marceline grins right before she starts pounding the ever loving Nightosphere (Not) out of Ashley's ass before the scene shifts to Bubblegum right when she comes to when hearing yelling.

Ooo/ Bondage Kingdom/ Bubblegum

When Bubblegum starts to come to the waking world… things were a bit off but then she starts hearing yelling from Obsidian.

"... Got a lot of nerve coming here and demanding to see Bubblegum after what you and your brothers pulled with my brother, she may be carrying your kid but I should just fuck the rules right now and skin you three alive for putting Bubblegum in that situation!" Obsidian yelled with raw anger radiating from him outside of the room Bubblegum was resting in, looked like Sake's room and it seemed she was the only one in there right now.

Bubblegum, who realizes who the prince was yelling at, groans a bit before she gets up from the bed while taking Sake's blanket with her and wrapped it around her body a bit before she starts heading to the door.

A moment later, she saw Ingrem, Ed, and Beo, on one end of the room with stubborn/ slightly frightened looks, Me-Mow, Sake, and a few ringed and non-Ringed people were either frightened or trying to help calm the prince down.

Obsidian… looked like the incarnation of rage when his eyes and hair glows with a blood red light and he got serious veins forming on his face and his teeth sharpened into deadly fangs.

Bubblegum did shudder from the look before she stepped out and spoke up.

"Um hey guys. Everything okay."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked to Bubblegum before Me-Mow spoke up.

"Oh thank Glob, Bubblegum try and help me calm this guy down, he actually tried to attack them, granted I'm still not fond of them, but… I mean just look at Obsidian!" Me-Mow said while she had Bubblegum look to a rage filled Obsidian while power radiated from him.

Bubblegum shivered again before speaking up to the prince.

"Obsidian I know that your livid, but please calm down. They were just following orders."

Obsidian looked to her with pure red eyes before he spoke up.

"Are you… do you realize that you would be having a kid in prison right!?, A prison that deals with tiers, not exactly the best place for raising a kid and I'm sure Lillum won't show you much mercy during the Punishments, granted she would show the kid mercy and mainly stick with your ass but you realize how intense Punishments are right!?" Obsidian said while his features slowly return to normal.

Bubblegum gulps a bit before speaking.

"I know… but when your brother gave me a choice… I just couldn't let Me-Mow face that fate."

Obsidian just facepalms at that before he spoke up.

"Look, I know your heart is in the right place, but you realize that with the three dumbasses here going through with his plan, Demonga can now have anyone knock up any woman even with anti pregnancy pills, even if I ignored that fact, it still means that they would have gone after another red Ring or Me-Mow thanks to a legally binding deal, just think of the ramifications of that one act." Obsidian said with a serious look on his face.

Bubblegum pales a bit while thinking what Obsidian said.

Obsidian then sighs before he spoke up.

"Look, I didn't come here for shit like this, I originally came here because my sister got back and called you for your Punishment time, hopefully you can use the pregnancy to get some mercy, but honestly I think she could easily work around it… just in case, I'm having Sake escort you, if you want to bring anyone with you, now is a good time since you could convince Lillum into letting another prisoner help you." Obsidian said with crossed arms.

Bubblegum took a moment to think on this before she looks at Me-Mow before speaking.

"Me-Mow? Do you want to join me?"

Me-Mow blinked a few times before before she just sighs before she spoke up.

"You know, to get away from this tense situation, I think I would prefer a punishment to this, Sake, mind leading the way?" Me-Mow said with a half lidded look her face which made the Oni blink a few times before she spoke up.

"Err… sure, hey Obsy, not trying to tell you what to do but mind leaving to cool down?, your… kind of burning the floor from how much magic your emitting." Sake said while smoke came from under Obsidian's feet which made him sweatdrop before he spoke up.

"Yeah… tell the three stooges here that if they want to stick around so I don't literally bite their heads off… then they better not go back to Demonga and they better follow the rules here, I can make their punishment times a living hell otherwise." Obsidian said before he quickly starts to walk out of the building with flaming footsteps trailing behind him.

Bubblegum sweatdrops a bit before she looks at Sake and Me-Mow before speaking.

"I'm… sorry for causing this much trouble you two." She said with regret in her voice.

"Eh, no harm no fowl, haven't really done anything bad to me, only good things, mainly bedroom related." Sake said while winking at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum did smile a bit before blushing before she looks at Me-Mow while wondering if the feline was mad.

However, that part was answered when Me-Mow flicked her on the forehead before she spoke up.

"First off, you helped me not choke on that Ayuyat bitch's dick and we made an alliance, that's not really the irritating thing, what's irritating is that you even have to ask me that one, thought we… were... friends…" Me-Mow said while blushing a bit near the end.

Bubblegum blushed as well before she gave the feline assassin a hug before speaking.

"We are friends Me-Mow. I'm sorry if I made you think that. But we're still friends" She said before kissing Me-Mow's lips.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised from that before Sake grins and decides to tease the duo a bit when she said this.

"Still friends?, honestly, it looks more like you two are a cute loving couple." Sake said before Ingrem chuckles before he spoke up.

"I concur, most wouldn't let me do what I did without a reason, most would call that strange." Ingrem said which made Ed cackle like a madman and Beo just chuckles deeply.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before she pulls back before speaking.

"Well I'm not close minded. I mean Me-Mow is cute."

"Hehe, well, considering Me-Mow's personality, she's the perfect little Tsundere, a word where I'm from which tells that a person really likes them even if they have an angry or trying to hide their happy reaction, think like this, I mean why would Me-Mow stick with you after everything and knowingly walk into a punishment room to help you?, looks like you may have a cute kitty girlfriend if you play your cards right." Sake teased while Me-Mow grumbles when she tried to not look at anyone by pressing her closed eyes onto Bubblegum's neck.

Bubblegum pats her on the back before speaking.

"Well depending how things go. I think Prince Obsidian likes Me-Mow as well."

Me-Mow just grumbles again before she pushed herself away from Bubblegum and walks to the door with this.

"So are we going to get to the punishment room now or stand here and talk about Bubblegum and her love life, personally, I'd rather get dicked balls deep by a guy or gal bigger then Sake right now." Me-Mow said while she intentionally left out Obsidian before she exits the building to wait for the duo.

Bubblegum blinks for a bit before speaking.

"Did I say something bad?"

"Nah, she's just being shy, come on, we should get this out of the way, who knows, I may join in on the punishment since they can be fun if your a mashocist… and considering you had a dick in my dick, you should know how well I deal with pain." Sake said with a grin on her face before she passed Bubblegum while Ingrem said this.

"She did what now?" Ingrem said before the wolfman trio looked to Bubblegum with slightly surprised looks.

Bubblegum blush brightly before she walked by the trio before speaking.

"Don't ask." She said before passing the trio but before giving Ingrem a slight smile.

Ingrem blinked a few times from that before he spoke up.

"Depending on how things go there, my brothers and I will wait here to help you relax with a more… tender touch… surprisingly helps with the ringed ladies in our pack." Ingrem teased when Bubblegum go to the door.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before she gave the calm wolf man a kind smile before speaking.

"I'll be looking forward to it." She said before she exits the building and saw Me-Mow and Sake talking before the duo noticed before Sake grins and spoke up.

"Welp miss popular, if your not flirting with horny wolves or this cute kitty here, we should get going, follow me and I'll make sure no one messes with you, bit of a tradition that those who are getting punished go untouched for 12 hours after to let them recover, though if they willingly go after others… that's another story altogether." Sake said with a grin on her face before she starts to walk to the castle on the fastest path from where they are.

Bubblegum gulps a before she walks by Me-Mow before grasping her hand.

Me-Mow looked to her and while she was a bit nervous, did tighten her grip a bit to let Bubblegum know she was there for her before she starts leading Bubblegum after Sake.

Bubblegum tightens her grip back while sending Me-Mow a smile as the trio walked.

A few minutes later, with Sake talking with people on the way who wanted to get with Me-Mow and Bubblegum and convinced them to keep away for now, the group found themselves in front of a… well… massive castle that… and massive was an understatement, some giants, building sized ones were able to walk in with thuds and whatnot which shows how massive the castle was before Sake spoke up.

"Welp, welcome to the Bondage Castle, you should have seen it from the front gate, but if not thanks to the clouds, here you go." Sake said before drinking from her gourd again while Me-Mow's mouth just gapped when she tries looking up… and nearly fall back a few times when she couldn't see top thanks to the clouds up above.

Bubblegum, who had a firm grip on the feline assassin's hand, was also shocked when she saw the castle. It was bigger than her's.

Sake saw their gaping mouths before she smirks and her gourd glows before a few orbs of her alcohol floats out of the gourd and flew into Me-Mow and Bubblegum's mouths which caused Me-Mow, who never really tasted the alcohol to get a shocked look on her face before she nearly coughed a few times before a warm feeling went through her body when she drank it in the end… Bubblegum in the meantime thanks to her experience with Sake so far…

Bubblegum was a bit surprised, but happily drank the alcohol before feeling the warm feeling as well.

Me-Mow then looked to Sake with a irritated look, while Sake, amused, just said this.

"Well you two, follow me, oh and just in case anyone is wondering, my stuff maybe alcohol but my gourds enchanted so that only the mom gets the good stuff, my mom used it when she was pregnant with me and I turned out alright." Sake said before she starts walking into the large castle while Me-Mow sweatdrops from that before she looked to Bubblegum.

"Yeah…. I recommend staying away from that stuff till you have the kid or you might have a wild wolf kid who's gunning for alcohol…." Me-Mow said while pointing a thumb at Sake who drinks from her gourd again.

Bubblegum shudders a bit before she pats her stomach before speaking.

"I will try. But it will be tricky."

"Yeah… just remember that and you may have it easier." Me-Mow said after the duo heard Sake hiccup and burp a little while she seemed a bit unsteady before Me-Mow spoke up again.

"Besides, nine months without getting buzzed won't kill you, come on before we lose Sake somehow." Me-Mow said when she lightly pulled Bubblegum towards the stumbling Oni who shockingly didn't bump into anyone… either she learned how to drunken box or it was an Oni trait.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised before speaking to Me-Mow.

"Well luckily I have control. Though I did drink a lot when she and I fucked like crazy. Hopefuly my child won't inherit that."

"Well if her gourd does have that effect of not affecting the kid, then you should be good but better safe than sorry right?, and even if the kid did, you got Sake who, while I wouldn't trust to stand still in a Bar, does seem like someone who has a good head on her shoulders and could probably keep an eye on the kid and make sure they don't do anything stupid." Me-Mow said when she saw Sake move around a person and surprisingly helped them up at the same time when the person got shocked at the strange movement.

"That's true. Though I'm worried how my friends will react. Especially Marcy and Finn." Bubblegum said with a little concern.

"Eh I wouldn't worry so much, considering what I heard about Marceline, she should be a good mom, as for Finn, well, personally I'm not really fond of the guy for various reasons, but I doubt he can hate you after he hears about what Demonga did, though he might try and attack Ingrem so that might be a more worrying issue." Me-Mow said while she pulled Bubblegum through a crowd… some got a bit grabby with her and Bubblegum by gripping their breasts and ass's or just pinching them, but Me-Mow powered on when Sake turned down a hall that had a lot less people going through it.

Bubblegum felt uncomfortable from the grabs before speaking.

"Well you have a point. Plus I can try have Finn warm up to Ingrem. I mean he'll probably understand that my child still needs a dad but I would still like his help. Also if I tell Finn how much you're helping me and all he'll warm up to you."

"Maybe, but I'm sure two strong looking lovers plus on that has an army of wolf man waiting to please a pack mate doesn't seem to bad, honestly feeling a bit jealous since you got so many people just willing to please you sexually and emotionally." Me-Mow said with a chuckle at the end when she imagined Bubblegum getting dogpiled by an army of wolf man.

Bubblegum blushed brightly before speaking up.

"Well… there's also you Me-Mow since I enjoyed what you and I did yesterday and you're more than welcome to join me and stuff."

"Hehe, well I do try my best, and getting you to let loose on the bed and in the bathroom twice was an interesting time… anyway, looks like Sake is… walking towards a wall?" Me-Mow said before she looked over and finished that sentence with a royally confused look on her face.

Bubblegum was confused as well when she saw the Oni about to actually walk into a wall.

A moment later… she actually freaking walked into the wall with a water like ripple effect happening which caused Me-Mow's eyes to widen before she said wow and let go of Bubblegum's hand and rushed to the wall before stopping in front of it.

Bubblegum ran after the feline assassin to see it Sake needs help.

However, Me-Mow poked the wall once and another ripple effect happens before she tried to pull her finger away… however she wasn't able to and a moment later, she got yanked through the all while she made a whoa sound.

"Me-Mow!" The former Candy Ruler yells before she stuck her hands in to get her friend out.

However, she grabbed nothing and some kind of force pulled her forward which caused Bubblegum to fly through the wall before she flew through the air and lands in a person's arms before she heard Sake, the person who caught her, speaking up.

"Nice of you to drop in, sorry about that but I wanted to make sure the other side was clear before I would come back for you two, didn't expect you two to fly on in." Sake said while she held Bubblegum in her arms.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised before blushing a bit before she turns her head around before speaking.

"You okay Me-Mow?"

"Er… Me-Mow is over there… had a bit… of a sticky landing." Sake said while she looked to her left which revealed a long hallway that was lit by a few torches… and saw that Me-Mow landed in some kind of slime based monster with one eyeball floating in it's gel like body… and it was next to Me-Mow who was giving the duo a half lidded look while she had crossed arms.

Bubblegum sweatdrop before speaking up.

"Well we thought you were gonna crash into that wall and thought you needed help."

"Ah, that's sweet, you worried for little ol me, still joking aside, welcome to the entrance to the punishment section, the wall is like that to not only be surprising, but to make sure only those who are called or those who know the place can find it, the location changes every now and then so consider this a dimensional door or a portal or something, handy to keep non ringed people from trying to help ringed people, as for why… well… let's just say I'm also a punisher here to help gain points, pretty profitable if you know what your doing, who knows, play your cards right and you can dominate people here to get that ruling itch out of your system." Sake said with a grin on her face.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised when she heard that before blushing big about the idea of her dominating people.

"Now then, Aqua, could you please spit the cat out?, she's not a meal for you, or can you carry her and follow me?, Lillum is waiting for this one and she's tagging along." Sake said before Aqua the Slime made a squeak like sound before it followed Sake who carried Bubblegum in her arms while Me-Mow got a shocked look on her face when she starts rolling when… Aqua's body rolls like a ball.

Bubblegum at first blushed while she was being carried. She was also concerned for Me-Mow, even though she tried to stop herself from chuckling a bit.

Sake saw that before she spoke up.

"Don't worry, I may have said meal, but Aqua was bread to feed on woman's fluids, and thanks to the form it has, can change into a male or female like form for interesting times, can even help clean out your ass as well." Sake said with a grin on her face while the Slime ball continues to follow Sake with Me-Mow still being rolled inside of it.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised to hear that before blushing big at the idea.

A moment later, the four found themselves in front of a large metal door before they enter to see Lillum while she was sitting on a chair nearby… and with many muscled creatures, some male and some female looking and all had massive dicks before she spoke up.

"Hello Bubblegum, didn't expect you to bring guests." Lillum said while she looked to the former Candy Royal with a gentle smile.

Bubblegum blushed big like a tomato when she saw that before speaking.

"Y-Yes well Sake wanted to lead me there and I was feeling a nervous before Me-Mow came along."

"Ah, love, a cliche that most enjoy, but you know this is your punishment day, not hers right?, I mean I am a stickler for the rules…. But considering I heard about Demonga, I may make an exception this one time since your most likely carrying an innocent child inside of you… so, consider this a favor if you want me to add Me-Mow to this to aid you, or do you have anything else to ask?" Lillum said with a thoughtful look on her face.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised that Lillum knew of her condition before speaking.

"How did you know? Did Prince Obsidian told you?"

"No, like you I have security cameras here and there and I have a special transceiver so that I can get a live feed to any TV I want, Marceline saw as well and had some interesting reactions to it, had to help calm her down when she got really horny with Emerald aiding me." Lillum said with a grin on her face to the Ex-Candy Royal.

Bubblegum was shocked before speaking.

"Marceline knows too?" She asked while already knowing about her and Emerald.

"Yeah, didn't you watch the DVD all the way through?, I join about halfway in or did the camera get busted or something?, granted I need to send a charger cable but it should have been fully charged when I sent it to you."

Bubblegum blushed brightly before speaking.

