The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
Pink Hedgehogs 18th birthday Part 2

The scene opens up to show TME while he was brainstorming some things and waits for Atomsk to get to him now.

Just then a portal opens up and Atomsk pops out.

"Yo." He said.

"Yo… so how was posting… that story just now?" TME said as he had an overly serious face to make things a bit comical for a moment.

"Um… it went well but… do you need to use the bathroom?" Atomsk said.

TME chuckles as he got to his feet and looks more relaxed.

"Nah, just focusing on making this next chapter the calm before the storm so to speak before Robotnik acts and stuff." TME said with a grin on his face.

"Right… so should we just say stuff to the readers or get to the meat?" Atomsk said as he cracked his knuckles.

"Eh they already know what we mean to do, lets get in this story and finally get the Prequel arc on its final chapters." TME said with a fist pump of sorts to show how amped he was right now.

"Alright then. Let's get going." Atomsk while grinning.

The scene then switched with a snap of TME fingers to Station Square a bit later with Sonic and Amy exiting Sonic's home after the duo finished their fun for now and got cleaned after working up a sweat.

Station Square/ Sonic's front yard/ Sonic, Amy

The scene showed Sonic as he held Amy's hand while he was walking next to her for a moment as they walked to the edge of Sonic's lawn so that they could really speed away to get to the party that would be held.

"Wow Amy. What we did was… amazing." Sonic said as he blushed.

"Hehe, thanks, you were amazing yourself… especially when you used your speed and stamina to show you were not a quick shot where it counts." Amy said with a teasing grin on her face as she kissed Sonic on the cheek.

Sonic blushes a bit after hearing that.

"Yeah well… you were pretty awesome. Especially when you got very tight. Still can't believe we went through the whole box of condoms."

"Yeah… going to ask Lillum about them since we could use more later… but for now… we should get going otherwise we will be late for my birthday party." Amy said when she jumped into Sonic's arms.

Sonic was a bit caught off guard but was able to hold Amy.

"R-Right. Just hold on tight beautiful." He said before he uses his speed to run while carrying Amy.

Amy smiles as she snuggles up to Sonic more while the duo zipped to Rouge's club Night where the party was being held at.

As the duo approached, they were let in by Rouge's bouncer and when the duo entered, the place was dark enough to cause Sonic to not see things though Amy had a half lidded look on her blind folded face.

"You know Sonic may not see all of you hiding but I can right?" Amy said while a few people groan while the lights turned on as Xan, in his smaller hunched form, walked from behind a wall.

"Told you all it would be pointless with surprises unless you know how to hide your Aura." Xan said with a half lidded look with his one good eye while Emerald came out of hiding from another wall.

"Yeah… sorry guys but got to give it to Master with this one, when I heard Amy learned how to see things with Aura… well she pretty much has 360 degree vision and stuff." Emerald said as more people on Amy's radar popped up more and more.

"Dang! So much for hiding out." Knuckles said.

"Eh, saves time and stuff in some things though hope Amy here isn't using that new vision of hers to peek at some of her gifts that we got her." Rouge said with an amused tone to her voice.

Amy jolted.

"I would never." She said.

Xan grins at that.

"You know Aura users can tell if you are lying or not… and you missy are lying." Xan said with a wide teasing grin on his face and Emerald rubbed the back of his head when he couldn't argue with that.

Amy was blushing big in embarrassment before Sonic made her better by kissing her forehead.

Amy blushed from that while Rouge looks amused.

"My my, looks like being locked in a time altering room did get you two pretty close if Big Blue here could kiss you on the forehead, seems we may need to have a serious girl talk Amy later." Rouge said with a teasing tone to her voice.

Though Amy and Sonic blushed from the teasing, Amy did smirk.

"Well actually Rouge, we're more closer than you think. Me and Sonic… are boyfriend and girlfriend." She said.

"Oh I can get that from Sonic of all people, the guy too many here would normally run from you and instead kiss you… pretty sure we would need to be blinder then you normally to not see some sparks flying… anyway hon, since you are here, might as well get started, some people want to meet you as well." Rouge said while Amy saw Rough point a finger behind her and a man with black spiky hair approached the group and he rubbed the back of his head.

"H-Hey there… how you doing?... doubt we had a proper introduction… names Zack… Zack fair… first class soldier of Shinra of my world… well former if people think I'm dead there… sorry I couldn't stop that Steel creep from well…" Zack said to Amy while he felt a bit bad since if he was stronger, he would have been able to stop Steel.

Amy was able to remembering that after hearing Zack.

"Oh well nice to meet you Zack. Though no worries. We weren't well prepared for what Eggman had planned." She said.

"No kidding hehe… still I would help offer to heal your eyes but my healing magic may not work thanks to what that bastard did… make no mistake if I see that tin can again I'll be prepared to kick his butt and then some thanks to some serious training I'm doing." Zack while he punched a fist into his open hand.

Amy chuckled a bit after hearing that.

"Well thank you Zack."

"No problem… anyway to make up for my blunder, here is something from my world that you may find interesting, its called a Materia, there are a few types but considering you seem like the kind type, here is a healing Materia that you can use and an All Materia, it will allow you to use a single cure spell on many people at once without much hassle and you can chose if you want to go single or multi as well, they are extras I have but make no mistake, they are not just throwaway gifts." Zack said when he held out two small gem like orbs that had an etherial glow about them.

He then pressed the Cure Materia against Amy's arm and it seemed to… Meld into her arm and vanish… same with the All Materia next to it and this caused Amy to grip her head for a moment when her head was flooded with a ton of information at once.

Sonic was worried.

"Hey what's happening to her?!" He said before going to Amy's side.

Zack chuckles while rubbing his head nervously.

"Oh that… forgot first timers have this reaction to certain materia… Amy is just getting a ton of information crammed into her head all at once, don't worry, no one ever had issues in the long run, just give her some pills for a short term headache and she will be good, will be worth it though since she will be able to use various healing skills now, granted she will have to train to get the Materia to grow more in power for higher healing skills but now she can cast the white magic skill Cure and here Amy, this one is a Black Magic Materia called Thunder… self explanatory… should be handy if you have to deal with any robotic enemies… seems like a common thing here." Zack said when he placed another Materia near Amy on a table so she could use it when she recovers a moment later after she shook her head.

"W-Whoa… talk about a rush in many ways." Amy said while she looked at her arm and two glows were seen for a moment from Amy's arm when she saw the Materia resting there with their powers ready for her to use and Amy let the glow dim so her arm looked normal again.

"You okay Amy?" Sonic said with a concerned look.

"Y-Yeah, just a bit caught off guard." Amy said while she slowly recovers from what just happened.

"Well at least you get to learn something new Amy." Knuckles said.

"Indeed, and best part is that you can will it from your body and give it to others so you won't have to worry about issues later down the line." Zack said with an amused look on his face.

"Well that's good to know." Amy said after finally able to recover before getting up.

Zack chuckles a bit more and moved aside when Xan approached with a grin on his face.

"So Amy how is my student In Aura liking seeing things in a different way?" Xan asked while he looks amused.

"Well... even though it's a whole new experience, feels pretty good." Amy said.

"Good, Good, hopefully I could be reimbursed for all the help I did af-!" Xan said before Emerald put him in a headlock and starts dragging Can away.

"Sorry for him Amy, please enjoy the birthday party." Emerald said as he pinched the bridge of his nose from his master's antics.

Amy sweatdrops a bit.

"U-Um yeah sure." She said while Sonic felt like punching Xan since he had a feeling what the old perv wanted.

'You're not getting anything from my girl.' He thought.

A few more people approached Amy while one was a smirking Lillum and another was a blushing Vanilla.

"Hey Amy, hope you like the party so far… and hope you and Sonic like the products I made here." Lillum said with a teasing look.

Amy blushes after hearing that.

"W-We did." She said as Sonic blushes while coughing a bit in his hand.

