Chrono Time @atomskthepirateking
Arc 2 - New Rose Manor Occupants

The scene opens to show TME and Atomsk while they were going over notes of Chrono Time.

"Man… look at all this dust." Atomsk said as he blows some dust away.

"No kidding… its like time really did a number on Chrono Time." TME said before he was smacked upside the head by Emerald while he and a few OC's came to help clean.

"No puns in a dusty area please." Emerald said when he puts on a mask to protect his face from dust and passes more out so guys like Cedric wouldn't sneeze up a storm.

Cedric was grateful as Atomsk sweatdrops.

"Pun aside… wanna just start the chapter now?"

"Might as well but to anyone wondering why the chapter is shorter then previous ones… we are limiting the page count to around 25 doc pages, Intros are ignored on that so hopefully we can streamline more things… may go a bit higher or lower then the 25 page mark since well… I am trying to use single doc line spacing instead of 1.15… seriously need an option for setting a default line spacing… going to try and look that up in the future." TME said as he puts on a mask and gets to cleaning.

"Yeah." Atomsk said before taking a mask as well and starts cleaning.

"Right… oh and just a reminder, this Fionna in this story is related to Finn so no lemons between Fionna and Finn… they could tag team a lady but nothing else, aside sister on sister or mother on daughter, no other kind of incest like thing going on, more like a teaching aid and stuff… anyway you should know the drill by now readers so lets get in the story… where did we last end off though?... think it was after the trio of Flannery, Fionna, and Marceline helped Billy from getting possessed by the Lich and the Lich possessed and killed Ash to use his body freely." TME said when he looks at Atomsk for confirmation on that.

"Well you are correct but we technically left off with the lemon when Flannery and Fionna had there one on one before they had a… hehe... hilarious climax." Atomsk said.

"Oh yeah… want to start out the morning after so Marceline and the others can plan their next step?" TME suggested to Atomsk as he moved some papers over to a table so he could clean the empty shelf.

"Sure thing." Atomsk said as he continues cleaning the dust off.

"Right… anyway everyone enjoy the story…" TME said as the scene shifts to Billy's cave.

Past (Present Ooo timeline)/Ooo/ Billy's cave/ Billy, Marceline, Flannery, Fionna

The scene showed Marceline while she woke from a nap that she had and she sat up on a pile of gold coins… surprisingly comfortable for her and she stretched her body a bit while she grins as she looks at Fionna and Flannery, she cleaned the duo off after they passed out last night and she had them snuggle together and thought it was adorable when Fionna snuggles up to the warm body of Flannery.

'Aww… so cute.' Marceline thought before she got mischievous and takes out an old camera before taking a picture without the flash.

Marceline then pockets the camera to get the picture later as Billy came from his bedroom with a yawn.

"M-Morning." Billy said while he rubbed his eyes to help get the tiredness from them though it seems Billy had a bit of morning wood this day when a bulge was seen in his pants.

Marceline grins when she noticed.

"Hehe, morning Billy. Sleep well? I know your big friend is since I see it fully awake."

Billy blinks at that before he looks down and blushed a bit.

"Hehe… sorry, guess after what happened last night, my body got a bit of a jumpstart though an unwanted hardon would be something I could do without when I first wake." Billy said when he rubbed the back of his head.

Marceline chuckles.

"Well not to worry… I know a good remedy for that." She said while smirking.

"I-I see…" Billy said while he went to get a bite to eat first though as the scene showed Flannery and Fionna waking which was about 10 minutes later, they heard moaning and groaning nearby which helped rouse them from their slumber and Fionna noticed the position she was in as Flannery was cuddling with her.

Fionna was blushing brightly when she saw Flannery.

"U-Um… morning." She said.

"M-Morning… Fionna." Flannery said when she blushed a bit while the duo was silent for a moment though the moaning and groaning got their attention and when they sat up after detangling themselves… they blushed when they saw a giant Marceline who grew to Billy's size while she was riding Billy's cock with a lustful look on her face while Billy sat on a nearby treasure pile.

Marceline was groaning a bit loud as she was rode Billy's cock hard making the Vampire Queen's breasts to bounced.

Billy had his hands on Marceline's hips while he pulled Marceline down during some bounces and Flannery and Fionna blushed more from how intense Marceline was riding Billy's cock since they could see where Billy's cock went into Marceline and saw how stretched her folds were even with her larger body frame.

"Wow… talk about an… interesting wake call." Fionna said as she blushes more at the show.

"F-Fuck yeah! Keep fucking me hard!" Marceline said as she looks at Billy's eyes with an intense lust.

And fuck harder he did when he thrusts his hips up to have his cock barrage Marceline's pussy while his cock barraged her womb again and again when it busts by her cervix in no time.

Fionna and Flannery continue to watch before they blush brightly when they saw Marceline lean down and kiss Billy's lips.

This surprised the age Hero a bit but he shook that off to fuck Marceline harder and faster while he could feel his orgasm getting close while feeling Marceline's orgasm getting close and he fucked her more and more until…

Marceline moans in Billy's mouth before she climaxed on top of Billy's cock as Marceline's pussy squeezes it.

Billy lets out his own groan when he pushed his cock balls deep in Marceline's pussy and his balls throb and clinch as he unloads a large load in Marceline's eager pussy while he keeps the kiss up.

Marceline's climax got stronger as she kept kissing Billy while waiting for him to ride out his orgasm.

When the duo tapped off, Billy pants for breath while he laid on the treasure pile and Marceline grins as she sat up to let Billy enjoy the afterglow.

"Hehe, thanks for the fun, hope this helps your morning wood… as for the two peepers…" Marceline said when she looks back at Fionna and Flannery with one eye that looked mischievous when there was a tease behind her gaze right now.

Fionna and Flannery jolt when they saw that they were caught before they hid behind one of the treasure piles.

Marceline chuckles as she grins.

"I already saw you two peeping ladies hiding, better come out and face the music." Marceline said when she had some of her hair knock a bit of gold down the pile and it caused the pile Fionna and Flannery were behind to collapse which showed the duo again.

That caused the duo to feel embarrassed.

"Oops." Fionna said.

"Eh, not like it really matters, lets give Billy a few minutes and during that we can talk details on what we can do next to make sure we make a future that is good for many." Marceline said when she moved to get off Billy's body and his cock fell from her pussy and turned flaccid a moment later while sperm dripped from Marceline's pussy.

Flannery and Fionna blushes brightly when they saw that.

Marceline chuckles and as she got clean and dressed, she was speaking with Fionna and Flannery after that while the trio ate breakfast.

"Alright, so what do you two think we should do first to help change the past?, I'm open to suggestions, I have a few ideas that maybe pretty risky but want to see what you two have in mind." Marceline said since she went over some things like the Lich most likely going to go for the Enchiridion jewels in someone else's body soon though she had no idea when that would happen… there were other things but she wanted to see what the two would suggest.

Fionna and Flannery were thoughtful for a moment.

"Hmmm… hang on a sec." Fionna said before she went to her bag and pulls out a book which is labeled "Finn's Journal".

After looking through, Fionna found a clue.

"We might have to find a new location for starters. Finn wrote that he had a dream that Billy was running from something so… won't he come here to check on him?"

