Chrono Time @atomskthepirateking
Arc 1 - Frisky Lover and Planning Part 1

The scene opens with Cedric hold his adoptive daughters hands as he walked them to the ice cream store with Spirit tagging along.

Aurora was still dragging him alone with a happy look on her face while she followed the Spirit who was able to be seen by her, the Spirit just keeps waving at Aurora who was trying to catch it with childlike innocence on her face.

Melody smiles at her sister for being excited while she and Cedric sweatdropped at Spirit's antics.

For a bit the four keep on going with Aurora being the happy little girl she was before a few thug like people appeared and started to mess with them when Aurora accidently bumped into one of their legs.

"Oi… watch where you're going brat." the thug who got bumped into growled out to Aurora who flinched a bit from that while the Spirit frowned before it says this.

"Now now fella's, this is a peaceful place, can't we all just get along?, she didn't mean any harm and if you look at her eyes, you can tell she can't exactly watch where she was going since she is only able to see beings like me and aura from other living beings." The Spirit says before grinning at their confused faces before another thought got a pissed off look at the grin and he says this.

"So you could have led her away from us!, and wait… you said… she can see us then even if it's with some freakish vision!" Thug 2 growled out in the Spirit's face while the Spirit frowns when Aurora looked down at the freakish part.

Melody went to comfort her while Cedric growls as he stood in front of his daughters to protect them before Cedric said this.

"Hey, you two better watch it. I don't appreciate anyone upsetting my children."

However before things could escalate, the group heard a new set of familiar voices when they approached the group.

"Good grief, and to think we came here to the past to see how our past selves were working and to take our dates here as well to say hello and we run into this… hmmm… wonder if its us doing this or our past selves doing this for drama… hmmm…" A familiar voice says from near the group.

"Considering our track record… it could be possible." Said another familiar voice.

The two groups blink in confusion before they looked over… and saw TME and Atomsk near the group…. But they… looked different… and the real shocker… TME had an arm around… a much more mature looking Heather… like she aged a few years and had much better proportions… Shocking… for many reasons…. Like TME seeming to like holding Heather now… a complete 180 from earlier….

Monica was also there with Atomsk and she went to the same changes her sister went through.

Cedric blinked in surprise when he saw the group before he spoke up.

"Atomsk?... TME?... that you guys?" He asked with a confused look when he hardly recognized the duo.

TME? Chuckles before he says this.

"Oh don't worry, I'm the future version of this timeline's TME, long story short, compared to my past self, Heather and I are really lovey dovey, isn't that right?" TME said before he rubbed his cheek on Heathers with a comically happy look on his face while heart icons popped up from his head…. A real 180 indeed…

Heather giggles before she kissed TME on the cheek before Heather spoke up.

"You said it TME." She said while Cedric's jaw dropped when he heard that before Melody looks at the mystery group and asked this.

"Hey pops, who are these guys?"

The Spirit however beats Cedric to it when it says this.

"Remember TME and Atomsk Melody?, or at least heard about them?, well these are future versions of them, so things should be pretty interesting if this TME is as interesting… and more Dark then he seems…" The Spirit says before chuckling in amusement before Future TME says this.

"Hey I'm still a lovable guy, in fact, you guys are going for ice cream right?, why not let me treat you for old times sake." Future TME says before one thug got a pissed off look from them being flat out ignored and actually tried to attack him.

"Don't ignore us you sick fu-!" The thug tried to say before TME moved with surprising speed even for his past self and gripped the thug on the mouth and gave him a simple shush gesture before he says this with a relaxed grin on his face while he effortlessly held the thug in the air.

"Please no cursing in front of children… I don't show mercy to punks like you nowadays so please take this opportunity to leave so I don't scar these two any further then they already have… alright?" TME says while he gave the thugs an angelic smile while he still held the thug in the air while the thug tried to pry his hand off, but failed every time while TME didn't look tired at all.

Thug 2 felt like he should do something before Atomsk said this.

"Buddy… I know what you're thinking and I wouldn't do whatever you're about do. So just take TME's warning seriously and take your friend with you."

"Yeah… I mean there are plenty of ways to make some death's look like horrible accidents… or you all were never here to begin with…" TME says while his face got shadows over it and his eyes turned pure white while he got a joker like grin on his face to amp the horror for the thugs to a entirely different level and show he wasn't a regular being from here.

Thug 2 pales greatly before he spoke up.

"U-U-Uhhhh… On second thought, we'll just leave now."

TME in turn grins at the thugs normally before he sets the thug on the ground, pats him down to make his clothing neat before he says this.

"Now… Get going… NOW!" TME says while he leaked some serious concentrated killing intent that only the thugs would feel before they pale grately and they all ran off screaming like little girls which made TME chuckle before he says this.

"Hmmm… could give Cedy here a run for his money with how fast they ran… in running away that is." TME said before chuckling with an imp like grin on his face when he was amused right now.

Cedric had a half lidded look on his face when TME called him Cedy before the young wolf spoke up.

"Well thanks for the save you two."

TME chuckles before he says this.

"No worries, I mean considering you are one of the popular guys who could get Laven-!... opps… did I do that?" TME said while trying to act innocent, he even used a cute tehe emoji while he bopped his head with his hand lightly.

Atomsk, Monica and Heather shook their heads while Cedric who blinked in confusion before he asked this.

"I'm gonna do what and why did you say Lavender's name?"

TME just grins before he waits for Cedric to put two and two together while he waits for the up and coming reaction to be.

Cedric was still confuse before he tries to figure out what he would to Lavender in some possible future.

"I'll give one hint… because of a future adventure that you may forget about soon since it is quite a long time away… well… lets just say that you will have to… help… Lavender…. And let's just say kids can't know about it…" TME says before winking at Cedric while the grin on his face grew to mimic the Spirit's grin.

Cedric blinks a few times before he said this.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I have to help Lavender with… What adventure did you guys send us through? And FYI, Lavender doesn't like me."

"Maybe for now… but you never know what the future holds right?" TME cryptically says before he walked by Cedric after he placed an arm around Heather while TME loved the look on Cedric's face right now.

Cedric was a bit flabbergasted as he was blushing brightly while Heather giggled and spoke up.

"He's right Cedric. Look at where me and TME are right now. We can't tell any spoilers but eventually, Lavender will like you." She said while Atomsk and Monica nod in agreement.

TME chuckles at that before he says this.

"Well it's not fully set in stone but let's just say that soon, in the future you will rock her world and could probably get two princesses worshipping him." TME says while he keeps leading Heather, and by extension Aurora and Melody to the ice cream parlor with the Spirit in tow.

Atomsk and Monica followed as well leaving Cedric with a shocked expression on his face before he said this.

"M-Me and Lavender?... Wonder what Azure or Lavender will think if either heard that?"

"Hehe, no clue but at least think about it, you always did love some sisterly action man." Cedric's Hollow says in Cedric's head with a lecherous tone while he filled Cedric's head with perverted thoughts of the sisters going down on Cedric… or Cedrina…

Cedric blushes at the images before he shakes his head and mentally spoke up.

"Come on Hollow, not now. Even though it does seem… hot, but I can't have any perverted thoughts since I'm with Melody and Aurora."

"Try telling that to our big gun, you're not exactly wearing the best for hiding a stiffy after all." Cedric's hollow says before chuckling at Cedric's reaction.

Cedric jolts before he looks down and was shocked at the tent forming in his trunks before he quickly sits on the ground and covers his tent with his knees before Cedric tries to think pure thoughts to make his erection go down.

Meanwhile while Cedric was busy… Future TME and Future Atomsk had stopped for now and TME says this to Heather and Monica when he held his wallet to the duo.

"Mind taking these two lovely ladies for some ice cream while Atomsk and I handle the rest here?, I believe Little Aurora deserves an extra large treat for what happened with those thugs." TME says while he looks at Melody and Aurora with a kind smile on his face.

Aurora was feeling a bit better when she heard that while Monica giggled before she said this.

"Well of course. Heather and I will happy to give these two princesses a nice treat right Heather?"

"Yeah, especially this adorable little furball, she's so sweet she could give me cavities if I'm not careful, I just want to spoil her." Heather says before she hugged Aurora and gushed a bit from her cuteness.

Aurora blushes before she hugs Heather back.

TME smiles at that before he says this.

"Alright you five, get going, Atomsk and I will handle things here and we'll point Cedric in the right direction so no worries about missing your dad you two." TME said while he pets Melody and Aurora on top of their heads with a kind smile.

Aurora did smile before Melody said this.

"Well make sure pops doesn't get to any trouble."

TME grins at that before he says this.

"No promises but we'll try, now get going or the good ice cream will be all gone." TME says before he and Atomsk were waving at Aurora and Melody who waved back at them while Heather carried Aurora like she was her own child and the Spirit followed them to keep tabs on them.

Monica also carried Melody by having her sit on her shoulders before a moment later Atomsk spoke up.

"Ah, a child's innocence. Talk about precious huh?"

"Yup, and hopefully she'll have it for awhile, well… at least until she's much older and Cedric may have to fend off and boys and girls from going after his precious Aurora, I mean what's the worst that could happen when we know Aurora is one of the most beautiful ladies when she is fully grown, and pretty powerful to boot." TME said while he grins at Atomsk while not looking behind his back.

Atomsk chuckles before he spoke up.

"Well don't forget Melody. Knowing what she'll grow up into, Cedric will be facing an army."

The duo then jolt before they heard growling behind them before they looked back… and sweatdrop when they saw a royally pissed off Cedric...

"You… heard everything… didn't you?" TME says while he sweatdrops at the look in Cedric's eyes.

Atomsk also sweatdrops while the duo saw shadow covering Cedric's eyes before said wolf spoke up.

"What was your first clue?" He asked before cracking his knuckles.

"Hey would you rather she grow up ugly and alone?, Aurora is one of the most desires for her kindness and Melody for being pretty strong in her own right, hell you sometimes help them with boy or girl troubles because you know at the end of the day, they will have to find their special someone after all." TME says while he gave Cedric a raised eyebrow when he wondered if this past version was more naive than his future self.

Cedric took a moment to look at the duo before he sighs and spoke up after calming down.

"Well I can't keep chasing anyone away. I just have this father instinct that they'll always be my little girls. Can't be at fault for that."

"True, anyway, the others went thataway, so let us handle the intro here and you handle the tough job of being an overprotective dad." TME says while he points a thumb to where the others went.

Cedric looks at the building before he spoke up.

"Alright… but I'm gonna wanna know what you guys are gonna have me do to Lavender."

"Hmmm… well… lets just say because of a certain item that your familiar with… she's barely holding herself back from jumping your big bone and long story short… Cream is in on it as well…" TME says while he grins at the look on Cedric's face.

Cedric blinks in surprise when he heard that before he said this.


"Well we could tell more, but I believe we should let that story tell itself, besides, considering how far it is in the future, I really doubt you will remember this little encounter, you know the saying for time travel, don't screw around with it to much or things could turn out better or worse then the situation originally was, and I think you don't want to know anymore because of all the mindfuckery involved… but I will say because of Aura, nearing 500 or so so to the future you, happy 500th birthday, and still looking good for yourself in the future, same with Azure, hehe, one of the most sought after ladies in your group of friends…. Better get going so you can really show her how much you care for her when you bring to happy kids back." TME says while he grins at Cedric.

Cedric blinked when he heard that and wanted to know more but was pointless since he is talking to TME and Atomsk, his creator, before Cedric just sighs before he starts walking to the ice cream parlor and to make sure his daughters were okay before he brings them back to Azure… and among other things if necessary.

TME in turn, when Cedric left the area, sighs before he says this.

"*Phew* finally alone to get to the real meat of the intro, so Atomsk, want to lead this little recap?, last time I believe was when Marceline, Fionna, and the newly acquired Finn AI were going to Minerva while Flannery meets up with the group later at Fionna's place, thankfully I have an old copy of the chapter with me so I can skim it for needed info." TME says while he held the chapter and the ink looked well aged, not too bad for over a year long absence but still… since it's nearing 2019 in real life and this was made in december of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, been a long time coming.

Atomsk blinks for a second before he looks at the copy and whistles before speaking up.

"Oh yeah, definitely how we left things off. Man it's been a while since we did that."

"Yup, and hopefully we can have some intense lemons with Marceline and the others in this chapter, I mean it's been building up to it anyway." TME said while getting a lecherous grin on his face.

"No kidding. Maybe we can have Marceline have some fun time with Fionna's parents hehe." Atomsk suggested.

"Oh definitely, I mean if things go well… she would need their blessing after all… and what's better then wowing the parents?" TME says before he said this.

"So want to lead the outro after I lead us into the story?" TME asked while he stored the chapter away and grins at Atomsk.

"Sure. Go right ahead."

TME nods before he says this.

"Right, the game plan is as followed, the meeting with Minerva, who knows how her robotic bodies held over the years, then the meeting… in and out of bed with Fionna's parents… then the fun with Fionna and Flannery…. And the suggestion that Flannery and Fionna join Future Marceline in going to the past to help change things for the better, granted we all know the official adventure time Canon, so maybe we can slip that in to help make it a more… altered proper timeline… but that's way down the line sense we have plenty of twists and turns in this story… for now… we go into this long overdue update with Marceline following Fionna while Simon helps AI Finn adjust in the bracelet…" TME says while the scene shifts to Marceline while she floats after Fionna...

Ooo/ Hidden city/ Fionna (Me-Mow and Finn's descendant), Marceline

Marceline hadn't heard from Simon much after he went into the bracelet to help Finn get used to his new home while she followed Fionna, she looked around the place and was impressed more when the place was more detailed than she thought before she looked to Fionna who focused on the path… before Marceline's gaze went south to Fionna's ass and took a moment to see how toned it look, she did like what she see so far but the coat did get in the way somewhat… hope to fix that later...

That's when Fionna spoke up.

"See something you like Marceline?"

Marceline blinked once before she looked up at Fionna to see the Cat/Nymph Hybrid looking at her before Marceline said this.

"Well I won't lie, with what could happen much later after hours… well… I was just imagining how good that ass would feel for the both of us or maybe with Flannery joining when I had my way with it before she has a turn." Marceline teasingly says before chuckling at Fionna.

Fionna blushes brightly when she heard that before saying this.

"Well when we get to my place, you'll know it soon enough."

"Hehe, good to know, hopefully I could… really get to know your parents as well… but that's much later, for now, we should get to Minerva." Marceline says while she looked at the bracelet and saw that the progress bar was at 95 percent now and grins when she would not only meet Minerva but give her a surprise like no other.

Fionna blushes when she heard that before thinking how her parents will react to Marceline.

Although Fionna's mom will gladly welcome the Vampire Queen though Fionna's dad… if he's really like Finn as Fionna claimed, then things could be hilarious for Marceline when she meets him.

It wasn't long before duo reached the hospital to where Minerva worked.

To be honest, Marceline was impressed with the place, for starters, it looked like it was built into the wall itself so it had a natural sturdiness and plenty of windows for people to look out from, in fact, the closer Marceline looked, the place looked twice as big as the Candy Kingdom hospital and that could have just been the front part of the hospital, there could have been more levels going into the mountain that Marceline didn't see while multiple statues were seen in front of it in a circle of sorts, one showed Minerva whose statue was close to the hospital and she had a kind smile on her face, another showed Finn in his younger days, not as a kid mind you but in his full assassin garb in his prime while another showed many people of importance in the village from various times, Finn's statue looked like it was being handled with care while another was next to his… Me-Mow's… and to be honest… she looked like she really got a bod that could do no wrong if the statue was accurate… all in all… this looked like some kind of plaza where the statues of the important people of the past and present were seen while some were shrunk down by rock wizards and elementals to help save room, but Finn's, Me-Mow's, and Minerva's stayed tall as ever back to back in a triangle of sorts that faced away from one another so everyone can circle them to get a good look.

"Whoa… gotta say, Finn and Me-Mow look good." Marceline said when she saw how many statue's there were and how strong Finn looked in his adult years in his prime.

"Yup. They sure did. Even though it's cool to be related to them, I always wanted to meet them in person and hear their stories." Fionna said.

"Hehe, well… depending on how things go… we could go back to the past, you… me… possibly Flannery if she's interested and we could see people we wished we could see before we lost them for good." Marceline said while nudging Fionna a few times with an amused grin on her face.

Fionna, though happy after hearing the possibility of meeting her ancestors, blinks a bit before she blushes and spoke up.

"Y-Yes well it depends on Flannery if she wants to."

"Oh thinks you have a thing for fiery ladies like Finn did… guess the sexy apple didn't fall to far of the descendant tree." Marceline says in a teasing way while she took the lead with leading herself into the hospital.

Fionna blushes brightly when she heard that before blinking when she heard about Finn and Phoebe before Fionna shooks her head and follows Marceline to the hospital.

Marceline in turn looked around the place and… was surprised to see many Minerva's walking around before Marceline says this to Fionna.

"Uh… am I seeing things or did Minerva learn how to multiply?, not bad looking as well but I'm getting plenty of metallic scents from them all… did you mention that she was a robot before?, I think I forgot." Marceline says when she saw plenty of Minerva's working on patients.

Fionna chuckles a bit before she said this.

"Well she kinda is, see in Finn's journal, it was revealed that Minerva not only put her mind in a computer but also she made robot versions of herself so that way Minvera can help other people. They may act like her but they're all connected to the real one. Sorry if I didn't say it correctly."

"So… like a hive mind huh?, well might as well say hello." Marceline says before she floats up to a Minerva bot and says this.

"Hey Minerva, don't know if Finn told you about me, but I'm Marceline, Vampire Queen, just got into town thanks to Fi there." Marceline says while she points a thumb at Fionna.

Fionna waves at the Minerva bot before said bot look alike blinks before she said this.

"Wait? You're this Marceline that my little boy talks about?"

Marceline chuckles before she says this.

"The one and only sexy Vampire Queen, want me to tell some embarrassing stories about Finn that only he… and this AI that he made to be modeled after him would most likely know." Marceline says when she saw the progress bar was at 100% and fully installed Finn into the bracelet which allowed her to summon Finn's holographic head in front of the Minerva bot before she, and the rest of the Minerva bots all gasp as one in a rhythmic pattern.

Holographic Finn blinks for a second before he smiles a bit and said this.

"Hi moms."

Marceline grins at that before the Minerva bot says this.

"F-Finn?... h-how?... w-what?" The Minerva bot says when she was stumped at what is going on right now.

Holographic Finn chuckles before he spoke up.

"Yeah see, before dying, I added a piece of myself before making an AI version of myself and uploaded it in a terminal in my tomb. It was only activated when Marcy took my old bear hat before she uploaded me to her bracelet and here we are."

"My Glob… y-you… are telling the truth." The Minerva bot says which made Marceline chuckles before she says this.

"Well if you want a real shock, I'm planning to meet Fi's parents, sweep them off their feet and under some covers and hopefully Fionna after with a sexy fiery lady who looks a lot like Phoebe, a green Flame Elemental named Flannery, granted I'll have to wait a few years before I go for Pheebs again so guess that means I have to find… ways to entertain myself while I'm trying to make sure Bonnie doesn't go insane or… you know..." Marceline says when she felt excited at the time travel to be and from meeting Fionna and her parents and Flannery, she looked really happy right now with a smile and everything.

Finn, though remember hearing Flannery's name, blinks in surprise when he heard that along with the part about Phoebe's name while Fionna was blushing a bit brightly all together.

Marceline chuckles at that before she says this to the Minerva bot.

"So I came here to visit and show this AI of Finn to you, there's plenty to tell actually so got a private room so I can explain things?" Marceline asked when there was plenty of people coming to and from the lobby here.

The Minvera bot looks at Marceline before she spoke up.

"Of course. Follow me to the basement." She said before she motions Marceline and Fionna to follow her.

Marceline in turn followed the Minerva bot while Fionna followed suit before the trio, with a holographic head of Finn followed next to Marceline before they found themselves in a complex looking room with a large flowing pool of water while some Minerva bots worked to maintain the place while a single complex looking computer sat in the middle of the flowing water on a stand of some kind.

"This place has a naturally steady flow of water from the outside and Rock wizards and Elementals helped with getting it to be able to flow naturally here, there is a room like this as well underneath Fionna's place so I can visit at anytime." Minerva bot says before she surprised Marceline when she starts walking on the water… and while Marceline was a bit confused at the wording, she just shrugged and floats over the water after picking up Fionna bridal style which caused a nearby Minerva bot to smile at the duo.

