A Corrupted Fire @atomskthepirateking
Manning Up and First Dates

The scene opened up to show TME and Atomsk in various positions, one with Atomsk sitting on a throne and TME was bowing to him.

"Milord, the flamers and reviewers for the story are coming along swimmingly, we have people both loving and hating this story, hopefully this chapter will go the same route." TME said in a faux regal tone towards Atomsk.

Atomsk chuckled.

"Excellent TME. I say this is possibly the best unexpected story we've created."

"Hmmm I don't know Milord, haven't we made the best worse story that people don't like with Payback time with Finn?" TME said while he smirks at Atomsk.

Atomsk raised an eyebrow.

"Don't forget Raging Fire. Although there were harsh flamers for… LLP." He said with a smirk.

"Indeed, we should really work on them if we have the chance if we don't get distracted with other stories." TME said while he stands fully after a moment.

Atomsk chuckles.

"No kidding. Given our track record of new stuff and paid commissions."

"Indeed Milord, now before we get too off track, mind talking to the dear readers and give them some info on what happened last time and we can get into this story?" TME said while he held a hand towards the readers.

Atomsk nods his head before looking at the readers.

"My fellow readers and country men and ladies, hope you all enjoy reading the first chap of Corrupted Fire. Last chap Phoebe and Don John made a deal which resulted Finn witnessing Phoebe losing her virginity along with Finn seeing a different side of his ex. But at least he understood the concept of tier 15 before doing the deed with Phoebe after said hero making a partnership deal with Don John after Finn realized some things which is like the plot of Payback time so who knows what Don John has in store."

"Indeed, however do not be fooled, Finn here won't physically force many ladies… well maybe those who deserve it like Bandit Princess and the like but all in all Finn is more or less the same hero, just becoming more street smart so to speak, he will still aid average citizens but Royals who can defend themselves… well they would have to repay Finn for the help from now on more or less." TME said while he explained more on how the story will go.

"Indeed, some may not like that side of Finn but maybe… could get a potential ally thanks to his new… skills." Atomsk said with a smirk.

"Indeed, Don John maybe, but for now those two may just use one another for their own gain so Finn could gain real allies out of say… Me-Mow?, remind me is she in prison at this time since the Red throne incident just happened?" TME said when he looks at Atomsk for a reminder on if Me-Mow was in prison or not yet.

"No she would likely still be a bounty hunter since Finn, Jake and BMO haven't done their game yet which is in season 7 of the timeline while the Red Throne was in season 5." Atomsk said.

"Nice so she can be a possible romance hehe, anyway considering you were the one who had the idea for the story, got an idea on how the plot will go more or less since this is now a full on story instead of a one shot?" TME said while he sounded curious.

Atomsk was thoughtful.

"Well perhaps DJ (Don John) could go to where Finn lives and train him but why say it when we can show it?" He said with a smirk.

This caused TME to smirk before he bowed to the readers.

"And there you have it dear readers, seems we can't say more and let the story speak for us, Atomsk and I will see you next time so enjoy the story…" TME said before the scene went to Finn's treefort a day after The Red Throne incident.

Ooo/ Treefort/ Finn's room/ Finn

Finn at this time was laying on his bed while he had a arm over his eyes… he was still processing just what happened with Don John and Phoebe and then Finn's fun with Phoebe to learn tier 15… honestly he knew it was his fault somewhat for the whole capture thing but he was still processing that Phoebe agreed to Don John's bet to mess with Finn… Finn decided to stay away from the Fire Kingdom for a while unless an emergency summons was sent to him in case his help was needed.

'I still can't believe this happened. Now I need to watch out for Don John just in case. Why did I donk things up?' Finn thought as he remember his past actions regarding his ex.

'If I didn't have that dumb dream and listen to Jake's… advice, Phoebe and I would still have a chance. And if I wasn't so focused on trying to win her back, then that deal she made with DJ wouldn't have happened. But it did and I lost that chance to be her first guy. Then again, I wouldn't know what to do since Jake didn't tell me the tiers. He may still be my brother but this was partially his fault.'

Though as Finn was stewing in his thoughts, he heard knocking from the front door for some reason… Jake wouldn't knock… could it be Don John?

This caused Finn to get up from his bed after a moment and he pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment before he gets to his feet and he went to the front door after he made sure he was dressed besides his hat and when he opened the front door after climbing all the way down while he heard a few more knocks, he opened the door and did indeed see Don John and he was smirking at Finn.

"Hello human, nice day today right?" Don John said to break the ice when there was a bit of tension in the air.

Finn blinked before narrowing his eyes a bit.

"Don John… A bit surprised you're here."

"What?, and miss out on teaching you how the world really works so you won't be used?, I meant what I said human… I would use you for work and in exchange you would learn things from me, simple as that, but if you want to be a naive kid for the rest of your life and let others walk all over you, I can leave and you won't see me again unless you go to the fire kingdom years from now and see me on the throne." DJ said while he grins at Finn.

Finn glares a bit after hearing that.

"Just get inside."

Don John just shrugged before he casts a flame shield on himself so he wouldn't burn the Treefort down and entered the home while Finn was left behind for a moment to have a thought about Don John and what not.

'Really hope I don't regret this deal.' Finn thought as he also remembered Phoebe's warning before going back inside.

When he went inside he saw DJ sitting on Finn's couch and he was humming a bit to himself since he had to wait for Finn to follow him.

Finn got a bit close.

"So… what will you be teaching me today?" He said.

"Hmmm… depends, I have three options for you to pick from for now and you can only pick one for today… first can be magical training if you are interested and can give you a free pass into Wizard City because of that… next is more about lessons on how to not be used… and finally… hehe, well this one is more like getting what you are long overdue from that Candy Princess of yours if you know what I mean." DJ said while he smirks at Finn.

Finn lightly blushes a bit even when he knew what DJ meant though frowns when Bubblegum was mentioned.

"What would you suggest?"

"Simple, this would technically be the easiest one or hardest option to get down and we could have some lessons on knowledge magical or life lessons in a few hours… but only if you can go through with this… can you?, even if I give many words and reasons for you to go through with this you would still consider her a friend yes?, would you go through with this whole reward thing from them or will it be just with princesses you don't normally hang out with?" Don John said while he had a serious look on his face when he looked Finn in the eyes to see any kind of resolve in them to actually wise up.

Finn was quiet.

"The only thing I want is to not be used by anyone."

Don John chuckles and smirks at Finn.

"Well don't worry, aside from the occasional payback for my services you won't be used by anyone besides me for the occasional job, I mean sure you could pay with gold but why would I need it when I can use my magic to easily earn more?, its like you and your dungeon diving, you get plenty of gold, so much so that it overflows into your entryway… guess that helps with thieves, they can just take as much as they can carry and doubt it would matter much to you huh?... Anyway I'm getting off topic, point is as long as you do a few jobs for me that I may request you to do like say gather items for me or fight someone to teach them a lesson, not killing mind you, no real reason to do so in my line of work since I need the publicity… still should be a simple trade when you can learn how to make any lady or princess in this case give you a good time, but possibly get some real romance as well since you won't have to worry about breakups because YOU are the one using your head, who knows you could be like a sponge and after a few lessons you won't need my help anymore but until then… mind giving me some details about this Princess Bubblegum so I can tailor make a way for you to get her to the bedroom?... consider this first lesson a freebie since she has been building up quite a bit of debt with you." DJ said while he grins at Finn…. Though one thing did eat at Finn… why was DJ doing this when the last time he saw the wizard, he was acting like a bad guy yet he pretends like it never happened?... was it Wizard Madness?

Finn narrows his eyes.

"Before I tell you, what is your deal? First you were acting like the bad when you helped Phoebe's dad and then later, you acted like nothing happened while you're 'helping' me. Do you have Wizard Madness?"

DJ chuckles while he gets to his feet and walked towards Finn.

"Simple human, the only reason I'm doing this is a main thing that all Wizard's share…. Curiosity, I'm curious on how you will do from here on out with the proper guidance so you are not made the fool of the world… as for why I'm not acting like I was earlier, remember that before her highness took power, many Flame people were more evil than anything, you could say its a habit that is too ingrained to forget entirely, I mean let me give an example, if you gave up being a hero sometime in the future but see someone in trouble yet you have not fought for a long time, would you aid them or would you ignore them?, I'll get to the main reason but this is leading up to try and lead you onto why I'm aiding you instead of acting like an enemy." DJ said while he smirks at Finn.

Finn blinked at the question but somehow it made him remember Ooo's former hero, Billy, he gave up as a hero and was very old.

The human now wonder if he would end up like Billy despite the fact that Finn help wake Billy up about saving people.

Finn then looks at DJ.

"Alright, I'm listening."

"Good, its simple really, like I said, curiosity is a driving factor and there is another thing, my alignment, I'm more Neutral then evil even if I did act the part, true I did poison her highness but it wasn't to kill her, and yeah I did want to marry her but I got the next best thing thanks to some great timing, and got a shot at being her highnesses suitor a few years from now, she would have to marry someone sooner or later in order to stay as Queen after all… and have an heir to the throne as well, in a way, things seem to be working out for me somewhat and I'm wanting to see how it plays out more or less… amusement if you want to low ball things… I'm not a good guy, that much I can tell you but I'm not pure evil, I freed you from the jail cell so you wouldn't be killed, you let me in and I didn't try and attack you… I can go on more but I have one key thing that trumps all…. Your knack for turning enemies into allies more or less, think of it like that in this situation… I mean haven't you always wondered why some enemies or people who don't like you normally come around to be friends?... well I'm not saying I would be a friend now given what I did do but more like… an opportunity providor if you take the chance with me and my help…" DJ said before he shrugged.

"Still if you want the shortest explanation possible…. Raw curiosity… I mean deep down you must be curious on how this will go yes?... I mean sure… you could kick me out and go back to doing the normal heroic thing but I'm sure you are tired of it since most of the time you don't get rewarded properly for those efforts…. Again it is your choice on if I stay or go, but know that once I leave, I won't be bothering you again." DJ said while he grins at Finn when he waits for a response to all that.

Finn was again quiet but he knew DJ was right and unfortunately for the human, part of him wants to see how it goes from here.

"You can stay." He said.

"Great!, now about that info on the princess so I can make a way for you to get in bed with her." DJ said while he rubbed his hands together at the fun time he would have with mind fucking the princess while Finn did the actual fucking.

Finn blushes after hearing this before he told DJ everything about Bubblegum that he knows.

After all that was said, DJ smirks while the scene went to much later with Marceline messing with Bubblegum in her lab and nearly caused an explosion… well did caused a small one but not life threatening.

"Oh I cannot believe you startled me like that… I had a sign on the door for a reason Marceline." Bubblegum said while she had to pull off bits of burnt gum from her body and dropped it into a nearby trashcan and molds her body so the holes would vanish.