"Point taken… for now I may have an idea… that journal mention something about a mansion with a costume party?, heard from Bonnie once before she went nuts that she, Finn, Jake, and a few others went to this spooky mountain mansion and pulled a prank on Finn there, something about Prince hotbod if it helps." Marceline said when she remembered some conversations she had with Bubblegum before she went nuts.

Flannery blinked a bit at the name.

"Prince… Hotbod? What type of name is that?"

"Will explain later but yeah I know what you're talking about. Finn wrote he was planning a prank on Jake… but then everyone was dying till it was revealed to be a prank by Jake and everyone else. However… Finn did wrote that he might've saw… a green blob like creature. He assumed Jake had a hand at this but Jake had no idea what Finn was talking about. Seems Finn put that thought in his… special 'vault'. Which begs the question… will this creature still be there?" Fionna said.

"Hmmm… maybe, if not it could be a mental thing Finn just saw, heard his Vault was more of a thing to keep trama in check and stuff… hold on why am I making hypotheticals when we can just ask Finn ourselves." Marceline said when she got her gauntlet and tapped a button.

"Hey Finn, we got a question for you, its about a possible change for a new base we can hide out in and stuff but need your help." Marceline said when she waits for Finn 2.0 to appear.

Finn 2.0's head popped up before looking at Marceline.

"Hey Marcy. What can I do for you?"

"Yeah, were talking about a new location to crash in and we were talking about this mansion where you, PB, and Jake went to for a costume party, says in your journal that it was to try and prank Jake though he pranked you back… main reason we are asking… do we need to worry about a green ghostly being or was that just purely mental?" Marceline asked since she had no idea about Shoko and stuff… though given Finn ran off in the past… would this Finn know about Shoko or would he have dealt with that kind of mental issue?

Finn 2.0 blinked at the question before he did a slight shudder.

"Oh yeah… the Rose Manor. Over a thousand years and that place still creeps me out… But to answer your question… it wasn't mental. The ghost I saw was real. And I learned something during my time as an assassin. The ghost was actually name Shoko, and somehow I was able to see through her memories because… she was technically my past life." He said.

"Wait seriously?" Flannery said.

"Indeed… and I learned that Shoko was hired by these men wearing nothing but bath towels to steal a something and that their home was the manor itself." Finn 2.0 said.

Fionna blinked at the story.

"What was she hired to steal?"

"A very special amulet that… PB made when she made the Gumball Guardians." Finn 2.0 said.

"Seriously!?" Marceline said when she looks thoughtful.

"Hold on… I think I remember her mentioning it once… says it gives them a spark of life or something like that." Marceline said when she gripped her chin in thought.

"It did. And it was when PB's castle was still under construction. Shoko did take it, despite the fact that the two formed a friendship of sorts. But she didn't make it when she fell in some bad green water. PB thought she might've died but what she didn't know was that Shoko's body was mutated and she was able to leave with the amulet however… she still died. And I know the location on the remains and amulet." Finn 2.0 said.

"Where?, if she died from what that sludge did, she couldn't get far I bet, what is she buried under the treefort or something?" Marceline said when she didn't think that was possible and was just joking a bit at that.

Finn 2.0 however chuckled.

"Actually Marcy… she is."

"Seriously!?... damn guess my jokes have some kind of prophetic ability or something." Marceline said when she didn't expect to be right about that.

"Hang on a sec… I didn't find that info in your journal Finn." Fionna said.

"That's because I was pretending to ignore it, Fionna. Because if I didn't then I would have to… help PB get her amulet back and back then I was trying to stay away from her for obvious reasons." Finn 2.0 said.

"Well that makes sense… though I have an idea now since we know where it is… tell me Finn, do we need to have you get the amulet or can anyone pass it to Bonnie?... I ask since I may have a way to get close to Bonnie and get her on our side… I want to see how this version of Bonnie will react… will she be hostile if I try and make a deal with her?... will she be nice?... you could say this is a risk but we don't know what Bonnie is thinking right now or even if she is under someone's control or not…" Marceline said when she gave Finn a serious look… main reason they came back was to change the past for the better and Bonnie and possibly Pep were the main reasons so unless they take some risks to find things out, they would never get anywhere.

Fionna and Flannery blinked a bit as they looked at Finn 2.0.

Said AI was thoughtful for a bit.

"Hmmm... well originally, I think Shoko wanted me to bring back the amulet since she wanted to make things right with her. But I'm open to any suggestions."

"Hehe, well that would be for later, for now we should get ready to go before your past self gets here, I'll make sure Billy won't say anything and make sure he is clean and stuff." Marceline said as she got up from her seat so she could speak with Billy which left Finn 2.0 with Flannery and Fionna.

"So… how's it feel being back in the past gramps?" Fionna said.

"Hehe… like a blast from the past, just glad Billy is alive now… honestly wished I could have helped him against the Lich but better to have three time traveling kick butt ladies do the deed and one is my own descendant." Finn 2.0 said while he grins at Fionna and Flannery.

Flannery blushes a bit as Fionna chuckles.

"Yeah… though we need to keep on our guard. We may have stop the Lich from taking Billy but won't be long till it finds a new host." She said with a slight serious look.

"Knowing how stubborn that guy is, probably already did so long ago… just hope he didn't take anyone else I care about in this timeline… would be irony if he possesses PB or something." Finn 2.0 said when he went full body hologram mode and rubs the back of his head.

"Yeah… I hope that doesn't lead to that. I'm actually hoping that Ash guy got possessed. Kill two dudes with one rock." Fionna said with a grin.

"Maybe, but would that really be good?, with him in Billy's body, he had the advantage of trickery… what's to stop him from just attacking princesses for their crown jewels with his own powers instead of Ash's?" Finn 2.0 brought up since why bother holding back on taking the gems in a tricky fashion when he could take them himself.

"Ohhhh… didn't think about that." Fionna said.

"Yeah… from here on out it's a full unknown future, sure we could have Prismo make a way to let us go back and forth through time if we plan things right, but whats to say we don't go to an alternate future different then the one you live in?, one thing I learned from PB thanks to some lessons she gave me before she went nuts is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction… in this case, with the Lich possessing someone else… we have no idea what kind of future we now have." Finn 2.0 said while he rubbed his beard a bit in thought.

Fionna and Flannery seemed to nod to that.

"Well despite the mission we're in, can't wait to fully see what Ooo is like." Flannery said.

"Hehe, yeah, can't wait to see things myself… still if we are going to Rose manor you'll want to stop by Choose Goose's place to get raincoats and stuff… place can be pretty windy and there is a lot of rain sometimes… clouds don't break much there or at all… I know Flannery will have no issue since her body is more evolved then a normal flame person and can resist water somewhat but she isn't immune." Finn 2.0 said when he remembered how soaked he and Jake got on the way to Rose manor at the time.

"Oh good point." Fionna said as she made a mental note to see Choose Goose.

"Yeah… anyway I'll see you later, for now if you three are leaving soon, better I don't show myself for a while." Finn 2.0 said as he vanished which left Flannery and Fionna alone.

Fionna though blushes as she remembers about last night.

"So… about last night."

Flannery blushed a bit from that.

"Y-Yeah… s-sorry for getting so intense." Flannery said since she heard from Marceline during the breakfast that Flannery really made a mess which caused the duo to pass out.

Fionna blushes brightly.

"N-No worries. I told you to do it. Plus… I enjoyed it alot."

