The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
The job and the changing robot

"This is TME here with another chapter of THE V2 and another round of intros for new and old characters alike, so here are the guests this evening, please say hi guys." TME said before three people walked on stage to show that it was Vanilla, Rouge and Pluton.

"Hello everyone." Vanilla said before bowing before she sat down in a chair closest to the door while Rouge waved to the screen next.

"Hello to all the guys and gals reading this chapter." Rouge said while winking before she sat down at the middle chair while Pluton just stood near Vanilla.

"Greetings." Pluton answered blankly while he stood there. "Well here are the guests this time around,Rouge, Vanilla, looking beautiful this evening, and Pluton looking extremely shiny today." TME complements the 3 before they looked to TME.

"Thanks." all 3 say at the same time before looking to one another with surprised looks while TME sweatdropped. "So want any food for the chapter?" TME asked the waiting Trio before they looked to him.

"Thank you TME, I'll accept." Vanilla said while smiling. "Same here hon." Rouge said nodding. "Got any motor oil?" Pluton asked before TME nodded. "Here, some food while you read this chapter." TME said before handing snacks to the trio. "Wow this is good." all 3 say at the same time again which made them look to one another while TME sweatdrops again.

"Thanks, I've been learning how to cook." TME said before he looked to the screen while holding up three fingers.

Lets start the story in 3!2!1! GO!

Station square/ Vanilla's residence/ Emerald (temp), Pluton (temp), Vanilla, Cream, Cheese/ Emerald's Dream

Emerald noticed that he was walking through the same clearing again and saw the Master Emerald Alter nearby, he walked towards it weary because of last time, though he wondered why it happened.

"Why am I here again?" Emerald said to himself while he hoped someone would answer before he looked around and hoped he was not going insane sense he was talking to himself in his own head.

The next thing Emerald knew was that he was moved to the alter in a instant and got disoriented from the shift.

"W-whoa!" Emerald said in a shocked tone while trying to catch himself before his hand hit the Master Emerald to support his body before it glowed with a green light.

Emerald then had strange visions, first was scattered parts around a ruined building, an intense rage, and a silhouette that Emerald could not make out, it was like living shadows if that makes sense.

Just then the Gem in his pocket before it shook greatly before Emerald took it out to be blasted back with a dark beam of energy, this time Emerald was ready though.

He landed on his feet, but before he could move a single step a shadow like figure appeared in front of him before he could react. "Soon, very soon." ? said before charging Emerald which made him wake up in pain.

Station square/ Vanilla's residence/ Emerald (temp), Pluton (temp), Vanilla, Cream, Cheese/ reality

"GRAAAHH!" Emerald shouted when he screamed in pain while he woke up with sweat soaking his body, he looked around to see he was safe and took a shower to help him wake up and calm down for a few minutes.

Few minutes later

Emerald walked out of the bathroom while drying his head with the towel, and was about to change into his clothes, mainly underwear, and saw that they were not on the bed and got confused sense he remembered putting them there.

Just then Vanilla walked in the room with clothes before Emerald froze in shock to see that Vanilla hadn't noticed Emerald's lack of clothing sense she was looking at Emerald clothes to make sure they were all accounted for before she looked up while grabbing Emeralds shirt.

"Here Emerald I got some clean clo..*blush*.., SO SORRY!" Vanilla yelled before she dropped the clothes and ran out with a blush on her face.

"Oh crap, should've locked the door before I went into the shower." Emerald said before sweatdropping at his own stupidity before he grabbed the fallen clothes to get dressed.

After getting Dressed, he looked at his clothes and saw it was yesterdays clothes with all the dirt from the crash washed off, the pants though were changed to regular jeans instead of the ripped pair.

"Talk about helpful, I gotta thank her later and apologize for that embarrassing incident." Emerald said with an impressed tone before sweatdropping right after he walked downstairs to hear laughing outside and looked out the window to only smile at what he saw.

Emerald saw Pluton playing with Cream and Cheese outside, it looked like the three were playing tag, though Pluton's face was blank Emerald had a feeling he was having fun before hearing footsteps behind him.

"It seem Cream and Cheese like Pluton." Emerald heard Vanilla say while she walked up with a blush on her face before she looked out of the window, she looked normal besides that before Emerald scratched the back of his head.

"Yeah and sorry, really should've have locked the door and if I'm still here i'll remember next time." Emerald apologized while he sweatdropped while bowing before Vanilla motioned for him to stand up straight before talking to him again.

"Thank you Emerald, I don't want Cream and Cheese getting into accidents, it could scar them." Vanilla said with worry while Emerald paled a bit before speaking.