"Good… Good… you see I have a gift for you Amy as well but you may need experience with it before you can use it properly… I can explain later but lets just say that in the future if other ladies want to get to Sonic this maybe a good way to make sure to test them to see if they are ready for Sonic and his Big Blue down below… you may wonder why I'm saying this but…*looks around*... alright Cream and no other kids are here so here is my gift to you… bit of a new model to boot as well…" Lillum said when she passed Amy a large dial dildo while many were not looking so it was just Sonic, Vanilla, and Lillum with Amy to see this and Lillum made sure her body blocked peoples view just in case.

Vanilla, Amy and Sonic were blushing brightly when they saw the dildo.

"W-Why give Amy this?" Sonic said.

"Hehe… well you see Sonic, you are a pretty desirable guy but that means other females may try and get to you so why not give Amy something to use instead of her Piko Piko hammer… and I'm not talking about smacking them with the dildo you and Amy should know that is not what I mean." Lillum said when she got a half lidded look on her face when Amy opened her mouth and shuts it when she blushed at that kind of situation being shot down.

Sonic blinks a bit after hearing that.

"W-Wait… other ladies… But Amy and I just got together."

"Sonic, I may not know you much but from what I heard after talking around… YOU have the eyes of a lot of females not just in a romantic sense, some even sexual now that word got around that you are somehow legally 18… sooner or later someone may try something so instead of getting into arguments with Amy if something happens out of your control, why not come to a compromise and let Amy test them to see if they are good for you… not only that but Vanilla and I are willing to help Amy here with a secondary gift… well more on Vanilla with this one but I want in as well on the fun… simply put we want to help Amy lose this new virginity so she isn't getting in over her head, I mean lets face it, with teases like Rouge, people like Emerald who people will point out have Vanilla and I as ladies, and possibly more in the future, better safe than sorry… besides… this is Amy's gift more or less so lets hear what she thinks… what do you think Amy… want to try it out?... its more then just a strapon… Vanilla can answer more since she knows what I can really do with that thing and she used a different one as well." Lillum said while looking at Amy for the last bit.

"Oh and just to let you know… the more Sonic has fun… the longer he will last and stuff so why not think of it not as him cheating but training to please you more and stuff…" Lillum said when she grins at Amy.

Sonic was a bit taken back when he heard this before looking at his girlfriend.

Amy was quiet after hearing what Lillum said before the blind hedgehog actually weighed the pros and cons of this scenario.

On the one hand… Sonic will sleep with other women despite the fact that she and Sonic just became an item.

However… they did just have sex hours ago and even if the box of condoms helped Sonic last longer… she now knew that they can't always rely on them… besides the protection.

After some thought… she looks at Lillum.

"So… say I… agree… how would this help?" Amy asked while Lillum smirks.

"Well Amy… this will…" Lillum said before she leaned in and starts to explain to Amy the ways this dildo could be used and stuff and if Amy had eyes, she would be getting wide eyed from what she was being told.

Sonic wondered what Lillum is saying as Vanilla blushes brightly since she knew what it's about.

By the time Lillum stopped explaining, she leaned back with a grin as Amy was blushing like a tomato.

"OK… if that is true… I want to see how legit this is before deciding… that OK?" Amy asked while Lillum grins.

"Oh but of course, I would be impatient if I tried to force an answer from you… hehe… anyway Vanilla said she would be happy to help test it out later so once this party is over… why don't you, Vanilla, and I head to somewhere private so we can test your new gift out… oh and if you press the bump on the side of the dial part since I made this one unique for you…" Lillum said as Amy did so and the dildo vanished and on the back of Amy's hand was a emblem like tattoo showing a heart with demonic wings on it… probably for safe use around kids with the tattoo part but still having enough of a theme to show it was a Lillum brand item that was stored away for safekeeping.

"What just happened?... Did that thing go inside Amy?" Sonic said.

"For safety reasons Sonic. Don't want Cream or any other child that might wonder in and be scarred." Vanilla said.

"Yeah… though you may want to phrase that better since it could be turned a bit kinky on how it went in your girlfriend." Lillum said with a teasing smirk on her face.

Sonic was blushing brightly when he just realized what he said as Amy and Vanilla couldn't help but giggle.

After that happened, the group calms down and Lillum looks at Sonic.

"Anyway enough teasing… if Vanilla is going to give Amy a good time, I might as well give Big blue here a return favor since he probably missed a few birthdays of his own and what not… hehe, should be interesting in seeing how well you got used to some high speed fun… that is if I don't join Vanilla in her fun with Amy." Lillum teased while she smirks at Sonic while winking at him.

Sonic blushes brightly after hearing that.

'I-Is she serious?!' He thought before trying for a diversion.

"O-Oh look some punch." He said before trying to leave.

"Fine… guess Amy will get all the experience and possibly the ladies in the future while you don't get any fun at all, wonder what would happen if a more experienced person tries to steal her away?" Lillum said as Sonic walked back with a half lidded look on his face.

"That is a low blow and you know that right?" Sonic said while Lillum grins.

"Well depends on the low blow from your perspective… might as well be a torso hit on my end hehe… anyway you can walk away if you want but just think about the offer… I mean do you really think Amy would hold back on testing other ladies if they want a crack at you?... think like this if you want… the more fun you have… the more fun you can give Amy… and this won't get you in trouble as well… or is the fastest thing alive scared and running as fast as he can away from a challenge in testing something for the first time?" Lillum taunts with a smirk and with crossed arms under her breasts.

Sonic blushes brightly when he noticed before frowning.

"I'm not scared of anything. I say bring it on."

"Really?, you know that you are pretty much going to have sex with other people then Amy… just to let you know Vanilla may get this new virginity… but I will tell you this… I could turn you female if you want that virginity but that would be overkill swapping peoples genders for a bit so you and Amy should talk about this fully… you have until the end of the party anyway so you got a couple hours and what not." Lillum said before she looks at Amy.

"And don't worry… I know a birth control spell so we won't have issues later." Lillum said with a grin on her face while she wonders what Amy was thinking through all this.

'Oh boy… seems me and Sonic… well mostly Sonic… should've thought this through.' Amy thought.

Lillum then looks at Vanilla.

"Anyway Vanilla, I'll be hanging around and mingling and talking with people like Rouge and stuff, you have fun and I'll see you later." Lillum said before she floats away from the trio and Vanilla blushed when she looks at Amy and Sonic.

"H-Hehe… so… uh… nice party?" Vanilla said before she blushed more at the duo.

"Uh yeah." Sonic said before glancing at Amy.

"I'm in trouble aren't I?"

"*Sigh*... surprisingly not as much as you may think… honestly me using my Piko Piko hammer to scare away females may get me into more trouble then it's worth so might as well switch up my game and see if any are actually good for you… though I want to make one thing clear… I'm head lady of a possible harem and unless I give them the green light… well… you better make sure not to knock them up otherwise I'll be making your balls go into your chest cavity… understand Sonic?" Amy said while she was emitting a pressure that Sonic knew all too well from his four years of training with Amy… killing intent amped by Aura…

Sonic shudders at the pressure before shivering a bit in fear.

"C-Crystal Amy." He said.

"Good… though considering I maybe having a lot of fun with some ladies, if you promise to bring any ladies to me to test if you have fun with them first, I won't get mad, I can get the situation may not be right and stuff like that… anyway… Vanilla… are you serious in what you are going to let me do?... don't you have Emerald?" Amy said when she looks at Vanilla and Vanilla blushed.

"Well… we actually talked to Emerald about this and he was pretty OK with this… though Lillum may talk Rouge into keeping Emerald company or something since Lillum will be busy with Sonic here… Rouge doesn't have a romantic partner and teasing Knuckles aside I don't think she wants a serious relationship right now… just sex friends… besides I don't think there are many other ladies Emerald can have fun with… don't get me wrong, I care for Emerald a lot with Lillum in her own way doing the same, its just… I'm older than I look and I am not as against… sharing as you may think… besides I can assure you Emerald and Lillum are not the worst people to have fun with so I'm pretty happy believe it or not… anyway are you two OK?, I mean with the situation I mean?" Vanilla said while away from the duo, Rouge and Lillum were talking to one another away from others earshot.