Marceline chuckled.

"Come on Bonnie, I think you and I both know that signs won't work on me." She said with a smirk.

"Well how about me pulling off a burnt arm next time, maybe that would get your attention to look at signs more." Bubblegum said while she gave Marceline a half lidded look… though before she and Marceline could continue the talk, knocking was heard and Peppermint Butler's voice was heard.

"Milady are you alright?, I rushed here when I heard shaking… Finn and this guy named Don John came here but are waiting in the throne room since I told them to wait there." Peppermint Butler said while he sounded concerned.

Marceline and Bubblegum blinked after hearing that as they wonder why Finn was here and who Don John was.

"Did Finn say why he and this… Don John person are here for?" Bubblegum said.

"Well, not exactly aside from Finn saying he was… getting what he is owed or something like that, he didn't give much details aside from that." Peppermint Butler said while he was not aware of Marceline in the room thanks to the closed door blocking his sight.

Marceline and Bubblegum blink in confusion after hearing that.

"I see… well tell Finn and… Don John that I'll be there in a moment."

"Very well Milady, I will let them know." Peppermint Butler said before he rushed off and his fading footsteps were heard before nothing else was heard.

Marceline floats towards Bubblegum.

"Wonder what Pep meant about Finn getting what he's owed?"

"No clue, give me a second to get changed and I'll meet you at the throne room, might as well say hello to Finn and this Don John guy and you could see if this Don John guy's is dangerous or not… you are a good judge of character sometimes… actions though…" Bubblegum said while she gave Marceline a half lidded look before she left the room after she points at the trash can which had bits of Bubblegum's burned bits inside of it as a prime example of bad actions.

Marceline rolls her eyes before she exits the room and starts heading for the throne room and get a better look at Don John.

When she got there, she saw Finn drinking from a cup that Peppermint butler made and he thanked the butler for the tea.

"Thanks for the tea pep, sweet as always… pun intended hehe." Finn said while he grins at Pep after chuckling at his own joke while Don John was nearby while he had a flame shield spell cast on him and Marceline recognized that and the fact he was a flame person… and a Wizard from the feeling she got that felt similar to beings like Ash and a few other Wizard's she knew, she was invisible for a moment so she could get a good look at this Don John guy and was surprised by these facts.

"Thank you Finn and you sure you want nothing Mr. Don John?" Peppermint said.

"Hmmm…. Well maybe some red apples for our uninvited guest here, seems the Vampire Queen is here it seems." Don John said while he looked right where Marceline was which did spook her not from him sensing her, but him looking at her right in the eyes without missing her gaze like she was visible to him while Finn and Peppermint Butler looked shocked and looked at Don John before they look at where he was looking and saw nothing for a moment.

"Marcy? Are you here?" Finn said before a second later Marceline became visible.

"Yeah, and what gave me away?" Marceline said with a raised eyebrow at DJ.

"Oh simple, not only do I dabble in Necromancy which helps with sensing where the undead are with a power similar to heat sensing, I felt your power far before we got here so I figured I could be all…. What's the word?... Ah… theatrical… if I'm using it right, anyway I'm Don John the Flame Wizard, or one of them at least, but very well trained compared to the newer ones, and it is an honor to meet a powerful beauty such as yourself, I can see why Finn talks about you sometimes and while he is not well mentioned, Ash…. between you and me the Grand Master Wizard is considering turning him into a toad or something since he makes us all look bad." DJ said while he bowed to Marceline and stands to smile at her… he seemed friendly enough but the vibe from DJ didn't seem all that good… but not evil…

Marceline had a cautious look on DJ before clearing her throat.

"Yeah well that donk will get what's coming to him." She said before looking at Finn.

"So Finn, what's with the surprise visit?"

Finn blinks at that while he passed Peppermint Butler the tea cup after he finished drinking it.

"Well… instead of saying it now and saying it twice when PB gets here, mind if we wait for her?" Finn said while he has a small smile on his face for some reason… like he was in a good mood that Marceline was here.

Marceline blinked a bit before shrugging.

"Alright then." She said.

"Great, how are you doing by the way, been awhile since we last jammed and stuff." Finn said while he broke the ice with this question.

"True that. But I sometimes practice and mostly sleep in and stuff." Marceline said.

"I see so same old Marceline huh?, kinda cool that you never really change from the radical dame that I know." Finn said while he gave Marceline a smile while he had his hands behind his head.

Marceline chuckled.

"Well you never know. So how are you Finn? Everything okay after… you know." She said when she heard about the breakup.

Finn though just grins at Marceline.

"Oh I'm great now, I learned a lot after that happened so guess you can say I'm a better person because of that experience." Finn said while Don John smirks a bit but made sure Marceline didn't noticed and thanks to Bubblegum finally appearing, even if Marceline did, the conversation would go on anyways.

"Hello Finn, sorry if you and your friend had to wait long." Bubblegum said after getting closer.

"Eh no problem PB, Pep here gave me some good tea and all that, and this is Don John to start the introduction, I met him at the Fire Kingdom." Finn said while he points a thumb at Don John who walked over and bowed to Bubblegum.

"It is an honor to meet you your highness, I heard many interesting things about you and how intelligent and resourceful you are, granted I may be a Wizard and you will hear about this soon but I hope you will keep your hatred of Wizards at bay so we can have a civil chat." Don John said mannerfully while he stood back up to look Bubblegum in the face while Finn kept quiet for now.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a bit.

"Well no trouble has been issued so a civil talk will do."

"Great, do you have a room we can sit in, standing here is fine but I doubt you would want to do that for this entire conversation right?" Don John said while he smiles at Bubblegum.

"Indeed. Follow me please." Bubblegum said.

This caused the group to follow Bubblegum and in no time was in a tea drinking room while the group sat near the fireplace that was there, seems this was a new room that Finn came into.

"Wow, been in a lot of rooms but never here, guess you either remade some rooms or I just never came here before." Finn said while Don John lit the fireplace up for added warmth.

Bubblegum lightly chuckles.

"Bit of both. Some rooms will age greatly so I would decide which room gets a good makeover."

"I see… well nice room that you got remodled or not, perfect for the talk that we can have." Finn said while he sat in a chair…. But comically sank into the cushion and blinks when only his head was seen… guess this seat was made for really big people if the wide seat was anything to go by…. He thought it was a couch after all and had to take a moment to try and pull himself free.

Marceline and Bubblegum chuckled before Marceline help Finn free.

"Sorry Finn, should've warned you about the chair." Bubblegum said.

"N-No problem, guess you have large visitors every now and then." Finn said before he followed Bubblegum to smaller chairs that were comfortable to sit in and just the right size to not sink into.

"Ah… much better… thought that chair would have done me in a moment ago." Finn said while he sweatdrops at what just happened.

Marceline chuckled.

"Death by chair." She said making Bubblegum roll her eyes before looking at the human.

"So Finn, was there something you wanted to talk to me about?"

Finn this time got a serious look on his face.

"Yeah… I will say this won't be all pleasant but you could say its me growing up… simply put PB… I'm tired of being used for free labor and saving people who can more or less protect themselves and not get something from it… there's being naive and then there is just me being an idiot." Finn said while he looks at Bubblegum with a serious look on his face.

Bubblegum and Marceline blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Wait, what? You're not an idiot Finn." Bubblegum said.

"Oh really?... then how many times have I saved you, helped you with anything you wanted, and not get anything out of it?... put simply I don't need gold, I got more than enough from dungeons and if I ever get old I can just make one last adventure to make me set for life pretty easily… no… after I learned some things, I know what I want from here on out that is not gold… I know you are a smart lady, smarter than all of us put together so you can get what I want from you even if romance is no longer an option… learned that the hard way thanks to you and that too old crap and you pretty much forgetting everything after you were made to be my age years ago but then you were put back together again to your normal self and pretty much blocked any kind of romance from there... simply put if you want my help…. You'll need to pay me with tier 15… thanks to some incidents I found out in a rather…. Unlikely way so I know what its like so I'm not an idiot and before you say anything about how we are friends…. How many times have I saved you more than anyone in Ooo yet you never seemed to do more then use me for labor and other things… when have we hung out and it didn't lead to some kind of world saving issue or some kind of adventure that stopped it?" Finn said while he raised an eyebrow at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was just shocked when she heard that though Marceline frowns.

"Okay hero. If this is a prank, then you need to work on it since I'm not laughing."

Finn just chuckles and looks at Marceline.

"Oh its not Marceline, the same thing goes for you, I won't abandon the citizens of the candy kingdom or any kingdom since they are powerless but let me ask you two this… why am I, the normally powerless human risking my life for those who don't even treat me with respect… PB, you and your inventions or serums caused a lot of trouble and I had to fix it…. Marceline, I saved your ass from Ash and your own dad and got fucking tramatized thanks to that damned amulet I wore… no the joke here is how stupid I was to ever help either of you when you two have powers and abilities that far outclass mine in every shape and form… PB… you are the fucking smartest person in Ooo yet you need my help to fix everything when something doesn't go your way yet you have your own way of fighting… Marceline… can you look me in the eyes and tell me that aside from your own dad and Ash when he gets the drop on you, would you EVER get beaten by anyone?... if either of you can tell me a good counter I'm all ears, but from where I stand all I see is two women who would use me and throw me away… I mean for fucks sake Marceline you pretty much said that you didn't want to hang out with me anymore while I was having a fucking panic attack after I got that amulet removed by your dad…. I had PTSD when I see anything jewel shaped... you say your my friends but lets be real, unless its an absolute last resort you two never need my help until then so this is a flat out ultimatum… either get your asses in gear and train to protect yourselves so I won't be needed, or get ready to give me what I'm long overdued to get… I can romance any lady I want now thanks to some lessons but I won't be used like I have been up till now… if you two are really my friends you will think about this hard…. I mean for Globs sake I'm not even immortal and can't heal like you two can, one wrong move and I'm deader then dead!" Finn said while he placed his face in his hand while he looked royally frustrated and Don John just sat there which starts to click that he was the reason for this.

Though Bubblegum was shocked, Marceline glares at DJ.

"This was your doing wasn't it?"

"Oh not really... all I did was just talk to Finn about how he was easily used by others since its common knowledge that Bubblegum would use Finn for free labor, and Finn being who he was would help anyone at the drop of a hat for no reward most of the time... the rest was just past memories with Finn causing him to realize various things… so yes, it was my doing but only getting the ball rolling so to speak... I mean can you really blame me if Finn acts like this?, or was everything he said a lie and he didn't get tramatized by the amulet of the Nightosphere and helped you?, he never did anything to aid you?... are you saying that you could have done things differently?" Don John said while he smiles at Marceline.

Marceline blinked a bit after hearing this before getting angry.

