Chrono Time @atomskthepirateking
Arc 1 - An Unexpected Reunion

The Scene fades in to show an empty beach with a calm sea near it before a portal opened in the air before TME stepped out… right before he screamed and crashed to the ground in a comical anime style.

"Owww…. *Cough** Cough* Remind me… why did I take you two here for a date again?" TME said when he lift his head off the ground and coughed up sand before he looked to the portal.

Exiting the portal was Atomsk falling before landing face first in the sand.

He lift his head up before spitting some sand out of his mouth.

He was about to speak before he heard a woman's voice yelling out.


Before Atomsk could react, his face was back on the sand as something hard, but a bit soft landed on his head.

If you look up top, you see that the female that landed on Atomsk was his girlfriend Monica.

She's wearing a black bikini bra with a matching thong.

Just then another female's voice was heard when said female fell towards TME with a scream.

TME however had a second to turn over onto his back since he was the first here to recover… but most watching would feel bad for TME when a they saw the woman practically elbow dropping him in the family jewels and kneeing him right in the nose… if that didn't knock him out than he would be in agony right now.

The Woman who knocked out TME actually wore a red two piece bikini which left little to the imagination which had some kind of musical note pattern on them.

Monica cringed before speaking up.

"Are you guys okay?"

TME… fell limp onto the ground which showed that he was knocked out before the Spirit, who followed them through the portal floats down with a grin on it's face before examining TME… before it spoke up a moment later.

"From the vacant look in his eyes… seems Heather's accidental falling hit him twice… once in the family jewels and another in the face, I'd be surprised if any guy stayed conscious from that, how are you doing by the way Heather?" The Spirit asked with a grin on its face when it looked to the woman on top of TME in a suggestive position.

Heather groans a bit before getting off of TME before speaking up.

"Well despite from the fall… I'm actually happy to be here on the beach with Monica, Atomsk, and especially with TME." Heather said before blushing after saying that last part.

The Spirit chuckles before speaking up.

"Just because you got your memory back, doesn't mean it will be easy for you to get in TME's pants, you remember what he said about the love thing right?, you're going to have to do something forceful and wear him down first before you can make any headway, TME's pretty stubborn about that in that regard and sadly…. He's a virgin so he's extremely shy around women, even if he does write juicy stories with Atomsk here." The Spirit bluntly said with a wide grin which got wider when it got to the part about part of Heather's possible intentions.

Heather blushed a bit before nodding to Spirit as she thinks of plan to help TME.

Monica giggled for a bit before her eyes widen as she forgot she was on top of Atomsk.

She got off of him before trying to help him.

"OMG, I'm sorry Atomy. Are you okay?" She asked.

Atomsk spit out a handful of sand from his mouth before speaking.

"No worries Mon. Getting hurt is mine and TME's thing." He said before the Spirit moved in front of Atomsk and points to TME with a grin on it face from the state he as in.

Atomsk sweatdrop before speaking.

"Although his nuts gets hurt a lot more each time." He said.

"Yep… why don't we leave Heather to… tend to his wounds and we get the intro done in private, than I could leave you and Mon here for some fun time in the sand if you get where I'm going with this." The Spirit said with an amused tone in its voice.

Heather blushed brightly after hearing that.

Monica and Atomsk blushed as well after hearing that last part before Atomsk spoke.

"R-Right… Let's get started." He said before looking at the readers.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the first real chapter of AC: ATS. I'm your host Atomsk and with me is my girlfriend, Monica. Avert your eyes you pervs." Atomsk said while giving the readers a warning look.

Monica blushed at Atomsk being protective before waving to the readers.

"Now I would introduce TME… but unfortunately he's in no condition to do… anything after that crash landing and whatnot. So anyway, sorry to cut this intro short but, I'm hoping to spend some quality time with Monica while Heather helps out TME. Anything you want to say Spirit?" Atomsk asked.

"Well, aside from anything that this chapter will be interesting in many ways, all I can say right now is this… got any rope?... cause I think it's time TME lost his V-card by now if you get my drift… besides, Heather seems like a kinky sister so this shouldn't be much once she gets going." The Spirit said with a humored filled tone when it looked to the knocked out TME.

Monica and Heather, who blushed big after hearing that, were shocked while Atomsk chuckled before speaking.

"No problemo senior." He said before snapping his fingers and out came some rope on his hands.

"Just make sure he doesn't find out where the rope came from." Atomsk said before handing Spirit the rope.

Unfortunately… the rope phased through the spirit who gave Atomsk, or would have gave him a look,... that would have said…. Really?

Atomsk sweatdrop before speaking up.


"Thought you would have remembered that by now… want me to call Azure and the others?, make this a full on beach party and have Cedric and Daniel do the dirty work with TME and get him prepped for Heather's special night?" The Spirit said with a grin after shaking it's head from Atomsk's forgetfulness.

Atomsk took a moment to think before speaking.

"Well it was supposed to be me, TME and our girlfriends. What do you think Monica?"

"Hmmm…. Well, I don't mind Atomy if they don't get in the way of our own fun time, how about this, allow it and I'll do something that you'll really like… it involves some small clams and string though so I'll need to get those first." Monica said before teasing Atomsk with a flirtatious grin on her face.

Atomsk blushed brightly before looking at Spirit.

"Bring them." He said which made the Spirit chuckle before it spoke up.

"Already sent the message when I saw what Monica was about to do, they should be here in a few hours… so while Monica gets the clams and string, mind carrying TME to the hut that's down this path and to the left, has the highest chance of allowing Heather to have her way with him." The Spirit said with a grin when it looked into the future somewhat.

Heather blushed again from that before Atomsk spoke.

"Alright." He said before he picked up the rope and walked over to TME's still unconscious body before he snapped his fingers and the rope magically wrapped around TME's body before the ends tie into a knot.

"Make sure no one goes into the hut at any time beside Heather, if you do than you can kiss Heather losing her own V-cards away for awhile." The Spirit cryptically said to Atomsk while waving its hand.

Heather felt very embarrassed from that.

Atomsk nods before he did some hand signs before speaking.

"Shadow Clone jutsu." He said before two clones appeared.

"Alright you two grab TME and follow me." He said before the clones nod and picked up TME before following Atomsk, Monica and Heather to the hut before the spirit chuckles and looks to the readers.

"Hehe, well than, the others should get here by the outro so I'll just finish things off by saying this… How will Marceline react when she recognized who those bones belonged to…. How did they and those items get there?, and why is this F person so adamant with having Marceline coming here anyway?... well… not to worry since either most or all of your questions will be answered and more…. But I believe I kept you here long enough… I'll be seeing how things are here with getting rid of TME and Heather's V-Cards while you all enjoy the story… as Atomsk would say, Deuces!" The Spirit said with a two finger salute before the scene shifts to Marceline, Fionna, and Simon in the Tomb.

?/ Ancient tomb/ ?/ Marceline, Fionna, Simon (Holographic head)

The scene fades in to show Marceline, Fionna, and Simon near her while Marceline cries somewhat over the body with a hand on her face.

Fionna and Simon were concerned for the Vampire Queen before Fionna spoke.

"Are you okay Marceline?" She asked which made Marceline freeze before she spoke up while her hands still cover her face.

"Tell me… you say this is F's tomb… but do you know who he is?... cause I realized who F is before we got here." Marceline admits to Fionna when she uncovered her face to show tears streaming down her eyes for a bit before she sniffed a few times.

Fionna was a bit surprised before speaking up.

"May I ask how?"

Marceline was silent for a second before she looked to Fionna.

"Your last name is Campbell right?... Well… I heard that Finn's mom was named Minerva Campbell… and after hearing more about your family and the roundabout ways you tried to avoid the questions, I had a hunch, and the First letter of your family name, Fionna, Flynn,... well it did cause me to think more of Finn since you and him look similar as well if you don't think of the cat like features." Marceline said to Fionna.

Fionna was impressed of Marceline's findings before speaking.

"Nice deduction. And to answer your curiosity, Finn is my ancestor." She said.

"I see… well I guess the good looks passed on well over the generations." Marceline said in an attempt to try and cheer herself up.

Fionna blushed from that before she surprised Marceline by hugging her.

Marceline was indeed surprised before she pats Fionna's back a few times after chuckling.

"Not that I don't like hugs from some people, but I gotta admit that this seems a bit forward for you, this supposed to comfort me or something?" Marceline said when she pats Fionna's back a few more times.

Fionna step back before speaking up.

"Well yes, after you figuring out who my ancestor was, I thought hugging you might help since I look like Finn as you say."

Marceline chuckles again before she spoke up.

"Thanks, but I always knew that he died long ago since he's a human and they don't live long… I just didn't expect him to be here of all places and I just got caught off guard… know why his remains are here?" Marceline said before she looked at the hat and at Finn's remains which held it and the two other items.

Fionna looked a little sad before speaking.

"Well Finn started the creed once this academy was done with construction. And I guess he wanted to enjoy his last day in this place. Though I wished he choose to leave the items here and had his body buried near Me-Mow and my other family members. Though the only person who's still alive right now is his mom."

"Wait wait wait, his mom!?, how is that possible, she's a human right?" Marceline said when that part was new to her.

"Well… I remember reading in Finn's journal that he and Me-Mow were following a lead about anymore possible humans by another human name Susan Strong. The three traveled far and wide till they came upon an island that was filled with humans. Finn found his mom… but he then learns that Minerva downloaded her mind inside a big computer to help out anyone that was sick. But later on there was a big riot going on the island. Finn managed to get his mom in a robot body and took her and some of the humans with him to the village. And to this day, there's still humans living with us in the city."

Simon was surprised after hearing this.

Marceline was shocked at all of that for a few reasons… one of them was mainly the fact that Minerva was still alive… in a sense but alive nonetheless which made her speak up.

"Is she… still alive and in this village?" Marceline asked with a concerned tone.

"Yes, Science Cat and the other scientists help make sure that Minerva's robot body stayed active no matter what. She's the village's best doctor. I visit her whenever I can if she ever needed company. Even though it's been a long time, she still miss Finn after his death. I wished he was immortal. It would've been nice to meet him but he did try to live a great age before dying at the age of 102."

Marceline was a bit surprised at the info before she looked to Finn's remains.

