Sweet & Sour Situations @atomskthepirateking
Being an Alpha

A scene opens up as Atomsk was watching something on the computer while waiting for TME.

A moment later, knocking was heard at the door before TME opened it.

"Hey Atomsk, I'm back from talking with Heat, got the cash for this and a request we can do that can fit in that idea you have before at timeskip happens." TME said when he showed up and passed Atomsk 15 bucks.

"10 for this chapter, 5 for SOI next." TME said while he held up his half showing that Heat paid 30 bucks that TME split and stuff.

"Oh thanks man. As for the time skip thing… hmmm… not sure if any of the old ideas will work though after looking through." Atomsk said as he paused the video.

"Maybe, but was can mix a few, just need to relook at those ideas later, you remember what happened last time?... I looked up last chapter but need to see if you remember." TME said said since it has been a long time.

"Hmmm… been awhile but to my knowledge, Lemongrab when to see Bubblegum to check on himself, Minerva and her bots have fun with Bubblegum to help her relieve stress and… I believe huntress had fun with Lemongrab?" Atomsk said.

"Oh yeah, and Number 01 had fun with Number 86 but would have to be trained a bit… this was as Huntress has fun with Lemongrab, last we checked, Huntress was in the middle of fucking the aggressive version of Lemongrab, also Huntress had a record of lasting 8 hours or so, may help with the request Heat wants hehe, checked and made sure of it, Finn does have a thing for Huntress, and has a thing going with Marceline and Bubblegum, need to triple check to make sure I didn't miss anything, but its mainly sexfriends of sorts… there maybe a thing with Sakura, a Wood Nymph OC and Marceline that can happen but that is a B-Plot we can work with later… not sure if we did anything with Phoebe yet though… again only read last chapter so need to reread the previous two chapters to be safe." TME said while he rubs his head.

"So my idea is simple, we put in Heat's request and stuff, which could take a bit, maybe focus on Marceline and Bubblegum's date… hehe, there is a ring PB is wanting to give and stuff after all so…" TME said while grinning at Atomsk a bit.

"Hehehe… nice and I looked at a few chaps before and aren't Finn and Phoebe back together or was they sex friends?" Atomsk said.

All TME did was shrug.

"You're asking the wrong person man, all I did was reread last chapter, I'm skimming more but at best lets just say sex friends for now since Finn is with Huntress and leave it simple like that for now." TME said while he rubs his head.

"Hmmm… true maybe something can happen to Phoebe later either with Finn… unless someone else. For now let's focus on Huntress." Atomsk said.

"Yeah… hopefully what we have will help Heat and what not with him getting what he wants… just in advance Heat if you read this, sorry if we confuse you a bit… can't remember if Finn and Phoebe are dating or sex friends at best, so depending on how things go, can go either or, for now, were just focusing on Lemongrab and Huntress followed by Finn coming to check up on her and more and finally maybe Marceline getting asked by PB to marry her and stuff for some intense lemon based action with those two… sex wise… not actual lemons like the fruit… honestly… little confused on why lemons in fanfiction are called that but… whatever… either way enjoy the story man." TME said while he waved at the camera.

"Yeah man and thanks for supporting us." Atomsk said.

"Yup, just to let you know, thanks to some people having trouble with jobs, no requests normally so a guy like you is helping with us getting some cash to use and stuff… maybe long waits but hope you keep on supporting us man." TME said while he bowed to the camera one last time.

"Anyway… onto the story now… considering what Huntress said last time…" TME said as the scene shifts to…

Ooo/ Lemongrab fort entrance/ 6 hours after Huntress and Lemongrab start their fun/ Finn

Finn was approaching the fort when he wanted to check on Huntress since its been awhile since he last contacted her, he was approaching the main gate as he walked by some guards after showing some papers that got him in and stuff.

"Hmmm… guards and place looks pretty good compared to when I was here last time… guess Lemongrab 3 was a serious upgrade and stuff." Finn said while he had his hands behind his head though he cringed when he saw a screaming lemon near a tree as their skin on their head peeled away.

"OK… that is something I didn't want to see…" Finn muttered when he shudders before he noticed someone nearby… she had a lemon shaped head that was pointed from side to side instead of up and down while she had a shapely body under the outfit.

"Hey pardon me." Finn said as he approached her to get the maids attention, this maid was Limun, one of Lemongrab's future concubines.

"Yes? How may I help you?" Limun she said as she looks at Finn.

"Yeah I'm looking for a Green skinned woman named Huntress Wizard, should be with Lemongrab or nearby, should be helping him with therapy or something?... Huntress is my bondmate so you should get that hiding her from me is no good… can feel her nearby with this and right now… been going in a rather… intimate way so I know Lemongrab is having sex with her or if not, someone else is." Finn said when he showed Limun his necklace while he had a serious look on his face.

Limun blushes brightly as she heard that.

"Oh my… if that's the case then they must be in my Lord's personal chambers."

"Alright, mind leading me there?" Finn asked since he didn't want to be rude.

"O-Of course but if my lord is still… pleasing your mate, we may have to be patient." Limun said.

Finn shrugged as he walked behind Limun.

"Well believe it or not, not the first time she had fun, I have fun of my own so its not strange if we have fun near one another, but just to check, how long would they have been at it since she got here?" Finn asked while he had his hands behind his head.

"I'm… not sure. Could be taking breaks every now and then… but 6 hours ago." Limun said.

"Ah… well unless Lemongrab is a stamina demon himself well…" Finn said as he and Limun got to Lemongrabs room and after walking in… they saw a dazed Lemongrab while he was groaning while Huntress had a grin on her face while she rides Lemongrab's cocks more while Lemongrab twitched on the bed.

"6 hours?... come on, Finn can outlast me at 10 at best on a good day, 7 when he is off… you need more training if you want to fuck a Wood Nymph like me!... better give me one final load before you need to recover because seems my mate is here to check on me." Huntress said while Finn sweatdrops.

"More like help me helping Lemongrab if you keep going, guy may die of dehydration if you keep draining him of his lemony juices." Finn said while he didn't blush much here, seems teases from Marceline worked but stuff like this… Finn got numb to somewhat.

Huntress blinks before she sees Finn and a blushing Limun.

"Oh hey Finn… D-Didn't hear you come in." She said.

"Well with you having so much fun, pretty sure that noise like that you wouldn't hear the door open… anyway… hey Lemonbutt, how you doing, need me to tag in for you?" Finn said while he looks at Lemongrab with a somewhat amused look while Limun looked shocked.

"Please don't insult Lord Earl like that." Limun said.

"Not really insulting him, if you want me to stay out of the way thats fine but think your lemony lord will live long if he doesn't get a drink soon?" Finn said while Lemongrab did look a bit dehydrated right now… more so when he groans and came hard in Huntress's holes making him look a bit more drained now.

Huntress groans as Limun blushes more and was now worried.

"N-Never mind. Help him please." She said.

"Alright… though just in case, hey Lemonbutt, you lemongrab 1 or 3?... either way, need your permission to join in since heard you can be a bit aggressive and stuff, find it acceptable for me to take over and help?" Finn said while he looks amused.

Lemongrab groans as he tries to speak up.

"H-He… Help."

"Alright, just know you asked for it Lemonbutt… anyway… Limun was it?... get Lemongrab plenty of water, tea, and whatever else you can find so we can help Lemongrab recover, I'll take care of Huntress… just a tip Lemonbutt… if you let Huntress take charge, 8 hours is true for her in lasting longer but…" Finn said when he stripped from his clothing and while Finn had one hell of a muscular build, Finn oddly enough had an 8 inch cock… but before Lemongrab or Limun could say Lemongrab was bigger, Finn smirks.

