Outlast 1 (Mobian Version) @atomskthepirateking
Twisted Encounters

The scene fades in to show Ghost TME waking up from his grave before he looks around with a confused look on his face.

"Huh?. did we miss a chapter?" TME said when he saw that the story went on for longer then he thought and saw that Azure and Maite were taken by the Priest to who knows where in the Asylum.

Atomsk yawned as he woke up from his grave before looking at TME.

"Don't think so why?"

"Well…." TME said when he used his power to pull up past events of the story and Atomsk saw everything that happened to Azure and Maite all the way to the Priest and his minions taking Azure and Maite and also saw that Walker was having his way with Rose while Frost tends to Jack.

"Oh yeah. Well so far after what you showed me, nothing seems to be missing." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, though why do I get the feeling we're missing something?" TME said while he looked thoughtful while green little bits fly behind TME and Atomsk while they were none the wiser.

"Hmmm no idea. I'm stomped." Atomsk said as he rubbed his chin which turned into a simple jaw when moonlight hit him for a moment before he returns to normal when some clouds block the moonlight.

"Well considering what we just say, you fine with just getting to the story?" TME said while he crossed his arms and reclined in the air in thought.

"No skin off my bones so sure." Atomsk said.

TME just have Atomsk a half lidded look before the moonlight shown on Atomsk… pretty much taking more than his skin off his bones while TME just raised an eyebrow from that since Atomsk made it sound like a joke to him.

Atomsk looked at TME with a confused look, though hard to tell with his skull face.


TME just shook his head before he looks to the readers while he left a confused Atomsk alone.

"Enjoy the story everyone." TME said before the scene shifts to Maite...

Mt. Massive Asylum/ Unknown time later/ Maite

When Maite was coming too after her time with Fang, she sat up with a groan when she found herself inside of a padded cell of all things with many crosses painted on the wall, though she did have Azure's coat, her camera, her pen, and notepad so that was something at least.

"W-What? Where am I? And where's Azure?" Maite said before she was feeling worried.

A moment later, she equipped Azure's coat, got her pen and notebook and checked to see if the camera was still working, thankfully it did which allowed her to look around the room and jumped before she starts to jot down some notes real quick.

"Not sure why, but I'm guessing since Fang works with the Priest and Jack left to give Walker that video of what we did and more importantly what Azure said… which I personally think is pretty much stupid somewhat with her literally poking the bear so to speak but it looks like the priest… Father Martin it seems if I can see a few names scrawled on the walls, brought me here to show Azure and I something… though it does beg the question on where Azure is… is she nearby or did she wake like I did and is looking for me?... either way I need to get out of this padded cell and find Azure… though that priest thinks we're going to be witnesses for whatever batshit crazy he's trying to sell us, Though it seems this Dr. Wernicke is at the center of whatever went wrong here, but he died more then ten years ago… "Rest in peace", says the blood on the wall." Maite wrote down before she pockets her notepad and tries to find a way out of the room, she didn't even bother buttoning up since the buttons were destroyed and her shirt was gone before she approached the door and was shocked to see an inmate charging at the door and stopping at it to look at her but instead of saying anything, he seemed to unlock the door and ran off while the door opens… must be one of the priests men aiding her in at least getting out of the cell.

Maite was at first spooked by that inmate before she cautiously walks out of the room while recording with her camcorder.

She saw to her surprise plenty of inmates of various species in the area but they seem to be either ignoring her on lower levels, not able to get to her thanks to closed security gates, or just flat out locked in rooms which made Maite gulp before she looks around and starts to walk down one side, if she was facing out of the room, she turned left and starts walking by some cells.

Though she did get spooked greatly when one actually punched through the glass and tried to grab at her.

"They're in my blood and they want to get out… can feel…" The inmate muttered while he keeps trying to grab at Maite to no avail.

Maite shuddered a bit when the look in his eyes was less lustful and more bloodthirsty before she keeps on walking and saw to some surprise a open room with an inmate still inside of it, though instead of doing anything to her, the inmate just leans against a wall while muttering to himself and Maite just ignored him for now and keeps on walking before she was surprised when she heard voices when she reached the first corner.

"Who's this?" One person said which made Maite look over to see two shadowed men behind a security gate and the silhouettes looked similar, they looked like bulky tiger Mobians and these two seemed more in control and much stronger looking then most of the regular looking inmates.

"Maybe Father Martin's woman…" The second tiger mobian said.

"Maybe…" The first said while Maite was a bit creeped out by the dull tone the duo had.

"She looks nervous…" The second said while the first quickly speaks up.

"I would like to kill her." The first shockingly said while the second looked to the first.

"So would I but the preacher asked us not to… besides it would be impolite… and it would be a shame to let a woman with her figure die considering what we heard from Fang when he dropped her off here so he could do something under Father Martin's orders." The second said.

"Indeed… so beautiful… why not give her a running start and do do the same deal that Fang heard about with the deal with this beauty and her cat lover and if we catch her, we have her satisfy us and we let her go… if not… we end her, simple as that." The first man said with a dull tone while his and his cohorts dick grew erect in no time flat which showed that they walked in the nude and both dicks were around 11 inches long with barbs running up and down their dicks.

Maite pales a bit at the two dog men before she starts to walk down the stairs while recording.

Once she was at the bottom, she saw one inmate at the right come out their cell before passing by a creepy inmate that spoke about ghost sightings.

"You look like you've seen a ghost." Said the inmate.

That's when she saw this one inmate sitting on a chair… without clothes and had some lines on his body.

When she got close, she heard the man with the lines muttering something… and when she did get close she saw to her horror that he was pretty much mutilated from head to tone and missing his dick and balls entirely.

"Don't trust them… They'll tell you it's science but it's not… they were, waiting for us, in this place… Billy understood… they've always been here…." The man muttered while he twitched in his chair.

Maite shudders before she tries to find a way out as she opens a few cell doors though it seems that some of the cells lost their lighting so Maite had to use the night vision setting on her camcorder.

Thankfully for her, after looking into a few rooms and avoiding an inmate who keeps bashing his head on a wall for some reason, she found a way through a wall and had to use the coat to cover her breasts when it was a very tight fit so she could slip into a passage in the wall and when she got through her breasts bounced free of the coat when the tail end of Azure's coat got pulled a little.

Maite grabbed the tail end and pulled it free before she walks a bit forward after switching the nightvision on again.

After quickly pulling herself up after a moment of struggling when she walked to a box and getting sickened by seeing an inmate rape another's corpse and get called a sicko from watching, Maite, after making a serious note about how death is not the worst that can happen here, managed to walk away before she heard a person call for her.

"Hey!, Hey! You… Oh.. I.." Maite heard the man say when she looks at him before he ran off before she could stop him, he looked like an inmate but considering that he ran off, the door must have been locked so she continued on till she found herself where the Tiger men were after being careful to keep to the wall when most of the pathway was gone and thankfully they were not there but the man from earlier it seemed ran to the locked gate and held onto it while he looks at her.

"You, ah, didn't wait until I finished, but I saved some for you, just wait, wait…" The man said, on closer inspection he looked to be some kind of monkey Mobian before he ran down the stairs and Maite, not wanting to find out what the saved up stuff was, just continued onwards.

Though when she entered some kind of hallway after she was forced to follow some kind of blood trail but the doors on both ends closed on her before she was hit with some kind of gas for a moment before the door opened in front of her… must be some kind of sanitation thing or something.

Maite took a deep breath before she exits the room till she came up a flight of stairs.

Considering she had no other path to follow for now, she keeps going up the stairs till she heard creepy whispering of some kind and when she got to the top of the stairs, she saw an inmate shuffling side to side against the wall while muttering stuff about down the drain constantly and looked to see an arrow pointing down a hole, though Maite did notice a folder and went over to it to get a good look at it but considering that it deals mainly with an art program, she just recorded the info and went back to the hole where the muttering mad was.

She then hopped down and lands on her feet while being careful to not drop the camera before she entered a door that led into some kind of cell again before she jolts when she heard a raspy voice speaking up and a Rat mobian looking at her.

"They weren't experiments, they were rituals, a conjuring." Maite heard which made her back out of the room and she made an about face and stars walking to the lit area of the hallway.

She had to jump over a desk and saw a beaten security guard which made her gulp before she keeps going till she heard a man roaring about someone keeping quiet followed by the sounds of something getting hit which made her turn the corner and her eyes widen when she saw a man getting beaten to death by an inmate, he looked to be a Polar bear and looked powerful as well.

Maite's eyes widen in shock when she actually saw someone just get killed right before her eyes and when she tried to move around the corner to go by the room carefully.

However when she tried to go by the room by the Polar bear when he saw her passing by and was waiting for her.

He gripped her shoulder and growled in her face with a wild lustful look as he dragged her into the room and forced her against the table near the body and her legs hanged off the table.

"Stay still and I won't kill you!" The Polar bear growled out while he flipped Maite's tailcoat up to show her ass while the Polar bear quickly removed his pants with a ripping motion.

Maite was shocked at her circumstance and didn't know what to do since she had no weapon to defend herself. However she fears that if she dies, she won't be able to see Azure.

A moment later, the Polar bear gripped Maite's hips and aimed his cock at her pussy and from the feeling of the dickhead, he was massive before he starts to shove himself inside of Maite without any foreplay whatsoever.

"GAH!" Maite screams with wide eyes.

"Quiet!" the Polar bear growled out before he used a large hand to smack Maite's ass hard while he keeps forcing himself deeper inside of Maite's pussy.

Maite yelps before she tries to stay quiet but was grinding her teeth.

The Polar bear then hit Maite's cervix before he starts to pull his dick free of Maite's pussy and starts to thrust his hips wildly with much more power then Jack or Fang could ever used which caused the desk to bang against the wall a few times from how powerful the thrusts were.

Maite groans a few times but was trying to be strong as she remembered what she and Fang did before Maite uses her pussy to tight around the Polar bear's dick.

The Polar bear groans a bit from that before he thrusts his hips harder and faster while his dick bashed into Maite's pussy again and again and threatened to bust into her womb past her cervix.

Maite let out a moan or two after feeling that.

Luckily, she remembered that the pill was still in effect and she had plenty in her coat.

For a couple minutes, the Polar bear keeps on fucking her hard for a bit before he made one last thrust and busts through her cervix and blew a massive load into her womb while the Polar bear growls deeply while he rides out his orgasm.

Maite moans a bit loud before her pussy tightens on the Polar Bear's dick as Maite climaxed on it.

For 10 seconds, the Polar bear keeps on climaxing hard inside of Maite before he tapped off and took a moment to pant for breath, however it seemed he had an abnormal recovery rate which caused him to pull his still erect dick out of Maite's pussy and jam it right up her ass, thankfully it was well lubed now thanks to the pussy juice and semen on it but he went balls deep inside of her from the get go before he starts to fuck her wildly with growls and animalistic pants.

Maite groans loudly after feeling that sudden penetration before she let out some more groans while putting up a brave front.

The Polar bear then used his massive hands to grip Maite's breasts and fondles them roughly while he thrusts even harder and harder and his hips slapped againsts Maite's ass with every thrust.

Maite groans and moans loud while her breasts were being man… or in this case bear handled.

For a bit, the Polar bear keeps on thrusting his hips while he keeps fondling Maite's breasts until…

Maite moans a bit louder till she climaxed again from her pussy while her ass tightens on the Polar Bear's dick.

As a result, the Polar bear pushed as much of his dick as he could into Maite's asshole before he groans loudly and his load shot into Maite's ass with great force while his hands gripped Maite's breasts tightly.

Maite continue climax more before tapping off after 25 seconds.

A when that happened, the Polar bear tapped off as well before he pulled his cock free of Maite's ass and after a moment, turned her onto her back and pulled her down onto her knees even if she bumped into the corpse next to her and placed his cock between her breasts and pressed them together before he starts to fuck her breasts hard and Maite could see how massive he was, and while not Walker big, he was an impressive 10 inches in length and 4 in width and his dick bumped into her chin a few times thanks to the length.

Maite blushes brightly at first but knew she can't look weak no matter what size her opponents are.

So Maite opens her mouth and tries to swallow the Polar Bear's dick as much as she can before Maite starts to roughly bob her head up and down.

The Polar bear groans and speeds up his thrusts while he enjoyed the feeling of Maite's mouth and a moment later, let go of Maite's breasts and placed a hand on her head before he forced her to deep throat his cock and her airway was fully blocked thanks to that while he thrusts his hips lightly.

Maite's eyes widen as she greatly gags but remembers this is what Fang and Jack did to her before Maite resumes bobbing her head hard before using her tongue to roughly lick both the dickhead and the tip.

Though thanks to the fact that she was deepthroating the Polar bears cock, she was starting to get light headed as her vision was getting blurry before the Polar bear pulled her head away for a moment which let Maite cough and breath but that was short lived when she was forced onto all fours and with a quick motion, the Polar bear reached over and ripped the lower part of the trench coat away, completely showing Maite's round ass before the Polar bear moved to position himself and just jammed his cock balls deep into Maite's ass again before he starts to fuck her wildly.

"Fuck!" Maite groans before turning her head to look at the Polar Bear with a glare.

"Y-You could've asked me to remove the coat."

The Polar bear however just starts to smack her ass with hard smacks while saying this again with a growl to his voice.

"Quiet!" The Polar bear growled out while he made sure to make his point known when he lightly used his claws to scratch Maite's left ass cheek lightly, enough to cause blood, but not enough to cause real worry but it seems the message was clear… make the Polar bear say it again and things would get bad for Maite very fast.

Maite hisses after feeling that.

"Okay. Okay. I'll stay quiet."

That suite the Polar bear just fine before he gripped Maite's hips and really starts to hump away at her ass which bled a bit from the cut on her ass.

Maite groans from not only having her ass pounded but also the cut did hurt before Maite thought she should punish the Polar Bear by making her ass tighten greatly like if it was a vice.

The Polar bear groans loudly from that but the tightness only seemed to egg it on more when it use some monstrous strength to thrust his hips with much more power then before, pretty much making Maite's tightened ass useless now.

'Well that backfired. Might as well wait till this guy is spent.' Maite thought while groaning more.

Though that seemed to take awhile when the Polar bear keeps on fucking her ass for who knows how long with Maite cumming again and again and the Polar bear was finally getting close after Maite's 5th orgasm.

Maite turns her head to look at the Polar Bear again with a glare but didn't say anything except thinking.

'Just hurry up and finish so I can get out.'

Thankfully for her, the Polar bear made a couple more thrusts and with a quick pull to get Maite to rest on his lap, he growls when he came hard in her ass again and his cum paints her insides quickly.

Maite had her back on the Polar bear's chest before she moans as she climaxed hard again as her pussy squirt out her juices.

For a bit, the Polar bear and Maite ride out their orgasms before they tapped off… however it seemed the Polar bear had the stamina to match his large side when he pushed Maite and she was laying on her back and she could see that his dick was still iron hard while he towered over her.

Maite's eyes widen at the Polar Bear's stamina before she sighs since there's nothing she can do.

'Man this is gonna be a while. Unless someone actually comes in and saves me.' She thought before actually spreading her legs to the Polar bear.

The Polar bear in turn was about to get on top of Maite and continue fucking her but a actual piece of rock getting tossed at him and crashing into his head did get his attention before Maite hears this voice… it seemed… kind sounding.

"You know… I'm sure there are better ways to get your rocks off then forcing yourself on this woman when there are plenty of others in the female ward, then again since it's been awhile since we last seen a sexy lady like this who doesn't have a screw loose, we may have our way with her as well… though with a more… hopefully willing mind about it… right Cedric?" The Kind voice said while the Polar bear growls in a certain direction.

"Perhaps Emerald. Perhaps." Said a voice belonging to most likely Cedric, though his voice seemed pretty calm right now.

Maite blinked before she turned her head to see who these guys were.

Turns out, she saw a Wolf Mobian who had some pretty decent muscles and some scars on his body while the other looked like some kind of Hybrid between a Wolf and a Lion Mobian.

The Hybrid looked like he had a kind smile on his face while the Wolf seemed to have a pretty wild look in his eyes and was looking at the Polar Bear with a somewhat bloodthirsty look in his eyes.

All in all if these were the two that Jack was talking about, she could probably have some help in this place if she played her cards right.

Though the Polar bear growls at the duo before charging them with his claws at the ready, but all Emerald did was roll his eyes and when the crazed Polar bear got close, Emerald and Cedric side stepped the attack and used their feet to trip the crazed bear who lands on his front and when he tried to get back to his feet after turning over, Maite saw Emerald quickly stepping in with some surprising agility for someone with a weak looking build like his and slit the crazed bears throat without even blinking and though he had some blood on him, he never lost that smile before he and Cedric look at Maite while the crazed Polar bear fell back dead.

"So miss… you alright?, sorry if this guy was to forceful with you." Emerald said while he walked up to Maite and while he did use the rag like remains of the coattail to clean his hands off, Maite was able to get a good look at him, he had a fluffy mane, pointy ears, and thanks to the lack of a shirt, had some more fur on his body that puffed out a bit and while he did have a slight gut, he did have some muscle on his arms and legs, though the main difference was that he had a very dark fur color, pretty much brown for the most part and his tail looked like a wolves bushy tail instead of a regular Lion like one.

Maite blushes as she looks at Emerald while she tried to get up.

"N-No worries. Just glad that he's gone."

"Hehe, maybe, but I'm sure that gorgeous body will miss him soon, looks like you were nowhere near close to done on your end it seems." Emerald said while he offered a hand for Maite to take.

Maite blushes in embarrassment as she hates to admit but she somehow did enjoy it before taking Emerald's hand.

'Now I know how Azure felt after that crazed cat had his fill.'

Though Maite did hear Cedric chuckle darkly when he looks Maite up and down when he seemed to have a personality change out of nowhere which reminded Maite of how unstable Cedric can be if what she remembered from Jack was correct.

"Oh please, once we get to a safer place, I'm getting that piece of ass there to please my dick, we don't do this for fucking charity after all the shit we went through." Cedric said before Emerald sighs and looks at Cedric.

"Cedric… calm yourself or I'll make you calm down." Emerald said before he got a deadly edge to his voice while his eyes seemed to flicker between the green eyes that he had not that Maite had a better look to pure white.

Maite was shocked while Cedric took a moment to calm down before looking at Emerald.

"Sorry Emerald. But you know how the other me acts." Cedric said in a calm tone.

"Indeed, but I'm sure if we ask nicely, we could have this beautiful woman please us once she is cleaned and what not, though I should really knock myself on the head a bit for not introducing ourselves properly, my name is Emerald Ranmyaku, to be honest thanks to all the experiments here Emerald is the only thing I can remember about myself really… that and how to use common sense and speak the english language hehe… but Ranmyaku is some kind of code name that the scientists gave me, think its a foreign word for chaos or something but I don't remember much else… my seemingly Bipolar friend here is Cedric Middleton, unlike me, he remembers everything about his life from before he was sent here, though calling it bipolar would be an understatement, you see he and I have split personalities, mine is more subdued thanks to my kind nature but if I am in real trouble or he has something important to say or do, *He* comes out if he really wants to, Cedric's however, thanks to the experiment, caused his personality to be so blurred that the line between himself and his other personality are not so different, the only thing being the key factors are his restraint to those who he deems a friend, and possible lovers, and his rage when someone he cares for is about to be harmed in front of him, out of the two of us, I'm the weakest, but Cedric is the strongest, however thanks to their more… wild nature, if push came to shove, my other self would take care of things because unlike Cedric… well… to put it bluntly my other half actually thinks and just doesn't rely on instinct… had to get Cedric out of a few jams when he leaped before he looked so to speak… I mean he tried to take on the female ward on his own to try and make them submit… had to bail him own by making a deal with the lead woman there named Lillum so if you happen to see a woman inmate, then that most likely means I'm getting summoned to satisfy Lillum's needs, either that or the woman just wants to have fun.." Emerald said while rubbing the back of his head since he wasn't much of a talker but he pretty much went on a speech just now.

Cedric however gave Emerald a calm but stoic look even though what Emerald said was true.

Maite blinked at the story before she regained her composure.

"Well… it's nice to meet you both. My name is Maite Upshur. I'm a reporter. And to be honest, I have heard of you guys from a black bird mobian name Jack."

"Jack?... ah I think he's Walker's man, the guy who can get around where Walker can't thanks to that fat ass of his hehe." Emerald said while he didn't seem too worried about Walker surprisingly enough.

Maite blinked in confusion at Emerald's tone about Walker while Cedric shook his head after hearing about the mutilated bear.

"Well actually, Jack is also working for me and my girlfriend Azure, whom I don't know where she is. Hope that priest and his goons haven't done anything to her. I was put in a cell after having some… fun with Fang." She said while blushing.

"Oh ho… so you're the sexy Bisexual type, though if that Azure is the same we may have a steamy foursome if we can get to her if she is alright." Cedric said while he slipped into his crazed state for a moment while Emerald sighs and reached over and pinched Cedric's ear.

"My foot!... your ass!, down the hall and all the way onto the bear corpse!" Emerald growled when he was getting irritated right now.

Cedric groans before he went calm again.

"O-Okay Emerald. Just let go or its my foot and your ball sack."

