A Gumball and Clare Love Story @atomskthepirateking
Chapter 2

The scene opens to show TME and Atomsk while they were busy talking details.

"Ok, given we can't use a lemon with Gumball and Clare yet, think we should just stick with Nicole and Richard or want to go to random couples when we need to fill out the 25 page mark?" TME asked as he looks at Atomsk.

"Hmmm… why not both? Can even do a partner switch." Atomsk said.

"Like Richard and Musashi VS Yuki and Nicole?" TME said with a curious look on his face.

"Yeah. Like in your Nicole in Heat fic." Atomsk said.

"Right… still need to set things up for that in a classy way or something, either that or we could have Things start out… well that would be a spoiler… still this is Gumball and Clare's story, not those four so let's just have them as side plots and stuff to fill in gaps." TME suggests for now.

"Eh, works for me. Besides, readers are here." Atomsk said as he points to the readers.

"Yup, so people as you can see the b plot of this story or the lemons will be mainly Nicole and Yuki with their husbands while Gumball and Clare have the kid level love building for now soon so no… no lemons with Gumball yet… well not unless future versions of Gumball and Clare appear for some reason but that is an idea that will have to be mulled over first before it possibly happens or not." TME said as he looks thoughtful.

"Indeed. So want to just start the chap now?" Atomsk said.

"Hmmm… one thing first, dear readers, right now I'm trying to make a and currently it's being reviewed by the people so I can fine tune things, hopefully after all that I can get a better way of getting cash since I need a source of Income, this will also help with Atomsk and I writing more since this is technically donating to keep us going strong and stuff, I'll announce more in the future if I iron things out if the thing is accepted or not… hopefully it will be." TME said with a worried look on his face.

"Yeah so… fingers crossed guys and hope it gets accepted." Atomsk said with hope.

"Yeah, anyway we should start with Gumball and Clare… been awhile so… what was the last place we left off?, Need to read the last chapter later to see where we need to start." TME said while he looks confused and tired… he was having sleep issues right now so memory wasn't his strong suit… not like it was but he was below average now from lack of sleep.

"Well last chap, Penny moved away which made Gumball sad, then he started being friends with Clare after her breakup with her boyfriend and now the ex is plotting something against Gumball, plus Richard and Nicole had their lemon." Atomsk said.

"Right… want to start a day or two after to help Gumball and Clare build up as friends?, Maybe go to a movie and we pull a Dr. Recktor or whoever Gumballs nemesis name is and Clare's Ex would fail in his attempts to foil the date but accidentally causes the date to get better and better and stuff?" TME suggests to Atomsk.

Atomsk chuckles.

"Works for me. Let's go for that."

"Great." TME said as he snapped his fingers and the scene went to two days after Gumball and Clare's first hang out session to Gumball walking up to Clare with a smile.

Elmore/ Jr. high school/ hallway/ Gumball

"Hey Clare." Gumball said as he approached Clare as she was getting a book from her locker.

"Hey Gumball. How's it going?" Clare said after closing her locker.

"Pretty good, listen Clare, I managed to get some movie tickets to this new movie coming out and wondered if you want to come with Darwin is planning on going to an eating contest with dad that day so I have an extra ticket so…" Gumball said as he held an extra ticket towards Clare if she wanted to take it while Jared was about to turn the corner and stopped and hid behind the corner and heard all of this happen… was Gumball asking Clare on a date!?

Clare blinks a bit after hearing that.

"Hold on… is this a date?"

Gumball blushed brightly at that.

"W-What?, No I mean sure I'm asking you to go to a movie with me but it's more like friends, not like you would be a bad person to date it's just that…" Gumball said before he starts rambling and actually lit up the hall with how bright his blush was and Clare and Jared around the corner had to squint a bit to look directly at Gumball.

Clare couldn't help but giggle.

"Okay okay. Sorry. Sure I'll go to the movies with you."

Gumball sighs in relief from Clare not teasing him as she takes a ticket from Gumball.

Once that happens, Gumball smiles at Clare.

"Great, the movie is happening in a couple days, see you later Clare." Gumball said before he ran off from Clare while sounding rather happy about how things went.

Clare couldn't help but giggle again.

"Well… he is kinda cute when happy."

This cause Jared to fume while feeling jealous and as he walked away while making sure he wasn't seen, he smiles evilly at a thought he had.

'Just you wait Gumball. My vengeance will come back 10 fold.' Jared thought as he mentally laughed.

Though as he left, a distance away from the Jr. High school, Rob shuddered when he felt some kind of disturbance.

