The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
The limit broken and fixed

"Hello everyone, and welcome to another chapter of The Dimensional Saga, after we left the story on a sad note, Pluton was damaged to the point of shutting down, can Pluton be repaired?, can Emerald save Vanilla and Cream?, can the others get to Emerald in time?, lets find out on now on The Dimensional Saga." TME said after he looked at the screen with a grin.

"Here's the guest corner and we have Knuckles and Rouge here today." TME said with an arm held out to the door before said duo walked in the room. "Hi/Yo." Knuckles and Rouge said before they sat down to relax while TME continues.

"Well... continuing where we left off, the Fight between Pluton and Steel did not turn out well, Emerald is trying to rescue them in turn but there's gonna be more at stake then they all thought, Keep reading and hope Emerald wins." TME stated seriously while he leaned back to get ready for the intro signal.

"Don't start the story without us." ? said shocking TME, Knuckles, and Rouge while they looked around for the speaker.

"Who's there!?" TME asked on guard while turning to the direction of the voice voice to see that Sonic, Shadow, Amy, and Tails appeared when they walked into the room which surprised the sitting trio before the other four sat on the ground in front of the chairs while TME, Knuckles, and Rouge sweatdropped at the nonchalance action before looking back to the screen.

"Whoa!, surprise guests first time here." TME said before he looked to the screen a second later with a grin before he got ready to give the start signal again.

Well lets start the story in 3!2!1! GO!

Western base/ ?/ Vanilla, Cream

The camera fades in slowly to show that Vanilla and Cream were in two separate cages while Steel walked away to sit in a rock while the rabbits looked around the room for a way out to only be horrified at what they saw.

There were other human's and mobian's in hanging cages as the two rabbits heard some yelling for freedom while some were crying in despair while the rabbits looked to the ground which heightened their fear further at what they saw which got different reactions from the rabbits.

"KYYAAAAAAAA!" Cream shrieked in fright before she fell on her rear which shook the cage while Vanilla was shocked silent when she saw multiple body parts littered across the ground and trembled in fright at what could happen to Cream and herself.

"Y-Y-Y-YOU MONSTER!" Vanilla yelled at Steel in fear and anger while Steel looked to her with a grin.

"HEHE!, thanks for the complement and sorry for the mess, didn't get a chance to clean up before picking you two up." Steel said smiling while he shrugged before someone spoke up.

"Damn you!, why did you bring us here!?" ? growled out which made Cream looked behind her to show a woman with long bushy hair, long skinny jeans, and loose long sleeved shirt, it was to dark to make out the rest before Steel chuckles.

"Hehehe!, sorry but I needed some time to.. KILL... and you pathetic creatures are eager to help with that." Steel said in mad joy while Cream felt a chill ride up her spine.

"W-What!?" Cream whispered in fright before she felt the woman behind her hug her to comfort her while ? looked to Steel angered.

"You bastard!, why bring kids into this!?" ? growled out before Steel stood up to rub the back of his head like he was embarrassed.

"Oh stop complementing me, and to answer your question, I don't care about who or age for that matter, all organics are wasted spaces before me if they are weak, and that goes for human loving robots to, besides I gave them a chance to fight and they just tried to run so I ripped them apart. " Steel said with a bored look on his face before Cream spoke up with barely held courage.


"D-D-D-Don't t-think that E-Emerald will let you g-get away with this!" Cream stuttered with barely held courage which made ? looked to Cream with a confused look on her face.

"Who's Emerald?" ? asked Cream which made her look at the strange lady.

"Well...Emerald came to our home with a robot named Pluton and are living with us till they get a new home...*Sniff*... but this robot here named Steel came and ...Gh...and...GH... AND KILLED PLUTON WHILE HE DEFENDED US!" Cream wailed while hugging tightly to the lady while said lady patted Cream on the back before Steel spoke up which got their attention.

"Yeah and if I know Emerald from the data I got from various sources, coming to another dimension all alone, separated from his family, and finally made his first friends in years only for 1 to shutdown in front of him, Who know what he's thinking right now!, HEHEHAHAH!" Steel said in psychotic glee while the three listening ladies had different reactions.

The three only stared in shock for various reasons, Vanilla thought about his situation sadly and the monster robot that wanted to hurt him further.

Cream thought about Emeralds loneliness when she heard that and his pain right now before she looked down with closed eyes.

? thought about the sad life he had and maybe he could be the one to rescue them as the scene shifted to Sonic's team as they found Pluton's broken body.

Vanilla residence/ outside/ Sonic, Tails

"PLUTON!" Tails yelled in sorrow at seeing the state Pluton was in while Sonic crossed his arms in anger while his quills started to raise before a dark mist emitted from his body before he tried to calm down.

"Damn!, who could have done this!?" Sonic growled out while he tapped his foot for a few seconds.

"I-I don't know." Tails stammered while Sonic finally calmed down and placed his right hand on Tails's left shoulder.

"Can we do anything?" Sonic asked with concern before he saw the damaged robot's state and shuddered.

"Maybe... but,... it looks like his core holders burned out, there's also a bit of damage, I may need weeks to fixed him before he can reactivate again." Tails said while looking at the damage with worry while Sonic took a thinking pose for a minute before he had an idea.

Sonic grabbed a chaos emerald from who knows where after he vanished for a moment before he held it to Tails.

"What about this?" Sonic said holding the green Chaos emerald he grabbed after leaving his house a second time when he zipped back while Tails had a thoughtful look on his face before he spoke up.

"That could work...but the holder might not respond." Tails said while he looked at the holder closely as his worry grew.

"Couldn't hurt to give it a chance, right?" Sonic suggested with a grin as Tails gave a half-hearted one in return. "Yeah!, here goes!" Tails said taking the Emerald and putting it in Plutons core holder as the duo looked on in worry.

Nothing happens for a minute which made the Duo look to the ground in sadness, but then they heard a voice that shocked them greatly as the sound originated from Plutons body.

"Green Emerald aquired, absorbing chaos energy, charger core holder 87% undamaged and transfer to main and backup generator...full charge 5 minutes for each, Critical damage to body...estimated time for minimum repair... 8 hours.. Less if arm and leg are reattached... Estimated repair time to reattach arm and leg separately 10 minutes apiece... main focus leg reattachment." Pluton's system repair program stated before Sonic looked around the place at breakneck speed to find the leg under a couple pipes and brought it to pluton to be reattached while Tails looked at Pluton in amazement before he spoke up while Sonic aligned the missing leg to where it needed to be.