"They did came through. Though I only watched the explanation part and then I was about to see Emerald… take Marcy from… behind but Me-Mow paused it before we had our own fun." She said while blushing.

"Ah, makes sense, we saw that you two ended the video but didn't know how far you got exactly, I had Sake's permission to tap her room since she can get pretty freaky in the sack… and my oh my were you ever freaky, honestly don't know if these guys and gals here will be enough." Lillum teased while some of the men and women, Orc men and some kind of amazon Jackal headed woman grinned while all of their dicks grew erect… and they all looked massive.

Bubblegum was shocked at the news before thinking.

'Oh Glob… I don't know if I should complain but then again that's what I did. I mean I saw Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig having some fun after I let everyone else out jail.'

"Now then, since you are conceiving a child, I can't exactly go all out… but I can work around it thanks to these two…" Lillum said before she moved a hand over to show that some goons and lady goons moved away… to show the Deer that practically kidnapped and stuck everyone to pipes years ago… and a… familiar looking man who… looked a lot like Simon from before he went insane but this guy had more muscle but not too much….and they both had Rings on their necks.

Bubblegum however did recognise the man by facial recognition before speaking.

"Wait him and… Ricardio?! Why are they my punishers?!"

"Do I really need a reason?, besides, the Deer here, who I found out is called John Deer, terrorized your kingdom, he was then flushed into the sewers correct?, well my men found him and after a bit of info probing, we found out what he did and brought him here… I doubt I need to explain Ricardio do I?, as for the punisher thing, it wouldn't be a real one without some kind of mental anguish…. But you two do know that if you go too far… well… I doubt I need to explain right gentlemen?" Lillum said when she looked to the John Deer and the full body Ricardio with an extremely dominating look that showed on her face.

The duo shivered a bit before they nod their heads at Lillum.

"As you can see Bubblegum, this Punishment isn't supposed to be pleasant, it's suppose to be painful, degrading, and humiliating in many ways, I mean it wouldn't be a punishment otherwise… but I will say this… I will let you choose who will go to you, Ricardio… or John here, the other will go to Me-Mow there with their own goons, you wanted to share so how about a 50/50 split?" Lillum said with a grin on her face while the Orc and female Jackal like goons grin as well when they looked at Bubblegum and Me-Mow.

Bubblegum was already feeling some of the stuff that Lillum mentioned before she looks at Me-Mow before speaking.

"Me-Mow, you're my friend no matter what but if you need to back down I understand."

Me-Mow, who got popped out of Aqua, shook her fur a bit before she sighs and spoke up.

"You kidding, considering how that guy there, the one you called Ricardio is leering at you, I might as well spite him by taking him, might as well mess with that guy right?" Me-Mow said with a fanged grin on her face, granted that guy didn't sit well with her, but there was no way she would let that guy have his way with Bubblegum, hell that Deer guy was just staying quiet and standing there so she didn't think he had that much of a brain.

Bubblegum did smile a bit before sighing as she made her choice before speaking.

"Okay. I'll take… John Deer." She said which made Ricardio felt upset.

"Alright, Ricardio goes to Me-Mow and John deer to Bubblegum… remember Ricardio, I can tell this upsets you but remember… piss me off and I'll make you my bitch." Lillum said while one eye radiates power to intimidate the evil man, he was formally a heart of the Ice king with actual intelligence but Lillum gave him a new body for this that could help him with stuff like this… and she could take it away from him or worse at the drop of a coin.

Ricardio shivered with fear before speaking up.

"Y-Yes Mistress."

"Well then, get started and ladies and Orc's, enjoy since I reward my minions well." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face when she looked to the two seperate sets of grunts in the room.

Ricardio went to Me-Mow with a disappointed look while John Deer went to Bubblegum.

The minions grinned at their Princess before they split and went to their individual prisoners.

One of them held something in a bag with Bubblegum's group while another had to grab a second bag in the other, all in all, 5 orcs and amazon jackel headed woman were with Bubblegum and the same amount was with Ricardio.

"Well everyone… It's Punishment time!" Lillum said with a grin while she snapped her fingers which gave Ricardio and John Deer the signal to start.

Said duo nods before they wrapped their arms around Me-Mow and Bubblegum in a tight grip while waiting for the goons to act.

The ones that had the bags reached in and a moment later… pulled out some leather masks with zippers on the mouth and eyes while a slit was seen to allow the nose to breath before they approached the duo before Lillum looked to Sake before she spoke up.

"You know Sake, just sitting here and what not can get boring… summon your cock so I can have some fun as well." Lillum said with a grin on her face when she looked to the normally drunk Oni.

Sake, though worried a bit for the girls, grins at Lillum before speaking.

"Sure thing boss. And I got the good stuff if you need a drink." She said before she summoned her cock.

Lillum licked her lips when she saw that and heard about the drinks before she spoke up after she got up from her seat.

"Sit down and I'll do my thing, but let me get a drink of your stash in the fun way first." Lillum teased with a grin on her face when she used her magic to make her outfit vanish which left her in the nude except for some dominatrix heels.

Sake grins before she snapped her fingers and her out disappears before she went to a chair and sat down.

Then with the wave of her hand, Sake magically brought the gourd to Lillum.

Lillum then took a quick drink of the gourd and lets out a pleased sigh before she spoke up.

"Oh yeah, that's the good stuff… now then… time to please your dick the way you like it." Lillum said before she summoned a large dildo that was pretty big with large bumps… but the intent was clear when Lillum summoned her own cock and walks toward the Oni while Lillum used her magic to angle her so that Lillum had the perfect angle to fuck Sake… looks like the dildo was going where Bubblegum was it seems.

Said former Candy Ruler and Me-Mow were shocked when they saw it before Sake licked her lips when she saw the dildo approaching her.

However before Me-Mow or Bubblegum could see more, they were momentarily blinded when something tight was slipped over their heads while Sake lets out a whorish moan of pleasure before a zipping sound was heard before they could see again which showed that they had the leather bondage masks on but their mouths were still sealed for now so they could see the Orcs and Jackal amazon minions around them and Me-Mow saw Ricardio approaching her from the front after letting her go while John Deer approached Bubblegum after doing the same.

Bubblegum and Me-Mow didn't know what happened when they got the masks on, but at least they can see and breathe through their noses.

One of the Orcs with Ricardio then spoke up.

"So Heartman, what do we do now?, your call thanks to Mistress Lillum." The Orc said bluntly, seems they will follow orders but not in a mannerly way to Ricardio or the deer it seemed.

Ricardio sweatdrop before speaking up.

"Make the kitty go down on her knees but hold her arms back while you take her from behind and I get the mouth." He said before his dick popped out of the pants that he wore thanks to his new body.

It was 8 inches long and 2 in width.

The Orc just shrugged before he spoke up when he and his brothers forced Me-Mow into position.

"Pussy or Ass?" The Orc asked bluntly.

Me-Mow would've said something but the mouth part of the mask that covered her mouth was still zipped shut.

Ricardio took care of that before he unzipped it before hearing the feline assassin speaking up.

"Ass you… Mmmph!" Me-Mow was able to say before she felt Ricardio, after taking his pants off and grips her head, shoves his dick in her mouth before he starts moving back and forth causing Me-Mow to gag a bit.

The Orc, after hearing that, just angles himself, and without warning or mercy, shoved his dick right up Me-Mow's ass, they were about 10 inches in length… but the width… was a fucking 3 and a ½ inch's in width and the Orc was forced to slow down at the halfway mark after a few seconds before adjusting himself and starts to thrust as hard as he could to force himself deeper.

Me-Mow's eyes widen a bit when she felt that before she gags and moans a bit while having Ricardio's dick in her mouth.

However, she was a strong assassin and bounty hunter. She would not give in. Besides it was rape. Can't feel good from that. She hope Bubblegum was doing okay.

Speaking of Bubblegum… the Deer was oddly silent... or for how it was, perfectly silent while a Amazon Jackal woman spoke up.

"Considering this guy doesn't talk, anyone object if I give the orders for now and you can just nod your head yes or no if you like or dislike an order I give?" The muscular woman said to the others before looking at the Deer near her for that last bit.

The other goons were alright with it while the Deer…

The Deer gave the Jackal woman a firm nod meaning he agrees.

"Alright, now then… you, pink bitch, summon a cock since we heard from Mistress that you can do that easily." The Woman ordered while looking at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushed behind her mask before she tries to be calm and summons her dick in front of the goons.

"Good, now stand up, fall once and one of us will go for your ass while you are down." The woman orders with a grin on her jackal like face.

Bubblegum gulps a bit before she stood up.

The jackal woman grins before she looked to the Orc holding the bag and another jackal woman before saying this.

"Get the small dildo and you… bring the stand with the large dildo attached to it with wheels out... and get ready for a show everyone." The woman said with an authoritative tone.

The goons grinned after hearing that while the Orc holding the bag took out said item that the Jackal woman wanted while another went to fetch the other.

Bubblegum was already paling when she heard that.

A moment later, the lead jackal woman turned to Bubblegum before she spoke up.

"Considering my ladies and I can smell that you are pupped, we won't go anywhere near your pussy unless you ask for it, but that means we will concentrate on your ass, in a moment, you'll be putting on a show for us by bouncing on this with your ass… you'll see where the smaller dildo is going if you look at what Mistress Lillum is doing to that Oni there, these Orc's can have their way with us since we have a pussy as well so expect a show in turn." The woman said while pointing to Sake, who was getting her pussy fucked by Lillum, had the dildo rapidly and harshly go in and out of her cock that expanded to really push Sake to her limit… and Sake was loving it.

A moment later… a large dildo that was attached to a heavy stone block was seen that had wheels attached while one jackal woman, with a show of muscles and strength, pushed it in with ease… the dildo on top was about 10 inches long, had bumps all the way up and down in and it was actually vibrating after it was stopped next to the lead Jackal woman.

Bubblegum's eyes widen in shock before thinking two words.


"Now… get on the dildo and start dancing, there are stairs on the back so you can get up there easily.… I want to enjoy the sight of this punishment… hey Deer, want to fuck my pussy?, Ass, or get blown by me?, I think the others will be preoccupied and I want to see what you can do." The Jackal woman said before she looked at the Deer to see what he would do.

The Deer looks at the Jackal before he gets up on his two legs before you see his dick pop out.

It was at least 10 inches long and 2 ½ inches in width.

You can see the veins on his dick almost popping out.

The Jackal woman chuckles before she spoke up.

"So… which hole do you want?" The Jackal woman asked the Deer.

That's when the Deer points at the Jackal woman's pussy.

The woman chuckles for a moment before she spoke up.

"Alright, just give me a moment to get this pink bitch in place and you can mount me." The Jackal woman said before looking to Bubblegum and she points a thumb at the dildo before the silent command was said for her to get to work.

The former Candy Monarch gulps before she got behind the dildo and starts climbing up the tiny steps.

A moment later, Bubblegum was over the dildo before the Jackle woman spoke up when she walked forward and roughly gripped Bubblegum's dick to pull her a bit so that her ass was over it before she spoke up.

"Get ready to ride bitch and I may please you later… ever feel what a elongated mouth feels like without causing issues for a lover… well…" The Jackal woman said before she easily took Bubblegum's dick into her mouth for a second and after a moment of lightly gagging… pulls away while her tongue danced on Bubblegum's dick before pulling away with a popping sound before she spoke up.

"I don't think you have to worry about holding back here now." The Jackel woman said with a grin on her face while she waits for Bubblegum to act.

Bubblegum at first shutters from that before she gulps and starts lowering herself before she feels the head of the dildo poking at her ass.

Bubblegum then takes a deep breath before she had her asshole start swallowing the head of the dildo before she continues going lower.

The former Candy Monarch's groans were muffled while she grinds her teeth behind the mask as she continues to go lower while feeling her ass getting stretched.

The Jackal woman chuckles at that before she looked back to the Deer, and after placing her hands on the stone block with the dildo on it, points her ass at him before speaking up.

"Hey you, get fucking, depending on how things go, I may suck this bitch off if she does well." The Jackal amazon orders while shaking her ass at him.

The Deer felt its dick twitch in excitement before he got behind the woman, gripped her ass and shoved his dick inside her pussy.

The Jackal Amazon groans from that before she looked back at the deer before she spoke up.

"Oh fuck yeah, start thrusting that dick, depending on how things go, I'll bring you to my sisters… all 100 and see how you do with them, that Heart guy seems too preachy but that quiet bit you have is good." The Amazon Jackal said with a fanged grin on her face before looking back to Bubblegum and gave her a look that said for her to start now.

The Deer felt excitement when he heard that before he starts thrusting hard like an animal in heat.

Bubblegum, after finally adjusted to the dildo, took a deep breathe from her nose before she starts going up and down with the dildo in her ass.

Even though it was muffled you can still hear the former Candy Monarch groaning from that.

The Jackal Amazon then groans and moans from that when she felt the deer really trying to impress her before she looked back to Bubblegum who bounced on the dildo.

The other Jackal Amazon's in the Deer's group grins before they surprised the orcs by kissing them on the lips before one used a card to make her dick vanishes and a moment later, pushed the orc on to his back and starts riding the massive dick in her like a bitch in heat while her muscled body greatly gripped the orc's dick.

"Oh fuck yeah!" The orc moans a bit.

"Hehe, that's right you ugly massive dicked bastard, enjoy this, we Amazon's love dominating males and weak females… why do you think we joined Mistress's service… it's so we can find males for our tribe… if your clan does well, then it doesn't matter how good or bad you all look, we'll worship your cocks as long as you can keep up and help supply young for our tribe, we even take dick girls if they have a good enough cock so bring any females with cocks you have here and I'll be more than happy to check on your dick…. As for the others… ladies… get to work, we got males to test." The Jackal Amazon said with a grin on her face while she keeps riding the Orcs dick before she looked at her sister Amazon's and signals them to start.

The rest of the sisters grin before they had their vanished and got to work on dominating the orcs.

The main orc looked at the Jackal woman with a grin before he grabs her hips and starts thrusting his dick up with such force to not only try to own the Jackal Amazon but to show he was no push over.

"Oh… FUCK YEAH, KEEP THIS UP AND YOU MAY GET MORE PUSSY THAN YOU CAN HANDLE!" The Amazon Jackal moans out before she starts to play with her breasts to really egg the Orc on.

Which ironically it worked as you see the orc really getting into fucking the Amazon Jackal to make is so that she can't live without his cock.

Meanwhile with Ricardio's group…

When the Amazon's saw what was going on in the deer group, they all had their dicks vanish before walking up behind the remaining Orcs and two went to Ricardio and the Orc railing Me-Mow's ass and mouth before all of them wrapped their hands around either Ricardio's chest and the orc with who was plowing Me-Mow's ass, or the remaining ones gripped the Orc's dicks and start stroking them off, two Jackal amazon's even took two of them before the one holding Ricardio from behind spoke up.

"Hehe, well you might not see it, but since our sisters are getting busy with finding multiple males or dickgirls, we might as well get started… hurry up and finish with this kitty's mouth and get with a real woman who can really please you." The Jackal woman said before licking the side of Ricardio's neck.

Ricardio was a bit surprised before he sent the Jackal Amazon a grin before speaking up.

"Don't mind if I do." He said before he kissed the woman's lips before he starts thrusting hard in Me-Mow's mouth.

Said feline assassin felt a bit insulted thinking that the Jackal woman said that she was not a woman while gagging and groaning a bit.

The Jackal woman returns the kiss with a hungry force behind her actions before she reached down and roughly but surprisingly expertly gripped his balls and squeezed and massaged his testicles to really get him to blow and soon.

Ricardio continues to thrust his dick in while kissing the Jackal woman for a few moments before he grunts and came hard in Me-Mow's mouth.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised at the amount before she gags and tries to swallow some.

However, she surprisingly felt herself getting a bit wet from not only to have to drink Ricardio's cum but also having the orc pound her ass too.

But even if she was wet, she still won't submit.

A few moment's later, the Jackel woman just raised an eyebrow before she spoke up.

"5 minutes?, really?, I heard your body was created by Mistress so I thought you would last longer… I really hope you can last longer… we Jackal Amazon's don't take kindly to quickshots unless they can rapidfire without tapping out." The Amazon Jackal said while she tightened her grip on Ricardio's balls… harshly while Me-Mow was pulled back and away from his dick to allow her a moment to recover thanks to the Orc in her ass, also showed that Me-Mow was wet right now to Ricardio and the Jackal woman.

Ricardio pants for a bit before speaking.

"Oh… I can last long. I'm still new to this body. Besides she doesn't seem to be complaining." He said before pointing at Me-Mow's folds.