"Hehe… so I couldn't help but overhear everything that happened with my Bat like ears… so you trying to corrupt Amy and from what Vanilla just said and you want me to make sure Emerald isn't lonely while you give Big Blue a good time?" Rouge said when she looks at a smirking Lillum with a smirk of her own.

"Hehe, that's right. Gotta make sure that Sonic and Amy enjoy with what Vanilla and I will show so I'm hoping you keep Emerald company." Lillum said.

"Hmmm… give me one of those toys that you gave Amy later free of charge and you got a deal, again, bat like ears so I heard even what you whispered… should be interesting and stuff…. Not only that but if Emerald impresses me, may give him more good times if I need stress relief, running a club can be a bit taxing." Rouge said while she sipped some punch she has since this was a clean party and some kids like Cream and Tails were around so no alcohol and stuff.

Lillum blinks a bit after hearing the deal.

"Hmmm… you drive a hard bargain." She said before smirking.

"Though if Emerald is busy with his training, don't mind giving you a good time as well." She said.

Rouge chuckles while she smirks at Lillum.

"Alright, might as well see if a Succubus is a good as you claim… I have a big gig being planned here in a few days and will need a stress relief before and after so why not do this… I hire you as a personal… masseuse and if you know how to give a good massage… could get a happy ending for the both of us at the end, will pay top ring as well if your work with a massage and… other things are good as well." Rouge said while she finished her drink and looks at Lillum.

"Though considering you may accept it to get to my sweet ass, might as well just let you know that I may return the favor when I'm not working… anyway might as well see if Emerald is a decent lay so I'll go talk with him… doubt I can get him as an employee right now so might as well use this to get a few good times out of him or something." Rouge said before she walked by Lillum but not before actually smacking Lillum on the ass a bit while she wasn't looking and Rouge walked away from Lillum's reach so no counters could be made.

Lillum was a bit surprised before she starts to smirk.

"Just you wait. Once we're alone… gonna tap that cute… butt." She said while making sure no kids were around.

After that happened and Emerald got Xan away from Amy and stuff, Emerald was eating some cake from one of the cakes Rouge ordered and noticed Rouge heading his way and he finished his bite and wiped his mouth to look at Rouge.

"Hey Rouge, need something?" Emerald asked while he looks down at the well endowed and curvy Bat Mobian woman.

Rouge smirks.

"Actually Emerald yes. I wanted to talk to you since I… heard some juicy details." She said.

"Really?... does it have something to do with talking with Lillum?... noticed you two talking so I can guess a number of guess… pretty sure I would be right in three guesses or less if one of them is anywhere near close." Emerald said when he went to take a sip of punch for a second and sets the cup next to him.

Rouge chuckled.

"Well since you asked." She said before she goes up to Emerald and whispers in his ear.

Emerald blinks at this and blinks some more when he heard all this and when Rouge was done, though he blushed a bit, Emerald had a raised eyebrow.

"You serious?... what about Knuckles though?, heard from some people you like to flirt with him and stuff." Emerald asked since he heard many people knew Rouge liked to mess with Knuckles so it was hard to tell if it was a crush thing or a way to get to the Master Emerald or something.

"Hah please. Knucky's good but I do that flirting thing to mess with him which gives me time to grab the Master Emerald. Besides, not looking for a serious relationship just need some good intense… well you get what I mean." Rouge said.

"I see… well considering I get with Lillum and Vanilla… well can't say anything against giving you a good time if Lillum and Vanilla are cool with it but what if you accidentally get knocked up?... and not only that… and not trying to insult you at all, but Vanilla got her well… younger in prime body… I don't know your age per say but just in case… you sure?... I can't turn that ability off." Emerald said though instead of looking insulted, Rouge just smirks since Emerald just told her that Emerald was a fountain of youth and she can stay young in fun ways.

"Hehe you kidding. If you can make Vanilla look younger, then there's no way I'll miss that opportunity. Besides, I want to see if you can really impress me." Rouge said with her hands on her hips.

Emerald blinks at that and some thought, he finished his punch.

"Alright… want to do this now?, I got a couple items that can help keep things private and I gave my gift to Amy already and stuff so no real issues in taking a break from the party here." Emerald said when he wondered if that was OK with Rouge.

Rouge blinked a bit after hearing that before chuckling.

"Very eager Huh? Well then let's go."

Emerald nods as he finished his cake and after getting another drink of Punch and finishing it, he followed Rouge out of the room and Lillum noticed and Rouge winked at Lillum to show that seems Rouge would be having fun now instead of later.

'Wow, she worked fast.' Lillum thought before chuckling.

After that happened as Lillum went to drink some punch, the scene went to Emerald and Rouge while they went to a bedroom a floor above the party and no sounds were heard… guess it was made to be soundproof and Emerald whistles as he looks around a bit.

"Wow… fancy room." Emerald said when he saw a large bed, a HDTV, a few gaming consoles, a good computer, and other things like a connecting bathroom and even a kitchen… guess Rouge pretty much lived where she worked so to speak.

"Hehe, thanks. All the perks of being the boss." Rouge said after closing the door.

"Yeah, seems like this place would make a 5 star hotel look cheap… so want me to get cleaned in a shower first before we start?" Emerald said when he looked at Rouge as she removed her shoes and sat in a chair to relax a bit since standing on her feet all day made her feet ache a bit.

"Yeah. Why don't you go ahead and wash up first. Need a moment for my feet to feel better." Rouge said.

"I see… want me to give you a small massage first?, I picked up a small healing spell in the shrine that can be used to help with fatigue." Emerald said as his hands gave a light green glow of sorts while he worried a bit for Rouge's health a bit.

"Hmmm… if you think they can help then go nuts." Rouge said.

Emerald nods his head and after getting a stool from nearby to set Rouge's feet on, Emerald starts to rub her right foot while he used his aura to focus in his eyes to find the tense spots in Rouge's feet and used his healing spell to pretty much cause her soreness from the feet up to melt away in no time.

Rouge was a bit surprised when she felt that before letting out a pleased sigh.

"O-Oh wow." She said as she felt more relaxed.

Emerald smiles at that while he made sure to hit all of the sore spots in her feet and once he was done, he swapped feet and worked his way so that Rouge felt like jello from the knees down after Emerald massaged her legs as well… who knew this Aura stuff could do that…

Though as Emerald managed to get Rouge in a pleasure filled mess, Emerald stops and smiles at Rouge.

"Hehe, hope you feel better, I'll be going to shower real quick so be right back." Emerald said before he walked into Rouge's bathroom and left a very relaxed Rouge behind.

'Damn… definitely need to bring him back here. Maybe when my wings get sore.' Rouge thought.

While Emerald got cleaned, Rouge looks amused when she brainstorms a few outfits to wear to impress Emerald a bit and since Emerald was taking time as well, Rouge managed to get changed and from her POV, she could see Emerald's silhouette and saw that while he was still trying to get stronger, Rouge could see Emerald had strong arms and legs and since he was getting stronger with this Aura stuff… well this could be fun… especially when she saw that Emerald's dick so to speak and saw that he was massive thanks to a lot of augments from Nocturn and Lillum it seems.

'Hot damn is that a big cock. And I can't believe Lillum and Vanilla had that piece of meat for themselves. Hehe, good thing I get a little taste of that.' Rouge thought.

After Emerald finished his shower, he exits the bathroom in the nude with a towel wrapped around his body.

"Hey Rouge, I'm done, if you want to go next you can… whoa…" was all Emerald said when he looks to the bed and saw Rouge in sexy lingerie while she laid on her side… seems she got clean before the party starts if she got this on.

"Hey Emerald… Like what you see?" Rouge said.

Emerald blushed a bit more right before he comically slapped himself and he grins at Rouge a moment later.