*shiver* "No problem, I don't want to scar a child!, that would leave a bad taste in my mouth" Emerald said after shuddering while Vanilla walked to the kitchen before she looked back a bit to Emerald before smiling.

"Hungry?" Vanilla asked before Emerald nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, I'm starving for some reason." Emerald said before his stomach growled loudly in response while Emerald sweatdropped.

"Hehe, sorry for the trouble Vanilla." Emerald said before he scratched his head while Vanilla giggled. "hehe, No trouble, just let me call the others for breakfast." Vanilla said before she walked outside to get the playing trio while the scene shifted back in time.

Station square/ Vanilla's residence/ Emerald (temp), Pluton (temp), Vanilla, Cream, Cheese/Flashback to a few hours ago

Pluton reactivated to see that it was night time and started his daily system scan to see he had no errors sense the crash landing, but his systems picked up the Dark Emerald's odd energy signature which made him look to where Emerald was resting to read that Emerald's biorhythms were at normal levels.

"Hmm, I might as well take a look." Pluton said before he got up and walked upstairs to open Emeralds door and saw that Emerald was dreaming, but the gem next to him was glowing a brighter purple glow then normal.

Pluton scanned the gem to get quite a bit of data from it, but couldn't read it correctly unless he had more info, He had ideas, but no real evidence to show anything.

"I wonder..." Pluton said before trailing off while he walked to the gem before he put his hand near it while bracing himself.

He touched the gem to be blasted like expected, but held fast and scanned the energy quickly before letting go before his arm fell to the side useless.

"Sensors indicate that right arm suffers from EMP like symptoms, estimated repair time 3 hours." Pluton's health system analyzed before Pluton looked at the Clock nearby to see it was 4:07 AM.

"Little after daybreak huh?" Pluton said before he decided to leave the room and went back down to scan the Data.

Station square/ Vanilla's residence/ Emerald (temp), Pluton (temp), Vanilla, Cream, Cheese/ Present

Cream and Cheese woke up and started their morning rituals like normal, then the duo went down to see Pluton sitting next to the wall near the TV, he looked like he was thinking about something, and it looked like his arm was sparking like it was damaged.

"You OK Pluton?" Cream asked in a concerned tone before Pluton looked to see Cream and Cheese walk to him with worried looks on their faces. "Hmm, oh sorry, its not so bad, my arms repairing itself, that's why its sparking." Pluton answered while flexing his arm and scanned it to see how long is left.

"What happened?" Cream asked before sitting next to Pluton.

"Not for you to know." Pluton answer blankly, but then he looked at Cream and saw she got sad at that answer.

"I was scanning the gem Emerald had and this happened." Pluton answered Cream when he got a weird feeling coming from his Emerald core before Cream's mood got better.

"Well... wanna play with Cheese and I." Cream asked in a better mood before she got up before Pluton got up as well.

"Very well, lead the way." Pluton said before he followed Cream outside.

Station square/ Vanilla's residence/ Emerald (temp), Pluton (temp), Vanilla, Cream, Cheese/ 1 hour later

"So Pluton, you treating Cream OK?" Emerald asked out of curiosity before Pluton looked to him when Emerald walked up to him.

"Of course, she's safe while I'm here, so there no worries if Eggman attacks, though..." Pluton said before looking down while Emerald crossed his arms with a confused look on his face.

"Though?" Emerald asked in a confused tone before Pluton looked to Emerald with a serious look which was surprising sense Pluton's face was made of Metal.

"I must tell you something, last night I reactivated and went to your room to scan the Dark Emerald, this is why my arm is damaged and is repairing slower then normal, though that's not the main reason." Pluton said before he flexed his arm which made it spark a little.

"What is then?" Emerald asked again when he saw Pluton's repairing arm.

"Earlier, Cream woke up and saw my arm trying to repair itself, she asked about it and I told her it was not for her to know why." Pluton said while that feeling appeared again.

"I can tell there's more there." Emerald said when he wondered what Pluton would say next.

"I had a weird feeling that was not normal for a robot, I felt bad... I think?, and told her after that feeling happened." Pluton said before looking into the kitchen and saw the Rabbit family getting ready for breakfast.

"Whoa Pluton, what you just felt was most likely guilt!" Emerald said before his eyes widened while Pluton looked to him confused.

"Guilt, But why would I feel that?, its illogical." Pluton stated with crossed arms while he looked down to try and compute the issue while Emerald scratched the back of his head at this new info.

"No clue really, I'm not from this world remember?" Emerald said sense he never met a robot like Pluton before till now.

"I remember, its just my Emerald core made me feel bad." Pluton said looking to his chassis while the energy surged through him like blood flowing through a body while Emerald looked to Pluton's chassis and had an Idea.