"Don't tempt me Cedric, kicked your ass before since you don't think in the heat of battle and I can do it again, one of the perks of having an empty head on my side… besides I'm pretty sure you and your other half would love to get lucky with a goddess such as Maite here but keep this up and you may scare her off and possibly her female lover if this Azure is the protective type." Emerald growled out before he let go of Cedric's ear.

"She is and she shouldn't be underestimated. You should've seen what she can do to Jack or any guy if she grabs something rod like and shoves it in your asses. She can be very serious. Saw her made Jack her bitch before she sent him with a recording to Walker as a challenge." Maite said with a tone that shows she's not kidding.

"Wow, guess Cedric is lucky then, he's a freaking masochist and loves a strong woman who can take charge." Emerald said while he grins at the look on Cedric's face.

Cedric, who had a stoic look, did blush lightly since Emerald had to say that. Though on the inside, he did not like the sound of that before looking at Maite.

"Don't listen to him. He makes up shit. But we be happy to reunite you and the love of your life. However, and don't take it the wrong way, but I'm steering clear of her, especially if she has anything rod like."

Emerald chuckles at that before he looks at Maite.

"And there you have it… however we don't work for free… if you want us to protect you and this Azure, you and Azure will have to make it worth our while since we are going to be fighting other Inmates who will want a piece of that sexy ass of yours… and we like an advance payment before we actually search… after all if we get split up and we get nothing out of it, what's to keep us from actually just ignoring Azure since she seems to be intimidating even to the mighty Cedric here." Emerald said when he gave Maite a lustful look on his face.

Maite was blushing at Emerald after hearing that but Emerald did bring up a good point and Maite needed allies to help her and Azure.

"Well you have a point and I do owe you guys for saving me." She said before looking at Cedric.

"Though you shouldn't judge or be afraid of Azure. Besides being serious, she is nice if you give her a chance."

Cedric's stoic look didn't change as he looked at Maite.

"Yes, sorry. Still doesn't help."

Emerald just chuckles before he looks at Maite.

"Don't worry, he's not an easy person to be friends with for obvious reasons, but I believe we can do the friend things later… for now follow us, there is an office with a small bed in there since we put it in there to relax every now and then and it will be perfect to show you some actual love making instead of some rough raping… we also have plenty of food and water in there so you can get something to eat and drink first, and get clean as well since there is a bathroom nearby so getting clean is easy with a few rags there." Emerald said while he gestured for Maite to follow him and Cedric when the two start walking down the hall and Emerald gently pulled Maite along so she could keep up.

Maite blush but was relieved after hearing that.

"Thank you again. By any chance, do you have any first aid? That dumb Polar Bear had to give my ass a scratch just for talking."

"Maybe, best we have is some rags but I'm sure there is some first aid stuff, if not then we can think of something else to help with making the cut heal faster." Emerald said while he led Maite past the Bear corpse and Cedric walked after them with hands in his pockets.

Maite continues to follow Emerald while Cedric covers the rear in case of a sneak attack while looking stoic. Did he ever smile before?

A couple minutes later, and Maite, Emerald, and Cedric were in some kind of office with a glass window looking into another gas room area, there was a bit of blood on one side of the room while Emerald lets go of Maite's hand while he gestured to a makeshift bed, looked like it was cobbled together out of various soft looking chairs and metal poles as support for the base.

"Ignore the blood, a hostile Inmate was more swing happy then reasonable, but Cedric and I already got the body out of here before coming to aid you, why not take a seat or more like lay down while I get some rags and some water so you can be cleaned off, then we can get you something to eat and drink before we take a look around to see if there is some first aid, if not you'll have to wait it out till the bleeding stops, though thankfully it seems like it's not too bad, barely any blood dripping." Emerald said when he looked at Maite's ass at the end.

Maite did blush when Emerald looked at her ass.

"Well, I just hope that if we find Azure, she doesn't overreact to the scratch."

"Unless she's one of those women that think scars are sexy." Cedric said with a stoic look.

Emerald just shook his head before he went over to one side and Maite saw plenty of food and drinks, some were sandwiches of various types and various flavored waters and sodas before Emerald looks at Maite.

"So… what would you like?" Emerald said while he smiles at Maite.

Maite blushed a bit from the smile before looking at the food and drinks.

"I can take a tuna sandwich and… a diet soda please."

A couple minutes later and Emerald and Cedric saw that Maite had a happy look on her face when she ate and drank her food while Emerald went to get some water from a nearby area and a rag, and a bucket.

A bit later, Emerald came back and saw a content Maite while she pats her stomach after eating a couple more sandwiches.

"Hehe, I see you enjoyed the meal." Emerald said while he passed Cedric one of the rags and winked at Cedric to signal him to follow his lead.

Cedric did raised his eyebrow but went with it anyway while Maite let out a happy sigh.

"Yeah. Don't know how long I've been here but I really needed it."

Emerald chuckles before he spoke up after getting his rag wet thanks to filling the bucket with some water.

"Good to know, but Cedric and I will need to clean you off real quick before we take a look at that wound before we get that advance… mind removing the coat please?" Emerald asked while grinning at Maite while Cedric got where Emerald was going with this now, looks like they will be getting hands on with Maite when it comes to cleaning her body.

Maite did blink after hearing that before blushing a bit as she removed her coat and placed it on the bed.

Emerald and Cedric saw Maite's nude body in full and with a pleased look in Emerald's eye, he looks at Cedric after seeing the Wolf get his rag wet.

"So… want to take the top half while I clean the bottom half?" Emerald said while he walked to the doorway and used a large box that Emerald had outside of the room to block the doorway somewhat to prevent anyone from surprising them before he went back to stand next to Cedric.

Cedric shrugged a bit at Emerald.

"Doesn't matter really." He said before he got started on cleaning Maite's upper body slowly.

Emerald chuckles a bit before he walked up to Maite and the duo start to clean her body, starting with her arms and legs after Emerald dragged the bucket closer to be able to get fresh water on the rags and both men were surprisingly gentle with their rubbing when they worked their way towards her body.

Maite blushes from the gentle touch but did shiver a bit after feeling the cold water.

For a few minutes, the duo keeps on cleaning her arms and legs before they dried her arms and legs off with dry rags before using the wet rags to wash her midsection, Cedric started with her upper back area while Emerald went to her stomach and still used gentle touches as they slowly worked their way around Maite's body without getting to the important bits… yet.

Maite continues to blush while feeling a bit better as Cedric continues to clean her back.

Emerald then starts to clean her asscheeks after he dried her stomach off and he used the rag to gently fondle and grope Maite's ass a few times while he playfully smirks at her when things would get pretty sexual soon.

Maite shudders from that before blushing brightly for a bit.

Cedric, after he finished washing Maite's back, and drying her back off, used the rag to gently rub the underside of her breasts, making sure to get between the part with her breasts that touched her body before he starts to rub the rag over the rest of her breasts and nipples as well.

Cedric was very thorough on his cleaning before he made sure to clean Maite's nipples good.

Thanks to the cold water of the rag, Maite's nipples quickly got erect which made Emerald grin when he saw that from where he was kneeling before he finished cleaning Maite's good ass cheek before he carefully starts to clean Maite's wounded ass cheek and was very gentle with his touches since the wound needed to be cleaned out in the first place.

Maite, at first blushed when she felt her nipples get erect before wincing a bit when Emerald was attending her injury.

For a bit, Emerald was careful with his rubbing before he stopped and used a dry rag to pat the ass cheek dry lightly.

"There… now onto the fun part of the cleaning." Emerald said before he moved a bit to be between Maite's legs while ke knelt in front of her before he used a cold wet rag to rub her pussy and ass clean while being sure to get as much of the Polar bears spunk onto the rag as it dripped onto it.

Maite's eyes widen as she blushed brightly from having her ass and pussy cleaned out.

For a bit, Emerald keeps on doing that while makes sure to be gentle with his actions while he made sure to keep cleaning her out more and more even when the semen stopped dripping from her pussy and asshole until…

Maite hums a bit loud before she surprisingly climaxed from her pussy which made Cedric raise his eyebrow.

Emerald just chuckles before he looked at Cedric while he placed the used rag in the bucket of water.

"Looks like she enjoyed our work… though since she is clean now and her ass cheek does look like it won't bleed… why don't we get our advance now with Maite out of the way… I'm sure she would love the more careful fun we will have then what that Polar bear did… that is if she is up for it…" Emerald said while he looks at Maite with a grin on his face before he stood up to full height and Maite could see that he was getting erect in his pants and looked pretty big like the other inmates here.

Maite blushes brightly when she saw the bulge before looking at Emerald.

"I-I don't mind."

"Good… though hope you like getting tag teamed because Cedric and I really like to get a bit intense later but for now… hope you like what you see from the two of us." Emerald said before he starts to remove his pants and tossed them onto a nearby desk and Maite saw that when Emerald was in the nude, he looked lion like from the waist down but his cock, an impressive 10 in length and 3 in width, had a knot at the base from his hybrid lineage and barbs ran up and down the cock and even on the knot as well… looks like things really would get intense with a cock like that.

Cedric was also in the nude while his dick was surprisingly an inch longer in length while the width was 2 inches. However the knot was pretty big at 4 to 5 inches.

Maite was blushing like a tomato as she saw the duo's dicks.

Emerald chuckles before the scene went to a couple minutes later with Maite on the faux bed while she was licking and stroking Cedric's dick while he sat in front of her while Emerald was rubbing her folds and surprisingly licking at her wounded ass cheek like he was trying to nurse it somewhat.

Maite shudders from that as she continues to please Cedric's dick while said wolf did grunt here and there, but did sound like he was enjoying it a little despite the stoic look on his face.

Emerald then slid a couple fingers into Maite's pussy and starts to finger her for a bit while he keeps licking Maite's ass cheek while the leaking blood was slowly stopping, he even used his right hand to play with Maite's right breast to help her feel better.

Maite moans from these actions which caused her to take more of Cedric's dick in her mouth making Cedric groan at that.

Emerald then pulled his fingers out of Maite's pussy before he stood up and stroked his cock a few times.

"So Maite… ready?" Emerald simply asked so he could get permission to continue.

Maite takes her mouth off of Cedric's dick before looking at Emerald with a cute blush on her face.

"Yes." She said.

Emerald just grins when he got in position, and rubbed the head of his cock on Maite's pussy before he slowly and carefully pushed his cock in and gives time for Maite to adjust every now and then while Emerald gave a pleased groan while the barbs on his dick scrape against Maite's vaginal walls.

Maite groans after feeling that before she makes sure to adjust it while making sure to be strong.

Though Emerald was in no rush and was trying to be gentle with Maite while he got deeper and deeper into her pussy before Maite felt Emerald's knot bump into her while the tip of his dick pressed into her cervix.

Maite let out another groan before she was finally able to adjust to Emerald's dick.

Emerald groans a bit more before he licks his lips while he looks at Cedric.

"Well Cedric, hope you enjoy this hole later… it feels very good… soft and warm, and tight to boot after what she just went through." Emerald said while his cock throbbed a few times inside of Maite.

Maite blushes after hearing that while Cedric looks at Emerald.

"I'll take your word for it."

Emerald just rolled his eyes before he gripped Maite's hips.

"Ready Maite?" Emerald asked while he smiles at her.

Maite blushes before nodding her head at Emerald.

Emerald in turn nods back before he pulled his cock free and carefully starts to thrust his hips which caused his dick to enter at exit Maite's pussy with surprisingly gentle but swift motions.

Maite groans a few times before moaning a bit before she placed her mouth on Cedric's dick again and resumes to bob her head only a bit hard.

Cedric did groan from that as he let's Maite continue this.

For a bit Emerald keeps on thrusting his hips while he made sure to not thrust too hard but he decided to step things up when Maite was doing pretty well when he thrusts his hips at a slightly faster rate and Emerald gripped Maite's hips a bit tighter so he could pull himself in faster.

Maite muffly groans as she bobs her head a bit faster on Cedric's dick making Cedric let out a slightly pleased groan.

"Oh yeah… really enjoying how sexy Maite is right now, want to trade positions once I'm finished and you go for her ass?" Emerald said while he lightly pets Maite's good ass cheek while he keeps fucking her pussy.

Maite blushes from that after hearing Emerald say that about her while Cedric looked at the hybrid after letting out another pleased groan.

"Alright sure."

"Great, better step things up then and do this!" Emerald said before the fucked Maite with faster and stronger thrusts to really show that he could be dominating as well as loving it seemed and his dickhead bashed into Maite's cervix again and again as time went by.

Maite groans loudly once she felt that before she was a bit surprised when she felt Cedric starts to thrust his dick in her mouth.

Emerald heard Maite gag a few times on Cedric's cock but didn't say anything while his knot was getting bigger and bigger.

"F-Fuck… about to blow… hope you like getting knotted because I'm going to do that soon!" Emerald said while he fucked Maite harder and harder until…

Maite moans loudly before she climaxed on Emerald's dick while Cedric gave Maite's mouth some of his wolf spunk and it was big load.

Maite was surprised at the amount that Cedric let out while Maite kept climaxing on Emerald's dick.

A moment later, Emerald made one pretty large thrust and he managed to get the rest of his dick inside of Maite which quickly inflates and locked the two together and the head of his dick bashed through Maite's cervix and he groans loudly when he filled Maite's womb with his sperm in no time flat, and thanks to the large knot, it had nowhere to go so it was all building up in her womb.

Maite moans loudly as she felt her womb bloat as her climax got stronger before her pussy tightens around Emerald's dick.

For a bit, Emerald keeps cumming in Maite while Cedric's orgasm tapped off around the 20 second mark before Emerald managed to get this out though the pleasure filled shocks.

"D-Damn… s-she's really squeezing my knot good… just give me a sec and I'll flip her and you can go for her ass." Emerald said to Cedric while his nuts continue to throb hard while he keeps filling Maite's womb with cum.

"S-Sure. No problem." Cedric said before he moved Maite's head off of his dick so Maite can breathe while she moans a bit as her womb bloat up.

'G-Good thing that the pill is still in effect. Though I better make sure to take another one since I don't know how long I've been here since I was knocked out. Better make sure I have enough for Azure when I see her.' Maite thought was still worried for her feline girlfriend.

Though considering Emerald and Cedric were not mind readers, they didn't know about her thoughts before Emerald carefully turned Maite so that she was on her back and with Emerald shuddering when his knot was rubbed before he looks down at Maite and chuckles at the look on Maite's face while she pants for breath.

Maite had a deep blush on her face that made her look very cute while having what looked like a pleased look on her face.

Emerald just chuckles before he leaned down a bit to lean over Maite.

"Ready to be lifted?, sorry if I harm you a bit since I'll have to grip your ass but I'll try and just hold onto the good cheek." Emerald said while he smiles at Maite.

Maite blushes more from the smile before saying this.

"N-No worries. You can try holding both and be a bit… rough."

Emerald just chuckle before he surprised Maite when he kissed her on the forehead since she just got some semen in her mouth.

"Not bad, well then I won't hold back then." Emerald said before he placed his arms behind Maites back in a hug like position so he could lift her and took a moment adjust his feet on the ground so he could have a stable stance of sorts.

Maite blushes from that before she wrapped her arms and legs around Emerald so she can stay on him.

A moment later, Emerald used a surprising amount of strength to lift Maite while he stayed inside of her and after a moment of pulling her to his chest, he placed his hands on Maite's ass and his fingers sank into the round ass cheeks a moment later and Emerald groans when Maite's pussy tightened all of a sudden on his dick.

Maite groans for a bit as her breasts touched Emerald's muscled chest.

Emerald purrs a bit from that before he looks at Cedric after spreading her ass cheeks and showing her asshole to Cedric.

"Well Cedric, ready to have some more fun?" Emerald asked with a grins on his face.

"Indeed." Cedric said with no emotion before got behind Maite and grabbed her hips before Cedric gently slides his dick inside Maite's ass.

The female hedgehog groans as she felt that which made her pussy tighten on Emerald's dick again.

Emerald groans a bit from that while he waits for Cedric to get knot deep into Maite's ass and Cedric waits for Maite to adjust to the cock in her ass while Emerald gently fondles her ass cheeks and leaned down to lick one side of her neck to help her relax.

Maite groans a bit more even though she was feeling a bit better before Cedric was able to get his knot in Maite's as before he waits for her to adjust.

A moment later, Emerald looks at Cedric before he got a fanged grin on his face.

"Ready to show this beauty what happens when we don't hold back." Emerald said while Cedric got a somewhat crazed look on his face when heard that.

"Yes." He said with his tone turning crazed.

"Then let's get to fucking then!" Emerald growled out before he forced his knot out of Maite and slammed it back inside before he repeats the process and his dick bashed in and out of Maite's womb.

Cedric was now humping Maite's ass very hard while Maite's hold on Emerald tightens while at the same time her pussy and ass tighten on the duo's dicks as well.

"Oh yeah… really loving this… so tell me, compared to Jack and that Polar bear, how are our cocks in comparison?" Emerald said with a fanged grin on his face while he keeps slamming his cock in and out of Maite's pussy while Cedric keeps doing the same with a snarl of sorts.

Maite groans and moans each time as her toes curled before she looks at Emerald.

"A-A bit bigger and… p-powerful!"

Emerald just had a fanged grin before he said this when he growled a bit in Maite's ear.

"And that Fang with the priest?... how does he fair since it sounds like you may have a thing for him a bit." Emerald said while he humped Maite a bit harder and faster.

Cedric humped in Maite's ass in the same manner while Maite blushes when she heard that.

"W-Well… between him and… J-Jack… Fang is better than him and more… w-wild."

"I see… well I wonder how wild he can be against a Wolf and the King of the Jungle!" Emerald growled out before he and Cedric really went wild with their thrusts in no time flat.

Maite was moaning loudly as she hugged Emerald more while her toes curled each time.

"So tell me!, until you got here did a beauty like you ever get a proper fucking!?, because it seems you are really adapting well to Cedric and I." Emerald growled out while he used his hand on Maite's good ass cheek to slap her ass while Cedric went to grip and fondle her breasts hard a moment later and pulled himself at a harder and faster rate.

"B-Back then no. I had bad picks on s-some guys before c-coming here. W-Was able to adapt a bit thanks to Azure, Jack and Fang." Maite said before moaning.

"I see… well then if we happen to save you or Azure from some crazed inmates, what will you do to reward us!?" Emerald growled out before he smacked Maite's ass a bit harder but was careful of the claw to not harm her ass more.

"Gah! A-Anything! I would do anything to thank you both!" Maite groans.

"Oh really?, would you get on your knees and suck our cocks?, get on all fours and let us fuck your holes?, would you let one of us have a one on one time with you if the other wasn't around?" Emerald growled out while he keeps fucking Maite's pussy as hard as he could while his orgasm was getting close.

Cedric and Maite can feel their orgasms coming as well as Maite spoke.

"Y-Yes! All of it. I'll even carry one of your kids if necessary if you can keep me and Azure safe!" She said but didn't realized what that last one would mean.

Emerald grins a bit darkly before he whispered in her ear.

"Well then… why not prove it by letting us fuck you whenever we want… doesn't matter if its in a hallway or in front of others in here or if you are with another psychopath or getting it on with Azure… I'm sure Cedric and I would love to see how serious you are about this if you let us fuck you no matter where you are." Emerald darkly said while Cedric could see Emerald slipping somewhat but thanks to Emerald's eyes being an indicator, Emerald was still in control, just influenced right now somewhat to be a more dominating type of person right now.

Maite, who blushes, looks at Emerald in the eyes with a serious look.

"All I care about, besides trying to leave this place, is find Azure. So you bet your lion ass that I'm serious. One or both of you can do me whatever or whenever you want."

Emerald chuckles before he pulled his head back and gave Maite a dominating grin.

"I hope you remember that then… I don't want to hear about you being in some kind of rush and you can't reward us if we save you… but for now… Time to finish this!" Emerald growled out before he starts to thrust his hips so hard and fast that Maite bounced hard on Cedric's dick as a result.

Maite groans and moans very loudly as her breasts bounced as well each time before Maite actually starts to claw Emerald's back.

Emerald growled from that but instead of sounding mad, he seemed excited.

"Oh fuck yeah claw my back like you really mean it, I'm not going to be gentle in the future so no need to be gentle to me now." Emerald growled out while he thrusts harder and faster in Maite's pussy while Cedric pushed himself to keep up as well which caused his cock to piston in and out of Maite's ass at a rapid rate.

Maite groans loudly before she actually sent Emerald a grin of her own as she scratched Emerald's back even harder while her holes grip the duo's dicks in an tight and harsh manner.

That caused Emerald to grin more while he and Cedric groan before they really stepped up the thrusting to help Maite have the mother of all orgasms as time went on.

Maite groans even louder and after making sure her mouth was clean completely, she did an unexpected move by leaning her head in and smashed her lips on Emerald's lips which made Cedric blink a little as he saw that.

Though Emerald was surprised, he did adapt fast when he returned the kiss heatedly and his tongue forced its way into Maite's mouth to really mess with her.

Maite moans into the kiss before she had her tongue fight Emerald's tongue.

She did it while trying to mimic how Fang done it.

