Shrancher Drabble Collection @thylekshran
whole again

“Hey, Shran,” Archer says. “We should plan some shore leave.”

Shran looks up from the report he’s reading and smiles. He turns sideways on the couch, resting his back against the arm rest and hooking his legs over Archer’s. “If you take me to Risa again, I’m going back to the Guard.”

“How was I supposed to know what that little statue meant?” Archer laughs. “Actually, I was thinking you should come spend some time on Earth.”

As Archer starts explaining a (clearly pre-planned) itinerary to show him the planet, Shran watches his now-familiar excited gesturing with unmasked affection. You could say a lot of things about Archer, and people have (Shran nearly came to blows with one official who called him “the best argument against continued interstellar travel” last year), but he’s got contagious enthusiasm for the things he holds dear.

Shran reaches out and takes one of his hands, holding it gently as he launches into a description of a natural park that he went to as a boy. The room is otherwise quiet, Porthos curled up on Archer’s other side, and it’s peaceful in a way Shran can’t remember feeling since he himself was young, lying in the deep snow of the northern glaciers that muted the sounds of the wind and made you feel like time and space ceased to exist.

And then he realizes that he doesn’t feel angry. When he was thirteen, he left home for the Andorian Academy, and every day since then the very depths of his soul had been plagued with the anger and the fear that haunted his people’s lives. They burrowed into him like ice bores and never left, leaving a pit inside him that he filled with alcohol and self-proclaimed righteous violence.

Yet now it’s gone. Not in the same way that ale handled it, hiding it under layers of solid ice so he could look but not feel. The holes are gone, filled in with purpose, and the emotion that resonates through him isn’t colored by anything else. He’s just happy.

“Jon,” he says. Archer looks at him expectantly and Shran detangles himself so he can lean in and kiss him, soft and lingering. “I would love to see Earth.”

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