"*Shiver* whoa… feels like someone just busted in on my groove… not sure why I said that though." Rob said as he was getting groceries and stuff.

Back with Gumball a day later…

He triple checked the ticket he had and made sure to put it away for safe keeping while Darwin was carrying a large bib.

"Hey Darwin, whats the bib for?, isn't the eating contest Dad in tomorrow?" Gumball said while Darwin smiles at his brother.

"Oh it is, this is a spare just in case he accidentally eats his first one again… happened before so Mom gave me a few to pack in some bags just in case." Darwin said while he walked away from Gumball a bit more before Darwin turned around for a moment.

"Oh and good luck on your date tomorrow." Darwin said with a teasing look in his eyes before he walked away from Gumball again.

Gumball blushes brightly.

"It's not a date!" He said.

"Sure its not hehe." Darwin said as he walked down the stairs and out of Gumball's sight and Darwin chuckles a bit which fades from Gumballs earshot.

"It's not a date. It's just me and Clare alone in a movie theater." Gumball said to himself.

Though Anais walking by overheard that.

"Isn't that a date though if a boy and girl go to see a movie pretty much themed after action and romance?" Anais said when she grabs Gumball's ticket and points out that the title was one that was a mix of action, romance, with some comedy in the mix as well and raised an eyebrow as she points at the title a couple times.

Gumball blushes again.

"N-No. Clare and I are just friends."

"Right… and the clothes you have set out for tomorrow don't scream, new look for a Date?" Anais said when she points at some new clothing Gumball had that looked tasteful and thanks to it being on sale, Nicole was able to buy it for Gumball on the condition that Gumball use it for more besides the date… past teasing with Nicole and Gumball already gone over more or less…

Gumball blushes more.

"I-It just new clothes." He said while sweating a bit nervously from the teasing.

Anais shrugged before she puts the ticket back and walked away while Gumball was pretty much bombarded by thoughts of many suggesting that this was a date… was this a date?

'N-No… can't be a date… right?... Clare and I are just hanging out as friends… right?' Gumball thought.

Though thanks to all the teasing he was getting self conscious since Clare may think this was a date despite what she said earlier.

Gumball quickly shook his head.

"What am I thinking? All that teasing had just gone to my head. I'm just gonna meet Clare at the movies and we're gonna have a great time… as friends."

Though thanks to all the teasing he got, as the day went to the time with the movie starting and Gumball approaching the theater… he saw Clare and his heart beats in his chest when she wore a cute dress with long sleeves that hid her hands and a small jacket on while she wore simple shoes… it was a small change but one that was a shocker given how she was normally dressed.

"H-Hey Clare." Gumball said as he lightly blushes for a moment.

Clare looks over at Gumball and smiles lightly at him.

"Hey Gumball, nice outfit you got." Clare said when she got a good look at his new outfit in full.

Gumball was seen wearing nice looking blue jeans, a black shirt that showed a flaming pegasus and finally a red jacket.

"Thanks. You look nice too." He said.

Clare smiles and as the duo approached the ticket booth, Jared popped his head out from around the corner while he grins evilly as he held a movie ticket in hand.

"Hehe, good luck trying to get in there without that ticket Watterson." Jared said while he chuckles evilly as Gumball reached into his pocket for his ticket and found it missing for some reason.

"What the?... My ticket is gone. I swear I had it with me." Gumball said.

Jared chuckles evilly when he remembers him stealing the ticket from Gumball's pants when he snuck into his house while Gumball was in the shower.

He was chuckling more but was surprise when the Ticket Vendor passed him a new ticket.

"Here, today we have a special for couples, buy one ticket get another free." The vendor said with a smile after Clare passed her ticket to the vendor.

Gumball blushes brightly after hearing the couple part.

"U-Um well…" He tried to say before looking at Clare for help.

Clare giggles a bit when she heard this.

"Well… to keep the ticket I better say we are a couple here hypothetically right?" Clare said while the Ticket vendor giggles.

"Yup, otherwise I would hypothetically have to take the ticket back and here is the price of a ticket on the day of the viewing instead of a few days ago." The Vendor said while she showed the price of the ticket to Gumball and his eyes widened comically at the price.

'I can't afford that!' Gumball thought before he actually had his arm around Clare.

"Then yes. We're a couple."

Clare blinks and actually blushed a little while Jared fumes up a storm while the Ticket Vendor smiles.

"Great, enjoy the movie you two lovebirds." The vendor said when she gestured for the two to enter the movie theater and as they did, Jared used Gumball's ticket to follow them inside while avoiding their sight.

