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Chapter 53

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Chapter 53:

December 25, 1995

(one day ago)

I wish we could stay like this forever, Hermione thought as she was looking at the wizard still asleep beside her; her wizard. Severus looked so peaceful in his sleep, almost free of wrinkles, and he was smiling.

Hermione wondered how would Severus feel right now, at this moment, if the other Hermione hadn't sent Leo back in time to keep him safe, to warn them, and save them all. What if Mr Weasley - Arthur, she corrected herself - had been attacked by Nagini? Severus would feel restless, for sure, not caring for Christmas festivities. He might show up briefly at the Puckle residence in Cokeworth like he always did in the past years, but perhaps, he would still feel lonely.

And Harry. He would never be able to enjoy his first Christmas with his godfather and Remus even if he cared about them very much. Life would be harder for him.

Albus. He would still be leaving the castle from time to time, searching for Horcruxes. By summer next year, he would be cursed and Severus would have to kill him in 1997. Sev's soul would be tainted, no matter how good the intention was.

Hermione sighed deeply and shifted in the bed to rest her head on Sev's bare chest and hugging him tightly and eventually, waking him. Sev shifted and pulled her closer to him, too and kissed her hair.

"I love you," she whispered against his chest.

"I love you more and I love you most," he whispered back.


"Mummy! It's Christmas!"

Hermione was greeted by her son's beaming face once he opened the door to his room in Sev's quarters when she knocked.

Leo wrapped his tiny arms around her waist and Hermione ran her fingers on his curls. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart."

Leo looked up. "You stayed in Dada's room the whole night?" he asked. "Like you promised? You didn't go up to the Gryffindor Tower?"

Hermione chuckled. "Yes, I stayed in Dada's room the whole night. I never left Dada's private rooms."

Leo smiled even more. "I like it when you're here, Mummy."

"Me, too. I love being around you and your dad," she told him honestly. "But today, we're going home and celebrate Christmas with your grandparents, Aunt Mona, and Uncle Chad."

Leo nodded happily. "I'm excited, Mummy!"

"Me too," she chuckled and took his hand. "Come on, let's join your dad for breakfast, he's waiting."


December 26, 1995

(the present)

"Auntie Ginny!" Leo squealed and ran towards Ginny as soon as he got out of the fireplace.

Ginny was waiting for them by the fireplace in the dining room of Grimmauld Place with Bill, Arthur, and Molly. It was already ten o'clock and the house was quiet.

"How's my favourite wizard?" Ginny hugged Leo and sat on one of the chairs with Leo in her lap. Hermione smiled at the scene.

"But Aunt Ginny, James is your favourite wizard..." chuckled Leo.

"Maybe in the future, I will have many favourites. But for now, you are the only one," replied Ginny.

"Just like Nana Molly. All of us were her favourites."

They all noticed Leo's usage of the past tense. Maybe, Leo was beginning to understand more about his time travel; that their future was his past. Somewhat.

"Evening, Arthur, Molly, William, and Ginevra," came Sev's voice behind her.

"Good evening, Severus," greeted Arthur and Molly.

"Professor Snape," Bill greeted politely.

Severus placed a hand on the small of her back. "I'm going to find Black and Lupin."

She nodded and smiled. "Be gentle with Sirius," she teased.

Hermione sat on the chair beside Ginny. "So, I guess Harry, Ron, and the twins are asleep?" she asked the four Weasleys.

"Not sure about that, but Mum told them they're not allowed to leave their floor," Bill replied, nursing a glass of beer.

Molly pushed some presents on the table towards Leo. "Here you go, dear. Presents from me and Papa Art."

Leo's eyes twinkled. "Thank you, Nana Molly!" He got off Ginny's lap and walked around the table to hug the Weasley matriarch.

Molly hugged Leo back and kissed his head. Arthur also touched Leo's back fondly. "We're very happy you're here, Leo," the Weasley patriarch said rather emotionally and Hermione knew why.

"So, what happened?" she asked, Molly, Arthur, and Bill. "Severus didn't know the whole story, either. Albus kept us in the dark days before the Christmas break to focus on Leo. And that's very nice of him, but still, we want to help..."

"You always help, Hermione; you and Professor Snape," Bill assured her.

"I'm glad. I just want to make myself useful," she told them.

"Oh, you did a lot! Remember that meeting you had with Madam Bones?" exclaimed Molly.

Hermione nodded.

"We never thought of that!" Bill said. "During our meeting in November at Hog's Head Inn, nobody thought of seeking help from the great Madam Bones," he chuckled.

"Not even Albus," quipped Arthur. "I was ready to be attacked by a giant snake." He even smiled.

