The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
one last hurrah-Assult on the Skybase

The scene opens to show a pleased TME while he sniffs a bit when he looks at the chapter number.

"Ah… 39… one more to 40… I'm so happy… the Prequel arc will be drawing to a close soon!" TME said before he comically cried into his arm.

Atomsk sweatdrops.

"Congrats dude. Question is… will this be the only prequel to be completed or will there be another?"

"Hmmm?... well technically until we get to DDS or the Remake, all of the TDS story arcs will technically be prequels but this is the very first Arc of Emerald's journey through Dimensions as the Dimensional Drifter… after this we could do something like a DDS thing were the students of the original cast watch Emerald's past adventures and stuff… could be interesting right?" TME said when he calmed down a bit.

"Hmmm… could be. Speaking of, is the original DDS ever gonna be updated or on hiatus since we have to remake. Not to mention we also have Chaotic Surprise, the Christmas one and after checking a bit more, seems we did a Castlvania crossover too." Atomsk said.

"Yeah but given our randomness, can't just say we will update DDS next since we would pretty much go to another story… not saying that we won't update DDS or the remake, but for now… I'm focused on using the 3 other chapters I got to update TDS's prequel till its climax… may need a few more since we are pretty much right at the edge of the finale so to speak." TME said when he looks determined to finish this story soon.

"Yeah so let's get to finishing this." Atomsk said with the same determined look.

"Yeah… last time dear readers, many people saw Emerald and the others celebrating Amy's birthday with Vanilla, Lillum, Amy, Xan, Sonic, and Emerald finishing things up and many people sleeping that day… who knows what could happen soon given that Bordux at the end of chapter 36 stopped by Robotnik's base to speak with him." TME said while he had a serious look on his face.

"Yeah… who knows what they're planning while our heroes relaxed in their own way." Atomsk said.

"Yeah… still given the last few chapters were all sunshine and rainbows… lets get this storm blowing hard and fast!" TME said when he looks comically serious now.

"Then let's get started!" Atomsk said.

"Good… dear readers… from here on out until the final chapter starts… this will be the final Arc of the Prequel Arc so expect more action than you would believe… lemons from here on out will either not happen based on the situations or rarely happen at all… so please… enjoy the story to its fullest and lets get started officially but with one thing first." TME said when he bows a bit to the readers.

"Thank you all for reading the TDS: Prequel arc as long as you have… its been a long road and while I had issues… I want to thank Atomsk here for helping me and this story get to this point… without him I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have now… same to all who read, reviewed, and liked this story… I'm not sure what will happen in the future but I've had lots of fun writing this and many other stories since this was the very first Story I started… so again… thank you Atomsk… and thank all of you readers for reading and reviewing the stories he and I wrote." TME said while he bowed to Atomsk and the readers.

"No problem, good buddy. Glad to be a part of this." Atomsk said.

"Thanks… anyway this chapter starts out… hmm… lets say a day or two later so we can just get to the good stuff, maybe have one final lemon before the serious stuff happens… until the end pretty much going to be fight after fight so… yeah more action packed finale… your call here." TME said when he looks at Atomsk with crossed arms.

"Hmmm… let's go for two days and do one more lemon before the good stuff happens." Atomsk said.

"Alright… you heard that everyone, one final lemon before the storm happens… got a suggestion on the lady?" TME asked when he looks at Atomsk.

Atomsk was thoughtful.

"Hmmm… hard to pick… we did Amy, Vanilla, Rouge, Lillum… should we use someone new?"

"Hmmm… maybe?... I mean, currently aside from them and the Elemental women of the Elemental's we don't have too many women right now… any suggestions or want to just wing it with Rouge or Vanilla?" Emerald said when he shrugged his shoulders.

"Hmmmm… how about both?" Atomsk said.

"Alright, instead of spoiling things…." TME said when he snapped his fingers and the scene went to Station Square...

Station Square/ Club Night/ Emerald

Currently after getting some time off from training with Xan, Emerald was helping Rouge out when he was moving some things around like large boxes and well… thanks to what happened with Emerald last time, Rouge did look a bit younger and seemed more energetic thanks to her fun with Emerald… any wrinkles she had, no matter how small, vanished like those at the corners of her eyes… she wore a simple one piece dress and dress shoes, she was sipping a drink while a few employees were working to help get things set up for tonight while she watched Emerald move things faster than many… honestly while not as fast as Sonic, could still give him a slight challenge right now in the speed department.

'I will say, things have been a lot more interesting since Emerald came to our world. Not to mention the fun we've been having.' Rouge thought with a smirk.

While she wasn't one for romance persay, she did enjoy the sex since not only did it help with her stress but given she had a more perky body than ever, she was amused when some people stared at her on the street… she didn't bat an eye much at the looks.

And as she finished her drink, she saw the time and smirks when there was an hour long break in a minute and she knew a good way to pass the time when she looks at Emerald.

'I think it's time to give Emerald a nice reward for his hard work.' Rouge thought before going over to the human.

Emerald blinks when he saw Rouge approach him as he sets the box he held on a shelf nearby.

"Hey Rouge, need something?" Emerald said while he cracked his knuckles for a moment.

"Actually Emerald, I noticed how hard you have been working and figured you could use a break." Rouge said.

"Really?... well I was wanting to take a break… thanks Rouge." Emerald said when he went to get a quick drink of water while Vanilla, who was bringing some lunch to Emerald, saw him drinking some water nearby with a smirking Rouge following him.

'Hmmm… knowing that smirk… Rouge plans to have fun with Emerald… I may as well join in.' Vanilla thought before she goes after the duo.

As she followed the duo, she watched Emerald get brought to a room by Rouge after Emerald got a quick drink of water… she stopped them before they could enter when Vanilla speaks up on her end.

"There you two are." Vanilla said as she approached the duo making Rouge blink in confusion.

Emerald blinks on his end before he smiles at Vanilla.

"Oh hey Vanilla, nice to see you again, need something?" Emerald said before he noticed the lunch box in Vanilla's hands.

"Well yes, I was bringing you some lunch since I know you've been working hard with helping Rouge and what not." Vanilla said with a smile.

"Really?... well thanks, Rouge just gave me a break so may as well use it by eating real quick, all that food you make is really good." Emerald said when he smiles at Vanilla.

Vanilla smiles more as she hands Emerald the food.

"Gotta make sure you have plenty of energy." She said.

"Thanks… be right back Rouge, can't waste the food Vanilla made." Emerald said when he smiles at Rouge as he walked from her while she frowns at Vanilla with a half lidded look though she just smiles at Rouge.

"Something the matter, Rouge?" Vanilla said while still smiling.

