The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
Vanilla's surprise and the training week

"Well here's the next chapter of The Dimensional saga, and here is the week long break till Emerald's training, though it's more like a few days of rest for Emerald, reason will be told next chapter." TME said before the screen showed TME siting on his usual seat, though it was reclined.

"Don't think the others won't train cause they will so they can take on stronger opponents in later chapters." TME said before he cracked his neck.

"Also Vanilla will try to get Emerald for herself for a bit but there will be hilarious moments before the lemon in this chapter, at least I hope so, not only that but I am rewriting this lemon from the ground up once or twice, so anyone who has issues by this type of stuff or new to human x humanoid or humanoid x humanoid or even a harem moment, please leave or skip the lemon if it offends you in any way, if not offended please continue, here are my guests tonight, Shadow the hedgehog the ultimate life form, and Rouge the bat the jewel thief." TME said before introducing the guests before they walked in the room.

"Hi Everyone!, hope the story went well so far, though I wish I had more parts in the story." Rouge said waving to the screen before she sat on her usual chair with a pout.

"Hmph!, seriously why am I coming here again?" Shadow asked before he sat on the middle chair with a cold look on his face while TME sweatdropped.

"Oh come on!, here I made a preview for you two, here." TME said before he handed the current chapter to Shadow and Rouge which gave Shadow a massive nosebleed after he read it before he fell back in his chair while pinching his nose to hold back the flow while Rouge blushed and just kept reading.

"Well... it looks like their busy, also a word of warning, I remade the lemon between Emerald and Vanilla from the ground up, it now takes about half of this space." TME said seriously before sweat dropping at the two Mobians reactions before he looked to the screen while holding up three fingers.

Let's start the story in 3!2!1! GO!

Station square/ Zeo residence/ Emerald's temp room/ Emerald's mind/ Emerald

When Emerald fell back asleep after feeling that chill up his spine, he opened his eyes again to see that he was at the dream alter, though he was no longer surprised about that part, he was on guard for the shadow figure before he walked up to the master emerald before he put his hand on it before speaking up.

"Is there any other warnings I need to know?" Emerald asked sense he started to piece together what was happening with these visions before The master Emerald showed the previous two visions plus one more with a green glow that shined throughout the field.

The previous ones where meeting a wolf tailed girl while she jumped across the forest and meeting the black haired swordsman and then a odd image that made Emerald freeze in shock.

The vision showed a fearsome sword, the sword looked like a giant meat cleaver like greatsword but the tip was rounded on the sharp side while a hole was near the handle in the middle of the blade.

Emerald might be imagining things in a imagination but it looked alive? somehow when he heard a heartbeat come from the blade.

Then Emerald heard a chuckle which made him turn around and right in front of him was...well him... but he looked completely black in color as the night sky, even his clothes, pure white eyes, no pupils, and white teeth with Wispy mist like hair in the shape of a flame even though no heat was emitted.

"Who are you!?" Emerald asked in shock after he jumped back a bit while getting into a guard of sorts. (Still an amateur in combat.)

"Hehehe!, you might remember that dark form from fighting That pathetic double right, remember when you snapped then turned to the darkness, well you can thank me for that." The Shadow Emerald said while bowing a bit before Emerald's eyes widened in shock.

"Your the one who did that!" Emerald whispered while stepping back again, this time feeling fear before the Dark double grinned with malice filling the field a moment later which froze Emerald in total fear.

"Yeah wasn't it great letting go of control and destroying that Steel reject in cold blood!, also absorbing the darkness around was extremely tasty!, really made my blood race when it was filled with so much malice!" The shadow Emerald said with glowing white eyes before he slowly walked towards Emerald with a grin while Emerald was frozen on the spot before the double reached for Emerald, but before the Dark double could get near Emerald the Master Emerald pulsed with a green glow which caused the dark double to flinch.

"Tsk!, seem I won't be coming here for awhile, oh well I made my point." The Shadow Emerald said while the Master Emerald glowed brighter and brighter in response to the doubles voice.

Before Emerald could ask what he meant, the dark double started to break down slowly into little particles when the green light shined on his body.

"*Sigh*, I'll be back later, try not to die until then!" The Shadow Emerald said before vanishing with a grin with Emerald waking up right as the double vanished.

Station square/ Zeo residence/ Emerald's temp room/ Emerald, Nocturn

Emerald gasped while he sat up from the bed before he looked around the room where Chise was letting him use to see that he woke up an irritated Nocturn with his vocal awakening.

"Ugh... is this gonna be a recurring thing with you?" Nocturn said with irritation in his voice which made Emerald sweatdropped.

"Sorry Nocturn...I think I know who made the darkness go out of control though." Emerald said which got Nocturn's attention.

"Hmm, who?" Nocturn asked before floating over to hear Emerald better.

"Well... me apparently." Emerald said while he rubbed his head to only hear nothing for a minute, he then heard laughing form Nocturn and looked over blankly before the gem started to laugh like a mad man.

"HAHHAAHAHAEHEHEHEHEHEZHEHEHEEHHE!" Nocturn laughed while he turned around before he tried to stifle himself while Emerald continued to give him a blank look before he shocked Nocturn silent when he gripped the sealed Elemental before Emerald threw Nocturn into the bathroom, more importantly into the dirty clothes basket.

"GAAAAAAAAH!, NOT THE UNDERWEAR!" Nocturn yelled when he fell in some of Emerald's old underwear after landing in the basket.

"WHY WOULD I JOKE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?" Emerald shouted while he glared at Nocturn who floated out of the underwear before he glared back at Emerald who returned the glare with intense rage before Chise walked in the room to see the glaring match and sweatdropped.

"What did I miss this early in the morning?" Chise thought to herself while she rubbed her head before the scene shifted to Vanilla's new place.

Station Square/ New Rabbit residence/ Vanilla, Cream, Cheese

Vanilla sat up in bed before she stretched before she remembered her plans and backups just in case before she got up with a smirk to take to shower and get ready for today before the scene shifted to later in the day.

Station Square/ New Rabbit residence/ Vanilla, Cream, Cheese/ Later

Vanilla got out of the shower before got ready to wake up Cream and Cheese for the day ahead and if things went her way then Emerald would be hers for tonight which made her heat started up again with a jolt that shot through her body before she got dressed with a grin.

"Soon, I just need a bit more and I can scratch this itch!" Vanilla thought while she grinned which caused Emerald to shiver again with Nocturn and Chise giving him a confused glance while the scene went back to Vanilla after she composed herself and went to get the sleeping duo for breakfast before the scene shifted again, this time to Sonic somewhere in station square.

Station square/ ?/?/ Sonic

"Well I wonder what to do today, eggbutts not doing anything today so I might as well train like I said yesterday." Sonic thought out loud before he remembered that Tails asked him to come to his house today.

When he got ready to run there, he heard someone calling him which made him halt for a moment to look for the caller.

"WAIT PLEASE!" Amy said while appearing behind Sonic before she gasped for breath when she got near sense trying to keep up with Sonic can be exhausting sometimes.