Gumball made sure that the coast was clear before looking at Clare.

"I am so sorry for that. But I couldn't afford that other ticket."

Clare calms herself while smiling at Gumball.

"No worries, I would do the same if the reverse happened, I mean did you see that inflated price?, what was that?, highway robbery?" Clare said before she and Gumball laugh a bit at the joke.

"I know right hehe… but still, I don't know what happened to my other ticket. Maybe it slipped out when I wasn't looking." Gumball said.

"Maybe, but hey, free ticket to get in the movie… relatively speaking… anyway want to get some snacks?" Clare said as Jared watched the duo head towards the snack stands while Jared growls while he pulled out a gumball candy from his pocket, lined up a shot, and he fired it which caused the gumball to fall in front of the Cat with the same name and that caused Gumball to fall back like Charlie brown missing the football with an audible agh and Clare looked worried as she knelt down to Gumball.

"Gumball!, are you alright?" Clare said while Gumball rubbed his back.

"U-Ugh… yeah… I think so…" Gumball said as an employee came by with a worried look on their face.

"Oh my goodness, are you alright?" the employee said as he helped Gumball to his feet.

Gumball groans.

"I-I think so. I somehow slipped on something."

"Well I'm not sure what happened, maybe a customer dropped some candy or maybe an employee… either way if you don't press charges I'll let you take as much snack food for your movie as you want, I'm the owner of this place and I really don't want others to think we are filthy and stuff, we clean this place from top to bottom daily." The now identified somewhat Manager said as he looked really worried now.

Gumball blinked a bit after hearing that before looking at Clare to see if they should take the deal.

Clare blinks at that and raised her hands defensively.

"Hey don't look at me, this is your call, you tripped dude." Clare said when she wondered why Gumball looked at her.

Gumball lightly sweatdrops before looking at the owner.

"Well… don't want you to go through the trouble but… can't say no to free snacks."

The Manager looks relieved while Jared had a dropped jaw when watched as Gumball and Clare carried a MASSIVE basket filled with junkfood, two massive sodas for their use, AND one massive bucket of popcorn.

'I don't believe this!' Jared thought as Gumball chuckled.

"Wow… whenever something bad happens, good things just pop out."

"Yeah, better hope nothing bad happens that could get the movie ruined and stuff." Clare said and as Gumball and Clare left, Jared felt a hand touch his shoulder and he looks to see Rob.

"Hey, saw what you did… first time terrorizing Gumball?" Rob said with a half lidded look on his one good eye as he stands tall with a drink in one hand and a bucket of popcorn in another.

"Uh… yeah. Who are you?" Jared said.

"Lets just say that I have been where you are but for different reasons most likely if you are having girl troubles… all I can say is good luck but don't expect to cause him much pain or issues anytime soon… I used to be Gumball's nemesis for a time and lets just say all my plans to cause Gumball pain backfired in some way shape or form… its like the world doesn't want anything long lastingly bad to happen to him… so even if you are a kid… welcome to hell if you want to continue even after this warning." Rob said as he walked away from Jared while sipping on a soda and got some popcorn from the snack counter and left the lobby when he went to a different movie then Gumball and Clare.

Jared was greatly confused after hearing this but shook his head.

'Warning or not… I'm gonna get my girl back… by any means necessary.' He thought.

Though as that happened, he went into the movie theater to at least watch the movie and brainstorm some things… he didn't want to get kicked out and stuff and while this went on… the scene went from Gumball and Clare to Nicole herself at her work… the catch is she was bent over her bosses desk, Musashi Yoshida, was fucking her pussy which caused Nicole to moan and groan thanks to Musashi having soundproof walls in his office while he had his hands on her hips while he had her skirt pulled up and his cock was freed from his pants while he kept them on. (Again looked on the Wikia and unless this changes Musashi is a original name, not canon)

How this happened was anyones guess but luckily it will be explained as the scene flashed back to a few hours ago...

Flashback/ Rainbow factory/ Nicole

Right now in the flashback, Nicole was working at her desk while she was humming a bit, thanks to Richard being out of the house earlier than usual with Darwin thanks to the eating contest, being held by Mr. Yoshida by the way, Nicole was in a good mood since she doubted Richard would lose and get first place.

Though what that prize was was anyone's guess, for now Yuki appeared near Nicole to make some small talk at the moment since Nicole looked like she was in a rather good mood.

"Hello Nicole, seems you are in a good mood, normally I see you here with a rather tired look sometimes, something good happens?" Yuki asked when she smirked at her friend.

