A Gumball and Clare Love Story @atomskthepirateking
Chapter 3

A scene opens up with Atomsk and TME talking.

"You know, we need to apply more Gumball fics on either sides of our accounts."

"Yeah… and you need to change the title of the story here to Rebound love on FFN and AO3 so people don't get confused on things… especially since the readers are here." TME said while he points a finger at the readers.

"Yeah… definitely have to do that later. To start things short, Gumball was having good luck on his outing with Clare thanks to Jared, who failed at ruining the duo's hehe, 'date'. Richard got Nicole inside deep trouble so to save her job, Nicole is now her boss and Yuki's fuck toy along with the fact the the married couple are gonna try to see who gets to knock Nicole up first. Things are gonna get messy hehe." Atomsk sakd while chuckling.

"Hehe… oh yeah… its mainly to deal with the fact Gumball and Claire are not 18 yet and stuff… hmmm… still wonder what we should do, we do have that idea from a reviewer about a swinger party so…" TME said when he hums in thought.

"Oh yeah… can probably happen later. Right now… Richard has his training session… with Yuki." Atomsk said while grinning.

"Yeah though I forget… training as in combat or training as in him getting more fun?" TME said when he really forgot some things… he wasn't the best with his memory like Atomsk was.

"More Fun, man. Doubt Richard can actually hit someone." Atomsk said.

"Didn't he have some moments when he fought Nicole for that remote or wasn't there other things like with Mr. Rex and the mayo?... than again that was with a car so..." TME said when he remembered that time for a moment.

"Yeah… don't remember much of the episodes so your guess is as good as mine. Maybe Yuki can do both. Maybe Richard could finally dominate someone." Atomsk said.

"Maybe unless we use Buff boy Richard, the guy was pretty buff that one time, could do it again and hopefully not let his ego get bigger than his body." TME said when he remembered all the selfies from that episode.

"Oh yeah. Sure. Let's go with that." Atomsk said.

"Alright, know a good way to start things?... last I checked two days should pass before Yuki arrives so…" TME said as he looks at last chapter.

"Yeah might as well… unless we focus a bit on Gumball and Clare first?" Atomsk said.

"Alright, your story, your lead." TME said as the scene went to Gumball the day after Nicole got onto Richard.

Elmore/ school/ hallway/ Gumball's locker

Gumball closed the locker door while he was getting ready for his next class, nuff said after the date with Clare…. Well he felt pretty happy right now though it was still hard to see what he and Clare were right now but all in all… he was doing well though he still felt bummed about Penny.

Still it felt nice not having to worry about Clare's parents getting onto him… sure they heard about his antics but as long as Clare was happy they were surprisingly cool with Gumball… was honestly refreshing while Darwin sighs as he closed his own locker and Gumball looks at him.

"Dude, you OK?" Gumball asked when he thought Darwin was over what happened with Richard already after Darwin calmed down.

"No… I'm still worried this is my fault. I gave dad those bibs and because of that, he got mom in trouble." Darwin said.

"Yeah well knowing Dad when it comes to food, he probably had it coming with the karma of the food gods… wanted to get back at him for nearly making a few species of animal go extinct I bet." Gumball said as high in the sky with powerful majestic figures look down on them…

"Oh crap he's onto us!" One of them said as another slapped the first upside the head.

Back to Gumball and Darwin…

"Then again, Dad has no self control with food so probably just went too wild at an all you can eat thing… nothing lasts forever and Dad's skills may go first." Gumball said when he looks at Darwin.

"Well… you have a point." Darwin said since Richard does have bad luck.

"Hehe, yeah, just try and relax man, maybe go on a date with Carrie or something, try and take your mind off things… if you need help I'm willing to be the player two and support you buddy!" Gumball said as he quickly entered and exits his locker in a comical Luigi outfit and points at Darwin.

"Letsa go!" Gumball said as a lawyer leaned into the camera and Gumball chuckles nervously.

"I mean lets go brother, not like I need to cause more issues by causing a legal battle to ensue… hehe… hehehe…" Gumball said as he went back into the locker and came back out as the lawyer gave Gumball an im watching you look before he left and Gumball sighs in relief.

Darwin sweatdrops.

"Speaking of dates… what are you and Clare doing?" He said while liking to tease Gumball.

Gumball blushed as he rubs his head.

"W-Well… nothing yet, after that movie I came home and stuff… haven't seen her since." Gumball said as he knew the time wasn't good for a meeting given he and Clare had separate schedules and could only hang out after school.

"I see… well just in case, maybe the four of us can double date." Darwin said.

"Huh… maybe?... I mean the movie thing wasn't suppose to even be a date and it was only thanks to that date thing going on that I was even able to get in… still not sure what happened to my ticket but at least I got in." Gumball said as he and Darwin walks away from the lockers to get to class as Carrie was ironically floating nearby and saw Darwin.

"Hey Darwin, how you doing?" Carrie said while she looks at her fishy boyfriend.

Darwin smiles at Carrie.

"Hey Carrie. Doing okay, still feeling responsible for what Dad did at Mom's job and Gumball and I were talking about his date with Clare." He said making Gumball blush.

"Dude, come on."

Carrie blinks as she chuckles at this.

"Wow, look at you Gumball, getting back on the horse so to speak… who is Clare by the way?, pretty common name, maybe I've seen her in some classes." Carrie said when she nudged Gumball a bit to mess with him.

