Blood is Thicker Than Bonds @atomskthepirateking
Chapter 2

The Intro showed TME and Atomsk while they were going over dusty stories that haven't been worked on in a long time and TME coughed when he accidentally knocked a story off a shelf and dust was kicked up around his head while Atomsk noticed the story that fell had a title showing, Blood is thicker then Bonds.

"Oh dude… look at this." Atomsk said after picking the story up and show it to TME.

TME after he recovered from the coughing fit noticed and saw the story.

"Oh yeah, been awhile since we last updated that, the story where the VK and Marceline made a deal to have some kids and stuff and thanks to that snowball effect, Marceline is now in a complicated situation between the VK and Finn right now while she has many daughters with the VK who will be coming to Ooo to visit Marceline for her up and coming birthday, we had a lemon with Marceline and Finn but who knows how that kind of romance will play out since a deal is still in effect on the VK or Morlock having one final kid with Marceline before their deal is done." TME said when he remembered some things more or less.

"Yes indeed. At least things are peaceful with Marceline and Bubblegum. And let's not forget that Emerald made an appearance both in the past and now present. Plus he saved Phoebe from a mad Golem. Though Bubblegum will be in big trouble when she dies. Also, Finn and Fionna's mom is coming to Ooo with the other humans and Vamps that were watching them. And on that note… Finn has to tell Bubblegum about the deal with Huntress." Atomsk said.

"Yeah… going to need to reread this so we can really get into this later but what was the deal again?" TME asked while he rubbed his head in some genuine confusion.

"For Finn and Huntress?... Pretty sure Huntress was making sure Finn gets better at tier 15 and in exchange, Huntress gets Finn's essence for her spells and what not." Atomsk said.

"Ah… I'll need to reread this chapter just in case but I'm starting to remember something with Finn and Huntress… in fact yeah I read the end of the last chapter and we have Finn and Marceline ending a Lemon and getting ready to face the music from Bubblegum after Finn comes clean about her." TME said as he wondered if he got the important part out of the way.

"Hmmm correct… unless we have Finn face the music himself since Marceline already had her punishment hehe. Plus I remember adding new plot ideas if you look down there." Atomsk said before showing TME the ideas.

"I saw, though given the context, Huntress maybe sex friends at best so not exactly a break up, then again some people may not like that so might as well just have Huntress play the field, who knows, someone else could get Huntress but until then she has fun with Finn." TME said when he thought of a few issues the readers would have with Finn technically *Breaking up* with Huntress.

"Hmmm… but wouldn't say a break up per say but we're getting off track. Wanna just start the chapter?" Atomsk said.

"Yeah, feels like we are just dragging this out… want to start when the group wakes or just skip to when Finn and Marceline pay Bubblegum a Visit and start this while cutting some fluff?" TME suggests since the chapter could start two ways from here.

"Hmmm… let's go with the waking up part." Atomsk said.

"Right… might as well be funny as well." TME said as he snapped his fingers and the scene blinked to the Treefort as the sun was rising though thanks to special curtains Finn's room, no light was entering the room thanks to one occupant there.

Ooo/Treefort/ Finn's room/ Marceline, Finn

The scene showed Finn as he was cuddling with Marceline in his sleep while she was doing the same in her unrestrained form, the main reason for it was that she wanted to fit in thinner outfits but thanks to getting some new clothes, she didn't have to do that anymore.

The duo continues to sleep peacefully without any disruptions whatsoever.

However all good things must come to an end because a void of sorts opened up and a child like figure emerged… they had grey skin, short black hair with cute cat ears on their head, and resembled Marceline as a child greatly though it could be a trick to let people get their guard down though she wore a cute looking dress that looked a bit like a midevil gown.

She smiles when she saw Marceline and blinks when she saw Finn and frowns before she smirks when she moved to get over Finn while pulling out something from behind her though she didn't seem to have pockets and gently poked his face a few times to rouse him from his sleep.

Finn lightly groans as swats away before trying to sleep.

The girl rolled her eyes and continues to poke Finn while she was relentless in waking him.

That did the trick as he groans in annoyance before opening his eyes a bit.

"H-Hey… Knock it… off?" Finn said as his eyes opened more when he saw the girl.

The Girl waved with a smirk and Finn saw that she had a pie in her hands… this caused Finn's eyes to shut right before the girl slammed the pie on Finn's face which caused him to bounce off the bed while Marceline woke with a startled look as the girl laughed up a storm as Finn groans on the ground.

"What the… Finn? You okay?" Marceline said.

Finn was able to get up and remove a bit of pie away.

"Nope… I just got pied…*spits*... By this girl."

The Girl laughed a bit more as Finn looked ridiculous to her.

"Hehe, yeah well that's what you get for laying in bed with mom instead of dad, pretty sure he will be mad if he sees you in Mom's arms." The girl said while Marceline frowns.

"Lunar!, what have I told you about pranking people while they are asleep and stuff… you really should wake a person first so they know what hits them, not only that this is Finn, pretty sure you already know about him and the situation we have." Marceline said making the girl, now Lunar jolt while she rubbed her arm a bit.

Finn was finally able to clean his face before looking at Lunar.

"Yeah… Also already met Morlock and don't think he will be bothered since I'm technically mortal."

Lunar blinks at that before she narrowed her eyes.

"Really?, well if Dad's cool with his guess I can't complain, though try and not make mom here cry or something, names Lunar Abadeer, as my name implies I got the Moon's regeneration backing me and I know more about magic then my other sisters, also got some of the Hirophant's shapeshifting to a lesser extent so I can make a form that saves me power when needed." Lunar said with a cute frown on her face while she floats over to sit in Marceline's nude lap while not caring that she was looking at a nude Finn… what did Lunar look like really?... last thing Finn remembered Marceline only had a kid once every 100 years so if Lunar looked like this by choice… how old was she and what is her real form?

"Right… but don't worry… Not gonna make Marceline cry for anything." Finn said with a serious look.

"You better, Mom is a pretty cool lady and I don't want anyone to make her feel sad again." Lunar said as she looks up at her mom with a smile.

Marceline did smile a bit.

"Well don't worry kiddo. Finn has been there for me for a long time. We have some... moments… but we make it work."

"Good, would hate to put this guy in an horror based illusion that would make Dad even cringe from… and since he is hard to shake up… should speak alot on my skills." Lunar said while she gave Finn a half lidded look when she gave the idea of how scary her illusions were if it got a reaction from the normally stoic Morlock.

Finn blinked a bit when he had trouble believing that this girl would make the King of Vampires cringe.

Marceline noticed the look and gave Finn a half lidded look.

"Don't you dare say anything Finn on Lunar's skills, I can vouch for her on her illusions, only beings who can top her are talent inclined wizards who pretty much live and breath illusions or Succubuses and incubuses who are naturally natural with them… it would be like hit with… 10 times the trauma of when you wore dads amulet so that should say something." Marceline said when she had a look that showed she wasn't kidding.

Finn jolts a bit after hearing that.

"O-Okay… Message received."

"Good… anyway Lunar Sweety, if you are here, would that mean your sisters are here as well?, Dawn is crashing here so wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say if you got here, a sister or two would have followed." Marceline said while Lunar looked thoughtful.

"Well, Queen and Trickster tagged along but they went around to explore somewhat, think they wanted to see what the land of Ooo was like before coming here so they asked me to say hey for them and will see you in a few hours." Lunar said while Finn could guess what kind of attribute that made up the new Vampiresses… for Queen most likely the Empress and Trickster… well most likely the Fool though what combos he had no idea though he raised a hand.

"Um… just to check but are those names just titles or actual names?" Finn asked while Lunar rolled her eyes.

"Could be both, unless mom or they give the OK I don't tell the names of my sisters so easily, names have power in magical circles so better safe than sorry." Lunar said while it seemed like she didn't trust Finn.

Though a new voice did get their attention… well newish, Finn already heard this voice before.

"Really?, even after hearing how heroic Finn is and that mom trusts him?" Dawn said as she floats into the room after she used some kind of phasing spell so she didn't have to open the door and looks amused when she saw the nude Finn on the ground covered in pie.

"I see you got pranked by Lunar, sorry about her, she does that to people she hasn't warmed up to yet." Dawn said when she used a spell to clean Finn off with a snap of her fingers.

"Well… no worries. I kinda expected where she got that trait from." Finn said as he glances at Marceline.

Marceline chuckles a bit while Dawn smirks.

"Yet you love mom all the for it… so Danille and Jenene are here huh?, nice to know." Dawn said while Lunar looked shocked.

"S-Sis!, your saying their names!?" Lunar said while Dawn shrugged.

"Yeah, Finn's cool enough to know, besides if push comes to shove maybe an interesting dad in law if things get that far with mom hehe." Dawn teased as she grins at Lunar.

Lunar was flabbergasted.

"B-But… mom has dad." She said which made Finn narrows his eyes.

"Hey… I can see that you like Marcy and… your dad being together but don't sell me short. I'm a nice guy if you get to know me. I think I can be the perfect guy for your mom. We have great history. I can tell you the things I did to save her. Like keeping her from the clutches of her dumb ex. Saving her from her dad's amulet."

"Yeah so Lunar… consider this an order from the eldest sibling to you the youngest sincere you are 100… stick with Finn for 24 hours if you can and try and not send him into a void of terror and torment, I mean you kinda owe him a bit since you did Pie him just now and mom's birthday is coming up so better to get to know Finn now then later and stuff." Dawn said when she grins at her sister.

Lunar pouts a bit.

"Okay fine… I'll give him a chance. But if he makes mom cry or worse… what illusion I gave to dad... will be much worse."

"Fair enough but do us all a favor so Finn doesn't get confused if you hit on someone who looks like they could be Dad's age… please take a more adult form… your over 100 for Globs sake and pretty sure you don't need to save power here, things are not as deadly here as they are back home." Dawn said when she gave her little sister a half lidded look.

"Wait… real form?" Finn said with a confused look as he looks at Lunar.

"What?, didn't I say it before?, got a lesser extent of the Hirophants powers so I can shapeshift into a smaller form that helps me save power." Lunar said as she floats up and starts to reshape her body to a more adult form, though her hair was much shorter then Marceline or Dawn's hairstyle while her cat ears pointed more upwards then usual and her outfit shapeshifted with Lunar to look like a royal ball gown and Luners figure was more modest with her having C cup breasts, but the rest of her figure was hidden by the puffy nature of the outfit she wore while she smiles at her mother when she lands on her feet, she used magic to float around since she didn't have the fools natural floating powers.

Finn was a bit surprised when he saw that.

'Damn… I feel like all of Marceline's kids gained her good looks… Would our… daughter be like her too?' He thought before blushing when he imagines him and Marceline making a family.

Though as he had that thought, Dawn smirks when she looks at her mom.

"Oh and mom… Dad's here and he ran into Jupiter, seems she wanted to try and surprise you on the wake up call with a spear thrown through a nearby wall but Dad stopped her and is keeping her restrained, seems she is excited about the party… oh and Finn, she is a sister, Lunar is 100, I'm 800, Jupiter is 600, she is more battle inclined then most and may want to swap stories with you… however three things to know, 1, she is a bit of a trinity, some of the powers she has actually comes from not only the Moon, but she also has the Hirophant but she mostly gets her powers from her soul sucking ability, only power I didn't get from mom, so Jupiter has a habit of absorbing powerful souls for more power, or to be exact skills, she may have more then me in terms of ability number." Dawn said when she grins at Finn.

"Oh and she is pretty flirty with people who catch her fancy thanks to her having a more lioness like nature then the rest of us so she may try and flirt with you so if you find yourself alone with her be careful, not like any of us would care if you want to try and get one of my sisters as your own along with mom since Dad has a harem back home of sorts given him being a lion and all and its in their nature to have a number of females around them, but just a word of warning… she is more aggressive then mom so try and not think she will hold back in her actions." Dawn said while she grins at the look on Finn's face.

Finn blinks a bit after hearing that.

"Um… good to know. Though not sure if I see myself… claiming one of your sisters since I have Marcy and PB." He said.

"Oh?... And I suppose a certain wood nymph you have tier 15 with isn't one of you ladies?" Marceline said with a smirk.

"Wait… this human cheated on you!?" Lunar said while it looked like she got a very wrong idea about things and looked livid.

Finn had his hands up in defense.

"W-Wait! I'm not technically cheating on your mom. I was just… learning the tiers so I can… impress Marcy." He said while blushing.

Before Lunar could say anything else… she froze when Dawn had a tone of authority to her voice.

"Enough Lunar… who cares if Finn has other women to fool around with... he is Mortal and Mom isn't so not only is she more experienced, this human isn't so he can learn more, Mom has Dad in the long run if she sticks with him so who cares if Finn fools around… or are you going to say dad's way of life is pretty much wrong as well?... not only that as long as Mom is the main lady is Finn's life… probably pretty high given that she hangs around him a lot, chances are they maybe momentary flings compared to his romance with mom here so either calm down… or I'll make you." Dawn said when she had enough of this and a pressure filled the room mainly on Lunar.

Lunar pales a bit after hearing that.

"Y-Yes… Dawn."

Dawn recalled the pressure she emitted and smiles at Lunar.

"Good… besides humans are not so bad, Finn's sister is pretty cute so I may try and get to know her, you may want to join in, we could have fun with her if she is worked up and stuff since she most likely heard everything he and mom did last night." Dawn said before she walked out of the room.