"Amy!?, why are you here!?" Sonic asked while taking a step back while Sonic waited for Amy to catch her breath before Amy asked something that surprised him.

"Can you help me train Sonic?" Amy asked which surprised Sonic which made him blink a few times.

"Huh!?" Sonic said in shock from the unexpected question before Amy spoke up.

"Look I know I've been a dead weight when it came to eggman most of the time but that steel robot was insane even for Eggmans standards, I wanna be useful for one and be able to stand at your side, is that so wrong!?" Amy said while tearing up which made Sonic feel bad greatly.

Sonic having no words to really say just sighed before he spoke up to try and calm Amy down.

"OK!, OK!, just don't cry OK?, you can join me!" Sonic said while he waved his hands around while Amy got a smile on her face before Sonic got a nervous feeling when Amy looked to him.

"YAY!"Amy shouted in glee before she hugged Sonic before he could dodge. "Ugh!, but on two conditions!" Sonic said while prying Amy off him before she looked to Sonic confused.

"What?" Amy said in worry while she started to think the worse before Sonic spoke up.

"For one please stop hugging the air out of me, I nearly passed out a few time believe it or not." Sonic said while rubbing his neck before Amy blushed sense she remembered that she did squeeze a little tight on a few of her hugs.

"The second one?" Amy asked while she rubbed one of her arms.

"Try not to lose your temper with me OK?, you have a habit of trying to hit me with your hammer when you don't get your way sometimes, and don't deny it because I can get witnesses, Ill admit I may deserve it sometimes but the rest you overreact." Sonic said while he rubbed his head before Amy blushed again before Sonic spoke up.

"I don't mind the hammer thing if its for training, but try to have more self control OK?" Sonic asked while Amy nodded.

"Alright then, follow me to Tails, he said there was something he wanted to show me." Sonic said before he ran off with Amy in tow before the scene went to Angel Island.

Angel Island/ Knuckles's house/ front porch/ Knuckles

"Well... time to train in the cave of trials." Knuckles mumbled to himself, like he was trying to convince himself, while he got ready to leave his house when the sound of familiar beating wings neared to show that Rouge landed next to Knuckles with a confused look on her face.

"Cave of trials?" Rouge asked with concern from not liking the sound of this sense this was unknown territory to her.

"A hidden area of Angel Island that tests the challenger to there very limit and beyond, how do you think I got this strong before I met Sonic and the others?" Knuckles said while he put the finishing touches on his gear.

Knuckles is now wearing a pair of Metal gauntlets with retractable shields on his arms while he wore lightweight stainless steel shin guards and a small pack of provisions with a first aid kit that hanged that on his side.

"Whoa!" Rouge said pleasantly surprised when she noticed that the gear suit Knuckles well.

"What?" Knuckles asked before blushing after seeing Rouge stare at him for a minute.

"Why did you never wear this stuff sooner?" Rouge asked when she saw that Knuckle looked back to the gear to explain.

"I wasn't ready and the gear had final touches added to it by Tails so I got them today after Tails gave them the OK to use." Knuckles explained before Rouge nodded.

"Now If you'll excuse me, I'll be gone for a week or so and I'm taking the Master Emerald with me to make sure no one takes it." Knuckles said while giving Rouge a glare for a moment before he walked out of the house and to the alter before he chanted the Chaotic words.

"Chaos is power... power enriched by the heart... The heart is the server to unify the chaos." Knuckles chanted with power emitting from his body while finishing the chant by shouting a moment later.

"CHAOS CONTROL!" Knuckles shouted before the Master Emerald shrank down to the size of a pebble when Knuckles finished in an instant before Knuckles put it in his bag before he walked down the stairs before he started off for the cave.

"Wait I'm coming with you!" Rouge said when she felt worried for Knuckles sense he just recovered from his wounds.

"I'll be fine, besides don't you have Club Night to look over?" Knuckles said while looking at Rouge before continuing on past his home.

"I'm sure Knucky, besides what so bad about a cave?" Rouge said calmly before Knuckles turned around and gave a look that shocked Rouge silent.

"If your not serious about this then leave!, this might be more dangerous than Steel ever could be from what I heard, I'm training to get stronger so I can defend the Master Emerald so no one like Eggman or Steel can get it, just think for a moment, if Steel got his robotic hand on it he would have Infinite power and he's insane that's not a good combo!" Knuckles finished while leaving a stunned Rouge to think before the scene shifted.

Station square/ Zeo residence/ Emerald, Nocturn

"Thanks Chise, It was nice to meet you, and thanks for letting Nocturn and I stay here while I recover, I'm heading over to Vanillas to see If i can bunk with her and Cream again." Emerald said before he was about to walk out of the house before stopping when Chise spoke up.

"Wait." Chise said while walking up behind him.

"What?" Emerald asked while he turned his head around before he was kissed on the cheek which surprised him.

"Your welcome over here anytime and thanks for saving me." Chise said while blushing before Emerald felt his cheeks get warm.

"U-Umm no problem, w-w-well I'm heading out now, later Chise." Emerald said before he stumbled out of the house with a blush growing on his face.

"Bye Emerald see you later." Chise said before she walked back to the couch and continued to watch her show while working out with her hammer while the scene shifted.

Station Square/ New Rabbit residence/ Vanilla, Cream, Cheese

"Cream, I need you to go to Tails's home with this note, please let him know I sent you OK?" Vanilla said before she handed Cream a note with an envelope.

"OK mama, I'll see you in a couple days." Cream said before she walked out to go to Tails's home with Cheese in tow.

"Now on to plan A." Vanilla said with a grin after Cream shut the door before the scene went back to Rouge.

Angel Island/?/?/ Knuckles, Rouge

Rouge flew after Knuckles to find him before he was about to walk on a weird warp pad like object.

"Knuckles!" Rouge said while landing nearby before she gasped for a moment to catch her breath.

"What Rouge?, I'm about to head to the cave." Knuckles said before putting his right foot on the pad without turning towards her. "I want to join you!" Rouge said with knuckles looking over his shoulder after he heard that before keeping quiet for a moment before he spoke up.

"If you really serious then I won't stop you, but remember I warned you that this will be dangerous in many ways, so don't blame me if the worst happens to either of us." Knuckles said before he walked on the pad with Rouge in tow before she spoke up while she got on the pad.

"Well if its that bad then you'll need some backup..besides..." Rouge said before Knuckles looked at her with confusion when Rouge stopped talking.

"Besides?" Knuckles asked while Rouge grinned.

"Besides...There must be some fabulous treasure waiting for me in there!" Rouge said with a greedy smirked before Knuckles fell flat on his face before the pad glowed brightly before they vanished.

When the duo vanished in a light similar to Chaos Control, Xan walked up to the pad with a wide grin while rubbing his beard.

"Well then...might as well get started too on my end then." Xan said before walking to the pad before the scene shifted.

Station Square/ Tails's residence/ Tails

Tails was sitting on his couch while watching TV to relax after tinkering with a few projects before he heard the doorbell ring, he got up before stretching before he walked to the door and opened it to get surprised slightly, he expected Sonic, but Amy was with him which threw him for a loop.