Fionna blushes a bit brightly from being carried while Finn did think that the scene was cute.

A moment later, the duo with Fionna being held in Marceline's arms, managed to get to the small island where the monitor was before Marceline stops to look at the monitor with confusion while the Minerva bot smiles for some reason…

Fionna knew what was gonna happen before the screen turned on and out comes Minerva.

Though this one acts a bit different than the bots.

The Minerva on screen blinked a few times when she saw Marceline, the Finn AI, and Fionna in Marceline's arms before she smiles and says this.

"Hello Marceline, I hope my grandbaby hasn't been too much trouble for you, though from the look of things, seems you two get along well if she's still in your arms right now." The Minerva on screen says which made Marceline blink a bit when she didn't expect this Minerva to be so… happy sounding about Fionna being in her arms before The Minerva on screen looks at the Finn AI and smiles at him, seems no one had to explain much since she could guess that either A, Finn left this AI behind for Marceline or B, Marceline somehow came up with the AI herself, but from her info of the past, doubtful but people can do surprising things when a thousand years pass… but she was happy to see her son even if it was a simple AI of him.

Fionna blushes a bit while Finn smiles at his mom before he spoke up.

"Hi mom. Very happy I get to see you again."

The Minerva on screen smiles more before she says this to the Finn AI.

"And same to you as well, I'm guessing your flesh and blood self left you as some kind of way to speak to Marceline on his behalf before he passed… still… I really wished I could have said my goodbyes before he upped and vanished…" Minerva on screen says before she looked a bit down even if she was smiling a bit which caused Marceline to say this.

"Well it's not like he would be dead for long… you see… thanks to Finn… I got a plan to change everything for the better… mind lending an ear?" Marceline cryptically says to the Minerva on screen who looked confused now.

Minvera blinks for a bit before she nods at Marceline to hear what the plan is.

Marceline then told Minerva everything she learned, from when she got here and found out about Finn's resting place, her possible theory about Me-Mow getting cursed to even another theory about Bubblegum being manipulated into being who she was today and even the time travel and the cure for Simon… everything.

"So as you can see, once I'm done here, I'm planning to head back to the past to help things get much brighter here, I know from all those movies and games and what not about time travel can be risky… but I'll counter by asking this… would the future get worse then it is now?... some places like this are pretty sweet… but the rest of the world is either dead or dying off…" Marceline says before getting a serious look near the end which showed she was serious.

Minerva blinks in surprise after she heard everything before speaking up.

"Well… you have point. I have not seen what the outside world is like now but I have heard things from some citizens that travel and of course some of the assassins that go on missions. So I guess it wouldn't hurt for you to try and help give this world a better future."

"Yeah, but that's for later, for now I got to spend a few days here so I can really get to know Fi here, she's going to be my travel buddy after all and maybe a playmate in the bedroom, I mean just look at these ears, don't you want to just tease them?" Marceline says while a couple hair hands went to play with Fionna's ears in a teasing manner, almost sensual with the way that moved.

That's when holographic Finn said this.

"Hey, easy Marcy. Don't want you doing something like that in public."

Marceline grins before she says this.

"Oh like you would care, I mean I'm sure you would change your tune when you have your past self having not just the past and future me on your arms, but possibly Phoebe and Me-Mow as well… seems to me that you can't really complain if I have some teasing sexy fun with Fionna here, I mean come on, if you mom here, who I'm guessing is around her 30's from the look of things, looks that good, then I doubt Fionna or you in your 30's can complain when a lady with a body like mine hits on you two, hell I wouldn't mind seeing what Minerva's bots can do behind closed doors, after all stranger things have happened when you were alive so you can't deny this wouldn't even be in your top 5." Marceline says before winking at the Finn AI while she keeps on teasingly rubbing Fionna's cat ears.

Said cat/nymph hybrid blushes while her ears were getting rubbed while holographic Finn somehow blushes from what Marceline said and had no way to counter this.

Although he wished he didn't had to hear about his mom bots.

Minerva on screen however giggles before she says this.

"Wow Finn, seems you really know how to pick'em, first Me-Mow, and now this Marceline is going to help your past self and that Phoebe I heard you mention fondly a few times and you'll end up with more women then you'll know what to do with… ah… I can see many grandbabies running around." Minerva says before she got a bit teary eyed on screen.

The Finn AI blushes brightly before he spoke up.

"Mom…" He said in a somewhat embarrassed tone.

Minerva giggles at that before Marceline says this with an amused tone.

"Well its not set in stone but I'll do my best, still interested in seeing what those bots of yours can do so why not let me stop by here say… tomorrow?, I can tell you so many stories about Finn as well like, did you know that he used to sing this song about punching buns when he was a small kid, Finn had to rescue me from Ash once but I can explain more later." Marceline says with a grin on her face.

Minerva blinked on screen before she spoke up.

"Well I remember the Ash part but the singing is something new." She said while the Finn AI's eyes widen before he said this.

"Oh Glob Marcy, please don't tell her that?" He begged while Fionna was confused about this.

Marceline just chuckles with a slightly evil tone before she says this.

"Oh… I don't know… maybe, I mean I am trying to get in your mom's good graces and I'm sure she would love to hear all of the embarrassing stuff I was told by Jake as well… I believe there was one about you and slime princess… or the times you tried to get Bonnie's eye before she went nuts… I mean there are so many stories… and so little time after all…." Marceline says before grinning widely when she missed the teasing she did with Finn and it really made her feel better as a result.

The Finn AI was now embarrassed before Minerva giggles and spoke up.

"Oh honey, I think after what you're doing for my little boy, you already are. But I would still liked to hear it. Consider it a mother/daughter-in-law bonding moment."

Marceline chuckles at that before she says this.

"Thanks… mom I guess, and no worries Finn… I'll keep the stories somewhat controlled so that you won't have to hide for the rest of my time here… hehehe." Marceline says before she surprised the AI when Marceline leaned in and kissed the air around the AI's forehead for a moment before she pulled away and says this.

"Sorry but that's the best I can do since you're a hologram right now." Marceline says before winking at the AI.

The Finn AI was blushing from the gesture while Fionna couldn't help but giggle before she said this.

"Yup. My dad definitely got that reaction from you. Even though its a thousand years and stuff."

Marceline chuckles at that before she says this.

"Oh I am going to enjoy my time here, oh and Minerva or… mom was it… bit strange to call you that when I'm over 2000 years old, then again you're nearly 1000 or so yet still look pretty good so I'm wondering if I should still call you that when I'm pretty ancient compared to everyone else." Marceline said with a imp like grin on her face when she complimented Minerva…. Somewhat in her own way…

Minerva chuckles before she said this.

"You can call me whatever you want that's comfortable."

"Good to know, I'll see you later for our bonding session... and considering I'm planning to get with Finn this time and not letting go like I did before… well… I'll call you mom for now, hopefully I can get the past you to let me do the same if I don't accidently sweep her off her feet with how awesome I am, I already got a really far down the family tree grandkid blushing from a simple touch and your son turning red like a tomato from a kiss to the forehead… so I wonder what I'll have to do to get you to slip up to show a blushing face." Marceline says with a mischievous tone to her voice.

Minerva chuckled before she spoke up.

"Oh you're gonna have to figure that one out yourself but I won't go down that easy."

"Seems so, anyway I got Fi's folks to meet so if you want to catch up with Finn for now, I can upload his data to where you are so you and him can chat in private." Marceline says while she showed the bracelet to Minerva, granted the tech on the bracelet looked low to mid class but considering it's Marceline, a real shocker if she helped make it.

Minerva blinks a few times when she looks at the bracelet a few times before spoke up.

"Well I wouldn't mind talking with my son. Plus he can travel from here to the Mansion so you don't have to travel and pick him."

"Mansion… interesting, well let's get going Fi, I can do this to let Simon speak with Minerva as well if he wants to join in on the AI only group for now." Marceline says before she removed the bracelet and hands it to the Minerva bot who led them here before Marceline says this.

"There is a slot with a small pullable USB cord in it, so all you have to do is use it and hook it up and bam, Simon can handle the rest and he can fill you in on some of the things I've done over the years." Marceline says while she pressed a button to signal Simon to appear so she can give him a heads up on what's about to happen.

Simon's head pops up before he looks at Marceline and asked this.

"Hello Marceline, do you need something?" He asked before he noticed Minerva and spoke up.

"Oh hello there."

Minerva smiles at Simon before Marceline says this.

"Simon, meet Minerva, Finn's mother and a possible mom in later down the line, Minerva, meet Simon Petrikov, an archeologist and my father figure before he went insane thanks to the Crown of Ice, thanks to the jewel, Simon's mind was stored in there and thanks to the bracelet, he's able to appear as a floating head like hologram, maybe you two can hit it off since you two are big eggheads in your own way." Marceline says before she got a bit of a teasing tone near the end.

Simon did blink when he heard that before he looks at Minerva and spoke up.

"Well it's very nice to meet you Mrs. Minerva."

Minerva giggles a bit at that before she says this.

"Please just call me Minerva, my last name is Campbell after all, and I'm glad to have met your daughter even though she seems flirtatious even to me it seems." Minerva said while smiles at Simon while Marceline nervously chuckles from the look that Simon gave her.

Simon did sweatdrop when he heard that before he said this.

"Well that's Marceline for you but I wouldn't have her change for anything."

"Indeed, maybe I could have a robot body made for you and Finn here so you two can give Marceline some real hugs or something, should be a simple cosmetic change for a couple bots so no real issue before you complain, and I have more Minerva bots just waiting in the wing to be activated as well." Minerva says while she smiles at the group.

Finn, Fionna, and Simon blinked in surprise when they heard that before Simon spoke up.

"Are you sure? I don't know if Finn and I want you to go through the trouble."

"Nonsense, I'm sure you two want to give Marceline a big hug for all she went through and while it may not be flesh and blood yet, this should be the next best thing… besides… after what you two went through over the years, shouldn't you and Finn have some happiness for all the pain you two went through?" Minerva says while she smiles at the Finn AI and Simon.

Simon blinked a few times when he heard that before the Finn AI said this.

"She has a point. There were times I wanted to see my friends again including Me-Mow, Phoebe and Marceline. Plus I did wanted to hug Marcy when she wasn't feeling well."

Marceline blushed from that which made Minerva giggle before she says this.

"Still it will take time for the bots to be redesigned and refitted if you want to join Marceline in her time hopping adventure and I always did want to give my baby boy a hug in person but until now, my Minerva bots were the only ones who could do that." Minerva says while she felt excited to meet Finn again even if he was just a fragment in AI form.

The Finn AI did smile at Minerva before he spoke up.

"Well if that's what you want mom, then I don't mind the wait."

Minerva giggles before she says this to Marceline.

"In the meantime while Finn and Simon visit, want me to upgrade this bracelet to hold more data and if Simon and Finn have to go back in there, they will have full body holograms if they want to use them?" Minerva says before Marceline said this.

"Sure, just don't make it too bulky alright?" Marceline says which made Minerva smile before she says this.

"Deal, better make sure to play well with Flynn and Kusa before you sweep Fi off her feet, I hear she's been having dating issues lately so I have no issues if you want to try and hook up with her." Minerva says with a mischievous tone which gave Marceline a mischievous grin before the two looked at Fionna with mischievous looks on their faces.

Fionna was blushing brightly when she heard Minerva mention that before blushing more when the duo looked at her.

Marceline chuckles before she floats upwards and says this.

"Well I'll leave you to your pow wow with Simon and Finn, I got some parents to meet and if Flannery meets us there… things could get very intense, you should meet her Finn, she should really make you blush as well." Marceline says before she starts flying away from Minerva and the bracelet while Simon and Finn watched Marceline carry Fionna out of the room and saw the expression on Fionna's face.

Fionna was still blushing brightly while the Finn AI blinks a bit before he spoke up.

"Wonder what she mean by that?"

"Well that Flannery must look a lot like Phoebe if she said that, and I'm sure Simon knows more since he was with her from when she got to the village til now." Minerva says before she looks to Simon.

"Indeed. I was in the bracelet but I was able to see her and the resemblance is striking. She could be a distant relative of Phoebe or something." Simon said.

"Yup, so with that, why don't you two come in here so I can give my baby boy the pampering he missed out on when he was younger." Minerva says before the bot plugged in the USB cord into the computer where Minerva was in before the upload starts.

The Finn AI blushed in embarrassment while Simon chuckled before the duo starts going inside the computer.

Meanwhile with Marceline and Fionna…

Marceline had flown Fionna to the plaza outside of the hospital and set her on her feet before Marceline says this with a joyful tone.

"Well that went well if I do say so myself." Marceline says before she laughed a bit near the Cat/Nymph humanoid.

Fionna did chuckled a bit before she spoke up.

"Yeah. You were able to win over Grandma 'Nerva, and was able to reunite the two. Though it was funny you when you made him blush in embarrassment. But what was that song he sang? Wasn't in the journal of his."

"Oh just this…" Marceline says before she leaned in and whispered the lyrics of Finn's song when he was younger and waits for Fionna's reaction when she pulled away.

Fionna blinks before she starts to laugh after hearing this before speaking.

"O-Oh Glob… HAHAHAHA."

Marceline chuckles before she says this.

"Yeah, your great grandpappy was a real weenie back then but I still fell for him anyway, but stories for that are for much later, for now, let's get to your folks, Flynn and Kusa right?" Marceline said before she waits for Fionna to calm down.

Fionna did calm down before she spoke up.

"Yeah, and judging from the time… they should be almost done with teaching their students so we might as well head to the Mansion and meet them there."

Marceline nods before she followed Fionna to her place… and when she got there… her eyes were wide with shock when she saw the place… and how big it was.

It was almost palace like. There was gold carvings on some parts of the manor, interesting stone carvings. There was also a garden with a nice looking fountain.

"W-Wow… thought you were a princess but this takes the cake, should I call you the assassin princess now?" Marceline said before getting a bit teasing near the end.

Fionna blushes brightly before she spoke up.

"Well… you can if you want."

Marceline chuckles at that before she says this when she gripped Fionna's chin.

"Well Assassin princess… shall we get your folks blessing so I can rock your world… though I am wondering where Flannery is." Marceline says in a teasing way before she looked around with some confusion while her hand was still on Fionna's chin.

Fionna blushes before she said this.

"W-Well… she could still be busy with her job. I'm sure she'll be here soon."

"Actually I just got here when my boss gave the OK for an early leave and it seems you two seem more lovey dovey then earlier." Flannery's voice said from near the group which made them look over to see Flannery approaching them from down the path that led to the mansion.

Fionna blinks in surprise when she saw the elemental before the hybrid spoke up.

"H-Hey Flannery. Glad you can make it."

Marceline in turn grins when she saw Flannery getting close before Marceline says this to her.

"Very glad… seems the soon to be after party just got more interesting for Fionna and I here." Marceline said while she licked her lips to tease the duo.

Fionna and Flannery blushes brightly before Fionna spoke up.

"Y-Yeah. Let me show you guys the inside." She said before she motions the duo to follow them.

Marceline in turn followed but with Fionna next to Flannery before she grins and flew by the duo to the entrance… but not before slapping them both on the ass.

Fionna and Flannery jolts before blushing brightly when they felt their assses get slapped before a moment later the trio were inside.

Marceline had to admire the interior, while parts looked like rock for stability sake, others looked like a mix of wood, carpet, and other fancy things.

"As you can see this place has been in my family for generations of Assassin leaders, from Finn all the way down to my dad." Fionna said as she gave Marceline and Flannery a tour of the place.

Even showing them portraits of Fionna's ancestors. And surprisingly some of them had Finn's demon blood sword with them. Guess the sword was also passed down as an heirloom as well.

"Wow, wonder if your dad passed the demon blood sword to you or did something happen to it?, or did you refuse since your the more stealth oriented person?" Marceline says while she wondered where the old weapon was nowadays.

"Oh dad has it with him. He said I would get the sword on my 21st birthday and would also give me a spell that can make the sword look stealthy so no one would notice." Fionna said while Flannery listened.

"Ah, how old are you right now?" Marceline asked when she looked to Fionna.

"19. Will be 20 soon." The cat/hybrib replies.

"Ah… then that makes what I'm about to do to you more legal than." Marceline says while she got an imp like grin on her face while she starts to lean towards Fionna's face.

Fionna stops walking for a bit before blushing brightly when she sees how close the Vampire Queen was.

A moment later a male sounding voice cleared his throat before the voice says this.

"Er… I would appreciate it if you didn't try and lock lips with my little girl there." The voice said which made Marceline blink a few times before she looked to see who the source of the voice was and her eyes widen a bit from seeing two figures… but one that really got her attention… looked a lot like Finn… just add cat like features…

The one next to the look alike was a female wood nymph with dark green skin tone.

She was wearing a mask like Huntress Wizard and vine like hair tied in a ponytail. She's even wearing an Assassin robe that can help her camouflage in certain areas.

That's when Fionna spoke up.

"H-Hi mom, hi dad. Didn't know you were home already."

"Yes well when we heard that the legendary Marceline was here, we decided to finish things up and come home as fast as we could… though I am surprised you and her were hitting it off this well, I must say, not bad Fionna." Kusa says while she smiles at her daughter while Flynn says this.

"Moving too fast more like it, I never get why you try and make things quick like that Kusa, but I guess even after all these years, I still have a lot to learn about Nymph culture." Flynn says while he shook his head at his wife's antics.

Kusa giggles at her husband before she notices Flannery and spoke up.

"Oh hello. I didn't noticed you there. Are you a friend of Fionna?"

"O-Oh uh…" Flannery tries to say before Marceline says this to help her.

"Well… she may join Fi and I later after hours for some real fun but must say, you two look pretty good as well, I can see where Fi got her good looks from." Marceline says which made Flannery blush brightly from that while Marceline just grins when she flat out said what she would do later with Fionna to her parents.

Fionna blushes brightly while Kusa blinks a bit when she heard that before speaking up with a grin.

"Really? Well I gotta say you don't look bad yourself. I can see why Finn spoke highly of you in his will."

"Will?, well hopefully after we talk a bit, you and your husband can really get to… know me… before I can get to know your daughter… very well I might add…" Marceline says before she licks her lips which made Flynn blush brightly from that before he stutterly says this.

"H-Hold on!, w-what do you mean by that!?, and who said you can do that with my little girl!?" Flynn tries to say while he got a massive blush on his face, either from shyness from the first bit or anger at the later bit while Marceline chuckles at his reaction.

Fionna and Flannery blinked when they saw that before Kusa places her hand on Flynn's ass before speaking.

"Now dear… I don't mind you being protective for our little Fionna. In fact I always find that hot and attractive about you but you can't always do that. She's a full grown woman. Do you want her to be alone?" She asked before squeezing Flynn's ass.

Flynn jolts from that before he blushed from his wife's antics and he says this.

"B-But she barely knows our little catnip, I mean great grandpa did mention her and I'm sure she's a nice person but we don't know if Marceline is even safe to be around." Flynn says while Marceline just ignores the worrying dad and says this to Fionna.

"Catnip?, I'm going to enjoy calling you that later." Marceline teasingly says while she plays with Fionna's ears again from behind Fionna while Flynn was flabbergasted while he pointed at Marceline before he looked back and forth from Marceline and to Kusa to show what he meant.

Flannery blinked while Fionna blushes in embarrassment.

Kusa gave Flynn a half lidded look before she spoke up.

"Honey, she's just rubbing her ears. You don't see Fionna complaining. Plus you like it when I rub your ears."

"B-But… F-Fionna barely e-even knows her… I mean d-did they even go on a date?" Flynn says while he prayed to Glob that didn't happen before Marceline says this with an innocent smile.

"Yup, the Crystal Cavern, where we met the feisty fireball, Flannery." Marceline said while Flynn froze in shock before he shakingly turned his head towards Fionna and mentally begged her for that to be some kind of lie while he had a comical look on his face.

Flannery felt like there was bad tension while Fionna blushes before she spoke up.

"I-It's true dad. I took Marceline to Crystal Caverns and met Flannery on the way."

Flynn froze in shock and if this was a comedy he would have turned to stone and crumbles away while Marceline grins before she says this.

"Yup… and to make that a date to remember…" Marceline says before she turned to Fionna and smashed her lips onto Fionna's and quickly kissed her and made it intense while Flynn's jaw dropped while he silently screamed and comically cried tears of blood from the sight.

Flannery was shocked as well while blushing brightly at the scene while Fionna was completely caught off guard by that action.

That's when the hybrid surprisingly starts to kiss back before Kusa smiles and said this.

