Blood is Thicker Than Bonds @atomskthepirateking
Chapter 3

The scene opens up with Atomsk and TME talking as they get rid of dust.

"Damn… so dusty." Atomsk said.

"No kidding, need to look up the last couple chapters but I think I remember enough… Morlock is alive here, Vampires are a thing, Marceline has a thing with Morlock and Finn and Marceline has 7 daughters and will have an 8th child with Morlock and complete the deal of sorts Marceline has with him and end their deal though may have issues… things happened, Emerald is a Damphir or half human/Vampire and he is pretty much training to take over after Death is gone and while he is on Ooo, he is pretty much tagging along with Phoebe and… possibly dating her or something soon?... can't remember all details and may try and go for Fionna after?... either way a technical B plot while Plot A ended last chapter in Finn getting Vamped by… Milisa right?... and now Finn pretty much has a more hardcore version of the Empresses power to hypotize people or actually bend their will to his own… not like simple mind control… something deeper… and after he claimed Jupiter as his own woman… he did the same with Milisa as well?" TME said while he shrugged his shoulders for a moment.

"Oh yeah. Question is, will Finn be a contender to Morlock or, will Morlock make a new court and have Finn join?" Atomsk said while grinning.

"As long as Finn is trying to date Marceline… highly doubtful of the latter since well… guy isn't mortal anymore and Marceline technically the Vampire Queen still and Morlock is the king for now… gotta admit that will be some serious Drama to go over." TME points out that Morlock may have issues.

"Hehe, true. Speaking of… we haven't had a Morlock and Marceline lemon yet in the story. Think they should have it and possibly make… child number 8?" Atomsk said while smirking.

"Hehe, oh yeah, though considering how hard it will be… lots of lemons with those two… maybe more if Finn tag teams with Morlock to see who the better lover with Marceline is?" TME said while he grins at Atomsk.

"Hehe… true but let's at least try one on one first then do the tag team later since there are other things that can happen." Atomsk said.

"Sure, want to get into the story now?" TME asked when he looks at Atomsk.

"Sure. How should we start it? With Finn returning to the Candy Kingdom or Fionna's side?" Atomsk said.

"Sure?... may as well start with Finn returning and go to Fionna's side after." TME said when he looks at the readers.

"And there you have it, now were going to start BITTB now so enjoy the story." TME said while he waved to the readers as the scene shifts to...

Ooo/ Timeframe Night/ Candy Kingdom/ Finn, Jupiter, Milisa

The scene showed Finn while he, Jupiter, and Milisa were walking to the Candy Kingdom as Marceline, Bubblegum, and many others came from the gate… since time passed since earlier, many heard of Finn's kidnapping and they saw Finn seemingly intact while Jupiter held a leash that led to Milisa's collar that she wore… not like it was needed but it helped to show that Milisa wouldn't run on her end while Finn waits for Marceline approached him and hugged him while she missed the Vampire traits that he had in the darkness.

Marceline was so glad Finn was safe.

"Oh Glob Finn. Glad you're okay. Thought something happened to you." She said as she still hugged him.

Bubblegum and Huntress Wizard, who came earlier to help search for Finn, saw Finn's look.

"F-Finn?… what happened to you?" Bubblegum said.

Marceline was confused before she looks at his face and was shocked.

"D-Dude… are you…"

"A Vampire?... yeah… just minus the grey skin… Milisa here did the deed…" Finn said before he said this as Marceline went to try and attack Milisa while Morlock was surprised when he felt power from Finn's words.

"Stop!" Finn said like an order as Marceline and many more were frozen in place for a moment… even Marceline was frozen mid flight while she looks confused as she couldn't move one bit like her body was frozen as Finn said this in a calm tone.

"I'll undo what I did in a moment… just calm down Marceline… reason why Milisa isn't dusted or whatever is because she was getting payback against you through me and I got bit as a result and I pretty much… hmmm… no kids around so I can say this *After Finn looks around to see no kids*… made Milisa my bitch more or less… wasn't… too bad since she was having her way with me at first… Jupiter got to help me a bit too late though and this happened… I can go into details but… You can move now." Finn said as everyone could move again and Marceline nearly fell out of the air when she got control back though Finn held her arms to support her so she wouldn't fall with a surprisingly strong grip strength.

Marceline did groan a bit before looking Jupiter with a look that wanted answers.

Jupiter gulped.

"S-Sorry mom. Got distracted when I watched Milisa fucked Finn." She said making Marceline facepalm.

"We're gonna have a big talk about this later. Right now…" Marceline said before glaring at Milisa.

"You're lucky you're not dead otherwise… I would kill you for taking my man." She said as her eyes glowed.

"Marceline… Calm down." Finn said making Marceline jolt as Finn's words made her… oddly chill while she chuckles a bit as Morlock frowns.

"Finn… you should be careful if you're doing what I think your doing… words of power like that are highly literal… say the wrong things and you could literally stop someones heart or something." Morlock warned while Finn looks at him.

"Oh don't worry… I won't… just wanted Marceline to have a clear head of sorts… after all, its not like Milisa stole me from Marceline after all… than again with me being immortal instead of mortal now, you may have issues with me dating Marceline but one thing at a time at least before we get to that right?" Finn said as he rubs his head while he looks at Marceline.

"Marceline… return to normal." Finn said, making Marceline blink as she shook her head when her emotions were her own again and she rubs her head a bit since she was literally mind fucked by Finn just now into getting calmed down… not sure how to feel about that persay.

Huntress let out a low chuckles.

"You're definitely full of surprises now."

"Yeah well it should be interesting since I pretty much can have people do whatever I want now without much issue if they are not aware… unique Vamp power and stuff… not like I would let that power go to my head and Milisa can't do much now unless it's self defense." Finn said when he pointed at Milisa to show she was under Finn's control for now.

Milisa didn't say a word as Morlock did frown.

