A Corrupted Fire @atomskthepirateking
Surprising Payback

Ooo/ Marceline's cave/ Marceline's home/ Marceline's living room/ Various party goers

The scene showed Bubblegum while she was still having fun, the surprise was, thanks to how far it was since this orgy started, Phoebe and the Water Nymph sisters returned and Phoebe was using a flaming cock to fuck Bubblegum hard and faster while she had her hands on Bubblegum's hips.

"F-Fuck! This is some tight pussy!" Phoebe groans as she was enjoying this while thrusting her cock hard.

Bubblegum could only groan at the feeling when she wasn't able to speak thanks to how rough Phoebe's thrusts were.

The water Nymphs licked their lips at the sight before Denise looks at her sisters.

"What do you think girls?, think we should join in or let them have their moment?" She said with a smirk.

"Hehe, depends, lets take a look at the others to see how they are doing." Lapis said when she, Denise, and Lazuli looked around to see what the others were doing.

They look around and they see Penny having fun with Dusk as she was riding the wood nymph's cock.

Me-Mow was behind Penny and was giving her ass a good pounding.

Lapis, Lazuli, and Denise lick their lips and looks around to see if anyone else besides them was in the room that may have appeared while they were gone, Finn and Marceline were on their own, Bubblegum and Phoebe were having fun, and Me-Mow, Dusk, and Penny were doing the same.

When they saw no one else, they look at one another and smirks.

"Split up and have fun with people of our choosing?" Lapis said when she looks at Denise and Lazuli.

"Oh yeah." Denise and Lazuli said before Denise and Lazuli went to where Phoebe and Bubblegum are while Lapis went to Penny, Me-Mow and Dusk.

With Phoebe and Bubblegum…

Denise and Lazuli both approached Bubblegum and Phoebe and Denise placed a hand on Phoebe's ass.

"Room for two more, sexy?" Denise said while she fondled one of Phoebe's ass cheeks to mess with her.

Phoebe shudders and groans when she felt Denise's watery hands on her ass before grinning at the duo.

"No problem here. Plenty of room." She said before she starts spanking Bubblegum's ass.

Bubblegum groans from that while she was looking at the trio after Denise and Lazuli formed watery cocks.

"Hehe, good… mind getting us warmed up sweet ass?" Denise said as she and Lazuli stook next to Bubblegum on other sides of the table.

Bubblegum blushes when she looks at the duo's cocks before a moment later, she was already sucking off Denise's while stroking off Lazuli's cock.

This caused the two Water nymphs to moan at the feeling while their cocks were slick thanks to their natural watery lube thanks to how wet their cocks were and Bubblegum's hands were able glide across the dicks without any resistance.

Phoebe grins at the sight as she fucks Bubblegum's pussy harder.

As that happened, Lapis was now next to Me-Mow.

"Room for one more?"

Me-Mow and Dusk look at Lapis and they smirk a moment later.

"Penny has a free mouth so hop in." Dusk said before she and Me-Mow went to fuck Penny in no time a moment later.

As Penny groans a bit loud, Lapis smirked before she summons a cock of her own and stood next to Penny as Dusk thrusts her cock up in Penny's pussy.

Me-Mow did the same as Lapis forced her cock into Penny's mouth and starts to face fuck her in no time.

Penny gags and groans as she sucks the nymph's cock while Dusk and Me-Mow give her holes a serious pounding.

The two groups really went wild with their actions as Phoebe, Denise, Lazuli, Dusk, Me-Mow, and Lapis fucked and had fun with Bubblegum and Penny more and more until Phoebe, Dusk, Me-Mow, and Lapis groans when they came hard with Phoebe filling Bubblegum's womb while Dusk, Me-Mow, and Lapis flood Penny's insides as Denise and Lazuli covered Bubblegum in watery sperm while Denise's load filled Bubblegums mouth somewhat.

Bubblegum and Penny both groan loudly with fucked up looks on their faces as they climaxed hard on their partner's cocks while swallowing cum in their mouths.

After the group ride out their orgasms, the group was resting here or there while they enjoyed the afterglow and Dusk smirks at Penny.

"Hehe, so how was your first time more or less?" Dusk said while she pets Penny on the ass as she laid next to her on the ground.

Penny shudders from that action.

"H-Honestly… it felt great." She said making Me-Mow chuckled.

"It gets better later on."

"Yup, and since Me-Mow brought you out so to speak, doubt we need to do much to convince you to have fun with Finn right?" Dusk said as she smirks at Penny now that she wasn't a virgin… no need to hesitate to have fun with him now.

Penny blushes a bit,

"R-Right." She said as Denise giggles.

"Wonder how he's doing with Marceline."

Ooo/ Marceline's room/ Finn, Marceline

The scene showed Finn as he was laying next to Marceline while he pants for breath and Marceline snuggling against him as he held her while the duo recover from their latest romp, they were at it for awhile and Finn was spent at the moment.

"Phew… what a night." Finn said when he saw the clock nearby and saw that they were at it for an hour or so.

Marceline chuckled.

"You said it hero. You really know how to fuck a girl."

"Well I had practice, hope you're satisfied or did that regen thing make it so that you don't get satisfied?" Finn said while he looks at Marceline.

Marceline smirks.

"Oh I'm satisfied. Unless that meat sword you got wants more action."

Finn smirks as he moved to get over Marceline.

"Oh believe me, will take more than that to finish me off." Finn said as he smashed his lips onto Marceline's for a moment.

Marceline moans into the kiss before she hugs Finn and returns it before having her tongue fight Finn's tongue.

Once this happens, the scene went to much later, with everyone in the home unaware for now of the oncoming event that will happen that will shake a few dimensions at their core… reason being is from one simple moment in time, a divergence happened… here despite serious issues happening… Marceline was forgiven in the end… but what if she wasn't forgiven?... well that answer would be given a rather bloody answer one month from now.

