A Corrupted Fire @atomskthepirateking
Revealing Light

(Originally its Lemon time with everyone else chapter but for later moment in story, changed it to a new story entirely, enjoy.)

Ooo/ Fire Kingdom/ Prison area/ Phoebe (Weakened state from poison), Finn (Both are 18 here, for a soon to be good reason)

The scene showed Finn and Phoebe while Finn was trying to break the bars off the cage while Phoebe sat nearby, she found it a little amusing Finn was trying to break the bars in funny ways but no matter what he did from simple pushes and pulls to actually placing his feet on the bars, nothing gave way.

"Finn, relax, wasting your energy won't get us far in beating Don John and my father." Phoebe said while she tried to calm Finn… she had the talk with Finn about not having any romantic feelings for him awhile ago so now they were just trying to figure out a way out of here.

Finn grumbles.

"Doesn't mean I can't keep trying." He said before sighing.

"Why do I keep messing up." He mumbled as he hoped to win Phoebe back.

Now here is the key change during the red throne for a really dark lemon to be, You see a bit ago Don John and Flame King would have fought but thanks to their bickering which lasted longer than usual about Phoebe being docile or not, Phoebe and Finn saw CB and Jake 2 busting through a nearby wall… however thanks to said impact and many rocks falling on the almost fighting DJ and FK, CB was thrown onto the ground on his back with an Ow a moment later while Jake 2 looked confused and Don John, getting a grin on his face at an idea after his attention was changed to Jake 2, used his brainwashing powers on Jake 2 to get him under control and DJ grins while FK looked confused when he saw Jake 2 moving to get near CB and knocked the key away from CB's hand and towards Don John who picked it up with a smirk while Jake 2 sat on CB's body to keep him pinned.

"Well well well… look at what we got here, seems we would have had a break out if we were about to fight… hey Flame King… small truce of sorts… I have an idea that I can use though it involves you holding onto this… pastry here and leaving the room… hehe trust me you may not like what happens since this involves breaking your daughters will down a bit." DJ said while he grins at FK for a moment.

FK raises his eyebrow after hearing that.

"Don't know what you're doing but I'll keep an eye on the welp." He said before grabbing CB.

CB groans from that since was pulled from Jake 2's underside and he was placed under FK's right arm and as FK walked away, he heard DJ call to him.

"Oh and don't kill him or anything… need a hostage the princess cares for to keep her in line for my idea to work… may feed him to the flame wolf here if she doesn't listen and this human tries something as well." DJ said with an evil smirk on his face.

FK blinked from that before shrugging as he kept walking but did have this thought.

'Something tells me that I… made a mistake.' He thought but was too late to go back.

Once FK and a dazed CB were gone, DJ looks at Phoebe and Finn and smirks while he kept Jake 2 nearby just in case.

"Now then… nice try with the whole escape thing… but now I hold the key to your freedom… pun intended hehe… simply put my dear, you say you don't know me and what not… but what if we had a fun way for me to get to know you before you say no to marriage… after all plenty of people get hitched and I doubt I'm the most evil here, I mean your father planned this and this guy here caused you to melt a kingdom of ice… figured I'm the lesser of evils here." DJ said to mess with Finn a bit while he grins at Phoebe.

Finn was getting angry.

"Hey! I'm not evil."

DJ chuckles and held his hands up in a mocking way.

"Hey thats what you say but pretty sure your Ex here can say otherwise though… I do have a deal for you your highness if you really don't want to get married right now." DJ said while he had a smirk on his face when he looks at Phoebe.

Finn looks at Phoebe.

"Don't do it Flame Princess." He said.

DJ chuckles while he held the key to the cell in his hand.

"Oh sure, say no to the one person who can let you out and possibly earn her kingdom's freedom… don't do it Flame Princess that kind of deal isn't worth it." DJ mockingly said to mess with Finn mainly though he grins at Phoebe to see how she would respond.

Finn grinds his teeth in anger but was shocked when he heard Phoebe spoke up.

"Finn… shut up." She said before looking at Don John.

"What deal would you offer… if I wanted to agree?"

"Hehe, three things my dear, but first and before you get angry, not harmful but…" DJ said before he points a finger at Finn and he was launched towards the back wall for a moment and his arms were bound to the walls by flaming cuffs of magic and DJ grins at Phoebe.

"So he won't cause issues when I do this… and don't try anything funny, you got that poison in you but figured we could talk when you are not behind bars." DJ said when he opened the cell for Phoebe and Phoebe alone while Finn couldn't get free from the bonds on his arms.

Finn tries to break free, even though it was futile.

"F-Flame Princess don't." He said but Phoebe didn't listen as she glares at DJ.

"If I walk out, swear that no harm comes to Finn and I don't know what you did to my knight but he can't get harmed too."

"Hehe, well but of course… though that depends on how you act, deal or not can't have a princess who is earning her freedom break the rules so to speak… besides why would I harm the human when I can just leave him locked away behind bars he can't break and is more or less helpless and as for your knight… well as long as you don't do anything hostile I won't have to feed him to this flame wolf here… play ball with my deal and you won't have to worry about me for a long time, do this and I'll even leave the Flame Kingdom for a while, remember until you got power to help enforce your more peaceful rules… well… the more ruthless you are the better as the ruler of this kingdom for years, can't change the mentality of all people in the Fire Kingdom over a year or two right?, doubt they would complain WHO is in charge as long as they have a life that is either peaceful or one that just brings out their inner destructive impulses and you can consider this a test of your strength to protect your people and keep them on the peaceful route you want… I mean your father brought me into this one more or less, I'm now taking advantage of the situation for my own benefit now so why would I cause issues that would hinder that?" DJ said while he held the door of the cell open for Phoebe to walk out of it.

Finn stopped struggling as he heard this as Phoebe was thoughtful and didn't have a choice since she wants to save her people before looks at DJ.

"Alright… I accept." She said before walking out of her cell.

"Good, Good." DJ said before he closed and locked the cell Finn was in and with a snap of his fingers, Finn was freed from his bonds and Finn was on his feet as a result and DJ smirks when he looks at Phoebe.

"Good, now for my three deals for your kingdom's freedom… first off I won't ask for marriage anymore… at least for now since I know in a few years you will be looking for a suitor… can't be a Flame Queen without a husband so may try my hand during that kind of event later… though in a nutshell if you want your kingdom's freedom… you need to make it worth my while and to make sure that you don't try anything funny…" DJ said before he made the key to Finn's cell vanished and smirks at the wide eyed look the duo gave him when the only key to the cell vanished.

"I stored this away for later, can't have you take this before this deal goes through… simply put since you are of legal age… I want to have tier 15 with you here and now, non negotiable… and I have a deal on if you can last longer than I or not…" Don John said while he smirks when he gave his first deal to Phoebe while Finn heard this and the words tier 15…

Finn was confused as he didn't know a thing about tier 15 thanks to Jake but Phoebe's eyes widened.

"Y-You can't be serious." She said.

"Oh but I am… or do you have anyone here in the Fire Kingdom to have fun with or did you and this human here have tier 15 already?... either way aside from earning your kingdom's freedom… got anyone else willing to come close to a royal of your calibur?" DJ said while he placed a finger on Phoebe's chin to have her look at him while he smirks at her and did nothing else.

Phoebe blinks at this as Finn, though confused, was not liking this.

"N-No. No one has. Not even Finn. Not sure if he knows it." She said before trying to free her chin.

DJ lets her go when he saw that and looks amused by that.

"Ah then you have not had the pleasure of getting with a male or female then… lucky me… here is my deal… if you can outlast me in a tier 15 contest, I'll leave no question asked until you are looking for a suitor, if you best me, you can do whatever you want to me, simple and easy to understand, though I do have two questions… how does this human not know what tier 15 is?... isn't he your Ex?, how would you two get far in a relationship if he doesn't know tiers?... would you have taught him if things got that far?" DJ said while he looked really amused at the end while he glances at Finn.

Phoebe, though blushes lightly, was thoughtful.

"I… don't know. If he didn't use and lie to me, my relationship with him could've had a chance."

"Ah then it is a shame then that he squandered it… maybe I can help by showing you what he missed out on and we can show him what tier 15 is?... you could argue that you would rather fight but let's be honest… can you even fight me in your condition?, I'm at least giving a more peaceful solution since it seems your father is the one who was tricking me, he told me you would be more or less be mine if I aided him yet here we are making some deals and what not, still that is up for you to decide, your boyfriend here would pay the price more or less since you would need to make a key later, and while I'm not sure on how humans live… pretty sure I heard that they need to eat and drink things that are not native to the Fire kingdom so good luck with making a new key in the next few days." DJ said while he smirks at Phoebe a little.

Phoebe was now angry since this was her father's fault.

"First off, he's not my boyfriend. But I don't want him to suffer in that cell. So fine. I will… agree to this."