"Well let's hope so. I don't appreciate anyone trying to cause issues to my Queen here." He said making Marceline blush a bit.

Finn felt irked on that possessive thing as he held Marceline a bit tighter though he did let one arm go.

"Easy Morlock… Milisa had issues with Marceline because of Marceline offing her brother and father, I used that power she accidentally gave me when she vamped me to pretty much make her harmless unless she is attacked and unless she knows what good for her, she won't cause issues and stick by me more or less." Finn said when he explained some things on why Milisa wanted revenge and how she was technically powerless now thanks to Finn's words of power.

Morlock calmed down a bit, even though part of him felt a little irked at how Finn held his Queen since Finn was an immortal Vampire now.

"Very well. I won't do anything since she is your responsibility now."

"Good… now what though?... sure I can have Milisa stay at my place… but what about Marceline?... not gonna lie… not liking how things are going and won't skip around on things… since I'm immortal now, what do we do about this triangle thing we seem to have with you and I going for Marceline?... want to make a competition or something?" Finn said while he noticed Morlock's gaze.

Marceline blinked a bit as Morlock hums.

"A competition? On the grounds? Of who can be the best lover for Marceline?"

"Well there is that but also some combat to test this new body of mine, maybe some other skills so we can be good providers like cooking, best lovers like you said, maybe more… would be Marceline's call at the end of that though, and better if we make a ground rule if we do fight we don't kill one another otherwise that would just piss off Marceline… deal?" Finn said when he looks at Morlock as he held a hand out to shake.

Morlock was thoughtful though he had a counter.

"I'll agree… but we do this after Marceline and I create our 8th child." He said.

Finn frowns at this as the two shake hands but nods though Huntress looks amused.

"What if Marceline can't pick… what than?" Huntress said making Finn be the surprisng one when he said this.

"Well… if that happens… Morlock and I may have no choice but to share if she really can't pick or… since I'm thinking about this power I have and since Marceline technically has multiple ones… hey Marceline… just to check… do you have access to the entire court and can you mix powers?" Finn asked when he and Morlock look at Marceline as one making her jolt for many reasons.

"W-Well… besides Morlock, I have the powers of the court but where are you going with this?" Marceline said.

"Simple… if you're able… why not mix the Hierophants power of shapeshifting and the Moon's power of high tier regen to make a clone of yourself with a drop of blood or something?... I mean if that's impossible since the blood would be seperate from you but should be possible given the power you have right?" Finn said while many blink at that suggestion.

Marceline blinked a bit before she facepalmed.

"Son of a… how did I not think of that?" She said.

"I'm more surprised Finn thought of that one." Bubblegum said as Finn got a tick mark on his head while his eyebrow twitched as a few people chuckle though he kept quiet to see if Marceline would try that possible clone move.

Marceline closed her eyes as she combined two of the court's powers after making a cut in her hand.

Shockingly enough, a clone of Marceline did appear but it was all red like blood.

Seems it was just blood in the shape of Marceline though as the blood kept together, it starts to form bones, organs, muscles, skin, all similar to how Hunson appears from a portal from the Nightosphere so fast that it pretty much was instant and well… a nude double of Marceline was there standing before everyone though her face was vacant like she wasn't aware of the people around her… maybe a body could be made but a mind can't?

Finn hums as he looks at Marceline though he did have a blush at Marceline's clones figure.

"Hey Marcy… mind if I try something?" Finn asked when he looks at Marceline.

"Uh sure." Marceline said as she wonders what Finn will do.

Finn nods again as he approached the clone of Marceline.

He than narrowed his eyes and speaks with power in his voice.

"Clone of Marceline… wake and receive the memories of the original Marceline the Vampire Queen." Finn ordered while the Clone's body pulsed for a moment when the order was sent to her brain as the real Marceline felt something off and gripped her head like her own mind was getting a flash forward of her freaking birth to the here and now while those memories went to the Clone instantly.

Bubblegum went to her side with a worried look before the Clone of Marceline groans a bit before getting up.

Once she did she gripped her head.

"Oh man… talk about a real trip." The Clone said as she blinks a bit as Marceline's head felt better after a moment.

"D-Damn what was that?" Marceline said as the Clone blinks before remembering things.

"Shit… the cloning thing did work."

Marceline and the Clone look at one another while having a mirror moment when they held the same side of their head though the Clone was holding the left side of her head while Marceline held the right before they removed their hands.

"Damn… I look hot." The duo said as one when they grin at one another.

Morlock chuckled.

"Ain't that the truth." He said with a smirk.

Huntress came forward and gave the clone some shorts and a tank top as the Clone went to float in the air.

"So… since I'm here… what now?... do I go to Finn or Morlock?... and if I'm sticking around do I call myself Marceline or something else?" The Clone said when she made a few good points… if she sticks around who does this Marceline go to and what would she be called?

"Hmmm… interesting question… Hmmm… well that choice should be Marceline's. Whoever she chooses, the clone will go to the other agree?" Morlock said.

"One issue with that… considering you got to knock up my original's womb, pretty sure that will take a year at least... and by that I mean nonstop fucking… can't call myself clone for a year right?" the Clone said when she grins at Morlock in a teasing way.

Morlock may have blushed but chuckled nonetheless.

"Indeed… Hmmm… since she is your clone, Marceline, what would you call her?" He said as he looks at his Queen.

"And try and not use Dawn because pretty sure our daughter would give you issues with that hehe." the Clone said when she looks amused by this.

Marceline sweatdrops a bit as she thinks of a name for the clone.

"Could be either… Elise or Carrie."

"Hmmm… or Clarise?... mix of the names?... if not I'm liking Carrie… unless you want to use the name or Clarise for the kids name if its a girl." The Clone said when she nudge Marceline a few times.

Marceline blushes a bit.

"Okay, you'll be known as Clarise."

