Lillum's Lewd Prison @atomskthepirateking
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The scene fades in to show that the group changed location, TME, Atomsk, Lillum, Emerald, and Maite, the AC variants, were in a restaurant while the group sat at a table, Atomsk and TME were on one side while Emerald sat between Lillum and Maite on the other while they sat next to him.

Atomsk looks at Emerald before speaking up.

"So…. what do you think Emerald?"

"Well… Honestly this Bondage Kingdom sounds like a mixed bag to me, I mean Angel City is a pretty free place and it's purely consensual, so the forced part in the Bondage kingdom threw me off, but I can't really complain for Dimensional manner reasons, like culture and what not which is like a nightmarish landmine sometimes... but then again, I remember these guys are prisoners for a reason in some way or another, so its a 50/50 thing for me, the more… unforced scenes are good and I'll admit that I had to force a few ladies, mainly in a revenge type of thing like an assassination attempt or for info getting, in the past, but not to this level so its a mixed bag for me, that make sense?" Emerald said with a wave of his hand.

Atomsk to a moment to think on that before speaking.

"Hmmm, I can work with that."

TME then cleared his throat before he spoke up.

"What about you Maite, you had time to read the chapters of both stories, but I'm mainly going for this one right now, still if you want to talk about the AT POB version of Emerald and his story as well, feel free, all thoughts and ideas are welcome." TME said when he looked to the Mobian hedgehog.

Maite took some thought before speaking.

"Well perhaps later so we can discuss more of Atomsk's story. But anyway, I agree with Emerald. Even though the characters are doing time for past mistakes of such, the forced thing does kind of sound bad but can't judge a different culture for that. I still like the plot of the story especially knowing the AT version of me is married to the AT version of Emerald." She said with a smile.

"And being a succubus like Lillum must seem interesting right?, maybe if you go to that dimension or something, you could get some traits like that, though to keep things balanced you may have a different form but that part can be debated… still what do you think of your AT self?, and what of Jungle princess, I bet the readers are dying to know." TME said while summoning a microphone like an announcer and holding the mic to Maite for her to speak in.

Maite sweatdrop a bit before speaking.

"Well… it was interesting to be honest. I mean this other me is nice but definitely show some explicit power which shows she doesn't want to be messed with. As for Jungle Princess… well I was indeed blown away by the lemon. Now I don't mind Emerald having other lovers or girlfriends but what would the other me think?"

"Well, honestly I don't think she minds… but you heard her, that Lillum seems to have had Emerald work there for a year straight so wouldn't you be pissed and worried beyond if Emerald went missing for a year and you know who was responsible?" TME said with a serious look on his face.

Maite took a moment to think on this before speaking.

"Well you have a point. I mean knowing my husband being missing that long would have me worried and yeah I would be pissed. I mean you all remember how pissed I was when Demonga threw Emerald's body to Azure with caused something to get him burned. Had to beat Demonga's head for that."

"Ah, in DDS chapter 14 after Cedrina got her powers unlocked and Azure pushed herself to help her, I remember, though seeing Azure zap Emerald like a bug zapper was a bit funny but I get what you mean no wife likes a husband being hurt… well… except for the sadistic ones who go for masochistic guys or gals but you get what I mean right?" TME said with a shrug of his shoulders while Emerald sweatdrop before he spoke up.

"Er… you do realize that just because I can regenerate… DOESN'T MEAN IT DOESN'T HURT!" Emerald said before yelling at TME who leaned back in his chair when Emerald's head enlarged again to comical proportions.

Atomsk sweatdrops a bit while trying to stop himself from laughing while Maite hugs Emerald to get him to calm down.

Emerald's head shrank back to normal after a moment while he hugged Maite behind her back before Lillum spoke up after she giggles.

"Hehe, well we should really get back to the matter at hand by getting back to the story, I want to see more drama and sexy moments with everyone here, I mean Maite got more then a few nose bleeds while reading both stories, I'm really hoping to try some of these things with her later… maybe more thanks to these ideas I have." Lillum said while holding up a notebook that showed lesson ideas.

Atomsk sweatdrops again while Maite who continues to hug Emerald, blushed brightly when she saw that before Atomsk spoke up after looking at the readers.

"Hello everyone and welcome to chapter 3 of LLP. I bet a lot of you were definitely blown away when you read the lemon scenes especially the one scene that TME and I wrote. But anyway it seems that things are gonna be okay with Ruby and Finn. Also him being not angry with her for being AT Emerald's daughter is an added bonus. Though now Finn feels doubt in himself believing what AT Lillum and AT Emerald are doing is still wrong or maybe right. I mean what do you think TME? Would Finn call himself a hypocrite or something?"

"Hmmm, hard to say, readers might see this story as something to question our sanity with, but in our defense, we won't go for those sick stories that go in much darker territory, if you want to complain about our stories, then you might as well not read or review since we gave plenty of warnings, in fact, chapter 4 is Bubblegum's punishment chapter followed by a time skip to Marceline's trial, not really a spoiler since a lot will see it coming, but like I said, we did warn plenty in advance and if you skip the warnings and intros and outros, then it's all on you the reader for ignoring the warnings, as for Finn, I would say that instead of being a hypocrite, its more like he's stuck in a political thing, morally things are bad to him but legally, he can't do much and no one can force him to think otherwise, like with that Candy person and Emerald last chapter, everyone has free will, its all just a matter of how that free will is used." TME said with crossed arms and a serious look on his face.

"That is true. And speaking of Marceline, I'm now concerned on what AT Maite is gonna do to her. I mean get that she's pissed but come on it's not like Marceline knows what her mom did for her dad right?" Atomsk asked.

"Right, and for those who complain about us naming Marceline's mom as Dawn and made her a succubus, first off, no one ever really named her officially, and while she is mentioned as human, she could have some secrets like her being something else entirely but that one is pushing it a bit, but at the same time, things might not be as bad as most would think with Maite and Marceline but that's for the plot to tell, so why don't we get into the story, Atomsk, if you have nothing else to say, want to lead us in or should I?" TME said while he looked to Atomsk while a waiter approached to get the groups orders for their food.

"You have the bridge Number 1" Atomsk said while try to sound like Cap. Picard from Next Generation.

TME sweatdrops before he spoke up.

"Not really a Star Trek fan since I never was able to see the old series, but I get it, want me to say anything specifically or do I go with just a scene shift after the usual?" TME asked while Emerald, Maite, and Lillum start ordering their food.

"Hmmm… do what you feel is right. Also I understand but you're still number 1." Atomsk said.

TME chuckles a bit at that before looking at the readers while the waiter got the OC groups orders before he goes to Atomsk for his order while TME spoke up.

"Well everyone, I'll just get out of your hair with this, this story has dark lemon moments but not to dark like some of the sick things I've read from the summaries alone of other stories, if you want to give constructive reviews, they are welcome, but pure flames and what not will be reported… now then… we go to Maite while she enters the cave after Emerald fell into her trap." TME said while the scene shifts when the waiter finished getting Atomsk's order and went to him.

Ooo/ Marceline's Cave/ Maite

As Maite approaches the entrance to the Vampire Queen's home, she was a bit shocked to feel her husband coming to stop her, guess Iris called him early.

Maite sighs a bit before with flick of her wrists, she created a special force field box to stop Emerald from interfering.

She then felt Emerald crashing into her trap before it fully boxed him in, even for his current power, it would take him awhile to break free unless he used his full power, he would need Lillum's permission for that one and it would take him about 30 minutes straight of attacking the trap to even put a dent in it.

She felt bad for doing that to him but needed her questions answered immediately before she entered the cave.

Nearly a minute of walking passed before she saw a house in the cave and saw that some lights were on in the living room and saw the shadow of a womanly figure floating around while music was heard, seems Marceline was a music inclined person.

Marceline, when Maite first appeared, was seen strumming her axe bass. However, moments ago she froze after feeling this emince power that appeared in Ooo and had no idea what was that. She thought it was probably Emerald or something before she went to get her axe to do a little jam.

Though she wished Finn was here, That way Marceline could try to cheer him up after what happened to Bubblegum's trial. And like the human the Vampire Queen was concerned for her friend.

A few minutes later, she heard knocking on the door while she continues tuning her guitar when the sound felt a bit off and the knocking repeats again after a minute.

Marceline blinked for a bit before thinking.

'Who could be here at this time?' She thought before she approaches the door while holding her axe bass ready just in case. It maybe an instrument, but still a powerful weapon.

However when she opened it, no one was seen… but before she could turn around, she heard a voice speak up behind her and her guitar vanished.

"You know… that's not really a good way to say hello to your guest." A woman's voice said with no anger to her voice.

Marceline's eyes widen before she turned around to see the source of the voice.

Turns out it was Maite who was the one who spoke up, she was mimicking Marceline and strumming the Guitar before she spoke up.

"Try this, would most likely sound better this way." Maite said before tossing the guitar back at Marceline with a calculating look.

Marceline blinked in confusion on some levels before speaking.

"Um... thanks. But who are you exactly and why are you here?"

"Just wanted to see what the daughter of Hudson and Dawn Abadeer looked like before your mother ran off with the necklace that your father now wears around his neck." Maite said while she looked at her nails without really changing her expression.

The Vampire Queen's eyes widen in shock before speaking.

"You know my mom and she did what?!" She asked.

"Yup, your mother was a succubus after she died an early death as a human, was contracted with me just to let you know, and she was a lover for me… but then she met your father and she started to get more distant before she shocked all when she stole an item I have been working on to contain and focus Chaotic evil… I'm sure I don't need to say what the item is now do I?" Maite said while looking at Marceline to gauge her reaction.

Marceline was beyond shock when she heard that before speaking.

"My mom was a succubus? So that means I'm part succubus?... And your the reason that necklace exist? Lady you have no idea how much trouble that thing is. My dad tried to make me wear it just so I could take over the Nightosphere. It made me crazy. Plus a friend of mine wore it as well just so he could save me."

"And I would like to point out your mother, after she met him, stole it from me. I'm not the one who forced him to do that, nor did I force your friend, honestly, I hate your father beyond anyone else for corrupting my little Dawn, she was an outstanding succubus, normally studying, seducing men for energy, and other things, but after meeting Hudson, she stopped doing all of that and practically became so weak that she became like a human… honestly I don't know if she's still alive or not… but I came here for answers since I normally can't come here like your father… so unless you're willing to tell me how to bring him here… I may have to force you to tell me… and before you say anything… I don't care about your trial since it was that bitch Lillum and my poor husband Emerald who is stuck here thanks to her… nor the fact that you're a Queen of Vampires… I'm a Queen of succubus's so magically, I eclipse you easily… I believe you felt that blast of power right?" Maite said with a somewhat cold look on her face.

Marceline was again shocked after hearing everything before speaking.

"Wait a minute… that Emerald dude's your husband?"

"Of course, if I'm like a final boss in power in an RPG, his power is so much that it could make him look like a superboss compared to me, if you go out of your cave and look up, you'll see him in a trapped state, thankfully for me, that bitch Lillum and her contract has his power restricted so he would need her permission to use all 100%, he takes his orders seriously and came here to stop me… depending on your answers… you might not even leave here alive… understand?" Maite said while she snapped her fingers and the duo was teleported outside and right near Emerald who was sitting in some kind of glass container before his eyes widen in shock when he saw the duo.

Marceline was indeed shocked before speaking to Maite.

"Look lady, I may not know all the details… and I'm sorry for what my dad did and also not sorry because without him… I wouldn't have the chance to get know my mom. Though she died when I was little but I still remember what she looked like." She said while feeling a bit sad.

"Maybe, but try and think for a moment, would Dawn have really died?, I mean correct me if I'm wrong since this was just rumors I heard over the years from people who heard about you... but didn't she leave you alone and for her Husband to find?, and you don't really know if she's alive or not?, and try and think of what a succubus can do, even my daughter Ruby, who by the way is with your boyfriend Finn, isn't awakened like you can change various things about her body and has a rare clairvoyance ability, so she could be dead… or… she could be alive and you just don't know it yet…" Maite said with a raised eyebrow.

However Marceline eyes widened when she heard about Finn before speaking.

"Whoa whoa whoa… back up a minute. Did you say your daughter is with Finn?" She asked though didn't deny about the human being her boyfriend.

"Yup, personally didn't know it myself until I was summoned here by Ruby's caretaker Iris, but nothing really happened yet, she's not really awakened like myself, same with you since your Succubus nature is hidden by your vampiric side." Mate said with a slight wave of her hand.

Marceline felt a bit a relieved for Finn but was confused if Maite didn't know then…

She turns around to see Emerald before speaking up.

"I take it you have something to do with it?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Emerald took a moment to nod, but he didn't speak up, was the thing trapping him a one way barrier that prevents him from speaking to people outside?

Marceline was a bit confused before speaking up to Maite.

"Look before anything, can you at least let him out? No offense, but I'm not too fond of your husband and what he and Lillum are doing even though they say it's they're their job. But still how long you're gonna have him in there?"

"Until I get some answers, personally I don't want to harm a face as pretty as yours but your parents took something that wasn't even complete, true that necklace turns the user to Chaotic evil, but only if they are weak, I make tools that can be used for… more fun ventures… I mean why do you think a form like that has tentacles?" Mait teased with a grin on her face.

Marceline was shocked before speaking.

"Oh my Glob. That thing was designed for sex?"

"Yup, I mean who has the soul sucking powers… your dad or the Amulet?, Ever really ask him that?, You may have the soul sucking power and you can transform thanks to the Hierophant, but can you do it naturally?, I mean aside from the suit, which was used as a base by Hudson since he was the first to wear it, why else use tentacles?" Maite asked with a shrug of her shoulders.

Marceline however shuddered before speaking up.

"Okay I really wish I didn't know that. But basically you just want your amulet back? Why not just make another one?"

"Simple, it's not that I can't make one, but it acts as a conduit for Chaotic evil and more then one gate so to speak can make it unstable, I mean think, even guys as good as Finn can be corrupted after a short time so think of how bad it can be if an explosion of the stuff happens here in Ooo." Maite said with a thoughtful look on her face.

Marceline's eyes widen when she heard that before remembering when she saw Finn wearing the amulet and saw how crazy he went.

"So I'll make you 1 of 3 deals, two if you want to get a… bit more… sexy for Finn and Bubblegum…. Want to hear them?" Maite asked with crossed arms.

Marceline was a bit shocked though deep down, she loved Bubblegum since the two went through a lot and as for Finn…

Well back then she hate to admit it but kid grew on her after meeting him and Jake and now as Finn grew older, Marceline started to have feelings for the guy, though didn't know how she would say it.

The Vampire Queen looks at Maite before speaking.

"I might as well listen first before speaking up."

"Great, one is simple, a portal to your father's realm… he maybe deathless… but he isn't unbeatable…." Maite said with a smile on her face.

Marceline took a moment to think on this before speaking.

"Alright. But I'll do it on two things. 1) He may not be perfect, even though he tries, he's still my dad so don't hurt him too much. 2) I don't know what you will do with the amulet. But I'm not wearing it."

"Oh don't worry, considering how he answers some things, I may let him keep it… but I may still teach him a lesson for corrupting my little Dawn… as for the second part… after your sentence is up… would you be so kind as to kill Lillum?, Emerald is bound to a contract with that slut so I can't do much without pissing Emerald off, as you can see…. And since you don't like Emerald or Lillum then this should be better for you." Maite said while pointing to Emerald.

Marceline was shocked at the request before looking at Emerald.

To her shock… he had a shockingly blank look… but his eyes were glowing with an intense anger that showed he wasn't thrilled about that request.

Marceline blinked for a bit before speaking up.

"I wouldn't mind putting that bitch in her place but your husband might kill me after."

"Oh don't worry, he would get Lillum as a pet because of that contract, remember, if she dies early from outside causes, she's his, and if she lives she bears his child, so at the very least wait for the kid to be born first then strike, your call, and I would personally protect you, Emerald is fond of me since I'm his Queen after all, as for the third thing, simply put to help awaken your Succubus, you'll have to have some intense sex after I awaken the sex demon in you, it would be like if you were starved for red, so I'll make an offer for that, if you want to awaken your Succubus side, then Emerald and I will be more than happy to help, might also keep him calm around you if you do the deed with Lillum after your sentence." Maite said with a grin on her face.

Marceline's eyes widen in shock before blushing a bit brightly before look at Emerald.

He saw her looking at him before he grins and flexed his body a bit to show his muscles, even when sitting he had an iron hard kind of body… and the secrets that his pants held… angry or not, curiosity was a dangerous thing after all…

Marceline did blush a bit however sweatdrop when she saw the Incubus flexing before looking at Maite before speaking up.

"Well I already agree to the first deal. However I'm still concerned about the second deal. I wouldn't have a kid lose his or her mom on my conscious so I might as well do it after my sentence before your man knocks her up. You say you'll protect me from him but what if Lillum has family members? Surely they'll want a personal vendetta on me. Would I be protected from them as well? I mean Lillum is planning to make Finn King which will give the weenie a chance to change some stuff so I don't know if he'll be able to protect me as well. Don't get me wrong he's a great guy and I don't want to lose him for that." She said before feeling worried when she thought of the human.

"Hmmm… maybe that one can be a bit debatable, how about this, only kill her if she does something truly unforgivable to not only you but to her own people, you may have issues with the youngest prince Obsidian but even he won't be able to stop anything to his sister if she does something horrible… as for her other brother Demonga, he could care less as far as I'm concerned, but like I said, you can ignore it and let her live if you want, just giving the option out, as for Finn, unless she fully breaks him, I doubt he can complain, I mean you heard him in the trial right?, he would rather see my husband and Lillum dead then submit to her, so while his heroic nature might cause some issues, you got all the time in the world to make it up to him, besides, your a vampire and he's mortal, unless your willing to vamp him, I doubt he would use the energy to hate you, like I said, optional, and you know the others, I awaken your succubus nature and you tell me how to open a portal to where Hudson is, no real issue for me… I mean, if your mother really is alive, he could tell me some clues on where she is or at least her last known location so I can find clues, choices choices…" Maite said while she crossed her arms under her breasts which caused them to bounce a bit while Emerald watched what was going on.

Marceline, though blushed a bit when she saw that, took some time think this through before speaking.

"Well regardless what will happen, Finn could never hate me. Making sure his friends are okay is his only concern. And I'll tell you this, I would Vamp Finn in a mortal heartbeat if he was in danger. So I'll accept the second deal if he's in serious danger. As for the third deal… I would say no to the succubus thing… but it be like an insult to my mom after finding out who she actually was. And I'm ashamed to admit it but… I haven't had any decent action for… the last couple hundred years give or take. Not since my last *relationship*. That guy couldn't measure up with that 5 inch pecker of his."

Maite grins before she spoke up.

"Then we have a deal, a contract so to speak, you honor those three, you don't have to worry about hearing from me again… unless you want some action from me or my husband after this… and just to point out… my husband has a natural size of 12 inches long and 3 in width… special enchantment to hid that anaconda since most would rip if he got erect." Maite said with a grin to the Vampire Queen.

Marceline did blushed a bit after hearing that before speaking up.

"Yes I do agree to the arrangements. And I guess I don't mind having some action with you or… your husband. But one thing needs to clear. As long it's about sex, I don't have to fall for either of you guys. Don't get me wrong, you're beyond hot and Emerald has some effect on women. But anyway, my heart belongs to Bonnible and maybe Finn. Though I don't know if he will accept my feelings however your daughter probably already has dibs on him." She said.

"Thanks for the compliment… and maybe he feels the same for you, or maybe not but I'm no reader of the heard, just the reader of the mind on what humans find hot, and if he doesn't, I don't mind sharing my husband since he's actually a pretty decent guy…pretty rare for Incubus's to do that actually of not hitting it and quitting it... As long as he's not with that bitch… so you at least have options, can't say you don't have that at least, as for my daughter, she's still a virgin unfortunately so her succubus nature is still asleep, so if you help her, you may get some action with her and Finn… besides, while I may have an issue with your parents, I don't have any personal issues of you per say, not only that but when was the last real relationship you had that was long term? " Maite said while winking to Marceline.

Marceline blushed a bit before speaking.

"I would say 5 years. He was sweet at first before he got obsessed with magic. Turned him to a total douchebag. And you seem nice so perhaps when you help awaken my succubus side, I can help your daughter with losing that V-card of hers."

"Nice, and like I said, I don't mind sharing, you remind me of your mother a bit and she was a sweet thing, besides, you've been alive for 1000 years or so, so don't you deserve some kind of happiness?, like I said options, but thats way down the line… want to go ahead and start the transformation?" Maite said when she floats to Marceline with a grin on her face.

Marceline blinks for a bit before speaking up.

"Alright. Release your man and we can get this three way started." She said with a grin of her own this time.

Maite chuckles before she surprised Marceline by kissing her on the lips gently… but before Marceline could fully register that… her body pulsed with some kind of hunger and her body started to burn from the inside out… not in a bad way… but a very good intoxicating way…

'W-What's happening to me?' The Vampire Queen thought before Maite pulled away to watch the transformation before she snapped her fingers and Emerald fell a bit when he was free before he floats back up to watch what was happening.

Marceline's figure, which was greatly restricted by her clothing ripped right off when her body practically explodes with power before her figure changes right before the royal sex demons eyes.

Her figure went from a perky C cup to a sexy E to F cup breast size while her hips widen to a very mouth watering ass that would tempt both men and woman and her waist, which was normally smooth, got an actual 6 pack that really showed she wasn't to mess with, like a fem fatale who was bursting out of her restrained cocoon.

And it didn't stop there, two demonic wings shot out of her back after a moment and some shadows went a bit lower on her back before a second pair of wings formed while some shadows went around to form a lingerie type of outfit that really showed how sexy Marceline looked, her face seemed more angular and beautiful and her hair looked more healthy and shiny.

Finally, her skin tone shifted to what her mothers looked like, an ebony color with no blemishes whatsoever… all in all, Marceline looked like a goddess if it wasn't for the fangs for her vampire side, and the demonic and shadowy wings that were on her back while a pleasant feeling went through her body... Like she was finally not being held back anymore.

Marceline shudders for a bit before speaking up.

"W-What was that?"

"Simple… you became very beautiful… take a look." Maite said before she summoned a full body mirror and had it float in front of Marceline so she could see her body in full.

Marceline's eyes widen in shock when she saw her new form.

She looked at her figure before going to her wings. But when she got to her skin, that's when the Vampire Queen starts to get teary a bit when starts to remember her mom's skin color.

Maite and Emerald looked to one another before Emerald just shrugged and gestured for Maite to do what she thinks best before Maite nods and moved to Marceline and hugged her to comfort her while she lets it out.

Marceline was a bit surprised before she hugged Maite back before speaking.

"I miss her so much."