"Oh don't give me that… I was planning on having Emerald help with some… stress relief… unless that meal wasn't able to be refrigerated, mind explaining why you got in the way?" Rouge said while she raised an eyebrow at Vanilla as she misunderstood the reason on why Vanilla got Emerald's attention with the meal.

Vanilla giggles.

"Oh no Rouge, I'm not trying to get in the way. Truth is… I want in on this as well." She said before smirking at the bat Mobian.

"Huh?... oh… well why not say so?" Rouge said while Vanilla looks at Emerald while he was happily eating a chicken and cheese sandwich.

"Better to have him fueled up to give it to us good at full power right?" Vanilla said when she smirks at Rouge.

Rouge looked thoughtful for a second before smirking back.

"That's true." She said.

"Yup… so I do have to ask… how was Emerald after the party a few days ago?... I was busy recovering after what happened at my place and after Lillum moved in to keep an eye on Cream a few times in exchange for free rent so to speak until she gets paid from her latest idea… not like I would charge rent after all she does sometimes." Vanilla said as she blushed a bit.

"He seems to be doing fine. He's been doing a bit of training with that Xan guy along with the other Elementals. Then he comes help me here. Not to mention the hot sex we been having." Rouge said with a smirk.

"Really?... guess these two days were rather fun for you… though I thought you were a more free spirited woman… going partial towards Emerald already?" Vanilla teased when she smirks at Rouge a bit.

Rouge blushes a bit.

"Well… too soon to say. For now, I'm just enjoying having fun with him."

"I see… well lets give him a few minutes to finish and we can have fun with Emerald later." Vanilla said as a minute pass and Emerald finished a drink as he went to walk towards Vanilla and Rouge, guess he was done.

"Wow Emerald. You must've been really hungry." Rouge said.

"Hehe, yeah well thanks to Xan I worked up an appetite and coming here made it bigger… anyway still need me to follow you Rouge?" Emerald asked when he looks at Rouge.

Rouge chuckled.

"Yeah I do. In fact… Vanilla and I wanted to show you something."

"Really?" Emerald said when he looks at Vanilla and well… after he followed Rouge and Vanilla into the room which had a large bed, well… Emerald didn't need to be told more when he was making out with Vanilla while Rouge got undressed nearby as Emerald held Vanilla's waist.

Vanilla moans as she hugs Emerald while kissing him more till she slides her tongue in his mouth.

Thanks to this, Emerald fought back when he had his tongue work to fight back Vanilla's as Rouge looked amused when she watched this happen.

Vanilla moans more as she kept doing that action before Vanilla has her hand rubbed Emerald's groin area.

Emerald groans into the kiss while his cock got erect in his pants, painfully so, he moved to step back and starts to undress before the clothed Vanilla and Nude Rouge.

Rouge and Vanilla did lick their lips before Vanilla decides to undress as well.

Once all three people were nude and on a bed in the room, Emerad was kissing Rouge while he fondles her ass while he hugged Vanilla with his free arm and fingered her folds after he reached down to do so…

Vanilla lightly groans from having her folds fingered as Rouge moans as she makes out with Emerald.

After Emerald did this for a minute or two, alternating with kissing the two Mobian women, he was groaning when he stood next to the bed as Vanilla and Rouge worked his cock good when they tag teamed it in licking and sucking various parts.

Vanilla handle the base as Rouge uses her tongue to lick both the head and tip.

"F-Fuck… you two work together sometimes with others because you two really work well as a team." Emerald said when he wondered why his cock felt so good right now.

Rouge chuckled.

"Well don't know about that but if you're feeling good, then it's good enough for me." She said before she and Vanilla switched places.

"U-Ugh… maybe… but damn you two are fucking good…" Emerald said as his cock throbbed a bit against the duo's mouths and tongues.

Once they felt that, Vanilla and Rouge worked to please Emerald's cock more as they both start licking the head.

Emerald groans more before the two women used their hands to stroke Emerald's cock vigorously while he pants more as they moved to get their faces close together while opening their mouths wide… once that happened Emerald moans when he came hard on Vanilla and Rouge's faces and open mouths giving the duo plenty of sperm to enjoy.

Both ladies moan as they kept catching Emerald's cum while stroking his cock more.

Once Emerald tapped off with a groan, he watched as Vanilla and Rouge move to kiss and lick one anothers faces while Emerald grins as his cock got iron hard in no time again.

Rouge and Vanilla noticed as they continue to clean each other before there was no more cum.

Once this happened, Emerald chuckles before he looks at the two ladies with a lustful look.

"So… want some more fun or skip to the main event?" Emerald said while he stroked his cock a few times to keep it hard.

Vanilla and Rouge grin a bit.

"Don't have to rush things. Can make your break… a bit longer." Rouge said.

When Emerald heard that, he didn't say much as he moved to eat out Rouge's folds while he fingers Vanilla's pussy vigorously when Rouge was on Vanilla's body when Vanilla laid on the bed and the two women kissed and pets one another's bodies.

Both ladies groan as they enjoyed Emerald's actions while kissing each other more.

This egged Emerald on when he alternates in eating out Vanilla's folds while he fingered Rouge's pussy, sometimes he licked at the two women's assholes as time went on while he felt their holes get soaked as time went on.

Vanilla and Rouge kept moaning and groaning as time passes before they felt their orgasms approaching.

A minute later, Emerald closed his eyes a moment before Vanilla and Rouge groan when they came hard on Emerald's face while he lapped up the juices the two gave him.

After a moment or so, Vanilla and Rouge tapped before panting for breath.

Once this happened though, Emerald made them jolt when he pretty much pushed his cock between their bodies and his cock grinds against their buds again and again as he pretty much had his cock sandwiched between their bodies and he thrusts his hips while he had a grin on his face.

Vanilla and Rouge groans in unison as they feel Emerald's cock sliding between their pussies.

Emerald keeps this up for a bit before he grins as he smacked Rouge on the ass a couple times.

Rouge groans a bit loud from having her ass smacked.


Emerald had no issues with following this command when he smacked Rouge's ass more while he grinds his cock on the two woman's buds more.

Both women groan more as they were enjoying this pleasure before Vanilla took one of Rouge's breasts in her mouth and starts sucking on it.

Rouge moans from this as she enjoyed Vanilla's work… thanks to the angle all Rouge could do was move to grip Vanilla's breasts and fondle them as Emerald thrusts his hips harder as he could see the duo's orgasm's getting close… he was getting a bit close himself and sped up his thrusting actions more and more until he grits his teeth and groans as he came hard between the duo's bodies, pretty much getting their stomachs and lower breasts plastered in sperm.