"Hay Sonic, Amy, this is a surprise seeing you two together, why are you here?" Tails asked when saw the duo who looked to one another before Sonic took a minute to explain the reason for their visit.

"Ah I see, training huh?" Tails said with Sonic and Amy nodding in agreement.

"Well I actually made a device here to help with that as an experiment, that's why I asked for Sonic to come here." Tails said before he walked away with the hedgehog duo in tow.

"What?" Sonic asked with intrigue sense Tails never made a training item in the past before.

"Well it like a time compressor so to speak, simply put, it makes one day into seven days in there so 7 days x 7 days equals 49 days of training, I can raise it further if I can get it past the prototype stage, but that is a problem in itself that will be taken care of later." Tails said which both shocked the hedgehog duo not only at the device but with Tails's intelligence.

"Hows that possible!?" Sonic asked in shock before Tails grinned.

"Well Chaos Control gave me the Idea, it would be to complicated to explain and it would take me a couple days to go over it all so I will just say that I used a very downgraded version of chaos control that uses a Chaos Emerald to power it, also before you ask, all the provisions and homey requirements such as rooms and what not are already added, so there's no worry of not having a place to stay in there." Tails said which impressed the two further.

"Whoa anything else?" Sonic asked already impressed at the machine.

"Yeah, there also a simulator in there so you can train against different opponents like say Metal or Steel and you'll fight them, you can even fight yourself and the program adapts to your fighting style for a harder challenge so you need to keep on your toes, don't worry though there's a safety override protocol so you wont die." Tails said before he lead them to the basement before the trio saw a massive room like object that took up most of Tail's workshop space, it looked like a giant cube with a massive metal door on it with a speaker and monitor on it right next to the door.

"Well here we are... the time compressor... it uses an advance A.I. so no input necessary, just ask it to let you in and you will be let in with a tutorial on more in there after the doors close." Tails said before walking up the stairs to the living room after hearing the doorbell ring.

Station square/ Tails's house/ Workshop/ Sonic, Amy

"Well last chance to back out Amy." Sonic said while walking up to the computer monitor and got ready to speak into the speaker before Amy spoke up.

"No way, I'm in it to win it with this training." Amy said before she ran up behind Sonic while he sweatdropped before pressing the on switch before the monitor booted up.

"Hello?" Sonic said speaking into the microphone on the keyboard before the monitor turned on before they saw Pluton on the screen which surprised them.

"Pluton!?" Amy said in surprise when the image version smiled a bit.

"Not quite, I'm Pluton's backup data being used as an A.I. so I can help Tails with training. "PAI said while Sonic scratched his head, mainly from the technical stuf that went over his head, but he did get one thing from listening to Tails a lot over the years.

"Wait, I may not know much about computers but won't Pluton...the other know what I mean!, won't he need you?" Sonic said in a slightly worried tone before PAI smiled again.

"No worries, there is a backup every 12 hours while Pluton's Inactive, and a backup every 10 minutes while active so there's no worry about data loss." PAI said before Sonic spoke up.

"Well can you let us in?, we need to train." Sonic asked the Replica Pluton before PAI nodded.

"Of course!, just select a day to be let out and the door will open, also in case of emergencies I can force the door open or you can press the override switch to open the door." The PAI said when Sonic took the thinker pose when he sat on a box which made Amy giggle a bit.

"So wanna go for 1 day or the full 7?" sonic asked after a minute of thinking.

"7 for full training!" Amy simply said with fire in her eyes.

"7 please." Sonic said while sweatdropping while he spoke into the microphone before PAI smiled.

"Very well, when you go in there, you will be given an assessment test to see where you rank in, from Rank F to Rank X, so you will fight various characters 1 on 1 so don't think I'm not fair, after every fight there will be a 2 hour break and the difficulty will start out at the lowest rank to be fair for all beginners." P.A.I. said before the door opened with steam bellowing out of the door which made Sonic and Amy cover their faces with one arm before Sonic spoke up after the steam cleared.

"Well lets get started then!" Sonic said while walking to the opened door with Amy following before the door sealed behind them with steam coming out of the door one more time before it locked itself while the scene shifted to Pluton.

Abandoned Eggman base/ ?/?/ Pluton

Pluton in the meantime was exploring one of eggman's old bases for any possible upgrades sense he was still in the prototype stage, he had to fight some leftover and out of date eggbots that reactivated when he entered without the proper security codes, long story short, Pluton bashed and smashed through the bots before he was even able to search the base safely, it took him 20 minutes to clear out most of the rooms.

Pluton then scanned his body for a minute to see if he could make improvements but he was coming up short sense Tails had better equipment then in this place.

"I need to use my power more efficiently... but how?" Pluton said to himself before he opened an oddly clean door to get surprised that he walked into one of Eggman's earlier made workshops and wondered what he could find here before he looked around to see that there was a lot of dust that built up over time from lack of maintenance.

However when he stepped inside the room, a lone eggbot attacked him, it looked a little too new for the base it was in, however Pluton punched the robot which sent it flying before it crashed next to a robotic creation line.

Pluton then found something on the ground next to the eggbot he just totaled before he got a surprisingly intact stabilizer that fell from the Eggbot's damaged body that could be used to make his use of Chaos energy more efficient which was oddly handy sense he was looking for something like this in the first place.

Pluton then picked it up to examine it to find out in shock that it was too new for being in this place and took another look around the room before he found a computer that booted up after he found out it had a little energy left, he found out that some files were missing on it before it shut off and got a feeling that he wasn't the only one to stop here.

He then had an idea before he walked to another computer monitor nearby and found out that it was recently used, he then noticed that it had a backup generator nearby that could power it for a few hours that was still intact.

Unfortunately the generator was out of power at the moment from lack of use so Pluton examined it to see that it could use a Chaos Emerald to power it.

He took one of the ones powering his body out before he attached it to the slot which made the generator rumbled a few times before it started up which allowed the monitor to boot up as a result.

Sense it was an old computer model it took a few minutes to boot up while Pluton moved to the monitor to see that even though it was an old computer it was updated to the latest operating system of Eggman's design which made Pluton feel even more nervous at what could have happened here.

Pluton then opened a panel on his arm to use his recently added USB attachment to hack the computer mainframe in the base to see the who used it recently while the scene shifted to Tails's house to give Pluton time to hack the computer.

Station square/ Tails's house/ Living room/ Tails

Tails walked to the door before opening it while speaking up.

"Hello?" Tails said when he opened the door to get a little surprised to see Cream at the door.

"Cream?, not to be rude but why are your here?" Tails asked in a confused tone sense he did not get a warning in advance while Cream smiled before she spoke up.

"Mama told me to come here, she also told me to hand you this." Cream said while passing the note to a confused Tails before he took a moment to read the note which caused Tails to blush before he spoke up.

"You can come in, just don't go to the basement OK, Sonic and Amy are down there training in a special room that was made for training purposes and you could get hurt if anything wrong happens." Tails said while Cream nodded.