"Alright… nice to meet you all… may as well do this so no one thinks I'm just a twin." Clarise said when she altered her hair to be a cute one sided Mohawk that went down the left side of her face while it went to her shoulder, her figured became more shapely than the original Marceline with E to possible F cup breasts and a really nice looking ass that her clothes barely contained.

"Hehe… so… hot or hot?, and unless people have objections, may as well keep the Carrie name as a nickname or something unless anyone has other suggestions." Clarise said when she posed a bit when she had a hand on her hip and she smirks at Bubblegum, Morlock, and Finn mainly.

Bubblegum blushes a bit as Finn chuckles.

"No complaints here. Morlock?"

"None either. Very stunning." He said.

Clarise blushed at this before she looks at Marceline.

"Guess this means until you get knocked up, I go with Finn and we decide who goes to who after right?" Clarise said while she grins at Marceline as she moved to hug Finn from behind around his neck and her large breasts pressed against the back of Finn's head making him blush big time at how soft Clarise's breasts were.

Morlock smirks as he got next to Marceline and has his arm around her.

"Works for me."

"Good… now that we have that out of the way… Milisa was it?... better get ready because when we get to the Treefort… hehe… going to make it hard for you to walk later when I pretty much dominate you for Vamping my Finn here… if I'm going to stick with Finn for a year until further notice… may as well go all in here… Bonnie… want to join in and Jupiter as well?... and maybe… Huntress?... you had fun with Finn behind mine and Bonnie's backs… if you want more fun with Finn… better butter us up as well or Bonnie will butter Finn's ass up and you don't want to know what she will do after." Clarise said when she smirks at those mentioned before stopping at Huntress as Finn visibly pales at the image.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a bit.

"Considering what that woman did… she deserves punishment."

"Count me in since I want to test out Finn's new appearance." Huntress said with a smirk.

Though she did have a question.

"Speaking of… earlier, you tried calling me before you were captured, Finn. What was the call about?"

"Huh?... well… considering things no real need to say it anymore… was more or less just puting what we did and stuff on pause… though considering things that may change depending on how things go." Finn said since he didn't expect Clarise to invite Huntress to an orgy.

Huntress raised an eyebrow.

"On pause? What, you worried about Bubblegum going mad?"

"Huntress… after what I heard and see I would have caused us to pretty much go on an indefinite hiatus given how mad PB got after I told her we were doing things for two years… and considering I saw that sex dungeon PB has made behind some hidden walls… you really don't want me to go into detail on what PB could do to me when she is mad." Finn said while he shudders as Morlock blinks and looks at Bubblegum.

"Interesting… maybe I could borrow that sex dungeon when I have fun with Marceline later… who knows… if you may special toys… maybe you and I could team up against Marcline?" Morlock said when he smirks at Bubblegum at the idea to see if it would be a good idea for the tag team later.

Bubblegum and Marceline blinks in surprise after hearing that as Clarise chuckles.

"Oh I would definitely like to see that." She said.

"Hehe… maybe later… for now… why don't we head to two areas and just try and relax and have fun… I and Marceline can head to her place to start some fun and help her relax… Finn can stay here with you and the others and decide what to do with who… simple right?... though Finn… I may have to teach you a few things later like the Sunless room if you want to move around in the daylight since you are a Vampire now… you'll need new clothing or a large umbrella so you can move in the day without a Sunless room." Morlock said to remind many that Finn now a Vampire was now incapable of going in the sun now.

"Hmmm… yeah… definitely gonna need new clothes and stuff." Finn said.

"Well for now try and not worry about that… who knows, knowing how intelligent Bubblegum is, she could try and make an item so you won't burn in the sun… for now however… ready to head to your place Marceline or got a spot of preference so we can have our fun in an interesting way?" Morlock said as he smiles at Marceline.

Marceline blushes a bit.

"W-We can stop by at my place."

"Alright… though next time we should do it in a different area… maybe a shade filled forest or maybe at a nude beach after dark?... heard Mortals like to go to those places for some interesting fun." Morlock said as he starts walking away with Marceline in tow.

"And there they go." Clarise said before grinning at Finn.

"So my hunky, Vamp boyfriend, ready to help punish Milisa more?"

"Hehe… oh yeah… hey Jup… want to join in?... or did last time tire you out?" Finn said when he gave Jupiter a fanged grin.

Jupiter grins.

"No way stud. I'm definitely in."

"Hehe… good… hey PB… may as well break in that sex dungeon and stuff… better get ready Milisa because you will definitely not walk right later." Finn said with a more dominating lustful grin on his face as he looks at his pet Vampiress.

Milisa blushes a bit as Bubblegum surprisingly chuckles.

"Well then let's get going then."

This results in everyone else heading to the Candy Kingdom Castle.

However while this happened, the scene went to Phoebe as she was walking around a town while looking for Emerald since she was curious on if he was taking her on a date or something doing anything tier based though she was surprised when she saw him flirting with a female Flame elemental woman when she turned a corner of a building.

"Hehe… you know, I gotta say you're not bad of a flame woman… bit rare for a non-noble woman to have looks like yours." Emerald said while he grins at the flame Elemental woman… she looked a bit like Phoebe but had a rocky dress instead of a flaming body though she could have a body like Phoebe's under the dress… and instead of flaming hair going upwards, her flame hair was trailing down her back like lava… in fact it was lava like hair and she had a pretty shapely body under her rocky dress.

The flame woman giggles.

"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself, handsome." She said with a smirk.

"Hehe, thanks… maybe you and I later could… oh hey Phoebe… need something?" Emerald said when he noticed Phoebe approaching the duo while she looked a bit curious at Emerald flirting with this woman… granted she would get angry since he did ask her out but remembered that Emerald was technically with this Maite woman in the Dead worlds and would be gunning for Fionna after so who knows what other women he had fun with and stuff.

"Well… didn't know if you were busy or if we're still on for that date." Phoebe said as she flame woman blinks in surprise.