"Impossible!, the core holder is fried, how is Pluton reactivating?" Tails said as he wondered how this was possible before a voice spoke up which shocked the duo again.

"I'm not dead yet!, thanks to Emerald and the others I evolved a level." ? said surprising the duo before Sonic and Tails looked to see a grinning Pluton while Tails broke out of his shocked state.

"Pluton!... your alive!" Tails said in joy before Pluton's grin faded while he looked west when his memory of before he shut down returned.

"Barely... you need to go on ahead to the west, there's a base where Emerald went to rescue Cream and Vanilla." Pluton said while trying to get up but couldn't sense his broken leg fell to the ground useless while Tails looked to Pluton with a worried look on his face.

"Don't try to get up!, your body is still repairing itself, you might fall apart!" Tails said with a worried look on his face before Pluton looked to Tails before he spoke up again.

"But Emerald needs my help in saving Vanilla and Cream!" Pluton said while he still kept trying to get up while Tails looked to Pluton with shock sense he was suppose to have an AI programming that normally thought things through before doing anything.

Tails never saw any robot act like this before and remembered Pluton said evolving a level before he gave Pluton a serious look.

"Pluton please rest!, Sonic and I will go ahead!" Tails said which left no room for argument when he gave Pluton a stern look. "Y-Yeah." Pluton said while he stared in stunned silence a moment later at the seriousness of Tails's look before speaking up.

"Emerald went that way though no I have no Idea how far." Pluton said while looking at Tails in shock before he pointed west before the trio heard foot steps approach.

Sonic got on guard to only see that Rouge and Amy appeared before they stopped nearby before they gasped for breath while Sonic panicked at seeing Amy here.

"Amy!, what are you doing here!?" Sonic yelled while he hid behind Tails which made Tails facepalmed.

"Wow Sonic, nice being brave there." Tails said sarcastically while sweat-dropping.

When Rouge saw Pluton a moment later she rushed forward to the injured robot.

"PLUTON!" Rouge yelled while pushing the brotherly duo away while tearing up while the knocked down duo sweatdropped again.

"Well this seems like daja vu huh?" Sonic said after he got up and dusted himself off with Tails doing the same while Rouge looked Pluton over while panicking which made the robot chuckle a bit which surprised the group.

"Ill be OK, my systems are repairing the damage even as we speak." Pluton explained while Amy walked to Sonic and Tails.

"Have you guys seen cheese?" Amy asked which made Sonic and Tails look to one another in confusion before looking to Amy, though Sonic kept his distance.

"No we haven't, why?" Sonic asked before they heard someone cry out which made them look around in confusion before the person cried out again, this time in a clearer note.

"CHAO!" Cheese yelled getting there attention as the group looked at Cheese concerned.

"Cheese!, were where you?" Amy asked in a worried tone before the little blue creature flew to her and landed on her outstretched hand before Cheese tried to catch its breath while Pluton spoke up.

"It looked like Cheese came from the west, maybe he knows where Steel is." Pluton said which confused the group before Amy spoke up. "Steel?, don't you mean metal sonic?" Amy asked in a confused tone before Pluton shook his head in a negative way before Sonic spoke up.

"No, we fought him before getting here, said something about holding us here or something." Sonic said before Pluton spoke up again. "He's a steel replica of Emerald, but Psychotic in many ways." Pluton said before the group shivered at what Pluton said.

"Wow... Eggman really took precautions there by making it after the first encounter." Sonic said before Pluton continued.

"Were getting off track here, follow cheese and I'll follow later, I'll repair faster if I focus on repairs only." Pluton said before he remembered something while the others where about to leave.

"WAIT!" Pluton shouted which shocked everyone before they looked to him with surprised looks on their faces.

"What!?" Everyone asked at the same time before Pluton spoke in a serious tone. "I have an idea of what Emerald's gem is." Pluton said which shocked them greatly.

"Really?" Sonic said while Pluton nodded.

"Yeah, and if I'm right its not good." Pluton said while the scene shifts to Emerald who was running to the western base.

?/?/ Emerald

Emerald was rocketing to the base at breakneck speed while the gem in his pocket emitted a pitch black glow while Emerald's emotions turned into great anger before turning darker.

"DAMMIT!, ILL RIP THAT STEEL BASTARD APART AND TURN THE SCRAP INTO DUST!" Emerald thought before he remembered how torn up Pluton was and how scared the Rabbits might be while his gem glowed darker and the black tattoo like lines got thicker before he sped to the base.

Emerald then saw that he was nearing a cliff edge and slowed down to a stop to get his bearings.

He was above the base at an angle which surprised him a bit from the size of the base and how close he was before he saw a window nearby.

Emerald sighed with slight relief that Cream and Vanilla were OK while Cream was with some other woman.

But their faces had frightened looks when Steel walked towards Cream and the woman while Vanilla looked like she was screaming before Steel opened the cage door which caused something to snap inside of Emerald which made him jump to the window with building anger.

Western base/ ?/ Vanilla, Cream, ?

"Well I'm getting a bit bored, so why don't we play a game." Steel said with a grin on his face before he got up before Cream spoke up.

"What game could be defined fun in your Dictionary!?" Cream said while her body felt nervous while ? held her tighter.

"Hoho,.. smart girl using big words, well if you must know its a pretty fun game if you asked me , I made it up." Steel said with a cold grin on his face while Vanilla felt a chill go up her spine.

"What?" Vanilla asked with a scared tone before Steel looked to her.

"I call it the fox and the hare, may have already been invented so ill give credit to inventor, Hehe the fox is yours truly while one of you three is the hare and... well you get the rest." Steel said darkly before the 3 looked in horror to see Steel walk to Cream and ?'s cage while Vanilla hit the bars with her hands to get the twisted robots attention.

"NO!, not them take me." Vanilla begged before Steel stopped walking to look to her with a malice filled grin.

"Sorry but I need prey with stamina!, HAHA!" Steels said before laughing before he continued to walk to the cage while ? hugged Cream tighter with one arm.

"Before we die,... I want to say that my names Chise Zeo, odd name I know, but I come from a tribe of amazons." Chise introduces herself while getting ready to grab something from behind her back while Steel heard the name.

"Cute name, but I'm only grabbing one of you." Steel said while he got closer to them, he was about to open the cage when they all heard glass shatter.

