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Chapter 30

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Chapter 30:

December 20, 1976

(nineteen years ago)

Dear Mona,

Sev and I are already at Prince Manor. I was nervous the entire journey from Scotland to London, and a few rounds of Exploding Snap with my friends didn't help. Thank goodness for Alice. She pulled me aside; we made an excuse of going to the lavatory together, then we talked. I asked her how she felt when she was introduced to Frank's grandparents. She gave me some sort of advice and I felt relieved after.

I know, Lady Prince is nice and very cordial when we met, but it's different this time. I'm staying at her house! And I know you're going to say it's my choice. Ha-ha...

Anyway, when we arrived at King's Cross, Sev's mum was waiting for us and she took us by Side-Along Apparition to the manor. It was huge! Bigger than I have ever imagined! Sev was shocked as well; puzzled as to why his mother wouldn't leave his father and just move back to her childhood home. But Mrs. Snape's response is a story for another time. She only stayed until dinner and returned to Cokeworth.

Lady Prince reminds me so much of Grandma. She was very soft-spoken and doted on Sev (I told you this already, I know!). Sev's mum said it started after Lord Prince died. She was kind even to house-elves. She's treating them with pure kindness and compassion. And by the way, she is looking forward to meeting you and mum and dad.

And Mona, when I saw the drawing-room, I was shocked to see some framed pictures of Sev... and me! There were about four photos of us. Mrs. Snape said that they've redecorated the manor after her father died.

Sev showed me the family library and I spent almost three hours there, just reading. Lady Prince wanted to catch up with Sev. She asked him to tell her of his childhood and I guess that includes our family; about his holidays with us...

My bedroom is next to Sev's. God, Mona! This is bigger than the five-star hotel room we once had in Switzerland when we were kids. It has an overlooking view of the manor grounds, of Lady Prince's gardens. The bed was also huge and I don't think I will be able to sleep in it alone.

Sev didn't seem very happy. I mean, he's happy. But not like when he's at home, with us. I think he misses Dad and all the Muggle things they repair together in the shed. But he's doing his best for his grandmother who's really doing her best to reach out to him.

I can't wait to see you, mum, and dad. It's weird that we're not together on a holiday break. Write to me as soon as you can. I know you're busy with your studies (and with Chad - don't deny it!), but please write to me.

I miss you.




Hermione rolled the letter for Mona with the letter for her parents and tied them to the owl's leg carefully. Lady Prince was kind enough to let her borrow their family owl.

She closed the windows again when the owl flew away and arranged the study table before leaving her room for Sev's.

She knocked on his door twice and it opened promptly. She was greeted by her boyfriend who was wearing a fond look - and a pair of green silk pajama trousers, nothing more. He was so tall that she came face-to-face with his naked and hair-free chest.

Hermione swallowed at the sight and scent (sandalwood and cayenne pepper) of him.

"Do you need anything, dear?" he asked gently, placing an arm on her shoulder.

She smiled bashfully when she met his eyes. "Company?"

Sev frowned, but nodded, then he stepped back to let her in. His room was very much like hers, minus the feminine touch, like the vanity mirror.

"It's warm in here," she commented when she looked around.

"Yes. Nippy, the elf, cast warming charms earlier." Sev closed the door and waled to the bed. There was a book lying near the pillows: a book on memory charms.

She sent him a questioning look.

Sev smiled and placed the book on the side table. "Just for a bit of light reading."

She nodded and looked around the room once more. There were a few books and parchment on his study table, and his trunk was placed near the wardrobe.

"How do you find your room?" he asked from the bed.

She turned around. He was sitting on the right side, on top of the sheets and his back was leaning on the headboard.

"It's too big," she replied shyly. "I don't think I'll be able to sleep there alone."

"Would you like to stay here... with me?" he asked slowly and carefully.

Hermione bit her lower lip, clasped her hands together, and looked down on her slippers. "If it's all right," she whispered.

She heard him sigh in relief. "Of course, it is."

She looked up and saw him grinning. He was very pleased, she could tell.