"Maybe… I've seen stubborn women break here or their body's betray them or they just enjoy the sex… and if your really breaking that body in, then get over here and start fucking me... but one thing first, hey big guy in the cats ass, you got the bag near you to your right, have my sister Amazon use it if you need to hold her steady, use the *stuff* Mistress gave us to really get the cat going, the others are putting the item on the pink bitch right now." The Jackal Amazon said while she pushed Ricardio onto his back while pointing at Bubblegum's group while an Amazon was reaching into their bag and pulled out a canister like item with a tube like mast was attached.

Bubblegum and Me-Mow was wondering what that stuff was before Me-Mow spoke.

"H-Hey… what is that?" She asked while the orc continues to fuck her ass.

However, Lillum was the one who spoke up while Sake was shocking down for the count with a fucked up look on her face and semen keeps pouring from her oversized dick…. What the hell did Lillum do?

"An aphrodisiac courtesy of Jungle Princess, a lover of mine and a concubine of Emerald, we have a deal in that if I marry Jungle Princess or satisfy her sexually on a daily basis, she would supply my kingdom with her unique plants to make this mixture, any man who breaths it in will be like a rapist in heat, and women will think of nothing else then to find a dick to scratch that unbearable itch that just gets worse the more it's scratched, lasts for a short 3 hours but the Punishment time is only 1 and a half here, so you may have some free time to have with these lovely ladies and gentlemen here who are more than willing to help, right everyone?" Lillum said while she grins at the duo.

The Amazon Jackals, that continues to dominate the orcs, nod their heads in agreement while the orcs, who tries to show the women who's boss, did as well.

Me-Mow and Bubblegum's eyes widen in shock when they heard that.

"Now then, Mr. Orc, Mrs. Amazon… would you two be so kind as to equip the masks, things are about to get really wild here." Lillum said with a grin on her face to the two who had the canisters and masks in hand.

Me-Mow and Bubblegum's eyes widen again when they saw the orc and Amazon Jackal nod their heads to Lillum before the orc went to Bubblegum with the canister and mask and the Amazon Jackal doing the same while walking towards Me-Mow and the orc that's fucking her ass.

A moment later, the masks were equipped and the straps were used to keep them equipped and Bubblegum and Me-Mow's mouths were forced open, the two made sure that the masks were ready and whatnot before waiting for Lillum's signal.

However, Lillum just smirks before summoning something small and held it in her hand before she pulled the mask a bit on Me-Mow before Lillum put the item in her mouth and kissed Me-Mow a moment later and slipped the item into Me-Mow's mouth with her tongue.

Me-Mow's eyes widen when she felt Lillum's tongue before feeling something else before thinking.

'What was that about? And what did she put in my mouth?!' She thought while Bubblegum who watches, was also surprised but felt a bit… jealous?

The former Candy Ruler didn't know why but she felt bothered by it.

For a minute, Lillum kept that the kiss up before she managed to force Me-Mow to swallow the item before she pulled away and spoke up.

"Hehe… get ready for a shock… but what I just fed you is a pregnancy pill… a pill designed to raise the chances of you getting knocked up." Lillum said with a grin on her face to Me-Mow while the others heard, the Orc's and Amazon jackal woman grin at that while the two who held the canisters with the aphrodisiac just held their hands over the button, waiting for the signal.

Me-Mow and Bubblegum's eyes widen before Me-Mow spoke up.


Lillum just grins before she spoke up.

"Remember the rules… Demonga pushed it outside… but your sharing a Red Ring's punishment… try and remember that you can get knocked up here… I wonder… will you just have one child… or a full litter of cute kittens." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Bubblegum was shocked while Me-Mow paled before she tried to break free of the orc's hold on her arms before speaking up.


"Maybe you could scratch me in other places… like my back since I'm going to be the one knocking you up here and now… Mr. Orc… Mrs. Jackal… start feeding the gas." Lillum said when she put the mask back in place after making sure the tube enters Me-Mow's mouth.

Me-Mow tries to struggle while Bubblegum who was afraid for her friend had this thought after the orc and Jackal Amazon starts applying the gas.

Bubblegum and Me-Mow tried to hold their breaths so they won't breathe in the aphrodisiac.

A moment later, Lillum grins when she saw that before she looked to the Jackal woman getting fucked by the deer before she spoke up.

"Start tickling any part you want." Lillum said when she moved her hand to Me-Mow's fold and just lightly brushed the tips of her fingers on Me-Mow's folds and bud.

The Jackal woman, after getting some composer, grins before she did the same, this time with Bubblegum's dickhead with her claws, not enough to cause damage, but to really get her to feel the tickling.

The duo jolts a bit before they felt a slight tickle.

That's when they both realized that they're doing this so they can breathe in the gas.

Bubblegum and Me-Mow were now trying to hold back so they couldn't breathe.

Lillum and the Jackal woman then stepped things up by doing this.

Lillum then used her free hand to go to Me-Mow's folds after she summoned another small item… an egg shaped vibrator while the Jackal woman reached forwards… and both woman, Lillum by pushing it into Me-Mow's pussy and the Jackal woman by pushing her fingers into Bubblegum's soaked hole, before the duo start to tickle their respective body part more.

Bubblegum and Me-Mow jolts and shudders from that action while still trying to fight back.

However, after a few minutes or so, they began to feel a bit weak even though they kept fighting.

A moment later, the orc in Me-Mow's ass starts thrusting it's dick again while The Jackal woman moves her finger in Bubblegum's folds before she found a certain spot and starts rubbing it.

Me-Mow and Bubblegum moved around a bit before Me-Mow starts thinking.

'Oh fuck this isn't good.' She thought before Bubblegum thought.

'Musn't moan from this. Need to be strong.'

When Lillum and the Jackal woman saw that they weren't going to break easily… Lillum grins before she spoke up.

"Hey Big guy, lean back… I'm making my entrance." Lillum said before she licks her lips in a lustful way while her dick pulsed with blood.

The Jackal Amazon behind Bubblegum, who talked an orc into letting her go, summoned a cock and snuck up behind bubblegum and had her dick rest on Bubblegum's ass… both women had grins on their faces when they looked down at their respective target's… the already filled ass's.

Me-Mow and Bubblegum's eyes widen with shock and fear knowing what they're about to do.

"I'll give you two a choice ladies… either breath in the gas… or get fucked with two dicks or in Bubblegum's case, a dick and a massive dildo at the same time… personally, I hope you fight it… gives me a reason to break that stubborn streak away." Lillum said with a grin while she strokes her dick while the Jackal woman on Bubblegum's ass really hoped Bubblegum was stubborn while grinding her dick on the pink ass cheeks.

Both girls were literally beyond screwed (pun intended). Even though they're strong, they either have to take the gas or their asses get destroyed beyond recognition.

Without taking a moment to choose, Bubblegum and Me-Mow swallowed their pride and just start breathing in the gas.

The effect when they inhaled the gas was instant while the Jackal woman pout a bit when she didn't get to have her fun before she walked back to the orc that she was with and dismissed her dick before presenting her ass to him.

The orc grins before he gets behind the Jackal woman and immediately starts attacking her ass with his dick that was already erect.

The Jackal woman lets out whorish moans and groans from that while Bubblegum and Me-Mow, after inhaling the gas for a few seconds…

Said duo starts to feel a little light headed and even though you can't see it but they start to have very deep blush on their faces before feeling a bit warm and tingling inside.

Lillum waits for a bit for the gas to fully take effect before she spoke up.

"Everyone… take a look at the duo… and Mr. Orc holding Me-Mow… let her arms go… and get ready to see how effective this gas is." Lillum orders while she saw how wet Me-Mow was now.

Said feline assassin's folds were really wet after breathing in the gas before the orc let her go before Me-Mow lands on the Orc's chest while his dick was still in her ass.

Bubblegum was in the same situation as she shudders a bit on the dildo.

Even her dick twitches a bit which made the Jackal woman grin a bit.

Lillum grins a bit before she just gestured for them to wait before she said this.

"You know… we could stop now and just see how they react… but tell me… do you two want to stop here… or get fucked by everyone in the room?... I'll remove the masks in a bit so you can speak… but first..." Lillum teased with a grin on her face while she ever so lightly… and gently… put a finger on Me-Mow's bud… and the effect was instant…

Me-Mow shudders before she actually came from just having her bud touched.

Lillum smirks before she pulled her hand away to see how Bubblegum was doing since she had full sight of what just happened… right when the Jackal woman instantly opened her mouth, and took the entire length in to suck on it… and like last time… the effect was instant…

Bubblegum muffly groans before she came from both her pussy and her dick before she felt her dick squirt in the woman's mouth.

The Jackal woman lets out a pleased tone while she drank the sweet tasting semen before she felt Bubblegum tapping off, but didn't remove her mouth to lightly lick the dick while Lillum spoke up.

"Now then… since you two have to be panting after that, you two should have got more then enough of the aphrodisiac into your bodies… Mr. Orc… Mrs. Jackal… please remove the masks after sealing the canisters… we punishers need to keep our wits right?, and we should hear how they want this to go right?" Lillum teased while she looks to the Orc and Jackal woman holding the canisters near Bubblegum and Me-Mow.

The orc and the Jackal woman nod their heads while grinning to their mistress before they both sealed the canisters before they start removing the masks.

Once they were off, Bubblegum and Me-Mow were trying to catch their breaths while everyone can finally see the deep blush on their faces.

Lillum grins at that before she spoke up.

"So… what do you two want to do now?" Lillum asked with a grin on her face.

Deep down, both Bubblegum and Me-Mow didn't want to give Lillum the satisfaction but sadly the aphrodisiac's effects made them say this.

"P-Please fuck us."

Lillum grins from that before she spoke up.

"Well everyone… you heard them… give them what they asked for…. Might as well full on gang bang them." Lillum said with a grin on her face while she felt her dick getting a bit painful from the sight of Me-Mow begging to be fucked.

Some the orcs and Jackal women grin before they each approached Bubblegum and Me-Mow while the two last Jackal woman were two busy with Ricardio and the Deer.

A moment later, Lillum looked at Me-Mow before licking her lips while an orc near Bubblegum spoke up.

"So pretty pink lady, may I help you?" The Orc said while holding some strong looking hands up, sounded like he wanted to help her down… but considering that he's a punisher as well… just showed she was trading a dildo for a dick since the guy was fully erect.

Bubblegum pants before speaking up.

"Y-Yes… p-please."

A moment later, the Orc helped Bubblegum off of the dildo and sets her on the ground… right before seeing 5 Orc's with erect dicks around her and 4 Jackal woman who grew dicks did the same… all in all… they were looking at Bubblegum with lust in their eyes.

Bubblegum, with the effect of the aphrodisiac, surprisingly let out a slight smile at the sight.

With Me-Mow…

Lillum and most of the Orcs and Jackal women looked down at Me-Mow who still had a dick in her ass before Lillum spoke up.

"So… mind if I fuck your pussy?" Lillum teased when she got on her knees while her dick pulsed with blood and was fully erect.

The feline assassin pants a few before speaking up.


"Well then… Everyone else, after I start fucking Me-Mow, pick a body part and fuck it, and for those who are left out… I got a mouth, a pussy or ass right?... and we still have Sake there even if she is down right now." Lillum said with a grin on her face before she crawls to Me-Mow and everyone saw how sexy Lillum's ass looked when she got close to Me-Mow and got on top of her and got ready to thrust her dick into Me-Mow.

Me-Mow continues to pant when she saw Lillum before one Jackal woman went to Lillum's pussy before another went for her ass.

Two orcs decide to have their fun with Sake before they approached her.

Lillum groans from that before she practically pushed herself balls deep into Me-Mow which pushed the vibrating egg deeper into Me-Mow's pussy while the Jackal women pushed their dicks as deep as they could go while two Jackal women quickly approached Me-Mow and Lillum's heads before the duo were forced to suck the two Jackal woman off.

Me-Mow just moan with pure ecstasy as she felt her pussy getting fucked hard while still feeling the orc behind her fucking her ass before she tries to think.

'Oh fuck!... I-I'm not supposed to enjoy it but… Oh Glob… it feels so good. Especially with the egg… No… I'm still me… It's that damn gas that affected me… Hope Bonnibel is okay.'

Speaking of Bonnie…

The scene showed a surprising sight with Bubblegum already getting it good… but to some shock, she actually had a Jackal woman get onto all fours and starts to fuck her ass with no mercy which impressed the Jackal woman a bit and the sisters as well before one of the ones near the Orc's spoke up.

"So… since our sister is getting dicked right now, you guys want to go first to really mess with the pink bitch… we'll give you boys a show to help if you do… maybe more after this punishment is over." One of the Jackal woman said before surprisingly the Orc near her by kissing him on the lips for a moment before pulling away and winking at him.

The orc blushed at first before grinning at the woman before speaking up.

"No problem toots. My bros and I will give you and your sisters a very nice show." He said before he and the two other orcs circled around Bubblegum and the Jackal woman before the first one spoke up after getting behind the former Candy Monarch.

"Hope you don't mind this big package!" He said before he grabs hold of Bubblegum's ass before he rams his dick inside causing Bubblegum to scream and moan from the sudden penetration before feeling her pussy squirt hard on the floor.

The second orc chuckles before speaking.

"Ha! This bitch just came after just sticking your dick in. I wonder what else she can do." He said before he grabs hold of Bubblegum's head and shoves his dick in her mouth causing her to gag a bit when she felt the orc's dick hitting the back of her throat before the orc starts face fucking her.

The final orc decided to use Bubblegum's breasts before giving himself a titfuck.

"Oh fuck… don't know what you ugly bastards are doing but keep it up, I just felt her creampie my pussy a little, and damn she's still going." The Jackal woman teased while she keeps pushing her hips back on Bubblegum's dick.

The the orcs grinned causing them to go rough on Bubblegum while causing said former Monarch to thrust faster in the Jackal woman's pussy before she tries to think.

'Oh Glob… I'm in such a deep mess… I supposed to hate this but… I'm actually enjoying it… I can't tell if its the gas's fault… or me… What am I?' She thought before tears start to leak from her eyes.

"Oh boys and pink bitch… mind looking this way for a second?" A Jackal woman said from nearby.

The orcs looked to said direction while Bubblegum was forced to turn to see what the Jackal woman wanted.

To their confusion, the others just stood there for a second, but then one of them, the middle one summoned a dick and starts to make out with one of the other Jackal woman while one knelt down and starts to deep throat the dick while the dickgirl Jackal amazon roughly gripped the kissing ones ass…. Wait… weren't they sisters… or was that just a term from their tribe?

The three orcs were confused before the orc who had his dick in Bubblegum's ass spoke up.

"Wait, I thought you ladies are sisters."

The Jackal woman getting kissed pulled her head away before she spoke up.

"Some of us are, sometimes we don't find a man for awhile and we normally have to fuck one another to keep our species alive, we can tell who's siblings or not based on scent so no in breeds are made, however some sisters, blood related normally team up with a lover and as long as we don't cause the full blood sister to get knocked up, we can fuck them as much as we want, hell, the one blowing me is my full blood sister after all but do you see me complaining?, thought you men would be excited to see sisters or even twins going at it." The Jackal woman said with a fanged grin on her face.

The full blooded sister just sent a wink to the Orc's after she pulled her head away before she spoke up.

"Indeed, I mean you guys have a habit of taking multiple wives, so if you see two of them getting to know one another… is that so wrong?, or do you join in from the hot sight?" The Sister said before she starts to lick at her sisters pussy which mader the sister groan before she got stroked off.

The orc trio were again surprised before the second orc with his dick in Bubblegum's spoke.

"You kidding? Like we're gonna pass on two hot ladies that are giving us a great show. Besides you all will make excellent wives with bodies like that. Especially when we knock you all up." He said with a grin.

"Well then… why don't we give a sight that will really get you guys going with that pink bitch… Sister… on your hands and knees… I'm going for that ass now." The Jackal amazon said before the sister just winks at her before doing just that while the third stepped back for a moment to let the dickgirl Jackal woman get into position, she then pressed the head of her dick at her sisters ass before she thrusts herself balls deep into her, but instead of screaming or anything like that, the sisters poke up when she felt her sister thrusting her hips.

"Oh fuck yeah, that's the stuff!, keep going sister!, really fuck my slutty ass!" The Sister begged before the other sister just grins while she keeps that up, hell she even starts spanking her sisters ass which caused the sister to moan with delight.

While the orcs were turned on by the sight, the third orc with his dick in the former Candy Monarch's breasts spoke up.