Gumball blushes brightly.

"C-Come on. Clare and I are friends. I do like hanging with her and yesterday she did look cute." He said before his widened.

Darwin and Clarrie gave one another half lidded amused looks at they look at Gumball.

A moment later they moved to walk into the classroom while Gumball was left alone for a moment.

'Oh crap… what did I just say? What if someone else heard that.' Gumball thought.

Though in some twisted work of luck as Gumball left to get in the class… ironically enough Clare was passing by and she was blushing profusely behind a corner out of sight and heard Gumball calling her cute.

'W-Wait… did I just hear Gumball calling me cute?' Clare thought.

Though she would have to ask Gumball about this as well… nuff said she had to get to her own class and would talk about this later…

Meanwhile as the classes went on… the scene went to Nicole while she was getting out of her car in the Rainbow factory parking lot, she had told Richard again that Yuki would be coming to Richard tomorrow and Richard would be beforehand… but right now Nicole as she got to her desk, got to work on things while she rubs her head when she remembered if Musashi saw her… chances were in her getting called to his office.

'Still can't believe I agreed to this but I need this job. Just need to suck it up.' Nicole thought before she starts working.

After an hour or two, she got a page from Musashi to come to his office… he sent her a pager so he wouldn't disturb the other workers around Nicole.

Nicole sighs before she got up and starts heading to Musashi's office.

Most noticed that but didn't think nothing of it as they were busy with their own work.

Once Nicole entered the office, she was surprised to see Yuki with Musashi in the office.

"Hello Nicole, nice trip on the way here?" Yuki asked when she waved at Nicole while she points a thumb at a chair next to her.

"Y-Yes." Nicole said before going to sit down.

"Good… anyway I came here to speak with you about Richard once tomorrow happens… my husband in the meantime wanted to invite you to a certain… party of sorts… nuff said you'll be getting 4 times the pay for this and its 4 times what you got paid for last time and for good reason… while I keep Richard busy you'll be pleasing Musashi and many other men and women at a special party… depending on what happens you could get paid more depending on if things can be recorded and stuff… obviously we do take consent into account since I doubt my husband would bring dishonor to us by letting him or anyone else else bring recording equipment without permission… right dear?" Yuki said while giving Musashi an eyesmile while a ghostly oni mask appeared hear her head for added intimidation factor.

Musashi jolts at the look.

"R-Right dear." He said as Nicole was shocked.

"A-Are you serious? What party is this?

"Hmmm… well guess the closest thing to be would be more or less a sex party of sorts and to keep legal issues out of the way contracts would be made or a video of the party would be made as a precaution since making a porno is legal, paying prostitues is another so we're going with the legal way of doing things... my husband is trying to get back in the good graces of the people Richard… dishonored all over… and others like friends and family of the people that were there… obviously others not affiliated will be there as well and it will be a high class party… its the after party that would be the main event… food and drinks will be given out beforehand, any kids will be taken to a place to have fun like that newest arcade that was set up, so it will be full grown concenting adults… obviously you do have a choice here since you may not want to be recorded but getting four times the pay from last time should help you greatly and stuff." Yuki said as she smirks at Nicole.

"And I'll be there as well so its not like you wouldn't know a friendly face." Yuki teased as she grins at Nicole a little.

Nicole, though shocked, blushes brightly after after everything before having a thoughtful look.

"I do have a choice… but I need the money more."

"Hehe, then we have an agreement… don't worry… I'll make sure we wear masks so in case your husband looks for porn videos later… well he won't know his wife is being rather… unfaithful." Musashi said with an amused smirk on his face.

Nicole did blush but was feeling guilty after hearing the word 'unfaithful'… despite the fact it's Richard's fault.

Yuki noticed and glared a bit at Musashi.

"Says the guy who pretty much threatened to take her job from her, most wives would file for a divorce if they walked in on you like I did." Yuki said to give Musashi a small reality check that Yuki's attitude was unique and was accepting of this… unfaithful… antic of his.

Musashi pales after hearing that and chose not to say anything else.

Yuki hums a bit at this.

"Thought so… look Nicole, instead of thinking you're unfaithful… think of this as… getting back at a husband who pretty much got you into this… times two with my husbands case of blackmailing you with your job on the line… honestly if anything does happen… lets just say that if my husband causes you to lose your job or try and get out of paying you for this… well… I can always go for the divorce route since this is a pretty good low for him and if anyone found out… would be rather… dishonerable and stuff." Yuki said while giving her husband not to push Nicole more than he has… teasing aside Yuki was still Nicole's friend so seeing her husband acting like an ass so to speak really did irritate her.

Musashi pales again.

"Forgive me honey. I promise not to do that again."

"Good… small penalty though… 5 times the pay for Nicole if she does this… and if any of your friends give her issues or try and get that mask off her… 10 times if they do so otherwise I'm using the skills that I got in training that could kick your ass enmasse with all of your guests… nuff said since it would be VERY dishonorable given various factors… make sure to warn your… friends and their friends and family about this…" Yuki said with a look to have Musashi get to calling and well… he walked from the office while pulling out a cell phone as he looks really pale right now and Yuki smirks as she looks at Nicole.

Nicole did felt a bit better.

"Thanks Yuki."

"Hehe, no problem Nikki… we're supposed to be good friends so what would I be if I couldn't give my husband a reality check." Yuki said as she got up.