"So he died at 102 huh?, what did his journal say what he did in his later years before he died?" Marceline asked with a curious tone.

Fionna was silent for a moment before speaking.

"Not just his later years, but what he did as a kid. He was quite adventurous. A lot of pages were about him and this Jake person, and that Bubblegum person, though I don't care for that bitch. He wrote stuff about you. From the way he talked about you, I say he was in love you." Fionna said.

Marceline blushed a bit at that while she stayed silent, she did get steamed when she heard about Bubblegum but the supposed confession form Finn did make her stomach feel light… before reality hit her hard and made her put her head down when she got bummed out greatly.

Fionna looked at Marceline before speaking.

"You okay?"

"It's just… sometimes the perks of being immortal can really bite you in the ass when you see stuff like this… I would say something like I wish I could go back and change the past to help make things better... but as far I know, there is none." Marceline said with a frown on her face.

"Well there is more. Finn wasn't just in love with you… he was also in love with that Phoebe person you mentioned. Apparently in his journal, he regrets betraying you both because of that dream he had. He also fell into a depression after hearing about Phoebe's death. I might not know her but I wish she was alive. That way you two could've found him and probably make him happy again. He was sad after what happened to Me-Mow." Fionna said which made Marceline sigh but smile a bit before she responds.

"And Phoebe missed Finn greatly as well, I had a bit of a… chat with her about her breakup with Finn and after bit of talking about how we both felt, we decided to date once Phoebe turned 18… hehe, and what an 18th birthday it was… good thing I'm technically fireproof cause Phoebe was one hot fire elemental." Marceline teased to get a reaction from Fionna to mess with her a little.

Fionna blushed brightly after hearing that before speaking up.

"W-Wow. Um here's a question… Finn meant alot to you both, but did you two still hate him for what he did?"

"For leaving all of a sudden?… well, for a bit we did at first for a few weeks, and when I ran into Finn once by raw luck when he was still in the guild and apparently partnered with Me-Mow before it split… I kind of slugged him in the face so hard that he got sent flying into a rock and he lost a few teeth as a result and broke his nose as well." Marceline admits when she saw the missing teeth on the skeleton which brought back that memory, looked like the nose healed well though.

Simon and Fionna was shocked to hear that before looking Finn's remains again before seeing said missing teeth.

"Yikes." Fionna said.

"Hehehe… yeah… I apologized to Finn after that and we talked a bit about what he did during his time in the guild, though he did keep some of his… hits… on the down low and he told me about his mom then, he ran off though after our talk and I didn't see him until… now." Marceline said when she looked back to Finn's remains after she rubbed the back of her head.

Fionna nodded in understanding before speaking.

"You said it was a few weeks right? When did you both realise that you two love Finn?"

"Sigh…. Well… I guess for me, it was when he helped me against my dad and his amulet, and there was the few times that he helped me against my Ex name Ash, and then there was Jake and the sun but that's a lesser matter… know about that Donk, Ash?" Marceline asked with a curious tone since that donk was immortal and he could still be alive if someone didn't kill him by now.

"I'm familiar with that name. Finn did mention about being in your head that one time. Also in the journal, he felt jealous about your past relationship. But this Ash guy is a real jerk. If I ever see him, I'll personally kick him in the nuts for you." Fionna said.

"Personally, I prefer castrating him to make sure he doesn't have any children but that's a good one, tell him that Marceline says hi alright?" MArceline said with a fanged grin on her face.

Fionna grin before nodding to her.

A moment later after Marceline was silent, she looked to Fionna before speaking up.

"So… you mentioned Me-Mow and… and an incident?... am I asking too much by asking what happened?, I maybe the Vampire Queen but I can respect it if you don't want to talk about it." Marceline said with crossed arms.

Fionna sighs before speaking.

"No it's okay. It's better if you know. *Deep breath* You see… when Me-Mow gave birth to Finn's first born… she somehow lost the will to live. Finn was saddened by her death. He made sure to be there for his son while making sure everything was running smoothly in the village."

"Wait… why would her kid being born cause her to lose the will to live?, did the journal say what her mental state was before she gave birth?, cause some things are not adding up." Marceline said with a raised eyebrow when more questions rose.

"Well… it turns out that Me-Mow was sick for some unknown reason. Whatever she had couldn't be cured." Fionna said with a sad look.

"That doesn't make sense though... If normal medicine wouldn't work than why not try magical or even dark magic to find out what was wrong with her, I knew a few dark mages and wizards would would have been happy to help if they got compensated well... Wait… think it could have been a curse?... I remember that Peppermint Butler did do some dark magic rituals in the past when a few demons came my way in the past after they were forced into some deals with him… maybe Bubblegum found out and instead of punishing him… she used those abilities to mess with Finn or something?" Marceline said when some things did make sense if so.

Fionna took a moment to think before speaking.

"It's possible. It would explain why are healers couldn't save her." Fionna said while getting angry with Bubblegum again while Marceline tries to change the subject.

"Yeah… but talking about what already happened isn't going to change it… mind if I grab Finn's hat and the two items he has and we can leave?... I may like dark areas but this place is bumming me out." Marceline said when she asked Fionna's permission to grab the items on Finn's remains.

Fionna calmed down a bit before speaking up.

"Well the items were supposed to go to you. As for the hat, I guess it's okay. Perhaps when we leave I can bring you to Minerva and introduce you to my family." She said.

Marceline chuckles before she spoke up with a teasing tone.

"A bit fast to introduce me to your family but I don't mind, maybe we could have some fun to cheer us up later after night happens, either by seeing how the nightlife here is like… or under the sheets." Marceline teased when she floats to the items and got the items off of Finn's skeletal remains which caused the bones to rattle a bit before Marceline passed the gem and journal to Fionna while she turned to the hat in the skeleton's hand.

Fionna was blushing a bit brightly from that tease.

"You can read the book if you want, I'll be a moment more." Marceline said before she went to grab the hat… but after she did and carefully prying the finger off and pulling it away… it looked like the hat got caught on something… right before a blade shot from Finn's skeleton's right arm which caused Marceline to let out a cry of surprised when she moved away from the skeleton in shock when she saw the blade and the hat was in her hand.

Fionna and Simone were shocked before Simon spoke up.

"You okay Marceline?"

"Y-Yeah… I guess being an assassin gave Finn some hidden weapons… did not see that coming… thankfully I was too far to the right of that blade or I would be healing from a open gut right now." Marceline said while she took a close look at the hidden blade after she shined a light on it.

Fionna was surprised to see said hidden blade before speaking.

"Thank Glob for that. Let's get going then." She said.

Before the girls could move, light was coming from above the ceiling before it was shining on Finn's remains.

"What the!?" Marceline said when she got away from the light in case it was sunlight before looking to Fionna.

"Know anything about what's going on, you're the assassin expert here." Marceline said when she wondered what would happen next.

"I don't know. I was supposed to bring you to the items." Fionna said before the light on Finn's body took shape before it became a holographic form of older Finn.

That's when the hologram spoke.

"Hi Marcy. It's been a while." Holographic Finn said with a smile.

Marceline, aside from blushing at the older Finn's looks, was shocked silent for a moment when she watched the hologram of Finn before she wondered if this was like Simon.

"Finn?" Marceline simply said in case it was just a recording or not.

Finn, or the hologram of Finn, smiled before speaking up.

"Yes it's me... somewhat."

Fionna's eyes widen when she saw holographic Finn before whispering.


Marceline looked to her for a moment before chuckling before she looked to the Holo Finn with a smile on her face.

"I'm wondering if Fionna here is you in another life like that comet thing you mentioned since she's so similar to you in the past… still… wish I could see you in person instead… of your skeleton." Marceline said with a slightly bummed tone when she looked to the skeleton.

Holographic Finn did looked sad before speaking.

"I know Marcy. I wish I could've seen you one last time before my… time was up. There was some many things I want to say to you when I was waiting for you. But I guess this will be the best way to tell so I hope you're listening well."

"I am… I guess I should have stopped by my home sooner but… " Marceline said before she shook her head before she spoke up.

"So… what do you need to talk about besides showing me this village and your hot descendant here?" Marceline teased to see if she could get some kind of reaction from the Holo Finn.

Fionna blushed big after hearing that while Finn chuckled before speaking.

"Well I might not know who my descendant is, but I am very happy to see her. You look so much like Me-Mow."

Fionna was surprise to hear that while smiling a bit.

"Well she did say that she was descended from her, I was a bit doubtful at first when I remembered what Me-Mow did with you and Jake before you decided to run off but those soft cat ears convinced me, surprisingly soft as well… got a tail under that coat?" Marceline said while looking behind Fionna since she didn't look back there much and didn't get a chance to check if she had a tail or not.

Said humanoid cat turned around before lifting up the back of her coat to show Marceline her tail.

"Nice to know now, can't wait to see what it can do later when we get a private area to get to know one another." Marceline teased with a humored tone when she leaned back forward to look back to Holo Finn.

Fionna blushed brightly while holographic Finn sweatdrop from that before speaking.

"Well first, I just want to say that I'm sorry for hurting you and Phoebe because of that stupid dream. I'm also sorry for hurting Simon as well." Holographic Finn said with a regretful look.

"Well why not ask him what he thinks?, Simon, do you accept Finn or Holo Finn's apology?" Marceline asked when she looked to the floating holographic head which seemed to be out of Holo Finn's view.

Holographic Finn was surprised when he saw him.

Simon looked at holographic Finn before speaking.

"I do. Knowing that the Cosmic Owl was behind all of this, I couldn't stay mad at you."

"Before you ask, I managed to get a piece of Ice King's crown after he mutated into some kind of monster and after a bit of work, I managed to make this… I guess hanging around Bubblegum did have one good thing by teaching me some stuff about machines before she went insane." Marceline said when her eyes narrow when she remembered how sane Bubblegum was before she went insane.

Holographic Finn's eyes narrow before speaking.

"Yeah, let's not bring her up."

Marceline's eyes narrow at Holo Finn before she spoke up with anger in her eyes.

"Try and remember that your not the only one who had issues with her… Phoebe died in my arms thanks to her and I got just as much of a reason to hate Bubblegum like you do… I only mentioned her since you probably would have asked how this bracelet was made before she went insane, she taught me on how to do some basic mechanics with machines and I did the rest myself with trial and error to pass the time over the centuries, no more no less… so don't you dare say anything to me about keeping quiet since my anger with her hasn't waned at all… I hate her more than that ass named Ash and that's saying something." Marceline said with glowing red eyes.