"Quick question. What if the pink bitch ends up knocking up your sister here even though she's got the wolf's pup in there?"

However the Jackal getting fucked by Bubblegum spoke up this time.

"O-Oh don't w-worry… w-we have an inborn… a-ability… t-to c-choose to get knocked u-up or n-not… d-depending o-on h-how w-well she does… I-I can e-either bare her young… or not… w-without her consent." The Jackal woman said while she keeps thrusting her hips back at Bubblegum's thrusts to really get her deep inside of her.

The orcs were indeed surprised to hear that before they shrugged and return to really give it to Bubblegum as hard as they could causing said former Candy Monarch to gag and moan while making Bubblegum thrust hard in the Jackal woman's pussy before thinking.

'Oh Glob… I hope she decides to not get pregnant.'

However the Jackal woman under her said this.

"Oh yeah!... k-keep this up and I'll definitely bare your young!" The Jackal woman whorishly moans out when she felt Bubblegum bash into her cervix now.

Bubblegum's eyes widen with shock when she heard that.

Sadly she can't move away with the aphrodisiac driving her body to mate, plus to add insult to injury the orcs have a good hold of her.

So the only thing she can try to do is hold back her climax as best as she can.

Meanwhile with Me-Mow and the others…

The Jackal sisters and the Jackal with Bubblegum spoke up with a tone that was loud enough to hear before Lillum, who took a moment to have the Jackal she was sucking off, pull away before she spoke up.

"My my, seems you ladies are really the fun breed here, I'm going to enjoy sending prisoners to you if you need people to help your species… hope you like being rewarded well if you work for me fully." Lillum said while she used a hand to stroke the Amazon Jackal that she sucked off while she keeps thrusting her hips into Me-Mow.

The Jackal women all grin with excitement before one of them spoke.

"You kidding? You make sure our species grows and will work for you as long as you need us. Heck we'll even send our young when they become adults to assist you."

"Good to know… now as my first order… start fucking as hard as you can… I want to make sure my new subjects are satisfied… and as for the prisoner… get ready… cause when you unlock that dick perk… I'll be sending you to their camp for a week to help them." Lillum said while she used a hand to caress Me-Mow's cheek before she kissed her lips for a moment and then she went back to blowing the Amazon Jackal that she was stroking off… but this time about twice as hard to really get her to feel her mouth.

The Jackal woman groans and moans loud from that action while Me-Mow gags and moans from the other Jackal Amazon's dick before she would have the chance to protest before thinking.

'Oh shit no. Ain't no way anyone is gonna use me and Bonnibel as breeders.' She thought.

Sadly, the aphrodisiac's effects caused her to feel some excitement making her folds wet.

Lillum while she sucks on the Jackal woman's dick more and more when she felt that before she starts thrusting faster and faster into Me-Mow which caused the vibrating egg to bash into her cervix repeatedly.

Me-Mow's eyes widen from that feeling causing her to muffly moan loud from that while trying to fight back the aphrodisiac's effects.

Meanwhile with Sake when the two Orc's who walk her way. They saw that Sake was finally coming too while she had a pleased look on her face, they had large guts and muscle, but for a demon like Sake, she was bigger and stronger then they were by quite a bit.

The two orcs grins when they look at Sake while their dicks twitch with excitement.

When Sake finally snapped out of her stunned state, she noticed the two Orc's and their twitching dicks before she spoke up when she saw the others going at it.

"Well well well, seems I missed quite a bit, mind filling me in on what I missed before you two give it to me good?" Sake asked when she got up from the chair… and towers over the two Orc's with a grin on her face while her dick vanished to show a soaked pussy, seems Lillum cleaned things before going to the others, at least on the outside.

The two orcs grins before they both explained what happened prior with the masks and aphrodisiacs before the first orc said this.

"...and then Mistress said we should keep you company while they enjoy fucking the prisoners and here we are."

"I see, interesting, well I'm not really a thinker... more of a fucker, so why don't we get hammered and start fucking, you can even pick the position after you get a good buzz." Sake said before she took a big gulp of her stash before she held it out for the Orc's, just how much did that thing have in it?, was it limitless or something?

The orcs didn't know what's in there before they shrugged and took a drink from Sake's gourd.

A moment later, a warm feeling went through their bodies after they had their fill and they had slight blushes on their faces when they could already feel the drink kicking in, did Oni's have access to some good drinks or was this handmade?

"So… how do you want to do this beautiful?" The second orc asked.

"Hmmm, surprise me, I'm a bit on the big side so unless you guys are a lot stronger then your strong muscles show, then lifting and lowering me is out of the question, maybe I could ride one of you or suck you off while the other goes to town on my other holes, I'm not picky." Sake said before taking another swig of her stash and got a bit buzzed herself now.

The two orcs looked at each other before they nod before one orc lays on the floor on his back with his dick standing like a tower before he spoke up.

"I think you know what to do yes?"

"Does a person get drunk when they drink?, just get ready to feel how good an Oni's pussy is when they are hammered to hell." Sake said before she surprised the Orc's a bit when she practically guzzled her stash for a bit while her face looked more and more drunk the more she drank.

The two orcs were surprised before thinking this.

'How does she do that?'

A moment she stopped drinking and looked to the two Orc's with a look that showed that she was hammered beyond most would see with a grin on her face before she spoke up with a slur.

"SSssshooo… I just r*Hic* ride the dichssshhh right?" Sake said before she stumbles toward the Orc who was on the ground with a hazed look in her eyes.

The orc on the ground sweatdropped a bit before speaking up.

"Yes indeed toots." He said before the other orc spoke up.

"And I get that sweet ass of yours." He said with a grin.

Sake looked to him with a hazed look in her eyes before she spoke up with a slur again.

"M-More Dicckysss… for me.. How ssshhwweet." Sake barely got out before she somehow and impressively stumbled over the Orc on the ground and his dick was pointed right at her pussy, Sake then gripped it with a few fingers and with surprisingly accuracy for a person who was as hammered as her, dropped down and completely hilts the Orc's dick with a pleased whorish moan on her face before she starts riding his dick like a bitch in heat.

"Oh fuck!" The orc groans when he felt that before he starts to enjoy it.

The second orc grins before he got behind Sake and grabbed hold of her ass cheeks before spread them.

That's when he said this.

"Let's see what's in door number 2." He said before he jams his dick inside the Oni's asshole.

Sake when she felt that, lets out a slutty groan while her holes tighten greatly on the Orc duo's dicks before she really starts to get wild with her riding to get them to really go at her… seem's Sake wasn't bluffing about Oni's and getting drunk… they really get wild.

The orc duo groans from how tight it was before they start thrusting their dicks in hard so they can really please Sake.

Sake, since she couldn't really bend down right now, just placed her hands on the ground while she continues to fuck the Orc's while the camera went to Ricardio, it looks like the Jackal woman was easily overpowering him and was riding his dick like a woman possessed and it looked like Ricardio came countless time and the Amazon still didn't stop when she made Ricardio ride out another orgasm.

Ricardio continues to grunt groan before thinking this.

'Oh Glob… this woman is crazy. How is she not tired? Seems I won't be able to fuck Bubblegum or the cat today… Unless my new dick doesn't fall off. Which is what I'm feeling right now.' He thought.

"Come on you fucker, you're a prisoner here and while you're a punisher, I'm not ringed so I got fucking rank on you, I'm not stopping till I'm satisfied or until time is up, so you better keep that dick erect or I'm going for that ass next!" The Amazon growls out while she keeps riding Ricardio's dick.

Ricardio gulps before thinking.

'I should've stayed in Ice King's body.'

Meanwhile with the Deer who keeps fucking the Jackal Amazon, seems he had more stamina then Ricardio and didn't come yet, but he was about to when she felt his dick twitching inside of her.

The Deer continues to pound his dick into the Jackal Amazon's pussy into submission while feeling his dick twitching faster and faster.

"Oh... FUCK!, you damn prisoner… give it to me already!, unload that semen that's packed in your fucking nuts and go for my ass next!, I'm not stopping till your shooting blanks!" The Jackal Amazon orders while she used her grip on the stone block with the dildo to push back into the Deers thrusts while she felt him twitching more an more in her.

The Deer continues to thrust hard for a few moments more before he came very hard in the Jackal Amazon's pussy.

"OHH FUCK!" The Jackal woman yelled out with a pleased look on her face when she came hard on the Deer's dick.

The Deer continues to cum hard in the woman's pussy while filling up her womb for about 50 seconds before he finally taps off. Was he really that pent up?

"O-Oh… fucking… I-I would ask… if your backed up or something… but I won't… put that dick in my ass and start fucking me…." The Amazon Jackal said while she looked at the Deer with a lust fueled look.

The Deer snort a bit before he took his dick out and immediately jams his dick into the Amazon Jackal's asshole and gave it the same treatment like he did with the pussy.

"OH YOU… FUCKING… BEAST!... DON'T STOP!" The Jackal woman yelled out while the camera went to Bubblegum's group, looks like the sisters were getting close and the leftover Jackal woman walked over and seemed to please Bubblegum's nipples while the Orc fucked them… all in all, Bubblegum was getting pleased in multiple areas and the Jackal woman getting fucked had a pleased look on her face before she said this when she felt Bubblegum twitching in her.

"Oh you fucking!... CUM IN ME AND I'LL BARE YOUR CHILD!" The Jackal woman said with a begging tone while the sister Jackal fucking her blood sister's ass just grins from that, seems they may have a candy based sister soon.

Bubblegum tries to hold back her climax while the three orcs, who continues to fuck her, felt their dicks twitching as well which caused them to go fast and hard on her.

A few minutes later, each Jackal sister came hard with the dickgirl one cumming inside of her sister's ass which in turn made her cum hard while the one getting fucked by Bubblegum felt her body shuddering before yelling when she came insanly hard on Bubblegum's dick to milk it for all it had.

The orc trio couldn't hold it in anymore before one orc came hard in her ass, the other in her mouth which caused Bubblegum to gag a bit while trying to swallow some and the final orc, who pulls his dick out of the former Candy Ruler's breasts, stroke his dick as hard as he can before he snarls and felt his dick about to spurt on Bubblegum's breasts.

However, right before he could, the Jackal woman next to him just bent down and took the head of his dick into her mouth and starts to lick the head with a hungry look in her eyes, seems she felt left out from not being able to cum yet.

The orc was a bit surprised but that washed away before he grins and gave the woman want she wants by cumming hard in her mouth.

The Jackal woman was a bit surprised from the amount but just gulped it down for the most part… she had an idea for in a bit when the Orc taps off.

Before that happened, Bubblegum, who felt her ass and mouth getting filled up, had no choice but to climax inside the Jackal woman's pussy.

Although this load was big, considering she was trying to hold back her climax.

The Jackal woman getting filled lets out a groan before she came again and her head fell to the ground while she let's Bubblegum fill her up.

It took almost 40 seconds before Bubblegum finally taps off. However she didn't felt any relief knowing the consequences that are about to come.

The Jackal who was getting her mouth filled finally felt the Orc tap off before she pulled her head away with her cheeks puffed up a bit.

She winked to the Orc and gestured for him to hold Bubblegum's head back for some reason.

The orc was confused but just went with it before he grabbed hold of Bubblegum's head after making sure that his brother tapped off before he pulls his dick out.

Bubblegum, after making sure to swallow the orc's cum was trying to catch her breath before she felt her face points up before she was looking at the ceiling for some reason.

A moment later, the Jackal woman then appeared in her vision before she used her hands to open Bubblegum's mouth, which was odd for a second before the Amazon opened hers and the semen she had slowly poured into Bubblegum's mouth like it was a cup.

Bubblegum's eyes widen in shock before she tries to move her head away before thinking.

'N-No more cum.' She thought.

However, the Jackal woman continues to pour the semen into Bubblegum's mouth before she shocked her by smashing her lips onto Bubblegum's and her long tongue interacts with Bubblegum's while the semen moved around inside of Bubblegum's mouth as a result.

Bubblegum made some muffled sounds before she surprisingly climaxed from her pussy.

The Jackal woman chuckles a bit before she pulled away, closed Bubblegum's mouth, and pinched her nose closed, if she didn't swallow, she wouldn't be able to breath.

The former Candy Monarch knew what the Jackal woman want before she closed her eyes and tries to ignore the taste as she starts swallowing the cum in her mouth.

The Jackal woman grins from that before she waits till Bubblegum finish before letting her head go.

She then spoke up to the others.

"Personally I enjoyed that, but considering I didn't get much fun… mind if I take her ass next round?, I'll let you fuck my ass or pussy at the same time if you want… or… mind if I take all three of you and my sisters can get a turn?" The Jackal woman said to the Orc that was in Bubblegum's ass while summoning a dick before she strokes it.

The Orc chuckles a bit before before speaking up.

"Hehe… For you toots I like to enjoy the feel of that nice bod of yours. How about you guys?" He asked before the two orcs nod in agreement while grinning.

The Jackal woman grins before she had her dick vanish before she spoke up.

"Follow me then boys, my sisters can take things from here for a bit… and just to let you know… I'm a pretty freaky chick in my clan… so hope you don't mind if two of you share one hole if you get what I mean." The Jackal woman said with a grin on her face after licking her lips when she walked away with a slight swing of her well muscled ass.

The two orcs were a bit surprised but otherwise grin at how freaky the woman was before the trio followed her.

Bubblegum, who still had her dick in the other Jackal woman's pussy, shudders a bit before she felt tears start to leak out from her eyes.

Even if the aphrodisiac was forcing her to enjoy it, deep down she was still the Princess and she was not really enjoying it.

However a moment later, she was pushed on her back and out of the Jackal's pussy by the dickgirl Jackal before she spoke up.

"Don't worry, you won't have to worry about raising this kid in our sister's womb, we have a tradition of keeping them in our clan to raise, you can visit if you want but don't expect to walk away without pupping a few more of our woman… now ladies… get to work." The lead Jackal orders before the Jackal, who was supposedly knocked up, moved to suck Bubblegum's dick clean, while the sister went to lick at Bubblegum's pussy.

Bubblegum shudders and groans from this action before after a few moments, Bubblegum felt her dick standing up.

Even though the former Candy Monarch was trying to be strong, she still had this thought.

'Finn… Marceline... Phoebe… Me-Mow… Help me.' She thought while tears continue to leak a bit.

Me-Mow however was having her own issue when Lillum thrusts her dick with more speed before she felt the two Jackal Women fucking her ass and pussy twitching like the one in her mouth, and the one in Me-Mow's must be getting close as well from the look on her face was any indication while her own starts twitching, the same could be said for the Orc in Me-Mow's ass when they thrust harder into their respective partners.

Me-Mow was trying to not let out a single moan while groaning as she felt her her pussy and ass getting fucked before she felt her own orgasm approaching before she tries to hold that one back as well.

A minute later… Lillum shocked Me-Mow when she thrusts as hard as she could with one thrust which forced the vibrating egg to burst into her womb right before Lillum unloads right on it before it starts to bounce around from the small space while the Jackal woman, who was in Me-Mow's mouth let out a snarl when she placed a hand on her head before cumming right down her throat with the same happening to Lillum while she drank her Jackal Amazon's load, the same was happening with the two woman who creampied Lillum's holes with pleased looks on their faces.

The orc who was pounding Me-Mow's ass, growls a bit before he came beyond hard in her ass.

The feline assassin eyes widen from not only having her mouth filled up, but her ass, pussy and womb as well. And thanks to the power of the vibrating egg, it caused Me-Mow to lose her cool and came hard on Lillum's dick before having this thought.

'No… I don't want to get pregnant.'

A bit later the group all tapped off and pulled free of each person one by one which left Me-Mow who sat with the Orc's dick still in her ass and Lillum who keeps her dick inside of Me-Mow before speaking up.

"Ohhh… I can feel your pussy milking me… guess your body wants to bear my young huh?" Lillum said before she licks and nips at Me-Mow's neck.

Even though Me-Mow was still under the aphrodisiac's effects, she still sent Lillum a blushing glare before speaking up.

"F-Fuck… y-you… I would… n-never… have… y-your kid… I would… r-rather have.. O-Obsidian's." She said while feeling a bit surprised on the inside.

Lillum just giggles before she spoke up.

"Hear that everyone… seems she still has the energy to defy us… why don't we fix that?" Lillum teased while she used her magic to make her dick erect… and a few inches bigger while it was still in her pussy and womb.

Me-Mow groans before she gave Lillum a hateful glare before speaking up.

"You put a kid in me, I'll make sure he or she is never born. Same goes to your slutty goons."

And that… caused Lillum to freeze before she spoke up with a cold tone.