"Hehe, good… the first deal that I made if you agree is that if I outlast you I get to leave no questions asked, and if I lost you can do whatever to me, now for my second deal… simply put… want to make a bit of a risky bet?... simply put if I can outlast you, I can use a spell to make sure you have my child at the end of this, I can come back later for the whole suitor thing so no real issues on time hehe… and in exchange if you beat me… well you can already do whatever so might as well make a royal promise that if you win… well… skys the limit, even kill me if you want, I am a risk take after all." Don John said while he smirks at Phoebe with a grin on his face.

Phoebe's eyes widened after hearing this as Finn was flabbergasted.

"Are you crazy?! FP you can't agree to that!"

DJ chuckles when he looks at Finn.

"Says the guy who doesn't even know what tier 15 is… even if it wasn't that you lost any right to interfere when you tricked your lover and she broke up with you… pretty sure its her call and while its true I did poison her or at least help with that since it weakened her, it may have helped with stablizing her matrix, heard that she would explode or something because of her power but now she maybe able to do things that she cannot otherwise do… and I was more or less used by her father like you used her so she and I have common ground… besides…" DJ said while he gave Finn a half lidded look.

"Rumors talk about how you had plenty of enemies who either became friends or near possible lovers so who knows, she does this and wins, gains a powerful Wizard like myself as a lover and ally and I wouldn't use her like her Father would or how you used her… try and refute me and I can bring the Ice Kingdom up again… point is boy that knight of the Queen here has more of a right to object then you do since you and the Flame King are similar in using others… can't deny that without sounding like a hypocrite." Don John said while he grins at Finn.

Finn wanted to object but somehow couldn't since… Don John was actually… right. Even if DJ was a bad guy… of sorts, Finn and FK were the ones that did this.

Finn was now quiet as he lowers his head with guilt now.

DJ chuckles before he looks at Phoebe.

"Now then your highness… do you accept the terms?, you outlast me, you can do whatever you want for both deals but if I win I not only get to leave without issues until you look for a suitor, I can get the honor of putting a child in you… simply put I wouldn't break deals, you value honesty and honor right?... well how about it?, you say you may not know me but has that ever stopped you from dating this human?... heard from some Goblins that you barely knew Finn here before dating him so can't say that it wouldn't take much." Don John said while he grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe was quiet and tries to contemplate the pros and cons to this situation but that wasn't helpful since the only thing she had to do was to try and beat Don John at his own game.

"I… accept."

Don John smirks when he heard that.

"Good… and since we have that out of the way, why not get started by stripping from that dress of yours and lets see how well you developed over the years." DJ said while he grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe's eyes widened.

"W-What?! I can't do that here with Finn seeing this!"

"Oh really?... don't you want to at least let the human know what tier 15 is?... think about it… can be an interesting way to get payback so to speak by showing the human what he missed out on by tricking you." DJ said when he tried to talk Phoebe into doing the act.

Phoebe was blushing brightly and glanced at Finn, who was still hanging his head down, before looking at DJ.

However, part of her somehow wanted Finn to learn a lesson… even if he is or not his friend yet given the circumstance and this was far before the whole episode where Finn gains Phoebe's trust again.

"Alright." Phoebe said before she actually starts to strip.

This got Finn's attention and bummed or not, he was curious on the whole tier 15 thing and when he looks… he blushed a record breaking blush when he saw Phoebe stripping and soon enough saw her in the nude and had a real eyeful of her naked body and her figure.

The years were indeed good to her. Phoebe had an hourglass figure that made her look like a model with slender arms and legs and her breasts were surprisingly D size.

Don John looks Phoebe up and down with a lustful look in his eyes.

"Exquisite… with a body like this and a growing mind like yours, any male or female would be lucky enough to have you." Don John said while he grins at Phoebe while the lower part of his outfit had a rather large bulge in it… he was around FK's height and what not so DJ was a pretty large flame person in many ways.

Phoebe blushes when she saw the bulge while Finn, in his cell, was blushing brightly as he couldn't believe how… beautiful Phoebe was.

'Oh Glob… I had no idea… It almost reminded me when I saw… Marcy's bod.'

Don John chuckles when he saw Phoebe looking at his bulge and just used a spell to remove his clothing and while his legs looked goat like, they showed that his lower half looked like it was covered with some kind of fur as well while a large cock was seen that well… it was a foot long in length and 2 to 3 in width… magical augment or not that was a big thick dick and DJ's upper body, though not muscular wasn't a pushover when he had a little muscle on his chest… all in all Don John looked ready and willing for the fun to be with his cock getting iron hard in no time, it was mainly flame like with orangish skin or whatever the flame equivalent of skin for a flame person was on the cock while it emits a large amount of heat and he had large orange balls to complete the look.

Phoebe's eyes widened greatly when she saw DJ's dick for the first time.

'Good Glob… it's so… big.' She thought before blushing brightly.

"Hehe, see something you like your highness?... you are starting to drip a bit." DJ said when he smirks at Phoebe.

Phoebe blinks before she shook her head.

"D-Don't be ridiculous."

"Oh am I?... take a look between your legs to see if I'm joking or not." DJ said with an amused tone to his voice.

Phoebe didn't want to look but she did it anyway and her eyes widened when she saw that a bit of her folds got lightly wet.

Finn was able to see that and he didn't know why Phoebe was like that.

DJ chuckles when he approached Phoebe and made her look him in the eyes.

"Hehe, seems even if your mind doesn't want to admit it, your body is telling you personally that it seems to want a strong mate… though to make sure that we can get started… might as well do it by doing this!" Don John said before he smashed his lips onto Phoebe's for a rather intense kiss in front of Finn.

Finn's eyes widened when he saw that as was Phoebe before she tries to push DJ away.

Though DJ didn't let up when he keeps the kiss up and used another hand to grip Phoebe's right ass cheek and gripped it hard to keep her in place.

Phoebe felt her ass getting gripped before blushing brightly as she muffles in the kiss though it may have been a mistake as Phoebe's lips moved, it was like she was kissing DJ back.

That caused DJ to keep the kiss up for a bit before he pulled away from it to grin at Phoebe.

"Hmmm… sweet lips on a spicy lady… and no explosion from what I heard." DJ said to get Pheobe's mind on that part… no blowing in DJ's face…

Phoebe was still blushing but knew DJ was right since Phoebe wasn't exploding.

"Y-You're right."

"Indeed… so that means I can do this as well!" DJ said when he used a spell to make Phoebe float in the air and in Finn's full view saw that DJ had Phoebe's legs spread and her folds were seen when DJ brought Phoebe's pussy to his face and takes a moment to admire the view.

Phoebe was surprised at the sudden change before blushing brightly as Finn blushes as well he can see Phoebe's pussy.

'O-Oh Glob… I shouldn't be looking.' Finn thought before closing his eyes while feeling his world crumble bit by bit.

Though a moment later with the scene dark thanks to Finn having his eyes closed, he starts to hear Phoebe moan for some reason though Finn had no idea why.

"E-Easy there!... Oh fuck." Phoebe moans much to Finn's surprise when he heard Phoebe curse.

Though again nothing was seen when Finn tries to keep his eyes closed… however curiosity was a pretty big bringer of ones downfall sometimes and when the moaning keeps coming, Finn's curiosity got the better of him and he opened one eye before both snapped open when he saw Don John licking Phoebe's pussy with deep licks while he had his hands on her ass to keep her from floating away, he even licked at something near the top of Phoebe's pussy a few times which really made her moan again.

'What is that donk doing? Is that even clean? But somehow… FP is… liking it? Is that what tier 15 is?' Finn mentally questioned as Phoebe moans more.

Don John chuckles when he saw Finn looking again and surprised Finn when he moved to actually lick at Phoebe's asshole of all things.

Phoebe's eyes widened before she groans from that action as Finn couldn't believe it.

'What the flip?! That's even more dirty! How's that even good?!' Finn thought.

Though Finn's body had other ideas when he felt something happen in his lower area… mainly his pelvis and his heat resistant suit felt rather uncomfortable right now.

Finn made a groan of discomfort when he had no idea what was going on in his suit.

Though he did know it only happened when he saw some things that would give a reaction like this like Marceline in the nude or when he made out with a few ladies… however thanks to the lack of knowhow… Finn never learned how to masturbate it seems if he had no idea of what to do.

DJ heard that and keeps on going with eating out Phoebe's holes while he could feel her pussy and ass twitch on his tongue more and more while he eats her out.

Phoebe's eyes widened before she moans a bit loud as her pussy and ass kept twitching on DJ's tongue.

DJ keeps his actions up while he could feel Phoebe getting close and keeps on going until she tossed her head back and groans when she came hard on DJ's face and her fiery juices his his now closed eyed face and tongue which he lapped up while he keeps on licking at her folds.

Finn was blushing when he saw Phoebe gave that reaction and saw something liquid hit DJ's face and tongue.

'I-Is that what I think it is?' Finn thought when he thought of something different.

Though considering Phoebe was nowhere near a bathroom… was it something different?... DJ didn't look like he minded and looked pretty happy for himself when he licked his lips clean and grins at Phoebe while she continues to sit in the air.

15 seconds pass before Phoebe stops climaxing and tries to breathe a bit.

DJ chuckles at that and crossed his arms.