Emerald was a bit surprised by that but didn't care at the moment while Maite keeps the kiss up, however she pulled away much to Emerald's confusion before she looks back at Cedric for some reason.

Cedric looked at Maite with a confused look wondering what she wanted.

However that confused look turned into shock when Maite used a hand to grip the back of his head and forced him to kiss her and Maite sent her tongue into Cedric's mouth before he could react.

Cedric was beyond caught off guard by that sudden before a moment later, he adapts and returned the kiss before using his tongue to confront Maite's tongue.

Although the difference between Fang and Cedric's tongue was that Cedric's tongue was a bit wider and flat and more powerful and more wild.

Another difference between Cedric and Emerald's tongues was that Emerald's tongue was more scratchy due to his feline heritage.

For a bit, Emerald and Cedric keep on fucking Maite while she keeps on alternating with kissing the duo before Maite was kissing Emerald while the duo were getting close.

Cedric continues to hump Maite's ass hard while Maite kept kissing Emerald.

A minute later, the duo keep on fucking Maite before Emerald and Cedric pushed their cocks as deep as they could go and knotted themselves inside of Maite's holes before they came hard inside of her with Cedric howling and Emerald actually acting like a lion and opening his maw and having it go around Maite's neck but he didn't bite down at all.

Maite moans loud before she felt her holes tighten on the duo's dicks before Maite climaxed on Emerald's dick.

For a few minutes, Emerald and Cedric shudder and groan a bit while Emerald moved his maw off of Maite's neck to enjoy the afterglow so to speak while the duo keep lightly, but constantly cumming in her holes, Maite tapped off a long time ago and was just enjoying the feeling for now.

Maite moans as her body shudders as she received the duo's cum.

The duo keeps on cumming before Cedric gave a pretty good pull and his knotted dick popped free of Maite's asshole and his cum flowed down to the ground for a moment while Emerald keeps his dick inside of Maite's pussy, all in all it looks like this was the relaxing part with Emerald carefully moving to sit on the bed while his cock was still in Maite's pussy thanks to his knot, it did feel more inflated than usual.

"Ahhh… much better, sorry for the trouble Cedric, but mind keeping watch till I deflate enough to pull free safely?, pretty sure Maite here can suck you off for now since you enjoyed her lips." Emerald asked while he grins at his ally and friend, though it looked like Cedric still wasn't done though if the erect dick was any indication.

Cedric shrugged at his ally/friend after taking a breath.

"No problem with that."

"Great, think you mind giving his dick another sexy blowjob or use those tits of yours?" Emerald asked while he used his arms to turn Maite to have her sit on Emerald's lap with her ass facing Emerald and Maite's legs hanged off the bed while Emerald's cock was still inside of her, and it looks like Emerald didn't mind a bit of a mess on his lap since he could clean it off later.

Cedric brought his dick closer to Maite making said hedgehog blush before grinning.

"Actually… why not both?" She said before she put her breasts together around Cedric's dick before Maite moved her breasts up and down making Cedric let out a pleased groan after getting over his surprise.

Maite giggles before she opened her mouth wide and took the head of his cock and then some into her mouth while she held her breasts steady on Cedric's pelvis and gave him a flirty wink, seems she wanted him to fuck her tits and mouth at the same time.

Cedric did blush at that but went with it as he thrust his hips with his dick going in and out of Maite's breasts.

Maite moans and groans lustfully while she licked and sucked the tip of his dick before she pulled away while he keeps fucking her tits.

"I bet these nice round tits feel good don't they?" Maite lustfully said before she went back to licking and sucking the head of Cedric's cock.

Cedric was a bit surprise at this new attitude that Maite was bringing out.

"Y-Yeah they do." He said as let out a few pleased groans.

Maite then pulled away before she lifts and lowers her breasts to bump into Cedric's pelvis.

"I bet you want to paint my face and breasts with your cum… bath me in your scent to show that you and Emerald are the best guys here for Azure and I huh?" Maite said while she gave Cedric a teasing grin of sorts.

Cedric, who was a bit surprised to hear that, gave another pleased groan but was quiet for a bit till he gave this response.


"Well then… what's stopping you?, don't hold back on me now big boy, show me that wild side of yours… I need the experience and I'm more then willing to learn from you and Emerald… so fuck my tits like you never fucked any before." Maite said while she moved her breasts faster and faster on Cedric's cock.

Hearing just made Cedric go wild as he thrusts his dick harder and faster on Maite's breasts.

Maite moans and groans from that before she opened her mouth and licked Cedric's dick as it went to her mouth.

Cedric groans from that as he continues to thrust and buck his hips as his dick went in and out of Maite's mouth.

For a bit, Maite keeps on letting Cedric fuck her tits while he got close and closer until…

Cedric let out a growl as he climaxed hard before his cum sprayed on Maite's mouth and breasts.

Maite moans before she greedily took Cedric's cock into her mouth after her face and breasts had a decent coat and starts to drink the load as it came.

Cedric shudders as he let out more cum before tapping after 30 seconds.

Maite moans while she swallowed Cedric's load and when he tapped off, she carefully pulled her breasts away and with semen on her breasts and mouth, she smiles at Cedric before she asked this.

"So… did I do good?" Maite said to see how she did while she had a cute but sinful look on her face when she did so.

Cedric couldn't help but blush at that before he actually gave Maite a slight grin but wasn't losing control this time.

"Y-Yes. You did good."

Maite blushed a bit at the grin but she just starts to use her fingers to get the semen off her body and licked her fingers clean in Cedric's view.

Cedric felt turned on as he watched Maite do that which made the wolf inmate's dick twitch.

Maite noticed and blushed a bit before she grins after she got the final bit of semen off of her for now.

"Wow, looks like you can still do more… well want to help train me more by destroying my throat?... I got nothing better to do while sitting on Emerald's cock…" Maite said before she opened her mouth wide to show Cedric her wet inviting mouth to the wolf.

Cedric in no time flat got in front of Maite before he sticks his dick inside the hedgehog's mouth.

Maite in turn gagged quite a bit on Cedric's cock but she was able to power through the comfortableness and lick the underside of Cedric's cock and waits for him to start humping her face.

And start he did when Cedric holds Maite's head and starts to face fuck her hard as Cedric's dick starts to hit Maite's throat and go deep inside of it.

This really caused Maite to gag but she did pretty well with enduring the assault before she used her hands to grip Cedric's balls and fondles them to help him feel better.

Though Cedric did feel better, that action still egged him on as the wolf inmate went wild on his thrusting.

Emerald in turn chuckles at that while he watched Cedric enjoy himself before he lightly thrusts his hips upward to have Maite bounce on his cock again and again, looks like Emerald was up for more.

Maite gags before groaning as she was really enjoying this pleasure while Cedric continues to face fuck her as if he was trying to own her.

For a bit, Emerald and Cedric keep up their actions before Emerald used his hands to lightly spank Maite's ass cheeks, though he was careful of Maite's wound, it seemed to excite her more and she sucked harder on Cedric's dick and bounced harder on Emerald's cock as a result.

Cedric growls a bit as he continues to thrust his dick hard without no end.

A couple minutes later, with Maite getting to breathe every now and then, Emerald and Cedric gripped parts of Maite's body, Cedric with her head, and Emerald with her hips, and slammed their cocks deep inside of Maite with Emerald firing another load into Maite's already filled womb with a roar of sorts and Cedric with his knot outside of Maite's mouth, cums hard down her throat with a howl and he gripped his knot tightly and squeezed it with one hand to really help him cum hard down Maite's throat.

Maite moans before gagging a bit as she climaxed hard on Emerald's dick before she tries to swallow Cedric's load.

Thankfully for her, she was not able to do much since Cedric's dick was doing most of the work by firing down her throat while Emerald groans while he rides out his orgasm and Cedric pants and moans through the orgasm before he tapped off and starts to slowly pull his cock free of Maite's mouth.

Maite was able to take a breather even though she coughed a bit after tapping off.

Cedric pants for breath while he wondered if he pushed things too far but then remembered Maite asking for it and with a slightly crazed tone, spoke up to Maite.

"Hehe… so Maite… thing you can go another round?" Cedric said with a crazed tone to his voice now while his cock throbbed hard with the need to fuck.

Maite pants a bit before sending Cedric a challenged grin.

"Bring. It. On."

Cedric just grins before the scene went to a minute later with Emerald and Cedric shockingly having both their cock's in Maite's pussy and were fucking it hard while their knots bumped into one another, but from the look and sounds that were coming from Maite, they didn't really care right now.

"O-Oh FUCK YEAH!" Maite shouts with her tongue hanging out as she was having the time of her life.

"H-How do you like this!?, b-bet this is g-good training in case you run into Walker!, heard the guy has a dick more massive than us combined!" Emerald growled out before chuckling but then went to groan and moan while he fucked Maite hard with Cedric doing the same.

"I-I love it!" Maite moans as her pussy tries to tighten both of the male inmates dicks.

Emerald just chuckles before he and Cedric thrust their hips at a faster rate to really try and get their dicks deep inside of Maite and wondered what she was thinking right now.

'Oh wow! I haven't had this much fun when I was with Fang. Then again, the way Fang teached me earlier was fun. And he wasn't like that Polar Bear guy. Though Cedric and Fang are kinda tied since I can't tell who is better, even if Cedric is more wilder. Though I'll say that Emerald has them beat. I guess Jack was right, they are perfect for me and Azure. Just hope Azure agrees. I really hope she's okay.' Maite thought as she kept moaning loud with ecstasy.

A couple minutes later pass with Emerald and Cedric getting close before they made a few more thrusts before they shockingly forced their knots into Maite's pussy and they quickly inflate before they both came hard in Maite's pussy and thanks to the knots, the combined loads had nowhere to go and the pressure on one another's knots really made them cum more then usual and really stretched Maite's pussy out on the inside far beyond what she was normally able to take.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite screams loud with her tongue hanging out again before she climaxed very hard on the duo's dicks as Maite's womb bloats like crazy.

If she wasn't on the pill, there's no telling which of the two could be the father of her child… if she wasn't on the pill.

However no one could really think right now while they ride out their orgasms and Maite's womb keeps bloating little by little which caused her to have micro orgasms every now and then.

Maite's orgams kept going stronger before she taps off after 35 seconds but her body shudders a bit each time.

Thankfully Emerald and Cedric's orgasms slowed greatly but still went on and thanks to the pressure in Maite's pussy, semen leaked from her, and flowed a bit with Cedric falling onto her a bit and Emerald grunts a little since he was now squished a bit under Maite and Cedric.

"Well… this seems to be an interesting situation…" Emerald said while Maite and Cedric were pretty much laying on him, thankfully Maite was between the duo so he didn't mind how close they were.

"No kidding." Cedric said with a stoic look.

Emerald just chuckles before he just relaxed on the bed.

"Well considering things, we might as well get some sleep, you and Maite can go first and I'll keep watch, thankfully not only do we have that box blocking the door to alart us, but I also found this on one of the corpses here, granted not many bullets but enough to take down a inmate or two." Emerald said when he reached between the cracks of the bed and pulled out a pistol of all things for the two, mainly Maite to view since Cedric already knew about it.

Maite was surprised when she saw the gun.

"W-Wow, guess you guys know how to really be prepared."

"Eh we try, but enough of that, for now get some sleep beautiful, once all three of us get some rest were going to have a quicky then get going to find Azure, and just to make sure you get all cuddly with us…" Emerald said before he surprisingly kissed Maite on the side of her head and grins at her.

Maite was blushing brightly before Cedric did the same but he licked her cheek making the pink hedgehog blush more.

A moment later, Cedric then rests his body on Maite while he used her breasts as arm rests of sorts and dozed off right then and there.

Maite blushes brightly before looking a bit at Emerald.

"G-Good night Emerald."

Emerald just chuckles before he kissed Maite on the lips for a moment after seeing that her mouth was clean and pulled away to relax on the bed.

"Night Maite, pleasant dreams." Emerald said while he placed a hand behind his head and waits for Maite to go to sleep for now.

Maite blushes at the kiss at first before she dozed off before a moment later starts to snore in a cute way.

Emerald just smiles at that before he got a serious look on his face, Emerald was never a good sleeper nowadays and thanks to Cedric being a pretty heavy sleeper to recover from his time with the experiments, and with Maite being exhausted, Emerald just points the gun towards a certain area while a large panel in the ceiling was pulled free and a figure dropped down.

Emerald then lowered the gun when he recognized the figure and just grins a bit since the figure was not only a Hybrid like himself but a shapely female at that, to top it all off she was the leader of the female ward… Lillum.

She was a Fox/Bat Hybrid so she had mainly Fox like features while the only Bat like traits were a couple wings on her back and sharper fangs then most.

She pretty much went nude around the Asylum and her figure was pretty shapely with E sized breasts and wide hourglass hips, all in all, she had an amused lustful look on her face when she saw Emerald and Cedric in their current position with Maite, she heard of these female Apostles of the priest and wanted to see what was going on but was pleasantly surprised to see this before her.

Maite was too busy sleeping while Cedric was comfortable on her breasts as the duo laid on Emerald and it looked like Cedric was having a nice dream surprisingly enough and smiles a bit in his sleep surprising Lillum a little.

"Well what do I owe the pleasure of seeing the Queen of the Female ward here?, I would get up to greet you but as you can see… Cedric and I are a bit stuck at the moment." Emerald said while he grins at Lillum.

Lillum chuckles as she stares at Emerald.

"I can see that. As to why I'm here, can't a girl visit her favorite jungle king. Though I'm surprised to see that one of the famous Apostles that I heard so much about would be with you two. And I got to say she looks good enough to eat with a body like that." She said as she licked her lips while eying Maite's bod as she rests.

Emerald chuckles a few times while he placed the gun on the bed, knowing Lillum she has a few men and woman nearby that she *Tamed* to keep anyone from interrupting and knew it was safe to relax.

"Well if you think she looks good enough to eat, why not get a taste when Cedric and I take her to the female ward, I'm sure a few women would love to see Cedric again and you could really show Maite here how to really please a man, not to knock her skills but she had trouble with making me cum for a bit while you could do it in a couple minutes if you want, makes me wonder why you didn't join in if you were this close, enjoy the show?" Emerald said while he grins at Lillum.

Lillum grins a bit at Emerald's position.

"You know it. I will admit, Maite did show a bit of skill but, she'll need some serious training to be a pro like me. As for Cedy, some of the girls do miss him. Especially Rachel." She said with a smirk as she looks at Cedric.

"Ah, I remember her, had a few times with her as well but she was oddly drawn to Cedric mainly, nice lady even if she is a bit on the insane side with getting fucked hard to the point that even I worried if she took the whole Masochistic thing to far, how is she by the way?" Emerald asked since he did have a few good times with Rachel as well.

"Oh she's doing fine… after having some fun with me." Lillum said with an imp like grin.

Emerald chuckles before he looks at Lillum with a somewhat serious look on his face.

"Though on a somewhat serious note, you hear about what Maite and Azure are going to have to do if Walker catches them?, think you can send a lady or two to help Azure since it sounds like she's getting in over her head?" Emerald asked since he heard about how Aggressive Azure was and could be getting herself in a lot of trouble if she was alone.

Lillum did had a somewhat serious look as well since she knew how Walker was.

"I'll see what I can do on Walker. Damn bastard. I've also heard of the bet he and Jack made. I even heard one of the Priest's guys, Fang I believe is helping them on the side. But don't worry, I know one girl who can be perfect for Azure."

"Let me guess, Sticks?, heard she's you're go to for getting around fast like Jack but unlike him, Sticks likes to get it on with anyone without much issue and can take care of herself in a fight with how unpredictable she is, had to watch my back a few times in case she tried jumping me but nice Badger aside from that, though if Walker is really being a pain… Think I should end him since he is being annoying?, he harm any of your women?" Emerald said before he got a dark dominating tone to his voice.

Lillum shrugged before replying.

"No. Though Frost and Rose did came back after seeing him when Rose had a bit of fun. Seems whatever Azure said made that creep feel excited. And speaking of Azure, don't know what she did but Frost mentioned that Jack wasn't like himself. Frost had to do a bunch of things to help Jack get better."

"I see, well just in case any of your women run into Walker… mind giving him a message for me?" Emerald said while he got a serious look on his face.

Lillum can tell the hybrid was being serious before giving Emerald a seductive smirk.

"Sure thing sexy."

Emerald chuckles at that before he had a dark grin on his face.

"Tell Walker that while he can have his little bet… if anything happens to Maite or Azure while they are under my watch… well… even if I can't kill him I can make his life here in the Asylem a living hell." Emerald said with a twisted tone to his voice when he went full on sadistic for a moment.

Lillum giggles at that as she made sure to remember that.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure that he gets it."

"Great… mind coming here for a moment." Emerald said while giving a finger gesture for Lillum to approach Emerald.

Lillum giggles as she approaches Emerald after swinging her hips a bit.

A moment later, Emerald used a quick grab to pull Lillum down a bit and with surprising dexterity, gripped the back of Lillum's head and pulled her in for a heated kiss that really went wild with Lillum cupping Emerald's face with her hands while she worked to try and overpower Emerald's tongue but he seemed to use some skill that he didn't use with Maite and easily overpowered Lillum's tongue, seems he was going to be the king of everything from the jungle to sex if he held back with Maite just now.

Lillum moans in Emerald's mouth as she kept the kiss up while looking at the hybrid's eyes with lust and perhaps a bit of love in the mix.

Emerald returned the look as well since he and Lillum knew one another for quite a bit before he pulled Lillum's head back and said this with a slight lustful growl.

"Better get going my dear Queen and make sure my concubine's lover is taken care of, I'll make sure that things go well on my end so I'm counting on you to deal with things on yours… do well and I'll personally be your toy for a few hours… well yours and a few other ladies if you have anything kinky in mind." Emerald growled out while grinning at Lillum when he let her head go.

Lillum shudders at the growl but gave Emerald a seductive grin on her face.

"You can count on me. Though I hope you head to the ward soon. I miss being without my handsome king." She said while being cute.

Emerald chuckles before he gave Lillum a teasing grin.

"Well… I could be mean and take my time with training Maite but… we could stop by as long as you make sure the hard to control women don't push me… would hate to put your minions into sex comas just because they can't keep their lust in check." Emerald teased while his cock throbbed a few time's in Maite's pussy.

Maite moans in her sleep when she felt that but resumed sleeping nonetheless while Lillum blushes when she saw Emerald's dick.

"Oh I'll make sure my girls behave. And if you need some assistance I'll be happy to join you. Maybe have Cedy keep Azure company. If she's found first."

"Hehe, one step at a time, now get going, I'm sure a few of your ladies need the relief after watching what just happened and I'm sure you need the relief as well… I may not have a sense of smell but my hearing is top notch… can hear some labored breathing from where you came from." Emerald said while he grins at Lillum.

Lillum did playfully sweatdropped as she forgot about her girls.

"Right. I'll see you later my King." She said as she starts to exit out of the room. But before teasing Emerald as Lillum's ass shock with each step.

Emerald when he saw that, was able to give it a quick smack to tease Lillum a bit before she got out of his reach.

Lillum did jolt but kept walking as she continues to shake her ass before she got out of the room.

Before closing the panel, Lillum sends Emerald a wink before blowing him a kiss till the panel was closed.

Emerald just chuckles a few times before he decided to relax since Lillum would have this area guarded while the scene went to Lillum a few minutes later after she went through a shortcut with her guards and were in the female Ward in no time flat.

Similar to how Maite was in a padded cell, the Female ward was similar, however unlike the Male ward, the Female Ward had mostly sex crazed females who were constantly getting it on the the room either with themselves or with some male inmates who were either unlucky enough to be caught or willingly came here to not only get lucky but to stay out of the way of Walker and the Priest since even Walker would have issues walking around here.

Lillum, when she got back to the room was greeted by a few of her most loyal minions with one of them hugging Lillum's arm and her breasts covered Lillum's left arm.

"Milady, you have returned safely, how was your trip to see King Emerald?" The Woman asked, she was Leopard and had a somewhat shapely figure, but not up to Lillum or Maite's standards.

She had C sized breasts and petite looking hips and the only thing she wore for warmth was a simple shirt that was cut in a way to give her a cape like look.

Lillum giggles as she smiles at the leopard woman.

"It went well Ashi. Seems Emerald and Cedy were able to keep one of the Apostles safe. Not only that, they also had quite a bit of fun with her."

Ashi giggles a bit before she, Lillum, and a few others start to walk past other people who were fucking one another like it was a normal thing to them.

"Well I'm glad, not sure why the Priest wants them but we ladies should help one another, though on a scale of one to 10 how yummy does the Apostle look to you?" Ashi said while she smiles at Lillum.

Lillum giggles before looking at Ashi.

"To me… if Emerald and Cedric weren't there, I would have the Apostle all to myself as I give her the time of her life. But I'm a patient woman as I'm sure Emerald and Cedric will come back as I'm sure the Apostle, or right now Maite as she's called will need some training for obvious reasons. But if you want to join in Ashi, all you have to do is ask because once you see her body, your pussy would already be wet."

Ashi giggles while another woman spoke up.