Nicole chuckled a bit.

"Well Yuki, Richard is out of the house today to enter an eating contest and Gumball is having a little… hehe date with a new friend."

Yuki chuckles at this.

"I heard, Richard entered the eating contests and many dropped out of it since many couldn't take Richard, not many have a stomach as trained as his… as for Gumball… interesting, who is his new girlfriend?" Yuki said while she moved to sit at the edge of the desk for a moment to relax.

Nicole chuckles again.

"Her name's Clare and they became friends after experiencing some… bad breakups. She's a very sweet girl. If you see them together you can see how cute they look even though Gumball will tend to say that they're just friends but even I can see something happening."

"I see, I'll have to visit later then and ask more details… oh and more details on your hubby in the nightlife, saw you a few days ago with a pretty satisfied look on your face so I'm wondering how good Richard is if he can please you." Yuki teased when she grins at Nicole.

Nicole jolts a bit after hearing that.

"Oh geeze… was I that obvious?" She said as she lightly blushes.

"Well normally no but guess the nice moment with your son caused you to lose your composure it seems… don't worry I can keep a secret, for now see you later Nicole." Yuki said as she gets up and walked away from Nicole with swaying hips.

Nicole blushes again when she saw Yuki's hips before she calls Yuki.


"Yeah?" Yuki said when she looks at Nicole with a curious look.

"Well… if you want to know about RIchard… guess there's no harm in telling you." Nicole said as she blushes lightly.

Yuki blinks at that and smirks.

"Nice, I'll talk with you later then Nicole, better brace yourself for my questions later." Yuki teased as she walked out of sight.

Nicole blushes again after hearing that before she went back to work.

Though after 30 minutes or so, Musashi slammed his door open and had an angered look on his face.

"MRS. WATTERSON!... may I see you in my office… NOW!" Musashi ordered when he looks at Nicole with a look that dared her to argue.

Nicole jolts before getting up.

"Y-Yes sir." She said but didn't know why her boss was angry.

Once she was inside and Musashi slammed the door shut and looked at Nicole as she took a seat while he was sitting at his desk a moment later.

"Before I start and stuff on why you are in here… first off congratulations… should let you know your husband won the eating competition… so some good news there… however… the moment after he was announced the winner is where things go south so fast I'm surprised I didn't fire you by just throwing you out without saying anything…" Musashi said while he growled the last part out as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Nicole pales after hearing that last part.

"B-But Mr. Yoshida what happened?"

"You want to know what happened?... very well… fair man… well during the eating contest your husband somehow ingested a number of bibs during the contest while your fish son, Darwin if I remember right, kept putting them on your father… admirable given how fast your husband was eating things… now while many were shocked, sickened and horrified since many good eaters went down like men… some women as well… it was AFTER the contest that things went south… your husband's stomach grumbled quite a bit near the prize giver and he puked so hard that he knocked the giver off the stage and onto another prize giver for second place next to the third place prize giver… now I am a fair guy… if you and your husband could foot the medical bills somehow with the two I could have paid it off myself for not having bibs forbidden at the contest… however one of them was a FORIGN GOVERNMENT DIPLOMAT FROM MY HOME COUNTRY!... DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF A DISGRACE IT WAS WHEN HE FOUND OUT THAT THE WIFE OF AS HE QUOTES…. THAT SICKENING SLOB OF A MAN WORKS AT MY FACTORY!?... I HAD TO PAY A LOT OF MONEY IN ORDER TO NOT GET SUED SINCE THIS WAS A CONTEST I HELD!" Musashi said before he roared that last bit and like Masami when angered, his cloudy body darkened and he puffed up a bit while threatening to bust free of his business suit.

Nicole's eyes widened greatly after hearing that.

"Oh dear God… Mr. Yoshida I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

"Indeed… well I am a fair man… so after I show you how much I had to pay from my own pockets… we can work out a deal of sorts that I doubt you'll pass on unless you want to get fired instantly… I would do worse to you but since you are Yuki's friend I don't want her anger in the long term… better consider it well and consider yourself lucky since your husband caused this amount of cash to be paid…" Musashi said as he wrote on a slip of paper and passed it to Nicole and after she read the number her eyes widened and the sound of dishes breaking was heard.

"DAMMIT RICHARD!" Nicole screams.

Musashi covered his ears with a half lidded look while he waits for Nicole to vent for a minute and when she was done she sat in her chair again when she was much calmer and Musashi uncovered his ears and waits for Nicole to recover.