Holographic Finn sighs before speaking.

"I'm sorry Marcy… its just, its what Bubblegum did that made me hate her. All evidence of her crimes are in this book. The reason I wanted you to have it is because… I found a way for you to go back in time and save Phoebe."

Marceline blinked a few times before he used her pinkies to try and clean out her ears before she spoke up after wiping her hands on her pants.

"Uhhhh…. I'm sorry but could you repeat that…. It… sounded like you said you had a way to time travel or something… I mean I may be getting on in years, immortal or not, but I think my hearing still works… did you hear what I heard Fionna… Simon?" Marceline asked with shock and surprise when she looked to the duo.

Said duo nods to her while feeling shock at what they heard.

"You heard right Marcy. With some help with the wizards, we were able to create a time travel spell so that way you can go back and stop Bubblegum from killing Phoebe. I wrote down some steps in the journal my descendant is holding. With this, you can finally get the revenge you deserve Marcy since she betrayed you more after I read what she did." Holographic Finn said.

Marceline frowns from a few memories before she looked Holo Finn in the eyes.

"You do realize what you're asking right?, aside from the fact that I would be changing the past if this spell works, I could possibly mess up your chances with Me-Mow by accident and messing with Fionna's family if I screw up a step… but if you agree to a few conditions of mine… than I'll go for it since I want Fionna here to exist... after all, would be a shame for a cute looking woman like her to vanish after all." Marceline said when a few ideas came to her mind… she maybe a bit unpredictable but she was much wiser than most would think thanks to how old she was.

Fionna blushed from the compliment while wondering what Finn will.

"I'm listening. I don't want my family to disappear. But before you tell me, there's something I want to tell you."

"Would your past self tell it or is it something that only you would know?" Marceline asked with a grin on her face.

"Well… he would tell you himself, but right now I want to get this off my chest."

"Oh Glob, your not coming out of the closet are you?" Marceline said with a teasing tone to try and break the tension a bit when things got too serious but she shuddered deep down when she actually worried about that.

"Oh, haha, very funny. I'm not Marcy. Not there's anything wrong with it." Holographic Finn said.

"True, not like I can complain if you do though since I was with Phoebe in the past and I was flirting with Fionna here but you have to admit that things could have changed over the years." Marceline said with a shrug of her shoulders when she missed messing with Finn greatly.

"Yeah it's true. Anyway, the thing I want to say is this… I love you Marcy. Ever since you and I met, I always thought you were coolest vampire I ever met. I cherished the times you and I hang out and stuff. Then when I met Phoebe, what I felt for you was the same thing with her. But of course after what I did I figure I didn't deserve to love until Me-Mow shows up and helped me through it. Even though I loved her, I sometimes wonder what life would've been like if I didn't follow the dream, while at the same time dated one of you. I'm happy with the family I have. Just letting you know before you use the spell." Holographic Finn said.

"Well, I'll have to wait a day so I can make a few memories with your mom and Fionna here… but what if you could have the best of all worlds?" Marceline cryptically said when she had an idea to the group.

Fionna blushed a bit while she and Simon were wondering what the Vampire Queen meant.

"What do you mean?" Holographic Finn questioned.

"Simple, what if you're past self could have all three ladies, Phoebe, Me-mow and Myself and keep your family intact, I could even try and keep Bubblegum sane so that she never even went insane in the first place and caused all of the trouble she did, would have to do a bit of work around to help you with the guild bit to keep that intact so that it splits up but it could be doable… what do you think?... personally I'd like to meet Me-Mow and greet her in my own personal way if you get my meaning if she's not very open minded… hopefully she's at least curious." Marceline said with a teasing grin about Finn getting multiple women instead of just one.

Fionna, Simon and holographic Finn were shocked to hear that before Finn spoke up.

"Hmmm, doesn't sound that bad of an idea if it means I can have 3 beautiful women with me at my side."

Marceline chuckles before she spoke up.

"Well well well, seems the little weeny isn't so little anymore… pun intended if you get the double meaning… anyway, there are other things I can do in the past but I have a couple questions before I take a day to hang around here… like can I pick the landing point or is it picked for me and do I run into my past self or is there some kind of catch to this time travel spell?" Marceline teased before getting serious near the end.

"Pick the landing point and yes on meeting your past self. There's another spell that will allow you to show your past self what you saw." Holographic Finn said.

"Interesting, maybe she and I could… team up with a few things… and give your past self, Phoebe and Me-Mow a surprise you all won't forget, I mean there would be two of us so it would be easier to multitask right?" Marceline said before she teased the holo Finn again.

This time holographic Finn blushed a bit after hearing that which made Marceline giggle before she spoke up.

"What's the matter?, never had a dream about getting two Marcy's coming your way?, well seems it might happen tomorrow, for now, I got your mom to meet and Fionna's family and village to see, want to come with if you have some kind of computer up there?, I can fit you in here with Simon even if you end up as a floating head." Marceline teased before offering Holo Finn a chance to see things around the village when she showed holo Finn the bracelet.

Holographic Finn took a moment to think before speaking up.

"Well… it would be nice to see mom again. Plus I do want to see… Me-Mow's grave and see how the village is doing. But how will you upload me to the bracelet?"

"Well like I said, I learned this from Bubblegum before she went insane but by using Wifi and a modem or a USB drive and a cord, I can download your programming into the Bracelets hard drive so that I can add you to the projection program… I'd explain more but it gets complicated... mind pointing to where your hard drive is hidden?" Marceline asked when she looked to the light where the projection originated from.

"Well all you have to do is fly up to the ceiling till you see the projection. You gonna look around till you see a USB port." Holographic Finn explained.

Marceline nods before she looked to Simon and Fionna.

"Want to ask some questions while I work?, could be a bit…. Oh yeah, one thing before I do, can I bring others back to the past with me or is it just a one person thing?" Marceline asked the Holo Finn with a curious tone.

"Hmmm… if you want, you can bring Fionna with you."

Marceline grins at that before she looked back to Fionna and spoke up.

"Seems we may get to know one another really well during the trip to the past if you agree… and I got the perfect cover for you until we can tell who you really are later." Marceline said when she pulled out the adventure time of Fionna and Cake fanfic from her pocket in full view of Fionna, Simon, and Holo Finn while she got a grin on her face.

Fionna, Simon, Holo Finn sweatdrop before Holo Finn spoke.

"Oh Glob… I have not seen that for awhile."

"Well I upload the book into the bracelet in case I lost this book, you can read it there, not bad personally since the ending of this story doesn't have a forced Ice King ending just in case you're wondering." Marceline said with a shrug of her arms.

"Eh, why not? I could use some reading material." Holo Finn said with shrug before speaking up.

"Before Bubblegum went insane… how was Jake doing?"

Marceline sighs before she spoke up.

"Well… it'll take awhile, but I can give a short version before I put you in the bracelet… anyway, after you vanished, Jake got depressed for a week or so before Lady cheered him up somehow… not going to ask about that part as to how she did, but Jake decided to try and take some things seriously and got a job as a mailman for the kingdoms and passed letters between kingdom… in a sense a royal mailman if you want to get technical." Marceline said with a grin when she remembered that Jake did want to be a mailman in the past and got the Royal level in a sense.

Holo Finn chuckled before speaking.

"I guess he finally got what he achieved. Wonder how he'll feel if he finds out about me marrying Me-Mow."

"Eh after I put a bit of a scare into him, I'm sure he'll warm up to her, hehe, I miss giving that dog a scare… made it way too easy, beside I'm sure after meeting a cutie like Fionna here, he'll warm up to the idea even faster since she's his grand niece in a sense, makes sense bringing Fionna back to the past more appealing huh?... and she can see what Ooo was like before things went to Nightosphere levels of bad." Marceline said with a grin before she chuckles at the memories.

Fionna did like the idea of seeing what Ooo was like in the past. She was already getting excited meeting past Finn and Me-Mow.

"Hmmm… that's true. Did you and Phoebe still talked to Jake after what I did?" Holo Finn asked.

"Sorta, he was still in a funk the first few times, but we managed to really talk before he became the royal mailman for the kingdom, he told us about the advice he gave you in the past and I had to restrain Phoebe for a bit… and calm her down in my own way before trying to talk with Jake again… he did regret the advice he gave you and he was actually doubting the Cosmic owl somewhat which was a bit shocking when he was a real believer of the guy…. Anyway, after that, we talked while I made sure Phoebe didn't try anything and we managed to make things up somewhat but Phoebe still blamed Jake somewhat for you vanishing… but she did tell me before she died that she wanted me to tell Jake that she was sorry for holding that grudge for so long and after I told Jake… he broke down crying and felt greatly relieved…. He passed away a few years later after the war but it looked like he went peacefully…. I made sure no one disturbed Jake back then on his deathbed… some tried but they died in agony for it." Marceline explained before she emits some serious killing intent while her eyes and face looked cold… all while she had a grin on her face.

Holo Finn was surprised to hear that before smiling a bit at Marceline.

"Thank you Marcy." he said before feeling sad about what happened.

"No worries, let's hurry though, this place is bumming me out, and Finn if I had my way, and I might, I would vamp you in a mortal heartbeat cause tombs are not really your thing since this place is not really made to last." Marceline said… right before some rocks fell nearby which made everyone look to them for a moment in awkward silence.

"Well Marcy, I wouldn't mind being immortal if it means being with you. I really missed you." Holo Finn said which made Marceline chuckle before she spoke up.

"Well then, you three talk, I'll be back in a bit when I set things up." Marceline said when she flew to the ceiling and the base of the projector.

Holo Finn then looked to Fionna and Simon before speaking.

"Well like I said before, it's great to meet you Fionna. How's my mom doing?"

"Well… she's doing good, she's the head doctor of the village and she's done a good job over the years, I give her some company every now and then during her off days and she seems alright… but I know that she misses you and would love to meet you… seems she got her wish from years ago about having you being digitized, she could make a robot body for your if you want." Fionna suggests with a smile on her face when she took off her hat and her cat ear twitched for a moment.