"OK Tails, can Cheese and I watch a movie for now?" Cream asked while Tails nodded with a grin on his face.

"Sure just let me know if its one of the movies you need to buy OK?, I'll join you later." Tails said while Cream and Cheese looked to Tails with a smile.

"OK, come on Cheese!" Cream said while Cheese followed after with a smile on his face.

Tails looked back at the note while Cream and Cheese got into the living room and reread it just in case he misread it.

"Dear Tails, Please keep Cream and Cheese there for a day or two, unfortunately I'm in heat right now and don't want Cream here for various reasons, most of them are to old for her to learn yet, look in the envelope for emergency contacts and some money for keeping an eye on Cream and a little extra for food as well." Tails read before going to the next sentence.

"P.S. don't tell cream OK, she's not old enough yet, I'll tell her in a couple years when shes older." Tails read before he took a moment to think.

"Well I wonder who got Vanilla attention!" Tails thought before he closed the door to his house while the scene changed.

Station Square/ Park/ middle section/ Emerald, Nocturn

Emerald and Nocturn were walking to Vanilla's new address, however it looked like the duo were having a bit of an argument.

"Why did you have to get caught in a bug trap and get pulled away?" Emerald said to Nocturn before the sealed elemental shook his gem like body.

"Ugh!, damned contraptions!, I only went to see the odd thing, but it turned out I floated in it." Nocturn said in embarrassment before Emerald facepalmed at Nocturn's reason.

"Well try to be more careful OK?, you where nearly turned into a scrapbook press for a 3 year old!, man that was rough in so many ways, and its already sundown!" Emerald said while sweatdropping sense he did not want to remember that issue before he saw the sun go down.

"Noted, and yeah who knew a 3 year old had that kind of grip!" Nocturn shivered while he tried not to remember that incident, though it did raise a question for Emerald.

"Why didn't you zap the kid like you did knuckles?" Emerald asked before Nocturn gave Emerald a are you kidding me look which made Emerald flinch a bit before Nocturn spoke up.

"OK, first off the kid had little chaos energy in his body, compared to your echidna friend, it barely made a blip on my radar, and second, you saw what happened to your friend and he had a strong body, what do you think would have happened if I...zapped the kid like you said, at the very least I can hold the blast in for a short time before I...Zap...people, as for you, your attuned to my aura for some reason so it wouldn't hurt you, at least I think it won't." Nocturn said which made Emerald freeze in his tracks before shuddering when a really bad image came to mind before he ran to catch up with the sealed Elemental before realizing that they made it to Vanilla's address.

"Here we are, the address matches the note." Emerald said while double checking the note to see if it was the right address address before Nocturn took the time to examine the place and smirked when he noticed Vanilla's aura inside the new two story house.

"Well I'm heading to Tail's place to keep an eye on Cream, I'll signal you if anything happens." Nocturn said with a knowing look before he flied away from a surprised Emerald before he went to Tail's house while Emerald looked on before Nocturn faded from view.

"Huh?, wonder whats wrong with him." Emerald said before shrugging before he walked to the door and ringed the bell.

Station Square/ Rabbit residence/ Living room/ Vanilla


"Coming." Vanilla said when she heard the doorbell ringing a few times before she opened the door with a smile which got wider when she noticed that it was Emerald who was at the door.

"Oh hello Emerald, come in." Vanilla said before she moved out of Emerald's way which allowed Emerald to walk in before he saw that the house looked similar to her old one.

The living room looked like Vanilla's old one in that it held a couch, a couple sofas, and a recliner that she could use for guests.

When Emerald looked around the room, he noticed that there was a set of stairs leading upwards, though they were pointing away from the stairs near the kitchen, the previous ones were pointing to the door in Vanilla's old house.

Leading straight from the door was the kitchen and to the right of the front door was a room on the first floor with a door on the left as you walked to it, most likely a spare bathroom, it had a yellowish to tan paint job around the rooms as a finish.

"Nice place Vanilla, looks similar to the old house!" Emerald said with an impressed tone before he looked to a smiling Vanilla.

"Thank you, also before you ask, Cream is with Tails for a couple days so we have the house all to ourselves." Vanilla said with a smile on her face while Emerald got another chill up his spine before he turned to look at the room again with a confused look on his face.

"Is the AC on or something?" Emerald asked before Vanilla got a little confused before she spoke up.

"The AC isn't on right now, the ceiling fan is doing a good job right now." Vanilla said before she walked to Emerald before passing him.

"Well are you hungry?, I made some food and tried a new recipe, I hope you like it." Vanilla said while she walked to the kitchen with a grin on her face before Emerald followed her.

"Thanks Vanilla!, I forgot to eat breakfast so I'm really hungry." Emerald said with a grin on his face before his stomach growled which made him blush greatly before he heard Vanilla speaking up.

"Well I hope its tasty." Vanilla said while bringing out a couple steaks that were on plates and sat them on the table.

"Whoa!, I wonder what spices where added." Emerald said with his stomach growling again which made his face turn red for a moment.

"I may not like spices, but I'm starving so I can ignore that." Emerald thought before he walked into the kitchen while Vanilla sat in her chair.

"Well dig in before it get cold." Vanilla said before starting to cut hers with her knife while Emerald joined her before the scene shifted to a later time.

10 minutes later of talking and eating

"Wow!, wow!, wow!, all I can say is you could give a pro chef a run for their money." Emerald said with content while he rubbed his stomach before Vanilla smiled at the complement.

"Thank you, oh and before I forget, can you come to my room?, I want to give you something." Vanilla said before turning to walk to her room with a grin on her face when she realized that this was easier then she thought.

"Sure." Emerald said before getting up from the chair to follow Vanilla while she put her plan into action with a grin.

Vanilla led Emerald past the door in the hallway and to the room that was right of the front door.

"Give me a minute please." Vanilla said while she looked to Emerald before he shrugged.

"Alright." Emerald said with a slightly clueless tone while Vanilla smirked before she entered the room and closed the door which confused Emerald before he waited for a 4 minutes before he heard Vanillas voice.

Lemon alert, Lemon alert, skip if not interested

"Please enter." Vanilla said which made Emerald open the door before he walked in the room to get a little confused when he didn't see Vanilla in the room before he looked around.

When Emerald looked around the room, the door closed behind him which made Emerald turn around in shock to only be further shocked at what he saw.

"V-Vanilla!" Emerald stuttered when he saw Vanilla walk forward in a new outfit which made Emerald walk backwards to only bump into the bed which made him fall back onto the bed in shock while Vanilla took the chance to get on the bad and crawl over a greatly confused and shocked Emerald before he took another look at what Vanilla was wearing as his shock grew.

Instead of Vanilla's old outfit from before she entered the room, he saw that she was wearing, or barely wearing, some extremely revealing black colored lingerie that showed that it only covered her stomach and helped accented her breasts which made them more firm looking.