"Come here," he said and patted the space beside him.

Hermione slowly got on the bed and sat beside him, leaning her back on the headboard, too. Sev wrapped an arm around her. She leaned her head on his shoulder and inhaled his scent. "You smell good."

"You smell good, too," he whispered against her curls and he ran his other hand on them, slightly massaging her scalp.

"I'm always using the serum you brewed for me," she told him with a smile.

"Good," he said, sounding very pleased. "Are you sure you'd like to stay here for the night?" he whispered.

Hermione looked up and rested her chin on his shoulder. "Yeah. Are you sure it's all right?"

Sev smiled and caressed her cheek. "Absolutely all right."

Hermione nodded and wrapped her arms around his torso. She couldn't stop herself from touching him. They had never shared a bed before, never touched each other's skin under their clothes. This was new to her, and she was feeling excited. She remembered those trashy, erotic romance novels she had read. She remembered those nights when she dreamt of her boyfriend doing wonderful things with her in Hogwarts alcoves, the library, and their shift potions laboratory. In her dreams, she was always moaning, calling his name like a prayer. And he was kissing her and touching her everywhere. Then, she would wake up with a weird feeling between her legs. But she never touched herself like those girls in the novels. She wanted to try, but she was afraid she might do it often.

"My dear Hermione..."

She broke away from her musings when she heard him, sounding very weak and she realized why. She was kissing - and licking - his shoulder! "I'm sorry!" She pulled away instantly, but Sev held her closer and tighter.

"You don't have to apologize," he whispered. He touched her face and their eyes met. There was the desire in his face, the way he looked at her, the way his nostrils flared as if smelling something intoxicating, and the way he licked his lips, it was like he wanted to taste her... "I'm going to kiss you."

Hermione nodded. "You always do and you don't usually ask for permission," she whispered.

"I wasn't finished," he whispered. "I'm going to kiss you everywhere if you'll allow me."

Hermione shivered and something tingled between her legs. She couldn't help it anymore. She wanted him so bad, so she inched her face closer, and soon, they kissed.

Their kiss wasn't chaste. It was wet; really wet and Sev was dominating, but she didn't mind. It rather turned her on even more. Hermione heard herself and Sev moaning while playing with each other's tongues crazily. Soon, she found herself lying flat on her back and Sev was hovering her. True to his words, he kissed her everywhere - on her nose, neck, and on the little skin below her collarbone that wasn't covered by her pajama top. All the while, she was running her hands in his hair and squirming on the enormous bed.

Then, she felt his bulging erection. She hadn't seen him yet down there, but she knew what was poking her thigh. She wanted more, wanted to feel him; all of him. But the more logical part of her mind was telling her to take things slowly and that while she was already seventeen (already an adult in the wizarding world), Sev was still sixteen.

She cupped his cheeks, urging him to align his face with hers. Sev's lips left her neck and found her mouth again.

"I love you," she whispered to stop him from his kisses.

Sev smiled and stared into her eyes. "I love you most." And with one last kiss on her forehead, he got off her, but only to lie beside her. She rested her head on his bare chest and his both arms were wrapped around her. They talked about mundane things until sleep claimed them.


December 21, 1976

(nineteen years ago)

"Good morning, Hermione, dear. Did you sleep well?" Lady Prince greeted when she entered the dining room, already dressed in a plain white Muggle blouse and mustard corduroy skirt.

Lady Prince, on the other hand, was wearing a grey witch's corset dress that reminded her of the Renaissance period. It was like what most pure-blood witches wear; from what she saw in books and in wizarding communities like Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.

"Good morning, Gran," she greeted politely and the old witch smiled even more at the way she addressed her. "Yes, I slept well. Thank you for the wonderful accommodation."

When she woke up this morning, she found herself being hugged by Severus from behind and something hard was poking her lower back, so she carefully 'jumped' out of the bed, but only after giving him a kiss. She went back to her room and showered and dressed up for the day.

"Oh, you're welcome, dear. I'm glad you were comfortable. Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. Sev is just speaking to his mother in the gardens."