"Anyway just to check, will you be OK in coming?, I can talk Musashi out of this and stuff since he was rather rude." Yuki said while she held a hand out for Nicole to take.

Nicole did take Yuki's hand.

"No, I can take it. Like I said, I need the money."

Yuki smirks and pulled Nicole up to pull her in close.

"Good… may as well make a scene where you and I… really have some fun and get the boys there worked up… many men do love some female on female action after all." Yuki said as she gently gripped Nicole's ass while grinning at the Cat woman.

Nicole jolts from the grabbing before this time she smirks at Yuki.

"Like this?" She said before actually smashing her lips on Yuki's lips.

Yuki hums as she returned the kiss ass she used her hands to fondle Nicole's ass.

A moment later she pulled back from the kiss and smirks at Nicole.

"Oh yeah… like this… maybe we could… practice at my place while Musashi is dealing with his calls and the kids are at school so… well… pretty sure Musahi wouldn't mind given that this would be helping the party later." Yuki said as she kepts fondling Nicole's ass.

Nicole shudders as she smirks at Yuki.

"Works for me." She said before grabbing Yuki's ass well.

"Good… lets get going." Yuki said as she and Nicole left the office and ran into Musashi.

"Nicole is taking an early day today… practice with me for the party… sorry sweetie but I'll be borrowing your employee for a day at home… get all the paperwork done and maybe you can join us later… for now… happy party planning alone." Yuki said while she smirks as she walked from Musashi with a swaying ass.

Musashi groans in annoyance as he watched the duo leave.

"Damn it… that's what I get for being an ass." He said as he went back to making calls.

After this, Nicole and Yuki made it to her place when Nicole drove the duo there… once the duo entered, Yuki got some wine in fancy glasses.

"Hehe, to help unwind, strong stuff, think you can take it Nikki?" Yuki said when she grins at Nicole while holding a glass of wine to her.

Nicole chuckles before taking the glass.

"Let's find out." She said before taking a sip.

The effect wasn't instant but she did feel a slight buzz after drinking half of the glass after 20 minutes… nuff said Yuki looks amused as she saw a rather relaxed Nicole once she drained her glass and Yuki followed suit.

"Hehe… so how do you feel Nikki?" Yuki said when she took the glass from Nicole and sets it on the counter.

"H-Huh?… feel… g-good." Nicole said as she was really relaxed after that wine.

"Good… follow me and I'll make you feel very good… very good indeed." Yuki said as she walked from Nicole up the stairs with swaying hips to tease Nicole.

Nicole had a blush on her face as she giggles before following Yuki but was a bit groggily.

Once the duo made it to the bedroom, Nicole and Yuki were fully nude in no time, kissing one another, and Yuki moved to lick and suck one of Nicole's nipples when the duo got on the bed and Yuki moved to finger Nicole's folds with a couple fingers.

"O-Oh fuck." Nicole groans as she starts to feel a bit more relaxed.

Yuki looks amused as she moved to lick and kiss her way down Nicole's body till she was before Nicole's pussy after spreading Nicole's legs… she didn't say anything as she went to lick and suck Nicole's bud while fingering her pussy roughly to really get Nicole to feel more.

Nicole really groans as she was loving these actions which caused her toes to curl a few times.

"That's right Nikki… enjoy this… may as well make this some you time." Yuki thought as she moved to slip her tongue into Nicole's pussy while she used a finger to vigorously rub Nicole's bud more and more.

"F-Fuck!" Nicole groans as she blushes brightly.

Yuki on her end looks really amused as she watched Nicole fidget and squirm thanks to her actions as Yuki moved to lick at Nicole's ass until…

Nicole groans loud before she throws her head back and climaxed on Yuki's face and tongue.

Yuki keeps on licking and eating out Nicole's holes while she rubs her bud and waits for her to ride out her orgasm.

Nicole's orgasm got stronger thanks to that before she finally taps off after 15 seconds while panting.

Yuki pulled away from Nicole's holes and licks her lips after wiping her face.

"Hehe, you really needed that… how you feeling Nicole?" Yuki said as she smirks at a panting Nicole.

"I-I feel… better." Nicole said with a lightly pleased look.

"Good… want to return the favor or get to the scissoring?" Yuki asked as she grins at Nicole.

Nicole giggles.

"L-Let's scissor."

Yuki grins as the scene went to a moment later with Yuki and Nicole kissing as they moan and rub their pussies together while Yuki used one hand to fondle Nicole's right breast as the other supported her body on the bed.

Nicole moans as she kissed Yuki back while rubbing Yuki's left breast with one paw while using the other for support.

This went on for a bit with the duo petting and pleasing one another until Yuki moans as she climaxed first on Nicole's pussy.

Nicole moans as she climaxed on Yuki's folds as well.

By the time the duo ride out their orgasms, they were panting for breath.

"W-Wow… hehe, reminds me of when we used to do this when we were younger… bit short and stuff but when you're in the wild hehe…" Yuki said when she smirks at Nicole.

"Y-Yeah… Good times." Nicole said.

"Hehe yeah… good thing we're well over 18 now… so… want to use toys or want me to form a cock to please this pussy's pussy." Yuki asked while she licks her lips when she gave Nicole a really lustful look.

Nicole blushes but was still under the influence of the wine.

"Your cock please."