Flannery blushed more from that.

"T-Thanks… so… what do we do now?... I mean we have a lot of fun... wouldn't feel right if I… didn't ask you out on a… d-date.." Flannery said before she blushed up a rainbow of colors from how shy she looked right now.

Fionna blushes brightly after hearing that.

"W-Well… I don't mind if you ask me out."

Flannery blushed more from that.

"W-Well then… Fionna… once we get settled at Rose manor and if we are not needed for anything… want to go out with me… as… girlfriends and on a few dates?" Flannery said with a blush so bright she lit up the room with her blushing body.

Fionna blushes more and instead of answering she cupped Flannery's cheeks and kissed her lips.

Flannery blushed big time from this and a moment later she returned the kiss though chuckling got the duos attention.

"Aww, isn't this cute." Marceline said when the duo looked to see her and Billy at the doorway of the kitchen while they smile at the kissing duo.

"Indeed it is." Billy said causing Fionna and Flannery to separate while blushing more.

"Hehe oh don't worry you two, where we are heading first BEFORE Rose Manor, we can stop to let you two have a cute date, I already explained things to Billy here and he will keep Finn busy a bit so we can do a few things for a few hours, Finn and Jake would most likely dote over Billy a bit since they would worry for him and stuff so we won't risk running into them." Marceline said when she got Fionna and Flannery's bags.

"I also already cleaned up the messes thanks to Billy's towels so no mess is left and Billy is going to get something to eat again… we can take an alternate way out of Billy's cave so we don't risk running into Finn, Billy has a teleport area hidden that we can use in the back of his cave, he had it sealed for awhile but told me how to use it, one way trip as well for a bit, I can use the spell Billy taught me to come back here thanks to that teleporter so if we need to come back here, we can." Marceline said when she had her own bag equipped and she was ready to leave.

"R-Right." Fionna said before looking at Billy.

"Thanks for letting us stay here for the night, Billy."

"No problem, thank you for saving my life and for giving this old man a good time hehe, hopefully we can have repeat visits that we all can enjoy." Billy said as he winked at Fionna.

Fionna blushes from the wink as Marceline chuckles.

"Alright now, let's get going so we don't bump into Finn and stuff."

Flannery and Fionna nod their heads and as Marceline kissed Billy's cheek for one final goodbye, the group heard Finn's voice as the duo got near the treasure pile that hid them from view.

"Billy!, we came to help you!" A much younger Finn said and Fionna at a glance could see how young her ancestor looked right now while Jake the dog was next to him and as Billy worked to stall the two heroes, Marceline had Fionna follow along and after getting on the teleport pad, the group vanished while Finn and Jake were none the wiser and the group were surprisingly at Finn's treefort or better yet inside of the Treefort while BMO looks surprised to see the trio.

"Oh my… didn't expected intruders… hey Marceline, hey Cat lady who looks a lot like Finn, hey green flame lady." BMO said while Marceline chuckles a bit.

"Hey BMO, been awhile… sorry for dropping in, but I need your help with something and only you can do this… can you be a lookout for me and let me know if Finn and Jake are on their way back?" Marceline asked since she needed to work fast and couldn't explain much to Flannery and Fionna right now when they looked around the treefort in confusion.

"Oh okay Marceline." BMO said with an eyesmile.

"Great, oh and try and not tell Finn or Jake we were here alright?... you could say I'm pretending to be a Spy and don't want to get caught alright?" Marceline said when she smiles more at the little gaming bot.

"Don't worry. BMO won't say anything" BMO said.

"Great, I'll come back later when I'm not pretending to be a spy so get going my little lookout." Marceline said as BMO ran off and once BMO got outside the front door and closed it, Marceline pressed a button on her gauntlet.

"Hey Finn, we're in the Treefort, if you or Shoko if she is still there in you know where the amulet is, better say it now, we don't have much time and right now I need that amulet for the next part of my plan." Marceline said with a serious look on her face since she didn't want to rip up the floorboards of a random spot for nothing.

Finn 2.0's head pops up.

"Well both the amulet and Shoko's body would be buried… under the kitchen floorboards."

"Right… I'll try and find a loose floorboard or something so I can slip in without having to destroy or move anything, the less things to do the better since it leaves less evidence." Marceline said as she looks at Flannery and Fionna.

"You two jump out the window here and wait out back, while BMO is keeping an eye on the front yard, you two keep an eye on the back just in case alright?" Marceline said when she opened the kitchen window and gave a look to the duo to follow the order though it wasn't forceful… Marceline was in a rush just in case Finn and Jake tried to come back early and didn't want to risk being seen yet.

Fionna and Flannery were confused still but followed that order as they jump out the window.

Once this happened, Marceline sighs as she moved away from the window and looks around the kitchen while wiggling some floorboards, she really wanted to look around again and indulge in the memories of this place and Holo Finn noticed when he watched Marceline look for a loose floorboard.

"If you're looking for a loose floor board Marcy, try the one by the stove." Finn 2.0 said.

Marceline nods her head and she went to check the stove and after finding a loose floorboard, she shapeshifted into a mouse after moving it out of the way and after slipping inside, she went around to try and find the remains of Shoko… she found them a moment later with an old looking amulet in the skeletal bodies grasp.

Marceline went to carefully take the amulet but when she did, she froze for a second when she could have sworn she heard a voice in her head… but that was crazy since the ghost of Shoko should be in Finn's body right now.

"Give to… Bubblegum…" The mysterious voice said which caused Marceline to look amused as she looks at the remains.

"Oh don't worry… I will at the right time Shoko… for now just trust me to hold onto this until a bit later… need to make sure Bonnie won't go mad and stuff." Marceline said when she got the amulet and she ran off on all fours with her mouse like feet and thanks to that she got out of the floor though she could have sworn Shoko's skeleton was smiling a bit.

Once Marceline got to the kitchen, she returned to normal and placed the plank back where it used to be while Finn noticed the amulet in Marceline's hand.

"You found it." Finn 2.0 said.

"Yup, found it… come on, I'll explain more of my plan later, for now we need to get far from the Treefort." Marceline said as she used her hat to protect her head and body as she went to the kitchen window and she flew out as Holo Finn flew after her and she met up with Fionna and Flannery.

"Hey I got the amulet." Marceline said as she floats near the duo and showed the ancient amulet to Flannery and Fionna as Marceline equipped it for safe keeping for now… needed to get restored and stuff before she could do anything with it.

Flannery and Fionna blinked a bit before realizing Marceline's plan.

"I see now… You want to take the amulet to her."

"More or less but not without precautions… I need to make sure Bonnie hasn't gone bad yet and she could have been faking her good side for a while… but before we do that, we need to get this thing spick and span so Bonnie doesn't get a rusty gift and stuff… for now lets get going to Rose Manor… Finn you remember the direction?, I was never there before." Marceline said when she looks at Holo Finn.

"Oh yeah. Just follow my lead." Holo Finn said.

Marceline nods and as the trio followed Holo Finn, Fionna and Flannery saw many thoughts going through Marceline's head right now and knew Marceline was planning many steps in advance since this next event could decide a lot of things to be in the future.

"Uh what you're thinking about Marceline?" Fionna said.