"Awww isn't that cute?"

Flynn however was still in his shocked state before Marceline pulls away before she says this to the breathless Fionna.

"Just leave things to me and hopefully you and I can really get to know one another later with Flan here." Marceline said while teasing Flannery with a nickname.

Flannery blinked when she heard that while Fionna was still blushing brightly before she nods her head at Marceline.

Marceline grins at that before says this to Kusa.

"Now considering I heard you're a swinger and trying to get your hubby in on it, want me to show you my skills and maybe your husband as well so that you two will know I can rock your daughter's world, but that would happen after I tell you everything I learned… like where Finn's remains were and that he had an AI of him with his remains that is with Minerva and there is another of Simon Petrikov…" Marceline says while grinning at the duo's reaction.

Kusa and Flannery were surprised when they heard that before Flannery asked this.

"W-Wait… you actually found the Finn's remains and he had a AI look alike?"

"Yeah, Fi can show you later, was hidden behind some kind of sealed door." Marceline says while she crossed her arms under her large breasts to help tease Flynn more which worked when he looked away with a bright blush on his face.

Kusa giggled when she saw that before looking at Fionna to hear if it's true.

Fionna sees her mom looking before she nods and spoke up.

"It's true mom. The will said I was to bring Marceline to the old Assassin Academy where I lead her to the entrance. It's where we saw Finn's remains and when we saw the AI. I will tell you, it was awesome when I first met him. Plus he was happy when he saw Marceline."

"Yup… anyway got a place to sit so that when I tell you everything, you won't crashed to the floor in shock." Marceline says while she grins at the duo.

"Sure. Just follow us to the living room." Kusa said after helping her husband there.

Marceline in turn chuckles before she floats after Kusa and Flynn which left Flannert and Fionna behind before Flannery asked the hybrid this.

"Are… you alright Fionna?" Flannery says when she was in front of Fionna, and thanks to their closeness, not as close as Marceline, Fionna was able to get a good look at her face… more importantly her soft looking lips.

Fionna blinks before she looks at Flannery and spoke up.

"Y-Yeah… I'm fine. Thanks for asking." She said before she gave the elemental a slight smile.

Flannery smiles back before she went to follow Marceline and Fionna's parents which left Fionna alone in the room.

Fionna blinks before she shrugs and follows everyone to the living room.

A few minutes later, with everyone in seats, Marceline explained to Kusa and Flynn about what Marceline did today, the part where Finn's remains were, taking the AI, getting the time travel spell and the cure, the plan to go back to the past, possibly with Fionna and Flannery so that Marceline could have backup, everything all the way up to now.

"So hopefully, if Flannery is interested, she could join Fi and me when we go back to the past, but I understand if you two don't want Fionna to join me, being your daughter and all, but know I wouldn't let anything bad happen to her…" Marceline says while she relaxed on the soft chair.

Flannery was a bit surprise when she heard that they wanted her to join on their journey while Fionna was a bit concerned on what her parents think.

Kusa, though surprised, didn't show other emotion while Flynn...

He had a thoughtful look on his face before he says this.

"I don't know… Fionna maybe tough but if you change things in the past, wouldn't that cause my family to not be born?" Flynn said before Marceline waved him off to say this.

"Oh don't worry, I would only interfere with things after some key points have passed, I can't get in the way with Finn meeting with Me-Mow or this sexy kitty here wouldn't be born but I would do things to try and keep Bonnie from going bat shit insane." Marceline says while she grins at Flynn who still seemed in thought about all this.

Kusa was also in deep thought before she asked this.

"And how do you plan to do it?"

"Well first off, I would have to wait a bit since if we get there exactly when things get into trouble, then we can't interfere, I wouldn't get with Phoebe, Finn wouldn't leave to join the guild, but I can help him with certain things after he does join… besides it's more like making plans in the moment but all in all, I have a general plan, one that involves making sure Bonnie doesn't go insane and cause a lot of issues and the other is to make sure that Finn knows that he doesn't have to run away like that, granted we can't stop him from joining the guild since he and Me-Mow need to cause the separation… hmmm… bit of an idea… but what if Finn or Me-Mow took over as the head of the guild of assassins?, I mean I don't know how they work but couldn't a show of power in their terms make Finn the leader of the entire guild and pretty much change things so that there would be no bloodshed?... though that's probably a bad idea… hmmm…" Marceline says while she got lost in thought when she tries to think of other ideas.

Kusa did had a thoughtful look before she spoke up.

"Well… Finn being a leader of a guild would sound like a good idea… what do you think dear?"

"I don't know… what about their son?, would he even meet Huntress and all that?, I mean even if that does work out, we can't be 100% certain if he would even hook up with her unless the conditions are right." Flynn says before Marceline says this.

"No need to worry, all I'll have to do is bring the kid when he's old enough to Huntress and help set them up, granted I did have fun with messing with Finn back then but this time is different, besides, shouldn't the risk be worth it to bring a new brighter future to Ooo?" Marceline says while she gave Flynn a serious look.

Fionna and Flannery both believed that Marceline made a point while Kusa, couldn't find nothing wrong with that logic before she looks at Flynn to see what he would say.

Flynn in the meantime had a serious look on his face before he says this.

"And how will you do all of this?, I mean even if my daughter and Flannery here do join you, there still can be issues where you won't be in multiple places at once." Flynn says before Marceline chuckles before she says this.

"I've been experimenting with my powers and managed to make a pretty handy one where I can use the moons regeneration and the Hierophant's shapeshifting and can make multiple clones of myself, only drawback is that the clone is only 1/10th of my strength and I lose that amount while the clone is active." Marceline says while she gave a fanged grin at Flynn's wide eyed look.

Kusa, Flannery and Fionna were a bit shocked when they heard that before Kusa asked this.

"And you can have these clones you speak of in certain places?"

"Well more like aside from having all of my memories and personality and powers at a 1/10th level, they can do their own thing but I can recall them so I can get my power back so no worries about any of them going rogue… they can also make things very interesting in the bedroom so I'm no one trick Vampiress." Marceline says while she grins at Fionna while Flynn, though blushing got a angered look on his face before he brought a couch pillow to his face and he mumbles into it to vent.

Fionna, though blushing, sweatdrops at her dad before Kusa grins before she said this.

"Oh this I gotta see." She said.

Marceline chuckles before she says this.

"Alright, here we go." Marceline says before she held her hand out before a ball of blood flowed from Marceline's hand before it floats in front of her before Marceline sent some power into it before it pulsed and glowed before it rapidly shifts and shines with a dark light before a second full sized Marceline was in the room… only issue was that she was fully naked which cause Flynn to blush like a tomato before he hid his face behind the pillow while everyone could see his shyness in full.

Fionna and Flannery's jaws dropped while blushing brightly though Kusa did licked her lips as she eyed the nude clone before she said this.

"My my, where have you been all our lives?"

The double in turn chuckles before she says this.

"Eh the original travels around Ooo, never really staying in one place long, but we're here now." The clone of Marceline says while she used some shapeshifting to form fur around her breasts, ass, and pussy to form a bikini like look before Marceline herself says this.

"If you want, I can make a few more that you can use so that you can finally get your husband some pretty kinky fun while I have some fun with Fi and Flan here… consider it a fun perk if I stick around… I can make about 8 more me's for 10 sexy vampire Queen's after all." Marceline says before winking at Kusa.

Flannery and Fionna blinked in shock when they heard that while Kusa perked up when she heard that before speaking.

"Hmm… that could be fun. I do think it's cute to see Flynny here blushing like tomato. But it gets a bit tiring when he doesn't want to try new pleasurable things."

"Well want to make him jealous and make him join of his own will… I can do more than just shapeshift a new clone into existence… long story short, my clones and I can grow dicks of various sizes and shapes… can also shapeshift into others… want the clone or me to go to you while I have some clones stay here and warm Fi up?... bit of a tip… I can mimic you exactly so Flynn here won't be able to tell who is who easily when he technically sees his wife going at it with another… can also turn into a sexy cat girl but I think I can make my point with this." Marceline says before she shapeshifts to look exactly like Kusa, mask and all.

Fionna and Flannery blinked in surprise when they saw the double of Kusa while said Nymph had an impressive look on her as she likes what she saw before looking at her husband to see Flynn's reaction.

Flynn had a bright blush on his face but he was still stubborn about this when he held Kusa and says this.

"L-Like I would mistake a double for my wife, we got a bond stronger than steel, not only that, she's wearing her bonding necklace like I am." Flynn says while he points to the necklace that Kusa wore and to his own while Marceline had a lack of one.

"Ah, well then…" Marceline says before she used her hair to shapeshift a necklace that looked like an exact double of the one that Kusa wore before Marceline grins while Flynn's jaw dropped from that when he didn't see that coming.

Flannery and Fionna blinked a bit while Kusa giggled before she said this.

"You walked yourself into that one dear."

"B-But I can't cheat on you, what if I accidentally knocked another up?" Flynn says while he still seemed reluctant to go through with getting it on with Marceline even if she was perfectly replicating Kusa's form.

Marceline in turn gave Flynn a half lidded looked before she looks at Kusa before she says this.

"So Kusa, original or clone?" Marceline says while she pointed to herself and to her clone for Kusa's options.

Kusa did have a thoughtful look on her face before she said this.

"Hold on to that thought." She said before she looks at Flynn and said this.

"Flynn…" she said to get his attention.

Flynn blinked a few times before he looked at his wife before he says this.

"Yes?" Flynn asked while his ears twitched cutely in attention.

Though Kusa did blush when she saw that before speaking.

"Now Flynn you know how much I love you, yes?"

"Yeah, the main reason why we bonded, I love you more then any lady here, why do you think I decline their advances, you're the only woman for me after all." Flynn said while Marceline whistles before she says this.

"Wow, good line." Marceline says which made Flynn sweatdrop from that but he ignored that to look at Kusa with a loving look.

Kusa blushes as she smiles at her husband before she spoke up.

"It's true, I am. But there's something you should know about wood nymphs. You see the reason we bonded was because of how much an exceptional beast you are. That's what I thought about you when we were younger back at the academy. Though my feelings for you did grow at the time as I watched you become the strong man that I wanted to marry. But honey, you can't be afraid of trying something new. Also it's not really cheating if I'm the one that wants to invite a couple people over in the bedroom for us. Plus I think Marceline has a spell that prevents any knock ups am I right?"

"Er… yeah but being undead, the chances of me knocking anyone up are so low, I would have to fill them like a balloon or get filled up constantly for any hope of anyone knocking me up… and that's after some fertility potions are used… hear that Fi and Flan?... really going to enjoy you two sooner or later." Marceline said before wiggling her eyebrows at Fionna and Flannery while Flynn sweatdrop when he wished he didn't get that image in his head before he says this.

"Even so, I was raised to be a one woman person, I mean I get the thought and I know that you have your needs and I can't keep up sometimes when you really get heated, but you know how virile I am, I'm worried I could knock up one of those ladies you bring and we already have enough people in the village and sometimes it gets hard to support everyone, I'm just trying to think of the village as a whole and if I knock up other ladies, that would cause a lot of issues…" Flynn says while he got a slightly worried look on his face since he heard that some rumors that some women use birth control but some don't, and he was the head of the village so he worried some ladies would try and take advantage of his status and cause serious issues down the line.

Fionna and Flannery were surprised when they heard that before Kusa places her hand on Flynn's shoulder before speaking.

"I can understand how worried you are dear. But if that's the case then we can always let any lady that I bring know that they can have fun but only if they're on the pill. Plus like some people, I can make a potion that can make sure you can't knock anyone up. Though the idea of Fionna having a sibling would be nice. Plus I always enjoy when you become so beastly in the bedroom."

Flynn blushed before he took a good look at his wife's face to see how badly she wanted him to join in.

Surprisingly, Kusa was using her cute begging as she hoped for her husband to say yes.

Flynn looked like he was having conflicted looks on his face when he saw that before he says this when he looked defeated.

"F-Fine… I… I'll…. Give it a shot…" Flynn says when he couldn't take the begging look anymore.

Fionna and Flannery were surprised when they heard that while Kusa smiles and kissed Flynn on the cheek before she spoke up.

"See that wasn't so bad. And believe me, I promise you'll enjoy it." She said before she rubs her cheek on Flynn's.

Flynn grumbles a bit from that before he says this.

"Y-You're lucky I love you so much to even agree." Flynn says before he hugged Kusa while he rubbed his cheek on hers.

"And I love you too." Kusa said as she hugs back and rubs her cheek back against his.

Marceline in turn chuckles before she says this.

"Ah that's sweet, I'm going to enjoy my time with Finn later when I bring Phoebe, my past self, and Me-Mow to him for some sexy 5 way fun." Marceline says when she left out the multiple romances part for Finn later.

Even though Fionna knew, Flannery and Kusa were a bit surprise when they heard before Kusa spoke up.

"Really? You're gonna make sure that Finn gets more than one wife? Including yourself?" She asked with a slight smirk.

"Well considering what I'm about to deal with, might as well get plenty of ladies to help keep Finn under control, he did have a knack for getting into more trouble than me, Phoebe, or Me-Mow combined, besides, considering you're trying to get your hubby to get it on with other ladies and myself or my clone here included, you can't really complain if I get my soon to be man some extra tail right?" Marceline said with her own teasing smirk.

Kusa chuckles before she spoke up.

"Hey, no complaints here. Besides, what you're about to do seems very romantic."

Marceline grins at that before she says this.

"Lady, if things do change for the better and if you and your family like is still existing, you better believe I'll be showing you two some serious loving for being this understanding." Marceline says while she got off the couch and says this when she got next to her clone.

"So… my clone or me?, whoever you pick will stick with you two while the other goes to Fi and Flan I make some clones to go to split between us." Marceline said before she waits for Kusa's answer.

Kusa chuckles a bit before she took a moment to think on this before another moment pass before she finally said this.

"Well… if it's okay with Fionna, I think Flynn and I would like you to come with us." She said making Flannery and Fionna blinked in surprise.

Marceline chuckles at that before she says this.

"Alright, but first…" Marceline says before she made more clones till there were 10 Marceline's standing around one another before one of them, the original, said this.

"Mind if Fi here picks how many go with her since you picked me?, fair is fair after all." Marceline says while she and the clones grin as well while Flynn felt a bit surreal when he just saw Marceline multiply again enmass.

Kusa chuckles before she spoke up.

"Of course. Fionna, how many Marceline's do you want?" She said while Fionna blinked a bit when all eyes were on her.

Flannery did the same when she looked to Fionna while she blushed when a few Marceline's grin at her, all in all, they wondered how many Marceline's Fionna would pick.

Fionna blushes brightly from the looks before a moment later she said this.

"I-I'll take… 5 of them."

The original Marceline chuckles before she says this.

"Well then, 5 it is... ladies, seems you gotta decide who to have fun with while the four of us and I go to Kusa and Flynn here." Marceline says while she and 4 clones went to Kusa and a blushing Flynn while the 5 went to Fionna and Flannery.

Said duo blushes brightly when the 5 clones stare at them while Kusa grins knowing she's gonna enjoy this greatly while hoping Flynn enjoys it as well.

"Now then… mind leading the way to your bedroom?" Marceline says to Kusa while a Marceline clone picked up Flynn effortlessly much to his wide eyed shock.

Fionna and Flanny blinked a bit in surprise while Kusa chuckles before she says this.

"Sure. Follow me." She said before she motioned Marceline and the clones to follow her.

Marceline and her clones did so but Marceline stopped to say this to Fionna and Flannery.

"Don't have too much fun you two, I'm hoping to get what my clones are getting as well." Marceline said before she winked at the duo before she left the room with the 5 clones grinning at the duo before one spoke up.

"So… got a bedroom big enough for us all or do you just want to do things here in this room?" the clone says while the others wait for Fionna's answer.

Fionna and Flannery blushes brightly before before Fionna spoke up.

"N-No need. My room is big enough to fit all of us."

The clones chuckle at that before one picked up Flannery before another clone says this.

"Mind leading the way then, or want to give directions while I carry you there?" A clone says while she didn't mind either answer.

Flannery blushed from being carried before Fionna blushes and motions for the clones to follow her to her room.

The Clones grin while they floated after Fionna while the scene went to Marceline and her clones while they followed Kusa while Flynn was still being carried before they found themselves in a pretty impressive looking bedroom, it looked like aside from some things to keep the room stable, it looked like a royal suite from a classy hotel which made Marceline whistle with an impressed tone while she looks around.

Kusa chuckles before she spoke up.

"Well here's our room. You like it?"

"Well it's nice I'll give it that, but I think the bed is a much better sight to me right now… ladies… why not tie up pretty boy here so we can show him what we can do with his wife." Marceline says which made the clones grin at the order before Flynn says this.

"Er… what?" Flynn says before he was quickly undressed and fully nude by the clones before he was tied to the center of the bed with some rope that Marceline had stored while all the Marceline's admired the sight of his body.

He was nicely thin with good muscles on his arms and legs. He also appears to have a 6 pack on his stomach and if you look closely at dick, which is limp, it is 9 inches long and 2 ½ inches in width.

Marceline and her clones licked their lips at the sight before Marceline says this to Kusa.

"Not bad for your hubby, reminds me of Finn's size when I saw him in the shower once, heard from Jake he peaked on me so I gave Finn a free pass that day but I must say, seems Finn and his bloodline really got it good, forgot who's bigger, Finn or Flynn… but I'll find out later, and those cat ears and tail just make him look both sexy and adorable… which I'm guessing helped with that beast bit that you wood Nymphs have huh?" Marceline says while she admired the sight of Flynn's body.

Kusa giggles before she spoke up.

"You betcha. If you were here way earlier, back when Flynn's father was in charge, you should've seen how much of a beast Flynn was with me before I got pregnant with Fionna. With everything he did, I couldn't walk for a week."

"Hooo… so he mellowed out?, guess I missed out on one hell of a fun time then…." Marceline says before she said this when she grins.

"Might as well see if we can't get that side of Flynn here to surface girls." Marceline says before she starts stripping in front of everyone and her figure was seen by all while her breasts bounced a few times, she returned to normal so everyone saw her full figure without any enhancements.

Kusa licked her lips a bit before she spoke up.

"Really nice. What do you think Flynn?" She asked as she stared at her husband to hear his reply.

Flynn just blushed when he saw Marceline's figure before his dick quickly gets erect before Marceline says this.

"Hehe, seems like he likes the sight… why don't we all take some interesting forms ladies…" Marceline says while Flynn blushes before he blushed more when Marceline shapeshifted to have cat ears, a cat tail, and some fur to accent her breasts, pussy, and ass while the others took similar forms with various different fur colors to help tell the difference… all in all… it was like Flynn was looking at a crowd of catwomen in heat… and they were all looking right at him.

Kusa, though surprised, giggles when she saw Flynn's reaction.

Marceline, the one with the black fur to show she was the original, looked to Kusa before she says this.

"So… considering were all guests… why don't you give us all orders Kusa… or should we call you mistress for now?" Marceline said while she grins at the Wood Nymph while her clones did the same.

Kusa did perk up when she heard that before she grins and said this.

"Ooo, Mistress sounds good. Very well, for my first order… I want you two to give my husband's dick a nice licking." She said as she looks at the first two clones.

The two clones closest to Flynn grin at that before they leaned down and start to lick the shaft of Flynn's dick before one goes to lick the head, and thanks to their shape shifting, they made their tongue extra scratchy which caused Flynn to hiss a bit from the feeling while his dick pulsed a few times from the pleasure while everyone else watched.

Kusa giggles at that reaction before she spoke up.

"Well then, might as well undress first before starting." She said before she made her Assassin robe disappear.

She had a nice hourglass figure with nice smooth looking legs. Her breast size were also D-E size as well.

Marceline and the clones who were not pleasing Flynn grin a bit wider when they admired Kusa's figure before Marceline licked her lips and said this.

"Nice… so want me to change forms or got any requests?, shapeshifter remember?, so no issue with taking personal requests… even dick size as well... Or we could go purely woman for now, I got a long tongue after all Mistress..." Marceline said while she waits for a request while she opened her mouth to show a long tongue that wiggles a bit to tease Kusa somewhat.

Kusa did have a thoughtful look on her face before she said this.

"Hmmm, I'll take the shapeshifting thing and… how about you surprise me?"