Yuki chuckles as she moved to get away from Nicole and as she was on her knees… she focused and formed her cock from her bud… nuff said she made it extra big for Nicole when it was around 10 to 11 inches long and 3 in width and she looks at Nicole to see how well she would react to it.

Nicole blushes brightly when she looks at Yuki's cock while feeling her pussy get wet again.

Yuki smirks as she gestured for Nicole to approach while pointing at her cock.

Nicole blushes more before she got closer to the cloud woman.

Once this happened, Nicole could get a good look at Yuki's cock… it was large… fluffy… hey hard on a touch and Yuki groans as she lets Nicole get a good feel of her cock.

Nicole strokes Yuki's cock a few times before she leans on and starts licking it.

"Ohhhh… oh yeah… keep going." Yuki groans out as she pets Nicole on the head.

Nicole blushes a bit before she opens her mouth and takes Yuki's cock in.

Yuki groans when she felt that and really pets Nicole's head while she lightly thrusts her hips to have her cock work its way a bit deeper in Nicole's mouth.

Nicole lightly gags before she starts bobbing her head back and forth on Yuki's cock as she enjoys the taste.

Yuki really moans from this while she felt her cock throb as time went on, in no time she groans as she came hard in Nicole's mouth with a large amouth of sperm while Yuki clinched her free hand when she had a rather intense orgasm.

Nicole was surprised when she felt Yuki's cum filling her mouth before she starts drinking it down.

As Yuki rides out her orgasm, she shudders and groans when she tapped off.

"F-Fuck… really needed that." Yuki said as she watched Nicole drink her load and lick her cock clean.

"Hmmm… I'll say. Your cum was thick." Nicole said.

"Hehe… yeah, barely let other females see this cock sometimes… may as well consider yourself special… now… how do you want to get fucked?... on your back?... doggystyle?... lift and lowered on my cock?... against the wall with your hands on it while you present that sexy as to me?" Yuki asked while her cock was hard as iron despite the soft cloud-like appearance her cock had.

Nicole blushes at the options before she lays on her back and spread her legs to show Yuki her folds.

Yuki licks her lips and as she got over Nicole… she aimed her cock at her folds.

"Rough or gentle?" Yuki said while teasing Nicole when she tapped the head of her cock on Nicole's folds a few times.

Nicole blushes more.


Yuki smirks at this.

"Nice choice." Yuki said as she forces her cock deep in Nicole's pussy while she grits her teeth from how tight Nicole was but she didn't stop pushing her cock deep inside of Nicole's pussy until she felt the eager feline's cervix.

Nicole groans as she feels her friend's cock in her pussy before Nicole feels it trying to match the shape.

After a minute, Yuki groans and she moans while she thrusts her hips so her cock barraged Nicole's pussy in no time.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck!" Nicole groans as she felt how rough Yuki was being.

Yuki was being so rough that the bed was shaking from each thrust while she had a focused look on her face as she looks at Nicole to see how she was doing through all of this.

Nicole's face was looking fucked up as she was moaning loud with her tongue sticking out.

Yuki on her end smiles and just relaxed her control as she leaned down, groans as she kissed Nicole's lips surprisingly passionately, and floods her womb with sperm thanks to how long the duo were at it.

Nicole moans at the kiss before she returns it and hugs Yuki before climaxing as well while looking at the cloud woman's eyes.

It was hard to tell if anything else was in Yuki's eyes but there was serious lust and a drunk Nicole keeps on enjoying herself… next thing she knew… she woke up in bed with a groan while her memories of earlier were a bit… fuzzy… guess the wine was intense while an arm was draped over her body… she would have thought she was home but well… she saw a fancy looking roof over her head which showed this wasn't her home as some memories start to come back to her.

"Oh… God." Nicole said as she realized what happened before looking at the person that was with her.

It was Yuki and she was cuddling to Nicole with a content look on her face, Nicole's hips felt sore so the duo were at it for a good long while given the time was around 7 PM or so.

"Oh wow… who knew how late it was… Richard and the kids are probably worried." Nicole said.

Yuki stirs from her sleep as she opens her eyes.

"Hmmm?... wha?... oh hey Nikki… enjoy yourself earlier?" Yuki said as she rubs the sleep from her eyes and sat up in the bed.

Nicole blushes.

"Y-Yes. I did. You were amazing." She said while blushing.

Yuki smirks as she kissed Nicole on the lips for a moment.

"Thanks… you were not bad yourself… you really loosened up with a bit of wine… didn't expect you to be that flexible with ankles at your ears… what time is it?" Yuki said when she looks at the clock.

"7 huh?... wow been sleepin for awhile after a good fuck… wonder where Masami is." Yuki said as Musashi made himself know when he walked into the room though he looked a bit tired.

"Hello honey, heard the question just now, Masami is at that Gumball kids place for a sleepover when I heard from her when I picked up Masami and Nicole's kids by proxy when their father didn't pick them up from a lack of a car on his end… lets just say that Richard was rather… happy to help with this most likely to make up for what he did… anyway I gave Masami 40 dollars and after taking her to get some food and dropping the kids off, I came here which explains why I'm getting here just now, told Richard that Nicole was spending the night because my wife wanted to make up for some lost time with bonding and stuff so he thought it was just simple movies and stuff… oh how wrong he was with a beautiful sight like this before me… and just to make up for my actions… chocolates you two?" Musashi said while he had a box of chocolates with a note that said sorry on top.