"So your highness… that a good start to the fun to be?" DJ said while he grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe, though blushes, pants a bit more and gave this response without realizing it.


"Good… time to return the favor then and show this human what he missed out on by giving him a real show." DJ said when he had Phoebe moved to sit on the ground in front of DJ while his cock points at her face and he dispelled the spell he had on Phoebe that kept her actions under DJ's control.

Phoebe got out of her daze before blushing brightly at DJ's dick being this close as Finn was confused.

'Return the favor? Is he saying that Phoebe should…' Finn thought before his eyes widened when he saw Phoebe grab DJ's dick with one hand to get a better feel which caused her to blush more.

'Can't believe I'm doing this.' Phoebe thought before she starts to stroke DJ's dick back and forth thanks to her lessons.

This caused DJ to groan from the feeling and his cock throbbed a bit in Phoebe's hand to show she was doing well while a clearish orange liquid starts to drip from the cock, guess that was the flame person version of Pre-cum it seems though Finn wouldn't know that… Phoebe however…

Phoebe blushes when she saw this as she kept stroking DJ's dick.

However, she knew that DJ will want Phoebe to act soon before the young Flame Queen gulps and brought her head a bit close before Phoebe sticks out her tongue and actually gave the head a couple of licks much to Finn's shock.

DJ groans while he used a hand to pet Phoebe's head to show she was doing good so far while he lets her head go a moment later so he wouldn't spook her away though he did wonder what she was thinking right now.

'Glob… can't believe I'm really doing this. But I need to save my kingdom. Still though… the smell of… musk is making my head spin a bit and the taste…' Phoebe thought as she tasted DJ's dick more before Phoebe's tongue hits the tip and licks up the pre-cum.

DJ shuddered from this and Phoebe's tongue worked to get more pre-cum from DJ's cock while his dick throbbed more and more as time went on thanks to Phoebe's actions.

Phoebe was actually getting used to the taste before she actually took a bit more of DJ's dick in her mouth.

Finn blushes as he was surprised to see this side of Phoebe.

'Oh man… it's like… FP isn't herself when she does this. If this is what tier 15 is then make it stop.' Finn thought as he didn't want to look but his curiosity got the better of him again as he was staring more at Phoebe.

This caused him to watch as Phoebe surprisingly took more of DJ's cock into her mouth and was now sucking him off while he groans from the feeling.

"Oh yeah… keep going your highness!" DJ groans out when he felt Phoebe suck his cock harder than ever.

Phoebe blushes but sucked DJ's dick harder before Finn saw Phoebe using one hand to actually fondle DJ's balls.

DJ really groans from that and his cock throbs hard in Phoebe's mouth which showed he was getting close while he starts to pant a bit.

Phoebe was able to feel that before she bobs her head even harder after smelling the musk from the fiery hair on his groin as she kept massaging DJ's balls.

This kept going with Phoebe sucking him off more and more until he gave this warning.

"A-About to c-cum!" DJ groans out much to Finn's confusion and a warning for Phoebe on what would happen.

'What does he mean?' Finn thought while Phoebe was like in her own world as she kept this action before using her tongue to roughly lick the tip.

DJ then tossed his… upper body back?... and groans when he came hard inside of Phoebe's mouth when he gripped the top of her head and held her head steady when he fired his load inside of her mouth and made her cheeks swell and fiery fluids start to flow out of Phoebe's mouth around his cock while DJ's cock throbbed big time and his nuts clinched when they worked to get as much backed up sperm out of DJ's testicles.

Phoebe's eyes widened when she felt DJ's cum fill her mouth before she actually tries to swallow the load as Finn was confused at the sight.

Granted he didn't know why… but he had a feeling if this was something else, Phoebe would be trying to move away from DJ, not drink whatever he was firing into her mouth while DJ's cock throbbed more and more while he rides out his orgasm and tapped off with a groan and pants for breath from how intense his orgasm was just now.

Phoebe felt that as she breathed through her nose for a bit of air even though she can smell DJ's fiery pubes as Phoebe swallows the rest of the cum.

When she finished, she managed to pull her mouth off of Don John's cock and after she cleared her throat to try and breathe properly, Don John chuckled a bit when he saw that Phoebe drank his load.

"Wow, if I didn't know any better I think you were enjoying yourself." Don John said while he grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe blushes before she shaking her head.

"N-Not true." She said even though part of her body starts to get warm after drinking DJ's cum.

DJ chuckles a bit while his cock was iron hard even after all that.

"Sure… and I'm king of Ooo… why don't we skip the banter and get to the real fun and make you a real woman… and why not make it interesting to boot." DJ said while he had a grin on his face when he had a pretty devious idea on how this can go.

Phoebe blushes when she saw DJ's dick erect again but had a narrow look on her face.

"What do you mean?"

DJ chuckles and the scene went to a moment later with DJ holding Phoebe on his hands and she was leaning against his chest like she was sitting in a chair while she faced Finn, thanks to DJ's magic her legs were spread while he used magic on his cock to angle it against Phoebe's folds while he teased her folds with the head of his cock while her feet were on the bars of the jail cell Finn was in for added support.

Finn blushes as he sees Phoebe in that position as Phoebe was blushing brightly but shudders from that teasing.

DJ smirks when he had Finn's attention though he did want to make an informed moment here so Finn wouldn't yell his ears off.

"Hey Human… better get a good look, you are about to see your ex lose her virginity… some fiery blood will be seen but that is a normal thing for females during their first time or their time of the month sometimes so don't get all angry when you see me do this!" Don John said when he starts to lower Phoebe onto his cock and his dickhead entered her folds but no blood yet… why warn Finn when nothing happened?... well to Finn that would be his thought though… not the most pressing one when he saw a cock go into a pussy for the first time in his life.

Phoebe groans as she feels DJ's go into her pussy.

'So big!' She thought.

Though a moment later, she felt DJ's cock touch her hymen and DJ grins when he felt that.

"Found her hymen human… get ready to see an interesting sight soon… though to be fair with the Queen… rip the bandage off instantly or go slow?" DJ asked with a grin on his face still while his cock throbbed in Phoebe's pussy.

Phoebe groans a bit and took this moment to think but… she wanted it to be over so…

"J-Just do i-it."

That caused DJ to get a wild look in his eyes and before Finn's own eyes, he saw DJ force Phoebe balls deep onto his cock and a large bulge formed in Phoebe's womb from the sudden forced entry and a bit of fiery blood leaked from Phoebe's pussy as a result.

"GAAAHH!" Phoebe groans loudly as she tries to fight back the tears.

Finn wasn't liking this.

"Stop! I get it now! Just leave her alone!" He pleaded.

DJ just grunts when Phoebe felt so tight to him and he gave Finn a strained look.

"O-Oh… don't worry… soon Milady here will b-beg for more… ask this question… I heard you were around plenty of ladies so why not find out what tier 15 is much sooner… doubt you would be looking so defeated right now if you knew this is the worst I will do to the Queen here… all women have a first time like this… either with some kind of toy or a cock… so its not like seeing her highness bleed like this would be strange." DJ said while he felt his cock getting gripped hard when Phoebe had trouble relaxing on his cock.

As Phoebe groans more, Finn was quiet for a bit as he couldn't come up with an answer.

Don John though used one hand, after he used some magic on Phoebe to keep her in place in the air, to rub her bud to help her relax, he wanted to win this bet, not break her… at least not yet.

Phoebe still groan but the pain slowly lessen as she tries to relax her feet on the bars but she needed to win the bet.

Though DJ did start to slowly thrust his hips while he keeps on rubbing Phoebe's bud and starts to fuck her at a slow rate to get her eased into things.

Phoebe starts to groan again as she feels it while Finn watched.

He couldn't take it anymore before he tries to break free of his bounds.

Though while he was technically free, he couldn't break the bars holding him and thanks to him being so close, he shockingly heard Phoebe talk while DJ slowly got faster with his thrusts.

"O-Oh fuck!... N-Need… more!" Phoebe groans a bit more before moaning.

That caused DJ to follow that command and fucked Phoebe harder while Finn had an up close view of it all when he saw DJ's cock going deep into Phoebe again and again while the pain for Phoebe lessened as time went on.

Finn blushes at the sight before he was shocked to see his ex's face looking different though Phoebe started to fuck up as she moans more.

This caused DJ to move his hands to Phoebe's breasts and fondles them while he continues to fuck Phoebe more and more while her feet were on the bars and the blood from Phoebe's pussy lessened as time went on and juices start to cover DJ's cock.

"Oh fuck yes! So good!" Phoebe moans as she was loving the pleasure as her toes curled.

This caused DJ, the more experienced of the duo, to keep fucking Phoebe more and more while her orgasm was about to hit her like a ton of bricks until…

Phoebe lightly tossed her head back which made DJ see her face as she climaxed a bit hard on DJ's dick much to Finn's shock.

That caused DJ to grin before he made a few good thrusts to give Phoebe what she wants when he made one final thrust and snarls when he pushed his cock deep into Phoebe and came hard in her womb with great intensity and Finn could see DJ's sperm leaking from Phoebe's folds in no time.