Marceline chuckles before she did just that when she starts to shift her form before she took the form of Phoebe, the Queen of Flame in her prime in her 20's, Marceline's breasts shrank a bit to a respectable C to a near D in size while she had a model like figure and because of Marceline's memories, her Phoebe form was spot on with the flaming hair as well, though considering Marceline was the daughter of the ruler of the nightosphere, manipulating fire was a simple thing to her, and being in a relationship with Phoebe plus an extra thousands of experience really helped while *Phoebe* grins at Kusa and Flynn's reactions when the clones licking Flynn's dick stopped to let Flynn get a good look.

Kusa was surprised when she saw this Flame Elemental while Flynn, who was also surprised, did blush a bit when he saw *Phoebe's* nude body.

That's when Kusa spoke up.

"Wow, that's amazing. I take it that's the old Queen of Flames, right?"

*Phoebe* chuckles before she says this with Phoebe's voice.

"Indeed, see why I fell for her as well?" *Phoebe* said while she posed a bit when she got on her feet so she could show Flynn and Kusa Phoebe's full body.

Kusa was indeed impressed by that while Flynn, who continues to blush, surprisingly felt his dick twitch a bit which meant that he liked what he saw.

*Phoebe* chuckles before she says this to the duo.

"So… want to see the others taking interesting forms Mistress?" *Phoebe* said while the Marceline clones grin when they wondered what Kusa will say.

Kusa did had a thoughtful look on her face for a moment before she grins and spoke up.

"You know what?, sure give me the works."

The clones grin before they start to shift their forms before they all took surprising forms.

One near Kusa, had taken the form of Huntress Wizard, complete with mask and everything, though in the nude and she had sizable D cup breasts and well trained hips, in fact, the rest of her body looked trained.

Another near Kusa took the form of Me-Mow of all people, either from the look of the statue earlier was used as an inspiration or from Marceline's own account in the past, she had B sized breasts and thin hips, all in all, she looked petite compared to the other clones.

The third clone by Flynn took form that was probably something from Ice King's fanfiction.

The form the clone took was Ice King's female counterpart, Ice Queen, but in nude form.

Ice Queen had a figure that could make her look like a model while her long white hair hangs in the middle of her back. Her breasts were at last E size.

The final clone surprised Flynn and Kusa when she actually took Bubblegum's form of all things, most likely modeled from the past since this version of Bubblegum looked sane, she had C sized breasts and with a round bubblebutt that looked perfect for spanking and other things while *Phoebe* grins at that before she looked to Kusa and Flynn to see their thoughts on the forms.

Kusa was surprised when she saw the forms of Huntress Wizard and Me-Mow since they are widely known and even though she doesn't know Ice Queen, the nymph still blushes at these forms, including Bubblegum's form.

Flynn however, though blushes at the forms, glares when he saw Bubblegum's form. He was now wishing he was free so he can kill her for what she did.

*Phoebe* however just rolled her eyes before she says this to Flynn.

"Oh relax, consider this form that she took as a two fold reason, one is obviously for getting your anger and stress out and the other is to show how she acted before she went insane and helped cause this future, besides, I'm pretty sure you wanted to at least do some kind of rape based fantasy with Bonnie right?, you can't say anything negatively about roleplaying if you want… maybe could switch things up and have her take the current Bonnie's personality and what not after some good ol loving from classic Bonnie before going to Tyrant Bonnie." *Phoebe* says while she grins when she saw the thoughtful look on Flynn's face.

Flynn blinks a few times when he heard that before thinking a bit.

That's when he said this.

"You know… there were times when my family had tried looking for that bitch for what she did so she can be brought to justice but we all failed to do that. Personally, I wanted to find her so I can slit her throat and watch her bleed to death but… this will have to do for now."

*Phoebe* in turn chuckles before she says this.

"You know, if this was 200 years ago, I would have argued with you but considering what she did to me in order to try and kill me, I can't say I don't hate the current her, but I will say this, if I manage to change things, she won't be like the bitch she is now, so try and at least keep that in mind when you dominate this clone here, bit of a tip, I'm a pretty masochistic bitch but I can be pretty dominating as well… Bonnie… well… while she enjoys being in power, she really loses it when a person dominates her in the sack… bit of a bonus as well when we did use to date… I brought in some others for a gangrape so to speak to spice things up… hehe… never really seen her make pleased looks like that in a long time." *Phoebe* said while she grins at Kusa and Flynn's reactions.

Kusa and Flynn blinked in shocked when they heard that not only did Marceline dated the tyrant but also said candy humanoid acted very slutty in the past before Kusa chuckled before saying this.

"Wow, this Bubblegum or… Bonnie as you called here sounds very slutty when you said that. Makes me wish I was there to see it."

*Phoebe* in turn chuckles before she said this.

"Well thanks to my memory of those times, I believe this Bonnie can remake that scene later… for now how about we get warmed up with our respective partners… *Myself*, *Me-Mow*, and *Huntress* with Kusa, and *Ice Queen* and *Bonnie* with Flynn… we can do some roleplaying later… maybe Flynn got captured by the Tyrant and is getting taken advantage of while her servants… *force* his wife in certain situations and both are *Forced* to watch it happen to one another for a round or two before Flynn here does some fancy trick to get out of her grip and *save* Kusa before you two bring her to your base and you two and your allies get revenge on *Bonnie*... so… how's that for interesting times?" *Phoebe* says to Kusa while she grins at the ideas she had.

Kusa was a bit surprise when she heard that but otherwise chuckles before she spoke up.

"Oh, I would love to try that."

"Hmmm… well want to just make things interesting and skip to the roleplaying?, I believe I got a good Tyrant Bonnie down, and Flynn here is tied down… so..." *Phoebe* says while she shrugged at Kusa since this was hers and Flynn's lead for now.

Flynn wonder what *Phoebe* is saying before Kusa asked this.

"How interesting are you talking about?"

"Hmmm… well…. Lets just say I could have my way with you in Bonnies form while Flynn is forced to watch and can't do anything for a round and if he begged… I could do something to help him… just ideas, if you got some that work with it, feel free to jump in, Flynn's your man and all." *Phoebe* says before she returned back to her Marceline form while the clones did the same while they wait for Kusa's suggestions, though one went over and strokes Flynn's dick to keep him erect.

Flynn groans a bit while Kusa giggles at that before she took a moment to think a bit before she said this.

"Hmmm, sure let's try that."

"Great, why don't we all leave Flynn in here for a moment so we can get things set up." Marceline said while she floats next to Kusa and gestured for her and the clones to follow out of the room while the clones did that, though one clone, the one stroking Flynn off, leaned down and kissed him on the tip of his dick before she pulled away and floats after the others.

Flynn blushes from that action while Kusa giggles again before she walk towards her husband which caused her breasts to bounce before the nymph kissed Flynn's lips for a second before she pulls back and said this.

"I'll be back dear." She said with a look of love and lust in her eyes before she follows the clones out.

Flynn blushed from that before he says this.

"Don't take too long honey, I… don't want to be left here tied up after all and I would miss your touch." Flynn said before grinning at Kusa.

Kusa blushes before giggling a bit as she exits the room.

When she did, she saw the Marceline's waiting for her behind the door before one of them says this.

"So… want to be led in on all fours with a leash or be brought in by one of us with your arms bound behind your back to really make this roleplay more authentic?" Marceline says while she and her clones grin at the ideas that they had.

Kusa took a moment to think on this before she said this.

"I'll take option 2."

"Alright… but to make this more authentic, you got to really fight against my subjects…" Marceline says before she starts to shift before she took the form of an evil looking Bubblegum who looked like the classic version, but had some tears in her hair near the end to make the hair look more wild, she also had a twisted grin on her face while the clones shapeshift to look like female goons in dominatrix gear while their hair turned into leather masks that hide their faces, all in all, they looked very convincing right now.

Kusa blinked a bit when she saw that before she chuckles and said this with a grin.

"Oh I'm really gonna enjoy this." She said before getting ready to be in character.

"One thing first… you'll need to be… soiled a bit so while I go in to warm your husband up… hope you don't mind a cum bath… mind giving a good show to egg them on?" *Bubblegum* says while her subjects grew dicks and start to stroke themselves off near Kusa.

Kusa licks her lips before she did some poses which caused her breasts to bounce a bit.

The subjects stroke themselves off at a faster rate before *Bubblegum* chuckles before she says this.

"I'm getting into character now and going on in, I'll have a clone signal me when they are finished so get ready to look like your struggling, but barely… they are productive after all." *Bubblegum* said before she walked to the bedroom door which left Kusa with the clones who keep stroking themselves off at faster rates.

Kusa grins before she did a few more poses but made sure they were sexy before she starts to rub her folds a bit.

The Clones got more intense with their actions while the scene went to Flynn right before the door was opened to show the Tyrant Bubblegum who walked into the room in the nude, if Flynn didn't know any better and this was fake, he would think that she was the real deal, especially with the crazed look in her eyes.

Flynn knows this is not real before he made sure to be in character as he glares at the tyrant before speaking.

"Bubblegum." He said with venom in his voice.

*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles before she said this.

"The one and only Master Flynn, I'm glad I placed a tracker on Marceline in the past, because unknowing even to her, she led me to this place, good thing she left for the past, because it allowed me to take this place over… don't worry, I have a few of my people… taking care of your wife right now… so I figure I should see why she sticks with a man like you… and I must say, not bad equipment wise, seems the apple didn't fall to far from the tree since your descended from Finn... maybe after this, I can alter your body to be the perfect fucktoy." *Bubblegum* says while she licked her lips when she saw Flynn's dick.

Flynn's eyes widen before he tries to break himself free before he spoke up.

"I swear if you did anything to my wife, I'll rip your heart out and eat it raw."

*Bubblegum* however giggles before she says this.

"Cute, but depending on your actions here, things won't have to get worse for your wife… I heard about that bond of yours… wonder what would happen if I destroy those necklaces of yours?, would it allow me to knock your wife up?, would she make one with me after I break her in with pleasure that my science can bring?, who knows…. All I do know is that my subjects are giving her the time of her life so unless you want it to get painful for her… I suggest you stop struggling… your village has fallen, you have fallen, and it would be illogical to resist anymore…. Though I don't mind giving you a taste of what I can do whether you like it or not… just make sure to not get physical and I won't have to signal my subjects to do worse to your feisty wife." *Bubblegum* said while she got a twisted grin on her face which seemed really real for some roleplay right now… was Marceline getting to into character?... or is that the demon part of her just having fun right now.

Flynn was wondering about that as he stays in character before he spoke up.

"You think you won… but the heart of this village will not die. Someone will rise and finally defeat you."

*Bubblegum* just shook her head before she says this when she got on the bed and crawls on all fours to him.

"Maybe… but considering the state of the world, highly unlikely, and I already sent some men to the past to make things very complicated for Marcy and her friends… maybe they could have fun with your daughter before they bring her back a broken woman… would love to see the look on your defiant face then." *Bubblegum* said with a twisted grin while she got between Flynn's tied up legs and her head was near his dick.

Flynn's anger rose when he heard that as he continues to struggle before speaking up.

"You leave them alone!... Do what you want with me but if something happens to my family, your death will not be quick and painless."

*Bubblegum* however just chuckles before she says this.

"I'll enjoy breaking you down, maybe I should have you knock me up to continue your bloodline with your most hated enemy… or maybe I'll knock up your daughter… I do love those cat ears and I always did love to fantasize about Fionna… hehe… the fanfic character in the past, she's even better since she's like a perfect combo… innocent as well… going to enjoy teaching her all kinds of things." *Bubblegum* said before she opened her mouth and starts to lick the head of Flynn's dick while she used her right hand to stroke him off.

Flynn groans a bit before he said this.

"N-No. You will not… l-lay a hand on my… d-daughter." He said before groaning a bit more.

*Bubblegum* chuckles before she moved to suck on his balls while she strokes him off more and more to work his dick to full power.

Flynn groans a few more times before he felt part of his body betray him when he felt his dick going to full power but tries to fight back.

*Bubblegum* in turn moved her head so that her mouth was over Flynn's dick before she surprised him when she deepthroats his dick from the get go while she used her right hand to fondle his balls.

Flynn was indeed surprise before a slight blush appears on his face before he groans again for a moment before a slight moan escaped his mouth.

*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles before she keeps on going for a bit while she looked at Flynn and winks when she used her tongue to really lick around his dick while she could feel it slowly pulsing in her mouth to show he was getting close.

Flynn surprisingly blushes again when he saw that and didn't want to admit that it was somewhat cute before he tries to hold back his climax.

*Bubblegum* then slowly pulled away while she licked the tip of his dick once before she says this.

"Now now, we can't have that yet… I want to show you how good my pussy is before you blow, I mean I don't know if your a one shot type of man after all." *Bubblegum* said when she leaned back and brought her left hand to her folds and used them to play with them to mess with Flynn more while he saw how soaked she was right now.

Flynn not only was shocked when he saw how wet the tyrant's pussy was but he can also smell the heat coming from that.

*Bubblegum* just grins at that look before she says this.

"You know… if you just ask nicely, I can let you fuck me… consider it a perk of working as my subject… well… you'll have to work to the position but I believe I can give you a good drive to work to at least my sex toy." *Bubblegum* says while she waits for Flynn's response before she got the signal that the clones were finished with Kusa but *Bubblegum* waits to see if Flynn would be stubborn about this.

Flynn knew what *Bubblegum* wanted and tries to be strong by not giving in.

*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles before she says this.

"Well if you're going to be like that… well… why don't we bring in your lovely wife and see if she can give me what I want." *Bubblegum* said while she snapped her fingers before the door opened to show a semen covered Kusa being guided into the room while it looked like Kusa still had some fight in her… but not much when two *Subjects* held tightly onto her arms which were bound behind her back.

Flynn's eyes widen in shock when he saw his beloved in that state before he spoke up.


*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles before she says this to Flynn.

"As you can see… my lovely subjects here gave your wife her some of their loving touches… so… why don't we do this…. Girls… set Kusa up in view of Flynn here so I can dominate one of Kusa's holes… would you like that my soon to be pet?" *Bubblegum* says while she held Kusa's chin and made her look her in the eyes while the one that was out of Flynn's view winked at Kusa before the *Subjects* forced Kusa over to the bed while two summoned some chains that shot to the ceiling and stuck there with magic before Kusa was set up so that she was hanging over the bed over Flynn who had the perfect view of her figure while *Bubblegum* grew a pink dick that was at a monsterous 12 inches in length and 3 in width before she grins at Kusa and Flynn's reactions to that.

Flynn's eyes widen in shock when he saw that while Kusa, who was in chains, had the same reaction as her face blushed brightly when she saw the tyrant's dick.

*Bubblegum* chuckles at that before she says this when she approached Kusa while the Subjects held Flynn down so he couldn't struggle.

"Hehe, like what you see my pet?, well believe me, after I break you in a bit, I'll be showing your daughter what this can do when she is brought back here from the past." *Bubblegum says while she used a couple fingers to play with Kusa's folds to see how wet they were.

Kusa shudders while surprisingly, her folds were very soaked from earlier thanks to *Bubblegum's* subjects.

*Bubblegum* chuckles before she says this.

"Well now… considering how wet you are… why don't we get to the fun part shall we my pet." *Bubblegum* said while she got between Kusa's legs and rests her massive dick on her stomach which showed how deep *Bubblegum* would go.

Kusa's widen as she imagined the tyrant's dick going that deep while Flynn struggles against the subjects as he wants to save his wife.

*Bubblegum* leans down and whispered this into Kusa's ear.

"I'll try and be gentle… but not too gentle, so pretend to be in agony when I put it in… I want to see your husband snap after all." *Bubblegum* whispered while she slowly grinds her dick a few times on Kusa's pussy to slick it up.

Kusa made sure to remember that as she shudders when she felt *Bubblegum's* dick on her folds.

*Bubblegum* then grins before she pulled her hips back before the tip of the dick was aimed at Kusa's pussy before she slowly but strongly pushed herself in without stopping which caused inch after wide inch to force its way into Kusa's pussy.

Kusa's eyes widen before she screams a bit which made Flynn's eyes widen in horror.

*Bubblegum* in turn got a dark grin on her face when she keeps forcing herself deeper and deeper into Kusa's pussy while she says this.

"Oh… nice and tight, seems you'll need training later to enjoy it but at least your wet enough to take this without tearing." *Bubblegum* darkly says while she keeps pushing her dick deeper and deeper while Flynn couldn't do anything but watch while she wondered what Kusa and Flynn thought during this roleplay.

'Damn this is exciting. It's almost like it's actually happening.' Kusa thought while Flynn had a similar thought but did thought of this.

'Okay… even though it's role play and there's another dick in my wife's pussy, this is actually… pretty hot… even if it's Marceline posing as that Bubblegum bitch. Hate to think if it was actually her and this possibility could happen.'

*Bubblegum* in turn just keeps on going deeper before she bumped into Kusa's cervix and says this.

"Oh my… really feels top class… definitely going to enjoy training you later… so… how does it feel to have a dick like this in you?... bet it's better than most that you had before." *Bubblegum* teasingly says while she moved her hips from side to side which caused her dick to shift around in Kusa's pussy which got this reaction.

Kusa groans for bit before she let out a slight moan as she tries to fight back.

*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles before she said this.

"Come on, I won't do anything else besides this unless you answer… or do you want a good spanking in front of your hubby?" *Bubblegum* says before she smacked Kusa's ass a few times to get things started.

Kusa yelps a bit as she tries not to say anything while Flynn could painfully only watch since the subjects were still holding him down.

*Bubblegum* however keeps on spanking Kusa before she used a hand to fondle Kusa's left breast and roughly pinched and twists her nipple to really get rough while she says this.

"Well?... well!?... WELL!?" *Bubblegum* said while she sounded more crazed while she used stronger and stronger actions which caused Kusa to have a royally red ass cheek which *Bubblegum* keeps smacking.

Kusa couldn't take any more before she said this that made Flynn's eyes widen.


"Yes what!?... how does it feel to have my dick in you!?, how does it feel to have a dick that can go places that most can't!?" *Bubblegum* growled out when she grinds her hips towards Kusa which forced her dick to press into Kusa's cervix a few times.

Kusa grinds her teeth a bit before she said this.

"I-It feels… g-good! Better than any of my previous lovers!"

*Bubblegum* in turn grins before she says this.

"Hooo…. Better be specific or your hubby here will get jealous… he's a past lover after all..." *Bubblegum* says while she got a fanged grin when she starts to thrust her massive cock in and out of Kusa's pussy.

Kusa groans and moans a bit before she spoke up.

"I-I meant anyone before my husband. H-He out best them!" She said which made Flynn feel somewhat better.

*Bubblegum* however grins before she says this darkly.

"Hehe… better try and top your hubby then… after all… I'm about to make you two my pets after all… and I want to be the best no matter what so…" *Bubblegum* says before she starts to thrust her dick with so much power that Kusa was launched a bit away from *Bubblegum* and swings on the chain before she swings back down and slammed onto *Bubblegum's* dick each time, it was slow but each thrust rammed into Kusa's cervix each time which risked busting through it and into her womb with each swing.

Kusa moans got louder as she felt her pussy getting pounded while Flynn tries to break free again as he doesn't want to to see his wife in this state.

*Bubblegum* chuckles before she said this.

"What's the matter Flynn?, not liking what's happening?, but from the look on your wife's face says it all on how much she likes it… want to see?" *Bubblegum* said when she forced the subjects to release Flynn's limbs after they were bound in chains so he was in the air and he got a perfect view next to Kusa to see the look on her face while she keeps bouncing strongly on *Bubblegum's* cock.

Flynn's eyes widen in shock when he saw his wife having a fucked up look on her face as she continues to moan loud.

*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles from that before she said this while she keeps on fucking Kusa.

"Hey girls, from the look of his dick, he seems left out… why don't one of you help him feel better?" *Bubblegum* said which made one of the *Subjects* nod before one of them on on top of Flynn and after moving her panties to the side, starts to grind on his dick.

Flynn groans a bit before he said this.


*Bubblegum* chuckles before she says this.

"Oh fuck yes… better get ready for the ride of your life… I want to see how much semen you have in those balls before I give that dick a ride." *Bubblegum* says which made the *Subject* raise her hips and Flynn's dick points at her pussy before the *subject* dropped down and fully took in his dick before she starts riding him while she held the chains on Flynn's arms.

Flynn groans loudly when he felt his dick in the *subject's* pussy before he starts to thrash a bit while trying to breakaway from the chains.