"I don't know who you are fully, but get out. As for you Finn, if you were traumatized, you should've told me, plus I wasn't serious about what I said about not hanging out with you no more. But it doesn't give you a license to be an ass to Bonnie and me."

Though while DJ just shrugged, Finn grits his teeth and stands up while shadows covered his eyes.

"Fine… then the next time you are in trouble you are on your fucking own… sure Don John isn't the best guy to listen to but he does make a lot of sense about one thing." Finn actually growled out while looking at Marceline with actual hate in his eyes.

"Why the fuck should I ever help you when you don't even get it… time and time again I help you and PB and all I get is either trama which fucking make it hard to talk about when I couldn't even comprehend most of what I saw… as for being an Ass… I think I earned that fucking right with what you just said… you want a good comparison of what I think… you and PB are no better than that fucker ASH since you two use me so much that I'm sick of it… all these memories are not lies!, PB revived the dead not once but twice and I had to be fucking bitten by who knows how many after Science the mouse made this weird juice the second time… I couldn't talk about that fucking amulet because of what you said and thanks to my, at the time fucked up mind, I couldn't tell what was real or not so I just took it at face value… I saved you from Ash and your father and yet I got nothing from that and nearly starved in various lines on the way while you were under the amulets possession and Jake and I had to go through your own memories and you went into my head to get that memory back…. You want to see actual memory proof that none of them were lies...I still have that powder stuff so feel free to enter my head if you want…. But until then… goodbye Abadeer and Bubblegum…. I can tell I'm not wanted here in this kingdom after this so I'll save you the trouble… but come near my place and I'll use everything I know to keep you and Bubblegum away…" Finn said with raw hate in his eyes before he walked out of the room while he looked like he was ready to throttle someone while DJ just stands up and was about ready to leave the room.

Marceline glares daggers at Don John before she charges at the Flame Lord.

"Whoa boy!" DJ said before he used a quick spell to teleport out of the way and glares at Marceline.

"Hey that was uncalled for!, all I did was just talk to the human about being used unfairly and this was just the end result, you want to blame me fine for the start of this fine, but I'm not the one who caused all this crap to pile up for years on end... besides can you really say that Finn doesn't deserve something when powerful women like yourselves need help from dangers that would normally kill him many times over?... honestly if you can look me in the eyes and tell me that being a naive brat is better then lady you are no better than Ash since you would be hindering Finn and how he matures… I won't dodge another attack but you would be proving my point that you are just letting anger and what not cloud your judgement, I maybe Neutral and sometimes evil but how many times has Finn saved this world yet got nothing for it?, not sure about an undead like you since you can just hop dimension but I would rather like to LIVE on this planet thank you very much…. Granted Finn knows I would use him for physical jobs but at this rate I may not be able to request many, but he is using me to learn the ways of the world and that is all." DJ said while he glared at Marceline while he crossed his arms.

Marceline was still angry.

"Get the fuck out of here. And if you compare me to that donk of my ex again… I will make sure your trip to Death will be unpleasant." She threatened with a demonic tone.

"Just proving my point…. Fine I'll leave but if an evil guy like me can see how messed up this is, better really think on what Finn said, was all that he said lies because even I was shocked at the things I heard… have a good day your evilness… and highness… you two will need it now that Finn won't help you for free now." Don John said before he exits the room with a stoic look on his face.

Once he was gone, it was just Marceline and Bubblegum.

"Can you believe this?" Marceline said before looking at the Candy Monarch.

Bubblegum was just still stunned before she looks at the ground.

"... yeah… I can…. Can you tell me the look in Finn's eyes was a bluff Marceline because if that was then he just had the best acting face I ever saw." Bubblegum said while she looks at Marceline to tell her if Finn was legit angered and filled with hatred or not.

Marceline was a bit surprised for a bit.

"Well… there were no signs of him lying." She said as she hated to admit it.

"... even if we don't want to admit it, unless we do what Finn says, influenced by this Don John or not, we may not have Finn's help in the future, I hate to admit it but unless we train or something, we maybe in more trouble then we think, and before you say anything on like how easy I maybe for this, remember that I'm the thinking type, I'm think faster than you may realize but Finn's anger won't be quelled by words and I think Finn's anger maybe deeper then we think, I mean was it true he wore your father's amulet?, that thing is filled with Chaotic evil, I'm surprised you didn't check on Finn after that given what you two went through." Bubblegum said while she raised an eyebrow at Marceline.

Marceline rubbed the back of her head.

"Okay, I can admit that he wore it but how was I supposed to know about his issues? He never once mentioned it to me."

"Do you think Finn would have said anything to worry us back then given his mentality at the time?" Bubblegum said when she wondered if Marceline was alright in the head given her wisdom despite her actions and actually wondered if Marceline had issues with Finn back then… after all, Finn, a normally good natured kid at the time wore the amulet of the Nightosphere that the lord of Chaotic evil wore on a daily basis like it was normal… Bubblegum was surprised Finn didn't turn evil after that.

"I don't know. But right now this Don John is making Finn act like an asshole towards us and maybe other people he helped before." Marceline said.

"Er… Marceline, I get that you may not like Don John but you do remember that the conversation was more or less Finn getting… *rewarded* by the fighting capable princesses and others who can fight but can't and need help… while I'm not 100 percent sure, I'm 80% sure most princesses would give Finn a good time then cause issues like we just did, to the rest of Ooo he is Finn the hero and you heard what he said, he would protect powerless people no matter what, Don John aside deep down Finn is still Finn but just…. Different…" Bubblegum said while she looked down when she wondered if Finn was right and she did use him for free labor and stuff… she even remembered how she pretty much pushed Finn away when she was restored to normal after the Lich possessed her and that was pretty much a 180 to the fun that they had.

Marceline crossed her arms.

"Well I prefer the old Finn than this… new version."

"Well unless you have a way to calm Finn down I'm all ears, but right now talking to us right now after what just happened would be asking for trouble, you heard Finn, he actually threatened us and in his current state could do anything, you know Finn knows your weaknesses so rushing like you normally do would be a bad idea." Bubblegum said to try and be the voice of reason here.

"Oh don't worry. I won't be seeing him for a long long time." Marceline said as she was serious.

Bubblegum gave Marceline a half lidded look.

"Marceline, we both know given your history with Simon and what not with the crown using him you won't stay away for long with this Don John guy messing with Finn and the *Advice* he is giving Finn, I would give a week tops before you try and patch things up with Finn after he calms down… now if you'll excuse me I need to head to my lab, my mood has been brought down and I need something to do to help raise it." Bubblegum said before she exits the room while she felt a headache coming on and would get some aspirin as well before her lab.

Marceline though scoffed before she decides to head to her cave.

'Please Bonnie. I can hold a grudge. No way I'll be fixing this with Finn so screw him. I don't need him for anything.'

Though if Marceline could keep that Grudge or not, it would only be a matter of time if she did last a week or not, right now however the scene went to Finn while he was punching a nearby wall at the gate of the Candy Kingdom a few times while some Banana guards looked worried at how… angered Finn looked while Don John shook his head at how things went, honestly this was messier then he thought, he didn't expect Marceline to be here per say and could have been on her way out or something.

"I understand that you're pissed kid but punching the wall won't solve things." DJ said.

Finn though grits his teeth and growled at the ground while he looks at his fist.

"I know that!, but after everything that was said I can't just forget this!, I mean for fucks sake I came here originally for just a talk and this all spiraled out of control because of Marceline and Bubblegum pretending that everything was just a joke!... to them I'm still nothing more then a fucking kid!" Finn said while he punched the wall one more time and starts to walk away from the Candy Kingdom gates.

DJ followed after Finn.

"Eh give some time. Sooner or later they'll beg you for forgiveness."

Finn was silent for a second while he keeps on walking.

"Maybe, but I'm not helping them anymore unless they make it worth my while, I meant what I said and I'm sure as the Nightosphere is Chaotic that I'm not budging on that, not even what you did with Phoebe in the Fire Kingdom pissed me off this much and that is saying something!" Finn said while he keeps on walking towards his home.

DJ smirked a bit after hearing that.

"Good to know, but I think that the Candy Monarch will cave in quickly. The Vampire Queen… either or few weeks… or month given her grudge."

"Doesn't matter how long to me anymore for either, if they don't even see what they did, they might as well be just strangers to me and won't get any luck with easy ways out, other princesses might or other ladies but for them, they will have to work for my forgiveness." Finn said before he looks at Don John.

"I'll see you later, send me a message first before you come by my place so I can get things set up for future lessons… oh and just so I was paying attention, you did say the first one was a freebie so no jobs for me yet… just remember that no evil stuff for me for any requests…. Anyway I'll see you later DJ." Finn said while he gave Don John a quick nickname and walked away from Don John while Don John had an amused look on his face.

"Hehe, seems the kid is already warming up to me. Only a matter of time." DJ said as he walked to a different direction while thinking about what to teach Finn later.

Though DJ did thought of things on how to court Phoebe when the time for the suitor selection comes… and learning Phoebe's name just now did make his day, granted Finn may not realize he told Don John that but Finn right now could probably care less at the moment.

A few days pass after that with DJ not showing up for awhile and a few things happened between those days, first off Finn paid a messenger Banana guard to pass out various papers to all the princesses of Ooo that could fight in that if they needed help, they would have to reward Finn for it, he wouldn't abandon citizens if he was near the kingdom in question, but the combative princess would have to protect herself from now on, Finn didn't give too many details on what the reward meant but this did cause many to question Finn and ironically one of his notes were dropped on the ground while a figure was passing by and picked it up, the figure was tall, wore some kind of cowboyish like outfit with a trench coat and what not and when the figure looks at the paper, they smirk and a female voice was heard.

"Huh… looks like that human is wiseing up, though to see if this is legit or not, might as well pay a visit." The female said before she pockets the paper and starts heading towards the Grasslands.

Ironically enough, the messenger passed by Marceline's cave as well and a note was blown by a gust of wind and it flew into the cave, thanks to the wind it was blown pretty far but smacked into Marceline's window and while Marceline was in her home, she saw that something was blocking her window a bit and couldn't make out what it was.

Marceline goes outside her house and grabs the paper from the window to see what it was.

Though she immediately frowned after reading it and realized that this was Finn's work.

"Well congrats weenie, you're now officially a donk." She said before she crumbles up the paper and tosses it to a nearby puddle.

Another note was also sent to the Fire Kingdom and with a guard getting a fireproof version of the note, the Flame Guard brought it to the throne room where Phoebe was sitting and she was petting Jake 2 on the head.

"Milady, a note was sent here and its from that Finn the human guy, not for you per say but for all princesses and for those combat capable it seems." The Guard said after he bowed to Phoebe and she was passed the note.

Phoebe was confused before she picks it up and looks at the note.