"Before you call me small and stuff, try and remember that PB is a science wiz who can do a lot of things and Hun here is pretty much a magical wiz not many can match… learned a few things from both… one… magic and science make an interesting combo when used right and two…" Finn said as he grins when his cock hardens when it shockingly grew to 13 to 14 inches in length and 3 to 4 in width.

"Every women I have been with are real size Queens… honestly I'm glad I wasn't naturally born with this size since it would make it hard for me to find pants… but when out of it… all the ladies seem to worship this cock of mine when I show the size I use to please slutty women like my mate Huntress… you think your the only beast… think again Lemonbutt… I've been fucking Hun daily who can last 8 hours… and with how rough I get… well… lets just say I don't give her a chance to take charge and make it so when I'm satisfied… she is long before than since that 8 hours is HER control time… I shorten that greatly since I make it so she can't feel her hips… your fucking bitches all wrong after all." Finn said with an abnormally wild grin on his face.

Huntress chuckles.

"Ain't that the truth. He should see what a real beast can do."

"Indeed… Huntress… get off him and get over here or I'll make you." Finn said with a much more wild look as his cock got fully erect as he approached the bed but stopped nearby while grinning lustfully at Huntress.

Huntress licks her lips before she pulls herself off of Lemongrab's cock.

That's when Lemongrab's load leaks out on the Earls cocks.

Finn chuckles when he saw that as he looks at Huntress.

"One thing first, may as well have you lick the Earl's cocks clean before coming to get mine lubed up… should be fair since we are guests here." Finn said with a smirk to his bondmate.

Huntress did smirk before a moment later, Limun blushes brightly as she sees Huntress licking Lemongrab's cocks clean.

Lemongrab groans when he felt that as Huntress made sure to do things as sensual as possible while Finn looks amused as he looks at Limun.

"Better get something to drink for Lemongrab now… who knows… Hun may let you join in me rewarding you if you want to get some training since I recognize you now… think Marcy mentioned concubines for Lemonbutt and mentioned a maid right?" Finn said while he looks amused when he looks at Limun.

Limun jolts.

"T-That's true." She said while blushing more.

"Good… get going." Finn said with a wild grin.

"Otherwise I may just jump a sexy piece of lemon like you!" Finn growls making Limun jolt as she bolts from the room with record breaking speed for her usual runs.

"Hehehe… boy you know how to make them run." Huntress said with an amused look.

"Well to be fair, would have made it hard for her to walk later so may as well make sure Lemonbutt doesn't die on us and we get a lemongrab 4… so how is lemonbutt in the sack before you outlasted him?" Finn said while he was curious since Lemongrab did last about 6 hours at best if this was the end result as Huntress got to one side of the bed and pats it for Finn so he could get one something soft.

"Well besides some breaks, he's… somewhat decent. Just needs to practice more… especially with having two cocks." Huntress said.

"Hehe, guess dual wielding with barely any practice isn't much against a greatsword thats been forged right?" Finn teased when he got before Huntress and as Lemongrab was coming to a bit, if a bit weakened, saw Finn grip Huntress on her head and had her rub her cheek against his cock while he grins wildly at the Wood nymph mate of his.

Huntress smirks before she went to suck off Finn's cock with gusto.

Finn growls in a pleased way as he looks at Lemongrab.

"Hey Lemonbutt… tell me… how aggressive were you with Hun here?" Finn asked while he enjoyed Huntress sucking his cock vigorously.

Lemongrab lightly frowns at Finn.

"I was… aggressive in my own way."

"I see… well were you…" Finn said as he gripped Huntress's horns and forced her to fully hilt his cock in her mouth while Finn grins wildly.

"THIS!" Finn said as he starts to face fuck Huntress's mouth without mercy with actual audible smacks when Finn's pelvis hit Huntress's face.

Huntress gags a few times before groaning as she sucks

Finn's cock more.

Lemongrab was lightly surprised.

"No… not like that."

Finn smirks more as he continues to abuse Huntress's throat.

"And that Lemonbutt is where you did wrong… with ladies like Huntress… Wood Nymphs in general like a mate who takes charge… letting them have fun is OK… but deep down… well… take a look at Hun and tell me that she isn't loving this kind of fun." Finn said with a grin as he continues to facefuck Huntress before pulling his cock from her mouth to let her cough and take a good breath but kept a good grip on her horns and what not.

Lemongrab did look and sees that Huntress was eager for more as she uses her tongue to try and reach for it.

Finn chuckles when he saw that.

"See Lemongrab… Hun here is a real bitch when you play your cards right… same with Marcy… PB… Phoebe… women do like to take charge but they sometimes want a real man to do that as well… granted you shouldn't throw your back out but unlike you… I had practice with fucking women well after I turned 18… had a few augments as well to help like this cock here and a slight regen for my back muscles that PB made so that I wouldn't throw my back out… everything else… all natural… don't get me wrong… not every woman is like that… each has their own tastes… some like it gentle… some like it rough… others like it so hard that you may as well wonder if your harming their wombs… but its up to the lady to let you know… don't get me wrong lemonbutt… your good when pleasing a woman… but I'm better no matter how you slice it… and for one fact only… I give women what THEY want… I don't take things from them, I don't force them to do things against their will… being a mate and a lover is a two way street… you please them and work with their kinks…" Finn said as he looks at Huntress while she had a begging look in her eyes.

"And they will beg to please you." Finn said as he forced his cock down Huntress's throat again while she muffly gagged and groans when she enjoyed her throat getting abused as Lemongrab looks on while he took in Finn's words.

"I see…" Lemongrab said as Huntress gags and groans more.

As Limon returned with the tea and water she gathered on a rolling table with handles, she saw things going on as Finn moved to pull Huntress from his cock, lift her,flip her so she was in a standing 69 position with Finn, and Finn was eating Huntress's pussy out aggressively after Huntress used a quick cleaning spell and she was vigorously deepthroating Finn's cock while Finn thrusts his hips while letting gravity slam Huntress's face onto his pelvis… aggressive nothing this looked brutal to some but Huntress actually loved it when she wrapped her legs around Finn's head and he ate her out at a harder rate.

Limun was now blushing brightly as she saw the display before looking at Lemongrab.

"I-I brought some drinks… Y-Your Earlness." She said.

Lemongrab looks over and with a hand when the table was brought over, he was instantly drinking a lot of tea while occasionally muttering things like oh sweet glob… and stuff like feeling alive again, in no time Lemongrab was at full power now while he wiped his mouth.

"Ugh… sweet relief, never in my life have I been so glad to have tea… it was… acceptable in how much you brough Limun." Lemongrab said while he looks at the maid next to him.

Limun blushes at the compliment.

"T-Thank you. If you need anything else I'll be there." She said.

Finn looks at Limun and gained a mischievous look as he pulled his face free from Huntress's folds and fingered her while he looks at Limun while he felt Huntress bob her head while Finn stopped thrusting his hips.

"Hey Lemonbutt… why not have Limun join the fun with her having fun with you?... you never had fun with a lemony lady right?... why not try it now… and before you say you can join me in pleasing Hun… remember that she outlasted you and I'm taking over hehe." Finn said while he gave Lemongrab a somewhat wild and… oddly unnerving look to not get in his way in pleasing Huntress while Lemongrab's why wolf instincts screamed danger when Finn said that last part like Finn was pulling pack rank on him and stuff… sure Lemongrab was strong in his current state but Finn was a hero who fought monsters many times his strength daily so fending off Lemongrab 1 in his Why wolf empowered form would be simple for the experienced warrior human… he wasn't like Marceline who relied on raw power or Bubblegum who relied on pure brains with barely any muscle, Finn was a fully trained experienced warrior so stuff like combat was his forte… and Lemongrab heard that Finn could fight in the nude in some rumors and stuff while being extra agile so…

"Actually Limun… I do need you for something." Lemongrab said.