However that only seemed to egg the *Subject* on and help her ride him faster and faster as time went on while she was silent, either the *Subject* was to use to taking big dicks, or the mask made it hard for sounds to escape, but from the way she moved, she was loving how things were going while two of the subjects moved and pulled their masks up a bit to show sensual looking mouths before they latch onto Flynn's nipples before they licked, sucked, and bit at his nipples while the forth went to lick and suck his balls.

Flynn hisses from that as he keeps trying to fight back while trying to make sure he doesn't give in and fight back.

*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles before she looked at Kusa and says this.

"Seems your hubby is liking my subject's pussy, maybe I should bring more next time so he can really get his dick worked good as a source of training…" *Bubblegum* says while she keeps on fucking Kusa without holding back on fucking the Wood Nymph into submission.

Kusa moans loud before she said this.

"M-My Flynn won't… b-be beaten!"

*Bubblegum* just chuckles at that before she says this.

"Maybe… who knows, depending on what he does, I may bare a child from him… but until then… I'm going to fuck the rest of that stubbornness out of you… maybe I should try and knock you up as well… heard that unbonded and even bonded Nymph's can get knocked up by another if filled up again and again..." *Bubblegum lustfully says before she leaned down and kissed Kusa on the lips while her thrusts got rougher and rougher while her dick starts twitching in Kusa's pussy.

Kusa's eyes widen when she heard that before screaming in *Bubblegum's* mouth while Flynn, who also heard, had his eyes widen in shock before he spoke up.


*Bubblegum* however ignored him to keep on thrusting her hips after and faster while the *Subject* rode Flynn's dick at a more intense rate before Kusa and *The Subject* could feel Flynn and *Bubblegum* getting close.

Kusa was very afraid of what could happen while Flynn said.

"Stop! I'll do whatever you say! Just leave my wife alone!" He pleaded.

*Bubblegum* stopped her thrusts while the *Subject* keeps up the intense ride before *Bubblegum* says this.

"Really?... you'll do whatever I ask?" *Bubblegum* says when she grins at Flynn.

Kusa panted before she turned her head and gave a look to Flynn not do anything.

However said cat did said this when he put his head down.

"Yes… I'll do whatever you ask."

*Bubblegum* grins at that before she says this with a hard to read tone.

"Really?... well I do have one thing in mind for now." *Bubblegum* says while she grins darkly at Flynn.

Flynn and Kusa now wonder what the tyrant was gonna say. Though they both felt it wasn't gonna be good before Flynn asked this.

"And what's that?"

*Bubblegum* grins at that before she gripped Kusa's hips and roared this out.

"THEN WATCH WHILE I KNOCK YOUR WIFE UP!" *Bubblegum* roared out while she thrusts harder then she ever did before now while the *Subject's* riding motions got really intense when she wanted the semen in Flynn's balls.

Kusa groans and moans very loudly while Flynn's widen before he spoke up.


*Bubblegum* however just keeps on fucking Kusa while the *Subject* keeps in riding Flynn's dick while the married couple got closer and closer to cumming until…

Kusa eyes widens before she felt her pussy tighten around *Bubblegum's* dick before Kusa climaxed on top of it.

Flynn, who tries to fight back, growls loudly before he climaxed hard inside the *Subject's* pussy.

The *Subject* in turn shudders when she felt that before she came hard on Flynn's dick while *Bubblegum's* thrusts got more and more intense before she pushed herself as deep as she could go and busts past Kusa's cervix by force and unloads a torrent of cum right into her womb which quickly starts to inflate it while the semen had a hard time getting out which cause only a little to get free…

Kusa screams when she feels her womb getting bloated which causes her climax to get stronger while Flynn's eyes widen in shock when he saw that before screaming this.


*Bubblegum* in turn took about 30 seconds or so to tap off before she pants for breath while the subject tapped off about 25 seconds later while she waits for Flynn to tap off.

Flynn also tapped off the same time as *Bubblegum* before he pants and angrily said this.

"D-Damn you… B-Bubblegum."

*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles before she says this.

"T-Try saying that to your wife… looks like she enjoyed the mother of all creampies from yours truly." *Bubblegum* said with a dark grin on her face while she points at Kusa while the *Subject* got off of Flynn and one of them starts to eat the *Subject* out to clean her.

Kusa has a fucked up look on her but if you look at her eyes, you can see a bit of tears leaking down on her face. Either that's what the wood nymph is feeling or she just forced it for better drama.

*Bubblegum* chuckles before she says this when she slowly pulled her dick free of Kusa's pussy and a subject starts to eat her out to clean her pussy while *Bubblegum* made her dick vanish back into her body before she says this to Flynn.

"Now then… time to get a taste of that dick of yours." *Bubblegum* says while she walked over to Flynn and looked to see how his dick was doing.

Surprisingly, Flynn's dick had not gone down yet while said male feline glares directly at *Bubblegum*.

*Bubblegum* however grins at the look on his face before she says this.

"Nice look… let that hate flow through you and lets see if you can turn the tables… after all… I'll be going back to your sexy wife after this so better make it one that makes it hard for me to move." *Bubblegum* says while she approached Flynn and got on his lap while the other subjects went to please Kusa's breasts while the one who ate her out used a finger on her ass to really make her feel more pleasure.

Kusa shudders for a moment before she starts to moan as she was a bit too tired to fight back while Flynn saw that with sad look in his eyes believing he had failed to protect her.

*Bubblegum* chuckles at that before she just lifts herself up and dropped down on Flynn's dick before she starts to ride him while she moans and groans with each bounce.

Flynn groans each time as he stares at Bubblegum with hate in his eyes.

*Bubblegum* just grins darkly at the look while she rides him at a more intense pace while she did wonder as Marceline what they thought of the roleplay so far.

Kusa shudders and moans from the *subjects* pleasing her body before she had this thought.

'Wow, talk about intense. I was almost actually afraid of someone else, other than my husband, knocking me up. Marceline really knows how to bring excitement in these role playing games. Wonder what Flynn is thinking.'

Flynn continues to groan a few times from having *Bubblegum* ride his dick for the cat humanoid had this thought.

'D-Damn… I don't know what's going on but… I can actually feel my heart beating quickly. Seems I'm starting to get excited from this and I'm also starting to feel that urge to try and dominate that pink bitch in front of me.'

*Bubblegum* in turn had this thought when she saw the look in Flynn's eyes.

"Hehe… cute… better *drop* my guard when I finish so the tables can be turned." Marceline thought before she went back to play as Bubblegum the Tyrant before she says this.

"Come on, if you want me to finish here, then thrust away, I only bound your arms and legs, not your hips!" *Bubblegum* says before she used her hands to pinch his nipples and twists them a bit to get him in gear.

Flynn hisses a bit before he said this.

"If that's what you want then… HERE!" He said before he starts to thrust his dick up hard in *Bubblegum's* pussy.

*Bubblegum* in turn moans and groans loudly when she felt that before she said this.

"Fuck yeah… that's the good stuff… come on kitty, show this Empress how much of a manly feline you are and lets see if you can pass my test!" *Bubblegum* groans out before she bounced more and more on Flynn's dick to meet his thrusts to really get him to go deep in her pussy.

Flynn groans a bit more before he said this.

"Fine then!" He said before he really starts to thrust his dick up even harder while using his anger on the tyrant as support.

*Bubblegum* moans and groans from that before she played with her breasts and even tweaked her own nipples when she really enjoyed what was happening now, all in all, Kusa could see a really enraged Flynn fucking *Bubblegum* right now next to her.

Kusa, though surprised, was happy on the inside as she watches her husband being the very beast she knew and loved while Flynn continues to fuck *Bubblegum's* pussy hard.

*Bubblegum* felt her orgasm approaching which caused her to wink at Kusa when it was about time to dethrone the Tyrant before *Bubblegum* keeps on riding Flynn's dick while both of their chains start to crack a bit while *Bubblegum* could feel Flynn's orgasm approaching with how intense he was getting.

Flynn could feel his orgasm approaching as well but decides to hold it so he can make the evil tyrant climax first.

And climax hard she did when she threw her head back and came hard on Flynn's dick, however both Kusa and Flynn's bonds shatter from the lack of concentration and Flynn and Kusa fell to the bed while the force of the fall broke Flynn's control and this happened with somewhat unfortunate results thanks to the fact that *Bubblegum* was still standing and his dick was no longer in her pussy…

Flynn groans before he growls loudly and felt his dick spurt out like a volcano that went straight up and hit *Bubblegum's* folds.

However… thanks to the angle… some flew a bit away from Bubblegum and splashed right onto Flynn's body, mainly his stomach, groin, and legs while *Bubblegum* rides out her orgasm.

Kusa was amazed at the amount Flynn released before 30 seconds pass before said cat humanoid finally taps off.

*Bubblegum* in turn fell back on the bed while she pants for breath and left herself defenseless to the duo while the *Subjects* were distracted by that.

Flynn knew he was free from his chains which gave him the opportunity to pounce and pinned *Bubblegum* down on the bed.

*Bubblegum* in turn got a shocked look on her face while the *Subjects* tried to get up to help their ruler but got surprised when roots held their legs to the bed and looked to Kusa in shock when the only wood user in the room was her…

Kusa grins at the *Subjects* before she spoke up.

"Think I'm gonna let you all stop my husband then again." She said while Flynn chuckles before he spoke up.

"Thanks honey." He said before he grins at *Bubblegum* and said this.

"My how the tables have turned."

*Bubblegum* tried to struggle but found it pointless with Flynn's strength before *Bubblegum* gave Flynn a slightly crazed look before she says this.

"Better enjoy it while you can, you and your wife were put through the wringer and I bet thats the best your wife can do right now with how much cum I pumped into her… hehehe… HAHAHA!" *Bubblegum* said before she went into a full blown crazed laughter near the end.

Flynn was indeed angry when he heard that before he said this.

"You know… ever since I was born, I was told of all the evil things that you did. Though what pissed me off more is what you did to my family and after what Marceline said about you being responsible for Me-Mow's death, I could just kill you now." He said with a look that shows he was serious before saying this.


*Bubblegum* got a confused look when Flynn trailed off before she says this.

"However?" *Bubblegum* said while she looked up at Flynn without batting an eye at the threat.

Kusa wondered what Flynn was gonna say before her curiosity was answered when she surprisingly heard this.

"Death would be too easy so I have a better solution. Since you're so keen on trying to break me and my wife, I'm gonna try and break you. Kusa is my only Queen but I have no problem making you my personal concubine and bitch."

*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles before she says this.

"Wow... looks like I did my job too well if your seriously going for the payback route, better try your best… I have over 2000 years of experience so better work that dick well… I could turn the tables if you let your guard down." *Bubblegum* says while she chuckles when she waits for Flynn to act.

Flynn angrily growls before he spread *Bubblegum's* legs and just shoved his still erect dick inside the tyrant's pussy before he fucks her hard.

*Bubblegum* in turn groans loudly from that before she gave Flynn a strained grin and says this.

"N-Not bad for an entrance… but h-how's your stamina!?" *Bubblegum* groans out while she gripped the bedsheets while she enjoyed her pussy getting fucked like this.

Flynn continues to thrust his hips hard before he said this while making sure to pin *Bubblegum's* arms.

"Y-You'll find out soon!"

*Bubblegum* in turn got a crazed grin on her face while she wrapped her legs around Flynn and said this through pleased moans and groans.

"T-That a-a warning… f-for an early f-finish from you?" *Bubblegum* groans out while she used her legs to help Flynn get his dick deeper into her pussy.

Flynn groans from that before he actually decides to give *Bubblegum* what she want when Flynn used his anger to make him thrust his dick deeper in the tyrant's pussy.

That's when he brought his hands to *Bubblegum's* breasts and roughly squeezes them before he leans down a bit and said this.

"Just shut up and moan like the whore you are!"

*Bubblegum* in turn chuckles before she said this.

"Sure but remember, 2000 years under my belt, going to really bring up the kink factory if you want to get anywhere with me!" *Bubblegum* groans out before she just went back to moaning and groaning while she wondered what Kusa and Flynn thought about this since a few minutes did pass after all with Flynn dominating *Bubblegum* after all.

Kusa was feeling turned on watching her husband get it on with Marceline disguised as *Bubblegum* before the wood nymph had this thought.

'Wow… Who knew Flynn can be so damn irresistible when angry. Makes me wish I was in Marceline's place right now.' She thought while Flynn who continues to fuck *Bubblegum's* pussy and squeezing her breasts hard before the cat humanoid had this thought.

'Fuck… never thought I would fuck another woman that's not my wife. It actually feels pretty good. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad if Kusa did bring another woman or two to the bedroom.'

For a few more minutes, Flynn keeps his actions yup while *Bubblegum* moans and groans before she could feel Flynn getting close and just lets him do what he wants until….

Flynn thrusts his dick hard a few more times before a moment later, he made sure to have his dick bust into *Bubblegum's* womb before Flynn growls loudly before he climaxed hard inside.

*Bubblegum* moans loudly from that while her pussy came hard on Flynn's dick before her arms went to hug him and she surprised Flynn when she pulled him in for a intense kiss.

Kusa was a bit surprised when she saw that while Flynn, who was indeed caught off guard, was able to surprise both his wife and *Bubblegum* when Flynn flat out returns the kiss as he continues to releasing his cum inside the tyrant's pussy for 35 seconds before tapping off.

*Bubblegum* shudders before she decided to drop the roleplay persona and said this to Flynn and Kusa while she shifted back into her Marceline form.

"Wow… gotta say if you think this intense, then I hope Finn gave you that sex drive, really going to enjoy this trip to the past… so… how was our acting?" Marceline said before her clones return to normal and shifted to get out of their bindings and reformed on the bed next to Kusa to help her up while her womb was still extended a bit.

Flynn panted a bit as he was still on top of Marceline with his dick not leaving her pussy before Flynn spoke up.

"Well I won't lie… I was only doing it to support my wife at first but… all that role playing actually gave me some… excitement. Especially with how you and Kusa acted. Gave me some good thrill."

Marceline chuckles before she says this when she rubbed Flynn's cat ears.

"Good to know, sorry about how much I put into you Kusa, was really backed up since it's been awhile since I last had a good fuck, good thing I used that anti-pregnacy spell on you so the small chances of knock ups today are 0, so you might as well go all out with Flynn here, may leave these ladies to help spice things up while I go to Fi and Flan in a minute, unless you two have enough for one last round..." Marceline says while she gave a fanged grin to the duo.

Flynn and Kusa both chuckle when they heard that before Kusa said this.

"Oh honey, we're not even close to tired."

Marceline grins at that before the scene went to a minute to two later to show Marceline riding Kusa who grew a plant like dick while Flynn was fucking her round ass with all he had, all in all, it looked like the trio was enjoying themselves.

Flynn was grunts and groans as he keeps fucking Marceline's ass with such vigor before he uses his hands to grope and squeeze her breasts hard while Kusa was moaning loud with ecstasy from having her dick ridden.

Marceline in turn used her hands on Kusa's breasts as leverage while she moans and groans from the feeling that Kusa and Flynn gave her while she made sure to slowly tighten both holes on their dicks while she felt them throbbing more and more as time went on.

Kusa groans from that before she starts thrusting her dick up in the Vampire Queen's pussy while Flynn, who also groans from how tight it was, thrusts his dick even harder before the cat humanoid leans down a bit before he starts to kiss and nip at Marceline's neck.

Marceline moans from that while part of her hair shifts to form a hand which pets Flynn's head to show he was doing very good before Marceline starts to gyrate her hips to help the duo feel better while she had this thought.

"Hehe, gotta love regeneration, eternally tight holes so I won't stretch, still… gonna miss these two when I go to the past, but if I play my cards right, I'll see them again in 1000 years, so I'll just enjoy this for now and worry about the details later." Marceline thought while she made sure to really please the duo's dick.

Kusa and Flynn groans and moans from the work Marceline is giving them before Kusa had this thought.

'Wow… I haven't use my attachment for a while and Marceline is really bringing in new levels of pleasure. Hope Flynn and I will get to see her again if she's successful on her mission.' She thought while Flynn had this thought.

'Fuck… this is amazing. I can see why Finn had liked her before. Surprisingly it's making me feel a bit jealous. But I still love Kusa either way. Seems I'm gonna have to enjoy having fun with Marceline until she leaves.' He thought before Flynn uses one hand to grip Marceline's chin so she can look at him before Flynn surprises the Vampire Queen by kissing her lips.

Marceline got a bit surprised by that before she melts into the kiss while she lets Flynn do whatever he wants while the clones look to one another and grin when they approach the trio.

One went behind Flynn and starts to lick and tease his balls, another went to mess with his nipples, and the other two went to eat out Kusa's holes, all in all, looks like things were getting intense while the one eating Kusa out really enjoyed the taste of her pussy when semen dripped from it.

Kusa moans from having her holes eaten out while watches Flynn kiss Marceline which made the wood nymph felt turned on.

Flynn, who shudders from having his balls licked, continues to kiss the Vampire Queen before the cat humanoid slides his scratchy tongue inside her mouth before he fights Marceline's tongue.

Marceline in turn keeps on riding the duo while the clones keep pleasing them more and more while Marceline could feel their orgasm's approching until…

Kusa moans very loud before she climaxed hard inside Marceline's pussy before some of that head straight to her womb.

Flynn growls as he hugged the Vampire Queen close before he unleashed his cum inside Marceline's asshole.

Marceline in turn groans in Flynn's mouth when she came hard on Kusa and Flynn's dicks, all in all, her holes worked in overdrive to milk their dicks for their loads.

It took 25 seconds before Kusa finally taps while Flynn taps off 5 seconds after as he continues to kiss Marceline.

Marceline just keeps the kiss up for a bit before she pulled away and says this to the panting duo.

"Hehe, not bad, really showed my holes who's boss, but I believe it's time for me to head to Fionna and Flannery so I'll leave these sexy ladies here… girls… mind doing the honors." Marceline says while the clones quickly pulled Flynn off and held him on the bed again while Marceline moans when she pulled herself off of Kusa's dick and she says this when she looked at the Wood Nymph wife.

"Consider these clones under your command until I recall them, got any last requests before I leave Mistress?" Marceline says before winking at Kusa.

Kusa, though blushes, giggles before she said this.

"Just make sure that our little catnip has a great time. But not too great. Don't want any grandkids… yet."

Marceline chuckles before she says this when she floats to the door.

"Can't make any promises, I mean if she's like you two, she may have the sex drive to match me so if she asks for more, I'll give it, but I'll make sure to use an anti-pregnancy spell for just in case M-O-M." Marceline says with a grin before she shifted into a snake and flew under the door which left Kusa and Flynn with the grinning clones who kept Flynn pinned, though two of them were licking his dick from base to tip to clean it well.

Flynn groans a bit before he looks at Kusa and said this.


"Flynn…" Kusa says while she smiles at Flynn when she enjoyed what was happening right now.

Flynn did blush before he spoke up.

"Despite knowing that Marceline is with Flannery and our little catnip… you were right about me enjoying it."

Kusa chuckles at that before she says this.

"Well… considering we have these four beauties here, why don't we all really show you how good it can be when your with multiple ladies at once… right ladies?" Kusa says while she grins at the clones.

The clones chuckled before they said this in unison.

"Right Mistress."

Kusa licks her lips at that before she says this.

"Now then girls… time to see how much of a beast my hubby can be when properly forged." Kusa said while the scene went to Marceline, who after returning to her human form, heard this from Flynn and Kusa's room when she heard Flynn's voice.

"OH FUCK!" He shouts as he moans and groans a bit from whatever the clones are doing to him.

Marceline just chuckles at that before she followed Fionna's scent through some halls and what not before she was in front of a large set of double doors and could hear pleasure based tones coming from the room.

"O-Oh Glob." Said a voice that belonged Fionna.

Marceline chuckles when she heard that before she heard Flannery making pleased tones before she opened the door and saw that Fionna and Flannery were in the nude while they were getting pleased by the clones there, seems they were sticking to foreplay and anal mainly when two of the clones had Fionna and Flannery ride their dicks while two more were licking their pussies, all in all, it looked like the group was having fun so far and it looked like Flannery wasn't burning anything somehow which Marceline chalked it up to evolution or something, aside from flame color, some flame Elementals in the last few hundred years were able to control what they could and couldn't burn, heard it help them feel more during acts like this and Marceline didn't complain with how sexy the Flame person looked.

Flannery had a nice looking body with smooth legs while her breasts were C-D size.

Marceline licks her lips at that before she looked at Fionna and admired her figure, hugging and what not was one thing, but seeing Fionna's nude body in full was another.