"You know… considering you just threaten your child and threatened possible mothers of your kids… even if it was mine…. I was considering your status as a purple ring… I would have showed mercy… but now... Everyone… lets bring this bitch to the breaking point." Lillum ordered before her dick grew to match Emerald's size… a full 12 inches and was 3 inches in width and while still inside of Me-Mow's pussy.

Me-Mow grinds her teeth before she saw angry looking Jackal Amazons with their dicks ready.

Me-Mow still said this.

"You can try… but they're not my kids. Especially if they came out of your pussies."

Lillum then shocked Me-Mow and the others by actually slapping her cheek before giving her a cold look.

"You know… I should let you know I have a perfect track record with breaking bitches like you… so tell you what… I didn't give you a pregnancy pill… I gave you an Anti-pregnancy pill… so while you can't get knocked up right now… it doesn't mean I can't break a bitch like you into licking my cock with glee… did you think I was the princess here and head figure for just being in the Royal family… no… I'm the head bitch here because I can break bitches like you like that…. So unless you give a heartfelt apology to not me… not even the Jackal Amazon's here… but to the unborn kids that you threatened…. Then you better prepare to get broken to the point that you won't be able to even think about anything but pleasing me… I may be fair but even I have a breaking point." Lillum said while her body radiates raw power and it pressed down on everyone in the room while she gave Me-Mow a chilling glare.

Me-Mow was shock on all levels. Namely the one about the anti pregnancy pill that she thought was not.

"W-Wait I'm sorry." She said.

Lillum then gripped Me-Mow roughly before she spoke up while her eyes radiate power.

"Sorry for… what?" Lillum said while her power rose more to the point that even Bubblegum's group felt it and even Ricardio and the Deer's groups had to stop to look with various levels of shock.

Me-Mow shivered with fear before speaking.

"I-I'm… s-sorry for the threat."

"Now…. tell it to them…. You threatened their soon to be born pups, and you should know how pissed Canine humanoids get when you threaten their young." Lillum said after letting go of Me-Mow's head and points a thumb at the Jackal Amazon's while her power slowly recedes.

Me-Mow looks to the angry Jackals before speaking.

"I-I'm sorry for threatening to kill your kids." She said with some fear in her voice.

"How about it ladies… think she deserves it?, I can unlock her dick perk right now and have her fuck you all till she passes out or until the punishment is over and gives you cute pups or kittens if you want… I think she owes you that much considering what just happened right?" Lillum said while looking at the Jackal Amazon's with a serious look in her eyes.

The Jackal Amazons look at each other before one spoke up.

"We will accept. But we don't want her at our village and near our kids."

Me-Mow scoffed before speaking.

"Trust me I won't."

"Actually ladies… how about a deal since she seems to really not get it… I can put multiple seals and what not on her that either have her follow your orders to the letter when in your village for the week she is there every month, or feel extreme pain throughout her entire body, I mean… you like a pet right… why not a cute little kitty!" Lillum said while sending a glare right at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow was shocked before speaking.

"No please. I'll take the pain." She pleaded.

"Ohhh… so your not objecting to going?, but to the order thing huh?... I'm sure I can oblige when I send you there to be their bitch." Lillum said with a cold grin on her face when Me-Mow had a very poor choice of words.

Me-Mow was now scared before speaking.

"No please I'm begging you. Knock me up if you want. Just don't send me to the village please." She said with actual tears.

"Hmmm… maybe, but what would you do in exchange, I'm sure these ladies will want to be sure I don't skimp out so how about this…. Whenever a Jackal Amazon comes to you during free time, doesn't matter when, where or why, you drop whatever you're doing and you fuck them, even if it's in front of your friends, family, or whoever, the reason doesn't matter… I don't care how my brother feels since even he would be agreeing with me on the fact that you threaten children who didn't do wrong, I may be a bitch but even you have to get that you were the one who fucked up… not I." Lillum said with a tone that dared her to piss her off again.

Me-Mow was now afraid if the prince found out before speaking.

"Please I'm sorry. I'll go to there village as an apology and I promise not to cause any problems to them and my… kids. Just don't tell Obsidian this."

"Hmmm… alright… but I can only keep this a secret if you do what I just said, I won't say anything sure, but if they come here and want to fuck you or have you fuck them… what will you do?" Lillum asked while looking Me-Mow in the eyes.

"I-I… let them… with no resistance." Me-Mow said while tears continues to leak out.

"Good girl… now then… I'll summon your card and unlock your dick growth perk, but I expect you to fuck these Jackal woman even if your kitty cock hurts like hell after so many cumshots… honestly this one was for Bubblegum but I think these ladies have a say as well… Ladies… if you want this bitch to fuck you… get on all fours and show those sexy ass's, if not, I'll personally give you a child myself to make up for what this bitch said about your pack." Lillum said while looking back at the Jackal women.

Said women who continues to glare at Me-Mow want her to suffer before they each each went on their hands and knees before showing their asses to Lillum and Me-Mow.

"Welp… seem's it unanimous… you get to fuck these ladies until the punishment is over… and Mr. Orc, I'll be taking a moment to calm down, if Me-Mow here slows down, fuck her pussy or ass and force her to hump them till they are bloated with this bitch's cum, I'll get Me-Mow's card from her loincloth and unlock it in a moment so make sure she doesn't move at all." Lillum said before she pulled her dick free and the Vibrator stayed in Me-Mow's womb and acted as a shaking plug which kept the semen in her.

Me-Mow shudders before she closed her eyes and starts to silently cry from what just happened.

The feline assassin was known to be brave and tough and would bounce back from a defeat.

But this time… it seems she won't be bouncing back from this or ever after what Lillum had done.

A moment later, Lillum got Me-Mow's card before she looked in the perks for a moment and said this.

"You know, considering things… might as well give you the full dick growth package." Lillum said before she not only unlocked the perk but put as many points into it to fully unlock it for some reason, but reduced it so that Me-Mow would grow a dick that would be perfect for the Amazon's.

Me-Mow, who continues to cry, couldn't look Lillum in the eyes before speaking.

"T-Thank…sob… you." She said with a tone that shows that she has given up on… maybe everything.

Lillum just looked at her before she spoke up.

"Get ready to fuck them now, bringing the dick right… now." Lillum said before she activates Me-Mow's dick growth perk and the effect was instant when turned the perk on.

Me-Mow's dick when it grew from her bud was at least 9 ½ inches long and 2 in width.

And with the effect of the aphrodisiac and the fact that this was her very first time, and that she had her guard down… she wasn't prepared for the flood of info that flooded her brain and it caused to go from crying to panting from hornyness in no time flat.

Me-Mow even though panting, still has some tears in her before she approaches the first Jackal woman before the feline grabbed her ass and shoves her dick in the woman's pussy.

The one who was getting fucked groans for a moment before she spoke up.

"That's right bitch, right now, your nothing more than a semen tank right now so we can birth pups… or in your case cubs… better get ready cause once we talk to our leader, your going to be a personal favorite of everyone in the village and for those who go to this Kingdom." The Jackal Amazon said while she thrusts her hips back into Me-Mow's thrusts.

Me-Mow shudders before speaking.

"I… understand. I'm a worthless cum tank." She said before she starts thrusting hard in the woman's pussy while showing no enthusiastic in either face or tone.

The Jackal woman chuckles from that before she spoke up.

"Lets me put it to you like this bitch, if you were trying to have the prince's child or litter, wouldn't you be pissed off whoever threaten your kids or soon to be kids?, hell if we threatened Bubblebitch over there, you would be pissed right?" the Jackal woman said while she tightens her pussy on Me-Mow's dick while the barbs on it scrape her insides which made her groan and moan while her sisters wait their turn.

The feline assassin, at first blushed a bit at the mention of Prince Obsidian, keeps pounding the Jackal woman's pussy before speaking.

"Yes… but… I was… wrong to do it… to you guys. Please let me keep doing this till I'm forgiven."

"Oh don't worry, depending on how you do here, and if you can please our boss who would make us seem like low grade lovers in comparison, you maybe forgiven, but let me put it to you like this, cause an issue like this and my sisters and I won't stop till you fall unconscious and even then may continue fucking your body… understand?" The lead Jackal of the three said with the others nodding their heads.

"Y-Yes… ma'am." She said with sadness in her voice.

Time then passed greatly for the group, Bubblegum's, Me-Mow's, Sake's, until only 5 minutes were left and Me-Mow had filled the trio constantly like Lillum ordered so that their wombs were a bit extended… Me-Mow at this time...

Me-Mow continues to plow the fourth Jackal even though her dick hurts, she still kept going while showing no emotion other than sadness.

Bubblegum in the meantime, heard from Lillum a bit ago after Me-Mow started her humping spree on what Me-Mow said when she walked near her and Bubblegum was now using her ass to ride Lillum's dick to help calm her while the other Orc's and Jackal Amazon's were now screwing one another with the Deer and Ricardio still forced to go at it with their respective woman, though three went to the Deer when his stamina was surprising to say the least.

Ricardio however was now wishing he was dead.

Bubblegum who tries to please Lillum with her ass while watching what her feline friend was doing.

Honestly, she was not mad Me-Mow cause to be fair, Lillum kinda caused this when she trick Me-Mow. Now all she can do is watch from afar with sadness in her eyes seeing her friend act like this.

A few minutes later, a timer rang out before Lillum spoke up.

"Alright everyone, Bubblegum and Me-Mow's punishment is over… time to now punish Ricardio and the Deer now." Lillum announced after she took a moment to cum in Bubblegum's ass and surprisingly gently pulls her off her dick and sets her on her feet while the Jackal woman with Me-Mow got to their feet and when Me-Mow wobbles, they helped support her, they were still irritated, but they did follow rules.

Me-Mow just puts her head down in sadness while Bubblegum who felt a bit weak at first went to Me-Mow's side to hug her.

Ricardio and the Deer were a bit surprised before Ricardio spoke.

"Wait what?"

"Simple, you two are prisoners as well and lets just say that I'm switching things around to be fair by doing this... " Lillum said before she snapped her fingers before cloud appeared around the duo, Ricardio coughed while the deer did the same before their voices start to change…. To feminine sounding ones.

It wasn't long before the cloud disappeared and everyone saw the prisoners new looks.

Ricardio had a female body now and the Deer had a more womanly shape.

Ricardio had long black hair that trailed down her pale skin, D to E cup breasts, wide hips… all in all looked gorgeous.

The Deer… was changed into a Humanoid looking Doe, had surprisingly wide hips, large F to G cup breasts, her horns were shortened… all in all the two looked surprisingly beautiful.

Bubblegum, who continues to hug Me-Mow, blushed a bit when she saw them while Me-Mow was not paying attention before Bubblegum spoke.

"Why'd you did that?"

"Simple, their scheduling for their punishment is right now after yours, so I decided to do a double feature of sorts… now you two can punish these two for their crimes and order these ladies and gentlemen around… though it looks like Sake is… still busy." Lillum said before looking back at the two Orcs while sweatdropping… who… got in over their heads when Sake was now blowing one who was on the ground and was bouncing her hips on another on the ground… and looked like she was enjoying herself.

Bubblegum blushed but sweatdrop as well before she looked at Me-Mow before looking at Lillum before speaking up.

"Can I just tell them what they can do and get Me-Mow out?"

"Nope, I mean you rememberber the rules right?, you two maybe called to punish others as well, now while I can let Me-Mow sit this one out, she will be called sooner or later, but for you… don't you have some anger for these two?... mainly Ricario… or... Rcardiete?, for trying to harm you and your friends years ago?, and for the Deer who stuck you and your people on the ceiling in a sewer… tell you what… let Me-Mow order the Doe around since she's normally complacent, and I'll leave you to work out your anger on Ricardia… I'll even let Me-Mow order me around if she wants to get any anger out on me as well." Lillum said with a grin on her face while she took a moment to glance at Me-Mow to see if she would react.

Unfortunately the feline show didn't show any excitement or anger while Bubblegum was concerned frowns at Lillum before speaking.

"How about you leave Me-Mow alone for now and I'll punish these two. Plus I have some anger for you."

Lillum however sighs before she spoke up.

"Look Bubblegum, I get that you are pissed, but let me ask you one thing before you start biting my head off… well two things really… one… do you really have the authority to push me around?, your a red Ring here for a reason and you did this with Phoebe and her Fire Giants, granted it was in a calmer tone, but you could think of this as karma bitch slapping you with a reverse situation right now, and the second part, I was born and raised to punish and break people from birth, so while you can get as mad as you want, didn't you build your kingdom from scratch?, enforce the rules that you want and imprison people who didn't deserve it?, I can go on more but I think I made my point… deep down… you and I are not so different for one reason only… were doing what's best for our kingdom… you to prevent war… and me to protect Ooo, unless you can understand that, you have no right to even try and push me around, the Princesss and ruler of this kingdom." Lillum said to Bubblegum to really knock some reality into Bubblegum and oddly causes a flashback of her destroying the Fire giants and that she was doing it for her kingdom… just like Lillum is protecting the world… in a sick legal way.

Luckily for Lillum, Bubblegum did remember before speaking.

"The past does not need to be reminded. If I could, I would tell my old self not to do it. What I did was a terrible mistake that can never be forgiven. But I know what my status is. I'm not showing any authority since it was taken from me. I'm only negotiating to keep my friend safe. I don't want her to be broken. Because this might lead to… ending her own life if this keeps up."

"Then you tell me this, what would you do if you were in my shoes, forced day in and day out to punish prisoners when you came of legal age and forced to watch the acts when you were nothing more then a child so that it became the normality you see, I was RAISED from childhood to be what I am and while I don't fully like it, it does have its perks, and as for the authority thing, you will get it back in two and a half years... and try and repeat what you said, personally I'm more then willing to either choke on you dick or get whipped till I'm nothing more than a crying mess from my eyes and pussy but we both know that you know that I'm not breaking rules here, granted I may push them sometimes, but that's only to make sure I can keep my own people happy and safe… honestly I would prefer nothing else then to take a vacation or something since I have been doing shit like this since I was 18…" Lillum said before her gaze went… a bit insane before she shook her head and her gaze returned to normal while she tried to calm down.

Me-Mow, who was still down, was a bit shocked when she saw that while Bubblegum who was shocked as well, spoke up.

"I may not know what you went through to be like this, but I can understand of how tough the job is even when you enjoy those perks. However, even if you try to break me, I won't be a broken shell. When I get out I will still be the same Bubblegum people liked. I don't want our Kingdoms to go to war, but the peace between you and me… that won't happen."

"Hehe… yeah, maybe I should just let Obsidian or Demonga take the throne and let one of you kill me, honestly my contract with Emerald will give a new body that thrives with sex by turning into a succubus, and considering how well he treats his ladies I doubt I need to worry about any more stress… I might not go fully insane… I mean… you and everyone here despise me so why not just do what you want." Lillum said with a unnerving grin that was on her face…

Bubblegum was a bit disturbed before speaking.

"The only thing I despised is your work. You as a person… probably not since you said you and I are not so different. You could use a vacation. I'm not going to kill you. All I want is to serve my time, leave and never return."

"Hehe… maybe, or maybe you could come here when your not a prisoner… it's not bad for non ringed people and you'll visit your friends for their other two and a half years so you may enjoy this place after your sentence is up… but let me ask you this before I leave… have you ever consider killing yourself when the pressure started to become too much?" Lillum said with a partially insane look in her eyes while she passed Bubblegum… and barely noticeable scars were seen on her wrists that if no one looked close enough… then they would be missed…. Are those… and where was Emerald when they happened?

Bubblegum was a bit taken back on that question before speaking.

"Why do that? Won't your family miss you? And what about Emerald?"

Lillum just stopped in her tracks before looking back to Bubblegum with dead eyes before she spoke up with a chilling smile of all things.

"Who do you think stayed a year for me when my sadness got his attention?... Emerald maybe a monster to you…. But to me… he's the reason I still live even if our contract works for him better if I was dead… as for my family… they don't know and I'm sure Demonga and Obsidian wouldn't really care… Obsidian maybe sad for a bit but he would get over it... " Lillum said to Bubblegum with a hard to place tone.

Me-Mow's eyes widen before she she finally spoke up.

"Are you stupid or something?"

"Hehe… maybe… but ask this… should I live if no one really cares?... I know for a fact that I wasn't the happiest person in the world here but I wasn't the worst off person ever… but did either of them say or do anything?... no… not once… Honestly the only reason I'm living was thanks to Emerald… you could counter that Obsidian cared for me… but does he?... I mean I know his stance on things here and I've heard about Phoebe and her hit or miss family… I've even heard about Bubblegum's family… and Gumbald himself… so while you could counter that Obsidian does love me… where was he when I tried to kill myself?" Lillum said with… an eerie smile still on her face.