While that month was approaching, 3 things happened which would lead up to the end of the month.

First off aside from the fun Finn and Marceline had, he was actually doing his best with taking her out on dates, as well as with Me-Mow, Penny after he gave her a good time, and surprisingly Dusk as well a few times though he was careful not to push that part too far given Hunson may try his hand with Dusk at some point… Finn was still shocked that Dusk was Dawn reincarnated… poetic so to speak.

Next was a moment where Don John came to check on Finn when he finished some things, he was surprised to hear about what happened between Finn and the others and gave Finn a genuine congratulation… sure he wasn't around but he did feel like Finn deserved the attention now… hey he may technically be evil to Neutral but in this story he wasn't heartless.

"So… what have you been up to?" Finn said to DJ as he was curious.

"Oh that… well just to check what do you remember about what I said last time I was here?, think of it as a pop quiz of sorts to see if you remember." Don John said while he sat across from Finn, would help with explanations if Finn remembered since it would be less for DJ to explain.

Finn was thoughtful.

"You mentioned about training me and that I was gonna acquire special artifacts for you right?"

"Or teach people a lesson, yes those kinds of things, granted may not be needed now given how you have not only Bubblegum and Marceline but many others, honestly I doubt I can even give much now to help you in not being used when you already seemed to have gotten the adoration of many women, still I am hoping to barter for your aid either by teaching you a spell or two in exchange for your aid here or enchant a weapon for you free of charge if you want some compensation for my request to you, you see its a two fold request, I need this item from a Wizard who is trying to use it to try and actually try and mess with Phoebe, its a element manipulation orb and the effect is not in a direct way but indirect when they are trying to divert the heat from the Fire Kingdom Core to weaken things, thanks to me the Fire Kingdom isn't assuming its Bubblegum but thanks to where the location is, no Flame person can approach since its mainly in a water based area." DJ said which would explain why he was here, seems he couldn't even approach the place to handle things himself.

Finn blinks in shock when he heard that.

"What wizard is doing this?"

"Ironically its a female Goblin Wizard… I doubt I need to explain why if a Goblin is involved." DJ said when he frowned at Finn from how serious this was in many ways while DJ has a somewhat worried look on his face.

Finn's eyes widened again when he connect the dots.

"Son of bitch… of course they haven't forgotten."

"Maybe, but it could be just a lone Wizard hellbent on payback, either way if it was against Phoebe I understand but they are causing issues with others, I'll guide you to the area that the Goblin Wizard is, nuff said I don't care what you do, kill the Wizard, force yourself on them, cripple them, it doesn't matter, key thing is you need to get that orb away from them otherwise the Fire Kingdom will be in serious trouble, again I'll compensate you and I'll even give you a bonus here and now by enchanting a weapon which will give you an edge at the place we are going… its a swamp like area and you can guess why it would be deadly to Flame people… plenty of watery areas and bogs that can engulf many." DJ said while he leaned back in his chair to see what Finn thought, DJ was giving pretty evil suggestions with the Finn force himself on the woman thing and stuff or even crippling them but given DJ was Chaotic Neutral to evil, well… the guy was at least being straight face in the conversation so Finn wouldn't have issues with seeing truth from lies and no lies here.

Finn had a serious look.

"I'll take the deal. Right now there's a lady wizard that needs ass kicking."

"Good, grab a sword of your choice and I'll wait for you to get back." DJ said as Finn went to get a sword while Marceline on her end when she appeared to surprise Finn blinks when she saw a serious looking DJ in the room while he was sitting on a fireproof enchanted chair.

"Oh its you. What's with the look?" Marceline said.

"Ah hello Vampire Queen, just waiting for Finn, I have a request for him and it deals with the Fire Kingdom's safety you see…" DJ said as he gave a quick explanation of what was going on while Marceline looked shocked as DJ finished his explanation.

"Fuck… that is messed up." Marceline said.

"Indeed, so Finn is going to get a weapon and…" DJ said as Finn returned with a sword, it was the pink jewel sword.

"Hows this?, and hey Marcy." Finn said as DJ examined the sword for a moment.

"Hey Finn. Your partner here filled me in on what's happening." Marceline said.

"I see, sorry if you came by for a date or something, have to take care of this." Finn said when he looks apologetically at Marceline.

"Hey no sweat. Pheebs needs help. Can do this when you're back." Marceline said.

"Thanks, again sorry, I'll make it up to you and stuff later… for now DJ and I need to get going." Finn said as he kissed Marceline on the lips and after he pulled away, he looks at Marceline again.

"Enjoy the place, used to belong to you and stuff, anyway lets get going DJ." Finn said while DJ got to his feet.

"Indeed, lets get going." Don John said when he got ready to lead Finn out of the Treefort.

Though before Finn moved, Marceline gripped his shoulders before she kissed his lips.

Finn was surprised by that as DJ watched Finn returned the kiss for a moment and waits for the duo to finish the makeout session.

After a bit Marceline pulls her lips back and smirks at the human.

"Giving you some good luck."

Finn blushed at this while DJ chuckles and he walked by Finn.

"I'll meet you outside Finn and I'll put the finishing touches on this sword, was able to put two enchantments on it since one will be handy, the other will be practical, think of this as an advance and a reward I'm giving early." DJ said as he carried the pink Jewel sword out of the Treefort.

Marceline chuckled before she looks at Finn.

"Whoever this Goblin chick is really screwed up as I wanted some alone time with you."

"Hehe, no kidding, depending on how things go, could have a new pet for us… I'll see you later Marcy, again have fun here but try and not burn the place down with a surprise party." Finn said while he looks amused as he teased Marceline when he left the Treefort since the last time Marceline had a party, she and Phoebe got a bit to into some fun and nearly burned the treefort down.