"Oh forgive me, my Queen. Had no idea."

"Hmmm?... oh I don't think Phoebe will mind if I have fun with you… after all before I met her I told her I was with this other woman named Maite and I'm planning on going for this woman in the grasslands named Fionna… bit of a story there but I can explain that later… for now I may as well ask but Phoebe… after I put together a date for the two of us… mind if I ask this lovely lava like woman on a date after as well?... don't worry I won't rush things… like I said… women should be respected and stuff after all." Emerald said when he grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe blinks at the question before looking at the flame woman for a bit.

"Hmmm… I don't mind."

"Hehe, great… so your lavaness… mind if I ask for your name so I can talk with you later?... if you have a cellphone, mind if I get your number so I can call you later?" Emerald asked the lava like woman as he pulled out a touchscreen phone with a skull like theme on the back of it.

The lava woman was surprised that Phoebe gave the okay before smirking.

"Names Flannery." She said before telling Emerald her number.

"Hehe… nice name… I'll call you later Flannery, so see you later since I got you listed in the contacts now… like I said earlier, name is Emerald, grandson of Life and Death and as you can see I can take the heat… if you'll excuse us I have a date to go over with the Flame Queen right now." Emerald said as he took Flannery's hand and kissed it before he and Phoebe left Flannery alone.

Flannery, though blushing at the gesture, was shocked.

"D-Did he just say…"

Though her question couldn't be answered for now, she would get it later when Emerald asks her on a date later so her mind was at ease for now… as this happened, Emerald walked next to Phoebe while he had his hands behind his head.

"You OK Phoebe?... you seem a bit quiet." Emerald said when he looks at Phoebe when she kept glancing at him a few times.

"Hmmm? Oh it's nothing. Just thinking about things." Phoebe said.

"Such as?... I can lend an ear if you want to ask a question." Emerald said while he smiles at Phoebe.

Phoebe was quiet for a bit.

"Well… guess I'm still trying to get use to things where we're going on a date even though you have other ladies."

"Hmmm?... well to be fair, Flannery aside soon it Maite is in the dead world and Fionna would be in the Grasslands normally so its not like you would see them much… though if I did have fun with other ladies… could let you do the same if you're curious… I mean I heard some female women are passionate and do enjoy the fairer sex sometimes." Emerald said when he grins at Phoebe in a teasing way.

Phoebe blushes a bit after hearing that.

"I-I… don't know… may need to think on that."

"Fair enough though, consider this… I get Flannery used to dating me and you two mingle… could see one another a lot… or maybe I could let it slide if you want to try and have fun with male flame wolf or two since I would be having fun with other ladies… heard a few ladies talking about them in interesting ways here…. Who knows… maybe if you want… could invite some friends of mine if we ever get far enough to have fun and need to spice things up..." Emerald said like he was setting up Phoebe for a possible date with the Lava beauty Flannery in the future and more with flame wolves as Emerald gave Phoebe a teasing grin again.

Phoebe was blushing bright after hearing that and would almost stutter but kept her cool.

"L-Let's see how good the date is first before anything."

"Alright… got any recommendations since I don't know much about this local?... I can pay for things since Gramps gave me an allowance recently for a recent influx of souls I gathered near here so I can take you to a good restaurant or two." Emerald said while he had his hands behind his head.

"Well… doubt you can eat coal. I am working on having different restaurants be built here for non flame people. Hmmm… could go to the Breakfast Kingdom." Phoebe said.

"You sure?... thought you were here to help the villages and stuff, will the villages be OK while you are gone?" Emerald asked while he looks at Phoebe.

Phoebe facepalms.

"Right… almost forgot. Hmm… guess we can try a restaurant that's about to open at the next village. Was actually supposed to be there to help with the opening."

Emerald rubs his chin and he grins.

"Hey Phoebe… if you want we could go there and at a pretty fast rate but only if you trust me and if your guards don't mind taking a day off and stuff… I can call Maite and she can take care of the baby Dragon if you worry about them being left behind." Emerald said while he smiles at Phoebe.

Phoebe was thoughtful for a bit.

"Okay. I will trust you."

Emerald nods before he pulled his phone out and after waiting, the other end picked up.

"Hello? Emerald?"

"Hey Maite, you hear me?... I'm in the Fire Kingdom and will need some help since I have a date planned with the Flame Queen Phoebe… soon after that will be with a Lava based Flame woman named Flannery… you'll like them… both are rather shapely women and you do love the thiccc ladies." Emerald said while he wiggles an eyebrow at Phoebe to tease her more.

Phoebe blushes a bit as Maite giggled on the other side.

"You bet I do. Something else you want to tell me? I miss you."

"Hehe, well why tell it over the phone when I can tell you in person, come to my location once you get enchanted gear so you're immune to the heat… oh and just to double check… you still a fan of dragons and wyverns?... well I helped this baby out and need a babysitter for one… main reason why I called or a sub reason since the main reason has me fawning over you Maite." Emerald said while he grins as he looked really happy at the end while Phoebe noticed that.

Maite squealed in delight.

"A baby? I'll definitely be there."

"Hehe, great, see you soon sweetie." Emerald said before he hung up and pockets the phone.

"Welp, got a babysitter hehe… any questions since you seem to have a rather curious look in your eyes." Emerald said while Phoebe was a bit curious since Finn wasn't this romantic or cutisie like Emerald was and the difference was noticeable… doesn't hurt that he could touch flame people as well…

"Well… the way you and Maite talked is… different than how my relationship with Finn." Phoebe said.

"Really?... I heard you couldn't touch him and stuff sure but you never saw other people date before?" Emerald asked as he and Phoebe walked some more.

Phoebe sighs.

"I have but… Finn was my first boyfriend. Ever since I was little, I was in that glass lamp. Hadn't talked to anyone. Not even my family."

Emerald was quiet at this and he smiles as he surprised Phoebe when he gently held her hand.