Vanilla residence/ outside/ Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Amy, Cheese, Pluton (Damaged)

"What about Emerald's gem Pluton?" Sonic asked in a curious tone about Emerald's gem.

"Well... its just a theory, but sense I got a better understanding of emotions I now know what the weird energy is." Pluton said which got the reaction he expected.

"What!?" the group shouted in shock before Pluton nodded before he continued before anyone else could speak up.

"Pure negative energy,... and whats more the energy wave data is similar to Dark Sonic's energy spectrum, its like there brother's to the point its unnerving." Pluton stated which made everyone freeze in shock before shouting.

"WHAT!?" Everyone shouted again in various levels of shock before Sonic looked to the west with a serious look.

"We gotta help them then!" Sonic said before shooting off past Cheese and the others with the others following in various ways, Tails and Rouge by flying while Amy by using special skates Tails made so she could keep up better, (think shadows but more pink and rounded in the toes, will be explained later), With cheese on Amy's shoulder to point the way.

Vanilla residence/ outside/ Pluton

"5 Minutes till leg Repair is finished... then switching to arm for 10 minute Repair, Then 20 minute Cranial repair, then 8 hour chassis repair." the secondary voice said for Pluton before he looked to the nearly reattached leg.

"Soon I can move and help." Pluton said while he waited for his leg to reattach while the scene went to Emerald.

Western base/ Emerald, Vanilla, cream, Chise

After Emerald jumped and before Steel could grab Cream, the window broke in while time seemed to slow down before everyone looked up to hear a Massive Roar.

"STEEEEEEEL!" Emerald Roared after he Landed on a guardrail and jumped with such force the guardrail broke inward while Flying at insane speed to the off guard doppelganger before Emerald roared out again.

"I'LL TEAR YOU APART!" Emerald roared out before Steel could react when Emerald punched him with so much force that Steel rockets towards the wall which sent dust and debris everywhere near him before Emerald landed with dark energy emitting from him in greater amounts.

"GET UP YOU SON OF A BITCH!, GET UP!" Emerald Roared out while not noticing the dark energy swirling around him or the black lines encroaching his body more while getting thicker in width.

"Emerald!?" Vanilla gasp in surprise when she recognized the angered Emerald while Cream and Chise looked to him in shock at Emerald while Cream felt that something was wrong with Emerald while Chise felt a dark aura coming from his pocket before she looked to Cream both greatly confused and frightened.

"What is that horrible miasma coming from him?" Chise said with terror filling her before she scooted away from Emerald till she hit the back of the cage wall with Cream in tow before Cream spoke up.

"I-I don't know, Emerald's normally not like this and his gems glowing black in color, not the purplish one like normal." Cream said while her body shook from terror while the fight went on when Steel got up from the ground with a grin.

"HEHEHEHE! now this is more like it!, it's time to party!" Steel said with dark glee before charging Emerald while Emerald charged Steel while the scene shifted to Sonic's group when they approached the cliff that Emerald jumped off of.

Western base/ outside on cliff/ Sonic, Tails, Amy, Rouge, Cheese


"What was that!? Amy yelled over the boom that came from the old base past the cliff they where on while Tails looked to her.

"No clue!, lets hurry!" Tails said while Sonic looked past the ledge to see the broken window that Emerald jumped through.

"Look guys!, there's a broken window, lets go through!" Sonic said before jumping through the window with the others following shortly after.

Western base/ Emerald, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Rouge, Vanilla, Cream, Chise

Somic landed on the catwalk and saw the broken guardrail before Tails spoke up with a hint of horror when he saw the carnage around the room.

"What happened here!?" Tails said in horror from seeing the interior of the base with the body parts littering the ground and the caged captives hanging by chained cages before multiple booms echoed throughout the room which shook the base.


Before they could say or do anything else, the catwalk they where on was about to fall from the shock waves the booms gave off which made Tails and Rouge jumped to fly while Sonic grabbed Amy and jumped to landed next to the landing flyers before the catwalk fell from the wall not a moment later.

"Wow close one!" Sonic said in relief while he looked back at the catwalk that crashed to the ground.

Before they could do anything else a Torrent of booms sounded out again which made them look to the fighting duo who appeared in shock.

Pseudo dark mode Enraged Emerald VS Alpha Steel Emerald (round 1)

Emerald and Steel where fighting in a fast paced battle (think DBZ level but no flying) while everyone saw that the dark energy around Emerald was getting stronger when his anger rose.

The dark lines got thicker and thicker while his eyes flashed between his regular green colored eyes and pure white while the fight went on while Steel was getting more excited about the fight sense Pluton couldn't make him get this serious.

After blocking and dodging a few more of Emerald's punches, Steel Jumped back far before his arms popped off of his arms and hanged from hinges, he then pointed the arms at Emerald before they fired a barrage of Bullets right after he got a lock on Emerald.

"TRY TO DODGE THIS!" Steel shouted while his bullets flied at Emerald who roared before charging Steel while dodging most of them.

"GET BACK HERE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!, I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR KILLING PLUTON!" Emerald shouted while he charged the robot with rage coursing through his body before the scene went to Sonic's group.

Sonic's group

"Wow Emerald's pissed!" Sonic said with surprise at the way Emerald was fighting before Tails spoke up.

"No duh!, he has no idea that Pluton's alive and healing." Tails said before he remembered that Pluton looked like a corpse without an emerald to power him and shivered at what could be.

"Let go help him then!" Rouge said before the group agreed before they got ready to help.

But before they could move, they heard and saw something that made them stop cold in their tracks.

"GAAAAAAHHHH!" Emerald shouted in pain, however not from gunfire like they but from something else they saw Steel do.

The Captive trio

"NOT AGAIN!" Cream shouted in scared sorrow before she covered her face.

"*Gasp*" Vanilla and Chise gasped out shock before the scene went back to the battle.

What happened in the battle was this

Emerald charged Steel while dodging most of bullets before he got close to Steel, but before he could attack, Steels hands reattach while blade's swing out from wrist slots that appeared in half a second.

Steel then slices Emerald with his right blade to slice Emerald's left arm off which made the arm fly away while Steel's left hits Emerald's Heart in a vertical slice with his left while it the attack went to his right hip. (they looked like simple double edge broadswords dripping with blood)

"GAAAAAAHHHHH!" Emerald's shouts in agony before the dark energy fades and the Marks fade greatly while Steel looks to Emerald with a grin.