"Simple… how will I go about talking with Bonnie… last time I did… I was stabbed by her… not something I can forget and she is the main reason why Ooo is the way it is in the future… past or not its going to be a bit tough looking her in the eyes when I see her." Marceline said when she had a few flashes of a memory in her head that went by so fast that they couldn't be seen but the rage in Marceline's eyes spoke volumes and she was able to lock those memories down so she could think clearly.

Flannery and Fionna can see the anger before Fionna tries to calm her down.

"Look Marcy, I may not usually defend someone like… Bubblegum… But… we need to find proof first before anything. She could've been possessed… or usurped by one of those experiments she likes to do."

"I know… thats why I'm planning on seeing how Bonnie reacts when I wear the restored amulet when I go see her in a few days… hopefully if she just asks questions, thats good… if she tries to have someone take it… well…" Marceline said when she got a determined look on her face as she floats a bit faster after Holo Finn.

Holo Finn was quiet when he heard that but kept quiet as he kept leading the trio to the manor.

Though on the way they looked upon a marketplace that was one of those nomadic ones and Holo Finn recognized that this was the wandering Marketplace that Choose Goose followed so he could make primo sales and get new items from various lands.

"Hang on guys, let's head to the market first. We might get some good deals there and we might run into Choose Goose." Holo Finn said.

"Right, back in the gauntlet Finn." Marceline said when she grins at Finn as she pats her gauntlet a few times.

Holo Finn nods his head before going back to the gauntlet.

"Alright ladies, lets go on a shopping spree for some new duds and get some stuff to protect from the rain." Marceline said when she grins at Fionna and Flannery.

Fionna and Flannery nod their heads before the trio head to the market and start browsing around.

Thanks to this, the group got new outfits to help them blend in though Flannery did managed to change her style to a more current age Flame person outfit when she made a rather short dress of sorts for her to wear, she had a shirt that was like a tanktop, she had a flaming skirt that barely covered her ass and she wore no shoes like usual.

Some people that noticed whistled at her.

"Hey, looking good sexy." One customer said.

Flannery blushed from the compliment and whistles while Fionna made herself known and she wore a brand new outfit that got a similar reaction.

Instead of her trench coat, Fionna wore a shirt, though some people can see a bit of cleavage thanks to her bust.

She was also wearing a skirt that was a tiny bit shorter than Flannery's.

That really caused a few customers to whistle and growl in pleased ways at Fionna since the skirt rid up a bit to show her ass thanks to the skirt not having a tail hole for her tail.

"Hehe, not bad Cat woman, not bad at all." A Cat man said when he walked by Fionna with a teasing grin on his face.

Fionna blushes a bit before she lightly giggles.

"Thanks. Not so bad yourself."

The Cat man chuckles as he walked away from Fionna, though Marceline when she made herself known though more reserved in showing skin thanks to the sun did make a statement when she wore a open vest that would have shown a lot of skin but she wore a black skin tight shirt on her body, she wore long jeans and had some classic looking boots on her feet to complete the look and the vest had a skull icon on the back to give it the punk rock look.

Finally she wore a wide brim Cowboy hat and leather gloves to protect her hands thanks to the sleeves going over her hands a bit… all in all she struck a good figure even when barely showing skin since it looked like she wore a skin tight suit of sorts with the shirt and jeans.

A bunch of whistles at Marceline.

"Damn lady." One guy said before a few others gave more compliments.

Marceline winked at the group before she removed one glove so she could put her gauntlet on and she looks at the others.

"So, happy with the new looks?" Marceline said when she put on the amulet as well, she used a potion that could remove rust and it helped give the Amulet a brand new look which had it shine a bit on Marceline's body.

"Well I am. Since I'm getting good compliments." Fionna said as she blushes a bit when she remembered the cat man from earlier.

"Hehe, I bet you do miss tease." Marceline said when she grins at Fionna a bit.

Fionna blushes before looking at Flannery.

"Like your outfit Flan. Looks great on you."

Flannery blushed from the compliment.

"Thanks you look good yourself." Flannery said when she walked to Fionna and kissed her which caused a few guys to drop their jaws at the sight while Marceline rolls her eyes in an amused way.

"What?, never seen girlfriends before?, these two are dating one another." Marceline said which caused a few guys to curse.

"Dammit!, they are taken?" One guy said which caused Marceline to chuckle.

"Oh don't be too worried boys, Fi and Fla Fla here, nicknames by the way, are open to bring others into their relationship so try and not stampede to them alright?, right now we need to get going though so see you boys later." Marceline said as she, Fionna, and Flannery walked away from the group of men.

Once the trio left, one guy said this to his buddies.

"Don't know about you guys, but I definitely want to see where they live." He said while grinning.

"Hehe, I'm with you there. But doesn't that cat lady remind you of someone?" Another guy said.

"Maybe… but can't be… I mean its not like that Ice King's fanfiction came to life and all that." Another person said when he found it unlikely and could just be looks and stuff.

"Either way… hot still when we have a Fionna look alike with a woman like that green flame person… wait… when was there a green colored flame person?" Another person said when he sounds confused though as this went on, the group left the market after they got come cloaks and umbrellas just in case as they called Finn 2.0 back to continue leading the group and he saw their new outfits.

"Guess the shopping spree went well huh?" Holo Finn said.

"You know it Finn… Fi and Fla Fla got plenty of eyes on them and I got a few admirers but pretty sure the two sexy bi women here got the most attention for now." Marceline said when she grins at Holo Finn as Fionna and Flannery blushed from being at the center of attention.

"I see…" Holo Finn said though he felt like being on protective mode since A… Fionna is his family and B… felt slightly jealous hearing Marceline was flirted on.

Marceline chuckles.

"Relax Finn, Fionna is a grown woman and I may have fun here or there but you know I care for you the most when it comes to guys." Marceline said to not insult Fionna and Flannery.

Holo Finn did calm down.

"Yeah I know Marcy. Just can't help how I feel and stuff."

"Hehe, yeah well once we get those robotic bodies from the future if things go right… hopefully your mom will give you the ability to have fun as well and I can really show you what you missed with me… bit of a tip… expect me to not breathe so don't be surprised if I don't have issues with taking your dick down my throat." Marceline teased when she floated by Finn who tumbles in the air and his hologram head turned bright red and he had comical steam from his head.

Fionna and Flannery couldn't help but giggle at Holo Finn's reaction.

As the group resumed their trip, they made it to Rose manor while they used the cloaks to protect them from the rain and when they got inside, Marceline sighs in relief, the rain didn't pick up till they were nearly at the manor but she was thankful there were constant clouds around.

Rose Manor/ Lobby/ Marceline, Fionna, Flannery

"Phew, made it inside, heard it doesn't rain much lately unless you get near the manor… gotta say not bad if you can get by the rain and not mind it." Marceline said while she placed her coat on a coat rack nearby.

"At least it's not a knife storm. I read that it sometimes pour down many knives." Fionna said.

"Wait… seriously?!" Flannery said.

"Yup, sometimes they drop on the treefort, guess you never got them on the Island huh?" Marceline asked when she floats into the lobby more to look around.

"Not really." Fionna said as she and Flannery look around as well after taking their coats off.

Once they did, Marceline looks at the duo.

"Want to split up and check the place out and we talk about the rooms we go in and see who finds the most interesting rooms?" Marceline said when she looks at the duo with a grin… this was their place now since it was abandoned so no one had real claims on this place and as long as they don't stick around during the prince Hotbod incident, they could use this place full time.