He saw that her breasts were E-F in cup size and wondered how the hell she hid them in her dress, the lower half of the lingerie was missing to show that Vanilla's vagina was soaking wet, so much so that it dripped on Emerald's pants a little while Vanilla had a grin of her face at Emerald's stumped look on his face before she surprised him by kissing him.

If Emerald's body didn't freeze in shock before, it did now while Vanilla slipped her tongue into Emerald's mouth before he could move and twirled it around Emerald's tongue before he could do anything for a minute.

"Cute... must be a virgin." Vanilla thought with a mental grin before she pulled away so the duo could catch their breath.

Emerald slowly came out of his shock to notice that he was pinned to the bed, however Vanilla sat up on her knees while on Emerald's lap with a smile on her face before Emerald blinked a few time before he did something that made Vanilla sweatdrop.

Emerald punched himself on the right side of his face before pinching the sore area tightly to see if he was having one hell of a dream while Vanilla giggled at what he did before speaking up while she tried to hold in her laughter.

"W-W-What are you..*hehe*..doing!" Vanilla said while covering her mouth before she took a minute to calm down while Emerald gave her an irritated look though he blushed greatly at Vanilla's lack of clothing.

"I was just making sure I was actually awake and not in some dream." Emerald said while Vanilla smiled before she used her right hand to grip Emerald's left hand which made Emerald look at Vanilla before she spoke up.

"A dream huh, tell me..." Vanilla said before trailing off while she did something that shocked Emerald again at her next action.

"...Does this feel like a dream." Vanilla said before she place Emerald's left hand on her right breast while Emerald instinctively squeezed Vanilla's breast which made her moan out in pleasure, though Emerald let go in shock sense he thought he hurt her while Vanilla kept his hand in place.

"Don't worry.. I'm OK... Keep going." Vanilla said while whatever Emerald saw from watching A.V.'s just flew out of his head before he followed Vanilla's orders and just resumed his left handed massage lightly for a moment which made Vanilla moan out for a moment before she grabbed Emerald's right hand and placed it on her left breast.

"Just do whats natural." Vanilla said with a smile before Emerald's head cleared somewhat and resumed the massage, this time with focus while he used his thumbs and index fingers to pinch Vanilla's nipples which got a greater reaction from Vanilla while Emerald twisted his fingers that had the nipples trapped.

"Yes!" Vanilla replied when a strong shock went through her body which caused her body to lose control for a moment which resulted in her having a mini orgasm.

As a result Vanilla squirted a bit onto Emerald, more exactly, on his now stained pants which made Emerald sweatdrop before Vanilla caught her breath for a minute before she spoke up.

"Wow... I... really needed that." Vanilla said in slight relief before she looked downward to blink in surprise at what happened before she grinned a moment later while she got up off the bed.

"Alright then Emerald, why don't I give you a more through lesson on how to please a woman sense this is your first time." Vanilla said with a slight smile on her face while Emerald felt his heart beat in his chest before Vanilla motioned for him to get up.

Emerald in return did as instructed and got up from the bed while he was pretty sure that he had a stupefied expression on his face before Vanilla smirked a bit before she spoke up.

"Now then, the obvious first step should be to remove your clothes." Vanilla said before Emerald blushed greatly before looking downward in slight shame which confused Vanilla a bit before she spoke up.

"Something wrong?" Vanilla said in a slightly worried tone while Emerald rubbed the back of his head before he spoke up.

"'s just that...back in my world, before it got a boost by Nocturn, I was never really the active type and normally sat at a computer so I don't have an impressive body to show off, one of the reasons I wear heavy set clothing." Emerald explained with a blush before Vanilla smiles a bit before she walked forward and surprised Emerald by hugging him gently before letting go to step back.

"Let me ask you this then, could anyone in your world do what you did with Steel?" Vanilla asked while Emerald blinked a few times at the question before he thought about it for a minute.

" they got sent here with no boost they would have died if they ran into Steel." Emerald said while Vanilla smirked.

"Exactly, not to be rude to your world, but if you went back there with that strength, you would be labeled superhuman most likely." Vanilla said while Emerald perked up a bit at that info.

"Y-Yeah." Emerald said while Vanilla took the chance to resume her plan.

"Now back to the matter at hand, I think its your turn to undress." Vanilla said smiling while Emerald paled a bit before he spoke up.

"Er... can I at least keep my shirt on?" Emerald said with a nervous grin while Vanilla smiled, this time though Emerald got a nervous feeling when Vanilla walked up to him and gripped his shoulder with a surprisingly iron grip.

"Nope!, besides..." Vanilla said before trailing off before she gripped Emerald's right hand and made him go bug eyed when she placed it gently on her soaked pussy which drenched Emerald's hand while she grit her teeth to hold back a moan before she spoke up with what ever control she had left.

"Consider this my thanks for saving my life and Creams as well, and before you object, It wasn't just for you, I'm in heat and really need this, please help me with my problem." Vanilla said while she secretly hope hoped this would get Emerald in gear before she gripped Emerald's hand with need.

Emerald looked at Vanilla to see that she was serious and decided that if he walked away from this now, body shape be damned, he would feel like a bastard for leaving Vanilla in this predicament before he stepped back and nodded.

"A-Alright, just don't laugh OK?" Emerald said while Vanilla nodded before Emerald removed his socks, boots, and pants first sense they started to feel odd from Vanilla's juices and tossed them to the door nearby, next was his coat that he tossed over to his clothes, finally he removed his shirt while closing his eyes before he just let his shirt drop to the ground and waited while Vanilla examined his body.

She saw that he had decent arms and legs, she had to smile a little sense he thought he was overweight, though he had a bit of a gut around his stomach, it wasn't to bad, now she saw he still had his underwear on and hope to correct that with her mouth watering a bit sense she saw that he was half erect and hoped to see Emerald's hidden weapon in its full glory soon.

"I must say, your body's not as bad as you made it sound." Vanilla said while Emerald opened his eyes with surprise in them.

"Really?" Emerald said as Vanilla walked forward with a slight swing in her step which made Emerald blush as Vanilla got right in front of him and stood on her toes to whisper in his ear while her breasts pressed into his chest.

"Now then, shall I help you with getting undressed?" Vanilla whispered which caused Emerald to freeze in shock before Vanilla smirked a second later before she bent down to grip the waistband of Emerald's underwear and slid them downward to reveal Emerald's penis.

His dick was 6-7 inches long, possibly 8 in length, with it being a couple inches in width which made Vanilla's mouth drool more while she wondered in delight at how good it would feel to have something like that inside of her but remembered that Emerald was a virgin and grinned.

"Let's see if I can teach him a thing or two." Vanilla thought before she stood up and walked to the bed before she sat down with her feet touching the floor.

"Now then, lesson one, how to eat a woman out." Vanilla said with a grin while Emerald froze in shock when he heard that.

"Pardon?" Emerald said in shock before Vanilla pointed to the floor between her legs before she spoke up which broke him out of his shock for a moment so he could listen.

"A woman has to be good and ready right?, well consider this your first lesson, I may be ready myself but I feel like it wasn't enough and need a little more help." Vanilla explained before Emerald blinked a bit before he walked over and knelt down in front of Vanilla.

