The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
the prodigy, the soldier, the vortex

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"A bit warm actually, the weather is being a pain lately." Amy said while waving a fan in her face before she sat down on a chair.

"At least there's AC here, and the fan helps to." Vanilla said smiling while Amy nodded in agreement.

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Lets start the next chapter in...

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Next day/ Rabbit residence/ Vanilla's room/ Emerald, Vanilla

Emerald woke up before noticed that something warm was nudged agents his back which made him look behind him to see that it was Vanilla which made him freeze up sense her *assets* pressed into his back while she had one arm on Emerald's side.

Emerald himself blinked a couple times which helped his eyes adjust to the room's light before he remembered what happened last night which made him relax with a blush growing on his face.

He then slowly turned his head to see her sleeping with a content face which made his blush fade some while he smiled, though he did a double take sense he thought Vanilla looked a little different and just passed it off as his brain trying to warm up.

"Hmm, might as well surprise her when she wakes." Emerald thought before he slowly got up from the bed while trying not wake Vanilla before he left a note after finding a pen and paper before setting next to her on the pillow while she rolled over with a groan which shocked Emerald still for a minute before he silently sighed in relief when Vanilla just pulled the blanket over body more and laid there for a minute which made Emerald sweatdrop before he went to his clothes.

Emerald then took a minute to get dressed in his pants and socks before he reequipped his ring after fishing it from his boots.

He then walked over to the room's door before looking at Vanilla while smiling before he opened the door and walked out with it shutting while the scene went to a few minutes later.

With Vanilla a few minutes later

Vanilla started to stir before she sat up before she stretched before yawning.

"*Yawn* Wow, what a night." Vanilla whispered when she remembered last night while rubbing here eyes with a small smile, she then noticed that Emerald was not next to her which saddened her for a moment before noticing something on the pillow next to her, it was a note which she picked up to read.

"Vanilla please wait for a bit for a surprise." sincerely Emerald.

Vanilla wondered what Emerald was doing right now before she laid back on the bed to relax while she waited for a for awhile while the scene shifted.

With Emerald in the meantime

"Hope Vanilla likes this." Emerald said to himself while he put the finishing touches on the food that was on a trey before he carefully brought it to Vanilla's room before knocking on the door with his free hand which got Vanilla's attention.

"Come in." Vanilla said simply which made Emerald opened the door and was shocked by what he saw when he entered while Vanilla smelled the food on the trey before her stomach growled lightly.

Vanilla looked younger, like she lost a few years in a good way though Emerald was worried sense people just don't go down on the age scale without a reason, good or bad.

"V-Vanilla!, are you OK!?" Emerald asked in a worried tone which confused Vanilla a bit.

"I feel fine why do you ask?" Vanilla said worried by Emeralds shocked look.

"Not to be pushy or anything but look in the mirror please!" Emerald said stunned while he pointed to the bathroom with a free hand.

Vanilla then got up to walk into the bathroom which caused Emerald to blush by the lack of Vanilla's clothing while she walked in the bathroom before she looked at the mirror and was shocked by what she saw.

She looked a few years younger, it was if she felt she was similar to a 20-23 year old year old woman, her breasts were perkier then before though her cup size stayed the same, her figure was more of a hourglass shape and she knew she was around that age, though she didn't know why.

"How?" Vanilla asked while looking at her reflection to look at her body closer while Emerald wondered that as well before he spoke up.

"Ill ask Nocturn later, it might be a perverted gift of his or something." Emerald said face palming sense he could just hear the perverted giggling in his head already.

"Well besides the age change, how do you feel?" Emerald asked concerned before Vanilla looked to him.

"I feel great actually, better then I have in years." Vanilla said smiling when she walked out of the bathroom before she noticed the trey.

Her stomach growled loudly which caused her to blush a bit sense it was louder then last time.

"That for me" Vanilla asked while smiling before Emerald nodded before he walked to the trey.