"So Milady, do you need anything or do you want to have your way with anyone of the prisoners here?, we caught a few trying to sneak in and detained them and Sticks is having her way with one of the the female captives to teach her to not disobey you since she looked like she was going to go to the priest or Walker without your permission." A Squirrel woman said, she had a really petite figure with A cup breasts and really thin hips but had a very bushy tail, she just wore a loincloth to cover her lower body.

Lillum did frown after hearing that.

"Is that so? Well I did have a job for Sticks to do but I can wait till she's finished. Right now, I do have a message from Emerald that I must take to Walker."

Some of the women looked worried before another, a Monkey Woman with D sized breasts and had a muscular body looks at Lillum.

"Will you need some assistance in case Walker reacts badly to the message?" The Monkey woman said which made Lillum giggle.

"Oh I don't think he will have the energy to get mad after I tell him after I drain his balls dry, visiting Emerald got me worked up so I might as well get some fun today, if any of you ladies want to join, feel free, but let me do the talking so we can get some fun for now, though I do have to ask, is Frost and Rose nearby?" Lillum said while she grins lustfully at the women around her.

"Right here Milady." Said the duo as they show up from a different section of the Female Ward.

"Ah good, Frost, Rose, considering you know how Walker acts more than I, want to go back and get another round out of the idiotic musclehead?, I got a message for him but I need an itch that needs scratching first and I want to be sure his balls are dry before I do… Emerald is sending Walker a threat and you know how much I like it when Emerald takes risks." Lillum said while she grins at the surprised women since walker was a big threat to many since physically, he was the strongest Inmate here.

Frost and Rose were a bit surprised when they heard that before they giggled.

"We be happy to accompany you milady." Rose said.

"Great, oh and if you two are willing after we send Walker the message, I'll be sending Sticks on a mission soon and I'm hoping you two can go as backup and to keep Sticks from doing anything stupid, I love the Badger but sometimes she takes things too far and needs a good stroking to calm her down and I'm afraid that the Apostle Azure may get in over her head with Sticks if Sticks gets to into it with the Cat." Lillum said before shaking her head, granted Sticks was a good fuck buddy but sometimes she really didn't know when to quit and passed out a few times after spending everything she had.

Frost and Rose did shake their head as they remembered how Sticks acted.

"We'll make sure that doesn't happen before we find Azure."

"Good, though if she does, just make sure you take her with you since Sticks is a fast recoverer here, anyway, Frost, Rose, lets get going… any other ladies want in?" Lillum said when she looked at the ladies and Ashi raised a hand.

"Oh I want to!, it's been awhile since I last saw Jack and I want to say hi." Ashi said while she grins from ear to ear.

Frost did giggle after hearing that.

"Well luckily he's in a chipper mood thanks to yours truly so I believe he'll be happy to see you."

"Yeah, your knight in black feathery armor hehe." Rose said which made Ashi blush a bit.

Lillum did giggle at the scene before asking this.

"Say has anyone seen Rachel?"

Ashi blinked a few times before she points to a higher balcony.

"Oh, she's training a new lady right now, poor thing is still having trouble with talking with other people since she has Rose and Stick's condition as well, her name is Clover and She's a Rabbit Humanoid, thinks she is a freak after what those bastard Scientists did before we took the place over, found her in a room that was barricaded and looked like she was starving and dehydrated." Ashi said with a somewhat worried and pissed off tone, worried for Clover, but pissed off at how inhumane the scientists were here.

Lillum was sad when she heard that before looking at the others.

"Before we go, I'm gonna go check Rachel and Clover." She said before she starts to head to the higher balcony.

The others watched her leave before Lillum walked by a few people in padded cells who were either fucking one another, were restrained and was getting used as sex toys, before she got to a padded room to show an endearing sight when she saw Rachel and Clover in the room.

Clover was a Rabbit Humanoid with B sized breasts and thin hips, but shockingly enough had the biggest cock she ever saw going at 14 inches in length and 4 in width which made Lillum wonder what those scientists were thinking before she looks at Rachel.

Rachel was a hedgehog like Maite but had a mauve like color on her quills. She had a nice looking figuring while her breasts were C-D size.

Lillum saw Rachel slowly licking the head of Clover's cock while saying things like it tastes so good or it's perfect for her to try and help Clover feel better about having this monster dick attached while Clover cutely fidgets on the makeshift bed in the room.

Lillum did smile at Rachel's efforts before she softly clears her throat at the duo.

Rachel blinks at that before she looks at Lillum, though she didn't stop stroking Clover's cock.

"Oh Milady, I didn't know you were here, do you want to take over or do you need one of us for something?" Rachel asked while she keeps stroking Clover's cock.

"Oh no worries Rachel. I was coming over to see how our new friend is doing." Lillum said as she looked at Clover.

Rachel just chuckles before she looks at Clover.

"This one is being stubborn in calling this powerul looking cock monsterous or freakish, honestly some of the more sane girls and I had to guard Clover while she just walked around so she wasn't forced to the ground and raped by a woman, then again if that did happen I'm sure it would show that all the ladies here love this kind of massive cock." Rachel said before she moved down and starts to lick at Clover's folds while she used a hand to stroke near the base of Clover's cock which made the Rabbit shudder and groan a little.

Lillum giggles before she walked towards the duo and sat on the bed besides Clover.

"Now Clover dear, I heard what happened and I'm sorry but don't take it as a bad sign. You may have a huge cock but you're still beautiful inside and out." She said with a kind smile.l

"B-But.. I-I ugh!... didn't even c-come here b-by choice… I-I was… framed… t-then e-experimented on here… a-and I g-got this cock that would m-make a normal person freak out about i-it… w-what c-can I e-even d-do if we get out of here?" Clover asked while she worried about things and shudders and shakes when Rachel stroked Clover off more and licks her pussy at a faster deeper rate which made Clover's toes curl quite a bit.

Lillum took a moment to think on that before she looks at Rachel.

"Rachel, hold her cock steady… might as well scratch this itch I'm having a little and show this cute bunny here that a cock that good isn't bad." Lillum said when she got up from the bed, words may not help Clover but Actions should.

Rachel nods at the hybrid before making sure to hold Clover's dick steady as it was standing like a tower.

Lillum licks her lips before she looks at Clover.

"So you little cutie, which hole do you want to fuck… I got a bit of time before I have to go to Walker so consider me your woman for a bit of time… though considering things I might as well introduce you to my favorite Lion Emerald, I'm sure a cutie like you would get along with him well." Lillum said before she walked near Clover and showed her pussy and ass to the oddly proportioned Rabbit.

As Clover blushes brightly when she saw Lillum's holes, Rachel however blinked when she heard that part about Walker.

"W-Wait… you're gonna see Walker?" She asked while feeling concerned.

Lillum just giggles before she looks at Rachel.

"Oh don't worry, I've dealt with Walker before, all I need to do is let him fuck me till he's exhausted and spent and pass a message from Emerald to him while he's weakened, if you are worried you can come along but I'm sure you would rather have fun with Clover here… she does have a bigger cock then Walker after all, unless there are penis growth pills lying somewhere and Walker managed to find them but more fun for me if so." Lillum said before she looks back at Clover.

"So Clover… like I asked… pussy… or ass?" Lillum said while she spreads her folds and ass cheeks to show Clover the inviting holes.

Clover blushes brightly while feeling nervous.

"Y-Your… pussy."

"Good girl… time for your reward and to show that this cock doesn't make you a freak…" Lillum said before she moved to stand over Clover and used her hands to angle Clover's cockhead to her pussy and rubbed the head on her soaked folds a few times to get Clover lubed up.

Clover shudders as she felt that which made her blush more.

A moment later, Lillum pushed her hips back and groans lustfully when the head of Clovers cock popped into her pussy with ease and Lillum starts to take more of Clover's cock inside of her, seems she was really warmed up from what Emerald did because Lillum was soaking wet now.

Clover groans a bit loud as she feels her dick entering Lillum's pussy before groaning more from how hot and tight it was.

"Oh...Yes!... really going to bring you to my bed often… really filling me good… looks like you're a new favorite of mine here Clover so expect a lot of loving… but for now…" Lillum groans out after she managed to feel Clover's cock bump into her cervix and starts to lift and lower her hips while Lillum moans and groans whorish when she really enjoyed Clover's cock reshaping her pussy while Rachel watched.

Rachel was blushing brightly as she watches while not noticing that her folds were leaking.

Clover let out a slight moan or two she felt her dick get ridden.

Though she was blushing brightly after hearing Lillum spoke.

"R-Really? You would...l-love someone like… m-me… even with t-this?" She asked while blushing more that made her look beyond cute.

Lillum had a fanged grin on her face when the blush turned her on more, could be the fact that she was a Fox/BatHybrid and Clover was a rabbit and felt her predator side coming out a bit which made her a bit more dominating sounding.

"You kidding?... rock my world and I'll let you fuck me at anytime you want, I'll even let you lay with me in bed if you want to cuddle after, you can even do it in front of everyone here and could get many admirers… but for now… just relax and let the Queen here help her cute servant relax." Lillum said before moaning and groaning when she bounced harder on Clover's cock.

Clover blushes brightly after hearing that. It made her feel… warm and happy on the inside.

That's when Clover actually starts to thrust her hips up before her dick hit Lillum's womb when it busts through her cervix.

"Oh!... that's right!, keep doing that, it would be a waste to let the ladies do all the work instead of you, make this pussy remember this cock." Lillum moans out while she bounced on Clover's cock while it thrusts into her.

"Y-Yes… Mistress." Clover said as she groans while thrusting her dick up more.

Rachel watched with a blushing look on her face before she begins to finger herself a bit.

Lillum however noticed and grins when she looks at Clover.

"Say Clover… ever ate out a lady before?" Lillum cryptically asked while she looks at Rachel and winks at her before she looks at Clover again while she keeps bouncing on Clover's cock.

Rachel blushes when she saw the wink while Clover was blushing brightly before shaking her head.

"Well then… time for some practice… Rachel, if you would be so kind and lend your pussy for Clover to practice with… then after I have my fun you can have some fun with Clover's cock after I leave, though I'll need to ask you a favor when I get back instead of asking you to accompany me, that fine with you?" Lillum said while she played with her own breasts which helped her feel better while she could feel Clover slowly getting close to cumming as time went on.

Rachel did blink for a bit after hearing that.

"W-Well if you're sure, but what is the favor?"

"Simple, I'll be sending Sticks, Frost, and Rose, to see the Cat Apostle that I've heard about, not much of a religious nut but I did learn her name recently on my way back… her name is Azure, anyway long story short, I'm sending Frost, Rose, and Sticks to help guide Azure here while Emerald and Cedric, after they recover from their fun with the one named Maite, a sexy Hedgehog Mobian like you, they will be escorting her here as well, I want you to either work to keep Sticks calm, or help Azure deal with the more crazed Inmates since out of everyone here, you're the strongest in an all around fashion, either that or aid Azure sexually since she will need the experience, you following so far?" Lillum said while she keeps bouncing on Clover's cock without stopping which showed that Lillum was already adjusting to Clover's cock and was using her pussy to try and squeeze the backed up semen out of it.

Rachel was surprised to hear that but she did perk up when Cedric's name was mentioned before remembering what Lillum said on the favor.

"Yeah sure. I can make sure to help Azure out when I see her."

"Great, now get over here, we got a cutie to train after all." Lillum said with a lustful grin on her face while she tightened her pussy more on Clover's cock.

Clover groans and moans while Rachel giggles before she got on top of the bed before she positioned herself positioned herself above Clover's head.

Lillum chuckles at that before she looks at Clover.

"Hey Clover, better open those eyes… you got someone willing to give you a treat…" Lillum teasingly said when she saw Clover's eyes were closed at the moment.

Clover was confused before she opened her eyes before they widened at what she was looking at.

She saw to her surprised a pussy right in her face while Lillum gave Clover this lustful command.

"Dig in my dear, Rachel can't hover of you all day without getting something in return for teaching you on how to please a woman." Lillum said while she rides Clovers dick at a much faster rate.

Clover moans a bit before she looks at Rachel folds.

The bunny was hesitant before she opens her mouth.

That gave Rachel the signal to lower down till her folds touched Clover's mouth.

Clover a moment later gave a few experimental licks to see how Rachel tastes and when she oddly liked the flavor, she starts to lick Rachel's pussy at a much faster rate while she thrusts her hips a bit harder into Lillum which made her moan in a pleased way.

"Oh!, looks like we're starting to get that stereotypical sex crazed bunny soon if she does better than this." Lillum moans out while she rides Clover's cock at a harder rate and enjoyed seeing Clover rub her tongue on Rachel's bud.

Rachel shudders before letting out a moan or two.

"Oh yeah." She said as she was enjoying this.

Clover in turn then starts to thrusts her hips a bit harder before she slipped her tongue into Rachel's pussy to really eat her out while Lillum moans while she starts to let Clover take charge.

As Rachel groans, she looked at Lillum as she wanted to ask this.

"S-So Lillum… you saw E-Emerald and… C-Cedy?"

Lillum blinked at that before she grins at Rachel.

"Oh yeah… had both their cocks buried in Maite's pussy and even locked with her at the same time, I left a few grunts to keep them safe and let Emerald relax… jealous of the two paying attention to other ladies… or just Cedy?" Lillum teasingly said before she gyrates her hips which caused Clover to moan and eat out Rachel at a harder rate a moment later.

Rachel, who was a bit surprised to hear that, moans a bit before she responded.

"N-No just curious." She said while blushing even though she seen some of the girls had fun with Cedric as Rachel had a turn with Emerald once or twice.

"Oh, well then I guess I won't tell how… expressive Cedy was with Maite then…" Lillum teasingly said to Rachel before she bounced hard on Clover's cock again.

Rachel blinked a bit after hearing that.

"W-What do you mean?"

"Well if you are curious… I saw him smiling… grinning of all things and he wasn't in his maddened state… well more like smiling in his sleep but still shocking right?" Lillum teasingly said with a grin on her face.

Rachel was shocked at the news.

'He never smiled or grin when we were together before.'

"So, got any issues with that?, pretty sure I can see some jealousy in those eyes of yours." Lillum said while she grins at Rachel.

Rachel did jolt but kept her mouth shut as she shook her head.

Lillum chuckles but she keeps quiet after to let Rachel think while Clover thrusts her hips a bit harder and surprised Rachel when she starts to lick at Rachel's asshole when she wondered if she would like licking there.

Rachel jolts again before she let out a moan bit in a pleased way.

Clover in turn starts to push her tongue into Rachel's asshole while she pants a bit, seems Clover was about to blow if the throbbing of her cock is any indication.

Lillum in turn keeps riding Clover's cock more and more when she felt that until…

Clover moans loud as she felt her dick unleashed a bit load of cum inside Lillum's pussy while Rachel moans as she climaxed on the bunny's face.

Lillum's womb bloats quite a bit which made her cum a little while she waits patiently for Clover to tap off while Rachel's juices hit Clover's breasts a little.

The duo rides out their orgasms before Rachel tapped off at 15 seconds while Clover taps off a few seconds after.

Lillum moans a bit when she felt the flow stop and her own orgasm stopped as well while she enjoyed the feeling of Clover's semen inside of her and after Rachel moved a bit to sit on the bed over Clover, Lillum watched Clover pant for breath.

"So Clover Sweety… how was your first real orgasm with a cock?" Lillum said while she placed her hand on her womb like she was pregnant with how bloated she looked.

Clover pants for a bit while blushing brightly in a cute way.

"I-It felt… a-amazing."

"Hehe… good, now I hope you take to Rachel's lessons because from here on out it will be one on one… now if you'll excuse me I need to get going." Lillum said before she stood up from the bed and the semen dripped from her pussy and when she got off the bed, she looks at Clover.

"I hope you learn well because when I get back I'll be making sure your cock is milked dry daily so you can feel as good as you can be." Lillum teasingly said before she walked out of the room while semen keeps dripping from her vagaina.

Clover blushes brightly as she saw her load leaked out before the bunny looked at Rachel.

Rachel, though looking a bit thoughtful from what she just heard about Cedic, decided to think on it later before she spreads her legs for Clover.

"Well you heard Milady… fuck away to your hearts content… no one will call you a freak here after all." Rachel said while she used her fingers to spread her folds so Clover could see how wet and welcoming she was right now.

Clover was blushing brightly before a moment later, Clover was all over Rachel as she slides her dick deep inside the hedgehog's pussy.

Rachel groans loudly before Clover, seemingly getting used to a feel of a pussy, starts to hump away at a rapid pace that few could match, seems like those powerful legs were good for other than running and hiding while Clover had pushed Rachel to lay on her back and was hugging her tightly while she cutely pants for breath.

Clover grunts and groans as she thrust her dick deep and hard inside Rachel's pussy as Clover kept hugging her.

Lillum in the meantime, after getting her pussy cleaned out, was getting ready to leave with Ashi, Frost, and Rose, before she looks at everyone else.

"Alright everyone, have fun and stay safe, remember if you see either of the Apostles, help them here if they are not with Emerald or Stick's group, remember we're lovers not fighters unless forced to." Lillum said while she smiles at everyone before she, Frost, Rose, and Ashi, left the Female Ward and head to Walkers area.

Mt. Massive Asylum/ ?/ Walker, Jack

Walker at this time was busy ripping the head off of a stupid Inmate and was making a large pile of corpses near him while Jack watched as Walker sadistically ripped the next Inmates arms and legs off and left him alive long enough to feel the pain.

Jack watched with a passive look but even he felt disgusted by this.

'Is there no end to this killing? What were those scientists thinking when they experimented on him?'

Though after a few more kills, Walker noticed that the inmates with weapons were getting weary around Walker and gave them this taunt.

"Whats the matter Pigs!?, scared?" Walker said with a twisted grin on his face before everyone hears a female voice that many knew all too well.

"Good grief, I love a decent sadist in the right area but even for me this is overkill since there is no use for mindless killing…" The female voice said before Lillum in her nude glory floats down and lands on her feet in front of a bloodlust crazed Walker.

Jack and the inmates were shocked when they saw her.

'What is she doing here?!' He thought while thinking that Lillum was nuts to be this close to Walker.

Walker however grins as he looked at Lillum.

"And what's a sexy bitch like you doing here all alone?"

Lillum however just sighs before she flicked Walker on whatever was left of his nose before she points upward.

"I'm not alone, maybe if you stopped getting high off of the blood here you would notice I have a few other ladies, I believe you remember Frost, Rose, and Ashi." Lillum said while she waits for Walker to look upwards.

Said trio did appear after jumping down from a higher balcony which surprised Jack and the inmates while Walker grinned a bit when he saw Rose.

Rose giggles when she saw that before she looks at the Inmates around her.

"Why don't you bad boys head to the female ward, I'm sure they would love some courageous men who went to try and take Walker on and lived, you can leave the rest to us since we're not going the bloody way… but the cock draining way." Rose said with a lustful tone to her voice.

The inmates all look to one another before they actually did just that as they head for the female ward till it was just Walker, Jack, Lillum and her group.

Lillum giggles at that before she still looked to the bloodlust crazed Walker who looked pissed that his prey was gone now.

Lillum sighs before she just knelt down and with a quick motion, undone Walkers pants and fished his cock out while he was distracted and took it into her mouth and while it was flaccid, it quickly grew to full mast thanks to her masterful actions and everyone noticed a moment later which made those who didn't see Lillum's skills in sex blink in surprise since it was pretty damn fast.

Walker was bit surprise before he let out a pleased groan as he starts to enjoy this.

Lillum then used a hand to get Walker's heavy balls free and starts to fondle them with rough but planned motions since she knew Walker liked it rough and to help build his load while everyone else watched while Frost gestured for Ashi to go to Jack while she winked at the Leopard woman.

Ashi did blush before she approached the black bird mobian.

Jack noticed before he blushed a bit while Ashi got next to Jack.

"Hey Jack… doing Ok after Frosts treatment?" Ashi asked while she watched Lillum work her magic when she starts to deep throat Walkers cock and didn't gag one bit on his monster cock.

Walker groans while Jack blushes a bit at Ashi.

"Yeah. Didn't think Azure would work me over like that. But okay now. And seeing you is my added bonus." He said as he grinned at Ashi.

Ashi blushed at that before she smiles at Jack.

"I'm glad to see you too… again thanks for helping me that day after Walker found me, never thought my holes would be the same again but Lillum helped nurse me back to health and my holes are tighter and more trained than ever…" Ashi said while she got a lustful purr at the end while she eyed Jack's groin…. She never did repay her hero and she would be able to soon…

Jack did blink after hearing that before he wrapped an arm around Ashi.

"Well then, how about you and me can go somewhere… private." He said while grinning.

Ashi giggles a bit while blushing before she got a lustful tone to her voice.

"Maybe, but if Lillum, the one who nursed me back to health needs help with Walker, I won't be able to turn her down, but don't worry… if you remember Sticks she was the one who helped train me and you know how intense she can get, I'm pretty sure I could take walker and still have enough energy for a few rounds with you… but we can see when we change venues… corpses around me is not good for some… romance… even if the small of blood gets me excited..." Ashi said while she licked her lips sensually to really mess with Jack.

Jack felt so turned on by that while Frost and Rose giggles at the scene.