Holo Finn took a moment to look at Fionna before speaking.

"Marcy was right, your ears look so cute to rub with. Reminds me of when I rubbed Me-Mow's ears right before we… Oh I can't say that one."

"Thanks for the idea later." Marceline called down with a humored tone while Fionna blushed before she looked to Holo Finn after clearing her throat.

"S-So… what was Me-Mow like… seems important to ask since I'll be meeting her later." Fionna asked while her face had a slight blush on it.

"Well… at first she was a pain in the ass, especially when I was partnered with her. But overtime when you get to know her, you find out that she's great to talk to. Plus sometimes she's very cute while purring in her sleep." Holo Finn said while blushing a bit from the memory.

Fionna took a moment to see the love struck look on his face before she spoke up with a smile.

"You really loved her did you?... I… heard about what happened to her… after she birthed your son and Marceline and I think it was some kind of curse… said it could have been from some guy named Peppermint Butler or something like that." Fionna said when she remembered Marceline mentioning the dark candy butler.

Holo Finn frown before speaking.

"If what you said is true, then it had to have been Bubblegum's doing. That bitch will pay for what she did."

Fionna grins before she spoke up.

"Maybe, but if Marceline and I can change things, than Bubblegum could possibly stay sane if we play our cards right so she won't be an enemy... but if she does…" Fionna said before she got a cold look on her face and a steely look in her eyes which showed what she would do to the past candy monarch if she went down this dark road again.

Holo Finn wasn't spooked by that look but nods to Fionna before speaking.

"That's good to know. By any chance, is your dad or mom the leader of the village?"

"My dad is the leader of the village and the Assassins right now and the strongest fighter here for that reason, intelligent and kind as well, my mom… she's a teacher for some students here, the kids love her, and on a side note, very beautiful, most men feel jealous for my dad and a few women tried to hit on her… really funny moment when the later tried to hit on both of my parents and my dad blushes brighter than a tomato." Fionna said before she starts giggling from the embarrassed look on her dad's face.

"And the funny thing is, my mom sometimes accepts and tries to invite my dad, but he freezes up and blushes so much that he looks like a tomato… oddly enough, aside from the cat like features, he looks a lot like you." Fionna said when she leaned in to get a closer look at Holo Finn's face with a curious twinkle in her eyes while her tail swinged to and fro under her coat.

Holo Finn was surprised to hear that before speaking.

"Wow, I would definitely like to him and rest of our family. Does your mom still tries to persuade your dad?"

"Yeah, thanks to her wood nymph heritage she's very frisky, skipped me for the most part but I can make it so that I can move through grass without making any noise, really handy for my work here, I think she's descended from a person who is similar to another person you knew… I think her name was Hunt...something… well Hunt something from my dads side, I think my mom is more Wood nymph from her side but she has no relation to that Hunt something person." Fionna said while she crossed her arms while she tried to remember the name.

Holo Finn's eyes widens before speaking up.

"Huntress Wizard?"

Fionna's ears twitch a bit before she smiles.

"Yeah, Huntress Wizard, from what I heard, she met your son after he grew up, seems wood nymphs age slowly and they got together, I don't know the rest but it seemed like they had a connection and took some kind of bonding ceremony, again, I don't know the details, do you?... I think it had something to do with flutes and playing them together but that was the best I could get from my mom." Fionna asked when she honestly had no idea about a ceremony.

Holo Finn rubbed the back of his head before speaking up.

"Well your right on that. You see wood nymphs are connected to the forest and if they want to be with a non wood nymph, two beings do a ritual by playing their flutes in harmony to summon the Spirit of the forest. If he agrees, then the two opposites consummate their love all through the night."

"Wow… wait… wouldn't that mean that I would have to do the same thing?, seems like a pain if the other person can't play a flute to save their life." Fionna said when she got a half lidded look on her face.

"No you mentioned that it skipped a generation. Plus you're more cat than a wood nymph. Tell me what does your mom look like." Holo Finn said.

"Hmmm… well her hair is leafy and her eyes have a green color, and she can control plants really well so she has her own garden behind our home and at the school to teach students about plant life, but her skin looks more human like so her parents could have been a wood nymph and a human, but are you sure it skipped me?, I mean I got that silent grass thing so it could be that it was just a small thing I got which would make me in a small part, a wood nymph with mostly cat like features." Fionna said to the hologram of her ancestor.

"Hmmm… your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps you should ask your mom about this. And if anything you can try to connect with the forest and see it the Spirit talks to you." Holo Finn said.

"What does the Spirit look like if I do meet it?" Fionna asked with a curious tone when her cat like curiosity got her attention peaked.

"Well if I remember correctly, Margaret, my adoptive mother, told me that the Spirit, is shaped like a bean… somewhat, has light green skin, pointy ears, and orange hair with a bandana around it. Now just in case, you need to play a flute quite well for him to come out." Holo Finn said.

"I see, do I really need to play the flute or does it help with seeing him or summoning him?, I mean the guy could just pop up on his own right?" Fionna asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I say try both and see what happens." Holo Finn said.

Fionna nods, but before she could say anything, Marceline called down to them.

"I'm ready up here, how about you guys?, you ready?" Marceline called down to the duo from above them.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Holo Finn said before Marceline grins before she looked to Fionna.

"Sorry for cutting your questions short, but we can talk later after I get Holo Finn here in the bracelet." Marceline said when she starts to mess with her bracelet and Holo Finn starts to flicker in and out of sight.

Fionna nods to the Vampire Queen before looking at the Holo Finn.

Holo Finn gives Fionna an assuring smile before he disappeared.

Marceline than floats down while she pulled up a hologem menu and tinkered with it while she spoke up.

"Welp, shall we head out?, It'll be a few hours till he fully integrates within the bracelet so we have a few hours to kill." Marceline said when she closed the hologem menu.

"Yeah let's get going. We can get a bite to eat before meeting Minerva." Fionna said which made Marceline grin before she points a thumb at the door.

"Mind leading the way?, is there a restaurant here or is it purely vending machines?, I may eat red but I can eat other things as well." Marceline said before her stomach growled again which made her blush for a moment.

Fionna giggled before speaking.

"Yeah there's a restaurant. Follow me." She said before walking out of the while still holding the cure and journal in her hands.

Marceline smiles a bit before taking one last look at Finn's skeletal remains before she followed Fionna out of the room but not before looking to Simon.

"Can you check on Holo Finn in here Simon?, he might be disoriented from the sudden shift and he could use a friend to talk with, not only that, but you could be getting a bit bored with just talking with me all the time." Marceline said with a grin when she waits for Simon's response.

Simon smiles at Marceline before speaking

"I would never be bored with talking to you Marceline. And don't worry, I'll check if he's okay." He said before his head disappeared.

Marceline smiles before she followed Fionna out of the room, and she pressed the stone that Fionna pressed which shut the door before she looked to Fionna.

"So… what is this place called?" Marceline asked before wait for Fiona's response.

Fionna looked at Marceline with a smile before speaking.

"It's called 'Crystal Caverns'."

Marceline grins at the name before the scene shifts to show the restaurant in question which Marceline looked at with wide eyes.

It was a big building, made of rocks. You can see different colors shining through the windows.

Marceline was attracted to the red colored gems but shook her head to snap herself back to normal before speaking to Fionna.

"Ok… how did a place like this get built?" Marceline asked with a grin on her face.

Fionna chuckled before speaking.

"Why don't I bring you inside first before answering that." She said before motioning Marceline to follow her.

"Oh, bit pushy for a first date don't you think?" Marceline teased while she actually walked into the building after she lands while shaking her rear a little to tempt Fionna into looking.

Fionna blushed brightly after seeing that before the duo walked in the restaurant.

After they entered, Marceline took a bit to look around the lobby of the restaurant to see what it looked like on the inside.

The lobby looked a bit fancy with curtains on both sides, lit up candles, nice look chairs for people to wait.

Suddenly they were approached by the Hostess, which happens to be a green female Fire elemental?... which made Marceline remind her about a certain Flame Queen..

"Hello and welcome to Crystal Caverns. Table for 2?"

Marceline pales a bit when she saw the fire elemental before she covered her mouth.

"P-Phoebe?" Marceline muttered a bit which was heard by the duo before she quickly looked for the restroom, which thankfully was to her right before she quickly spoke up.

"Fionna, take care of things here." Marceline said before she flew into the restroom with record breaking speed.

Fionna was surprised and worried for the Vampire Queen while the Hostess was confused.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"No no, you just reminded her about someone she lost. Just have a table ready for us please." Fionna said before she went to restroom to check on Marceline.

Once she entered, she starts looking for the Vampire Queen.

"Marceline? You okay?" She called before she heard the sound of puking right from a stall before she saw Simon's head floating to her with a worried look on his face.

"Marcy's mental state deteriorated greatly and I checked on her to see her puking in the toilet, Holo Finn would have came out but he's still being set up… what happened?" Simon asked before they heard more puking from a stall.

"Well I was taking her to this restaurant and then this flame elemental hostess shows up. Marceline said Phoebe's name because the hostess looked like her." Fionna explained which made Simon's eyes widen in shock a bit when he sort of remembered Phoebe from when he was still in the Ice king's crown.

"I see… than wait this out and try and comfort her… I'm sure she just needs to calm down, and if she has a reaction like this again, than she might leave this time, and if it wasn't for the time travel spell… I'm sure she would have left this village entirely so she wouldn't feel any more pain." Simon said to Fionna before puking was heard again before he looked to the stall Marceline was in with a worried look before he vanished to let Fionna help Marceline while he fills Holo Finn on what just happened.

Fionna waited patiently for Marceline to come out.

It took a couple more puking sessions followed by some slight crying before Marceline exits the stall after a few minutes with the sound of flushing was heard.

Marceline had tears running down her face before she noticed Fionna… but instead of saying anything, she floats to the sink and washed her hands real quick before she starts to rinse her mouth out with water.

Fionna then got behind Marceline before wrapping her arms around her before speaking while Marceline's body shook a bit.

"I'm sorry Marceline. I had no idea." She said while Marceline placed a hand on her arms before she spoke up.

"No worries… you had no idea on what Phoebe looked like right?...why don't you head back and get our table… I'll follow in a bit after I calm down… if you want to ask questions… can you at least hold them for when we sit down?" Marceline asked when she rinsed out her mouth again.