"Yeah!, thought you might be hungry, I'm also heading to Tails's later to see if there's anything I can do to train so If Steel comes back i'll be more then ready." Emerald said to Vanilla before he grabbed a piece of toast he made for himself at the last minute.

When he was about to walk out Vanilla stopped him for a second.

"Please let Cream know she can come back OK, and also I need to tell you something so come closer." Vanilla asked before Emerald leaned closer, though he felt a sense of Deja vu.

Vanilla surprised him by kissing Emerald on the cheek which caused Emerald to blush greatly before he froze in total shock.

"If I ever need help again, I know who to call, also look in the closet in one of the boxes, there should be more of my Ex-husband's shirts in there." Vanilla said before she walked to the bathroom to clean up while Emerald just stood there stupefied for a minute before he slowly looked through the boxes for a new shirt.

Few minutes later

Vanilla then walked out of the bathroom in her usual outfit to noticed that Emerald was wearing a white shirt with black long sleeves that went well with the clothes he had on which made Vanilla smile sense no one else wore that shirt in years.

"Now then, lets go." Vanilla said before she walked Emerald to the front door.

Outside at the front door

"Well, see you later Vanilla." Emerald said before he started to walk off from the front porch.

"Oh yeah, I need to tell you something." Vanilla said getting his attention.

"Hmm?" Emerald said before he walked closer to listen before Vanilla spoke up.

"Hehe!, well it's like this, on Mobius some people take more then one lover because the pregnancy rate for humans and Mobians are extremely low, but it not impossible." Vanilla explained which shocked Emerald silent while Vanilla continues.

"So It's not illegal or morally wrong to take more then one lover here, besides I think you have The eye of a few ladies watching you." Vanilla said with a knowing smile though Emerald was clueless.

"Huh, who?" Emerald said blushing while Vanilla's smile got wider before she spoke up.

"Now wheres the fun in that?" Vanilla said while smirking again before Emerald blinked a few times.

"Also Ill keep what happened between us a secret." Vanilla said with a serious face which stunned Emerald for a moment.

"W-Why?" Emerald asked with concern at Vanilla's serious look before she grinned again.

"I got plenty more to teach you first of all and second don't want an army of ladies trying to break down your door right?" Vanilla said before giggling when she watched Emerald's skin turn pale before he vigorously nodded in agreement before he spoke up.

"I'm going to take a walk through the long way of the park to relax before talking to Tails." Emerald said before walking off while waving.

"Goodbye." Vanilla said to Emerald before she walked back in to make things more presentable for Cream's return before the scene shifted.

Meanwhile/ Station Square/ park/ ?/ ?

The camera focused on the park, more exactly, onto a section of the park before the sound of crying was heard before focusing closer on the section of the park before seeing a human like kid with three fox tails crying on a park bench.

"*Sob*sob*... Why!?... why don't those guys just leave me alone!?" ? cried out while sitting on a park bench.

"Just because I look different why do people do this to me!?" ? said while he sat there for a bit and thought of how he got to this point.

Flashback: before the Steel incident


The boy woke up in the morning and got ready for his first day of high school.

He looked in a mirror that hung on his bedroom wall, he had long black hair that ended with white spikes at his shoulders, instead of human ears he had Black fox ears with silver tips, he had 3 white and red fox tails that swinged to and frow, he wore a simple school dress shirt, with dress pants.

After putting on his socks and shoes, he went to the kitchen to get some breakfast his dad was making, his mom could cook to but the parents alternate to keep things fresh and the boy does the dishes to contribute.

After Walking into the kitchen, the boy saw his mother sitting at the table and he was glad he had parents like these.

His mom worked a good paying job by being a marriage consultant while his dad was a Inventor of sorts, he acted like a jack of all trade type of inventor to fix everyone's items so he got paid well sometimes from certain calls.