"Maybe its more like a human heart?, after all, I talked to Knuckles before leaving his kitchen, and while walking to the alter that the Emerald's respond to emotions, maybe your becoming more human like by learning or developing emotions." Emerald stated before walking away to eat while leaving Pluton to think about his predicament.

Station square/ Vanilla's residence/kitchen/ Emerald (temp), Pluton (temp), Vanilla, Cream, Cheese

"Hi Emerald, where Pluton?, wasn't he with you?" Cream asked in a worried tone for the human hearted robot while Emerald walked in and looked at Cream before speaking.

"Hay Cream, he's just trying to make heads and tails of the emotions he said he's developing and learning, so he's becoming more human, emotion wise I think." Emerald said with a smile while Cream gave him a confused face.

"Emotions?, didn't he already have those?" Cream asked with confusion written on her face before Emerald shrugged while scratching his head.

"Its kinda complicated, Pluton got guilty by making you sad earlier, and he talked to me about it cause he was confused about getting guilty in the first place." Emerald explained while Vanilla heard that and joined the conversation.

"Wow!, that's a real big growth for him in one way." Vanilla said with an impressed tone before Emerald nodded. "Yeah, let's just... let him think, we might make things tougher by adding more to soon." Emerald said before he sat down to eat.

"Agreed." Both vanilla and Cream said at the same time before they joined Emerald.

Station square/ Vanilla's residence/ Emerald (temp), Pluton (temp), Vanilla, Cream, Cheese/ 10 minutes later

"Well I'm going to call Rouge to see if I can get that job she's offering, thanks for the food Vanilla." Emerald said before he walked out of the kitchen after eating the breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast that Vanilla put out for everyone while Vanilla and Cream took their time unlike Emerald who took large bites.

"Goodbye Emerald." Vanilla and Cream said before Emerald walked out of the kitchen to see Pluton sitting on the couch in the thinker pose.

"Hay Pluton?, I hate to interrupt you, but do you have Rouge's number?, I need to call her about the job offer." Emerald asked before Pluton looked to Emerald before opening a panel on his arm while Emerald heard a ping while a card slid out of a slot before Pluton handed it to him a second later.

"Sure, here." Pluton said simply while he handed Emerald the card.

"Thank's I'll leave you to think now, bye Pluton." Emerald said before waving while he walked to the phone nearby to call Rouge while the scene shifted to Angel Island.

Angel Island/ Knuckles's residence/ Knuckles, Rouge

*Riing* *Riing* *click*

"Hello?, Rouge here." Rouge answered after she picked up her phone.

"Rouge it's me Emerald, hows Knuckles?" Emerald asked with concern about Knuckles's health before Rouge sighed before answering.

"Well..., besides healing slower then normal he's OK, anything else to ask?" Rouge asked while wondering if there was anything else before Emerald took a moment to remember the reason he called.

"Oh yeah, I was wondering if I could work at your club." Emerald asked before Rouge smirked before she talked seriously. "Sure, meet me the Station Square park, I'll meet you there." Rouge said before she heard Emerald speak a second later.

"OK, later Rouge." Emerald said before he hanged up a second later for Rouge to hear the end call sound before she looked to a resting Knuckles while he read an old book.(Cue horror sounds)

"Hay Knuckles, I gotta go meet up with Emerald, you OK with that." Rouge said to Knuckle before he looked to her before looking back to the book.

"Sure, I'll be OK." Knuckles said before he turned a page as Rouge spoke again.

"Alright then, Emerald called about the job offer I told him about, I'm gonna try to help him fit in here, later Knuckles." Rouge said before leaving before Knuckles looked to where Rouge was and grunted while the scene went to Emerald.

Station square/ Park/ Emerald

"Hay there Emerald, not to be rude, but why's Amy here?" Rouge asked when she saw Amy with Emerald before she landed. "Well..." Emerald started to say before the scene flashback to earlier.

Station square/ Park/ Emerald/ Flashback to 9 minutes ago

"I agreed to meet her at S.S. park, but where is it?" Emerald said while sweatdropping when he looked around for a map of sorts sense he got lost.

Sighing after a minute of looking, Emerald noticed a pink hedgehog Mobian walking along nearby with a bag of groceries while she hummed a catchy tune before he jogged to her to catch up to get her attention.

"Hay!... Excuse me!" Emerald called out which got the Hedgehogs attention before he slowed down to a walk before stopping.

"Yes?" ? said while Emerald stopped next to her to see that she wore a pink sundress with red and white boots that were similar to Sonic's, she also wore bracelets on her wrists, he also noticed that she had green eyes, a surprising shapely figure for being only half of Emerald's height, and from just a glance B-C cup breasts, kinda looked restricted a bit from Emerald's perspective while he looked Amy over for a moment before asking for directions.(He is not being pervy, he is just being observant)

"Can you tell me where Station Square park is?, I need to meet a Bat named Rouge, she has a job position for me and I don't want to be rude." Emerald asked with Amy smiling.