"H-Huh?...y-yes?" Limun asked while blushing when Lemongrab's cocks got erect near her making her blush more.

"I wish for you to… remove your clothes for starters." Lemongrab said.

Limun blushed when she heard that… as she glanced at Huntress and Finn, she looks back at Lemongrab and blushed more when she did as ordered when she starts to undress to fully show her curvy body off… she had plump D to E cup breasts, a nice wide thicc looking ass, and shapely legs… not trained at all but seemed to mix well with her body.

"Hmmm… stunning. A beautiful body you have." Lemongrab said.

Limun blushed more as Lemongrab moved to pull Limun onto his body with her straddling him.

"May as well do what the human said and see if this works." Lemongrab said while he moved to grip Limun's head and pulled her in for an intense kiss.

Limun was greatly surprised as she couldn't believe that she was being kissed by Lemongrab himself.

Finn looks amused when he saw that before he growls when he came hard in Huntress's mouth with great force while he used a hand to force her to take his cock deeply.

Huntress moans as she drinks down Finn's cum as Lemongrab kept the kiss going with Limun.

After Finn tapped off after 20 to 30 seconds, he pulled Huntress off his cock and grins when he saw her soaking wet when she came a bit on his fingers.

"Hehe… ready to get a real pounding my dear mate?" Finn teased while he used a hand to smack Huntress on the ass cheek.

Huntress groans before grinning at Finn.

"Oh I'm ready. Make me scream your name."

Finn grins as he tossed Huntress on the bed while she lands on all fours, she would have looked back but feeling Finn's hands on her ass cheeks made her jolt in a pleased way and feeling a monstrous cock ramming up her folds again and again made her moan while Finn growls and grins when ruts Huntress mercilessly while Limon and Lemongrab noticed how rough Finn was with Huntress yet she got a fucked up look on her face in no time, one Lemongrab barely got with her.

"Oh fuck yes! A true beast!" Huntress groans loud.

Finn grins wildly when he heard that as he fucked Huntress harder while Lemongrab looks on for a moment and Finn looks at him, grins like he was saying he was a better lover, and looks back at Huntress and smacked her ass hard without holding back as he fucked Huntress harder while a third smack made her ass a bit red and he gripped the ass cheek and thumbed her asshole hard.

Lemongrab didn't want to be out done before he looks at Limun.

"Limun… please pleasure my… royal scepters."

Finn grins though as he heard that.

"Lemongrab… have you learned nothing?... sure asking her to do that does help… but again… a shy woman like that… chances are she wants a guy to take charge… maybe I should show you after I flood Huntress's womb?..." Finn taunts while Limun blushed when she heard that.

Lemongrab will have none of that as he looks at Limun again.

"Start licking… or I'll have to punish you."

Finn sweatdrops at that when that wasn't quite what he meant but Limun blushing and moving to lick Lemongrab's lower cock did make Finn shrug as he fucked Huntress harder making the bed shake while he wondered what Huntress thought on Lemongrab so far.

'Okay… definitely needs a lot more work than I thought. Maybe I should start charging Lemongrab for helping him.' Huntress thought.

As this happened, Limun was licking more of Lemongrab's cock but with him looking a bit… let down… well Limun knew she couldn't suck the cocks yet but… she did notice she was shapely and moved to have her breasts smother Lemongrab's two cocks while she used some drool to lube the cocks and moved the breasts on the two cocks.

Lemongrab shudders from what he felt before looking down at Limun.

Limun gave him a cute blush when she moved her breasts more as she moved to lick Lemongrab's dickheads while she moved her breasts more.

Lemongrab lightly blushes before he brought his hand over and gives Limun's head a couple of pets.

Limun blushed from this as she moved her breasts more on Lemongrab's cocks while she could feel them throbbing as she lifts and lowered her lushious breasts more until…

Lemongrab lets out a slight growl before his two cocks spurts out two cumshots on Limun.

Limun blushed big time with a nervous look on her face as she closed her eyes as she felt sperm land on her breasts and face while she pushed her breasts together harder to make Lemongrab feel more.

Lemongrab groans as he lets out a bit more cum before he finally taps off.

When he did, he pants as he looks at Limun while sperm was pretty much plastered on her breasts and face, having one eye closed from sperm pretty much making her keep one eye closed.

"D-Did I… do well Milord?" Limun asked while she had a cute blush on her face.

Lemongrab blushes at the cute look.

"Y-Yes… you did quite well."

Limun blushed while she felt happy when she heard that.

"T-Thank you milord… s-so… do… I do more or…" Limun asked while she saw how hard Lemongrab was when he loved how shy and nervous Limun was like prey ready to dominate.

"No… this time it's my turn." Lemongrab said.

Limun blushed as she was cleaned off by Lemongrab when he used a spray on Limun to clean sperm off her body, in no time she was on all fours with her shapely ass on display as Lemongrab had her next to Huntress to guage asses and Limun had the thicker looking ass.

That's when Lemongrab starts to eat Limun out but did it roughly.

Limun groans and moans with wide eyes as Finn looks amused.

"Hehe, gotta say not bad, nice ass on your Lemony maid bitch… better make sure to fuck her well otherwise I may try my hand at her ass next." Finn teased while he smacked Huntress on the ass while he fucked her folds harder and his cock rammed into her womb again and again.

Lemongrab narrows his eyes as he didn't wish for that as he worked to eat out Limun's pussy more before switching to her ass surprisingly while Huntress was moaning and groaning loud.

Finn chuckles while he kept quiet as he fucked his mate more, he made sure to hold back but now he fucked Huntress harder when he felt Huntress getting close as time went on, same with Limun when she felt her orgasm approach rapidly when she felt Lemongrab's tongue run wild inside of her as the two males pleased their respective women more until…

Huntress and Limun moans loud as Huntress came on Finn's cock while Limun climaxed on Lemongrab's tongue with her pussy.

Finn on his end growls as he floods Huntress's womb with his load as Lemongrab worked to drink the juices Limun gave him while the group rides out their orgasm minus Lemongrab who enjoyed his juicy treat.

After a moment, both females tapped off as Huntress enjoys the afterglow while Limun pants a bit.

A moment later, Finn grins as he pulled his cock free when he nearly tapped off and came hard on Huntress's ass and back before he tapped off and smacked Huntress's ass on a sperm free area.

"Hehe, I'm not done yet, how about you Hun?" Finn said with a grin while his cock was going strong.

Huntress lightly chuckled before she looks back.

"Not even close." She said.

"Good… because I'm going to destroy that ass next." Finn said with a wild lustful grin on his face while he looks at Lemongrab.

"Better step it up Lemonbutt, like I said if you're not careful, could show your Lemony maid what a real man is like… mannered is fine… but making a woman want you more is another." Finn said while he looks amused when Lemongrab looks angered when he looks Finn in the face yet Finn had no fear at all.

"We will see about that but your tone is unacceptable." Lemongrab said.

"Actually Lemonbutt… remember 2 things… one… you have the Why wolf gene in you… Hun here is a Wood Nymph and I mated with her and I'm fucking her in a way SHE wants… tell me… if I'm giving a wood nymph what she wants… what does that say about you?... and 2… if were talking pack mentality if you want to play that card…" Finn said while he moved to grip Lemongrab on the throat and pulled him in to look Lemongrab in the eyes with a cold expression.