"W-Wait what?" Finn said as he and Marceline was now blushing in embarrassment since Fionna heard them.

Though no one said it, this was gonna be a very awkward breakfast.

A moment later, Lunar clears her throat before she floats to the door.

"W-Well… I'll see you two below, I'll try and keep my adult form while I'm in Ooo as long as there is no danger present." Lunar said before she exits the room and left Finn and Marceline alone.

"Boy… that was awkward." Finn said.

"No kidding… lets get ready so we can deal with the drama later with Bonnie… might as well face the music though might as well keep me as head lady if you ever keep a harem with Huntress in it hehe." Marceline said when she teased Finn as she got up from the bed and floats to the bathroom after grabbing some panties and clothing.

Finn blushes after hearing that.

'Too bad Huntress and I aren't technically dating. Though after my… *gulp*... talk with PB, I may have to end our little arrangement.' He thought.

The time then went to a bit later to show a dressed Marceline and Finn as they came down to the lobby to see Morlock while he had a bound woman similar looking to Dawn while she struggles to get free of the ropes to no avail while Jake was wide eyed and freaked out when he hid behind Cake on seeing so many Vampires here while Dawn and Lunar sat near Morlock.

"Uhhh… hey guys." Finn said to the group.

This caused everyone to look at Finn in unison which made him jolt before Fionna waved at her brother.

"Hey Bro… sleep well?" Fionna said while she had a slightly tired look on her face… seems Finn kept her up or something.

Finn sweatdrops a bit.

"Well yeah but… sorry." He said.

"Yeah… if I ever have anyone in my room and keep you awake… you owe me one keeping your trap shut kind of favor to make us even… took me hours to sleep." Fionna said while she gave Finn a tired look.

Finn sweatdrops again as the vampire in Morlock's hold struggles.

"Hey mom. Tell pops to let me go."

Marceline rolled her eyes when she looks at her third eldest daughter.

"Will you promise not to try and throw things into buildings as a form of greetings here Jupiter?" Marceline asked when she raised her eyebrow at the now identified Jupiter… she had ebony skin like Dawn, she had blondish hair like her father and had catlike eyes instead of Vampire looking ones and she had a long cat tail to boot to compliment her cat ears on her head… her figure was hidden thanks to the ropes binding her in place.

Jupiter sweatdrops at the look.

"Y-Yeah… I'll stop the surprise greetings." She said before having this thought.


Marceline hums when she looks at her daughter before sighing.

"Alright Morlock you can let her go, but try and keep an eye on her here since I don't want her busting up this place." Marceline said as Morlock nods his head and with a snap of his fingers, Jupiter was free and Finn could see that out of the sisters… she was surprisingly the one with the Thicccest figure with a figure surpassing even her mother with E cup breasts and wide hips, honestly it was a bit surprising hearing she was the most battle savvy of the sisters, then again with the Moon and Hirophant powers, along with the soul sucking she got, not too surprising if she liked a well rounded figure to go with her flirty nature.

As Finn lightly blushes, Jupiter noticed before grinning at Finn.

"Well, hello handsome." She said before walking towards the human.

When that happened Dawn rolled her eyes and she smirks when she used her powers to make a force field before Finn so when Jupiter got close… she walked right into the invisible wall with a painful impact.

"Ow! What the ball Dawn?!" Jupiter said before rubbing her nose.

"Just a reminder that even if we are Lionesses, Mom still has a claim on this human if she claims him as her own, need to go through her first before you can try and wow Finn here." Dawn said when she points a thumb at their mother.

Jupiter pouts before looking at her mom.

Marceline looks amused when she saw that.

"Hey considering I'm technically in a relationship with Bonnie, can't exactly deny my daughters if they want to try and get with Finn or anyone related to him here however Bonnie may have a bone to pick with Finn here since he was technically cheating on Bonnie and I with a Wood Nymph called Huntress… long story and I'm not mad and neither should all of you, guy did it to try and impress me with more experience and stuff." Marceline said when she couldn't really fight this but she would do her damnedess to make this as funny as possible.

Besides Dawn and Lunar, everyone else's eyes blinked before looking at the human making Finn jolt.

"Bro… you cheated Marceline and PB with Huntress?!" Jake said.

"You devious two timer." Jupiter said with a grin.

Finn felt cornered.

"Guys it's not cheating. Huntress was showing me the ropes on tier 15."

"Uh Finn… it's still cheating." Fionna said.

"Not unless there's a date, Fionna." Finn countered.

"Uhh… guys… again, I could care less if Finn pretty much bangs every woman not related to him, its Bonnie I'm worried about since she found out recently about me and my kids… pretty sure if anyone has a bone to pick with Finn it her… now unless anyone wants to give Finn grief when its pretty obvious Bonnie will give him some, please, act like asses later when the drama dies down as a birthday gift to me or something?" Marceline said when she shook her head at how ridiculous this was.

Everyone, besides Morlock, rubs the back of their heads.

"Well I don't speak for all but… you have my condolences Finn." Morlock said.

"Yeah baby… good luck." Cake said while she formed a hat like bit in her hand and placed it on her head before she removed it to place it on her chest like she was mourning Finn.

"Yeah… thanks guys." Finn said.

"I'll get some ice ready just in case." Fionna said as she walked to the kitchen and Morlock was just quiet though he did look at Marceline.

"Better go with him just in case that Ice is needed for something unintended." Morlock said to give his two cents.

Marceline sweatdrops.

"Oh I'm definitely gonna be there just in case."

"Good… I feel… pity… for this human of yours, better make sure he doesn't get traumatized by that gummy lover of yours… may pay her a bit when she cools down and pay my respects." Morlock said as he rubbed his chin.

Marceline blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Right… but just in case I'll make sure to be there too."

"Right… I'll make sure Jupiter doesn't total this place while you two are gone." Morlock said while he points at Cake.

"Oh and the cat made breakfast for everyone, you two woke late so the others ate earlier, your food is in the refrigerator." Morlock said while he crossed his arms a moment later.

Finn and Marceline perked up before Finn went to the fridge and took out two plates.

"Neat. Thanks Cake." Finn said before he went to heat up Marceline's meat first.

While that happened, Marceline sat near Morlock and Morlock was quiet for a moment as his daughters moved away for a moment to talk.

"So… how are things here exactly Marceline?, aside from that drama earlier I don't think we talked much." Morlock said as Finn starts to cook the food fully while adding some spices to kick things up a notch while the scent of heated meat slowly filled the room.

Marceline blinked a bit before looking at Morlock.

"Well let's see… Had to deal with certain idiots like my dumb ex, Assh and my dad. But dad and I were able to patch things up. Though he doesn't know about you and our kids which I don't want to deal with the drama if he does since he may try to influence one of them to take his throne. There was this whole mess of crazy Elementals, a war between Bonnie and her uncle. Simon, if you remember me mentioning him, was finally cured from his crown though his girlfriend became the new Golb… and that's it… aside from my relationship with Bonnie and Finn."

"Interesting heard of that Ash fellow, may hunt him down and end him or something since I heard rumors he tried to erase your memory and stuff a few times, or was it once?... either way once is too many times in my book… as for your father, pretty sure I can take him if he tries anything, he maybe Deathless but he is not unbeatable… got plenty of fresh bugmilk stored away and can summon it from my personal refrigerator back home to use… has an enchantment to chrono lock it all so it never expires as well so I'm ready at all times if I have to summon him or send him back… not all battles are won by force, various factors are needed, besides pretty sure if you speak your heart he won't ignore you if you explain your reasons as to why you kept quiet… also heard of various other things but I'm sure a woman of your calibur would have easily subdue anyone during this whole Elemental deal and as for that War I recently heard about… you probably could have ended things rather easily if you got serious so I wasn't worried… as for this Simon and his… former Girlfriend I'm guessing… I'll give my condolences if I ever meet him." Morlock said with a patient always calm look on his face as he listened to Marceline talk.

Marceline did lightly smiles.

"Thanks. Though Simon is still looking for a way to save her. But he visits sometime. As for my ex… Haven't seen him for a while but he did got my memory erased when he tricked my friends but luckily Finn saved me from that or otherwise I might've ended as his slave." She said making Jupiter frown.

"Where is that bastard mom? If I see him, I'll personally shove a spear in his ass." She said before Lunar gave her two cents.

"Not after I put him in a powerful illusion."

"Ladies, Ladies, your thinking short term…" Dawn said as she got a Marcelinesk evil look as she placed her arms around her sisters shoulders.

"Instead of that… why not use a spell to turn the fucker female and make the he turned She our bitch?, pretty sure we can all form cocks and what not and on others with spells so why not get our sisters together and make that kind of meeting one that fucker won't forget when we break them." Dawn said with a fanged grin on her face as she chuckles darkly.

Jupiter and Lunar grins evilly after hearing that as Finn and co almost feel sorry for Ash… emphasis on almost since the donk has it coming for a long time.

Marceline chuckled.

"That's my girl." She said before looking at Morlock.

"As for the elemental thing… I would subdue them but… when Ooo changed everyone changed…"

"Uh yeah… you turned into a marshmallow type person. In fact, here's a pic of that." Jake said before showing Marceline her marshmallow form making the vampire Queen feel embarrassed.

"Jake?! Why do you have that?!" She said.

"Its a unique memory that won't happen again." Jake defended while Dawn, Lunar, and Jupiter all saw the image and had blushes on their faces.

"Wow mom… you're adorable in that form." Dawn teased when she couldn't help herself in messing with her mother.

"Yeah mom. Talk about sweet looking." Jupiter said as she snickered as Lunar got the photo from Jake and shows it to Morlock before Marceline could stop it.

Morlock noticed and lightly chuckles.

"Sweet indeed… must have been an interesting time with the candy princess if you ever roleplayed for her… or if not could use that form to try and ease things with Finn here so he won't be in hot water… just an idea." Morlock said as he pulled out a phone that he had and after a moment… he had the picture sent to his phone just now after passing Jake's phone back to him.

Marceline blinked a bit.

"You did not just copy that picture."

"Oh… I did… what are you going to do about it?" Morlock said while he smirks a little at Marceline as he pockets the Phone before Marceline could try and take it.

Marceline raised an eyebrow and it looked like she was gonna do something before Finn came by and brought her plate.

"Here you go Marcy. Also brought some ketchup." Finn said.

Morlock smirks when Marceline took the food and when she starts to eat, she gave him a slight glare while Morlock looks amused as he stands up.

"Oh don't worry, I won't go spreading this around, but this should be an interesting form to roleplay as when we have our fun later, think of this as a one time pic… if you take this form for me during one of our fun moments… I'll delete it no problem… if not… I'll just keep it as an amusing reminder of this adventure you had." Morlock said before he starts walking away while he got his usual stoic look though he did have a slight, ever so slight smirk on his face to show he was greatly amused.

Marceline, though blushes, facepalms after seeing Morlock left before Marceline frowns at Jake.

"Thanks a lot Jake."

"Hey, not my fault, your moon themed daughter took my phone before I could do anything." Jake said as some form of defense.

Marceline rolls her eyes and went back to eating her meal.

Finn sweatdrops at this situation while he ate his own meal, Cake made Marceline's food extra bloody or more red themed then Finn's so he made sure it wasn't too cooked so Marceline can enjoy her meal.

It wasn't long before Finn and Marceline were done.

"Ah, that hit the spot." Finn said.

"Yeah, pretty good food Cake, you really should be a pro chef or something, could make a killing if you ever retire from adventuring." Marceline said with a fanged grin as Cake scoffed and grins at Marceline.

"Girl, I'm too young to be thinking of that now, maybe if I'm ever a mom cat or something, but until then I'm adventuring with Fionna for life." Cake said when she grins at her sister.

Fionna chuckled.

"Amen to that." She said before she and Cake high fived each other.

Marceline chuckles at the sight before she looks at Finn.

"Ready to face the music Finn?, could do what Morlock said and use my Marshmaline the Campfire Queen form or something to try and seduce her from her anger." Marceline said as Dawn hums.

"Hoo… so there was a name for that form huh?, interesting to know." Dawn said before she shapeshifted into an exact double of Marshmaline the Campfire Queen, complete with a summoned Banjo that appeared out of nowhere while Marceline facepalms again.

"Ugh, why did I mention that name around you." Marceline said as she regrets a lot already as *Marshmaline* floats around the room while playing a decent tune on the banjo.

"Sorry mom." Dawn said with a sing song voice.

Marceline rolled her eyes as Dawn stayed in the Marshmaline form for a bit before Dawn looks at Fionna.

"Hehe, so what do you think?, could mix this in with my usual bits but think this form looks cute?" Dawn teased while two cat ear like bits and a cat tail appeared from the Marshmaline form and she smirks at Fionna when she floats near her.

Fionna gulps a bit as she couldn't help but blush since Dawn did look cute in that.

That made Jupiter chuckle.

"Judging from that look, I say she likes it."

Dawn chuckles before she returns to normal.