"I'm game. How about you Flan?" Fionna said.

"Alright, could be fun with exploring this place." Flannery said while she smiles at the others.

"Hehe great. Let the exploring begin." Marceline said.

The group nods their head after they split up, Flannery took the basement areas when she went down various stairs, Fionna took the main ground floors and the first floors above them and Marceline took the top most floors while unaware to the trio, three ghostly beings float into the room with a grin… one was a shapely female with a small top and the others were two bulky male ghosts were with her and the female ghost grins at them.

"Well boys… look like we have new arrivals… want to test to see how well they do when we give them a haunting they won't forget?" The female ghost said when she grins at her ghostly allies.

"Hehe… you betcha boss." The first bulky male said.

"Yeah, so want to do the usual and you take first pick boss?" the second bulky ghost said while the first smirks.

"But of course… oh you two know me so well… in fact why don't I reward the one who does the best haunt on their end by giving them a good time later… that is if either of you can get it up after having your ways with your target hehe." the female ghost said while she teasingly rubbed the two ghosts chins.

The two bulky male ghost felt excited after hearing that.

"I'll give the best scare ever." The first male ghost said.

"Not if I do it first!, I call dibs on the Cat girl!" The second male ghost said as he bolts towards Fionna before the first could stop him.

"HEY?!" The first ghost said before going after the second ghost.

Though before the first got get far, the female Ghost speaks.

"Oh leave him alone Biggs, you have two other tasty targets, I'll take the Vampire Queen, you handle the odd looking flame person… I know how you like their warmth on your cock, let Wedge handle the Cat girl." The female ghost said when she gave the now identified Biggs an amused smile.

"Hmmm… Alright fine, I'll do that." Biggs said before he starts going after Flannery.

The Ghostly woman chuckles before she flys after Marceline…

With Fionna…

She was actually busy showering since she found a bathroom and figured that she could take a bit to get clean when she found the water surprisingly working and clean to boot… she didn't know why and figured it was magic and hums as she washed her body as the ghost who bolted first, identified as Wedge after a moment to put his name under him in a fancy way like he was making an entrance though when he entered the bathroom the name vanished while he had somewhat surprised look on his face, he was invisible at the moment so took the chance to get next to Fionna while she was unaware of him and he looked her body up and down as he admired her figure and how the water dripped down her skin.

'Damn… talk about a sexy kitty… though are those leaves in her hair?... eh no matter.' The bulky ghost thought as he continues to look.

He watched as Fionna washed her body and as she reached for some soap, Wedge passed it to her when it was out of her reach and he grins when she was washing her body down… he had an interesting idea when he moved to lightly blow on her pussy like a cold gust of wind managed to get through the warm water to see how she would react.

Fionna jolts when she felt that.

"What the… Marceline?... Are in here?" She said when she thought that the Vampire Queen turned invisible.

Wedge mentally chuckles when he kept quiet… he saw Fionna move her hand where Wedge's head was and felt nothing but felt another puff of air against her folds…

"What the fuck…" Fionna said before having a thought.

'Okay… Not Marceline… maybe… there's a big draft in here?'

Though that thought was blown out the window when she felt something actually rub up against her folds… that would be Wedges tongue while he kept invisible still…

Fionna shudders as she steps back in the shower till her back was at the wall.

"Okay… I don't know what's going on but… you're messing with the wrong assassin." She said with a narrow look as she summons… a hidden blade… from her fur?

Wedge blinks at that and figured this was either magic or that dagger was enchanted… either way he moved from in front of Fionna to behind her and gripped her breasts while his hands went through the glass of the shower and he fondled her breasts roughly.

"H-Hey?!" Fionna said before she tries to move out of the way.

Though thanks to that when she turned around, Wedge moved behind Fionna with a smirk and after gripping Fionna's head with his right hand, he forced her against the shower wall and she dropped her dagger from the impact, wasn't enough to damage her but she was definitely stunned while she felt something poking her folds… and a moment later as the shower handle was turned thanks to Wedge using some telekenesis to turn the handle which starts to fog up the room, he thrusts his rather massive cock balls deep in Fionna and starts to fuck her while he had a grin on his face as he keeps invisible.

"Gah!" Fionna groans when she felt something hard… almost phallus shape going in her pussy.

"D-Dammit… Show yourself you.. C-coward!" She said before groaning a bit.

Wedge audibly chuckle now when he let his invisibility drop.

"Fine you intruding feline… names Wedge and this is my home… and before you wonder if I'm alone, I have two other allies, one went after your fiery lady friend and my boss went after your Vampire Friend… now shut it and just regret coming here!" Wedge growled out with a twisted grin as he fucked Fionna harder while his cock barraged her pussy again and again while he moved his hands to fondle Fionna's breasts from behind.

Fionna's eyes widened.

"N-No!" She groans before a moment later she starts moaning with her tongue sticking out.

Wedge chuckle when he saw this and continues to fuck Fionna and as he did so he used a hand to turn her so he could kiss her which caused her to groan in slight shock from that.

Meanwhile in the basement…

Flannery, with her natural lighting was busy with examining various shelves when she seemed to stumble into some kind of old dungeon and saw a few tools here and there… didn't look like it was used in a long time but seems like this place was good for keeping prisoners when she saw that the chains on the walls had enchantments that could keep even her bound since she couldn't melt them.

"Wow… who knew chains like that existed?... Well better start looking elsewhere." Flannery said as she turns around.

Though as she did so… she felt her arm get tugged which caused her to blink and when she looks over… she was shocked to see the shackle on the end of the chain bound around her wrist somehow.

"What the?!... How did this get on my arm." Flannery said before she tries to remove them.

Though as she did so… she shockingly saw her other wrist had a similar shackle and a moment later, some mechanism forced Flannery against the wall while she had her arms spread to the side and as she looks to the room she saw that some of the tools were floating but instead of normal ones like she saw… a few were actually massive dildos and a moment later, chuckling was heard as Biggs showed himself nearby while he was using his telekenetic powers on the objects… seems he was the one who did this.

Flannery's eyes widened at the tools.

"Oh Glob… what is going on here?!"

"Hmmm… me punishing an intruder in my home?... well a home I share with two others… my brother is busy with your cat friend right now and the boss is going to deal with your Vampire friend… we're pretty much going to teach you a lesson on intruding in places you shouldn't go." Biggs said as he walked to Flannery and without a care, he ripped her flaming clothing off her body while more shackles moved to bind her ankles so that they would be forced apart and Biggs hums as he admired Flannery's figure and green glow.

Flannery's eyes widened.

"N-No please… get away from them. We didn't know. We'll leave right now."

"Sorry but that's not going to happen, you see the boss made a deal with my brother and I, the better we do in making you regret what you did, the better for either of us… besides bet your insides are pretty warm... besides my brother is having his way with your feline friend right now and since I don't want to fall behind..." Biggs said as he formed a massive foot long spectral cock on his body that was 3 in width.

Flannery's eyes widened before glaring at Biggs.

"If your friends harm Fi and Marceline… I will burn your house down."