Nicole blinks at the gesture as Yuki chuckles.

"Oh Musashi. Somehow I can't stay mad at you. Just remember to not be an ass okay?"

"Well… can't make any promises when it comes to me getting heated and stuff like that in the moment which makes me a bit hot headed but hey, top class chocolates for you and Nicole." Musashi said while scratching his cheek while he walked to the bathroom to get cleaned after getting undressed.

Yuki on her end smirks as she got a chocolate and looks at Nicole.

"Want to help really get Musashi tired out and we sleep again after?... your not expected home for tomorrow and I doubt Musahi will call you for that party until the afternoon so…" Yuki said when she smirks at Nicole… hey Musashi got some primo chocolates to make up for his actions so at least he is trying to be mannered and stuff.

Nicole did blush a bit.

"Well… he is trying so… guess I can help… reward him."

"Hehe… good… who knows, keep this up and if my training with Richard bears fruit… double date tag team of sorts?, just because Richard caused this issue doesn't mean he means real harm… last I checked guy is a lovable oaf of sorts and just needs some guidance and stuff." Yuki said when she grins at Nicole more while a shower was running.

Nicole blinks a bit after hearing that.

"That is true… you got yourself a double date."

"Hehe, good… now enjoy the chocolates otherwise I may hog them all from you… I must say they are good." Yuki said as she got another chocolate and passed it to Nicole and Yuki grabbed one for herself.

Nicole did took a bite of the chocolate before her eyes widened and sparkled when she tasted the texture.

Yuki giggles as she used a remote to look at the news while the weather channel was on, it showed that for the next few days it would be clear skies but thundering and raining on the weekends, perfect for a party time but relaxing at home after would be a safe thing.

"Hmmm… may need to make some plans in case I'm with Richard *Training* him and this storm happens… I'll need help to convince Musashi to either hire a baby sitter for the kids or keep an eye on them here since I'm sure you'll want to join me when I *Discipline* Your husband hehe." Yuki said when she air quotes the training and discipline words to show it was innuendo.

Nicole blushes at that.

"Well… I'm sure we'll think of something."

"Great… anyway anything interesting happen not about us and this strange situation your in?... heard Gumball met a new friend from Masami and stuff name… Clare I think?... saw Gumball and her at a movie theater for couples and stuff." Yuki said while she giggles at this.

Nicole couldn't help but giggles as she told Yuki what Gumball and Clare did along with Gumball's new luck at the movie theater.

"I will say though, Masami was a bit bummed by this but she is also a bit hopeful as well… she got over her Darwin phase because of Carrie dating him but since Gumball is technically single, hear Masami pepping herself up to try and ask Gumball out soon… could even be now and everything for all we know." Yuki said while Nicole was drinking some water on a nightstand but did a spit take at this.

"R-Really?" Nicole said as she was surprised at this info.

"Hehe, oh yeah, Masami was having dating issues lately, many just can't keep up with her and while I'm not insulting Gumball… well… he is pretty daring with all those incidents and everything." Yuki said while she grins at Nicole.

Nicole sweatdrops.

"No kidding." She said as she remembers the incidents.

"Indeed… honestly I approve if things do happen… reminds me of Musashi and myself a bit… though hopefully once Masami gets older age will mellow her out and everything." Yuki said when she smiles at Nicole.

Nicole smiles a bit.

"Well I don't know what will happen, but I'll wish Masami luck if things don't work out with Gumball and Clare."

"Hehe, or maybe she could try and date the two of them… saw Masami looking curiously at a few female friends of hers… guess she takes after me since well… I enjoy the sex we had so guilty of being bisexual hehe." Yuki said as she smirks at Nicole.

Nicole was surprised when she heard that before blushing.

"Yes well… like I said, can't predict the future but… if they can make my Gummypuss happy then I'll approve… just as long as Gumball treats them right."

"Hehe, good… though given things, Masami maybe the one with the job given that I doubt Gumball would have a stable job in the future after graduation… unless Musashi and I give him some pointers and stuff, either way enough about the future, may as well deal with the here and now." Yuki said when she flipped some channels to show a romantic movie in an adult channel with two people, a man and a woman having some intense sex after a romantic date.

Nicole blushes more when she saw this movie and the duo watched before they heard the shower turning off and a moment later, Musashi comes out with a towel around his waist.

Musashi had a fluffy body but it still looked powerful looking and even his towel couldn't hide his cock hanging low and he looks amused as he looks at the movie.

"Really Yuki?... trying to work me up with a sexy video?" Musashi said though contrary to his words, his cock was definitely getting hard thanks to the noises and seeing the nude forms of his wife and Nicole.

Nicole blushes when she saw this as Yuki chuckles.

"And you're telling me that it never works?" She said with a smirk.

"Fair enough." Musashi said as he removed his towel showing his nude body in full while his cock was iron hard.

Nicole blushes brightly as she looks at her boss's body and cock which surprising made her folds feel a bit wet.

Musashi looks amused by this and he approached the bed, after getting on it, he groans as Yuki went to lick and suck at Musashi's cock.

Nicole blushes at the duo before got close and was surprisingly licking Musashi's nipples before sucking one in her mouth.

Musashi groans from this as Yuki looks amused as she went to suck Musashi's cock when she opened her mouth wide.