Marceline chuckled nervously.

"One time dude."

Though after Finn left, a mischievous look appeared on Marceline's face.

"Hehe, but no one said to stop doing that."

After this happened, the scene went to Finn who got his Jewel sword from DJ while DJ led FInn to a massive swamp like area.

"OK, here is where the Goblin Wizard woman is, I had Flame Guards keep an eye on the area and as far as they know she is still here, though given she is a Wizard do not be surprised if she vanishes, if she does that we can use clues to find out other places she could be… I'll wait here so in case you need anything you know where to find me." DJ said while he crossed his arms.

Finn nods his head before he starts walking into the swamp with a determined look.

Once Finn got deep enough into the Swamp, he saw that this place was rather well defended against Flame people, a large wall of water was formed to make a dome around the base that Finn saw, it was so thick that Finn had to swim through it, no wonder DJ needed help, no flame person could get through this wall of water, even Finn's lungs were strained and he was panting for breath once he got by the wall and saw a large stone building in the distance.

"Glob… no more surprises." Finn muttered as he approaches the building but made sure to be sneaky.

Though as he got close, water golems formed from the top of the dome and they land before Finn while he drew his pink jewel sword, and to some surprise, he threw the blade which flew like a helicopter blade which destroyed one golem, a moment later with Finn holding his hand towards the blade, it one upped Billy's blade Nothung when it teleports to his hand and he grins when DJ's enchantment worked like a charm as enchantment 1.

"Next." Finn said before he did the same thing with the other golem.

A few more went down thanks to this but seems they learned from that when they dodged some attacks, looks like unless Finn did something, they would return and Finn had just the item with him, he brought his lightning sword from the Dungeon train here since the other enchantment really went well with what he had in mind… this was Finn using some serious strength to throw the blade straight up and as he did that, he aimed the lightning blade at the Pink jewel sword with a bolt flying from it, it hit the blade easily and this result in the Pink Jewel swords jewel turning blue and as it hit the top of the dome, Finn recalled the blade while the electric power bursts at the last moment at the top of the dome from the Pink jewel sword suddenly vanishing, this destroyed the dome in one go and by proxy the golems thanks to the main source of the golems and Finn grins when he saw the end result… this was more or less an electric explosion when Finn recalled the blade more less, like an elemental grenade that worked only when it was recalled like a reverse grenade of sorts and best of all Finn could reuse the effect as long as he filled up the Jewel sword with elemental energy.

"Thank you Don John." Finn said before he starts to enter the building.

Once he did, he managed to make it pretty far inside of the base while he got no other traps in his ways… guess the Wizard didn't expect the dome to be destroyed.

'Okay. Just need to keep cool. Must not lose focus.' Finn thought as he quietly roam the base.

Though as he got to a fancy looking door, when he kicked it open and had his swords at the ready, he got a blush on his face and wide eyes when he saw an abnormally shapely Goblin woman wearing a bikini like top, bottom, and only had a Wizard hat on her head while she had a pouch at her side, she looked at Finn in surprise while he got a good look at her figure, she had D to surprising E sized breasts, wide hips and a nice looking ass and she was about 4 or so feet tall, making her much shorter than Finn and had a cute look on her face while she had some hair on her head though thanks to the style it looked like it was slicked back and under cutted which barely had the hair seen but a ponytail was on the back of her head.

"Whoa… wasn't aware I was facing a sexy Goblin wizard." Finn said.

"What the!?... who are you and what are you doing here!?, forget the water wall the Water Golems should have forced you out!" The Goblin Wizard woman said while she looks worried while she quickly summoned a wand from nearby while it had a water ball at the end ready to defend herself while she looks a bit weary at the lightning shaped blade in Finn's hand more than the pink jewel sword.

Finn sees the look.

"Hey… Let's relax. If you lower your weapon, I'll lower mine so we can talk." He said in a reasonable way.

The Goblin Wizard woman however looked worried.

"How do I know you won't attack me the moment I lower my weapon… who are you first!?" The Goblin woman said when she seemed hesitant to follow the command… made sense given Finn had two swords, took out her golems, and she seemed to have no idea who Finn was, stranger danger at its finest more or less.

Finn did sigh before he shockingly lowers his weapons.

"My name is Finn the Human. Hero of Ooo."

"Finn!?... wait… wern't you suppose to be the King of Goblins or something before Whisper Dan was put in power?" The Goblin woman said as she lowered her wand but she raised it again when she really looked panicked when she remembered something else.

"Wait… you were also dating that Kingdom burner!... were you sent here to kill me!?, I warn you I may not be geared for you Finn the human but I won't go down without a fight!, I won't be tortured by that bitch of a Flame Queen since she deserved what she did for disfiguring my mother!" The Goblin woman said while she got a really angered but cautious look in her eyes as she really didn't like how this was going.

Finn was a bit shocked at that info before trying to calm the situation.

"Hey hey, chill. I'm not here to kill you. Granted what you said about my friend pissed me off… still… I'm not going to kill you. Just want to talk to you, that's all." He said before he placed them on the ground and kicks them away to show the goblin woman he was unarmed.

The Goblin woman looks hesitant but seeing Finn kick his weapons away did cause her to lower her wand.

"Talk?... whats there to talk about?, I'm trying to get payback and considering your… friend did… pretty sure I deserve payback for what happened to my mom, half of her face was burned by that bitch!, if I can't even talk about her like that, why should I even talk about her at all!?"

"Okay… I'm sorry for what happened to your mom. I know the feeling of wanting payback. But… this is not the right way to do this. Phoebe doesn't know what happened. Could you at least try talking to her about this? We could work out an arrangement or something." Finn said.

"Talk things out?... doesn't know what happened?... she burned my fucking home and your telling me she doesn't know what happened?" The Goblin woman said while she glared at Finn with rising anger.