"Well than… why don't we do things slow and I hold your hand." Emerald said as he walked next to Phoebe while he held her hand with a soft grip.

Phoebe blushes at the gesture for a bit.

"S-Sure." She said before lightly grabbing Emerald's hand.

As the duo continues walking, Phoebe looks at the interlocked hands and she blushed big time while she had a thought about this gesture and Emerald wasn't getting burned.

'Not even burning… whenever I'm with Finn, he had to wear gloves or wrap himself in tinfoil. This actually feels… nice.'

As the duo walked more, they made it back to the carriage and Phoebe noticed a woman at the carriage while she was rubbing the baby Wyvern… she wore a cute maid outfit, she looked like a VERY shapely hedgehog humanoid woman a bit shorter than Phoebe by a few inches but had a massive war hammer on her back that looked like it would weigh a ton but didn't seem encumbered by it and right now she was petting the baby Wyvern as it rubs against her hand while she gushed over how cute the baby wyvern was.

"Aww, you're so cute." The woman said as she gushed at the wyvern.

The baby wyvern had a pleased look as Emerald chuckles when he walked up to Maite and just gripped her on the ass while Phoebe sees this and had wide eyes.

"You know, you are pretty defenseless Maite, someone could just fondle you like so if you're not careful." Emerald said while he gripped Maite's ass roughly.

Maite jolts a bit before smirking at Emerald.

"Only if it's you, Emerald otherwise… I send the next pervert 10 feet under."

"Hehe and maybe dominate them in the dead world where you can be the sadist you are… anyway hope the little guy isn't giving you issues." Emerald said when he lets go of Maite's ass to look at the baby Dragon.

"Nah, this little cutie has enjoyed my company the second I got here." Maite said as she pets the wyvern more.

"W-Wait… you're Maite?" Phoebe said.

This got Maite's attention and she looks to see Phoebe who approached her.

"Yup, I'm Maite, nice to meet you, your highness… hopefully Emerald isn't bothering you too much… as you can see he can get a bit… grabby." Maite said while Emerald faked a shocked look.

"Ah...but I only do it with ladies who are comfortable with it!" Emerald said while he feigned being hurt as Maite giggles.

Phoebe couldn't tell if Emerald was joking as Maite giggles more.

"Well it's a good thing I'm your lady."

"Hehe yup… anyway Phoebe and I need to head to another village in my preferred mode of transportation in the mortal world so mind babysitting the wyvern while we are gone… I'll repay the favor in the way you normally like with you going all out in dominating me my sweet hedgehog Mistress." Emerald said while he gave Maite a cute begging look that just messed with Maite's sadistic side.

Maite blushes a bit before grinning at Emerald.

"Oh I'll make sure you repay me back. So go on. Enjoy your little date with the Flame Queen. Hopefully you and I can get to know each other later." She said as she winked at Phoebe which caused her to blush brightly.

Emerald chuckles and as he kissed Maite goodbye, he moved away from her and held his hand in front of him as a dark mist flowed from his hand… a moment later a odd but badass looking motorcycle appeared… from the wheels back were as followed… first was the front tire… it had two skull like guards next to the wheels to prevent damage them while the wheels had spikes for extra grip… the handlebars and the parts in place of metal here and there looked like they were made of bones, the seat looked like the most comfortable leather one would dream of, the engine looked like it was tuned to perfection and the back tired had a similar look to the front while there was a sidecar on one side though it vanished as Emerald got on the motorcycle and smirks as he gestured for Phoebe to sit behind him when he pats the seat which was extra long for passengers from behind when the motorcycle stretched to accommodate Phoebe.

Phoebe was surprised when she saw this and was a bit nervous before she got on the motorcycle and gets behind Emerald.

She than held Emerald from behind while he grins as he willed the cycle to roar to life… though to Phoebe's shock the wheels glow while green flames shoot from the spikes to circle the tires and Emerald looks back at Phoebe.

"Hang on tight… we're really going to fly as we speed through the air." Emerald said with a grin on his face to show that he would be going all out to get their there fast.

Hearing this made Phoebe held onto Emerald tightly.

A moment later, Emerald looks to the sky and the cycle shot into the air while Maite waved goodbye as she sets the wyvern on her lap.

"Hehe, now it's just us. But I don't mind." Maite said as she pets the baby.

The wyvern cuddles up to Maite's lap as it dozed off, once this happened the scene showed Phoebe and Emerald high in the air as they were near the cloud like covering that blocked the sun from the Flame Kingdom as Emerald grins when Phoebe held him tightly.

"Hehe, didn't think you would be scared by a ride in the air… can't you fly?" Emerald said as he kept the ride steady.

"Y-Yeah but never… d-did this before." Phoebe said.

"Well try and relax, I wouldn't let you get hurt Milady." Emerald said while he smiles at Phoebe instead of grinning now.

Phoebe lightly blushes a bit but did relax a little.

"Good… Good… enjoy the ride… consider this part one of the date as we work to the village… which direction is it by the way from here?" Emerald asked when he looks left and right for far off villages as he slowly stops in the air so he could get his bearings.

Phoebe was able to look up a bit.

"To the left."

Emerald nods as he aimed the motorcycle to the left and he and Phoebe were well on their way to their destination now.

As this happened the scene went to Marceline's home as Morlock and Marceline made it inside and Morlock was drinking some red tea with Marceline.

"Wow… must say I did not see this coming." Morlock said as he sat next to Marceline.

"What the tea?" Marceline said as she drink some tea as well.

"No… Finn becoming a Vampire and him getting a clone of yours." Morlock said as he sipped his tea more.

"Oh yeah… that was surprising." Marceline said as she drinked her tea but something was bothering her.

Morlock noticed and he sets the tea down on the table before him.

"Something wrong?... I may seem hard to read somethings but you're an open book to me." Morlock said as he looks at his Vampire Queen.

Marceline sighs.