Bubblegum and Me-Mow were surprised to hear that before Bubblegum.

"Is that why you want Finn to be king? So he can maintain some order?"

"More like… I know the kingdom will be in good hands, either from the child or by Finn… my heart.. And soul... belongs to Emerald... the reason I can't give the throne to Obsidian is because he is to… lenient on prisoners... and Demonga… well… you already know what he's like, he may have the kingdom's well being in mind, but he takes things too far… honestly… do you think I can leave the kingdom to either of them to maintain order when one sibling is on one side and the other sibling is on the other?, honestly I could go on and on about stuff like this but do either of you really care?" Lillum said with a shrug of her shoulders and a nonchalant smile on her face.

Bubblegum and Me-Mow were speechless before Bubblegum spoke.

"I actually… I now understand the reason. And… sorry." She said while feeling sad.

"Sorry?, what do you have to feel sorry for, I'm a grade A bitch who's putting you prisoners through this so honestly I should be the one saying that when your term is up, granted I get that you might not come here again after this is over but I'm hoping you do since it's not all bad." Lillum said with a confused look on her face.

Bubblegum then walks over to Lillum before she surprised her and everyone else when Bubblegum hugged her.

Lillum's eyes widen a bit from that before she spoke up.

"Whoa, I may like men and women but didn't expect that, where did that come from?" Lillum asked when she was confused further.

Bubblegum looks up to Lillum while still hugging her before speaking.

"I admit to some things that I did were wrong. And judging you like that… was wrong. Even though I don't like the punishment, I still have to do it for the sake of everyone. Plus… at least you know you have another friend that cares." She said with a smile.

Lillum blinked from that before she spoke up.

"Well I would say Emerald from that but since you said that I'm guessing you huh?, well I'm sure your friend there feels very different and would love nothing more then to kill me so I doubt you speak for her." Lillum said while pointing a thumb at Me-Mow.

Everyone else looked at Me-Mow before said feline assassin spoke.

"Actually… I don't know what to think. Half of me wants to kill you but the other… is feeling sad for what you're going through. I'm too complicated. Maybe that's why…" She said before stopping.

"Well, even so I can't exactly stop with the punishments so you two might think otherwise before this is over, but I do have to ask, why stop there?" Lillum asked when she looked at Me-Mow.

"Because me being complicated… was the reason my… mom abandoned me." Me-Mow said.

Lillum blinked a few times before she spoke up.

"Well… I won't ask for details, but you have Bubblegum and her friends now and you know how goody goody they are, so I doubt that they will abandon you… not only that… but aren't you getting a bit sweet with Obsidian… I mean you did react when he was mentioned." Lillum said with a understanding tone but it turned teasing near the end.

Me-Mow blushed brightly before speaking.

"Like that will happen. He's a prince and I'm an assassin and a bounty. Besides he'll find out the messed up thing I said. Yes I admit, what I said was beyond bad but the real reason was… I'm worried of being like my own mom. Before she abandoned me, she abused me. I know that's no excuse and for that… I don't deserve to be forgiven by you and the Jackal ladies. Even though I'm very sorry."

To some surprise, Lillum gripped the back of Me-Mow's head lightly and pulled her into a hug with her head between her breasts before Lillum spoke up when looking down at Me-Mow.

"Hmmm… maybe with the Jackals since they are pretty stubborn about Packs and whatnot, but you shouldn't worry about Obsidian, he's an understanding guy, who between you and me, likes dangerous ladies and has a harem filled with some deadly lady prisoners and non ringed ladies who are very understanding... and you saw how much restraint he used on the wolfs, honestly he could have ended them if he really snapped, as for the abandoning thing… take a look at Bubblegum and tell me she won't leave you like that, and while I may have issues with my family, I can do this and Royal promise you that I will never betray you after your time is over with… unless you do something worth a spanking in the bedroom at least… personally your pussy felt very good to me." Lillum said while she lightly scratched the back of Me-Mow's ears and teased her a bit near the end.

Me-Mow blushed a bit before she surprised Lillum by actually hugging back before speaking.

"I'm so sorry."

"Hehe, it's nothing a good screw or two won't fix, hehe, but seriously even if I don't have an issue, you still need to make it up to the Jackals at least, so maybe you can work a deal with their boss, even if the rest of their clan doesn't like it, if they get the order, they won't touch you, so maybe I could send you there… hmm… maybe a couple hours each week so you can iron out the details and maybe get to know their more loving side… between you and me they are very loving with ladies and are very good lesbians when not going for a man… and just look at their tongues and tell me that you don't have dirty thoughts about them." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Me-Mow blushed a bit before speaking up.

"Well… it does feel nice… and I would like to make peace with them."

"Alright, after this Punishment time for those two is done, I'll set up an appointment with the boss for next week and I can escort you there myself, word of warning, the boss is double in an all around fashion then these ladies here so expect to see a giant Jackal Amazon… now… mind sitting in the chair I was in?... trust me, your punishment is over… so why not get some real love for a change?" Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Me-Mow blushed a bit before she spoke up.

"First I need to say something to the Jackal women."

"Alright, Bubblegum, mind starting the Punishment with the Orc's while Me-Mow speaks with the Jackal Amazon's real quick?" Lillum said while winking to Bubblegum.

Bubblegum nods before she motioned the orc men to follow her.

The Orc's after getting that Bubblegum was in charge, grinned before they start to walk with her towards Ricardia and the Doe with Hungry lust filled looks in their eyes and their dicks were fully erect.

The female duo gulped a bit before paling for what's about to happen.

Meanwhile with Me-Mow when all of the Jackal Amazon's were called and explained on what happened, they all gave Me-Mow stern looks while they wait to hear what Me-Mow would say.

Me-Mow gulped before speaking up.

"I know you ladies hate me for what I said and I'm sorry. I was very wrong to say things about your clan and future kids. Truth is I was abused and abandoned by my own mom in a young age and I was worried of being like her. It might sound like an excuse but it's how I felt. But not anymore. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make things right with you all and earn your forgiveness. Plus… I'm hoping when I help knock you guys up… maybe I can see… our kids." She said with a look that shows she's telling the truth.

The others looked to one another with thoughtful looks before one spoke up.

"Very well, depending on how things go from here we will forgive you… but on three conditions… non negotiable… first off, we still have access to you here, we can be debatable so we're not just going to force you in front of your friends unless that's a kink of yours… second, when in the village, you will have a handler so you will not cause trouble and you and her will be like a married couple there and follow her orders since she will be your alpha there, unless she gives permission, you can't be touched, but the opposite can happen if you get unruly, finally if the boss wants you to do anything, either knocking her up or you getting knocked up, you do it either way, she has final say of what we normally do since she is the alpha of our clan… do you understand?" The Jackal woman said with a serious look on her face.

Me-Mow gulped a bit before speaking up.

"I… understand."

"Now… ladies, why not show this cat that we're not all bitches." The Jackal woman said while she looked at Me-Mow.

Said feline assassin looked a bit nervous before the other Jackal women approached her before Me-Mow spoke.

"Um… I don't want to ruin your fun but… my dick is sore."

Lillum chuckles a bit before she spoke up.

"Why don't I fix that, I learned a few things from Emerald and some books he brought… what do you have to lose if you give me a minute to work my magic?" Lillum said while she walked in front of Me-Mow.

Me-Mow gulps before speaking.

"I guess nothing."

Lillum then knelt down in front of Me-Mow before surprising Me-Mow before she lightly licks the tip of Me-Mow's dick for a moment before she slowly and carefully wrapped her lips around the tip of Me-Mow's dick before slowly sliding her mouth so that she takes more of Me-Mow's dick in, and for a moment it hurt like hell, but then a odd cooling sensation went through her cock and the pain starts fading while Lillum bobs her head while making sucking noises.

Me-Mow shudders a bit before speaking.

"O-Oh… Glob."

Lillum keeps on sucking and Me-Mow's dick feels better and better while the Jackal women grin before they approached and surrounded Me-Mow.

Me-Mow blushes a bit before speaking up.

"So… which one of you sexy gals want to go first?"

However to her shock, they all stayed silent before they all went to please a part of Me-Mow's body.

2 went to lick the sides of Me-Mow's dick that Lillum missed and one on Me-Mow's right lifts M-mow' right leg and placed it on her left shoulder while a third Jackal Amazon lightly gripped Me-Mow's breasts and starts to fondle them.

Another Jackal Amazon went to Me-Mow's ass and starts to lick her asshole while another went to her pussy and starts licking it.

Another licked one side of Me-Mow's neck while another two start to lick and suck her nipples all in all, they were using gentle touches with their actions.

Me-Mow was at first surprised before she shudders and moans a bit before she looks at the Jackal woman licking her neck before speaking.

"Y-You girls know how to be gentle. Still I'm really sorry for what I did."

The one licking her neck rolled her eyes before pulling away before she spoke up.

"Keep apologizing and we may think you don't really mean it, just stand there and enjoy this." The Jackal Amazon said before she went back to lightly licking and nipping at her neck while the others continue their work while Lillum keeps sucking the dick which surprisingly starts to twitch already… it didn't feel like a orgasm… but something else.

Me-Mow shudders a bit before she was able to grip the Jackal woman, who was licking her neck, chin so she can look at her before speaking.

"I do mean it." She said before she surprised the woman by kissing her lips.

The Jackal woman was a bit surprised but melts into the kiss before Lillum used a bit of Magic to get Me-Mow to give her what she wants when the dick pulses faster and faster.

Me-Mow shudders and moans in the Jackal woman's mouth before she slides her cat like tongue in the woman's mouth for a few moments until…

The feline assassin grunts a bit before she felt something spurt out of her dick and into Lillum's mouth.

Oddly enough it wasn't semen or anything nasty, what Lillum was doing was literally sucking out Me-Mow's stress and fatigue which she turned into energy for herself, win win for both when a lot kept firing out of Me-Mow.

Me-Mow didn't know what was happening, but she was feeling more relaxed than ever as she continues to kiss the Jackal woman in lovely this time before the feline assassin used her tongue to lick and feel the woman's tongue.

For a bit, the group continues to please and help Me-Mow relax while Bubblegum and her group…

Bubblegum was now surprisingly grinning at Doe and Ricardia before speaking.

"Time for some payback." She said before she starts ordering the orcs.

"You two, make sure you hold them good." She said to the two orcs.

The orcs looked to one another before one spoke up.

"Position in mind?" The orc asked with a serious tone.

Bubblegum blinked for a bit before speaking.

"Get them on all fours."

The orcs nod before they walked to Ricardia and the Doe with grin in their faces… and a moment later, the two were bent over their Orcs knee with their arms held behind their backs before one spoke up.

"This good?" The Orc asked while the duo made sure that if they moved, their grip on their arms tighten greatly.

Bubblegum chuckles before speaking.

"Very good. Now you two that are holding them, you both can take their asses. Anyone that's want to use their pussies then lay down or you can use their mouths. Also if anyone is feeling left out, I can give a hand or two."

"What about the two holding them?, think they can spank them first?, Wouldn't be fair to leave them out right?" One orc, one with an older look to the others said to Bubblegum with a grin on his face.

The former Candy Monarch took a moment to think on this before speaking.

"You know what, sure. Go nuts."

"You heard her fellas, go nuts, might as well show her some positions we Orcs use for unruly women." The Elder Orc said before the two pinning Ricardia and the Doe raised their free hands before they slammed them on the duos ass and it made a deep smack sound before they repeat their actions for a bit.

Doe and Ricardia gasps each time they felt stinging sensation on their asses.

Bubblegum chuckled a bit while feeling a bit happy that she was getting her payback.

The Elder Orc chuckles a bit before looking to Bubblegum before speaking up.

"Don't know if this is an option but while my Brothers are busy… think that pussy of yours is an option?, we may seem Savage but thanks to us having multiple wives, we have instincts that prevent us from getting to rough with pregnant women, and I heard you're smart and you'd know that some women really like having sex even when pregnant, not going to force… just giving that option out." The Orc said while he looked back to the scene before him while his dick was fully erect and pulsing near Bubblegum.

Bubblegum, at first blushed a bit brightly when she saw that, was a bit surprised when she heard that before thinking on the option.

It's true that pregnant women enjoy having sex. Plus she's already pregnant and also it seems she can't find nothing wrong with that logic before speaking.

"I guess we can do that. As long as it's not too rough."

"Hmm.. a suggestion then… and it involves that gas stuff and using it on them…" the Elder Orc said while pointing a thumb at the Doe and Ricardia.

"Hmmm… sure. Give them the stuff." Bubblegum said before Doe and Ricardia's eyes widen in shock when they heard that.

Two orcs grins before they grab the masks and canisters that were used on Bubblegum and Me-Mow before they put them on Doe and Ricardia before they release the gas.

The effect was instant when their female bodies practically went into heat and their folds practically drip juices onto the ground and their faces which were hidden by the masks got flushed before the Elder Orc spoke up.

"So, how much gas should we use?, a little or a whole damn lot?" The Elder Orc lustfully growls out while he put a hand on Bubblegum's ass and teases her folds with a large finger.

The former Candy Ruler jolts and shudders a bit before speaking up.

"J-Just a few more."

"You heard her guys, crank up the gas, I want to see these bitches begging us for our dicks by the time those canisters are empty." The Elder Orc said with a grin on his face, looks like he is the lead guy of this group.

The orcs nod to their boss before they continue giving Doe and Ricardia the gas.

A few minutes later, while the Elder Orc continues to tease Bubblegum, this time by carefully fingering her pussy, everyone saw that Ricardia and the Doe were practically drooling from their pussies by the time the Canisters stop giving the gas before one Orc spoke up.

"Out on my end boss." The Orc said while holding the side of the Canister that showed an E for Empty.

"Same on my end." Another Orc said.

"Good, remove the masks and lets see how these bitches are doing… speaking of which… how are you and your pink pussy doing right now?" The Elder Orc teased before saying the last bit to Bubblegum when his fingers, index and middle, goes into her pussy and really wiggles in her, and since she barely had it touched… it should be very sensitive right now.

Doe and Ricardia had very deep blushes on their faces while panting hard.

Bubblegum shudders before feeling her pussy getting a bit wet.

It's seems that the gas in her system was still in effect but not too much before speaking up.

"F-Fine… Though I'm guessing you want to have a go at it yes?"

"Hehe… oh yeah… but how is this for a position… Boys… how do you feel about the DP straddle challenge." The Elder Orc said with a wide grin on his face.

The orcs grinned in excitement while Bubblegum was confused before speaking.

"The what?"

"Simple, normally if it was just two men and women, we could have a challenge where two women ride our dicks while we lay on the floor next to one another… however, considering the number of men here and you ladies are willing… well… lets just say that things get a bit more intense… while three of you ride three of us… three more will be going in your ass's and the leftovers will be taking with your mouths or hands, that part is a bit out of the norm but considering that we outnumber you bitches… well… you should get basic math right?" The Elder Orc explained/teased while he continues to finger Bubblegum.

Doe and Ricardia, who heard it, were now very horny while Bubblegum who shudders was shocked when she heard about the challenge and sadly the leader orc's math is correct as Bubblegum saw the odds.

"So how about it Gum woman, want to take the challenge?, would make it fun to see if you could outlast those two bitches there… or we could go for a one on one thing and the others could focus on them… you call." The Elder Orc said with a grin on his face.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before she took some thought on this before speaking up.

"I-I'll take the challenge."

"Good… now then… boys, pick two to get on the ground first, I call dibs with this sexy women here." The Elder Orc said while lightly smacking Bubblegum's ass and fondles it to really tease her.

Bubblegum jolts before blushing a bit while one orc took Doe and another took Ricardia.

A moment later, the Orc's got on the ground with the Elder Orc in the middle while all three of their dicks stand tall… and everyone saw that the Elder Orc was bigger than the others.

Bubblegum blushed brightly again while Doe and Ricardia couldn't stop looking at their respective orc's dick.

"Well ladies… get riding if you like what you see." The Elder Orc said while the other Orc's chuckle.

Bubblegum, Doe and Ricardia got on top of the three orcs while making sure that their pussies were above the trio's dicks before the ringed women squat down before they felt the orc trio's dick entering their pussies.

The Orc Trio groan a bit from that while the Elder with Bubblegum spoke up.

"Damn, don't know who knocked you up, but he or she better come for seconds with how good your pussy feels." The Elder Orc said before one next to him with the Doe spoke up.