"As painful as it is to wait, I can't deny you helping the very woman who saved you."

"Yeah but lets just watch for a moment since it looks like Walker is about to finish." Ashi said after she watched Walker grab Lillum's head and forced her to deepthroat his entire cock and her throat bulged greatly but Lillum just went with it without gagging still and licked around Walker's cock like this was a normal thing for her.

Walker groans as he continues to face fuck the living daylights out of Lillum as Walker felt his dick twitch a few times.

Lillum in turn lets Walker use her throat as a fuck toy while everyone watched for a surprisingly long minute without Lillum needing to breath shockingly enough until…

Walker roars before he flooded Lillum's mouth and throat with his cum, and thanks to his bloodlust, he was really worked up which caused everyone to see semen burst from Lillum's mouth around Walkers cock and onto the ground.

Lillum however just went with it by drinking as much as she could while fondling Walkers throbbing balls as they worked in overtime right now.

Walker continues to climax for about 25 seconds before he finally stops.

Lillum in turn was able to pull her head off of Walker's cock slowly and when she was able to get off of the cock which flopped to point at the ground, Lillum just stood up and didn't care if she had semen dripping onto her breasts and to the ground.

"Feeling better Walker?, more in control of yourself?" Lillum asked while she looks up at Walker like she wasn't just face fucked with a tree trunk of a cock, it was like Lillum's body was built for sex or altered here for it.

Walker did chuckle as he looked at Lillum.

"I guess you got me in a good mood now."

"Yeah… let's find a more blood free area so we can have a bit more fun, I have something to tell you but that can wait till after my ladies and I drain those balls dry." Lillum said before she starts walking away from Walker with a slightly swing of her hips.

Walker grins as he saw that which made his dick twitch while Frost and Rose giggled.

A moment later, everyone followed Lillum after Ashi and Jack go to their feet and a few minutes later, everyone was back in Walker's room and Lillum used a few clean rags and a little water to clean her body off.

Walker was now sitting on his bed as he watched Lillum clean herself.

A few minutes later, and Lillum was completely cleaned a moment later before she, Frost, and Rose went towards Walker.

"Hope you are ready Walker, thanks to a newbie in my area, I've been warmed up pretty good." Lillum teasingly said while she rubbed the tip of her finger on Walker's cock to tease him a bit.

Walker did groan before giving Lillum a lust filled grin.

"Oh I'm more than ready. Give me your best shot."

Lillum just smirks before she got between Walker's legs and placed his cock between her breasts and starts to move them up and down the large cock.

Walker let out a pleased groan as he enjoyed the feel of the hybrid's breasts.

Frost and Rose look at one another before grinning when they got on the bed on both sides of Walker and start rubbing his chest with their hands so they could help the crazed killer feel better.

Walker grins at this before he had both of his hands on the duo's asses before using his fingers to rub their folds.

Frost and Rose in turn moans from the feeling while Ashi, with Jack were on a smaller bed and we're making out while Ashi gently strokes his cock.

Jack moans as he kissed Ashi more before he slides his tongue in the leopard's mouth while Jack gropes and squeezes Ashi's ass.

Ashi moans from that before she moved to get between Jack's legs and starts to lick the tip of his cock to help him feel better.

"O-Oh yeah." Jack said as he was enjoying this.

Samnatha giggles a bit before she took half of Jack;s cock into her mouth and starts to bob her head back and forth, she was careful about her scratchy tongue by using a tricked she picked up by using the sides of tip of her tongue to rub against various parts of Jack's cock, she did use the flat of her tongue every now and then to keep Jack's sensitivity up though.

Jack shudders before he placed his hand on Ashi's head before petting her softly.

Ashi purrs a bit from that and moved her head a bit faster on Jack's cock as a result.

Jack shudders before he let out a pleased groan.

'Oh fuck. Despite Azure's aggressive side, which I do find it hot… and scary especially when my ass gets… shudders… probed… Ashi is nice and gentle.'

Ashi in turn notice Jack seeming to look pale but she chalker it up to possibly what she said about Azure a bit ago and just bobs her head more and more on his cock to help distract him.

And distracted the bird mobian was as he moan and groan for a bit.

"Oh fuck."

Ashi giggles while she keeps on going while Lillum, Frost, Rose, and Walker had changed things up with Frost riding Walker's cock while Rose fucked her ass, Lillum was getting ate out aggressively by Walker while he laid on his back.

Frost grunts and groans as she rode Walker's dick hard while Walker ate out Lillum's pussy like if there was no tomorrow.

Lillum moans from that while Rose used her hand to spank her sisters ass hard to really get her to move on Walker's cock while she keeps on fucking Frost's ass.

Frost moans loud as she sped up her bouncing on Walker making the bear mobian groan loudly before he aggressively starts to lick Lillum's ass.

Lillum moans from that and starts to play with her breasts which excites Rose into fucking her sister harder while her cock starts to throb inside of Frosts ass while Walker's orgasm slowly approaches and his dick throbs hard inside of Frosts pussy.

Frost groans as she really got rough with her bouncing while Walker wanted to make sure that Lillum came hard.

Unfortunately for Walker, Lillum lasted much longer then the average woman while Rose and Walker throbbed harder and harder in the bouncing Frost until…

Walker growls before he roars and climaxed hard inside Frost's pussy while Frost throws her head back after bouncing on last time before she climaxed on Walker's dick.

Rose groans when she felt that and tossed her head back and yelled when she made one last thrust and came hard inside of Frosts ass while Lillum watched the sisters with a grin on her face when she enjoyed seeing them feel good.

Frost and Walker continues to climax while Walker continues to try to make Lillum climax.

However while it was true Lillum was starting to feel good thanks to Walker's licks, she was still nowhere near close when she saw Frost, Rose, and Walker tap off after 15 to 20 seconds each before they pant for breath for a moment.

Frost pants for a bit as she enjoys the after glow while Walker catch his breath for a moment.

Lillum chuckles before she got off of Walker's face.

"So you two, have fun?" Lillum said to Frost and Rose while they were still recovering from their orgasms while Rose pants for breath which showed that she had trouble speaking from how hard she came.

Frost was able to nod her head as she was still catching her breath.

"Good, mind if you two get off of Walker so he and I can have a one on one while you two recover?" Lillum asked while she grins at the duo.

The duo nods at Lillum before Rose was able to help Frost off of Walker's dick after Rose pull's her dick out of Frost's ass.

Frost groans from that before she and Rose lay next to Walker and Lillum when Lillum got off the bed and looks at Walker with a lustful grin.

"Now then, now that we got the warm up out of the way, why not really show me how aggressive you are and take me in any way you want." Lillum said before she turned a bit to pose for Walker and slapped her own round ass to entice him before she turned to look at Walker fully.

Walker grins before he gets up and pounces on Lillum.

Lillum however sidestepped the pounce and Lillum got a half lidded look on her face when Walker just flat out crashed onto the ground next to her.

"You know…. That could have killed me if you actually hit me… use whatever brains you have in your head or you lose a top class woman to fuck." Lillum said while she waits for Walker to get up.

Walker groans before grumbling as he gets up to look at the hybrid.

Lillum just gave the massive Bear Mobian a half lidded look before she gestured for Walker to try again, though flying leaps or tackles were out of the question since Walker was in a different weight class then Lillum.

Walker did frown at Lillum before he walked towards her.

Lillum just waits to see what Walker would do when he got in front of her, this time she didn't move out of the way so that was a good sign.

Walker then brought his hand to Lillum's folds before he starts to finger her after sticking two fingers inside.

Lillum groans from that before she grins a bit at Walker.

"Wow, would have thought you would have skipped the foreplay and went right to the fucking with how excited you are." Lillum teasingly said while she brought her hands to Walker's cock and starts to rub the massive length up and down a bit.

"I'm just getting it super warmed up." Walker said with a grin before he cupped Lillum's chin with his other hand before the bear leans in and smashed his lips on Lillum's lips.

Lillum just went with the kiss and fought with his tongue, Walker had power but he had no finesse or experience working with others so Lillum's tongue was able to dance around his while she keeps on playing with his cock.

Walker continues to kiss before he takes his hand out of Lillum's pussy before he lifts Lillum up with his hands on her ass before Walker positioned the hybrid above his dick while carrying her.

Lillum just grins when she had an idea of what the Massive bear man will do while Walker walked up to the bed.

He then lays Lillum on the bed but made sure to not get on top of her before Walker thrusts his dick deep inside Lillum's pussy.

Lillum this time groans loudly from that while she looked down and saw the massive bulge in her womb which showed Walker wasted no time with getting his cock past her cervix.

"Wow, still all force and no finesse… some girls may love that but I prefer a bit of… well… working to that if you don't remember." Lillum said while she had a look on her face that showed that while she was feeling pleasure, she could take much more.

Walker just grinned as he prepared to give Lillum what she wanted before he starts to thrust and buck his hips hard making the bear's dick go beyond deep in Lillum's womb.

Lillum moans and groans from that while Frost, Rose, Jack, and Ashi watched as Walker fucked Lillum harder than he normally would with a regular woman.

Walker grunts and groans as he kept fucking Lillum without breaking a sweat before noticing the bulge on Lillum's womb.

It gave the bear an exciting idea before he really got to thrusting his dick very hard as if he actually plan to knock Lillum up.

Lillum groans and moans more while she gripped the bed sheets and her toes curl on the bed a few times as time went by while she lets Walker fuck her as much as he wants.

Walker does so before he brought his hands on Lillum's breasts and roughly squeezes them.

Lillum moans from that while she wrapped her legs around Walkers waist or as much as she could while she enjoyed what little pleasure she could get from Walker, unlike most women, Lillum was built to be sturdier and thanks to the fact Walker was in this for his own pleasure, he had no issue of just using Lillum as a fucktoy for now.

Walker feels his dick twitching a bit but thrusting his dick hard and deep before Walker looks at Lillum.

"That's right. Moan like the bitch you are. Soon, I'm gonna give that womb of yours a bucket load of my cum."

Lillum just played along to egg Walker on more while she keeps panting for breath and moans and groans until…

Walker thrusts dick a few more times before he roars and kneaded Lillum's breasts before Walker did as he promised as he gave Lillum's womb a bucket load of cum.

Lillum groans loudly when she felt the semen burst into her womb before she just lets Walker ride out his orgasm, seems that Lillum didn't cum yet much to Walker's chagrin, seems like she was messing with him now.

Walker continues to climax as he made the hybrid's womb bloat before tapping off after 30 seconds.

Lillum moans when she enjoyed the warmth of the semen inside of her while she looks at Walker with a challenging grin to see if he could do more or if he was tapped out for now.

Walker did pant but gave Lillum a demonic grin of sorts.

"I ain't done yet."

Lillum chuckles before she gave Walker a twisted grin.

"Well what are you waiting for an invitation?, I never told you to stop!" Lillum growled out before she tightened her pussy greatly on Walker's cock, actually causing the massive man a little pain from that.

Walker groans before he just starts to buck and thrust his dick hard again in Lillum's pussy as he was gonna mate with the hybrid as hard as he can.

Lillum just groans and moans while the camera turned to Jack who was getting his cock ridden by Rose while Ashi went wild with sucking Rose's cock while she fondles Jack's balls and Frost was letting Jack suck on her nipples while Jack fingers her folds, it was like Jack was in some kind of lustful heaven right now with how loving the trio was right now.

Jack groans as he kept sucking on Frost's nipple while Ashi kept blowing Roses dick as hard as she can while fondling Jack's nuts good.

Ashi then pulled her mouth off of Rose's cock before she went to suck on Jack's nuts and used her hands to stroke off Rose vigorously which made Rose ride Jack at a faster rate until…

Jack groans loud before he climaxed hard inside Rose while Rose throws her head back as she climaxed on the bird mobian's dick.

Her dick twitched and throbbed a few times before she came hard in the air and rides out her orgasm while Ashi keeps on stroking Rose off.

It wasn't long before Rose and Jack tapped off after 25 seconds.

Ashi in turn licks Rose's dick head cutely which made Rose blush before she just moved off of Jack's cock and pounced on Ashi, and unlike Lillum, Ashi had no chance of dodging before Rose flat out kissed Ashi on the lips and used her right hand to finger Ashi's pussy.

Ashi was caught off guard by that action before she wents with it and kissed Rose back before hugging her.

The sight made Jack's dick twitch in excitement as the bird mobian felt turned by that.

A moment later, Frost leaned down and starts to lick Jack's cock clean and she sent Jack a lustful wink to show it was her turn now while Rose got her cock near Ashi's pussy and pushed it inside of her before she starts to fuck Ashi hard while she keeps the kiss up, and thanks to the barbs on her cock, she really scrapped the insides of the Leopard woman..

Ashi moans from that as she hugs Rose tighter before Ashi gave the feline a lust filled look.

Jack shudders before groaning as he enjoys having his dick sucked before using one hand to pet Frost's head.

'Man… I feel like I have a thing for feline chicks of all kinds.'

A moment later, Frost starts to deep throat his cock to really please the Bird while the camera went to Lillum and Walker while they had changed positions with Lillum riding Walker's cock with her ass while she had her right hand on her ass.

"Come on you fucking monster!, destroy my ass like you destroyed so many women's or are you losing that touch of yours by letting the bloodlust get to your fucking head instead of your dick!?" Lillum dominatingly growled out.

"SHUT UP!" Walker roars as he pounds Lillum's ass very hard before the bear starts smacking her ass in the same manner.

Lillum moans and groans from that for a moment before she sent Walker a teasing grin.

"Oh I'm sorry, is there something hitting me?, I could have sworn it was a mosquito or something." Lillum growls out while grinning at Walker before she tightened her ass so hard that Walker without his control, roars when he came hard inside of Lillum, it was like she was controlling his cock now or something.

Walker groans before he had a slightly enraged look before he really went all out on Lillum's ass.

Lillum grits her teeth a bit while she lets Walker do his own thing for a bit while his cock keeps cumming in her ass and her stomach starts to bloat a little.

Walker grunts as he keeps climaxing but was still dead set on destroying the hybrid's ass while using his rage as support.

Though it looked like Lillum was able to keep up with Walker's thrusts and his cock as it pistons in and out of her ass while the camera turned to Frost and Jack while she rides the birdman's cock with gentle gyrating movement.

Rose in turn had Ashi on all fours and held her arms back while she thrusts her hips hard to have her cock enter and exit Ashi's womb as time went on.

Ashi was moaning loud with ecstasy while Jack was groping Frost's breasts and squeezed them as he was enjoying this.

For a bit, Frost and Rose keep on pleasing their partners until…

Ashi moans loud as she climaxed hard on Rose's dick as the leopard's pussy tightens around it.

Jack grinds his teeth as he climaxed hard inside Frost's pussy while squeezing the feline's breasts hard.

Frost made a mew like noise when she came on Jack's cock to help milk it for all he had while Rose just fucked it and pushed herself as deep as she could go into Ashi's pussy and flooded it with sperm while she got a fucked up look on her face while she looked at the ceiling.

Ashi had the same look as she continues to climax same as Jack before the duo taps off at 30 seconds.

The scene then went to a bit later with Lillum on her back, and her legs spread out wide by Walker while he pistons his cock in and out of her pussy while Frost and Jack were tag teaming Rose with Jack fucking her pussy while Frost let Rose fuck her pussy.

Ashi shockingly enough was fondling Walkers balls roughly to help him cum faster.

Jack grunts and groans as he pounds Rose's pussy as hard as he can while Walker shudders a few times which caused him to fuck Lillum's pussy even harder.

For a bit, the groups keep on going before Walker forced himself balls deep inside of Lillum's pussy and flooded her insides with sperm and Ashi really gripped the nuts to squeeze the semen out of him.

Jack made one last thrust and groans out loud when he came hard inside of Rose's pussy while Frost came hard on Rose's cock.

Rose moans loud as she climaxed hard from her pussy on Jack's dick while Walker climaxed more as his balls continue to be played with.

The scene then went to another position change with Lillum getting her pussy fucked hard by Rose while Jack fucked her ass while Ashi was getting her pussy fucked hard by Walker and unlike Lillum, Ashi was more vocal with her moans and groans while she ate Frost's pussy out when Frost sat on Ashi's face.

Jack grinds his teeth fucked Lillum's ass hard while Ashi was moaning very loud as she ate out Frost's pussy.

For a bit, Walker, Jack, and Rose keep fucking their respective partners and Ashi keeps eating out Rose until they start to cum one by one with Walker flooding Ashi's insides with copious amounts of bear sperm, Jack filled Lillum's ass, and Rose filled Lillum's womb with cum which in turn made Lillum groan from the feeling.

Frost moans loud as she sprayed her pussy juice on Ashi's face while Jack continues to fill Lillum's ass with his bird spunk.

For a bit, everyone besides Lillum rides out their orgasms before the scene shifts to show that Walker had forced Ashi against the wall and was fucking her ass hard while Frost, Rose, and Lillum were licking multiple parts of Jack's cock while Lillum opened her mouth wide and took both of Jack's balls into her mouth and used her long tongue to please the Bird Mobian's nuts.

"O-Oh fuck yeah!" Jack said as he was really enjoying the pleasure while Ashi was groaning and moaning loudly from having her ass pounded.

Ashi in turn starts to finger her pussy while she let Walker fuck her and had a pleased look on her face which was a 180 from last time with Walker breaking Ashi's holes in no time flat.

Walker grins at the look as he continues to pound Ashi's ass like if he was owning her.

Ashi just keeps moaning and groaning while she could feel Walker getting closer and closer while Jack felt his orgasm getting close thanks to Rose, Frost, and Lillum's actions until…

Jack groans loud before he climaxed hard as his cum sprayed on Frost, Rose and Lillum while Walker roars a bit as he climaxed hard before filling up Ashi's ass with his bear seed.

Ashi in turn groans loudly when she came on Walker's cock and her juices sprey on the ground while Frost, Rose, and Lillum went to lick one another clean in front of Jack.

It wasn't long before Jack and Walker finally taps off after 30 seconds had passed.

The scene then went to show Frost taking on Walker herself by getting her body lift and lowered onto Walker's cock as it pistons in and out her while Ashi took 5 while she watched Walker fuck Frosts ass.

Lillum was sucking on Rose's cock while she noticed Jack approaching her ass and moved so that she was pointing her ass at the bird man and shook it teasingly to tempt him.

Frost grunts and groans as she rode Walker's dick with her ass while Jack who was indeed tempted, got behind Lillum and stuck his dick inside the hybrid's ass before Jack starts humping away.

Lillum groans from that while she keeps sucking Rose's cock and fingers her pussy which made the Cat woman shudder and shake from Lillum's masterful actions.

Frost continues to ride Walker's dick as her ass jiggle a bit while Jack was having the time of his life as he gave Lillum's ass a good pounding before the bird man starts smacking the hybrid's ass cheek.

Lillum moans from that while she keeps sucking Rose's cock before she tightened her ass after a few minutes and like a command, Jack came hard inside of her ass while Lillum hums when she enjoyed the feeling.

Rose throws her head back as she climaxed hard inside Lillum's mouth.

Frost climaxed as well but was still bouncing on Walker's dick.

Walker gripped Frosts hips hard before he pushed himself balls deep into her asshole and floods her insides, and it looked like the nonstop sex was starting to get to the Bear man as planned since he was not firing as much as before while Lillum hums when she drank down Rose's load.

Frost moans as she felt her ass getting filled while Rose kept climaxing before she taps off.

The positions changed again this time with Walker fucking Rose's pussy again while he gripped her hips tightly while Frost was getting her pussy fucked by Rose to help her sister feel better, Lillum was moving her breasts up and down Jack's cock while Ashi, after getting some time to recover, was making out with Jack.

Jack moans into the kiss as his tongue interacts with the leopard's tongue.

Frost was feeling better as she enjoying having her pussy fucked.

For a bit, everything went as planned with Frost, Rose, Lillum, and Ashi working load after load from Walker's dick while Jack had to take a bit to recover while he watched Lillum ride Walker's cock rapidly with her pussy while Frost, Rose, and Ashi worked to lick, suck, and fondle the massive bear's balls…. And shockingly Lillum still didn't cum yet while Walker was down for the count while Lillum keeps riding his cock faster and faster for the finishing blow so to speak until...

Walker grinds his teeth as he roars after feeling his dick spurt out his last load of cum into Lillum's pussy.

Lillum hums a bit in a pleased way when she could feel the leftover spurts of cum flow into her, or so she thought when Walker's cock, after she got up, stood like a tower, granted it was slolwy wilting but instead of letting him recover, Lillum looks at Frost, Rose, and Ashi.

"Girls… why not give this big guy here a finish to remember." Lillum said before she, Frost, Rose, and Ashi were licking various parts of his cock with Ashi not holding back on using the flat of her scratchy tongue on the right side of his cock.

Rose did the same with the left, Frost with the bottom and Lillum on the top with various licks, kisses, and sucks on the cock while all four played around with the head of his cock and balls to really get him worked up for one final shot if Lillum was gauging things right now.

Walker groans from this before a moment or two passes as Walker climaxed again.

Though it seemed the ladies had the last laugh when they removed their hands from the head of Walkers cock and he came a bit into the air and on his own stomach while the ladies stroked him off to get him to fire more.