"I don't need to ask. But I told the hostess to hold our table so I'm not going anywhere." Fionna said.

"Thanks… and sorry…" Marceline said when she finished rinsing her mouth out before she waits for her shaking body to stop shaking while she took calming breaths.

Fionna still hugged Marceline to help calm her down.

"Shhh… It's okay." She said before Marceline did calm down after a couple minutes.

Marceline than tapped Fionna's hand to let her know that she was calmed down greatly.

"Thanks." Marceline said while she waits for Fionna to let her go.

Fionna unwraps her arms and took a step back before speaking.

"You okay?" She asked before getting surprised with Marceline's next action.

Marceline spun around before she gripped Fionna by the back of her head and she kissed Fionna on the lips for a few moments before she pulled her head away to speak with the humanoid cat.

"Thanks for the comfort, thought you deserved something for that… why don't we go back and enjoy the meal before introducing me to your family… I'll keep calm now that I know what the Hostess looks like." Marceline said before she walked around Fionna and walked out before Fionna could respond.

Said humanoid cat was blushing like a tomato before bringing her fingers to her lips before thinking.

'My first kiss with a woman.' She thought before snapping back to reality and exit the restroom to meet up with Marceline.

Marceline was actually waiting in the lobby for Fionna and it looked like the hostess was approaching her as well with a worried look on her face.

"Are you okay mam?" The hostess asked while looking at Marceline.

Marceline took a moment to wave her off while she took another moment to calm herself.

"Yeah, sorry for causing a scene here if anyone else watched, I'm a vampire and lived for a long time… does the name Phoebe mean anything to you?, my name is Marceline by the way." Marceline asked when she was reminded of Phoebe again.

The hostess took a moment to think before her eyes widen in realization speaking.

"Oh my Glob, I heard of you. My grandmother likes to listen to your music." She said.

"Hehe, thanks, I haven't played for others in awhile but I did try my best… you reminded me of this flame Elemental woman who I dated since you two look similar… she was called Phoebe or the Flame queen of the fire kingdom before she died… you might want to consider that a compliment since she was a beautiful women." Marceline said with a smile on her face when some memories entered her head.

The hostess's eyes widen before speaking.

"R-Really? Wow. I remember my grandma telling me bedtime stories about Phoebe and her accomplishments.

"Who is your granny?" Marceline asked when she looked back to Fionna for a moment to see if she was near them.

"Her name Allison she told me stories about how she met my grandfather, who was part of the Flame Kingdom army." The Hostess said.

"Nice, who are you by the way?" Marceline asked with a grin on her face.

"Flannery." The Hostess now Flannery said.

"Well Flannery, nice to meet you." Marceline said with a humored tone while she held her hand out for Flannery to take for a handshake with no flame shield which would be surprising if Flannery didn't know about Marceline's resistance to fire.

Flannery was surprised at the handshake before speaking up.

"Your table is ready by the way. Shall I take you to your table?"

Marceline gave her a half lidded look from the attempt in the subject change before she shot her hand forward before she grabbed Flannery's hand with a grin before slowly shaking it while speaking up.

"Now that we got to know one another a little better sure on the table… maybe you and I can get to know one another if I'm still in the neighborhood later." Marceline teased while she continues to lightly shake Flannery's hand which showed she wasn't getting burned.

Flannery was shocked that Marceline's hand wasn't before blushing a bit at the tease.

Fionna was suddenly starting to feel...jealous?

'Why does this bother me?' She thought.

Marceline than looked to Fionna with a grin before she spoke up.

"Hey Fionna, say hello to this cutie here, her name's Flannery and it seems her granny is a fan of mine, does the hostess think the same about my music?" Marceline said before she sent a teasing grin towards Flannery.

Flannery blushed before nodding her head at the Vampire Queen.

"Well than, you play for both teams if you get my drift?, The flame people of the fire kingdom were really open about relationships back then and Phoebe and I sometimes let her bring a third lady into the room… means I can multitask really well with multiple women from practice." Marceline said when she teased Flannery.

Flannery was shocked to hear that while blushing brightly.

Fionna was on the same boat.

"So… after Fionna and I eat and we meet her folks, want to meet up later so we can get to know one another better?" Marceline teased while she kept grinning at Flannery.

Said elemental blushed brightly before, without knowing, nodding her head at the Vampire Queen who grins before she responds.

"Great, and who knows, you and Fionna can get to know one another and all three of us could have some real fun later, it's been awhile for me and I'm feeling a bit frisky lately." Marceline said with an amused tone while she wait for Flannery to show her and Fionna to the table.

Fionna was blushing greatly at the idea.

Flannery blushed as well before speaking up.

"O-Okay. Let me take you to your table then." She said before grabbing a couple of menus and silverware before motioning the duo to follow her.

Marceline sent Fionna a grin before she held her arm out like a gentlemen on a date and to see what Fionna would do.

Fionna was a bit surprised by that action before she grabbed Marceline's arm which caused Marceline to grin more before she led Fionna after Flannery.

It was only a few seconds before the trio went further to the restaurant till you see special gems embedded to some of the rocks while some lights shine on the gems.

Marceline blinked a few times while she had a slightly awed look on her face before she looked to Flannery and Fionna.

"Ok, I'll bite, rock people or Wizards or not, who came up with the idea for this place?" Marceline asked when she looked at the many gems around… and a green one made her chuckle for some reason.

"Well story tells that our founder, Finn Campbell, had the rock people and wizards help sculpt the place before discovering the gem around the place. He believed that they gave off a romantic vibe for most couples on the village while the lights that shine on each gem give good entertainment. It was actually a year after this place opened, Finn proposed to his wife Me-Mow." Flannery explained.

Marceline smiles at that before she looked to Fionna before speaking up.

"Tell me, what color do you think that gem there is?, I remember Finn being color blind and I want to see if you are as well." Marceline said when she points to a gem.

Fionna was confused before looking at said gem before speaking.

"Red." She said which made Marceline chuckle before she spoke up.

"Sorry but unless it's a trick of the light for this place, then your as colorblind as Finn was, that was a green colored gem to me and I'm not colorblind." Marceline said with an amused tone when she looked to the green gem.

Fionna was shocked to hear that before looking at Flannery.

Said hostess nods her head at the feline which made Fionna's eyes widen before speaking.

"Talk about embarrassing." She said before facepalming.

"Well unless you have a family member or two who had green on them than you should be good, I mean it's not like you thought they had green on them this entire time instead of red right?" Marceline asked which made her think for a moment.

"Huh… wonder what Phoebe looked like to Finn than… hmm.. Tell me, what color does Flannery look like to you?" Marceline asked when she looked Flannery up and down.

Flannery blushed at the look before Fionna spoke up.

"Uh…Red?" She said.

"Is that your eyes speaking or you just saying red to be nice?" Marceline asked to be sure of her next set of words.

Fionna took a moment to think on her answer before speaking.

"My eyes." She said.

"Oh wow… seems like you really are color blind, Flannery looks more on the green flamed side to me." Marceline said to Fionna while she raised an eyebrow.

Fionna was shocked to hear that before speaking.

"Wait that can't can't be right. When I saw your weapon it was red. And what about those apples I gave you?"

"Maybe it's only for certain objects, I think there was a scientific condition for that but I can't remember, but from what I can tell, that gem is green and Flannery looks like she has green flames to me, I remember some flame people lately being able to change their flame colors lately." Marceline said with a thoughtful look on her face.

Fionna lowered her hat to hide her face while feeling embarrassed.

Marceline pats Fionna's head with her hand in a comforting way before she spoke up.

"There there, no need to worry unless you have any green colored family members you might have mixxed up their coloring with, let's just enjoy our meal and head back to your place alright?" Marceline said to try and cheer up Fionna.

Fionna lift her head up before nodding her head at the Vampire Queen who looked back to Fionna with a grin when she led her to the table and used her hair to pull a seat out for Fionna before she went to her own seat.

Fionna and Flannery were surprised to see that before Fionna sat down.

"Alright, well your server will be Max Stallion and will be with you in a few." Flannery said before handing the girls their menus before leaving.

"So… any recommendation with meat based items… I like mine to be really rare so I can enjoy the blood since I don't drink from humans." Marceline said while she looked through the menu slowly.

Fionna sweatdrop before speaking.

"Well there's a nice selection of steaks a few pages over."

"Nice…" Marceline said before she turned to the steaks section before her mouth waters at all of the items on the list.

Fionna chuckled again before look over at the seafood section.

That's when they heard someone calling them.

"Hello I'm Max Stallion. May I take your order please."

Marceline looked up from the menu when she had an order in mind, but that order fell short when she froze in surprise when she saw who Max stallion was… and what he looked like.

He was a Rainicorn that spoke perfect English without a translator.

"Uh… Ok… not to be insulting but I didn't expect a Rainicorn here… than again I didn't expect a green colored flame elemental here acting as the hostess so what do I know nowadays." Marceline said before she chuckles a bit from the different species here in the village already.

Fionna rolled her eyes a bit before look at her menu.

Max shrugged at what Marceline said before speaking.

"Would you like to order any appetizers before the entree?"

"Hmmm… what do you recommend for a red based item?, names Marceline, I can drain the red color from anything." Marceline said when she introduced herself to Max.

"Well we have our tomato soup and a side of sliced red bell peppers." Max requested.

"I'll take that than, what are you getting Fionna?" Marceline ordered before she asked Fionna that part when she looked to her with a grin.

Said humanoid cat took a moment think before speaking.

"Hmmm… I'll have the potato skins." She said.

Max wrote down the order before speaking.

"Would you like anything drink while waiting?"

"Hmmm… any red based drinks?, like a tea or soda?" Marceline asked with the grin still on her face.

"We have raspberry iced tea and strawberry soda." Max said.

"Hmmm… I'd go for the raspberry iced tea." Marceline said when she felt like she needed something smooth to drink.

Max nods to Marceline before looking at Fionna to see what she likes.

"Hmmm… You know what, I'll have the same thing to." Fionna said.

"Okay. I'll be right back with your drinks." Max said before going to the kitchen.

Marceline smiles a bit when she looked back to Fionna.