"Maybe… my little friend seems to like what I see though." Emerald said while a MASSIVE bulge was seen from his town when his cock came to live and Rouge could see how massive it was even with a towel hindering it a bit.

Rouge was a bit surprised when she saw that before chuckling.

"Wow… Hehe, well then bring that sexy body of yours over here." She said as she gestures Emerald to come closer.

Emerald grins before he dropped his towel and approached Rouge, got on the bed, and surprised her when he kissed her on the lips to start things out for the fun to be.

Rouge was surprised by this bold move before she went with it and started to kiss Emerald back before letting out a moan.

Emerald keeps the kiss up and he had his tongue fight with Rouge's tongue a moment later while his right hand when to fondle her right breast, Rouge had plentiful D to E cup breasts and a nice round ass so Emerald wasn't complaining on his fun with Rouge and his cock lightly poked at Rouge's stomach to tease her a bit.

Rouge moans more into the kiss before she grabs Emerald's cock with one hand and starts stroking him off.

Emerald shuddered from the feeling and keeps on making out with Rouge while pleasing her and he used his healing hands on her breasts to target her breasts pleasure points to see how she would react.

Rouge jolts from that action before she lets out a muffled moan as she speeds up her stroking.

This went on for a bit before Emerald pulled away from the kiss and kissed Rouge's neck and kissed his way down to her breasts and starts to suck on one nipple while he used a few fingers to rub her folds, thanks to the angle, Rouge was unable to do anything to his cock as he pleased her while he fondles her free breast.

"Oh baby." Rouge moan as she begins to enjoy the pleasure she was getting.

Emerald chuckles for a moment before he slipped a couple fingers in Rouge's folds and fingers them a moment later and felt how tight she was as he worked to fix that and he continues to please her breasts more.

Rouge starts to groan from that action as she blushes from having her pussy fingered.

Emerald keeps this up for a bit before he removed his fingers from Rouge's folds and a moment later he moved to have his head between her legs and he was eating Rouge out in no time when he worked to lick and suck various parts of her pussy to try and find any weak points she has.

"Oh fuck." Rouge groans as she can feel Emerald's tongue moving around in her pussy which caused Rouge's toes to curl.

Emerald this time didn't stop pleasing Rouge while he could feel her getting close, to really get her worked up he used a couple fingers to tease Rouge's asshole and with some energy formed on his fingers as a relaxing healing lube, Emerald slowly forced his index and middle finger in Rouge's ass while he continutes to eat her out while he focused on sucking her bud a few times.

"F-Fuck!" Rouge moans before she grabs Emerald's head and pushes him closer to her pussy.

Emerald didn't mind since he could still breath and thrusts his fingers in and out of her ass and he ate Rouge out more and more while she got closer and closer until…

Rouge groans as she throws her head back before climaxing all over Emerald's face and tongue.

Emerald closed his eyes when he could tell that would happen and he continues to finger her ass and lick her folds to help Rouge's orgasm get stronger.

And stronger it was, as the sexy bat mobian continues to climax for about 15 seconds before she finally taps off and pants a bit before letting Emerald's head go.

Emerald takes a moment to lick Rouge's folds a second more and he leaned back while he used a spell that Lillum taught him to clean his body off and he looked at Rouge while wondering how he did.

Rouge panted a bit more before looking at Emerald.

"W-Wow… that's some… s-serious tongue work you did."

"Hehe, thanks… had practice with Vanilla and Lillum… so… want to return the favor or get to the main event Emerald asked while his cock was so hard it looked like his cock was monstrous with veins being seen and it looked a bit more swollen with blood then normal.

Rouge licks her lips a bit when she saw that.

"Oh I'm definitely gonna have a taste of that." She said with a smirk.

"Alright… how do you want to continue then?, me standing at the edge of the bed?, on my knees?, 69?, or got a different way in mind?" Emerald asked since unlike Vanilla, Rouge was a 3 feet tall Mobian instead of 4 feet like Vanilla so Rouge had a serious height issue here.

"Hehe, just stand at the edge so I can give you a special treat." Rouge said.

Emerald looks curious about that and he moves to get off the bed and stands at the edge while his cock hangs over the bed.

Rouge smirks before a moment later, she starts giving Emerald's cock a tit fuck with her big breasts.

Emerald groans from the feeling and blushed a bit when he watched Rouge work her magic as his cock throbbed a bit, he was really excited right now so it wasn't any shock Emerald's stamina was shot for his first round with Rouge so to speak.

Rouge smirks some more as she continues this actions before looking at Emerald.

"How you liking my breasts?" She said.

"U-Ugh… very much… Vanilla and Lillum have larger breasts but yours are more perky… not trying to insult you… framewise they top you but for a regular Mobian… doubt many could match your sexy bod." Emerald said while he grins at Rouge when he teased her a bit.

Rouge lightly blushes a bit before chuckling.

"Good answer. Here's your reward." She said before she opens her mouth and swallows some of Emerald's cock.

Emerald really groans from that and precum dripped onto Rouge's tongue as she worked to suck Emerald's cock and Emerald pets Rouge on the head while using some healing hand power in case Rouge's jaw was getting sore and stuff.

Rouge blushes from the petting as she continues to suck Emerald's cock more while moving her breasts a bit faster.

Emerald really groans from that while his toes gripped the carpet a few times and his free hand clinched a bit as his cock throbbed more and more for quite awhile until Emerald managed to get this out.

"F-Fuck… g-gonna… cum soon…" Emerald muttered to warn Rouge that he would blow soon.

That made Rouge smirk as she doubles her efforts so she can make Emerald climax.

Emerald on his end grits his teeth and he groans when he came hard in Rouge's mouth, the kicker, he held her head steady when he did so, that prevented Rouge from pulling away from Emerald's cock and was forced to drink his load while his sperm got on Rouge's breasts.

Rouge was surprised at how much cum Emerald let out as she tries to drink it down.

It took Emerald 20 seconds before he tapped off and pants for breath while he lets go of Rouge's head and blushed at the mess he made on her body while his cock was still in Rouge's mouth and between her plentiful breasts for a moment.

Rouge took a moment to take her mouth off of Emerald's cock so she can catch her breath.

"D-Damn…" She said.

"S-Sorry… Vanilla and Lillum are normally used to this and I guess I got a habit of gripping heads… sorry if I harmed you." Emerald said and he surprised Rouge when his hand glows a different color, and with a snap of his fingers, Rouge and his own cock were cleaned of sperm and Emerald chuckles at the surprised look.

"Sorry if you wanted to enjoy some sperm… but figured this would help save time for the main event… not only that wanted to try this out since Lillum taught me this… seems like it will be handy… also know a birth control spell thanks to Lillum… all of those spells were surprisingly easy to learn." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head a bit.

"I can see that." Rouge said before grinning lustfully at Emerald.

"So… we gonna fuck or what?"

Emerald blinks at the straightforwardness and instead of blushing or acting shy, he cracked his neck a couple times and grins at Rouge.

"Sure… want to lead with the position or do I pick?" Emerald said when he was having a good time now seems his experience with Vanilla, Lillum, and occasionally Leonel made him a bit used to these kinds of situations.

"Hehe… you pick." Rouge said.

Emerald grins and while the Dimensional Drifter in training approached Rouge, Lillum below was speaking with Vanilla, Amy, and Sonic around the same time after they enjoyed the party as it slowly calms down.

"Hehe, hey you three… ready for the fun?... I talked with Pluton and he is willing to babysit Cream again so we won't have any issues finding a room… I can teleport us to Vanilla's place so what do you say we head there and get Amy's gift time fun started?... and me with big blue here… hehe gotta thank Rouge for that nickname." Lillum said when she teasingly winked at Sonic when she stood near him.

Sonic blushes at the nickname making Amy giggle.

"Well… better to do it now then wait."

"Great… let's get going." Lillum said while she gets ready to snap her fingers to get the teleport to start but Xan appeared next to the group near Lillum without anyone knowing and as a result when Lillum starts the teleport, Xan tagged along for the ride and when they got to Vanilla's place, Xan chuckles to get their attention.