"Same here with this bitch, honestly think this one is better as a female then a male, may have to come here more often to get some fun here boss." The Orc said before the other one with Ricardia spoke up with a grin.

"Hehe, well then, after we have some fun, why not switch partners and we see which lady feels better, this bitch is tight as hell, and we barely started." The Orc said before the three Orc's start comparing how good their respective partner feels.

Bubblegum, along with Doe and Ricardia, shudders and groans a bit from feeling the orc trio's dicks inside them.

It took a few moments before the ringed women starts going up and down on the orc trio's dicks.

"Boys, boys, forget the arguing, these bitches are kind enough to do this so why don't we just enjoy, we got an hour and 15 minutes so why argue about who's better then who?" The Elder Orc said before groaning a bit when Bubblegum rode his dick was surprisingly intense motions.

Doe and Ricardio continues to bounce and moan while enjoying the feeling of the two orcs's dicks while Bubblegum, who groans and moans as well, surprised the Elder orc by using a couple of movements here and there while bouncing.

"D-Damn… alright boys, decide who goes for their asses now, lets really see how wild these bitches get." The Elder Orc groans out while he enjoys Bubblegum's pussy.

It didn't take long before 3 orcs came behind the ringed women before the trip grabbed their asses before they shoved their dicks in.

"AAAAHHH!" Bubblegum, Doe and Ricardia moans before they surprisingly felt their pussies cum from that action.

The three under them grit their teeth before the Elder spoke up.

"Damn, guess you love dicks huh?" The Elder Orc groans out when he felt Bubblegum's pussy trying to milk his dick with the others agreeing when they felt their respective bitches doing the same.

Bubblegum chose not to answer before she, along with Doe and Ricardia, felt the orc trio from behind starts to thrust their dicks in causing them to moan loud before they went back to bouncing hard.

Meanwhile with Me-Mow…

She was still getting licked gently by the others and still getting sucked off by Lillum who keeps draining her stress and fatigue right out of her body which caused her dick to feel good… really good… to the point that even the pain felt good when she finally felt her real orgasm approaching.

Me-Mow, who continues to kiss the Jackal woman, groans before she climaxed through her dick and pussy.

Lillum in turn drank Me-Mow's load with a slurping sound for added effect while she made sure no drop was spilt while the Jackal woman licking her folds licked and slurped the juices that hit her tongue.

It only took about 30 seconds before Me-Mow taps off.

Lillum pulled her head off of Me-Mow's dick with a pop and to some surprise, or not really surprising, Me-Mow's dick was erect, energized and felt better then good right now before Lillum spoke up.

"So… still hesitant about fucking me and trying to make me your bitch?" Lillum said while winking an eye at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow, who pulls back from the Jackal woman's mouth, pants a bit before speaking.


"Hehe, then how about picking the position and I'll let you fuck me as hard as you want, you can even spank my slutty ass till I'm raw." Lillum said while she stood up and had her dick vanish while Me-Mow got a look at her shapely figure.

The feline assassin's dick twitched with excitement before she spoke up.

"Lay on your back. I want to fuck that pussy of yours till I put a kid in their. If you want me to." She said with a grin.

Lillum chuckles a bit before she spoke up.

"Personally, I don't mind, but won't Obsidian wonder why your going for me as well?, guess you more lustful then you'll admit." Lillum said before she laid on the ground and spreads her legs wide which gave a full view of Lillum's pussy.

The Jackal women moved away a bit before Me-Mow stepped forward and kneels down before she insert her dick in Lillum's pussy.

"Ohhh… oh yeah, even if I don't get knocked up, I still feel a pretty good kitty cock trying its best… why not show me how wild you can get when you give in to your lust." Lillum moans out while she gripped Me-Mow's breasts and starts massaging them with her magic which really made them feel good right now.

Me-Mow shudders a bit before she starts thrusting hard in the princess's pussy with gusto.

Lillum lets out pleased moans and groans from that before a few Jackal women, who summoned their dicks walked to them and spoke up.

"So… mind if we join in on fucking the princess?" The Lead one said with a grin on her face while the rest did the same with grins of their own.

Me-Mow, who keeps thrusting, grins before speaking.

"Sure why not. And if you want you can take my ass."

The ladies grin before time passed to much later with both groups till Ricardia and the Doe's punishment was over.

Me-Mow already came many times in Lillum, but thanks to a few healing blowjobs, she was able to keep going and a Jackal woman was fucking her ass, the others were either fucking Lillum's ass, breasts, hands, face, hell even her knees and what not when they all decided to gangbang her and Lillum was enjoying every moment of it.

'W-Wow… I feel so much than before. And you know what? Maybe it won't be that bad if I knock up some women. I'll definitely be a better mom than mine. Although… would Obsidian hate me knowing I might knock up his sister and the thing I said?' Me-Mow thought while the last part troubled her a bit.

Lillum noticed the troubled look a bit before she shocked Me-Mow by using her legs to wrap around Me-Mow's waist to help pull her deeper into her, she was busy with the Jackal woman in her mouth so she couldn't speak much.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised before she groans a bit from that action before thinking.

'I'll think later. Right now I should be doing this.' She thought before she went back to thrusting hard in Lillum's pussy.

Meanwhile with the Orc's…

They had came many times while they changed positions with Bubblegum, the Doe and Ricardia and they kept going till they were back with Bubblegum riding the Elder Orc again and the two original orcs were fucking the Doe and Ricardia while their bodies were covered with semen and their holes were filled way past the brim with cum.

Bubblegum pants and moans as she kept riding the orc leaders dick with grace.

A moment later, he felt his dick twitching before he spoke up.

"D-Damn… you may keep quiet… b-but you really are… a s-slut for dicks huh?... g-gotta say… I-I'm j-jealous i-if you have l-lovers… n-not many can take… m-my cock." The Orc Leader groans out with a pleased look on his face while he fondles Bubblegum's breasts.

The former Candy Monarch groans a bit before moaning from that action.

However, she felt… a bit proud after hearing that she can take the leader's dick well.

A bit later, the three Orc's under the trio while the three in their ass's roar before unloading more semen into their already overfilled semen covered bodies right when a timer rang out that signaled for the end of the punishment again.

Bubblegum, Doe and Ricardia moans loud before they came hard to the orc trio below before they collapsed on top of them before their heads land on the trio's chests.

The same thing happened with the Jackal Amazon's when they came hard in and on Lillum and Me-Mow which made Lillum groan with eyes rolled back in her head when she felt an insane amount of semen fill and fall onto her body.

Me-Mow threw her head back when she felt her ass getting filled up by the Jackal woman leader before climaxing hard for one last time in Lillum's pussy.

Lillum lets out another groan from that before everyone took about 40 seconds to tap off before each person pulled away or out of her till it was only Me-Mow who was left.

Instead of pulling out, the feline assassin collapsed on top of Lillum before her head was on top of the princess's breasts.

Lillum took a moment to breath in before chuckling before she spoke up loud enough for Bubblegum and Me-Mow to hear.

"So you two… on a scale of one to 10… mental stuff aside… how did you like the punishment times?, you two will be coming back every week so you might as well try and find some positive things from it… hehe." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Bubblegum, who was still laying on top of the orc leader, pants a bit before speaking.

"I-I'll admit… it was… s-something… s-so… I give it… 9.5 but a 10 nonetheless."

"Y-Yeah… same… h-here." Me-Mow said while still laying on top of Lillum.

"Hehe, good to know… maybe I can shake things up by bringing Emerald here and his wife, they could take Finn and Marceline's form, or maybe Jake and Lady so Me-Mow can get her payback after the punishment is over with… choices choices…" Lillum said while lightly rubbing the back of Me-Mow's head.

Bubblegum blushed when she heard that while Me-Mow who was a bit surprised, purrs a bit from the rubbing.

"Still, our time here is up, ladies, gentleman, mind helping with cleaning Ricardia and The Doe?, the spell will fade after a few hours so I'll be taking Me-Mow and Bubblegum with me to the place where Obsidian takes good care of his women for some rest and relaxation." Lillum said while she keeps petting Me-Mow while waiting for the Amazon's and Orc's response.

The Lead Amazon then said this.

"Can we use this place so we can keep going with these Ugly Bastards here?, may not have looks but they have good dicks." The Lead Amazon said while licking her licks when she notices how big the Elder Orc was.

The orcs did felt a bit insulted even though it's true. But they didn't care as long as they get to have sex with those Amazon Jackals.

"Sure, but clean up after you're done alright?, this maybe a sex dungeon but I like to keep it hygenic since I do have class." Lillum said while looking at the two groups with a glowing eye that showed some power.

The groups shudder a bit before they nod their heads at Lillum.

"Good, Me-Mow, Bubblegum, if you two can walk, then follow me if you can, trust me, considering that we might be friends, I can at least give you a few… non card perks to help your stay here be bearable." Lillum said when she used her magic to set Me-Mow on her feet and she got up as well.

Bubblegum however was still on top of the orc leader before the orc behind her finally pulls his dick out making her groan a bit.

The Elder Orc then did the same when he lifts Bubblegum off his dick and his semen and his brother's spilled out onto the floor before she was set on her feet before he got up and said this.

"Hehe, if you want to have a good time, use this if your in one of our strongholds, you'll be treated well by the males there." The Elder Orc said before surprising Bubblegum by using a bit of magic to summon a card with odd letters on it before he passed it to her.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised when she grabbed the card and she had to admit but… the Elder Orc's dick did felt good.

That's when she said this.

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Great, see you later if I'm in the kingdom, until then… we got Amazon's to dominate." The Elder Orc said while grinning at the Amazon's with his brothers doing the same.

The Jackal women licked their lips while Bubblegum who sweat drops a bit starts walking towards Me-Mow and Lillum.

"Don't forget to clean those two off first, after that, you got free rain here, whips, ball gags, the works, I mean this is a sex dungeon, so go nut… or unload those nuts of yours… see you later and ladies, and Orc's I'll be expecting your leaders to come here of if they can't then hopefully we can set an appointment where I can meet them so we can make more deals, until then, bye." Lillum said before she starts to lead Me-Mow and Bubblegum away while reminding the two groups about Ricardia and the Doe and also wanting to set an appointment with their bosses.

The groups grin a bit before they went to work on cleaning Ricardia and Doe before they can start their fun.

What the groups forgot for now… was Sake… and the two Orc's who were overpowered easily and were being used as Sake's toys for now.

Meanwhile with Lillum, Me-Mow, and Bubblegum…

Lillum was leading the duo down the hall while semen and stuff dripped down their bodies and they still had their dicks… hell even Lillum summoned hers while she keeps leading them down the path… which was abnormally long.

Bubblegum looked at Me-Mow before speaking.

"You okay Me-Mow?"

Me-Mow sighs before she spoke up.

"I… don't know… I mean part of me didn't like it… but… another was thrilled… makes me wonder if I'm either going insane or already insane and I didn't know it until now." Me-Mow said while she walked alongside Bubblegum.

Bubblegum grabbed the feline assassin's hand with hers before speaking up.

"You're not insane Me-Mow. Believe me I felt the same thing but… I'm still me and you're still you. We may have acted different in that room, but we're still us no matter what." She said before squeezing Me-Mow's had a bit.

"Yup, in the punishment room, you embrace the insanity and let out any issues you have, if your dick crazy, go for it, if your whip obsessed, go for it, long story short, I may call them punishment rooms, but some rather enjoy the treatment… anyway, were nearly there, this place is like a shortcut of sorts, even if it's a hallway, each portal is in a part of the castle, granted most are random… but with a little work… we can go here." Lillum said while she points to a sign above a wall that reads Obsidian's Room.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised while Me-Mow…had a surprising blush on her face, she didn't know what to think right now and didn't want to say much about that, but she did ask this.

"So… Obsidian… has multiple lovers you say?" Me-Mow asked which made Lillum chuckle before she spoke up.

"Take a look and you'll see…" Lillum said while she points a thumb at the wall with a grin on her face.

Me-Mow was a bit hesitant before she walks through the portal.

A moment later… she saw what looked like a large spa that looked high class and many women with rings and non ringed woman getting pleased by another woman who looked like Siamese cat humanoids wearing robes, some even had dicks and were massaging them and fucking their ass's gently while another was under the table blowing the woman's dicks and it looked like the ones sucking the dicks were… nursing or something?

All in all, the woman getting treated looked like they were in heaven.

Me-Mow's eyes widen before speaking.

"Oh my Glob."

"Shocking isn't it, I'm not the only one who got stress and fatigue draining spells, you remember what I did right?, you felt like a new woman after I got done right?" Lillum said when she and Bubblegum followed her through the portal.

Me-Mow blushed a bit before speaking.

"Actually… yes. I felt like a new person. Thanks for that." She said before she used her tail to lightly slap Lillum's ass.

Lillum chuckles after she jolts before she spoke up.

"No worries, but these Ladies here practiced with that spell more than I, compared to me, they really know how to use it, speaking of which…" Lillum said before she spoke up.

"Excuse me, could six masseuses come here?, I got a lover of Obsidian here and her friend and I need a bit of stress relief myself." Lillum said before 6 cat humanoids walked forward… and shockingly enough all looked the same except for the robes, some looked better made then the others.

"Of course Mistress Lillum, may I ask who the lover is and who the friend is?" The one with the fanciest robe said when she looked Me-Mow and Bubblegum over before speaking up.

"My My, you two have so much stress it's not even funny, I'm guessing you two came from the Punishment chamber yes?" The Siamese cat said with an expert gaze.

Bubblegum and Me-Mow blinked for a bit before Bubblegum spoke.

"Y-Yes we have. I'm Bonnibel Bubblegum and this is my friend Me-Mow."

"I see, are you the lover of the Prince?" The woman said when she looked to Bubblegum while Lillum giggles before she spoke up.

"Nope, the cute kitty here is, though I may be carrying her kid right now so that part can be debatable." Lillum said with a grin on her face which caused all six woman to blink their eyes a few times, however instead of saying anything, the head Cat just said this.

"I see…, well miss Me-Mow, if you would be so kind as to follow me and my daughter here, we can get you started with the cleaning before we get you massaged while my other daughters take care of the others." The head cat said with a smile on her face.

Me-Mow blinked for a bit before wondering if what Lillum said was true about carrying her kid. However she'll worry about it later before speaking.

"Sure." She said before following the head cat.

A moment later, the Daughters looked to Bubblegum before speaking as one.

"Would you please follow us?" The two of them cutely said while Lillum followed another two with a smile on her face and her dick was erect.

Bubblegum did thought they look cute before speaking.

"Okay." She said before she follows them.

A moment later with Me-Mow, she was led into a pool like area with more Siamese Cat masseuse who were in a pool and in the nude and they all had dicks of various sizes equipped before the Head Cat spoke up while she removed her robes and showed a Milf like figure and a larger dick then her daughters, about a full 10 inches and was about two inches in width.

"Please get into the water and relax, we will do the rest, trust me, we may have dicks but we are also female, and we're purely professional so unless you want to have some fun here, I suggest at least waiting till that beautful fur of yours is clean." The Mother said while she put a foot into the water to test it before she gracefully walked in while her daughter did the same.

Me-Mow blushed at the compliment before she walked towards the pool.

At first she placed her foot in to test the waters which seems to feel fine before she enters.

A moment later, after she got settled on a chair near an edge, the Mother and daughters start cleaning Me-Mow, two went to her arms, two went to her legs, two went to her breasts and were very gentle, one even cleans out her pussy and around her ass while the mother cleans the dick with gentle motions and even got under the foreskin, all in all, they were using pro like movements on Me-Mow while they worked.

The feline assassin shudders a bit before she lets out a soft sigh before speaking.

"W-Wow. This feels relaxing."

"Thank you, my daughters and I had practice with one another and our customers... if you have any issues or requests, please voice them and we will do whatever you want to help you feel at home here and we will treat you like family." The Mother said with such kindness that anyone would think that she was their own mother from that.

Me-Mow couldn't believe how kind this woman was. To be frank when she heard the word 'family', it made the feline assassin feel… like she belonged besides Bubblegum's kindness.

Seeing the Cat woman being motherly made Me-Mow think about her mom and how different they are.

That's when Me-Mow start to tear up a bit.

The mother noticed before she spoke up with a slightly worried tone.

"Miss Me-Mow?... are you alright?, did I say something to upset you?" The mother said with a concerned tone while the Daughters looked to one another with some confusion.

Me-Mow sniffed a bit before speaking.

"I'm sorry it's just… seeing you motherly reminds me of my mom. Only she was a complete opposite of you. I was abused as a child before she abandoned me. Been living on my own to survive since then."