Vanilla and Rouge both felt it before they groan in unison and climaxed from their pussies.

After the trio ride out their orgasms, Emerald chuckles as he pulled his sperm covered from from between the duo while they pant for a moment.

"F-Fuck… really love this feeling… so… which of you want to get fucked first?" Emerald said when he grins at the two ladies.

Vanilla giggles.

"Let Rouge have the first go."

"Alright… what do you say Rouge?... ready for an intense fuck?... unlike last time I won't be so gentle since you're working with Vanilla here." Emerald said when he grins at Rouge while he placed his hands on her ass cheeks to fondle them.

Rouge shudders before she turns her head and smirks at Emerald.

"Give me the works."

Emerald smirks as he aimed his cock at Rouge's folds… he than shoved his cock deep inside of Rouge and went to fuck her hard and fast from the get go while Rouge grinds against Vanilla's body with each thrust.

Rouge was groaning loudly as she can feel how rough Emerald was before Vanilla cups the bat mobian's cheeks and pulls her in for a kiss.

As Rouge melts into the kiss, Emerald smacks Rouge's ass which caused her pussy to tighten a few times while he really enjoyed the sight… maybe Rouge and Vanilla would have fun together since he rarely saw the duo mingle.

Rouge moans from having her ass smacked as she kissed Vanilla back while enjoying the intense fucking.

For a few minutes, the sounds of Rouge's pleased moans were all thats heard as Emerald and Vanilla work to please the bat Mobian while her orgasm was getting close until…

Rouge moans loudly as her pussy tightens again around Emerald's cock before she climaxed hard on it.

This set Emerald off as he snarls when he floods her womb with sperm, making her womb bloat in no time.

That made Rouge groan loud as her climax got stronger while Vanilla watched.

By the time the two ride out their orgasms, Rouge was a panting mess while Emerald chuckles as Rouge was set on the bed next to Vanilla after he pulled his cock from her pussy, he than cleaned Rouge and Vanilla of sperm with a spell and looks at Vanilla.

"Lets give her 5 to recover but until than… ready for your fun Vanilla?" Emerald said when he grins at Vanilla.

Vanilla smirks.

"Oh I'm more than ready, you hunky stud." She said as she lays on her back and spreads her legs.

Emerald licks his lips as he got in position.

"One thing… how rough do you want it?" Emerald said as he rubs the head of his cock against Vanilla's folds.

Vanilla shudders a bit from that action.

"S-Same way you fucked Rouge."

"Very well…" Emerald said as he slipped his cock inside of Vanilla's pussy and gripped her hips while he got ready to fuck her.

Vanilla groans from the penetration before she wraps legs around Emerald's waist so he can thrust deep.

And deep he went when he thrusts his hips and his cock went deep inside of Vanilla's pussy again and again at a deep fast rate while Rouge starts to get her bearings a few minutes into this.

She then noticed how rough Emerald was as she hears Vanilla moaning loudly.

"O-Oh yes Emerald! Don't stop!"

"Wasn't planning on it you sexy Rabbit milf!" Emerald growled out as he surprised Vanilla and Rouge when he leaned down and nipped at Vanilla's neck after opening his mouth wide like a predator catching prey as he dominates Vanilla more while he fondles her breasts.

Vanilla moans loud thanks to that action before hugs him as the rabbit mobian's toes curled while begging Emerald for more.

Emerald than used a bit of Aura and well… Vanilla had a fucked up look on her face when Emerald went from normal speed to super speed when his hips blur and his cock barraged Vanilla's womb again and again in no time and given this was Rouge's first time seeing a fucking this intense and fast well…

Rouge was now seen fingering her pussy as she was greatly turned on at the sight.

Vanilla was really moaning loud because of Emerald's actions.

"Oh yes Emerald!… I-I love it!" She moans as her face got more fucked up.

Emerald couldn't speak given he was giving Vanilla one hell of a hickey, after a minute, he growls as he floods Vanilla's womb with sperm but thanks to how fast he was going he pretty much fucked her during the climax making a serious mess on the bed when Vanilla's pussy was overfilled in no time.

Vanilla moans loudly with ecstasy as her tongue was sticking out before she climaxed very hard on Emerald's cock as her toes curled again.

This went on for a bit and well… by the time he made Vanilla's womb bloat considerably… Vanilla was a babbling mess while sperm leaked from her while Emerald grins as he looks to see how Rouge was doing.

Rouge was panting a bit while blushing as her hand was soaked which meant that she climaxed as well.

"Hehe… looks like I get to have a bit more fun… sorry boss but seems you won't be walking out of this room for a while." Emerald said while his cock was iron hard even after all he fired and well… he had a scary grin on his face as dark shadows covered the top of his face and green dots showed his eyes… Rouge never felt so scared and turned on right now in her life.

'Talk about scary… but very hot.' Rouge thought.

"I-I'll risk it. Just get over here and fuck me." She said as her folds dripped more juices.

Emerald had no issues with that… however he wanted something a bit different and he had Rouge against a wall while he held her ass when she faced him and while she barely reached his chest, his cock was bashing into her ass again and again at a fast blistering pace.

"Oh fuck!" Rogue groans loudly as her toes curled greatly.

Emerald grins while he wondered what Rouge thought when his cock bashed into her ass again and again… he even smacked her ass hard a few times making her ass cheeks red in no time.

'Oh fuck… he's so intense. Not like any of the other guys I've been with. I'm really gonna keep him around. Might even ask him out later.' Rouge thought as her face starts to look fucked up.

Emerald was no mind reader though, he did however change things so that Rouge faced away from him as he lifts and lowered her onto his cock while he growls at how intense he was… his orgasm was getting close which made his thrusts get a bit erratic as time went on.

Rouge was groaning and moaning more as she somewhat grabs the wall.

"M-More!… M-Make your cock ruin me for other men!"

Emerald had no issues with that though he wondered if the lust was just getting to Rouge… either way he hammered his cock in and out of Rouge's ass until…

Rouge groan loudly as her ass tightens around Emerald's cock and climaxed hard on it.

Emerald growls as he pushed his cock deep in Rouge's ass and her stomach bloats big time when Emerald filled her good… bit too much when she starts coughing up sperm…

Rouge continues to cough up sperm as her orgasm got stronger before she was able to tap off.

Emerald followed suit which allowed Rouge to calm down and well… Emerald rubs the back of his head when he had Rouge next to Vanilla and they seemed really tuckered out.

"W-Wow… guess I trained a bit too much." Emerald said as he went to cover the duo with a blanket… after he got cleaned and dressed after using a spell to clean the duo off a barely conscious Rouge looks at Vanilla.