Emerald was mesmerized at the sight of her dripping vagina sense it was the very first one he saw in person that wasn't in a porno.

"O-OK!" Emerald stuttered before he slid Vanilla's legs wider while Vanilla kept quiet before Emerald removed his ring from his right hand's middle finger before he took a moment to look back to his clothes and tossed the ring over to see it land in one of his boots before he looked back to Vanilla's dripping womanhood.

Emerald then took one finger and slit it along the crease were the two folds met and slit them upward slowly which made Vanilla lean back on her elbows while Emerald stopped at a nub at the top of her vagina.

Emerald then remembered that woman liked it a lot when it was massaged in videos and used his soaked index finger to gently rub it in circles while Vanilla like the fact that Emerald was taking more of an initiative, she wanted more though and spoke up with need in her voice.

"Don't hold back!" Vanilla begged sense Emerald was technically teasing her which made her heat flare up greatly.

When Emerald heard that he knew he had to stop being dense for now and shook his head, he then took both of his hands and put them to both sides of Vanilla's folds and moved his hands apart gently which made Vanilla grit her teeth while she threw her head back when pleasure shot threw her body.

"Whoa!" Emerald said in an amazed tone when he saw the inside of Vanilla's folds, they were pink on the inside like she never had sex before, he saw the entrance to her vagina and in an act of slightly built courage slid a couple fingers inside which got immediate results.

"Guh!" Vanilla grunted out when he slid his fingers in which made Emerald freeze in worry when he saw Vanilla grip the bed sheets.

"Are you OK!?" Emerald asked in worry before he felt felt fear when Vanilla gripped his hair before she growled out something that made him sweatdrop when she got a bit of a feral look in her eyes.

"You better keep going or I will make you regret it greatly!" Vanilla growled out while Emerald shivered a bit in slight fear before he pulled his arm out then he thrust back in, this time he repeated the process while Vanilla went back to gripping the bed so she wouldn't scare Emerald off while she laid back on the bed to enjoy the feeling.

Emerald in the meantime saw that Vanilla's pussy was leaking in greater amounts and when he felt that his mouth dried up quickly while he kept up his piston like motion with his arm.

Emerald then removed his fingers and leaned forward while holding her vagina open which confused Vanilla before she spoke up.

"W-What are-GAH!?" Vanilla tried to ask but was stopped when Emerald gave an experimental lick of Vanilla's pussy before finding out that Vanilla tasted slightly sweet, though the sweetness wasn't strong.

Emerald then smirked when he found out the taste wasn't bad before he dug right back in, this time by using his tongue to enter Vanilla's pussy which made Vanilla go bug eyed before she froze up in slight shock while Emerald used his tongue by twisting and turning it to see if he could help Vanilla while she tried to calm down.

"AH..AH.." Vanilla repeated when she failed to get control back while she felt the tell tale sighs of an approaching orgasm before her restraint snapped somewhat which resulted in her next action.

Vanilla lifted her legs while Emerald placed his hands on her ass before she surprised Emerald by wrapping them around his head which trapped him in between her thighs.

"Al..Almost..There!" Vanilla said while her body shuddered before Emerald felt that he would pass out soon if Vanilla didn't let go soon.

"Alright tongue!, don't fail me now!" Emerald thought before he thrust his tongue back into Vanilla's vagina and put his tongue into overdrive to get Vanilla to release in more ways then one.

Emerald's tongue went left to right, up and down, around and around, ETC, while Vanilla grit her teeth while she repeatedly spoke out one word. "Yes!..yes!..yes!" Vanilla repeated while her release drew near.

Emerald felt his vision blur a bit from the lack of oxygen and used his right hand to pinch Vanilla's clit which got the desired result when Vanilla's legs tighten and her hands gripped Emerald's head before she had her long overdue orgasm.

"AAAAHHHH!" Vanilla yelled out in extreme relief when she came then and there, which resulted in Emerald being forced to drink Vanilla'a release sense he was stuck.

When Vanilla orgasms, Emerald had no choice but to drink a clear fluid like substance when it hit him point blank in the face.

If Vanilla tasted slightly sweet before then what Emerald drank now was something like drinking some type of sweetened drink that felt a little strong for Emerald's sense of taste.

Vanilla's legs then relaxed before they let go which allowed Emerald to pull away from Vanilla before he gasped for air while Vanilla just laid back with her legs hanging off of the bed with an open mouth.

Emerald then stood up which got Vanilla's attention when she saw that Emerald was sporting a full on erection, not only that but it curved upward, which caused Vanilla to smirk while Emerald used his hand to wipe off the excess juice that Vanilla shot before Vanilla spoke up.

"Hay Emerald?" Vanilla said which got Emerald's attention.

"Yeah?" Emerald asked before he wiped his hand on his shirt that laid near him when Vanilla spoke up again, this time with a grin.

"What's that?" Vanilla said pointing downward which made Emerald look down before he blushed to see his that his dick was at full power, not only that but it seemed bigger then normal while it leaked some precum.

"Nocturn If this was your doing..." Emerald thought before Vanilla interrupted his thoughts when she spoke up.

"Now onto Lesson two, lets see how much stamina you have during foreplay." Vanilla said before she stood up from the bed before she walked towards Emerald with hunger in her eyes.

Vanilla then grabbed Emerald's arm before she led him to the bed and lightly pushed Emerald's chest which caused him to sit on the bed where Vanilla was while Vanilla knelt in front of a blushing Emerald. (He's a virgin right now people, of course he's nervous, I'd probably have a panic attack if I manage to get that far with a woman.)

"Lets see what we have here." Vanilla said before she used her right index finger to gently poke Emerald's dick which caused it to twitch and throb while Emerald himself gritted his teeth when a shock of pleasure went through his body while Vanilla pulled away to think for a moment.

"Hmm, it seems that I have to take this slowly or Emerald will pop to soon." Vanilla thought before she had an idea which made her smirk before she scooted forward and placed Emerald's dick between her breasts which surprised Emerald greatly at the sight and the feeling of Vanilla's breasts.

Vanilla then gently closed her breasts which made Emerald grit his teeth while Vanilla spoke up.

"Don't move OK, let me do the work here." Vanilla said before she stuck her tongue out to lightly lick the head of Emerald's dick a couple times before stopping to let it cool down for a moment while she smirked when Emerald's head fell back.

"Alright then, lets try something different." Vanilla thought while Emerald grit his teeth when he tried to hold himself back from cumming to soon, though what Vanilla did next sent Emerald over the edge.

Vanilla then pressed her breasts together while opening her mouth before she thrust her head forward which resulted in Vanilla's mouth engulfing half of Emerald's dick before she moved her head back and forth rapidly which broke Emerald's control before he gripped her head to try and slow her down when his orgasm neared when he felt his .