"I know… I know… me too, if you want, I can teach you so that you can change it back if you want, though considering how beautiful you look, it would be a shame to do so, like I said, I'm willing to share or you can go to Finn if you want, but considering how this world was for the past 1000 years… don't you think you deserve some kind of happiness instead of sadness on a daily basis?" Maite said while she gently used a hand to angle Marceline's face to look at her to show Marceline a kind smile.

Marceline did look at Maite before speaking up.

"I do. I'm tired of being alone. I just want to be happy with someone I love or would love as you say."

"Well then, like I said you have your choices, Finn for the heroic guy he is, even with the mistakes he made, or Emerald, a guy I can guarantee who will make you one of the most happy women in this world, I'm not forcing you to do anything here on out, your choice, but don't rush it since you may be surprised at who you fall for, even if it's not with those two, right?" Maite said with a gentle grin on her face.

Marceline took a moment to think on this before she nods her head a bit before giving off a small smile.

Maite grins back a bit more before she spoke up.

"And considering you just awoken, why not head into your place and really get that body of yours some sexual energy, I'm sure Emerald won't mind chipping in right?" Maite said while Emerald rubbed the back of his head for a moment before he spoke up.

"Eh, why not, but like you said, her choice… though I may have to give you a slight punishment dear for trapping me in that box." Emerald said while his eye twitched a bit at Maite before she grinned back.

"Then punish away… I've been a naughty girl who missed your touch and I'm sure Marcy here would love to join in to scratch that long overdue itch, her choice though." Maite said while the duo look to Marceline with surprisingly kind looks… and Emerald gave Marceline a bit of a charming smile, that that was most likely habit.

Marceline surprisingly blushed from that smiling before speaking up.

"S-Sure… I don't mind."

"Well then… mind leading the way my sexy hybrid?" Emerald said with a charming tone to his voice while he held a hand out for her to take.

The Vampire Queen again blushed from that gesture before she surprisingly took Emerald's hand.

Maite smiles a bit at the sight before she snapped her fingers and the group was back in Marceline's living room before Emerald looked around before he spoke up.

"Hmm… not very fit for a royal but definitely homy, so… where is your bedroom?" Emerald said while he looked for a door before he saw the kitchen… but when he saw the ladder he just raised an eyebrow while gesturing to it to see if he was thinking that was where it led or if he was wrong.

Marceline sweatsdrops a bit before speaking up.

"My room is upstairs."

Maite giggles a bit before she spoke up.

"May need a new doorway at least for that new figure of yours… or do you mind if we just party in here?" Maite said while she gestured at Marceline's more shapely form and then the room.

Marceline blinks for a bit before speaking.

"Well… I don't mind making a… new entrance although if we do it here, might have to close the shades and maybe us a silencer spell so no one hears us. But again if we need a bed, I don't mind making a new door."

"Done and done, consider the silencing thing a gift from me to you, and the doorway as well." Maite said before Emerald shrugged and walked to Marceline's couch… and sat down before he cringed when he made a rather painful crash landing before he spoke up.

"By the… what is this thing… made of…. Bricks?" Emerald said when he stood up and cracked his back when he leaned back.

"Sorry should've of warned you but that couch is beyond old. I don't sit on it due to my levitation powers. I have been thinking of getting a new couch, just haven't got to it. My bed is the only softest material in this house." Marceline said.

Emerald and Maite gave her a half lidded look before Emerald spoke up.

"One moment please." Emerald said before he grabbed Marceline's couch and effortlessly lifts it before he vanished and before anyone could say anything, he returned with a brand new couch that had a demonic theme before he spoke up.

"Before you complain, consider this a gift for just awakening fully, and no one should have to deal with that nightmare of a couch, not even those prisoners in the Bondage Kingdom… I think my spine went out of alignment for a bit because of that thing." Emerald said before he twists his body a few times to have it make popping sounds again before letting out a relieved sigh.

Marceline sweatdrops before she went to her new couch and sat on it.

It took a couple of seconds before she let out a pleased sigh before speaking.

"Oh Glob. This feels so comfy."

"Thanks… want to break it in?, it was designed to take one hell of a sex-a-thon from succubus and incubus after all." Emerald teased with a grin on his face when he points out how big the couch was… almost a full bed sized couch.

Marceline blinked for a bit before speaking up.

"Why not. Just need to add the silencer spell before getting ready for some intense fun." She said while grinning before standing up and went around the house to close the curtains.

A moment later, the room seemed to glow with an intricate looking symbol before Maite spoke up when she pulled her hand off the wall.

"Done, and sound will only pass through if you open the door or window, kind of makes sense for that right?" Maite said with a grin on her face.

Marceline nods with a grin as well before she starts taking off her clothes.

However the moment she starts to do that, the clothing vanished into dark mist which made Maite chuckle at the Vampire Queen's surprised look.

"Easy to remove shadow clothing, a bit of work and you can make a clear film of it and you won't get burned in the sunlight, will help when your in the Bondage Kingdom." Maite said before her own clothing vanished into a dark mist which caused her large breasts to bounce free.

Marceline was shocked to hear that while feeling happy about the not burning part before thinking.

'Finally I won't have to burn from the blasted sun.' She thought before looking at Emerald.

It seemed Emerald took the same thing after he went back to the Candy Kingdom, cause a moment later his pants vanished to reveal his massive steak to the Vampire Queen which quickly grew erect.

Marceline's jaw dropped when she saw that before thinking.

'Oh my fucking Glob. IT'S HUGE! Bigger than Ash's.'

A moment later, Marceline's body pulsed with an intense longing… like for the color red… but something else that was easily identified when her mind fully registered it thanks to her succubus nature now taking effect.

Marceline shook a bit before thinking.

'Oh Glob… My body is already reacting to the sight of Emerald's cock. I can already feel pussy getting wet with excitement.' She thought before she felt wet between her legs.

Maite noticed before she spoke up with a grin on her face.

"My my, seems we have a talented one here Emerald… maybe you should lend a hand… I was able to wait a year, I can wait a bit more, she said she was waiting for 200 years or so so why not quench that thirst she has building." Maite said before Emerald grins when he approached Marceline.

"Don't mind if I do." Emerald said before he walked up to Marceline and surprised her after gripping her waist with his hand and pulled her in so that her breasts smashed against his well muscled chest and kissed her on her lips and quickly slipped his tongue in to fight with her tongue.

The Vampire Queen's eyes widen a bit by that sudden action before after a few seconds, melts into the kiss before she wrapped her arms around Emerald before kissing back and had her tongue fight back.

After a moment or two of kissing, Emerald quickly used his hands to grip Marceline's enhanced, more sensitive ass and lifts her a bit so that she was held in the air by Emerald before he carefully walked a bit so that he was near the new couch and just plopped down on it while Maite watched the scene while she slowly kneeds her breasts and rubs her folds while she watched the duo.

Marceline continues to kiss the Incubus King before she gripped the back of his head to deepen the kiss even more.

For a minute or two, the duo continue to go at it before Emerald pulled away, and with a grin, quickly latched his mouth on Marceline's right nipple and starts to lick and suck on the large orb and his left hand roughly gripped the breasts to please it while his other hand did the same to her free breast and his dick fully grew erect and Marceline felt it a moment later between her ass cheeks and felt how large it was.

Marceline shudders a bit before she spoke up.

"Oh Glob." She said before moaning a bit.

Emerald in turn chuckles once before he starts to lick and nip at her nipples while he continues to fondle her breasts.

Marceline pants and moans as she starts to enjoy this feeling before feeling her pussy getting wetter.

Emerald took a bit more to please the other breast before he pulled his head away and spoke up.

"So… mind if I go a bit lower my dear?, really show you how well I can work my tongue?" Emerald said before he opened his mouth and a surprisingly long tongue came out of his mouth which wiggles a bit for effect.

Marceline was a bit surprised before blushing a bit brightly when she saw that tongue before speaking up.


Maite giggles a bit when she saw Marceline being a bit nervous before Emerald quickly moved so that Marceline was the one sitting on the couch and Emerald was kneeling between her legs before he spoke up.

"Well now… time to see how good you taste." Emerald said before he used his tongue to gently lick her folds while he gently pushed her hips apart.

It caused Marceline to shiver a bit, but in a good way, when she felt that.

A minute later of licking, and Emerald used his thumbs to open her folds a bit before his tongue starts to lick her pink petals directly and even her bud a few times.

Marceline then jolts a bit before she said this.

"Oh fuck." She said before panting a bit which made Maite giggle a bit more before she spoke up.

"Wow, guess you weren't kidding about not getting much… hopefully a round or two… or 10 with my Emerald will get you to really love this awakened form… speaking of which…" Maite said which gave Emerald the signal to have his long tongue move to her soaking hole and it shot in while wiggling to really get a reaction from Marceline.

Marceline jolts again before she starts moaning a bit loud before her toes curled.

Maite smirks at that while she keeps pleasuring herself while Emerald keeps licking the inside of Marceline's pussy for a few minutes before he could already feel her getting close.

Marceline felt her climax approaching as well as she continues to pant and moan from this pleasure.

A couple more minutes pass before Emerald finally and surprisingly set her off when he used his thumb which went right into her asshole with shocking ease.

Marceline's eyes widen before she screamed for a bit before she felt her pussy squirt hard on Emerald's tongue.

Emerald took a bit to drink Marceline's juices before he pulled away when she tapped off about 10 seconds later before Maite spoke up when Emerald stood up.

"So… how was that Marcy?... ready for more?" Maite asked when she looked to Marceline and her face.

Marceline had a slight deep blush while panting for a bit before speaking up.

"Y-Yes… p-please."

Emerald this time chuckles before he spoke up when he took a step to her.

"Well then… mind lubing me up my dear?" Emerald said when he had his dick move right in front of Marceline's face and she saw how big it was when it was fully erect.

The Vampire Queen blushed a bit brightly before smelling the musky scent from the Incubus's dick.

It was clean thanks to Emerald's magic and he did bath daily but the scent alone and the fact that she had her succubus nature recently awakened… she had this reaction…

Marceline immediately opened her mouth and quickly swallowed as much of Emerald's dick as she could before she starts bobbing her head.

Emerald lets out a pleased moan from that while Maite spoke up.

"My my, seems she is a hungry one, maybe she might be more willing to come to you for help if things don't work out with Finn, what do you think?" Maite asked while Emerald chuckles while he gently pets Marceline's head.

"A bit early to say, guess you could say I'm a sex friend willing to help a newly awakened succubus, kind of in the job description, but if she's willing to come to me, who am I to complain since she took over half of my dick in one go, not even slightly trained succubus's or even Jungle Princess can do that without issue, must be a talent for her." Emerald said while he watched Marceline suck his cock.

Maite then looked to Emerald before he spoke up.

"Jungle Princess?, another pet for you?" Maite said with a grin on her face before Emerald chuckles.

"Well maybe more since she's carrying my kid, may turn her into a succubus down the line so she won't died too soon, hope you don't mind training her my love." Emerald said with a grin on his face while Maite returns that grin with her own.

"Oh I don't mind, but I think we should work with this one first before you turn Jungle Princess, I think Marcy is about at the 8 inch mark, must say, even I'm impressed with how well she's adapting to this." Maite said before she and Emerald looked down at Marceline while she sucked Emerald's dick.

Said Vampire Queen, who continues to bob her head, was to first shocked when she heard of Jungle Princess and her new kid before she went hard on her bobbing before using her tongue to lick around.

Emerald groans from that while he keeps rubbing her head comfortingly while he waits to see if Marceline could fully take him, most people need to breath because of his dick blocking their airways… but Marceline was part undead so maybe…

Marceline continues to bob her head before she moved her head further on Emerald's dick as she tries to get more of his length.

Emerald moans a bit while he continues to watch her take him before he spoke up.

"Hey Marceline, give me a signal if I can get a bit rough, remember your a succubus now, and part Vampire so getting rough should turn you on like no other now." Emerald asked while he lightly scratched her scalp.

Marceline blushed a bit before humming from her head being scratched before she gave the Incubus a slight wink meaning to go ahead.

Emerald nods before he placed a hand on her head, and with a bit of strength, pulled her head to him and had Marceline take a few more inches of his dick into her mouth which caused the already bulging throat that formed for Marceline to practically burst in size while Emerald had a pleased look on his face before he lightly starts thrusting his hips to help get the last inch into Marceline.

Marceline maybe be part succubus, but still a Vampire nonetheless so breathing wasn't gonna be a problem for her before she tries bobbing her head again.

She even grabbed Emerald's balls with one hand before she fondles them a bit before squeezing them lightly.

Emerald groans a bit more before he spoke up.

"Damn… this is a top grade mouth-pussy, I would actually be jealous if you went to Finn and his size could try and match mine, but since he's human, doubtful unless it's by pills or a mutation… hehe, don't know about you Maite, but Marcy here may have you beat with this sexy as hell mouth." Emerald said while he continues to face fuck Marceline while he slowly got closer and closer to having her take his full length while Maite angrily pouts before she spoke up.

"Maybe, but I doubt she can beat my pussy or ass." Maite huffed which made Emerald chuckle while he keeps face fucking Marceline while he keeps up his thrusts until…

Marceline continues to bob her hard as she could while trying to take more of his dick in her mouth before she used her tongue to lick the tip of Emerald's dick when she used it to wrap around his dick since it was deep in her throat.

Emerald groans from that before he used a bit more power in his thrusts while he adds a second hand right before he used an extra strong thrust and low and behold, Marceline fully took Emerald's entire length down her throat right when he starts twitching.

"Good… Glob… definitely going…. To enjoy visiting you… here or in the Bondage Kingdom… for k-kinkier things… " Emerald groans out while Maite's eyes widen a bit when she saw Marceline fully taking Emerald down her throat, most women wouldn't have been able to… however instead of getting jealous… she looked to the only untouched part of Marceline that had to be fully explored, Emerald may have used a thumb but aside from that… her ass was fair game and Maite vanished from Marceline's view for a moment.

Marceline was too busy to noticed that when she was humming at how tasty Emerald's dick was.

A moment later, something wet and warm prods her ass and enters it thanks to her ass being on the edge of the couch while Emerald keeps up his thrusting.

Marceline gasped, though it was greatly muffled for obvious reasons when she felt her ass being penetrated.

Turns out, Maite was using her tongue on Marceline's ass and was enjoying the taste of it while she keeps licking the ass out while slowly lengthening her tongue.

Emerald in turn felt his dick pulse faster and faster while he keeps thrusting his hips but he managed to hold himself back for a bit more while Maite used a hand to rub her soaked folds gently.

Marceline shudders and moans while bobbing her head before she went back to fondling and squeezing Emerald's balls before using her hair to morph like a hand before it went to rubbing Maite's folds.

Maite jolts from that while she keeps on licking Marceline's asshole while Emerald's dick twitches faster and faster before he lets out a roar and cums as hard as he could down Marceline's throat and into her stomach while some of his sexual energy went into her.

Marceline's eyes widen when she felt that much cum enter her mouth before she tried to swallow as much cum as she could.

It took a bit of work on her part while her instincts did the rest, she surprisingly drank it all down while Maite continues to eat her ass out while Emerald slowly tapped off before he slowly starts to take his dick out of her mouth.

Marceline in the meantime, after drinking the semen and energy, got a rush of energy like no other that seemed to awaken something inside of her, granted her Succubus side was recent… but with such high quality semen and energy… she had this reaction…

Marceline surprisingly grabbed the Incubus's dick with one hand before stroking it vigorously before she took out her tongue and starts licking the head.

Emerald shuddered from that before he spoke up.

"W-Whoa… guess you really are hungry… well who am I to deny a lady such as you a long overdue meal… spread those legs and pick a hole cause I'm not leaving till you are satisfied." Emerald said with a grin on his face while he looks down at Marceline with a smile on his face.

Marceline stops her action before she looks up and blushes a bit at the smile before speaking up.

"In my pussy."

Emerald grins back for a moment before he spoke up.

"Alright, got a favorite position?" Emerald asked while he stroked his slicked dick in front of Marceline while Maite pulled away from Marceline's ass to see how she would respond.

Marceline blushed a bit before she lays on the couch on her back before she spreads her legs and uses her fingers to open the folds of her pussy.

Seems the Vampire Queen gave Emerald her response.

Emerald chuckles for a moment before he took a moment to get in position before he spoke up when he pressed the head of his large dick to Marceline's folds.

"Get ready my dear, you'll be a lot more sensitive than normal, succubus's are trained for a reason so I may do that before and after you go to the Bondage Kingdom, I'll be heading there after Toast Princess gets here to keep an eye on the Candy Kingdom." Emerald said while he got ready to thrust in after he grinds his dick a bit on her folds.

Marceline shudders a the feeling before she took a couple of deep breaths before speaking up.

"Okay… Give it to me."

Emerald grins at that before he adjusts his hips right before he held her legs over her head and pushed the head of his dick into Marceline before he carefully and slowly pushed himself inside of the tight hole to let Marceline feel and how massive he was while he went inside of her.

Marceline's eyes widen in shock when she felt her insides getting stretched.

She grinds her teeth before speaking up.

"Glob damn you're huge!"

"Hehe, that's what all the ladies say before they beg for more, hope your one of them… speaking of which." Emerald said before he pushed himself deeper while Maite looked on with a lust filled look.

"Ohhhh… really regretting on letting you go with her first… mind if I join in… maybe Marceline could use her tongue on my pussy or ass?" Maite asked with a slight begging tone which made Emerald chuckle before he spoke up.

"Maybe, you would have to ask Marceline after I get to the end." Emerald said while half of his dick was inside of Marceline right now and he was going deeper.

Marceline continues grind her teeth to numb the pain a bit as she feels the Incubus's dick going deeper.

Emerald noticed the discomfort before he spoke up.

"How about licking her bud my dear, she shouldn't feel pain right unless she enjoys it right?" Emerald said with a grin on his face before Maite grins before she spoke up.

"Oh of course." Maite said before she moved her body so that she was next to Marceline, and after a moment of kissing her on the lips, moved so that she was in the 69 position above her while her legs were next to the Vampire Queen's head and her soaked pussy was in front of Marceline's face, she then licked her lips before she latched onto Marceline's bud with her lips and licks and sucks on it while Emerald continues to go even deeper into her.

Marceline gasps for a moment before she has her mouth latch onto Maite's folds before she starts licking to ease her own discomfort a bit thanks to the distraction.

Maites lets out a pleased groan for a moment before she sucks and licks harder on Marceline's bud while Emerald stopped going deeper to let Marceline adjust for a bit… and when she relaxed some, he starts thrusting his dick in and out of her pussy to get it to really loosen up for him before he starts pouring a large amount of sexual energy into her body… and the result…

Marceline starts to get very relaxed as she continues to lick Maite's folds before she stuck her tongue inside before moving it around.

Maite let's out a pleased hum before doubling her efforts on Marceline's but before using her tongue to lick the part of Marceline's pussy that had been stretched out by Emerald's dick and starts to licks and tease the area while Emerald slowly thrusts deeper into Marceline with each thrust.

The Vampire Queen's moans were muffled but it caused her to double her efforts on Maite's pussy.

For a few minutes the trio continue their lovemaking while Emerald and Maite were impressed with Marceline and how she was taking Emerald's cock while Maite focused more on Marceline's bud again while Emerald really starts thrusting his hip which caused his dick to ram into Marceline's cervix when he finally got to the 8 inch mark.

Marceline moans a bit louder, even though it was muffled before she felt her pussy getting super wet from being fucked and licked at.

As a result, Emerald was able to deeper into Marceline with each thrust while Marceline could feel how wet Maite was getting while she keeps licking and sucking on Marceline's bud and the sex demon duo felt Marceline getting close with the twitching that was felt.

Marceline felt it as well as she continues to work on Maite's pussy.

A few minutes passed with Emerald and Maite pleasing Marceline until…

Marceline muffly moans loud before she came on both Emerald's dick and Maite's togue.

Emerald groans from how tight she got while Maite tastes her juices that made the Succubus Queen lick Marceline with a hungry drive.

That made the Vampire Queen moan again before her climax got a bit stronger.

The Succubus Queen continues to please Marceline while Emerald enjoys the tightness for a bit before Emerald felt Marceline relaxing which shows she finally calmed down.

While Marceline continues to eat out Maite's pussy, the Vampire Queen morphed her hair to look like a tentacle before she had it slithered behind the Succubus Queen's ass before Marceline had it shot directly to her asshole before she had it move around alot.

"Oh!, Why you little trickster… if your playing that game…" Maite groans with wide eyes before she used her hand on Marceline's ass with both of her index and middle fingers going right into the Vampire Queens ass and with her magic lubing her fingers up, start to play with Marceline's ass.

Marceline's eyes widen before she gasped a bit after feeling that before thinking.

'Oh fuck! I haven't had this much fun since me and Bonnie.' She thought before she latched her mouth on Maite's bud before she starts licking and sucking.

Maite let's out another groan before her fingers in Marceline's ass dance with expert precision to hit all of the sweet spots in Marceline's ass while the took a few times to stretch Marceline's ass which caused the tight hole to stretch open before Maite relaxed that to keep pleasing her ass.

Emerald in turn, after watching with a pleased look on his face, starts to thrust his hips which caused his dick to thrust deeply inside of Marceline and leaned over Maite and reached around to grab Marceline's enlarged breasts for a rough kind of support, thanks to Marceline getting soaked, he was able to go a bit deeper which threatened to bust through her cervix… all in all, Marceline was getting pleased by her breasts, pussy, and ass all at once.

Marceline was on beyond cloud 9 with the intense pleasure she was receiving as she continues to moan loud with ecstasy.

For a few minutes, about 5 or so, the duo continues to please Marceline, and thanks to their experience, Marceline was already about to cum again which made the demon duo grin before doubling their efforts to please Marceline.

Marceline moans and groans loud as she continues to please Maite greatly before feeling her climax getting closer.

Emerald then made one last thrust to set her off when she got close by thrusting as hard as he could which caused his dick to bust right through her cervix… if Marceline was normal this might cause some discomfort… but because she was an awakened Succubus…

Marceline moans loud with ecstasy when she felt that before thinking.

'Oh fuck! If I wasn't turned into a succubus, it would've hurt. But now… I want to keep going out after missing out so much.'

Emerald then starts thrusting his hips with shocking speed while his dick slowly twitches while Maite really plays and stretches Marceline's asshole.

The Vampire Queen groans and moans loud before she used her tentacle to really go at it in Maite's ass.

Maite groans from that while she and Emerald continue to please Marceline, who in turn came about three more times while Emerald held himself back as much as he could… but instead of warning Marceline…. He just slammed himself inside of Marceline, roars, and came as hard as he could in Marceline's womb.

Marceline's eyes widened before she screamed and came very hard on Emerald's dick and Maite's tongue.

For 30 seconds or so, the duo continue to enjoy the orgasm while Maite lapped up Marceline's juices… odd enough, instead of her womb bloating, Emerald's semen was absorbed at a shocking speed and the pleasure she got from that gave Marceline this reaction.

"G-Give me… more." She was able to say.