"H-Hey… Vanilla?... still awake?" Rouge asked while she felt really tired.

"Y-Yeah." Vanilla said who felt tired too.

"W-We… may w-want to learn this Aura stuff… so-so we can keep up… f-fuck… can't feel my legs…" Rouge said while her legs twitch a bit.

Vanilla weakly chuckled.

"I-I agree… fuck… that was the… m-most intense fucking I have ever faced for a while."

"S-Same… s-see you tomorrow or the day after… pretty sure I can't move so…" Rouge said before she snuggles up to Vanilla.

"Considering all we did… doubt you c-could complain if I did this." Rouge said while she rubs her head on the crook of Vanilla's neck.

Vanilla blushes a bit before giggling.

"I don't mind. Hope you don't mind if I did this." She said before leaning in and lightly kissed Rouge on the lips.

Rouge blushed but she returned the kiss… after this the duo fell into deep sleeps while unaware that window nearby opening and Steel himself peeking in of all things and well… he looks confused as to why the two women were sleeping like that… not like he could complain… real eyefull as he carefully picked the two up after making sure they were well and truly out of it… if he was able he would have sweatdropped at how deep their sleep was as he flew out of the window he was in… reason why no one noticed is because of two things… one… lack of Aura means Emerald didn't sense anything and two, pretty much if people did see him… many would mistake him for Pluton right now… he looked to be in an older model body but that would change soon while many were none the wiser.

After a bit of time at Robotnik's floating skybase…

"Uh… Steel… why are these two naked?" Robotnik said as Steel laid the two nude woman on a bed in a cell next to one another while clothing was placed nearby for them by a rebuilt Metal in an older model body.

"No clue, probably tired themselves out with some fun on their end… you going to complain pops with eyecandy like this?" Steel said with an amused look as he moved to activate a force field as Robotnik saw the two nude mobian women's nude forms as Rouge snuggled up to a sleeping Vanilla.

Robotnik grins.

"Not really. Definitely a good sight. Good job anyway, Steel."

"No problem… anyway better get that message ready so we can start that plan you and Bordux started…" Steel said as he looks at Metal.

"Lets get those new bodies that pops made… pretty sure they will be surprised when they see the new and improved us's hehe…" Steel said as he and Metal walk from Robotnik while the egg shaped scientist rubs his mustache.

"Hehe… this is going to be exciting. Hope you're ready for a big surprise Emerald and Sonic." Robotnik said as he laughs.

After this, Emerald went to check on Vanilla and Rouge and saw that the bed was empty.

"Huh?... Rouge?... Vanilla?" Emerald said before he heard rumbling outside of Club night and as Emerald ran out, he had wide eyes when he saw a massive floating fortress as Lillum, Zack Fair, Shunpei, Chise, Cream, Pluton in a rebuilt and stronger body, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Xan, and even the Elemental's came by thanks to the fortress not exactly being subtle in its arrival… honestly you could see the thing from miles away.

After it got close to station Square, many narrowed their eyes when they saw Steel… but he looked… vastly different… for starters he looked more human like, like some kind of android but he had cybernetic circut like patterns on his face, arms, and legs… he looked a lot like his Destruct self while he wore some clothing for modesty but the grin on his face when he looks at the large group.

"Hehe, hey there everyone or almost everyone… nice to see you all again… especially you Pinky… got a trick to see through that blindfold after what I did?" Steel said when he grins at Amy while she was shaking a bit at how malicious Steels Aura was but she was able to withstand it thanks to her own Aura emitting from her to counter it which amused Steel.

"Hehe… definitely learned some tricks… anyway pops has a message for you all… come on board otherwise, if 24 hours pass… a certain rabbit Milf and shapely bat mobian won't have a pleasant experience… before you ask, yes kidnapped them… no did not harm them… for some reason found them in a room in Rouge's club… not sure why they were so out of it… easiest kidnapping ever." Steel said pissing everyone off though Emerald jolts when some look at him and he chuckles nervously at the looks before he focused on Steel.

"Pretty sure you'll all come aboard before those 24 hours are up but take my advice and get prepped for a real fight… not only did pops make this new body based on the past battles… we have Bordux's aid in planning so were prepped in case the Elemental's want to stick their noses in this… just a heads up in case any of you Elementals get any funny ideas." Steel said as he flew away from the others while Cream looks really worried… her mother kidnapped again and Rouge as well?

Sonic was pissed.

"This is just great. Bad enough that Robuttnik took Vanilla and Rouge… but Bordux is helping him."

"No kidding… and seriously Emerald… you really need to hold back if you did what I think you did." Zack said as Emerald blushed more while he rubs the back of his head as the First class soldier from Midgar sighs as Emerald collects his bearings.

"R-Right… anyway we should get ready for the fight ahead… so…." Emerald starts to say but before anyone could move, a voice was heard.

"Nocturn wait!..." Everyone heard and when they looked over, they saw a floating Nocturn, and if anyone forgot his mind and power were sealed in a gem like a chaos Emerald but he wasn't looking too hot when he seemed less purple than usual while Solar the wyvern, a Reincarnated Helio was flying after him with a greatly worried look on her face as Emerald held a hand out as Nocturn fell from the sky and lands in his hand.

"H-Hey!... what are you doing here Nocturn?" Emerald said when he thought Nocturn was getting healed up or his gem body repaired at least… he wasn't leaking energy so that was good.

"Y-You expect me to keep out of this right when we are at the home stretch?" Nocturn said while he sounds amused… but greatly weakened as well while Emerald had a worried look on his face at how… drained Nocturn looked.

"But Nocturn, you need to take it easy. You're not in good shape to go anywhere." Amy said with a concerned look.

"H-Hehe… that's a gem joke because I'm not even in my own body?... hehe… jokes aside Emerald will need everything he has and more… I'm not going to let him die if I can help it… I have a bad feeling about this and not just because of Bordux's hand in this." Nocturn said while he floated a bit and moved to one of Emerald's pant pockets on his cargo pants.

"I'll… just rest here… just in case." Nocturn said while Emerald looked really worried before he looked at the others and while they had worried looks… many knew Nocturn wouldn't be swayed from his choice.

"Well… guess I'll have to fight hard enough for two so Nocturn won't have to do anything." Emerald said to try and comfort Solar mainly when she looked the most worried as Emerald punched a fist in his open hand.

"Not just you man. We all have to fight hard since we need to save Vanilla and Rouge." Tails said.

"Right… let's meet up here in an hour so we can make triple sure we are prepared." Emerald said since he remembered Steel and Metal being serious enemies and with Steel's new look and Bordux's help… guy would be much much worse than before it seems.