"Well for starters… I feel it's my fault that Finn is a vampire after what I did to that Milisa bitch years ago."

"Do you really?... Marceline look at me…" Morlock said as he gripped Marceline's chin and had her look at him.

"Did you do this recently or over a long period of time ago?... did you know this would happen?... do you think you knew you would be attacked in such a way?" Morlock said while he gave Marceline a serious expression.

Marceline did lightly gulped at the look.

"Well… no."

"Then how is it your fault Milisa took a cowardly way and attacked a loved one of yours?... at the very least she gave him an unintended upgrade and he used it against her in a way that may as well make her wish to be dusted… best of a bad situation Marceline… the wheels of fate have their ups and downs in the roller coaster of time but all it does is make exciting events happen… its how you deal with those events that matter… you really going to feel guilty over something you had no power over?" Morlock said while he gave Marceline a gentle expression now as he smiles lightly at her.

Marceline lightly blushes a bit.

"No." She said.

"Good… why don't we just get undressed, maybe watch a special movie from your hidden collection to help get in a good mood while I take some potions and you do the same and we see what happens… if nothing happens… nothing happens and we rest… and if not… well we sleep once day breaks like our nature intends." Morlock said as he gave Marceline a gentle kiss on her lips before he got up and went to get undressed in Marceline's room so he could store his clothes for later.

Marceline blushes again before lightly chuckling.

"Always knew how to cheer me up, Morlock." She said before she floats up to her room to get undressed.

After this happened and Morlock and Marceline drank some potions that made Marceline's womb a bit more active and Morlock's balls swell a bit, the two in the nude with Morlock's cock being seen at a whopping 13 to 14 inches in length with barbs running up and down the cock and 3 in width… he wasn't the Vampire King for not just power… he and Marceline had an adult movie set up and while it had some action, romance, and a bit of comedy, the first main sex scene of the video happened, and thanks to the video being a parody of a video called the Lion King, the head Lion man, Mufasa was going to mate with a surprising target not in the canon movie and it was a shapely Hyena woman who was making trouble in the pride lands… nuff said this would get hardcore when Mufasa used some rope to bind the hyena woman in a provocative way as Mufasa's main mate Sarabi was nearby while she would join in for an intense threeway… and Mufasa was just as stacked as Morlock though his cock was around the 11 inch mark.

"You've been a naughty hyena. You need to be taught a lesson." Mufasa said while grinning.

As the Hyena woman blushed as Mufasa approached… once the sex was happening, Morlock looks at Marceline to see how she was doing a bit into the sexy show while Morlock's cock got hard thanks to the movie.

Marceline blushes while feeling warm thanks to the potions effect.

Morlock than looks back at the movie while Mufasa was fucking the Hyena woman's pussy while he had her gagged with some rope and the Hyena woman groans while tears came from her eyes as blood leaked from a recently virgin busted pussy.

Mufasa grins as he fucks the Hyena woman's pussy harder.

"Sorry but you should've thought of that when you acted like a bad girl Shenzi. Now take this and this!" He said as he got rougher with the now identified Shenzi.

As Shenzi groans into the gag from this, Morlock looks to see how Marceline was doing now and she was using a hand to rub her folds while a hand rubbed her breasts while a hair hand rubbed her free breast.

Marceline lightly groans a bit through her teeth as she pleasures herself a bit.

Morlock smirks as he gripped his cock with Marceline able to see from her side as Morlock stroked himself off as he looks at the video with Mufasa snarling as he floods Shenzi's womb with plenty of sperm as Sarabi laughs as Shenzi came hard on Mufasa's cock with squirting force.

"Hehe… wow Mufasa. You really came hard. Trying to knock her up already?" Sarabi said with an amused look.

"Hehe, either that or get her used to rather filling loads… maybe we could train her to get Simba's virginity when he is older." Mufasa said when he grins at his wife as he got up and his cock was pulled free from Shenzi's gaping pussy and sperm leaked from her as a result while she had sweat all over her body.

Sarabi chuckled.

"Yeah, she'll definitely need some good training if she can't handle your cock." She said as Shenzi's eyes widened.

'Oh God.' She thought.

As this happened, Morlock looks to see Marceline panting and he decided to change things when he moved to turn to her and when he moved near her head… he kissed her on the lips.

Marceline moans before she kissed Morlock back.

She even had her hair hand grab his cock before lightly stroking it as she hugged his head to deepen the kiss.

Morlock groans from this as he moved to pet Marceline's body with his hands from her shoulders to breasts to her waist and ass to her folds that he rubbed vigorously for a moment to see how wet she was.

Turns out it was wet thanks to Marceline pleasing herself as she looks at Morlock with lust and perhaps… another feeling that was obvious.

Though since Marceline was warmed up and Morlock was throbbing, he moved to surprise her when he got on her body and had his cock between Marceline's breasts and smirks at her when he looks down at Marceline with Lust and maybe more as well that was built up over the centuries.

Marceline blushes at the look before she puts her breasts together and starts giving him a tit fuck.

Morlock groans from this as Marceline felt how heavy Morlock's cock was while it was smushed between her breasts and she could feel it throbbing when it enjoyed how soft Marceline's breasts were.

Marceline blushes more before she opens her mouth and starts licking her husband's cock.

Morlock moans from this and he leaned back and rubs Marceline's folds.

Marceline groans from that action as she continues to please Morlock before the Vampire Queen uses her hair hand to massage his balls.

"Oh yes... really work them good… my load is building… get ready… going to… to…" Morlock said as he was getting close and moved to get on his knees as he jerked his cock while aiming it at Marceline's breasts.

Marceline continues that action before she uses her long tongue to lick the head a few times.

Morlock pants for a moment before he snarls as he gripped his cock and climaxed hard on Marceline's tongue and breasts, he made sure they were covered in his load after a few heavy shots before his orgasm ended with him groaning while his balls felt heavier than ever… thanks to the potion his nuts would fill to full and a little more so he wouldn't run out until the potion wore off.