"Are you insulting my intelligence… the Goblin Kingdom was burned intensely thanks to her… she didn't know?... bullshit." The Goblin woman said as she clenched her wand hard.

Finn sweatdrops.

"Okay okay… bad choice of words. What I meant was… she doesn't know how many goblins got hurt during the attack. I didn't know about this. Now listen, what will it take for you to not do anything to Phoebe? Name your price."

Though before Finn could react, the Goblin woman swiped her wand in the air and a water ball knocked Finn right onto his ass while the Goblin woman looked more angered than ever.

"She doesn't know?... your telling me that all those screaming people… all those that got harmed that day… you may have stopped her and sure… you could attack me for that… but now your just insulting the entire fucking Goblin Kingdom if that bitch of a flame Queen doesn't even know what kind of damages she did to my home!... I can respect you Finn the Human… but now you're just fucking insulting me because to me and many other Goblins that day… we fled in terror as our homes were burned down and your telling me she doesn't know how many got hurt in that attack… are we so little to people like her and you that you can just walk all over us and nothing happens in retaliation!?" The Goblin woman said with a look that reminded Finn of himself back when he was angered at Marceline… one of pure rage that nothing short of a shocking moment would stop as many water balls formed around the Goblin woman all ready to launch at Finn though as the Goblin woman launched them, she was shocked when Finn moved his hand in front of him which recalled his Pink jewel sword and he sliced all the water in half… a moment later before she could get her bearings, she had a sword at her neck while the Goblin wizard woman was just stunned by what just happened.

"4 words… Calm. The. Fuck. Down." Finn said with a serious look.

The Goblin woman grits her teeth before she dropped her wand in defeat.

"Fine… you win… do with me what you will but know that its not just me you have to worry about… many Goblins in their own ways will try and go after that bitch of a Queen you call a friend… from assassinations to even stuff like this… you can say what you want… you can do what you want but at the heart of the matter is that bitch caused many Goblins harm… can you look me in the fucking eyes and tell me that you can do better than what you did now to try and get me to calm down?... because right now I hate that bitch more than ever since you just flat out told me that Queen thought so little of us that we don't really matter to her… so go ahead… end me, torture me, turn me in… it doesn't matter… because unless you can change the minds of every goblin who experienced that nightmare that day… none of us will give up in making that bitch pay… we maybe a weak race but we do have minds and feelings of our own." The Goblin Wizard said as she grits her teeth in frustration.

Finn sees the look before he lowers his blade.

"No. Killing you will make you either a martyr… or a coward. You let your anger affect your judgement on things. What you're doing is putting your people at risk. There's a guy out there that knows you're doing this and if something were to happen to Phoebe… who's to say he won't influence the rest of the kingdom to attack your people as vengeance. If you want restitution, then you need to talk to the person that caused you pain. Now… If I take you to her, you have to Royal Promise me that you won't try and attack her. You may think she's heartless but she has compassion."

The goblin Wizard woman was silent but the scene went to much much later to show that Finn, after bringing the Goblin Wizard to Don John, well… nuff said thanks to some talks, Phoebe was sitting before the Goblin Wizard woman while both sat at a table in Finn's home while a number of people were here as the Goblin Wizard woman had crossed arms though Phoebe could see that despite her calm look on her face, she was gripping her arms so tight that her nails drew a bit of blood while the Goblin woman had a look of raw fury in her eyes… honestly if it wasn't for the Royal promise, guards, DJ, Finn, and others there from a party Marceline had be damned she would have flat out tackled Phoebe and tried to strangle her right than and there.

Finn sighs a bit since this would be awkward.

"Okay… since we'll all here, we can settle things and make sure things are civil." He said as Phoebe looks at the Goblin woman.

"What is your name?"

"Like I'll answer that of all questions… Names have power for Wizards and I recognize the flame lord there and you're the last person here I want having that kind of power over me since you could have Don John force me to do things… I would rather die by breaking the Royal promise and strangle you than do that since I know I would have a quick death and not be burned by you but by another's flames." The Goblin Wizard said with venom in her voice as her grip on her arms tightened for a moment.

Finn tries to calm things down.

"I said civilized. We all want things to end peacefully. So no one needs to shed blood."

"Maybe, but ask Don John why I'm not giving a name as you get the same answer." The Goblin Wizard said when she glances at Finn.

Finn gave the woman a half lidded look before he looks at DJ.

"She has a point, Wizards know that a name gives power, got an alias we may use?" DJ said as the Goblin Wizard rolls her eyes.

"Fine, call me, Surge, I use Water magic if I had my wand and I was based in a swamp… you can get why." The now named Surge said when she hoped this would get things going.

Finn rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. Phoebe, the reason you're here is because… remember that time you attacked the Goblin Kingdom?… well turns out that without our knowledge that a bunch of Goblins got injured badly and Surge's mom was one of the victims."

"Will you stop saying that without knowledge!?, She attacks the goblin Kingdom and you say she has no knowledge, I call bullshit!, What do you get with a kingdom burning around you!?, A walk in a fucking park!?" Surge said as she really gave Finn a look of fury for his poor choice of words and didn't they go over this already?

"Hey, no one came forward of this ordeal. So calm down or I'll make you!" Finn said with a serious look.

"Or what?, You'll torture me?, Let me ask you this… former Goblin King… how strong and Brave do you think Goblins are?... Are there any heroic or powerful Goblins?... Can you tell me we would actually get anywhere with this bitch by talking!?... I would rather kill myself than humor this any longer because your talking shit and this bitch is silent through all of this!" Surge said with raw hate in her eyes while she actually looks around fast for a weapon to use.

Though before things could escalate, knocking was heard at the door for some reason which causes many to look at the door as Don John looks at Finn.