"... like it or not I'm a far better Alpha of a mate than you… and I can say the same to you Lemonbutt about attitude… if you remember YOU gave me many issues in the past… I'm holding back on a lot of things but remember… give me a reason and I WILL make your head roll so a new Lemongrab can be made… remember that before you think my attitude is… unacceptable… hell even your attitude with women is iffy at best… tell me one thing Lemonbutt… you maybe PB's kid so to speak… but with all YOU did to me… not Lemongrab 2… not the part of you you think is weak… YOU… I would rather face PB's fury than deal with you since lets face it… I don't get second chances at life like you… I don't get to have the luxury of possibly having anextended life… maybe at best with Hun… 200 tops since a bondmate doesn't age a fast but still compared to PB and Marcy, may as well be just a matter of time yet a guy like you may still be around and with all the shit you pulled… tell me… give me one reason why I should give you much of a benefit in manners when you put me in a sound room and fucking tortured me… tried to INVADE the candy Kingdom once… ate your people before!... and now your demanding a clone of Marceline as your bitch?... honestly Lemonbutt… I should say that your tone is unacceptable… one thing you should know…" Finn said before he actually growls in Lemongrab's face fiercely with extreme venom.

"With all the shit you pulled, with every action you take… it makes it so hard for me not to cave your head in your chest cavity… I am not a weak boy anymore but a fucking man who knows how to fuck a women properly AND if you take that tone with me again… I WILL END YOU!... am… I… clear?" Finn growls while he had a deadly look in his eyes as he tightened his grip on Lemongrab with his human hand with oddly abnormal levels.

Lemongrab felt a bit of fear now as Limun tries to defend him.

"P-Please let him go."

Finn however gave her a look that paralyzed her in fear.

"Not until I say this bitch, you and your people never did things to keep this fucker in check… I'm saying my piece and after that, as long as Lemongrab doesn't pull a shitty stunt… we can continue, maybe even try and make some kind of peace… now…" Finn growls as he looks at Lemongrab in the eyes.

"Tell me Lemongrab… know what a Hug wolf is?... in case you don't its a rather surprisingly affectionate wolf humanoid that I had the misfortune of running into… after an adventure I was cured of it… for the most part… the abnormal strength… the fact that a guy like you pissed me off… let me give you an answer that you'll get…" Finn said as his eyes somehow turned slit like for a moment.

"I may have been cured but the instinct and leftover effects from that transformation still linger… so like you Lemonbutt I'm part wolf… hug wolf to be exact, not to an extreme degree but when a low ranking mutt like you tries and threaten me… it gets my blood boiling so… from one wolf to another… consider this a warning… DON'T ever threaten me again unless your ready to fight for blood… am I clear?" Finn growls as he loosened his grip for Lemongrab to speak but not enough so that Finn could choke Lemongrab if he tried anything funny.

Lemongrab groans.


Finn seemed to calm from this as he lets Lemongrab go.

"Good… but two warnings… one… try and not try anything shitty with me… you can tell PB what I did, what I'm about to say, and even have me kicked from here if you want… but know this… one… try ANYTHING to harm those I care about… and fuck my hero status… I won't be around forever… you may… so if I hear you try and force others to do something at all… well… you can lock yourself behind walls… you can have a fucking army try and kill me if I'm in your territory… but I won't let the same mistake I made when I was younger get the better of me." Finn said while giving Lemongrab an unnerving cold smile.

"If you harm Marcy… Huntress… or any women while I'm around or I hear about it… better have a good excuse… willing women should NEVER be harmed in anyway unless its deserved… treating our bitches as bitches doesn't mean we treat them bad… far from it… we treat them like bitches so we can make sure we please them…. They have our kids… and we pretty much do whatever is needed to make sure they don't want for anything… I'm not asking for a Royal promise since women can be different in personality and stuff, to each their own… but harm anyone I care about… and I will kill you… understand?" Finn said while Huntress on her end was royally turned on by how dominating Finn was in how he was threatening Lemongrab easily right now.

Lemongrab hated to be threatened but couldn't do anything as his whywolf gene was telling him to not provoke Finn.

"Y-Yes… understood." He said but had a thought.

'Note to self to tell mother… Finn not allowed here!'

Finn smiles at this as he pats Lemongrab on the shoulder.

"Good... I will say this though, while my trust in you is low, try and not piss me off or do anything stupid, and if you need someone to take care of a monster, give me a call, consider it a peace offering so that if you need a strong warrior or something, consider me at your beck and call a few times, again if this was a pack, I'm an alpha who needs to make sure that my pack is OK… not to insult you but…" Finn said as he gave Lemongrab a half lidded look.

"Just to check, can you or any of your fighters take massive monsters like me and stuff?" Finn said while he raised an eyebrow at Lemongrab making the why wolf spliced lemon man jolt a bit.

"N-No." Lemongrab said since none of his soldiers can do that..

"I see… well how about this, try and not ban me from here and I'll make sure to give your people, and you if interested, some training in how to fight large monsters… again, heroes like me won't be around forever so I'm worried that your people will have issues if no one is trained to fight monsters… truce of sorts?" Finn said while he held a hand for lemongrab to shake while he had a serious look in his eyes.

Lemongrab was now cautious after earlier but for the sake of his people.

"Truce." He said.

Finn smiles at this as he shook lemongrab's hand and pulled him to his feet when Lemongrab fell for a moment.

"Good… now that we're on the same page… shall we get back to our bitches and see if we can put them in pleasure coma's?" Finn said while he looks at the two women lustfully.

Huntress licks her lips as Limun blushes bright when she saw Lemongrab's cocks get hardened at her direction.

"Hehe, seems like they are eager for it… so Lemongrab… considering we need to make sure our bitches are well and truely satisfied… you going to hold back on Limun here?" Finn said with an amused grin on his face.

Lemongrab eyes Limun for a moment.


"Good… now… make it so that not many men can actually satisfy her… let the beast in you out and I'm sure Limun will learn fast to enjoy it when you break her holes in… after all she is suppose to be a concubine who may birth a child for you so… make it so that no one else gets that chance." Finn said and well… Finn had a half lidded amused look when he saw Lemongrab pretty much growling wildly when he hammered his cocks into Limun's ass and pussy while he gripped her ankles and had her legs spread by force and despite the blood from her pussy, she had a fucked up look on her face when Lemongrab made her pussy and ass his more or less while he looked pretty feral now as Huntress looks amused when she figured Finn did this on purpose to get Lemongrab riled up.

"Nicely done. You should be a teacher on this." Huntress said.

"Hehe, nah, if it was anyone else, would be Ooo's most wanted for pretty much raping unwilling women, for guys like Lemongrab though… needs a right push so that he pretty much gives a loving lady what she wants." Finn said while smirking when Huntress approached him with swaying hips.

"Either way, since they're preoccupied, hope my mate can continue making this sexy nymph his bitch." Huntress said seductively.

"Hehe, Hun… I'm offended… after all…" Finn said while he used a quick grip to pull Huntress by the waist and grins at her lustfully with a seductive look in his eyes.

"Since when has this sexy Nymph before me not be my bitch… pretty sure that from the shaking of your legs… your on your last legs since Lemonbutt weakened you… a few more rounds… can't even walk… why not let me do something a bit more tender and when Lemonbutt finishes making Limon his bitch… I give you a good show by having fun with Limun and Lemonbutt and I compete to see who is the better bitch breaker." Finn said while he smirks more.

"Then again me putting Lemonbutt in his place probably made you cum hard just now huh?" Finn said with a teasing grin as he gripped Huntress's ass making her shake more when her body had a mini-climax just now.

"Oh you have no fucking idea. Seeing you aggressive almost had me jump you." Huntress said.

Finn smirks at this.

"Alright… I'll give a slutty mate what she wants… get to a wall…. Hands on it… and present that ass to me… and I'll make sure that the next round we have is one that makes it so you can't walk." Finn said like that was a promise as he grins more.

"Who knows… maybe I should undo that seal on your womb and put my child inside of you… will need a kid to train to be a badass after all so they can keep Ooo safe and hopefully make bitches their own when they come of age." Finn said with a really lustful look when he used a free hand to rub Huntress's womb teasingly actually making her squirt a bit when she just came from the look in Finn's eyes on him impregnating her here and now.