Musashi groans from that action as Nicole continues to please his nipples though she did use one paw to fondle her boss's balls.

Musashi really groans from this as he enjoys what the two were doing and Yuki felt Musashi's cock throbbing as he got close.

Yuki felt this before she starts bobbing her head faster as Nicole kept rubbing Musashi's balls before Nicole starts licking his neck.

Musashi groans a moment later when he came hard in Yuki's mouth while his balls throbbed in Nicole's hand.

Yuki moans before she drinks down Musashi's cum as Nicole nips and suck a bit of her boss's neck as the duo wait for him to tap off.

One Musashi rides out his orgasm, he pants for breath as he watched Yuki lick his cock clean and he made sure not to rush things.

It took a bit before Yuki pulls away.

"Hmmm… another delicious load, Musashi." She said with a smirk.

Musashi chuckles as he got on the bed fully.

"Hehe, thanks… I try and make sure to be as backed up as I can for you beautiful ladies." Musahi said as he got on his back on the bed.

Nicole blushes as Yuki chuckles.

"Good to know. Maybe Nikki wants to have a first go with you." She said before she lightly pushes Nicole close to Musashi's chest as she blushes more before looking at him.

Musashi grins as he gripped Nicole's ass with his hands as he helped her sit on his lap while his cock poked at her ass.

Nicole shudders when she felt that before looking at her boss.

"Y-You're very… strong… Master." She said.

Musashi chuckles as he lifts Nicole's hips and his cock was aimed at her folds.

"Thank you my dear pet… time for a reward." Musashi said as he lowered Nicole and her pussy gobbled up Musashi's cock in no time.

Nicole groans as she felt that while Yuki was amused.

"F-Fuck… your cock is… h-huge." Nicole said as she actually had her arms around Musashi's neck.

Musashi grins as he had Nicole ride his cock while Yuki looks on as she watched Nicole's ass go up and down at a quick pace.

Yuki licks her lips at the sight as Nicole was groaning and moaning.

"O-Oh fuck Master!… Your cock is… i-incredible!" She groans as she continues to ride him.

"Hehe… and all for you right now my dear." Musashi said as he smacks Nicole's ass a few times when she slowed a bit.

Nicole groans again as she continues to ride her boss's cock as time passes though funny thing… seems she was getting close to his face but kept riding him nonetheless.

Musashi noticed and instead of saying anything, he surprised her with a kiss on her lips while he growls and floods her womb with sperm making her womb bloat as a result.

Nicole was surprised by that action before moaning loud as she climaxed on Musashi's cock.

After the duo ride out their orgasms, they rest on the bed for a moment while Musashi enjoyed the afterglow for a moment while Yuki approaches the duo.

"Hehe, nice show you two. Now it's my turn." Yuki said with a smirk.

As Nicole and Musashi look at her, Nicole got off Musashi's cock with a groan and Yuki moved to get over Musashi while she faced away from him while his cock was poking at her asshole.

Musashi smirks as he starts rubbing his cock on his wife's ass in a circular motion.

Yuki shuddered while she used a hand to aim Musashi's cock at her asshole and she lowered her body so she could take the cock deep in her ass.

Musashi groans as he feels his cock entering Yuki's ass.

Once Yuki got Musahi's cock balls deep in her ass, she starts to ride his cock vigorously while Nicole watched this happen as she watched Yuki take Musashi's cock easily without much issue.

Nicole was blushing brightly while feeling impressed at how bold Yuki was as Musashi was groaning a few times.

"Oh yes!... now this is a fucking cock." Yuki groans out while she rides Musashi's cock more and she moved to finger her folds vigorously to make her ass tighter.

"Hehe… and you have a great ass!" Musashi groans as he enjoys his wife's actions as time passes.

Nicole fidgets a bit before she gets close to Musashi with Yuki still facing away.

That's when the blue feline surprises her boss when she cups his cheeks and smash her lips on his.

Musashi was surprised by this and this caused him to fuck Yuki's ass harder as a result.

Yuki groans loud as she was caught off guard but went with it as she rides her husband's cock hard while Nicole kept the kiss going before she had her tongue fight Musashi's tongue.

After a minute of this with Yuki riding his cock and Nicole making out with him, Musashi groans as he floods his wifes ass with his load.

Yuki moans loud as her ass tightens on her husband's cock and climaxed hard as Nicole makes out with Musashi more as she had intense lust in her eyes.

Once Musashi rides out his orgasm, he pants for breath as he rests on the bed for a moment… nuff said it seemed he was about to pass out but the erect cock he had as Nicole and Yuki look at it… well… they were on all fours on both sides of Musashi and were licking the sides of his cock while the two women worked to alternate in sucking his cock every few licks.

"O-Oh fuck." Musashi groans as Nicole hums while enjoying the taste of her boss's cock.

Yuki hums on her end as well while she and Nicole worked to please Musashi's balls after a moment and Musashi's cock starts to throb as time goes on.

Musashi groans more before Nicole starts licking the head a few times before she opens her mouth and swallows it before she starts bobbing her head.

Musashi grits his teeth and he groans when he floods Nicole's mouth with sperm… after she got a few shots, Yuki moved to get where Nicole was when she took Musahi's cock into her mouth to drink her own share of sperm and Yuki waits for Musashi to tap off.

It wasn't long before Musashi finally taps off and was panting for breath.