Marceline was a little surprised at the amount of cum on her breasts before she uses her tongue to lick them clean.

Morlock chuckles when he watched his Queen lick his sperm like it was a tasty treat and when most of it was gone he smirks.

"So… enjoying the meal?" Morlock said when he made Marceline jolt and blush since she was really enjoying it.

"Yes." Marceline said since she couldn't deny Morlock.

"Want more right from the source?... well after you finish… want to do what those two are doing on the TV?" Morlock said while on the porn parody… Mufasa was having Shenzi suck his cock while he ate her pussy out after it was cleaned by Sarabi when she ate her pussy out vigorously in an earlier scene that went unnoticed.

Marceline blushes at the scene which caused her to get more warmed up.

"Well… unless you want to… get to the main event." She said while blushing cutely at Morlock.

Morlock chuckles as he moved to lay on the bed.

"Very well… but let me watch my Queen enjoy her throne to her hearts content." Morlock said while he gestured for her to get on his cock to ride it.

Marceline blushes more before a moment later, she was seen riding Morlock's cock while facing him.

Morlock groans while he laid still on the bed as he watched Marceline enjoy herself as she rides Morlock's cock vigorously as she pinched her nipples hard.

"O-Oh fuck… M-Morlock… I… Love this cock!" Marceline groans as she kept riding her King.

"And I love this pussy connected to this Globbess like body of yours… though that maybe an insult since a Globbess wouldn't be as sinful as you." Morlock said while he teased Marceline a little as he placed his hands on her hips to help pull her down more on his cock.

Marceline groans more.

"D-Don't care how… s-sinful it is… f-fuck!… would still ride this cock!" She groans with a pleased look.

Morlock chuckles lightly at this and he thrusts his hips upward so he could get his cock as deep as he could into Marceline while the movie was completely forgotten about as the two Vampire lovers continue their fun with Marceline riding Morlock's cock as his and Marceline's orgasms were approaching until…

Marceline moans loud as she throws her head back.

"M-Morlock!" She moans out his name before climaxing on his cock.

"Marceline!" Morlock groans out as he forced his cock balls deep in Marceline's womb and floods it with plenty of sperm making her womb bloat.

Marceline moans more as her orgasm got stronger before she finally taps off after a moment.

The two than take a moment to enjoy the afterglow while Morlock's balls swelled to full again to show he was far from done.

Marceline knew this before she looks at him.

"S-Since we're going to make our child… mind not pulling out while you keep filling my womb… my dear husband?" She said while blushing.

Morlock chuckles at this.

"Very well… though figured you would want one load in your ass but if you insist…" Morlock said as he got ready to change positions when he forced Marceline on her back while he got on top of her while his cock was burried in her pussy.

"... well I can save an ass only time for next time since it will be awhile before results happen." Morlock teased when he looks down at his wife as he starts to fuck her pussy relentlessly.

Marceline groans loud a few times before she looks at her husband.

"D-Do it Morlock! I want to be pregnant with your child… my love!" She surprisingly said.

Morlock grins wildly at this and while he did figure this was a pleasure high thing and she may still have a thing for Finn, Morlock didn't care right now as he smashed his lips on Marcelines and fucked her much harder making the bed shake as a result.

Marceline moans loudly before she hugged Morlock and returns the kiss while looking at his eyes with lust but this time… there was some love in the mix as well.

As Morlock returned the look, the scene went to Finn and the others as they entered a rather intense looking sex dungeon deep under the castle after the group entered a hidden stairway and well… there was many BDSM type things from whips, candles, chains, nipple clamps, the whole nine yards while not showing things that would border on sickening more or less as Bubblegum lets everyone look around as Clarise chuckles when she looks around.

"Man, forgot a few of these… hey Bonnie are some of these new?... this dildo looks much bigger than the last few we used… modeled after the time I used my monster at form on you with a cock attached?" Clarise said when she looks at a massive 17 to 18 inch dildo that was 3 in width connected to a waist high machine to have it thrust fast and powerfully when Clarise turned it on for a moment and turned it off after.

Bubblegum blushes a bit as Milisa was a bit shocked at the room.

"Y-Yes. Figured upgrading some toys would be good." Bubblegum said.

"Good… guess who we have as a perfect Guinea Pig if you have any… experimental toys you want to test out." Clarise said when she looks at Milisa with a smirk.

Milisa jolt at the look.

'Shit.' She thought and wished she can escape.

However she couldn't and as Bubblegum left the room to get a few toys, Huntress looks at the others when she looks impressed.

"Not bad… not bad at all… should we get naked or got some interesting outfits stored away?" Huntress said when she looks at Clarise since she had Marceline's minds and memories.

Clarise grins.

"Oh we have plenty of outfits. In fact, Bonnie made some that needed to be test out." She said making Jupiter grin.

"Well then let's try them on."

Many nod as Clarise looks at Milisa.

"Unless you want Finn to give you an order… I got the perfect outfit for you to make a bitch like you VERY appealing." Clarise said as she pushed Milisa into a different room for a moment to get Milisa changed.

"H-Hey?!" Milisa said as Jupiter chuckles before look at Finn.

"Bet I'll find a suit that'll make your cock get hard fast… or I'll just go… all nude." She said with a smirk.

Finn blushed at this as Huntress looks amused.

"Better go with the outfit than go nude if you don't like it… come on, may as well pick out some outfits." Huntress said as she gestured for Jupiter to follow her while Finn was left alone for a moment with his thoughts.

'This day has been going weird… but good at the same time. At least I'm immortal. Just need to win Marcy's heart.' Finn thought.

Granted he did have Clarise the Marceline clone… but he did want to get Marceline's heart for himself as well… maybe a bit selfish but hey, Finn would have a shot after a year or so passes so plenty of time to level up and train with his new body as well so wasn't too bad.