"Oh please, like you can take a ghost on in his own home… though to be fair, why not give you a bit of a history lesson… you see this place was my home… well more like my brothers and our wifes home… yes our wife as in the single female ghostly lady going after your Vampire friend… long story short she was married to my brother but after he died in an accident we fell in love and stuff… won't bore you with details… but we died a few years after thanks to us trying to get some weapons since we heard rumors of some dangerous creatures back then… ironically enough thanks to that we got kill in a sneak attack by said creatures… after that we pretty much haunt Rose Manor… though we did have one interesting habit that many kinky people enjoy when we are alive and enjoy it just as much in death… simply put we pretty much cause either the help that we hire or guests that happen upon this place and well… we pretty much put them in forced tier like situations though to be fair when we were alive, we were not hesitant in teasing the servants and guests back then… made it easy for them to keep quiet when their lust was so high that they gave in to the pleasure and kept quiet of their own will… still compared to what my brother and I are doing, we are tame compared to our wife." Biggs said with a grin on his face as he had a dildo rub Flannery's folds while it was shockingly vibrating wildly.

Flannery groans from that action.

"Y-You won't get away with this. I-I won't give up!"

Biggs chuckles as he grins at Flannery.

"Oh I hope not for awhile… unlike my brother who is in things for his own pleasure, I like to play with my prey so hope you enjoy the more kinky things in life… might as well show you how intense I can get…" Biggs said when he snapped his fingers and Flannery shockingly saw a wooden horse moved to be near Biggs while the top pointed part had something on it for safety reasons and that reason was well… two dildos on it… seems Flannery would be given a ride it seems soon as the vibrating dildo slipped into her pussy and thrusts itself into her again and again.

Flannery's eyes widened when she saw the horse.

"Y-You can't be serious… It'll just burn."

"Not quite, you see we also have plenty of interesting people in the past, some were even Flame Royals and we have a pact that as long as we let them have a place to unwind, they make our items more or less flameproof… after all you have a dildo in you yet you haven't melted it right?" Biggs said when he had the dildo thrust harder into Flannery's pussy to remind her what was going on.

"W-What?" Flannery said with wide eyes.

"What?, you think that the chains were just fireproof?, no, my family were the flame people Royal Consorts back in the day though not all of us were flame people, its a bit of a… changes with the owner type of thing… no one really pays taxes, rent, etc but thats because this place is connected to the Fire Kingdom Core with ancient magic, in exchange, the current residence of the place would follow the current flame Royal's commands and lets just say that I was alive during… lets see… current leader is the Flame King or maybe his daughter?... I was alive when the King's great grandfather was alive when the sages were at their brightest and their spells with fire based enchantments were second to none." Biggs said as he approached Flannery while the chains moved to have Flannery float a bit away from the wall.

"Still enough of a lecture on history… time to have my own fun…" Biggs said as he teasingly rubbed the head of his cock on Flannery's asshole while the dildo went wild in her pussy.

Flannery groans a bit loud thanks to that.

"S-Stop it!" She said.

"Oh really?... why should I Miss intruder?" Biggs said as he gripped Flannery's hips and forced his cock balls deep in Flannery's ass and he fucked her ass hard and fast in no time to match the dildo's speed.

Flannery groans loudly after feeling that.

"N-No matter what… I will not regret this."

Biggs chuckles from this and in no time he was pounding away at Flannery's ass…

Meanwhile with Marceline…

She was busy with reading various books in a Library in some kind of room that had a see through ceiling that let in plenty of gentle moonlight.

Though she sighs when she had a feeling she was being watched.

"You know Miss Consort Ghost… heard about this place somewhere but after seeing the fireproof spells and enchantments here… figured the Rose manor had another reason for the name... not sure if you have your minions giving it good to Fionna and Flannery right now since I heard this place used to be owned by a trio of pervs... but you might as well come out of hiding, not sure what you have in store for me but lets just try and either be civil or get this over with… I heard you are the most degenerate of the trio so lets see what you got." Marceline said when she closed her book and she put it on the shelf as the female ghost emerged from the wall with an amused look on her face.

"Wow, didn't expect many to know about us aside old Flame Royals… when did you know we were here?" The Female ghost said when she didn't look threatened by Marceline and had her hands behind her back… this female ghost was cute looking, shapely to boot with D to E cup breasts, wide hips, and long slender legs.

She had no hair right now though that could be because of the spectral hat hiding her hair and her eyes were a lighter blue then her blue body but no pupils or other features were seen like most ghosts on Ooo.

"Hmmm… first off… not bad looking for a ghost… second, the moment I set foot here, thought you were a different ghost but realized that I felt three of you here, not 1… my father is Hunson Abadeer… gives me a bit of a sixth sense though while I can't do much besides suck your soul, I'm not a bitch… lets make a deal if those goons listen to you… something we can all agree on or do you want to lose a good chance to have long term fun or just have a quickie and get going else?" Marceline said when she looks at the amused Ghost woman with a raised eyebrow.

The ghost woman chuckled.

"Alright… I'll play along."

"Good… first off my deal is simple… let us stay here long term as a base of operations… we have some… business that requires secrecy and can't let anyone know about us yet… I can explain more in the future if I can find you and your goons trustworthy but for now I can't explain much for now… hope you understand… if you can do that, as long as me and my friends are willing, we can have fun with you ghosts here at any time you want as long as no one else is here… that a good first deal to make?, I have a couple more deals but this is the main one." Marceline said while she gave the Ghost a serious look.

"Hmmm… interesting… we let you stay and in exchange we get to have our way with you and your friends… no questions asked?" The female ghost said with an amused look.

"Well considering your two goons maybe having their way with Fionna and Flannery I may have to run damage control but yes, more or less and if not them I don't mind taking all three of you at once as a side deal if Fi and Flan don't agree, can't force them into a deal without getting something in return so to speak… think that is a good compromise if I can't talk them into agreeing?" Marceline said when he wondered what was going through this ghostly chick's head.

The ghost lady chuckles.

"Alright… for now… I'll agree to the deal."

"Alright… deal two is rather simple, as long as you vacate this building for a day of my choosing say… once each week with your goons… you can possess my body and Fionna and Flannery's as well if they agree, this can be worked on for later but do we have a deal if I can do that?... probably tempting to have a body to use right?, doesn't have to be every week but during one day a week as long as you and your goons don't give us long lasting damage, we don't mind letting you use our bodies to let you fool around with one another." Marceline said while she hoped this female Ghost agrees… she didn't hear anything about these three from Finn… then again they may have been out of the Rose manor during this costume party so she wasn't sure what to do at the moment and wanted a way to make sure that the ghosts won't cause issues for the current living Finn and the others during the party.

"Hmmm... would be interesting to feel having a body again… even though it's temporary… I'll accept." The ghost lady said.

"Good… finally, unless I give permission, you are to not ask about what Fionna, Flannery, or I are doing here, right now its a trust issue thing and I'm not sure how much I can trust you… as long as you agree to honor this deal… I'll pretty much be your personal pet in the bedroom at your call no matter the time as long as I'm around here… obviously if I'm busy with important stuff I won't be able to do much but I can make some clone bodies of myself that you can fool around with and they will listen to your every wish…. Hows that?" Marceline said when she wanted to make sure these ghosts didn't try anything stupid by trying to evesdrop or something.

The female ghost chuckles.

"Fine then… As long as you and your friends obey our commands… in the bedroom… we won't ask anything."