"Hehehe, nice teleport trick you got." Xan said while everyone was surprised by Xan… even Amy couldn't technically see him for a moment and she had a freaking radar like sight now.

"W-What the?!... Where'd you come from?" Sonic said with a surprised look.

"Hmmm?, I was always around, you all just never noticed me… I used Zetsu to hide my lifeforce by closing my Aura nodes so I was more or less invisible to Amy here and to everyone else… well do you normally pay attention to trees or plants or even a bystander when you walk by them?... sure you may glace but all in all you are so used to seeing people you don't normally second glance them… point is I was able to make it so that no one saw me at all… anyway… think I could join in on the fun?... I happened to overhear quite a bit thanks to me pretty much hiding my aura and stuff." Xan said while Lillum gave Xan a half lidded look.

"OK… not sure how to respond to that but give us one reason why we should even humor that." Lillum said while Xan gave her a deadly serious look.

"Simple… I could ease up on Emerald with his training a bit… nuff said…" Xan said with Lillum getting an overly serious face and she held out a hand.

"Deal." Lillum said much to Sonic and Amy's shock while Vanilla, though REALLY hesitant… couldn't exactly argue which doubled Sonic and Amy's shock when Vanilla didn't argue at all.

"Wait… SERIOUSLY?!" Sonic and Amy said in unison.

"Well… after what Lillum and I saw Xan do to Emerald… I would do anything to keep that from happening… you… would agree in a heartbeat as well if you saw what we saw… just a general idea… Xan can heal Emerald but when we first found him after he trained on Angel Island… his jaw was nearly knocked clean off his body… his limbs were broken in ways that would honestly make him a shoe in for being not able to walk anymore and well… I don't even know what happened before that but that was what Lillum and I came to before Xan healed him… and Xan… well had a much larger and imposing Physique." Vanilla said while she pales a bit at the memory of Emerald in such a horrible condition.

Sonic and Amy were shocked after hearing all that.

"Good grief!" Sonic said.

"Y-Yeah… can see why you two want this." Amy said as she can still picture those events despite her blindness.

"Hey, to be fair his pain tolerance rose and now he barely flinches if his limbs are nearly destroyed, most times he would cry like a baby and stuff but now he would just keep trying to attack me with partially destroyed limbs." Xan said while Sonic blinks at that.

"That… is as horrifying as it sounds if Emerald is used to that kind of pain… you sure you are a good guy?" Sonic asked while Xan gave him a half lidded look.

"No, I'm purely neutral so to speak with a hint of chaotic good… if I was pure good I wouldn't use my methods, even I know I'm insane somewhat but doesn't that mean I'm better then the average psychopath when I know I'm insane?" Xan said while Sonic wondered if he was messing with him or not by saying that… honestly Xan was just that confusing to him already.

Amy shook her head.

"There's no point in this conversation. Since Lillum and Vanilla agreed to the deal, might as well get my present open."

"Yeah… anyway just press the icon on your hand and the dildo will appear, after that once we all strip, we can get started." Lillum said while Xan grins as he gripped his cloak like part and comically spun in place and as that happened the spinning old man grew a few sizes that day when he used some odd technique to do that and when he stopped, most of his clothing vanished, his body was like an adonis somehow like trained to perfection and he had a cock of around 11 or so inches and 2 ½ in width, only thing that didn't change was his spiky beard, the eyepatch, and his wide amused grin at the looks he got from everyone.

Vanilla was shocked when she saw Xan's body before blushing brighty as Amy had the same reaction thanks to her Aura sight.

Lillum had a similar look while Xan grins and wiggles his eyebrows at the ladies.

"Hehe, take a good look ladies, for a short time I can warp my body back to my prime so to speak… enjoy it to your hearts content." Xan said when he flexed his arms and what not as he posed for the ladies though Sonic had to look away or upwards so as to not see Xan's wang.

"Yeah… not looking." Sonic said since he doesn't swing that way.

"Not asking you to look Hedgehog… I'm talking to the ladies." Xan said while he looks at Lillum, Amy, and Vanilla with a twinkle like grin a moment later.

Said ladies blushed as Sonic had a half lidded look on his face.

"Yeah well… don't get too comfortable, old man."

"Hmph, with age comes wisdom you brat and I have more experience in my pinky toe in how to please women then you do in your entire body Mr. Just lost his virginity and had Lillum's toys to aid him more or less… try to say that later when you don't use those ring condom things to get a free second wind." Xan said while giving Sonic a half lidded look.

"Low blow man." Sonic said.

"Don't point out my age then and get cocky as well and we are good… deal?" Xan said while he lightly glared at Sonic and held a hand out to make a truce with Sonic for now… he doesn't mock him and Xan won't mock back.

Sonic returns the glare before he takes Xan's hand.

"Deal." He said making Amy sweatdrop.

"You two are like children… and don't say who started it." She said.

"Oh we won't, I could say a lot more on that kid thing you just said but for now you should follow Lillum and Vanilla's example and get undressed… you should know that they were getting undressed and stuff based on your new vision right?" Xan said while Lillum and Vanilla did indeed get undressed and Sonic and Amy were the ones to technically keep things stalling for now.

Amy sweatdrops again.

"Well Sonic… off with the clothes." She said before she and Sonic start to lose their clothing.

After the duo finished get undressed, everyone was fully naked aside from Amy and her blindfold and Xan and his eyepatch and everyone took a moment to admire one anothers figures and what not with Lillum licking her lips at Xan and Sonic's bodies while Amy didn't need to turn her head to admire pretty much everyone's forms… perk of not turning her head… she didn't need to try and hide her lustful stare… her stare was everywhere in her zone.

Sonic blushes from not only seeing Amy's body but also Vanilla and Lillum's bods.

'Damn… can see why Emerald likes being with them. Who knew Vanilla had a killer bod even after having Cream.' He thought as Vanilla blushes when she saw Sonic's nude body.

Vanilla had similar thoughts when she saw Sonic and Amy was lucky to have Sonic.

Lillum smirks a bit when she looks at the group.

"So… quick Question for Sonic here… want me to transform into a new form or go as myself for our fun?" Lillum said while she grins at Sonic.

Sonic blushes a bit.

"U-Um… you can be yourself."

"Hehe, seems like you are a Size king then for wanting a larger woman." Lillum teased when she walked to the door and gestured for Sonic to follow her.

"Come on, let's leave these three here and have our own fun, I can take Xan later after he has fun with Vanilla." Lillum said while she waits for Sonic to follow her when she opened the door.

Sonic gulped a bit before he grabbed Amy's shoulders and kissed her lips.

Amy blushed from that and returned the kiss for a moment and Amy pulled away from the kiss and smiles at Sonic.

"Good luck with Lillum Sonic." Amy said while she smiles at Sonic more.

Sonic blushes a bit more.

"You too Amy." He said before kissing her forehead and walks towards the room where Lillum is.

Once Lillum and Sonic left the room, Amy looks at Xan and Vanilla.

"So… how do we start?, do I bring out Lillum's toy or wait for you two to finish?" Amy asked which caused Xan to chuckle.

"Well there is that… or we can tag team this lovely woman here so you don't feel left out." Xan said while he grins at Amy while Vanilla heard this.

Vanilla blushed brightly after hearing that as Amy had the same reaction.

"W-Well if its okay with Vanilla." Amy said.

"W-Well I don't mind." Vanilla said which showed Vanilla was alright with it.

"I-I see… then alright then." Amy said before she tapped on the icon to bring out the dildo.

When she got it, she listened as Vanilla explained how it was used and in no time, Amy had a large pink cock of around 8 to 9 inches long on her body and Vanilla had Xan move out of the way for some reason though that was answered when Amy grits her teeth and groans when she came hard out of nowhere hard while she was flooded with information similar to a Materia being used and well… Amy made a serious mess on the floor as she fell to her hands and knees and pants from her first ever… if sudden orgasm…

Even though Vanilla knew of the dildo's effect for first timers, she was still surprised at how much cum Amy let out given the fact that the blind hedgehog had just equipped it.