"Nice… anyway Lunar, while Mom and Finn are busy with Bubblegum and what not, you go get the sisters rounded up and explain we are about to have a new shared bitch soon… maybe trained well and given as a birthday present to mom for a day so she can get some sweet sweet revenge… the day is if she can't stand to be around the new bitch so we get a shared toy all for ourselves… Jupiter, you tag along with Mom and Finn just in case, with so many Vampires here we maybe giving other Vampires the wrong idea and they may come out of hiding and cause trouble, not many here are under our rule so they may try something if Finn is alone being one of the only humans in Ooo at this point in time." Dawn said when she grins at her sisters.

Lunar nods her head with determination as Jupiter grins.

"Nice I get to follow mom and this hunk here." She said making Finn jolt.

"Hehe, easy there Jup, don't want to scare off this cute human guy right?, remember last time when you came on too strong with this other crush and you sent a boulder with a note through his wall confessing your feelings and he went into hiding after that?" Dawn said with half humor/half warning to her easily excitable and more lustful sister.

Finn and co blinked as Jupiter pouts.

"I thought we agreed not to talk about that sis."

"Hey just giving a reminder not to come on too strong when starting out… get to know the guy first and get his trust before you get your claws into him, helped me when getting a few guys and gals in the past, who knows, given Finn's disposition of seemingly liking strong ladies, show him a good time later if he gets the all clear for a harem of his own and you maybe able to tag team him with mom." Dawn said while she smirks at her sister with crossed arms.

Finn blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Wait what?"

"Oh don't try to hide it Mr. Two Timer. You're in a relationship with mom and this Bubble lady and don't get me started on that secret Huntress lady." Lunar said with crossed arms.

"For the love of Glob." Finn said as he facepalms.

"Hey if its any consolation, all of us sisters are technically part Vampire, part demon, and part lioness, that last part pretty much means we don't exactly care if someone has fun elsewhere, helps with experience and stuff." Dawn explained as she points a thumb at Lunar.

"Did you know Lunar is pretty near Jupiter's level when it comes to lust?, when she is not in her shrunken form she is normally keeping an eye out for any fun moments to relieve her stress." Dawn said when she smirks at her sister.

Lunar blushes a bit.

"You didn't have to say that Dawn."

"Hey, considering your bullying Finn here figured I should let him know about your own affairs to be fair." Dawn said when she sounds amused.

Lunar blushes again before making a hmph sound and turns her head.

Dawn chuckles a bit before she looks at Finn.

"Eh just ignore her if you can, she just needs to find a man or woman who can keep up with her in the bedroom… anyway you and mom should get going instead of sitting here and listening to us bicker." Dawn said when she used a spell to bring Finn's backpack to him and his currently set sword on the bag.

Finn sighs a bit after grabbing his bag.

"Good luck bro." Jake said before hugging Finn.

"I'll see you on the other side." He said.

Finn really hoped it was on the other side of the door with that before a nervous Finn and Marceline exit the house and Dawn clapped her hands.

"Alright Jup, get to following Finn, and Lunar get to rounding up the sisters, might as well speed up the process more or less." Dawn said when she looks at her sisters and Lunar rolled her eyes as she used a spell to open a portal.

"Yeah yeah, I'll see you two later." Lunar said before she entered it and the portal closed behind her.

"Hehe, catch you later sis." Jupiter said as she follows Finn and Marceline.

Thankfully she knew how to use the sunless room, but Jupiter followed with an item of her own that acted as shade, it looked like a weird looking upbrella that… had blades that acted as the shade?

Dawn however chuckles before she looks at Fionna and Cake and Jake.

"Looks like its just us now since Dad is probably just exploring the place and stuff, got anything to do here or got places to be?" Dawn asked when she looks at the trio.

"Well actually,it'll just be you three since I promise Lady I spend time with her and…" Jake said before his eyes widened when he saw the time.

"Oh snap gotta go." He said before he started running out of the treefort.

"And then there were three… so… what are you two going to do?, dungeon diving or something?, think I can tag along or is a Vampire Queen not allowed to join?" Dawn said while she grins at the duo.

The duo blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Well Fi and I were gonna locate a new dungeon. What do you think Fi?" Cake said.

Fionna was thoughtful.

"Well… some extra hands wouldn't hurt if we face a new strong monster."

"Great… might as well get my adventure gear on." Dawn said and before Fionna or Cake could ask what gear, Dawn snapped her fingers and her outfit changed instantly to something not only practical for an adventurer but showed off a lot of skin to boot with short shorts and a tank top, socks with black boots, and she wore a trench coat on her body while she had a small hat on her head, she had various gadgets and what not on her body like various belts to hold small weapons and what not while she had a epic one handed sword in her hand while she examined it for a moment.

It was a single edged weapon with a curve instead of it being a straight two edge, it was unlike most weapons and it remined Fionna and Cake of Finn's grass sword when he used to have it in shape alone.

"W-Wow." Fionna said as she and Cake were surprised at the gear Dawn had.

"Thanks, I had to do a few things to pass the time and what better then kick monster butt?" Dawn asked as she grins at Fionna and winked at her.

Fionna blushes at the wink.

"R-Right… Let's get going."

Cake however looks amused when she saw all this.

"Actually Fi, I just remembered I have something to do today, I'll see you later so you and Dawn have fun in a dungeon or two." Cake said before she stretched out of the Treefort which left her and Dawn alone before Fionna could say anything.

"Hehe… and then there were two." Dawn teased while she placed the sword at her side.

"Y-Yeah." Fionna said but had this thought.

'D-Did Cake just…' She thought but knew the obvious.

Seems Cake ditched her, though… Fionna had a pretty good idea as to why since it looked like Dawn was flirting with her a lot… and with Dawn being part cat or Lioness, Cake didn't think badly of her.

Fionna lightly blushes before looking at Dawn.

Dawn looks at Fionna while she looks amused.

"Well come on hero girl, lead the way to an epic dungeon so we can have fun taking some bad guys out for treasure." Dawn said with a confident fanged grin on her face.

Fionna was able to regain her composure.

"Right. Let's get to it." She said before she gestures Dawn to follow her.

Dawn smirks when she followed and as this went on, the scene went away from Finn and the others for now to go to Emerald and Phoebe since at this time, a day passed sense their meeting and Emerald was riding in Phoebe's carriage again.

Fire Kingdom/ Carriage/ Emerald, Phoebe, Baby Dragon

Emerald was humming as he was looking out of the carriage while the baby dragon slept nearby on the floor while Phoebe sat before him.

Phoebe was a bit quiet for a moment.

"So… did you rest well last night?"

"Hmmm?, oh yeah I did, granted laying on fiery rocks were new, but not the worst thing I slept on." Emerald said with a smile on his face.

"I see…" She said though the Queen of Flames did want to ask Emerald something.

"So… what made you work for Death besides being his grandson?"

Emerald in turn blinks at the question before he glanced at Phoebe.

"Huh… what brought that question up if I may be so bold as to ask?" Emerald said since that question came out of nowhere to him.

"Just curious. I mean, we haven't had much interaction since yesterday so I thought to get to know you better." Phoebe said.

"Hoho… careful someone may think the wrong thing with the way you said that." Emerald said in a teasing way as he grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe blushes before having a half lidded look.

"Not like that." She said.

Emerald chuckles when he leaned back in his seat.

"Alright… I can talk but I want to ask one thing… are you sure you want the answer?, with your honesty policy still in effect I'm unable to lie about certain details and things can get pretty gory or dramatic." Emerald warned while losing his smile and had a serious look in his eyes.

Phoebe blinked a bit after hearing that but thought that Emerald was exaggerating.

"Policy or not, I want to know."

"Alright… but first tell me… do you know what a stillborn is?" Emerald asked with a curious look in his eyes.

Phoebe blinked in confusion.

"Still… born?" She said.

"Alright… final chance before I explain what a stillborn is and how it pertains to me… still want to know?... last chance before you find out something shocking about me." Emerald said when he really had a serious look on his face.

Phoebe blinked at the look before having a serious look on her face.

"Not backing down."

"Alright… remember I tried to warn you… a stillborn is a baby born without any kind of lifesign at all to show that they are a living breathing baby… either from complications at birth or from other factors… point is a stillborn is a baby who is pretty much birthed like normal… but when in fact they are pretty much dead before they even have their first breath of life… I was one of the rare cases years ago and thanks to that I was raised more or less in the Dead world… I'm technically a Zombie/ Vampire Hybrid if you really want to put a classification on me, I can explain how a Vampire hybrid can be stillborn and undead but I was technically half human… meaning half alive… and that half died and my infant body at the time couldn't take the stress and it and pretty much shut down..." Emerald said with a serious look on his face to show he wasn't kidding.

Phoebe's eyes widened after hearing all of that.

"Oh my Glob." She said.

"Hehe, yeah… pretty intense already… but thats just the small stuff since I'm technically not supposed to be here… want to hear more or did finding out what I am freak you out of a interesting story." Emerald said while he looks somewhat amused by the look on Phoebe's face.

Phoebe was able to regain her composure.

"W-Well I'm shocked but not freaked out. How did your parents handle this?"

"Well poorly at first, but thanks to me being with Grandma and Grandpa, my body was brought to them though there were two conditions to revive me… one was that under normal circumstances I can't leave the Dead world and two… once I got old enough I was supposed to take a test to see if I can be Death's replacement so for most of my life, I was stuck in Death's domain as one of the few living beings there who was technically not living… I'll skip most things and say that thanks to how the Dead world is, well… death is not the end there, most souls just reform elsewhere… if anything happened to me or anyone of importance… they would revive in special pools that Gramps has set up and with Grandma's aid… and let me put it to you like this… because of me not wanting to be forced to be gramp's successor, I've tried to escape many times but considering that I couldn't take an easy way out to the mortal realm, I had to fight past many floors of hostile beings with the occasional tortured soul or soul of importance talking with me on the way occasionally when I had a rare break… but point is on those floors I was killed daily and well… I respawned back at Gramps's home…." Emerald explains as the scene flash backed to years ago.

Flashback/ Dead worlds/ Death's domain/ Death's halls

The scene now showed a grand looking building that looked like it would be perfect in a Greek or roman setting, what not many, not even Finn or Jake knew was that Death's meeting point was only the surface of the Dead worlds and this place… Death's halls was at the lowest point.

Inside of the hall was many beings like ghosts doing random things like working in the building, mingling on a break in a lobby, and other things, further back was a place where Death worked when he had to sort souls into going up or down while some assistants of Death worked to help escort or force the souls through various portals into various dead worlds while down one long hall with a pool of water red as blood was seen… this was the place were the important beings were restored and part of it near the shore bubbles and a figure walked out and groans as they rubbed their neck… this was a much younger Emerald, he was 18 at the time and he wore a different outfit.

He wore a long sleeved shirt, a vest with various pockets, long cargo pants, a black belt, and wore black boots.

Emerald was walking down the hall while many souls followed him out of the pool, now considering what was said, why was simple looking souls following Emerald out of an important place like this?... well the answer was simple, Emerald killed them before he was killed and he was walking along the hall before laugher was heard and he looked over to see a man with a book in his hand while he had a pen in hand… he wore a fancy suit and had a tired look on his face as he looks at Emerald.

"Wow, killed by a deranged hammer slammer… really got to watch out for those." The man said as Emerald rolled his eyes.

"Yeah yeah Hypnos… laugh it up." Emerald said when he looks at the man… this man was one of the few globs… or God as Emerald heard, that still existed or worked at all in the natural order and apparently the God and Glob things were classifications on the current globs with past gods to keep confusion at bay.

Hypnos, the God of sleep in Greek mythology, had curly white hair while he had an ever present tired look on his face, he dozed off daily but always had info on every person who dies no matter where and he normally used to wear a red robe of sorts but traded it up for a suit when the Premushroom war changed things.

He also used to be a Greek God, or to be exact a Chthonic god, a god of the underworld, he used to work for a God named Hades but thanks to how things changed, the guy retired and Death was given charge of souls here. (Note from TME: In case no one knows, this setting is highly inspired by the game Hades and past Gods are used alongside Globs to make an interesting combination here, please enjoy the flashback like story here.)

"Sorry kid but you could've seen that coming." Hypnos said.

Emerald grunts from that and walked by an amused Hypnos before the God of sleep fell asleep again while he approached a large desk where Death sat, this desk used to belong to Hades but thanks to some renovations, it was now accommodating Death as he was a bit bored when he sorted out some souls that were sent to him before he noticed Emerald coming from the respawning pool… it had another name, the River Styx.

"Ah, hey kiddo. How goes things? I see you brought in some new souls." Death said.

"More like your workers who pretty much do all they can from letting me get to the Mortal realm and I have to fight my way past them before one kills me and you send these guys back to their positions so they can get in my way again… still don't get why you keep a tight lip on why I can't go the usual routes that you take that don't involve me pretty much being a video game character with a respawn point… freaking randomized dungeons… someone in the past must have been sadistic to make a place like that…" Emerald grumbles as he walks away from Death with a tired look on his face.

'Hehe… now I wonder who would do that?' Death thought as he mentally chuckled.

"You know dear… you look like you're enjoying tormenting our grandchild by having him killed again and again." Death heard from near him and it made him jolt when he recognized the voice.

"O-Oh hello honey… don't know what you mean." Death said as he looks at the mystery figure beside him.

It was Life who was near him, thanks to how the building was made, Life had a room here with Death near his office and she sensed Emerald emerge from the River Styx and she looks at Hypnos.

"Hypnos, what was the cause of Death for Emerald this time?" Life asked as Hypnos jolts when was roused from his sleep.