Huntress shudders before looking at Finn lustfully.

"Then why not do it now?" She said.

"Why do you think I'm having you against a wall… need something to brace a bitch like you against." Finn teased when he just pushed Huntress and she wound up against the wall while her legs shook as Finn smirks, snapped his fingers, and Huntress's womb glowed and a mark appeared which vanished.

"There… now… any last words before I make a bitch like you beg for more of my sperm?" Finn teased when he approached Huntress and smacked her ass hard a few times and fondles Huntress's ass cheeks.

Huntress groans before looking back.

"Yeah… try and give me a litter."

Finn smirks and in no time, Huntress had a fucked up look on her face while Finn was gripping her hair roughly as Finn fucked her pussy so hard that a bulge was seen in her womb many times, honestly with how aggressive Finn was, Huntress's womb was sure to be bruised by the end of this as Finn grins wildy when he enjoyed how intense he was getting.

"Oh fuck yes Finn!" Huntress groans loud as she screams Finn's name again over and over again.

Finn grins more while he glanced to see how Lemongrab and Limon was doing and looks amused when hesaw how extended Limon's womb was and wondered what she was thinking… if she could even think at all.

'L-Lord Earl… cocks… cum… child.' Was all Limun could think as she was moaning loud while her holes subconsciously squeezes Lemongrab's cocks.

Lemongrab on his end snarls while Limon's toes curl as she groans more, honestly this went on for so long that Finn and Lemongrab snarl as they forced their cocks balls deep in the two women's holes and flood their wombs with sperm and Limon's stomach with Lemongrab's load.

Huntress and Limon moan loudly in ecstasy as they climaxed hard on their partners's cocks.

After Finn rides out his orgasm with Lemongrab doing the same thing… Finn smirks when Huntress shudders and shakes before she fell to the floor with an extended womb and sperm pooled under her when copious amounts of sperm flowed from her onto the floor while she had a fucked up look on her masked face and was twitching on the ground.

"Hehe, seems like I was right." Finn said before he looks at Lemongrab and Limon with Limon managing to recover after a few minutes and stuff.

"Hehe, and looks like she is up for more… hey Lemonbutt I got a suggestion for you if you want to really give her some levels." Finn said while he whispered in Lemongrab's ear or where it would be while Limon as she pants looks confused when Finn and Lemongrab look oddly in sync for a moment as Lemongrab speaks.

"That… is acceptable for now…" Lemongrab oddly said as he and Finn grin at Limon with massive hardons being seen.

"H-Huh?" Limon said as she was blushing brightly.

A moment later she was screaming in pain and pleasure when Limon was lift and lowered onto Lemongrab and Finn's cocks… Finn's cock going right up her ass without mercy and for Limon's pussy… she was double stuffed with both of Lemongrab's cocks when Finn and Lemongrab used their hands and growl as they slam Limon onto their cocks while thrusting their hips as hard as they can.

"A-Ah!… so much… hurts!" Limon screams as tears leaked from her eyes.

"P-Power through it!... you want to be Lemongrab's mate!... well think of this as training if you never had sex!... a sexy bitch like you deserves a good fucking daily and not left unsatisfied!... may not have much of a thing for lemony women like you but fuck you made it hard for me not to jump you in the hall earlier with this sexy ass!" Finn growls as he smacked Limon's ass while moving to lick her neck while he fucked her ass harder.

Limon blushes brightly from action this before moaning loud.

But she lightly relaxes as she wanted to be by Lemongrab's side.

This made Lemongrab growl as he fucked Limon harder while moving in to kiss Limon on the lips as he and Finn fucked Limon harder than ever making her pleasure rise and slowly override the pain a bit.

Limon did moan into the kiss and this time she returns it as her toes curled.

In no time, the duo fucked her harder while their orgasms approach and Finn and Lemongrab growl as they forced their cocks deep into Limon's holes and creampied her hard well beyond the norm.

Limon's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she climaxed very hard on the duo's cocks.

Huntress starts to come too a little bit later and she looks to see Limon on her last leg as she vigorously stroked off Finn and Lemongrab's cocks while Limon sucked off his upper one vigorously.

"Wow… a nice show." Huntress said with an amused look as Lemongrab groans.

Finn chuckles while he groans when he felt his orgasm approaching.

"Yeah well had to face fuck Limon myself for a bit to get rid of her gag reflex… fast learner so hopefully Lemongrab 1 here when he is in control won't need much to have Limon here worship his cocks… anyway give me a minute Hun… I'm about to… to… blow…" Finn said before muttering as his cock starts to throb in Limon's hand.

Huntress was again amused as Lemongrab felt his orgasm getting closer and closer.

In no time, Finn and Lemongrab growl as they came hard on, and in Lemongrab's upper cocks case, in Limon's mouth so Finn and Lemongrab covered Limon in their scent while Limon's stomach bloats when she was forced to drink Lemongrab's load when Lemongrab held her head steady to make her drink it down.

Limon got a pleased look on her face as she eagerly drinks Lemongrab's load.

After Limon finished drinking Lemongrab's load, she lost a lot of energy and fell back to pant for breath making Finn and Lemongrab blink as Finn rubs his head.

"Hmmm… looks like she needs training… hey Hun, while you're here, train Lemongrab's bitches so that they won't end up like this, if they can't last long like you, they won't make it, can give Limon here a break since she was a virgin but now… not anymore." Finn said while he rubs his head while Limon twitches on the bed as she coughed up sperm to breath but the dazed look in her eyes showed she was well and truely pleased.

Huntress, though sweatdrops, chuckles.

"Yeah… definitely gonna train those lemon laides if they're like Limon."

"Well to be fair, pretty sure if you train them… Limon maybe the most eager now since she looks cum drunk right now… anyway I may as well get going after making sure you have your womb protected against others loads… need to make sure my main bitch has my litter right?" Finn said when he stepped off the bed after he looks at Lemongrab.

"Hey Lemongrab, doesn't matter which one you become, treat your women with respect and love… with how much you unloaded in her, Limon may as well be having your child unless she is on birth control, remember that." Finn said while he used a quick spell Huntress taught him to make a special seal on Huntress's womb and carried her to the bed.

"And do me a favor and make sure Hun here is well taken care of… if she trains your women to be up to her level and you to theirs… Hun here may as well be the key for you to impress Lemonline when she is fully finished and stuff, remember that since Lemonline will be made to Marceline's level or near it… just a friendly reminder since last I heard, Marcy had you on the defensive right?" Finn said when he moved to have Limon near Huntress but had enough space for Lemongrab to move to lay between and stuff as Finn used a spell to clean Limon off.

"Yes." Lemongrab said.

"Good… anyway see you all later and you know my number if you have a monster problem so give me a call later Lemongrab if you have issues, enjoy the nap and stuff." Finn said as he gathered his clothing while Huntress looks amused.

"Consider how little you did compared to Lemongrab and I, you really going to stop the fun after you leave?" Huntress said while Finn hums.

"No… may have fun with the Water Nymphs at the treefort if they are willing, we normally have fun when PB, Marcy, and Phoebe is busy, in a nutshell, easy booty call with those three, easily tamed them into being my bitches more or less so anyone else they have fun with is just them having fun hehe, either that or may try and find a lemon lady here to have fun with, if they are as good as Limon here, may try and find a good lemon lady and stuff… though careful Lemongrab… if you're not careful I could steal one of your ladies from you if you slack off… hehe, see you all later, especially you Hun." Finn said as he moved to kiss Huntress on the lips but before he left he whispered in her ear.

"Once this is all over Dusk and you come back, better expect that mask off in my room at the treefort and a hurting body because I won't stop fucking you until you pass out on me like you did when we first made that bond." Finn whispered low enough so Lemongrab wouldn't hear Huntress's real name as Finn stands, stretched, and got dressed before he left the room leaving the trio alone.