Seems Fionna inherited a nice body either from Me-Mow or her mom but slightly better. Her breasts was at least D size for the time being while her hair was tied in a ponytail.

Marceline grins at that before the 5th clone here, the one who was watching things, saw Marceline before she says this.

"Oh hey, how was Fi's parents?" the clone asked which made Marceline grin before she says this.

"Very good, even roleplayed a bit as the Tyrant version of Bonnie as well which really made things intense, anyway, how are these two doing, looks like your just sticking with anal and licks and all that… or were you holding their soaked pussies for me to use?" Marceline says before she grins at her clone when she saw how wet Fionna and Flannery was.

The clone grins at Marceline before she spoke up.

"Oh we were saving the best for last. Flannery was a bit of a quick shot but she's getting the hang of it. Fi here also seems like she's enjoying how rough it is."

"Nice to know, mind if I take Fi and you get Flan?, seems like you didn't get as much action as the others and I believe Flannery's hot pussy will feel very good on your dick." Marceline says before she summoned her dick again, the 12 inch in length and 3 in width dick, in front of Flannery and Fionna.

Said duo blushes brightly when they saw the Vampire Queen's dick while the clone chuckles and said this after summoning her own dick of equal size.

"I don't mind. Fi is all yours." She said before she walks over to Flannery.

Flannery blushed from that when she saw the clone approach while Marceline looked to Fionna and chuckles from the look on her face before she approached the Cat/Nymph Hybrid and says this.

"Welp Fi, time to see how loud you can yowl when I fuck your brains out." Marceline says while the clone licking Fionna's pussy moved away but stuck nearby to use her hands to spread Fionna's folds which Marceline had a perfect view of, even the twitching and what not which really got Marceline to grin when she saw how adorable and sexy Fionna looked right now.

Fionna slows a bit on her bounces with the clone's dick in her ass before Fionna said this.

"B-Be a bit gentle please." She said before giving the Vampire Queen a very cute blush.

Marceline blushed a bit from that but still had a grin on her face before she says this.

"Oh don't worry… I'll start slow at first… but keep giving me adorable looks like that in this situation… and I may just lose it." Marceline says while she grinds her massive cock on Fionna's folds while Marceline looked really turned on right now.

Fionna continues to blush cutely at Marceline as she shudders a bit when she felt that.

Marceline then pulled her hips back and the head of her dick pressed against Fionna's fold before Marceline grins and says this.

"Before I start… I want to hear you beg for it like the good little bitch that you are… I know you know that's no insult thanks to your nature and I'll play on that if I have to get what I want from you." Marceline said with a dominating tone while she teased Fionna when the head of her dick rubbed against Fionna's pussy lips.

Fionna shudders again while that nagging feeling in her head tells her to go for it since the clones did pleasure her greatly.

After a moment, the cat/nymph hybrid said this.

"P-Please Marceline… F-Fuck my pussy with your… c-cock."

Marceline grins at that before she whispers this.

"Good girl… and good girls deserve a reward." Marceline whispered while she placed her hands on Fionna's hips and slowly pushed her massive dick into the Hybrid's pussy, but the icing on the cake, Marceline full on kissed her on the lips the entire time.

Fionna's face blushed brightly before she moans loud in Marceline's mouth when she felt her pussy get penetrated.

For a few minutes, Marceline keeps on going deeper and deeper while she made her kiss more and more intense throughout it all, she even hugged Fionna a bit as well.

Fionna finally melts into the kiss before she hugs Marceline and returns the kiss before Fionna looks at the Vampire Queen in the eyes with a bit of lust and a different feeling that's hard to read.

Marceline in turn couldn't read that other look, but she did want to give Fionna the pounding of her life when she felt her dick hit Fionna's cervix before she starts to pound away from the get go while she keeps the kiss up.

Fionna moans and groans in Marceline's mouth as as she starts to enjoy having her pussy fucked which causes her to resume bouncing on the clone's dick in her ass.

The Clone in turn groans from that before she used her hands to play with Fionna's breasts while the other clone took a moment to think on how to join in before she just shrugged and summoned a dick before she got behind Marceline and right from the get go, pushed herself balls deep in her ass and gripped Marceline's breasts which made Marceline groan loudly from that but instead of saying anything, she just thrusts her hips harder into Fionna while the clone's worked their dicks in their respective holes to really egg the two on.

And egged on Fionna was as she bounced harder on the clone's dick before the hybrid made the kiss with Marceline intense when Fionna uses her tongue to interact with Marceline's tongue.

Meanwhile with Flannery...

She was in the same position as Fionna but unlike Fionna, the clone with her that was fucking her pussy was showing no mercy with her thrusts, same with the clone who was pounding away at her ass, and Flannery was even getting facefucked by the third clone while the first ate the third clone's ass out to really get that clone to hump away, all in all, they were really going hardcore with Flannery.

Flannery's moans were muffled but can still be heard follow by some gagging noises but surprisingly… the green flame elemental was actually enjoying this pleasure and wanted to experience more of it.

The clones in turn gave no reason to stop when they keep their actions up, they even used their hair to form hands that went to please various parts of Flannery's body like her nipples, bud, and even caressed parts of her body to get her to feel more pleasure while they wondered what she was thinking through all of this.

Flannery keeps groaning and moaning from how good the pleasure was before she had this thought.

'O-Oh… fuck! I never felt anything like this before… and it feels amazing!... good thing I used a toy or dicks these size would hurt like the nightosphere'

For a bit more, the trio keep their actions up while the camera went back to Fionna's group to show things really getting intense with the three Marceline's getting closer and closer to cumming from how erratic their thrusts where while Marceline keeps up the intense kiss.

Fionna moans loud as she can feel her orgasm coming closer as she continues to kiss the Vampire Queen while hugging her.

A minute later, the clone in Fionna ass pushed herself as deep as she could go before yelling when she came hard in Fionna's ass, same with the Clone in Marceline's ass which set Marceline off who hugged Fionna tightly and pushed herself as deep as she could go without harming her and came hard in her pussy which quickly starts to fill her up.

Fionna moans loud in Marceline's mouth as she hugs her tightly before she felt both of her holes tight around Marceline's and the clone's dicks before the cat/nymph hybrid climaxed hard on Marceline's dick.

Marceline and the clones in turn tapped off after 30 seconds before Marceline pulled away to pant for breath while the clones did the same before Marceline looked down and blushed at what she saw.

Fionna, who taps off, had a deep blush on her face and pants a bit for a moment before she said this.

"G-Give me more… M-Marcy."

Marceline blushed more before she says this to the two clones.

"Hey… mind returning to me so I can give our pretty pussy what she wants, I'll summon you later if Fionna is still wanting more… but I believe I need a bit more power to show Fi what I can do?" Marceline says to the clones with a fanged grin while she felt her dick get iron hard in Fionna's pussy when she saw how adorable and sexy Fionna was right now.

The clone in Fionna's ass was a bit jealous before she shrugged and said this.

"Fine by me. I can use a break."

The other clone just chuckles before she says this to the one on the bed.

"Now now, we both know that we are just returning to the main Marceline, we will experience everything that she does so it's not like we won't get some fun… besides… considering the look on Fi here, she may be able to take a somewhat serious Marceline before we come back for a real gangbang." The clone says before she turned into a black mist that flowed into Marceline who's body felt rejuvenated from 1/10th of her power returning.

The clone in Fionna's ass chuckles at how right her sister clone was before she turns into black mist which caused Fionna to fall on her back a small bit onto the bed after taking her dick out of Fionna's ass before flowing into Marceline's body.

Marceline's body pulsed from that while she breathed a sigh of relief when she felt more alive than ever before she looked at Fionna with a lustful look that showed she would give her a lot of pleasure now.

Fionna blushes brightly but in a cute way towards the Vampire Queen when she knew that Marceline will be rougher than ever now.

Meanwhile with the clones with Flannery…

All three had changed things up when all three were standing in front of Flannery and were jerking themselves off vigorously while semen was flowing from Flannery's holes, they really wanted to give Flannery a finish she would remember.

Flannery pants a few times while her face blushed brightly when she saw the clones stroking their dicks before Flannery surprisingly starts to finger her own pussy, even if there was cum inside, to entice the clones.

The clones were indeed enticed when they stroked themselves off at a faster and faster rate until all three groan loudly when they came hard on various parts of her body, one came on her stomach and pussy, another came hard on her breasts and one aimed her dick so that Flannery's face had a decent coating before all three tap off and pant for breath when they admire their work.

Flannery moans as she felt all the clones cum on her body which causes her to finger her pussy a bit harder.

The clones watched with lustful looks on their faces before they wait for Flannery to finish herself off while one clone says this to the others.

"Hey girls… mind lending me your power?, I want to see if she can take me at 30%." the clone says while she grins at the clones.

The first clone chuckles before she nods at her sister clone before she turns to black mist and flows inside the clone.

The other clone just shook her head before she says this to the one who got the boost.

"Try and not break her by accident, we do want to see if she will still join us in going to the past after all." The clone says before she turned into a black mist and flowed into the clone, she was now at 30%, so things would get very interesting in a moment when she licks her lips when she looked at Flannery to see how she was doing and liked what she saw.

Flannery continues to finger her pussy a bit before she stops as she pulls her fingers out which had some cum on it.

That's when the elemental looks at it before she sticks her fingers in her mouth before licking the semen off.

The clone grins at that before she says this to the Green colored flame Elemental while her dick was over Flannery.

"Hey Flannery, want more cum to eat?, you know what to do right?" The clone says while she waits for Flannery's response.

Flannery blushes brightly when she heard that before she slightly nods at the clone.

The clone grins at that before the camera turns toward Fionna and Marceline who were already well into it when Marceline had Fionna on all fours and she was fucking her pussy at a strong at steady pace while Marceline had a tight grip on Fionna's ass.

Fionna groans and moans loudly with each thrust before she spoke up.

"O-Oh... Marceline!"

Marceline just chuckled before she says this to Fionna.

"That's right my pet, who owns this pussy right now?" Marceline said with a lustful tone to her voice while her dick sped up more and used stronger thrusts then ever.

Fionna moans a bit loud before she turns her head to look at Marceline with a cute blush before saying this.

"Y-You do!"

Marceline in turn just chuckles before she says this.

"That's right… unless you find another lover… and are busy... you might as well be my go to gal when I want a good fuck or to just straight up have fun for stress relief, we will have to blend in so might as well play the part of the cute couple if we need to go in hiding or to throw off others until the time is right." Marceline says before panting a bit when she used more effort to fuck Fionna hard.

Fionna moans a bit more before blushing brightly at the idea of pretending to be a couple with Marceline though part of her surprisingly likes the idea before Fionna said this.

"M-Makes sense… d-dear!"

Marceline had a surprisingly bright blush on her face before she says this.

"Well then my sweet catnip… why don't I give you the best that I can do so far." Marceline teasingly says before she used her left hand to spank Fionna's ass.

Fionna yelps a few times which causes her to moan and groan loudly when she starts to enjoy having her ass spanked before she starts to thrust her hips back and forth to meet with Marceline's thrusts.

Marceline then used her shapeshifting power to grow a second dick that slid between Fionna's asscheeks before Marceline stops moving so Fionna could feel it.

Fionna blinks in before she turns her head only for her eyes to widen when she saw another dick on Marceline.

Marceline just grins at the reaction before she says this.

"So… ready to feel real pleasure?" Marceline says while she thrusts her dick in Fionna's pussy while the dick on Fionna's ass grinds between her asscheeks.

Fionna groans for a bit before she was a bit silent for a moment before she nods her head at the Vampire Queen.

Marceline chuckles before she says this.

"Then you know the drill… beg for it like the good little sinful kitten that you are." Marceline teasingly says while she grinds her hips which caused her dick to wiggle in Fionna's pussy.

Fionna blushes brightly as she wanted to get more of this before she said this while looking cute.

"P-Please fuck both my holes Marceline."

Marceline grins big time from that before she whispered this.

"Please have who do what to you my pet?... unless you ask like a good girl and stop holding back that slutty side of yours… I may just stick with one dick for now… and I want you to yell it loud enough for your parents to hear." Marceline teased while she slowly slows her grinding motions to a near halt.

Fionna blinked in surprise when she heard that.

Part of her didn't want her parents to hear this but… the pleasure was to much. So she continues to blush brightly when she yells this.


Meanwhile in Kusa and Flynn's room…

The clones had gotten the duo food and drinks to recharge for another round of sex while Flynn was happily drinking some tea before he and Kusa heard this which made Flynn's eyes widen in shock.

"PLEASE FUCK BOTH OF MY SLUTTY HOLES HARD WITH YOUR MASSIVE COCKS MISTRESS!" Everyone heard Fionna yell out before pleasure filled yells where heard while Flynn had a serious spit take moment, thankfully no one was hit by that but the clones still laughed at Flynn's reaction.

Flynn was beyond flabbergasted before he asked this.

"Oh Glob… Please tell me that wasn't my little catnip saying something like that."

The Clones in turn looked to one another before giggling before one spoke up.

"Indeed, and from the words she said… looks like the main us is using dual dick mode… hehe… seems we'll be getting a very slutty kitty soon girls when she's fully trained." One clone said to the others who had grins on their faces at the ideas they had.

Flynn's eyes widen when he heard that before saying this.

"T-Two dicks?!" He said while Kusa rolled her eyes before she spoke up.

"Oh calm down Flynn. Remember Fionna is a big girl. She's one of the toughest assassin's in the order. She'll be fine."

"Yeah I mean considering things, she and the main us maybe an item if she plays her cards right, I mean she is technically, in the past around the time the three of us, after we go back to the original, a Fanfic version of Fionna, so it's not like she won't be popular among many… even plenty of boys and girls who would love nothing more then to get in Fionna's pants… wouldn't it be best to at least let her go to someone who can keep up?... besides… with the main us around, she can at least gauge to see if there is a boy there that can actually wow Fionna without causing issues, I mean are you gonna keep her single forever… are there any boys here who actually get Fionna's interest?" One clone whispered into Flynn's ear and enjoyed the looks on his face when many situations happened.

Flynn was again flabbergasted when he heard that before sighing in defeat when he spoke up.

"I'm not sure but I don't want her to be alone I just… don't want her to get hurt again after what happen with her last boyfriend."

One of the clones just chuckle before she says this.

"Oh don't be such a worry wart, does the main us at full power seem like a pushover in the protecting department?, besides, with how adorable she is and with the main us's supervision, she can find a guy in the past who's not a scumbag. Ooo back then is not as bad as it is today, just don't be surprised if we can't get back to the future anytime soon, things could change but hopefully for the better… I mean… you already know what will happen after the three of us leave right?... you're not the head of the assassin's guild of today for your brawn only right?" One of the clones says with a serious look in her eyes when she spoke of the possibility of this future being erased to make room for a new one where it's not like the Nightosphere on Ooo… plenty of time travel stuff does tell about some futures being completely destroyed to make room for the new one or for the old one to be an alternate timeline instead of getting changed at all… so many horrifying what ifs...

Flynn blinks for a bit when he heard the possibilities before he spoke up.

"You have a point."

"Yeah… and it's not like we haven't worried about those issues…. Ever since we found out about that time travel spell, we weighed the pros and cons and while the risks are there…. The hope that a better future then this that can be made if things are done right… hopefully the real us can keep the group together but we know what the pressure is like… succeeding or failing…" The clone said before she and the other clones looked down when the risk of losing this place… was a heavy weight even to them…

Flynn and Kusa blinked in surprise when they heard that before realizing that the clones had a point before Flynn spoke up.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea."

One clone waved him off before she says this.

"No worries, you didn't know, we may act like we know more then we should, we just make shit up as we go… the real us… the true us practically lost everything so finding a place like this really made us… feel at home… but… now we're practically gambling this world's safety by going to the past… and one change could cause everyone here to not exist anymore…" The clone says before tears start to form in her eyes while the other Clones had similar states before another says this.

"Finn…. Jake… Bonnie… Phoebe… Simon… BMO… Neptr… Schwabl… Mom… everyone I knew in the past that I cared for are either batshit insane or… gone!… and here…. Everything could fade all because of me wanting to be selfish…. W-why can't things ever be simple?" The clone says while dropping the we bit before she starts to full on cry like the other clones were doing…

Flynn and Kusa were again surprise after hearing this before Flynn surprises the clone when he hugged her.

The clone's eyes open from that before she looks at Flynn with the clones doing the same when they wondered why he did that.

Flynn continues to hug the clone before he spoke up.

"Sometimes it's how life is. All you have to do is keep fighting hard to protect what it's important to you. What the real you will do may sound selfish but… I think it's a great noble cause."

The clones looked surprised by that before the one getting hugged by Flynn chuckles before she says this.

"Wow… 2000 years old and I'm still getting cheered up by people like you, guess the charisma was also passed down the bloodline huh?"The clone says while Kusa looked on when the clones looked a bit calmer now.

Flynn rubbed the clone's back as he continues to hug her before speaking up.

"Indeed. I know what will happen will be dangerous and the risks are great but I know the real you will be able to succeed because you're the Vampire Queen for a reason."

The clones blink at that before one says this.

"Wow… impressive… but what if we… erase your timeline completely?... or flat out cause you all to be left here in this state while Fionna, Flannery, and I are living in the past?... I doubt the time travel spell can take everyone here…" The clone says while she looked greatly worried since this village was big and she doubt the spell would work for more then 5 or 6...

Kusa was worried about that while Flynn, who pulls back a bit, was also worried before he spoke up.

"Sadly... I don't know the answer. Whatever happens will be up to you. The only thing you can do is stop certain events and also to help Finn. We may not be erased for sure but if we're left behind, then do what we always been train to do, which is to survive. Although I'm sure there can be a way." Flynn said with some confidence.

The clone looked at Flynn while the others did the same before the clone getting hugged by Flynn sighs before she says this.

"What is it with this family and optimism, even if I feel pretty low, you or Finn just helped pull me back up… hehe… you know if it wasn't for that time travel spell, I probably would have offered to a woman of yours if I didn't have an eye on Fi here, she's too adorable to ignore." The Clone says while she grins at Flynn with the clones doing the same, seems they were cheered up now.

Flynn blushes a bit brightly when he heard that part about the clone being his woman while Kusa giggled at his reaction before Flynn said this.

"Indeed and knowing the pleasures that you showed me and Kusa… I would've actually considered it."

The clone chuckles before she says this.

"Thanks for that… and while I would love another round… I think the clones and I should go back to the original now… a lot to think about and I think you two should get some rest or maybe some one on one loving to help forget all of this drama…" The clone says while each clone starts to vanish and flow out of the room except for the last one being hugged by Flynn.

Flynn wondered why this clone didn't leave yet.

The clone just smiles and gave Flynn a light kiss on the lips before she says this when she starts to vanish.

"Kusa and Fi was right… you are fun to tease just like how Finn was." The clone says before she vanished and left Flynn and Kusa alone on the bed.

Flynn blushes a bit from both the kiss and embarrassment when he heard that before he looks at his wife.

Kusa just giggles before she says this.

"Want to just cuddle or something?, or do what the clone said and have one last round?... or maybe go all night?.. possible timeline change or erasure so… no holds barred my dear." Kusa said while she raised her hand to her mask and removed it before she sets it on the nightstand before she looked at Flynn to see how he would react.

Flynn just stares at his wife for a moment before he surprises Kusa when he pounced on her pins her down.

Kusa grins at that before she pulled him in for a kiss before the scene went back to Marceline while she was busy fucking Fionna's ass and pussy, however she got a major boost in power when 4 of her clones returned on their own and she made a couple must stronger thrusts then usual while oddly enough… tears start to leak from her eyes from that when the memories from the clones came back to her which made her get a somber look on her face before she quickly wiped them away…. 70% of Marceline was back…

Fionna felt something was off before she turns her head and sees the Vampire Queen with tears before the cat/nymph hybrid asked this.

"M-Marceline? What's wrong?"

Marceline just shook her head and grins at Fionna before she says this.

"I'm fine, just had a bit of drama in the other room that was resolved and I got my clones there back… so sorry for stopping so let's continue." Marceline said before she starts to thrust her hips with many times the speed and power till her hips looked like they were blurring and the sounds of resounding smacks were heard when the force of Marceline's thrusts really caused her dicks to slam into Fionna again and again.

Fionna's eyes widen when she realised that Marceline got some of her clones back either from Flannery or her parents which explains the powerful thrusts she the cat/nymph hybrid was receiving before she starts moaning and groaning very loud.

Marceline in turn keeps on going while she leaned down and licked and sucked at various parts of Fionna's neck to really egg her on in losing her restraints.