"You heard him everyone. Let's get ready!" Sonic said as Tails comforted Cream as she was worried.

"Don't worry Cream. We'll get them back."

Cream nods her head though as everyone left to get ready which left Cream alone for a moment after everyone comforts her… a shadow came up from behind her and as she looks back with a gasp, the scene went to an hour later with everyone coming back though Cream was missing.

"Huh?... where is Cream?" Emerald said when he was worried for the little rabbit mobian.

"Maybe she went home to wait for her mom… good call for now since she would be going into a deadly lions den so to speak." Zack said as he had a large sword on his back but it looked… intricate and in a fancy sheath that had a wolf like pattern running down the side seen.

Sonic and the others nodded their heads but Tails had a bad feeling.

"Still… she shouldn't be alone. Gonna call her just in case." He said before calling Cream's home.

However when he tried to call Cream's home, all he could get was an answering machine.

"Nothing…" Tails said as Emerald looks thoughtful.

"Well probably too worried to answer, either that or if she has a cellphone, maybe try and call that?... not sure if Vanilla gave her one or you made her one… either way, we shouldn't expect her to pick up if she is trying to distract herself…" Emerald said before he looked at Terragaia and the other Elementals.

"Hey I know you guys can't do much unless a Dimensional emergency happens but uh… Terragaia… think you could make a floating earth platform and give us a lift?... Tails's place can't fit all of us." Emerald said while looking at the gruff Military earth elemental.

"Hmmm?... sure." Terragaia said as he stomped his foot as the ground rumbled and a floating platform shaped rock appeared from the ground that was large enough for Emerald, Amy, Zack, Sonic, Tails, Pluton, Shunpei, Knuckles, and Chise could hop on.

When they did, Emerald looked at Solar near the Elementals and gave her a thumbs up.

"Don't worry, we will make sure everyone comes back safe, same with Nocturn, Solar." Emerald said while he tried to comfort Solar as the platform started to rise.

Solar waves bye at the group before having a thoughtful look.

'Maybe I should go check on Cream. She'll probably need some company. Good thing I know where she and Vanilla live.' She thought before heading to Vanilla's house.

Still… she couldn't help but feel worried… like something bad would happen to someone… when she woke up some bad things happened like dishes breaking and other things…

As this happened with Solar flying away… the group got up to the top to show a wide platform like area with a singular entrance of sorts nearby while the earthen platform crumbles away… plenty of open space and no cover for them to the entrance… and looks like they will have to find a new way down.

Still things were quiet… as the group entered the floating base, they came to an empty chamber of sorts and while many got on guard… nothing happened still… however the door closed behind the group and the floor started to rumble as many walls formed around many… pretty much splitting the group into various groups… Emerald was pretty much alone as a platform rose under him as a hatch opened, a floor opened under Knuckles, Shunpei, Pluton, and Zack which caused them to fall into a different room as the holes sealed and the walls lowered to show Sonic, Lillum, Amy, Tails, and Chise… once this happened a hologram like projection came on for Sonic's group to show Robotnik as he laughs at the group.

"Hohoho!... well it seems you all came on time… shame you guys had to split up but given some things, pretty sure cutting your combat power as a group was a smart thing on my end." Eggman said while on the roof with Emerald… he raised to the top to show he was in an arena with… jail cells around him as a hatch open to show a clear blue sky… Steel was before him as he grins while in a couple cells… Vanilla and Rouge were in one while they were dressed and blushing which showed they woke just a bit ago and got dressed in simple tank tops and shorts and in another… well… was Cream much to Emerald's shock.

"What!?... Cream!?" Emerald said when he looks at the two rabbit mobians and bat mobian while Steel looks amused when he chuckles.

"Emerald help! This means junk bot kidnap me!" Cream said as she was scared.

"Hehe… how rude, to be exact it was Metal or one of the Metal double pops made that brought her here, I just had the pleasure of tossing her in the cell next to her mother and… lover maybe?... they were snuggling up to one another so hard to tell." Steel said while he shrugged a bit at the end.

Vanilla and Rouge were blushing a bit before Rouge frowned.

"Shut up you tin can. We will get out." She said.

"Yeah try saying that once you two are actually outside… I don't recommend crossing the boundary before you… as you can see it's not glass but a special barrier and boy is it not pretty if you touch it… nuff said… anyway considering we're mono e mono Emerald… may as well get this fight started… I've been wanting to test this body out since the last one you totaled was so busted beforehand." Steel said as Emerald frowns while he held a hand out and summoned Onimusha to his hand.

"And I'll bust this one up like the previous ones." Emerald said with a determined look on his face as Steel grins.

"We'll see about that since your friends aren't here to help you." Steel said.

A moment later Emerald and Steel charged one another and as this started a battle, another started when Sonic's group was seen right after Robotnik's hologram was seen after it talked.

"Hohoho!... well it seems you all came on time… shame you guys had to split up but given some things, pretty sure cutting your combat power as a group was a smart thing on my end." Robotnik said when he looks at Sonic, Lillum, Chise, Amy, and Tails.

"Damn you Robotnik. You're gonna pay for this." Sonic said.

"Hohoho… and when does that happen Hedgehog?... I normally get away from many fights unscathed even if my mechs or machines get destroyed… speaking of which… say hello to the new Metal… and his Metallic brothers." Robotnik said as a hatch opened to show Metal in a new body but many older models appeared from the hold and the new Metal stood silently like a commander as Robotnik grins at the group.

The Metal that looked unique looked similar to his Neo Metal form, just minus the pointier quills for a more Sonic like look.

The group were surprised when they saw Metal and the rest.

"Oh boy. This will be a challenge." Tails said.

"Don't worry little buddy. We can handle them." Sonic said.

"You sure about that Hedgehog?... the older models are just to make sure you don't try and run off… Metal in his Altered Neo form is also bolster not only from the combat data of past fights… but is upgraded further with Tech thanks to a deal with Bordux… far beyond what this world has to offer… just a heads up since you won't be able to fight without going all out hehe." Robotnik said and right as that happened, Metal moved with such speed that he kneed Sonic in the cheek before he could react from such a speed increase for a moment and Metal was before the others and pretty much pulled a Sonic when he did a Capoeira move and kicked everyone away from him on one spin like kick knocking them on their backs while they had surprised looks at how strong this Metal was as the other Metals move to circle the arena like Robotnik said as Metal silently looks at Sonic as he got up and rubs his cheek for a moment.

"Okay… not bad of a kick." Sonic said before he uses his speed to charge at Metal.