"Sorry sir… but now I have to give my husband an earful when I see him." Nicole said.

"Well that will either have to wait or be soon depending on the deal we make." Musashi said with a stoic look on his face.

Nicole sighs.

"Whatever it is sir… I'll do it. I really need this job."

"You sure?, its long term and it would employ less than savory methods… simply put I want you to be my fucktoy at work or at my own call after work… obviously I'm a fair man who can hold off since I have my wife and can hold off a few days or from emergencies… but unless you have other options that I'm open for or somehow win the lottery in the next few minutes, I don't see why I should keep you here… I could even help give a recommendation for a new job but I doubt it would pay as much as your current job and I would give a bit of cash for the fun… though keyword on bit… you do OWE me a lot of money so if you accept you would be making less than even street corner hookers I heard about in other unsavory places." Musashi said with a look that shows he was serious.

Nicole, though surprised, was thoughtful for a bit though she couldn't think of any options.

"I accept the deal." She said.

Musashi smirks.

"You sure?... you would be sleeping with another man besides your husband after all." Musashi said with an amused tone as he enjoyed watching Nicole squirm a bit under his gaze when he eyed her figure.

"Like I said sir, I need this job. So I'll do whatever you say." Nicole said.

"Good… then place sit on the desk after spreading your legs and rub your folds while keeping your panties on… I want to watch you masturbate… doubt you want to walk out naked so keep your clothes on." Musashi ordered while he relaxed in his chair.

Nicole gulps a bit after hearing that before she did as her boss requested as was now on Musashi's desk and was now masterbating in front of him.

Musashi smirks as he watched this go on while a massive bulge starts to form in his pants while the scene went back to the present.

Present/ Musashi's office/ Nicole, Musashi

After that, everything else that happened with just Nicole rubbing herself to an orgasm and now Musashi was fucking her intensely while he had his hands on her hips, after a minute or two he smacked Nicole's ass hard to really mess with her while his cock barraged her cervix again and again.

"M-Mr. Yoshida!" Nicole groans as she said his name.

Musashi chuckles and he gripped the back of Nicole's head fur.

"Musashi… thats my name… either call me that or call me Master Musashi or Master Yoshida." Musashi ordered in a dominating way as he forced Nicoles head against the desk as he fucked Nicole harder.

Nicole groans loudly from that action.

"M-Master… Musashi!"

Musashi chuckles though he noticed someone approaching his office but smirks when he didn't move from where he was as the door opened and Yuki walked in while she was looking in her purse.

"Hey Honey, sorry for…" Yuki said as she looks at the scene before her while the door closed.

"What the?" Yuki said as Nicole's eyes widened when she saw Yuki at the door.

Musashi chuckles when he saw this and Yuki, after she got her bearings, smirks as Musashi fucked Nicole more.

"Interesting, looks like the prediction I made came true after hearing about what happened at the Eating contest… so Musashi… given how you are fucking a friend of mine… planning on sharing and stuff?" Yuki said with a teasing grin as she moved to sit on the chair where Nicole used to sit and actually watched her husband as he fucked Nicole more.

Nicole was shocked when she heard that.

"H-Huh?!" She groans.

"What?, did you think I would be mad?, honestly this is pretty interesting and I always did wonder how good you taste Nicole…" Yuki teased as she licks her lips while Musashi growls in a pleased way at the thought and fucked Nicole harder as a result.

Nicole groans louder when she felt that.

"O-Oh fuck!"

Yuki licked her lips and she moved to lock the door, after that she moved to get undressed and sat on her seat and went to masturbate before Nicole and Musashi.

Nicole blushes brightly when she sees her friend do that while groaning and moaning more from how rough her boss was before Nicole felt her pussy tighten on Musashi's cock.

This caused Musashi to smack Nicole's ass more while Yuki moans at how dominating her husband was when he fucked Nicole more.

Nicole moans loudly from that action before her face starts to look fucked up.

A couple minutes pass and after that happened, Musashi pushed his cock balls deep into Nicole and roars when he flooded her womb with his cloudy load.

Nicole's moans very loud with her tongue sticking out as she climaxed hard on top of Musashi's cock.

As Musashi and Nicole rides out his orgasm, he tapped off with a groan and pulled his cock free of Nicole's pussy which caused his load to leak from her folds.

Nicole, after tapping off, shudders a bit as she can feel her boss's load leaking out while panting as she blushes brightly.

Yuki chuckles as she looks at Musashi.

"I take it you enjoyed her pussy greatly hun?" Yuki said while she smirks at Musashi.