"H-hold on Vanilla!..I..I...AAAAAAHHHHH!" Emerald tried to warn before he came, though he was to late when his seed shot out of his dick and into a eager Vanilla's mouth, though the two underestimated the amount that shot out while Emerald, who was caught off guard, roared out in pleasure before he gripped Vanilla's head and hilts Vanilla's mouth in a surprise deepthroating which made her eyes widen while her pupils shrank.

"GAAAAAAAHHH!" Emerald roared out again as he came down Vanilla's throat while Vanilla herself, though in shock, tried to relax her throat while she felt Emerald's seed shoot down her throat and into her stomach which greatly surprised her by the amount while her heat flared up again.

Vanilla then felt Emerald's hands weaken which allowed her to pull away slowly, though she kept her mouth on Emerald's dickhead while in a slight daze before Emerald's cum started to lower in quantity before she cleared her throat a couple time.

When she cleared her throat it pushed some of the stored cum out of her mouth and onto her chin and breasts before Emerald's flow of cum stopped completely which allowed Vanilla to pull off of Emerald's dick and took a moment to taste the last shot of cum that was in her mouth while Emerald tried to recover.

For Vanilla who rolled her tongue around, Emerald's seed tasted strange if that makes any sense, it gave a slight saltiness before it shifted to a slightly bitter aftertaste before she swallowed.

The next thing she knew though was a rush of energy that pooled in her stomach before spreading through her entire body which made her jaw and throat feel better.

Vanilla then smirked before she looked to a stunned Emerald before she thought of what to do next before she stood up before she used Emerald's shirt to clean her face off and tossed it into the bathroom cloths hamper.

She then walked over to Emerald who was snapping out of his stupor while Vanilla took the chance by sitting on Emerald's lap which knocked more sense into Emerald which made him sit up a bit to rest on his elbows.

"H-Huh?" Emerald said in a daze before Vanilla giggled which brought Emerald back to reality before Vanilla spoke up with a serious look on her face.

"You know Emerald, I was gonna give you a lecture on how to not force a woman to give a surprise deepthroating, but sense I somehow recovered, I'll let it slide if you can remember to be more gentle in the future." Vanilla explained while Emerald got a little scared at first at Vanilla's serious look before nodding not only in relief but in slight guilt sense he might have hurt Vanilla with his carelessness and took that lesson to heart.

"Now then, lets see if we can get another round out of you." Vanilla said with a smile which shocked Emerald greatly which made him hold his right hand in front of him which got Vanilla's attention.

"H-Hold on Vanilla!, I don't know about this world, and I'm not 100% sure about this bit of info, but from where I'm from when I wasn't augmented by Nocturn, 1 shot, possibly 2 is all I have!, I don't even know where all of that came from!, not even professional pornstars can make that much at once without serious problems, for all I know I could be down for the count!" Emerald said while he tried to explain to Vanilla before her smirk grew which confused Emerald.

"Well then, what poking between my thighs then?" Vanilla said which made Emerald look down in shock to see that his li'l Emerald was at full power, like it was saying something like, I'm ready for another round sir, which made Emerald go bugged eyed again before he spoke up slowly.

"How...the...hell!?" Emerald slowly while Vanilla thought that she should speed things up by gripping Emerald's dick with her right hand and stroked it a few time which made Emerald groan out through gritted teeth sense he was really sensitive at the moment while his dick turned rock hard thanks to Vanilla's brief handjob before she spoke up with a smirk sense this was a bit amusing.

"Anything else?" Vanilla asked while Emerald's head cleared up somewhat.

"Wh-what if I g-get you pregnant?" Emerald stuttered which made Vanilla smirk again before she leaned forward and whispered into his ear.

"Didn't you get an ability for that?" Vanilla whispered while Emerald sweatdropped sense he did remember now that Vanilla mentioned that.

"Oh.." Emerald said while Vanilla stood up on her knees before she gripped Emerald's length and aligned it with her vagina before she spoke up.

"Well even if you don't have it active, I am on birth control, so..." Vanilla started to say before she caught Emerald off guard by dropping down to sheath Emerald's dick completely while the two got great reactions.

"..." Emerald tried to speak but couldn't sense he was completely paralyzed by the pleasurable sensation that enveloped his dick, while Vanilla only had one thought when he fully hilts her.

"FINALLY!" Vanilla mentally shouted with a grin on her face sense even her patience with Emerald was wearing thin with his questions while Emerald to a moment to think as well though he had a quicker thought process at the moment.

" is what sex is like!? wonder pornstars enjoy doing this for money, not like I'd ever go into that line of work." Emerald thought before Vanilla gave an experimental grind to see how Emerald would react.

When Vanilla moved, Emerald's body reacted by thrusting upward which sent pleasure through the two connected bodies before another thought went through their heads.

"Deep!" Vanilla thought when she felt Emerald nearly hit her womb while Emerald had similar thoughts, though they quickly shifted to another matter.

"This feels nice!, BUT WHAT THE HELL EMERALD!, I'm suppose to give Vanilla pleasure and I'm just LAYING here!?" Emerald thought before he grit his teeth while Vanilla rose again and dropped down a couple more times before Emerald did something that shocked Vanilla greatly.

Emerald reached over and gripped Vanilla's ass which made her go wide eyed before he stood up, turned around, and laid Vanilla on the bed, all while keeping connected by the hips before he used his right arm to support his upper body before he spoke up.

"It was nice just laying there, but it would leave a bad taste in my mouth if I didn't as least do something with my pride as a man being called into question." Emerald growled out before he sat his knees on the bed while he used his left had to adjust Vanilla's rear upward to keep the sup connected which made Vanilla gasp out in pleasure before she spoke up.

"What are- YOOOOU!?" Vanilla tried to say while shouting before Emerald pulled out of Vanilla then pushed back in with gritted teeth so he could concentrate on his piston like motion without cumming to soon while Vanilla herself felt great pleasure when Emerald really picked up the pace which resulted in Vanilla drooling a bit while her thoughts barely registered in her mind.

"By Chaos!, I'm glad he's got a curve sword!, hehe!" Vanilla thought out while her thoughts started to halt so she could just enjoy the Pleasure she was feeling.

Emerald however was just running on pure instinct with no thoughts whatsoever when he surprised Vanilla by using his left arm to grip her right breast while he bent forward to latch his lips on her left breast and sucked, both actions got positive results when Vanilla went wide eyed and her mouth hanged open before her vagina tightened around Emerald's dick.

Even though Emerald felt the pleasure, the adrenaline pumping through his body kept him going while his orgasm slowly approached which made him do something on instinct with his next action again which pleasantly shocked Vanilla when Emerald let go of Vanilla before gripping her waist and lifted Vanilla before turning her onto all fours and penetrating her soaked tunnel again which made a heat induced Vanilla repeat herself with Emerald's actions.

"Yes!...yes!...yes!..." Vanilla repeated while Emerald gripped her breasts for leverage while he kept the piston like motion going while Vanilla's vision blurred while her own orgasm approached.

While the two neared orgasm, Emerald really hoped Nocturn's gift would kick in, birth control or not he wanted to be sure when he thought about Nocturn's gift when something felt odd inside of Emerald's body though he kept his speed up.