"Thought I said I would do this?, never said anything about them since I won't make deals dealing with them unless I talk with them first… as long as I can speak with them and convince them this won't really matter but until then I would pretty much be your only bitch for now… try and not twist my words bitch, you maybe a ghost and I don't have much leeway when it comes to fighting you, but nothing is stopping us from leaving and blowing this place to pieces… I said as long as you don't ask Fionna, Flannery, and I what we are doing… I'll be your personal pet in the bedroom… not them… consider your words carefully since this isn't a fight of brawn, its a battle of brain where a deal can make or break this kind of meeting." Marceline said while her eyes bleed red with a bit of anger leaking into her voice.

The female ghost just laughs.

"Honey please… I'm a ghost. Can't hurt me. But fine… as long as you're my bitch in bed… I'll agree."

"Fine… but just to let you know…" Marceline said as she sucked the air and the Ghost was forced to be in front of Marceline and Marceline looked the surprised Ghost in the eyes up close.

"I may not be able to harm you persay… but I can literally EAT bodiless souls like you and your goons… pretty much screwing you three out of an afterlife in the future… remember that in case you get any funny ideas… I'm Hunson Abadeer's daughter… Marceline… he eats souls and I can do the same…" Marceline said when she walked by the ghostly woman for a moment to pick up her backpack.

For the first time, the female ghost felt a bit of fear from that threat.

Marceline then looks at the female ghost.

"First off got a name before we do anything?" Marceline said to change the subject to a lighter tone.

The female ghost composed herself.


"I see… nice to meet you Elenor… given what I read about you, why don't you summon those three Creatures that your journal mentioned?, heard you like to as this journal says… watch as those bitches break on my pets cocks… and considering these three would either be dead or have descendants, doubt you wouldn't have them somewhere near you as added guards… gotta say didn't expect one of them in the journal to be a freaking unicorn or at least a variant of one that controls lightning that pretty much enjoys what you do." Marceline said when she points at at the book on the shelf which showed it was Elenor's journal.

Elanor was quiet for a bit before she snapped her fingers.

A moment later, three ghostly creatures came into the room…

One was a Unicorn like creature like Marceline said though the horn on the Ghostly unicorn looked more like some kind of spear like hook.

Another was a massive Wolf like creature… it could have been a Fire Wolf Alpha given how large it was though the blue spectral body it had hid the possible lines that most flame wolves had and how fierce it looked and given this place was connected to the Fire Kingdom, made sense if one was brought here and raised by Elenor.

Final ghostly creature was surprisingly a tiger with black and white stripes.

Marceline blinks at that when she saw this.

"Interesting pets you got, so got a room we can have fun in or you just wanting to have fun here and now?" Marceline asked when she looks at Elanor.

Elanor chuckled.

"Very eager Huh?... Well I do have a room. Would never do that in a library."

"Alright, lead the way." Marceline said as she gestured for Elanor to lead the way.

"Hehe… right this way." Elanor said as she motions the group to follow her.

After that happened and Marceline was led to an ornate room with a massive bed that could hold everyone, Marceline stripped from her clothing while Elenor and her ghostly pets saw her nude body in full.

Elanor licks her lips.

"My my… you look good enough to eat."

"Thanks, though for now we should get your pets out of the way so you and I can have our own moment." Marceline said when she saw how eager the ghostly pets of Elenor looked.

Elanor chuckled.

"Indeed… So which pet you wanna try out first?"

"Hmmm… I'll work with the Unicorn looking one first… rare I get to get fucked by a horse cock using being or monster, your choice on the wolf or tiger guy after." Marceline said when she looks at the Unicorn.

"He got a name?" Marceline asked when she looks at the large unicorn like beast.

"Sebastian." Elanor said.

"Interesting… nice to meet you Sebastian… bet your master trained that cock of yours well, don't be too shocked if I don't choke like you may expect since I don't need to breathe." Marceline said when she grins at the Ghostly Unicorn.

All Sebastian did was let out a horse like snort as he approaches Marceline.

Marceline used a hand to pet the Ghostly Unicorn's flank and she moved to get on her knees near the Unicorn's cock and she smirks when she used a hand to grip the massive dick and she stroked it off with both hands to get his dick harder then it was now.

Sebastian shudders from that action as he feels his cock getting stroke off.

As Marceline did this and she moved to lick the side of Sebastian's cock, the scene went to Fionna right now as she was being fucked hard on the shower floor while she was on all fours, even after she was filled a number of times, Wedge didn't go down yet and he was smacking her ass hard while his other hand gripped her tail and he worked to fuck her pussy more in a dominating way.

"O-Oh fuck… Oh fuck!" Fionna groans loudly as her face was looking fucked up.

Wedge chuckles as he continues to fuck Fionna while his orgasm was getting close again, and like the last few times, he just pushed his cock balls deep into Fionna's pussy and he groans when he came hard inside of her womb with his spectral load, he couldn't get a woman knocked up but didn't stop him from trying.

"GAAAAH!" Fionna moans loudly as she throws her head back making Wedge see her fucked up face as she climaxed hard on Wedge's cock.

Wedge then moved his head in an odd way when his neck lengthened so that he could kiss Fionna when he did so though it was upside down and as this happened Fionna unintentionally moans from the kiss while she rides out her orgasm more.

Once he tapped off and by proxy Fionna as well, Fionna passed out on the shower floor and Wedge chuckles a bit more as he used a snap of his fingers to have the bath products and tools clean Fionna off and once she was done, he picked her up and put her over his shoulder and went out of the room.

With Flannery...

Right now she was being forced to ride the wooden horse with the dildos and she was forced to suck Biggs's cock while he gripped her head and he was facefucking her while Flannery's body was covered with spectral sperm when Biggs came on her body a few times and right now the dildos in her ass and pussy vibrate wildly in her holes without mercy.

Flannery gags and groans as she sucked Bigg's cock while riding the wooden horse more.

Biggs chuckles more when he felt this and saw that while she still had a defiant look in her eyes, part of it was highly lustful but thanks to how long he was at this… seems Flannery would pass out soon with her oncoming orgasm and facefucked her more as the dildo's worked her pussy and ass more and more until…

Flannery muffly groans loud before she climaxed on both dildos on the wooden horse.

Biggs in turn when he heard that pushed his cocks balls deep in Flannery's mouth and groans loudly when he came in Flannery's mouth and she was forced to drink his spectral load.

Flannery gags a bit as she continues to drink down Biggs's load as the green elemental rides out her orgasm.

Once Biggs tapped off and he pulled his cock free of Flannery's mouth, he chuckles when he saw that she passed out and Biggs chuckles when he used a spell to clean her off and Biggs picked up Flannary.

This then resulted in the two male Ghosts bringing the knocked out Flannery and Fionna to Elanor's room and when they got there, they were a bit surprised to see Marceline laying on the bed with her head hanging off the bed while Sebastian facefucked Marceline while she made her jaw a bit looser to take the horse cock easily while Elanor was fingering her pussy nearby as she watched Sebastian facefuck Marceline hard.

"Damn… we walked into an interesting show." Biggs said while grinning.

"No kidding… hey Elanor, we got our Intruders, mine was taking a shower so I joined her and had my way with her there." Wedge said with a grin on his face as she placed Fionna on the bed a bit away from Marceline as Biggs rolled his eyes.