"Well, well, well looks like I win, shame, it was exciting." Steel gloated while Emerald fell to his knees in shock, not only from his arm being sliced off, but from the feeling that his heart stopped beating while he fought from passing out.

"D-Damn you!" Emerald weakly said to Steel while his vision blurred a few times before a voice called out which got their attention.

"HOLD IT YOU BASTARD!" Sonic shouted while the group rushes to help Emerald while Steel shrugged.

"I don't think so, I still got some fun plans, tempting though." Steel said while activating a defensive barrier cage laced with electricity which not only locked them in but gave them one hell of a jolt.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" the group yelled in agony before they fell to the ground while the current of energy stunned them when Steel turned down the energy a bit.

"GUYS!" Emerald yelled while holding the place where his arm was while trying to not pass out from blood loss before Steel spoke up while Sonic's group got up with some difficulty.

"Hehe, now before you all die, I want to leave a nasty memory for all of you." Steel said before deactivating the lighting from linking with the bases security system.

"I'm pretty sure anything you have is a bad idea!" Emerald growled out while glaring at a grinning Steel before a familiar voice spoke up which surprised everyone, though it was slightly warped from the echoes it gave off.

"HOHOHO!, I know isn't it great!" ? said which shocked the group before Sonic looked around the room with confusion on his face when he didn't see where the source was coming from.

"Who's there!?" Sonic said while trying to get up but falling to his knee from pain.

"Why yours truly of course." ? said before appearing which revealed Eggman with metal sonic behind the cage before he floated to Steel with a grin.

"Well pops, looks like the plan went of without hitch." Steel said which surprised everyone who heard.

"POPS!?" the group yelled in shock while Eggman laughed for a minute, Emerald had to fight from passing out again, but he felt weaker.

"HOHOHO!, I know right!, one of my experiment went horribly right and Steel came out of it as a result, as long as I keep him entertained he doesn't break orders, he can do whatever he wants as long as it helps the plan out!" Eggman said with Psychotic glee before Steel spoke again.

"And I have one more Idea to really make these fools feel pain!" Steel said before moving so fast before he sliced the cage with Cream and Chise in it and grabbed Cream so fast that no one noticed not even Sonic before Steel sped back to where he was with Cream.

"Cream!" everyone yelled in frightened shock before Vanilla tried tackled the cage door open a few times before calling out.

"LET HER GO!" Vanilla yelled before she tried to break the cage open again by tackling the door again but it didn't budge and Vanilla teared up from what could happen to her daughter before the camera panned to a weakened Emerald, more exactly his thoughts.

Emerald's thoughts

"DAMMIT!, DAMMIT!, AM I REALLY SO WEAK I CAN'T PROTECT ANYONE!?" Emerald thought in agony while he watched the helpless rabbit in question try to pull herself off the mad robots hand.

With Steel

"NOW TIME FOR SOME RABBIT VENISON!" Steel shouted before throwing Cream upwards, Cream almost touched the ceiling as a result.

"CREAM!" Everyone said in horror before Steel crouched down while the scene went to Pluton.

?/?/ Pluton

"Hope I can make it, the energy is getting stronger, Please Emerald, don't fall into the darkness!" Pluton thought while he rocketed to the base as fast he could even though his systems warned him to slow down or damage will happen to his body while the scene went to Emerald's group.

Western base/ Emerald's mind/ Emerald

"NO!, NONONONO!" Emerald roared in his mind when steel jumped up while everyone watched and shouted in anger and horror before he felt something in his body slip while a voice spoke out in his mind.


"Do You want power" ? said while time seemed to slow to a crawl around Emerald.


"Don't you want to protect her" ? said while Cream slowly fell to the earth before Steel flew upward with his blades held at his sides.


"THEN FIGHT!,FIGHT TO DESTROY ALL WHO GET IN YOUR WAY!" ? Roared out before Emerald's eyes widened while his pupils shrank when felt something explode in his body before something snapped in his head.


With Everyone else

As Steel's blades got near Cream, they turned a glowing white hot color while he roared out.

"TRY TO HELP HER WITH HER BODY SCORCHED IN HALF!" Steel yelled in mad glee before he swinged the blades close to Cream while time seemed to slow down for everyone.

But then Cream vanished while one of Steels blades shattered while there was only a little blood on the other blade which shocked all who saw.

"The hell!?" Steel said in mid air before he landed while everyone heard a girls crying nearby and turned to the source to get the shock of their life before Vanilla called out which knocked everyone out of their stupor.

"EMERALD!" Vanilla shouted in relief, surprise, and shock while the camera panned to Emerald.

With Emerald and Cream

"*HIC*HIC*" Cream cried when her cheek hurt baldy from were Steel cut her before Emerald spoke up, however everyone heard that Emerald's voice was somewhat warped.

"I'm sorry Cream... I wish I was faster in helping you." Emerald said while setting Cream down on her feet before he stood up.

"Now go to the lady in the cage you were with and try to get your mom out, then see if you can help the others, can you be a big girl and do that for me?" Emerald asked while petting Creams head to try calming her down before she nodded.

"Y-Yeah." Cream said while holding her burnt cheek before running to the cage with Cream not noticing the change Emerald had before Steel started to laugh with increasing madness.

"HEHEHE!, HAHAHAHAHA!, NOW THAT'S MORE LIKE IT, YOU MIGHT BE MORE FUN THAT WEAK ROBOTIC REJECT!" Steel shouted with insane glee before the blade repaired itself while the camera panned to Cream while she ran to Chise.

With Cream as she got near Chise

"*Hic*Let's*hic*go*hic*and...and get mama!*Hic*" Cream said while trying to be brave before she got to the sliced open cage.

Chise in turn got a better look at Cream while she got out the cage before she flinched at the wound on Creams left cheek, it was deep... and was burnt closed, it also looked it was still steaming when she got out of the cage before Chise ran to Vanilla's cage with a crying Cream and pulled out her weapon.

It was a great mallet with a collapsible handle that she wielded with both hands that she used to smash the lock which allowed Vanilla to get out and hugged Cream to try and calm Cream down.

"It hurts! hurts!" Cream repeated with tears falling down her cheeks while Vanilla rubbed the back of Cream's head.

"I know, I know, it'll be OK." Vanilla said in worry before she petted the little rabbits back. "Thank you Miss..." Vanilla said while looking at Chise who smiled for a moment before frowning when she heard Cream cry some more.