His dad was human, he looked like he was toned from lifting heavy machinery but was not bulky, he had black long hair that ended in spikes near the end.

his mom looked like a human-mobian hybrid, she had 3 tails from sort of genetic mutation that passed to the boy, and had fox ears on her head with long white hair that curled in waves near the end.

She saw the boy walk in before speaking up.

"Oh good morning Shunpei!, how did you sleep last night?" Shunpei's mom said while looking at him while the man looked over his shoulder before speaking up.

"Oh awake are we kiddo?, we thought you would miss your first day at the new high school." Shunpei's dad said while looking over his shoulder before he looked back to resume cooking.

"Hehe, sorry guess I'm just nervous." Shunpei said while rubbing the back of his head.

"Well hurry and sit I just got done making plates, so get it while its hot." Shunpei's dad said setting 3 plates of food on the table.

his mom gave a smile and kissed the dad after getting up from the table.

"Thank you honey." Shunpei's mom said before the family sat down and started to eat, however what the three didn't realized was that it would be the last meal they would eat together.

Flash forward: Steel incident

Shunpei and his parents where sitting in a cage after Steel took them on the way to his school to make sure the enrollment went well, but that turned out to be a fatal mistake when the three saw the robot on the way to school.

Now the trio were sitting waiting for anything to happen sense Steel just tossed them in there.

Just then Steel said he was going to play a game with a few people and the winner of the game would get to live and leave.

He chose random cages to bring people out which included the Kitsune family.

Steel then said if anyone could beat him in any challenge he would let anyone who won go.

But he said it with insane glee that resulted in everyone panicking and running for their lives.

Steel then got a bored look on his face as a result and started to tear people apart left and right with his metal hands.

He got closer to the kitsune family while Shunpei was rooted to the ground in fear when Steel got closer.

Shunpei's dad told them to run and attacked Steel but it was pointless sense he wasn't armed, Steel sliced him into pieces right before a shocked Shunpei.

Shunpei's mom was enraged, she charged Steel claws ready and actually scratched him which made Steel grin.

"RUN SHUNPEI, RUN!" Shunpei's mom yelled before Steel finished her off by cutting her down with one of his blades which resulted in blood flying everywhere, mostly onto an insane Steel, some onto Shunpei, before Steel walked up to a fear induced shunpei.

"Well, well, well, seems to be the kid of that family from what I heard, I'll tell you what!, I'll let you live for now, though your family lost they had the balls to actually attack me, unlike the rest." Steel said before he gripped Shunpei's shirt after saying that.

Steel tossed him into a cage nearby and locked it while Shunpei feinted after that.

flash forward

Shunpei woke up to hear yelling, he saw the Steel robot talking to a pair of rabbit Mobians, and a woman in 2 separate cages, the memory's of earlier came back in a instant which made tears stream down his face, "why!?... Why did this happen!?" Shunpei thought in agony as he sat up while his head hanged to see tears fall to the cage bottom.

He heard a commotion soon after and looked up to see Steel walking to the cage the younger rabbit and woman where which resulted in he and other captives yelled for Steel to stop.

But before Steel could open the cage he heard a window break to see Emerald land on the guardrail from his viewpoint, Emerald then shouted Steel's name before he launched off it so fast it broke inward, and charged Steel which started their battle.

Flash forward

After Steel was beaten, Shunpei was let out by Chise and walked out in a trance to his house.

He walked to the table in a daze while he thought that his parents where sitting there and noticed Shunpei who walked into the kitchen.

Shunpei walked forward with a hand outstretched before the illusion cleared as soon as he reached the table.

Realizing that his parents were gone he started to cry, soon after he fell asleep in his parents room exhausted, he woke up the next day alone in the house, even though he wanted to stay home and try to forget the incident he went to school and explained to the principal why he was late.

"Sorry but... I can't focus on my studies now." Shunpei said sadly while the principle nodded in understanding not only from hear hearing of the incident but from the look of Shunpei's face and told Shunpei to take his time to recover.

