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Chapter 42

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Chapter 42:

August 5, 1995

(the present)

Hermione was sandwiched between Sirius and Remus ion the sofa in the drawing-room of Grimmauld Place. Harry and the Weasley boys were sent again to the Burrow with Mad-eye, and of course, the Weasley patriarch.

The headmaster, Sev, and Tonks were also in the room along with Alona and Amelia. They were planning how to keep Harry safe this coming school year. Her two female close friends just recently joined the Order. Surprisingly, Sev and Sirius both advised Professor Dumbledore to include the two witches because they need more allies inside the Ministry, especially someone who was an authority in law enforcement - well, that was Severus's reasoning. Sirius, on the other hand, obviously, would just like to be around Amelia.

Knowing that Ginny and Mrs Weasley would be there, Hermione insisted on bringing Leo with them. She had not forgotten that her son was an honorary Weasley and she also wanted to see Ginny. Her redhead female friend was shocked to see her physical appearance - she looked like about Tonks's age. But before the youngest Weasley could ask her, the headmaster gave Ginny an apologetic look and closed the door of the drawing-room.

"It's settled, then. Harry's going to continue his Occlumency sessions with me this coming school year." Professor Dumbledore turned to Amelia.

"Given that, it will not affect his academic schedule, headmaster," nodded Amelia.

"And headmaster, are you sure that you will let the ministry send someone incapable of teaching to be the new D.A.D.A. professor?" inquired Alona politely.

They were informed, of course, about her time-traveller son, and some memories from the older Severus and Hermione. With the help of the Pensieve, Sirius, Remus, Amelia, Alona, and Tonks became aware of the Battle at the Department of Mysteries in Leo's original timeline, and also about Dumbledore's Army. Sirius expressed that he was rather jealous he didn't experience such rebellion. Hermione actually felt excited to 'learn' from Harry.

But when it came to Umbridge, they were all reluctant to let her in.

"It is essential that Lord Voldemort completely believe that the Ministry refuse to accept the news of his return," explained the headmaster.

"And with the Minister's behaviour the past two months, everyone is under the impression that Albus a liar and Potter disturbed," Sev finished.

"Poor Harry," muttered Sirius.

Hermione turned to him. "That's why we'll let him know he can count on us. But Siri, no rash actions, yeah?"

Remus smirked, watching Sirius looked defeated. "You're the boss," he told her.

"And now, we discuss Miss Granger's education..." the headmaster continued, giving her and Severus inquiring look.

"Hermy, you're going to be a fifth-year again. You're going to take O.W.L.s! And will have the chance to kick a ministry minion's arse..." teased Sirius. "I wonder if I could become an undercover as well and have myself de-aged - "

"That's enough, Pads," Remus cut his friend off.

Hermione chuckled and patted Sirius's knee casually.

"Amy, what happens if we send an undercover in Hogwarts?" asked Remus.

"There should be a written agreement for that - all the people involved: the undercover, the headmaster, and the other staff members who know about it," replied Amelia and her friend turned to her. "And are you sure you're going back to Hogwarts as a student? Is that what you want?"

"Honestly, no," she admitted. "I don't want to leave Leo, but it's for the best. People will wonder about Harry Potter's female best friend."

"Looks like you have to drop Potions, Hermy," Sirius teased again.

She looked at him incredulously. "No, I won't!"

"But he has to mark your papers."

Hermione noted that Sirius didn't mention Sev's name. He was reluctant, she was sure.

"Hermione Granger's marks will not be honoured because she is Hermione Puckle," quipped Amelia.

Sirius frowned. "Meaning?"

"An undercover's marks - high or low - is not honoured. It will be included in the memorandum of agreement. So even if Severus Snape gave her failing marks, there will be no bearing when she finds a job later on."

Hermione turned to Severus to see if he would tease her by saying he could give her a failing grade, but she froze when she saw him standing up, making a cup of coffee.

He caught her eye when he was about to sip. "Yes, dear?"

She closed her mouth again and shook her head but she could feel her cheeks blushing.

Mrs Weasley burst in, carrying a plate of cookies and saw Severus. "Oh, I thought you're not a coffee person, Severus."

"Well, Hermione's here," said Remus innocently. "They only have coffee when they're together."

Severus nearly spit his coffee and turned to Remus with a shock, making Hermione laugh.