"So… got any questions you want to ask me?" Marceline asked with an amused tone to help pass the time while she tapped the gem like table a few times.

Fionna took a moment to think before speaking.

"Well… What was Finn like before the war happen?"

"Hmmm… before he vanished… well he was the most heroic person in Ooo, he normally helped people without asking for much most of the time… he had a thing for Bubblegum originally when she was still somewhat sane, but she said he was too young… than there was Phoebe… she was his first original girlfriend but that went down the drain when Finn and to a lesser extent, Jake, messed things up and those two caused Phoebe to fight the Ice King not once, but twice after Finn had that cosmic owl dream after the first fight, before he turned into the monster you most likely heard of nowadays… Finn vanished for awhile shortly after that and it wasn't until I ran into Finn that Final time that I found out what he did in the years between…" Marceline said before she fell silent when she remembered some of the things he did for her.

Fionna let the info sinked in before speaking.

"Well… the good thing is we got to see him. Not physically but you get what I mean?"

"Yeah, better to speak with him like this now instead of him being a skeleton right now… anyway, what about you?, what did you do before you train to be an assassin?" Marceline asked with a curious tone.

"Nothing much really. I hanged with my friends. Sometimes we go to the swimming hole. If you dive down, you see a cave and once you swim through you find an ancient Mushroom war ship that has been sunked for who knows how long." Fionna said.

"Hmmm… maybe I could try and see that later, would also be interesting to see if you got a bikini or something, or do you skinny dip?, maybe I can get a spare and I could join you for a dip so you can show me the boat." Marceline teased Fionna before chuckling.

Fionna blushed brightly at the tease.

Luckily for the humanoid cat, Max showed up with their tea and appetizers.

"Here you go ladies. 1 raspberry ice tea and an order of potato skins." He said before giving Fionna her order.

"And 1 raspberry ice tea with an order of tomato soup and red peppers." Max said before giving Marceline her order.

"Thank you Max, The food looks good." Marceline said when she looked at the food before smelling it for a second.

Fionna was on the same boat before before Max spoke.

"My pleasure. Let me know if you need anything else." He said before going back to the kitchen.

"Well he seems nice, anyway how does the food look to you?" Marceline asked when she took a sip of her drink and smiled a bit from the taste.

Before Fionna could answer, she cut a piece of the potato skin before humming at how good it taste.

"Delicious." She before taking a sip of her own drink.

Marceline than used her spoon before she tasted her tomato soup.

"Mmhmm… don't know what's so good about human blood when there are other things like this soup that vampires can drink, granted human blood does fill us up but the color red works just as good." Marceline said when she took a few more sips of her soup.

Fionna took another bite of her potato skin before speaking.

"Hey Marceline, would you really turn Finn into a vampire when we see him?"

"Maybe... it would be his choice after all, and it would be after he met and knocked up Me-Mow to keep some things on track, I may… like Finn but I'm not going to force him to become a vampire if he doesn't want to, I'll just make the time between us a time he won't forget even if he wanted to if you get where I'm going with it… and with two of me, well, that fun time number is doubled." Marceline teased while she sent Fionna a grin.

Said humanoid cat blushed a bit before speaking.

"W-Well… not sure if this helps but… in Finn's journal, he wrote how he wants to be vampire like you. There were no other pages that said he stopped thinking that. So I believe he still wants to be one."

"Good to know… so… I gotta apologize for that surprise kiss, you said you were straight and I kind of surprised you out of the blue back there… got caught up in the heat of the moment." Marceline said with an embarrassed tone while she rubbed the back of her head.

Fionna blushed a bit before speaking.

"No worries. I was indeed surprise. I maybe straight but I'm open to the idea of experimenting and perhaps playing both teams. Plus… it did felt good." She said while blushing brightly.

Marceline perked up a bit with a grin before she spoke up.

"Oh really… maybe after we meet your folks and any other possible relatives… we could have some fun in private if your really want to see if your Bi or not?" Marceline teased while she grins at Fionna with some lust in her eyes.

Fionna blushed brightly before speaking up.

"S-Sure. Sounds like a plan."

Marceline chuckles before she raised her glass to Fionna.

"Well than, a toast to a hopeful night than." Marceline teased before she drank from her glass for a bit before she went back to her soup.

Fionna did the same before she continues eating her skins.

It was only 10 minutes till duo finished eating.

"Those were some good skins." Fionna commented which made Marceline chuckle before she spoke up.

"And the soup was good as well, I gotta say, assassin's home or not, but this place really thrived." Marceline said when she looked around while she sipped her drink more.

That's when Max appeared at the table.

"Did you enjoy your appetizers?" He asked which made Marceline chuckle before she looked to the male rainicorn.

"Oh yeah, compared to what's outside of these walls, this place is like a paradise, guess the owner is making a mint from all the customers here." Marceline said when she drank from her tea again.

"Something like that. So would you like to order an entree?" Max questioned.

"Hmmm… maybe, what do you reccomend Fionna?" Marceline asked when she turned to the entree section of the menu.

"Well I did told you about the steaks. For you I say get the 64 oz." Fionna said.

"Alright, can I get that and make it rare please." Marceline said when she closed her menu for now.

"How rare would you like it?" Max said.

"Well, I'd say I would like to fight it but I doubt that the owner would like a destroyed building so lightly cooked on the outside please." Marceline said while chuckling at the mental image that formed in her head from her joke.

Fionna hoped that was a joke.

Max was thinking it too before speaking.

"I'll see what I can do. And for you miss?" He asked Fionna.

"Hmmm… I'll take the shark please." Fionna replied.

"Alright. Would the two of you like refills for your drinks?" Max asked.

"Hmmm… sure, mind switching my drink for the strawberry soda?" Marceline asked Max while she sent him a teasing grin.

Said rainicorn blushed a bit before looking at Fionna.

"Same for you mam?" He asked.

"Hmmm… actually I like to change mine to cherry cola." Fionna replied.

"Very well. I'll be back with your drinks." Max said before heading back to the kitchen.

Marceline chuckles a bit before she spoke up.

"Man, everyone here is easy to tease, funny but makes me wonder if everyone here never flirted before." Marceline said with a grin on her face.

"Well I know my parents flirt with each other and sometimes other people do that to them." Fionna said.

"Hehe, maybe I could try flirting with them than, might try and see if I can get them to stutter or something." Marceline said when she looked up from the ideas she had.

Fionna chuckled before speaking.

"Well here's what I told Finn about my parents. My mom can get quite frisky due to her wood nymph heritage. Plus my dad might stutter and blush like a tomato. If you look closely, you can tell he looks like Finn."

"Oh this will be fun than, if his personality is like Finn's than I can have some serious fun making him blush… and you said wood Nymph right?, From one parent or both?, and does that make you part wood Nymph as well?" Marceline asked with a grin on her face.

"Well it skips the generation but I can swiftly and silently go through grass. Though I do need ask mom if I can talk to the Spirit of forest." Fionna said.

"Interesting, wonder if you tried to train that ability to control grass instead of just making a silent approach, would make some really kinky bed play if you did that." Marceline said when her imagination went a bit wild for a moment.

Fionna blushed a bit at the idea before speaking.

"W-Well… I can ask my mom about the grass thing."

"Nice to know, so… you said that your an assassin right?, what kind of training did you do for the assassin job?" Marceline asked when she wondered what kind of training some assassin's have or if it was an all around thing.

"Well I learned how to silently kill my target without being seen, makes sure to not get caught when listening to someone's conversation and always hide in plain sight." Fionna said.

"Not bad, good thing I'm on your good side or I could have been jumped huh?" Marceline said while she moved her glass around which clinked some ice around.

"Yeah good thing." Fionna said.

"For you or me if I turned the tables?" Marceline teased while something gripped Fionna's right arm gently while Marceline grins at her.

Fionna blushed a bit before speaking.

"B-Both to be honest."

Marceline chuckles before she moved the thing that was holding Fionna's right arm to in front of her face which showed a hand made of hair which waved to her before it went back under the table which made Marceline chuckle again.

Fionna was shocked after seeing that before the duo heard a voice.

"Hello. Sorry for taking too long."

Marceline looked over to see who spoke to them and saw that It was Max when he brought their food and drinks.

Marceline smiles at Max before she spoke up.

"Thanks, my compliments to the chef if the chef made the food for us just now." Marceline said when she points at the soup in front of her.

Max chuckles a bit before speaking.

"No the chef did. Anyway, 1 cherry cola and an order shark with complimentary sauce." He said before giving Fionna her order.

"And 1 strawberry soda with a 64 oz steak." Max said before giving Marceline her order.

Marceline's mouth watered at the stake before she looked to Fionna to see what her order looked like since her order looked perfect to her.

Said humanoid cat's meal looked a bit like a steak but has more pink.

Marceline grins at that before she went back to her own meal when she starts cutting into her stake with a knife from the set she had that the restaurant set for her and Fionna.

"So… how's your stake?" Fionna asked which made Marceline chuckle when she ate a few pieces before speaking to her.

"Not bad, want to try a piece?, maybe bloody but it's safe for other people to eat, I should know since Simon told me a bit about foods from before the mushroom war times." Marceline said while she cut off a piece which was a bit red in the middle before she held it above the plate and waits for Fionna's answer.

Fionna took a quick moment to think before speaking.

"Hmmm, sure." She said which made Marceline grin before she held out the piece of steak to Fionna in a way that made it look like that Marceline would feed her.

Fionna blushed a bit before opening her mouth, which showed a bit of her fangs, before taking a bite.

Marceline grins at the sight of Fionna's fanged teeth before she pulled the fork away to watch Fionna's reaction.

Said humanoid cat chewed on the piece of steak before humming a bit from the taste.

"Hmmm, this is good." She said which made Marceline chuckle before she noticed some blood on Fionna's lips.

"Seems you missed some blood… here let me get that." Marceline said before she floats out of her chair and she licked Fionna's lips clean a second later with a long tongue before Marceline sat back down to eat her food after winking at Fionna.

Fionna was blushing a bit brightly from the action before she starts eating her shark.

Marceline chuckles at Fionna's reaction before she dug into her own food with gusto before time passed.

The duo were full after eating their meal.

"That is some good shark." Fionna said before using a toothpick.

Marceline chuckles while she used another toothpick to pick her teeth of food before responding.