Fionna shudders from that before a moment later, she said this.

"O-Oh fuck Marceline! Please keep going! Make my body remember your massive cocks!"

"Oh I intend to." Marceline thought before she opened her mouth and used her fangs to lightly scratch against Fionna's neck while she thrusts harder and faster than ever before while she could feel her orgasm approaching.

Fionna groans when she felt the Vampire Queen's fangs on her neck before the hybrid felt her climax approaching as well before Fionna said this.

"P-Please don't stop Marceline! Use all the cum you have and give me everything!"

Marceline in turn chuckles before she pulled a very surprising move when she could feel Fionna about to cum… and pretty much shot her control when she actually bit into Fionna's neck while not going too deep and lightly drank her blood before she groans and came hard up the hybrid's holes.

"GAAAAHHH!" Fionna groans before moaning loud from not only having her holes filled up but also having her neck bitten before Fionna climaxed hard on Marceline's dicks.

The Marceline clone with Flannery, who was lifting and lowering Flannery hard on her dual dicks, just chuckles when she saw that before she looked to Flannery to see what the green colored Flame person thought when she had the perfect view to see this.

Flannery had a bright blush when she saw real Marceline cumming inside Fionna and biting her before Flannery had this thought.

'Whoa… I can't believe what I'm seeing. It looks like Fionna is enjoying it but… would she end up like Vampire too?'

The clone, after seeing Marceline tap off and pull her fangs free of Fionna's neck, said this when Marceline gently licks the bite marks and her saliva acted as a healing agent of sorts which healed them up.

"Don't worry, unless Marceline injects some of her own blood into Fionna shortly after drinking Fionna's blood, she won't transform into a vampire unless she wants that to happen, bit of a trade secret of vampires… I mean can a bite really transform someone?, our teeth aren't that different to other beings fangs and it's not like rabies or something… it's the blood of a vampire that is the key." The clone says while she grins at Flannery while she puts more power into her thrusts.

Flannery blinked a few times since she never much about a vampire's bite before she starts to moan and groan very loudly.

The clone in turn grins before she leaned in and starts to lick and suck at the side of Flannery's neck when she could feel Flannery about to cum while also showing what the clone had in mind… seems Fionna isn't he only one getting bitten today…

Flannery shudders before her eyes widen when she realized that she's also gonna get bitten while feeling her climax getting closer.

A moment later, The clone bit into Flannery's neck lightly and hummed with pleasure when she could taste the fiery blood flowing into her mouth which reminded her of Phoebe before she groans loudly when she came hard up Flannery's holes.

Flannery moans loud when she felt her neck get bitten while feeling her holes getting filled up.

Surprisingly though, she was actually liking this feeling which causes the green flame elemental to climax hard in the clone's dicks.

The clone hummed with delight when she could feel Flannery's pleasure before she pulled away and starts to lick the wound that she made gently while her saliva slowly healed it, not as fast as Marceline's but definitely healed Flannery while she rode out her orgasm.

Flannery moans a bit more before she taps off after 30 seconds passed.

The clone did the same as well 5 seconds later but keeps holding Flannery so she could enjoy the afterglow, she would have a light head from the blood drained but that would be fixed soon, same with Fionna as well when the clone says this when she set Flannery next to a light headed Fionna.

"Well you two, I'm going to head on out for now since I'm sure plenty of time passed here and Minerva is probably wondering where we are so…" The clone says before she shapeshifted into a bat and says this to Marceline.

"You can handle their special drinks right?" The clone says before she flew out the window which made Marceline chuckles before she says this.

"Oh I got a special drink for them… so ladies… thirsty?" Marceline says to the two light headed women.

Fionna and Flannery nodded but we're both curious about those drinks before Fionna asked this.

"W-What type of… s-special drinks?"

Marceline just grins when she points to her dicks and she says this.

"Should be obvious… does her kitty want her cream?... well… you'll have to work for it to quench that thirst that you have… same to you Flan… bet even for a flame person… you deserve a hot beverage... " Marceline says before she licked her lips when she saw the duos gaze when she swings her dicks a few times to get their attention focused on the two dicks… one for each lady…

Fionna and Flannery both had their eyes widen before blushing big when they now realized what Marceline meant.

Marceline grins while the scene shifts to a minute later with Marceline who was leaning back while she sat on her legs while Flannery and Fionna were working both of Marceline's dicks for their prize while Marceline pants and moans through it all when she used her hair to form tentacles which thrust in the duo's holes to egg them on.

And egged on Fionna and Flannery were which causes them to lick and suck hard on Marceline's dicks.

Marceline in turn pants and groans while he had a couple hand hairs form and pet the duo's head before she says this.

"G-Good girls… make sure to really get around the head, really sensitive there." Marceline says while she liked the looks on Fionna and Flannery's faces while they sucked her cocks.

Said duos had bright blushes on their faces while they had a look of lust in their eyes before they start going to the heads of the Vampire Queen's dicks and focused their efforts there.

Marceline groans from that while she just lets the duo work her dicks for a bit while her orgasm was slowly approaching her.

Fionna and Flannery we're able to feel that which made them double their efforts before they each used one hand to stroke Marceline's dicks.

Marceline in turn shudders before she says this.

"O-Oh fuck… yeah… d-don't worry about… a m-mess… m-make sure to drink u-up… n-need your fluids after all." Marceline groans out while she enjoyed this time.

Flannery and Fionna understood that as they continue to pleasure Marceline before the duo uses their tongues to lick both tips.

Marceline in turn used her tentacles more on the duo while she could feel them about to orgasm as well while she herself got closer and closer until…

Fionna and Flannery muffly moans a bit loud before they climaxed on the tentacles which causes the duo to suck on Marceline's dicks even harder.

A moment later Marceline groans loudly after throwing her head back when she came hard in Flannery and Fionna's mouth and a large dose of semen blasts into them.

Said duo were taken back by the amount before they both tried to drink down the Vampire Queen's cum as best as they could.

Marceline keeps moaning and groaning while her dicks pulsed each time with semen before she tapped off with a groan and pants for breath while she looked down and saw with a blush how messy she made the duo and how greedily they were slurping up her semen.

Fionna and Flannery were both using their mouths to make sure that Marceline's dicks were super clean.

Marceline in turn just grins when she saw that before she asks this.

"S-So… h-how was your treat?" Marceline says when she saw the duo were really going at it with their licks and in their lust driven states, they actually start to kiss one another in the heat of the moment.

Fionna moans during the kiss before she slides her tongue in the elemental's mouth before hugging her.

Flannery returned the kiss while Marceline enjoyed the sight before she had this thought.

"Hehe… going to enjoy the time in the past if I can see sights like that." Marceline thought while she really liked the sight of Fionna and Flannery and them cleaning off one another's bodies with licks and kisses.

Shortly after, the trio was resting on the bed while Marceline had a fanged grin on her face while she gently held Flannery and Fionna, if one didn't know any better, Fionna would look like a tomato and Flannery could look like a near perfect double of Phoebe right now with how bright they were blushing when their heads cleared up.

Fionna blushes brightly as she was held while taking a few nervous glances at Flannery as she remembered kissing her.

Flannery did the same before the duo jolt when they saw one another and looked away which made Marceline chuckle before she says this.

"Awww… cute… but considering what we just did, shyness is just going to get in the way of the group dynamic… so… Fi… Flannery… how are you two feeling right now besides that?, hope I gave the best lay in your lives." Marceline says before she chuckles while she hugged the duo a bit more and their heads were resting on Marceline's breasts like they were pillows.

Fionna blushes brightly before she said this.

"W-Well… It was different when I… lost my virginity with my first boyfriend but… it felt… great."

Marceline chuckles before she says this.

"Well I aim to please, and if you want a repeat, just ask and I'll be more than happy to oblige… Flannery, how was it for you?, sorry if my clones got too intense but you flame people, past and present, just love it rough." Marceline says while she winked at Flannery.

Flannery blushes brightly before she said this.

"Y-Yes… Though it was my first time experiencing this it just… felt so amazing." She said which made Fionna blinked a bit.

Marceline blinked at that before she laughed and says this.

"So I was your first time?" Marceline says while she gave Flannery a fanged grin.

Flannery couldn't trust her voice but slightly nods her head at the Vampire Queen which meant yes.

"Hehe… guess I should take responsibility later then huh?, that is if you join us in the past and all that, could even help you find a guy if you want to get really kinky." Marceline says before she kissed Flannery on the forehead before pulling away with a grin on her face.

Flannery blushes brightly from the kiss before she took a moment to think on this before she said this.

"Well… I be missing some of my family members but… I always wanted to see what Ooo was like in the past, especially the Fire Kingdom."

Marceline in turn chuckles before she says this.

"Well then, better get stuff ready later, you may get plenty of peoples eyes since Elemental's back then are in shades of red and orange, not able to pick their own color… wonder how many men will go for this sweet ass of yours as well…." Marceline says while she used her hand and gripped Flannery's ass.

Flannery jolts before she blushes brightly from not only having her ass grabbed but the thought of men from the past going to her.

Marceline keeps on holding Flannery's ass before she looked to Fionna and says this.

"And you Fi, same to you, I mean a cutie like you would get plenty of guys going after you, but better make sure to keep Finn away, you being his descendant and all that… would be funny as hell to see him trip over his own feet trying to impress you though." Marceline says before she laughed at the look on Fionna's face.

Fionna blushes brightly at the thought of seeing younger Finn trying to impress her before the cat/nymph hybrid shudders before taking a mental note to not be so close to Finn if she ever sees him.

Marceline just smiled at that before she says this.

"No worries Fi, just let Finn know that your seeing someone else and he'll back off, I mean we could pose as girlfriends and I don't want to share or you could find a guy and he could tell Finn that you two are dating, simple as that… would also make it pretty kinky if you bring your boyfriend to me for some… training..." Marceline said while she wiggles her eyebrows at the training bit.

Fionna blushes brightly when she heard that before she thinking of meeting a guy in the past.

Marceline just smiled at that before she says this.

"Better rest up you two, we got plenty of time to think of a plan before we make that leap through time… though to be nice and mannered, Flannery, want to join us?, You don't have to force yourself." Marceline says while she gave Flannery a serious look.

Flannery blinks for a bit before she took a moment to think on this before she said this.

"Well… I have to talk with my family about this but… yes I'll join. But mind if you do me one favor?"

Marceline grins before she gave Flannery a kiss on the cheek and says this.

"Welcome to the team Flan, hope we can get to know one another much more later." Marceline says while she laid her head back on the bed and closed her eyes to relax before she opened them and says this.

"Oh yeah, what was that favor Flan?" Marceline says while she looked at the Flame Elemental.

"Well, tomorrow is my grandma's birthday and I think it would be a nice surprise if you came over and sing for her." Flannery said.

Marceline blinked at that before she chuckled and says this.

"Well then, what kind of loving teammate would I be if I didn't agree and impress your grandparents, just make sure to make my entrance suspenseful and you and I could have some real one on one time as a good stress reliever… and maybe as a reward if I can get your grandparents to dance in their prime." Marceline says before winking at Flannery.

Flannery blushes brightly when she heard that before saying this.

"S-Sure… sounds like a plan."

"It's a date then." Marceline says before she closed her eyes again while she moved her arms to hug the hybrid and elemental gently.

Fionna and Flannery blushes brightly from the hug before Fionna looks at Flannery and said this.

"G-Good night Flannery."

"N-Night Fionna, pleasant dreams." Flannery said before she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Fionna blushes a bit before she closes her eyes and drifted off to sleep as well.

Meanwhile with the clone…

She was in the hospital again while she was speaking with Simon, Finn, and Minerva on screen.

" that's why going there now wouldn't be good right now since Kusa and Flynn maybe busy and the main me is probably sleeping right now with Fi and Flan by now, so here I am, I could return to the main me, but I believe Minerva and I got a play date to get to know one another before Fi, Flan, and I go back to the past with you two." The Clone says while she grins at the trios reactions, mainly the Finn AI's since she never did that cloning trick when Finn was still alive.

The Finn AI blinks in shock on all levels before he said this.

"Okay… despite hearing you had *fun* with Flannery, Fionna and her parents… never in my life did you ever show or tell me you can make clones."

"Well the main us back with Fi and Flannery did have to practice a bit for that to happen, just mix the Moon's regeneration and the Hierophant's shapeshifting and boom, then again considering things, I never did tell how we got our vampire abilities did we?, simon can help with explaining but lets just say that using 1/10th of the main us's power can make one clone, so 10 Marceline's can be in the room at once, or less for more power with the original and the clone, I'm at 30% so I have three clones worth of power, you following so far Finn?, you never were good with math last time but time could have changed that." The clone says in a teasing way while she looked at Finn.

The Finn AI puffed his cheeks a bit from the tease before he spoke up.

"Yeah I'm following. Mom had to make sure to tutor me after I, or the real me, brought her and some humans here when the village was starting."

"Nice, but try and think of not just 10… but 20 Marceline's pleasing you if the main us can help teach the past us, who knows, we could get the power to the point so that only 5% is needed for a clone which would double that… seems like you got a package deal Finn, so bad you don't have a bot body yet or I would show you how freaky I can be right now, unless Minerva here managed to get one changed at least to look like Finn." The clone says with a lustful tone before she gave a curious glance to Minerva to see if she did managed to do that or not.

The Finn AI blinks a few times before he blushes brightly at the thought of so many Marcelines attending to him which made Simon had a virtual sweatdrop before he said this to Minerva.

"Our kids, huh Minerva?"

Minerva giggles at that before she says this.

"Yeah, but what can you do?, and unfortunately I'm only halfway done with configuring things for the two bots, and by halfway, halfway with one, I've been talking with Finn and Simon here and by using certain parts of the time travel spell, I could send a Simon and Finn bot to you when they are finished but unless we have a way to communicate, it would have to be a one time thing since I have no idea what situation you three will be in, I'll work to make them pretty strong so no worries about them breaking anytime soon, one thing about 1000 years in the future… things advance… think I can add a feature to turn them into liquid metal if I use nanobots to help and they can reform… think I saw it in an old movie before and the idea does have it's applications." Minerva said while she got a thoughtful look on her face while the clone rubbed her head before she says this.

"Well… I'll leave the complicated stuff to you, 2000 years old or not, I'm definitely not he brainy type even if I do look some things up, still I did come here for some one on one time in a sense so why don't I make a clone to show Finn here what I and my past self will do soon so he and Simon can head to Fionna's place, going to stay an extra day since Flan wants the main us to sing at her grandparents' anniversary and I would love it if everyone could be there, might as well make it a concert that everyone will remember." The clone says while she grins at Minerva.

Simon smiles at Marceline before he spoke up.

"Of course I would be there Marceline."

The Finn AI blinks in surprise when he heard that before he said this.

"Heck yeah I would come! It's been so long since I heard you sing. I still remember the songs we did together."

The clone chuckles before she says this.

"Well get ready then because I made some serious upgrades to my Axe, take a look." the clone says before she held her hand out before a crest appeared in front of her hand and her Axe appeared from it, but the difference between back then and now was apparent.

First was the head where the strings went, it looked like the head was changed to a bat shaped bit with a skull like icon on the middle while various bits to keeps the strings straight were seen around it to allow tuning.

The neck of the axe seemed to be changed a bit as well to have some engravings in them that looked like they were spell incantations or something that glowed with a dimly red light.

However… the real eye opener was the axe part of the guitar, it looked like it was seriously overhauled to be like a one handed axe but the blade itself was massive like some kind of crest moon of sorts that had similar spell symbols on them while the strings went down the handle part, all in all, the clone effortlessly held it so that it rests on her shoulder while she waits for the Finn AI's reaction.

The Finn AI had wide eyes when he sees the Vampire Queen's instrument/weapon before the AI said this.

"Wow Marcy… it's so… Mathematical."

"Thanks, unfortunately this is just a downgraded version of the original since I'm only at 30% but the shapes like this, I had various wizards enchant it only for people who are near my strength can wield it, and contrary to its looks, its a one handed weapon now thanks to the axe shape, but considering that this thing has gotten me out of more jams then I can count, I won't complain, can also shift it back to it's classic look thanks to a few tricks of my own and I never showed Fi this so I'm planning to make a reveal later, so… Minerva, your thoughts on this bad boy?" Marceline said while she swinged the musical based weapon easily a few times with one arm before she rests it on her shoulder again, each swing picked up a gust of wind and that looked like just simple movements.

Minerva blinked a few times when she witnessed that before she spoke.

"It's definitely a remarkable item. Finn had told me some stories about it and I can see why he admires it or how he admires you wielding it." She said before she giggles when Finn blushes from that.

Marceline chuckles at that before she says this.

"Hey Finn… one thing before you and Simon head to Fi's to check the place out…" The clone says while she looked at the Finn AI with a gentle smile.

Both AIs wonder what the clone meant before the Finn AI asks this.

"What's that Marcy?"

The Marceline clone just chuckles a bit before she says this.

"Considering I never got a proper time to say this… but I love you Finn, and you can bet those Finn cakes in the past that I'll make sure that a bright future comes to this place." Marceline says while she had a blush on her face but she never broke from the smiling look that she had.

Simon, though a bit surprises, smiles at his daughter figure while the Finn AI, who was also surprise, blushes at the confession even if it was from the clone before the AI said this.

"Clone or not… I love you too Marcy." He said while smiling back.

The clone chuckles before she says this.

"Alright, Simon, can you take Finn to Fi's place?, I doubt it would just be an underground computer there so I'm sure there are ways for you and Finn to look around, you would be surprised at how good Finn's family has it here all things considering, just don't peak in Flynn and Kusa's room since knowing what happened in there, they should be going at it like rabbits right now, and not Fi's room, my real self, Fi, and Flan are sleeping now." the clone says to Simon while she showed Finn how she could make a clone and summoned one which stood next to the clone before she shapeshifted clothing though Finn and Minerva did get a real eyeful of Marceline's figure thanks to that.

Simon sweat drops again when he saw the Finn AI blushing when he glanced at the clone's figure which reminded the Finn AI of seeing Marceline naked before though he never did told anyone about that.

Minerva chuckles at the look before she says this.

"Well I'm to say that if Finn and Simon don't want to be carried, they can go there now, but I made alterations to the bracelet so I hope you don't mind." Minerva says to the clones who looked to one another in confusion before a Minerva bot walked over and in a box, Minerva says this when the bot lifts the lid to show not a bracelet… but a complex looking gauntlet which made the clones eyes widen.

"As you can see, I upgraded this to be able to hold hundreds of times more data then its former form, I altered some things so full body holograms can be seen so if anything happens to Finn and Simon's robotic bodies, they can just return to the data gauntlet and boom, aside from missing some robotic bodies, my little boy and your father won't be harmed." Minerva says while she hugged Finn lovingly while Simon rubbed the back of his head and had a slight blush on his face when Minerva smiles at him which made one clone say this with a grin.

"Oh ho… Simon… are you getting a crush on Finn's mom?" One clone says with a teasing tone to her voice with the other clone grinning a moment later.

Simon blushes from the teasing before he said this.

"Uh… I-I well… I mean she is nice, intelligent and pretty…" He said before his eyes widen when he realized what he just said.

The clone just stayed silent while grinning more at Simon which showed they noticed his slip up while Minerva had a slight blush of her own when she heard that as well and didn't know how to respond to that, she was really rusty after all since she never really did much in a computer…

The Finn AI blinks a few times when he saw that before he had a teasing grin and said this to one of the clones.

"Hey Marcy, maybe the three of us should leave so Simon and my mom can get to know each other well."

Minerva blinked at that before blushing brightly when her son just vanished and his full body hologram appeared from the gauntlet before one clone picked the gauntlet up and says this.

"Yup, see you later Simon, better try and at least make sure I don't get any sibling anytime soon, shame, I was hoping for some fun times with Minerva but you deserve some attention as well and what kind of daughter would I be for getting in the way." The clone says before she and the other clone fly off which caused the Finn hologram to wave at the stunned duo before he vanished when the gauntlet was out of range which left a blushing Simon with Minerva.

"Did she just…" Minerva says before blushing when she couldn't say much more.

"Uhhh…" Was the only thing Simon could say while blushing brightly as he looks at Minerva.

Minerva just blushed when she had no idea what to do right now before she says this.

"Er… want to… uh… talk elsewhere?, I can have my bots run on auto so no worries about cross connection." Minerva suggests while she blushed more when she realized she could have worded that better.