Walker groans as he kept letting out more cum even though his dick became sensitive.

Lillum in turn, when she saw that Walker finished, she took a few moments to suck on the head of his cock and gently strokes out a few more shots of cum and pulled away while grinning lustfully at him.

"I hope we were to your satisfaction…." Lillum teasingly said while she enjoyed seeing the semen on the bear Mobian's stomach while his dick fell limp on his lap.

"Y-Yeeeessh." Walker said as he was a bit out of breath while Jack was shocked at the sight.

'Damn… she's tough. And she didn't even come once.'

"Oh, and Jack, you may want to come with us for a short time… because I have a message for Walker and he may not be too calm when he wakes and I want to be sure Ashi's favorite Mobian is fine." Lillum said before petting Ashi on the head a few times which made her purr a little.

Jack, though didn't mind if he goes to the Female Ward, was confused after hearing that.

"Sure okay."

"Great, I'll be sure you and Ashi have plenty of one on one time when we get there… as for you Walker… Emerald sends this message and this is point for point his words with some changes to point to you but…" Lillum said before she cleared her throat.

"Emerald wanted me to tell you that while you can have your little bet… if anything happens to Maite or Azure while they are under his watch… well… even if he can't kill you... he can make your life here in the Asylum a living hell... Personally on my end, Ashi, Frost, Rose, and I just got it on with you to get you weakened so you won't fly in a rage, if you ever want to get it on again, you know where to find me… come along everyone, Walker is going to need some time to rest and clean up… semen is so hard to get out of fur sometimes.. And I still need a good finish when we get back since I haven't cum yet… so hard to find good fuck buddies nowadays." Lillum said while she gave Walker a cold grin before gesturing for everyone to follow her while she swings her hips to mess with Walker not only physically from being exhausted but mentally played with since she was just here to pass a message it seemed for the most part.

Walker blinks when he heard the warning before he got pissed.

"S-Son of a…" He said as he attempts to get up.

Lillum in turn noticed before she got a cruel grin on her face when she approached the Bear man and placed her foot on his cock and moved it on it which forced Walker to groan before he fell back while Lillum keeps her actions up.

"Oh I'm sorry, looks like you still have enough energy to get angry… well why don't I fix that then." Lillum said with a dominating tone to her voice while she keeps on rubbing her right foot on his cock to keep him down with the pleasure.

Walker groans from that even though his dick was sensitive.

Lillum just laughed a bit darkly while she keeps on moving her foot on Walker's dick.

"Something wrong Walker?, want to say something?" Lillum said with a dominating tone to her voice while she worked Walker's cock to full power much to Walkers shock since she was pushing all the right buttons right now… just how did she do that?, was it thanks to the experiments here?

Walker didn't know what to do except say this.


"Oh really?, why should I stop… you never showed any of the ladies here mercy when you fucked them to death if they couldn't keep up with you… what's to stop me from giving you a happy ending here and now and bite your cock off…. Pretty sure Ashi would help since you gave her a real fucking that she wasn't ready for…" Lillum said with a twisted grin on her face, she had no strength like Walker or Emerald, but she did have brains and beauty and Walker, even if she was threatening him, knew he wouldn't kill her since out of everyone, she and a few others could take him and there was a limit to the ladies in the Asylum.

Walker groans before looking at Lillum.

"I-I'll… back off on the two pig bitches."

Lillum however chuckles before she rubbed her food harder on Walker's cock.

"Oh no Walker… I want you to go all out on them… however know if that they pass out or something… don't kill them… toss them anywhere you want but know that if you fuck up and let that temper get the better of you… not only will Emerald and Cedric go after you… everyone in the female Ward, males, females, everyone will come after you like the plague… sure some may die… but sooner or later… you would fall and I will make you pay for every kill… I'm sure Rose, Sticks, and a newbie with a cock bigger than yours would love to fuck your ass first and humiliate you… personally… I would watch out for a timid Rabbit Mobian named Clover... last I saw she was going to fuck Rachel like the rabbit she was and I'm proud of her… and I'm sure each and everyone of us here would give our lives to get rid of a… F-A-T… fucking pigbear like you…. After all… how many people did you kill?... and all for a make believe security job that you never had… sure I've heard of this Walrider… in fact believe it or not I was visited by the invisible… well… God that the priest adores since it likes to wonder the Asylum and lets just say that while I couldn't see anything, I was given one of the best fucks of my life, so I'm sure if you do anything stupid to me… the invisible Monster will come after you since you got a reputation here for killing women as well… sure it's not a guarantee that you won't kill me… but I can guarantee that in the long run… you lose… why do you think I like to do stuff like this!" Lillum said with her tone getting darker and darker as she moved to grip Walker's cock with her hands and strokes him off while she aimed his cock upwards a bit until…

Walker groans from the pain as he climaxed again as his sperm shot out.

However it seemed Lillum really got Walker to cum when he came on his chest and neck and got very close to his own face while Lillum keeps on stroking Walker off through his orgasm.

Walker groans from the pain before looking at Lillum again.

"A-Alright… you made your point. I won't kill them. Even after I fuck their brains out. They'll be unharmed and unscathed… may have slightly red ass's though."

Lillum just chuckles when she angles Walker's dick and licked it clean before she pulled away a minute later.

"Good, and see you later then Walker, I'll be borrowing Jack so hope you enjoy your nap, though I recommend getting cleaned… like I said… semen is so hard to get out of your fur once dried." Lillum said before she walked away from Walker again and gestured for everyone in her group and Jack to follow her.

Walker waited till the group was farther away before sighing.

"That fucking bitch." He said before he tries to get up again.

Though it seemed he really was down for the count when even moving was a hassle while the scene went to Lillum and the others when they got back to the female Ward after 10 to 15 minutes of walking.

A few women came over when Lillum and the others got in the room before one looked everyone up and down.

"Wow, heard you went after Walker but you all alright?" One woman asked which caused Lillum to wave them off.

"Oh were good, though I need an orgasm badly since Walker was all power and no technique, know where Sticks and Clover are?... I'm gonna have Rose here join them in giving me a good fuck before I turn in to nap." Lillum said before she looks at Rose and winked.

Rose did have some excitement in her eyes while Frost felt a bit jealous.

Lillum noticed before she sighs and gave Frost a smirk.

"Oh alright, you can join in Frost." Lillum said while she grins at Frost a moment later.

"Yay!" Frost said with a happy look.

Lillum shook her head at Frost's antics before she looks at Ashi and Jack.

"Find an empty room you two so you can have some lovey dovey one on one time… Frost, Rose, and I will head to my bedroom if Clover and Sticks haven't left yet." Lillum said before she looked back at the women to see what they had to say.

Ashi and Jack blushed a bit while some of the women giggled at the couple before one of the ladies spoke to Lillum.

"Sticks is still busy with some prisoners and Clover did take a nap earlier before she woke up and now Rachel is giving her a tour."

"I see, well I'll go get Sticks then and if we run into Rachel and Clover, I'll have Clover and possibly Rachel follow me." Lillum said before she had Frost and Rose follow her which left Ashi and Jack alone.

Ashi in turn gave Jack a lustful look before she placed a clawed finger on his chest.

"Let's find the shower room before we go to the bedroom to get dirty again… follow me Jack." Ashi said before she starts walking away with her ass swaying to and fro with each step.

Jack blushes as he saw that before he follows Ashi to the showers.

Meanwhile with Lillum, she walked to where the prisoner section of the Female Ward was with Frost and Rose and a moment later, heard plenty of moans, groans, and screams from various cells that had people punishing prisoners who were either traitors or people who were into this sort of thing and went to a cell labeled *Stick's Cell* and there was plenty of grunts, groans, and screams coming from inside while Lillum shook her head when she heard Sticks in there while she was speaking to a prisoner, female from the screams it seems.

"Y-Yeah!... That's right… K-Keep screaming for me!"

A moment later, Lillum walked to the door and just opened it to show that the cell looked nice and most knew that aside from punishing traitors or for getting very rough with a few people, this was actually Stick's room and for some reason she liked it here, said it reminded her of what it sounded like inside of her own head which was worrying for some… though no one could complain since Sticks seemed pretty happy here.

Like Rose and Clover, She was experimented on which further drove her down the path of insanity and she had a large 10 inch dick that was 3 in width and she was wearing a dull spiked cock ring that was hand made and was fucking a woman's ass while the dull spikes dug a bit in her ass while Sticks was smacking her ass every now and then.

The lady that Sticks was fucking, yelps a few times while moaning and scream some more.

Lillum just chuckles before she cleared her throat to get Stick's attention.

Sticks stops what she was doing before looking back only to see Lillum.

"Oh hey Lillum." She said with an excited look.

"Hey Sticks, how's the ass on that prisoner?, thoroughly fucked and punished?" Lillum said when she, Frost, and Rose fully enter the room and Rose closed the door for a moment.

Sticks chuckles at first before grinning a bit at the trio.

"Feels good. But not punished yet."

"I see, well why not take a break and come follow me for some fun and leave the prisoner here while she is… tied up… should be a good time for her to think on what she did, besides its must be so hard to hold back on her right?" Lillum said while she grins at the look on the prisoners face when she hears that Stick's was holding back on her.

'She was holding back?!' The prisoner thought with wide eyes.

"I guess I should. Been kinda boring when I can't go all the way." Sticks said before she pulls her dick out of the prisoner's ass.

A moment later, the woman groans and everyone saw Sticks's loads leak out of the woman's ass before Sticks, without a care for an outfit, just walked up to Lillum with a smile on her face.

"So Boss lady, where we going for some real fun?" Sticks said which made Lillum chuckle.

"Patience Sticks, still need to find one other, maybe two if she is interested… lets get going, we're looking for Rachel and the newbie Clover… and in case you don't know… she's got the biggest cock here at 14 inches…" Lillum said while she grins at the look on Sticks's face from hearing the length alone.

Sticks got really excited after hearing that.

"Well what are we waiting for and let's go find them!"

"Great, oh and Frost, if you want, you may want to stop by your room and get your special strapon… should be fun since it was sneaked in by a relative of yours and Rose so you could relax easily." Lillum said before winking at Frost.

Frost did blink after hearing that before she smiles at Lillum before nodding her head.

"I will do so at once milady."

Lillum chuckles when she saw Frost leave the room in a hurry before she and the others walked out of the room with Lillum saying this.

"Hopefully I can get a few orgasms before we have Maite and Azure drop in for… lessons…" Lillum said with a lustful look in her eyes while the scene shifts to Azure, the time when she woke was unknown but it looked like she had stumbled out of a room that was different then the others, a guards break room or something it seemed.

Mt. Massive Asylum/ ?/ Azure

"Ugh… what did that bastard drug me with…" Azure muttered while she held her head, when she woke up, aside from her shoes missing, thanks to the water damage, she had Maite's coat, her cracked Camera, and some spare batteries.

All in all, when Azure woke and noticed that Maite was nowhere near her, she was pissed, but still dazed when she held her hand up against a wall and her somewhat blurred vision starts to clear up while the drugs leftover effects were wearing off and she noticed she was in some kind of kitchen based area, and it seemed the room she was in was some kind of break room for guards.

"Well… before I look for Maite, might as well get a bite to eat if the food is still good." Azure said when she felt her stomach growl loudly.

When she got in the kitchen, it was pretty messed up for the most part, shelves were ripped from the walls, moveable shelves that could be moved were toppled over, and a few ovens were destroyed and some refrigerators were raided and a few were left closed.

"Great… hope one of them has good food at least." Azure muttered before she went to each refrigerator and starts opening the closed ones one by one, however aside from some water bottles, there was nothing food like in the refrigerators and any food she did find was way past bad which made Azure feel a little ill.

"Oh great… what else can go wrong." Azure said while she took a moment to drink from the bottle of water and felt a cooling relief when she did so that was good at least.

Little did the unsuspecting feline know that as she kept drinking the water, she didn't noticed some random psycho entering the kitchen before they noticed Azure.

Azure in turn didn't notice the Psycho while she drank from the other bottle of water.

The psycho grins as they silently walked towards Azure before a moment later the psycho brought their hands around Azure before the Psycho roughly grips Azure's breasts from behind.

Azure jolts before she just looked back at who was doing this while she just let the Inmate do what he wants… she did have another way of getting something in her stomach… even if it wasn't food so to speak…

The inmate, by appearance, was a red panda.

He grins as he kept fondling Azure's breasts.

"Hehe, here I am looking for food and low and behold, I find something sexy on the menu."

Azure in turn just chuckles a bit much to the Inmate's confusion.

"You know… I was thinking the same thing." Azure said before the scene fades to black for a moment with the Inmate groaning loudly with many spurts heard before the scene fades in to show Azure, who had her pussy and ass filled with semen, which dripped to the ground, walking out of the kitchen while she wiped her mouth clean with the inmates shirt and tossed it to the floor.

"Thanks for the meal, I needed it." Azure said while the camera turned to show the red panda, pantless, shirtless, and his dick was flaccid while he was laying on a table in the kitchen which showed Azure drained him dry and then some.

"D-Damn." Was all that the Red Panda said as he was too weak to get up.

Azure in the meantime was using the camera to film somethings, and though the screen was cracked, she was able to use the night vision to her advantage, granted once her eyes adjusted, she could see in the dark pretty well, but the camera really helped while she avoids some of the more insane inmates who held weapons and were more swing happy then talk happy.

Granted Azure ran into a few rape happy inmates, but she just let them have their way with her before she left their exhausted bodies behind, granted all the fucking was getting to her but all in all, she was doing pretty well with getting around thanks to her nimble nature.

Though when she did enter a room, she saw to her shock a pair of muscular tiger man who looked like twins, and she blushed a bit when she saw that they walked in the nude.

And it looks like they were a bit surprised to see Azure but quickly got stoic looks on their faces.

"Oh look Brother, the other Apostle, seems like she's finally awake." One tiger man said while he points a clawed hand at Azure.

"Indeed Brother. Perhaps she's looking for the other Apostle as well." The other tiger man said.

"Maybe Brother, though from the look of things, she seems to have run into some of the inmates here." The first Tiger man said after taking a look at Azure's dripping holes while Azure narrowed her eyes.

"Hey, do you know where Maite is?, from the sound of things you two must have seen her." Azure said while one tiger man looked to the other.

"She's asking about the other Apostle Brother, think we should tell her?, to be honest I would love to kill her and her lover but we do have our orders." The Tiger man said while the other looked thoughtful.

"Maybe brother, but considering who she is with, this Apostle may have more trouble than us if she does something idiotic… she did challange Walker after all." The other tiger man said while Azure looked irritated.

"Alright!, will you two speak to me normally or do I have to find a way around you two and search for Maite the hard way!?" Azure growled out while the first tiger man looked thoughtful.

"She's asking to get by us brother… but why don't we make her an offer to lead her to the last area where the other Apostle is… however what can she give us in exchange besides her life?, she doesn't look like she has anything a value on her..." The first tiger Man said stoically while he looked at Maite's coat and camera which was damaged.

"True. So what can you, Apostle, offer us if we plan on helping you find your lover?" The other tiger man asked.

Azure just rolled her eyes before she looks at the duo.

"How about we just skip the bullshit and get to what you really want, you want to fuck me and Maite right?, well if you can lead me to where you saw Maite last time, I'll let you fuck me as long as hard as you want, however if you try and kill me, at the very least I won't make it easy for you and take those cocks with me… trust me, you two are felines as well so you should know how sharp cat fangs can be." Azure said while she pockets her camera and removed Maite's coat and set it on a nearby box and showed her nude body to the duo.

"Hmmm… interesting offer, wouldn't you say brother, but how do we know you won't run off when we get there?, maybe we should reverse that order and make the deal now and lead you there after?" One tiger man asked while the other hummed at that.

"Genius brother, and she did threaten us after all so it is fair, after all we know the way of this place better then she and she doesn't." The other tiger man said which made Azure's eye twitch.

"Look, unless you are just willing to hit it and quit it, I'm no idiot, most of you bastards here would rather kill me then fuck me so having my guard up is pretty much sensible… though if you really want an advance, why don't we do this… I'll suck you both off but no more until we get to where you last saw Maite THEN I'll let you fuck me… do we have a deal?" Azure said while she glares at the two massive tiger men.

"Hmmm… maybe… Brother what do you think?, sounds like a tempting offer and we do get something out of it." One tiger man said to the other.

"Indeed Brother. Might as well take it now than nothing." The other tiger man said.

"Great, then get those dicks hard so I can suck them." Azure said when she walked to the Tiger duo and got a good look at their dicks and saw up close that like the other Inmates, they were big, going past the 10 inch mark… the twins here had 11 inch cocks.

"Are they to your liking Apostle?" The second tiger man asked.

"Yeah they are to my liking, now shut it and just enjoy." Azure said before she knelt down and starts to stroke the twins off to get their cocks erect.

The duo continues to have stoic looks but did let out a grunt or two as they felt their dicks slowly get erect.

When they were at full mast, Azure moved her head to the left Tiger Man's dick before she starts to lick the tip, she wasn't careful about her scratchy tongue and the twins didn't look like they cared at all when Azure moved to lick the head of the other dick while she strokes both off still.

A moment later, the tiger duo lowly let out some pleased groans as they start to enjoy it.

Azure keeps this up for a minute before she moved her head to the dick in her left hand before she opened her mouth and starts to take the dick in, she got the head and a few inches before she starts to bob her head while she used her tongue to lick around and felt all the barbs on the cock.

"Oh that feels good." Said the tiger man as he enjoys having his dick sucked.

"It looks like it brother, how his her mouth exactly?, warm and wet like I am thinking?" The other Tiger man said while he watched Azure bob her head before Azure answered the other Tiger man's question when she pulled her mouth off the first Tiger man's dick and took the second's cock into her mouth which made him moan a bit from that while Azure stroked the first off.

"Does that answer your question Brother?" The tiger man asked.

"I-Indeed Brother… Indeed…" The second Tiger man said while Azure keeps bobbing her head before she moved her hand stroking him off and fondles the second tiger man's balls when she took his dick a bit deeper into her mouth.

Both tiger men groan as they enjoyed the work Azure was doing before they had excited thoughts of doing stuff to the dark feline that made their dicks twitch.

Azure then keeps on alternating with stroking, fondling, and sucking the brothers off and she could feel them getting close and focused on the first Brother while surprisingly deep throating his entire dick until…

The first brother growls before he filled Azure mouth with a nice big load of cum.

Azure took a bit to drink the surprisingly big load down before she pulled away when the first brother nearly tapped off and he fired a few more shots onto her breasts before Azure went to the second brothers dick and sucked him off vigorously until…

The second brother grinds his teeth before climaxing in Azure's mouth as well. Though his load was a bit bigger than his brother's.

Azure in turn had slightly wide eyes when she felt that and tried to drink the load down and was successful for some part, but more semen dripped from around the second brother's dick past her lips and dripped down her chin and onto her breasts and waits for the second brother to tap off.

The second brother continues to let out more before he taps off after 15 seconds.

Azure then pulled away from the cock while she took a moment to finish drinking the semen in her mouth and saw to her surprise the Brothers were still erect, then again the inmates here had some serious stamina so she wasn't that surprised, but she did look up at the brothers after standing up.

"Alright, a deal is a deal, lead me to where you last saw Maite and I'll continue our deal there." Azure said while she walked to Maite's coat and her camera and bent down to show her well toned ass to the brothers.

The brothers eyed Azure's well toned ass making their dicks twitch in unison which meant that they like what they saw.

After Azure got the coat and camera, she looks at the brothers after equipping it, she wore it on her shoulders only to keep the semen off of it.

"Alright, lead the way." Azure said while she gestured for the twins to start walking.

The duo regained their composure before the first brother spoke.

"Yes. We will lead the way." He said before the twins start leading Azure out.

Azure in turn hoped that she wouldn't regret following these two before she followed them through quite a bit of the Asylum, seems like Azure was placed pretty far from Maite so she looked to the brothers and asked this.

"So… if Maite and I are… apostles… why would the Priest separate us?, wouldn't we have strength in numbers?" Azure asked while she really started to hate this Priest more and more as time went on, first the drugging, now this… was this some kind of test or something from the Priest?

"We don't question the Priest's methods. All we do is follow orders." The second brother said.

"Indeed, if he gives us the command to do something, we do it." The first said which told Azure she wouldn't get many answers from these two if they were just grunts of sorts.

A few minutes later, Azure was led to the are were Maite was at and more exactly, the metal bar like doors that the twins met Maite at.

"Here is where we last saw the First Apostle, right Brother?" The first Brother said before he looks at his Brother.

"Indeed Brother. That's when she went downstairs to who knows were. Though safe bet that the First Apostle found a way out of that room." The second brother said.

"I see… well know where a room is where we can finish this deal? Or do you prefer here and now?, don't want to be called some kind of deal breaker after all." Azure said while she looks at the Brothers.

"Oh we know a room that is cozy for the three of us right Brother?" The second brother asked.

"Indeed, follow us Apostle and things should get a lot better, there is even a shower so we don't have to deal with the leftovers from others, we at least like to be clean right brother." The first said before looking at the second and Azure had to admit their bodies, though somewhat scarred and what not, were surprisingly clean compared to the inmates and their dicks didn't have anything on them to cause her discomfort.