"Maybe, but don't count that stake out, compared to the shark, the stake wasn't half bad right?" Marceline said while she rubbed her stomach which showed her abs a little when her shirt got pulled up some.

Fionna blushed a bit after noticing it before speaking.

"You're right about that?"

That's when Max showed up.

"Did you ladies enjoy the food?" He questioned.

"Oh yeah, Again, my compliments to the chef here, what kind of money do you guys use here?, I collected a bit here and there over the years and I may have enough to pay for the both of us if needed." Marceline said with a grin when she felt that she should pay for her stake at least and Fionna's since she did show her a lot of things today.

Max waved his hand before speaking.

"That won't be necessary. Knowing that you're with the daughter of our leader, it's on the house."

Marceline blinked for a moment before she starts laughing for a second before she looked to Fionna.

"Wow, guess that makes you a princess here huh?" Marceline teased when this place seemed more like a kingdom than a hidden assassin village.

Fionna blushed a bit before speaking.

"More or less, considering since Finn founded the village, that gave me and my family a royal status."

"Well your majesty, shall we head to Minerva than then see your family afterword?" Marceline teased with a grin on her face.

Fionna chuckled a bit before speaking.

"Yes let's get going. I know Finn will want to see her."

"Hehe, well then, I'll let Flannery know so that if she wants to hook up later, than she can find us at your place, want to get some drinks and take them to go?" Marceline said when she sent Fionna a fanged grin.

Fionna blushed a bit before speaking.


Marceline grins before she spoke up.

"Mind getting me a refill on the soda than?, I'll say goodbye to Flannery and we can leave." Marceline said before she floats away from Fionna to look for Flannery.

Fionna shook her head before speaking to Max.

"Can you get me a refill on our sodas and put it togo?"

Max, who blushed a bit from the display that's happening, nods to Fionna before speaking.

"S-Sure thing." He said before heading back to the kitchen.

It was only a few minutes before the rainicorn came back with said beverages before placing them on the table.

"Here you go." Max said.

Fionna smiled before speaking.

"Thanks." She before reaching in her coat pocket before she surprised Max by using her other hand to grab his hand before speaking.

"A little thanks to your service. Don't let the manager see that." She said before putting what appears to be money in Max's hand.

Max was surprised of Fionna's generosity before he nods to her.

Fionna nods back before grabbing the drinks and left the table to meet up with Marceline.

Marceline was at the entrance with a grin on her face while she had her arms crossed.

"Hey Fionna, thanks for getting the drinks." Marceline said with a grin on her face when she saw the drinks in Fionna's hand.

"No problem." Fionna said before handing Marceline her drink.

"I managed to get Flannery to meet us later when we meet up with your family, hope they like flame elementals and their house is fireproof." Marceline said with a teasing grin on her face while she licked her lips for a second.

Fionna blushed a bit before speaking.

"My family won't mind. Also fire elementals now a days can make themselves fireproof so they won't burn things."

"Hmmm… might as well ask her that so we can make Phoebe fireproof later, may have to bring Flannery with us if it's a flame person exclusive." Marceline said when she had some ideas with Flannery.

"Well that will depend on her if she wants to come. She might teach us the incantation for it."

"Good to know if she doesn't want to join… so… shall we head to Minerva?" Marceline said when she walked out of the restaurant door.

Fionna nods to Marceline before speaking.

"Yes. Let's get going." She said before following the Vampire Queen.

Marceline then stops outside before she floats in the air before she looked to Fionna.

"Mind leading the way, I gotta make sure Minerva's surprise is ready before we get there." Marceline said when she spoke up to her bracelet.

"Simon, how is Holo Finn doing in there?, I'm checking the progress and it's at 80 percent right now before Holo Finn can pop up, might as well let him know that it'll be just his head appearing for now until I can get this thing upgraded, I may have picked up a few things but machines are not one of them." Marceline said when she looked to her her bracelet and saw that while it was impressive… it wasn't much compared to the tech savvy people she knew in the past.

That's when Simon's head popped up before speaking.

"He's doing okay so far. Still trying to adjust being inside your bracelet and all."

"Sorry if it's a tight fit in there, but I figured that Holo Finn should at least see how far the village advanced after his… human self passed on." Marceline said with a slightly sad tone before shaking her head before looking back to Simon.

Simon smiled before speaking.

"It's okay. You'll see him again soon. Plus he appreciates what you did for him back at the temple."

"No worries, did you let him know that I'm alright now?" Marceline asked if Holo Finn worried for her.

Simon smiles again before speaking.

"I did and he wished he would hug you after seeing you."

"Well, tell Finn that hologram or not, I appreciate the thought, also tell him that we won't let him down if I don't get the chance to later." Marceline said with a grin on her face.

Simon nods before going back to tell Finn.

Marceline took a moment to look at the progress bar again to see that it was at 82 percent now before she looked to Fionna after she shut off her hologem menu.

"Alright, lead the way please, we got a son to reunite with a mother soon after all." Marceline said with a fanged grin on her face.

Fionna smiled before she motioned Marceline to follow her.

Marceline did follow a moment later while she looked at the bracelet one more time before she sped up a bit to catch up with her while the scene fade to black.

The scene than fades in to show the Spirit on the beach before a portal opens before Azure and Emerald exit with many more people following them before the Spirit waved to the massive group which seemed to grow while they all held beach equipment.

"Hello everyone, how was the trip here?" The Spirit asked before most of the group said good or it was well before Azure spoke up.

"Well we were at the school and got a message from you to be here in our swimwear, and others just keep appearing in swimwear." Azure said while her swimsuit consisted of a red two piece bikini with black flame patterns on it while her slightly scarred but muscular body was seen by everyone which showed she had a well balanced figure before another spoke up.

"Yeah, we got one as well and came to the school to meet up with the others, said something about celebrating someone for some reason but that reason wouldn't be told until we got here." Emerald said with crossed arms while he was seen in his battle form while he wore black swim trunks which had chaos emerald patterning the swimwear, he had an arm on Maite's shoulder when she looked to see if she was doing alright with what she carried.

Said cybernetic hedgehog smiles at Emerald as she was holding… two babies?

One looked like a small wolf cub which had a diaper on which had a fur color similar to Emerald's wolf form while some parts of the fur had some light pink or blue mixed in tear the neck area to give a hairline like appearance of sorts.

The other baby looked… surprisingly human of all things and looked female, aside from a diaper and a onesie… she had a core that was similar to Emerald's but red in color.

It looked like the wolf one was sleeping but the human like baby looked around the area with wonder in her eyes from the new location.

"Same with me." Cedric said as he appeared in his trunks with a towel draped on his neck.

He looked a bit older with more muscles on his chest and arms.

The Baby wolf in Maite's arms stirs and whimpers a bit while the human looking baby sent Cedric a comical looking glare from her brother being bothered.

Cedric sweatdrop before mouthing the word 'Sorry' in silent hoping the baby wolf doesn't cry.

Unfortunately for Cedric, the baby wolf cub starts whimpering more before his eyes opened and the baby wolf cub looked around with a tired look on his face while the human baby girl emitted some aura while her eyes turned white… all while looking at Cedric.

Said wolf was now backing up after seeing that look before laughing was heard which got the groups attention and the two babies as well.

"HAHAHA, wow Cedric, seems you can't go anywhere without pissing off a lady no matter how young she is." The voice said before Tibet was seen when she exits the portal in a two piece black Bikini and had a towel wrapped around her waist while Aryk walked beside her with a slight half lidded look at Cedric as well before shaking her head with a sigh.

Aryk had a blue one piece equipped which showed off her curves well.

"Well I must cursed for that." Cedric said which made Tibet chuckle before the human looking baby giggles when she held a tiny arm out to Tibet who chuckles at that.

"Hey Maite, mind if I calm down Ruby there?" Tibet asked when she wiggles a finger at the baby girl named Ruby who tried to grab the finger while she giggles.

Maite smiles before speaking.

"Why of course." She said before handing Tibet Ruby who giggles when she was in Tibet's arms which made Tibet grin before she looked to Maite.

"Want Aryk to watch Tobi for you?, would give you some very fun alone time with Emerald here." Tibet teased while wiggling her eyebrows which made Emerald's body glow red from blushing when he heard that.

Maite blushed as well before smiling.

"Yes please."

Similar to last time, Maite passed Aryk Tobi, but when he left her hands, Tobi started to cry loudly which made everyone but Emerald who covered Ruby's ears and Tibet used her tail to cover Aryk's ears while she powered through the loud cry before Azure moved forward and quickly took Tobi from Aryk before Tobi calmed down greatly while Azure rocked him back and forth which made everyone sigh in relief.

That's when Cedric had a deep thought.

'Wow. Azure is great with kids. I hope someday we have kids, minus Melody and Aurora. I'm glad we adopted them. But… would my kids hate me? I have feeling Ruby does and Tobi.'

"Thanks for the help Azure, guess Tobi still hasn't warmed up to others well, guess you have a way with kids or something to not have Tobi crying like that." Emerald said while he removed his hands from Ruby's ears who looked around with confusion while Azure blushed a bit.

"Well… it's not like it's hard, I had practice here and there and then there's Melody and Aurora." Azure said before said duo appeared from the portal with Melody covering Aurora's ears.

"Hey, what the hell happened!?, we go close to the exit and crying was heard, sorry for cussing but Aurora nearly got knocked out from the noise." Melody growled out while Aurora looked like she was about to cry through her blinded eyes.

"Tobi got woken up from his nap." Maite said which made the younger hedgehog, Melody, sigh before she sent a glare to Cedric.

"Was it pops again?, he always has a knack for waking up Tobi in bad ways." Melody said while she continues to glare at Cedric.

Said wolf sighs before speaking.

"Yeah it was me. And judging from the conversation, I think its better if I go somewhere else so I won't do something."

"Look, I don't care if you make Tobi cry since it's accidental, but I will drag you over here to say sorry to Aurora here." Melody said while she sent Cedric a surprisingly scary glare while Aurora calmed down a bit but it still looked like she was about to cry.

Cedric was spooked by that glare before he kneels down to Aurora's eye level.

"Aurora, I'm so sorry about that. Can you forgive me?" He asked.