After walking out of the school, he walked home to his dads workshop, he wanted to see if he could work with machines like his dad could after all, he learned it all from his dad.

10 days later

Shunpei walked out of the house to see if his invention he worked on throughout the week with barely any sleep would work, to be honest, he had dark lines under his eyes from the lack of sleep.

He walked to the park early in the morning to test it before finding an open area and picked the invention up from his bag and sat it on the ground.

Before he could start it though, a person took it when Shunpei looked through his bag for a few tools.

"Whats this?, suppose to be some kind of alarm clock?" a mean looking guy with a smaller guy said before Shunpei stood up to look at the duo.

"Hay give that back!, it took me a week to work on that." Shunpei said while he tried to get the device back while the mean looking guy grinned while he hopped back a few times to keep away from Shunpei.

"Hehe!, well to bad you 3 tailed freak!, here's what I think of your little toy!" the guy said before throwing the device to the ground which shattered it while Shunpei's got wide eyed in shock before The thugs ran off laughing while the bullies never looked back at Shunpei who was shocked at what happened before he sat on a bench nearby.

flashback over

"Why!?... I never met those guys before!... so why!?" Shunpei cried out before he heard a voice speak up which made him look over in surprise.

"You OK kid?" ? said in a slightly worried tone which made Shunpei look over to be shocked to see Emerald of all people walking over and said his name in surprise.`

"Emerald!?" Shunpei asked in shock which made Emerald looked to Shunpei with confusion on his face.

"Do I know you kid?" Emerald asked in a confused tone sense he was sure no one knew who he was on Mobius while Shunpei looked down to the ground sadly.

"My name is Shunpei, and I was there when you fought Steel, I was let out after the fight." Shunpei explained while Emerald nodded in slight understanding sense he was in control of his body when Steel cut his arm and heart which snapped him out of his rage for a bit to notice the others in the cages.

"You OK then?, where is your family?" Emerald asked but regretted it after as shunpei cried out for a minute before speaking up with a sorrow laced voice.

"My parents where killed by that robot Psychopath and he only kept me alive because my parents actually fought back but they couldn't do anything!" Shunpei cried out while Emerald tried to calm Shunpei down.

"Wow, I'm sorry I-I didn't know." Emerald said sadly while Shunpei calmed down a bit.

"It's not your fault, if you hadn't come in when you did... more would have died." Shunpei said while trying to be positive somewhat.

"Yeah... so... why where you crying earlier?" Emerald asked with concern sense he heard Shunpei crying before he found him.

"Well... after my parents died, I tried a bit at inventing like my dad, and made a item that was suppose to give a gravity field that made thing lighter, would have made a lot of things easier, but a mean guy smashed it and ran off before I could stop him." Shunpei said while Emerald was a bit ticked that people would bully others even here in another dimension and had a thought.

"Hay Shunpei, you still have the blueprints?" Emerald asked with a smirk before he sat on a park bench for a moment to crack his back while Shunpei looked at him with confusion on his face.

"Yeah, why ask?" Shunpei said in a confused tone before Emerald's smirk widened.

"Follow me, I know a guy who's a good mechanic, he could help you rebuild it before you could eat breakfast." Emerald said before he walked off with a soft smile with Shunpei in tow while he wondered where they were going.

Station square/ Tails's residence/ Tails, Cream, Cheese

The camera panned to show the interior of Tails's home, more exactly, his kitchen where we Cream, Cheese, and Tails eating breakfast.

"Thanks for letting Cheese and I stay here." Cream said while she ate breakfast with Tails who nodded back to Cream.

"No problem." Tails said before they continued to eat while Cheese ate a piece of toast with butter spread on it.

After eating, the duo went to the living room to digest their food while they watched a movie until they heard the doorbell ring which caused Tails to open it.

At the door

"Hello?" Tails said when he opened the door to see Emerald and... a kid with 3 tails which kinda shocked him before Tails asked who Shunpei was.