"You okay Amy?"

"Ha… Ha… Y-Yeah… holy… if this is what guys feel when they climax then no wonder they want a good time." Amy muttered while she pants for breath and Xan chuckles as he leaned against a wall.

"Yup… the ever cursed battle of males… we always want to get laid sooner or later for that feeling hehe… hows it feel to not be a virgin with a male orgasm?" Xan said since this would be a new feeling for Amy.

"D-Don't know… feels different but… feels good at the same time." Amy said.

"Nice, nice… though you better brace yourself, not sure what you'll say later but nothing beats having fun with a woman and filling her up so once you officially lose your V-Card… well you may be a bit overwhelmed from being a literal newbie here." Xan said while he looks amused while Vanilla surprisingly used a cleaning spell she learned from Lillum thanks to a couple lessons.

Amy was surprised when she noticed.

"Guess you learned something new as well huh Vanilla."

"More or less, learned how to use a birth control spell as well so no need to hold back with me Amy." Vanilla said while she smiles at Amy.

Amy blushes after hearing that.

"O-Okay. So how do we start this?" She said.

"Well… if Xan can wait, maybe I can help start things out with a blowjob?" Vanilla said as Xan held his hands up.

"Alright, I get the message… though after you have your way with this pink cute student of mine here, I'm hoping you can give me a good time hehe." Xan said while he grins lecherously at Vanilla.

Vanilla blushes after hearing that.

"Y-Yes. Will make sure to do that."

"Good… oh and in case you are wondering Amy… I don't mind giving you a good time later if you get tired of having fun as a guy and get rid of that cock later, pretty sure Vanilla can explain how to do that after you have your fun with a sexy bunny milf and stuff." Xan teased while he went to sit in a nearby chair.

Amy and Vanilla blushes brightly at Xan's antics before Vanilla looks at Amy.

"A-Alright Amy. Come closer and we can get started." She said.

Amy blushed and as she did so, the scene went back to Emerald and Rouge for a moment to show Emerald fucking Rouge doggystyle while he had his hands on her ass and his cock barraged her womb again and again while Rouge was biting her bed sheets thanks to how intense Emerald was and it helped muffle her loud moans and groans that Emerald's cock and actions causes as he continues to fuck her.

'Oh sweet Mobius!... He's like a fucking beast!' Rouge thought as she kept muffly moaning and groaning.

Emerald then used a hand to smack Rouge on the ass while he actually starts to growl and snarl like a beast as he fucked her folds harder and faster as time goes on.

Rouge groans loudly from these actions as her toes curl greatly on the bed before her face starts to look fucked up.

Emerald in turn fucked Rouge harder and faster while his cock barraged her womb again and again while he could feel Rouge's orgasm getting closer until…

Rouge moans loudly as her tongue was sticking out before she climaxed hard on Emerald's cock.

Emerald grits his teeth when he felt that and waits for Rouge to ride out her orgasm while Emerald's orgasm didn't hit him yet thanks to his training with Lillum and his earlier orgasm helped him with no quickshot issues.

It wasn't long before Rouge taps off and pants for breath.

Once Emerald saw that, he stopped thrusting his hips.

"You OK Rouge?" Emerald asked since he heard Rouge panting deeply and saw her sweating a lot to boot.

Though Rouge panted, she turns her head a bit to look at Emerald with lust in her eyes.

"K-Keep… going." She said.

Emerald nods and a moment later he let Rouge go to grip her breasts, pulled her to his chest and quickly moved his hands to her hips so he could hold her as he lifts and lower Rouge onto his cock again and again and he went at a slow pace at first to build up a good rhythm as Rouge was leaning against Emerald's chest.

"Oh fuck yes Emerald. We're not leaving this room!" Rouge moaned as she was really enjoying this.

Emerald chuckles when he heard that and instead of talking, he thrusts his hips upward so his cock barraged Rouge's pussy more while he made sure to hold his orgasm back as long as he could while he brought Rouge to one orgasm after another.

Rouge's face got fucked up again as she was moaning loudly.

"M-More!" She moaned as her tongue was sticking out.

Emerald did as commanded while he made sure to get on the bed and in no time, Rouge was riding his cock thanks to Emerald letting her do so and he was even kissing her now thanks to the better angle.

Rouge moans as she kissed Emerald hard while having her tongue fight Emerald's tongue as she bounced faster and harder on Emerald's cock.

Emerald really groans from that and he used his hands to play with her breasts and as he did this, he thrusts his hips up into Rouge in time with her drops and his orgasm was finally approaching and Rouge could feel this when Emerald's cock throbs inside of her.

This made Rouge bounced even harder so she can finally get Emerald to climax good no matter the possible outcome.

That outcome in turn hits Rouge and Emerald hard when Emerald gripped Rouge's hips and forced her down so his cock went deep in Rouge's pussy and he growls when he came hard in Rouge's womb with great force, making her womb bloat and a mess worked its way down Emerald's cock thanks to his cock not being able to stop any sperm from getting free.

"Oh yes!" Rouge moans loudly as she feels her womb getting filled up as she hugs Emerald.

As Emerald rode out his orgasm, he tapped off around the 15 second mark and when he did so, Rouge fell on his body limp and Emerald's cock popped out of her pussy while she pants for breath… she couldn't remember the last time she had fun this good… she would have to thank Lillum later for not only letting her have fun but for helping with training Emerald… hehe looks like she could use him as a high class booty call.

"F-Fuck… Y-You filled me up… g-good." Rouge said with a sexy blush.

Emerald chuckles at that.

"Thanks… you OK?, I'm kinda used to going many rounds with Lillum and Vanilla so I'm far from done but you seem like you're about to pass out… want to fall asleep?" Emerald asked when he wondered if Rouge was alright with how tired she looked right now.

Rouge surprisingly chuckled.

"Not a chance. I want to keep going." She said after lifting her head up.

"You sure?... you look like you would pass out soon." Emerald said when he saw Rouge looking pretty tired… maybe one more round at best for her but thats only from Emerald holding his orgasm back for so long.

"I can power through it hun. Now come on and give me more of the good stuff." Rouge said.

Emerald in turn nods and after using a spell to clean himself and Rouge off, he picked her up bridal style and surprised Rough when he placed her on the bed on her front.

"Alright… but first might as well help you recover a bit just in case so…" Emerald said when he starts to give Rouge a massage when he rubbed her back near her wings while his hands glow with the healing magic.

Rouge let out a pleased groan as she was feeling very relaxed thanks to the massage.

Emerald keeps on going for sore points and when he was finished, Rouge looked like she recovered some stamina thanks to Emerald stalling a bit and decided to make things up to her when he gripped Rouge's ass cheeks and fondles her ass cheeks while his right thumb teased her asshole a bit.

Rouge did jolt from that action before groaning some more.

"Oh yes. Use more of those magic hands."

Emerald chuckles and he aimed his cock at Rouge's ass.

"Sure… but might as well take things one step further with this…" Emerald said when he pressed the head of his cock at Rouge's asshole and he forced it in somewhat and slowly worked his way in Rouge's ass while he stops every now and then to let her adjust.

Rouge groans as she feels Emerald's cock going deeper inside her ass.

Emerald shuddered from how tight Rouge was and once he got rather deep in Rouge, he moved to grip Rouge's breasts from behind and as he fondles her breasts with his healing hands, he starts to fuck her ass slowly and speeds up a bit as Rouge gets used to the intrusion.

Rouge then starts groaning again for a few times before she begins to moan thanks to Emerald's hands on her breasts.

It took a bit but Emerald was really pounding Rouge's ass in no time and he really worked her breasts good… honestly it may have been from the magic since Rouge never had this issue before but… she starts to actually leak breast milk somehow… seems the magic helped her breasts do that somehow though Emerald didn't know that yet it seems when he was focused on Rouge's ass.