"Chise ma'am, now lets free the others so we can get out of here!" Chise said before she ran to the barrier holding the other group.

Sonic's group

"DAMN PSYCHO ROBOT!" Tails shouted when he felt anger, relief, and worry, anger at Steel for hurting Cream and relief that Emerald save her somehow, but he felt worry a moment later when he saw Emerald who was acting odd.

"I know." Amy said in anger before she noticed the escaped trio coming over to the cage before Chise swings her warhammer at the lock on the barrier which caused the barrier to slide back into the ground after the lock broke.

"Thanks!" Amy said to Chise before she ran to Cream with a worried look on her face with a worried Tails in tow.

But before they could get a better look at Cream, they felt a massive energy spike emit from where Emerald was and everyone looked over with shock at what was happening before another boom echoed throughout the base.

Western base/ Where Emerald and Steel was/ Emerald


"Weak?" Emerald said while looking to the ground while his anger skyrocketed before he emitted a massive amount of energy.

"WEAK!?" Emerald yelled before the dark mist grew larger in quantities while the same voice from before spoke to him in his mind.

"Destroy him for taking what you hold dear!" ? said while Emerald felt his body start fill with power before looking to Steel with enraged eyes.

"YOU CALL A FRIEND OF MINE WEAK FOR FIGHTING WITH HIS ALL!?" Emerald roars out while dark energy blasts from his body which shook the entire base which in turn shocked everyone watching when black marks appeared on his skin and thickens till there was barely normal skill left.

"AND YOU HURT ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO ACTS LIKE A LITTLE SISTER TO PLUTON AND YOU CALL PLUTON WEAK FOR DEFENDING HER!?" Emerald roared out when the aura of darkness grew stronger from Emerald's anger.

"Use everyone's anger and rage against this pathetic robotic shade, tear him apart for hurting whats yours!" ? said before Emerald felt even more power fill his body.

"YOU HURT MY FRIENDS AND THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE!...AND FOR WHAT!?..ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR SICK GAMES!?" Emerald roared while the black marks completely cover him.

"Ill kill you and tear you apart into so many pieces that no one can rebuild you!" Emerald growled out while glaring at the ground, the dark energy that emitted from his body was so immense that it made Emerald look like death itself. (think of Gon from hunter X hunter before the adult form but just before like the dark form he takes before that)

Emerald then looked up and shocked all silent, he had eyes so white that they glowed pure while, and the gem in his pocket gave a pure black glow.

the Birth of Dark Emerald is complete.

Sonic's group

"*gasp*" Everyone even Eggman gasped out in shock at the form Emerald acquired.

"Is... that really...Emerald!?" Cream asked with so much shock that she forgot the pain in her cheek and stared in horror.

"If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't believe it myself." Rouge said in shock, she was to scared to move, Sonic looked on in horror when he felt something from Emerald.

"I can't believe it...but I can tell but he's stronger then Dark Sonic somehow!" Sonic said which shocked everyone who knew Dark sonic before the group walked back in fear.

"T-That's impossible." Amy muttered before falling on her butt while looking in horror at Emerald's dark form.

"But it is." ? said calmly which shocked everyone into looking at the source of the voice to be surprised further to see Pluton himself while he walked to the group while his body sparked more which unfroze everyone from their shock.

"PLUTON!" Vanilla and Cream shouted before they hugged Pluton in joy when he approached the group while Cheese hugged the side of his head.

"Your alive!, but how!?" Vanilla asked before Pluton grabbed Cheese and handed the Chao to Vanilla before he explained how he survived, how he got here while Chise introduced herself to the group.

"Well sorry some of us aren't too happy to see you at the moment, but what do you mean when Emerald is stronger then Dark Sonic now?" Tails asked while Pluton looked at Tails seriously.

"The gem is one thing, but what its doing is another." Pluton stated which confused the group greatly. "What do you mean?" Sonic asked in a confused tone while he scratched his head.

"What I mean is it's like half of a Chaos Emerald but many times more potent." Pluton explained which further confused the group more before Chise spoke up.

"Half of a Chaos Emerald?,... what do you mean?." Chise asked in a confused tone sense she didn't know what a Chaos Emerald was before Pluton looked to her before looking to everyone else.

"Ill explain what a Chaos Emerald is later, but for the others who know, its like its a massive amount of negative energy remember?" Pluton asked with some of them nodding in agreement.

"Yeah I remember, positive and Negative energy make the Chaos Emerald's what they are, so that's what you mean by half, but hows it stronger? Tails asked intrigued with the others in rapt attention before Pluton continued his explanation.

"Its absorbing more then the normal amount of negative energy by many times from the people around it, and from what I can read, that's why its so strong, it also doesn't help that this place hates Steel for his Hellish actions." Pluton stated while his scanners picked up negative energy rushing to Emerald.

"What do we do then?" Cream asked in hope that they could snap Emerald out of it.

"Nothing I'm afraid, Steel could kill us and make things worse before we could do anything." Pluton simply stated while eveyone felt a chill up their spines. "No!" Cream said sadly before the Group looked back to the fighting duo.

Dark Emerald VS Alpha Steel Emerald (Round 2)

"HAHAHA!, WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH ONE ARM HUH!?" Steel shouted out with a mad grin before Emerald fell oddly silent.

As soon as Steel said that, the arm he severed dissolved into darkness which surprised everyone who could see the battle before it reappeared on Emerald while the wound on his heart and body closed with dark mist to seal the wounds from they where cut.

"Before he hurts your ally's tear him apart!, use the darkness to power you!" ? said which shocked everyone in the base when they heard it come from his pocket and Sonic's group realized it was the gem in Emerald's pocket.

Emerald then flexed his reattached arm a couple times before he used more energy a few seconds later to charge Steel before he could move and punched Steel into a wall so hard that it caused the wall to collapse before everyone went wide eyed from their growing shock, the attack happened so fast before people realized what happened.

Sonic's group

"Holy shit!, I may be new to this Chaos Emerald stuff, but is that a normal thing for you guys?" Chise asked with worry sense she heard about Eggman before she was captured.

"No it's not, we've never had this level of stuff happen to us till now!" Sonic said with great shock before he continues before anyone could speak.

"Also only the Master Emerald could talk but only in telepathy to knuckles, its kind of a good giant Emerald, I think." Sonic explained before he saw Steel get up.

