The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
The fallen hero and kidnapped rabbits

"Hello everyone!, TME here, here is a redone chapter, this chapter though will get dark soon and will be emotional, here's Sonic and Shadow guest staring here to help me open this chapter, guys your turn." TME said before the duo walked in the room.

"Thanks TME, this is The Dimensional Saga and this is the chapter where those visions make sense, also it may seemed rushed but it's told this way from the past couple chapters, also disclaimer for character's who are not OC's." Sonic said while he gave the disclaimer a moment later.

"Well faker, TME, lets just get this story started." Shadow said while he sat on a chair. "Snacks guys?" TME said before he walked out of the room to push a rolling table of food into the room.

"Sure/OK." Shadow/Sonic said at the same time before they grabbed a few items from the table while TME looked to the screen with a grin.

Well then, lets get this story started in 3!2!1! GO!

Vanilla residence/ outside/ Pluton, Vanilla, cream

The scene fades in to show Pluton while in battle mode was making sure he kept between the rabbits and Steel, Steel in turn gave a malice filled grin before he took one step forward which made Pluton charge Steel while the scene went to Sonic and Tails.

Station square/ ?/ Sonic, Tails

Sonic and Tails got the SOS signal on their phones from Pluton and where going to Vanilla's sense the signal originated from there before Tails called Sonic to find out that they were nearing each other.

"Lets hurry Sonic!, Pluton won't enter battle mode unless he's serious about the opponent." Tails said over the phone before Sonic zoomed next to Tails a second later with a grin before the two looked to one another after they hanged up their phones before they sped up in hopes of helping Pluton.

Suddenly a blast of energy hit nearby before sonic could respond and was shocked by seeing Metal Sonic with a group of Eggbots.

"OUT OF THE WAY CHROME DOME!" Sonic yelled while Metal looked to Sonic with a blank look on his robotic face.

"Negative!, my objective is to either hold you here till I get the signal or destroy you, GET READY HEDGEHOG!, CAUSE HERE I COME!" Metal roared mid sentence before he charged the duo with the eggbots barricading them in while the scene shifted to Pluton VS Steel.

Vanilla residence/ outside/ Pluton, Vanilla, cream

Pluton was having trouble fighting Steel and that's the understatement of the century, he looked like he was banged up here and there while Steel looked no worse for wear before Pluton's status reads that his body was mostly damaged on his torso, left arm, and right leg while Steel grinned before he spoke up.

"Whats wrong brother?, running out of steam?, HAHAHA!, come on!, let me have more fun before I break you!" Steel gloated while Pluton twitched his body a little to see that the damage on his body did not degrade his speed.

"I can't let Cream and Vanilla get hurt." Pluton thought while remembering the guilt he felt when he made Cream sad, the memories of the time when he spent with Cream,Vanilla, and Emerald, and remembering the promise he made before he crossed his arms in a guard like stance with his legs sliding apart a bit for balance as Pluton kept his eyes on Steel before Pluton spoke up.

"You maybe stronger then me, but I can't afford...TO LOSE TO YOU, NO MATTER WHAT!" Pluton said before he roared out while glowing with a blue hue which shocked Steel for a second before he started to laugh.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!, Finally getting serious are you!, lets have some fun then!" Steel said with excitement lacing his voice before Pluton charged Steel while Steel charged Pluton while the scene went to Emerald's group.

Club night/ interior/ Emerald, Rouge, Amy

"...and that's why I started club night." Rouge said while the camera panned to the listening duo while they heard a Chao's cry for help a second later before Cheese flew in exhausted.

"CHAO!" Cheese cried out exhausted before it lost its strength from flying around town for so long and fell as Emerald, Rouge, and Amy panicked before Emerald ran to the falling chao with hands outstretched.

"I got you Cheese!" Emerald yelled before he did a flying catch from seeing Cheese nearly hit the ground while Rouge and Amy looked on with worry before they sighed when Emerald managed to catch Cheese in the nick of time, though Emerald did slide a bit on the ground and crashed into a table that was bolted into the ground while Rouge and Amy flinched as a result before they ran to Emerald in worry.