Rouge was moaning and groaning loudly as her ass cheeks ripple.

"O-Oh fuck!" She moans as her face starts to get fucked up again.

Emerald keeps railing Rouge's ass harder and faster as time went on and thanks to her adjusting, he was able to get most of his cock in Rouge's ass again and again, his cock starts to throb after Rouge had a few orgasms and Emerald keeps on fucking Rouge harder and faster as his cock barraged Rouge's ass until…

Rouge throws her head back as she groans loudly before she climaxed hard on Emerald's cock as Rouge's ass tightens around it.

Emerald grits his teeth from the tight grip and he snarls when he came hard in Rouge's asshole with great force, making her stomach bloat as a result.

That caused Rouge's climax to get stronger as she can feel her stomach getting bigger before finally tapping off.

Emerald tapped off as well with a groan and when did, he chuckles a bit when he saw the state Rouge was in when she was panting for breath royally after the pounding her ass took.

Rouge was blushing brightly as her body shook a bit with mini orgasms.

"F-Fuck." She said.

Emerald then lets go of Rouge and pulled his cock free from her ass while he made sure to get off Rouge and sperm leaked out of Rouge's ass while her stomach slowly deflates.

Emerald then used a spell to clean Rouge, the bed, and himself off and he smiles at Rouge.

"So… you satisfied now?" Emerald asked in a slightly amused way when he saw how tired Rouge was now.

"H-Hehe… Y-Yeah." Rouge said with a slight grin.

"Nice… I'll put a blanket on you and stuff before I go, want me to do anything else first before that though?" Emerald said when he wanted to make sure Rouge was comfortable.

"Y-Yeah… make sure you keep coming back here for more fun." Rouge said.

Emerald blinks at that and smiles.

"Sure, just give me a call or something if you happen to see me if I'm not doing anything like training, for now, better go to sleep and relax, you should feel the effect that I mentioned earlier when you wake and stuff." Emerald said before he surprised Rouge when he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek and made sure not to move her head to not harm her by accident.

He then leaned back up to stand fully.

"See you later Rouge, want to make this a weekly thing to make it easy?, I come every week here and if you are stressed and stuff I can lend a hand?" Emerald said as he worked to get dressed after he put Rouge's blanket on her body.

Rouge lightly blushes from the kiss before chuckling.

"Works for me."

"Nice… see you Rouge, hopefully you won't be sore in the morning." Emerald said before he finished getting dressed and walked out of Rouge's room after making sure all her lights were off and this left a very content Rouge on the bed with her thoughts.

'Hehehe… talk about the best fuck ever. Definitely gonna keep seeing this guy… as a great sexfriend… Nothing for romance… yet. Unless Knuckie wants me.'

As Emerald left, he got a quick bite to eat from leftover cake and punch and left the place to head to Vanilla's home since Vanilla and Lillum would most likely be there and while this happened….

The scene showed Vanilla as she was deepthroating Amy's cock slowly while she was on all fours in front of Amy and was using a hand to rub Amy's pussy, the reason for her slowness was to make sure Amy didn't pop yet so she could enjoy Vanilla's mouth.

Amy was groaning as she feels Vanilla's warm mouth on her cock.

"O-Oh fuck." She groans as her toes curled on the floor.

Vanilla eyesimiles a bit and bobbed her head faster while making sure her tongue licks Amy's shaft constantly and could feel Amy throbbing in her mouth after a minute of two of this going on.

Amy hisses a bit before she starts to moan while panting in between.

Xan on his end was grinning up a storm while he stroked himself off and watched this happen, nothing like a sexy milf teaching a virgin so to speak on the finder things of using a cock.

Vanilla on her end was sucking Amy's cock more while Amy could feel her orgasm building more and more as time went on as Vanilla made sure to not gag on Amy's cock when the head and then some went into her throat a few times until…

Amy moans as she toss her head back and climaxed inside Vanilla's mouth.

Vanilla got wide eyes from the amount for a moment before she adjusts when she got a more controlled look on her face as she worked to drink Amy's load while Amy could feel that her orgasm was much stronger and more pleasurable thanks to Vanilla working her cock to this level.

Amy moans more as she kept climaxing before tapping off after 15 seconds.

Once that happened, Vanilla licked Amy's cock clean and pulled her head off Amy's cock and smiles at her.

"Delicious… tastes a lot like strawberries." Vanilla said when she smiles at Amy more with a sinfully cute look on her face.

Amy blushes brightly after hearing that.

"T-Thanks… and your mouth was very… warm."

"Hehe, thanks, I had practice and Lillum and Emerald did say it was pretty warm… want to lose your virginity for real or want to see if you can eat me out and do it properly with a few pointers?" Vanilla said when she grins at Amy a bit.

Amy blushes again for a moment.

"I-I would… like to… return the favor."

Vanilla nods her head before she moved to sit on the edge of her bed and spreads her legs to show her folds which were a bit wet already though she gestured for Amy to approach her and kneel on the ground so she could have a good look at her pussy.

Amy gulped before she did just that and a moment later after getting over her nervousness, the blind hedgehog starts licking the rabbit milf's folds.

Vanilla moans from the feeling and used a hand to pet Amy's head.

"Good… very good… make sure to tease my bud and suck on it a bit and don't be afraid to lick deep if you want... that helps get me really worked up… you can finger my pussy if you want." Vanilla said while she lets Amy do her thing while she smiles at her.

Amy blushes after hearing that before she went to tease Vanilla's bud a bit before using a finger or two to finger Vanilla's pussy.

Vanilla groans from that and relaxed her body so Amy's fingers could get really deep inside of her and Amy could pretty much feel every inch and Vanilla groans when Amy hits a few G-spots already… thanks to her new sight, she was able to see in Vanilla's pussy and could pretty much tell where the G-Spots were thanks to Vanilla really moaning from what Amy was doing.

This made Amy keep going while making sure to please Vanilla as best as she can before Amy starts to suck on Vanilla's bud.

"O-Oh… f-fuck A-Amy… you s-sure you are a-a full virgin and not secretly Bi?... i-its like you know all the right spots to hit." Vanilla moans out while her toes curl as her orgasm is approaching rather quickly from Amy hitting her weak points.

Amy didn't say anything as she kept pleasing Vanilla before Amy finger's the rabbit milf's pussy faster.

Vanilla pants and moans more and more as time went on before she grits her teeth and threw her head back when she came Amy's face.

"A-AMY!" Vanilla yelled out while her juices sprey on Amy's face… thankfully Amy had a blindfold on so no real issues while Vanilla let Amy's head go and her body shook hard from a rather intense orgasm.

Amy was a bit caught off guard but kept fingering Vanilla's pussy while waiting for her to tap off.

Once that happened with Vanilla calming down, Vanilla fell back to lay on the bed fully and she pants for breath while she had a cute blush on her face.

"O-Oh f-fuck A-Amy…" Vanilla muttered while her unguarded pussy was prime for the fucking for a very turned on Amy when her cock was so hard that it hurt a bit when she saw how sexy Vanilla looked right now.

Amy couldn't take more of this feeling before she grabs Vanilla's hips after standing and slides her cock inside of Vanilla's folds.

Vanilla got a surprised look on her face and groans when she could feel Amy's cock going deep inside of her and her pussy gripped Amy's cock tightly like a eager vice grip.

Amy groans as she can feel Vanilla's pussy wrapping around her cock.

"S-Sorry Vanilla. It just feels good."

Vanilla, after she got over the surprise, chuckles a bit and pets Amy on the back of her head.

"Its fine Amy… probably teased you too many times… so… how is my pussy?... hows it feel to no longer be a virgin?" Vanilla asked while she rubs Amy's head in a soothing way.

Amy shudders a bit.

"I-It feels so good. Can see why every male enjoys this feeling."

Vanilla smiles more and lets go of Amy's head.