"Well here's hoping this things on our side." Chise said about Emerald's gem before the group looked back to the battle.

Dark Emerald VS Alpha Steel Emerald

As Steel got up from the ground, Emerald appeared nearby with a blank look on his face before Steel grinned again while the spectators saw that Steel's head was cracked along the top of his head to see that it gave sparks.

Steel's repair protocol tried to repair the damage from the blow while Steel started to full on laugh like what ever sanity he had left was knocked out of his head from the blow.

"HEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!, Now this is more like it!, but I got a trick up my sleeve!" Steel said before he started to glow with a dim blue glow and got ready to charge at Dark Emerald while the camera panned to Sonic's group.

Sonic's group

"Damn!, that's not good." Pluton said which got everyone's attention as Chise spoke up with an irritated tone.

"I know I'll hate this, but what now?" Chise said not liking where this was going.

"Its like my move Chaos Overdrive, Its where I force the Emerald to power myself over my limits while it drains the Emerald quicker, I get many time more powerful and faster as a result, but this one looks like a stronger version, he must be using my old emerald plus how many he has to boost his skill many times more then mine." Pluton explained with a grim face before he thought that his fight with Steel was more then a bit one sided.

"I knew it!" Chise said while everyone looked back to the fight and got shocked at what Emerald did next.

back to battle

"GET READY CASE HERE I-*BAAM*" Steel tried to shout before Emerald punched Steel with insane speed again before he could finish which sent Steel flying for a moment while Emerald grabbed Steel's ankle before he could fly away.

Emerald pulled which yanked Steel next to Emerald before he could react before Emerald then used his right arm to smash Steel into the ground with an echoing boom which made everyone freeze in shock.

Sonic's group

Everyone couldn't move or speak from shock, even Pluton himself couldn't believe it, after all, if Steel who use Chaos overdrive and Pluton who's Eye cameras could track Sonic by eyes alone couldn't keep up, was a shocker in itself, while everyone else couldn't believe that the energy emitting from Emerald was powerful, however everyone got a bad feeling as the fight went on.

Back to battle

Dark Emerald jumped back before he waited for the dust to settle, he then saw Steel get up, and even though he was greatly damaged from that last attack, he looked insanely happy as he grinned.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!, well guess I had that one coming for not planning ahead so how about this!?" Steel said before snapping his fingers which made a barrier appear around Emerald which locked him in but Emerald didn't even look mad while he stared at Steel with rapt attention.

"HEHE!, now before I was interrupted, here goes something!" Steel said while he crossed his arms in a X like guard before the dim blue glow turned raging red in color.

"CHAOS OVERDRIVE V2!" Steel roared out before he felt his body explode with intense energy before he charged Emerald who crossed his arms to block Steels charging form which blew the cage apart.

Steel punched Emerald into the wall on the far end with a cloud of dust blocking everyone's view for a few seconds before the room fell silent except for loose rocks and dust hitting the ground.

Before anyone could worry for Emerald's safety, Emerald rushed out of the dust cloud while Steel, who expected this, charged the darkness enhanced juggernaut with heat enhanced blades after he reformed the broken blade fully when Steel took the chance when Emerald was sent flying.

The two met with echoing booms before they attacked one another with vigor, Steel would use various combos of bladed attacks with kicks mixed in while Emerald who fought barehanded reinforced them with a shell of darkness to prevent the blades from slicing his arms off while he punched the blades out of his way to get close to attack while Steel used some combos to force Emerald back before Emerald hit Steel with a guard breaking combo of using his left fist to uppercut the blades upward.

Emerald then used his right fist to try and hit Steel while Steel raised his left leg to block the attack before the two vanished with multiple echoing booms as the scene went to Sonic's group. (think of DBZ level speed but without flying)

With everyone

"Wow that's some fist fight!" Chise said with amazement filling her voice before Pluton noticed something off about the fight.

"I know, but this isn't natural, no human can move that fast without problems." Pluton said while scanning the battle and was shocked to say the least at confirming what he feared before he spoke up.

"I knew it." Pluton said grimly before Chise gave him an extreamly irritated look. "What now man!?, what now!?" Chise said while getting tired of all the stress that built up today before Pluton gave them an update of the situation.

"If you look closely you will notice that Emerald is being hurt by his own attacks and Steel isn't helping at all." Pluton said shocking everyone before they looked to the fight and saw that Emerald hit Steel which resulted with blood erupting out of his arms and legs while some dark mist covered the wounds to heal them but then they traded blows again which resulted in more recoil for Emerald before Pluton spoke up again.

"If nothings done soon, we might lose Emerald not Physically but mentally, the Energy is making him more aggressive and enraged!" Pluton said noticing that the change in Emerald's biorhythms were off while the scene went to Emerald VS Steel.

Back to the Battle

Steel had enough and decided to end this once and for all when he noticed Emerald's regenerating wounds.

"ENOUGH I'M TROUGH PLAYING GAMES!" Steel shouted before jumping back from Emerald and did something that shocked the others, his arm started spinning and turning white hot like a drill, the fist glowed like it was super heated, he then pulled his arm back while the temperature around him got extremely hot.

Emerald in turn pulled his arm back when Steel jumped back and put his left hand over his right forearm, not his fist, before dark energy was concentrated into the entire arm, so much so that the dark energy encased his entire arm while the camera shifted to the others.

Sonic's group

"Scanners indicate that this is the final trade off, one of them will die here." Metal stated nearby while he hovered next to Eggman while everyone nearby heard Metal speaking.

Everyone in Sonic's group hoped Emerald will live and return back to normal while the scene went to the fighting duo.

The final battle of man vs machine

The two combatants then charged each other at the same time while the onlookers wondered what would happen before the two neared one another before Steel roared out while he threw his heated fist forward.

"SPIRAL INFERNO!" Steel shouted while Emerald threw his fist forward while he roared out at the same time as Steel.

"DARK CHAOS!" Emerald roared out before the two fists Collide while the two fighters roared out one more time.

"FIIIIIIISSSST!" the two roared out when the attacks connected which resulted in a shock wave of conflicting energies while everyone in the cages and on the ground braced themselves when the shockwave passed them.

The energy colliding was massive, heat came off the two like a inverted furnace, no light came from one side and the other like the sun itself, a crater formed under them from the two energies while the camera shifted to Sonic's group who was closest.