"Hi Tails, This is Shunpei." Emerald said while introducing said boy who said hello a moment later.

"Hello... not to be rude but why is he here?" Tails said curious sense he doesn't get many new people visiting.

"Well... it would be better if Shunpei explained it." Emerald said before he stepped back to let Shunpei speak.

"W-well it's like this... and that's why I'm here." Shunpei said before he finished his story which left Tails stunned.

"Wow... I'm... I'm sorry for your loss." Tails said sadly after hearing the story.

"No problem, I'll recover." Shunpei said a bit down though he had a small sad smile.

"Sense you know why we're here, know anything to help Shunpei and I?" Emerald asked which got Tails to scratch his head before he spoke up.

"Well I can help Shunpei, But I can't help you Emerald, Sonic and Amy are in a special training room and there's only one available." Tails said sadly while Emerald nodded in understanding.

"Ah OK, well I just need to tell Cream that it's OK to head home, alright with that?" Emerald said while Tails smiled.

"We can tell Cream on the way." Tails said before he gestured for the duo to follow him.

"What do I do then?" Emerald asked sense he had no other plans at the moment.

"I need something taken to Angel Island, and I made a Teleport pad that uses the same energy as the one on the Island, so you'll appear near the telepad there." Tails explained before he headed to the room Cream was in.

"OK then, show us the teleporter." Emerald said while he grinned before following Tails to the basement while stopping to tell Cream the message on the way with Shunpei in tow.

With Cream in the living room

Cream sat on the couch while Cheese sat on Creams lap while they watched something similar to the The lion king on Tail's TV, think of anthropomorphic animals in the Sonic the hedgehog art style. (Disclaimer for the Lion king.)

She then saw Tail's walk in with Shunpei behind him which confused her before jumping of the couch with glee with Cheese feeling the same way when they saw Emerald enter the room.

"Emerald!" Cream said in an excited tone before she ran to the surprised Human while she gave him a jumping hug before Cheese gripped the side of his head in glee before Emerald spoke up.

"Hay Cream, Cheese, glad to see you too." Emerald said before setting Cream on the ground before he spoke up again.

"Vanilla wanted me to let you know that you can come back now." Emerald said while Cream nodded.

"Alright then, lets go Cheese!" Cream said before she walked away with Cheese in tow before Tails spoke up.

"Lets go then." Tails said with a smile on his face before he led the duo down to the basement.

In the basement

"Well here it is." Tails said showing the duo the telepad after he walked past the training room while it hummed with electricity.

"Whoa!" Shunpei said in awe at the tech in question that sat around the various corners of the room.

"Well here we are, the artificial chaos control pad!" Tails said proudly while he stepped on a warp pad like object before it started to glow for dramatic effect.

"Artificial?" Shunpei asked when he took a closer look at the pad itself to see some odd symbols on the outside of the ring.

"Yes, by mimicking the spacial wavelength of Chaos Control, I can make a one way teleporting chaos control version of the telepad that is found on Angel Island." Tails explained while Emerald and Shunpei looked at Tails in amazement, though they had no idea what the pads were, and Emerald was through for a loop at all the technical stuff being explained.

"Amazing!" Shunpei said in awe before a voice spoke up.

"Indeed." ? said which made the trio turned to see Nocturn floating closer to the group while looking at the pad, Shunpei was beyond shocked a gem was floating, even more so at it talking.

Emerald then remembered something and grabbed Nocturn so fast that it surprised the sealed Elemental, he then walked onto the pad before Shunpei spoke up.

"Wait!, I wanna join you!" Shunpei said surprising Emerald when Shunpei walked over onto the pad.

"Didn't you want to learn things here or rebuild the device you made?" Emerald asked sense he heard about how much work Shunpei put into the device on the way to Tails's home.