For the average reader this is what happens inside of Emerald's head, for an example, think of an ON/OFF switch inside of Emerald's head that subconsciously switched to the OFF position which pretty much made Emerald incapable of having kids. (I feel pretty dumb for simplifying this part when you guys already got it a few chapters ago.)

Emerald then felt an odd sensation on his hands which made him look over confused to soon switch to slight shock to see that Vanilla was leaking breast milk which in turn brought more pleasure to a heat induced Vanilla.

Emerald then grinned before stopping his thrusts which confused and irritated Vanilla a little sense she was nearing her own orgasm and was about to speak up when Emerald surprised her by turning her around to lay on her back again and thrust back into Vanilla's waiting hole before he gripped Vanilla's breasts with both hands and latched onto her left, this time by latching his lips on the leaking nipple while Vanilla gasped out in pleasure.

Emerald then did another shocking move by slipping Vanilla's right nipple into her own mouth which made Vanilla groan out while she drank her own milk with half-lidded eyes while their own orgasms approached.

"By chaos!, what got into him!" Vanilla thought out while Emerald started to groan out which gave Vanilla the tell tale sign that Emerald was nearing his end while she felt the same.

"Inshide! (Inside!)" Vanilla groaned out while her nipple was still in her mouth before Emerald let go of her right breast to grip her hips with both hands while Vanilla placed her other nipple her mouth while Emerald's concentrated by putting more power into his thrusts which Emerald took as a good sign when Vanilla didn't correct him at all.

"He's hitting my womb!" Vanilla thought when she felt Emerald's dick slam into her cervix repeatedly before Vanilla groaned out.

"Mph!,mph!,mph,mph!" Vanilla groaned repeatedly while her mouth was full while Emerald huffed out for another moment before growling before he slammed into Vanilla one more time before roaring out while feeling an extreme tightness while he felt his dickhead slip into something even tighter while Vanilla went bugged eyed before opening her mouth wide to give a silent scream when she had the mother of all orgasms.

"...!" Vanilla silently screamed out before she felt Emerald unload directly into her womb while her vagina milked Emerald's dick for all its worth while Emerald had a similar reaction.

"Aaaaaahhhh!" Emerald groaned out in turn while he felt pleasure like no other while he went wide eyed while his pupils shrank when he could actually feel his seed shoot out if his dick.

If Vanilla could think for a moment she would think that he did he make a lot while the two were preoccupied with their respective orgasms, Vanilla's stomach started to bloat somewhat till she looked a few months pregnant, if Emerald didn't use the little gift he got from Nocturn he would have gotten Vanilla pregnant for sure.

Emerald then slowly leaned forward to rest on top of Vanilla while his arms supported his frame so he wouldn't hurt Vanilla before he spoke up. (Emerald is based on my build for this arc sense I don't exactly have the best build, some of you might not like it for that, but at least I'm being honest, I weigh about 210 - 220 pounds, gotta lose about 30 pounds for the 190 pound point.)

"T-That was..." Emerald muttered while Vanilla grinned after she caught her breath before she spoke up which interrupted Emerald mid-sentence though she had to take a few breaths while she spoke.

"I know..*huff*..I must say..*huff*...that for a virgin...*Huff*... you were pretty...*huff*... impressive, if you lasted this...*huff*... long when you just...*huff*... lost your virginity, then just think about...*huff*... when your experienced!" Vanilla said with a hungry grin on her face while Emerald sweatdropped at Vanilla's hungry look on her face before he slowly pulled out of Vanilla with a groan.

Vanilla in turn grit her teeth while she felt her cervix clamp shut after Emerald pulled his dick out of Vanilla in a slow manner sense his sensitivity was at an all time high while Vanilla felt the same amount in turn.

"If you have the strength, could you get me to the head of the bed?" Vanilla asked when her heat and strength faded while Emerald looked to her for a moment before smiling.

"Alright." Emerald said before he got up from the bed, though wobbled for a moment while he took a moment to regain control of his legs before he walked over to Vanilla and slid her over to the head of the bed to rest before noticing not only the bulge where her womb was at but the mess at the foot of the bed as well and sweatdropped.

"Nocturn I swear to whatever god or goddess you believe here that I will find out what you did to me!" Emerald thought before be spoke to an exhausted Vanilla.

"Pst!, Vanilla?" Emerald said which got the tired rabbits attention.

"Mind if I use your shower?, also do you have any extra shirts I can use sense mine was used as a towel by the both of us?" Emerald asked while Vanilla sweatdropped sense she remembered what happened in her heat induced phase.

"Sure, though the shirt part will have to wait for tomorrow, I'm exhausted." Vanilla said before she felt amazed at Emerald's recovery time.

"Alright then, let me just..." Emerald said while he walked over to grab his underwear from the leftover clean clothes before he walked into the bathroom to freshen up while the scene went to a few minutes later.

Lemon over

A few minutes later

Emerald walked out of the bathroom while feeling like a new man before he equipped his underwear a moment later before he noticed that Vanilla was asleep with a pleased look on her face while Emerald grinned a little before he joined Vanilla on the bed by slipping next to her on the left side of the bed.

Vanilla in the meantime stirred a little when she felt the weight of the bed shift and rolled over a bit to cuddle into the source which made said source, AKA Emerald, open his eyes wide in shock before they returned to normal size when he heard Vanilla sigh in content while Emerald smiled before he decided to join Vanilla in dreamland while a soft green glow shortly enveloped Vanilla gently, with the source coming from her womb before the scene shifted.

Meanwhile/ Abandoned Eggman base/ ?/?/ Pluton

"T-This is!?" Pluton said in shock when he managed to not only access the data on the hard drive but he managed to recover the deleted data which showed the images of Metal Sonic and Steel Emerald that appeared on the screen, though the blueprints were to complex for even Pluton to compute before the scene shifted again while he tried to figure more out in the abandoned base.

Meanwhile/ Eggman's skybase/ ?/ Eggman

"Hehehe!, well this is a good start, soon I'll take down that rodent and that boy Emerald once and for all... HOHOHO!..HOHOHOHOHO!" Eggman said before laughing while the camera focused on some new blueprints he acquired from one of his old bases recently before the scene fades to black.

"Well here's the new chapter of THE V2 and it seems Eggmans up to no good like usual, everyone started training and Emerald finally popped his cherry, Vanillas heat is sated for now, lets see if it lasts next chapter, again I am sorry if you think the lemon is wordy but I wanted to be detailed about this stuff." TME said with a grin before he turned to the guests in the room.

"So Shadow, Rouge, how was it?" TME asked before he saw the duo looking at the chapter with blushing faces.

"Hello?" TME said while poking them before getting no reaction whatsoever from the duo.

"Well folks, it seems I stunned the two immobile and now I'm metaphorically alone for now." TME said while sweatdropping before he spoke up again.

"I gotta upload this chapter now and work on the next one, stay tuned for the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga everyone!" TME asked before the scene faded to black while TME walked to the stunned Duo to try and snap them out of it.

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