She was surprised it was indeed from Finn and it was a note to all female Royals that if they, the powerful rulers who can actually fight, need Finn's help, they need to reward him for the trouble, helping non combatants like citizens is fine for free but for personal safety, a reward will be needed.

Phoebe couldn't believe this though she figured Don John had something to do with this. However, despite everything, the young Flame Queen will need his help… no matter what.

She then looks at the guard.

"Guard. Pass this message to Finn and tell him that in case of any danger that threatens my kingdom, I will personally reward him for his aid."

The Guard blinks at that and salutes.

"Very well your highness, I will leave shortly." The guard said before he ran off which left Phoebe to her thoughts.

'Oh Finn… I really hope you know what you're doing. Damn you Don John.' Phoebe thought but somehow… she hasn't forgotten the things DJ did to her.

That caused her to heat up a bit before she stands up and looks at a few guards.

"I'll be heading to my room so no one disturb me." Phoebe said before she starts walking away and Jake 2 followed her while his tail wagged when he could tell where this was going.

The guards wondered about that but shrugged as they did their usual routine.

This resulted in Phoebe having no real issues when she walked to her room while the memory of what Don John did and what Finn did after filled her head, thanks to that Phoebe was more worked up then ever while she walked to her room and after having her guards at the door dismissed for now since she would be with Jake 2, she walked in and after Jake 2 entered, she closed the door and made sure it was locked before she looks at Jake 2.

"So Jake 2… ready?" Phoebe said while she looks at the flame wolf who sticks by her nowadays.

Jake 2 panted as his tail wagged excitedly.

Phoebe smiles a bit before she starts to strip from her armor and in no time was in the nude after she removed her inner clothing that made the armor comfortable and smiles at Jake 2 while he eyed her form.

Jake 2 felt more excited before his dick was already erect as he loved looking at his Queen's body.

Meanwhile while Phoebe was about to start her fun with Jake 2, CB was with the many Fire wolves and was playing with some of them, mainly the pups and was holding one with a smile on his face when this Flame wolf was newly birthed, Jake 3, the son of Jake 2 and Jake 3 had a happy look while he continues to play with CB and the rest of his family.

Meanwhile back with Phoebe…

She had Jake 2 get on the bed and after Jake 2 did that, she had him lay on his back and his cock was angled high into the air for Phoebe to pleasure in any way she wanted while Jake 2 stayed still.

"Good boy." Phoebe said before she had her hands grab Jake 2's cock and starts stroking it.

That caused Jake 2's legs to twitch a bit but he managed to stop his legs and just lets Phoebe work her magic while Jake 2 pants from the pleasure.

Phoebe keeps up her actions before she starts licking the flame wolf's dick.

Jake 2 pants more while a little pre starts to leak from the tip of Jake 2's cock and his tail wagged a bit when he couldn't help but feel happy about this.

Phoebe smiles as she licks more of Jake 2''s cock before a moment later, Phoebe opens her mouth and starts to swallow it.

Jake 2 pants more from the feeling and could feel his orgasm approaching after some time passes and Phoebe could feel Jake 2's cock throbbing as time went on.

That caused Phoebe to double her efforts as she sucks Jake 2's dick as much as she can.

This caused Jake 2 to howl lightly when he came hard in Phoebe's mouth and his balls clinched hard with each shot.

Phoebe gagged a bit before she starts swallowing Jake 2's load as much as she can while waiting for him to ride out his orgasm.

This took 15 seconds for Jake 2 to ride out his orgasm before he tapped off with a growl and pants for breath while he relaxed on the bed.

Phoebe took this moment to swallow the rest of Jake 2's cum before using her mouth to clean his dick.

This caused Jake 2 to pant again while his cock got erect again thanks to Phoebe's actions.

Phoebe finally takes her mouth off of Jake 2's cock after making sure that it was clean.

"Perfect. Hope you're not tired now." She said with a smirk.

This caused Jake 2 to roll to his paws and his tail wagged while he licks at Phoebe's clean cheek a few times to show he was good to go more.

Phoebe smiles before she gets on her hands and knees and wiggles her ass ar the flame wolf.

This caused Jake 2 to pant before he approached Phoebe and after licking at her ass and pussy a few times, he mounts her and after a few pokes, pushed his cock into her folds and starts to hump away like a Flame wolf in heat.

"Oh fuck!" Phoebe groans before enjoying the pleasure as she feels Jake 2's cock going in and out of her pussy.

Jake 2 had the time of his life fucking Phoebe and thanks to his earlier orgasm, he was lasting quite awhile while his dickhead barraged her cervix again and again as time went on.

Phoebe groans and moans a few times before her face starts to look very pleased.

"T-That's right Jake 2. Keep fucking me!" She groans.

Jake 2 had no issue following that order while he made sure to licked at Phoebe's neck every now and then while his balls slapped against Phoebe's body every now and then and could feel Jake 2's knot slowly grow as time went on.

Phoebe was moaning loudly as her face started to look fucked up as her toes curled on the bed.

This went on for a bit while Jake 2 could feel his orgasm approaching and fucked Phoebe harder to try and get his knot in her.

Phoebe continues to moan as she feels her orgasm getting closer as Phoebe thrust her hips to meet Jake 2's thrusts.

This caused Jake 2 to make one good thrust and gets his knot in Phoebe before the Fire wolf howls when he starts to unload in Phoebe's womb.

Phoebe moans loudly with ecstasy as her pussy tightens around Jake 2's cock before climaxing hard on it.

This resulted in Jake 2 riding out his orgasm before he tapped off with a growl and pants on Phoebe while his cock was locked inside of her.

Phoebe grunts before tapping off after 15 seconds or so passes.

Though like the new norm for her, Jake 2 just relaxed on her body before the duo fell to the side and Jake 2 starts to fall asleep while he was stuck inside of Phoebe.

Phoebe blinked a bit before chuckles.

"Guess he must've had some fun earlier with one of the female flame wolves." She said as she wasn't bothered by that before she tries to rest.

Thankfully thanks to how fluffy Jake 2 was, she was pretty comfortable and the scene went to an hour later at the treefort with Finn playing a few games on BMO to pass the time and relax while unaware of an unexpected guest about to show.

Finn was very focused as he was playing "Compy's Castle". He managed to beat two bosses, but that last one was gonna be a challenge.

Though as he was making headway, he and the final boss were at the last leg of their life and like in some dramatic western both Finn and the final boss were staring at one another while waiting for the other to slip up and Finn was so concentrated that when he heard knocking on the door, he pressed a button by accident and in no time Finn's character jumped by accident and the boss hit Finn which KOed his character on BMO's screen and he got a game over as a result…. And so damn close as well!

"Glob damn it! I was this close!" Finn said as he was frustrated.

He then got up after passed BMO the remote controller, and went to the front door to see who it was who interrupted him, he wouldn't get pissed since he knew it was probably an accident and couldn't blame anyone for his mess up… though if the guest was rude… another story altogether…

When Finn opened the door, he was confused to see some kind of cat humanoid in some kind of western/bounty hunter outfit.

"Uhhh… hello?... can I help you?" Finn said when he didn't recognize the figure though they seemed familiar to him.

The cat humanoid smirk.

"Hello Finn." The cat humanoid said with a female voice.

Finn just raised an eyebrow and he blinks at the stranger.

"Er… sorry?, do I know you?" Finn said when he had a feeling this person didn't come here just to talk since not many have this kind of air about them.

The cat humanoid chuckled.

"Wow, you don't remember me? That hurts. But I'll give you a hint… Wildberry Princess."

That caused Finn to blink and would have wondered why this cat humanoid would say that but… he got a shocked look on his face when recognized who the person was, cat humanoid, fur pattern, wildberry princess…

"M-Me-Mow?" was all Finn said when he looked at the much larger cat humanoid… well not larger then him per say but when she could fit in the palm of his hand, he was just stumped at how large she got and could stand at equal height to him… well maybe an inch shorter but the hat made her look more imposing.

"Ding ding, give this guy a cookie." The cat figure, now revealed as Me-Mow, said with a grin.

This caused Finn to jump back from her and he pulled a sword from the treasure pile and got in a guarded stance.

"Are you here for revenge?, because I won't go down without a fight!" Finn said while he remembered the last time he saw Me-Mow, didn't end well.

Me-Mow rolled her eyes.

"Oh calm down you baby. I'm not here to kill you. I came to see if you were legit from these fliers I saw." She said before pulling out the flier for Finn to see.

Finn blinks at that before he saw the flier.

"Really?, thats all?" Finn said when he wondered if Me-Mow really came all the way here for just that.

Me-Mow rolls her eyes.

"Uh yeah. I wouldn't have come here if I had a reason."

Finn blinks at that again before he placed his sword in the treasure pile.

"W-Well… if that really is all, guess you know, so you leaving or you staying for a bit?" Finn said when he wondered if Me-Mow was going to stay a bit or not.

"Trying to get rid of me already? Do you do that to all your guests?" Me-Mow said with a smirk.

Finn got a half lidded look on his face.

"No, just those who had bad experiences with me in the past and while many do become friends… well not many fell down cliffs and what not, can't exactly blame me for that since like I saw you fell down a cliff after Jake and I kicked your buns years ago, not many would be pretty friendly to either of us if that happened with others… how did you get so big though?, you fall into some kind of magic pond that grew you to that size?, Jake told me that he rolled around in a magic mud puddle to get his powers." Finn said while he wondered why Me-Mow wasn't angry to see him after all that.

Me-Mow raised an eyebrow.

" I know a spell that can change my size which is helpful for assassination. Then again, I don't do that since after meeting you two, the Guild kicked me out so I'm a bounty hunter."

"Oh… well… not sure if I should feel bad or not… though I do have to ask how come you didn't use that size changing spell to turn into a giant or something when you were found out?, could have possibly squished Wildberry princess or something." Finn said while he turned to walk into the house while he left the door open for Me-Mow to enter if she wanted to do so.

Me-Mow blinked a bit before she enters the treefort and looks around.

"Nice place." She said before looking at the pile of treasure.

"Damn that's a lot of gold."

Finn, after he climbed up the ladder to his home shrugged while he looks at Me-Mow.

"Well after getting a treasury installed recently this is just a small amount of gold that I have, if you want in case you want to call it even, take as much gold from the entryway as you want, I can get more easily with a few dungeons I know of, one has this place where if you go through it right you can get respawning loot and its legit stuff, it was on this dungeon train that looped for some reason." Finn said while he explained why he wasn't bothered if people wanted to take the gold from the entryway. (Considering the age difference between here and canon AT, and other factors, Finn and Jake could have found the dungeon train a bit earlier than intended.)

Me-Mow perked up after hearing that.

"Hmmm… perhaps later. Right now, I like to know what made you grow a pair when you did the fliers." She said.