Musashi chuckles.

"Hehe, oh yeah dear. Her pussy was very tight."

"Good, I'm hoping for a round or two next while you recover." Yuki teasingly said as she stands up.

Musashi grins.

"Why of course dear. I would never leave you out of the fun."

"Good… hey Nicole… got a surprise to show you." Yuki said with a sensual tone to her voice.

Nicole, after recovering, looks up.


All Yuki did was smirk as she formed a massive 10 to 11 inch cock and 3 in width, she was a bit smaller than Musashi who was at the 12 inch mark while he was 4 in width.

Nicole's eyes widened when she saw Yuki's cock before blushing brightly.

Yuki licked her lips and after gripping Nicole's head fur, she gave this order as she forced her cock in Nicole's mouth.

"Suck my cock bitch, I might as well play the Mistress teaching the bad kitty a lesson." Yuki said with a grin on her face now before she facefucked Nicole in no time.

Nicole, thought shocked, gags a few times as she tries to adjust having Yuki's cock in her mouth.

Yuki moans lightly as she enjoyed how good Nicole's mouth felt and she forced Nicole to deepthroat her cock while Musashi looks on while he watched his wife dominate Nicole.

Musashi felt turned on at the sight as Nicole gags more before she starts sucking Yuki's cock on her own.

Yuki stopped moving her hips and lets Nicole go to see if she would do things on her own.

Nicole continues to suck Yuki's cock as she bobs her head back and forth before using her paw to finger Yuki's folds.

Yuki groans more from that as she played with her breasts.

"That's right… keep going Nicole… fuck its been awhile… quick shot on the first load." Yuki said when Nicole could feel Yuki's cock throbbing in her mouth as time went on already.

That made Nicole bob her head faster while fingering Yuki's pussy more.

It took a minute or two of Yuki letting her cock get sucked before she tossed her head back and groans when she came hard in Nicole's mouth which made Nicole's cheeks puff a bit.

Nicole was surprised at how much cum Yuki let out before she starts swallowing it as she continues to finger Yuki's pussy to make her climax more.

This helped Yuki ride out her orgasm and when she tapped off, she pulled her cock free of Nicole's mouth to let Nicole breath and stuff.

Seems Nicole was able to swallow the rest of the cum as she pants for breath while feeling a bit heated.

"D-Did… Mistress… e-enjoy it?"

Yuki and Musashi blinks at the words and Yuki smirks.

"Oh… she did… and will enjoy more… get ready since your Master and I will be fucking your ass and pussy as a team… you recover enough to do that Musashi?" Yuki said when she looks at Musashi.

"Hehe… oh yes dear. I'm ready for more." Musashi said as his cock was hard again.

"Good… be a good boy and maybe I'll let you fuck me even after walking in on this and you being mean enough to not invite me in on the fun first." Yuki said which showed she wasn't mad persay, just a bit irked that Musashi didn't think to invite her to the fun and would have hogged Nicole to himself if she didn't walk in on them.

Musashi chuckles nervously.

"Y-Yes dear. Whatever you say."

"Good." Was all Yuki said and in no time, Yuki was laying on Musashi's desk while Nicole rides Yuki's cock and Musashi was fucking her ass relentlessly while Yuki thrusts her cock up into Nicole at a similar pace so her holes were barraged again and again while Yuki fondles Nicole's breasts and Musashi gripped Nicole's wrists and pulled back on them to keep her from moving.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck!" Nicole groans loudly as she felt both of her holes getting pounded.

As this went on, Yuki chuckles when she grins at Nicole while she keeps on fucking Nicole.

"H-Hehe… what would Richard think if he saw this?... would he be sad?... angry?... or would he join in by fucking that slutty mouth of yours!" Yuki said with a lustful tone to her voice as she fucked Nicole harder.

Nicole moans more loudly as her face looked very pleased.

"I-I… don't know… or care… J-Just keep… f-fucking me!" She moans as her face got fucked up again while looking lustful as well.

Yuki smirks when fucked Nicole more.

"W-Well then… why not you and I make a deal… let me fuck your husband and in turn I'll train him so he will last in bed and stuff if he can't get you to act like this!" Yuki teased while she made sure to hold her impending orgasm back as long as she could while Musashi grits his teeth as he did the same as he pounds Nicole's asshole harder.

Nicole kept moaning and groaning loudly before she was able to speak up.

"F-Fuck yes!... D-Do what you want with Richard!"