"Well... yeah... but I want to learn more about chaos energy so I can help better, and going there might be a good thing, for some reason I feel like going there is a good thing." Shunpei said while he lightly gripped where his heart was while Emerald and Tails looked to each other with confusion on their faces before Emerald spoke up.

"Well... hop on then." Emerald said before moving over to allow Shunpei some room before a voice spoke up.

"Mind if I join as well?" ? said which made the group turn to see Pluton walking into the room while he carried an odd object in his right hand.

"Whoa!" Shunpei said in wonder sense it was his first time seeing a fully humanoid type robot asides from Eggman's Steel type and got a little on guard before Tails spoke up.

"Pluton!, where were you?" Tails asked with worry while he walked up to the Robotic fighter before Pluton responded.

"Looking for this." Pluton said while showing Tails the strange device which made Tails's eyes widen in shock when he recognized the part.

"Isn't this a stabilizer!?, where did you get it?" Tails asked in amazement before he examined the part closely.

"In one of robotniks bases, the base was trashed accordingly, and I found the stabilizer in one of the stronger robots, also here." Pluton said before handing the part and a data card to Tails before stepping onto the pad.

"Thanks Pluton, I'll see if I can customize it so it can work for you after I teleport you guys to Angel Island." Tails said before he remembered something before he placed the two items on a desk nearby before grabbing an item from one of his workbenches.

"Hold on, Emerald take this." Tails said while stepping up to Emerald and handing an item to him.

"Whats this?" Emerald said while holding the device before examining it.

"it's a Beam gun handle that uses Chaos Energy to make a gun barrel made of nanomechs, and it uses more Chaos Energy to fire a bullet of Chaos Energy." Tails explained while he pointed to a few buttons and a dial with only one number on the back.

"Wow deadly!" Emerald said while holding the handle carefully sense he didn't want to set it off by accident.

Tails then stepped up to the monitor that connected to the pad for the commands while the trio waited for the machine to work.

"Oh hold on." Tails said which got the groups attention before he walked over to another workbench before grabbing another item before walking to Shunpei

"Here Shunpei, take these." Tails said while handing Shunpei a pair of shoes. (play Zelda item acquired music)

Looking closer, the group saw that the shoes were a pair of hover shoes that looked like Shadow the hedgehogs but looked odd. (We all know who Shadow is, I'm just giving a similarity like description.)

"These aren't the air shoes like Amy has, these shoes have a voice command for the wearer only and the voice command is Chaos on, also you need to practice to be able to use them, aside from that, you have to see what they can do for a exciting surprise." Tails explained.

"Thanks Tails?" Shunpei said in a more then a bit confused tone before putting them on and the color actually change to his colors of red and white.

"Well you three, here goes!, I should warn you in advance that sense this is a prototype, the landing might be a little off but not by much." Tails warned before he warmed the machine up.

"As long as we don't fall a thousand feet we should be good." Emerald said while sweatdropping while Shunpei hoped Emerald was joking about the big height.

After the machine started up, there was a flash in the lab before it faded to show that Emerald, Shunpei, and Pluton vanished while Tails grinned at the machine working before looking at the monitor to go bugged eyed while the scene shifted.

Angel Island/?/ Emerald, Shunpei, Pluton

When the flash died around the group, there was two things present, Pluton and Shunpei.

Pluton and shunpei saw the sky, they looked down and saw that they weren't a thousand feet but a couple feet above the ground at a 90 degree angle and fell with oomph's and ughs after gravity decided to kick in.

"Ow!... hey Pluton, where's Emerald?" Shunpei asked before looking around while rubbing his rear while Pluton looked up after his scanners picked up Emerald's biorhythms and pointed to the sky.

"I believe that's him coming towards us." Pluton said while Shunpei looked up in shock to see Emerald falling towards them like Pluton said before they faintly hear Emerald's voice.

"...aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHH!" Emerald said while his voice became clearer before The duo one the ground tried to go under Emerald to catch him but crashed into each other resulting in the duo falling on their backs.