"Got a guest coming?" DJ said when he was a bit surprised by this.

Finn was confused.

"Not that I know of." He said before he went to the door.

When he opened it… he was surprised to see Whisper Dan, a beautiful Goblin woman, and Gummy as well.

"Hello Finn the human, sorry for the unexpected visit." Gummy said when he smiled at Finn.

Finn was surprised at the trio.

"Um hey Gummy. What's going on?"

"Well I am the chief of staff for the Goblin Kingdom, and my king brought his Fiance here so we can

Join in on this talk when we got a message that a goblin woman was in trouble." Gummy said while he showed a phone which had a message from LSP to many that a drama bomb between Phoebe and a goblin Wizard woman was going on at Finn's Treefort.

Finn facepalms after seeing this.

"Glob dammit LSP… well congratulations Whisper Dan for the fiancé part. Since you're here, come in." He said as he motions the trio to enter.

The trio entered and the group went to the place where Surge was sitting and Phoebe saw the Goblin King, Whisper Dan, a beautiful Goblin woman who had a calm look on her face and Gummy the advisor more or less.

Phoebe was a bit surprised when she saw two goblins and Whisper Dan.

"What's going on here?" DJ said with a curious look.

"I can explain your lordship, long story short my Fiance and I came to support this Goblin woman in her hour of need given how one sided her support is, from what these messages say, Finn the Human has been trying to calm down this one who calls herself Surge but not getting why her anger won't let her when the Queen of flames won't speak… surprisingly detailed this LSP is." The Fiance of Whisper Dan said when she showed her own phone which had more messages from LSP comically enough.

"Yeah and a big mouth on that. Someone needs to put a bell on her." Finn said.

Phoebe stood up.

"Regardless of that. I know for a fact that I caused some serious damage to your kingdom, Lord Whisper Dan and I'm terribly sorry. I'm willing to do something to help fix something and hope for peace between our kingdoms."

"Considering my Fiance can't talk, Gummy and I will talk for him… but one thing first Finn the Human, please do not interrupt me or Gummy as we talk, because this is more serious than you think since this is politics and depending on how things go, well… let's just say war may not happen but whose to say an assassin won't come for the Queen of flames here and now, I'm not threatening her, it's just a statement that will most likely happen if Surge is punished here and before anyone say anything bad… considering how many people the Queen of flames frightened and scared, it makes sense as to why no one did anything till now, tell me, can anyone of you label a heroic or brave Goblin in the history of the Goblin Kingdom?" The Fiance said when she keeps her ever present smile on her face.

Most of the group were quiet since sadly for them… they don't know any goblins that were brave.

The Fiance noticed that and nods with a smile.

"Good, hopefully you're getting it now… none here or in the kingdom are trying to be heroes or brave… physically we are a weak race, and beings like Surge are rare since not many Goblins are magically inclined or… well built like her..., best we got is a few spellcasters but nothing up to the level of some kingdoms, our race has been always called the weakest or one of the weakest so when the one who burned our kingdom is in power as the ruler… do you think any of us will even humor talking with her?... it would be like say… the living going to try and talk to the Lich and try and convince him to be good… you can say anything you want, you can try and talk things down, but actions speak louder than words and while I am not happy with what happened, or is Whisper Dan, you can't fault Surge for using some… underhanded methods to try and get to you and you alone Queen of Flames… if you really want retribution than I will have no choice but to act in Whisper Dan's stead and call a meeting of Royals who will hear every detail Finn and others may have left out when you torched my King's kingdom… sure… many will want to punish Surge since she did attack your kingdom and she will be punished, but I will not let you of all people, Finn included be biased in a punishment since to many in Ooo, while you are Good… we see you as nothing but pure evil… you never came by to talk peace way before I came here, no letter, nothing… did you really think you could burn a kingdom and expect no injuries… casualties… or retribution at all for your actions?... and while I am new in this Royal business since I'm going to be the new Goblin Queen… but I'll just say this… grow the fuck up… while Surge did cool your core a bit I had some spies go to the Kingdom and they barely heard a word of any issues with your people, maybe a chill here or there but nothing to the extent of actual harm… so why not do your job as a ROYAL and force your advisors and others who may have kept the damage from you or exaggerated things to make things seem worse... instead of explaining things… you may be good but your advisors and others are from an evil generation… you being Queen won't change that for some time unless generations pass." The Fiance said while she gave Phoebe a serious look not to get angry because she will use every legal card at her disposal to protect her people it seems.

Phoebe frowns.

"I get that my Kingdom's reputation is bad, but I'm doing everything in my power to fix that. And forgive but I don't care what people see me as. I'm not a monster or evil."

"Then answer three questions your highness and depending on them I may not call a meeting of Royals or do that… first question… if you're a good person… why attack the Goblin Kingdom for no reason back then?... did one of the Goblins attack you?... harm you?... insult you?... and please be truthful… we may not be in the Goblin Kingdom but you don't want to be a hypocrite and lie with your honesty policy in effect right?" The Fiance said while she looks Phoebe in the eyes.

Phoebe stood her ground.

"Honestly… I did it for no reason. But here's my short tale… All through my child, I was put in a glass lamp thanks to my father and… another Royal. Because of them, I never experienced true freedom or interacted with my people… even my own family. I was never taught about right or wrong or how fragile things are in the outside world."

"I see… so what you're saying is it's your fathers and this Royals fault you had no concept of right or wrong it seems… why don't we punish those two than since it makes it seem like you think because of that story you would be looked on in a better light… sure it does a little but I highly doubt many will believe a story like that even with your honesty policy so why don't we get your father and this other Royal involved… who is this other Royal if I maybe so bold as to ask?" The Fiance asked as a bonus to the first question.

Phoebe and Finn glanced at each other for a bit since this would be awkward.

"Princess Bubblegum." She said.