"Rouge?, Sure I can guide you there, my names Amy Rose, nice to meet you." Amy introduced before Emerald shook her hand before he remembered something.

"Amy?, as in the girl who likes Sonic, Amy?" Emerald asked while Amy perked up after hearing Sonic's name.

"YOU KNOW SONIC!?" Amy squealed while she got closer to Emerald who stepped back while sweatdropping sense Amy looked like she was about to jump on Emerald to get any info.

"Y-yeah!, I met Sonic and Tails on Angel Island, I now live with Vanilla and Cream, and with a Robot named Pluton that Tails made." Emerald explained while Amy got a lovesick look on her face before Emerald cleared his throat to get her attention.

"Before we get anywhere, My name is Emerald, Can we walk and talk until we get to the park?" Emerald suggested while Amy nodded before she lead the way to S.S. Park before the scene shifted to the present.

Station square/ Park/ Emerald, Amy, Rouge/ present

"... and we got here a minute ago so we didn't wait long." Emerald said with Amy nodding in agreement when Emerald finished telling the story. "Well you guys, I'm here now, ready to be interviewed Emerald?" Rouge asked while Emerald nodded before Amy spoke up just then.

"Hay!, if it's at Club Night, Can I join?, the bouncer won't let me in sometimes because of the dress code most of the time." Amy said before Rouge took a moment to think about that issue before grinning.

"Sure thing, I gotta talk to that guy about letting friends in anyway." Rouge said before she walked away with Emerald and Amy in tow while the scene shifted to Vanilla'a house.

Station square/ Vanilla's residence/ Pluton (temp), Vanilla, Cream, Cheese

Pluton was watching Cream while he rested against the house wall outside when a massive, malice filled, power set off his sensors before he noticed that it was heading right towards Vanilla's place which made him get up quickly and looked to Cream and Cheese.

"CREAM!, CHEESE!, GET OVER HERE NOW!" Pluton shouted which startled Cream and Cheese greatly. "O-O-OK Pluton!" Cream stammered while she and Cheese ran to Pluton before he moved them behind his body while he looked to the sky from the west before Vanilla ran out of the house a second later before Pluton looked to her.

"Vanilla!, take Cream and Cheese and run!, there a massive power coming this way, and its not friendly." Pluton stated before his joints gave a blue glow with electricity sparking from the joints when he activated battle mode which sent a signal to Tails and Sonic's phones for emergencies while vanilla grabbed Cream and ran while Cheese flew off to look for Emerald sense he remembered overhearing something about going to meet Rouge.

But before they could move far though, a figure smashed into the ground and made a shockwave that shattered the windows of vanilla's house while it pushed Pluton back and knocked the Rabbits over while kicking up a cloud of dust.

Cheese recovered quickly while the dust settled slowly and flew away to find Emerald while Pluton's body emitted more energy for the coming fight before the dust settled which finally revealed a shocking figure.

The figure looked like a mirror version of Emerald, but instead of being human, it was a robotic copy, the robot copy gave a chilling grin when he looked to Pluton.

"Hello there!, I'm here for the chaos emerald you have and the gem my organic version has, now hand them over or I will get violent and we don't want that do we?" ? said cheerfully before Pluton got into a fighting stance with blue energy emitting from his body while he gave the robot a blank look.

"Negative, I've been ordered by Tails not to let anyone but him take it, and you won't find me so easy to beat." Pluton said before the robotic double shrugged while shaking his head before looking back to Pluton.

"Such a shame, we could've been friends, Oh well time to make some scrap metal, and before I forget... my name is Steel Emerald." Steel introduced while bowing and smiling darkly before the scene faded to black.

"Alright then, here is the next Chapter of THE V2, how did this steel replica come into existence?, what will happen to the group?, find out next time on The Dimensional Saga." TME said before he looked to the trio who got up and stretched, or more like waited for Vanilla and Rouge to stretch while Pluton looked to the duo with a blank look.

"That was an interesting read." Rouge said before she flew out of the room after she stretched her wings. Indeed, now I need to return to Tails for a few updates and upgrades." Pluton said before he walked out to wait for Vanilla.

"Well I agree that is an interesting read, but I need to return to Cream now, thank you for inviting me TME." Vanilla said before bowing before she walked out to join Pluton while TME looked to the screen a few seconds later with a grin.

"OK, now I gotta upload this chapter, I hope you all like the new look, bye-bye " TME said before the scene faded to black.

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