"Whats..ugh..wrong, where's Cream or Vanilla?" Emerald asked in both worry and slight pain while he got up while Amy and Rouge stopped in front of Emerald to see the Chao moving its arms around wildly to warn Emerald but started to get desperate sense the trio could not understand the Chao language.

"CHAO!" Cheese shouted while he tried to explain before it sat on its rear before it covered its eyes and cried while Emerald and the others really got worried before they looked to one another before looking back to Cheese.

"Cheese!, whats wrong!?" Emerald asked in a worried tone before the Chao looked at Emerald to only tug his sleeve while crying and pointing outside before Emerald's eye's widened at a possible reason that Cheese would fly in like this.

"Cream and Vanilla are in trouble right?" Emerald said hoping it was not that but Cheese in response nodded a lot before Emerald looked to Rouge and Amy before he handed the exhausted Chao to Rouge before he walked to the door.

"Rouge, Amy, please take care of Cheese." Emerald said while he gripped the door handle before Amy called Emerald.

"Wait! what about Sonic and Tails?" Amy asked in a worried tone for Emerald and the Rabbits before Emerald only looked to her before he looked back outside before he spoke up.

"No time." Emerald said simply while the gem in his pocket glowed before he was running as fast as he could out the door with a thought entering his head.

"HANG ON GUYS!, I'M COMING!" Emerald thought while running before the scene went back to Pluton's fight.

Vanilla residence/ outside/ Pluton, Vanilla, cream

As the camera panned to the ruined rabbit residence, the sound of sparking could be heard before the camera focused on Pluton and Steel which showed that Pluton was barely standing and Steel was not only undamaged but glowing like Pluton while his grin widened.

"Not bad brother, not bad, but not good enough!, why not hand the emerald to me while you still got some power left?" Steel asked with a hand outstretched in a handshake like manner before Pluton raised his arms in a guard like stance.

"Never!, I promised I would protect Cream and Vanilla, if I lose this emerald, I would be leaving them defenseless!" Pluton said while his body shook from the recoil of energy his technique used while Steel took a thinking pose.

"I see...what if they where gone then?, hm?" Steel said with a terrifying smile before he looked at Cream and Vanilla before he charged the frightened rabbits before anyone could move.

"DIE!" Steel simply yelled while Pluton and Vanilla's eyes widened at what could happen while Steel raised his right arm before it gave a red glow while Pluton finally snapped out of it before both Vanilla and himself shouted at the same time.

"NOOOOOO!" Pluton and Vanilla yelled at the same time before Pluton charged to Intercept while Steel raised his arm further while Vanilla grabbed Cream and started to run while Pluton noticed that Vanilla was too slow.

Time seemed to slowdown when Pluton remembered what Emerald told him about learning about actual emotions while his robotic mind had a flashback for the first time when the scene went back to Knuckles's house while he was explaining what Pluton could and could not do.

Flashback/ Knuckles's house/ Pluton, Tails

Tails was putting the finishing touches on Pluton who was laying on a short table while activated while Tails explained a few things about Pluton's abilities.

"Listen Pluton, unless its an extreme emergency or you have nothing else to use, don't use Chaos control until I can upgrade you further." Tails started to explain before he used a portable computer to do a systems scan of Plutons body for errors.

"May I ask why?"Pluton said blankly which made Tails stop typing to look at Pluton with a serious look on his face before he spoke up again.

"It's simple, the core holder is in its alpha stage, or to be simple, its a prototype that barely got out of its testing phase, if you use Chaos control before it can be upgraded, it will not only burn 3-4 times as much energy needed for the technique, but it will only give you a speed boost for a short time before the holder short circuits which would switch you to your back up energy which would leave you many times weaker." Tails said before he unplugged the computer from Plutons body before Pluton sat up while Tails put his computer away.

"To make a long story short Pluton, don't use Chaos control unless its the last thing you can think of." Tails explained while he walked to Knuckles's kitchen to ask what happened to make Emerald scream earlier as the scene went to the present.

Flashback over/Vanilla residence/ outside/ Pluton, Vanilla, cream

Pluton then leaned forward while time seemed to slow down when he felt his Emerald core pulse while he grinned for the first time in his robotic life before he figured out what Emerald's gem was from experiencing emotions while the Chaos Emerald that powered his body pulsed again.