Sonic's group

"WE GOTTA BACK NOW!...ITS DANGEROUS HERE!" Pluton yelled to everyone when his scanners gave him a warning signal while they all ran back before turning to watch the fight while the clashing energy made the entire base shake before the scene went back to battle.

Back to Battle

"DIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!" Steel roars when he put more power into the attack which pushed Emerald back when Steel's arm turned from a roaring red to a scorching blue while Emerald thought about all the people Steel hurt and killed before something snapped inside of him again before more energy went to his arm while he stepped forward before gave Steel a piercing look.

"NO!...YOU DIE STEEL!" Emerald roared before he sent so much energy into the attack that it shattered Steel's arm which shocked everyone who saw while the attack continues by slamming into Steels chest area which sent him flying into the wall away from Emerald while everyone saw that Steel slammed into the wall with extreme force before he exploded into pieces.

While everyone froze in shock, Metal noticed that Emerald had his guard down and revved his engine which got everyone's attention before Metal rocketed towards Emerald before anyone could stop him.

As Metal got near with a clawed hand raised Emerald noticed with rising anger that Metal was a threat and as Metal sent the attack forward the camera panned into Emerald's mind while time seemed to slow down.

Emerald's mind

The camera showed the place where the dream version of the Master Emerald was before the camera panned a few miles out to show a dark gate that slowly building into the ground, like it fading into existence while a shadow like figure approached the gate when it developed strange runes and crests before the figure started to solidify.

The shadow figure gave a wide grin before it grew pure white eyes while the scene went to reality.


Metal's attack was an inch from Emerald's body before Emerald vanished in an instant which shocked all before Emerald appeared besides Metal with his right arm raised while time seemed to slow down again.

"Impossible!, his speed exceeded my organic version!?" Metal thought a final time before Emerald brought his fist down to smash into Metal's head and into the ground which resulted in a earth shattering slam that shook the entire base before a large dust cloud appeared to block everyone's vision for a moment before it started to fade

Emerald left a crater so big, it was insane, it didn't total the base but it shock it up more which caused some of the cages to rattle which unsettled the occupants, after the dust settled, what everyone saw frightened them more then ever while everyone had various reactions of fear.

Why they reacted like this was that Emerald had Long bushy shadowy like hair going down to his feet that stopped just above his ankles, his body was completely covered in darkness, razor sharp claws, pure white glowing eyes, white razor sharp teeth.

He then raised his head and roared to the sky with such volume that everyone had to cover their ears when a shockwave emitted from Emerald before a voice spoke up which confused everyone.

"HEHEHE!, finally the new body for the power of darkness is ready, now for the final step to complete his transformation,... KILL THE ONE CALLED IVO ROBOTNIK AND MAKE THE CHANGE PERMANENT!" ? shouted out which caused everyone to look to Emerald in shock before they realized for those that knew that it was the gem in his pocket that spoke before Emerald roared out again before he did a leaping charge at a frightened Eggman while he tried to fly away.

Eggman's floating ride couldn't float fast enough though and Eggman had to eject before Emerald clawed it which caused it to explode into nearly nothing.

Eggman fell to the ground with fear on his face before Emerald landed in front of him with piercing white eyes like he could see into Eggman twisted soul before Eggman spoke up in a frighted tone.

"P-Please don't kill me!, please!" Eggman whimpered as he begged for his life before Emerald raised his right arm for Killing blow and stabbed forward before being stopped by Pluton mid swing which shocked all who saw before Pluton spoke up while his body gave off more sparks from the strain of stopping Emerald's attack.

"Don't do it Emerald!, is killing him worth it?, will killing him be worth your humanity!?" Pluton said while letting go of Emerald's arm before the gem spoke up again which shocked all again at the venom it gave off.

"Kill him!...Kill Him!...KILL HIM!" the gem repeated while glowing a pitch black glow before Emerald roared out before he pulled his arm back in a stabbing motion and stabbed forward again before Pluton could stop him.

However all were shocked to see that Emerald stopped his attack from continuing from hitting a face, Cream's face to be exact as everyone wondered how the hell she got there without anyone noticing while she held her arms out like she was protecting Eggman from Emerald, though her body shook greatly from fear.

With the others

"CREAM!" Vanilla yelled with great worry for her daughters safety while Sonic got ready to rescue Cream to only freeze in his tracks when Cream herself spoke up.

"P-P...Please Emerald... P-Please c-come back to us!, d-don't let this bad gem control you!, your a nice guy right!?,... PLEASE COME BACK!" Cream begged before she ran up, hugged Emerald's right leg, and whimpered cause the darkness was burning her lightly.

"PLEASE!" Cream yelled before she fell back when her consciousness faded to black while everyone called out worried.

"CREAM!" Everyone yell in worry before they got ready to help her, but before they could move Emerald confused everyone watching by stepping back and gripped his head before he spoke up in a slightly demonic voice that altered back to his normal voice in a pattern.

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!,... GET OUT!,... THIS IS... MY BODY, MY... MIND, I WONT LOSE TO YOU!" Emerald screamed when he remembered everyone he met on mobius as the darkness started to leave his body to go into the Gem in his pocket.

Everyone hoped Emerald could fight this while Vanilla rushed over to grabbed Cream before she looked at Emerald in worry after she picked Cream up.

"EMERALD!, PLEASE COME BACK!" Vanilla yelled while Emerald looked to her, Cream, and Cheese, when he flew around Emerald with a worried look on his face.

"CHAO, CHAO!" Cheese repeated before he flew over to land on Cream's stomach while Emerald grit his teeth when he felt something in click back into place.

"Vanilla!, C-Cream!, Cheese!"Emerald spoke out as his form shifted back and forth between his normal form and his dark? form before he remembered Vanilla, Cream, and Cheese when a memory appeared.

"So you need a place to stay at cause this gem brought you here Emerald?" Cream asked while seeing the gem in his hand after he showed the family.

"Wow!, that's a real big growth for him in one way." Vanilla said in an impressed tone while Emerald nodded.

Emerald saw Pluton playing with Cream and Cheese outside, it looked like the three were playing tag before Vanilla spoke up.

"Emerald!, aren't you a good guy!?" Sonic said in a worried tone before Emerald remembered meeting Sonic on Angel Island.

"Sonic!" Emerald stated while he shifted to his previous dark form while he remembered Sonic.

"Hay that's my thing, fastest thing alive remember?" Sonic boasted while he rubbed his nose.