"Good… here is your reward!" Yuki growled out and fucked Nicole harder and Musashi did the same before she and Musashi roar as they filled Nicole's holes with sperm and her stomach and womb bloat with great force as a result.

Nicole moans loudly as she tossed her head back which gives Musashi a good view of her fucked up face before Nicole climaxed hard on the duo's cocks.

After the trio ride out their orgasms, Musashi and Yuki pant for breath and Musashi lets go of Nicole and she collapsed on Yuki and their breasts press together, Yuki had wide hips and soft D cup breasts… felt like Nicole was laying on a really soft mattress right now.

Nicole had panted a few times as she had a deep blush on her face.

"O-Oh fuck… A-Amazing." She said.

"Hehehe, thanks, but Musashi and I are just getting started." Yuki said as she grins at Nicole while Musashi did the same.

Nicole sees the looks before looking at Yuki.

"T-That's fine… I want more."

Yuki smirks and she and Musashi gave Nicole what she wanted, so much so that as Musashi and Yuki left the office fully dressed, they left Nicole on the ground while sperm was everywhere and Nicole who was filled and covered with sperm had a small wad of cash on her clothing that was set on a chair nearby as Musashi's payment, probably Yuki's as well since Nicole had 200 to 300 bucks on the chair…

The scene focused on Nicole for a moment after she coughed up some sperm.

"O-Oh fuck." Was all Nicole said as her body kept twitching.

Meanwhile in Musashi's car…

"Hehe, well that was fun, same time tomorrow once work ends and stuff dear?" Yuki said while she looks at her husband, they didn't start the car yet so they took a moment to talk.

"Hehe, oh yeah. I say things just got a lot more interesting." Musashi said while grinning.

"Indeed… how long do you think we should hold off before we try and knock Nicole up?, you did do this before with other women we brought in though and I did the same thing with some of them though maybe not under these circumstances like Nicole's in from past events… want to see who gets her knocked up first?... you or I?... winner gets to do the thing where we can order the loser to do what the winner wants." Yuki suggests while she grins at her husband.

Musashi blinks a bit after hearing that before chuckling.

"Oh I say deal."

"Good… and since you were a good boy… get that cock out, might as well suck it good for a round and we continue more when we get home." Yuki teased as she placed her hand on Musashi's hip in a sensual way.

Musashi lustfully grins at his wife before he pulls the zipper down and fished out his cock.

Once that happened Yuki leaned over and starts to suck it, thankfully the windows of the car were tinted so no one could see inside but Yuki and Musashi could see out just fine while Musashi starts the car and had his seat lean back after groaning so he could enjoy his wifes actions.

"Oh yeah Yuki. Suck that cock good." Musashi said before he starts driving.

Yuki didn't need to be told twice as she deepthroats her husband's cock and used a free hand to fondle his balls in his pants, they felt lighter then earlier and Yuki was amused by this… she still tasted Nicole's juices on Musashi's cock and she made sure to lick the cock from base to tip as she keeps on sucking his cock.

Musashi groans a few times but made sure to stay focused as he starts to drive the duo to their home after he sat up a bit.

Yuki keeps on sucking his cock though she was slow when doing so so Musashi could focus on the road and not crash.

After a bit of careful driving while groaning, Musashi could see his mansion from a distance.

"A-Almost home, honey." He said.

Yuki in turn sucked Musashi's cock more and more and as the car pulled into the Mansion parking lot, Musashi couldn't hold it anymore and groans loudly when he came in Yuki's mouth with harder forced then before making her cheeks puff from the amount.

Yuki hums as she tasted her husband's cum before Yuki starts swallowing it while waiting for Musashi to tap off.

Once he rides out his orgasm with a groan, Yuki cleaned Musashi's cock after she swallowed his load and she smirks at the panting Musashi and kissed his cheek while she made herself presentable.

"Call a babysitter for Masami, going to make sure you fire blanks before the day is over." Yuki teased when she exits the car and closed the door as she starts walking into the mansion.

Musashi didn't need to wait as he takes out his cell phone and calls the number for a babysitter.

The scene then went back to Gumball and Clare after they finished the movie and were laughing quite a bit.

"Oh my God… that movie was hilarious." Gumball said as he kept laughing.

"Hehe, yeah, especially when that ball hit the bad guy where the sun didn't shine." Clare said while she giggles at how the movie went.

Gumball laughs more.

"Hehe… yeah. He's gonna be talking high for a while."

This caused the duo to laugh more as they walk from the theater and Clare smiles at Gumball while they carried the large basket of snacks they barely ate.