"The Princess of the Candy Kingdom?... very well… Gummy if she is not at the Treefort, please send a summons to the Candy Princess… tell her its an emergency and if she doesn't come here, I will call a Royal meeting so all Royals will hear this instead of just a select few." The Fiance said when she smiles kindly at Gummy.

"Yes, your highness." Gummy said before doing just that as Finn facepalms.

"She's not gonna be happy."

"Oh, and why would she be in any other mood Finn?... I mean no disrespect but considering this is politics, unless you had a hand in the Goblin Kingdom attack aside from being a savior, I would suggest being quiet, many who found out about Whisper Dan also know you left the throne to him and while many were fine with that, you also left who at the time were your people to a magical golem who while has sentiance, was more or less a puppet for the rule book… had to change that thing thanks to some loopholes… point is Finn this isn't a battle of might… its a battle of politics so unless you are willing to step into this kind of minefield, I would suggest kindly just standing at the side… you really don't get how many Goblins are out for blood and willing to use underhanded methods, Surge here is actually using the kinder methods that many talk about, and while I have no hand in them, given we have no talks of peace and our kingdom is weak, going to war is a bad idea for our kingdom… though for many… I doubt many would see the Fire Kingdom in a good light… best result, we call things even… no one gets punished, and aside from a deal with both parties to try and tide things over with the peoples anger to prevent future issues, worst bits could possibly leading to the death of Surge here by Goblin hands because we won't let the Queen of flames or more exactly, her evil inclined people on the Queen's good inclined leash have the satisfaction of torturing her and don't bullshit me princess… your people respect might and you have the strongest power… whats to stop the Fire Kingdom from attacking when an evil ruler takes power?... point is… this is a lot more serious than you are ready for Finn… trust me its about to get many levels of headache inducing and I'm sure the Queen of flames here can at least agree to that." The Fiance said while she looks at Finn with a cold empty look before she looks at the Queen of flames.

Finn frowns a bit as Phoebe sighs.

"She has a point, Finn. If you have a kingdom or stayed as King, from what I heard, politics is never ending."

Finn scoffed.

"No shit. That's why I gave it up. Plus the rules they have sucked. No offense Whisper Dan."

Whisper Dan shrugged at that while the Fiance chuckles.

"Well if you thumbed through the book, you would have found a subsection that any and all rules can be rewritten if needed if it means the safety of the Kingdom being kept, used that to change everything so Whisper Dan and myself are not restricted." The Fiance said as Gummy returned.

"The Princess of the Candy Kingdom will be here soon on the Morrow." Gummy said and while many look confused, Finn said this.

"Not Tomorrow like many think, she has a bird called Morrow who carries her places sometimes." Finn clarified which made many go ah as Bubblegum made herself known when she opened the front door of the treefort after a few minutes of waiting.

"Sorry for the wait, had to put up some chemicals that were highly volatile, I was given a sudden summons to come here but didn't get details." Bubblegum said as the Fiance looks at a nervous looking Gummy who rubs the back of his head and the Fiance sighs.

"Well Princess, first off I am the Fiance of Whisper Dan, soon to be wedded to him and I'll be the new Goblin Queen… you see you were summoned here because of… and than this…. Now you are here…" The Fiance explained while she gave Bubblegum a calm look after Bubblegum moved to sit at the head of the table.

After listening, Bubblegum facepalm as she mutters in German for a moment and than she spoke in english.

"Hate it when past actions come back." She said.

"Indeed… you never know when it will bite you in the ass like a trap springing against you if you forget where you placed it… now than since you are here, mind explaining why you had the Queen of Flames in her lamp?... because in a nutshell if we can't punish the Queen of flames for her actions, we have to punish someone so if not you who made the lamp that kept the Queen pretty much clueless on the ways of the world, than her father who pretty much let this happen for so long… we will deal with Surge in a moment no doubt but right now this pretty much is the start of the situation that led to this since if not for the Queen attacking our kingdom… we wouldn't be here in the first place." The Fiance said while she had a serious look in her eyes.

Bubblegum sighs.

"Okay. First, I think there was a slight misunderstanding about the lamp thing. When she was a child, Phoebe had an unstable matrix so I told her father to fix it. I never said anything about a lamp. However… I should've checked on her during that time so I'm partially to blame."

"Really?... because from what my Goblin people heard, you and the Flame King talked about this and pretty much made the thing… so mind explaining how you didn't know about the lamp that hung well above the Throne and everything?" The Fiance said when she really didn't like the way Bubblegum tried to play off her faults in this.

Bubblegum blinks a bit before realizing her mistake.

"Oh right… seems I forgot." She said.

"Indeed… anything else you forgot to mention?... still this doesn't give a good impression since I'm more inclined to just call a meeting of royals if your not taking me seriously because I'm a goblin and a new Royal… I studied many ways of politics and while I'm not as smart as you… well… thanks to that mistake I understand you either forgot or you're just lying to try and save your own skin in this situation." The Fiance said before she said this.

"I should introduce myself fully, I am Lyla, and before I became a fiance to Whisper Dan I studied law and various other things pertaining to politics so while you may have age and experience, try and not think I'm an idiot princess." The now Introduce Lyla said when she gave Bubblegum a serious expression.

Bubblegum had her hands up in defense.

"I would never say that… but I think calling a Royal meeting will be a terrible idea. I'm sure that we all can talk things out without escalating further."

"Depends… do you royal promise to think about your answers fully before responding, instead of your gumball Guardians enforcing the promise, they will instead send a message to each and every kingdom about the Royal Princess summons to talk about this in detail… oh and you may as well include telling the truth since there are rumors you like to lie…" Lyla said when she didn't trust Bubblegum to be here.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised by that request but can't do nothing else.

"Fine… I Royal Promise to think wisely before answering questions and to tell the truth during this talk here."