"How on earth did you - never mind." Then, Sev turned to her.

Remus turned to her as well, then to Severus with a confused look, then back to her. "Unless you mean something different by coffee..."

"Shut up," she whispered and looked away and stood up. "I'll check on Leo."

Hermione, cheeks still blushing, left the drawing-room and ignored the peals of laughter from Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Amelia, and Alona.

"Maybe I should just murder my friends," she murmured to herself while on her way to the room she used to share with Ginny.

She found Ginny and Leo on the bed, playing with the latter's Quidditch set.

"We like Holyhead Harpies, Aunt Ginny," Leo was telling the youngest Weasley, "even if you don't play anymore..."

"Did I really become a Holyhead Chaser?" Ginny grinned. "That's amazing. What did I do after marrying Harry? Do you know?"

"Mummy said you write sports news. You were writing at a top box when James decided to come to the world," Leo said innocently, making Ginny laugh and ruffle the boy's hair.

"You're so adorable!" the redhead cooed.

Hermione laughed as well and approached the pair, kissing her son on the head. "You having fun with Aunt Ginny?" she asked.

Leo turned to her with a smile and nodded. "Yes, Mummy!"

Ginny eyed her with a smile. "I can't believe this is my friend who needed help dressing up during the Yule Ball."

She laughed. "I didn't remember anything about the past that time, Gin," she chuckled. "But I'm still not inclined to makeup and fashion, so I might need your help from time to time."

"For Professor Snape?" Ginny teased. "I doubt you would need makeup to look beautiful for him."

"Silly!" she laughed. "Hang on, it has come to my attention that you were crying the other night," she said in a low voice.

Ginny gave her a forced smile. "Tonks told you then. Someone likes me," she confessed.

She raised an eyebrow. "For someone who has an admirer, you look unhappy..." Then, she remembered something. "Is it because of Harry?"

Ginny nodded.

"Leo, I think Nana Molly has cookies. Why don't you go to the kitchen, love?"

"Yes, Mummy!" the boy replied excitedly and left the room.

Hermione sat beside Ginny on the bed and pulled her close so that her friend could rest her head on her shoulder. "Now, why don't you tell Aunt Hermy everything, hmn?"


They were viewing the Pensieve memories again. They decided to watch them in order, so right now, they were at their wedding.

It was an intimate wedding with only very few guests and it took place at the Muggle church were her parents and Mona and Chad got married. But it was a combination of Muggle and magical binding. A Muggle priest and Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister for Magic, presided the ceremony.

Most of the guests were from the wizarding world. The only Muggles were Hermione's family.

Severus was wearing a black and green suit, while Hermione wore a modest white wedding gown. Chad stood beside Severus as his best man, while Hermione's maid of honour was Mona. And of course, her father, Robert Puckle, gave her away.

The reception took place atthe Burrow yard.

"Why do you think we chose this place for the reception?" asked Severus curiously.

"Looks like I still became an honorary Weasley," she replied casually, watching Molly and Arthur dancing a few steps away. Hermione also saw herself dancing with the other man who raised her, Chad. The two of them looked like siblings with the bantering while dancing.

"You know, Ron may be a prat sometimes, but I think I can trust Ginny with my life. And of course, the twins..."

"They used to defend you, I witnessed," he said.

She looked up to him and raised an eyebrow.

"Didn't you know they got detention -"

"When haven't they?"

"-during your second year because they got back at Draco for calling you a nasty name."

"I didn't know that! Geez. Have to pay them a visit one of these days... and by the way, speaking of the Malfoys..."

"Never told them about you," he replied. "They believe you died. Lucius... well, as much as I want to help him and drag him to our side, he's rather a coward. And you know, he's not fond of Dumbledore."

"Draco and Cissy made it to our wedding," she said, her eyes at the two Malfoys who were speaking with each other quietly. "Do you think Lucius was in Azkaban?"

Sev nodded. "I wouldn't doubt that."

"Beautiful wedding, Sev," she whispered after a while when their older selves were saying goodbye to everyone. It looked like they were leaving for their honeymoon.

"Why don't we retire to bed, dear?" Sev suddenly whispered to her, one of his arms pulling her by the waist. "Look at us, leaving for our honeymoon." He slightly licked her earlobe and his other hand made it to her crotch. That made her moan and curse at the same time.

She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. "Take me to bed, Sev."

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