Huntress purrs.

"That man… truly a great bond mate."

"Hmmm… I don't know about that…" Lemongrab said when he was still sour about what Finn did as Huntress with an amused look rolled her eyes.

"Oh just get in bed and get ready to nap and stuff." Huntress said as Lemongrab hums.

"Hmmm… yes…" Lemongrab said while he moved to get in bed… after that time passed and when Finn got to the Candy Kingdom Castle.

"FINN WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?" Bubblegum screams as the scene went into the throne room while Finn had wide eyes as his ears rang while Marceline had her ears covered while Minerva seeing this happened momentarily dialed her hearing down as Bubblegum starts to get onto Finn about what he did.

"Finn… how could you threaten Lemongrab like that." Bubblegum said.

Finn however put his pinky in his ear and looks at PB after blinking.

"What!?" Finn said a bit loudly while Minerva sighs.

"Bubblegum… I think you overloaded Finn's ears… give him a moment to recover." Minerva said while she gave Bubblegum a half lidded look while pointing a thumb at a recovering Marceline showing Bubblegum was that loud if she dazed Marceline, the hyper hearing sensitive Vampire Queen as well.

Bubblegum felt embarrassed.

"Sorry." She said.

After a minute or two, Finn recovered while Marceline did as well and Finn rubs his ears.

"U-Ugh… I think I nearly went deaf… what did you say PB?... couldn't hear over the loud ringing." Finn said while Minerva spoke for Bubblegum.

"She asked how could you threaten Lemongrab like that and stuff." Minerva said while Finn gained a serious look.

"Well can I ask you a question to counter that PB?... considering that is Lemongrab 1 and not 3… tell me why shouldn't I put my foot down on a possibly rape happy guy like Lemongrab… I'm not sorry for what I did and unlike you and Marcy, I won't be around forever… I don't regret what I said and I'm not apologizing… you know what he did to me, Jake, and even your kingdom… I'm not going to forget that anytime soon as long as that bastard keeps acting the way he did… you know I was a Hug wolf as well for a time so him acting like that just pushed my buttons the wrong way so I made it clear that I wouldn't do anything unless he did something… I don't trust him at all PB… not one bit… and I meant what I said… if he harmed Hun… I would rip his head from his body… slowly… if he harmed her… and I wouldn't regret it… if you want to defend him fine… but don't tell me you actually expect me to trust him when he is in charge of his body." Finn said while giving Bubblegum a look that just dared her to try and tell Finn otherwise.

Bubblegum though got serious look.

"Regardless Finn… you don't provoke anyone, especially with Lemongrab's mentally. Who knows what could've happened. You got lucky."

Finn though frowns.

"Lucky?... PB… are you trying to anger me into not being your knight anymore?… try and remember… Hun is my bondmate… and she was going to live with that guy for some time for therapy and what not… tell me… do you think I'm that weak?... I won't lie… if you want Lemongrab to get better… fine… but you should remember one thing…" Finn said while his eyes turned slit like for a moment.

"I may be technically powerless but I'm not a citizen of YOUR kingdom… I live in the grasslands, purely neutral territory and got the deed for the treefort from KKW after he bought it from her so I legally own the treefort and land around it to an extent… and Huntress is carrying my kids by now… don't anger me more than I already am PB because I WILL get Hun from Lemongrab whether you like it or not… try and remember how many times Lemongrab died yet you always seem to want to help him and for what?... until I put my foot down with him he was an arrogant asshole who had very little trust with me… don't make the same mistake and piss me off so you have to make a fucking hero out of candy instead of having one that is well seasoned as free labor… try and remember that I don't get paid by you and I'm NOT getting younger… as for that lucky comment… try and remember I kill monsters for a living PB… you think I would get killed by Lemongrab before I kill him?... try and say your next words VERY carefully… I may not be able to do much to you… but I can make it so you regret things VERY much by not only not being a hero for you… but not being a surrogate to you and Marcy." Finn said while he looked partially feral but in control still while he was calming himself.

Bubblegum didn't calmed down as Marceline stepped in to do damage control.

"Okay… let's calm down before you both do something stupid. No one was in the right or wrong and let's leave it at that."

Finn was silent from that as he turned away.

"Fine… I'll be going for now while PB calms down… I don't regret what I did PB and to prove I'm not a complete ass I gave Lemongrab a truce and offer that as long as he didn't anger me, would kill monsters in his kingdom for free and train his people to fight monsters since again… I won't be here forever, should show you I'm not a complete ass in your eyes." Finn said as he walked away and after opening the throne room door he smalled it shut with abnormal strength making many flinch at the noise.

Marceline shook his head before looking at her girlfriend.

"Seriously Bonnie, Finn may have a point. Your kid isn't all right if he's sharing a body with the first Lemongrab."

"Indeed Princess, while I maybe partial for my son, but Finn does have a point, many in the past know Lemongrab has issues, using some kind of torture room with kids, his sound sword on others, even records of him invading the candy kingdom at one point and if not stopped by Finn and Jake, probably would have done it with that lemon john giant he made… records from Finn and Jake on that guys name by the way… and don't even get me started on his past with him eating his own people and stuff… honestly with all due respect… Finn could have done worse but chose not to, honestly with all things considered, he was calm and does have a point… Finn won't be here forever… unlike you and Marceline and as sad as it is… I as well… he isn't immortal, a robot, or some kind of being like you who ages so slowly being gum that age may not register much to you… think through his perspective, you're a human who was tormented by a madman, now you're much older, 30's or so, and you hear your significant other is with a guy who could be considered rape happy… how would you react if your lover was with a person who by all accounts has a split personality and can go from kind and sweet to a rape happy madman?" Minerva said while she gave Bubblegum a worried look.

Marceline was rubbing the back of her head since she technically was doing that as Bubblegum was quiet.

"Guess I would be worried and all that."

"Indeed… look Bubblegum… one parent to another… while protecting and wanting to help your child is one thing… giving tough love and making them know their mistakes is another… I lost my chance long ago with Finn and I regret every moment of that… you have many chances to make sure Lemongrab does much better… just… don't let your love for Lemongrab as a son push away Finn since he has been with you protecting you in his own loving way… to Finn you may have just chose your son who by all accounts tormented Finn a few times over his life, over Finn who was your white knight from a young age and is willing to help you and Marceline have a child if you two can't make one together… think over this very carefully before you make a choice that you'll regret by losing your temper… sure Finn could have done things better… but lets not kid ourselves… he could have done MUCH worse and many wouldn't fault him for it." Minerva said while she pats Bubblegum on the back.

Bubblegum sighs as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Glob dammit… you're right."

"It's not a matter of right or wrong to me, just go after Finn and tell him an apology and he may apologize back… he may regret what he did since he does care for you… honestly be careful though, this maybe a touchy subject to Finn since again… immortality VS mortality… to you it maybe a blink but to Finn it may as well be a long drawn out moment… and this isn't a thing of intelligence and stuff… between you and me, I was scared when I went in that machine that made me what I am today… my life passed me by so fast and I had many regrets that I well… regret and felt drawn out… now… moments in time seem so fast and numb somewhat… honestly… makes me wonder if my own heart died with my organic body and I'm just acting like I have emotions… its… a really scary thought… just… do me a favor and really think on this Bubblegum… you don't want long drawn out regrets." Minerva said while smiling lightly at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was quiet again before she starts running out through the castle doors.

As this happened, Minerva sighs as she rubs her head.

"Think I went too far Marceline?" Minerva said though she was hugged by Marceline making Minerva blink a bit.

"No. What you did was good. If it were up to me I would smack Bonnie to wake her up. But… I'm sorry for what you went through." Marceline said.

Minerva blinks and smiles while she hugged Marceline.