Finn this time looked really confused when he heard that.

"Ok… why do you want to know that?, sure its strange but couldn't you just think I'm wising up?" Finn said while he saw Me-Mow climb the ladder and Finn went to the kitchen to make a bite to eat and gestured for Me-Mow to follow if she wanted a meal.

"I can, but I want to hear it from you. That so bad?" Me-Mow said after following Finn to the kitchen.

Finn sighs before he looks at Me-Mow after he placed some food things on the counter.

"Fine, but I'm not answering anything about Marceline and Bubblegum, I told them about me wanting to be rewarded if I need to protect them and lets just say that did not go well… and lets leave it at that and all I can say is I'm questioning if they were really my friends or not for various reasons." Finn said while he gave Me-Mow a surprising look that showed if she tried to ask questions about those two, she would regret it no matter what and Finn looked a bit… hate filled as well at the mention of the two princesses before he went to fiddle something up for the duo to eat.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised at the attitude but decided not to push forward.

"Okay… I won't ask about them."

"Good… anyway aside from… those two… guess you could say if you want to hear from the beginning is…" Finn said before he explained everything that happened during the Red throne incident, from Don John's bet with Phoebe, to Finn learning tier 15, all the way up till now.

"...And here we are, with me making a meal for the two of us, makes me wonder if I went insane or something." Finn said when he moved to place a plate with a tasty tuna sandwich on the table while Finn had a similar one of his own on the other end and he sat down to get ready to eat it.

Me-Mow was shocked after hearing the story.

"W-Well… don't know about that but… it's a bit nuts that you're working with this Don John guy after he took your ex's virginity." She said before she took a bite of her sandwich.

"Why do you think I questioned my sanity?, only reason I even agreed to work with Don John about this is because he made a lot of points and I just don't want to be a naive idiot!... I mean for fucks sake after what I went through with Marceline and Bubblegum, I was treated like enemy number 1 for just trying to smarten up the way I do heroics… I mean what use is gold to me when I can just get more like that?" Finn said while he snapped his fingers to show how easy that was.

Me-Mow ws thoughtful.

"Not sure how to answer that but I can agree that they owe you a lot more than that much loot."

"Oh believe me, I didn't even get loot from either of them, with PB it was either kisses on the cheek or phrase and with Marceline we just hang out and thats it, I mean I get friendship and all that but seriously… where did I go wrong?... listening to Jake just caused me to not know what tier 15 was until recently, most of my hero carrier was being used as a free errand boy by Bubblegum, and I had many traumatic experiences thanks to Marceline and her dad… I'm surprised I didn't go full on villain yet with all this crap." Finn said while he ate his sandwich with a bit of force.

Me-Mow blinked before she chuckled.

"Sorry. I just have trouble seeing you as the bad guy. Maybe a mercenary or a bounty hunter like me. Although some women will like the bad boy look so who knows." She said as she ate more of her sandwich.

"Hehe, that some kind of flirt or something?, considering how friendly you seem to be and with how we're not fighting I was wondering if you were interested in other things besides the flier." Finn said to see if he could mess with Me-Mow a bit.

Me-Mow blinked.

"Whatever do you mean?" She said with a smirk.

Finn finished his meal and shrugged when he went to get some drinks.

"Well considering my odd knack in making enemies allies or friends sometimes, why not try and use that to turn a possible former enemy into a good ally, friend, or possibly more, granted would have to get to know this former assassin but unlike a certain princess duo, she seems pretty honest about what she wants so I can at least know she won't trick me since as far as I know we are not enemies." Finn said while he spoke about Me-Mow in a round about way.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised after hearing this before chuckling.

"Wow, if you want to try that logic then maybe we should… test it out." She said with a small grin on her face.

Finn blushed a bit though he didn't back down from a challenge.

"Alright… Me-Mow, if you want, want to go out on a date to see if we click?, as you can tell cash is not an issue so we can go where you want… though if we go anywhere near the Candy Kingdom, lets try and keep that visit short for obvious reasons." Finn said while he cringed at the thought of a certain duo bothering him and possibly Me-Mow if they go anywhere near the Candy Kingdom.

"Eh, don't worry. That kingdom is too sweet for my taste. We can go elsewhere that's far from there." Me-Mow said.

"Works for me, got a place in mind or want to start small and try a thing at the breakfast kingdom for some pretty good eats there on the day you pick?" Finn said while he grins at Me-Mow a bit at the good news of not going to the Candy Kingdom.

"Hmmm, don't mind going there. They do have some good eats." Me-Mow said with a smirk.

"Great, though I do have to ask, and while I may need a new outfit change, you got other outfits or is the gear you have the only one?, not saying anything bad, just looks… hot to wear… not in the looks way but the fur may make it uncomfortable, if you want I can give you some gold and you can go clothes shopping or something, may do the same myself later." Finn said while he looks at his normal clothing… comfortable but was getting stale to him.

Me-Mow blinked before chuckling.

"Well how about we shop together. If you're good, I may even… model some clothes in front of you." She said with a tease.

Finn blushed at that before scratching his cheek.

"R-Right… would be fun to see." Finn said though before he or Me-Mow could say much else, Finn and Me-Mow heard the front door opened and Finn frowns a bit when he heard Jake's voice.

"Finn, bro, I came to visit, you here?" Jake said while Finn gets up from his chair and went to greet Jake which left Me-Mow alone with her thoughts.

'Hmmm, call me crazy but I'm starting to like this side of Finn. Not there yet with romance but stranger things can happen.'

Though Me-Mow was curious on how things would go with the talk if she appeared and went to see Jake moving to sit on the couch while Finn sat near him and Jake wanted to start things off nice though Finn just beats Jake to the punch.

"Alright Jake, nice to see you but if you are here about that note thing, I am serious about it." Finn said while he was still sour about the lack of tier 15 teaching.

Jake was not liking Finn's attitude.

"Okay, yes I did want to talk to you about this note thing. And if you're serious then my question is… why?"

"Simple, remember when I went to the fire Kingdom after Jake 2 and Flame Princess crashed through our wall and I went to help her solo?" Finn said while he sounded like he was leading this with a number of questions to Jake.

"Uh yeah. Were you able to stop… what did Flame Princess needed again?" Jake said.

"A takeover… lets just say it didn't end like I would hope yet at the same time Flame Princess is still in power." Finn cryptically said in a confusing way.

Jake was confused.

"If the mission failed then how is FP still in power?"

"You want the full story… alright…. Just know you may not like it…" Finn said before he starts explain everything again from the top and this time Finn didn't hold anything back while Me-Mow heard everything again, sure she heard about what Don John did and the part with Phoebe, though the part with Marceline and Bubblegum did get her a bit surprised and what not while Jake on the other hand…

Jake gasped as his jaw dropped to the floor…. Literally before it was picked back up.

"Oh Glob! I can't believe what I'm hearing."

"Well believe it, Don John pretty much got Phoebe's virgities, I lost mine to her, and thanks to some advice from Don John, which by the way was an agreed on thing on my part without anyone's input since most of the time following advice from a certain someone got me into trouble so a fresh guy to help with things helped open my eyes… and not only that I'm really questioning if PB and Marcy were even friends if Marceline just tried to shrug things off and PB was just quiet through it all." Finn said while he had an angered look on his face.

Jake flinches a bit at the anger.

"B-But Finn, they are our friends. Can't you remember the good things we did?"

"Yeah but I also remembered all the bad things, remember when PB revived the dead not once but twice?, remember when Marceline had to be rescued from her dad and I got traumatized for awhile after I wore that amulet?, remember how little progress I made with romancing PB and when she was my age we hit it off great yet when she became herself again she pretty much shot me down right after with no kind of real excuse!?... tell me Jake if friends did that then I might as well trust my enemies more because at least they are honest about what they want to do to me, I mean for freaking Globs sake use your nose, don't you smell a familiar scent in this place?" Finn said while he held his arms out for a second before the dropped for a moment.

Jake blinked in confusion before he did sniff around and caught a scent.

"Actually now I do. Who else is here Finn?"

"Take a guess with this hint, that scent has something to do with Wildberry Princess and its not Wildberry Princess." Finn said when he used Me-Mow's hint against Jake.

Jake was again confused as he tried to remember the scent before his eyes widened after finally realizing it.

"Me-Mow!" He said before frowning.

"Where are you Me-Mow?!"

This caused Me-Mow to smirk before she exits the kitchen.

"Right here Jake." Me-Mow said which caused Jake to look over though he looked surprised at how large Me-Mow was compared to her past self.

"What the?!... you're bigger now." Jake said with a surprised look.

"Considering how magical you are, are you really shocked?... anyway ignoring Jake here, hey Finn, I'll see you later for our D-A-T-E and what not, need to get ready myself say… in a few hours?" Me-Mow said while she grins at the horrified look on Jake's face.

"WHAT?!... Tell me this isn't true Finn!" Jake said as he prayed to Glob that it was a sick joke.

Though it didn't seem like a joke, because after Finn blushed at the date thing, he looks at Jake.

"Sorry but it is true Jake, I'm taking Me-Mow on a date later, getting food to eat, going clothes shopping for her and myself, and I know one reason why you won't do anything at all to stop this…. You owe me big time for not teaching me tier 15 and I had to learn it in a rather painful way… or do you want me to tell Lady all of this?" Finn said while he glared at Jake a bit.

Jake was shocked that his own brother would threaten him.

"You wouldn't dare." He said.

"Oh really?... well under normal circumstances no… but after what I went through which you heard, do you think I would be in the best of moods that would cause me to hold back?, besides we made friends out of enemies before so what makes Me-Mow so different?, last I checked she poisoned you sure, but you grew to 51 times your size or at least your liver and lived and Me-Mow fell off a cliff after that… nothing else after." Finn questioned while he raised an eyebrow at Jake.

Jake couldn't think of a comeback so he had no choice but to give up.

"Okay… I'll back off. But now I'm gonna need some space." He said before he stretches out of the treefort.

Finn huffed a bit while Me-Mow was still looking on and looked highly amused at what she saw.

"Wow, never thought I see that happening. I would think this was harsh but… it was actually funny."

"Yeah well might as well consider me getting even with Jake here, he will come back from this, I'm just tired of him and others telling me what I can or can't do… so we going on a date in a few hours huh?, going to need to take a shower then before that happens and what not, if you don't have any other clothes you can use the shower here after I'm done so we shouldn't take too long in getting ready." Finn said before he walked away from Me-Mow and climbed up to his room real quick which left Me-Mow alone again.

Me-Mow still have an amused look before having this thought.

'Oh yeah. Definitely gonna enjoy this date if the Finn keeps taking charge. Wonder how good he is in the sack.' She thought before chuckling.