'Right now, need to take this time to train myself to get the hang of my new Vamp powers.' Finn thought before another thought entered his mind.

'Crap… almost forgot, Fionna, Cake and Jake don't know what happened yet. Not to mention mom and dad are coming over and my biological mom is coming to Ooo too.'

Finn pinched the bridge of his nose as he said this aloud.

"Considering Cake and Jake would be with Lady or with a guy with Cake on her end if she left Dawn and Fionna alone… wonder if Fionna is having a better time than I am." Finn said while at the same time…

Deep in a monster filled Dungeon…

Currently Fionna was really groaning as she was getting forced against a wall by Dawn who formed a cock and was fucking Fionna's pussy relentlessly after a successful dungeon run and boy where the duo heated given how Dawn teased her mercilessly sometimes and thanks to the slain monster nearby ripping their clothes off… well one thing led to another and it led to this as Dawn was really giving Fionna the works while she held Fionna's ass to keep her from falling as she growls with each thrust of her hips.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Fionna groans loudly as she wraps her arms and legs around Dawn.

"Oh yeah!... gonna make you my fucking bitch!... such a tight pussy!... fucking tight!... going to cum!" Dawn growled out as she thrusts her hips harder as her cock easily bashed into Fionna's womb again and again while Dawn fought back her climax until…

Fionna groans loudly before she climaxed hard on Dawn's cock while hugging her more.

Dawn snarls as she forced her cock balls deep in Fionna and came beyond hard inside of Fionna's womb making it bloat big time as sperm flowed out of Fionna's pussy around Dawn's cock.

Fionna groans more as her climax got stronger thanks to that.

Once Dawn rides out her orgasm, she grips Fionna on the back of the head and smashes her lips on Fionna's in a surprisingly passionate way.

Fionna was shocked by that action but all that pleasure from earlier caused her to melt before she kissed Dawn back.

After this happened, Dawn pulled back and grins at Fionna with a fanged grin.

"Hehe, shame I can't Vamp you yet, you would be fucking adorable with fangs… but you can bet that sexy ass I'll be making it very hard for others to claim you when I outfuck them all… ready for more my sexy bunny themed warrior?" Dawn asked when she grins at Fionna in a dominating way.

Fionna blushes brightly for a bit.


"Good… because I'm FAR from done." Dawn said as she got ready to fuck Fionna more but loud thumps made them look over and they saw… well… a demonic Cat demon with a leg that somehow stayed near its body… looks like the Demon Cat from the Cavern of the Crystal eye so either it was this place and this was the Demon Cat or this one one hell of a coincidence… taking bets on either or!

"Well hello there." The demonic cat said with a grin.

Dawn blinks at this when she was a little confused.

"Who are you?" Dawn asked while she got a feeling the Demon Cat was talking with her mainly since she had a cat like scent.

"Wouldn't you like to know, Dawn… daughter of the Vampire Cat Queen." Demon Cat said.

"Hmmm… close… mom isn't a Cat but she is a Vampire Queen… my dad is the Lion Vampire King… I think I heard about you from this place… one of the guardians of the Crystal eye correct?... well sorry for intruding but we came here to just see sights… that monster guy over there was a mad monster who just wanted a good meal and we defended ourselves… got a bit of loot from him so as long as you don't give us trouble, we don't mind leaving since I got a cutie here to really wow in a bed… if your worked up though, I don't mind if you join in but if your almost correct about things… you should know trying anything funny will give you an instant 80% to 100% chance of guessing what I'll do to kill you… so truce?" Dawn said when she smirks at the Demon Cat when she saw a large hardon on him from him staring at her breasts and ass and the noises earlier left little to the imagination.

The Demon cat was thoughtful for a second.

"Very well. Truce."

"Hehe good… now get that cock over here and lets have some fun with this sexy adventurer here… who knows… we may come by if you can impress us… maybe invite your friends next time as long as they are not rude like that guy." Dawn said while she points at the corpse of the monster with her thumb before she used a spell to destroy the body so it wouldn't leave a rotting smell while Fionna just realized after coming down from her pleasure high she would be having more sex and this time with the Demon Cat of the Crystal Eye it seems with Dawn the Cat Vampire Queen.

Demon Cat grins when he saw Fionna.

"Hello again… Franky the Human Girl."

"Oh come on!" Fionna said.

"Franky?... look if you want to have fun with us… at least get her name right before you join in otherwise I'll keep this fine piece of ass all to myself and just leave you with a painful hardon." Dawn said when she grins as she got ready to pick up Fionna while DC saw Dawn's shapely ass.

"Okay okay. Fionna the Human Girl." DC said.

Dawn smirks as she dismissed her cock.

"Good kitty… now get over here and let Fionna and I take care of that hardon and you return the favor… and who knows… I could deal with that Crystal Eye for good… maybe make a barrier so strong only beings of my level can break through… could have you and some interesting people live at the Treefort… wide open area so Guardian Angel can fly… large pond that is bigger than it looks so Bucket Knight can be content there with sexy Water Nymphs… and you could live in the treefort or near it and get access to plenty of pussy… and my pussy sister's pussies hehe… got many sisters though Finn has a claim on one… there are others just as sexy as I." Dawn said when she knelt on the ground next to Fionna while she and Fionna wait for DC to approach.

"Hmmm… like the sound of that." DC said with a grin before he approached the duo.

As Dawn smirks, Fionna had a thought when she watched DC approach and well… while not human she could definitely see muscle where it counts and a massive cock that was well over 13 inches and 2 in width… even had a cat head down there that wiggles like a snake a bit.

'Okay… despite what he almost tried to do to me and Finn before… his cock is… impressive.' Fionna thought while blushing.

Though before more could be seen, the scene fades to black for now… either a small time jump will happen or a lemon will be seen in the dungeon… either way… seems things will get very interesting very soon for many sides.

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