Simon blushes before he nods his head at Minerva since he couldn't trust his voice for the time being.

Minerva then set the bots to auto before they went back to work in their assigned areas before she gestured for Simon to follow her to another sector of the data stream that let to various points.

Simon was now feeling nervous before he follows Minerva but did had this thought.

'O-Oh my. I don't know what's happening. Haven't felt this nervous when I was with… Betty.'

Meanwhile with the clone and the Finn AI after the clone with the gauntlet recalled the other into her…

The clone flew over the town while she could see the night sky before she says this.

"Pretty peaceful this place is… reminds me of the good old times…" the clone says while she stopped moving to look at the night sky and felt invigorated… after the talk with Flynn all the way up to now… she felt like she had a weight lifted from her… granted the thought of this time being erased or flat out different would always scare her… but with how things are now… things could only get better right?

The Finn AI comes out of the bracelet, but in full body hologram. Though it seems he was wearing his old Assassin's robes.

The AI took a look at the city he, or the real Finn, once founded 1000 years ago before he spoke up.

"Yeah it does."

"I'm going to miss this place, good thing I haven't gotten a good look around here or I would have had trouble leaving… to bad things can't turn out like we hope but we can hope for a better future then this… who knows… if I play my cards right, I could get Bonnie before she went mad to actually come onto you and all that hehe… I mean sure I would love nothing more then to choke the current Bonnie out for what she did to the world and maybe make her pay by raping her in various ways but I still… love her as well… strange huh considering all she did." the clone says while she held her arm and her hair hid her face from view.

The Finn AI sighs a bit before he said this.

"Yeah it is but… I don't actually blame you. I figured something was going on between you two ever since the Door Lord incident and also… even though I hated her for what she became… somehow I, or the real me, still had some small feelings for her."

"Hehe… well… we were broken up at the time… I just wish I knew why she turned out like this… was it because I didn't try hard enough back then?, did she get possessed by something?... or… was she just jealous of everyone's happiness and couldn't get her own?... I could never read her sometimes after you left Ooo and…" The Clone says while the Finn AI saw some tears leak from her eyes and drip to the ground.

The AI sees the tears and wished he can hug her in a comforting way but couldn't being a hologram and all. So the Finn AI decided to do this.

"I wish I knew Marcy. Even I'm still wondering why… PB did this. Luckily we'll be able to solve this mystery together, with Simon, Fionna and Flannery's help as well. I know we can do this."

"Hehe… yeah… still we will need help settling in… so why not do this… and make our entry point in the past to rescue Billy from the Lich?" the clone says while she looks at the Finn AI to see what he would think.

The AI blinks a few times when he heard that before he spoke up.

"S-Seriously?... I had not even consider that."

The clone chuckles before she says this.

"Yeah, I mean you mentioned this prismo and what not and technically it doesn't have to be Billy the Lich takes over, who knows, that incident could never happen in the first place and I could stop by there later with some connections I made, granted they may not work in the past, but it's better than letting the Lich get to the wish granting Glob right?, guy would have probably wished for all life on Ooo to be extinguished I bet." The clone says while she shook her head at the thought.

Though the Finn AI did say this.

"Well actually Marcy, when me and Jake were at Prismo's place to stop the Lich, we were too late stop him when he wished all life on Ooo to be dead before I made a wish for the Lich to not exist. However, I later learned that whatever wish I or the Lich made would've send us to a different reality based on that wish. Thankfully Jake was able to change that before we went back to our real home. Though saving Billy would be a great idea. That way the Lich won't possess him and me and Jake won't get tricked into getting the all the royal jewels."

The clone blinks at that before she says this.

"Hold on, wouldn't that mean Prismo is not a wish granting Glob but a dimensional shifting one?, I mean you said so yourself you and the Lich were sent to a reality based on that wish so wouldn't that mean that nothing really happened to Ooo, but you guys were sent to a dead world?" The clone says while she was a bit confused at that bit.

The Finn AI shook his head before he said this.

"No Marcy, Prismo is a bit of both. He gives whoever visits him one wish before going to said different reality. I don't remember much of my wish but… Jake told me that in my wish, there was no royals, everyone was human, Jake was a regular dog that didn't talk or stretch. I even had human parents and a sibling though I did have a mechanical arm for some reason but still. Everything then started to coming back to me. I even saw Simon but…" He said before stopping.

"... he was dead huh?, considering what you said, I wouldn't be to surprised, I mean no magical beings and all that right?, would make sense that he would be long dead by the time your born… still helps me feel better that I'm not some kind of magically constructed version of the original Marceline… you get what I mean though… and that the Lich's wish just moved you guys to a different dead dimension and Jake's wish just brought you back… hold on… wouldn't that mean since you technically never made a wish thanks to Jake's wish, wouldn't that mean you technically have one wish again?" the clone says while she got a bit confused near the end.

"Yeah sorry Marcy even I'm still confused about that. Bottom line is, Jake's wish was able to save the day. But thing is, in my wish world… magic can still surface. When I saw Simon's… body, he was pinned down by what appears to be a frozen bomb of sorts and he had the crown. You were also there but… you weren't a vampire but a half demon." The Finn AI said.

The clone was surprised by that before she says this.

"Hmmm, interesting, any chance I was still hot there?, she a teaser like me and tried to seduce you or something?" the clone said with a grin on her face.

Sadly the the Finn AI had a paled look on his holographic face before he said this.

"Uh… Actually Marcy, the other you may have been a half demon and a 1000 years old but…" He said before stopping.

The clone got a half lidded look on her face before she says this.

"That alternate me was ugly as sin wasn't she?" The clone says while she really didn't like that world.

"I don't want to say it but… yeah. Don't know how you got your vampire powers but the other you never left Simon's side even after death."

The clone rubbed the back of her head before she says this.

"Well she's got stubbornness that's for sure, why don't we change the subject and talk about how to deal with the complicated stuff with Me-Mow, like what should I do exactly since that seems a bit touch and go since you do need to leave Ooo for a bit with Me-Mow for everything to go into place, or was their a location I could meet you and Me-Mow at so I can make sure things stay safe for them, I can transform so not too hard to disguise myself." the clone says while she crossed her arms next to Finn.

The Finn AI took a moment to remember before he said this.

"I remember… Me-Mow finding me an hour later when the Ice Kingdom was still melted. She talked me into going to the Guild although I forgot that she was kicked out so she was using me at the time."

"Well sounds like her given personality back then, I'm guessing you two didn't pal around at first huh?" The Clone says while she looks at the AI.

The AI chuckled before he spoke up.

"After the Guild boss forced us to be partners, Glob no. It was like torture and excuse my language but she was a total bitch to me."

"So what changed her mind about you?... I mean it wasn't that bad right?, at least she wasn't a Yandere so maybe she was acting like that since she liked you secretly, I mean you do have a strong looking body even in hologram form so I bet you wowed her on a mission, I mean she can't be all bad since you did knock her up." The clone says while she grins at the clone's reaction to the terms Yandere and Tsundere.

The Finn AI blushes brightly before he said this.

"Well… she wasn't a Yandere that I can tell you. And well I did went into some training with the guild that gave me some muscle. Me-Mow was able to get a good look when she walked in on me… undressing. But I remember she started to warm up to me a bit when I saved her life when a pack of forest hyena's tried to eat her."

The clone chuckles before she says this.

"Nice to know… so… quick question… how intense was she during your first time with her?, you can't say I wouldn't ask details, I mean if I play my cards right… I could join in for some intense fun." The Clone says while she grins at the look on the AI's face.

The Finn AI was beyond blushing brightly before he said this.

"W-We'll… she was like a jungle cat in heat. Surprisingly I ended up dominating her and stuff."

"Hooo… and how would you know what a woman in heat would be like, or did you lose your V-Card to someone else?, unless you were a virgin until her but considering how heats work… well for a first time, you would have been down long before she was finished… trust me I get them every now and then and lets just say not even if your entire family tag teamed me and Flan as well could take me on without firing blanks." The clone says with a teasing grin on her face while she sat in the air.

The Finn AI was now looking like a tomato before he said this.

"W-Well… the Guild had to… teach me the basic of tier 15. They have a rule where if a member dies, one of the partners had to… do the deed with their female partner to increase the numbers. I only lost it when I turned 18 and at that time, Me-Mow was already liking me along with my body. We tend to have spars and I would try to pin her down while being shirtless."

The clone blinked at that before she chuckles and says this.

"Guess the same happens with the female members going to male ones for equal treatment huh?, guess you had to seduce some targets to get them in private places… so… mind trying flirting with me and see how it works?" The clone says while she floats to the Finn AI and grins at him.

The Finn AI blushes brightly before he spoke up.

"Uh well… it's been awhile since I flirted and I have been waiting for you after real me passed a away."

"Well… why not try a simple one… see if you can try, after all you never know, you could be rusty but that's what practice is for… if your mom gave your bot body the full package… and I mean a nice thick dick that works… well… lets just say that if you do seduce me… the past Finn won't be the only one getting lucky." The clone says before she teased the clone when she pulled her shirt down a bit and the AI saw she wore no bra… but she left it high enough so that her nipples were not seen...

The Finn AI blushes brightly when he saw that before he smirks a bit to the clone and said this.

"Well if I did have a body, I would rocked your fucking world right here so I can hear that lovely voice of yours when you scream my name."

The clone blushed quite a bit from that before she teasingly says this.

"Not bad… not bad… but when I have my lips wrapped around that dick, you maybe the one screaming my name… no need to breath after all so…" The clone flirted back before winking at the Finn AI.

The AI did blush when he heard that before he teasingly said this.

"Clever though the only thing I want to do first is have a taste of your beautiful lips… before squeezing that hot ass you got." He said before whispering that part.

The clone blushed more from that before she chuckles and she says this.

"Well you want to know what's so good about this moment right now?" The Clone says while she leaned in to the AI's face with a blush.

"What's that?" The Finn AI asked with a blush as well.

The Marceline clone leaned in and whispered this.

"I can tease you and you can't physically stop me." The clone says while she pulled the front of her shirt down and flashed the AI and he got an eyeful of her massive breasts.

The Finn AI blushes brightly when he saw the clone's breasts before realizing that he actually can't do anything since he's a hologram. Which is worse than death.

The Clone chuckles while she left her chest alone which caused her to constantly flash the AI before she says this.

"Better hope your mom makes you a durable body later… I'm going to enjoy making you moan my name later… for now... time for me to go back to the original." the clone say while she put her shirt back to normal and turned away from the AI and shook her ass at him before she slowly flies away.

Even though the AI blushes, he still chuckles before he said this.

"You may think so my radical dame but when I do get my body, you will be the one that will moan my name out loud."

The scene then fades to black after the AI vanished from being out of range again while the clone smiles from the soon to be fun she would have, or the main her would have… hehe… so many ideas to trip the AI up… so little time to have some more fun before things get serious.

The scene then fades in to show Future TME and Atomsk walking into the ice cream parlor and saw everyone sitting near one corner while they ate some ice cream while Aurora sat on Cedric's lap while she happily ate her ice cream while the Spirit floats near the group.

Cedric smiles at his adoptive daughter while he was having ice cream of his own but made sure to not dirty her by accident while Heather and Monica sat across and Melody was next to Cedric and Aurora.

"Hey everyone, how's the ice cream?" Future TME asked while he walked up to the table.

"Delicious. Cedric was kind enough to treat all of us." Monica said while Heather nod in agreement.

TME however was confused before he said this.

"Didn't I give my wallet to you guys for ice cream?" TME said while he raised an eyebrow at the group.

"Yeah, but Cedric felt he owe you two for helping him out back there with those thugs." Heather said before Cedric spoke up.

"Better believe it." He said which made Atomsk blink before he chuckled and said this.

"Well, thanks for treating our gals than."

"Yeah… though that reminds me, is my past self still tied up in the cabin with the past Heather?" TME said when he pulled up a chair and sat it in before he looked at the ice cream options.

Cedric shrugged before he said this.

"I don't know. Maybe you can call past Atomsk or have Spirit check."

"Oh he still is, but we can deal with what future TME here has in mind next chapter, for now, just enjoy the ice cream everyone, especially you two here." The Spirit said while grinning at Melody and Aurora.

Melody gave the Spirit a firm nod as she was eating her ice cream while Aurora did the same.

Monica sighs a bit before she spoke up.

"Cedric, you're one lucky guy." She said which made Cedric chuckled before he spoke up.

"Indeed I am. I'm in a relationship with my beautiful girlfriends and have two cute daughters with me."

"Yup, but considering he's still getting toasted by Ruby right now, I wouldn't say it's all smooth sailing." The Spirit says before chuckling while TME chuckles at that as well.

Atomsk also chuckles while Monica and Heather sweatdrops at their boyfriends while Cedric sends the Spirit a half lidded look before he said this.

"Geez, thanks for the reminder Spirit. I was hoping to enjoy this nice time with my daughters until you had to say that… *Sigh*... I'm just gonna have to go with the fact, my niece and nephew just don't like me."

"Well I'm just making sure you don't get a big ego here, and I do love to tease others, I mean you should know me by now since my body can't physically touch things, limits my amusement so eh… work with what you got, at least you can have some fun with your wife later if you know what I mean?, I mean it's obvious that you two will hook up like that so…" The Spirit says while TME laughed at that when he saw the look on Cedric's face.

Atomsk also laughed while Monica and Heather giggled a bit as Cedric blushes brightly when they mentioned Azure.

TME then calms down before he says this to Atomsk.

"Hey Atomsk, mind getting some ice cream for you and me and I'll take care of the outro ending?, I'll pay extra so you can get toppings." TME says while he got his wallet back from Heather and holds it out to Atomsk.

Atomsk chuckled before he took TME's wallet and gets up before he spoke up.

"Sweet. What ice cream do you want?"

"Chocolate ice cream if you please my good man." TME said while trying to sound like a gentleman which made him sweatdrop when all the ladies around him giggle and the Spirit chuckles at that.

Cedric and Atomsk also snickered before he gets up and goes to the counter to make the order.

That's when Cedric asked TME this.

"So wait, are you and Atomsk coming back to the beach with us along with your girlfriends?"

"Well unless you don't want us showing up then I understand but should be a good laugh from our past selves reactions right honey?" TME says to Heather while he grins at her.

Heather, though blushes, giggles when she spoke up.

"You said it dear." She said before Cedric spoke up.

"Well I wasn't saying you guys can't. I'm asking if it's safe knowing you guys will meet your past selves."

"Oh don't worry, if anything serious does happen, I have a double who is ready to go to the past to stop my future past self from doing this, kind of giving the timeline a middle finger but eh…" TME says before shrugging like any issue coming up is nothing.

Cedric blinks when he heard that before speaking.

"Then I guess we have nothing to worry about. Although, don't mention anything about Lavender and me to the others especially Azure and Lavender. Don't want to know how they'll react."

"Alright, but she may seem thrilled about you two getting along with one another… hehe…" TME says while he chuckles when he could see how happy Azure could be since Cedric and Lavender wouldn't possibly fight in the future.

Cedric did sigh before he spoke up.

"Yes it's true Azure is tired of me and Lavender fighting and I've been hoping Lavender and I would finally get along. Just wasn't expecting… the thing that will happen later on." He said which made Melody ask this.

"What are you guys talking about? Is pops planning to have aunt Lavender as another mom?"

TME chuckles before he gave Melody a shushing gesture before he says this.

"Keep that possibility a secret and I'll buy you and Aurora more ice cream, deal?" TME said while he held a hand out for Melody to shake.

Melody and Aurora blink a few times after hearing that though they like sound of that before Melody chuckles and brought her hand out and said this.

"Deal." She said.

Right after that happened, the ice cream parlor door opened and Azure walked in before she was looking around for Cedric and the others.

Cedric noticed before he uses one hand to wave at Azure to get her attention.

Azure noticed before she smiles… before looking confused when she saw TME, Heather, and Monica in the room before she says this.

"Errr…. Hey guys… thought you were tied up TME… and Heather?... Monica?... you guys look… different…" Azure says before TME says this.

"Hey Azure, we're the future versions of TME, Heather, and Monica, Future Atomsk is here as well but long story short, were palling around with Cedric, Melody, and the adorable Aurora and that was after I scared off some thugs who tried to mess with this little furball." TME says while he pets Aurora on the head in a kind way while Azure's eyes widen at that before she looked at Cedric with a pointed look when her anger was starting to show since her little girl was in trouble back then.

Cedric was gonna say this something till Melody spoke up.

"Don't worry mom, pops here was gonna teach those idiots a lesson for upsetting Aurora before TME and Atomsk saved the day."

"Yup, I'm pretty sure we made sure things didn't end up bloody though so…" TME says which made Azure sigh before she says this when she got to the table.

"Well I won't ask details, but hows the ice cream you two?, think you got a recommendation for me?" Azure says while Aurora smiles and held out her ice cream to Azure which made her smile from how innocent Aurora was being.

Monica and Heather cooed at how adorable that was while Cedric smiles at Aurora.

Azure then took the ice cream for a moment to taste it before she hums and says this when she passed it back to Aurora.

"I'll have what Aurora is having, I'll be right back Cedric, Melody, Aurora." Azure says while she got up and kissed Cedric for a moment and walked away while Cedric got a good view of her swaying ass.

Cedric blushes when he saw Azure's ass sway a bit which made Melody had a half lidded and said this.

"Really pops?" She asked which made Cedric whistled nonchalantly.

TME chuckles before he says this when he leaned in and says this to Melody.

"Well considering things, you could get a new brother or sister in the future… bit of a possibility if we never got to that point yes?" TME says while he gave an innocent look that was too innocent to be played off as a normal one which means…

Melody blinked a few times while Cedric looks at TME and said this.

"Seriously?, are you trying to spoil more surprises?"

"Will you all remember this years from now when you have plenty of adventures to keep you from thinking about it?, besides you don't know how many years it will be from here till then right?, hard to say since Aura users have a slower aging process and that is amped with Chaos energy so... " TME counters while he grins at the wolf with a knowing look when he enjoyed this conversation so far.

Cedric blinks a few times before he sighs and spoke up.

"Yeah I guess you're right."

"Yup, and just FYI, if you want, I can give you some stories to read… in fact, one of them deals with you being the principal of a school that is just now accepting Hybrids and Azure is your vice principal… gets pretty interesting so…" TME says while he summoned the Sonaze: Step Love story and passed it to Cedric for him to read.

Cedric blinked a few times when he heard that before he chuckles and said this.

"Well I'm liking what I'm hearing already. Maybe later I can read this with Azure."

"Alright, just know there is racist issue since it deals with most Mobians not being too happy to see Hybrids in the school and it was recently implemented so don't expect happy times at first, I mean this Emerald in this story is really unsociable, I mean he got part of his cheek cut off from being so different since he is a Hybrid here… and that was before he went to the school your principal self runs." TME says with a serious look on his face while he told Cedric how different the Emerald in this story was.

Cedric gulps when he heard that before he spoke up.

"Yikes. Now I'm worried what this Emerald went through. Though I can't stand people not accepting hybrids. People like that is something I don't want my kids to ever socialize with."

"True, but should show how hard your SL self is doing to try and help them, should also give you some ideas in the future when you get to a juicy part… lets just say Azure helps you relax in the office after everyone else leaves... " TME says while he sets the chapters in front of Cedric to read if he wants.

Cedric did want to look but he remembered he's with his daughters before the young wolf closes it and spoke up.

"Perhaps later. I'm with my daughters after all."

TME chuckles before he says this.

"Well then, why don't I end this now by saying this to the readers." TME says while he looked to the readers.

"Hope you all enjoyed the story so far and hope you like the future chapters… pun fully intended… jokes aside things are more complicated with the whole ramifications of time travel, could say this story is more like Chrono Trigger in that sense, I mean take Marle for instance, when Chrono went back to the past in 600 A.D., 400 years back in time from his time when he had to rescue her, Marle was accidently mistaken for her ancestor and was taken to the castle and the search called off, and if your a fan of the game like I am, then you know how that turns out so Chrono and his friend Lucca who joined him in the castle when she got the time machine working, went to rescue the Queen with the help of a soldier turned into a frog like Humanoid named… well… Frog… which helps sets things back on track and Marle returns to the group, so think of it like this… will the ladies and Simon and Finn rescue Billy when they go back to the past?, how will things change?, will the lich just get destroyed by the new and improved Marceline and the others or will he flee and find someone else to possess to try and get to Prismo's room?, find out next time on ACAT!, see you all next time." TME says while he waved to the readers while the scene fades to black.

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