Lyla nods her head.

"Very well… since this is over with now, lets get back on topic… Bubblegum, considering the Queen of flames here is pretty much saying she blames you and her father for what she did no matter how you explain things, who do you think deserves a punishment more between the two of you?, the one who helped make the lamp and imprison the Queen since her infant years or her father because of him keeping her locked up?... the moment we settle this is when we can talk about Surge, but someone needs to pay for the attack on the Goblin Kingdom… no peace talks, no apologies were given and my people have had time to let their anger brew because some goblins have actual wounds that won't heal well or at all thanks to her… think of your words carefully while in this meeting, the moment you slip up is when the Royals of Ooo are called together by your own guardians." Lyla said when she gave Bubblegum a look that said to think on this before she speaks.

Bubblegum though gave her a look that said 'I'm really hating you'.

"Sadly… he and I should be punished. I made the lamp. But he was supposed to help fix her matrix."

"Maybe, but the fact of the matter isn't the fact that the lamp was made and used… its HOW it was used… to stifle a powerful Queen and she in turn attacked the Goblin Kingdom… why was she even let out of the lamp in the first place because unless we know the reason why, we may not know why she just came to the Goblin Kingdom out of many other kingdoms… after all she wasn't supposed to be let out yes?, many were keeping quiet at the Fire Kingdom except something about a Prince Finn thing that many are playing off." Lyla said when she interlocked her fingers for a moment.

Finn though knew he had to come clean.

"Actually… that was me. My brother tried to find me a new girlfriend and was told about Phoebe. So he pretended to be me which got her freedom. And sadly… I was technically at fault for making her attack the Goblin Kingdom."

"I see… so you and your brother are a part of this than… mind explaining how you caused her to attack the Goblin Kingdom if I may be so bold as to ask?" Lyla said when she looks at Finn but also Phoebe as well since she would know the reason as well.

Finn crossed his arms.

"This is not a trial lady. But if you wish to know, when I first met Phoebe, she looked lost and she thought I was trying to hurt her when I put out a few fires… which technically did hurt her and thought I was impeding her. She didn't want to feel that again so she went to the Goblin Kingdom. So if you people want to blame someone… then blame me." He said surprising Bubblegum and Phoebe.

"Hmmm… not a trail?... granted this wouldn't be one but... so you're saying that I shouldnt call a meeting of Royals so that you and your brother by proxy won't get issues?... you can say whatever you want, feel however you want, or do whatever you want but remember that this is politics, not a battlefield, being rude like that will not get you any favors… so I suggest you change that tone so we can have a civil calm conversation because the list of people who caused this tragedy just went up to four people and I'm not going to give you and your brother leniency because you ask or because you save the Goblin Kingdom… you technically put it in danger in the first place… so as a soon to be royal trying to help her kingdom… if this isn't a trial with small numbers already for one issue before we get to the other… than what is?" Lyla said when she gave Finn a stern look.

Finn had no answer to that so he chose to stay quiet.

Lyla sighs at this.

"Well at least you know when to keep quiet… so in a nutshell things went like this… because of Bubblegum and the Former Flame King, the current Queen was stunted in her studies and real world experience, thanks to this because of Jake freeing her and Finn messing with her unintentional hopefully, she came to attack the Goblin Kingdom possibly randomly, still it doesn't excuse that the Goblin Kingdom was attacked, people burned, and everything… many of you want to end this conversation now and I will but only if a deal is made to make sure that the people of the Goblin Kingdom don't try and get assassins to come after you four, technically three here but you get the idea… right now when it comes to the Flame princess attacking, I hold all of the legal cards here for that incident and can claim Surge wanted payback for her mother against the Queen, so I'll make this offer, since not many apparently noticed the issues aside from your Wizard here and a few others, I'll suggest this…. Queen of Flames, Finn, Bubblegum, I want the three of you to find a way to heal everyone harmed from that incident, that includes Surges mother, the dozens of Goblin people, and publiclly apologize to many… if you don't I WILL summon every Royal in Ooo to make this an official trial… just because of circumstances spiralling out control because of a love life, lack of knowledge, and pretty much locking a Royal away by giving her to a shitty father… it doesn't excuse the fact that Goblins were harmed by Phoebe in the end… no matter what you say… she went through with ATTACKING the Goblin Kingdom… am I wrong in assuming that even back then, Phoebe had no reasoning?... she had no way of knowing that harming people with fire was wrong?... even with her in a lamp I highly doubt her father would just let her be stupid from birth because she has to pick up english somehow… she has to know some things from watching people in her lamo… in a sense she should have observation skills at the fucking least... because people putting fire out… being afraid of fire… it never registered that normal citizens have a different thought process than Royals and even Heroes?... compared to people who are used to danger… compared to Royals who have luxeries and status that many won't have… compared to even other kingdoms… our Kingdom is one of the weakest and my people are cowardly, weak, and even harmless more or less… so why should we just try and put this incident under the rug when all I'm hearing are reasons that are from self centered circles that are pretty much safety that went to far… trickery to get a girl for another… misunderstandings that led to disaster... what am I suppose to think besides that when all I see is a proud Flame woman who at the time was apparently supposed to be dumber than a sack of bricks if she was in a lamp her whole life but has enough speech to talk in perfect sentences… a smart Royal who has questionable methods from what I heard from the Candy Kingdom… and a hero who pretty much embodies goodness but sometimes forgets that other people won't be able to be reasoned with no matter what you try if its from brute force of lact of tact in thinking of their words… what am I suppose to say that doesn't make me look like enemy number one right now?" Lyla said when she gave the trio a look that just demanded they try and answer with a straight look on their faces.

Finn, Bubblegum and Phoebe were silent as they have no response for their defense since what they did was considered a bit shady.

