Shrancher Drabble Collection @thylekshran

“No way!” Zotheva throws a cushion at Archer, who blocks it deftly (old he may be, but his water polo reflexes are still sharp). “You did not marry aphthavan on accident!”

Archer laughs heartily. “Of all my stories, that’s the one you’re going to question? Not the one where I fought the Ushaan with him and won? Or when I turned into a lizard?”

“You did stuff like that all the time, Grandpa,” little Okshnova pipes up from Talla’s lap. “But we’ve seen the pictures of your bond ceremony with aphthavan!”

“That was the official ceremony, pavshri'za,” Archer says. Eva and Nova both gaze up at him, wide-eyed. Talla giggles and makes sure Nova doesn’t fall over in her eagerness. “Many, many years ago, we were trying to make first contact with a species, so we beamed down in disguise right into the middle of a festival! Wanting to fit in so as not to cause suspicion, we followed the lead of the aliens, and before we knew it they’d pronounced us married!” The girls erupt into laughter. “Apparently their culture was quite collective, and they liked to hold many weddings at a time so everyone could celebrate together.”

“As I remember it,” Shran interrupts, striding into the room from the kitchen and laying a kiss on Archer’s grey hair, “you aimed us right for that festival. Something about parties being the easiest way to get to know a society.”

“And I still believe that!”

They chat for a little longer, but then Talla stands, setting Nova down and gesturing to both her shei to hug their grandfathers. “Jon, thavan, we have to be going. The girls have school in the morning.”

“Bye!” Eva throws her arms around their necks and they each kiss a cheek. Nova hugs Shran, then runs around to the other side and hugs Archer. Talla leans down to kiss their foreheads.

“Get home safe!” Archer waves.

The door shuts behind their family, leaving the two alone in the quiet night. Shran tugs Archer’s face down and presses their foreheads gently together. “I would have married you that day, anyway.”

“T’Pol was ready to kill us for improper protocol.”

Shran kisses him with a smile. “She was right, as always.”

“Protocol doesn’t rule my heart.”

“Pinkskin, protocol never even ruled your command.”

Archer chuckles.

They fall asleep in each other’s arms.

1. Parenthood 194 0 0 2. Climate Change 238 0 0 3. whole again 385 0 0 4. Escape 303 0 0 5. Mistletoe 550 0 0 6. Protocol 406 0 0 7. the light 199 0 0 8. A Beagle and a Too Big Hoodie 253 0 0 9. The Tale of the Breaking 441 0 0 10. Sealed With a Kiss 303 0 0