"Sorry Emerald, but I wish I could do more."Pluton thought before he let his arms fall to his sides while he focused his energy into what he was about to do.


"Chaos..." Pluton started to say while his body gave a dim blue glow while Steel made it halfway to the rabbits before they could move a few steps.


"Control!" Pluton said while he felt the Emerald send a large amount of power to his body before his left foot hits the ground before he launched forward at such speeds that Sonic would be impressed while Steel made it 3/4th of the way while Pluton had one final thought as he grinned.

"Sorry I couldn't protect the Emerald Tails." Pluton thought while Steel raised his arm to attack while Pluton put all of his power into his right leg as he gave one final sprint to protect the rabbit family.


What happened next would change a lot for everyone as Steel's hand stabbed forward.

Vanilla covered Cream's body while Cream looked at Steel with a horrified expression on her face before something got between the trio so fast that it took her a couple seconds to recognize to her horror that it was Pluton as he took the attack for them while time slowed down.

What Cream saw was that Pluton was shielding the duo while his back was turned to Steel while Steel's hand pierced through Plutons chassis, to be more exact the place his Emerald core was as Steel gripped the emerald in his hand before time seemed to speed up again.

"Plu...ton?" Cream whispered in fear while hoping she was just having a nightmare while Steel removed his arm from Pluton who fell forward before his back up power kicked in as he looked to the frightened rabbits while Vanilla looked back in shock.

"Run!" Pluton grunted while swinging right arm back before Steel grabbed it with his left arm while Steel gave a sickening grin.

"Nice try." Steel said before he breaks Plutons right arm off by raising his right arm which gripped the Chaos Emerald and elbowing Pluton's elbow joint which sent parts flying from breaking while Pluton did a rear kick with his left leg and the same thing happened as Steel dropped the broken arm to grab the leg and punched through Plutons leg joint with the Chaos Emerald in hand again before he raised his fist while Pluton spun around to try and punch Steel with his remaining arm.

"Why don't you lay DOWN!" Steel said while raising his volume on the down word when he punched Pluton into Vanillas wall before Pluton slid down to the ground as sparks emitted from his broken off areas.

"Shame, we could have been friends." Steel said with a grin before he noticed the rabbits running to the beaten robot before he vanished with a burst of speed.

"PLUTON!" both Cream and Vanilla yelled while they ran to him in concern before they felt a metal arm wrap around their waists before they felt themselves get picked up while Pluton's head raised to see that Steel had grabbed the rabbits before they could notice while the rabbits look confused for a moment before they noticed in growing fright that Steel grabbed them.

They tried to get away to only noticed that Steels hands had an Iron grip while he looked to the beaten Pluton with a twisted grin grin. (Bad joke about the iron grip I know, what I mean is that his grip would not loosen at all)

"hehe, I'll take these lovely ladies with me, tell Emerald to come to the base west of here with the gem or these two will end up being sent to him in pieces, HAHAHA!" Steel said before he leaned down to jump while he jets kicked in which launched him skyward while the rabbits gave one last cry for help and in worry.

"PLUTON!" the rabbits screamed out while Pluton raised his remaining hand before it fell to the ground while the scene went to a few minutes later.

3 minutes later (play with sad song of choice)/ Vanilla residence/ outside/ Emerald

Emerald ran up to the house and saw the destruction around the area and hurried to the house with worry filling his being to see if Pluton protected Cream and Vanilla and hoped they were OK.

Emerald was shocked at what happened to the rabbit residence before he got more worried.

"CREAAAAM!,...VAAAANILLA!,...PLUTOOOOON!, WHERE ARE YOU!" Emerald called out before he heard a weak robotic sound as second later.

"Em...d.." ? muttered which shocked Emerald before he hurried to the source of the voice and saw what was left of Pluton while slowed down in shock as he got close.

"P-Plu..ton!" Emerald said in shock while Pluton looked to him with a sad grin. "Hello..sor..ry..couldn' V..vanilla or" Pluton said weakly while his body emitted small sparks before his power drained further.