As Finn's eyes widened, Phoebe's climax got stronger as she moans more with her tongue hanging out for DJ to see.

That caused DJ to use a spell to have Phoebe look at him and smashed his lips onto Phoebe's while they ride out their orgasms.

Finn was now on his knees with tears in his eyes as he sees Phoebe actually kiss DJ back. She even had her tongue lick DJ's lips a bit.

This caused DJ to keep on kissing Phoebe before he tapped off with a groan near the 15 second mark and pulled away from the kiss to pant for breath while he pulled his cock from Phoebe's pussy and his load leaked from her in large amounts.

Though Phoebe tapped off, seems she wasn't aware of DJ pulling his lips back so she was basically kissing air.

DJ chuckles a bit and used a hand to lightly tap Phoebe on the cheek to bring her back to reality.

That worked and Phoebe was back to her senses.

"H-Huh… what?"

"Hehe, seems you really liked what happened… how's it feel to be a real woman finally?" DJ said while he grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe blushes before slightly turning her head to avoid the look.

"It was… interesting." She said as she couldn't lie.

DJ chuckles while he moved to set Phoebe on her feet a bit away from the mess and used a spell to clean it up.

"Hehe, there, now we can keep the fun going without leaving a mess… so my dear want to lead the next round?" DJ said while he grins more at Phoebe while his cock stayed iron hard.

Phoebe blushes a bit.

" I… want to lead."

DJ bowed a bit while he had a smirk on his face.

"Your wish is my command my dear… please give this humble servant a command for your pleasure." Don John said to give Phoebe some thrill of power for now.

Phoebe rolls her eyes at the gesture but did want to be in charge.

"Alright, my first order… I want you to… fuck my pussy again." She said as blushes while unaware of Finn crying silently.

While that went on DJ watched as Phoebe got onto her back in front of the cage while her legs faced Finn, seems she was keeping around the same spot for now and DJ smirks when he moved to get over Phoebe after she spreads her legs and DJ aimed his cock at Phoebe's pussy and teased her when he rubbed the head of his cock on her folds again.

Phoebe shudders from that action before she looks at DJ.

"S-Stop teasing me and just do it." She said with a narrow look.

DJ chuckles before he grins at Phoebe.

"By your command." DJ said before he pushed his hips forward and his cock went deep into Phoebe's pussy and unlike last time, the pain was practically non existent though a little was felt thanks to the recently taken virginity but the pleasure quickly overrode that pain.

"O-Oh fuck!" Phoebe groans as she blushes brightly.

This caused DJ to pull his cock free till the head was the only thing in Phoebe and thrusts his hips and his cock went deep into Phoebe's pussy again and again when DJ keeps the rhythm going and Finn could see it all thanks to the angle when he was seeing DJ and Phoebe's backsides.

'Make it stop.' Finn thought but was watching still as Phoebe starts to moan as her breasts bounced each time.

Though as much as Finn wanted to despise this… he was mainly driven by some kind of sick curiosity when he watched this… is this really tier 15?

As Finn wondered, Phoebe kept on moaning and groaning before she surprisingly wrapped her legs around Don John's waist.

This surprised DJ a bit but he had no issue and thrusts his hips harder and surprised Phoebe when he kissed her again and had his arms wrap around Phoebe in a hug of sorts while he pretty much bashed his cock into Phoebe's pussy again and again.

Though Phoebe was surprised, she actually accepts it before she hugged DJ and returns it. She even uses her tongue and ask DJ for permission when she licks his lips.

That surprised DJ again but let that happened when he opened his mouth and had his tongue fight with Phoebe's while he wondered what she was thinking in her current pleasure filled state.

'Oh fuck… I don't know what's with me but thanks to Don John, I actually want… more pleasure. Even more kisses. It's like my body wants me to give in and make him mine.' Phoebe thought as she continues to kiss DJ.

Though that was her lust mainly controlling her, doubt she would think thank when she was in her right mind, but for now, DJ keeps on fucking Phoebe more and more while DJ felt her getting closer and closer until…

Phoebe moans loudly in DJ's mouth before she climaxed hard on DJ's dick before Phoebe felt her pussy tightening around it.

That caused Don John to growl and he thrusts his cock deep into Phoebe's pussy again and came hard in her womb again with great force and DJ's sperm overfilled her again as a result.

Phoebe's eyes rolled in the back of her head as her lips separated from DJ as she moans more while her climax got stronger.

This resulted in the duo riding out their orgasms before the Flame Wizard tapped off with a groan again and pants for breath when he moved to pull his cock free of Phoebe's pussy and her abused snatch leaked more sperm while she laid on the ground.

Phoebe at first groans before panting for breath as she blushes brightly which made her look sexy.

That caused Finn and DJ to blush a bit while DJ used a spell to clean the ground and this time Finn and DJ waits for Phoebe to catch her breath.

It took a moment till Phoebe was recovered.

When that happened, DJ thought it was a good time for him to take command.

"My turn Milady… let me get on my back and the Human and I can see how wild you get when you ride my cock." Don John said while he grins at Phoebe while his cock throbbed hard when it never wilted.

Phoebe blushes before nodding her head.


This caused Finn to look on when Don John laid on his back while Don John's horns pointed towards Finn and DJ's cock stood like a tower in Phoebe's gaze.

Phoebe blushes before she gets on top of DJ and positions her pussy above DJ's dick.

DJ smirks when he saw that and saw that she was facing him as well… hehe, he would have a lot of fun soon.

Phoebe was nervous before she goes down and groans when she felt her pussy greedily gobbled up DJ's dick.

DJ grits his teeth and groans when he felt that and stayed still when he felt his dickhead touch Phoebe's cervix.

Phoebe groans before she had her hands on DJ's chest as she took a moment to adjust.

DJ lets this happen while his cock throbbed in Phoebe's pussy a few times.

After a moment, Phoebe starts going up and down on DJ's cock as her hands stayed on his chest.

DJ placed his hands on Phoebe's breasts and fondles them while he groans when he could feel his cock going in and out of Phoebe's pussy at her own pace.

Phoebe moans from having her breasts fondled as she kept bouncing as time passes before she looks at DJ.

DJ had a lustfilled look on his face while Finn looks on when Phoebe leaned back and moans when she really starts to get lost in her lust, so much so that she said some shocking things during the ride.

"O-Oh fuck Don John! Your cock feel's… so good!" Phoebe moans.

"T-Thank you M-My dear… more for your pleasure." DJ groans out while his cock starts to throb in Phoebe's pussy as time went on.

That's when Phoebe did the next shocking thing by leaning down and smash her lips on DJ's lips.

DJ was so caught off guard buy that, thanks to how long Phoebe was riding him, he came hard first inside of her and not only that, the control of Jake 2 was broken and he looked dazed for a moment when he looks around.

Phoebe moans before she climaxed hard but kept bouncing while kissing DJ more.

This caused Jake 2 to look confused but he was slowly getting turned on at the sight and a long canine like cock was seen on the Fire Wolf and Jake 2 approached the distracted duo though Finn noticed Jake 2 approaching the duo on the ground.

'What is Jake 2 doing? Did he get free from DJ's control? Maybe he can help Phoebe.' Finn thought but his eyes widened when he saw Jake 2's dick and sees the flame wolf behind them.

'Oh no… he's not gonna do what I think he's about to do?'

That thought turned out to be right when Don John was surprised when he saw Jake 2 approaching and actually mounting Phoebe's body and his cock was between her ass cheeks which felt heavy which told Phoebe that Jake 2 was huge.

Phoebe pulled her lips away from DJ and was surprised when she saw Jake 2 and his dick.

Jake 2 was panting a bit and thrusts his hips a few times which caused his cock to grind against her ass when the tip of his cock barely touched her asshole but when it did, Jake 2 managed to get most of his cock in her ass in one go and was already humping away while not caring if this was Phoebe's first time with a cock up her ass or not.

"GAAAHH!" Phoebe groans from how forceful Jake 2 was which made her almost collapse on DJ.

Though surprised on his end, DJ just took advantage of the situation and thrusts his hips this time and his cock went in and out of Phoebe's pussy which caused Phoebe to experience her first ever DP moment.

Phoebe groans loudly as she felt both her holes getting pounded at the same time which caused the Flame Queen to have a fuck up look on her face.

This caused DJ and Jake 2 to fuck Phoebe while the inexperienced Flame Royal was helpless to stop the powerful body shaking orgasm that hits her like a ton of bricks just now and her vision blurred when she had trouble breathing.

Phoebe was still groaning with her tongue sticking out as Finn watch with wide eyes as he blushes brightly.

'Is this really tier 15? If it is, maybe Jake was right not to tell me if its horrible like this.' Finn thought.

Though again his body was turned on against his will and it was getting really uncomfortable in the suit… he knew he had to keep it on so this was all kinds of torture to Finn when he watched DJ and Jake 2 fuck Phoebe for who knows how long while she had her own thought about getting a surprise fuck up the ass by Jake 2.