Metal and Sonic than used speeds so fast to fight one another… it was honestly insane, even Tails had a shocked look and Amy with her new sight couldn't keep up while Robotnik smirks when he saw that only Sonic was the biggest threat in this room and Metal as is would wear him down before the other Metals would capture him… he would kill them all but he had something interesting in mind while he went to Knuckles, Shunpei, Pluton, and Zack while they were dealing with a slightly upgraded version of the previous Metal model and a few others thanks to Eggman only able to really upgrade the Neo Metal Version 2 model to its limits.

Right now Shunpei was trying to hack a door to get the group out as Knuckles, Pluton, and Zack were fighting four Metals… Zack had used a Stop materia to freeze one and destroy it but the others had a system that pretty much had them learn which meant that if Zack starts to use a Materia they would focus on him and avoid the spells thanks to the programming they got which allowed them to dodge a lightning bolt which made Zack curse a bit since it was like trying to hit a speeding barn while blind folded now.

'Damn… this is gonna get tricky.' Zack thought as Knuckles and Pluton struggled a bit with their opponents.

Currently Pluton was trying to figure out the trajectory of where the Metals were going… he was able to get a few good hits on them but he had trouble while Knuckles was thoughtful as he looks at Zack and Pluton.

"Hey… you two guard Shunpei… I got an idea so crazy it just may work if you let me take these guys on myself." Knuckles said as he got his helmet from a spell he learned from Kamikazix and Nex which allowed him to equip it while Pluton, Shunpei, and Zack were surprised… but given the fact that these metals were slowly learning their moves… anything new would be good.

"Alright… hope it works." Zack said as he and Pluton went to guard Shunpei.

Knuckles nods as he looks at the Metals while one spoke.

"Does not compute… you are one of the slowest fighters of this group… what hope do you have against the three of us when one of our previous models broke the visor of that relic in the past." The Metal double said as Knuckles equipped the helmet.

"Maybe… but given that I learn from my own mistakes… pretty sure your computer brains would know that I'm not even that dumb enough to use the same failing trick twice when I'm missing an eye right?" Knuckles said as he had the helmets effect kick in giving him his knight like form with the double crescent blades.

However one addition was on the helmet when Knuckles reached to a dial on the side of the helmet.

"Considering I'm fighting beings who can outspeed me daily… instead of trying to fight against my strengths… why not fight with it!" Knuckles said when he turned the dial to show his helmets new upgrade and well… the armor gave a dim flash blinding everyone when Knuckle's form was hidden and when the glow fades… well… Knuckles went from having two swords in his hands and barely armored at all to two massive half shields, his armor was changed to be red full body armor akin to a knight from medieval times and a massive blade was on his back though Knuckles never drew it while he looked at the three Metal's with a eye glowing under the shadows that covered his face from the thick armor while Zack, Shunpei, and Pluton were surprised by the armor… the three Metal's however noticing that Knuckles extra weight when he weight metaphorically scoffed at the look.

"Does not compute. You shall fall like the rest of your comrades." One of the metals said.

Knuckles then cracks his neck a few times and he held the shields at the ready.

"What are you three standing around for… an invitation?... come and get me unless you're scared." Knuckles said while he widened his stance when he was ready for what the Metals could do.

The Metals didn't give a reaction as they each charged towards Knuckles as Zack, Pluton and Shunpei watched.

To their surprise, Knuckles didn't move a step from where he was as the Metal's all threw barrages of hits and swipes of their claws at what they could get while they tried to speed by Knuckles… sure he was knocked around a little but… the armor didn't bend or buckle under the triple barrage and when one of them tried to attack Knuckle's visor to go for his remaining eye… well Knuckles said this as he threw the first attack in his new armor when the Metal crashed into the shield and was smashed onto the ground like Knuckles was a trash compactor right now as he looks at the two remaining Metals with an eye glowing orange.

"I'm used to fighting fast fighters so while I can't keep up, especially in this heavy armor… I can at least react to guys like you… if you never compute for that, you're dumber than I thought… I learned to use Aura from Terragaia and Nebula while this armor was repaired and upgraded by Nex and Kamikazix… if you think I'm low level you better recompute that data again!" Knuckles growled out as he lifted his shield and swung his arm to throw away the remains of the destroyed Metal unit while Knuckles glared at the two Metals with one eye.

The two remaining metals stared at Knuckles before they charged at him again to see if they can weaken him.

However before they could do much, Knuckles surprised many when he actually slowly drew his arms back while withstanding the hits as he breaths in while a memory came to his mind.

"Remember Knuckles… your a Guardian of your tribe, a steadfast warrior… not a speedy fighter like Sonic or Emerald or even a magic user like Zack when he uses those Materia things… your a guy who can take a hit and give it back just as good… play on that strength and read when to attack and you can do anything just as good as the others." Terragaia's voice rang out in Knuckle's head during one of the training days they had and Knuckle's eye widens when he smashed his shields together and another Metal was taken out when it was crushed instantly… leaving one Metal as Robotnik frowns at this development… he did grin though as he went to one of his control panels and he hits a few keys… when that happened, some kind of silver mist seeped into the room around the last Metal in the room while the other Metals had similar mists around them as they were picked up and brought to the last remaining one while Pluton did a quick scan and his optics widened.

"Careful everyone!... that's Nanomech… microscopic robots that alter machines on a molecular level if people forgot... they are altering the last metal with parts from the defeated metals at an alarming rate!" Pluton warned when he went to get next to Knuckles to back him up when his readings got a serious spike of power from the last remaining Metal.

"Oh crap." Zack said as Shunpei went back to hacking.

Zach rushed to aid the others when the silver mist settled and well… this Metal gave a new meaning to the word Asura when this one had 8 arms, many deadly spikes on its head, more mass being around 3 times its size when the combined mass of the metals gave it a monstrous look similar to Metal Overlord or Metal Madness… honestly this was not good even with Knuckles's armor… thankfully the door to the room opened and Shunpei called to the trio.

"I got the door open!... run!" Shunpei said as Knuckles after he removed his helmet, Pluton, and Zack ran towards the door and Shunpei ran after them with the Monsters Metal Monster chasing them… thankfully the speed was cut but unfortunately the door didn't stop the Monstrous Metal as it chased them through wide halls while Pluton used machine guns and Zack used magic every so often but it only slowed the monster down as Nanomechs seemed to repair it just as fast as it was damaged.

"Damn those Nanomechs are being a pain!" Zack said as he uses ice magic.

Thankfully he was able to block the path with a quick Blizzaga spell but that wouldn't hold the Metal monster for long when it was using flamethrowers to try and melt the ice as Robotnik grins when he watched as the four from his control room run from the Metal Monster with panicked looks on their faces.