"Indeed Brother." The second Brother said as he nod in agreement.

A moment later, The Tiger Brother then led Azure to one of the more well equipped rooms a couple minutes back, it had a single bed on one side for late night workers working in shifts, a fridge stocked with food that made Azure's mouth water when the food, though mainly fruits and vegetables, looked fresh… she didn't even want to know what kind of meat was in some of the bowls and the room was connected to a bathroom with a shower in it for employee use in case of accidents before one of the Tiger Brothers gestures for Azure to go on in.

"There, now you can get cleaned and if you need something to eat, feel free, you'll need the energy after all." The first brother said while Azure placed Maite's coat on a nearby chair and placed her camera on the table in front of it.

"Alright, I won't keep you two waiting long but dry semen maybe a bit of an issue so don't be to surprised if I take 10 minutes or so." Azure said before she entered the bathroom and the Tiger brothers heard the shower starting before the first Tiger Brother looked to his brother.

"So Brother, want to do the honors of going first?, I can wait after all." The first Brother said while he waits for his brother's answer.

The second Brother took a moment to think on this over before giving his response.

"If you're sure Brother."

"I am sure, It would be interesting to see how she would do with you and you have been backed up for awhile." The first brother said before the second nods and the scene went to 15 minutes later, with Azure now cleaned from head to toe and took a moment to relieve herself with the toilet, was walking out of the bathroom and saw the Twins standing near her while one was fiddling with the camera and set it up so that it points at the bed.

"Gonna film this huh?, well let me get something to eat and I'll be with you two in a moment." Azure said before she walked to the refrigerator and bent down a bit to get a good look at what was available and thankfully she was able to get quite a bit of the vegetables and what not while the brothers eye her ass again.

The duo's dicks twitched as they eyed Azure's ass as it swayed a bit as she rummaged through the fridge.

After she got some bananas and what not that could be eaten from the get go, Azure starts to devour her food, the semen from the inmates were good placebos but nothing beat an actual mean before she finished after she got a bottle of water from the refrigerator and drank it.

She then sighs in relief when she felt alive again before she looks at the Twins.

"Alright, so how do you guys want to start this?" Azure said while she placed the bottle of water on the table near the camera before she went to sit on the bed in front of the twins.

The twins looked at one another before the second Brother spoke to Azure.

"We've agreed that I would go first."

"Indeed, as you probably saw, my Brother is very productive and can be backed up easily." The first said which caused Azure to grin lustfully surprisingly enough.

"Well then… since you two did put me on the right track to find Maite and let me shower and eat…" Azure said before she leaned back and spreads her legs for the twins to see her pussy before Azure looks to the second brother and gave a simple finger gesture.

"Come get me big boy and lets see how many times I can drain you till you are satisfied." Azure said with a lustful look on her face.

The second Brother did blink before shrugging.

"Very well then." He said before he approaches the bed and gots on it before aiming his dick at Azure's folds.

Azure in turn shuddered a bit when the Second brother rubs his dick on her folds to get his cock lubed up and just waits for the brother to act.

And act he did when the second Brother starts pushing his dick inside Azure's pussy.

Azure groans when she felt that and could feel the Brother going deep inside of her and her pussy starts to squeeze the brother's cock tightly.

The Brother groans at the tight grip but still kept pushing his dick further till he was already reaching the cervix.

A moment later, The brother stopped moving before the first Brother looks at the second and asked this.

"So Brother, how does she feel?, it's been awhile since we last had a woman in here so I'm wondering how she feels." The first Brother said with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Feels warm and… a bit tight. A nice feeling altogether." The second Brother said.

"I see, well I'll keep quiet for now so enjoy yourself brother." The first said while Azure's pussy relaxed a bit to make the brother's dick feel a bit more comfortable inside of Azure while she waits for the Second Brother to act.

The second Brother gave Azure what she wanted as the tiger man starts to thrust his dick in and out of Azure's pussy.

Azure just moans and groans while she lets the psychotic second brother fuck her pussy and his dick bashed again and again into her cervix while she used her tail to fondle the second Brother's balls.

The second Brother shudders before looking at Azure.

"So… how do I compare to our brother inmates?" He asked.

Azure keeps on groaning and moaning but she was able to get this out.

"Y-You… t-two… h-have… b-bigger c-cocks then them… and FUCK!... those barbs are scraping my insides good!" Azure got out while she felt her toes curl a few times from the pleasure.

"I see… then I'll make sure to not disappoint you." The second Brother said before he thrusts his dick a bit harder.

Azure's groans got a bit louder and louder while the scene went outside of the room for a moment to see a figure approach the door and looked in to see what was going on… and surprisingly knocks on the door which got everyone's attention.

The first brother went to see who was at the door while his brother went back to fucking Azure since it could be one of Father Martin's men.

However when the first Brother opened the door, his eyes visibly widened when he saw not one of Father Martin's men, but Emerald of all people at the door and he just gave the First Brother a relaxed grin and a single hand wave.

"Yo." was all Emerald said to the first Brother.

"Why are you here?" The first brother asked.

"Well I'll keep my sources secret, but a little birdy told me that you got a certain someone here and I want to escort her to the Female Ward… though from the sound of things looks like you and your brother are having fun, mind if I come in?, I'm sure we can work out a peaceful deal instead of getting things unessasserly bloody right?" Emerald asked while he grins at the First brother.

The first brother was a bit cautious since he knew about Emerald but didn't want him or his brother die at Emerald's hands, even if the two team up, it would most likely take one of their lives to take Emerald out.

"V-Very well. Though where is that other associate of yours?" The first brother asked.

"Cedric?, oh he's taken Maite to the Female Ward by now, I decided to stay behind in case I ran into Azure, thanks to Maite I learned of Azure's description so I figured I should pick her up, you two should stop by the Female Ward if you want to give Maite a test run in the sex department, lets just say she can be really wild when she gets into the act." Emerald said while he waits for the First Brother to move which showed Emerald was in his good personality at the moment.

The first brother hummed a bit as he did like the sound of that before looking at Emerald.

"Very well. I'll let my brother know and I believe we'll agree to that." He said before making some room for Emerald to enter.

"Great, oh and don't worry, as long as things go well I won't cause issues, unlike Walker, I can be reasoned with after all." Emerald said when he walked by the first brother with a smile on his face and grins when he saw Azure and the second brother in the act.

"My my, seems like she's doing better then I would have thought." Emerald said while he grins at Azure.

Azure was moaning and groaning loud as she felt the second brother pound her pussy hard til the dark feline noticed Emerald and wonders if he was working for the priest.

However the second Brother, after looking at Emerald, stopped his actions to say this with a slightly surprised tone to his voice shockingly enough since he and his brother were normally Stoic.

"What are you doing here!?... Brother were you the one who let him in?" The second Brother asked while Emerald chuckles at the second Brother's reaction to him being here.

"Indeed Brother. But fear not. I agreed to let him in as long as there is no blood shed. He's only here to escort the Apostle to the female ward where the other Apostle is." The first brother said making Azure's eyes widen.

"Maite's there?!" She asked with hope in her voice.

Emerald chuckles again at that before he gave Azure a fanged grin.

"Oh yeah, unless they were slowed down to have a bit of fun… man I will admit Maite was wild when we had our fun with her when we helped her from this Polar Bear guy who was raping her… she got a scratched ass but nothing serious on closer inspection… very close inspection, but make no mistake, with Cedric escorting her, she will get there safely sooner or later, I'm just here to bring you to her, though… not for free… you brothers mind if I join in on the fun so I can get a downpayment before I bring Azure here to Maite?" Emerald said to Azure before he gave the Brothers an amused grin, more so at the look on Azure's face when things may turn into a foursome soon.

Azure blinked in surprise when she heard that before the first brother looked at the second brother.

"What do you think brother?

"Well I don't want there to be trouble so very well, but it would have to be the apostle's choice on if he can join or not since she will be the one servicing us." The second brother said before everyone looked at Azure to see what she thought.

Azure blinked a bit as she was put on the spot before thinking this through.

It was only moment before Azure said this to Emerald.

"Well… I was paying these guys back for showing me and since you did saved Maite and are about to take me to her… I will accept."

"Great!, though from the fact that things seem on on one now, I'll go and take a shower while you and this guy have your fun, please excuse me." Emerald said before he walks to the bathroom and like last time, starts the shower and closed the door.

Azure then looks at the second brother.

"Well, are you gonna keep fucking my pussy or need permission?" She asked with a slight grin.

The second Brother looks at Azure before getting a slightly amused look in his eyes.

"My apologize… just didn't expect one of the most deadly men to drop in unexpected but…" The second Brother said before he starts to fuck Azure hard again, this time gripping her hips and thrusting harder then ever.

"F-FUCK YEAH!" Azure moans before she wrapped her legs around the second brother's waist as her toes curled.

For a bit, the second brother keeps on thrusting his hips before he moved his hands to Azure's breasts and used them as hand holds and pinched her nipples a bit while he keeps on fucking her pussy, all in all the second Brother looked like he was enjoying himself but the look on his face was still mostly on the Stoic side and only the lustful look in his eyes were an indicator of what he was feeling right now.

Azure hisses from having her nipples pinched as she stares at the second brother before Azure attempts to wrap her arms around the tiger man's back before the dark feline starts to claw it a bit.

The second brother growled a bit from that but didn't complain when he keeps on fucking Azure's pussy, thanks to his earlier orgasm, he was able to last much longer then what Azure thought while her own orgasm was getting closer and closer until...

Azure hugged the second brother a bit tight before she moans as she felt her pussy tightens on the second brother's dick before climaxing on it.

The Second brother grit his teeth from the tight hold but still didn't stop fucking Azure's pussy through her orgasm and enjoyed every second of it.

"Oh fuck… oh fuck!" Azure said as she tightens her hold again before looking at the second brother as she blushes both deeply and a bit cute on the side.

The Second brother in turn fucked Azure much harder then before and could feel himself getting close and just thrusts as hard as he could now for a few times and when his orgasm hit him, he growls loudly when he thrusts himself balls deep and the head of his cock busts into her womb and he came hard in Azure.

Azure moans loud as she felt that before Azure surprised the brother as she gripped the back of his head before Azure pulls him down till their lips smashed together.

The second brothers eyes widen a bit while the First Brothers eyes widen a bit as well but the second Brother just went with it while he rides out his orgasm and his balls throb hard when they keep unloading his Tiger spunk into Azure's womb.

Azure moans as she kept the kiss up before she slides her tongue inside the second brother's mouth.

The Second Brother lets that happen while he keeps cumming before he tapped off with a groan and pulled his head back and out of Azure's arms and pulled his cock free of Azure's pussy to see his load leak from her before he looks at his brother.

"I'm done for the moment Brother, you can join in if you want now." The second Brother said when he stood up, but was surprised when Azure moved to suck his cock and licked the semen on it off.

The first brother was surprised when he saw that while Azure hums as she kept licking the second tiger man's dick.

Azure then looked at the first before she gestured for him to approach when she got on all fours but keeps the seconds dick in front of her.

"Come on then… you heard your brother so why not spit roast me on those cocks of yours and show me some serious tag team action." Azure said before she wiggles her ass in front of the First brother's eyes.

The first brother was surprised again but his dick was twitching in excitement.

After a moment, the first brother just marched on over to Azure as his dick kept twitching.

A moment later, the first Brother gripped her ass before he pressed the head of his dick to her asshole and just pushed himself inside after he spits on his hand and lubed his dick up and pushed himself deep inside of Azure's asshole.

Azure groans before grinding her teeth as she felt the first brother's dick going deep in her ass.

The second Brother then gripped Azure's head before he forced her to take the head of his cock into her mouth and slowly pushed himself deeper into Azure's mouth to give her what she wanted with a spit roast so to speak with their dicks.

Azure gags for a bit but was able to take it in with a bit of ease before Azure starts to bob her head.

The second brother groans from that before the first starts to fuck her ass hard while Emerald, after he finished cleaning his body, walked out while he held his pants in his hands and saw the first and second brother fucking Azure's face and ass as hard as they could now while tears flowed down Azure's face when they went much harder then she thought they would, but with her fingering her folds, Emerald didn't have to get involved since it looked like Azure was enjoying herself right now.

Azure gags and groans as she enjoyed having her ass fucked while bobbing her head on the second brother's dick as hard as she can while the dark feline kept fingering herself.

For a bit, Emerald just watched the brothers fuck Azure for 10 minutes straight with the second Brother pulling free every now and then to let Azure breathe but went back to facefucking her mouth while Azure had one orgasm after another before their dicks start to throb in Azure.

"I… I am about to… cum Brother!" The Second brother said while he thrusts his hips harder and Azure's throat bulged from how rough the second Brother was going.

"S-Same here… B-Brother!" The first brother said as he thrust his dick faster in Azure's ass.

Azure just fingers herself harder and faster before she came one more time on her fingers and the dick in her ass before both brothers roar loudly when they pushed themselves as deep as they could go and came hard inside of Azure's mouth and ass.

Azure moans loudly before gagging a bit from the second brother's cum before she tries to swallow some of it while still finger her pussy to make her climax stronger.

20 seconds later pass before the twins tap off while Emerald had an amused grin on his face while he sat on a chair with his dick fully erect from watching what was going on as saw the first twins load leak from Azure's ass while some of the second's load fell onto the bed when the twin's pull their dicks free.

Azure groans before gasping a bit as she tries to catch her breath.

Emerald chuckles before he clapped his hands a few times when he looked impressed.

"Wow, gotta say not bad, how you feeling Azure?, need a break?" Emerald said while he grins at the cat Mobian.

However, Azure chuckles before looking at Emerald.

"Fuck no. I'm ready for more."

"I see, well boys, mind if I have a moment alone with Azure and you two rest and recover… or want to tag team Azure 3 on 1?" Emerald said while his dick throbbed a few times in need.

The first brother looked at the second brother to see what he thinks.

"I say… we all team up and see how she does…" The second Brother said which made Emerald grin before he and the brothers look at Azure with lustful looks in their eyes and fully erect cocks as well while Azure had one last coherent thought before things got very intense.

'This is going to be fun.' Azure thought as she licked her lips at the trio.

A moment later, the scene went to a bit later to show Emerald and the twins were fucking Azure hard, the second brother was fucking Azure's ass while she rode his cock, the first was getting sucked off while the first face fucked her while Emerald was fucking her pussy hard while his knot bumped into Azure's folds again and again.

Azure gags a few times but was moaning loud as she was greatly enjoying the pleasure she was getting while her two holes tighten on Emerald and the second brother's dicks.

"F-Fuck!, definitely a lot better then Maite, really squeezing my cock good… hope Maite takes to Lillum's lessons well." Emerald groans out when he keeps on fucking Azure's pussy.

Hearing Emerald bring up Maite's name did have Azure feel worried on the inside hoping that her girlfriend was okay even Emerald vouched that Cedric was keeping her safe as Azure gagged and moan some more.

Meanwhile in one of the halls heading to the Female ward…

Cedric at this time was fucking Maite's ass on a random couch while she had a fucked up look on her face when Cedric really went wild with his thrusts.

Cedric grunts and groans as he was enjoying the feel of Maite's ass without stopping before he brought his hand up and starts smacking the good side of Maite's ass.

She moans and groans loudly from that and a few minutes later, Cedric made one good thrust and locked himself inside of Maite's ass with his knot before he unloads in her with a howl.

Maite moans loud with her tongue hanging out as her ass squeezes on Cedric's dick.

Cedric at this time keeps cumming inside of Maite's ass with an unfocused look on his face but did wonder what she was thinking after getting a moment of clarity.

'O-Oh wow. That felt so fucking good. Might try a few more rounds with him before introducing him to Azure. Hopefully Emerald has found her.'

Meanwhile back with Azure, The Twins, and Emerald…

It looked like the four had changed positions with Emerald getting his cock ridden by Azure with her pussy still while the twins stand next to Azure while she sucked them off in an alternating way while Emerald gripped her hips and thrusts hard to meet her bounces, unlike with the Twin's Emerald was being careful and looking for Azure's sweet spots so she could feel good as well.

Azure was moaning loudly as she bounced hard on Emerald's dick while making sure to please the tiger duo's dicks before she was able to feel good after feeling one of her spots get hit.

"O-Oh fuck!, that's the ticket!" Azure muttered which caused Emerald to grin when he starts to barrage that spot when he found a G-Spot in Azure which caused her to tighten her grip on the twins cocks and stroked them off harder.

The tiger duo groans in unison as they felt that while letting Azure do her thing.

For a bit, Azure keeps on stroking and sucking the duo off while she moans and groans as Emerald keeps hitting her G-Spots which gave her this thought since no other Psychopath would do that.

'Fuck! This is amazing. And no psychopath has ever reached my spot. Maite really knows how to find people.'

For a few minutes, Emerald keeps on barraging her sweet spot again and again until…

Azure throws her head back after bouncing one last time before she climaxed on Emerald's dick with a cat like yowl.

Emerald grit his teeth when he felt that but keeps on fucking Azure's climaxing pussy to keep hitting her sweet spot again and again while her hands stroked off the Tiger Twins who grit their teeth and growled loudly when they came hard on Azure's face and breasts a moment later.

Azure moans as she catches some of the semen in her mouth as she kept stroking the tiger duo's dicks while bouncing on Emerald's dick.

A couple minutes later, Emerald made one good thrust into Azure while making sure to not Knot her yet and came hard in her pussy which made him roar which turned into a howl near the end.

Azure moans loud which caused her to orgasm again as her pussy tightens on Emerald's dick.

For a bit, the male feline beings, or in Emerald's case, his Hybrid self, ride out their orgasms and tapped off one by one with the first twin tapping off first, the second following suit with Emerald finishing a few seconds later and everyone took a moment to pant for breath.

Azure taps off after everyone finished before she pants for breath with a pleased look on her face.

Though it seemed the three men were not done yet when they really put Azure in a intense position with her on all fours over Emerald who was told to stay on his back by the twins while he fucked her pussy again, and the twins shockingly enough with some careful positioning, had put both of their dicks right into Azure's ass for a surprising triple penetration of all things and were fucking her ass hard now.

"FUCK YEAH!" Azure moans loudly as her face looked a bit fucked up.

Emerald chuckles when he saw that, and thanks to a quick cleaning from earlier, Emerald was able to lean up and kiss Azure on the lips and sent his wide scratchy tongue to interact with Azure's when he liked the look on her face.

Azure moans into the kiss before returning it as she stares at Emerald with lust as her tongue interacts with the hybrid's tongue.

For a bit, the three men keep fucking Azure's ass and pussy while the first brother, being the one holding Azure's hips, went to spank her ass a few times while he and his brother thrusts their hips harder to get their dicks deeper in Azure's ass.

Azure moans and groans loudly as she feels the tiger twins dicks going deeper in her ass before the dark feline's holes tighten on the three males dicks.

The Twin's grit their fangs and groans when they keep on fucking Azure's ass while Emerald did the same with Azure cumming again and again after he moans a bit into the kiss from Azure tightening up on him all of a sudden and his knot slowly got bigger and bigger as it bumped into Azure's pussy lips again and again.

Azure moans into the kiss again as she hugs Emerald before Azure made the kiss aggressive.

Emerald returned the kiss with the same aggressiveness and gripped her ass since the first twin had her hips now and was thrusting his hips harder and harder as time went on until the Twin's roar again before flooding Azure's ass with semen and Emerald shockingly made one extra strong thrust and forced his knot inside of Azure before it quickly locked him inside of Azure before he groans loudly when he fired more sperm into Azure's womb.

Azure moans loud into the kiss as she felt her insides get filled up before the dark feline climaxed very hard on Emerald's dick.

For a bit, the twins keep on cumming hard in Azure's ass before they tapped off and pant for breath while Emerald keeps cumming lightly in Azure before the twin's pull away to see their combined load leak out of Azure's ass and onto the bed.

The second brother pants as he saw that.

"S-She's really tough B-Brother."

"I-Indeed… but looks like she is nearing her limit as well… got enough in you for one final round brother?" The First Brother asked when he saw how tired Azure looked right now.

"I-I believe so Brother." The second brother said.

"Very well… Emerald, turn so that the Apostle on on her back while you stay in her…" The first Tiger Brother said which confused Emerald a bit but he did just that when he gripped Azure's ass and turned so that she was now on the bed and Emerald was on top of her.

"Now try and get in the position that I will tell you…" The first Brother said which confused Emerald more but a couple minutes later… shockingly enough all three men were on all fours of sorts in a triangle like position… with all three of their dicks stuffed inside Azure's pussy and the twin's forced their cocks past Emerald's knot which got this reaction from the overly pleasured Azure right now who never saw that coming.

"YEEEESSSS!" Azure screams before moaning loudly as her eyes rolled at the back of her head.

Emerald had to grit his fangs when he felt that since he was pretty sensitive right now.

"Easy!, still a bit sensitive here, and I'm not sure how much Azure's pussy can take before its stretched out to the point that it would take a long time to recover from." Emerald said when he worried about Azure a bit while he carefully held her face to see if she was still there at all while the Twin's got themselves balls deep inside of Azure's pussy.