Emerald, after tapping off, and Maite, chuckled before Emerald spoke up.

"Wasn't planning to… I got a few hours to kill… how about you Maite?" Emerald said before asking Maite that which in turn caused her to grin before the scene went to a bit later.

This time Marceline was now riding Emerald's dick while he helps her ass and Maite was using her tongue on her asshole which was loosened up from earlier which allowed her tongue to go deeper then before.

Marceline continues to bounce on the Incubus's dick before saying.

"Oh fuck your dick is incredible!" She moans before her tongue starts to hang out from how good… no how great it was.

Emerald chuckles before he spoke up.

"Thank you my dear, I'll make sure your fully satisfied before I head back to the Candy kingdom later, but for now…" Emerald said before he surprised Marceline by kissing her on the lips and his long tongue fought with her own while Maite plays and teases her ass.

Marceline hums from the kiss before thinking.

'You know I thought I was supposed to hate this guy but… never thought I would get fucked by him and his wife. But now when he gives off that smile… he does seem… handsome… Glob I must be a total mess. I mean am I starting to like this guy? Plus there's Finn as well. I should probably think on this… later. For now…' She thought before she wrapped her arms around Emerald before she kissed back hard.

Emerald just chuckles a bit into Marceline's mouth before he used his hands on her breasts and pinched her nipples between his fingers.

Maite had to smirk when she saw Marceline hugging Emerald, he was really friendly to the ladies so he was able to become friends even with enemies if the situation was right, but for now… she just went back to eat Marceline's ass out.

Marceline gasps and moans in Emerald's mouth before she gripped the back of his head to deepen the kiss while bouncing hard on his dick before she morphed her hair to look like a hand again before the Vampire Queen had it go to the Incubus's ball sack before squeezing it a bit.

Emerald let's out a pleased groan before he let's Marceline keep doing what she is doing while Maite continues to eat her ass out until…

Marceline moans in Emerald's mouth again before she came hard on his dick.

However, it didn't stop her to keep bouncing on the Incubus's dick.

She seemed to really want his cum badly due to her succubus side. Good thing she can't get pregnant because of her Vampire side.

It took Marceline cumming a few times and a few good ball squeezes before Emerald groans before he starts cumming in Marceline's pussy with a very pleased look on his face, her pussy must be that good to him while his semen, like last time, was absorbed into raw pleasurable power for Marceline.

Marceline moans and shudders at this sensation before she bounced on his dick again so she can milk him out.

It took about 20 seconds this time before he tapped off before he took a moment to breath in before he spoke up.

"My dear Marceline, you have one hell of a pussy, I really hope your ass will enjoy it as much as I have…" Emerald said with a grin on his face while he looked at Marceline's face.

Said Vampire Queen, who pants a bit had a bit of a deep blush on her face, though part of it was her reaction to the dear part before she sent Emerald a grin before speaking up.

"Only one way to find out. How do you want it? Want me to ride you again or you taking me from behind?"

Emerald just grins at that before he spoke up.

"Get on your back on the ground my dear, you'll see why in a moment." Emerald said while he used his magic to move some things nearby to give Marceline some room to maneuver while Maite instantly got where he was going with this and grins as well when she pulled away.

Marceline blinked for a bit before she got off of Emerald's dick before groaning a bit.

Once that was done, she then got off of the couch and lays on the floor on her back to see what the Incubus was planning.

A moment later, the sex demon king walked over to her and after gripping her ankles, raised them and the lower part of Marceline up so that her pussy touched the underside of his dick while her head was on the ground to give her the perfect view before he spoke up.

"Get what I'm about to do?, you can use your floating powers if you want if your uncomfortable... " Emerald said while he grinds his dick on Marceline's holes.

Marceline shudders before she surprisingly sent Emerald a lust filled look before she used her levitation powers to lift herself up before speaking up.

"How's that you stud?" She asked.

"I would say this is perfect… hope you don't mind if I join in?" Maite surprisingly said when she was above Marceline's head… and a dick of all things grew from her bud which left her pussy intact, the dick was around 10 inches long and a couple inches in width before she spoke up.

"Since you took my husband easily… you may have an easy time with me as well my dear Marceline." Maite said while she pressed her dick against Marceline's face and nose.

Marceline was a bit surprised before she surprised Maite by opening her mouth and swallow as much of the Succubus Queen's dick as she could before using her tongue to lick around.

"Ohhh…. Oh yeah… can definitely feel why my hubby here praises your mouth pussy, maybe after this you and I can get to know one another while I train you, doesn't matter who you go to, Finn, Emerald, you'll still be able to really please both sooner or later in the Bondange Kingdom with many others with a happy smile on your face when I'm through with you… hope you don't mind my dear." Maite moans out while she played with her breasts over Marceline's head, she wasn't able to see but she did see how soaked Maite was getting and how her scent of arousal spiked greatly… all in all it seemed that Marceline impressed Maite here.

Marceline did feel a bit excited due to her succubus nature after hearing that as she continues to please Maite's dick before she used one hand to reach for Succubus Queen's folds before sticking at least 2 or 3 fingers inside.

Maite jolts before she spoke up.

"Oh yeah… that's the ticket… really backed up today…" Maite said before Emerald grins before he decides to join in by pulling back his hips and his slicked dickhead was pressed against Marceline's asshole before he starts to thrust his hips in, and thanks to Maite's work from earlier which allowed him to easily pop his dickhead in the tight hole.

Marceline gasps while her eyes widen when she felt her ass getting penetrated before she tries to adjust to Emerald's length.

Surprisingly, her ass felt more pleasure then pain when her ass got stretched open by the monster dick in her ass before Emerald starts to push himself deeper while the pain quickly fades, was Marceline already adapting at a scary pace?

Marceline finally relaxed before she went back to pleasing Maite by sucking and licking her dick before the Vampire Queen starts thrusting her fingers in and out of Maite's pussy with gusto.

"Oh… Glob yes… time to return the favor." Maite said before she leans down and when she was close to Marceline's soaked pussy which had some semen on it on the outside, starts to lick up the cum with a long tongue before it shot into Marceline's pussy for some double penetration action while Emerald thrusts himself even deeper into Marceline's ass, he was surprisingly at the 5 inch mark and going deeper as he increased his speed and power.

Marceline moans and groans at the pleasure before she used her tongue to lick the tip of Maite's dick.

Maite shudders when she felt that but she just starts thrusting her hips while Emerald does the same… all in all Emerald and Maite were turning Marceline into their sex toy right now and Marceline had this thought.

'Oh Glob… being used as a toy… feels great. If this is how sex is as a succubus, then I want to keep experiencing this amazing pleasure. Plus I am going to a Kingdom that specializes in sex so it'll be a breeze. Though I hope my friends like the new me.'

The Sex Demon King and Queen however didn't really need to think or say anything when they felt how good Marceline's holes were and how she was adapting before they looked to one another and had this agreement.

They would really train Marceline before her trial so she could take the place with ease.

But for now, Emerald really starts to fuck her ass after he gripped her hips while Maite used her hands on Marceline's head and starts to full on fuck her face and had her deep throat her cock, they knew from how Marceline reacted during sex was that the rougher they got, the more soaked and tight she got which gave Marceline this reaction…

Marceline continues to moan before she climaxed a bit each time from how great it felt as she continues to please Maite.

For a few minutes, about 10 in total, the trio continue to please one another with Emerald going deeper into her ass with each thrust, Maite continuing to face fuck Marceline and eat her pussy out while she felt Marceline playing with her folds before the royal duo's dicks start pulsing in Marceline's mouth and ass, they lost track of how many times she came.

The Vampire Queen was too lost in the pleasure to noticed as well since all she care now was to keep having sex and hoping the royal duo cum soon.

Thankfully for her, the duo did cum when Emerald fully hilts her ass, and hard when they both yelled and Marceline could practically feel them unloading an insane amount of semen into her while her body struggles to absorb it all, seems that ability had a limit… but the pleasure the two poured into her while semen blasts out of her mouth and face gave her this reaction and possible thought.

'S-So much… cum.' She thought before her eyes rolled to the back of her head a bit before she came hard as well in Maite's mouth.

For a bit, the trio enjoy the pleasure they gave one another before they all tapped off before Emerald and Maite start to pull their dicks out of Marceline's holes.

Marceline shudders and groans when she felt that but somehow showed a very pleased look with her tongue hanging out.

Emerald and Maite took a moment to breath to catch their breaths before Emerald looked down to Marceline when she floats to the ground when her powers start to fail her before he spoke up.

"So my dear Marcy, think you can go for more?" Emerald asked before he and Maite looked to Marceline with looks that promised that she would get more pleasure then she could handle.

That's when the Vampire Queen said this.

"D-Don't… stop."

Maite chuckles before she spoke up.

"Well I would hate to spoil a party but I really should be going to the Nightosphere, Emerald, why not get some alone time with Marceline here, if you could be so kind as to tell me the portal spell, I'll be more than happy to give you pleasure my dear." Maite said before Emerald spoke up when he saw that Marceline would have a hard time speaking.

"I can tell you for her, I've been here for a year or so if my perception of time isn't off, thanks to someone owing me a favor, they taught me that you need three things, bug milk, a odd looking face which I can draw for you on a wall, and an incantation, if you can hear us Marceline, do you happen to have bug milk and something to write with?" Emerald asked while looking to Marceline.

Marceline pants for a bit before she tries to speak up.

"M-Milk… in… f-fridge… Pencil… i-in… drawer… a-as… well."

Emerald nods before he used his magic to open the fridge, pull out the bug milk, open a nightstand nearby which caused a pencil to fly to him, he then quickly walked to a wall, drew an odd face with glasses on it before he tossed the bug milk at it before he chants the Nightosphere portal spell and the fiery portal opens up for the trio.

That's when you see Hudson Abadeer, Marceline's dad, coming out of the portal before speaking up.

"Hey Marceline you call… WHAT THE FLOP AM I SEEING?!" He asked when he saw his naked daughter but was shocked at the new look.

The sex demon duo sweatdrop before Maite cleared her throat to get Hudson's attention before she spoke up.

"Hello Hudson, didn't expect you to pop in like that." Maite said while she got a frown on her face.

Hudson's eyes widen when recognized the voice after so long before he turns around and to see Maite and Emerald before speaking.

"Great it's you two. What are you both doing in my daughter's house and what have you done with her?"

"Oh cut the bullshit Hudson, we both know that you're a smart guy under that silly facade you use, all we did was just awaken your daughter's succubus side and get her used to it since you never told your own daughter that you and Dawn stole something of mine… that necklace you wore… you can get pissed but you know that you only have that deathless state of yours backing you, my Emerald can easily overpower you even in his current state, so instead of saying anything that could start a fight that could go nowhere for either side and destroy this place, why not get serious for once and actually think." Maite countered while Emerald raised his hand before he spoke up.

"Just to point out, Maite was the one who awakened Marceline to her succubus side and what not, I'm just going with the flow, so while I am backing my wife, no real hard feelings on my end." Emerald said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Hudson grumbled a bit before speaking up.

"Alright we'll talk. But for record, there's no reason for me tell Marceline what her mom stole."

"Oh really, why not say that to her face, she didn't even know about her succubus side until today and since she's up for trial in the Bondage Kingdom for some past crimes, I believe this should be a plus for her, besides I want to know if Dawn is really dead or not since most here don't even know for sure and you had to be summoned to this world by that Ice King before he went fully insane, so I doubt you know everything, but you may have some clues that you hid not only from me, but your daughter." Maite said with a cold look on her face.

Hudson's eyes widen in shock when he heard about the trial part before speaking up.

"Wait trial?! Bondage Kingdom?! I thought those people were dead."

"No, more like hidden, besides the Royals have Life and Death remember so as long as they have a contract with them to do their job, they can't die so easily, but like I said, your daughter is under trial for various crimes she commited that could have ruined Ooo like that Vamp cloud thing I heard about awhile ago, could have ripped apart a lot more if Marceline hadn't stepped in, that Bubblegum woman is already sentenced and was sent there earlier for her own actions and the Queen of Flames and Finn is up next… still you really should have some kind of information network or something, you might not be able to come and go freely but can't your demons?" Maite said while she raised an eyebrow at the deathless ruler.

Hudson was again shocked before speaking up.

"Okay I may not know about this Flame Queen and I recall hearing about that Bubblegum person. But man Finn too? That sucks... I like kid. As for my information network… they're on vacation."

The two sex demons sweatdrop before facepalming before Emerald spoke up.

"You know… ever consider hiring subs?, and just to point out, Finn melted the Ice Kingdom by pitting the Queen of Flames and the Ice king against one another and nearly caused a cudeta between the former King of Flames and Phoebe to go down a bad direction, so that could have massive ramifications around Ooo in general if that guy decided to go to war with the Candy Kingdom to spite Phoebe and Finn, you know how the kingdom works when it comes to large scale issues that could result in wars, your place my be chaotic and ever changing but Ooo is suppose to be a stable place so we can't really repair massive damage like your world can on a massive level if you decided to throw a tantrum here or there in your world." Emerald said while he used a hand to gesture a bit to show that he wasn't amused with Finn's actions.

Hudson however chuckled a bit before speaking.

"Now I remember who that girl was. Plus I thought it was a bit cool that the kid did that much damage when Cosmic Owl came by at a poker game between me and Death. Though after my talk with you two, I'm gonna pay that skeletal jerk a visit and beat his ass to pulp."

"Really?... you would fight Death?, you do realize that you got the deathless state not because of what you are but because it would be way to easy for you to die in the Nightosphere in your early days, I mean the guy is Death for a reason and he could temporarily nullify that state and make you mortal, besides it will be Lillum who is the current princess of the Bondage Kingdom who will sentance Marceline and you know how Life and Death are about that, it would be… hmmm… how about this for a comparison… it would be like me getting pissed at you for corrupting Dawn and causing her to either die or go missing… do you have the right to get pissed at them when you have me to deal with when you stole Dawn from me?, I may not be able to kill you but I can sure as hell make you regret pissing me of all people off!" Maite said while the whites of her eyes turned black and her body radiates power.

Hudson however wasn't fazed but was pissed when he heard that before speaking.

"Don't you fucking dare say that I corrupted Dawn. I love her and still do. Her disappearance has always troubled me. I had tried look for her. Even till this day I still do with an old informant of mine. But so far nothing. Plus if I had clues, I wouldn't tell Marceline... yet until I have all the facts. I don't want my daughter's hope to shatter if I came up with nothing."

"Oh don't give me that bull shit, how do you explain that necklace around your fucking neck?, I told many people, including Dawn when I was making it that it was incomplete, but out of fucking nowhere, it vanished, she vanished, and it ends up around your neck, you don't know how much I cared for her as well you sick fuck, you don't know how many years I spent looking as well, so don't you dare insult me by saying you didn't corrupt her, cause before she met you, she was the nicest woman I met, you can say a lot of things about me, but what about you, your not the fucking father of the year, your not the husband of the year, you could have easily left a high class demon in charge and went around Ooo to help Dawn… you had fucking options your poor excuse for a husband and father… so do you dare complain to me before you take a fucking look at yourself, you maybe soulless, but you sure are not brainless, and considering you do care for your daughter, even if it's poorly, you're not heartless." Maite said while she seemed to calm down near the end while Emerald and Marceline listened in to the duo.

Hudson however sighs before speaking.

"Look… I'm sorry for stealing her from you but like I said I loved Dawn. The only reason she stole the amulet for me was because I wanted to kill my brother… Lucifer. Because of him I was unable to do anything. Plus I had suspicion that he killed our father for the throne. Dad always did like me better. I met Dawn when she used a ritual to contact me. We only talked for some time but we did grew close later. However I was worried that Lucifer would have found about our relationship and Marceline. So I pleaded Dawn to take Marcy and go back to you. You may hate me but I know you still love her. But Dawn said she had another way which was to get the necklace which helped me beat my brother. I was about to get Dawn and Marcy till I found out that their home was destroyed. I went on a crazy rampage for that before I tried to find them."

Maite was silent for a moment before she spoke up.

"Tell me, did you really kill Lucifer?, or just an illusion?, try and remember he is a master of deception that would surpass even me for my illusionary skill and he wasn't a pushover in battle… you don't think he had something to do with Dawn vanishing if that was the case?" Maite asked with a thoughtful look on her face.

Hudson shook his head before speaking.

"He is dead. Dawn made sure to give me some spells and trinkets to neutralize his powers. Poor bastard never saw it coming."

However Maite still looked a bit worried before she spoke up.

"One question then, have you ever let Dawn out of your sight before he died?, like maybe she had to go to the bathroom or something, even the smallest detail would work, cause if thats the case… Lucifer might be alive if he messed with Dawn and he had her intentionally give you things to only make it look like you killed him, I heard that before he fought you, he fought this mortal named Dante and by using the souls of the absolves, he was able to beat him and got out of hell, but it turns out that it was purely a trick and Lucifer was able to follow him in the guise of a common snake, I'm not trying to say that your wrong, but you should consider every single possibility since you should know how tricky he is more than anyone else…. I mean… why else would she leave Marceline alone in that wasteland of Ooo before things got civil here for the most part?" Maite asked with a serious look on her face.

Hudson was then silent before thinking.

'Could he have really got to Dawn? Please don't let that be true.' He thought before he stepped back and sat on the ground with his back to the wall.

"Hey, don't be so down, if that's the case then Dawn could still be alive and well, even as twisted as that is, if she's still in hiding to keep Lucifer occupied then she could have left some clues as to where she is that only you or Marceline would notice, and if she is caught then all we would have to do is rescue her, try and remember she's a succubus that was trained by me so anything Lucifer does with her will only make her stronger since she was drained the last I heard, not a very nice thought but it at least shows that we have somewhat pleasant to bearable theories, I may not like you, hell I wish I could kill you, but we can at least agree on one thing and it's Dawn's safety, so how about this, we team up and pool any info we have to find her and if Lucifer is really behind it, then we make him suffer for what he did, I'll even let you keep the necklace after I fully complete it, may change it so that I can make more so Emerald can use one at least but that's my personal thought." Maite said while holding a hand out for Hudson to take which was surprising.

Hudson was a bit surprised to hear the offer before he gave off a determined look before speaking up.

"Alright. Let's do it." He said before taking her hand.

"Great." Maite said before she pulled him to his feet with a grin on her face before she spoke up.

"Still, you got a lot to make up for stealing my necklace, hope you don't mind if I get a downpayment from you." Maite said with a teasing grin on her face… and considering she is a succubus… that could only mean one thing.

Marceline, that was hearing that, had her eyes widen in shock when realized what Maite said, while Hudson, who was surprised, did understood before sending Maite a grin before speaking.

"Of course. How about we discuss at my place." He said.

"Certainly, hope you don't mind if Emerald here keeps your daughter occupied, her choice of course." Maite said while Emerald grins before putting his two cents in.

"Also hope you don't mind, that if Dawn is alive, and we rescue her that I get a round with her, I heard a lot of things from Maite about her and it just perks my interest, necklace aside you are about to screw my wife after all, her business is her own but I hope to get a bit of something if she goes after other men, you are a deal making guy after all and I am willing to kick Lucifer's ass if no one wants to do it, Dawn's choice on agreeing or not, just don't want a pissed of Deathless guy coming after me." Emerald said while he examined his nails and wiped them on a cloth.

Hudson took a moment to think on this before speaking up.

"There are two things that are important to me. My daughter, even though I'm a terrible dad. And finding Dawn. So with everything that's gonna happen now, I'll agree."

"Nice, and don't worry…and try and not take this the wrong way but since Marceline and Dawn are technically my own subjects since they are succubus's... If I get my hands on Lucifer… I'll really make him regret pissing me of all people off, I'm not a fucking King for no reason after all." Emerald said before his body bursts with power and the whites of his eyes turn black and his power practically eclipsed Maites, normally most would shudder and cower… but to sex demons like Maite and Marceline… well… they had this interesting reaction.

Marceline was surprisingly turned on when she felt Emerald give off that power while Maite shudders when she felt that which reminds her of one of the reasons she fell for him, if the illusions of Lucifer could be bypassed if he was alive then Emerald could most likely rip him in half if he wanted to.

That's when Hudson said this.

"Don't worry, when we find him you and your wife can get first dibs."

Emerald chuckles when his power recedes before he spoke up.

"Hey Maite, you might as well go all out with Hudson then for that one, might as well show him how well that ass of your looks when you dance on his dick." Emerald said which made Maite chuckle before she spoke up.

"Oh don't worry, I'll make sure he's more than satisfied before I'm through with him, I still need to get his downpayment after all for my amulet here… might as well see if those tentacles he can use are for more than decorations as well." Maite said with a grin on her face before she surprisingly pinched Hudson on the ass.

Hudson jolts a bit before speaking up.

"Only one way to find out." He said with a grin before he gestures Maite to follow him to the portal.

Maite chuckles at that before she turned to kiss Emerald real quick before she spoke up.

"Take good care of Marceline dear, I'm serious about training her so she can really please any guy or gal she meets, until then, Hudson and I might as well make the demons of the Nightosphere run for cover since I doubt they want to be anywhere close when I get serious." Maite said with a grin on her face before she looked to Marceline and quickly went in to kiss her on the lips while Emerald looked amused while he crossed his arms at the sight.

Hudson blinked for a moment but didn't complain since this is her daughter's (undead) life. Whatever or whoever she did was her business.

He looks at Emerald before speaking.

"I know you will do this but make sure my daughter is okay."

"Oh don't worry, if anyone tries to harm her, I would rip them apart with no mercy, if she goes to Finn, her choice, if she goes to me, her choice, but since she's technically my own subject, I'll make sure she is well cared for instead of letting her scrounge around for things… hell depending on how things go, she might as well live in my castle after her time is up in the Bondage kingdom and live in style, she won't be forced to stay there either and can have this place redone as a seconds home… not only that, but between you and me, this place needs it… kind of bent my spine a bit with her old couch and got her a new one." Emerald said before he finished by pointing to the new couch and rubbing his back.

Hudson looked at the couch before speaking up.

"That's nice. Didn't like that old couch, even though I never sat in it. And this place does need a megaton makeover. Also you're right, it's her choice. Even though, I kinda hoped her and the human would've hit it off. But as long as she's happy with whoever she picks then I'll be happy knowing she's okay."

"Oh don't worry, if she picks Finn, can't really do anything about that, doesn't mean I can't try and sweep Marceline off her feet though... hell I even sent my daughter to him as well, mainly to help her break out of her shy shell and become a fully awakened succubus but that's one reason, another is she had a crush on the guy and between you and me, the kid needs someone who actually knows what they are doing and teach him the real things to do when courting a lady or ladies, like my daughter who, while shy, does have a smart head on her shoulders, so if anything, he might improve from here." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

"Good to know. You're good person Emerald. If my daughter picks you then I'll make sure to be supportive. Though I wonder what the human would say if he confess to Marceline first and she still picks you." Hudson said.