"W-Wa?... oh Emerald's latest Death?... a Deranged Hammer Slammer ma'am." Hypnos said as Life looks at Death with a half lidded look.

"Really?... I get you want to keep Emerald here but do you really need to have him go through this kind of pain just to learn a sad truth later?" Life cryptically said when she moved to stand near Death as Hypnos went back to sleep.

"Well… no. But I like having the kid here plus not sure how he'll take the truth."

"Yeah well I'm going to make sure he is resting well, may send Maite to his room if he doesn't want to talk with me since he and Maite are friends." Life said as she worried for Emerald's mental health as she starts to walk from Death… he was getting a bit further and further each day but all theses deaths can't be good for Emerald, Emerald didn't want to train to be Death's successor and others were training hard to be Death's successor but Emerald was unintentionally training himself since not even Death's top student would go through the Labyrinth of Death to try and get to the mortal realm.

"Right…" Death said but he mentally chuckled about something.

'Friends indeed.' He thought.

Life as she walked away was walking by many beings, some ghostly of various shapes or species native to the Dead worlds, thanks to there being 50 of them, each with their own habitats and what not but that wasn't important for now, right now Life was walking by a number of beings toward a certain room and Life saw a worried looking woman near the door.

This was Maite, she was a native resident of the Dead worlds and worked for Death not only as head of security but as a Maid as well and she did her job well when called upon either for cleaning for combat.

She was a Hedgehog humanoid but could take a human form thanks to her form being pretty fluid since the human form could be considered a battle form but her usual traits were pink hair with blue highlights and she had a curvasious body that would put most models to shame.

Life smiles when she saw how worried Maite look and cleared her throat as she approached the maid.

Maite jolted before bowing to Life.

"F-Forgive me Lady Life. I didn't see you."

"No worries my dear, how is Emerald?, is he in the mood for visits?" Life asked since Emerald could be in a pretty bad mood sometimes when he was forced back to Death's halls.

"I-I'm not sure. I saw him in a foul mood and was worried on how he'll act." Maite said.

"I see… want me to go in there and see how he is?, maybe I can calm him down if you want to visit him?" Life said while she smirks teasingly at Maite.

Maite blushes a bit from the tease before nodding her head at Life.

Life smiles before she pats Maite on the head and entered the room and she saw Emerald laying on a fancy bed while he was playing some games on an old pre-mushroom war console called a Switch… it was brought here to help Emerald vent and it seemed to work well when he was beating enemies left and right, at least thats what Life could see as she approached Emerald.

"Emerald? Sorry to bother you, but I thought you and I can talk for a bit." Life said.

Emerald looked over and paused the game he was playing before he sat up on the bed.

"Hey Grandma, need something?" Emerald asked while he placed the game console next to him.

"Well I heard what happened and thought you want some cheering up." Life said with a kind smile.

Emerald rubbed his head while he looks at his grandma.

"Sorry about that, was just trying to calm down since that guy who got me earlier got a cheap shot which is why I'm venting… kinda grew numb to the whole getting killed thing and used to pain from all my attempts at getting out of here." Emerald said while he grumbles about massive warhammers and not supposed to be used as a ranged weapon.

"I see… and I can understand why you play these games but maybe talking with someone can also help." Life said.

"Yeah well pretty hard to do that when most people are kiss ups so they won't get on Gramp's bad side, only people who are honest is Hypnos with his honesty, Maite when she fights me on higher floors on Gramp's orders, and the occasional peaceful soul that I run into in the dead world and Xan who trained me like a demon incarnate or the occasion soul that wants to spar a bit in friendly terms… still get flashbacks… and then there are Gramp's successors who give me the stink eye when they think I'm not looking their way… don't even want this kind of job." Emerald said before he shuddered a little and narrowed his eyes when he remembered some looks he got from some souls who wanted the position of successor but were jealous of Emerald since Death seemed partial to him.

Life sees this before she sat next to Emerald.

"Now Emerald I can see how you feel about it. Reason your grandfather does this is because he believes you have potential."

"Yeah right, if that is the case then why does he make it so hard for me to even pay a visit to the mortal realm?, ghosts can do it, undead can do it, hell even his many successors can do it but I can't... so what makes me so different that I can't do it?... I mean even you won't say why I can't go to the mortal realm because every time I ask you always clam up and look guilty, not sure if you promised gramps or something but I never even met my mom or dad before… I'm not sure if everyone else knows why and keep sending me here either in pity or this is some kind of punch line but if I'm not getting answers even from my own family, I'll just keep trying to get out of here until I finally succeed… nothing more, nothing less…" Emerald said before he got to his feet and cracked his neck before he starts walking to a door that led away from the entrance to his room and that could only be one thing… another escape attempt, especially if the look on his face was any indication.

Life tries to stop him.

"Don't think of trying to escape. Just relax otherwise… Maite would be a bit upset."

Emerald stopped in his tracks for a moment though he grits his teeth and growls to vent a bit.

"Fine… but only because of Maite, doubt locking me away here for long will do any good because I can just escape to the floors and stuff, I mean whats the worst anyone will do, kill me?... lost count of how many times that happened after I turned 15… been doing this for 3 years already." Emerald said with a half lidded look before he went back to his bed and went back to playing his Switch though he looks at Life.

"If Maite is outside of my room, tell her to relax, I won't run for 24 hours so she can focus on her job around here if me bailing every now and then gets in the way of her work in keeping this place clean." Emerald said when he seemed pretty logical… yet dense in that response at the same time for obvious reasons.

Ironically, even though she's the Globbess of Life, she definitely gave out a deadpan look.

"I could tell her that but… it won't stop her from worrying about you more. She was actually wanting to talk with you."

"Really?, Gramps gave her time off for that?" Emerald said with a somewhat surprised look since Death was pretty adamant about keeping this place clean and Maite was still training some souls to help with keeping this place spic and span.

Life giggles.

"Whether or not Deathy did, Maite would still try to see you but seeing is believing." She said before with the snap of her fingers, the door opens and Maite jolts when she was seen.

Emerald blinks when he saw that and sat up on the bed.

"Oh, hey Maite, don't worry, won't try and run for 24 hours so don't worry on sending me back here again until I get to your guarded floor." Emerald said while he waved at Maite, the whole sending back thing was pretty much a nice way to say that Maite pretty much killed Emerald a number of times and seems Emerald was too used to getting killed and sent back here to really think that was strange.

Life sweatdrops at this.

'Same denseness as his father.' Life thought before she gets up.

"I'm gonna leave you two alone and go see Deathy. Maybe you can show Maite your game Emerald. And before you say anything, I'll have another maid cover for her." She said before leaving the room before Emerald could say anything and closed the door leaving Maite alone with Emerald.

Emerald blinks at that before he looks at Maite.

"Well… guess you get a break it seems… want to play a game?, has co-op." Emerald said when he did something in the games menu and got the Switch controllers to go into a Co-op mode and he held out the right joy-con to see if Maite wanted to take it.

Maite lightly blushes a bit.

"O-Okay." She said before she sat next to Emerald and grabs the controller.

Emerald nods before he and Maite played a bit with some split screen when they were playing a game called Mario Kart 8, interesting thing is that many people who made the Switch and games were still doing some occasional update and stuff so it worked in the Dead world… helped passed the time for those not being tortured and for those who could actually use one… no real way to buy one so doing favors was more or less the currency in the Dead worlds… well there were some kinds of currencies but they were not important to talk about right now.

Point is some souls did some things that they used to do in life and for some, game programming was just a way to kill time for some souls.

Back to Emerald and Maite, they were playing the game and Maite was in the lead and she was so focused on her part of the game that she never noticed Emerald getting a power up… one that would really trip her up.

"Hey Maite… guess what." Emerald said with an amused tone to his voice while he was in second place.

"Huh? What?" Maite said as she slightly glanced at Emerald.

"Simple… you're about to be blue shelled." Emerald said as he used the power up and Maite saw the warning a Blue shell was homing in on her as she was approaching the finish line.

"W-What?!" Maite said before her character got hit with the blue shell.

Emerald's kart then raced by Maite's across the finish line with Maite's kart bouncing over in second place as Emerald looks amused by this turn of events.

Maite pouts.

"You meanie." She said as she pokes at Emerald.

Emerald chuckles from that while he grins at Maite.

"Hey not my fault you didn't notice when you were so absorbed into the game, and people tell me I have a problem with playing games hehe, didn't you think it was odd I stayed far back around 5th or lower until the final lap?... saved that power up just for this occasion." Emerald said when he keeps chuckling as Maite poked him a few more times.

"Yeah well… just because you're cute doesn't mean you have to be sneaky." Maite said before her eyes widened a bit.

Emerald blinks at that before blushing a little.

"Uh… what did you just say?" Emerald said when he thought he heard wrong and Maite called him cute.

Maite was blushing brightly.

"U-Um well…" She tried to say but fidgeted a bit.

Emerald blinks more at that before he got a teasing look on his face.

"Oh… so thats why you keep sending me back here… don't want me to leave the Dead world huh?" Emerald said when he seemed to get some things and well… prime tease moment here and couldn't resist the tease.

Maite blushes more but knew it was time to come clean.

"It's true. I don't want you to leave the Dead World."

"Really?, its not like I couldn't come back and stuff I mean we already know if I die I get sent here so why would be the point in stopping me?, I mean its not like I would drop dead shortly after getting to the mortal realm right?" Emerald said when he thought that was ridiculous.

Maite felt embarrassed.

"Even so… the thought of you going would bother me and… I don't know how long you'll be before someone offs you."

"Wow, way to think I wouldn't come back except by force… all seriousness aside did you really think I would just abandon this place?... granted I have no real reason to accept being Gramp's successor since he has many in training already but I can probably find something to do here aside from just doing nothing much… I mean granted I tried to do some things and they kinda blew up in my face… literally too… but the main reason why I want to leave well… to see my mom and dad… they never even visited once and I'm sure Gramps and Grandma told them about me right?" Emerald said while he looked a bit down somewhat when it sounded like Emerald thought he wasn't wanted by his own parents.

Maite was quiet before she gave Emerald a hug.

"For as long as I know you Emerald, I always made sure to be there for you. I may not have met them, but I know your parents think of you."

"Really?, because I haven't heard a peep from gramps or grandma on if they even wanted to try and visit even once… how do you explain that?, I mean mom and dad should be Vampires now or dad at least from what I heard and since Mom's soul never came here she should be a Vampire as well so whats keeping them from visiting me once?... did they… forget about me?" Emerald said when he looked really down now.

Maite had no idea how to respond.

"I wish I knew… but doubt they would. Maybe something came up. Bottom line is, Lady Life and Lord Death care for you." She said before having Emerald look at her face.

"I care for you." She said as she lightly blushes.

Emerald blushed from that big time while he scratched his cheek.

"T-Thanks… not sure if I should count gramp's kind of love right now since most of the time he pretty much gets in my way of getting to the mortal realm and Grandma won't say anything at all… still nice to know you care for me… aside from that floor guarding thing… you really get intense when the bloodlust starts getting to you when I'm about to get the upper hand." Emerald said when he grins at Maite as he blushed.

Maite blushes a bit more before she did a surprising move by actually kissing Emerald's lips.

Emerald blushed big time from that and thanks to how unexpected this was, he dropped his controller and fell back with Maite on top of him as Maite keeps the kiss up.

Maite even slipped her tongue in Emerald's mouth as she made the kiss intense.

The scene then went back to the present with Emerald ending the story for now.

Present/ Phoebe's carriage/ Emerald, Phoebe, baby Wyvern

"...And I'll end the story there for now, things got a bit… fun shortly after if you get the idea between Maite and I and I lost my V-Card to her, also changed how things went if I beat her in a fight without killing her and she gets respawned back at Gramp's halls since I get to give her some pretty sexy commands… but I'll let your imagination run wild if that blush is any indicator… I mean I could go into detail on how my fun times went but I'm sure you don't want THAT much honesty right?" Emerald said as he grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe was blushing up big time after hearing this.

"Y-Yeah… a bit more than I wanted to know… though did you ever find out about your parents?"

"Yeah, but that was after I fought my way to the surface… as you can guess the punchline was that at first I couldn't stay out of the Dead worlds for long, pretty much *Died of natural causes* as Hypnos puts it... man that was a serious irony moment there… but the real punchline was not only did I have to fight Maite, after that I had to fight my half brother Demonga and man he was an ass at first, pretty much calling me a weakling and what not for dying when I wasn't supposed to… really pissed me off when he did it a few times… and finally… while he was holding back, I had to fight Gramps on the surface one on one and boy did he send me back to his halls… add the fact that the floors are shifting constantly, no area stays the same so if were going with a similarity in game terms… you could think of that *Dungeon* as a roguelike RPG where every time you die you start all the way back at square one… good thing I had various souls and even other Gods and Globs aiding me when they heard about my issues and wanted to see what I could do… though you want to know the real kicker?... apparently the reason no one wanted to go through that route that I took was ironically Death's route to the surface and it was the final exam of being his successor, the moment I got there and beat him I was technically and unintentionally known as Death's successor… man it was like I was used, abused, and other things at the time when I first heard that." Emerald explained while he took off his hat and Phoebe could see his head clearly with his green eye and red eye being seen, the right was bright green like it was filled with energy and the right was bright red like it was full of power and he had shoulder length brown hair.