"Thanks for inviting me to the movie Gumball, I had fun." Clare said while she smiles at Gumball more.

Gumball returns the smile.

"Me too Clare. I like hanging out with you."

"Thanks… want to hang out more in the future?" Clare said when she had fun with Gumball.

Gumball smiles more after hearing that.

"You betcha."

"Great… might as well consider this date 2 then." Clare teased as she carries the basket more while Gumball stumbles.

"W-wait… huh?" Gumball said.

Clare just hums as she walks away more while she starts to leave Gumball behind.

'Was she serious?... Or was that a joke?' Gumball thought.

Though as Gumball follows Clare, the scene went into the theater to show Jared as he was shaken awake by an employee of the theater.

"Sir, you need to wake up, the movie is over." The employee said to try and rouse Jared.

"H-Huh… what?" Jared said before blinking a few times.

"What the… was I asleep?"

"Yup, guess you had too many snacks and crashed during the movie." The employee said as he picked up plenty of empty snack cartons.

Jared groans in annoyance.

"Dang it! If I slept, that means they already left." He said before getting up.

"Not sure what you meant by that, but the theater is pretty empty right now, I'll have to ask you to leave now so more customers can come in." The employee said while he starts to sweep around Jared.

Jared groans again.

"Man this day sucks. My plan to ruin their date was ruined." He said before walking out.

As Jared walked out, Rob, walking from his own movie shook his head when he saw Jared.

"Called it." Rob said though no one heard him as the scene went to a bit later with Gumball getting home after he dropped Clare off and as he entered the house… he had a raised eyebrow when a greatly angered Nicole was looking down at a kneeling Richard.

"Okay… what did dad do? Did he eat the other contestants's meals?" Gumball said.

"More like nearly caused me to lose my job when he pucked up his food on one of the prize givers and that caused the prize givers to crash into another Gumball… and one of them was a government Diplomat from Mr. Yoshida's county… I had to do some… things… to not get fired!" Nicole said while she was being vague about the things she did… she told Richard all about it already and stuff while Darwin was away from the others to not hear that… wait… Richard… puking!?

Gumball's eyes widened.

"Wait a second… Dad was puking up… food?!"

"Blame the extra bibs Darwin brought Gumball… anyway in order to not get fired I maybe called away from the house by Mr. Yoshida and Yuki in order to make up for that dishonor that my loving Husband here caused." Nicole said before she glared at Richard.

Gumball was confused for a bit before shaking his head.

"Wow dad. You're definitely on the couch for a while."

"More like Sidewalk if he gives me ANY issues on this since he caused this… anyway Gumball, I'll ask about how your Date, hangout, whatever, or something with Clare later, for now check on Darwin, he was crying since he may blame himself for this." Nicole said when she looks at her son.

Gumball blushes at the date remark but shook his head as he went to check on Darwin.

While that happens, Nicole looks at Richard who jolts at the look.

"Three conditions to not have us have a VERY strained relationship for a good long while… follow them and I won't make the kids wonder why you are talking at a higher pitch…" Nicole said while she grabbed two nuts from a nearby bowl and crushed them into dust with her hand in one strong grip and opened her hand to show a fine powder.

Richard pales greatly after seeing that before he grabs holds of his groin area.


"Good… first off unless I say otherwise you will NOT ask about details of what I do with Yuki and Musashi… you can consider that the key part of your punishment for now… second, unless it's been awhile… you and I are not having bed time fun for a good long while… finally, considering how much of a hospital bill Musashi had to pay, we ARE cutting you off on some food for a bit to have you learn a lesson about control… am I clear!?" Nicole said while growling that last part.

Richard gave a good impression of a ghost as he pales greatly at the conditions. Mainly the food and no fun time.

However he can't say anything since he's in severe hot water now.

"Y-Yes dear." He said.

"Good… oh and Yuki may come here and… Train you… so better make sure you are fully clean and I mean under the foreskin as well clean Richard… long story short… you are mine and Yuki's bitch for a good long while… understand?" Nicole said while she crossed her arms.

Richard was shocked after hearing that but can't complain about anything before nodding his head.

"Good… anyway have fun watching TV and stuff, Yuki called me and she said she will be here in two days… better make sure you get clean the proper way." Nicole said before she walked from Richard leaving him alone.

Richard then lays on the floor and got into a fetal position.

'I fucked up.' He thought.

The scene then fades to black on the Watterson household on the tense situation, how would this turn out between Nicole and Richard would be anyone's guess but one thing was clear, things would never be the same for awhile.

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