The Mother for a moment got a cold look on her face before she spoke up with a much kinder tone while the Daughters just looked to one another with shock looks.

"Honestly I'm surprised that such a beautiful well mannered woman came from a monster like your mother… my apologies but I don't think she would be very welcome here if she came along…. Hmmm… don't know about you… but if you want… want to be adopted into our family?, it's a rather large one and we all treat each other very well." The Mother said while she continues to clean Me-Mow's dick with gentle strokes while the Daughters smiled at one another before they resumed their cleaning on Me-Mow's body.

Me-Mow was shocked when she heard that before she starts bawling a bit before she surprised the mother cat by hugging her by pulling free of the daughters.

The mother was a bit surprised when she felt that, but smiles and gently pats Me-Mow's back with a gentle touch before she spoke up.

"There there, everything will be OK." The Mother said while she gently continues to rub Me-Mow's back.

Me-Mow continues to cry for a bit before speaking.

"C-Can I call you… mom?"

The Mother chuckles a bit before she spoke up.

"Sure, Mom, Momma, Mother, Mommy, anything you want… my Daughter." The Mother said while continuing to rub Me-Mow's back.

Me-Mow was now happy. She finally had a family to with after so long.

"I love you mom."

"I know dear I love you too… now why not sit back, relax, and let your family help you really relax, might be a bit odd, but some people do like a mother daughter combo here and your sisters could help you relax as well." The Mother said while she gently had Me-Mow lay back and the Daughters went back to cleaning and pampering Me-Mow with loving touches.

Me-Mow shudders a bit before speaking up.

"Well… it does sound nice. So yes I would love to try it mom."

The Mother smiles a bit for a minute while she and the others worked on Me-Mow before she spoke up.

"Indeed my dear Daughter, so… how are you feeling, very relaxed now?, think your ready for the next part?" The Mother asked while she lightly keeps petting Me-Mow's dick to bring it to life for the next section.

Me-Mow took another relaxed sigh before she felt her dick spring to action before speaking.

"Yes mom." She said with a smile.

"Well then, please let your sisters dry you off and follow me, one of my daughters and I will personally tend to you, The Princess and your friend should be out there by now so do you want to have a table set near them?" The Mother said when she stood up while the daughters helped Me-Mow out of the warm bath before they used multiple towels to dry her off.

"Yes please." Me-Mow replies.

"Well then, please follow me and your sisters will set things up, do you want me to massage you or drain your stress?" The Mother asked which caused Me-Mow to remember some of her new sisters were doing that… with a dick in their customers ass or pussy and the other was sucking on the customers dick.

The feline assassin blushed a bit before speaking.

"I would say… drain my stress."

"Very well, please follow me and no need for clothing, a sister will come with and massage you, may I recommend Sasha, my Daughter that Obsidian helped conceive." The Mother said with a smile on her face.

Me-Mow's eyes widen in shock before speaking.

"Wait, you mean you and Obsidian had a child together?"

"Indeed, he's a lot older than he looks and would make me feel like a young feline again, in fact the entire family is, I'm not sure I should be saying this but since your family… well…" The Mother said before she gesture for Me-Mow to get close to her so she could whisper into her ear.

Me-Mow was still shocked at the news before she leans in closer.

"Rumors tell of an ancient fountain here that gives the drinker eternal youth until they stop drinking and aging like normal without ill effects, A gift from Life and Death some say as a reward for the Royal's services…. other rumors say that they have beneficial effects like a potent sex drive and a well muscled body that would put most to shame, and since you most likely have been with the prince, you should have experienced both right?" The Mother whispered with a grin on her face after she pulled away.

Me-Mow was shocked at the info before taking a moment to remember her… time with the prince before she nods her head at her new mom before blushing.

"Well then, shall we go?, we may run into the prince and he might want a good time from you and me if he's feeling frisky, remember that most ladies here are his lovers after all and he does treat them well." The Mother said before she spoke up when she starts walking out of the room with a slight swing of her hips.

"My name is Cassandra by the way, if you were wondering who I was." The Mother said while she continues walking.

Me-Mow was now blushing like a tomato when she heard about double teaming the prince before she follows her mom, now named Cassandra.

A bit later, the duo found themselves walking to another room before Cassandra spoke up when they heard females moaning and groaning past some heavy curtains.

"Seem's the prince is here already if those sounds are any indication, and I'm guessing your friend as well since she is friends with the princess, this place is called the VIP area for various reasons, sometimes the Royal's here enterian visiting dignitaries and what not when not getting a massage so don't be too shocked if you see the prince giving it good to a stranger." Cassandra said while she walked to the curtains and moved them to show a surprising sight.

Me-Mow's jaw dropped when she who the prince was doing it with.

Turns out… it was Bubblegum who he was doing it with, granted Me-Mow took a bit in the bath but she didn't expect this while Obsidian was fucking Bubblegum's ass and using gentle touches and kisses on Bubblegum's body to really get her worked up while Lillum was getting blown by one of Cassandra's daughters nearby and another was licking her pussy as well, the bed was that large.

Me-Mow was still shocked before hearing Bubblegum spoke.

"Oh fuck Obsidian!" She moaned.

Obsidian chuckles before he spoke up.

"Hehe, glad you like it Bubblegum, I had a lot of practice… "Obsidian said while he keeps pounding Bubblegum's ass before he noticed the others.

"Oh Hey Cassandra, Me-Mow, glad you could join us." Obsidian said which made Cassandra chuckle a bit before she spoke up.

"Well we did have a heart to heart and Me-Mow is now one of my daughters, hope you don't mind." Cassandra said with a smile on her face which made Obsidian chuckle before he spoke up when he leaned back and placed his hands on Bubblegum's ass while he continues to fuck her.

"I don't mind, seems hot that I get a mother/daughter combo here to please me if I treat you two well… speaking of which… why not get onto the bed and have some fun." Obsidian said which made Cassandra chuckle before she spoke up.

"Certainly, but first I have to get the stress out of my daughter, hope my daughters did well with you Bubblegum, they might not be good as I yet but they can really work wonders as a team." Cassandra said while she looked to Bubblegum who looked like she was enjoying herself greatly.

Bubblegum continues to moan before speaking.

"T-They were… fabulous… C-Cassandra."

Cassandra smiles at that before speaking.

"Great, now then, since everyone here is being taken care of… I believe it's my newest Daughter's turn to really feel relaxed…. And maybe learn the ways of being a masseuse perhaps?" Cassandra said while grinning at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow blushed before she nods her head at Cassandra.

"Great, I'll teach you well, say tomorrow or the day after?, and I can even give you priority treatments here after your punishments… now then… please sit… and enjoy your mother's mouth while she works her magic." Cassandra said with a smile on her face… which turned a bit lustful when she gestures for Me-Mow to sit.

Bubblegum, who continues getting her ass fucked, heard it before speaking up.

"W-Why did you… s-say 'mom'… like that… t-to Me-Mow… C-Cassandra ?"

"Oh that's simple, since I heard about Me-Mow's... Former mother… I decided that I would adopt her into our family, and she agreed, and since that happened, it would make sense for her to call me mom, mother, mommy, ETC, point is, Me-Mow's family now and is welcome here anytime, going to need to send the word around to the others but all in all, when Me-Mow needs a break, she's welcome to get some stress taken care of here." Cassandra said with a smile on her face to Bubblegum while Lillum smiles before she spoke up.

"Guess Obsidian is really giving it to you good huh Bubblegum if you missed that, it was said earlier to him… hehe, well better late than never." Lillum said while she pets the daughter Siamese cat's heads while one continues to blow her to suck her stress away and the other keeps licking her ass and pussy.

Bubblegum blushed brightly before speaking.

"Y-Yes… it's… t-true!... I'm… a-also… v-very happy… for… y-you… Me-M-Mow." She said with a smile.

Cassandra smirks a bit from that before she spoke up.

"Indeed… seems you have some interesting friends… and you just got here right?... maybe the Bondage Kingdom isn't so bad." Cassandra said while she turned to look to Me-Mow and gestures for her to sit again before she spoke up.

"You know, unless you listen to your mother, I may just spank you for not listening to me and sit so I can work my magic on you little lady." Cassandra teased with a grin on her face when she approached Me-Mow.

Me-Mow gulps before speaking up.

"Y-Yes mom. Sorry." She said before she quickly sat down.

A moment later, Cassandra then knelt in front of her newly adopted daughter, saw her dick before speaking up while she lightly gripped it with her hand and starts to stroke it.

"My my, don't know who the father is, but when those perk and point cards are used, ladies normally initially take their father's dick size, I wonder what setting the card was used on." Cassandra said before Lillum spoke up.

"I may have fibbed and set it on the lowest setting… so in a since… that's Me-Mow at her smallest." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Me-Mow was surprised before speaking.


"Hehe, yeah, biggest for you… hmm… could easily overfill Sake's pussy and you know how big she is, we try to allow small lovers to get with bigger ones easily, fair is fair after all right?" Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Me-Mow took a moment to think on this before speaking.

"I guess you have a point."

"Anyway, we can talk more about that later, for now just shut your brains off and enjoy the stress free environment here." Lillum said with a grin on her face before Obsidian spoke up.

"Yeah, these ladies here work wonders and Cassandra really knows how to really help a person relax." Obsidian said while he bent down to finger Bubblegum's pussy while he keeps fucking her ass.

Bubblegum shudders and groans from that action before she climaxed oh the prince's finger.

"Hmm, I am wondering one thing… where is Emerald, he should have been back by now." Lillum said before the scene shifts.

Ooo/ ?/ Emerald

Turns out, the group never left Ash's or Ashley's home and the scene showed Emerald thrusting his hips with some serious power into Blossom's ghostly pussy while she was on all fours right before Emerald roars when he came hard inside of her, the camera went a bit away to show that he managed to outsex the ghosts and Iris who had semen dripping from their holes.

Blossom moans loud before she came hard on the Incubus's dick.

A bit later, Emerald pulled free before he spoke up.

"Take a bit to recover, I'm going to check on Marceline and her new pet to see if she tamed the bitch, maybe join a round, Iris, you take some time to rest as well, I may go for another sexathon if I come back." Emerald said while he tapped Blossom's ass before he got up and starts walking to the bedroom door with a spring in his step, and he didn't look exhausted after all of that.

Iris shudders a bit while enjoying the afterglow of the sexathon. She was however excited when she heard that.

Blossom, who was trying to recover, was shocked to see Emerald walk like that before thinking.

'I guess stop is not in his vocabulary.' She thought before trying to call Emerald.

"D-Do you ever… g-get t-tired… E-Emerald?"

Emerald took a moment to stop before looking back to Blossom with a grin.

"Well…Normally… no… unless a hundred succubus's tag team against me for a few days straight, and even then I may be a little tired… but a meal or two later and I'm back in the sack, Iris can vouch for that… now if you ladies will excuse me…" Emerald said before he exits the room.

Blossom was shocked before she looked at Iris before speaking.

"H-He's… kidding… r-right?"

"He.. he… no… he… w-wouldn't… b-be t-the king…. I-if he…. Couldn't do that…. C-complaints?" Iris said before looking to Blossom with a tired grin.

Blossom pants a bit before speaking.

"A-After… w-what just… h-happened… n-never." She said before giving Iris a tired smirk.

"W-Well… rest up…. you… maybe… with M-Marceline…. But… she… may have…. More f-fun…. w-with…. My king…. So… maybe you could… lend a hand…. Or a hundred hehe." Iris said while she looked at all of the conquered extra ghostly doubles.

As you can see all 36 ghost doubles were now in a sex coma with very pleased looks on their faces. Ash really should've know more about the wand.

Meanwhile with Emerald while the 40 people in the room rest… he walked into the room to see how Marceline was doing when he peeked his head around the corner.

Marceline was still giving it hard to Ashley as she kept pounding the bitch's ass.

Emerald chuckles before he spoke up when he walked out of hiding in the full nude.

"So Mar Mar, how's your new pet doing so far?, Still struggling?" Emerald asked when he approached the duo.

Marceline, who continues to thrust her dick hard in Ashley's ass, looks at Emerald with a fanged grin before speaking.

"Hehe, see for yourself stud."

Emerald took a moment to do that when he looked down at Ashley's face, and used his ability to read desires to see what Ashley was thinking about.

Said bitch was surprisingly moaning loud with ecstasy while showing a fucked up look on her face before the Incubus heard this thought.


Emerald then chuckles before he spoke up.

"Nice Mar Mar nice, seems you pass with flying colors, go for her pussy yet?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face.

Marceline grinned as well before speaking.

"Hehe… told you so and no not yet."

"May I make two suggestions?, Either I can break her virginity and we can DP her or… you take a monster form that's boosted thanks to your Succubus instincts and really show her how wild you get." Emerald said with a grin on his face before he looked to Ashley to see how she would react.

Marceline stops thrusting for a bit after hearing those options before she takes a moment to think on this.

Ashley at first was a bit worried even though she was indeed getting her ass owned before she was surprised when heard Marceline said this.

"How about… both." She said with a growl in her voice.

Emerald chuckles a bit after he got over his shock before he spoke up.

"Mar Mar… you have one beautiful mind…" Emerald said before the two looked at a Horny/worried Ashley before the scene fades to black.

The scene now shows the Master Emerald Shrine on Angel City while the Spirit was talking to one of it's Elemental's, Kamikazix, Elemental of wind and strategist of the group, a tired looking petite woman wearing only a tank top and shorts.

That's when Atomsk finally walked up to the duo before speaking.

"Hey Spirit." He called.

"Hey, looking for TME?" The Spirit said with a tone that he knew what happened, not surprising since the guy was normal all seeing.

"Sigh… Yeah. Do you know where he went?" Atomsk asked.

"Yeah but I can't say… yet, trust me, give him a few chapters to cool down before talking with him, I was discussing this situation with Kamikazix here, I believe this is your first time meeting her, or an Elemental of this world for the first time right?, might as well introduce yourselves." The Spirit said while Kamikazix walked towards Atomsk… compared to Emerald and the others, Kamikazix may seem weak… but the pressure… Made Emerald and the others look like pushovers unless Emerald or the others powered up greatly… and even then it would still be a low chance of winning a fight.

Atomsk shudders a bit before speaking.

"Well nice to meet you Kamikazix. I'm Atomsk." He said before bringing his hand out for a handshake.

"Greetings Atomsk, sorry I couldn't meet you under better circumstances, but better to meet at all then none at all right?" Kamikazix said before lightly shaking his hand while she looked to him tired eyes.

"Yes indeed." Atomsk said before asking this.

"Are you tired by any chance?"

"Oh don't worry, she's normally sleeping day in and out here and there, hehe, even her lovers normally have to just let her sleep during sex, that's how much she likes to sleep." The Spirit said with an amused tone while Kamikazix just shrugs, she didn't deny it if the look on her face was any indication.

Atomsk blinked for a bit before speaking.

"Hehe… I guess you're one of the rare ones Kamikazix."

"Eh, I don't try, just happens, must be a talent, anyway, I sent Oceanic to the pool to help calm things down so things should be better when you return, and Oceanic is the Elemental of water, one of the calmest guys here, want to speak with those readers that the Spirit and you seem to see." Kamikazix said with arms crossed.

Atomsk nods at the Wind Elemental before looking at the readers before speaking.

"Welcome back everyone. As you can see my search for TME is put on hold but after a few chapters, he might calm down. So right now I'm with Spirit and Kamikazix."

"Hello, and hope everyone here is liking the story so far, hope you all like the chapter with Bubblegum and Me-Mow getting punished and turning the tables on Ricardo or Ricardia and the Deer to Doe, and hope you all really like the Ashley segments where Emerald and Marceline really mess with Ash." The Spirit said while Kamikazix just walked to a nearby wall and sat down to snooze.

Atomsk sweatdropped a bit before speaking.

"I know I did. Though… I kinda felt bad adding some dark moments in the story with Me-Mow." He said while feeling a bit bummed.

"Maybe but they wouldn't be good Punishments otherwise and at least she has a new family right?" The spirit said.

"Yeah that's true." Atomsk said.

"Any final thoughts before we take a break?" The spirit asked with a grin on its face.

Atomsk took a moment to think on this before speaking up.

"Thanks for reading Chapter 4. Hope you all won't get too disturbed when you read some parts. We'll see you next time for the continuation of breaking Ashley in before Marceline's trial. I bet Finn will be shocked before liking Marceline's new look. Anyway see you next time and dueces." Atomsk said with two fingers before the scene fades black.

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