Phoebe was a bit surprised when she saw Emerald's eyes and hair. He actually looked a bit… cute.

Emerald looks at Phoebe while he sets his hat next to him.

"Anyway got any questions?, I can explain more but the general idea was that I pretty much fought my way out of the Dead worlds and died every now and then on the floors, working my way out inch by inch, thankfully I had help from unexpected beings, did you know Hunson Abadeer sent some aid to me and I am quoting him here… *Man you are pretty desperate, its amusing to watch you die again and again, reminds me of me though I don't need to respawn, here have this weapon and try and use it to kick your Gramp's butt though try and not hate him… guys a cool dude who hosts some good parties.*" Emerald said while he shakes his head a bit.

Phoebe's eyes widened after hearing that.

"I-I see… but why haven't your parents visited? There had to have been a reason. You said this Demonga guy was your half brother right? Clearly he had to know."

"That's whated I asked when I first ran into him, though I had a spear in my gut before I could react and had to fight my way to him again while on guard this time, guy was merciless…. Anyway apparently because of Marceline pretty much hunting many Vampires to near extinction and many having to go into hiding at the time before Morlock made the deal with Marceline, Mom and Dad were working around the clock to try and keep some order in the species, kill off anyone who would cause trouble like Vampires who wouldn't listen, would try and hunt humans, that sort of thing… granted I call bull on the entire 18 years I was in the dead world but considering Ooo is a massive place and many high ranking Vamps were killed, can at least give them the benefit of the doubt that they were just trying to make sure that Vampires were not given a bad name… still doesn't excuse Demonga at the time, guy normally resided with humans on an island and was mainly there to protect them so their population could grow and stuff, Morlock's orders though thanks to the fact Demonga had help on the Island, every time I got close to his floor, he would be sent a message and summoned, other times if he was too busy, one of his aids with help and they are just as Deadly as Demonga is.. *Shudder*... one of them even castrated me before killing me… that… was a painful time… thankfully I revived back home at full health otherwise that kind of injury would be a… issue as you might guess." Emerald said before he shuddered again.

Phoebe, though shocked, cringes after hearing that.

"I don't think I want to know. But does explain things for you." She said before being thoughtful.

"Although… you're not holding that against her if you see Marceline right?"

Emerald was silent before he looks up.

"At first I hated Marceline, because of her my parents were so busy fixing her fuckup that my parents couldn't even visit me… I get it though… if not for her, humans would be extinct and guys like Finn would probably not even be born… well at least for a good long while since there were guys like Billy at the time… point is… I'm not sure what to feel since I never personally met her, after I first got to the surface, I got a pass from Gramps that teleported me to the entrance and I've taken years to build my body's tolerance to dying on the surface… even as we speak I still feel bits of pain here or there since I'm not supposed to be in this plane of reality but I've gotten more or less used to it… helps with a high pain tolerance and because of being part Vampire and Zombie, well in case my head gets knocked off my body, though gory, I can pull myself back together… odd tradeoff for being on the surface with different rules of reality and stuff… normally when my head is launched off my body in the dead world I die but here… well… things get comical more or less as my brainless body tries to pick my head up yet I get my head kicked into a freaking rock… also made me a bit of a masochist as well if I can be honest since I went from hating pain to somewhat enjoying it… helpful in the right situations." Emerald said while he grins at Phoebe a little… hey she had an honesty policy and he was being honest… can't get onto him about that.

Phoebe blushes a bit.

"Okay… maybe I should change that policy a bit."

"Hehe, yeah, I'm enjoying this way too much, don't need to hold back in saying things… for example… wouldn't mind showing you a good time later if you are interested, thanks to various things I have a few ladies here or there besides Maite and she and the others don't mind if I fool around here or there… again not much to do in the dead worlds so need to find some way to amuse ourselves." Emerald said when he wiggles his eyebrows at Phoebe.

Phoebe blushes again after hearing that.

"I-I see… but like I said, I want to get to know people first before anything."

"Fair enough, though I did give a pretty intense backstory, does that not count or do I need to take you on a few dates first?... I don't mind working slow." Emerald said when he leaned back in his seat a bit.

Phoebe blushes at the date part.

"W-Well there's that." She said.

"Indeed, so I need to ask, how long will this whole… checkup thing take again?, lots of places in the fire kingdom to visit, maybe I could call in some help and it speeds things up?, your trying to bring various cities around the Fire Kingdom together right?, should help with making things simple on arrival at least… can't believe the last place we stopped at had Lava golem troubles… unbelievable the guards there were just sitting on their asses." Emerald asked as he facepalms on how bad of a state that town was.

Phoebe sweatdrops before sighing a bit.

"It was embarrassing."

"Yeah… and chances of finding a suitor in that kind of town would be unlikely with how cowardly those people are… smart but definitely cowardly." Emerald said when he reminded Phoebe she was looking for a suitor to be the next flame king since she was technically the Flame Queen… but Queen's need kings to have an official heir to the fire kingdom and stuff.

Phoebe facepalms.

"Don't remind me. Though I need those advisors off my back about this. If I want a suitor, he needs to be strong and brave."

"And most likely a human if your past experience with dating is anything to go by." Emerald teased while he rests his hand on a fist.

Phoebe blushes a bit before narrowing her eyes.

"If Finn was permanently fireproof and we were still together, yes but sadly he's not. Plus if I have to pick a suitor, I have to make sure to trust that suitor or otherwise they would use me for powerful gains."

"Indeed, and needs to be strong enough to stand at your side as well as equals… not many may be able to get that criteria though… ever consider instead of going around to test each person, you just make some kind of contest that has three rounds?, one in battle, one in testing their worth, and finally well… maybe two rounds since I doubt you want to do a test of tier 15 with each and every contestant." Emerald said while he smirks at Phoebe more.

Phoebe's eyes widened a bit.

"W-What… are you serious?"

"Yup, I mean those should be some key factors right?, testing combat, testing morality, and as crude as it sounds… testing to see if they can last with you, or did you think a relationship didn't require much in terms of tier 15?" Emerald said when he raised an eyebrow at Phoebe.

Phoebe blushes a bit.

"N-No… wasn't aware that tier 15 can be used as a test."

"Well in some cases it can be, I mean you will be looking for a husband or wife sooner or later, don't you want to know if they can even satisfy you?, seems like a pretty big reason to test stuff like that right?" Emerald asked when he wondered why Phoebe didn't consider that before now.

"W-Well… maybe." Phoebe said as she felt a bit awkward.

"Hey if its any consolation, I can throw my hat in the ring, though you may want to test my morality it maybe pointless considering I have to remain neutral to a lot of things… though I have broken some rules to be a good guy… did you know I helped Finn's parents years ago from dying?... Joshua and Margeret if I remember, helped them about 17 to 18 years ago I believe." Emerald said while he rubbed his chin in thought as he remembers things from back then.

Phoebe was surprised to hear that.

"R-Really?... I did not know that."

"Yeah… planning in on cashing in that favor I gained from years ago… think Fionna if I remember her name right is 18 or so hehe, not going to force her to do anything against her will if she is seeing anyone but going to at least try and get a good time from her if she isn't seeing anyone and trying to make her one of my ladies." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Phoebe was a bit surprised after hearing that.

"I-I see… though I don't think she's seeing anyone."

"Nice to know, should make my trip to the Grasslands soon all the more interesting, should give enough time for you to make a streamlined process on trying to find a suitor as well instead of roaming around for one… I mean you are a Queen right?, use what you got, pretty sure many would flock for the chance to even try and get close to a beauty like you." Emerald said with a smirk on his face.

Phoebe blushes a bit before sighing.

"No kidding. It's gonna be a major pain to deal with."

"Eh may not be as bad as the wait since people have to travel to the Fire Kingdom to take that soon to be test… I do have to ask, how many more cities are you going to see?" Emerald asked as he wondered how long this will take.

"About 4." Phoebe said.

"Right… going to be about a week then with me tagging along to make sure you get home safely in case those other cities have just as much trouble as that previous one." Emerald said and scratched his cheek a couple times when this would be a bumpy ride.

"Pretty much… Unless I just make you my new suitor so that way I can get a break." Phoebe said.

"Oh ho… shouldn't I get a test then to see if I am worthy then?, you saw my power and know my morality… shouldn't we do a tier test later?... maybe I could take you on a few dates first in one of the cities if they are peaceful enough, can't skip the city check up at least." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Phoebe blushes a bit before facepalming as she walks herself into that one.

"Glob dammit… Know what? Fine… you saved me and gave me a little story about yourself, might as well see if you're worthy enough. But I won't fall in love that easy." She said.

"Never said it would be easy… in fact ladies like you should be really wowed before anything happens, one thing I learn is as long as you respect a lady and be honest with her, things work out well… want to start a small mini date by me asking you questions about yourself and you do the same with me?, should at least know your likes and dislikes so if we go on a real date, I'll know what restaurant to take you to." Emerald said when he suggests that idea.

Phoebe was thoughtful for a bit.

"Alright. We'll do it small."

"Great… lets get started with…" Emerald said before he and Phoebe start to talk while the scene went to Finn, Bubblegum, and Marceline right after Finn came clean.

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ Candy Kingdom Castle/ Bubblegum's lab/ Finn, Marceline, Bubblegum

Bubblegum at this time was pinching the bridge of her nose when she heard everything from Finn and was right now just oddly quiet while she had Finn and Marceline sit at a nearby table, Jupiter right now was waiting outside on her mom's orders for obvious reasons and was chatting it up with Peppermint Butler to pass time.

"So… your telling me that to gain experience for Marceline and most likely I… you… trained with Huntress Wizard in tiers?... first I hear Marceline had kids over time these past 1000 years now this?" Bubblegum said as she didn't know how to respond to this for a moment.

Finn did gulp a bit.

"I'm sorry if you're mad about this PB. I needed help and Huntress needed my… genes for her spells and stuff. I figure nothing could go wrong." He said though Marceline lightly shook her head.

'Oh Finn.' She thought.

Bubblegum's eyebrow twitched while she looks at Finn.

"Really?... you were in a relationship with Marcy and I and you figured nothing could go wrong if you have fun with Huntress behind our backs?... and to help with her potions?... I won't ask details but how long has this been going on exactly?" Bubblegum asked when she gave Finn a look that said not to lie.

Finn rubbed the back of his head.

"About… 2 years." He said.

Marceline blinked a few times in surprise since she didn't hear that part.

Bubblegum blinks at that before she facepalmed her face hard for a moment.

"OK… a year I can understand… maybe a little less since you may have wanted to really get your stamina up… but two?, how come no one heard about this till now?" Bubblegum ask as Finn chuckles nervously.

"H-Hehe… Huntress knows when to stop by when no one is home and we don't say much and just get to the act… Huntress and I don't really date, we just… well… have tier 15 and she leaves shortly after once she gets her sample from me after I get some experience in." Finn said while Bubblegum breaths in and sighs.

"Alright Finn… I would have gone on a Royally big rant that would have shocked all with how verbal and how angry I would have sounded but thanks to Marceline here that was dampened a bit since I found out she had a family of her own over the centuries… I won't get mad… or even say no to you having other ladies here or there to help gain experience… however on three conditions… break any and lets just say that in order to gain my forgiveness… well… I made a secret sex dungeon that only Marceline and I know about and she can vouch for how… intense I get when I want to vent with her being the target there… she has regeneration so no lasting damage… you on the other hand…" Bubblegum said with an oddly calm but scary tone to her voice when she looked Finn right in the eyes.

Marceline gave Finn a look that shows Bubblegum wasn't kidding.

Finn, though shocked about the secret sex dungeon, jolted when he knew that calm Bubblegum was very scary… especially that tone.

"W-What are the… conditions?"

"Right… first off Marceline… you can't say anything since you technically kept this family thing a secret… and while I'm not sure if this was when we were dating… but considering you have 7 kids… one outside of this room… you can't complain when I be the sole person to decide if Finn can get other ladies in a harem or not… 7 time… I can ignore the 8th one since it has yet to happen yet but you get my meaning… simply put Finn… DO NOT hide any ladies from me… bring there here to see if I will even let them stick around… I'm not the jealous type… at least to some extent… but should be obvious on why I'm having this first condition set and why Marceline has no input here." Bubblegum said while she crossed her arms and tapped a finger on her upper arm.

Marceline and Finn blinked at the first condition though Marceline can't do anything thanks to her secret.

"Um… okay?" Finn said though doubt about any other ladies since Huntress was his only secret.

"Good… second… and this is a biggy… you owe me big time for this Finn, I'm not talking errand simple or even a simple mission to distant lands or something… you technically cheated on Marcy and I for 2 years so this is my second condition… any fun we have… I lead it no questions asked and if I'm not in the mood to take the lead, we can then do things your way… simple enough to understand and this goes on until 2 years pass to make up for the 2 years that happened just now…" Bubblegum said with a look that just dared Finn to object.

Finn paled at the look as he gulps.

"O-Okay… sure."