"Thank you… honestly that feeling was building for a bit inside me… honestly I do wonder if I have a heart or not anymore, but… I think I still do… for now at least, hopefully if you and Finn have a kid either with Bubblegum being a carrier for the child or Finn somehow knocking you up… could have a grandbaby to spoil…. Hehe… may as well call me your mother than… or a rather kinky one after what all of us did recently." Minerva said while sounding amused at the end after she gripped Marceline on the ass suddenly.

Marceline did jolts before smirking.

"You can say that again… mom." She said before squeezing Minerva's ass.

Minerva jolts as she smirks back.

"Young lady… do I need to fuck that ass of yours for squeezing my own ass like that?" Minerva teased when she sounds amused.

"Maybe… maybe not… have I been a bad daughter in law?" Marceline said.

"Hehe, oh very… come on… time to train my daughter's ass so when she gets her lovers back, can please them very well." Minerva said as she amusingly picked up Marceline bridal style and walked out of the throne room towards a guest bedroom.

Marceline blushes while chuckling at this predicament.

Meanwhile at Finn's treefort…

Finn was busy eating a sandwich as he heard his door getting knocked on… he went to the door and blinks when he saw PB there and the Morrow flying away as Finn wondered what this was about.

"Hey PB… need something?... come in?... can make a sandwich if you want." Finn said while he bit his sandwich again… probably a reason why he was calm was that he was noshing on a good sandwich.

Bubblegum walks in.

"Listen Finn. I'm… sorry."

Finn blinks and looks at his sandwich.

"OK… maybe I put something bad in this sandwich?" Finn said while looking confused since he didn't expect Bubblegum to apologize this soon and probably thought he got food poisoning making Bubblegum sweatdrop.

"Really?" Bubblegum said as Finn hums while looking at his sandwich.

"To be fair… not the first time I ate something that made me see and hear things… nothing bad so…" Finn said as he ate his sandwich fast and pats his stomach.

"Welp, if I see unspeakable horrors in my nightmares, at least I'll have a full stomach… anyway… what are you apologizing for PB?" Finn asked while he got himself and Bubblegum some tea to drink.

"For how I… reacted back at the castle. Even though I didn't like your tone… I can understand what you were feeling since it was Huntress being at Castle Lemongrab." Bubblegum said.

"Hmmm… well… I could have done things better with Lemongrab… its just… I want to know why you can defend Lemongrab at all PB… not the new Lemongrab, guys pretty chill… its the one pretty much making it so that I had to step in the first place… me a romance… well… until I met Hun and shortly after you and Marcy… despite the Age crap that was a thing before I was 18…. Well… I figured romance wasn't for me at all… I mean… I may seem aggressive, confident… but… I was scared… scared that Hun would get hurt if Lemongrab was anywhere near her so I guess I just reacted on instinct… I don't regret what I did PB its just… I love Huntress with all my being and would do anything to help her, even if it meant putting fear in Lemongrab 1… I'm not just going to attack him if you're worried, its just… Lemongrab proved time and time again he can be a loose cannon when it comes to certain things so I… was just scared… I'm only human PB, I cannot be in many places at once and I wont be around forever… at best, may live as long as Hun but she and I won't live forever… you should know that better than most with how long we known eachother right?" Finn said while he gave Bubblegum an apologetic but determined look that what he did was what he thought was best since he didn't trust Lemongrab 1 after all the stunts he pulled and guess getting scared for others with his romantic history… Finn was just a scared human who was looking out for his wife more or less.

"I see your point Finn. Your mother was quite clear on that but still… I wasn't trying to defend Lemongrab. I was more concerned for your being. If you had killed him, what will stop his people from retaliating?" Bubblegum said.

Finn shrugged at that.

"His reputation?... PB… he ATE his past subjects, ATE them hole or in pieces with Lemongrab 2… while I get that maybe an issue with people coming after me, it's not the first time, I did shitty stunts in the past, there is no denying that… what's the real issue?... because we both know that if push comes to shove, the current Lemongrab if Lemongrab 1 causes too many issues would risk having his head cracked open and removed even if it meant being impotent… I'll admit I may have been a bit rough… but tell me… when has Lemongrab 1 ever learned a lesson unless tough love was used so to speak?..." Finn said before he said this as he moved to hug Bubblegum and kissed her cheek.

"Look PB… I can promise not to cause Lemongrab more trouble from now on… but… you know unless something changes or someone puts their foot down, whats stopping lemongrab from losing what he has and all because of that twisted side of his?... as far as I'm aware… nothing… I used pack mentality rank on Lemongrab but even then I'm not sure it will last long… just… promise me one thing and I'll give an apology whole heartedly we both can enjoy with you in the lead… fair enough as long as its reasonable for you to do?" Finn said while he rubs his head on the crook of Bubblegum's neck affectionately.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"Okay… what is it?"

"Simple… be a parent to Lemongrab… not a creator… you think Lemongrab is like one of your Candy citizens but he is not… he doesn't explode when excited… he doesn't listen to orders unless its for his own benefit…. He is a spoiled brat in a mans body who needs a parent to knock some sense into them.… put your foot down on things instead of letting him have his way all the time… being in a pack means you have to put your foot down on some things and enforce it no matter what… think from mine and Lemongrab's perspective… he is a Wolf hybrid now and I have lingering wolf like traits from my time as a Hug wolf… we have a pack mentality thing… a strong male or female putting their foot down would get more respect than anything you can say or do with logic or reason… its something I learned from Hun when she explained some things to me when I felt off when I started showing signs like this with me being extra loving as you can see." Finn said before he kissed and licked Bubblegum's neck a few times teasingly.

Bubblegum shudders again from the kissing.

"O-Okay… I'll try to be a… better parent to Lemongrab."

"Good… want me to get the leash and you use it on me… or…" Finn said with a more deep tone to his voice.

"Want to use the… special dungeon I made under the treefort we can use and you make me your bitch?" Finn teased with a deep growl now as he nipped at Bubblegum's neck lightly.

Somehow this made Bubblegum feel turned on.

"L-Lets go down." She said.

Finn chuckles as he held up one finger.

"Before we do… we should shower first… need to make sure that if we work up a sweat… its one that from start to finish you going all out with me." Finn said while he got up and took Bubblegum's glass.

"I got some dishes to clean so why not head to my bathroom and freshen up, I'll join you or see you in the dungeon soon after I get clean as well." Finn said while he smiles at Bubblegum as he walked away from a blushing Bubblegum.

Bubblegum didn't say a word as she went to the bathroom to freshen up.

As this happened, The Minerva's in the cloning lab watching over Lemonline were looking over various notes as they watched Lemonline's growth… honestly they were making extra sure that once she gets a bit older, she would have her aging slowed to be around Marceline's which was like none at all… one Minerva looks at another when they saw that things were going well.

"Nice that she is coming along well, she should be done in a few days if this keeps up." Minerva 1 said while smiling at the others.

"That's definitely good news to hear." Minerva 2 said.

"Yeah, we should let Bubblegum know when she is back from the treefort though… considering she isn't back yet… what are the chances she is having fun with Finn and stuff to help break the tension between the duo?" Minerva 3 said while she looks thoughtful.

"Well considering how our little man is charming so many laides… it's very likely to happen." Minerva 4 said.

Ironically enough…

Finn was chained to a table while Bubblegum in BDSM gear was riding his cock vigorously with her ass while Finn groans loudly when Bubblegum used a lit candle to drip hot wax on his chest… this made him groan in pain but he thrusts his hips harder while his cock grew to massive levels with each drop of wax on his chest as Bubblegum grins darkly and lustfully.

"You've been a bad boy." Bubblegum said as she drips more wax while riding his cock more.