Surge felt smugged when she saw that.

"Don't look smug Surge, thanks to your actions, we may not be able to do as much as we would have hoped since you did attack the Fire Kingdom more or less… so here is my offer… and I really suggest thinking about this… in a nutshell, to show that there is no ill will, Surge, you will pretty much go into a relationship with Finn, not negotiable, you will see what he is like, what he does, and pretty much make sure that he doesn't cause issues… this will also make it so you're in a relationship with the Queen of flames as well… and before any object… do any of you have better solutions aside from death or a long drawn out torture because I will not let that happen to Surge given that compared to her what happened in the past, her crimes are pretty much light… again unless you have ideas, I don't think there is a better option than an arranged relationship between the hero of Ooo and by proxy the Flame Queen more or less." Lyla said while she had a serious look in her gaze which showed she was serious about this suggestion.

Everyone couldn't believe what they heard as Surge grinds her teeth in anger.

But she knew she had no other options.

"Fine… I'll do it."

"Good… and again unless any of you have better suggestions, I would suggest we end this meeting and hopefully we can make it so that no assassin's try and come after the Queen of flames or others." Lyla said when she was ready to end the meeting unless anyone else had things to say.

"I… got nothing to say." Bubblegum said.

"Same." Finn said as Phoebe and DJ were quiet.

"Good… sorry for interrupting this party, please continue on with the festivities, my Fiance and I will leave… come along as well Gummy." Lyla said as she, Whisper Dan, and Gummy got ready to leave.

Gummy bids farewell to Finn and the others before leaving which left the group feeling awkward.

"Glob… that sucked." Finn said.

"No kidding." Surge said when she felt like the odd person out here.

Phoebe sighs before getting up.

"Don't know about you all but… I need to go home and think."

"Same here." Bubblegum said.

After many left after that… this just left Marceline with Surge and Finn when many other left the Treefort.

Finn looks at Marceline.

"Sorry that you had to see this Marcy."

"No problem… sorry my party kinda screwed you guys over big time." Marceline said since if she didn't throw a party, LSP wouldn't have done that message thing to many.

Finn waved his hand a bit.

"No worries. Had a feeling you were gonna throw that party either way. As for LSP… I mean come on, girl sniffs around for gossip. She would've found out eventually." He said in order to cheer Marceline up.

"Maybe… though for your newest… pretty sure unwilling woman…" Marceline said when she looks at Surge who had crossed arms while she was looking out a window as she sat on a chair while trying to keep quiet.

Finn sighs.

"Yeah… it's gonna be awkward."

"Yeah… want me to leave for now?" Marceline said while she wondered what to do with this situation.

Finn shook his head.

"Nah you can stay. If anyone can make things less awkward, is you."

"Hehe thanks… still we should give her a few minutes to calm down a bit." Marceline said when she didn't know what was going to happen in the future.

"Hmmm… okay. Not sure if you're hungry but I can go for a snack." Finn said.

"Right… want to make a meal for this… Surge woman?" Marceline said when she suggests the idea.

Finn was thoughtful.

"May as well. Hey Surge, what would you want to eat?"

Surge looks at Finn for a moment, than looks at the window again.

"Anything is fine." Surge said with a dull tone to her voice.

Finn sighs a bit knowing this will take a long time.

"Lets go, Marcy." He said before he grabs her hand and starts bringing her to the kitchen.

As this happened, the scene showed Phoebe back at the Fire Kingdom in her room in a nightgown while she was looking at her ceiling while she had a thoughtful look on her face.

'Glob… how can I have been so blind. So busy ruling a kingdom and I forget to check on the very people I almost burned. Am I truly a monster?' Phoebe thought.

Though as she was contemplating things, she heard a knocking at the door.

"Your highness, its me Don John, may I enter?" DJ asked when he stands at the door.

Phoebe didn't want to face him but… something was telling her that he can be helpful before she gets up and walk towards the door and opens it.

Once she did, DJ entered though he looked surprised at Phoebe's current dress.

"My my, should you really be wearing that before me?" DJ said with an amused look when Phoebe's nightgown barely hid her figure from view.

Phoebe rolls her eyes.

"What is it that you want to talk about, Don John?"

"Well first of all I wanted to make sure you would be alright given the situation that happened recently." Don John said as he moved to close the door.

Phoebe was quiet.

"Well considering that there was goblin wizard that was out to get me and that two royals of the Goblin Kingdom show up. So yeah… been crazy since you were there."

"Well I didn't think it would be proper for me to speak since it was a moment that had no impact with me there, I felt like I would have caused things to get worse than help more… at least you have a chance to make things right between you and that water wielding Goblin Wizard." Don John said while he had a serious look on his face.

"How can I? Besides the fact that Finn would be 'dating' her?" Phoebe said with her hands on her hips.

"Well all this means is you have chances to talk with her, no one said the path to forgiveness was a simple road, from what I heard it was poor wording that caused issues and what not." Don John said when he thought back to what everyone said back than.

Phoebe sighs.

"No kidding. Don't know what was I thinking when I attacked that kingdom." She said with her head down.

"No clue, and no use crying over spilled lava so to speak, just need to make the best of a bad situation… need me to do anything that can help you relax?, I'm here to help you after all." Don John said with a smirk on his face.

Phoebe knew what DJ meant but… it didn't stop her from asking this after looking up.

"And… how will you help me… relax?" She said.

"Hmhm… why not a repeat of what happened when I took your virginity and we see where that goes." Don John suggests while he smirks at Phoebe while he approaches her and gripped her chin lightly, if she wanted him to stop, he was giving her plenty of chances to do so.

Phoebe blushes a bit before feeling a bit warm.


"Good." Don John said as he leaned in to kiss Phoebe but before more could be seen, the scene fades to black while this dramatic turn of events hopefully simmering down in the future.

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