"Good… finally and this probably the biggest one… since Marceline made up with me on a lot of things, I won't say much about her, but until you and I, Finn, are fully even, any lady who joins our little group will have to go through me on a lot of things… understand?... that means if anyone wants to try and start a family with you, they will need my permission because A, not only do I need to make sure that they are even compatible to do so and that woman may need to adopt if you DNA is not compatible with her, or B, she hasn't been here long and that would be rushing it big time and I'm not letting that happen until she gets to know you decently and knows the rest of us… if you can accept that, I'll try and calm down here and now, but any fun activities we do… I'll be blunt… I'll be making you my bitch simple as that… understand how ticked I can get since I'm actually cursing?" Bubblegum said with a narrowed eyed look on her face when she looked right into Finn's eyes… and possibly soul since the eyes are the window to the soul.

Marceline was a bit surprised at the way Bubblegum spoke.

Finn could almost feel his soul leaving his body. Though deep down, he wished it did like last time.

"Y-Yeah… I do."

"Good… oh and considering how flirty that Jupiter was with you and I, can't say no to her wanting to join us since Marceline put a good word in for her, but it will be a long while before anything happens from that… now if you'll excuse me I need a nap… been a long day and my head hurts from all these surprises." Bubblegum said as she starts to walk out of the room.

It wasn't long before the Candy Monarch left making Finn catch his breath.

"Oh Glob… that was… awful." He said.

"Wouldn't say that. At least your boys weren't kicked." Marceline said.

"Hehe, yeah, or your rump busted in… super hearing helped me hear a lot." Jupiter said while she grins at Finn.

"So… looks like me and my sisters have the green light to fool around with you at least though to make things easy… hey Mom, in case you are not around, think I could fool around with Finn if he is lonely?" Jupiter teasingly asked Marceline when she grins at her.

Marceline sweatdrops.

"Try not to rush or in this case push things Jupiter. Finn and I already got our scolding from Bonnie."

"Oh don't worry, I'm not stupid, I know birth control spells and other things… anyway we should head on back to the Treefort so we can tell Dad the good news and that your human here isn't going to need an ice pack on his tight looking buns." Jupiter said when she giggles at Finn and his buns.

Finn blushes a bit before getting up.

"Actually… you two can go ahead. I need to take a walk and clear some things alone." He said before leaving the room.

Jupiter then got a serious look on her face when she looks at Marceline.

"Considering Finn left, you sure it's a good idea to leave him alone?, pretty sure if I can feel it, you can feel it as well mom… many Vampires are coming and some don't seem so friendly." Jupiter said with a look that meant business which was a rare thing to see which showed how serious this kind of situation was even if it wasn't seen yet.

Marceline, though a bit surprised, had a more serious look.

"Yeah… some of them… who aren't happy about me considering what I did in the past."

"Right… in that case I made some clones of myself and they are keeping an eye out, good thing I learned that trick with my blood and the Moon's regeneration and the Hirophant's shapeshifting… even if it cut my power greatly as a result, in fact I'm only 1/10th of my current power right now so I'm a bit on edge." Jupiter said as she didn't like feeling this weak.

"Good girl. But be careful." Marceline said.

"Oh I will mom, unlike Dawn and the others I'm the mo-!" Jupiter said before she jolts and gripped where her heart was with a pained groan.

Marceline was surprised before she got to her daughter's side.

"Jupiter what's wrong?!"

Jupiter's power spiked while she looked angered.

"Someone killed one of my clones with a sneak attack just now… my other clones are heading to the spot… Finn was heading where that clone was!" Jupiter said as she got the iconic red eyed anger look before she flew from the room before Marceline could stop her.

Marceline's eyes widened before she follows her daughter.

Couple minutes earlier…

Finn was walking as he was thinking very deeply.

'Damn… I really screwed up. Though PB didn't dump me, she was really mad about this. Maybe I should've stop the deal after one year. Boy I don't know what to do… technically Huntress and I aren't dating but… perhaps it's better to put a pause on things.' Finn thought before he takes out his phone and tries to call Huntress.

Though as the phone rang and Huntress picked up, Finn felt some tapping on his shoulder for some reason, and when he looked back, he saw a masked coated and wide hatted figure behind him and before Finn suddenly lost consciousness… all he saw were red eyes and as Huntress's voice came on the phone, Finn's body fell to the ground next to Finn's Phone.

"Hello?... Finn?... hello?" Huntress's voice said before the figure pressed the end call button and as Jupiter's clones, Jupiter, and Marceline came to where Finn was… well all they saw was Finn's phone on the ground while Huntress was trying to call back on Finn's phone.

Marceline saw this before picking up.

"Hello? Huntress Wizard?"

"Hello?, who is this and where is Finn?, he called me a moment ago but hung up suddenly for some reason." Huntress said when she didn't recognize the voice for a moment.

Marceline frowns.

"Well first, it's me Marceline if you don't remember me. Second, Finn got kidnapped."

"What?, where are you?. I'm coming over." Huntress said with a somewhat concerned tone to her voice.

"I'm at the Candy Kingdom. I'll get Bonnie. But FYI, she and I know the arrangement you and Finn made. But I won't judge since I have secrets too." Marceline said.

"Wasn't going to ask and I'll be there, we can talk about this once Finn is found, but know it wasn't romantic, Finn needed experience and I needed ingredients so Finn offered to help with that and I offered to help him back… anyway see you later." Huntress said before she hung up on Marceline.

Marceline sighs before looking at Jupiter.

"We gotta go get Bonnie pronto."

"I'll let you handle that, I'm going to try and track Finn's scent, hard to hide those… besides want to get payback on the fucker who pulled a cheap shot on me." Jupiter said when she punched her open hand with a fist.

Marceline nods her head.

"Alright but be careful. I may not have been the perfect mom, but I won't forgive myself if I lost one of my kids."

Jupiter grins before she snapped her fingers and summoned a shield to her free hand.

"No worries mom… when it comes to a real fight I have yet to find anyone to top me." Jupiter said when she used the shield as a source of shade for her and it floats over her head to shade her from the sun thanks to an enchantment while her umbrellas blades like bits unravel and shift to form a long sword that looked like a greatsword with jagged edges and held it easily with one hand and it radiates a lot of demonic power.

Marceline smirks at her daughter.

"Alright. Just remember to be on your guard." She said before she went to get Bubblegum.

Once Marceline was gone, Jupiter got a serious look on her face as her body radiates power.

"Alright… not sure who you are… but you better get ready because no one sneak attacks a part of me or kidnaps a possible man of mine to be and get away with it." Jupiter said while her eyes glow with power for a moment before she got close to the ground near where Finn's Phone was and sniffed the ground like an animal.

After a moment of sniffing around, Jupiter got the scent before she flew in a certain direction while the scene went to Finn as he was starting to come to who knows where and who knows how long he was out.


"U-Ugh…" Finn groans when he starts to come to while he saw he was in some kind of cave while he was chained to a table with his arms and legs bound in thin but enchanted chains and Finn heard talking near him.

"Not bad with getting the human here, worth every penny… don't spend it all in one day but mind doing me a favor and in case anyone tries to track you, mind keeping them busy for me while I have fun with the human here?" A Female voice said while a deep male voice speaks.

"Sorry but once I get paid for the mission I only do that, if you want me to distract anyone or do something it will cost you, I'm getting out of here just in case since I don't like pointless conflict." The Deep voice said and as Finn saw, Finn saw the figure with red eyes walking by him and he noticed Finn was away and stopped near the table.

"Seems you are awake human." The man said from behind his mask.

Finn frowns at the figure.

"Who are you? Did you do this to me?"

"Indeed, it was pretty easy since that Vampire woman was off guard and I don't like competition in getting my target, good thing she was some kind of clone construct since she broke down when I pierced her back from behind… no hard feelings by the way, I'm just doing my job, if you really want to be angry with someone, be angry with the woman behind me, she paid me top coin to get you here without getting damaged except for a knock out move." The man said as he points a thumb behind him as footsteps were heard from heeled shoes.

Finn was confused before before he turned his head as best as he could and looks at the source.

To his surprise he saw a Vampire woman wearing a robe while she had greyish skin and white hair.

The robe was blood red with hints of black while she wore black heels that had red bits on them to make the outfit mix well.

"Anyway Human, good luck with this one, you'll need it, if you ever get out of this somehow, here is my card, I'm a merc who does many things if the price is right so consider this my introduction if you read this later." The man said as he slipped a card in Finn's pocket and starts to walk away from Finn and left him with an amused Vampiress.

Finn didn't know what the card said thanks to the chains on his wrist before looking at the Vampiress.

"Who are you? Why did you have me kidnapped?"

"Oh don't be so naive, I did my research on you human and I know you like to get comfy with Marceline… I'm a Vampiress who is a survivor of her time when she went around and hunted other Vampires, name is Milisa, and I'm getting payback against Marceline since she killed my Brother and Father for doing what is in their nature." The Vampiress named Milisa said as she introduced herself with a frown on her face and her eyes gave a small glow of anger for the moment.

Finn's eyes widened before glaring at Milisa.

"So this is payback on Marcy? What are you gonna do kill me?"

"Hmmm… maybe if you give me issues but no… simply put I'm going to have my way with you and the drain you of your blood, maybe turn you into a Vampire… I heard about her and her kids and the King of Vampires… how emotional and in turmoil would she be in if I made it oh so hard for her to pick a lover?, you could think of this as step one in my payback because why rush when Vampires are immortal?" Milisa said when she smirks at Finn and slowly approached him.

"I mean… why do you think I have you chained up and stuff?, would be easier to just kill you or something since you were sleeping like a baby and with a goofy look to boot… have a nice dream?" Milisa said when she got next to Finn.

Finn frowns.

"Maybe… you're not in it so it was probably a good dream."

Milisa rolled her eyes as she untied her robe.

"Cute... now this is going to happen whether you like it or not so I'll tell you flat out, refuse my orders and getting Vampped will be the least of your worries, I can bite your cock off and let you bleed to death or drain your blood through your cock like a straw or I can just give you a simple bite to the neck that I'm sure won't hurt as much… say your next words very carefully human because right now no one is here to aid you." Milisa said as she removed her robes and she wore some revealing Lingere that showed off a surprisingly shapely body with D cup breasts and wide hips while her hair trailed down her back to nearly rest against her shapely ass and Finn could see that her hair was all natural when some fuzz above Milisa's pussy was just as white as her hair.

Finn blushes when he saw Milisa's body before glaring at the Vampiress.

"Fine… I'll do as you say."

"Good boy, we may have a good thing going then but for now let's see what you are packing." Milisa said as she moved to unbutton and unzip Finn's pants before she fished out his cock and while his was flaccid, she smirks as she gently stroked Finn's cock with her hand to get him to feel good.

Finn groans while not liking the situation.

He tries to hold back a bit but sadly for him, his cock got erect thanks to that action.

"My my… what a lovely stake you got… and you used this on the Vampire Queen?... I must say not sure if she should be lucky or worried if you give it to her good." Milisa said before she licked her lips.

Finn frowns.

"Don't bring up Marceline." He said.

"Oh whats the matter, angry that a love one is not doing this?... well tough luck human because I'm about to get you to please me after I please you." Milisa said right before she leaned down and starts to lick Finn's cock from base to tip in one long lip again and again.

Finn groans from that action as he lightly jolts but made sure to be strong and not give in.

Milisa was amused by that before she slipped her hand into Finn's pants and underwear and starts to fondle his balls while she opened her mouth wide and starts to take Finn's cock into her mouth so she could suck on it hard.

Finn was surprised by that action before groaning a bit loud.


The Vampiress mentally chuckles before she moved to get on the table when she pulled her mouth off Finn's cock and squats over Finn's face.

"Eat me out while I suck this cock… refuse and say bye bye to your cock for good." Milisa threatened as she lowered her hips so her pussy was near Finn's mouth.

Finn didn't want to do this but he didn't want to lose his cock before the chained human grumbles and starts eating out Milisa's pussy.

Milisa moans lightly from the feeling before she leaned down and took Finn's cock into her mouth and starts to suck him off hard and fast this time when she really enjoyed Finn hitting all her sweet spots.

Finn couldn't help but groan as he continues to… please Milisa's pussy before Finn slides his tongue inside and moves it around.

Milisa muffly groans and sucked Finn off harder and thanks to it being his first orgasm of the day, Finn's cock throbbed more and more in Milisa's mouth as she sucked him off more and more until…

Finn muffly groans before he climaxed inside Milisa's mouth despite his restraint as he kept eating out Milisa's pussy.

Milisa moans in a pleased way as she felt Finn's load fill her mouth, she worked to drink the load pretty well and waits for Finn to tap off.

About 15 seconds pass before Finn grunted as he taps off.

Milisa licked Finn's cock clean after she finished drinking his load and pulled her head back and wiped her mouth.

"Delishious… not as good as blood but not bad… going to enjoy riding this thing." Milisa said as she grins at Finn's cock still being hard.

Finn may have blushed a bit but he still frowns at the woman with a bit of defiance.

Milisa however didn't care as she moved to get in position over Finn's cock when she moved to face him.

"Now then… lets have a bit of real fun shall we?" Milisa said as she moved to lower her body and after she gripped Finn's cock with her hand, she aimed it at her pussy and she groans when she could feel the cock enter her as she lowered her body more.

Finn groans as he felt his cock enter the Vampiress's pussy while grinding his teeth a bit.

Milisa was surprisingly gentle in her actions when she lowered her body more, guess she wanted to really have fun with Finn which resulted in Finn's cock touching her cervix in no time.