"That's right. Run you fools. No one will save you now." Robotnik said.

While this went on, Robotnik went to check on how Neo Metal was doing and he grins when Sonic even in an overdrive form was having trouble, thanks to him having the red Chaos Emerald for a Fire based form, he was able to melt some parts of Neo metal but thanks to some Nanomechs that just flowed into the room after than Sonic could melt them, Neo Metal was getting repaired just as fast as he was getting damaged and some of the mist floats around Metal as he looks at Sonic who pants when he was starting to run out of energy… Metal here technically had infinite energy and now a health regen?... way too OP right now.

'Damn… need to figure out a way to get rid of this thing.' Sonic thought as he tried to think of some options.

While Sonic keeps this up, Tails was trying to think of a plan since unless they could do something, these Nanomechs would pretty much not stop coming… Tails than saw a nearby vent and he looks at Amy.

"Amy… how good is your throwing arm with your eyes like this?... can that Aura thing you learned help with hitting that vent?" Tails asked when he points towards the vent nearby.

Amy was confused till she thinks that Tails had an idea.

"Yeah. I think I can." She said.

Once she threw her hammer so suddenly that not even the metals could react from the out of nowhere move, Tails looks at Sonic as the vent was destroyed.

"Sonic!... come on we got to get out of here!, we won't win with Metal having the home field advantage." Tails said as he, Amy when she jumped to get her hammer, Chise, and Lillum flew or jumped to the Vent to get the hell out of here and Sonic, giving Metal a grin said this when he charged his energy.

"Chaos… Blast!" Sonic called out as a fiery blast bursts from him melting many Metals down slightly and Neo Metal being near him and many Nanomech's were slagged though more flew in as Sonic rushed to the Vent, this results in the group getting away as the metals were slowly being repaired while Robotnik chuckles… all according to plan thanks to many vents leading to one area…

"Hehehe… time to head out to the top now." Robotnik cryptically said as he got up from his chair and he went to a platform with an eggmobile on it while it was connected to a large computer console.

Once he was on it and it starts to rise… well… everyone starts to head upwards oddly enough… thanks to some metals splitting each person up, they all ran right through some doors that shut behind them… and shockingly enough they were inside cells looking out to some kind of arena with Emerald and Steel fighting while Emerald was shocked to see everyone in cells.

"What the hell!?... how did you guys get captured!?" Emerald said while he heard laughing as many of the cells lit up with their new occupants inside of it as Robotnik appeared while the place starts to rumble and all the cells moved around with some kind of electromagnetic field of sorts to make each individual cell float and shuffle around till they were all on one side as Robotnik looks down at a shocked and confused Emerald while Steel looks amused as the army of Metals, Neo Metal, and Metal Monster appeared from various hatches on the other side.

"Hehe, I must say that plan Bordux had was pretty much a brilliant move… with some improvising of course on my end… who knew using an army of metals and using bait would get this result… all of your friends in cells and I barely had to do much." Robotnik said when he twiddled his mustache a bit.

Honestly things happened so fast it was insane… Emerald saw the cells with his friends move to one side… on the other side was a group of Metals all on standby and before him was Steel who looks amused while Robotnik was rather smug and behind Emerald was nothing more than a vast sky while the floating fortress was way above the ground and over Angel island too boot.

"Damn you Robotnik!" Sonic said as he tries to break from his cell.

However the moment he charged the cell boundry, he screams when he got electrocuted and he dropped the Chaos Emerald he had while some silver mist flowed into his cell and the Chaos Emerald was brought out and brought to Robotnik as Robotnik grins when Sonic fell back on the ground while he had some burn marks from the sudden surge of energy that shocked him.

"Sonic!" Amy said with a worried look.

"U-Ugh." Sonic groans while Robotnik laughs.

"Oh hohoho… I must say something smells nice… hmm… nothing like cooked Hedgehog to get one hungry, maybe I should get something to eat later." Robotnik said with a grin as he did some quick math in his head…

Amy got pissed.

"I will knock your head off of that fat body of yours you bastard!"

"Hohoho… you can try but you'll get fried just as much as your boyfriend there." Robotnik said as a number of Metals came on board and well… Tails was shocked that they had a few chaos Emerald's with them.

"What!?... where did you get those!?" Tails said as a metal holding a Green Chaos Emerald looks at him.

"Raided your laboratory while you were here… you thought you were doing a simple rescue but all this was a distraction within a main plan so we could get the other Emerald's." Metal said as he and his other model tossed the two other Chaos Emeralds to Robotnik as a Metal looks at Pluton.

"Your Chaos Emerald if you would… if you don't… pretty sure Cream's safety would be your top priority given she is in a cell that only beings like Steel and I can enter… I doubt you need a brain to compute what could happen right?" Metal coldly threatened while he looks at Pluton.

Pluton frowns at this while he weighs his options but to manys shock he just opened his chest compartment and removed the white Chaos Emerald while his backup generator kicked in.

Once this happened, the Chaos Emerald was tossed to Eggman who had all seven and he laughs at this while Emerald grits his teeth while Steel laughs quite a bit.

"Hehe… oh don't worry… I'm not planning on using those Emerald's yet… you see I have a bone to pick with you mono e mono and I want to enjoy this… hey pops… mind if I go all out instead of holding back like I have been so far?" Steel said while he had a twisted grin on his face.

"Holding back?!" Knuckles said with a shocked look.

"Yeah I mean considering up till now I never knew if people would should up but…" Steel said as he moved with shocking speed that even tripped Emerald up as he had a wide eyed look when he was sucked punched in the gut knocking the wind out of him while he had to use Onimusha to support himself… thanks to Steel technically not being alive, he didn't have an aura to read so that sudden speed up was unexpected.

"Emerald!" Cream said as she was greatly worried for her friend as was Vanilla and Rouge along with the rest.

Before Emerald could react he was slugged in the chin in the air when he was uppercutted by Steel when he didn't let Emerald get headway and as Emerald crashed on the ground, Nocturn fell out of his pocket and the weakened sealed elemental groans when he woke from that unexpected wake up.

"H-Hey… what's with the… oh crap." Nocturn said as he noticed Sonic and the others in cages and Emerald was on the ground.

Though before Nocturn could get up, Steel moved with serious speed and pretty much kicked Nocturn into a cell and he crashed in Cream's cell with the cell door denting and Nocturn groaning when he crashed hard there and fell next to Cream while part of his body got a small crack as Emerald got an angered look on his face as he got to his feet while Cream got near Nocturn with a worried look on her face.

"Are you okay Mr. Nocturn?" Cream said as Nocturn groans.

"I'll be fine… it's Emerald we should be worried about as he has to fight that tin can reject."