"Don't you want a job at my club?, remember that I owe you one!" Rouge said while she hoped the voices help before Emerald looked to her while he gripped his head again.

"Rouge!" Emerald groaned out before his dark form started to break down when he remembered Rouge.

"Hang on Kid!, I got you!" Rouge Yelled while flying to him.

"Don't we still need to talk more about Sonic!?" Amy said which caused everyone to fall forward while Sonic sweatdropped at her obsession before Emerald looked to her.

"Amy!" Emerald grunted out before he stumbled backwards past Pluton while a memory played in his head again.

"Rouge?, Sure I can guide you there, my names Amy, nice to meet you." Amy introduced while Emerald shook her hand.

"PLEASE SNAP OUT OF IT!, WHO CAN I REPAY FOR RESCUING CREAM IF YOU TURN INTO A MONSTER!" Tails yelled out while Emerald looked to Tails before another memory played in his head.

"I can help with that." Tails said in an excited tone before Emerald looked to him with an eyebrow raised.


"...Maybe..." Pluton said while looking away with a blank stare.

The darkness started to drain from Emerald's body before the gem roared.

"WHY!?, I CAN MAKE YOU INVINCIBLE!...IMMORTAL!...FEARED!...YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST SUBMIT TO THE DARKNESS!." ? roared before Emerald took the gem from his pocked and roared at it.

"THIS IS MY BODY YOU BASTARD, AND IF YOU DON'T CALM THE HELL DOWN, ILL TOSS YOU INTO BOILING MAGMA!" Emerald roared out while everyone froze in shock before everything became deathly quiet before the gem spoke up an a frighteningly calm tone

"Fine...but don't think this is the last of me, you'll need me sooner or later!, after all your too weak to do anything by yourself so I'll wait for when you beg me for more power, but I'll leave a parting gift for amusing me just now, hope you like it." ? said before Emerald dropped the gem before he gripped his head and screamed in agony while everyone looked to him with worry.

"EMERALD!" Everyone called out with worry before the darkness completely receded which caused Emerald to feint and collapse to the ground before Eggman took the chance while everyone was distracted to use a jetpack he pulled out of his eggpod before it was destroyed by Emerald before he ran back a bit while equipping it before he called out to the distracted Sonic group.

"THIS ISN'T OVER!, I'LL BE BACK!" Eggman yelled while he flew away before everyone looked to a retreating eggman as he flew away.

With the others around Emerald and Cream

"Damn!, he just doesn't give up!" Sonic said more then greatly irritated at Eggman's latest plan before Chise spoke up which got everyone's attention.

"Don't bother,... we're all exhausted, lets free all the trapped people here and a take these two to my place near S.S. park. " Chise offered before Vanilla walked to her and bowed her head grateful.

"Thank you!, I really appreciate this." Vanilla said while bowing before Chise just shrugged a bit.

"No problem, I wanna repay you guys for helping me, but mainly Emerald for taking down that Steel bastard!" Chise said while she looked at Emerald with an odd look in her eyes before she grinned.

The gang took a 30- 40 minutes to break all of the cages open and took Emerald and Cream to Chise's place in Station Square Park before the scene went to eggman as he blasted off again.

Meanwhile with Eggman as he flew threw the sky

"DAMMIT!, DAMMIT TO HELL!" Eggman yelled out while he flew past the cloud to a cloaked flying fortress before it revealed itself before Eggman landed on the deck before a few bots came to help before Eggman wave them off after they took the jetpack.

"DAMMIT, this was suppose to be it!, DAMMIT!" Eggman said while hitting wall near a keyboard and noticed something when the monitor turned on.

"Hmm?" Eggman hummed out before he went to the monitor and saw something that had him smiling a couple minutes later.

"HAHAHA!,HOHOHO!, Steel my boy, you evil genius!" Eggman said gleefully at what he got.

What Eggman saw was a data log from Steel uploaded right before his body was destroyed, Eggman saw that it had data on how to recreate that dark energy that Emerald or his gem created as well before Eggman gave a bellowing laugh.

"HEHEHE!,HAHAHAHA!,HOHOHOHO!" Eggman laughed Evilly when he thought of a new plan.

"Steel!, Metal!, I'll rebuild you both stronger then ever!, then ill have my Revenge!" Eggman thought gleefully before he laughed again while the camera switched to Knuckles on Angel island.

Angel Island/ Knuckles residence/ Knuckles

Knuckles was resting on his bed while he continued to read the grimoire before stopping at a passage in shock and read it again to be sure of what he read before he looked upwards with fear on his face.

"Oh no!" Knuckles said simply while the camera panned to a hidden area of Angel Island.

Elsewhere on angel island

"Hohoho." An old man said when he saw what happened to Emerald and his friends on a special pool before he looked at Emerald with a grin.

"So it looks like I need to come out of hiding huh, interesting!" the old man said with a grin on his face before he looked at an unconscious Emerald again through the pool before the scene fades to black.

"Phew!, what a chapter, but its over for now, who's this old man and what's Eggman plotting for our heroes now?, find out next time on The Dimensional Saga." TME said before he looked to the guests as they got up.

"Wow, long chapter TME." Sonic said before stretching while Amy got up excited.

"I know right!, it was the longest one yet!, I was on the edge of my seat near the end!" Amy said with excitement while Shadow got up. "Hmph, would have been better if I was there!" Shadow said before he walked out with TME calling to him.

"Shadow!, your not there yet!, be patient!" TME shouted after Shadow while Rouge got up to stretch her legs and wings before she flapped her wings a few time before she looked to TME with a glint in her eyes.

"Well hon it was a blast!, but I gotta fly!, the Master Emeralds awaits!" Rouge said with a wink before she flew out right after when Knuckles chased after her.

"WAIT YOU THIEF!, NOT ON MY WATCH!" Knuckles shouted while he gave chase.

"Well I need to work more on my inventions, see you later." Tails said before walking out while he waved goodbye to everyone.

"I gotta run!, all this sitting made me stiff." Sonic said before blasting off at sonic speed which made TME who was closest fly back into the chair before falling back while Amy gave chase.

"Sonic wait!" Amy shouted while TME sweatdropped when he stayed in the fallen chair.

"Well it seems the guests left, now its my turn!, this is TME signing out!, hope you like this chapter and the many more to come!" TME said with a grin before the scene faded to black while TME started to walk out of the room after he got up from the ground after picking his chair back up.

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