This resulted in the scene going to a few hours later with Finn and Me-Mow fully ready for the date to be and Jake hasn't returned to try anything which was some relief to Finn though he had a feeling he should keep an eye out for his bro while he and Me-Mow were talking about where to go.

"So Me-Mow, I get we may head to the breakfast Kingdom, but for now outfits, got any recommendations?, we could head to Raggedy princess if we want clothing, heard she has been going into the cloth making business lately so could be interesting to stop by at least." Finn said while he worked to fill a magical pouch that he got recently from a dungeon with gold… the kicker it was only the size of a palm yet Finn kept putting more and more gold in and it never seemed to fill more than a full bag kind of look.

Me-Mow was surprised when she noticed before being thoughtful.

"Hmmm, why not? This princess might have made something good for us."

"Alright, we should get going now then, knowing Jake he could be heading to Bubblegum to let her know I'm with you and that could cause issues if we come back, got a place nearby I can bunk at after the date for a few hours so I won't have to deal with Jake and PB for awhile?" Finn said while he looks at Me-Mow after he pockets the magical pouch.

Me-Mow chuckles a bit.

"Kinda bold of you Finn but sure, I'll take you to my place after our date." She said with a tease.

Finn blushed from the tease before he looks away from her.

"N-Not trying to make things weird I can assure you… just don't want to deal with Jake or PB anytime soon." Finn said before he walked out of the door quickly and missed the amused look on Me-Mow's face.

"This is gonna be fun." Me-Mow said as she got so much teasing material to use before following Finn.

This resulted in Finn and Me-Mow walking to Raggedy princess's place… Jake on the other hand was indeed running towards the Candy Kingdom to speak with PB and when he got to the castle, he quickly went to knock on the front door and hoped anyone was there.

It wasn't long before the door opened revealing Peppermint Butler.

"Ah, hello Jake. You need the princess for something?" He said.

"Y-Yeah, is she here, its important, it deals with Finn, heard he had issues here but not sure if PB has any but its important, it deals with Me-Mow!, the assassin I told you about years ago!, she's back and dating Finn it seems out of nowhere!" Jake said while he hoped Peppermint Butler wouldn't give him many issues.

Peppermint Butler was a bit surprised at the news but did frown a bit when Finn was mentioned.

"Follow me. I'll bring you to the princess." He said before motioning Jake to follow him.

Jake hoped this wouldn't end badly and when Jake was brought to PB's waiting room, the one with the fireplace, Peppermint Butler went to get the princess and in no time, PB entered the room and saw a worried Jake sitting on a chair while he twiddled his thumbs.

"Jake? Peppermint Butler told me what happened. Are you okay?" Bubblegum said.

"I-I don't know… granted I did come here to ask for possible advice and maybe help but are you alright?... I… heard what Finn said here and while I don't know this Don John guy, heard he was here with Finn and talked him into all of this… if you want me to leave I can leave but… well… you heard what Pep said and I need help." Jake said while he wondered how PB was feeling.

Bubblegum rubbed her arm.

"I'm not sure if I can help Jake. After hearing the things Finn said to me, I've started to think he's right about me." She said with a slight bummed look.

"What!?, what do you mean?, sure we got in some pretty dank things thanks to you, can't deny that… but you also did a lot of good with us, I mean you helped in many ways, sure Finn could say a lot of bad things, but I'm sure he hasn't forgotten all the good you did for us…" Jake said while he gave Bubblegum a small smile.

Bubblegum though sighs.

"Regardless of that, I don't think I've ever show Finn how much I appreciate for what he's done. I feel like I don't deserve to be called his friend."

"Are you kidding me?, where is the stubborn PB I know?, the one who wouldn't admit Wizards Rule, the one who wouldn't give up when it comes to protecting her people?, are you going to give up because of one bad day with Finn just getting angry for a time which could end pretty soon once he is cooled down?" Jake said to try and cheer up Bubblegum.

Bubblegum sniffled a bit.

"Well… I haven't given up. Just need to wait till I can make things right with Finn."

"Well you got plenty of time PB, besides like I said where is the stubborn princess I know, is your friendship with Finn real or is it not and easy to question with one bad day with Finn?" Jake said to taunt Bubblegum to see if he could get a reaction other then just sniffles.

Bubblegum had a slight narrow look.

"I know what you're doing Jake. But right now I need to focus on showing Finn that I'm still a friend to him." She said with a determined look.

Jake smiles at that since this was a lot better then seeing PB cry.

"Great, still we may have issues thanks to this Don John guy and now Me-Mow, sure we made friends of enemies but you know what I know about Me-Mow and when she appeared she was a human size in height somehow… not sure if it was from a spell or something… either way she may not be a good influence on Finn right now and could be doing who knows what with filling his head with things." Jake said while he looked worried.


Finn and Me-Mow were at Raggedy Princesses home and thanks to some talk, Me-Mow was showing off a few outfits to Finn and the princess which made Finn blush from one of those outfits being quite revealing, it was a thin one piece dress that showed a lot of Me-Mow's back but stuck to her body and showed off a lot of curves that the bounty hunter outfit hid, there was even this cowgirl outfit to go with the hat and Me-Mow after a moment to change wore a simple tank top and shorts with the had and Finn blushed more at the sight when he had trouble looking away from her.

Me-Mow chuckles.

"Like what you see Finn?" She said before doing a pose.

That caused Finn to blush while Raggedy princess giggles at the sight.

"Well I think it looks good on her, do you like the color?. I can change it to a different one or make other changes you may want." Raggedy princess said while she giggles again at the blush that Finn had though she did have the question aimed at Me-Mow since it was her outfit so to speak.

Me-Mow was thoughtful for a bit.

"Hmmm, I'll go with this for now." She said.

"Alright, want to try other outfits or is this one good for your purchase?" Raggedy Princess asked while she smiles at Me-Mow.

"Hmmm, let's try a few more." Me-Mow said.

"Great, I have a few styles in mind and plenty of material to use." Raggedy princess said while she smiles as she approached Me-Mow before the scene went back to Bubblegum and Jake with him looking worried at what he just said, the scene pretty much came back right as Jake said Me-Mow may not be a good influence on Finn.

Bubblegum sighs a bit.

"I understand you're worried Jake, and though I don't trust Me-Mow for now, there's nothing we can do that might trigger Finn's anger. But maybe there is a slight chance that Me-Mow might end up being an ally later on if Finn… keeps dating her. It's like you said, you and Finn somehow made enemies to allies."

Jake looks a bit bummed from that.

"Yeah… sometimes it bites you on the tookus sometimes… still I'll keep my eyes on her to make sure she doesn't corrupt my bro!" Jake said while his eyes grew to large comical proportions for empesis.

Bubblegum couldn't help but giggle a bit before she pats Jake on the head.

"Don't worry Jake. Things will be okay. We just need to give Finn a bit of space before talking to him. You might patch things up with him a bit sooner, for me though, might need a bit more time till its safe for me to speak with Finn."

"Right… well what will you do?, I mean if I can be blunt Finn did a lot for you for free 9 times out of 10 and he told me a lot of things, though to be fair if I can be blunt, was pretty cold with the whole dumping him when you got your age back to normal after the Lich, not trying to bum you out but I do like to know what caused it?... I mean you could have just told Finn if anything were to happen you could have asked for him to wait till he was 18 before trying anything, not too hard given how honest Finn was back then and would have waited if he didn't find someone else." Jake said when he did want an answer for that incident, wasn't well known but Finn did talk about that before and with all this reward stuff going on, that memory was brought up in Jake's mind and he was curious now.

Bubblegum sighs before she sits down.

"It's… complicated. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed spending time with FInn when I turned 13. Though now that I'm 18 I have to make sure to keep leading my people. Besides, not sure it would be fair for Finn if I made him wait for me if he didn't find love."

"Well… why not say anything about that to Finn?, pretty sure he would understand." Jake asked while he looked curious on why Bubblegum never said anything.

"I don't know to be honest. Guess part of me didn't want to hurt his feelings." Bubblegum said.

"Well that kinda backfired in the long run… *Sigh*... look I don't want to cause issues with you, I'm just worried for Finn so think you can check in on Finn every now and then when I'm not around his place?, I moved in with lady so I can't be with Finn 24/7." Jake asked while he hoped Bubblegum could help in some way.

Bubblegum didn't need to think about it.

"Of course Jake. Just need to make sure that I'm not seen. But I'll think of something."

"Great… anyway I'll head back to the Treefort and wait for Finn to get home from his… Date… I'll see you later PB." Jake said before he starts walking out of the room.

Though Bubblegum did have this one thought before trying to give Jake her two cents.

"Actually Jake, I'm not sure that Finn will return home just yet. There might be a possibility that he will know that you went to me to talk about Me-Mow so it's likely that Finn may hide out just in case."

"Well if that is the case I'll give Lady a call and let her know I'll be staying at the treefort for a few days so when Finn returns I can feel at ease… just because my bro doesn't want to see me right now doesn't mean I'll keep away from him." Jake said before he exited the room and left Bubblegum alone.

Bubblegum sighs a bit.

"Oh Finn… wherever you are, I just hope you let me fix this and earn your forgiveness."

The scene then went to Finn while he was carrying Me-Mow's outfits in various bags that he then stored in the money pouch to show it wasn't just for gold while he had a new outfit equipped… he had his had redone to have two long bear like arms and paws go down the front of his body, his normal shirts and shorts were changed to longer versions for a long sleeved shirt and black jeans with pockets on the leggings… he had other outfits he liked but this one was like an evolution of his style… technically the same but at the same time more hardcore and adult like.

All in all when he and Me-Mow finished their meal at the breakfast kingdom, Finn was laughing when no one actually recognized him, his old look was so iconic that a simple outfit change was all it took for many to not know it was Finn.

"Wow, still can't believe no one recognized you during our time here." Me-Mow said as she chuckled.

"Yeah, even Breakfast Princess didn't recognize me, maybe I can use this outfit for when I just want to have quiet moments and use my old look as work clothes, it would be like I have a secret identity or something… but in reverse, Finn the hero turns into Finn the nobody." Finn said before chuckling at the irony of that whole costume business.

Me-Mow chuckles again.

"Even so, that outfit looks great on you." She said with a smirk.

Finn blushed a bit from that before he smiles at Me-Mow.

"Thanks… you look nice in your new outfit as well, you seemed to enjoy all the outfit changes." Finn said when Me-Mow's eyes seemed to beam at all the clothes she looked at that Raggedy princess showed Me-Mow.

"Well what can I say, that raggedy princess knows how to make awesome clothes." Me-Mow said.

"Hehe yeah, anyway unless you want to do anything else, we should head to your place, pretty sure Jake, and if he talked PB into joining him, would be waiting at my place and I just don't want to deal with those two for now…. Too good of a mood right now." Finn said while he smiles at Me-Mow a bit.

Me-Mow chuckles.