"Hmmm… true… hmmm.. I have one idea for later but how about this." Emerald said when he walked to Hudson and wrapped an arm around Hudson's neck and pulled him in before he starts whispering into Hudson's ear.

Hudson was a bit surprised before speaking.

"Hmmm… that might actually work. That way no one really loses."

"Yeah, he might be steamed though at the end but we both know that he can't hold a grudge or be sad at her for long, but that's after the 5 year thing at the Bondage kingdom so that's a ways off, Marceline could make it up to him or something since it was her choice then if she picked me, but if she picked Finn, I got a backup plan so like you said no real loss." Emerald said before he lets Hudson go.

Hudson nods to him before looking at Marceline and Maite.

Turns out that they kind of broke out into a slight makeout session while the duo talked before Maite pulled away with a grin before she spoke up.

"Remember, no matter how bad things get, you always have people to turn to, either Finn and his friends or us and our friends and family, and try and remember, the Bondage Kingdom is nothing more then a way to get you more comfortable with your body so try and have fun, who knows, that Bubblegum woman might like this new sexy you." Maite said while she winked at Marceline.

Marceline blushed after hearing that before she nods to Maite.

"Oh and one last thing, considering you're part succubus now and the Bondage Kingdom likes to use monsters and other large things but just try and have fun, your body will be able to take it and more if you just let your instincts go for that moment, I mean how do you think I can take Emerald daily without asking for breaks?" Maite said while she grins at Marceline before she walked away.

Marceline blushed again after hearing that but knew that Maite had a point. Besides, her succubus side can help her survive her sentence in the Bondage Kingdom.

"So, anything else that you want to ask that's on your mind or can we go so I can see if you can use that amulet for what it's really intended for?" Maite said to Hudson with a teasing tone to her voice while she walked to the portal a moment later and enters it while swinging her shapely ass at him.

Hudson blinked for a bit before speaking to Marceline.

"I'll see you later Marceline. Always know that, even though I'm not a perfect dad, I'll still love you and I want you to be happy."

Marceline was a bit surprised before speaking up.

"I… love you too dad."

Hudson smiles at her before he looks at Emerald before speaking.

"Watch her good my friend." He said before he went to the portal before it closed off.

Emerald chuckles at that before he spoke up.

"So… want me to leave for now because of all this drama?" Emerald said when he turned to look at Marceline.

Marceline looks at Emerald before speaking up.

"No dude, I'll be fine. My dad is trying to make up for some stuff. Either way he's still my dad and I love him."

"Nice… and about the part about your mom possibly being alive… you ok?" Emerald asked with a concerned tone.

The Vampire Queen this time stood up before she went to the couch and sat on it before speaking.

"Well… it got me concerned. I mean if she is alive after all this time and Lucifer was responsible… then I will take my axe and chop off his balls for causing this."

"You kidding, I'll hold the fucker down for you, may turn the bastard into an actual woman with a spell I know and let you really make the bastard regret messing with your family." Emerald said with an amused tone when he walked over and sat next to Marceline.

Marceline chuckled a bit before speaking.

"Thanks Emerald. You know you're not bad. Maybe I misjudged you too soon."

"Hehe, thanks, but considering I'll have to put your friends on trial, you may be saying that too soon, but who knows, you may get to have fun with Finn daily since you'll need points there and the more people you have sex with during free time, the better… oops, wasn't supposed to say that." Emerald said but the look on his face said that he didn't really care whether he spilled the beans or not.

Marceline however giggled before speaking.

"Please, regardless you wanted to tell me either way. Which I don't mind. I might as well know now so I can be ready."

"Yup, might as well tell you the ring system and Ayuyat, she's probably the most angry person you will ever meet and from what I heard, she already proved herself with Me-Mow the assassin by making her blow her dick that most can grow because of some ID thing there and was nearly going for Bubblegum since Bubblegum tried to help her, long story short the young prince Obsidian helped before things got to out of hand and now Bubblegum and Me-Mow are now in an alliance and with Obsidian's group, as long as things go well, the only thing for them to worry about is the punishment times." Emerald said while he took a moment to pop his neck.

Marceline was a bit surprised before speaking.

"Okay wow, didn't expect that. Though I'm guessing knowing how bad punishments will be, I guess it can't hurt to have back up. Though I'm hoping that assassin doesn't do anything to Bonnible."

"Oh don't worry, I mean, lets see the time is nearing morning if that clock is running right so they could be 69ing one another right now, or do I sense a hint of jealousy?" Emerald said before giving Marceline a teasing grin.

Marceline blushed a bit before she sent Emerald a grin.

"We can go back and forth on this or are we gonna continue fucking?"

Emerald raised his hands defensively and with a humored look on his face.

"Not trying to do that, just making sure your alright, and if you really want to continue, got a position in mind?, I think it's your turn to pick, or do you want to mix it up with a porno for this TV so we have something to get us going sound wise?" Emerald asked while he points to the TV before he got a thoughtful look on his face.

Marceline blinks for a bit before she chuckles a bit before speaking.

"You're one cool dude. Let's mix it up and add some porn. All you need to do is lay down and let me ride ride this awesome cock." She said with a lust filled grin.

Emerald grins at that before he spoke up.

"Why not amp this up a bit and give Bubblegum a gift of sorts… you got a camera?, I also got some toys I can summon so we can really give Bubblegum a sneak peak of what you can do now before you… get more practice with Maite." Emerald asked with a grin on his face while his dick quickly springs to life.

Marceline grins widen at the idea before she went the small drawer under the T.V. before she pulls out a camera.

A moment later, the camera was set up while Emerald pulled out a list before he cleared his throat.

"So… want to pick some items on the list or use all of them?" Emerald said while he passed the list to Marceline before Emerald made sure the camera had the couch in its full sight before he walked to Marceline in front of the camera.

Marceline was a bit surprised at the stuff she saw before speaking up.

"How about… all of it?" She said with grin before she grabbed Emerald's dick before she slowly stroked it.

Emerald lets out a pleased moan for a moment before he spoke up.

"Well then… lets get started my dear Marceline." Emerald said before the scene shifts to Bubblegum much later when she was first waking.

Ooo/ Bondage Kingdom/ Sake's room/ Bubblegum

The scene then fades in to show the Ex-Candy Royal while she slept on the bed with Sake and Me-Mow on the same bed.

Bubblegum groans a bit before she gets up halfway before speaking up.

"Hmmm, wow what a night." She said before rubbing her eyes.

However, before she could fully appreciate what happened last night, something poofed in front of her and lands in her lap with a second item doing the same.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised and confused before she got a good look at the items.

Turns out it was three, one was a note attached to a special camcorder of all things with some kind of attachment that allowed DVD's to be played, seemed recently made since the camera looked like a VHS camera and a case was next to it filled with DVD's, a rare thing even in Ooo since the tech to make them and process them was hard to come by, one of them was labeled as such… A Gift from Marceline and her new sex friend.

Bubblegum was again confused, especially the part about the sex friend thing, but that washed away when she smiled a bit knowing that it was from Marceline.

The former Candy Monarch quietly got off from the bed without waking Me-Mow and Sake before she grabbed the items and went to sit at Sake's desk before setting up the camcorder before speaking.

"Alright Marcy let's see what you and this friend did." She whispered before grabbing the first DVD and inserting it in before pressing play.

What she forgot to see was the note that was on the Camcorder and if she read it, it would have explained a lot, but that can be read later when the image that popped up on screen was Marceline's living room but with a different couch, she must have replaced that old one recently since that one was large, about a bed size and looked soft as well.

"Huh, wow guess she finally got rid of that old hunk of junk." She whispered.

A moment later, she saw Marceline in her new form walking in front of the camera before she spoke up.

"Hey Bonnie, if you read the note then you should get why I'm like this now and what this vid is about, but if not and if you jumped the gun like normal, then I'll tell you that apparently my mom was a succubus and Emerald's wife Maite, yeah you heard me, wife awoke that part of me and long story short… well… why not come on screen and help with explaining." Marceline said right before a fully nude Emerald walked on screen and waved to the camera with a grin on his face.

Bubblegum's eyes widen in shocked when she not only saw Marceline's new look but finding out that she was part succubus. However it washed away before her eyes widen in shock again when she saw Emerald nude before speaking.

"Oh. My. Glob." She said while blushing big.

Emerald then chuckles on screen before he looked to Marceline before he spoke up.

"Hehe, what are the chances she's distracted by my dick?, not exactly hiding it right now." Emerald said to Marceline with an amused tone to his voice.

Bubblegum did see the Incubus's dick before she blushed big at the size of its length.

Surprisingly enough, she already felt her folds getting wet.

Marceline chuckles a bit on screen before speaking.

"Hehe, well I can't blame her. I mean your cock is magnificent."

Emerald chuckles again on screen before he spoke up.

"Thank you my dear, but I doubt that's why you called me, so you think Bubblegum would have questions huh?, well then why don't I start with this…." Emerald said before he took a few minutes to explain everything that happened before he said this.

"... and that's why were sending you this sex tape filled with a ton of dirty stuff, I already cleared it with Lillum if this was poofed in front of you, so why not return the favor and record some things for us to watch after you get into some situations, even a punishment time as well to really get Marceline warmed up, after she became a succubus, or part succubus, she is ravenous, she even managed to take my entire cock into her mouth believe it or not while taking my wife as well… hehe, I will say this, if I wasn't in your dreams before because of what you said in your bedroom, I bet I am now huh?" Emerald teased while winking to the screen and he held his dick for a moment to show how long it was to Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was indeed shock after hearing everything.

She even felt getting even wetter after seeing Emerald's dick before pinching herself to see if she was dreaming.

Thankfully for her, or not thankfully when she saw Marceline not trying to attack him or anything, she saw that she was still in the chair watching the video with Emerald showing his dick to her before he dropped it before he spoke up.

"So my dear Marcy… why don't we start out with something easy so we don't spook Bubblegum away." Emerald said before he summoned a large dildo that was nearly as big as he was and it looked like there was a switch on the bottom of it… he flipped it and it vibrates in his hand for a moment before he shut it off.

Bubblegum gulps a bit before she heard the Vampire Queen speaking up.

"Sure thing stud. Where you want to put it?" She asked with a grin.

"Simple… why not show her that you can suck me off and I'll use my magic… and for training… for for that ass of yours… that good for you my dear?" Emerald said with a grin before he gripped Marceline's chin and lightly and surprisingly tenderly kissed her on the lips.

Bubblegum was surprised after seeing that while blushing a bit before she was surprised to see Marceline kiss back but with a bit of hunger after seeing the Vampire Queen wrapped her arms around the Incubus.

About 40 seconds pass before Emerald pulled away before he spoke up.

"Let me get comfy you sexy vamp and we can show Bubblegum how good that mouth of yours is now… and what she can expect later." Emerald said when he walked to the couch and plopped down on it before he turned his body so that the left side of his body was seen and his left foot was on the ground and his cock that grew erect stood like a tower for all to see while he rests his back on the edge of the couch.

Bubblegum blushed again before she saw Marceline fly over and got on top of Emerald with her ass facing his face while was looking at his dick before she looked at the camera before speaking.

"Hope you enjoy this Bonnie." She said before she opened her mouth and swallow as much of Emerald's dick while trying to move her head down further.

Bubblegum's jaw dropped when she saw that before speaking up.

"Mein Glob… I can't believe she's actually doing it. Though again I took Sake's dick by myself… which also included some alcohol. So glad I'm made of gum. Well Marcy you want me to give a show then you got it. Bet I can surprise you with that trick Sake showed me." She said with a smirk.

"Yeah, though you may need to lower your voice for mornings like this." A familar voice said from behind Bubblegum while Emerald groans before he starts eating Marceline out and had the dildo that was lubed with magic go in her ass a few inches before it slowly went deeper.

Bubblegum jolt a bit before she looked up to see that Sake and Me-Mow were awake while Marceline groan from having a dildo in her ass before Bubblegum spoke up.

"Oh… hey you two… sorry for waking you both."

"Eh, no problem, not really sure what the time is so I guess waking early is good so we don't miss anything, whatcha watching?" Me-Mow asked before she got up from the bed while Sake, who was rubbing her eyes spoke up.

"Eh, personally unless there's drinks involved, I don't really care, but you did impress me with your skills so I'm wondering who could have sent you that since only personal items are allowed, guess you have connections or something here huh?" Sake said when she got up as well and followed Me-Mow to look at the screen to see Emerald and Marceline pleasuring one another.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before speaking up.

"Well I don't know about any connections but it seems Emerald send me these DVD recordings of him and my friend Marceline the Vampire Queen, who surprisingly is also part succubus. They also want me to record whatever i do and send it to her so Marcy can be prepared. Might as well help her since she did awaken her succubus side. Would you two like to help with that?"

"Hmmm… eh why not, I got nothing better to do today and points aren't required yet if that clock is right." Me-Mow said when she points to a clock that showed 11 AM on it while Sake shrugged.

"Don't see why not, might as well make that Marceline person jealous if she and possibly that Emerald guy are the loved ones you mentioned." Sake said with a grin on her face, looked like a bit of a mistake was made.

"Actually Marceline is one of my loved ones but Emerald isn't. He happens to have a contract with Lillum." Bubblegum said.

"Oh, I see, well still, might as well make Marceline jealous, but for now, I think we should watch this cause it looks like things are getting intense." Sake said when she points to the screen, and when the others looked, they saw Marceline actually deepthroating Emerald's dick and he was using the dildo to really go to town on her ass and his tongue danced on her folds.

Marceline moans were muffled as she was too busy enjoying Emerald's dick before she used her tongue to lick around before the Vampire Queen used one hand to grabbed Emerald's balls before she fondled them a bit and lightly squeezed them.

Emerald in turn groans a bit from that before he doubled his licking speed and the dildo starts going even faster in her ass while going a bit deeper each time before he used his magic to flip the switch and made the Dildo vibrate.

Me-Mow took a moment to admire that before she took a moment to stealthy approach Bubblegum from behind and lightly gripped her breasts before she starts to fondle them and used her fingers to pinch her nipples as well.

Bubblegum jolts a bit before she turns her head to see the feline before speaking.

"H-Hey." She said before blushing a bit.

"Want me to stop?" Me-Mow asked when she got ready to pull her hands away..

Bubblegum surprisingly shook her head before she surprised Me-Mow by gripping the back of her head and bring the feline assassin closer before Bubblegum brought her lips to Me-Mow's.

Me-Mow was a bit stunned at first, but she then went with it and kissed back while slipping her tongue in to fight Bubblegum's tongue and she felt how rough and bumpy Me-Mow's tongue was.

Sake, after a moment of watching just shrugs before she starts getting ready for the day by leaving the room with her personal batch in hand without letting the two know.

Bubblegum, who didn't realize that the Oni left, continues to kiss Me-Mow before she used her other hand to gently rub her ear.

Me-Mow purrs a bit from that before she starts playing with Bubblegum's breasts again, this time with a much stronger grip.

Bubblegum moans in Me-Mow's mouth as she continues to kiss the feline for a few moments before she pulls back before speaking.

"G-Glob Me-Mow. Your mouth feels so good." She said while blushing a bit.

"Wonder how I stacked up to your girlfriend then… why don't we go ahead And star our own recording so your girlfriend and maybe that hunk will stop by for some fun, if he's with Lillum who I've heard is the top bitch here, then he must give mind blowing sex, and those muscles look like only something you would see in your most dirty fantasies." Me-Mow said with a grin on her face before she lightly licked and sucked on Bubblegum's neck while the video made a loud noise to get their attention when Emerald, after a few minutes of letting Marceline blow him, pushed her a bit so she was moved to be on all fours on the couch while he had his dick rest between her ass cheeks and the dildo was pulled free before he spoke up.

"Sorry my dear, but I can't wait to put my cock up your ass, hope you don't mind?" Emerald asked while he grinds himself on Marceline's ass.

Marceline shudders a bit before speak.

"Not at all you stud. Go ahead and jam that monster in my ass." She said before Bubblegum spoke to Me-Mow.

"Let's take this to the bed right now… my sexy kitty." Bubblegum said.

Me-Mow took a moment to blush from that before it turns into a grin before she quickly reached over and paused the video before she spoke up.

"Might as well let this thing save the energy for later… get onto the bed on all fours and I'll show you how my tongue beautiful Gumdrop." Me-Mow said with a lust filled tone.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before she surprised Me-Mow by kissing her cheek before she gets up and walks over to Sake's bed before the former Candy Monarch climbs in before getting on her hands and knees with her rear pointed at the feline assassin.

Bubblegum then looks back before she shakes her ass at Me-Mow to entice her.

A moment later, Me-Mow followed and when she got behind the Ex-Candy Monarch before she surprised Bubblegum a bit by licking her asshole while her thumbs worked on her pussy.

Bubblegum jolts at first before shuddering a bit at the feeling before speaking up.

"O-Oh Glob… Me-Mow… That… feels good."

Me-Mow then pulls away with a grin on her face before she spoke up.

"And you taste good, guess that cum cocktail really helped you here, so many flavors…" Me-Mow said before she dove right back into eating her ass out.

Bubblegum shudders again before she starts to moan from how good it felt.

For a few minutes, Me-Mow keeps up her licking while Bubblegum…

Bubblegum shudders and moans before she felt the folds of her pussy getting wetter.

Me-Mow then had her scratchy tongue slide right into Bubblegum's ass before it starts circling around the twitching hole.

"Gah!" Bubblegum gasps a bit before she groans.

For a few minutes, Me-Mow continues her work with Bubblegum while she felt her ass twitching more and more until…

Bubblegum gasps a bit before she climaxed and felt her pussy squirt a bit hard on the bed.

Me-Mow just continues to lick Bubblegum's asshole while she let's the Ex-Candy ruler enjoy the orgasm.

About 25 seconds later, Bubblegum finally taps off before she tries to catch her breath a bit.

Me-Mow pulled away for a moment, licked her lips and looked to Bubblegum to see how she was doing.

Bubblegum pants and shudders a bit before she turns her head to look at the feline assassin with a lust filled look in her eyes.

Me-Mow chuckles before she spoke up.

"Ever scissor another woman?, Or did you normally rely on that dick?" Me-Mow asked while she placed a hand near Bubblegum's pussy to feel how wet she was and pulled away before licking her fingers clean.

"S-Sometimes me and Marceline scissor each other, but other times just dick." Bubblegum replied.

"Well then, hope you don't mind if I do this." Me-Mow said before she moved Bubblegum so she was on her back, raised one of Bubblegum's legs and slipped herself so that she had her pussy pressed against Bubblegum's and Bubblegum's legs was hugged with one arm between Me-Mow's breasts while Me-Mow grins at her.

Bubblegum was a little surprise before she sent Me-Mow a grin before speaking up.

"I don't mind at all. Go for it."

Me-Mow then starts to grind her pussy on Bubblegum's with a slight blush on her face while she hugged Bubblegum's leg.

Bubblegum also had a slight blush on her face before starts to moan after feeling both of their pussies grinding each other.

"W-Wow, you weren't k-kidding, I h-heard rumors t-that you broke up with… t-the vampire q-queen… so.. h-how t-that happen?" Me-Mow asked while she groans through gritted teeth when she felt how wet and good Bubblegum felt while her own pussy got soaked as well.

Bubblegum groans as well before speaking up.

"A-Actually… we both… b-broke up… W-Which was y-years ago… However… t-the reason for… t-that was… b-because of… m-my work as a… p-princess and… t-there was also… s-science… w-which sometimes… I-I surprisingly blame… for it that… caused us to… s-split."

"W-Well, s-since your… girlfriend is c-coming here… w-why not… g-get back together… y-you got… t-two and a h-half years here… f-for some reason… s-so why not… m-make it count… m-maybe I-I could… j-join in o-on the f-fun if I-I'm in the n-neighborhood." Me-Mow groans out while she starts to roll her hips which really made her pussy rub against Bubblegum's.

Bubblegum groans and moans a bit before speaking.

"Y-You're right… M-Me-Mow… I-I would definitely… t-try to get back… t-together with her… a-and if you want… p-perhaps when… y-you g-get out… I-I can o-offer you… a-a place to stay… i-in my castle."

Me-Mow chuckles a bit between shudderings groans before she spoke up while she grinds even harder on Bubblegum.

"M-Maybe… b-but w-what c-can I do… s-since… assassinations… a-and b-bounty h-hunting a-are m-my forte… b-bit late… to c-change those h-habits." Me-Mow said with a grin when she didn't think Bubblegum could counter that.

"W-Well… y-you could… c-continue d-doing that… maybe more… o-on the… b-bounty hunting thing." The former Candy Monarch replies before she finally starts thrusting her hips back.

Me-Mow groans from that before she spoke up.

"M-Maybe, or maybe I-I can w-work as a s-spy l-like O-Obsidian said or as some k-kind of p-personal scout, can't really t-think of m-myself in l-law enforcement, t-too many… restrictions." Me-Mow suggests with a grin on her face when she really felt pleasure when Bubblegum grinds back.

Bubblegum continues to grind her pussy against the feline assassin before she took some t-thought on the suggestions before speaking.

"A-Actually the… s-spy thing… w-works for me."

"W-Well then… b-better w-work o-on seducing… y-you then." Me-Mow pants out when she lets Bubblegum's leg go which caused the former Candy Royal to see that Me-Mow had the perfect angle to lean down and kiss her lightly on the lips before slipping her tongue in and still keeps grinding her body against Bubblegum's.

Bubblegum moans to the kiss before she kiss Me-Mow back and had her tongue interact with the feline's but with a little hunger on the side.

Me-Mow hums a bit from that before she used her experience to get one up on Bubblegum by surprisingly last about 15 minutes… and only slowly starting to feel her pussy twitch… Bubblegum on the other hand, even if she was older, barely started to get back in the game so to speak which gave her this reaction…

Bubblegum also felt her pussy twitch but her climax was coming a bit quicker before she tries to hold it in.

Time then passed to about 5 minutes later with Me-Mow changing positions so that she was leaned back in a crab walk like position while she had Bubblegum doing the same before the duo starts getting closer and closer to cumming with Bubblegum and Me-Mow fighting to hold their climax's back until…

Bubblegum groans before speaking up.

"F-Fuck Me-Mow… I-I'm… gonna cum!"

"S-Same… h-here… d-damn most wouldn't last this long… n-normally I-I'm the one… getting off… after…" Me-Mow said while she keeps grinding her pussy on Bubblegum's right before they both came hard with Me-Mow letting out a cat like yowl when she squirts on Bubblegum's pussy.

The former Candy Monarch screams a bit before she felt her pussy squirt her juice on Me-Mow's as well.

For about 20 seconds, the duo ride out their orgasms before they tapped off to pant for breath when they fell onto the bed before Me-Mow spoke up.

"Hehe, w-wow… g-gotta say… you… have a sweet pussy and ass... " Me-Mow said while she pants for breath.