"Oh I'm hurt, and here I thought my successor of sorts since I'm one of the first elementals of Darkness controlling this tin can… pretty sure were birds of a feather though unlike you I got a puppet that actually has fingers hehe." Steel mocked when he grins at Nocturn while Emerald moved to try and slice him in half but he seemingly sidestepped the slice and Emerald quickly moved to try and slice him again from the shoulder to hip but Steel backstepped to avoid the hit while he looks amused and Emerald takes a moment to breathe and recover.

"Dang… this is not good. We're trapped like animals while Emerald has no advantage. We gotta figure a way out." Rouge said.

"Hehe… sorry bat bitch… but I'm planning on ending this now since with Nocturn out of the way… no heals for Emerald." Steel said while he bursts with Aura shockingly enough while Emerald looks shocked.

"What!?... how the hell!?" Emerald said while Robotnik laughs.

"Hohoho… this model of Steel is an android capable of using Aura though granted the amount of energy wasted is a bit tricky to pin down… for a short time his power is magnified… good luck." Robotnik said before Emerald had to block a punch from Steel and he was launched back from Steel and while Emerald could read the attacks now, the speed was so much that he barely had time to react at all when he barely blocked hit after hit… though to everyone's shock time seemed to slow when Steel made one good punch to uppercut Onimusha over Emerald and while Emerald didn't lose Onimusha… well… another punch from Steel suddenly spiking with energy…

It went right through Emerald's chest… right through his heart making him cough up blood while he had a wide eyed look on his face as he looks down at the fist… thanks to it being so deep… the fist pretty much exits the other side of his torso and while Emerald didn't react much since he had an abnormal pain tolerance… he sure as hell didn't expect this… it was like the trial of blades all over again with him getting his ass kicked...

"EMERALD!" Cream screams as everyone else was shocked.

Lillum covered her mouth, Vanilla and Rouge had wide eyes… and Nocturn was oddly quiet for a moment as Steel chuckles.

"Hehe… looks like that training went to waste… no Nocturn to help you… no chaos Emeralds… not even Aura… TIME TO SAY GOODBYE…" Steel said as he moved to throw Emerald back and aimed a hand at Emerald who flew over the edge as a hole opened in Steels hand.

"Hehe… and to make sure you can't return…" Steel said as he fired some kind of spark and well… similar to how a chaos control effect happens… a flash happened and a freaking missile appeared which locked onto Emerald… after it hits an explosion happens and this caused Nocturn to scream.

"NOOOOOOO!" Nocturn roars when he charged at the boundary of the jailcell while Emerald's body or part of it that could be seen was falling… there was so much smoke around his body that it was hard to tell the state as Nocturn ignored the pain he felt while his body cracked more while smoke leaked from him as he seemingly pushed against the barrier more while many memories flash through his mind… him meeting Emerald… him pretty much getting to know him… everything since Emerald found him and brought him back… with this happening, it was the last straw and Nocturn roars more as he busts through the barrier and flew by Steel who didn't stop Nocturn when he saw the state the gem body was in.

"Hehe… well this should be very interesting… two go down… one may come back up… or none at all… anyone want to take bets?" Steel said with a twisted grin as Emerald's blood dripped down his arm.

Cream cries.

"Y-You're a monster!"

"A monster?... hehe… no Cream… I'm a fucking Devil… want to blame anyone, blame him for being so weak and pops here for giving me a body that could channel my power… heheh… HAHAHA!... man payback for that humiliating defeat at that cave is so rich." Steel said before he laughed up a storm while Robotnik did the same.

That made Cream mad.

"If anyone is weak its you and the fat man up there! You both don't deserve to be in this world!" She said surprising the group but who can blame her.

"Oh!... and this coming from a sweet widdle wabbit… hey pops… are we the bad guys?" Steel retorically said as he and Robotnik laughed more at this in a mocking way.


Nocturn, in a heavily weakened state… practically nearly falling apart now… flew towards Angel Island as it was raining on the island when Nocturn flew through some rain clouds… ironically enough Emerald's body fell pretty much before the Master Emerald but to Nocturn's horror… not only did he see Emerald's body pretty much way beyond what he could repair… he also saw that Emerald, who was missing his lower half and his heart was barely clinging to life from sheer force of raw stubborn will since he wasn't breaking down or whatever would happen thanks to his revive from death skill that he had for others… honestly Nocturn wasn't sure if Emerald clinging to life now would do any good… for some reason Xan and the Elementals were nowhere… maybe at Station Square… Nocturn was almost out of energy, to the point that he barely had minutes to stay in one piece… all he could do was look at the Master Emerald when Emerald coughed up more blood… he doubted Emerald even knew nocturn was near him given how empty Emerald's eyes looked.

'I gotta save him fast… no matter what.' Nocturn thought.

"If that's the case… why not let me lend a hand." Nocturn heard as the Spirit of the Master Emerald appeared from the Master Emerald itself though it had a serious look on mouth only face instead of a grin while Nocturn in reflex mimicked a bow though nearly fell from that being strainful enough to wind him while the Spirit held up a hand stopping Nocturn from falling when a gentle light enveloped him.

"Nocturn… you know that at this point… there is only one thing you can do and while I could help… with Emerald's body as is… he wouldn't survive unless you help." The Spirit said when it gave Nocturn a sympathetic look of sorts.

Nocturn was quiet for a bit.

"I know… but I'll still help regardless of things."

The Spirit nods and as it looks at its main body… the Master Emerald rumbles and a large fragment broke free.

"Good… its been an honor Nocturn…. I'm sorry you had to go through so much just to end up in this state… I know I saw this coming but it hurts all the same since you're like a son to me… all Elementals are like my children… however… I will say this… know that this will make it so that Emerald saves everyone… that is an iron clad ending that I see." The Spirit said to ease Noctur as the fragment of the Master Emerald was brought over Emerald after Nocturn was set on it by the Spirit… and Nocturn felt a pull towards the fragment when his mind started to go from his gem prison into the fragment to start the transfer officially.

Though he did have enough time to say one thing to the Spirit if he wanted.

"Do me a favor… Tell Solar or Helios… that I'm sorry and I… still love her."

The Spirit just smiles at this.

"No need… she already knows." The Spirit said as Nocturns mind vanished as the fragment of the master Emerald lowered when the Spirit willed it and it meld into Emerald's torso… like actually dipping in water but without a real reaction at first.

A moment later the fragment glows and Emerald's body rises as the glow grew brighter… thanks to the rain no one on the sky base noticed and as the glow got brighter… the scene faded to black when Emerald's body was slowly pieced back together as the Spirit looked on.

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