'Oh fuck… Never thought I would get fucked in the ass by Jake 2. I was told that sex with flame wolves was pleasurable but… I didn't know it was that great. Especially with… D-Don John. I want to keep feeling this… don't care who's watching.'

This resulted in Phoebe getting fucked by the two males on her while their orgasms get closer and closer like Phoebe's orgasm was as time went on until…

Phoebe moans loudly before she climaxed hard on the male duo's dicks as the Flame Queen's holes tightened around them.

That caused the duo to growl and pushed their cocks deep into Phoebe's holes and the two came hard inside of her with great force.

Phoebe's climax got stronger as she moans loudly from the intense creapies.

The two flame like males ride out their orgasms before they tapped off with groans or whines in Jake 2's case while the duo rest on the ground and relax while Phoebe in the meantime…

Phoebe had a very pleased look on her face as she pant before collapsing a bit on DJ.

This caused DJ to look amused while he waits for Phoebe to recover but glanced at the human to see how he was doing so far when he could do nothing.

Finn still had a bit of tears in his eyes when he believed he failed to save Phoebe but was still blushing while feeling more discomfort in his suit as Phoebe's head was on DJ's chest.

This caused DJ to have an idea form in his head since it would be awhile before he would return and looks at Jake 2 to see how he was doing since he wasn't sure if Jake 2 was knotted in Phoebe's ass or not.

Surprisingly, Jake 2 was indeed knotted and was still inside Phoebe's ass.

This caused DJ to chuckle and and looks at the human.

"Hey human… a deal for you if you want to humor me and earn your own freedom." DJ said with an amused look on his face when he grins at Finn.

Finn looks up.

"And why should I listen after everything you did?" He said with an angered look.

"Simple… aren't you curious about a lot of things that are going on?, besides while I did technically cause this, the previous flame King planned this so not my idea… I mean try and ask this… you saved many for who knows how long… yet did a princess or lady reward you properly?" DJ said with a intelligent tone to his voice when he starts to talk with Finn while Phoebe slowly recovered.

Finn blinked at the question and wanted to retort but… he remembered how most princesses, especially Princess Bubblegum, thank Finn but nothing else. And there were times he had to help with their errands.

DJ smirks while he keeps on looking at Finn.

"And Ice Kingdom incident aside… doesn't the Queen here owe you a little for you and your brother helping her get freed?, heard about it all yet aside from little kisses on rocks from what I heard… has she done anything else… follow this deal and maybe the Queen here can help you a bit by finding out what tier 15 is… before you get angry… think about it… with me and this Flame wolf going first… the pain is pretty much gone… and with how consumed with lust she is in I doubt she would complain if you join in… I know the flame shield spell… may not feel the heat but I'm sure you could feel other things… why not get what you are owed so to speak from her?" DJ said while he grins at Finn… just what is he planning with the human?

Finn was confused.

"And how would she owe me? I already lost her because of those lies… Why did I have those dreams?" He said as he closed his eyes and clench his fists.

"Ah… so its the naive nature that got to you… tell you what… after this is over with why not… let me teach you some things… even if you did mess up with the Queen here, you could be owed greatly by other princesses or Queens and not realize it until now… I see a bit of myself in you… the urge to find happiness but it always seems to be taken from you in some shape or form am I right?... is it really your fault or the fault of others?... I highly doubt you would cause the Queen here to fight the Ice king without some kind of reason correct?... I won't ask if there was a second person involved but if there was one… well… are you the only one really to blame for your lack of knowledge on love and what not?" DJ said while he can already see how he can turn Finn quite a bit… maybe not from being a hero bit he could do a lot with Finn if he played his cards right and this would be interesting to see it play out… he already won this bet with the Queen more or less since she was pretty tired, might as well see if he can do what no one else can do… change how the Hero of Ooo will be if he… teaches him some things.

Finn was quiet for a bit.

"I… followed dreams made by the Cosmic Owl which made me forced Flame Princess and Ice King to fight with fake letters that I wrote. Later… I wanted to stop so I… talked to someone… close to me but his believes made me continue."

"Ah I see… So the Cosmic Owl caused that first fight then?, and an outside source caused you to make the other fights?... hmmm… tell me… would you have caused the other fights if that other person didn't get involved or more to the fact, if you followed your own guts, you would have stopped on your own… maybe its not your fault you did all that but that person and the Glob of Dreams fault… maybe for a reason with the Glob if a romance with the Queen was impossible and was trying to warn you… either that or the CO was trying to give a warning that if you kept doing that… maybe this was the end result?" DJ said while half thinking on the reason which did make plenty of sense and was trying to get Finn's mentality to turn darker… not evil persay but… more… open to the more negative thoughts he probably had locked in his head that he didn't want to think about… good guys don't hate others after all… but in this case anger and hate could be a good thing since it could teach Finn who to listen too and who to not listen too from now on… even DJ had to admit that whoever caused the latter fights well… They were a dumbass.

Finn clenched his fists more.

"That dumb owl only gave me this one message which was… "I blew it"..."

"Ah… now I see how it is…" DJ oddly said before chuckling a bit for some reason.

FInn opened his eyes.

"And what's so funny?"

DJ stopped chucking and looks at Finn with an amused look in his eyes.

"Simple… *You blew it*... doesn't that mean that there was a different path to take so you wouldn't blow it?... think about those three words hard and really think about it… wouldn't that mean if you did things differently… wouldn't that mean you could succeed?" was all DJ said while he went back to fucking Phoebe when he got hard again.

Phoebe starts to groan from that action before she starts to moan as her head was close to DJ's head.

Finn blinked at the question before his eyes widened.

'Glob… if he's right… If things went my way, I could've kept Phoebe.' He thought.

This caused DJ to look amused when he could see a look of realization filling Finn's eyes.

"Good… think for yourself instead of letting others do the thinking for you… tell me… how far has listening to others gotten you?... sure you could say listening to that princess Bubblegum that I heard about you normally work for is a good choice since she is smart… but tell me… has she ever done ANYTHING that can be a good reward for your hard work?... tell me human… who is getting the better deal?... you… or the people using you?... and if not then at least causing you to screw up and miss out on things like this!" DJ said while he used a hand to smack Phoebe's ass cheek hard for a moment to talk about the tier 15 itself and how good it was while DJ keeps on fucking Phoebe before he smashed his lips onto hers… if Jake didn't give him the shitty advice… Finn could be where DJ was if he found a way to be fire proof… if Finn was more smart on getting rewards… even if he didn't get romance from Bubblegum he could at the very least get something like this as a reward instead of all the teasing he gets from simple kisses… if he was less naive… maybe he wouldn't be looked down on by so many... There were people like Marceline who just pretty much messed with him mentally when he tried to romance her… there were others as well… honestly the more Finn thought about this… something seemed to eat away at his calmer side...

As Phoebe moans loudly from the smack, Finn got on his knees and furiously punch the floor.

"I'm an idiot."

DJ chuckles when he pulled away from the kiss.

"Then why not learn how to deal with people the right way… I'll make you an offer Human, agree and I can teach you how the world really works and how to actually talk with others to get your way… your call on agreeing or not but consider this… I was just an enemy of the Queen here yet look at this… I'm fucking her hard and if things go well I maybe future Flame king if I play my cards right… so how about it human?... want to learn how to NOT be used or want to stay the same heroic human yet be used as cheap labor by people who won't appreciate you?" DJ said while one question was most likely on Finn's mind through the conflicting thoughts… why was DJ offering this and what would he get out of this since if Finn was thinking right… was DJ going to use him for something down the line?

Finn had a guarded look.

"Why do you want to help me? What do you get from this? And how do I know you're not gonna use me?"

"Well I won't lie, may call on you for muscle if I need help with physical work but instead of thinking like I would use you…. Think like this… we use one another for our own gain, the only difference is that you KNOW that I would probably use you for something but you can do the same… I mean think about it… you could turn me down but how would your life go from here on out now that you think like this?... try and think about that before you answer sense its a big question to think about." DJ said while he keeps on fucking Phoebe before Jake 2 joins in again and his cock wiggles in Phoebe's ass when Jake 2 grinds his pelvis against her ass cheeks.

Phoebe moans as her face looks fucked up.

"Fuck yes!... M-More!" She said to the duo as her tongue hang out.

This caused DJ and Jake 2 to fuck Phoebe more while DJ glanced at Finn to see how he was doing after what DJ said.

Finn was in deep thought.

Even though he has his morals as a hero, Finn is now feeling underappreciated for the deeds he does and get's nothing. He may not abandon the citizens but the royals are the ones that hurt him.

Though he had a question.

"And how can I use you for my gain?"

That caused DJ to grin when he gave this answer.

"Simple… I can teach you how to not be used unless a proper reward is given… actually teach you some smart stuff so you can make choices for yourself… and again aside from me using you for physical work, maybe getting an item or two for spells… well… doubt I would need you for much else, who knows you could even learn a little magic here or there under my tutelage and not go insane like some Wizards I heard about, maybe not much but could be enough where you can find a way to touch flame like beings and not get burned for starters." DJ said while he went back to fucking Phoebe hard and grunts when he felt his orgasm approaching.