Bubblegum pants a bit before speaking up.

"W-Well… your p-pussy… f-felt… e-exquisite as w-well."

Me-Mow pants for a minute before her breath managed to get to bearable levels before she spoke up.

"W-Well, I d-don't know about you… but I think we should get ready… g-gonna need points later s-so I-I'll get m-my clothes… and find a shower and something to eat." Me-Mow said before she pulled herself free of Bubblegum's legs and she went to the edge of the bed slowly on all fours to keep her shaking body steady… while Bubblegum saw how inviting her ass was.

Bubblegum blushes a bit before grinning as she crawls over and was able to pinch Me-Mow's ass.

Me-Mow jolts a bit from that with a surprise look on her face before she looked back to Bubblegum with a grin before chuckling.

"Oh alright, you want more, then why not summon a cock a pick a hole, might as well get a bit more fun before we leave for work." Me-Mow said while she raised her tail to show her holes and shook her plump ass at Bubblegum.

The former Candy Monarch blushed a bit before she got up and stood behind Me-Mow.

That's when she starts concentrating till something phallus shape starts appearing above Bubblegum's folds.

It was at least 8 inches long and 2 in width.

Me-Mow licked her lips before she spoke up.

"Nice… now pick a hole and start fucking, I want to make sure we don't miss anything today." Me-Mow said while she shook her ass again to tempt Bubblegum.

The former Candy Monarch was indeed tempted before she decides to give the feline's ass a try before Bubblegum inserts her dick inside.

"Oh… SHIT!" Me-Mow groans out when she felt her ass being spread out before groaning a bit to Bubblegum's surprise while she was able to go surprisingly deep into her ass, guess Me-Mow had a talent for taking dicks up her ass.

"F-Fucking Glob Me-Mow! Your ass feels incredible." Bubblegum said.

Me-Mow then grit her teeth before she spoke up.

"W-Well I n-normally t-took it up my ass in prison, so j-just shut up… AND FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF MY ASS!" Me-Mow said before yelling when she starts to pull and push her hips back on Bubblegum's dick.

Bubblegum groans and shudders before speaking.

"With pleasure!" She said before she starts pounding Me-Mow's ass as hard as possible.

Me-Mow's eyes widen a bit from that before she starts to growl and yowl like an animal in heat when she felt Bubblegum railing her ass before she spoke up.

"Oh FUCK!, better hope your r-ready when I-I unlock t-that d-dick perk… need to… lose the V-Card to s-someone who c-can take it!" Me-Mow groans out before gritting her teeth again before she got surprisingly wet.

The former Candy Monarch was surprised but also excited when she heard that before speaking up.

"Then I be honored you use that perk on me my sexy kitty!" She said before she went really rough on the feline's ass.

Me-Mow lets out a really loud yowl from that while she bit into the blanket while she lets Bubblegum use her ass to relieve any stress she had, she was just brought here against her will and Me-Mow could understand that, hence the fact that she was letting Bubblegum treat her like she was her bitch… this was prison after all and she didn't mind that… for now.

Bubblegum continues to fuck Me-Mow's ass before she had this thought.

'Oh Glob… who knew fucking Me-Mow's ass would feel this good. Then again she had done this before… in a different prison. But now we're both here against our will and she's letting me do this knowing what's gonna happen to us. Call me crazy but… I might almost be falling for Me-Mow. I mean she was able to protect me so now I'm gonna do the same for her. Besides I need to be strong for my friends and her.' She thought before she leans down and grabbed hold of the feline assassin's breasts before squeezing them hard.

"Come on Bubblegum!, really give it to me!, you were brought here against your will, you lost your kingdom, you're going to be treated like trash here sometimes and legally no one can stop anyone!, you have anger right!?, then use it and fuck me to the point that I can't live without this cock!. I was in prison so this is light stuff for me, treat me like I'm your fucking bitch and dominate me!" Me-Mow growled out while looking back to Bubblegum with one eye that just showed how much she wanted this.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised at the this but know the feline assassin was right before speaking up.

"VERY WELL!" She yells before she starts using her anger to really give it to Me-Mow while making sure that the feline will only think of Bubblegum and her dick.

"OH FUCK YES!, TREAT ME LIKE YOUR BITCH!, PULL MY FUCKING FUR OR TAIL!, SMACK MY ASS TILL ITS RAW!, DO WHATEVER!... JUST DON'T FUCKING STOP!" Me-Mow begged loudly with a pleased look on her face while her tongue hangs out of her mouth, her ass was already hurting and she fucking loved it.

Bubblegum grins at the idea before she gets up with Me-Mow forced onto her hands and feet while Bubblegum goes berserk on her thrusting before the former Candy Monarch pulls Me-Mow's tail with one hand and starts smacking her ass with the other.

"OH SHIT!" Me-Mow yelled before she lowered her head while she keeps letting Bubblegum use her while she slowly feels herself about to cum.

Bubblegum felt her climax approaching too but she was able to hold herself back as she continues to give Me-Mow's ass the works while pulling the feline's tail again and smacking her ass till they were shiny red.

Me-Mow keeps panting and moaning from the treatment she was getting and when she felt her ass burning with pain, her orgasm hits her hard which caused her to let out a loud yowl of delight which caused her to throw her head back and her ass tightens greatly on Bubblegum's cock.

The former Candy Monarch grits her teeth a bit causing her to thrust faster and harder in Me-Mow's ass.

Me-Mow in turn cums again and again with her ass tightening each time, honestly it was like she was trying to rip off Bubblegum's cock from how tight she got before she said this.


Bubblegum took that as a challenge before speaking.

"THEN TAKE IT ALL BITCH!" She yells before she went back to pounding the assassin's ass.

It took a about a few moments before Bubblegum grits her teeth and screams as she ejaculates enough cum in Me-Mow's ass like if she was really trying to knock her up.

Me-Mow lets out a whorish moan when she felt that before her torso fell onto the bed and her ass was in the air while she waits for Bubblegum to tap off with a tongue hanging out of her mouth.

It only took about 35 seconds before the former Candy Ruler taps off.

She pants with a slight smile before she leans down and gripped the back of Me-Mow's head before turning her look at Bubblegum before Bubblegum brought her lips to hers.

Me-Mow quickly returned the kiss with her tongue fighting Bubblegum's before she pulled away and spoke up.

"Hehe, might as well make those punishments bearable for you if you get fucking sexy like that, if you have a bad day then come find me, my ass will always have space for that dick of your." Me-Mow said before she kissed Bubblegum again.

Bubblegum returns the kiss for a few before she pulls back a bit to speak up while smile.

"Oh believe me I will. Plus I intend to give that pussy of yours a nice pounding as well my cute sexy kitty." She said before she kissed the feline's lips again before using her tongue to fight Me-Mow's.

However, as Bubblegum kissed the feline assassin, she was looking in her eyes with lust and something else as well.

Me-Mow noticed, and while the other emotion was a bit strange for her, she did like the lust part before kissing back.

After a minute or two, she pulled away and spoke up when she pulled herself free of Bubblegum's grip.

"Come on, lets hit the shower, you might as well keep the dick so we can have more fun in the showers or something." Me-Mow said before she grabbed her loincloth and grabbed Bubblegum's and tossed the one with the hat attached to Bubblegum.

She then walked away with semen and a bit of blood dripping from her ass but Me-Mow seemed to ignore it with a grin on her face.

Bubblegum blinked for a bit before she gets up and equips her loincloth before speaking.

"Here I come little kitty." She said with a grin before she starts running after Me-Mow.

A bit later, after a round or two in the bathroom and cleaning each other, the duo found themselves walking out of the room and for some reason, smelled something really good coming down the hall which made their stomachs grumble before looking to one another before Me-Mow spoke up.

"Want to get breakfast?, drinking your cum is one thing, but actual food would be good right now." Me-Mow said with a grin on her face before she starts walking down the hall, she had the shirt that Obsidian gave her, but she just tied it so that it acted more like a cape for now, guess it was only for outdoors that she would wear it, seems she would keeps her breasts on display for now.

Bubblegum blushed for a bit before she shrugs and moved her hands to her gummy hair bra and lets the two lengths of hair go behind her back to join the other set before she follows Me-Mow to get some food.

A bit later, the group saw Sake and many other people eating a pretty fancy buffet of all things before Sake noticed them when they got close, she had mostly alcohol and some really large chicken legs that were perfect for her to munch on.

"Hey you two, guess you two had a lot of fun huh?, good thing I have a guy who does the cleaning here or I would be complaining if I didn't get any fun in my room." Sake said which made Me-Mow chuckle before he spoke up.

"Well considering Bubblebutt here is really agressive when given the right motivation, she really knows how to impress, gotta say this is pretty good grub, either this stuff is a rare thing we got lucky to see or someone paid for it huh?" Me-Mow said when she wondered where the food came from while she put a hand on Bubblegum's ass and gave it a good squeeze.

Bubblegum jolts a bit before she grins and did the same to the feline assassin's ass. But a bit rougher.

Me-Mow jolts as well but kept her hand on Bubblegum's ass while Sake chuckles before she spoke up.

"Well you can thank Obsy for that, he donated quite a bit of points from his punishment segments and got us these good eats, so enjoy since its a rare thing." Sake said which confused Me-Mow a bit.

"Obsidian does punishments as well?" Me-Mow asked which made Sake chuckle a bit before she spoke up.

"Yeah, you didn't think Lillum was the only one who did those things right?, long story short, he handles the low key stuff while Lillum goes for the low to high stuff and Demonga goes for the high level stuff, but that just means he has his own points as well, in fact, while the punishment times are intense for all of us, the points we get are worth it, I mean sometimes I get gangbanged by orcs and that stuff is around 30 to 50 points easy, and that is 5 points per Orc, so… 6 orcs for 30 points or 10 Orcs for 50 points, long story short, things can get intense but it's worth it since you can get quite a bit of perks… I mean Bubblegum, since you're a red and can get monsters, that's 100 points right off the bat for low level ones, high difficulty, better rewards, they just make reds sound bad but all in all, they have more chances for points and only cowards try and use them in their place." Sake said with a grin on her face while she drank her drinks before munching on her meal.

Bubblegum was a bit shocked and surprised when she heard that before whispering this.

"100 points."

"Yup, 100 points, you can unlock about one 100 point perk, a 75 point perk, one 50 point perk and you can save up for more, I mean take a look at the 100 point perk and tell me it's not interesting." Sake said before Me-Mow reached into a pocket that was on the front of the loincloth and pulled out her card before pulling up the perk menu and when she saw the 75 and 100 point perks she said wow for some reason while moving the screen over to Bubblegum for her to look at… and she saw these two options.

"75 points… clothing perk"

"100… shopping perk."

Bubblegum was again surprised when she saw that before speaking up.

"By any chance, would it be against the rules if I wanted to combine my points with someone let's say… that was close to me?" She asked before gripping Me-Mow's ass in a way to let her know that she's trying to help.

Sake scratched the back of her head while Me-Mow jolts again before she spoke up.

"Well… bit of a toughy for that one, you'll have to ask Lillum that one since for items and shops, sure, you can have people help with that since it's physical items but personal perks are another story, but like I said, you'll have to speak with Lillum so if you want to save up, now is a good chance since you know now." Sake said before she took another bite from her chicken drumstick followed by drinking her alcohol.

Bubblegum sighs a bit with relief after hearing about the shopping part but now she has to find a way to ask Lillum about the perk thing.

Me-Mow however did wonder one thing.

"Why ask to share anyway?, you may have a shorter sentence but I got a purple, not too bad of a color compared to the red you have, besides, you saw me personally take you well so it's not like I don't enjoy pain and pleasure." Me-Mow said with a grin on her face.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before she sent Me-Mow a kind smile before speaking.

"Because… you're my partner and a friend. Whether I have a short sentence or not, I'm not gonna leave you hanging for anything." She said before she hugged the feline assassin.

Me-Mow was a bit caught off guard by that before she returned the hug with one arm before Sake chuckles before she spoke up.

"Wow, didn't know you two got that close, maybe instead of that MArceline person, Me-Mow here is the one with your heart in her hand." Sake teased with a grin on her face… she was a bit drunk right now so it could be an absent thought, but Me-Mow did blush as a result before she quickly pulled away and quietly rubbed under her nose for a moment which made the Oni chuckle from that when she saw Me-Mow blushing brightly, seems emotions are not Me-Mow's strong point except for lust.

Bubblegum however blushed a bit brightly after hearing that. But when she saw Me-Mow quickly pull back, she felt… hurt? But why would it bother her? Bubblegum likes Me-Mow but she loves Marceline and Finn on occasion.

So she can't be falling for the feline assassin. Or was she?

Though Sake said this which would probably help Bubblegum feel a bit better.

"Oh wow Me-Mow, your face… its… its… HAHAHA!" Sake said which caused Me-Mow to turn a bit with her face still blushing brightly before she looked at the Oni before saying this.

"Oh shut it!" Me-Mow growled out before she quickly walked away to get a bite to eat from the large table that had food on it with a blush on her face, Sake took a moment to look at her but she then starts laughing again before speaking to Bubblegum.

"Wow, didn't think that question would bug her so much, methinks she might be warming up to you faster than you may think, did she have a bad past or something?, cause I think she may just be craving attention if my instincts are telling me right." Sake said to Bubblegum with a grin on her face.

Bubblegum sweatdrops a bit before she went to get some food for herself before she sat next to Me-Mow before eating.

For a few minutes, the duo ate in silence before Me-Mow looked to Bubblegum while not letting her know that she was looking to see how she was doing so far.

However the former Candy Monarch said this.

"Sorry Me-Mow." She said even though she wasn't looking.

Me-Mow raised an eyebrow before she spoke up.

"For what, it was Sake who did the teasing, and she's drunk most of the time, Obsidian said so remember?" Me-Mow said when she wondered where that came from.

"True, but I was the one that caused it even though what I said to you was true." Bubblegum replied.

Me-Mow blushed a bit from that while she was silent for a moment, she took a second to look down to see if Bubblegum still had her dick or not since it could give her an idea on cheering her up.

Luckily for the feline assassin, the former Candy Ruler still had her dick on even after the shower.

Me-Mow then grins before she just placed her food on a table nearby and while not caring about anyone else near her, she quickly, quietly, and stealthily went between Bubblegum's legs while she had her eyes on her plate and gently gripped Bubblegum's dick past her loincloth and slowly strokes it.

Bubblegum, who just took another bite, had her eyes widen after she jolts a tiny bit before she turned her head to look at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow just winks before she spoke up.

"Eh, just focus on your meal, I'll focus on getting some dessert before going for my real food." Me-Mow said before she opened her mouth before she quickly took the head of Bubblegum's dick into her mouth and starts bobbing her head, a few people looked her way with a bit of surprise but no one really said anything since it was a daily sight here.

Bubblegum shudders a bit before she took a bite of her food with one hand before she used the other to softly pet Me-Mow's head a bit.

Me-Mow actually purrs a bit from that which was felt on Bubblegum's dick while she bobs her head, Sake took a moment to look over with a grin before she stood up and walked over to the group before she spoke up.

"So Bubblegum, how's your breakfast and the show below?" Sake said with a grin on her face while Me-Mow just runs her tongue under Bubblegum's dick.

Bubblegum blushed brightly before speaking up.

"T-The food is… d-deliscious… a-and I feel… g-great." She said before she scratched behind the feline assassin's ears while enjoy the blowjob.

"Hehe, nice nice… hope you don't mind if I join in, really want to feel how this Kitty's pussy feels on my cock." Sake said with a slight slur with the S's before she used her card to summon her cock, now most would think that Me-Mow would shy away from that… but…

Me-Mow surprised Sake by using her tail to stroke Sake a bit while she used her hands on Bubblegum's lap to push herself a bit to stand on all fours, which gave her a better angle to suck Bubblegum off when she was able to deepthroat her dick while Sake groans a bit.

"Oh wow, rare thing to get a tail job, you should try it later." Sake said when she enjoyed how soft Me-Mow's tail was.

Bubblegum shudders a bit before speaking up.

"O-Oh Glob." She said before she continues to scratch Me-Mow's ears before she stroke the feline's back.

Me-Mow purrs a bit more before Sake chuckles when she used a finger to move Me-Mow's Tail away before she spoke up when she got close to her.

"Hope you don't mind if I barge in." Sake said when she pressed her massive dick to Me-Mow's folds and after a moment, slowly pressed in which pushed Me-Mow to take more of Bubblegum's dick into her mouth while she lets out a pleased groan while looking up to Bubblegum with lust fueled eyes.

Bubblegum blushed a bit at the look before she gave off the same look before she put both of her hands on Me-Mow's head before pushing her down to make her take more.

Me-Mow gagged a bit on the dick that went deeper but she surprised most when she took it well, honestly caused a few people here and there to break out into an orgy of sorts while her scratchy tongue dances on Bubblegum's dick.

Sake in the meantime just enjoys the feeling of Me-Mow's pussy before she starts thrusting her hips before she spoke up.

"Shit, don't know who is better, Me-Mow for her tight pussy or Bubblegum for how stretchy she can get, either way, glad to know you two well since I'll be coming for seconds." Sake said when she had a hand on Me-Mow's ass and used it for leverage while she drank from her personal stash again.

Bubblegum shudders and moans before speaking up.

"H-Hopefully you'll… bring more of… t-the... alcohol later."

"Hehe, who the hell do you think your talking to, I always bring the good stuff." Sake said with an amused tone before she starts to really thrust her hips after taking a swig of her alcohol to really get her going while Me-Mow sucked harder and harder.

Bubblegum grunts and groans before speaking up.

"F-Fuck!... C-Can I have a… s-sip?"

Sake chuckles before she raised the gourd over Bubblegum before she spoke up.

"Open wide." Sake said before she slowly starts to tip the gourd over Bubblegum.

Bubblegum closed her eyes and opens her mouth before she felt the alcohol pour in her mouth.

Thanks to Sake's surprisingly expert aim, hardly any of the alcohol was wasted before she saw Bubblegum take a few gulps before she pulled the gourd back before she spoke up.

"Hope that puts a pep in your step." Sake said right before Bubblegum was filled with a warm feeling and her dick surprisingly got stronger like it got a tad more erect which caused Me-Mow to hum with pleased tone before sucking harder and harder.

"Oh fuck yeah." The former Candy Ruler said as she felt getting warmer again while she still enjoyed the blowjob but made sure to keep her hands on Me-Mow's head.

Me-Mow just keeps going with pleasing Bubblegum while Sake pounds her pussy before the duo start to feel their dicks pulse hard before Sake spoke up.

"F-Fuck… about to blow… why… don't we try something… interesting for a finish…" Sake said before she surprised Bubblegum by reaching over for a wine glass, drank it down in one go and grins at Bubblegum when she points to their dicks and the glass… then Me-Mow.

Bubblegum was very surprised but otherwise grin at the idea before she nods at Sake.

A moment later, the duo held back as long as they could before Sake with a strained tone spoke up.

"S-Shit… about to… Me-Mow, j-just kneel on the g-ground for a sec… g-gonna give you a t-treat." Sake said before she pulled herself free of Me-Mow's pussy which caused a slight orgasm to happen with her, but not a full blown one, before Me-Mow quickly kneels on the ground when she expected a facial or something like that… boy was she wrong when Sake stroked herself off and came hard into the wine glass with a groan the glass was partially filled with most hitting the ground before she held the wineglass out for Bubblegum.

Bubblegum took the glass as well with one hand before she strokes her dick with the other hand as fast as she can for a few moments before the former Candy Ruler came hard as well into the glass which filled the other half before she taps off.

You can see Sake's cum and Bubblegum's pink semen mixing around.

A moment later, the glass was passed to a surprised Me-Mow who blushed a bit at the sight, but a moment later, she grins before she spoke up.

"Well then... cheers." Me-Mow said before she took the glass and leaned back and gulped down the combined load in one go, and after a moment, she spoke up.

"Hmmm… not bad, pretty sweet if I say so myself." Me-Mow said with a grin on her face while some semen dripped down her chin.

Bubblegum pants for a bit while feeling… turned on seeing Me-Mow drink all that before, in the heat of the moment, surprised the feline assassin and everyone else when Bubblegum leans down and licks her chin before she full on kiss Me-Mow.

Quite a number of people, the shyer one, blushed a bit at the sight while the more open ones grin before a few more starts to have sex with one another while other continues their meal and Me-Mow at the heat of the moment, kissed back before Sake chuckles and when a few ladies came up to her for a good time, just shrugged and decided to head back to her area after she picked one person up and jammed them onto her cock and starts walking away with the person on pleasure overload with each step.

Bubblegum continues to kiss Me-Mow before thinking.

'Oh fuck. What Me-Mow did was hot. I feel like… putting her on the table and fuck that pussy of hers good. Hehe, hearing me think like this, I almost act like Marceline. I say she was indeed a good influence on me then.'

Me-Mow was having similar thoughts surprisingly but she did have this unique one.

'Glob dammit, don't know why I did that but I guess since it's her I guess that's bearable, maybe we can do more things later to really see how far she is willing to go, hehe, maybe I am starting to like this Candy Princess, though I'm not gonna admit that anytime soon.' Me-Mow thought while she kept the kiss up before she pulled away before she spoke up.

"You know, as fun as this is, I think I should get back to my real meal… though I wouldn't mind some extra sauce to make it a bit sweeter if your willing to help." Me-Mow said while lightly pawing the underside of Bubblegum's dick before she got up and walked to her plate.

Bubblegum was actually surprised after hearing that. However… she did witness seeing Me-Mow drink a glass of cum… so why not?

She then gets up and walk towards Me-Mow before she had her dick aimed at the feline assassin's plate before she starts jerking off.

Me-Mow grins when she saw that before she grabbed a second plate of food before she starts to munch on it lightly while she watched Bubblegum work her magic.

Bubblegum continues to jerk off as hard as she can for about 5 minutes before she felt her climax approaching.

Me-Mow just grins a bit when she saw how strained Bubblegum's face looked before she spoke up.

"Come on Bubblegum… give me that sweet candy sauce of yours to complete this meal." Me-Mow teased while she licked and nipped at Bubblegum's neck and lightly gripped her breasts before gripping them tightly.

Bubblegum shudders a bit before she grunts and came hard on Me-Mow's plate but… what appears to be cum happens to be… jellybeans?

Me-Mow had to blink a few times when jellybeans actually exit Bubblegum;s dick, it didn't look pleasant when Bubblegum's dick seemed to have odd bulges when the beans pushed through… but the look on Bubblegum's face when she didn't notice was not what she expected…

Bubblegum had a strained but relief look as she continues to ejaculate on the feline assassin's plate for a few moments before she finally taps off.

Me-Mow, after a minute to make sure the jelly beans were real, spoke up.

"Wow, didn't know jellybeans came out of your dick, guess I got not only a sweet loving partner here but one who can give me a snack whenever I want as well." Me-Mow said to get Bubblegum to notice her handywork.