"F-Fuck… seems the Vampire Queen got lucky with you and the Vampire King big boy." Milisa teased when she tightened her pussy on Finn's cock a few times.

Finn groans again before glaring at the Vampiress.

"K-Knock it off!"

"Knock what off?, me teasing you or me doing this!" Milisa said as she starts to ride Finn's cock and her pussy took Finn's cock again and again with each bounce.

Finn groans a few times from that action and kept showing defiance as his chained hands form fists a few times.

As that happened, outside of the Cave Finn and Milisa was in showed Jupiter as she tracked Finn's scent all the way here, it took her a few hours and followed some trails of blood on scratches Finn seemed to get when he was bumped into things or when some branches were passed that accidently scratched him but point is, Jupiter found the cave and hear moaning and groaning from inside which was most likely from Finn and a female.

"Hmmm?" Jupiter said as she starts to enter the cave while her shield moved to go to her free hand since she was in a shaded place.

When she walked deeper into the cave while following the sounds, she smelled the scent of sex in the air and when she passed a few corners, she saw Finn from around one as he was chained to a table while Milisa rode his cock hard while she played with her breasts, thanks to the angle neither person noticed as Jupiter got a good view of how big Finn was as a bulge was slightly seen in Milisa's womb when Finn's cock busts into her cervix a few times.

'Oh ho… this interesting. Nice to know what Finn is packing but who's this bitch?' Jupiter thought as Finn kept on groaning.

Jupiter keeps on watching as Milisa rides Finn's cock more and more as her orgasm was getting close, but the same could be said or Finn when Milisa rode his cock more and more until…

Finn groans a bit loud as his cock spurt out his load which quickly fills Milisa's womb.

Milisa moans from the feeling as her womb bloats a bit while she fell forward and groans as Finn's load kept filling her pussy more and Jupiter could see how virile Finn was when he overfilled Milisa in no time.

'Wow… he can knock up any girl with that amount.' Jupiter thought with a surprised look while feeling… a bit excited.

It wasn't long before Finn finally taps off.

Though what Jupiter should have considered thanks to Milisa's head being behind Finn's head with Jupiter's line of sight blocked… Well Milisa saw Finn's neck and after licking her lips… she opened her mouth wide and a moment later… her fangs sunk into Finn's neck and she starts to drain a bit of blood from him while her pussy gripped Finn's cock hard when she seemed to love the taste of his blood that filled her mouth while Jupiter smelled the scent of human blood… oh shit!

"H-Hey?!" Finn say before groaning in pain which made Juniper get angry before rushing in to save Finn.

When she did, she gripped the back of Milisa's head and used some quick transformation to have her fingers lengthen and press the side of Milisa's jaws to force Milisa's mouth to unhinge and she tossed Milisa off Finn and his cock was fully seen as Milisa lands on the ground.

"Bad move biting him bitch!" Jupiter said while she pointed her serrated sword at Milisa.

Milisa groans a bit before chuckling.

"Kill me if you can but… you're too late." She said.

Juniper grits her teeth as she looks at Finn, the wounds in his neck were not deep but chances are if a Vampire bit him…

Juniper then looks at Milisa with anger in her eyes.

"Give me one good reason not to dust you here and now!" Juniper growled while Finn starts to shake a bit on the table for some reason.

Milisa grins.

"I believe that's your answer. Just let me go and you have a chance to help him."

Juniper would have scoffed and did a sweeping attack against Finn, but for some reason Finn stopped shaking while shadows covered his eyes and a moment later, Finn shocked even Milisa when he actually grits his teeth which looked a bit sharper and growls when he pretty much forced his arms upward and broke the specially enchanted chains on his wrists and sat up while he rubbed his wrists.

Jupiter was a bit shocked at the scene.

"Uh… Finn?" She said.

"Hehehe, looks like its a quick t-!" Milisa tried to say while one look from Finn with now blood red eyes looked right into her own and all he said was two words.

"Be quiet!" Finn said with an odd tone of authority to his voice and well… Milisa was shocked when her body seemed to actually submit to that command all of a sudden and Juniper noticed that Milisa tried to open her mouth, even used her hands to try and pry them open but she couldn't get her mouth to open at all.

"What the?" Jupiter said before looking at Finn again.

Finn in turn used his hands to break the chains on his legs and he moved to get to his feet while he didn't bother putting his cock away for some reason… his skin didn't look different but the fangs in his mouth and his eyes being blood red pretty much showed that Finn skipped Sanquine Vamprisim, or the gradual shift from human to Vampire for those who survived the bite that bit them, and well… Finn the Vampire was born.

"In case you are curious… no it's not like the Empress eyes or simple mind control Juniper… looks like while I was bit something in me changed and I guess I have a unique power for me that is more… vocal than eye to eye and for some reason I know how to use it… seems if my will is stronger than the person then I can use it on… well… I can make them my bitch more or less and I guess people off guard have no defense at all." Finn said when he glared at Milisa while he missed the look on Juniper's face when she heard all of that.

Jupiter was like shocked after hearing everything.

"Damn… sorry that I didn't get to you sooner."

"Oh really?... when did you get here and did you help the instant you saw me getting forced on by this bitch?" Finn asked like he was demanding an answer from Juniper with a tone of dominance to his voice and his power activates again as a result to get her to talk.

Jupiter jolts a bit.

"W-Well… I kinda got… distracted by watching this bitch ride you."

"I see… I could be mad… I could freak out how I'm not human anymore and I could freak out that I may lose Marceline to Morlock given that in a nutshell I was technically a phase and at best it would have been an 80 or so one if I played my cards right with Marceline… I could even get ticked that I now may have to give up adventuring in the sun for awhile until I learn some spells to fix that… point is... while I'm thankful for the save… you do realize that you owe me BIG time since I was bitten and can't be human and possibly lose a lot from this right?, age gap on me or not you do realize that you owe me now for a good long while for hesitating…. Pretty sure Marcy would love to hear how her favorite adventuring human was turned into a Vamp because of how her own daughter hesitated to help because of her being turned on by watching said human getting raped against his will." Finn said when he gave Jupiter a glance to show he wouldn't back down at all even if she had some kind of comeback… the fact of the matter was Juniper watched instead of helping the moment she saw Finn in the cave while he was getting raped.

Jupiter paled a bit when she knew her mom will be pissed.

"Uh… if I killed the bitch or send her to mom, would that make us even?"

Finn gave Jupiter a half lidded look as he raised an eyebrow.

"Nice try… but considering that this lady is pretty much a result of Marceline's hunting days… I have a better alternative… simply put… I'm making her my bitch plain and simple… as for you… unless you want me to say anything bad like the truth to Marceline… then… get over here, on your knees, and suck my cock for starters or I'll use these powers to do so… you could say you're on guard but are you really?... you seem shaken up right now so bet it would be just a bluff to have some defense on your end though should be good to see how well an actual person on guard can resist this." Finn said while he grins at Jupiter.

Though Jupiter was surprised, she felt a bit turned on at the authority Finn had but she also didn't want her mom to know.

"Okay fine." She said before putting down her gear.

"Good… as for you… You can talk but unless I order it, you are forbidden to kill yourself or use your powers on others aside from self defense… consider that a long term command until I order otherwise." Finn said when he looks at Milisa as he gave her the command to let her talk freely but prevent her from causing trouble… and while he didn't command her to stick around… unless she wanted to do anything on her own command if it meant attacking people… she would have to try and get Finn to command her back to normal again first.

Milisa was glad she was able to open mouth.

"Damn… looks to me like I have no choice."

"No shit, seems your plan backfired and even if Jupiter didn't help, I would have done this either way since it looks like I would have gotten this power no matter what… now get over here and try and put me in a good mood or I'll give the command for it, I want to be in a somewhat good mood before we leave and I'm sure the sun is still out and I don't want to burn alive… besides you seemed to enjoy getting fucked by me so why argue with having fun when you seemed pretty OK with hopping on my cock." Finn said while he raised an eyebrow at Milisa.

Milisa frowns a bit before chuckling.

"Sure thing… boss." She said before getting up and walk towards Finn.

Finn watched as Milisa approached and when she got close, he reached over and gripped her on the back of the head and pulled her in for a surprisingly intense kiss while his tongue went into Milisa's mouth to fight with hers as Jupiter, in the middle of getting undressed, saw this happen.

"What the actual fuck?!" Jupiter said as she couldn't believe that Finn was kissing her.

Finn pulled away from Milisa's kiss and looks at Jupiter.

"What?, like I said I'm making her my bitch, you think I was kidding after what she turned me into?" Finn asked while raising an eyebrow at Juniper who should have heard everything Finn said to her and to Milisa just now.

Jupiter was a bit flabbergasted.

"W-Well no just… didn't think you would go that far. Plus what about Bubblegum's agreement?"

"Oh I'll deal with her, pretty sure she wouldn't complain on making this bitch here pay for making me like this and making her the pet of the group would be a start… besides pretty sure Bubblegum can't complain when I was the one bit and turned into this just a few moments ago." Finn countered while he waits for Juniper to undress fully.

Jupiter sweatdrops.

"Fine you have a point." She said before removing more of her clothes.

Once she was naked, Finn looked Jupiter up and down and grins at her.

"Not bad, either that is all natural or you're naturally more shapely then Marcy, going to enjoy this greatly with a sexy Lioness it seems." Finn said when he remembered that Jupiter was technically a lioness hybrid.

Jupiter may have blushed before smirking.

"Well despite the issue, glad you like it." She said before doing a sexy pose.

Finn grins more before he gestured for Jupiter to approach while his cock was iron hard right now.

Jupiter licks her lips before she walk towards Finn with the swing of her hips.

Once she got close, Finn pulled her in for her own kiss while he gripped her ass hard with his free hand while Milisa could see this on her end.

Milisa may have fidgeted as Jupiter moans before wrapping her arms around Finn's neck and returns the kiss.

For a minute as this went on, Finn lightly smacked Jupiter on her ass a few times to get her worked up a bit.

And worked up she was as Jupiter gave a small moan from each smack while she had her tongue fight Finn's tongue.

This went on for a minute before Finn pulled away from the kiss and moved his hands to Milisa and Jupiter's shoulders and in no time, the duo was kneeling in front of one another as they were looking at Finn's cock from different sides.

The duo can see how hard Finn's cock was before Jupiter made the first move by licking one side of Finn's cock with her cat like tongue.

Finn shuddered while Milisa moved to lick the other side with her smoother tongue and Finn felt different tongues really working him good.

"F-Fuck… thats good." Finn said as he pets Milisa and Jupiter's heads to show they were doing good so far.

Both women blushes a bit from that as they kept licking Finn's cock.

The duo keeps on licking Finn's cock though as Finn enjoyed himself with two beautiful Vampiresses pleasing him, he did wonder what they were thinking as he looks at them with eyes that radiate power.

'Damn… where has this guy been in my undead life. Mom should've bite him a lot sooner if that's how he'll turn out. Definitely need to get in on this harem thing.' Jupiter thought.

'Funny... feels like I should regret biting him but somehow… I'm liking this new version of the Vampire Queen's boy toy.' Milisa thought before she got down and starts to lick and suck on Finn's ball sack.

Finn groans from that and as Finn's cock was mostly freed up, Jupiter moved to suck Finn's cock when she moved to do so and Finn really groans when he watched as Jupiter deepthroats his cock again and again just like Marceline would do thanks to her experience and thanks to her undead nature not needing to breath, Finn didn't need to as well but he was still doing it on habit right now which showed when he held his breath a few times only for Jupiter to knock that breath out of him with a couple deepthroats that lasted longer then a few seconds.

As Jupiter kept pleasing Finn's cock, Milisa continues to please Finn's balls as she kept licking and sucking on it.

This went on for a bit with Milisa and Jupiter alternating on sucking Finn's cock and balls ane he felt his orgasm getting close.

"F-Fuck… about to blow… get together and get ready!" Finn growls as he pulled Jupiter's mouth off his cock and stroked himself off hard.

Jupiter and Milisa opened their mouths as they wait for Finn to squirt out his load.

And squirt he did when he growls big time when he looks at the duo and he starts to climax on their faces and tongues like he was marking these two women as his own while some of his load lands on their breasts as well.

The two moan as they continue to catch Finn's cum with their mouths as they wait for Finn to tap off.

When he did, he pants for breath by habit again when it seemed to help him recover faster and he blushed at the sight of the duo with his sperm on their bodies.

Though the duo made Finn blush more when they licked the cum off their bodies before actually kissing each other.

"Damn and to think Jupiter wanted to kill her, guess lust really gets to people it seems." Finn thought as he watched them clean one another off until they were body licked clean.

"I will say this… you deserve what's coming to you but… not bad of a kisser." Jupiter said.

"I don't care. Not like I have anything to lose… but thanks." Milisa said with a smirk.

Finn blinks at that before he cleared his throat.

"Alright, if we're good on the warm up aside from giving Jupiter some foreplay of her own, we should get to the first real round with Jupiter here going first, and I have a position in mind that may get her worked up good." Finn said as he grins at Jupiter mainly.

"Oh?... and what do you have in mind?" Jupiter said with a smirk.

Finn smirks a moment later the scene went to a few minutes later, mainly to skip the foreplay to show that Milisa was vigorously masturbating when she watched Finn pretty much fucking Jupiter hard in this detailed position.