She nodded. "Can I help you?" she offered.

"Oh, yes," the old witch said, gesturing to a tea tray on the table. "How does Sev like his tea?"

Hermione moved closer to Lady Prince with a bright smile on her face, just thinking of how Sev always appreciate the way she made his tea.


After a delicious breakfast with Sev, his gran, and Mrs. Snape, Hermione excused herself to read in the family library again. She discovered some books on with interesting topics such as forgotten spells and ancient healing potions. The books were published in the 1600s and while they look really old, they were still in good condition. Hermione decided it was because of magic.

Just as she was reading about a healing potion for the mind (which was really intriguing for her - she even wondered if it was still being brewed at St. Mungo's), there was a knock on the door followed quickly by opening.

She was expecting Sev, but to her surprise, it was Mrs. Snape, wearing a hesitant smile on her face.

Hermione set aside the book and sat up straight on the couch. In her seven years of knowing Sev, she and Mrs. Snape, of course, talked and met face-to-face several times already, but they were never alone. Sev was always around.

"Mrs. Snape," she greeted politely.

"Hello, Hermione," she greeted back with a motherly smile. She looked more relaxed and... more beautiful. Her dark hair was very much like Sev's - shoulder-length and neatly parted to the side. She wasn't frowning this time. Hermione could not see the wrinkles on her forehead and her lips weren't formed to a thin line.

The older witch sat on the couch in front of her. "How are you?"

"I'm fine. Thank you for the wonderful accommodation," she replied politely. "Sev told me a lot about the manor, but I didn't expect this to be really huge," she chuckled a bit.

Mrs. Snape smiled. "Feel free to explore the other parts of the house. Mother and I made sure that there were no traps and yelling portraits. But I think you are enjoying in this library more."

She nodded. "I am and thank you for allowing me to borrow the books."

Mrs. Prince met her eyes and just smiled. It was like she was going to say something, but could not find the right words. She knew because Sev had that kind of look, too.

"Hermione, I... I want to thank you for making Sev happy," she finally said, sounding very emotional and Hermione was touched. "You know that he's not happy in our house... in his father's house and if it weren't because of you, he might not have a happy childhood."

Hermione felt different emotions. She felt like crying and glad at the same time. "I didn't have friends at school and Sev was very nice to me when we first met. He was so kind and polite, that's why my parents liked him..."

"I'm glad that he didn't turn out like his father," Mrs. Snape said, looking teary-eyed. "He is totally the opposite of Tobias. My Sev is a perfect gentleman. I know he can be very difficult sometimes, but you can tolerate him."

She chuckled. "He's not difficult. He's just stubborn and sarcastic."

Mrs. Snape smiled fondly. "He's like me, stubborn." Then, she sighed and moved to sit on the chair beside her. Mrs. Snape took Hermione's hand. "Thank you for accepting him for who he is. I will be forever thankful to whomever god is there in the heavens for sending you in his life. And I guess, I want to say that I support your relationship. I'll be here if you need anything..."

Hermione gave the woman a warm smile and she squeezed her hand in a comforting way. "Thank you, Mrs. Snape."

"Oh, and I think it's about time you call me 'Eileen'."

Hermione nodded happily, not releasing the other witch's hand. "Eileen. Thank you."

"Hermione? Mother? What are you -"

Sev trailed off when he saw her hand being held by his mother. His facial expression softened. "I'll be in my room," he said gently and left the library.


That night, Hermione found herself again on her boyfriend's bed. They have been lying side by side, snogging each other intensely. "I fucking love you so much, Hermione," he breathed when their lips parted and before he kissed the column of her neck.

"Oh, Sev, I love you, too," she murmured and moaned when he licked the shell of her ear.

When she placed a leg over him, she felt his erection. Sev moaned, then kissed her again. "You feel so good." He even pressed his crotch to hers.

Hermione inhaled sharply at the contact. She wanted him so much, but she was worrying a lot - that Lady Prince might catch them; that their parents might discover they were sharing the same bed, and Sev's mum and grandmother might think badly of her...