After this happened, Yuki pulled her mouth off Musashi's cock and well… his cock got iron hard when he watched Yuki and Nicole kissing to try and steal one anothers loads from the others mouth.

Nicole and Yuki noticed that as they continue to make out.

Once they finished… well… thanks to this, Musashi got a burst of energy as he moved to fuck Nicole's ass while she was on all fours as Yuki takes a moment to get a drink after eating some chocolates.

"O-Oh yes Master! Fuck my ass hard!" Nicole groans as she was enjoying it.

Musashi snarls when he fought to keep from climaxing as he fucked Nicole's ass harder than ever while he used a hand to smack her ass a few times.

This caused Nicole to moan loudly as her ass tightens around Musashi's cock.

"F-Fuck! That's what I want. Fuck me more! Use all the cum in your balls and try to mark me as yours!" She groans with a fucked up look on her face thanks to the pleasure.

Musashi didn't mind and this would be a good tease moment for Nicole later but Musashi roars as Yuki came back in as she watched Musashi force his cock balls deep in Nicole's ass and floods her ass with sperm, making her stomach bloat a bit as a result.

"M-MASTER!" Nicole screams with ecstasy as she throws her head back before climaxing hard on Musashi's cock.

By the time the trio were done with their fun, Musashi was panting for breath while Nicole and Yuki laid next to him on both sides of his body.

"Hehe… gotta say Nicole, you really know how to have fun when you relax." Yuki said as she grins at Nicole.

Nicole blushes a bit.

"Yes I do… were you pleased… Master?" She said to Musashi.

Musashi was amused by this.

"Indeed." Musashi said as Yuki rolls her eyes.

"The master thing in sex is fun but out of it you don't have to call him that otherwise his ego would get bigger than it already is." Yuki said as she lightly poked Musashi's head a few times.

Musashi chuckles as Nicole felt embarrassed.


"Right indeed… lets get to sleep for real, may as well try and pick up the kids for school tomorrow and stuff." Yuki said when she grins at Nicole while she snuggled up to Musashi so she could sleep.

Nicole did agree before she actually snuggles closer to her boss.

Musashi chuckles as he closed his eyes… nuff said the scene shifted to the next day with Nicole and Yuki coming to pick up the kids for school in Nicole's car while Musashi left for work after everyone got clean and stuff.

Road to Elmore school/ Nicole's car front seat/ Nicole, Yuki/ Car's back seat/ Gumball, Anais, Darwin, Masami

"So kids, how was the sleepover?" Nicole asked while she kept her eyes on the road.

"Oh it was fine mom. We watched some movies and stuff." Gumball said.

"Hehe, good, hopefully you'll get along with Masami and stuff in the future… what about you and Anais?, have fun with the sleepover?" Nicole asked while she looks at the two other children in the rear view mirror for a moment.

"Eh, it was okay. But Masami was fun when we beat Gumball and Darwin at some games." Anais said with a chuckle as Gumball rolls his eyes.

"You two got lucky."

"Hehe, sure, and I have clumsy feet…" Masami said as she floated around without legs and stuff while high fiving Anais which showed she was being sarcastic.

"Oh wait till next time!" Darwin said with a competitive look on his face while he shadow boxed in his seat.

"Yeah!" Gumball said as Yuki chuckled.

"I take it you enjoyed the sleepover Masami?"

"Eh it was alright… had to keep Gumball's dad from the snacks during the movie and stuff but otherwise was OK." Masami said while she looks at her mother.

Nicole sighs.

"Sorry for that. Nothing can stop Richard when it comes to food in general."

"I wouldn't be too sure, when he saw a bib near the food he paled a bit and left the room… not sure why though." Masami said when she must have not heard of the details of the… dishonor… that Richard did… puking wasn't a pleasant talk to discuss after all though Darwin had a comical depressed cloud over his head when bibs were mentioned.

Gumball pats his brother's back.

"You don't want to know… trust me."

Masami blinks at this while she shrugged at the roundabout way of talking and Masami chalked it up to Gumball and Darwin's usual antics backfiring against them or something… technically she was mentally right and stuff…

The car ride was pleasant before the group made it to the school.

Once the group was dropped off, Nicole opened the car window and gave Gumball, Darwin, and Anais 10 bucks each.

"Here, for lunch money and other stuff, try and not spend it all in one day alright?" Nicole said while she smiles at her kids.

"Okay mom." The trio said as Yuki gave her daughter some cash.

"Have fun today sweetie."

"Thanks mom, have fun today on your end, heard Dad is hosting a party later and while the adults have their own party… though I got no details… heard Dad is inviting a lot of my friends for one big Arcade adventure and stuff." Masami said while she looks at Gumball, Darwin, and Anais.

Anais blinked a bit as Darwin and Gumball had excited looks.

"Are we invited too?!" Darwin said.

"I don't know… will you flood my home again and stuff?" Masami said when she raised an eyebrow at Gumball and Darwin mainly.

The duo jolt.

"N-No of course not." They said.

"Hmmm…" Masami hums as Yuki chuckles.

"Oh don't worry, the party may start at our home but both parties will be held in separate locations, I say invite them for fun and games Masami, you did have fun at their sleepover after all." Yuki said while she smiles at her daughter.

Masami was thoughtful before she saw Darwin and Gumball being on their knees while silently in begging mode.