Bubblegum blushed a bit at the compliment before she looks down and was surprised when she saw the plate before speaking up.

"Okay… well I'm glad you like this treat but I was trying to cum in your meal."

"Well… you partly did that, think you can do that jellybean thing later?, like I said I may need a snack and what better then getting in from the source." Me-Mow teased before she used a spoon to dig some beans and semen with some food before she munched on it for a moment before speaking up.

"Not bad, and the warm feeling, guess that's the alcohol huh?" Me-Mow teased after she swallowed the bite.

Bubblegum blinks for a bit before she giggling a bit before she leans down and kissed Me-Mow's lips before speaking.

"Just say the word and I'll make sure you have a nice helping of it."

"Thanks, but for now." Me-Mow said before she dug into her plate for a moment and after a minute or two, finished with a grin on her face.

"My compliment to the chef, and the cheffet here, but considering it's nearly 3 since our fun time in the shower and everything took time, want to scope out some male or females for point getting, allies and… friends are one thing… but strangers are another." Me-Mow said before blushing a bit at the word friend.

Bubblegum blushed as well before thinking on how cute Me-Mow blushed before speaking up.

"I agree. Better we do it now than later." She said before she hold out her hand to Me-Mow before smiling at the feline.

Me-Mow grins before she grabbed the hand and a bit later, the duo walked out of the building and were heading around town while getting a good look when they were heading back to the entrance since that was the only place they knew which had a lot of people, they did make sure to stay away from areas that had the D letter on it to stay out of unfriendly territory before they found themselves at the outskirt of the plaza and saw many people there, ringed or not, having sex or not, before Me-Mow looked to Bubblegum before she spoke up.

"So… see a couple guys or gals we can get for some tag team action?, we can swap after for 10 points in total if we do that." Me-Mow suggests while she looked around the area.

Bubblegum also looked around before she spot a couple of people that looked interesting.

One was a man who was a rabbit with humanoid features but no ring of any color.

He had red fur and nice looking muscles with toned abs.

He was also wearing tight black leather pants and there was no imagination when she saw the man's crotch which had an impressive bulge.

Next to him was a shapely Rabbit humanoid of the same species who was wearing a slightly revealing outfit, either the outfits were for blending in or they were residence here, no ring as well and they looked like they were eyeing each prisoner up before Me-Mow looked to Bubblegum before speaking up.

"They good?, you want the guy or gal, I can work with both but you do have the dick…" Me-Mow said before she grins at Bubblegum while falling silent.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before speaking up.

"I'll take… the woman." She said since the former Candy Monarch's dick was still on.

"Great… shall we your highness." Me-Mow teased before she starts walking to the rabbit couple with a swing of her hips.

Bubblegum did blushed at the sight before she caught up to the feline assassin before speaking.

"I'm not a princess anymore. At least till my sentence is over. For now I'm just Bonnibel Bubblegum. You can call me Bonnibel or Bonnie whichever you want.'

"Well Bonnie, first thing, your only here for two and a half years, so you could think of this as a vacation since we're going to get free sex daily, and since your not exactly innocent in doing the deed, you can't deny this place isn't too bad, and I'm sure your subjects miss you so I doubt that they won't welcome you back with open arms, but that's for later… for now… let's get our freak on and really let loose." Me-Mow teased while she and Bubblegum got close before Me-Mow spoke up.

"Hey you two, the rabbit couple." Me-Mow said to get their attention.

The couple blinked for a bit before they turned to see Bubblegum and Me-Mow before the man spoke up.

"Hello. May we help you with something?"

"Yeah, considering your looking around and not wearing rings as far as I know… I'm guessing you're looking for a partner or two right?, well my friend and I are new here and our 24 hour safety thing here wore off… so… I'll just straight up ask… but wanna fuck us like the rabbits you two are?" Me-Mow bluntly asked with a grin on her face which made the woman rabbit blink a few times before she looked to her husband for the answer to that.

The male rabbit blinked as well before turning to his wife before speaking.

"What do you think dear?"

"I don't know, we can get pretty intense… what do you two have that we can use to make things interesting." The woman said which made Me-Mow chuckle before she spoke up.

"Simple, first off if you hadn't noticed, my friend here is a red ring and can summon a cock at will from the get go and I like it to be as rough as possible so you might as well treat me like your trying to break me, I'm not delicate so no need to hold back on me." Me-Mow teased while pulling the front of her loincloth to show her soaked pussy to the duo.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before she pulls her loincloth up and showed the married couple her dick and her soaked hips which showed that she had a pussy which made the rabbit wife blush a bit before she grins a bit before speaking up.

"Interesting… so dear… mind if we give these two a shot here and now?" The rabbit woman said with a grin on her face which had a surprising amount of lust on it.

The rabbit man chuckles a bit before speaking.

"Alright with me dear. They seem like nice women despite the rings. So let's help them out."

"Right, so who do you want, personally I wouldn't mind sucking the pink one's cock… and you do have a thing for the cat variaty… want to switch after to see how they do?" the wife said when she walked to Bubblegum before Me-Mow chuckles and spoke up.

"Just to let you know, she can make semen coated jelly beans so you may get a snack as well, not sure about non coated beans though." Me-Mow said with a grin on her face while the wife grins before speaking up.

"Oh, really going to enjoy this now… sorry dear but I may keep her for a bit longer if that's true." The rabbit wife said when she looked to her husband with a lusty look in her eyes.

The rabbit man chuckled before speaking.

"Go for it honey. You take as much time as you need while I enjoy this nice kitty here." He said with a lust filled smirk before he approaches Me-Mow.

Me-Mow grins before she walked up to the rabbit husband and placed a hand on his chest before speaking up.

"Not bad, not like Obsidian in the chest area but I bet those legs could blow him out of the water, you wouldn't mind if I take a peek right?" Me-Mow teased when she lightly rubbed a finger down the rabbit husband's chest and hit a few sweet spots she knew from experience.

The rabbit man chuckled before speaking.

"Why peek when I can just show you." He said before he unzipped his pants and pulls it down to his feet to show Me-Mow what he was packing.

His legs had some muscles here and there but the biggest one was on his dick which was at least 9 ½ inches long and 3 in width.

Me-Mow blinked before grinning and with a hand lightly gripping it, starts stroking it slowly to feel every inch before she spoke up.

"Damn… I gotta say… this kingdom must be paradise, prisoner or no if everyone has dicks like these, you nearly match the youngest prince in length, but you got him beat in width, maybe I could visit you and your wife tomorrow if you tell me where you live, only 5 points per person after all, can't play favorites… yet..." Me-Mow said when she lightly trailed her fingers on the dick a few times.

The male rabbit shuddered a bit before speaking.

"Understandable my dear. If you and your friend want to visit us, were actually one block over."

"Good to know… now… want me to suck this magnificent dick off or just skip straight to the fucking and see how good you can use those legs?" Me-Mow said while she licked her lips but her juices drip down her legs a bit when she fully realized how good this would get.

The rabbit man chuckles before speaking up.

"Get down and use that pretty mouth of yours."

Me-Mow then grins before she spoke up.

"Yes… Master…" Me-Mow teased with a wink before she knelt down and after taking a moment to lick her lips, surprisingly toop the head of the rabbit husband's dick into her mouth before she starts bobbing her head with a pleased look in her eyes when she starts going deeper and deeper and gagged a few times but still had the look on her face.

The male rabbit shudders a bit before speaking.

"Oh wow, your mouth feels good. But I think you can get more." He said before he placed two firm hands on Me-Mow's head before he starts pushing his dick deeper in the feline's mouth.

Me-Mow gagged a few times from that which reminded her of the Warden… she was forced to take Ayuyat's cock and that caught her off guard, but this time, she was more than ready which allowed her to relax her throat which allowed the rabbit husband to practically facefuck Me-Mow while she used her hands to play with her pussy and ass with her index and middle fingers.

The male rabbit continues to thrust his dick in and out as hard as he could before speaking up.

"FUCK! This mouth of yours feels awesome. Definitely inviting you back to our place."

Me-Mow couldn't really answer that one since her mouth was full, but she did use her tongue to lick the underside of the Rabbit husbands dick before the duo heard someone speak up.

"Mind if we join if she's that good?" A deep male voice said from nearby.

The male rabbit stops his actions for a bit before he turns his head to see who spoke up.

Turns out, it was a trio of grinning wolfman who were fully nude and their dicks, which are about a shocking 11 inches in length and 2 inches in width, not counting the large knots that were seen at the base of their dicks were seen… though they had a necklace on their necks that showed a D icon… were they bad news or was it just a coincidence?

The rabbit man was a bit surprised before speaking.

"What are you guys doing outside of your sector?"

The wolfman who spoke up, spoke up again with a grin on his fanged face.

"Hehe, you forget the plaza is neutral territory, no real issue since everyone has to pass by this place, or did you forget that?" The wolfman said before the second spoke up with a hyper tone.

"Hehehe, yeah, besides we saw the pretty kitty here yesterday in a prisoner outfit… so she must have done some bad things for a purple like mine." The hyper looking wolfman said before showing a ring.. A purple ring which surprised Me-Mow a bit when she looked over before the third and oddly calm looking wolfman spoke up.

"Still as you can see, we need a bit of relief and since this is neutral territory, and our pack leader here is not ringed, may I suggest a bit of a deal?" The wolfman said while a red ring was shockingly seen while the grinning wolfman in the middle had no ring whatsoever on his neck.

The male rabbit was a bit concerned before speaking up.

"What type of deal do you have in mind?"

The ringleader, no pun intended, grins before he spoke up.

"Simple, you take your turn with the cat there since I'm a patient guy, but after that you let us get a round with her, we overheard that she needs points right?... well we are offering our services so what do you have to lose with letting us lend a hand?, and if that doesn't peak your interest, I got this bitch nearby who would love nothing more then to be in the cat's place right now, she's over there if you take a look." The wolfman said while pointing a thumb in a certain direction.

The rabbit man looks over to see this woman only his eyes widen a bit at what he saw.

Turns out, it was a panther like humanoid with a sexy shapely figure… but the look in her eyes… only showed raw broken lust and nothing else while she sucked off two dicks nearby and two other men railed her holes before the Wolfman spoke up.

"She's been trained personally by Demonga… and you should know how well he does with training the ladies right?, and we did overhear a cat thing that you have… so what do you have to lose?, she can even take a moment to clean herself up before you get a turn with her… all… by… yourself..." The wolfman tempted with a grin on his face.

The rabbit man was tempted but even he has heard of Demonga and his… training method as well.

That's when he sighs a bit before speaking.

"Alright. As long as there's no trouble and you don't take her back to Demonga for anything… you can have a turn with this kitty." He said while trying to make sure to keep Me-Mow safe.

"Great, so we have a deal, me and my brothers here get a turn with the cat who's blowing you and you get a turn with our bitch there, we don't cause trouble and you don't do the same… we know how soft you guys are in Obsidian's section and try and protect the guilty, my brothers here trained themselves and they kept their sanity… well mostly." The wolfman said before looking to the hyper looking wolfman before he spoke up.

"Well, considering he went on a raping spree before coming here, guess you could say it was karma or something." The wolfman said like it was nothing before he pulled out the ID card and spoke up.

"So… if we have a deal, then hold out your card and we can make it official." The wolfman said with a grin on his face.

The male rabbit sighs a bit before he gave Me-Mow a concerned look but also it was to let her know how sorry he was before he took out his ID card before speaking.

"It's a deal." He said before the two held their cards out, and a moment later, a red sight dot like image appeared with the same happening to the wolfman's card before two little balls of energy shot out, mixed when they connect and shot back into the cards before the wolfman chuckles before he spoke up.

"Now it's official, after your through, we get a turn with the kitty cat there, and you get our bitch for now, better enjoy the mouth that cat has, cause once your through, it's our turn… hehe, still we should pay that red ring there a little visit with that cute bunny wife of yours in the meantime… have fun with keeping your end of the deal." The wolfman said before he and his brothers start walking around the duo and towards Bubblegum and the wife who were to busy to notice… wait… was that their plan?

The rabbit man was confused before speaking.

"Hey wait my wife and the pink woman are not part of this."

The lead wolfman then looked back with a grin on his face before he spoke up.

"But you did agree that you would enjoy the cat's mouth for now and we would get a turn after while you enjoy our bitch… never really did specify on if we get some extra fun in the meantime… better hope your stamina is shot cause we got a red ring and a sexy bunny to have fun with if she's interested… can't force her but we sure as hell can force the red there… but as you can see… I'm a lot smarter than I look so I'm sure I can be very persuasive." The wolfman said with a grin still on his face before he and his brothers continue their walk to Bubblegum and the Bunny wife while said wife was really focused on blowing Bubblegum's dick.

The male rabbit mentally faced palm for not thinking this through before looking at Me-Mow before speaking up.

"I'm sorry." He said with a little regret.

However, Me-Mow surprisingly just winked for some reason and just starts bobbing her head with a lust filled look on her face… did she know something that he didn't?

The rabbit man didn't know what just happened but decided to worry about it later before he went back to face fucking the feline assassin.

Meanwhile with Bubblegum and the Rabbit wife while she blows Bubblegum's dick...

Bubblegum was groaning and moaning a bit as she was enjoying the feel of the rabbit wife's mouth.

For a minute, the duo continue to enjoy things before they heard a voice spoke up.

"My my, this is a beautiful sight to see with a Red ring." A deep male voice said with an amused tone.

The rabbit wife stopped her actions before she and Bubblegum turned their heads to see who it was.

They saw the Wolfman trio who were looking their way with grins and fully erect dicks, the calm one just had a slight grin, the Hyper on had a massive partly insane looking one, while the middle one seemed the most normal.

Bubblegum was a bit confused but a bit worried when she saw the hyper wolfman before the rabbit wife spoke up.

"Can I help you with something?"

"Yeah… mind if we join in, your husband made a deal with us and we just want to pass the time before we have some fun with that cat who's blowing him off, hope you don't mind?, if not, we can wait for you to get done with Red Ring here so we can get a turn." The wolfman said while looking to Bubblegum with a lust filled look on his face.

Both the rabbit wife and Bubblegum were shocked at what they heard before the rabbit wife sighs a bit before speaking.

"Alright you can join." She said which made Bubblegum blinked in surprise.

"Great, mind pointing that sexy ass of yours my way?, you can keep blowing Red ring here, I'm sure my brothers here can find a way to join in." The wolfman teased when he looked to the Rabbit wife's sexy ass and strong legs while the two brothers just chuckle a bit, the calm one had a restrained one… and the hyper one just laughs without restraint for a moment before falling silent.

Bubblegum gulps a bit before hearing the rabbit wife speak to her.

"Don't worry. Everything will be okay. Just try to relax and enjoy." She said with a reassuring tone before she turns her body a bit before she shows her ass to the wolfman before the rabbit wife went back to sucking Bubblegums dick.

The wolfman grins at the sight before he looked to his brothers and nods before the Hyper one just rushed to get behind Bubblegum and gripped her breasts with a strong force behind it, oddly enough it didn't hurt and she felt the Wolfman instantly grinding his dick on her ass like he hadn't got any in a long time.

Bubblegum jolts a bit before she shudders and groans a bit from the feeling before moaning a few times with the rabbit wife bobbing her head a bit slowly.

A moment later, the Rabbit wife felt some large hands grip her ass before the Wolfman spoke up.

"Damn, a bit jealous of your husband here, but I can bear that… hope you like this." The wolfman said before he starts to lick her pussy and ass in long lick go after he moved her clothing covering her holes out of the way.

The rabbit wife jolts and shudders from that action before she continues to suck the former Candy Ruler's dick.

A moment later, while the two wolf brothers continue their actions, the third calm one walked over and with an erect dick pointing near the duo, spoke up.

"My apologies, but since you two are a bit busy in those positions, mind if I feel how good your hands are?" the third wolfman calmly asked with a smile on his face while his dick pulsed with blood when it was angled near the two women.

Bubblegum and the wife rabbit seem to like the calm one better before Bubblegum brought her hand out and gently grabbed the calm one's dick before she starts stroking it.

The wolfman lets out a sigh of relief before he smiles a bit.

"Thank you my dear, hope you don't mind if I do this." The wolfman said before he gently gripped her hand stroking his dick and made it go a bit faster while Bubblegum could really feel the heat coming from him.

Bubblegum surprisingly smiles at the wolfman before speaking.

"Not at all. I'll make sure you'll feel very good." She said while stroking the calm one's dick.

The wolfman lets out another pleased sigh when he lets go of the stroking hand to let Bubblegum do her job before he spoke up.

"Still, thank you, and my apologize for later, I can get a bit too excited and most women have trouble keeping up with me, I may be calm, but most would say I'm even worse than my brother who is humping himself on that beautiful ass of yours, a bit jealous really but he is a good opening act for a reason." The calm? Wolfman said with a slight smile on his face while he continues to enjoy Bubblegum's handjob.

Bubblegum blinks for a bit before she sent the calm wolf a kind smile before speaking.

"No need to apologize. A person like me needs the experience and stuff so no worries. Besides, I think you're very nice." She said before she stroke the calm one's dick a bit fast.

The Calm wolfman shudders a bit before he spoke up.

"Nice, hardly, I got a red ring remember like you, we're no saints nor are we truly good, compared to my brother humping you who went on a raping spree, I barely did anything with women, in fact the main reason I have this is because I am a lot smarter than I look and had two projects, one was running a blackmarket for sex slaves who normally did things like forget payments and other things, and experiment with chemicals, now while you could complain, try and wrap your head around the fact that some families willingly sold their daughters or sons off to pay their debts, as for the chemical, well that's the main reason I'm here, apparently I made a bad mix after finding some kind of interesting chemical that was found in some kind of pre-mushroom war bunker and when I made it, it had the same look as the stuff that permeates the much harsher areas of Ooo, The Bondage Kingdom found out and feared I might cause another Mushroom bomb incident so here I am." The wolfman calmly said with a calm smile on his face.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised at the story before speaking up.

"I see. Well as surprising as your story is… I can't really complain since that's how I ended up here. Only a bit different." She said.

"Eh no need to explain, for now, lets just have some fun." The wolfman said while the lead wolfman after listening to the talk for a few minutes, stood up with an erect dick before he spoke up.

"Yup, considering were sex slaves here, might as well really show our stuff… like… HERE!" The wolfman said when he aligned his dick with the Rabbit wifes folds and pushed himself nearly balls deep into her while the knot stopped him from going deeper before he starts thrusting his hips.

The rabbit wife gasps before she starts moaning. Although her mouth was on Bubblegum's dick, the wolfman's action caused the wife to bob her head a bit quicker which caused the former Candy Monarch to moan as well before stroking the calm one's dick a bit fast and hard.

The Hyper wolf, seeing his brother starting things, pulled his hips back with a precum covered dick, and pressed the dick right at Bubblegum's asshole before he mimicked the brother and pushed himself balls deep before he starts humping her ass with a pleased look on his face.

"GAH!" Bubblegum gasps before she starts to groan and moan from that action which caused her to stroke the calm one's dick fast again.

"Oh yeah… that's it, get the knot as well… really sensitive part on us canine humanoids." The calm one said when he was enjoying this greatly and pre cum starts to form which showed that to Bubblegum.

Bubblegum sees this before she made sure to give the calm one what he wants before she continues stroking his dick before getting the knot.

The calm wolfman shudders from that while the two other brothers continues to hump the two women between them while The Rabbit husband and Me-Mow…

The rabbit man, who continues to moan while face fucking Me-Mow, looks to see how his wife and Bubblegum are doing while hoping the wolfmen doesn't do anything drastic even if they made a deal.

Me-Mow in the meantime, was more turned on however when she saw the trio getting it on with Bubblegum and the wife, she would be worried but when she saw the look on Bubblegum;s face when she was getting fucked up the ass and getting blown by the wife did ease her a bit.

But the former Candy Monarch was also trying to stay strong no matter what, even if what she felt was good.

Me-Mow then really starts to try and help the Rabbit husband feel better by using her hands on his surprisingly large testicles and fondles them while she continues to let him use her head as his toy.

"Oh fuck." The husband said before moaning a bit as he keeps thrusting his dick in the feline assassin's mouth.

Me-Mow just keeps using her skills to get the man to cum as hard as he could since it felt like he was backed up… when was the last time they got it on?

The same could be said for the wolfman trio, they really enjoyed what was going on right now with the lead really thrusts his hips as hard and fast as he could in the wife's pussy while the hyper one really sped up his thrusts, the calm one just lets Bubblegum work her magic while he shudders every now and then which showed he was really enjoying her hand.

While Bubblegum and the wife moans a bit from the pleasure, Bubblegum was making sure to please the calm one greatly as she continues to stroke his dick as hard as she could.

For a few minutes, all the guys in Bubblegum's group felt their dicks twitching one by one before the lead spoke up.

"Oh… fuck… really going to blow here… hehe… might as well see if this bunny bitch is on the pill or not." The wolfman said while he continues to hump the wife as hard as he could, the calm wolf and the hyper wolf just continue to do their own thing since they were feeling really good right now.

Bubblegum and the wife continues to moan while the former Candy Monarch kept stroking the calm one's dick fast and hard again as she was trying to get him to cum before she felt her own dick twitching a bit in the wife's mouth.

Me-Mow then felt the husband's dick pulsing in her mouth before she sucks him harder and harder with the wolfman going faster and faster untill…

The wolfman in the wife's pussy thrusts his hips as hard as he could and slammed his knot inside of her before he starts to unload a shocking amout of cum into her womb while the Hyper wolf did the same with Bubblegum and her ass before their knots locked them in after expanding greatly while the calm wolf came hard on the Rabbit wifes face and Bubblegum's lower stomach with all three howling from the pleasure.

Bubblegum and the wife screamed from that before the wife came hard on the wolfman's dick before Bubblegum came hard from both her pussy and dick. This time it was regular cum that spurts out of the former Candy Monarch's dick.

Meanwhile the rabbit husbands grunts before he came very hard in Me-Mow's mouth.

Me-Mow, though surprised by the large load, managed to drink quite a bit of his cum and waits for him to tap off.

It took the husband almost 40 seconds before he finally taps off.

Me-Mow then carefully pulled away while taking a few gulps of the rabbit husbands semen before she managed to pull away with a popping noise and looked to see how the husband was doing right now.

Said rabbit was panting a bit after feeling good for a bit before speaking up.

"Y-You okay?"

"You kidding?, I'm fucking wet right now… though I am wondering, is your wife on the pill cause it looks like that guy came hard in her and I heard canine humanoids take awhile to finish once locked in place." Me-Mow said before she looked to the group.

The rabbit husband chuckled a bit before speaking.

"Don't worry she's on the pill. The only time she isn't is when we're trying to… have kids."

"Hehe, well considering how large the tasty looking balls are and how much you can fire, I doubt it would be a stereotype to say you two much have a lot of kids huh?" Me-Mow said while wiping her face of semen and licking it up like it was a rare treat.