"Who?, w-why?, how?" Emerald asked in shock before he saw that Plutons right arm was smashed off along with his left leg, he then saw that he had a hole on the right side of his chest while his eyes widened to see that his Emerald core was gone, the holder was mainly intact.

"I''" Pluton said while his vision started to flicker between crystal clear to static before Emerald just slowly walked to Pluton.

"Y-You'll be OK!, T-Tails can fix you up good as new!, where's your arm and leg at I'll grab them." Emerald said before he felt his throat tighten while he got close to Pluton before he started to look around for the missing limbs before he felt Pluton grip his leg which stopped him in his tracks.

"No time..Cream...and...Vanilla need way..hurry!" Pluton said while he slowly pointed west.

"'m..s..sor...ry..." Pluton said before shutting down while his body slouched over before his arm fell to the ground while Emerald's eyes widened slowly in growing shock.

"Pluton?" Emerald said while shaking Pluton a bit, but there was nothing, no reaction, as a result, Emerald's vision started to blur before he let go of Plutons shoulder.

"Pluton!, please wake up!, please!, what about Cream and Vanilla!?, please!, please!, please!" Emerald begged the shut down robot repeatedly,though nothing happened before Emerald looked down and thought of Pluton while he felt his sorrow turn to boiling anger as a dark mist rose from his body.

"Who could do This, why would anyone do this!?" Emerald thought before he slowly got up while he remembered what Pluton said as more mist rose from his body.

"Steel...Emer..a..l..d...that way..hurry!" Emerald remembered hearing Pluton say while he pointed west before something snapped inside of Emerald.



"STEEEEEEELLL!" Emerald roared to the sky while black lines rapidly appeared all over his body before the gems purple glow turned pure black while Emerald looked to where Pluton pointed before he launched like a bat out of hell to the west while the scene went to Sonic and Tails VS Metal.

Station square/ ?/ Sonic, Tails

Metal sonic got a status report from Steel that he acquired what he needed before Metal flew skyward to get out of reach of Sonic and Tails's attacks before looking to the duo for a moment before speaking up.

"Hmm, seems I've done my job here, later organics, I got what I needed, by the way,... Pluton says good bye." Metal said flying away while Sonic and Tails got shocked for a moment at what Metal said.

"What!?" Tails said while blasting the last eggbot before Sonic ran by him.

"Lets hurry Tails!" Sonic said while he rocketed to the Vanilla residence with Tails in tow before the scene shifted to Steel wit the Rabbits.

Western base/ ?/ Vanilla, Cream

Steel flew through an open gate before landing in his base while he put Vanilla and Cream in separate cages before he grinned a minute later.

"Hope the accommodation are comfy, can't really tell cause I'm a robot." Steel said while shrugging before he crossed his arm while Cream got his attention by grabbing the cage bars a moment later.

"Wait till Sonic gets here!, he will tear you apart for what you did to Pluton!"Cream cried when she remembered seeing Pluton get beaten and left there to die.

"1. I'm not looking for that rodent!, its the gem my organic version is holding, and 2. Sonic's a little held up by Metal, sorry about that but I don't want anyone getting in my way." Steel said gleefully while awaiting Emerald's arrival.

Vanilla in the meantime was worried about what could happen while Cream cries into her hands while the screen fades to black.

"And there you have it people, will Pluton be OK till Sonic and Tails get there in next chapter?, or will he shut down permanently, and will Emerald rescue Vanilla and Cream?, stay tuned for the next chapter." TME said before Sonic scratched his head.

"Man you were not kidding, it got a little dark there a few times." Sonic said while Shadow grinned. "Yeah, gotta admit this story is getting interesting." Shadow said before TME sweatdropped as a result.

"Well... this is TME signing out, I really need a nap after this, then I'll continue writing the next chapter, until then, enjoy the story so read and review please." TME said before getting up from the chair to stretch while Sonic and Shadow got up a moment later.

"Later TME." Sonic said before running out of the room with a grin on his face. "Humph." Shadow grunted before he vanished with chaos control. "Bye guys." TME said while the scene faded to black while TME walked off stage to rest for later.

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