Looking up to Emerald while in shock, the duo tried to get up quickly to help but before they got on their knees to push up, Emerald crashed down hard with a dust cloud covering Emerald which caused the duo to sweatdrop after the dust cloud settled.

They saw Emerald's twitching legs popping out of the ground with Emerald's upper body completely buried.

Pluton went over to Emerald before he grabbed Emerald's legs and lifted Emerald out of the ground.

"Ahhahahahahhha." Emerald groaned out in a daze before Pluton put Emerald on the ground which knocked some sense into him.

"It seem we teleported alright." Pluton said while Emerald spoke up in pain.

"Alright my ass!,at least you guys had a soft landing... ugh!... If I was back in my world I would be dead from that fall." Emerald said before he got up slowly while his bones cracked and popped while Shunpei flinched at the sounds, Nocturn floated out of his pocket before looking around.

"Agreed." Pluton said blankly while Shunpei looked around the area before he spoke up.

"Where are we?" Shunpei said while looking around the area before laughter echoed throughout the area the group was in.

"ZEHAHAHAH!, I must say that that was an original entrance." ? said which surprised the group before the four looked over to see an old man laughing while sitting on the ground and holding his stomach.

"Xan!" Emerald said before he walked over to the laughing man.

"Its Master Xan to you kid!, your my student now!, remember?" Xan said while getting up with a grin on his face.

"Sorry, are the preparations done?" Emerald asked while Xan shook his head negatively.

"Still need a few days kid, remember, I needed a week and a half to set up, correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you 8-9 days early?" Xan asked with a slightly confused look on his face before Emerald heard a male voice echo in his head which froze him on the spot.

"Embrace your dreams... and what ever happens protect your honor... AS SOLDIER!... COME AND GET IT!" ? shouted mid sentence which made Emerald go wide before Emerald looked to the others.

"Did you guys hear that?" Emerald asked while he looked around which confused the group.

"No, why?, what do you hear?" Shunpei said while he tried to hear what Emerald heard with twitching fox ears, but failed which made him frown.

Emerald then felt a tug on his mind and ran off to the Master Emerald alter with the others in tow before he saw an odd vortex where the Master Emerald once was.

"Do you see this guys?" Emerald said while pointing to the vortex though he got an unexpected reply.

"What?" Pluton asked while scanning the area for anomalies, but came up with nothing.

"What is it?" Xan asked with a slightly knowing look on his face, he was still slightly confused but he may have an idea of what is going on.

"The vortex!, can't you see it?" Emerald asked in a worried tone when he saw the Vortex pulse.

"No, can you see anything in it?" Xan asked with a thoughtful look on his face while he stroked his beard for a moment.

Emerald then looked in at Xan's suggestion before he saw something that shocked him greatly.

"HOLY HELL!" Emerald shouted before stepping back in shock which surprised the group.

"What?" Shunpei asked nervous before Emerald described what he saw.

The image described was this, a lone swordsman was fighting an army of gun wielding troops, some rocket wielding copters, and other sword wielding fighters.

When the others heard this they had different reactions, Xan was impressed, Shunpei was stunned, and Pluton wondered how that happened.

Emerald then saw the swordsman go down, he then saw him pass a giant sword to a blond spiky haired man before speaking up.

"You are my legacy." ? Said before his hand fell before the blonde haired guy wailed, his head fell forward, he then walked away with the sword dragging behind him towards a large city.

"Oh man, How do I help the guy from here?" Emerald said before he heard a female voice echo in his head.

"Do you wish to save him?" ? said which shocked both Emerald and Nocturn who was connected to Emerald by the link.

"That voice sound familiar." Nocturn thought to himself.

Emerald then replied yes to the voice before he felt something off, like something was trying to take over his body, he heard the voice speak up again.

"Let the power guide you." ? said before Emerald's arm was covered in darkness which shocked the entire group of robot, boy, old man, and sealed elemental.