"Well don't worry. Was having a good time on this date and I would hate to let that get ruined so follow me." She said.

This caused Finn to grin and he followed Me-Mow for a bit while he wondered what kind of place Me-Mow lived at.

It wasn't long before the duo stopped at a random location that was by a tree.

It would've been confusing before Me-Mow, grabbed something on the ground which looks like a handle before pulling it up which reveals to be a door.

Finn blinks at this and looked impressed.

"Wow, I think I passed by this area a few times yet never noticed this here." Finn said when he looks at the contraption and saw how well hidden it could be when left alone, looked like a root yet it was just a handle made to look like one.

Me-Mow smirks.

"All the more reason to keep possible thieves from finding this place. Let's head inside so I can give you a tour."

This caused Finn to nod before he entered the hidden door which left Me-Mow behind for one final thought on what she would do with Finn

soon and possibly not in a bad way.

'Hmmm, maybe I can show Finn the bedroom and really test his... equipment.' Me-Mow thought before going inside and locks the door after it closes.

After that, Finn keeps walking and after going down a winding tunnel, Finn found himself in a large well lit room, it wasn't by electricity but with odd gems that seemed to glow and work as a light source and that caused Finn to say wow as he looked around… there was plenty of stuff here and there was even a working TV and what not and other places as well.

"Impressed?" Me-Mow said with an amused look.

"Yeah… honestly I'm surprised… most things here look fancy and what not…." Finn said when he picked up one of the glowing rocks that were loose and turned it in his hands a few times and liked how it look before he sets it down.

"Well I give thanks to my bounty hunter skills. But the gems were already underground when I had this place made." Me-Mow said.

"Oh… nice, saves on Light bills I guess hehe." Finn said when he made the joke, not many had to pay bills in Ooo normally but it can happen.

"Hehe, yeah. So if you want, you can put your bag on the couch and I can start showing you around." Me-Mow said.

That caused Finn to nod before he sets the pouch and his backpack on the couch and Me-Mow starts to give him the grand tour of her base in this part of Ooo.

There were various rooms that Me-Mow showed Finn like the kitchen and bathroom. There was even a room that Me-Mow would use to train.

This caused Finn to look impressed when he looked around the training room… it had plenty of stuff for agility training which made sense but there was some weight training equipment as well which really impressed Finn.

"Wow, this place looks like a training nuts dream." Finn said while he grins at Me-Mow.

"Well gotta make sure that I stay in top shape." Me-Mow said with a grin.

"I can see why if you got a powerful body, wondering why you were not accepted into the Guild of assassin's long ago." Finn said when he wondered why Me-Mow didn't try this a lot earlier.

Me-Mow had a raised eyebrow.

"You do remember that I got kicked out for the failed mission right?"

"I meant further back then that if you were as strong as you were now back then and could grow and shrink on command, would seem pretty handy in other situations." Finn said to try and correct his mistake.

"Eh, I try not thinking it. At least I'm getting some coin for this profession." Me-Mow said.

"True, anyway got any other place thats interesting here?" Finn asked while he looked away from Me-Mow for a moment and missed the mischievous look in her eyes when she had a stop alright… the bedroom.

"Oh there's one room I have yet to show you." Me-Mow said before she starts guiding Finn to one more stop.

Finn blinks at that before he followed her with a smile on his face while he had his hands in his pockets.

It took a moment before the duo were at a door as Me-Mow smirked.

"Now comes the final part." She said before opening the door.

This resulted in Finn walking into a bedroom of all things and Finn, while still working on not being naive and the fact Me-Mow was just his enemy until recently, all Finn did was hum and look around while Me-Mow closed the door.

"Welcome to… my room." Me-Mow said before locking it.

Finn blinks a few times when he heard the door locking and looks at Me-Mow for a moment.

"Something wrong?, why did you lock the door?... well must be habit… nice place you got, guess this bed must be comfortable huh?" Finn said when he moved to touch the bed and his fingers sunk into it a little and felt it was some kind of foam like mattress instead of his fur like one.

Me-Mow smirked.

"Oh yeah. You can have a seat if you want."

Finn had no issues with that when he sat on the bed and was a bit surprised when he didn't expect the bed to feel this good.

"Wow, nice bed, wonder where you got this." Finn said before he laid back and missed Me-Mow smirking when she could start her fun here and now if she wanted with Finn so unaware of what will happen.

"Well funny story, I was actually looking for one and surprisingly, it fell from the sky. Don't know how but since it's soft and comfortable, I didn't care. Least I didn't spend a coin." Me-Mow said before she secretly removed her clothes.

Finn in the meantime hums at that and was unaware of Me-Mow undressing.

"I see, well not the strangest thing I've heard." Finn said while unaware of Me-Mow and her now fully nude state.

"You got that right." Me-Mow said before she surprised Finn by actually pouncing on him.

Finn screamed like a girl for a moment when he didn't expect that at all and was stunned silent when he fully realized Me-Mow was nude and on top of him and unlike her small self, which had no real details… well Me-Mow had a fully developed womanly figure and finn was blushing bright when he could see so many details right now as Me-Mow say on his lap and she looked amused.

Me-Mow had a nice fit figure thanks to her training as she had slender arms and legs. And though her fur hid her breasts a bit, they were at least C-D size.

"Hehe, didn't see that coming huh?" Me-Mow said with an amused look.

Finn blinks in surprise and he blushed brightly at what may happen.

"B-But isn't this too soon?, You could have just let me nap on a couch or something and just head back after I wake." Finn said while he felt nervous for many reasons… after all it wasn't every day he got it on with a female former villain after all… though his body wasn't complaining when Me-Mow felt a surprisingly large bulge poke at her rear end.

Me-Mow grins.

"Sure about that? Think your friend has a different idea." She said as she rubs her crotch on Finn's bulge.

Finn shuddered from that and just looked confused… sure many ladies wanted to hit on Finn and what not but none were as forward as Me-Mow and they barely had one date today… wasn't this fast or was this a norm that women did?... Finn was still learning so he had no idea what was going through Me-Mow's head while she looks at the conflicted Finn and she felt a rush when she was going to get to have some serious fun with Finn… she wasn't in love with the guy by any means but getting the hero of Ooo to have fun with… hehe, if Jake heard about this, this would be a prime tease moment here.

"Don't take this the wrong way. I'm not falling for you, but I did enjoy the date. Right now, I just want some fun with you." Me-Mow said.

Finn blinks and that while he looks confused.

"B-But… we used to be enemies… isn't this fast?" Finn asked while he looked really confused, granted thanks to Jake not having the talk, Me-Mow chalked it up as ignorance… it could be interesting if Me-Mow corrupted Finn a bit that many ladies wanted to have fun after a first date depending on how it goes.

"To most but what you don't know is that some ladies actually wanted to have fun even after a first date. A term like that is called fuck buddies." Me-Mow said.

"O-Oh… well… alright." Finn said before he surprised Me-Mow with a sudden move when he gripped Me-Mow's shoulders and pulled her in for a rather intense kiss.

Me-Mow was greatly surprised by that sudden action for a bit before she just went with it and kissed Finn back with a bit of hunger.

This caused Finn to continue the kiss before he moved his hands to Me-Mow's ass cheeks and gripped them with powerful hands which told Me-Mow things would get intense real soon since Finn was not like most normal men.

'Hehe, really gonna enjoy this.' Me-Mow thought as she kept the kiss going before she slides her scratchy tongue in Finn's mouth.

She even grabbed Finn's bulge and gave it a couple squeezes.

Finn groans from that and the two continue the kiss for dominance before Finn pulled away from the kiss after he flipped himself and Me-Mow over so she was on her back and Finn got off the bed and starts to strip from his clothing in front of Me-Mow.

Me-Mow licked her lips after she was able to see Finn's torso.

"Hmmm, not bad. Guess I'm not the only one in shape." She said with a smirk.

Finn again had a body like an adonis thanks to his years of training… sure he had moments where he would gain weight but that would be quickly fixed after a number of adventures and right now this was one of those times.

Finn blushed at that compliment.

"Thanks, I try and keep in shape with adventures." Finn said before he starts to remove his pants and Me-Mow saw a rather large bulge that looked even bigger then she would have thought with just the underwear Finn wore being the only thing holding Finn's cock back from view.

Me-Mow had an excited look as she waits for Finn to remove that last piece of clothing.

This caused Finn to remove his underwear and his 10 to 11 inch cock was seen in full and Finn was quiet for a moment while wondering what Me-Mow thought when she saw his cock, it may have not been mentioned before but his cock was 2 to 3 inches in width as well.

Me-Mow's eyes widened a bit.

'Hot damn! That's a big cock.' She thought.

Finn was quiet for a bit and waits for Me-Mow to say or do something and he cleared his throat when he saw Me-Mow staring at Finn's cock like she hit the jackpot.

Me-Mow was able to snap out of it.

"Sorry. Had no idea you had a BIG package." She said with a smirk.

Finn blushed when he heard that.

"T-Thanks…. So… how do we start?, me taking the lead or you?" Finn asked while he wondered how to start.

Me-Mow chuckled before she got closer to Finn and got on her knees.

"Let's start with this." She said before she grabbed Finn's dick with her paw and starts stroking it.

Finn groans from that and his cock got iron hard in no time, and with how close Me-Mow was to his cock, it looked even bigger up close with how erect Finn was while she could feel how hard it was with her paw.

Me-Mow grins at this as she kept up her actions before she sticks out her tongue and starts licking the base of Finn's dick a few times.

Finn groans from that while he stayed still, Me-Mow's tongue was so different then Phoebe's, her tongue was smooth while Me-Mow's was scratchy, it didn't bother Finn much and only helped to make him feel more pleasure then before.

Me-Mow continues her licking for a moment before she opens her mouth and swallows Finn's dick as much as she can.

"F-Fuck!" Finn growled out when he didn't expect that and grits his teeth when he looks at Me-Mow with a surprised look in his eyes when she took it much deeper then he would have thought.

Me-Mow mentally chuckles at the reaction as she takes more of Finn's cock in her mouth before she starts bobbing her head back and forth.

Finn shuddered from the feeling and used a hand to pet Me-Mow behind the ear for a moment to show she was doing very good… not only that but if Me-Mow was anything like a normal cat, this should feel really good to her.

Me-Mow may have blushed from the petting which caused her to purr as she sucked Finn's dick more.

This caused Finn to groan when the purring caused Me-Mow's throat to vibrate around Finn's cock and his cock starts to throb already after a few minutes pass.

Me-Mow knew what was gonna happen before she doubles her efforts and uses her paw to fondle Finn's balls after grabbing it.

Finn grits his teeth and he could only last one more minute before he threw his head back and groans when he starts to unload a hearty load in Me-Mow's mouth while he rides out his orgasm.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised at the amount Finn let out before trying to swallow some as she bobs her head more.