The rabbit man chuckles a bit before speaking.

"None taken. We have 5 kids that live in some parts of the kingdom."

"Nice, hope they are of legal age, may give them a visit if so, still I doubt you want to just talk… so why down you put those sexy legs of yours to work and destroy one of my holes… your pick." Me-Mow said when she turned her back to the husband and showed her ass and pussy to the husband.

The rabbit man's dick, which quickly sprung back to life, twitch with excitement before he got behind Me-Mow before speaking up.

"Quick question, are you on the pill or is it your safe day?"

"Hehe, bit of a risk taker here, naw, I'm not on the pill but today is a safe day, made sure before I got it on with Bubblegum there, may take one later… but for now, you just gonna stand there and ask things… or get those balls empty?" Me-Mow teased while her tail flicked itself gently on the Husband's dick.

The husband grins before he gripped Me-Mow's ass and just shoves his dick inside her pussy.

"Oh… FUCK!" Me-Mow groans out loudly when she felt that, does everyone here have dick that can reach her womb?, gonna have to ask if it's all natural or not later.

The male rabbit shudders and groans before speaking.

"Fuck is right. You have one tight pussy."

"T-Then stop t-talking… and fuck me like the rabbit you are!" Me-Mow groans out while she wiggles her ass to really teased the Rabbit Humanoid.

The male rabbit groans a bit before speaking.

"You ask for it!" He said before he starts thrusting hard in the feline assassin's pussy like if he was in heat.

"OH SHIT!" Me-Mow yelled when she practically felt the Rabbit humanoid thrust into her with speeds that most wouldn't match and enjoyed every seconds of it.

Meanwhile with Bubblegum and the wife…

Said duo pants for a bit after climaxing for 30 seconds.

However, thanks to the knots, the lead wolf and the Hyper wolf were unable to pull out for now, but the Hyper wolf did grin a bit before he pulled Bubblegum out of the wifes mouth while the lead wolf held the wife with his hands on her ass like she was sitting in the air before he spoke up.

"Hehe, seems this bitch is a bit busy getting filled by me, hey bro, you take the Red Ring's pussy since she is in the perfect position for it." The lead wolf said while the calm one chuckles before he spoke up.

"Alright, and since those two are still busy… *Whistle*" The calm wolf said before whistling and the female panther, who recently got done with the four guys, walked over before the calm wolf spoke up.

"Hope your ready for more my dear, were about to really please that one there." The wolfman said while pointing a thumb at Bubblegum while the woman with a broken look in her eyes walked to Bubblegum before stopping in front of her and gripped her semen covered dick and slowly strokes it back to life.

Bubblegum and the Wife, who watched it, was a bit surprised before moaning a bit before she looks at the lady panther.

The calm wolf, after seeing that Bubblegum was back to full power, walked up behind the panther woman and after getting her attention, picked her up and carefully and surprisingly used a bit of strength to have the woman's pussy over Bubblegum's dick… right before he slammed her balls deep onto Bubblegum and the broken woman only made a slight groan and that was it.

Bubblegum groans when she felt her dick into the panther's loose, but tight pussy.

The wolfman then had the panther woman hold onto the Hyper wolf for a moment when he surprised Bubblegum by placing the head of his dick at her folds before he spoke up.

"Time to show you real pleasure." The wolfman said before he thrusts himself balls deep into Bubblegum before he, the panther woman, and the hyper wolf start moving with the Panther woman using her flexible body to have her legs on the Hyper wolfs shoulders when she bounced on Bubblegum's dick, the Calm wolf made calculated thrusts and the Hyper wolf grinds and lightly but quickly thrusts his dick as much as his knot would allow… the end result…

"OH FUCK!" Bubblegum moans when felt both her holes and her dick getting fucked at one once.

The lead wolfman chuckles a bit before he spoke up to the wife.

"So… still think we're all bad?, granted we would love nothing more then to bring that red ring back with us but we are in neutral territory in the plaza so we can't exactly do much… yet… but let me let you on a little secret…" The wolfman said before he whispered this into her ear.

"I may not have a ring… but my brother there is a pro with chemicals… and made a special serum that can allow my cum to impregnate any lady… pill or otherwise as an experiment, safe days are still alright… but if not… well…" The Wolfman said with a grin on his face while his dick keeps shooting his load into the rabbit woman.

The female rabbit groans before speaking.

"I-I may have… t-took the pill… b-but… it's… s-still a safe… d-day for… m-me."

"Hehe… good to know… but how about her?, think I'm the only one?" The wolfman said while he lightly used his hands to have the rabbit wife bounce on his dick while the knot still kept them locked.

"Oooohhh!" The wife moans while hoping Bubblegum was safe as well.

"Hehe, and even if she is… well… that broken woman riding her is definitely not on the pill or her safe day… so who knows, with how much cum got blasted into her earlier, she could be pregnant already, and if not… well… we got the Red Ring who is enjoying herself right now right?, better try and warn her… if you can..." The lead wolfman said before he starts licking and sucking the side of her neck and even lightly ran his fangs on her neck as a predator VS prey thing as some kind of kink play…. Looked like he would make it hard for the wife to warn Bubblegum.

The wife was too busy moaning to warn Bubblegum while said former Candy Monarch was moaning loud as well while enjoying the pleasure.

The Panther woman, while riding Bubblegum, really starts to grind her pussy around to make Bubblegum feel better while the calm wolfman gripped the Panther woman around her waist and used her for leverage to really pound Bubblegum's pussy, the Hyper wolf keeps up his mini grindings with Bubblegum with a happy expression on his face.

Bubblegum continues to groan and moan before thinking.

'Oh fuck! I know I'm supposed to be strong… but it feels so beyond good. Plus this will help with getting me and Me-Mow get points quicker. Glad 'I was able to take the pill from the showers before leaving so I'm safe.'

For a few minute, the group continues to screw one another before Bubblegum heard the wolfman behind her yell before he shot another load in her ass while the wolfman in front of her starts to get a strained look on his face and his dick starts pulsing, the Panther woman lets out a yowl like sound when she came hard on Bubblegum's dick.

The Wolfman with the Rabbit wife in his clutches kept thrusting his dick in her pussy before letting out another howl like noise before he came hard again before speaking up through his ejaculation.

"B-Better t-try and w-warn her n-now… not m-much time left… and y-you don't know… if she is safe or not." The wolfman gets out with a grin on his face.

The wife moans loud before she tries to speak up.


Bubblegum who was enjoying herself, after hearing that took a moment to look to the wife when she felt the Wolfman about to blow in her pussy.

The wolfman grins a bit when he saw that before lightly messing with the rabbit wife by thrusting his hips again and lightly lips and nips at her neck again.

The wife moans before speaking.


Bubblegum, though confused, just said this.

"N-No… o-on the… p-pill." Bubblegum said between pleasurable moans and groans while the calm wolf man's hips thrusting got erratic… he was getting close now.

The wife's eyes widen before speaking.

"N-No!... T-The calm one… will… g-get you… pregnant!" She yells.

Me-Mow and the rabbit husband nearby heard that which made them look to the group with shock before Me-Mow spoke up.

"O-Oi, forget the sex for now, get Bubblegum away from them and I'll do whatever the fuck you want!" Me-Mow said when she looked back at the Rabbit Humanoid with a begging look.

Bubblegum was shocked when she heard that before the male rabbit spoke.

"I can't. We made a deal that no trouble will be caused." He said with a regrettable look.

"W-Well they are about to cause long term trouble in a moment!, doesn't that break the deal!?" Me-Mow countered when the Calm wolf man thrusts harder and harder into Bubblegum while his knot slowly got bigger and bigger with each thrust.

Bubblegum groans and moans while panicking before speaking to the calm wolfman.

"P-Please pull out!" She begged.

"S-Sorry my… dear… b-but D-Demonga's orders… t-to test this… new drug…I-I'm a r-red like you… and I… make drugs to… not… get punished severly… s-so you… get why… I c-can't defy him… .right?" The Calm wolf said while he quickly gestured for Bubblegum to look to a certain area that was to Bubblegum's right for some reason while he thrusts harder and harder.

Bubblegum looked and was shocked at what she saw.

She saw a man who looked a lot like Obsidian, from the muscled figure to the hair that was the opposite with the color brown being the major color and a tiny bit of black was seen, but the look in his eyes… they were nothing more then pure coldness when he looked right to Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was shocked when she realized who it was before speaking.


Demonga in turn just made a dismissing like noise before he spoke up.

"Fill the bitch up Ingrem, I want to see if your experiment works or not later." Demonga coldly ordered which showed how different he was compared to Obsidian who looked happy go lucky.

Both rabbit couple were shocked before the husband spoke up.

"Wait you can't do that. This is a neutral area. Plus Prince Obsidian wouldn't allow it." He said hoping it works.

Demonga then gave the Rabbit man a cold look before he spoke up.

"Normally yes but remember that reds here are the trash of this Kingdom, we can't force them to go to other areas from natural areas but we sure as hell can use them for anything we want and no one can stop us as long as we don't harm them outside of sex, if you want to play the rules with me then look at a book for a refresher, besides even my brother can't do much right now even if he is here… you did make a deal remember, even if I did have them leave her alone… we have another right here who is getting dicked by you… unless you want to continue red ring and keep your friend from getting knocked up." Demonga coldly said before looking to Bubblegum for her answer while Me-Mow froze in shock when she realized that he was right… if not Bubblegum… then her since that lead wolf practically guaranteed that, today maybe a safe day but even that was a short time for her and she didn't know if it ended yesterday or today fully, she would have had the rabbit husband pull free and give her a coating but these guys… wouldn't hold back.

Bubblegum was shocked after hearing that and didn't want nothing bad happen to Me-Mow before she gulps and spoke up to the calm wolfman.

"F-Finish… inside."

Me-Mow was shocked from that while the lead and Hyper wolf were a bit surprised from that before the calm wolf spoke up when he tried to hold him back.

"Y-You sure?… y-you w-will b-be bearing my y-young if you do this." The calm wolf said while his dick pulsed faster and faster as he thrusts harder and harder.

Bubblegum groans before speaking.

"I have no choice. I'm a red ring remember? So do what you have to do."

The Calm wolf nods before he spoke up.

"Don't know i-if it helps… but sorry… u-unlike my brothers… I-I actually think m-most of the time." The Calm wolf said while she adjusts his stance and really starts to thrust as hard as he can which caused his knot to go a bit more into Bubblegum with each thrust… a bit more and he would be in while Me-Mow grits her teeth before she spoke up.

"Oi, you better hope you don't get her knocked up, 5 years and I'll be out so I'll have your fucking head, remember that you sick fucks!" Me-Mow growls out while she saw the Calm wolf looking her way before he spoke up.

"Considering things, mind at least making it quick?" The wolfman said before he made one last thrust and pushed himself and his knot inside right before it expands and he lets out a loud howl before he starts unloading his semen into her… and thanks to the effect…

"AAAAHHH!" Bubblegum yells as she feels her womb getting filled by the calm wolfman's cum before she came hard on his dick.

For a bit, the calm wolfman shudders and groans when he felt his nuts pumping as much as they could before Demonga spoke up.

"Good job, come back to base after you three are done, and FYI Red ring, he won't stop cumming for about 30 minutes to an hour so chances are if his experiment worked… your carrying his kid." Demonga said before he starts to walk away without even batting an eye at anyone.

Bubblegum, Me-Mow and the Rabbit couple were shocked while Bubblegum continues to moan when she still felt Ingrem's cum pouring in.

Turns out that while the Panther woman got off and Bubblegum's dick vanished from her lack of concentration, they all saw how bloated Bubblegum's stomach was and the two large knots locking them in while the same could be said for the Rabbit wife who was still stuck with the lead wolf while Me-Mow grit her teeth before she spoke up.

"Fucking… asshole… don't care if he is a prince here…" Me-Mow growled out while she had her head on her arm… still had the rabbit husbands dick in her pussy which held her up.

The rabbit man looks at Me-Mow with regret before speaking.

"I'm so sorry."

"Just… start fucking or something… going to need to pass the time before Bubblegum out of their clutches… and I don't have many options… just be sure to pull out since I'm not 100 percent sure about my safe day anymore… not only that but…" Me-Mow said before she fell silent.

The male rabbit didn't say anything before he went back to thrusting in the feline assassin's pussy.

Me-Mow, instead of making all kinds of noise, just looked to Bubblegum while she lets out small pants and groans while wondered how Bubblegum was doing right now… all things considering.

Bubblegum continues to moan groan from having her womb filled up before thinking.

'Oh Glob… first official day in prison and I'm already getting knocked up. What am I gonna do? How will Finn and the others react? Although... technically it's not my fault. Damn you Demonga… Sigh… If it's positive… I won't run from this. Best thing for me is to keep the child. I wonder if Lillum might give me a break on my punishment for this.'

The Calm wolfman, Ingrem spoke up with a slightly regretful tone to his voice.

"Again my apologize, don't know if this will help but…" Ingrem said before he latched his mouth on one of Bubblegum's nipples and sucked on it and starts to lightly grind into her, seems he was trying to please her still.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised by that action before she starts to enjoy the treatment. However even if she want to get angry with Ingrem, she knew he was sorry.

Besides, she knows who to actually blame this on before speaking.

"N-No worries. Y-You were told to do it."

Ingrem looked to her before he opened his mouth and lets Bubblegum's breast bounce a bit before he spoke up.

"Maybe, but considering you are most likely carrying my kid, make no mistake, even if my brothers and I may seem twisted to you, you might as well be a part of our pack now so expect some aid if you ever find yourself in one of Demonga's areas, we don't exactly like him either but he even to a near rulebreaking standpoint is a fair guy, so you can use the rules against him if you read up on stuff." Ingrem said while the hyper one spoke up.

"YeahYeahYeah, I'mmorethenhappytohelpifyouletmeatthisassagain!" The hyper wolf said with a slightly insane, mostly speedy tone that took a moment to decipher before he starts to rapidly grind himself in Bubblegum's ass with Ingrem doing the same.

Bubblegum groans a bit before she looks at the calm wolfman before.

"T-Thank you Ingrem. If you want to visit I'm staying in Obsidian and Sake's building."

Ingrem was a bit surprised from that before the lead wolf spoke up.

"Hehe, personally I don't mind who's in charge since I have no ring so I'm not forced into anything… make it worth my while and I can bring in a few more guys from our pack so you can get points easily… about… 200 points in total in one day if you got the energy for it, and that's 5 points a person… so you can do the math right?" The lead wolf said with a grin on his face before he fondles the Rabbit wife's breasts and lightly thrusts his hips again into her.

The wife moans a bit before Bubblegum, who was surprised at what the lead wolfman said. But deep down… she needs those points. Didn't matter if she was getting pleasured or not.

"Alright I'll accept." She said to the wolfman leader.

"Hehe, great, I'll send word after I get done with this sexy bunny bitch here… one thing that we bros did do together… is to train to do this." The lead wolfman said before he shockingly stood up and with a burst of strength, pulled the rabbit wife off of his cock with his knot still engorged and her pussy was forced to gap while semen pours to the ground… and the wolfman wasn't hurt from that shockingly… the Rabbit wife's reaction at the time…

The rabbit wife groans loud when she felt that before shuddering when she felt the leader's cum pouring out.

Bubblegum looks to Ingrem before speaking.

"Do you accept my offer Ingrem?"

"Maybe, but I'm sure those two will be pissed at us either way and while I'm more than happy to let your cat girlfriend there take my life if needed since an assassin normally has this one shot one kill thing… I don't want to be living in pain since they have a habit of really making rulebreakers pay you've seen how big that Oni is right?" Ingrem said with a sweatdrop near the end.

Bubblegum sweatdrop as well before speaking.

"Y-Yes. But I'm sure if you offer her some alcohol she'll let it slide."

The wolfman trio sweatdrops before the lead wolfman spoke up while he used his index and middle finger to finger the Rabbit wifes ass.

"Yeah… I'm sure we would need to use all of our points combined to even put a dent in that anger and we would still have the youngest prince, my brothers have their own punishment times and he might really take his anger out by using some ladies he knows to really go all out on them and since I don't exactly live here, not really protected by the rules and he could kick my ass if he wanted, I'm no fool since I did this to you on the spur of the moment after Demonga ordered us to do this so you can get why I'm cautious." The leading wolfman said while he roughly thrusts his large fingers in the wifes ass.

Bubblegum groans when she still feels Ingrem's cum flowing in before she spoke up.

"I-I'm sure we'll think of something."

"Great… still might as well get one last turn with this sexy bunny here before I go." The leading wolf said before he placed the head of his cock at the wifes ass and with a quick grip on her waist, thrusts hard and his knot hit her ass a few seconds later since he was lubed up well before he starts thrusting as hard as he could.

"GAH!" The wife gasps before she starts moaning and groaning from the action.

The leading wolfman chuckles a bit before he spoke up after he gripped her breasts and starts fondling them.

"Hehe, you know, my clan and I would be more than happy to team up with your husband if you want to have a more interesting time, maybe getting DPed or spit roasted on dicks… sky's the limit with a sexy woman like you, sorry for the trickery but you know how Demonga is and I am looking out for my brothers here." The wolfman said before he lightly nips at her neck again.

Despite what happened… the wife knew that it wasn't exactly their fault since anyone who knew of Demonga and his tactics which was the reason why no one goes to the D section.

That's when she said this.

"You have a point and I'll need to speak with my husband first, but… I'll consider it."

"Great… I'm sure a sexy bunny like you would be happy to be dominated by wolves huh?, you never stopped having your holes tighten up on me even after hearing everything that was said." The leading wolfman said with a grin on his face to the rabbit woman.

The wife blushed a bit even though it's true since she actually felt the her ass tightening a bit on the leader's dick.

The lead wolfman chuckles a bit from that before surprising the wife by using a hand to angle her head to him before he kissed her on the lips and forced his tongue in to show he was now getting serious with dominating her.

The wife was a bit shocked at the action before she melts into kiss and had her tongue fight back.

Me-Mow in the meantime was just shocked at how… things just eased up when she groans and moans from getting her pussy battered by the husband before she spoke up with a loud enough tone to get even Bubblegum's attention.

"W-What… t-the f-fling… fuck…. Y-you just… got knocked up… m-most l-likely and y-you're n-not pissed i-in the slightest!?" Me-Mow wondered while she managed to push herself onto all fours which caused her to get screwed doggy style by the husband.

The rabbit male was a bit shocked while Bubblegum, who looks at her friend with smile before speaking up.

"Oh I am pissed Me-Mow. Even though these guys tricked us, they're not really to blame since they're just following orders. Besides… we have an opportunity to make extra points to be honest."

Me-Mow, though a bit surprised from that just sighs before she spoke up.

"N-Nothing I say w-will get y-you thinking o-o-otherwise huh?" Me-Mow said before groaning again when the husband rams into her cervix.

"Now Me-Mow what you say matters to me. I'm just trying to be street smart. You know I need you." She said with a little sadness to her in her eyes.

Me-Mow blushed a bit before she looked to Ingrem and spoke up with a cold tone to her voice.

"You better take responsibility you hear me you damned wolf, cause if its not me, then Finn or Marceline might rip your head off and shove it up your ass otherwise." Me-Mow growled out when she looked at Ingrem, normally he wouldn't worry but he heard about those two and considering certain things, shuddered a bit and nods at her.

Bubblegum sends Me-Mow a happy smile when she heard that.

A moment later, Me-Mow looked back at the husband before she spoke up.

"And you… better speed up cause I want to see how much you can really let out on my face." Me-Mow said with a slight grin, guess her mood improved a bit… keyword a bit.

The husband was a bit surprised before he grins and starts to thrust even faster like if he was in a race.

"O-O-O-Oh… F-F-F-Fuck…. you… b-b-bastard… t-trying… t-t-to make it… s-s-so I c-c-can't w-w-walk!?" Me-Mow groans out with a slight stutter when the husband was thrusting so fast, it looked like his hips blurred quite a bit.

The husband who continues to thrust fast chuckles before speaking.

"M-Maybe… maybe not." He said with a grin.

"D-D-Damn… h-h-how… c-c-can y-y-your w-wife… w-walk aft-after this!" Me-Mow groans within earshot of the wife who was getting her ass fucked hard by the leading wolf.

The husband chuckles again before speaking.

"Because she's a tough and sexy woman."

"D-Damn… f-forget t-the f-facial…. J-just… g-go i-in m-my ass when y-you g-get close… y-your call!" Me-Mow groans out while she lightly clawed at the ground when she was on pleasure overload right now.

The husband grins before he surprises Me-Mow by taking his dick out before going straight to her ass before he went fast on his thrusting again.

"OH SHIIIII*YOWL*" Me-Mow tried to say before it turned into a pleasure filled yowl before she came hard on the Husbands dick and squirts on the ground.

The husband grins as he continues to thrust fast and hard in the feline assassin's ass as if he was an animal in heat.

Meanwhile with Bubblegum…

Ingrem looked to Bubblegum before he spoke up.

"Look, I know we had our job, but since it's over… want to really know what a wolf man will do to please his mate?, we may not be mates but you are carrying my child after all." Ingrem said with a understanding look on his face.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before speaking.

"Well… it would be nice to get to know you … so alright. Show me how you would please a mate."

Ingrem nods right before the Hyper wolf, when he got looked at by his brother in a way to get him to control himself a bit, nods once and quickly pulled himself free of Bubblegum's ass which made it gap a bit, thanks to her stretching, she wasn't harmed from that action.

Bubblegum shudders and groans after feeling that while feeling glad that she was part gum.

A moment later, Ingrem spoke up to Bubblegum while the wolf duo carefully held her.

"So, missionary or doggy style?" Ingrem said with a slight grin at the end.

The former Candy Monarch blushed a bit before speaking.


"Alright, Ed, please set her down gently." Ingrem ordered before the Hyper wolfman Ed, quickly but carefully moved Bubblegum so that she was on her back while Ingrem and Ed where standing over her with their dicks fully erect still.

Bubblegum blushed brightly when she saw the dicks before wondering what's gonna happen next.

Her question was answered a moment later when Ingrem moved between her legs and after kneeling down, surprisingly starts to finger her pussy while Ed shockingly leaned down and kissed her on the lips with a hunger behind it.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised while blushing brightly before she starts moaning into the kiss.

For a bit, the duo continue their actions before Ed pulled away and Ingrem pulled his fingers out of Bubblegum's pussy and had them quickly go into her mouth so that Bubblegum could taste her own fluids that were mixed with Ingrems.

Bubblegum's eyes widen a bit but surprisingly… it felt nice before she uses her tongue to lick Ingram's fingers clean.

Ingrem chuckles a bit from that before he pulled his hand away and after a moment, adjusts himself so that he had the head of his dick at Bubblegum's folds before he spoke up.

"Ready my dear?" Ingrem said before Ed surprised Bubblegum by kneeling over Bubblegum with his dick over her face and he had a wild grin as well.