Finn muffly groans more and when Bubblegum dripped some wax on one of his nipples, Finn really groans when he couldn't hold it and came hard up Bubblegum's ass while he fought against the chains binding him but fails while his balls throb hard with each shot.

Bubblegum groans as she throws her head back and climaxed on Finn's cock.

Thanks to how strong Finn's orgasm was, Bubblegum's stomach bloats quite a bit and when Bubblegum calmed down and noticed, she looks amused when she grabbed a whip on the table nearby.

"Naughty… I didn't say you can cum." Bubblegum said as she used the whip on Finn.

This left a small welt as Finn growls into the gag while he thrusts his hips making Bubblegum bounce a bit while his cock was buried in her sweet ass again and again hoping to appease her.

Bubblegum groans a few times.

"T-That's right. It'll be a while before I let you go!" She groans before grinning.

"I-I can imagine that cock of yours wishing it was in my pussy huh? Huh?!" She said as she whips Finn again.

Finn groans again though comically enough he shook his head no… not to say that but that her ass was too good as he fucked it harder like he was begging to stay in her ass.

Bubblegum groans more.

"O-Oh… so you like my ass huh?… maybe I should punish you by… using my pussy!" She said before she starts to get off.

Finn on his end blinks in some shock as Bubblegum got off him, smirks, and moved to grab a cockring nearby and equipped it on Finn at the base of his dick while smirking as she lovingly rubs a finger on the cockring.

"Of course… I can't let you cum yet. Gonna make you build it up hehehe." Bubblegum said while chuckling.

Finn blushed as Bubblegum used a remote and Finn's table turned 80 or so degrees as a bar hung near Finn… this allowed Bubblegum to smirk as she got a set of pushable stairs and stands near Finn while she moved to grip the handle with her hands and carefully moved to hover her pussy over Finn's erect throbbing cock.

"Any last words?" Bubblegum said in a taunting manner.

Finn though growls and muffly tried to say something but Bubblegum looks amused when the gag prevented Finn from speaking and laughs a little when Finn was incapable of taking.

"If you don't have anything to say… then let's get started!" Bubblegum said as she had her pussy take in Finn's cock.

Finn growls with wide eyes as he watched Bubblegum push her feet against the table while she swings on the bar so Finn's cock pretty much rammed into her with full controlled force as Finn groans and grunts from each impact when Bubblegum used the momentum to have Finn's cock ram into her womb by her cervix again and again who knows how many times.

"A-Ah! Oh fuck yes!" Bubblegum groans as her face was looking pleased.

Finn though was in a pleasure filled torture, the more close his orgasm got, the tighter the cockring seemed to get as Bubblegum swings her ass so her pussy took Finn's cock again and again until she groans and came hard on Finn's cock and though he threw his head back and growls his cock though throbs erattically was unable to climax thanks to how tight the cockring got.

"F-Fuck… we're not stopping till I make you beg Finn!" Bubblegum said.

This results in Bubblegum continuing to please Finn's cock a number of times from getting sucked off, assjobs with Bubblegum grinding her ass, titfucks… pretty much the whole shibang… each time Finn's cock and balls swell a little till it looked a bit unhealthy as Finn looked positively feral… Bubblegum figured it was about time to let Finn free so to speak but as she was getting some keys from a nearby table… she jolts when she heard chains breaking and looks to see a royally feral Finn looking at her with him licking his lips like he was looking at prey while Finn's cockring actually snapped off when Finn grew his cock to its maximum of 16 inches in length and 4 in width for a moment to break the cockring… he never went back down as he eyed Bubblegum like she was his bitch.

"Considering how badly you worked me up bitch… you know what happens next right?" Finn growls in a fully lust crazed way as Finn's monstrous cock and balls throb in Bubblegum's view.

Bubblegum was blushing brightly.

"Oh boy." She said as she had no way to get through to Finn like this.

Though this didn't matter to Finn as he rushed Bubblegum and gripped her head and forced her onto the table full of gadgets while her legs hung to the floor off the table while she was face down.

"Any last words before I impregnate you?... unlike me… you're free to speak… should be a mercy when I make you incapable of saying anything at all." Finn growls as he teasingly rubs the head of his cock on Bubblegum's pussy lips.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"Yeah… who's a good boy?"

Finn was amused by this.

"Me when I do what no one else could and make a bitch like you pregnant!" Finn growls as he gripped Bubblegum's ass cheeks and pretty much rammed his hips forward, bashing his cock right into the back of Bubblegum's womb and than some knocking the wind out of her for a moment and Finn growls as he fucked her hard while she gripped the table for dear life.

"Oh fucking Glob!" Bubblegum groans very loud.

"Who's a good bitch now!?" Finn growls as he smacked Bubblegum's lushious ass a few times with his hands without holding back his strength.

"M-Me!" Bubblegum groans again as she moans loud.

"Who wants sperm pumped into them and get impregnated with my young!" Finn growls as he fucked Bubblegum harder to actual painful levels when he tried to force all 16 inches inside of Bubblegum while her body was forced to adapt to the intense penetration.

"A-Ah!… I do! I want my womb to be impregnated by you!" Bubblegum moans.

"Who is my fucking slutty whore!" Finn growls when he fucked Bubblegum harder as his long built up orgasm was approaching and would be so intense it wouldn't be funny.

Bubblegum grinds her teeth for a bit.

"M-Me!… I'm your slutty bitch!"

This made Finn fuck Bubblegum harder while Bubblegum actually cried tears not from pure pain but pleasure when she couldn't hold back and gained a mother of all fucked up looks on her face right before Finn roars, forced as much of his cock into Bubblegum's pussy as he could and well… Bubblegum's womb bloats so much that before sperm blasts out she looked practically 9 month's preagnant… if this didn't knock her up, nothing else may.

Bubblegum moans very loud in ecstasy as she climaxes beyond hard on Finn's cock.

As Finn's balls shrank back to normal slowly with each shot, Finn gripped Bubblegum's ass cheeks while a mess was made on his legs, the floor, and pretty much on the table and stuff… when Bubblegum tapped off and stuff… well… after this happened, Bubblegum was licking Finn's legs clean with a lovestruck look in her eyes… when she just loved the sperm… Finn was about to use the spray to clean him off but figured Bubblegum could enjoy her treat… once she was finished, Finn used the spray and with him fully clean, he smirks when he saw Bubblegum fully clean as well though sperm continues to gush from her pussy while her womb looked absolutely packed.

"Hehe… well PB…" Finn said as he gripped Bubblegum's chin making her gasp as Finn looks her in the eyes.

"Looks like that womb is my property for 9 months until my child is born… better get ready because I'll be treating you like I treat Hun… like my bitch… and that means treating you like you deserve… dominated in the bedroom and dungeon… with respect out of it… and all loved by a real mate like Marcy and I… she should be excited if you take a birth control test and it turns out to be a positive…. For now though… lets get ready to sleep… but first…" Finn said as he smashed his lips on Bubblegum's and gripped her ass to pull her in closer so he could make the kiss deeper.

Bubblegum moans into the kiss before she returns it and hugs Finn before having her tongue fight his.

After the duo finished making out, Finn picked up Bubblegum bridal style when she couldn't stand and grins at her.

"Please… let me bring you to the bedroom… may even sheath my cock in you while we sleep.." Finn said as he shrank his cock to 12 inches and 3 in width.

"Need a good plug to help make sure sperm is inside of you hehe." Finn said with a teasing grin as he approached the stairs leading to the exit.

Bubblegum blushes but snuggles closer to Finn.

"Please hurry Finn. Don't want all that cum to fall."

Finn chuckles as he walked up the stairs.

"Don't worry… if you want more sperm, got plenty more to give… for now… lets rest up… once we wake, more fun for the two of us." Finn said as he grins with a wild look in his eyes as he left the BDSM dungeon as the scene fades to black.

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