"And my intruder wondered into the pleasure dungeon so I showed her how it worked… how are you doing so far sweetie?, enjoying the sight?" Biggs said when he looks at his and his brother's wife since she looked really turned on right now.

"Hehe… oh yeah. Plus I talked with the Vampire Queen and we come to a… interesting deal." Elanor said as she fingers her pussy more.

"Deal?, what deal?" Biggs asked as Wedge watched as the wolf move to eat Marceline out with its wide canine like tongue to get her worked up since Sebastian couldn't please Marceline right now.

"I'll explain later but… these 3 are gonna be our new guests." Elanor said as she Marceline groans from having her pussy eating out as Sebastian kept face fucking her.

"Really?... well damn, and after I went on about this one being an intruder here, may need to make up to her later for that." Biggs said when he shrugged his arms when he was thrown out of the loop.

"Me too." Wedge said.

"Oh they'll get over it. So how about you two join in on the fun?" Elanor said with a grin.

Biggs and Wedge smirk as they got their cocks out and they moved to have fun with Elenor and as this went on, Marceline's tongue ran over Sebastian's cock to really work him up more and more while she could feel him getting close until...

Sebastian made a loud horse whine before he climaxed inside Marceline's mouth.

Marceline muffly groans as she felt her stomach getting pumped full of spectral sperm and waits for Sebastian to ride out his orgasm.

It took the ghostly unicorn 15 seconds as he continues to climax before finally tapping off.

Once that happens, Sebastian pulls his cock free from Marceline's mouth and she took a second to recover from the throat fucking she just went through.

"F-Fuck… that was… rough." Marceline said as she continues recovering.

Sebastian snorts a bit while his cock was still iron hard, looks like it would be a bit before Marceline would be done.

Marceline did smirk at the unicorn before she got on her hands and knees with her ass pointing at Sebastian.

Once Sebastian sees this, he moved to have his front hooves on the bed while his back ones were on the ground and he aimed his cock at Marceline's holes and poked at her pussy a few times to make sure he was aiming right.

Marceline shudders from that before she tease Sebastian by rubbing her folds on his cock.

This caused the spectral Unicorn to push it's body forward and it's cock slowly went into Marceline's pussy.

Marceline groans as she feels the ghostly unicorn's cock going inside of her pussy.

Once Sebastian got deep enough, he starts to thrust his body and his cock went deep into Marceline again and again as time goes on.

Marceline was moaning and groans as she can feel how rough Sebastian was causing Marceline's breasts to shake with each thrust.

This went on for a bit while Flannery and Fionna start to come to.

Fionna was the first to wake up.

"Oh Glob… what happened?"

"L-Last I remember was a ghost…" Flannery said before she and Fionna remembered everything that happened to them with Biggs and Wedge.

That made Fionna's eyes widened.

"Oh Glob… we got… raped by those ghosts."

Marceline's moaning and groaning however got their attention and when they looked over, not only did they see Marceline getting fucked by a Unicorn ghost, but nearby were Biggs and Wedge as they lift and lower Elanor onto their cocks.

Elanor was groaning as she enjoys this pleasure before she noticed Flannery and Fionna.

"W-Well… Well… Looks like the two beauties… a-are finally up." She groans.

Biggs and Wedge look over with smirks as they continue to fuck Elanor.

"Yeah… the new residents of this place… how you feeling?" Biggs said with a teasing grin when he looks at Flannery.

Flannery blinks a bit as Fionna got a narrow look before stepping in front of her girlfriend.

"Hey!... wiped that smug off your face and what do you mean residents?" She said.

"What?, After what we heard when Elanor here made a deal with the sexy Vampire, we thought you three were moving in… heard that you need a place to stay and stuff hot stuff." Wedge said with a grin as he looked at Fionna's body.

Fionna may have blushes from that comment but glares at Wedge.

"Made a deal?... After what you three put us through?"

"Oh please, considering you adapted surprisingly well… you probably enjoyed getting fucked with how easily you went from objecting to moaning, let's not kid ourselves, as for the deal… well… hey bro… let's set Elanor down so she can explain." Wedge said as he and Biggs set Elanor on the bed so she could look the duo in the eyes.

Fionna had an embarrassed look after hearing that but still glares at the ghost trio while protecting Flannery.

Flannery blushed from that but looks at Elanor to see what this deal was.

"Okay… simply put… after talking with Marceline, I agreed to let you three stay to do… whatever it is you guys are planning. And in exchange… hehe… me and my husbands get to have fun with you three… but of course if you both don't agree… Well no worries… Marceline agreed that she would take on all three of us whenever we call her." Elanor said.

"What!?" Flannery said with a shocked look on her face and she looks at Fionna to see if she heard this right.

Fionna had wide eyes after hearing that.

"I-Is this a joke?"

"Hehe… nope. She can tell you herself… later of course since she's obviously… busy." Eaanor said as Marceline kept groaning.

The duo had a hard time believing things but for now kept quiet since they were not sure what to think… sure they needed a place to stay in but with these ghosts?... how come Finn's notes didn't mention them?... were they not here at the mansion during the costume party prank?

As this went on Sebastian fucked Marceline harder and faster with more and more eagerness as he could feel his orgasm getting closer and gave a loud neigh as it pushed its cock as deep as it could go and unloads a lot of spectral unicorn sperm into Marceline after its dickhead flared… the ghostly unicorn even sparked surprisingly enough which caused its load to be electrified as well.

"GAH!" Marceline groans loudly as she climaxed hard on Sebastian's cock.

As this went on, Flannery and Fionna blushed when they saw Marceline's womb bloat and blue spectral sperm leaked from her pussy and by the time Sebastian tapped off, her womb was greatly extended and when Sebastian pulled free to get off Marceline while his hooves clopped on the floorboards, Marceline's pussy was gapping from the intense pounding she took and sperm leaked from her to make a real mess on the floor which really excited Elanor from how fucked up Marceline's face looked.

"Hehe… nice job Sebastian. Really love the look on her face." Elanor said with a grin.

Sebastian shook his head while he snorts and the Tiger and Wolf Ghosts saw that Marceline would need to recover and they look at Flannery and Fionna to see what they would do.

Fionna brings her girlfriend in a huddle.

"Obviously Marcy needs help but… can we really agree to their terms after what they did?" She whispers.

"Maybe… but I doubt Marceline would make a deal like this without a good reason… lets play along at least and if we are not forced to stay here, we can leave… though we would have to make sure these three are not at the costume party later in the journal… thankfully we could turn them down and stuff but I don't want Marceline to do this alone." Flannery said while she watched as Biggs and Wedge were getting sucked off by Elanor so that left Fionna and Flannery with the ghostly animals.

Fionna blushes at the sight.

"You're right… We can't leave Marceline hanging no matter what. We're in this together."

Flannery nods before she and Fionna look at the spectral animals.

"Alright… bring it on you two… we won't let Marceline take this on alone." Fionna said as she got on all fours in front of the Tiger ghost.

Flannery did the same as she was on her hands and knees and was next to Fionna.

This got the two spectral animals and the Tiger mounts Fionna and the Wolf did the same to Flannery and both were fucking their pussies hard in no time.

Fionna and Flannery groan in unison as they felt how rough their spectral partners were.

Though before more could be seen, the scene fades to black as the new residents of Rose Manor got well acquainted with the lack of life occupants.

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