The former Candy Ruler blushed since she knew what the hyper one wanted before she gave Ingrem a firm nod before she opens her mouth and swallows Ed's dick before she starts sucking.

Ed lets a tongue hang out from the side of his mouth from that while he shudders and whatnot from the pleasure before Ingrem adjusts himself one more time before gently pushing himself inside of Bubblegum and groans a bit when he took the time to feel how good her insides are.

Bubblegum muffly moans from that feeling which caused her to suck Ed's a little fast before she used her tongue to lick around.

Ed shudders a bit before he gently held Bubblegums head to angle her so that she could take more of him into her mouth while Ingrem spoke up.

"G-Glob B-Bubblegum… y-you feel d-different from earlier… i-if… I didn't k-know any b-better… I would think… y-you enjoy this." Ingrem said before he carefully and surprisingly gentle, thrusts his hips so that Bubblegum could feel every single inch enter her each time..

Bubblegum almost gags a bit before thinking.

'Even if it felt good and I act different… I'm still the same Princess Bubblegum no matter what.' She thought before she used her tongue to lick the head of Ed's dick.

Ed shudders from that while Ingrem continues to screw Bubblegum with surprisingly gentle motions and even bent down and licks at her neck under her chin with a long tongue.

Bubblegum shivers a bit as she keeps sucking on the hyper one's dick before she surprised Ingrem by bringing her hand up and rubbed his cheek gently.

Ingrem shudders from that while he got a slight blush on his face before he lightly nips and sucks on her neck to see if it would leave mark while he thrusts a bit faster.

Meanwhile with The lead wolf and the wife…

The lead wolf man had the rabbit wife bouncing on his dick when he layed on the ground and had his hands on her hips before he spoke up.

"Damn, don't know if you know this… but you have got one tight ass, if I wasn't careful I could be drained dry." The lead wolf said before he brought one hand up and roughly squeezed a breast with his large hand.

The wife moans before speaking.

"That's what my husband says. And I always love a challenge." She said with a grin.

The leading wolf grins before he used his hand on her waist to smack her ass once before he spoke up.

"Then hop to it and let's see if you can get me to blow my load right up your ass." The wolfman said with a grin before he starts thrusting his dick into her ass while he lays on the ground.

The wife grinds her teeth while moaning before she starts bouncing up and down on the leader's dick hard.

"Oh… fucking… yeah…" The wolfman groans out while he really enjoyed how tight the wifes ass was.

Meanwhile with Me-Mow and the Husband…

The husband was going nonstop on pounding Me-Mow's ass as hard as could while using his speed.

Me-Mow in turn was a yowling mess while her tongue hangs out of her mouth, and it looked like the ground got squirted on a few times so it seems Me-Mow came hard thanks to the rabbit humanoid here.

It wasn't long before the male rabbit felt his dick twitching in the feline assassin's ass.

Ingrem and Ed, after a few minutes felt the same with the Lead wolf feeling the same after a minute more while Me-Mow just said this.

"P-Please cum in my ass…. I-I n-need y-your c-cream… or I-I'll g-go i-insane!" Me-Mow begged the Rabbit husband before she went back to groaning and moaning.

The husband chuckled a bit as he felt his climax getting closer and closer before speaking.

"V-Very… w-well my… dear… H-Here… It… C-CUMS!" He yells before he came super hard in Me-Mow's ass.

Me-Mow let out the mother of all yowls while her fur on her tail puffed out when she felt that and came hard on the ejaculating dick.

The husband grinds his teeth while groaning as he continues to ejaculate in the feline's ass.

Meanwhile with Ingrem and Ed…

The duo felt their dick's twitching like mad now before Ingrem spoke up while Ed pulled his cock free of her mouth and starts stroking himself off.

"F-Fuck… a-about to blow… already… t-tell me where you want it… inside…. Or like my brother… on your beautiful body." Ingrem said while he keeps thrusting his hips and he used his hands on Bubblegum's breasts to really please her.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before speaking up.


"Very… well… MY DEAR!" Ingrem said before he shouts when he pushed his hips as hard as he could which caused his knot to go back into Bubblegum's pussy and locked them together before he starts unloading in her again.

Ed however points his dick at her mouth while he used his other hand to play with his knot to show Bubblegum that he was about to blow hard and he wanted to see her catch his load in her mouth.

Bubblegum screams before as she felt her womb getting bloated again before looking back to see Ed's dick and opens her mouth.

When Ed saw this, he went a bit nuts with his stroking and when he finally came, he fell over Bubblegum, used a hand to support his body and starts unloading right into her mouth while he strokes himself off while howling a little.

Bubblegum made sure to catch whatever cum that Ed spurts out before trying to swallow some.

It was about the same time that she came hard on Ingrem's dick before feeling her pussy tightening on his dick.

Meanwhile with the lead wolfman and the rabbit wife…

He had her change positions one more time by having her face away from him and he was roughly grabbing her ass with his hands and spanking it every now and then.

"Gah!" The wife gasps before she starts moaning.

"Thats right bitch, enjoy this before I fire my load right up your ass, I may not be able to knock you up, but I can sure as hell make sure you don't forget this dick of mine!" The lead wolf said with a grin before he starts to really thrust his hips in time with the rabbit wifes bounces to really make her bounce on him in turn.

And low and behold, the rabbit wife went really wild on her bouncing as if she was trying to milk the leader's cum.

Thankfully for her, his dick starts pulsing and throbbing before he spoke up.

"D-Damn, y-you really are a thirsty girl… better give you what you w-want huh?" The wolf leader said when he starts thrusting even harder.

"D-Damn right I do! G-give me e-eveything y-you have i-in those balls!" The wife moans.

And just like that, the wolf leader made one last push into the wife's ass before he locked himself inside of her and starts firing a massive load right into her ass while he howls loudly.

"FUCK YEAH!" The wife screams before she came hard from getting her ass filled.

All in all, all the guys took about 30 seconds to cum while Ingrem and the lead wolf keep coming thanks to their knotted states which caused the rabbit woman to sit on the wolfman and Ingrem to gently lay on Bubblegum for a bit while he pants for breath while Ed sat nearby with a wide grin on his face.

The rabbit wife groans while being in that position while Bubblegum pants and shudders for a bit before she surprising wrapped her arms around Ingrem.

Honestly, the action nearly caused Ingrem to just snuggle with Bubblegum, but he then remembered that not only were they in public, he doubt he would be welcomed into Obsidian's base easily, but he did stay still for a bit while he waits for his knot to deflate, same with the lead wolf who just grins while he enjoys the wifes ass.

Meanwhile with the husband and Me-Mow...

The husband finally taps off after climaxing for 40 seconds before he tries to catch his breath.

Me-Mow does the same while her ass felt pleasingly numb, she doubt she could move, but she couldn't care less right now while her eyes felt droopy, was she really about to pass out?... damn guess the point getting would be tougher than she thought.

The husband chuckles a bit before speaking.

"Did you enjoy that nice helping of cream my dear?"

"F-Fuck...yes… g-going… to come… back for you… and y-your wife… after I…." Me-Mow said before snoozing… and purring was heard… did he really fuck her so hard that she fell asleep?

The husband blinked for a bit before chuckling a before speaking.

"Sleep well kitty cat. You and your friend are more than welcome to visit anytime."

Me-Mow however was unable to respond right now since she was in dreamland, while Bubblegum in the meantime…

Bubblegum still pants for a bit while still embracing Ingrem.

After a few moments… without Bubblegum's control… her body felt really weak and tired… guess she should have held back with Me-Mow earlier.

Bubblegum still tried to stay awake before speaking.

"Y-You… were… a-amazing… I-Ingrem."

Ingrem chuckles a bit before he spoke up.

"Thank y-you my dear… h-hopfully I can… make another appearance later…. If you desire." The wolfman said before he licked her cheek a few times in a surprisingly loving way.

Bubblegum blushed a bit before she took the initiative and kissed Ingrem on the lips.

Ingrem was a bit surprised from that before he just went with it and returned the kiss, thankfully for him, Bubblegum drank every drop of Ed's semen so no issues were had when he kissed her with a hunger and his large tongue easily overpowered hers while he had this thought.

'Not to make a pun with this, but she's a pretty sweet woman, might as well enjoy her company while I have the chance.' Ingrem thought while he keeps kissing Bubblegum.

Said former Candy Ruler had this thought as well.

'Oh Glob… I barely know him and here I am kissing him just like I did with Me-Mow at breakfast. And to top it all off, I'm most likely pregnant with his child. Though he is sweet and nice. Maybe it won't be so bad to get to know him. But… if I start to get feelings for him I'll be facing a BIG dilemma. I mean there's Marcy, then the thing with Me-Mow and of course… Finn… Glob I'm in a big mess...Guess I'll worry about that later durning me sentence. For now I should enjoy this.' She thought before she resumes kissing Ingrem before moaning a bit in his mouth when she used her tongue to fight back while hugging him tighter.

Ingrem in turn keeps kissing her before he noticed how tired Bubblegum looked and pulled away before he spoke up.

"You should rest my dear, you'll need the energy for later." Ingrem said while he gently rubbed the side of Bubblegum's face, instincts was pushing him to make sure she was going to be alright from here on out it seemed.

Bubblegum blushed a bit at his kindness before speaking.

"Y-Yes… y-you're right."

"Then rest now, my brothers and I will handle the rest, you look like you could collapse any second." Ingrem said before looking to Ed who salutes in a funny way while the leading wolf with his dick still in the wife's ass chuckles before he spoke up.

"Eh why not, but like I said… make it worth my while and I'll bring others here to help… so expect some one on one time between you and me later sweet cheeks, as for the rabbit here… hope I can expect an invite for some more fun later..." The lead wolf man said with a grin on his face, granted he sounded obnoxious but he was able to work things on the fly…

Bubblegum was too tired to reply while the wife sent the wolf a grin before speaking.

"Trust me, you'll be the first to know. Just remember to bring the panther chick. Don't want my hubby to feel left out."

The wolf man chuckles before he spoke up.

"Oh trust me you beautiful bouncing bunny, I have a deal with him that I can cash in later for a fun time with the cat he just knocked out for my brothers and I, but I think I can manage… about 100 points of ladies his way and if you include myself… about an extra 100 points of men for you if I get my daily bunny bounce?, don't just have dudes in my pack after all, as for the panther lady, I think Demonga will send her anyway since we do have an official deal in effect, and since he's one of the royalty here, he won't break it, compared to his sister and brother, he keeps his deals to the letter, that's how obsessed with the rules and keeping them that guy is." The leading wolf man said with a grin on his face.

The wife was a bit surprised before she grins again before speaking.


"Nice, now then Bubblegum, you may as well rest since your carrying my niece or nephew, you'll need the energy for later as well." The Lead wolf man said while wiggling his eyebrows.

Bubblegum was only able to use whatever strength she had to give the leader a firm nod meaning she got it.

The lead wolf chuckles again before he spoke up.

"Hehe, nice, Names Beo, Beo the wolf." The Lead wolf or Beo said with a grin on his face before he saw Bubblegum slowly passing out in front of him.

Bubblegum then looked at Ingrem one finally time before she sent him a heart warming smile before she past out.

The scene then shifts right when Bubblegum passed out to an unknown location while a camera nearby was watching the group.

Ooo/ ?/ ?

"You know, I can see why you asked me to tape her and Me-Mow today, really a surprising go getter… and the surprising romance even though no one really said anything… delish..." The voice said before Lillum was seen when she looked at a TV screen showing what happened with Bubblegum and Me-Mow before another voice spoke up.

"Indeed, might as well record this for later… what do you think Marceline." The voice now known as Emerald said when he sat on a familiar chair which showed that Lillum somehow connected some kind of receiver in Marceline' house while the trio sat on the couch with Lillum on one side and Emerald on the other… all three were nude right now for some reason, either they did something recently or they just got comfy.

Marceline took a moment to think on this before speaking.

"I agree, it was surprising especially with the way Bonnibel acted with Me-Mow. Reminds me of the times when we dated. Wonder if she'll do the same with when I see her." She said with a slight blush.

"Hehe, well considering how freaky in the sack you can get, I wouldn't be surprised if you ask to join in that love fest with them and those wolf men… though I'm not to thrilled with that Demonga guy, seems a bit to stuck up for my tastes, never really interacted with him but I get the feeling we may come to blows if that happened." Emerald said with a grin before it turned a bit serious near the end.

Marceline frowns a bit before speaking.

"Yeah I wasn't too thrilled when I saw that the wolf who knocked her was working for him even though the dude says he's sorry. Hope he takes responsibility but if anything, I'll be there to support and help her. I know Me-Mow will too. And if anything Finn might want to help too."

"Ah, all this caring is bringing a tear to my eye, and don't worry, Wolf men are fiercely protective of mates or bearers of their young, honestly I would worry Finn might over react and try something stupid, not that I'm insulting him but won't he fly off the handle when he hears of this later?" Emerald said while he looked to Marceline with a serious look on his face.

Marceline sighs a bit before speaking.

"That's true. But if me and your daughter help calm him down, Finn might not do something stupid. Speaking of which, Mistress Lillum, A little birdy told me that you were gonna have Bonnie be the hero's concubine? What's gonna happen if she might have multiple feelings for a couple or so guys?"

Lillum took a moment to think on that before speaking.

"Well that part is more or less optional, if she wants to be a concubine, I have no issue, all I wanted was the data on people who did wrong in Ooo and I made a deal to get it, its surprisingly informative after all, as for the multiple feeling thing, well threesomes are very interesting things right?, Ooo is a pretty free place and as long as Finn and Ingrem can find some kind of middle ground, then they should get a long… I mean Bubblegum is carrying his kid and he can't keep Ingrem away without pissing off the Wolfman's instints…. So either he adapts or he will cause issues with Bubblegum since pregnancies can be tricky… better let him know ahead of time since he could endanger the child growing in Bubblegum." Lillum said with a grin on her face when she lightly kissed Marceline on the lips for a moment and pulls away with a grin… though the grin turns into a serious look from the complicated part..

Marceline blushes from the kiss before she spoke up.

"Trust me, you can count on me. Plus the last thing Finn wants is to cause trouble for Bonnible with the baby on the way. I think with mine and Ruby's assistance, we might convince Finn that it won't be that bad if we tell him how good the wolf guy can. Besides, if he still loves her he'll do whatever he can to make her happy. That's why most girls like him." She said with a smile.

Lillum chuckles a bit from that before she spoke up.

"Yup, and getting a possible shot at being Finn's concubine if you don't go to Emerald here must be an interesting delima huh?, a soon to be possible king of a tier based kingdom that you known for years or an actual king of sex who can make you weak in the knees, honestly if it weren't for the fact that I may have to be killed by some kind of outside force, maybe you or some other thing, I would have probably already let myself get turned into a succubus since I wouldn't have to worry about slowing down for sex and what not, even for me being a ruler is tiring but someone has to do it right?" Lillum said with a nonchalant grin on her face.

Marceline blushed a bit after hearing two options on who she should be with.

Deep down she deeply cares for Finn, but Emerald… it's too soon to tell but she's slowly starting to warm up to the Incubus. Though she's worried of what would happen when she makes the choice.

Emerald then surprised her by standing up and stretching before he spoke up.

"Welp, I might as well do something productive, Lillum, know where that Donk of a wizard Ash is?, I might as well pay him a visit." Emerald asked while he moved his body and his dick swings around in front of the two ladies.

Mareline blushed a bit when she saw that before speaking up.

"You can find that loser either in his dump of a house or at Wizard city."

"Alright, want to join me my dear Marcy?, Really show him how beautiful you are now and what he missed out on for being a jerk?, Can't really harm him physically.. but mentally is another story..." Emerald asked while holding his hand out to Marceline for her to take.

Marceline blinked for a bit before she grinned at the opportunity to get back at her ex before speaking.

"Fuck yeah I'll join." She said before she took his hand.

A moment later, Emerald pulled Marceline into his arms and when he had her in a hug, spoke up.

"Thanks and don't worry, unlike that idiot, I never treat my ladies like garbage, that is if you become mine that is… doesn't mean I won't try to sweep you off your feet though." Emerald said before he lightly kissed Marceline's lips and let her go before he starts walking to the door after he summoned some pants.

Marceline blushed a bit kiss before thinking.

'Glob… he's already trying and he's really trying to swoon me. But what will I do if I have feeling to both dudes?'

A moment later, Emerald opened the door to the house before he spoke up.

"After you milady?" Emerald asked with a gentleman like tone to Marceline with a charming smile.

Said Vampire Queen/Succubus giggles at that before she snaps of her fingers and out came nice sexy outfit that cling to Marceline's figure.

"Mmhm, damn, makes me want to rip the outfit off like a present and see what's inside before I play with it, really going to enjoy seeing Ass's… opps… I mean Ash's face later when we show the new you, so out of the two, where would he most likely be?" Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Marceline couldn't stop herself from chuckling before speaking.

"At this time of day, he'll be in his home sleeping on his lazy bum ass all day long."

"Well then… shall we pay Ass a visit?, Personally I don't think I can call the guy Ash since some people did give it a good name in the past, hope you don't mind." Emerald said with a tone that he was playing with her a bit while he continues to hold the door open for Marceline.

Marceline starts to laugh before she floats closer to the Incubus before speaking.

"Works for me. It suits him better."

"Right, mind if Lillum crashes here until we get back?, We can really repay her later for it and she could get on some people's good sides, and if Finn stops by, well there is the DVD we made and the recording of Bubblegum's day so he should have a lot of material when my daughter strikes hehe." Emerald said while he watches Marceline float towards him.

Marceline chuckles again knowing Finn is gonna have a hayday but hope he'll be okay before speaking to Emerald.

"Well then, shall we get going then stud?" She said before she actually kissed Emerald on the cheek.

Emerald blinked once before grinning from that and surprised Marceline by returning that on Marceline's check before he spoke up.

"Indeed my beautiful rocking Hybrid." Emerald said before he walked out of the house while his magic held the door open.

Marceline, though still doesn't know what she's feeling, blushed a bit before smiling when she exits the house before following Emerald.

Lillum in the meantime just chuckles before summoning a large bumpy dildo before she spoke up when she rewound the tape with Bubblegum and Me-Mow.

"Guess I should take this as slight vacation and really enjoy this, wonder if I can get a before moment with Finn before I leave." Lillum said before she starts to please herself while the scene fades to black while the door to the house closed.

The scene fades in to reveal the group of OC and Co-hosts after their meal was brought to them, everyone's was a decent size…But Emerald's was insanely large.

"Man another interesting chapter we created huh?" Atomsk asked.

"Indeed, though how do you guys think?, Maite, Emerald?, Lillum?" TME asked when he looked to the trio.

"Well besides how good the lemons were, there some that were interesting moments like how Marceline found out her mom was a succubus and with Bubblegum showing some of her… affectionate to Me-Mow. And lets not forgot the part about Hudson appearing." Maite said.

"Yup, no one ever really talked about the origins of the Amulet, now did people ever speak about Marceline's mom, though I did read on a Wikia that she was confirmed human, but thanks to Fanfiction, that can be tweaked a bit, I mean you remember AT LLP Maite saying that she made a contract with Marceline's mom or as we call her here, Dawn, and got turned into a succubus later in her life, still that Lucifer bit is going to be interesting I tell you what… and the part with Bubblegum getting knocked up… damn!" TME said when he could practically feel the drama now.

"I know, plus there will be more drama later on, I mean what will happen when Bubblegum and Marceline start having romantic feelings besides themselves and a certain hero for other people? Plus there's still the possible Me-Mow and Obsidian part." Atomsk pointed out.

"Yup, and let's not forget the wolfman trio, the rabbit couple and the AT LLP Demonga." TME said before he and the others jolt when they heard a voice speak up.

"What about me?" The voice said which shows that AC Demonga walked to the group with his iconic serious look on his face.

Atomsk gulps a bit before speaking up.

"N-Nothing bad, we're just talking."

"Eh no need to hold back with him, Demonga is a big boy, I'm sure he can take it." Emerald said when he passed the past copies and the current chapter of LLP to Demonga who took it with a raised eyebrow.

Atomsk then looks to Lillum before speaking up.

"Was there anything you like from the third chapter Lillum?"

"Hmm… well I will say that this chapter really gets things steaming between Me-Mow and Bubblegum, may use some of the things there in lessons, and really liking the Drama with Marceline and her growing feelings for Emerald and her feelings for Finn, oh I wonder how a situation like that will go down, personally I'm hoping that things don't get messy when things are all said and done… well… At least not the bloody kind of messy, still hoping for a sticky end if you get what I mean." Lillum said while winking to the readers.

"Right well we're all hoping for a good end. Plus we should remember that Ruby is with Finn so hopefully she'll be there to comfort him on some situations." Atomsk said.

"Yup, and Maite, got any Ideas we can use in the bedroom later?, I may not be an Incubus… but it doesn't mean I can't try and match up to him." Emerald teased and stealthy reached over and gripped her ass.

Maite jolts from that before send Emerald a slight smirk before speaking.

"Oh I have some ideas… but better wait till we're alone."

"It's a date, might as well invite Lillum and possibly Vanilla, got a few ideas of my own… but that's for later, for now, let's enjoy this meal." Emerald said while he fondles Maites ass a bit more before letting go and going to eat his food.

Maite blushes from that before she went back to eating her meal.

Atomsk then looks to Demonga before speaking up.

"How's the reading their Demonga?"

Demonga however just sent Atomsk a cold glare before he spoke up.

"You really don't want me to say anything right now, going to need to find this other me and get rid of him for giving me a bad name." Demonga said before zapping his copy of the chapters into ash.

Atomsk blinked for a bit before speaking.

"Okay… If you're pissed and didn't like it then say it. Doesn't give you the right to zap them."

"Considering who helped make this Guy, I would zap the two of you instead, I'm not like Charcoal so I'll be leaving before one of you end up in the hospital." Demonga coldly said before he walked out of the restaurant while Emerald, Lillum, and TME sweatdrop before Emerald spoke up.

"Welp... he took that well." Emerald said before he went back to his meal.

"Yeah. Now I can see why Cedric takes his frustrations out on a dummy version of Demonga." Atomsk said.

"And don't forget during our lessons." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

"Hehe, right. Anything you want to say TME?"

"Yeah… better make sure AC Demonga doesn't find out the multiverse coordinates for the POB AT dimension." TME said with an amused grin on his face, though he did sweatdropped a bit at that.

"Think we should go stop him?" Atomsk asked.

"Nah, give him a chapter or two and he might come around, mind leading this chapter out?, I got a steak to devour." TME said before he got his fork and steak knife and starts to eat his meal.

Atomsk look at the readers before speaking up.

"Hope you all enjoy chapter 3. We'll see you next time for the 4th. And remember, if you don't like it… don't review or read it. So see yeah. And deuces." He said with two fingers before the scene fades black.

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