Phoebe and Jake 2 felt their orgasms approaching as well as Finn was still thoughtful.

"Whatever task you ask me to do, It won't be something evil is it?"

"Well depends on what you may consider evil or not, won't ask you to kill anyone obviously, but may ask you to… convince some people I may ask you to talk with to come to me for various reasons like depts they need to repay or other things, you won't have to get your hands dirty if that is what you are worried about but I'm sure life knowledge is worth getting a bit… tainted… at least if that is what you consider tainted… honestly I'm surprised you haven't done much long ago… I mean who doesn't teach one of the possible last humans on Ooo to procreate?, or having tier 15… its like your brother doesn't want you to grow up or something." DJ said while he sounded amused… and strained as well while he keeps on fucking Phoebe more and more before he and Jake 2 growl when they came hard inside of Phoebe again, this time with greater force.

Phoebe screams with ecstasy as she climaxed very hard on the duo's dicks while her toes curled.

This resulted in all three riding out their orgasms before DJ and Jake 2 tapped off in Phoebe's body and DJ looks to see if Phoebe was still awake or not.

Phoebe, who collapsed a bit on DJ, had a dazed look on her face as she was very pleased in front of DJ's face.

"W-Wow…" Was all she said.

"Hehe.. so… do I win the bet we had my dear?... aside from a surprise guest, I believe I win since I still have some energy for more… you however look tired.." DJ said while he grins at Phoebe.

"Y-Yes… You… w-win." Phoebe said.

DJ smirks when he used a quickly muttered spell to make some kind of crest on Phoebe's womb and DJ pulled himself free while using a spell to get Jake 2 out of Phoebe's ass without hurting her and cleaned her body off fully.

"Splended… I'll make one change though since I don't want a possible child of mine to be a bastard… I'll be back a year or so from now if you are looking for a suitor and toss my hat in the ring… I'll be fair and let others have their fun with you but know that as long as you have that crest, only I can dispel it and only I can knock you up with my child… can get rid of it if another takes the crown, but that is for a later time… for now might as well do a good deed here and make an ally out of the human by doing this…" DJ said when he walked to the cell where Finn was and summoned the key to his hand and unlocked Finn's cell for some reason much to Finn and Phoebe's confusion while Jake 2 just sits on the ground and pants from what he did and was trying to recover.

"What are you gonna do to me?" Finn said.

"Why nothing per say… I won my bet with the Queen so as soon as I cross the border my mind control spell will break and everything will go back to normal… though may have one last command on my way out and have everyone here capture the former Flame King and put him in that lamp or something to imprison him… either way not my work anymore so to speak… however I do want to do you a favor to earn your trust so you know I'm not bluffing… like I said no one besides me can knock the Queen up… so how about this… I cast the flame shield on you and you have the Queen here teach you tier 15?... not like she can say no persay with how clouded her mind is with lust… besides… aside from that ice kingdom incident, hasn't she done other things that she owes you for?, I mean think about it before making a smart remark and how you are a hero and what not… hasn't that always gotten you not much in terms of happiness?... let me give one word of advice… everyone is allowed some selfishness, otherwise what would be the point in trying to find happiness for yourself if you never act on some impulses?... I can cast the flame shield spell so if you agree, now would be a good time… no one aside from the Queen herself can stop you… no one can stop you from getting what you want." DJ said while he shrugged his shoulders though DJ had a point… aside from Finn, Jake 2, Phoebe, the former Flame King, and CB, two of which were in another part of the castle entirely… no one was there to stop Finn from having Phoebe teach Finn tier 15 and what not.

Finn knew that DJ was right and despite the horrific event… Finn still wanted to learn it.

"Since I have nothing else… I'll take it."

"Great, oh and just to be clear, you are fine with me teaching you things and the Queen here teaching you tier 15 correct?... just wanting to double check since this is your choice… no one else's." DJ said while he grins at Finn.

Finn had a serious look.

"Yes. it's my choice. I don't want to be someone else's doormat. Don't care if I get shunned."

"Hehe, great… just remember that while I talked about things and you can say it got you to think like this… it was your call in the end… remember that… now for the flame shield." DJ said before he starts to cast the spell on Finn after he had Finn remove one part of the fireproof armor he had, was intensely hot for a moment but things even out when DJ casts the shield and Finn was covered with a blue shield that prevented him from getting burned.

Phoebe in the meantime while she heard all of this…

Phoebe was a bit shocked when she heard Finn agreeing to DJ.

'Finn… no. You shouldn't do this.' She thought.

Though while Phoebe had that thought, she did blush a bit when Finn starts to strip from his armor and in no time, was in his underwear, thanks to the spell, his clothing was protected and when he removed his underwear, he had a large 10 to 11 inch cock on him, guess living in Ooo gave him one hell of a mutation where it counts.

Phoebe's eyes widened at the sight.

'Seriously?!... That's Finn's size?' She thought before blushing as she got a good look at Finn's bod.

She saw how… powerful he looks and looks upwards when Finn approached her with a hard to read look.

"F-Finn?" Phoebe said as she was a bit disturbed by that look.

"Oh don't worry FP… I won't force you to do anything, however unless you want me to come help you in the future… well… I'm not going to be an idiot anymore, unless you make it worth my while, I won't do much for you anymore, I may help your people but it seems you managed to do that already thanks to DJ here leaving after he had his fun with you and you seemed pretty happy about that." Finn said while he just stands near Phoebe.

Phoebe blinks at this.

"N-Not true. I wasn't myself."

"Oh really?... so you are telling me that EVERYTHING I saw while I was locked in that cell wasn't you?... honestly I maybe naive… but I'm not an idiot FP… I saw how you looked when this guy got your first times… I may have messed up but seriously what was up with that?, if it was because of me screwing up and getting us locked in here then I can apologize for that but are you seriously trying to lie to my face when you have an honesty policy in place?" Finn said while he got a narrow eyed look on his face while he shook his head.

Phoebe was surprised at how Finn spoke at her. She could've got angry but... couldn't as she tries to say something.

When Finn saw this, he rolled his eyes and looks at Phoebe.

"Look, we both know that there is no more romance between us, but I'm serious about you owing me if you want my help in the future, I'm not going to do anything for free anymore unless I really donked up… I may have messed up and caused you to melt the ice kingdom, but I would like to remind you about the goblin Kingdom before we got to know one another and then there was the dungeon we went into where you went wild and nearly caused the dungeon to collapse on us… pretty sure you owe me one thing at least for that since you caused those Goo skeletons to attack us." Finn said when he remembered that time and right when he gave Phoebe the go ahead to do what she wanted, she nearly totaled the dungeon and nearly got Finn killed as a result before she saved Finn… didn't change the fact that she did cause that one though.

Phoebe did remember that day before sighing.

"Okay… you're right. I do owe you for… everything."

Finn raised an eyebrow and that before he sighs.

"Look… we can both fault one another but the point is I don't want to force you… I still care for you even if you don't… I'll leave for now but I'm serious about that reward if I save you and your kingdom when you can't do it yourself… consider this my only time backing away but think of it as a warning as well that I won't be so kind in the future… I'm tired of being used and just to let you know… I may have caused the first fight between you and the ice King, another helped caused the other two… I won't say who but know that I was serious in stopping so I'm not listening to them on advice when it comes to the cosmic Owl…" Finn said before he starts to walk away from Phoebe to get dressed again since he didn't want to force her into acting though DJ just shrugged at that when it was Finn's loss since he made the choice to back out.

"You sure about this?" DJ said when he looks at Finn while Finn looks at him.

"Yeah, broke up or not I care for FP still and even if we broke up I can't force her to do anything… besides… PB owes me big time so I might as well cash in a lot of favors she owes me and if FP wants to do things with others instead of me, well its her choice." Finn said while he had a serious look on his face when he bends down and starts to reach for his clothing.

Phoebe was contemplating herself but knew she still needs Finn for what happens next in the future.

"Finn, wait."

That caused Finn to stop moving and just looks back at Phoebe to see what she wanted.

Phoebe took a deep breathe.

"Let me teach you the tiers."

That surprised Finn a bit when he stands up and looks back at Phoebe.

"Seriously?" Finn said while DJ looks amused before he used a spell to equip his clothing and he starts walking away.

"Well I'm a man of my word so I'll get out of everyone's hair, I'll see you in say… two days Finn at your place?... might as well let things calm down first before we start lessons… but for now the Queen here has to teach a student some sexy lessons… oh and don't worry your highness, aside from going to capture your father, your citizens will be freed from my spell as soon as I'm out of Fire Kingdom borders, as for the poison, you should fully recover in a week or two and if things have a silver lining, your matrix should be stablized enough for you to have a kiss or two and not blow up so if you'll excuse me… I'll see you when you are looking for a suitor though I will say this, maybe amusing if Finn throws his hat in the ring as well if he can become fireproof… oh the irony if that is the case hehe." DJ said before he starts to walk away from the group while chuckling a bit on his way out.

Phoebe blushes after hearing this before looking at Finn.