Gumball even up the ante by making his cute begging face which caused Masami to lightly blush.

"Okay okay. You're invited."

Gumball and Darwin cheer as the jump up and danced a bit though Masami gave the duo a half lidded look.

"Try and not get too excited, arcade or not, the place is a pretty classy place we're going to, bring a tux or something that you can change into… not sure about the Arcade and stuff but pretty sure you'll want a fancy outfit for later." Masami said making Gumball dance more as Darwin froze… Gumball did have a nice suit when he tried to wow Penny and in other moments but where would he get one?

"But I don't have a suit." Darwin said.

"Not my problem, may want to rent a tux for a day or get one from some kind of shop… you could probably just wear dance shoes and pass it off as a decent outfit… you don't wear pants or a shirt after all." Masami said while she floats from Darwin.

"Don't worry Darwin. We'll think of something." Gumball said.

"Yeah, don't worry man… if nothing else you could borrow Gumball's dress shoes and Gumball could just go barefooted as usual." Anais said while she nudged Gumball a couple times.

"Hmmm… could work… Since I hardly wear shoes." Gumball said.

"Nice idea kids, good luck in class." Nicole said as she drove away from the others with Yuki relaxing in her seat.

"Well that went well. Kinda funny when Masami caved in on your son's cute face." Yuki said with a smirk.

"Hehe, yeah, still wonder who would get Gumball in the end or if he may have more than one girlfriend… should be interesting to see years from now." Nicole said while she giggles a bit as she looks at Yuki.

"So… do I drop you off at my place while I head to work?" Nicole said when she slowed to a stop near a stoplight.

Yuki smirks more.

"If you want to. Unless you want me to tell Musashi to let you take a day off."

"Hmmm… nah I already technically did when I had fun with you and Musashi yesterday, doubt I can get two days off in a row and not have issues." Nicole said while she rubs her head while she drives to her place to drop Yuki off.

"Hehe, true. So sure. Drop me off at your house. And if Musashi starts acting like an ass again, tell me immediately. I know how to reign him in." Yuki said.

"You got it, anyway see you later Yuki… try and go a bit easy on Richard for the first day since well… he isn't exactly one to move around and stuff." Nicole said while she parked her car before her home.

"Hehe, I'll try but… won't make it easy but… once I'm done with him, he'll be an unstoppable sex machine. Maybe one day, he'll dominate you." Yuki said while chuckling.

Nicole blushed though she did give this warning as Yuki got out of the car.

"Just a warning, try and make sure he doesn't get out of control when he gets buff and stuff… last time this happened, Gumball and Darwin had to go catch him and stuff." Nicole said while she shudders at all of the… selfies Richard used at the time.

Yuki blinks a bit after hearing that.

"Uh okay sure. I'll keep a lookout if that happens."

"Good… doubt it would happen in one day, just saying if Richard starts to get selfies with you… maybe too late… anyway have a fun time Yuki… and feel free to put your foot down if Richard causes you issues… not much of a fighter but he is durable so no need to be gentle." Nicole said as she got ready to drive away and after having Yuki lean down and Nicole surprising her with a kiss, Nicole drove away from the Watterson house.

Yuki was a bit surprised by that kiss before chuckling as she heads towards the door and knocks on it.

Though comically enough Mr. Robinson was watering some flowers and saw this and his jaw dropped when he saw Nicole kiss Yuki… and Yuki heading to the front door… nuff said he was further surprised when Yuki entered with swaying hips and Mr. Waterson hums as he moved to get a video camera… thanks to Rocky he learned how to record things and when he snuck over with an evil chuckle, he peeked in through the window to see Yuki walking in front of Richard who looks nervously at Yuki.

"Hehe, hello Richard… I take it you know why I'm here and hope you got cleaned from top to bottom." Yuki said when she smirks at Richard and his nervousness.

"Y-Yes ma'am. Scrubbed myself very hard." Richard said while feeling more nervous.

"Good… and good thing I brought a rather… unique outfit for our fun time… just let me get changed… oh and by the way… after our fun time… its going to be hellish training time and Nicole warned me about you getting an ego… nuff said I won't be as kind as your children so if you get conceited if you gain muscle… well…" Yuki said as she got some nuts from a bowl that Richard had and well… she crushed it open destroying the shell and she put the two nuts in her mouth and bit down… hard… making both Richard, and Mr. Robinson who peeked shudder at the meaning.

"Y-Yes ma'am." Richard said as he really didn't want to lose his nuts.

"Good… I'll be right back so either get undressed or stay comfy, will take a bit for me to get ready." Yuki said as she walked from Richard after pulling a bag from a side pocket of her suit and walked upstairs while her ass sways a bit while Richard blushed and Mr. Robinson… well… he had an interesting thought right now given how Richard had a beautiful wife now had Yuki seemingly coming onto him and Nicole kissed Yuki… was there something going on?... either way it was like the beautiful women were going to Richard all of a sudden to him.

'This is bullshit.' Mr. Robinson thought as Richard gulps before he starts undressing himself.

Though before more could be seen, the scene fades to black for now… don't worry dear readers, won't skip the lemon, just saving it for the start of next time when Yuki's fun with Richard starts, and next chapter will have more Gumball moments with romance… though given Masami's blush at him and other things… maybe there be a soon to be love triangle or maybe a small harem for Gumball?... either way find out next time on how things will happen in Rebound love!

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