This has to stop, she thought.

"You feel wonderful," she replied affectionately. "And I feel guilty for sharing a bed with a minor," she chuckled and gently pulled away.

She knew that the mood was killed.

Sev pinched her side, making her yelp. "I'll ve seventeen in a few weeks." He laid on his back and motioned for her to rest her head on his chest. She obliged.

"Yeah, but still."

Sev pulled her closer. "Just wait until I become of age and buy my own house..."

She looked up playfully. "What? You're going to invite me for coffee?"

Sev raised an eyebrow. "Coffee?"

Hermione felt her cheeks blush. The word came out of her mouth because she remembered the trashy romance novel she read. The male protagonist compared having sex with drinking coffee.

She looked away and buried her face into his chest.

"Sure, we'll have coffee, but don't expect to return home after. I want you in my house every day," he promised.

Is this his way of proposing?

Well, Severus is not the type of bloke who would kneel on one knee and confess his love in front of many people. He was better at showing it, rather than telling everyone that she was his witch. Hermione loved him that way. If he would never traditionally ask her, that would be fine. She grinned like a fool thinking that Sev was sure that he wanted to be with her for the rest of their lives, and she hugged him tightly.


December 25, 1976

(nineteen years ago)

"You, little rascal! I know how a wizard's chess works!" Mona hit Severus's arm playfully when he tricked her what to do so that Hermione would win. Severus, who was sitting beside the elder Puckle girl ran behind Hermione like a five-year-old.

Hermione chuckled. "I should take a picture of you looking like that and show it to Sirius and James."

Sev stood up straight and glared at her. "Don't you dare!"

"There you are, children!" came Lady Prince's voice.

They all turned to the doorway and saw their parents and Lady Prince.

"Who's winning?" asked Mrs. Puckle cheerfully, eyeing the chess set on the library table.

"Snape is tricking me to help Hermione," sneered Mona.

The adults laughed, even Mrs. Snape.

"Now, son, what have I told you about not being very obvious?" said Hermione's father to Sev, like he was speaking to his own child. "Duerre females are like the police. Don't let them catch you."

And Severus smirked at her father.

"Hey, I'm your daughter!" complained Mona.

"But he's helping Mione, wasn't he?" asked their father innocently.

"And Hermione doesn't have the Duerre females police tendency?" asked Mona.

Mr. Puckle laughed and placed an arm around Hermione's shoulder. "You're like your mother and Hermione is so much like me," he said proudly.

"Mum, Dad is not fair. He likes Sev more than me. I thought Hermione's my only competition," Mona faked a pitying look, causing her and her parents to laugh.

"That innocent look doesn't suit you, Desdemona," Sev smirked.

"Is it true, Bob?" asked Lady Prince. "You like Sev more than your own daughter?" she laughed.

Her father just smiled and clapped Severus's back. "Well, this one's a good boy and doesn't yell at me."

"He wouldn't dare. He's scared of being thrown out of the house and never see Hermione ever again," Mona commented.

"Thank you, Bob, for loving our Severus," Lady Prince said rather emotionally, making Sev look uncomfortable, Hermione observed.

That uncomfortable feeling and look on Sev ended when a house-elf popped in to announce that lunch was ready.

Lady Prince, Hermione saw, was looking at the way Sev and her dad were talking over lunch. Sev had that smile again on his face. It was like they were at home, in Cokeworth. When Lady Prince caught her looking, she just smiled at her affectionately.

Later that afternoon, Hermione caught Mrs. Snape and her parents in the library. Sev's mum had a heart-to-heart talk with the Puckles, thanking them for taking Sev in.

"Hey, where have you been? Are you crying?" asked Sev when she joined him and Mona in the gardens.

"No. I'm not crying," she said.

"Then why - "

"Shut it, Snape!" Mona said sternly. "She's just being a drama queen."

Hermione rolled her eyes at Mona. "You're annoying me on Christmas Day. I thought you missed me."

"You missed me." Her one and only sister dared to smirk.

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