Finn did have a slight blush though he shook it off since to him it would be unlikely before he looks at Phoebe since it was just him, Jake 2, and Phoebe now.

"Are you serious about the tier thing?" Finn said while he looks at Phoebe with a serious look in his eyes.

Phoebe had to prove it to Finn.

"If you doubt me then I can… tell you my real name."

Finn blinks at that before he had a shocked look on his face before he had a slightly hurt look in his eyes.

"Seriously?... I get the whole ice kingdom thing but we dated… why did you never tell me your name of all things?" Finn said while he looked pretty bummed about this… if Flame Princess wasn't Phoebe's real name, which it wasn't, then was Finn just calling Phoebe her title in bits or something?

Phoebe rubbed her arm a bit.

"I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you soon till the whole Ice Kingdom thing happened and plus… that was the name my mother gave me before she… passed when I was a baby."

Finn blinks at that before he rubbed his head.

"Oh… sorry if that was a bad subject to bring up then… why don't we just forget about the name thing for now and just get to the lessons." Finn said while he hoped the subject could be changed since broken up or not, he still cared for Phoebe deeply.

Phoebe shook her head.

"No… better that it gets out now. Phoebe. That's my name."

Finn blushed when he heard that and keeps on rubbin his head.

"Well… thats a beautiful name, wish I knew earlier." Finn said while he tried to not talk about it much, though seems it really made him happy when his cock was iron hard in no time.

Phoebe blushes when she saw that before clearing her throat.

"R-Right… So let's get started."

Finn nods his head before the scene went to a moment later to show Phoebe repeating what she did with DJ with Finn this time when she slowly licked his cock while she used a hand to stroke him off, she looked up at him with her eyes to see how well he was handling this since he was a full on virgin so far.

Finn groans a bit a few times as he stands still while slowly enjoying it.

"Oh Glob." He said.

This caused Phoebe to speed up her actions while she licked various parts of Finn's cock and even took a moment to suck his balls real quick and slowed her actions so Finn wouldn't blow anytime soon.

"W-Whoa!" Finn groans as he was a bit surprised by that action before groaning a bit more.

This caused Phoebe to blush a bit before she moved so that her mouth was near the head of Finn's cock and she opened her mouth wide before she took some of it into her mouth and she starts to suck Finn off while she stroked what was outside her mouth.

Finn's eyes widened by that action.

"O-Oh… f-fuck!" He groans as he surprisingly cursed for the first time.

Though Phoebe didn't mind when she keeps on sucking Finn off while she used a hand to fondle his balls and keeps on sucking him off more and more until…

"S-Something's… c-coming!" Finn groans before he climaxed for the first time inside Phoebe's mouth.

Though while Finn's sperm stung Phoebe's mouth, she worked to drink Finn's load as best as she could and keeps stroking Finn off while sucking his cock to make his first orgasm the most intense in his life.

Finn groans from that action as his climax got a bit stronger before he taps off after 15 seconds.

This caused Phoebe to work to drink as much as she could and licked Finn's cock clean before he pulled her mouth off of Finn's cock and pants for breath while she felt her body sting a bit from the liquid on her body before it was burned away.

Finn continues to pant.

"W-Wow Phoebe." He said as he understood why DJ enjoyed having his dick sucked before.

Phoebe blushed when she heard that and moved to get on all fours while her ass was pointed at Finn.

"W-Well… not done yet so might as well go all the way so you know what you are getting into." Phoebe said with a small blush on her face when she looks at Finn over her shoulder.

Finn blushes a bit as he looks at Phoebe but did have a question.

"Before I do… this, earlier, what was it that I… spilled in your mouth? Because whatever came out of my… dick isn't what I'm thinking… right?"

Phoebe blinks at that and sweatdrops when she underestimated Finn's lack of knowledge.

"No its not what you are thinking… what you fired is sperm… its from your balls hanging from your body under your cock, or testicles, different stuff so its not nasty… well at least to some women." Phoebe said while she blushed a bit when she didn't expect to do a vocal lesson here.

Finn blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Ohhh… so what Don John and… Jake 2 gave you was… the flame versions of sperm?"

"More or less." Phoebe said while she answered Finn's question and shook her ass at Finn to get him to act if his question was answered.

Finn blushes at that while feeling a bit surprised.

However… after witnessing what DJ and Phoebe did… Finn got behind Phoebe before he gets on his knees and gently grabs her ass and blushes when he felt how soft the cheeks were as he lightly squeezed them.

Phoebe groans from that and just lets Finn do his own thing for now so he could get a good feel of things… Phoebe didn't have normal muscles so Finn's hands felt like they were touching warm soft clouds or something.

Finn blushes more as he kept doing that before he looks directly at Phoebe's folds.

Thanks to what he saw earlier, he knew he could stick his cock inside of her while her folds were slightly wet with fiery juices which would help Finn with pushing his cock inside of Phoebe.

But… the human remembered what Don John did first before Finn nervously brought his lips close to Phoebe's folds and stuck his tongue out before Finn starts to lick it.

Phoebe was a bit surprised by that and groans when she felt Finn's tongue lick her folds out… slowly at first before Finn's licks got more intense when he seemed to like what he was doing.

'Wow, at first it was bitter… and sour but now… I'm actually liking the taste.' Finn thought as he kept licking Phoebe's folds before trying to go deeper.

This caused Phoebe to groan more though she was surprised when she saw Jake 2 approaching her with another hardon, though Jake 2 did surprise her when he starts to lick at her face a few times.

Phoebe blushes a bit but lightly chuckles from the licking.

"H-Hey boy. You feeling lonely?" She said but knew the obvious answer.

This resulted in Jake 2 wagging his tail when he moved a bit so that his left side was near Phoebe's head and he laid on his side and at an angle so that his cock was pointed at Phoebe's face at an angle somewhat.

Phoebe blushes brightly from that but since she lost her anal virginity to Jake 2, the young Flame Queen brought her head closer and starts licking Jake 2's dick.

This caused Jake 2 to whine in a please way and his cock throbbed a few times against Phoebe's tongue.

Phoebe blushes as she continues this action as Finn was able to see this as he kept licking.

Surprisingly enough, this egged Finn on when he moved to lick Phoebe out more and used a finger to rub Phoebe's folds… he then slowly pushed a finger into her folds to see how she would react when he slowly thrusts his finger in Phoebe's snatch again and again.

Phoebe was a bit surprised by that action before she groans.

This caused Jake 2 to thrust his hips lightly and his cock went a little into Phoebe's mouth to show Jake 2 wanted to get more from Phoebe.

Phoebe was again surprised but gave Jake 2 what he wanted before Phoebe starts to lightly bob her head back and forth.

Jake 2 had an eyesmiles on his wolf like face while he lightly whines in a pleased way when he enjoyed what Phoebe was doing and Finn keeps on thrusting his finger and added a second finger to Phoebe's pussy to see how she would react.

Phoebe muffly groans from that action which caused her to bob her head a bit faster on the Flame wolf's cock.

This made Jake 2 pant a bit while his cock starts to throb in Phoebe's mouth while Finn could feel Phoebe getting closer when her pussy starts to twitch… he had no idea exactly what that meant but he knew from watching earlier that if he kept going, Phoebe would cum and this resulted in Finn continuing his actions until…

Phoebe muffly moans as she climaxed on Finn's tongue and face.

Finn had to pull away since he didn't expect that and while he wiped his face clean, Jake 2 growls lightly and came hard in Phoebe's mouth while his nuts throbbed hard through his orgasm.

Phoebe groans before she tries to swallow Jake 2's load as the young Flame Queen rides out her orgasm.

This resulted in Jake 2 riding out his orgasm and tapped off with a growl and pants for breath though his cock stayed iron hard through it all.

Phoebe, who taps off, was able to swallow the rest of Jake 2's cum before pulling her mouth off.

That caused Jake 2 to move in a sitting position and looked really happy after what just happened while Finn finished cleaning off his face after Phoebe's juices hit him.

Phoebe turns her head to look at Finn.

"You okay Finn?"

"J-Just surprised… what was that?" Finn said when he was confused on the whole squirting thing.

Phoebe blushes since she had to tell the human this part.

"That was me… climaxing. It's like what you felt but different for me. Women don't have sperm… Well depending if some women can shapeshift or grow a dick with a spell but that topic would be for later."

"Right… not going to say I would… do anything with a guy or gal's… dick… but nice to know that I didn't get hit with sperm." Finn said while he wiped his hand on the floor for a moment.

"Right… and you did good by the way." Phoebe said.

Finn blushed at that before he rubbed the back of his head.

"T-Thanks… so… do we continue?" Finn said while his own cock was iron hard right now thanks to it not getting action yet aside from a blowjob.

Phoebe blushes when she saw Finn's dick again before nodding her head at Finn before Phoebe got into position again.

"Pick which hole you want." Phoebe said with her holes pointed at Finn.