"So, what did Amy do?" she asked, still confused.

"Oh, days after your meeting, she scheduled an appointment with Albus. She already had a plan in mind and just wanted to let Albus know," replied Arthur.

"Ravenclaws. The lot of you are really brilliant." Bill was beaming and looked amazed; looking at her like she was some sort of a hero.


December 9, 1995

(seventeen days ago)

"Hermione," Amy breathed as they hugged each other.

Hermione wrote to Alona a week ago, asking for a favour - to secure her an appointment with Amy on the last Hogsmeade trip before the Christmas holidays. She got a letter from Alona two days ago, telling her to be at Hog's Head Inn, Room 11, on the day of the last Hogsmeade trip.

It was a Saturday and perhaps, Amy's off from work. She was wearing a blue day robe, and her beautiful hair was in an elegant bun. She looked just like their Hogwarts days: beautiful, smart, and respectable.

Amy already had cups of tea and biscuits prepared. They sat at the table, facing each other.

Hermione reached for her friend's hand. "Thank you so much for meeting me, Amy. I know you're snowed under with work at the Ministry..."

"I will always have time for an old friend," she smiled sincerely.

Hermione blushed. "I haven't been a good friend. After we graduated, I didn't keep in touch."

"Alona and I already know why. It's because of your position as Sev's handler. If we met in a Voldemort-free world, I'm sure you would have kept in touch."

"Thank you for understanding, Amy."

"Now, what's this meeting about? Does this have something to do with Dolores's invasion of the school? I hear a lot from Susan, truth be told," she quipped before sipping her tea.

"Does Susan also tell you about our rebellion?" she chuckled.

Amy smirked. "Quite a lot. I also heard about the Blood Quill. Some of Susan's housemates got detention from Dolores and she said you've been helping them by giving them the Murtlap Essence. Thank you, Hermione. One day, when the time is right, my department will make Dolores pay."

"You're welcome, and that's good. But the letters are intercepted..."

"We have a different way of communicating, you know. We don't exchange letters."

She sent her friend a questioning look.

"Sirius gifted me two mirrors. His way of telling me he still loves me," Amy rolled her eyes.

Hermione laughed at that. "He just won't stop. He really loves you!"

Amy shrugged. "Anyway, your concern?"

"You see, Voldemort's after a prophecy that involves him and Harry. He sees this as the weapon to finally kill him. In the other timeline, in my son's past, the Order guarded outside the Hall of Prophecy. One time, before the Christmas break, Arthur Weasley was in-charged. He fell asleep, and Voldemort sent his pet snake to Level Nine of the Ministry. It attacked Arthur Weasley. We need... another way to avoid the attack and at the same time, prevent the snake or any unauthorized person to enter the Hall."

"If we, the Order, are prepared for Voldemort's attacks, why do we have to worry about the Prophecy? I'm sure you and Albus already know what's in it, and your side won in the other timeline. And in this timeline, he will be defeated again," Amelia spoke with a hint of certainty.

"He should not get it just yet. We have to wait until June. The so-called Battle at the Department of Mysteries will be our Final Battle with Voldemort and his minions. We have to wait... So, do you know someone from the Department of Mysteries who can help us keep the Prophecy safer?"

"Can you show me some 1995 newspaper clippings from your son's time?"


December 26, 1995

(the present)

"So, reading the clippings from Leo's time, Madam Bones found out about Broderick Bode; that he was Imperiused by Lucius Malfoy sometime in 1995 to steal the prophecy. He resisted, of course, because he was an Unspeakable," explained Bill. "Unspeakables cannot touch any prophecies. That incident gave him a one-trip ticket to St. Mungo's Spell Damage Ward. This time, Bode's already receiving threats from Lucius Malfoy and other Death Eaters, in an attempt to steal the prophecy. Lucius, this time, didn't suggest Imperius because he said Bode would be useless to them. Just empty threats. Madam Bones learned about this through Tonks and Mad-Eye, so she sent people to the DoM. For months, there will be people from Magical Law Enforcement Patrol at the Department of Mysteries and Aurors will also be watching out for the Unspeakables."

"And Lucius Malfoy is secretly working with Tonks and Mad-Eye, warning them which Unspeakable they are going to target. Malfoy will also try to stall and suggest to Voldemort to lure Harry to the Department of Mysteries because he's the one who can find the Prophecy," explained Arthur.

"That's good, then," she relaxed.

Bill shook his head. "We have one problem, Mione."

She froze and stared at Bill.

"The Battle at the Department of Mysteries might happen soon, instead of June."

Seeing that Ginny and Leo were not in the dining room anymore, she cursed. "Fuck."

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