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Gap Dream

“No, no, Dary, that's for girls!”

“That's for girls, Dary.”

“You can't go around smelling like pretty girls!”

“You're not wearing it right now, are you?”

And Dary reckons he looks pertnear ghostly, seein as he didn't mean to say that out loud but his mouth always was faster'n his brain and his thoughts weren't always so smart to start with.

“Cologne is too expensive, I just use sunscreen. Banana Boat.”

He's sweet on girls and all, so he doesn't figger he's gay like Glen, but sometimes when he talks to Dan about ‘em it's different. Like, the way Dan feels about girls versus the way he feels about ‘em. Course, Dan takes that women's studies class so he's real respectful and such but he doesn't think about ‘em like- well like- like wouldn't you wanna know how it feels? Bein’ a gal?

When he mentions it to Wayne he just gets that blinky thing Wayne does when he don't know what to say, but also there was the time he wanted to get compliments on his eyelashes and fuck if that isn't sorta what Dary's tryin' to say, in a way. He never much cared for the kind a’ compliments gals gave him and he thinks it might be nice to hear the kind that he gives them instead.

He’d sure like to talk to Katy about it since she’s bisexual so she'd prob'ly have the answer but he's not even sure what the question is to start with so she'd assume he's flirtin' and smack him, most likely. Not that he’s ever tryin’ to but there's been some misunderstandings so he does his best to steer clear of talkin’ about romance or toe curling ‘round her these days.

“Figger it out,” he mumbles to himself. He takes a peek-see at Wayne and he's givin’ him some kinda look but he had Stewart and those nut sac hockey players beakin’ about him bein’ gay over the weekend so he guesses Wayne's worried somethin’ similar might happen to him ‘cept Dary's not nearly so handy in a scrap so he'd have no way to stop ‘em. The whole situation is startin’ to make him feel a mite stressed when Wayne cuts in.

“Let's get into some of those fuckin’ all dressed chips.”

And that's as good an out as any, he supposes.

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