She was laying on the ground on her front with her breasts pressing into the rocks under her, Finn was over her with his knees on the ground and he was leaned over her with his hands next to her arms while he vigorously jyrates his hips so he was fucking Jupiter deeply again and again as he was mercilessly hitting her cervix again and again.

As Milisa groans from fingering her pussy, Jupiter was loving how intense Finn was.

"Oh fuck… Oh fuck!"

Finn was growling deeply as he continues to fuck Jupiter and surprised her when he leaned down and lightly bit her neck though not enough to pierce her neck, it didn't do much in terms of damage but Jupiter's eyes widen out of her control and she gasped in reflex when Finn unintentionally was acting like a lion and was pretty much rutting Jupiter like the lioness she partly was which really messed with her instinct wise.

Jupiter's pussy tightens on Finn's cock before she starts thrusting her hips back.

"Fuck yeah! Keep fucking me like the animal you are Finn!"

Finn had no issues with following that command and thrusts his hips harder while his fangs lightly dug into Jupiter's skin in a teasing way as he continues to fuck her with surprising strength behind his actions.

Jupiter moans loud from that action.

"Yes! I'm a lioness that deserves to be dominated!"

Finn got rougher with his actions and when he got close, he growls deeply when he came hard inside of Jupiter's pussy while his fangs actually sunk into her neck like he was marking her as his own while he tastes some blood in his mouth, he didn't drink it but didn't let go of Jupiter's neck either as his balls worked hard to fill Jupiter's womb with his vampiric sperm.

Jupiter moans loudly as she climaxed on Finn's cock as the lioness's pussy tightens around it.

As Finn rode out his orgasm his load leaked from Jupiter's pussy in large amounts to show that Finn's virility shot up big time, more so then when he climaxed hard on Jupiter and Milisa's faces.

Milisa was a bit surprised when she noticed as Jupiter moan again before tapping off.

"Fuck… you came alot Finn. Trying to knock up your girlfriend's daughter?"

Finn after he tapped off and removed his fangs from Jupiter's neck, which healed in no time thanks to Jupiter's regeneration, Finn looks at Milisa with a smirk.

"Well pretty sure Marceline and her daughters would know how to use a birth control spell to prevent that and well… even if not I would still make it hard for others to please someone like Jupiter… honestly surprised no one tried to get with her yet long term but their loss is my gain." Finn said as he used a hand to lightly smack Jupiter's ass and pulled his cock from her pussy which caused more sperm to flow from her.

Jupiter groans a bit as she shudders while feeling Finn's load leaking out.

Milisa was again surprised when she saw the amount.

Finn then got up from Jupiter while his cock was iron hard and it looked like he wasn't done with Jupiter when he moved her on all fours on her knees with her ass being more pronounced and it looked like Finn was targeting Jupiter's ass now while he licked his lips at the sight of Jupiter's ass.

Jupiter looks at Finn with a lustfilled grin.

"Come on Finn. Shove that cock in my ass and claim me more." She said before shaking her ass.

Finn didn't need to be told twice when he moved to get in position and thanks to how lubed his cock was, he aimed his cock at Jupiter's ass and like she asked him to do, he fucked it and shoved his cock balls deep into Jupiter's ass and fucked her hard and fact while he gripped her hips to help pull him back into her ass while her ass ripples from each thrust.

"Oh fuck!" Jupiter groans as she was loving this intense pleasure as she felt Finn's cock going in and out of her ass.

Finn growled when he really went rough with his actions and used a hand to grip Jupiter's hair and pulled on it without holding back which forced Jupiter's body up a bit while he keeps on fucking her ass, he realized one thing… Jupiter was a complete masochist so the rougher he got the better of a reaction she would give.

Jupiter groans and moans loudly with ecstasy as she enjoys this pleasure before her face starts to look fucked up.

While Finn did that, Milisa at the time…

Milisa was back to fingering her pussy as she watches but was feeling jealous since she only had one round with Finn… even though earlier he was chained.

Though knowing Finn's new stamina, Milisa would get a few rounds as she watched Finn fuck Jupiter more and more while her ass reshaped a bit on the inside to allow Finn's cock better access so he could break her ass for others.

"M-More Finn! More!" Jupiter moans loudly as her tongue was hanging out.

Finn had no issues with that as he continues to fuck Jupiter harder and faster and after a couple minutes, he made one large thrust and went balls deep into Jupiter's ass and growls when he floods her insides with sperm and Jupiter's stomach bloats a bit as a result.

"F-FINN!" Jupiter moan loudly before she climaxed hard on Finn's cock.

Finn rode out his orgasm, same with Jupiter before he and Jupiter tapped off at the same time and Finn takes a moment to recover while he waits for Jupiter to do the same.

Jupiter light pants a bit before she turned her head to look at Finn.

"H-Hehe… definitely see why mom loves you." She said.

Finn blushed a bit at that before he pulled his cock out of Jupiter's ass and stands.

"M-Maybe if she sticks with me and doesn't go for Morlock… but until then might as well enjoy things until she makes a choice… speaking of enjoying things… I believe we kept our new pet waiting long enough…" Finn said while he looks at Milisa to see how she was doing.

Seems Milisa climax as well and was recovering while her folds looked very wet.

Finn chuckles from that and he looks at Jupiter.

"Give me a bit to show my new pet a good time and give you a moment to recover… not sure if its because I became a Vampire but I don't feel tired after doing all of this." Finn said before he starts to approach Milisa with a hardon like no other.

Jupiter blinked when she heard that before chuckling.

'Whether good or bad… mom is gonna be very surprised.' She thought as Milisa after recovering, sees Finn coming.

Once Finn got close, he grins at Milisa.

"Get into a position and get ready to get fucked, I'm not stopping until you can't walk for awhile!" Finn said with a look in his eyes that showed he would do that or break his back trying while his cock looked harder then ever, so much so it looked like it was about to burst with blood.

Milisa smirked before she lays on her back and spreads her legs.

"Then come and get it big boy."

Finn licked his lips before he got over Milisa and aimed his cock at her soaked folds, he rubbed the head on her folds in a teasing way before he thrusts his hips forward and his cock went deep into Milisa's folds and rammed into her cervix in no time while he placed his hands next to Milisa's head and starts to fuck her hard and fast in no time.

"Oh fuck!" Milisa groans before she wrapped her legs around Finn's waist.

Finn didn't mind that as he fucked Milisa harder while Jupiter saw this happen when she moved to lay on her side to relax while using a quick birth control spell just in case.

'Yeah definitely don't want kids yet till I'm in this harem biz. Plus don't want to get chewed out by Mom and Bubblegum.' Jupiter thought as Milisa continues to groan before moaning a few times while having a sexy blush.

Finn's muscles bulge a bit from the effort of him fucking Milisa and he surprised her when he leaned down and smashed his lips onto hers so he could really dominate her.

Milisa, though surprised, moans more as she wraps her arms around Finn's neck and kissed back while enjoying the intense fucking.

This went on for a bit while Finn's cock barraged Milisa's cervix again and again while Milisa's orgasm was getting close from the intense fucking until…

Milisa moans loudly in Finn's mouth as her pussy tightens on Finn's cock before the Vampiress climaxed very hard on it.

Finn in turn surprisingly didn't climax yet and fucks Milisa's pussy relentlessly through her orgasm while he was snarling and growling as he did so, he was venting right now when he fucked her and right now this was helping since he was just changed into a Vampire by this woman under him.

Milisa, after tapping off, was surprised that Finn didn't climax but couldn't say anything as she moaning and groaning loudly as her toes curled a few times.

Her face became fucked up where Finn can see.

Thanks to that, Finn grins a bit demonically while he fucked Milisa harder and faster as time goes on more and more until…

Milisa moans loudly again as she tightens her hold on Finn.

"F-FINN!" She surprisingly screamed his name as her tongue was hanging out before climaxing again on Finn's cock.

Finn gave one good thrust when he felt that before he roars and floods her womb with sperm making it bloat as a result.

Milisa toes curled at the feeling before she surprised Finn by pulling him down for an intense kiss as the Vampiress's womb greedily took Finn's cum.

Finn was surprised by that but he went with things when he returned the kiss though he wanted to make one thing clear… age be damned he would show he was top Vamp between the two and had his tongue work to overpower Milisa's tongue.

Milisa moans as she rides out her orgasm while her tongue continues to fight off Finn's tongue during the kiss.

When he tapped off with a deep growl, he keeps the kiss up for a moment more before he pulled away from the kiss and leaned back while his cock was still inside of Milisa after he had her let go of him for a moment.

Milisa didn't need to breathe thanks to being a Vampire as she enjoys the afterglow while having a sexy deep blush.

"Fuck… felt amazing." She said as she patted her womb area a bit.

"Yeah, though unless you want me to give a command, I suggest you let Jupiter put a birth control spell on you until further notice." Finn said when he really didn't want to get Bubblegum's wrath… Vamp or not, Bubblegum was scary even to this new Finn.

"Very well." Milisa said as Jupiter came by and applied the spell to Milisa's womb.

Once that was done, Finn removed his cock from Milisa's pussy and smirks at Jupiter.

"Hey Jup… why don't we do something surprising for Milisa and if you can make a dick… well…" Finn said before he gave Milisa a fanged scary grin.

"Why not double stuff her ass?" Finn suggests since he was still a bit ticked on what Milisa did and wanted to really make it hard for her to sit for a while since she doesn't have regeneration as far as he knew.

Milisa's eyes widened after hearing that as Jupiter, who was surprised, grins evilly.

"Dude… love the way you think. Definitely wanna go on some dates with you." She said.

"Well that will happen after we break this ass in so get the cock out and lets make it so that this new pet won't be able to move for awhile." Finn said when he looks at Jupiter for a moment before he looks at Milisa to make sure she doesn't run away.

Jupiter chuckles before a moment later, she summons a cock that was the same length as Finn's cock.

The main difference was that it was the same skin tone that the rest of her body had and Finn and Jupiter smirk at Milisa who had one final thought when she was about to get her ass busted way beyond wide open now.

'Oh I'm so fucked.' Milisa thought as the duo descend on her..

The scene then showed Finn on his back while he was getting his cock ridden by Milisa while his cock was up her ass… and the same could be said for Jupiter when her own cock was up Milisa's ass as well which stretched her to the absolute limit while Milisa faced Jupiter and thanks to the angle, their breasts pressed into one another as Jupiter really got her body close to the Vampire woman under her.

Milisa was groaning loudly at the double penetration.

"Haha!... Fuck yeah! Now it's a party!" Jupiter said with an excited look.

Finn didn't argue though he was too busy to even speak when he was thrusting his hips up and his cock went into Milisa's ass again and again while Jupiter fuck her ass more and more while Milisa was helpless to stop the barrage.

Milisa couldn't say anything as she was moaning and groaning loudly while grinding her teeth as she bounced on Finn's cock.

It took a bit with Milisa getting a royally sore ass, but she worked the duo's cocks more and more as her ass squeezed them more and more until…

Milisa groans loudly as she climaxed on the duo's cocks as the Vampiress's ass tightens around them.

This caused Juniper and Finn to snarl when they pushed their cocks as deep into Milisa as they could go and flood her insides with sperm in no time making her ass bloat as a result.

Milisa groans more as her climax got stronger while her stomach got a bit bigger.

Once Finn and Jupiter tapped off with groans, they pulled their cocks from Milisa's ass when Jupiter pulled Milisa off Finn and he got up before they watched as sperm flowed from Milisa's ass on the ground while she laid on her side and her stomach slowly returned to normal.

Milisa groans as she feels the duo's loads leaking out of her ass making Jupiter chuckle.

"Talk about adding that extra cream." She said.

"Yeah… I'll check to see if the sun is down, if it is we can head back to the Candy Kingdom, and just in case…" Finn said when he looks at Milisa and with his power kicking in, looks at her general direction.

"Milisa, it doesn't matter what you feel, you will follow me to the Candy kingdom when I leave, my command for you to not use your powers on others still stands unless its for self defense." Finn ordered while the command went into Milisa in no time thanks to her exhausted state.

"Y-Yes… my lord." She said making Jupiter blink.

"Damn didn't see that coming. Hope no one thinks you'll become the new VK… unless if Dad makes a new court, you're a shoe in."

"Maybe, not sure what to feel about that but better safe than sorry and at least I'm not using it to make her do anything evil… I'll go check to see if the sun set so unless you want to have more fun, I suggest getting clean or something and get Milisa clean, can't explain much to PB or Marcy if we're not smelling right after all this… may not help matters if Marcy smells the scent of sex and stuff and gets pissed… may have to use my power on Marcy to keep her from attacking Milisa on sight until she hears things out but that would probably the most I would do… man I can feel a headache coming on not only from what PB may say but Marcy as well if we can get a word in edgewise…" Finn said before he starts walking away from Jupiter and Milisa to see if the sun was set or not which left Milisa and Jupiter alone for a moment.

Jupiter smirks before looking at Milisa.

"Well girl. Time to get you clean and if Finn can't stop mom… well it was nice knowing you." She said before she made sure to get Milisa clean.

The scene fades to black for now while many what iffs were left hanging in the air… what would Marceline and the others say about Vampire Finn and his new power… what would Marceline do now that she would have to make a choice in the future… what will Bubblegum do now that she is pretty much going rage at Finn for some of this… find out next time in Blood is thicker than Bonds.

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