That caused Finn to blush more when he nods his head and moved to get in position behind Phoebe… he already had a hole in mind and aimed his cock at Phoebe's folds and after a moment of rubbing his dickhead there to get the cock lubed… he slowly pushed his hips forward and Finn groans when he felt his cock go deep inside Phoebe, however thanks to the unexpected feeling and the tight feeling, when Finn got his cock to touch Phoebe's cervix, Finn groans when he came in Phoebe out of nowhere while Finn's body shuddered through the intense orgasm he just had.

Phoebe groans at the penetration but was surprised when she felt Finn's load already filling her pussy before groaning again from the stinging feeling.

Finn just rides out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan though his cock was still iron hard while he pants for breath.

"S-Sorry… d-didn't expect y-your p-pussy to feel this good." Finn muttered while he had his hands on Phoebe's ass.

Phoebe was able to calm down.

"N-No worries… was surprised that you came already."

Finn blushed at that before he got a determined look on his face and starts to thrust his hips and his cock went in and out of Phoebe's pussy again and again while Finn fights to keep from cumming this time.

"Gah!" Phoebe groans while surprised that Finn was already getting into the act.

Finn keeps this up while he made sure to not lose control while his cock hits Phoebe's cervix again and again as time went on while he made sure to use enough force to make Phoebe's breasts bounce with each thrust.

Phoebe continues to groan before she starts to moan as she begins to enjoy this action which made Phoebe's breasts move more.

Finn keeps on going before he surprised Phoebe when he used a move DJ used and smacked Phoebe on the ass once to see how she would react when Finn did the smacking this time.

"Oh fuck!" Phoebe groans loudly while part of her was surprised by that action but somehow liked it.

This keeps on going for awhile while Finn barely held his orgasm back while he fucked Phoebe harder and faster until…

Phoebe moans a bit loud before she climaxed on Finn's dick as her pussy wraps around it.

This caused Finn to grit his teeth and he groans again when he fired another load into Phoebe's pussy, this time with a stronger force and her womb bloats a little as a result.

That made Phoebe moan more as her climax got stronger as the duo rides out their orgasm.

When Finn tapped off, he seemed to be getting used to going again between shots since he pulled free of Phoebe's pussy and aimed his cock at Phoebe's ass and since he knew she was not a virgin, he just fucked it and shoved his cock balls deep in Phoebe's ass and groans with gritted teeth when he barely held back an orgasm.

"Gah!... E-Easy Finn. No need to rush things." Phoebe said.

Though seems Finn ignored that when he starts to fuck Phoebe's ass even when it caused him to groan when he came in Phoebe's ass… but he didn't stop thrusting his hips which caused his ejaculating cock to unload in Phoebe's ass and make a mess on the floor a little though Finn didn't stop fucking Phoebe through the pleasure.

Phoebe groans and moans as she was loving this pleasure. It was different than her experience with Don John but Phoebe wasn't complaining since Finn just graduated from being a former virgin.

"O-Oh yes Finn!" She groans.

This call from Phoebe caused Finn to keep on fucking Phoebe's ass while he used a hand to smack her ass again and again while he fought to keep from cumming again while Phoebe's orgasm slowly approached her.

Phoebe's face starts to look a bit fucked up as she groans and moans more loudly as she enjoys Finn's work.

This resulted in Finn being merciless with his thrusts while he fucked Phoebe harder and faster until…

Phoebe tossed her head back a bit before she groans loudly and climaxed hard from her ass as her toes curled on the floor.

This caused Finn to yell while his cock unloads plenty of sperm in Phoebe's ass with great force and his balls worked to unload plenty in Phoebe's ass.

Phoebe's climax got stronger thanks to that as the duo rides out their orgasms before Phoebe taps off.

The two pant for breath while Finn fell on his ass while he pants deeply for breath, he maybe tired but Phoebe who was pretty much fucked constantly... she was barely able to stay awake right now so Finn decided to get dressed now, he didn't know how long Don John's spell would last so better safe then sorry, though he nearly fell a few times when his legs felt weak after so many orgasms.

Phoebe was able to notice and weakly chuckles while feeling more of the human's load leak out.

"G-Glob Finn… y-you might've… k-knocked me up with all that cum."

Finn blushed from that and scratched his cheek when he got dressed.

"M-Maybe… but with DJ's spell on you, I doubt that would happen." Finn said to remind Phoebe that she did lose to DJ and he had dibs on her womb unless she picked someone else for a suitor in the future.

Phoebe blushes as she remembered and mentally curse at herself for losing.

"Yeah… Finn, despite what happen between us, please be careful with Don John. Last thing I want is something to happen to you."

Finn blushed a little from that though he knew that teaching aside, he knew he and Phoebe were not back together, though while he got armored up… he did blink when he saw Jake 2 walk up behind Phoebe's body out of her field of view.

"Thanks, I'll try and be careful… though you may have more… pressing matters to look out for." Finn cryptically said when he fully put on the suit.

Phoebe blinked in confusion.

"Huh? What do you mean?" She said before turning her head only to blink in surprise when she saw Jake 2 behind her.

That is when he pounced and in no time Jake 2 buried his cock deep in Phoebe's pussy and starts to fuck her while not caring if he was getting sloppy seconds from Finn right now, he was just happy to fuck a nice tight hole like Phoebe's while Finn walked around Phoebe and waved to her.

"Well… I'll go check to see how things are going, if I'm not back, that means I walked out without issue, if I come back, seems we may have an issue if DJ didn't give everyone a command to capture your old man yet." Finn said before he starts to walk away and leaves Phoebe with the horny Jake 2 who was relentless when he fucked Phoebe hard and fast.

Phoebe however couldn't speak as she was too busy groaning loudly from Jake 2's hard thrusts but did have this thought.

'Oh Finn… will things ever be okay with us?'

While Phoebe continues to have a few thoughts like that, thankfully for Finn in the meantime, he saw that the former Flame King was in the lamp and that CB was trying to run damage control… though to Finn's surprise while he was talking with others, he sounded more intelligent somehow… did DJ cause that or something else?

Though Finn would wonder about that, he decided to slip out of the castle for now and leave since there was no trouble and DJ seemingly keeping his word.

Meanwhile back with Phoebe for one final round…

She was on her back and was having her pussy fucked by Jake 2 thanks to Phoebe angling her lower body so Jake 2 could fuck her pussy hard and fast.

Phoebe was moaning loudly as her pussy tightens around Jake 2's dick a few times as her toes curl.

This kept going while Phoebe heard someone or someones approaching… and when she looked over she was blushing when she saw a group of flame guards approaching and when they saw Phoebe… they looked just as surprised to see her and how she was getting fucked by Jake 2 who ignored the guards when he fucked Phoebe even harder then ever.

Phoebe tries to say something but sadly couldn't as she was groaning loudly.

This caused the guards to blush more though… looks like thanks to the mind control having a memory issue, none of the guards seemed to relize what was going on much from what happened with DJ and just thought Phoebe wanted fun in private and some started to masturbate when they removed their cod pieces on their armor and masturbate when they watched Phoebe being pretty wild.

Phoebe blushes brightly as she couldn't believe her own guards were doing this but was too busy moaning as she felt her womb getting bashed in a few times.

This caused Jake 2 to have plenty of uninterrupted fun for a few minutes before he made one big thrust and went balls deep into Phoebe and his knot got locked into her and he howled when he came hard inside of the Queen of flame's pussy.

"Oh… FUCK!" Phoebe groans before she climaxed hard on top of Jake 2's dick.

This was it for Phoeeb when she couldn't move much while she rides out her orgasm, and when Jake 2 rides out his orgasm, he turned to get off Phoebe's body though he laid on the ground while his knot kept his cock locked inside of Phoebe's pussy and this resulted in Phoebe panting for breath and was helpless to stop some guards from approaching her while they keep on jerking themselves off over Phoebe.

'Oh boy… looks like I'm gonna be in this state for a while.' Phoebe thought as she looks at her guards and their cocks.

A moment later, the guards groan when they came on Phoebe while making sure they didn't hit Jake 2 while most of the loads from the guards hits Phoebe's stomach, womb area, breasts, and face.

Phoebe made moan like sounds as she feels her body getting covered by the guards's cum.

The scene then went to Finn while he quickly managed to make it home before the flame shield fell and went to get cleaned just in case and after he got done, he fell onto his bed on his back while he had a arm over his head and was lost in thought on a lot of things.

'Glob… can't believe the things that happen. First, I failed to win Phoebe's heart and then I had to watch DJ take… Phoebe's virginity. Granted I fully understand the tiers and lost my… virginity with Phoebe but… not the way that I hoped. Jake really should've taught me the tiers a lot earlier. Now I'm like partners with DJ even though he gave some good points to how I was treated. I did say I won't abandon Phoebe in case she needs my help but considering things… I don't think I can find love again. Maybe I should quit on the romance biz because it's not doing anything good to me.'

Though while it would be hard to tell if Finn would really give up on love, one thing was certain as the scene fades to black… nothing would ever be the same again.

(End of chapter one, not sure when chapter 2 will appear, and again, was originally a Lemon time with everyone else chapter, but now spiraled into its own series… possibly… either way see you all later.)

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