Emerald then thrust his arm into the vortex which turned it into a dark void which further shocked everyone before he grabbed an arm and felt some energy leave him before he pulled.


"Man oh man, didn't think i'd die here, so close... yet so far." ? muttered to himself while he felt his strength leave his body.

"Well besides the stinging bullet wounds and creeping coldness its surprisingly peaceful." ? thought before he felt something grab his left arm which made him slowly look over before he saw an arm clad in darkness before he somehow he felt a rush of energy which made him jolt a little.

? then felt his body being pulled to the vortex the arm was coming out of while the scene shifted.

Angel Island/ Master Emerald shrine/ Alter/ Emerald, Shunpei, Pluton, Xan, Nocturn

After Emerald felt his energy leave his body, he felt his body being slid towards the vortex slowly which greatly confused him while he tried to stay still while pulling, though he struggled sense his energy was draining fast.

Xan then rushed up to Emerald before he gripped Emerald in a Heimlich like maneuver before shouting.

"HANG ON AND PULL!" Xan shouted while Pluton and Shunpei rushed to pull Emerald free, Nocturn tried to help by pushing on Emeralds forehead.

After a minute of pulling, the group saw an arm come out of the vortex followed by really, really spiky black hair, the rest of the body came out to fast to catch by eye before the vortex closed with a boom which sent the group flying off the alter.

Emerald landed on his back before he passed out while the unconscious man landed on top of him right after, Pluton and Shunpei landed on there backs while Xan flipped and landed on his feet before rushing over to the knocked out duo.

Looking at the unconscious duo more closely Xan somehow picked up the wounded swordsman with no trouble before he healed him with the same technique used on Emerald when he saw the severity of ?'s wounds before he spoke up.

"Lets get these two inside." Xan said before he walked to Knuckles's place to put the man in a guestroom while Pluton followed with Emerald on his back while Shunpei ran after them while Nocturn hanged back for a moment.

Nocturn looked back to the area the vortex was before Nocturn had various thoughts, though the main one was this.

"Was that Helios? it sounded... slightly different." Nocturn thought before the scene shifted to Eggman.

Eggman's skybase/ ?/ Eggman

"HOHOHOHO!, so that's how it was!, I'm a genius!" Eggman said while he looked to some blueprints he found in one of his old bases, then to a shut down, but halfway completed rebuilt Steel and Metal while tiny mechanical arms worked in the tiny crevices to work the area the doctor could not before the scene shifted again.

Angel Island/ Knuckles's home/ Emerald (Knocked out), Nocturn, Shunpei, Pluton, Xan, ? (Knocked out)

While Pluton set Emerald in one of the guest rooms, Xan placed ? in another while Shunpei followed to see if he could help before he followed Xan out of the room.

"Who do you think he is?" Shunpei asked Xan about the mystery man before Xan shrugged.

"No clue kid, we will find out tomorrow." Xan said to Shunpei while Pluton overheard when he walked into the room before the screen faded to black.

"Well there you readers have it, Zack fair is now in the sonic universe, Emerald and Xan helped keep him alive, find out what Eggman's plan is on the next Chapter of The Dimensional Saga, ladies wanna say anything?" TME said before he looked to Vanilla and Amy.

"Yeah, why not show Sonic and I training?" Amy asked while fuming at the lack of screen time before TME sweatdropped.

"W-Well Amy, that will be answered next chapter, while Knuckle's and Rouge's training will be told as well." TME explained while Amy smiled before speaking up.

"Oh OK." Amy said before she got up from her chair and walking out the door content before TME spoke up.

"Vanilla wanna add anything?" TME asked Vanilla who shook her head.

"Not really, just hope the training goes well for Emerald and the others." Vanilla said before she got up before leaving the room as well.

"Well people, this is TME signing out, hope you enjoyed this chapter." TME said before getting up to bow while the scene faded to black.

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