Azure was seen almost out of it before the first tiger brother spoke.

"A-Apologies but… the A-Apostle has some very… t-tight holes."

"W-Well we are all in her pussy, so you two better hurry since I doubt we want a mentally broken Azure here, wouldn't be useful to anyone or Maite if she loses it here." Emerald said to see if Maite's name would give Azure some kind of clarity since Azure did care for Maite.

Azure did blink when her girlfriend's name was mentioned.

"M-Maite." She said like if she was calling her.

"Yeah, Maite, I'll bring you to her after this, just focus on my voice to keep sane while these two have their fun, someone here has to keep you sane so Maite won't worry for you when we get to the female Ward." Emerald said while he lightly pets Azure's head in a calming way to try and get her more focused on him.

Azure starts to feel like herself as she continues to think about Maite and seeing her.

The Twins however just start to thrusts their hips up and down which pistons their dicks in and out of Azure's pussy and past Emerald's knot which made him grunt a few times but didn't stop comforting Azure, he even licked her face a few times with his tongue to see if it helped.

Luckily for the hybrid, it did help even though Azure groans, she still remains a bit sane as she kept thinking about Maite.

For a few minutes, Emerald keeps on comforting Azure and what not while the Twins and himself were getting close thanks to everything that was going on and Azure could feel them twitching hard in her.

Azure continues to groan before feeling her own orgasm approaching.

A moment later, The Tiger twins pushed themselves as deep as they could into Azure and roar when they came inside of her pussy while Emerald, who was to far gone from how Azure squeezed him and from getting his knot hit again and again, came hard inside Azure with a growl of his own while he held Azure's face steady and kissed her on the lips when he rides out another orgasm.

Azure moans loudly into the kiss before she returns it and tries to hug Emerald before the dark feline climaxed hard on the trio's dicks.

The Three feline's/ one hybrid groan from that while the Twins ride out their orgasms and tapped off before they pant for breath and pulled their dicks free of Azure's pussy, and surprisingly enough she was still tight which caused her pussy to grip Emerald's dick with a tight grip which made him groan while he came more inside of Azure and his sperm mixed with the twins inside of her.

Azure moans a bit louder as her climax got stronger.

Hopefully the pill she took earlier was still effective or otherwise things will be bad.

Emerald in turn saw how exhausted Azure looked before Emerald leaned back a bit to look down at Azure when he was still locked in her.

"Hehe, looks like you really powered through, hope you don't mind sharing a bath or something because it looks like you and I are stuck together for a bit." Emerald said when he saw that thanks to Maite's petite figure, she was even tighter then Maite so pulling free of out of the question with her right now.

Azure did blush before she weakly chuckles while panting.

"N-No... worries… A-At least y-you're taking me to s-see Maite so I'll make sure to… t-thank you again. H-Hopefully she's doing o-okay."

Meanwhile with Maite and Cedric again…

Seems they were taking one last break before they get to the female ward and Cedric had Maite sit on a desk and had her sit at the edge while he gripped her hips and was fucking her pussy hard while he sucked on her nipples, all in all Maite looked like she was doing OK with Cedric protecting her and all and was rewarding him greatly now.

Cedric grunts and groans as he greedily sucked Maite's nipples while humping her pussy hard before a moment later the young wolf felt his dick twitching.

Maite had a fucked up look on her face while she moans and groans when she enjoyed what Cedric was doing and wrapped her legs around Cedric's waist to help pull him in more and more while his knot grew a bit bigger each time until…

Cedric, after thrusting his dick a few more times, growls before he made a howl like noise as he climaxed hard and deep inside Maite's womb after he forced his knot inside of her.

Maite groans loudly from that before she came hard on Cedric's cock and her body shook from her orgasm which squeezed the knot on his dick and his dick hard.

Cedric groans from the tight grip as he kept climaxing before tapping off after 30 seconds and keeps lightly cumming in Maite thanks to her pussy squeezing his knot.

Maite pants for breath before she gave Cedric an amused look.

"W-Wow… five times… thought back at the office was impressive… but looks like I need to step my game up to satisfy you and Emerald huh?" Maite teasingly said while she tightened her pussy a few times on Cedric's knot.

Cedric groans from that before he actually lightly chuckles.

"Indeed, but you're handling it quite well. I believe you'll definitely be a pro when you receive your training. You'll probably be able to wow your lover once the two of you reunite."

Maite blushed from that before she cutely looked down to not look Cedric in the eyes for a moment.

Cedric, who thought that was cute, blinked in confusion.

"Was it something I said?" He asked thinking if he crossed some line.

Maite shook her head before she looks at Cedric.

"N-No… just… wondering how Azure is doing right now and hope she doesn't think anything bad about me or overreact on the wound on my ass… wonder if Emerald found her by now." Maite said which made Cedric hum for a moment.

"Well… knowing how smooth talking he is when he's friendly, I'm sure he's balls deep in Azure right about now since he made a deal with her to bring her to you… advance payment remember?" Cedric said while he got a slightly mad grin on his face when he enjoyed the look on Maite's face.

Maite blinks a few times before blushing brightly at the thought.

"Besides, as long as you two love each other and overcome any obstacle then that's all it matters." Cedric said.

Maite looked at Cedric when she heard that before she starts to giggle for some reason.

"What's so funny?" Cedric asked with a confused look.

Maite giggles a bit more before she moved a hand to Cedric's cheek and rubbed it a bit.

"Oh don't worry, its just a cheesy line that I didn't expect here of all places, kind of reminds me of what it's like on the outside before Azure and I got dragged into this situation… granted it was mainly me being stubborn and Azure being protective… hope we can get out of here in one piece." Maite said while she smiles cutely at Cedric.

Cedric may have blushed from that but had a stoic look when he said this.

"Never realized what I said was cheesy. Then again, I have never known to actually… fall in love with someone ever since I was put in this… God forsaken Hell hole. Granted I may have shown affection to some of the girls in the female ward and maybe protective of them but falling in love is something that I don't think that I can. Besides, what woman would fall in love with a man with twisted personality like me?"

Maite in turn blinked before she giggles again much to Cedric's further confusion.

"What's so funny this time?" He asked while feeling a bit insulted thinking that Maite is laughing at his crisis.

Maite however just leaned in and kissed Cedric on the lips before she pulled away from him.

"You are balls deep in me and I'm willingly going to you again and again because of you being so nice even with your… personality issues, even if I may not love you, I do find you attractive and the sex with you and Emerald has been the nicest its been here, everyone else has been pretty much in it for themselves but you and Emerald seem to be going to please the ladies… besides I'm sure when you meet Miss right, you'll know it, and at the very least, we do have a deal that you or Emerald can knock me up after we get out so it's not like I won't enjoy hanging out with you again and again… on and off the bed." Maite said before she smiles lustfully at Cedric while she winked at him.

Cedric blinked when he heard that but surprisingly… hearing what Maite said gave the young wolf a feeling he hasn't had before… which was hope.

Cedric looks at Maite before he leans in and kissed the pink hedgehog on the lips.

Maite blushed from the sudden action before she went with the kiss while the scene went back to Emerald and Azure…

Emerald was sitting in the shower with Azure sitting on his lap while he was still locked inside of her while he was washing her fur with some soap and what not, he was being surprisingly gentle and had locked the bathroom door so the twins wouldn't get any funny ideas, thankfully Azure had come out of he pleasure filled high and seemed back to normal while she kept her eyes closed while Emerald rubbed the soap on her head.

"Thanks again. This feels so soothing." Azure said as she hums a bit from the washing.

"No worries, I'm the king of cats here so I should be good to the lesser felines hehe." Emerald jokingly said to try and pass the time with small talk and to try and amuse Azure by trying to act smug… and failed horribly when he couldn't keep the regal tone up.

Azure did chuckle from that before she asked this after she got a thoughtful look on her face.

"Earlier… you said some Polar Bear guy scratch Maite's ass. He is still walking around?" She asked while hoping to get payback.

"Welll… would be hard for him to walk around after I slit his throat, guy was all attack happy when he saw Cedric and we just did what we did, even tried to reason with the guy but eh, psycho's will be psychos… and with claws like mine… was pretty easy." Emerald said while his tone got dark… but he said it so naturally that when Azure realized the shift… he had a clawed finger at her throat and gently held it there…

Azure gulped when she saw the claw at her throat.

"O-Okay… you made your point." She said as she tries to put Emerald's claw down.

"Did I?... or was it my other half?, why don't you just lean back and relax… as long as you just listen… I'll be a gentlemen since you were so good to my other half a bit ago." Emerald? said while he easily held the clawed finger at Azure's neck even with her trying to push the arm away.

Azure had no choice but listened to Emerald's dark half before she leans back and tries to relax.

"Good… Good…" Emerald? Said before he resumed to rub the soap into Azure's fur, starting with her breasts this time which made her shudder when he seemed to know her every weakpoint.

"Now lets get to the heart of the matter… as you probably know I'm my other half's dark side… the side that comes out when Light is most distressed or when I want some time to tag in… you see I have a few things to tell you… especially about Project Walrider… Light may not remember much… but I know everything about the experiments and what Murkoff wants to do with that project…" Emerald? Said while he keeps cleaning Azure's body, going down her stomach and to her hips to clean them gently.

Azure shudders but was shocked when she heard that.

"What do you know about the project that these Murkoff jackals are conducting?" She asked while wishing that she had the camera with her to record what Emerald?... or the dark side of Emerald speaking up.

Emerald? However chuckles when he noticed that before he moved to lightly thrust his hips which had his cock wiggle around inside of Azure's pussy.

"Oh don't worry… I'll answer your questions in detail later on camera… but for now… I can say this while I gently fuck you… Project Walrider is a project designed to turn the inmates here into hosts… for Nanobots… you see the Walrider is a swarm of Nanobots that the scientists were trying to control… but since they were using damaged or mentally damaging Mobians to further the project along and with some side effects as you can see from mental damage all the way to physical changes… well… you can guess how that little experiment went… unlike the others I can think clearly though and I know what the Walrider is and where the Walrider's host is located… and just a little tip… I know WHO is in charge… but that information will have to be for much later…" Emerald? Said while he gently fucked Azure now which caused his cock to grind in Azure's pussy.

Azure, though shocked at the info, groans from that before looking at Emerald?

"S-Seriously? You can't… t-tell me who the host is? Does your partner know too?"

"Hehe… nope… you see Emerald has no idea… unlike Cedric whose mind is so merged with his darkside, they both pretty much blacked out during the experiments… I on the other hand… while Light is busy with the experiments… can see and hear everything going on around us… and let me tell you that Walker is the least of your worries here, I'm not sure if you know of the Walrider, but it's supposed to be invisible to the naked eye unless viewed up close… you see in order to control the Walrider, the person has to be hooked up to some machine and everything and on life support as well… the person can control the Walrider if they are in a lucid dream like state… was pretty interesting being able to control the Walrider a few times but was still sickened by what I saw with Light… trust me if you go to the underground lab… you'll see what I mean." Emerald? Said while he keeps on fucking Azure lightly while Azure's eyes widen a bit when she remembered what happened in the security room and the invisible… thing that ripped apart those armed men that tried to go into some kind of section of the Asylum… or the hidden lab it seems…

'So that's what Walrider really is. If it's that bad like Emerald… or his dark side said, then I better hope to see Maite sooner than ever before something bad happens. That Cedric person better keep her safe or else his ass will get poled.' Azure thought.

Emerald? In turn chuckles before he thrusts his hips a bit harder but didn't go far since he didn't want to harm Azure.

"So… got any other questions for me my dear black cat?" Emerald? Said before he starts to lick at the side of Azure's neck while he moved his hands to grip her breasts and gently fondles them surprisingly enough.

Azure groans while blushing a bit before she asked this question.

"W-Well… how did you and that… C-Cedric guy ended up here?"

Emerald however stopped moving before he got a very dark tone to his voice.

"It's better if you don't ask me that if you want details… but long story short… Light was framed for murder and some Murkoff employee's made him out to be the bad guy… I maybe Dark… but they are the ones who made us like this and I wouldn't mind reenacting that scene… with me being an actual murderer with those Murkoff fuckers as the victims this time." Emerald? Said with a growl to his voice before he went back to gently fucking Azure.

As Azure groan, she was shocked at the story.

"I-I'm sorry. Didn't mean to pry. Jack, which I'm sure Maite told you guys, mentioned that you two were wrongly placed here. Which begs the question… was Cedric in a similar boat like you?"

"Hehe, you'll have to ask him that one since it wouldn't be right even of me to reveal his past…" Emerald? Said with an amused tone to his voice before he used his right hand to rub Azure's bud to help her feel better.

Azure shudders but was feeling better as she looked at Emerald? Again.

"I-I guess you have a point."

Emerald? In turn chuckles before he leaned to Azure's left ear.

"Well then… just relax and enjoy since I did want a round with you and your sexy girlfriend… did you know she agreed to be knocked up by Light or Cedric?" Emerald? said before he starts to lick, suck, and lightly nip on Azure's ear.

Azure blinked in surprise when she heard that.

"S-She did?" She asked as she shudders again.

Emerald then pulled away from Azure's ear for a moment.

"Oh yeah… though Light was the one who did most of the talking, and while he was just trying to be kinky for the sexy Hedgehog, I'm sure he wouldn't force the issue… so no worries about your friend… or you getting knocked up anytime soon unless you beg for it." Emerald? Growled out in a teasing way when he lightly nipped at the back of Azure's neck like he was going to pin her to his body when she could feel Emerald? Getting close.

Azure blushes brightly after hearing that while feeling her orgasm coming close as well.

Though she was still surprised about Maite agreeing and stuff.

A minute later, Emerald? groans before he came hard inside of Azure, filling her already filled womb with more sperm and gently hugged her with his arms surprisingly enough.

Azure moans loud as she felt that before she climaxed on Emerald's? dick.

Thanks to Emerald's body cumming multiple times, his knot shrank a bit enough for his Darksiders was able to carefully pull his cock free and it flopped to hang between his legs and a large flow of mixed semen flowed out of Azure's pussy and Emerald? everything Azure's reaction to that when she looked relieved.

Azure had a pleased and relief look on her face after tapping off while the pressure in her womb lessened.

Emerald? chuckles when he saw that and just let's the shower wash the semen away before he looks at Azure.

"Now then… unless you have any other questions… I should head on back for now and let Light take over." Emerald? said and waits to see if Azure had any questions.

Azure pants a bit but from the looks of things, she doesn't have anything questions to say.

Emerald? chuckles before he surprised Azure when he had her look at him before he gave her a surprisingly gentle kiss on the lips.

Azure blushes from that before she returns the kiss.

A moment later, Emerald's eyes return to normal and he blushed brightly when he was kissing Azure all of a sudden, last he remembers was talking to Azure about Maite before the Polar Bear was mentioned, now this and wondered if he should pull away or something.

Azure, who returns to normal for a bit, sees Emerald has returned to normal but was feeling confused before the dark feline decides to keep the kiss up to make Emerald feel better.

Emerald in turn, though a bit confused himself, just went with the kiss for a bit before he pulled away and blinks a bit when he had an idea on what happened after some thought.

"Huh, guess Dark showed up right?, Sorry if he surprised you, guy likes to pop up at the worse times." Emerald said while he rubbed his head with a funny half lidded look on his face.

Azure did blush a bit for a moment.

"N-No worries. He didn't cause any problems. Though he was a bit… peeved when I asked him… something."

"Oh really?, What?, Stuff normally doesn't tick him off, just amuses him." Emerald said when he sounded curious.

Azure was cautious before gulping.

"Well… I asked how did… you and your partner, Cedric, came here."

Emerald jolts for a moment before he was silent.

"I see… he didn't go into too much detail did he?" Emerald asked when he had a hard to read expression on his face.

"Well… I wouldn't say all but he gave me a bit of the down low and said some other things too but… I'm sorry for what happen." Azure said

"I see… you do realize that you owe me one later right?, Preferably in a one on one setting later." Emerald said while he had less of a smile on his face since he didn't want to talk about his past and his Darkside really irritated him right now.

Azure did sigh a bit after hearing that.

"Yeah I do since I picked the worst time ask something like this."

"Great, and since it looks like your not locked to me anymore, mind washing my back for me after I finish cleaning you." Emerald said before he went back to rubbing the soap into her fur carefully and Azure's body purred a bit in reflex when Emerald seemed to know where to rub and where to scratch to make her feel relaxed.

Azure let out a pleased sigh as she enjoys the gentle cleaning.

A few minutes later, a cleaned Emerald and Azure exit the bathroom with Emerald wearing his pants and Azure, now cleaner than ever, and wearing Maite's coat, saw the Twins sitting at the table in the room while they ate some of the meat in the refrigerator while Emerald leaned in and whispered to Azure.

"Hopefully you didn't go after the meat, heard that most if not all is from the other inmates here, not like the synthetic stuff that everyone else eats outside of the Asylum." Emerald muttered while the first and second Brother did make one good pull on a few bites of food that they have… and their faces got bloody fast.

Azure's eyes widen before covering her mouth when she saw the way the twins ate before seeing the blood.

'Oh God. Better tell Maite to not eat anything meat like here.' She thought before feeling like she's gonna lose her stomach.

Emerald then cleared his throat to get the Twins attention.

"Hey, hope you two don't mind but Azure and I are about to leave, enjoy the meal you two." Emerald said before he starts to lead Azure out of the one of the Twins resting rooms.

Once the two left, the first brother looked to the second brother.

"I will say we had quite a bit of fun Brother." He said before taking another bite.

"Indeed, hopefully we can have some fun with the Hedgehog one, unfortunately thanks to Emerald we couldn't get serious unfortunately brother, but there is always next time." The second Brother said when he still felt his balls ache a little.

"Indeed but at least we can head to the female ward like Emerald said and have some fun there." The first brother said as his balls ache as well.

"True, but first we should get cleaned and fueled up since those women there are insatiable." The Second Brother said which made the first Brother hum.

"Genius Brother, thankfully as long as we don't cause issues in Lillum's section, she won't cause Father Martin issues on his end… good thing the female Ward is sealed into two sections and though Father Martin's base is over Lillum's, it will take a bit to go through the long route so he doesn't get issues from her and her minions." The first Brother said before he went back to eating his bloody meal.

"That is true brother. That is true." The second Brother said as he resumed his meal.

Meanwhile with Emerald and Azure, Emerald had to help Azure walk a bit since she had a slight limp and just fucked it and starts to carry Azure bridal style.

"Hehe, looks like you are starting to hit your limit, hope you don't mind if I pretend to be a gentleman for now." Emerald said with a grin on his face when he seemed to be in a better mood right now.

Azure blushes as she doesn't say anything but relaxed a bit in the hybrid's arms.

Emerald chuckles while he keeps on walking through the Hallways to the female Ward while the scene shifts to the outside of the Asylum to show a couple cars driving up the path to the Asylum before the scene fades to black before the cars or people inside of them could be fully seen.

The scene fades in to show TME and Atomsk while they were playing some game in front of one another, looked like some kind of handheld game of sorts with some battle sounds were heard.

All in all, looks like they were fighting one another and TME was winning this match.

"Hehe, looks like I'm about to win man." TME said when he could see how low Atomsk's health was in the game and TME's health was a bit higher then his… unless Atomsk got lucky or something with his next hit or he would lose.

"That's what you think." Atomsk said while grinning before he pressed some buttons to activate a combo move.

Unfortunately for Atomsk, and fortunatly, while TME did dodge a few moves, thanks to the last couple hits connecting, TME was brought down to a sliver of health which made him grit his teeth… and get a nervous look on his ghostly face when his character was stunned for a moment and Atomsk used a finishing move to end TME who looked down with a depressed cloud over his head.

"Man… when it comes to games, I suck at multiplayer, single player games are where its at for me." TME said when he had his game console vanish for now.

Atomsk then tries to help TME feel better.

"Hey, no need for the long face. You did had me on the ropes." He said while grinning.

"Yup but we're getting off track, want to say some things to the readers while I get that next project that we have planned set up?... you can tell them what we are doing next that involves a certain game involving a certain green tunic hero." TME said while he floats up in the air a bit and waits for Atomsk's answer.

Atomsk then looks at the readers.

"Well folks, hoped you enjoying this new chapter. Maite was doing good before she got caught by that Polar Bear guy. Luckily she got saved by none other than mine and TME's go to OCs before things got steamy. And speaking of steamy, seems Azure had her own fun as she tries to find Maite before Emerald came over. And let's not forget the scene shifts with Emerald, the tiger twins and Azure with Maite and Cedric. And speaking of Maite, she seemed to help lift Cedric's spirits up a bit so who knows what happens next. Oh yeah, Lillum also shows the true meaning of dominating when she and the girls were able to take on Walker. Anyway love to say more but like TME said, we have a new story to conduct staring the classic green tunic hero." Atomsk said.

"Yeah but unlike the other games and what not, this story stars a few OC's of ours in the leading roles while the roles of certain Zelda characters… may not be so black and white so to speak… anyway see you all next time but it will be a bit since we have other stories and chapter to work on in other stories so see you all later." TME said before he waved to the readers while the scene fades to black.

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