This resulted in Finn riding out his orgasm before he tapped off 20 seconds later with a groan and pants for breath while he blushed at the mess on Me-Mow's face and breasts when she couldn't take it all into her mouth.

It took a bit before Me-Mow swallowed the rest of Finn's load before she pulls her mouth away after making sure it was clean.

"Damn, you are very fertile." Me-Mow said with an amused look before scooped some cum from her breasts and licks her fingers.

Finn blushed at that while he watched Me-Mow clean her body off.

"And… is that a bad thing?" Finn asked while he wondered if that was good or not.

Me-Mow blinked at the question.

"Uh… no that's a good thing to all guys and to any woman, that can grow a cock, that wants to have kids."

"Oh… well… right… anyway know any way to prevent knock ups or something?" Finn said when he remembered that Don John used a spell to prevent Phoebe from getting knocked up until she picks a Suitor in the future and wondered if Me-Mow knew something like that or had pill like items that would prevent knock ups.

Me-Mow chuckles.

"Don't worry. I'm not ready for kids. She said before she went to her night stand and takes out a bottle of what appears to be pink pills before taking one and swallow it.

"There were go, no knock ups. But… If I somehow forget, you better take responsibility."

Finn gulped at the look Me-Mow gave him and nods his head.

"R-Right." Finn said when he couldn't counter what Me-Mow said.

"Good. And now…" Me-Mow said before she got on the bed and lays down on her back before spreading her legs to show Finn her pussy.

"Time for you to like this pussy's pussy."

Finn blinks at that while he wondered what Me-Mow meant by that but if it was him eating her out… well Finn didn't complain when he moved to eat her out while he had his hands on her ass so he could help aim her pussy at his face so his tongue could go deep in her folds again and again.

Me-Mow let out a pleased groan when she felt that.

"Fuck yeah. That's the spot."

Finn blushed at that while he had his tongue work to try and find some sweet spots that would get Me-Mow worked up more then other spots.

Me-Mow groans again as she gets what Finn is doing but decides to be patient to see if he gets that.

Thankfully after a minute, Finn found a few spots and focused on them when Me-Mow seemed to moan more on certain spots and Finn used his hand to rub her bud again.

"Oh fuck." Me-Mow moan as her toes curled before she uses her paw to pet Finn's head.

Finn blushed at that before he ate Me-Mow out more and more at faster and faster rates while he could feel Me-Mow getting close as time went on.

Me-Mow kept moaning as she enjoys having her pussy eaten out while letting Finn continue doing this.

He keeps this up for a bit and did get a bit curious about something and he moved to actually lick at Me-Mow's asshole a few times to really get her worked up.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised by that action before groaning a bit.

"F-Fuck." She groans.

Finn took this as a good sign to continue and forced his tongue into Me-Mow's ass… it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be to show that Me-Mow keeps her body clean it seems.

"O-Oh fuck… D-Don't know how but don't stop!" Me-Mow groans again as she was enjoying this.

This caused Finn to eat Me-Mow's ass out while he keeps on going more and more while Me-Mow was getting closer and closer to climaxing and he closed his eyes in advance and keeps on going until…

Me-Mow toss her head back before she groans loud and climaxed on Finn's tongue.

This resulted in her pussy squirting hard on Finn's face and thanks to him having his eyes closed, he was not blinded by the juices that hit his face and he keeps wiggling his tongue in Me-Mow's ass to help her orgasm get stronger.

And stronger it did as Me-Mow kept climaxing before tapping off between 15-20 seconds.

This caused Finn to pull his face away from Me-Mow's ass and takes a moment to lick at Me-Mow's folds to get a good taste on his tongue before he pulled away again and stands up to wait for Me-Mow to recover.

It took a bit before Me-Mow was fully recovered.

"F-Fuck. That was some good tongue work." She said with a smirk.

Finn blushed at that while he looks at Me-Mow.

"T-Thanks… anyway after this I start the real fun right?" Finn asked while he had a light blush on his face… this was much more than what he did with Phoebe per say since he didn't have to worry about her blowing up on dates and the tier 15 thing happening here did make his day… granted he and Phoebe went on more dates but they were pretty fleeting.

Though while he was having this thought, his cock was iron hard near Me-Mow to show that Finn was ready for more fun.

Me-Mow licks her lips before she uses her tail to rub Finn's dick to get his attention.

Finn jolts before he looks at Me-Mow and rubbed the back of his head.

"S-Sorry… anyway mind if I lead this?" Finn asked to see if he could take charge with the fun.

"Hehe not all. Quick tip, women like when a guy takes charge." Me-Mow said before she stayed on her back spread her legs again before showing Finn her holes.

This caused Finn to blush before he approached Me-Mow and got over her while he looks down at her holes and after taking a moment to decide on the hole… he surprised Me-Mow again when he aimed his cock at her asshole and poked the hole for a moment, thanks to the blowjob earlier, his cock was lubed and he did eat her ass out well so its not like it wasn't warmed up for a good fucking.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised since most guys would go for the pussy first but she wasn't complaining before looking at Finn.

"Go on big guy. Give this ass of mine what it wants." She said while grinning.

This caused Finn to nod and he starts to push his hips forward and his cock starts to force itself into Me-Mow's ass and stretched her ass wide form the intrusion while he groans from the tight grip.

Me-Mow groans a bit as she can feel the inside of her ass trying to match the shape of Finn's cock.

This caused Finn to grit his teeth while he tried to get used to the tightness of Me-Mow's ass and groans when he had trouble getting deeper into Me-Mow when more than half his cock was inside of Me-Mow's ass.

Though Me-Mow groans, she was able to relax a bit so she can have Finn push more of his cock in.

Finn was able to get further into Me-Mow's ass as a result and was able to get balls deep in her in no time, pretty much feeling Me-Mow's ass cheeks on his pelvis in no time and her ass felt soft to the touch.

"O-Oh fuck! Your cock is huge." Me-Mow groans as she waits for Finn to adjust.

"A-And you're ass is so fucking tight!" Finn growled out when Me-Mow felt tight as the Nightosphere.

"H-Hehe, well training hard does that." Me-Mow said.

Finn couldn't argue with that since he did hear some ladies say he had a tight bod and when he felt Me-Mow relax, he starts to thrust his hips and his cock went in and out of Me-Mow's ass again and again as time went on.

"Oh yeah!" Me-Mow groans as she was enjoying this pleasure before she wrapped her legs around Finn to make the human thrust deeper.

Finn was silent aside form growls and grunts as he worked to fuck Me-Mow's ass harder and faster and he could feel how tight Me-Mow was when it seemed instead of relaxing, the pleasure made her tighten more as time went on in no time.

Me-Mow looks at Finn.

"C-Come on Finn… r-really go nuts and claim my ass!"

This caused Finn to grit his teeth and growl when he fucked Me-Mow's ass harder and faster while he worked to make it hard for others to be able to satisfy Me-Mow and surprised Me-Mow when he spanked her ass hard from the side thanks to her being face up with his right hand while he used the other to support his body when he had it on the bed.

Me-Mow groans from that action before looking at Finn with a lustfilled grin.


Finn did as commanded when he smacked Me-Mow's ass again and again as time went on while he fucked and smacked Me-Mow's ass while she was having the time of her life.

"O-Oh fuck yeah!" Me-Mow moans as she was loving this as her toes curled a few times.

Finn in turn enjoyed the look forming on Me-Mow's face as he fucked her harder, he wanted to see the look form in full while his cock barraged Me-Mow's ass more and more until...

Me-Mow moans loudly as her face was now fucked up before she climaxed hard on Finn's dick.

This caused Finn's eyes to roll back in his head and he snarled when he pushed his cock as deep as it could go into Me-Mow's ass and he blew a rather large load inside of her asshole which quickly filled her stomach up as time went on.

Me-Mow moans loud again as her climax got stronger before she taps off after 25 seconds.

This caused Finn to tap off with a groan and he pants for breath while he kepts his body still so he wouldn't harm Me-Mow.

Me-Mow pants a bit as she enjoys the afterglow.

"F-Fuck… that was great." She said.

"Y-Yeah… I'm not tired though." Finn said while he grins at Me-Mow while his cock was iron hard even after all he unloaded.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised after hearing that before grinning.

"Good. Cause it's time to fuck this pussy." She said.

That caused Finn to grin before he smashed his lips onto Me-Mow's after he pulled his cock from Me-Mow's ass and thrusts it balls deep into Me-Mow's pussy and before she could adjust, he fucked Me-Mow hard and fast while he used his ass smacking hand to play with one of Me-Mow's breasts.

Me-Mow groans loudly before she kissed Finn back hard as she greatly enjoyed having her pussy fucked before wrapping her arms and legs around Finn.

This went on for quite a long time with Finn fucking Me-Mow for who knows how long, and Me-Mow was getting filled again and again and covered with more and more sperm as time went on and by the time Finn finished with Me-Mow, having her suck off his cock, she was an absolute mess and would have to get cleaned in a bath or shower if she didn't know a spell and Finn at the time was getting close to climaxing and he pulled his cock out of Me-Mow's mouth and she starts to stroke Finn off while his cock was aimed at her open mouth and a moment later, Finn groans when he came hard on Me-Mow's face and tongue with body shaking force.

Me-Mow moans as she can feel and taste Finn's cum as she kept stroking him off to make the human climax more.

This allowed Finn to ride out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan and he comically fell back off the bed with a thud and snoring was heard when Finn himself was fucked into a sex coma for now which left a very dirty Me-Mow on the bed while she recovered from the fucking she just got.

"Aww, he tuckered himself out." Me-Mow said as she snickered.

"Still though, best sex that I have in a while. He'll definitely be a keeper. Maybe after a few more dates… I'll make him my boyfriend." She said as she pictures the more fun things that will happen with Finn.

Though Me-Mow did have a thought while she went to get cleaned… would Finn just stick with her alone?, granted she doubt Finn would cheat on her if so but currently they were not official and most likely fuck buddies… Me-Mow may have to share with other ladies but hey… one side on that if Finn gets better and if he doesn't pass out again, more fun for Me-Mow.

'Hmmm… Might take a bit since me and Finn just started and I may need to train him to last longer just in case other ladies want in. Plus Finn will want tier 15 as a reward. Though if, Glob forbid, he plans to get a harem, Need to make sure that I'm the head girlfriend and call the shots.' Me-Mow thought.

The scene then fades to black as Me-Mow planned more things for our unknowing hero while he was blissfully unaware of the events to be as his possible girlfriend to be worked out many ideas in her head… some good, some questionable… but all in all… seems Finn's life would turn upside down next time in A Corrupted Fire.

(End of Chapter 2, Chapter 3 will be sometime soon in the future.)

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