Aurora was looking above Cedric for a moment thanks to her blind eyes, but she looked down to Cedric before she walked forward and hugged him around the neck without saying anything which made Melody grin.

"Seems she forgives you pops." Melody said with her hands on her hips.

Cedric returns the hug before speaking up.

"Why don't I take you two out for some ice cream?" He offered.

Aurora smiles when she heard that and hugged Cedric more around his neck before Melody spoke up.

"Hehe, seems she likes that idea, I'll join you in a moment pops, I got to change Aurora and myself first since it would be a hassle if we had to come back for some reason." Melody said before she looked to Aurora.

"Come on Aurora, let pops hang with his friends for a bit and we can get some ice cream in a moment." Melody said before Aurora's ears perked up before she let go of Cedric with a smile before she turned to Melody and let her take her hand before Melody led Aurora to a changing area that was nearby.

Cedric smiled as he watched them before turning while wondering if everyone saw that.

Everyone did see that before Azure spoke up.

"I'll see if I can join you three later, I'll try and get Tobi to sleep first and pass him back to Maite later, you have fun with our daughters." Azure said with a smile on her face while she continued to rock Tobi in her arms while Tobi himself looked like he was dozing off already.

Cedric nods to Azure while making sure not to say anything so Tobi can sleep as he waits for Melody and Aurora to come back from the changing rooms.

While the two changed, more people walked out of the portal, it showed Demonga who had his ever present frown and he wore red and black…. Speedo's to some peoples horror… mainly Emerald who shuddered… unlike Emerald, Demonga's muscles were all natural and he looked very toned with pure muscles and no fat whatsoever.

There was also Lillum who floats out of the portal in a very revealing black two piece which showed off her figure very well which left very little to the imagination.

Sonic, Amy, and Blaze of Angel City exit as well and they were wearing various swimwear.

Sonic had black and blue trunks that looked like they had waves on them.

Amy wore a pink Bikini while she wore her usual blindfold over her eyes, but it looked like it was pink color this time.

Blaze wore a purple two piece bikini while she had a blue towel around her waist which acted like a skirt.

"So who cried over here?, we followed Aurora and Melody but we heard a cry that nearly made Aurora pass out and Melody rushed her here with an angered look on her face." Sonic asked when he crossed his scarred arms over his chest.

"It was Tobi. His nap got disturbed." Maite said which made Blaze sigh before she spoke up.

"Who did that?" Blaze asked when she looked around and saw Tobi in Blaze's arms before she went over to check on the wolf cub.

Cedric cleared his throat to get Blaze's attention.

Blaze looked over after a moment passed before she gave him a half lidded look.

"It was you was it?" Blaze asked while Amy shook her head at Cedric's luck.

Cedric nods to Blaze while avoiding her gaze.

"Wow… you really have some bad luck since you seem to use it all in a lot of battles and with the ladies huh?" Amy said when she walked over to Cedric and pats his shoulder in sympathy for Cedric's luck.

Cedric had his down before a little cloud formed above his head.

Amy chuckles for a moment before she walked over to talk with Maite to see how she was doing.

Cedric sighs before he walks over to rock and sat on top as he resumes waiting for his daughters.

Demonga than walked over before he leaned against a nearby tree and crossed his arms before he spoke up.

"Have you been training well or did getting a family make you soft?" Demonga asked while he looked to the large group that grew larger when more people appeared and mingled with the others like Daniel, Cream, Vanilla, and a few other people.

Cedric looked back with a raised eyebrow before speaking.

"I have not gone soft. I make sure to train extra hard before spending time with Azure and others. Especially my kids."

"Could have fooled me with that rain cloud above your head." Demonga said when he looked above Cedric's head and saw the cloud above it with a half lidded look on his face.

Cedric choose not to say anything about that before the Spirit appeared near the duo with a grin on its face before it spoke up.

"So you two, want to help lead this chapter out?" The Spirit said before Demonga frowned before he walked away without saying anything which made the Spirit chuckle from that before looking to Cedric.

"I hope you got the chapter and read it on the way here, hope you like the story so far." The Spirit asked before it floats up and hovers near Cedric.

"Yes I did. Atomsk emailed me the script for both chapters." Cedric replied.

"Well than, what did you think of the story?, any complaints?" The Spirit asked with an amused grin on its face.

"No, no complaints. The story was pretty interesting. I thought the epilogue went smoothly with the way how Ooo ends up in the future like the canon. I was glad that Marceline was able to get Simon back… almost all but at least he was talking. Then there was the end, I kinda knew whose bones it was, but the mystery was a good touch. I was surprised to the parts where Finn did founded the Assassin's and married Me-Mow." Cedric said.

"Reminds me of you and Azure somewhat, but in a reverse case of sorts, you and Me-Mow were technically assassin and ninja and Finn and Azure where blushing fighters but got together anyway." The Spirit said with an amused tone in its voice.

"Hmmm… you have a point." Cedric said which made The Spirit chuckle.

"And the holographic Simon seemed to be interesting since Simon did inhabit the crown right?" The Spirit said with an amused tone in its voice.

"Yeah it was. Though I'm wondering how Finn found the cure." Cedric said with a thoughtful look.

"Maybe some questions are better left unanswered for now to help the readers with keeping their attention right?" The Spirit said with an amused tone since this story had a lot of potential in its future seeing gaze.

"Right." Cedric said before looking at the readers.

"Welcome back everyone. I'm your temporary host, Cedric. As you saw earlier I accidentally woke my nephew up while making Ruby my niece mad at me. Though the plus side for me, I get to spend time with my girlfriends and get some ice cream with my cute daughters. I'm happy to be their dad." Cedric said before the Spirit spoke up with a wide grin on it's face.

"And the perk of Azure of persuading you and being extra frisky in order to help make Ben and possibly other kids don't make the deal sweet right?" The Spirit said with a greatly amused tone in it's voice while it covered it's mouth to try and hide it's laughter… but fails when the grin passed the width of it's hand.

Cedric blushed a bit brightly before speaking.

"Well of course I can't forget my son or any other kid that will come in the future. But I will still love them no matter what. Favoritism is not my thing."

"Not saying anything about playing favorites… just saying that Azure is giving you a lot of love in the bedroom lately… maybe she's getting into heat or something." The Spirit cryptically said to Cedric with a grin on its face.

Cedric blushed again before speaking.

"Well… no comment on that… but I always make sure to give Azure a lot love as well."

"Well you might want to ask Lillum for a heat crest to even the plainfield… Mmhmm so much rug burn and claw marks I see in your future, that I do." The Spirit said with a highly amused grin at Cedric's blushing face.

Cedric blushed brightly at after hearing that before speaking.

"I… guess it wouldn't hurt to ask Lillum that."

"Indeed…" The Spirit said before it looked to the right and saw Melody and Aurora approaching in swimsuits.

Melody worse a black one piece swimsuit which helped show her silver quills off more while Aurora had a white one piece with a small white towel on her which gave her a dress like look before the Spirit grins at their approach.

Cedric smiles at the two before speaking.

"You two ready to get some ice cream?" He asked.

"Yeah pops, you look busy at the moment so why don't we wait here first then head out?" Melody said which made the Spirit grin before waving at Melody who surprisingly waved back with a smile on her face when her eyes glowed lightly.

Cedric chuckled before speaking up.

"Don't worry sweety. I'll try not to take long." He said before looking at the readers.

"Now the first real chapter was something. I mean Marceline knows who F was after realizing who he really was and she's seems to like Fionna a lot. Plus the whole holographic thing was cool. Reminds of Star Wars. Also I was surprised after reading the part about Finn's mom still being alive and all." Cedric said.

"Indeed, and it seems like Marceline and Fionna are going to get to know one another better before they head to the past, whether Flannery joins or not is still up for debate though." The Spirit said with crossed arms.

"Yeah. But it was sad seeing how Marceline reacted after meeting Flannery and who she resembles." Cedric said.

"Yeah, could be coincidence or maybe she could be Phoebe reincarnated, I mean Finn was the catalyst comet so it's not too out there for flame elementals to reincarnate into other flame elementals." The Spirit said with a thoughtful grin on its face.

"True. Though the green flame threw me off." Cedric said.

"Well like the story said, it could be a evolutionary thing since it has been possibly thousands of years in the future, and who knows, it's never stated in those future episode about what happened to Flame elementals so it could happen." The Spirit said with shrugging arms.

"You have point. And I guess the same goes to the talking rainicorn in the restaurant as well since they speak Korean and require those translators." Cedric said.

"Indeed, but get ready to take a step back on the evolutionary chain for red colored Flame people and korean speaking rainicorns since the future arc is the prequel arc of the story and won't be seen for a long time." The Spirit said with a grin on its face.

"Right. Anyway we hoped you enjoy the first chapter and will see you later in chapter 2 for a mother and son reunion, follow by meeting the parents of Fionna. So now if you excuse me, I want to take my daughters out for ice cream." Cedric said before getting off the rock.

Aurora had a smile on her face when she heard that but she was a bit more interested in following the spirit who circled around Cedric with an amused grin on its face.

"Guess I'll be tagging along since Aurora here is interested in me and ice cream." The Spirit said when Aurora held Cedric's hand and dragged him slightly towards the Spirit with her eyes glowing lightly before the Spirit shrugged before it spoke up again.

"I know where a decent ice cream stand is, so I'll help with leading Aurora there, just make sure you have your wallet, the ice cream is pricey but its good stuff." The Spirit said when it floats above Aurora to keep her from walking more and Cedric while Melody followed with a grin on her face when she saw Aurora dragging Cedric around.

Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"I don't mind as long as they're happy. Hope Azure joins us when she's done."

"Oh she will, she just needs to hand Tobi off to someone and I'll get her when that happens." The Spirit said before it starts to slowly float away with Aurora innocently following with Cedric's hand in hers before Melody spoke up when she walked next to the trio with her hands behind her head.

"What about that future thing you were talking about?, you gonna finish that up?" Melody asked when she wondered what that future thing was about.

"More will be talked about the future thing later on." Cedric said before looking at the readers while still being dragged.

"Goodbye everyone and have a pleasant tomorrow." He said before the spirit spoke up.

"I get the feeling that your quoting a movie but I agree, have a nice evening and like Atomsk would say right now, Deuces." The Spirit said before the scene fades to black.

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