"Then fuck away Amy… you don't know what an orgasm is unless you cum inside of me." Vanilla teased while she grins at Amy a bit as her pussy tightens on Amy's cock.

Amy groans again from this feeling before she took a deep breath and slowly starts moving her cock in and out of Vanilla's pussy.

Vanilla lightly moans from the feeling as her pussy tightened a bit more on Amy's cock while she didn't rush Amy… she wanted her to enjoy this and didn't want Amy to rush to a finish.

Amy grunts and groans as she continues moving her cock but paced herself so she can get a better feel of it.

Vanilla pants a bit when she felt a bit good from the thrusts though Xan surprised her when he got on the bed and while he used one foot to brace himself, he was on his knee while his cock was near Vanilla's head and he grins when he wanted her to suck his cock… seems he couldn't wait anymore.

Vanilla and Amy were surprised to see Xan here but guess he was getting impatient.

Xan chuckles at the surprised looks and he ignored Amy for now while waiting for Vanilla to try something with his cock… he wasn't getting forced away so…

Vanilla blushes before she opens her mouth and takes in Xan's cock.

Xan groans while closing his good eye and shuddered when Vanilla bobbed her head on Xan's cock while her tongue ran across his dickhead and shaft.

"F-Fuck… can see why Emerald is fond of you." Xan said while he looks amused by Vanilla's actions.

Vanilla blushes again after hearing that as she continues to bob her head as Amy start to thrust her cock a bit faster now.

As this went on, the scene went to Lillum while she and Sonic were in the living room and Lillum was deepthroating Sonic's cock with ease, thanks to her natural ease with her skills, she already had Sonic climax a few times while he was laying on the couch.

"O-Oh fuck Lillum. T-This feels awesome." Sonic said as he groans before he starts petting Lillum's head.

Lillum giggles a bit from that and as she worked Sonic's cock more, she could feel his orgasm getting closer and closer though right as Sonic was at his peak… the door to Vanilla's place opened and Sonic saw Emerald at the door while he looked surprised to see the duo in the living room.

Sonic was also surprised when he saw him.

"E-Emerald?!" He said but groans a moment later as he climaxed inside Lillum's mouth.

Lillum eagerly drank the sperm from Sonic when he filled her mouth more than usual and Emerald blinks more when he watched Sonic ride out his orgasm while Lillum waits for Sonic to ride out his oddly intense orgasm.

Sonic groans as he continues to climax for a moment more before he finally taps off and pants for breath.

Once that happened, Emerald closed the door to the home to remind Sonic that Emerald was here and Lillum pulled her mouth off Sonic's cock after she cleaned it for the hero of Mobius and noticed Emerald on her end now.

Sonic, after recovering, chuckled nervously.

"H-Hey Emerald. Didn't realize you were coming back."

"Well… considering Lillum and Vanilla would most likely be here if they are not at the party, figured I would come here especially after hearing about Vanilla and Lillum's gift to Amy… bit surprised you are with Lillum though I guess this is to calm you down since Amy would be giving it to Vanilla good right now I bet… oh and Lillum… Rouge is pretty satisfied now, may get called to her weekly or so… she was about to fall asleep after I left." Emerald said when he walked to Vanilla's kitchen and grabbed a diet soda to drink when he looks at Lillum.

Lillum blinks a bit before chuckling.

"I see… sounds like you gave her what she needed. I'll put her down as a… potential sister if you claim her." She said while giggling.

Emerald shrugged from that.

"Maybe… we're just friends with Benefits for now so not sure what she will do especially after I heard things about her and knuckles… anyway seems thanks to your training and Xan's training in strengthening my body in many ways, I'm barely winded after my time with Rouge… seems this Aura thing made me superhuman even among supermobians here." Emerald said when he drank more of his soda while he thought about some things, while not as fast as Sonic, he was a lot tougher, not smart like tails but had a good battle sense, all in all Emerald was like a high grade inbetween right now of some mobians in terms of traits for fighting and stuff.

Lillum giggles again.

"No kidding considering the fun you, me and Vanilla did the other day. You can fuck a 100 women and not get tired."

"Well… maybe with non Aura users and ladies like you… not sure about Vanilla though… maybe that fountain of youth thing made her body tougher?... anyway… instead of talking a lot, want me to join in or join Vanilla on her end?" Emerald asked since he didn't have a way to pass time yet right now.

"Well… Vanilla has Amy and Xan so… why not stick around and make things even?" Lillum said.

Emerald blinks when Xan was mentioned and facepalms when he knew it was a matter of time.

"Figures he would try and get in Vanilla's skirt sooner or later… better make sure to use birth control with Vanilla later just in case, I went back to make sure Rouge had a birth control spell placed on her like you taught me but I nearly forgot so hopefully you won't… anyway sure I'll stick around." Emerald said while he starts to get undressed after he finished his soda off.

Lillum licked her lips a bit before she looks at Sonic.

"Looks like the party just got grander Big Blue." She said making Sonic blush a bit.

Once Emerald was finished undressing, he stood near the duo and cracks his neck while his cock got iron hard.

"Alright… time to really give Lillum a serious impromptu tag team moment right Sonic?" Emerald said with a grin on his face.

"Uh yeah… right." Sonic said making Lillum chuckle.

"Oh don't be afraid Sonic. Threesomes are a lot of fun."

"Yeah, not to say that I'm all in this like you are but I am used to tag teaming Lillum with Vanilla or Vanilla and I against Lillum… so think of this like taking down a powerful boss though in this case its a sex battle instead of just a battle." Emerald said to try and calm Sonic down a bit.

Sonic was thoughtful after hearing that.

"Yeah guess you have a point."

"Thanks… anyway seems you are already worked up and I need a bit of lube so… Lillum… how about a spitroasting with you sucking my cock and Sonic gives it to you good on the other end?" Emerald suggests with an amused look on his face.

Lillum just grins before a moment later, she was immediately already sucking off Emerald's cock like a delicious treat.

Emerald groans from the feeling when he felt that, Emerald was on the couch on his knees while Lillum worked his cock good and could taste Rouge's dried juices on Emerald's cock while Sonic saw Lillum's round and perfect looking ass while her folds were soaking right now like she was begging Sonic to fuck her when her ass shook a bit to tempt Sonic greatly.

Sonic blushes as he saw that making his cock twitch a few times before Sonic gets up and goes over to the succubus.

That's when he grab Lillum's hips before Sonic pushes his cock inside Lillum's pussy.

Lillum muffly moans from the feeling and her pussy gripped sonic's cock like a vice and she thrusts her hips back to eagerly take Sonic's cock in her pussy while she sucked Emerald's cock more while her tongue ran across his shaft constantly and Emerald shuddered as a result while he rubbed Lillum's head in a pleased way.

Sonic groans as he was feeling a different woman's pussy that was not his girlfriend's before Sonic starts thrusting his cock in and out of Lillum's pussy.

Lillum keeps groaning from the feeling and she worked to keep her pussy as tight as possible so Sonic would fuck her harder and faster and in no time, Sonic was using quite a bit of speed to really give it to Lillum good.

'O-Oh fuck… This pussy is so different than Amy's. I feel like not pulling my cock out after this.' Sonic thought as he kept thrusting.

Sonic was so into his fun that he could feel his orgasm approaching but thanks to how good Lillum was… Sonic kept fucking her more and more until…

Sonic groans before he pushes his cock deeper and gives Lillum's pussy a big creampie.

Lillum muffly moans from that as she felt Sonic's sperm pool inside of her and her body worked to break down the sperm inside of her while she keeps on sucking Emerald's cock while she waits for Sonic to ride out his orgasm.

After about 20 seconds, Sonic taps but surprisingly… he starts fucking Lillum's pussy again.

Lillum moans more from that while not being very surprised by this, he had stamina and speed and he was able to recover fast, so he would keep going until he fired blanks it seems.

Sonic grunts and groans as he continues to pound Lillum's pussy while wondering how Amy is doing with Vanilla and Xan.


Moaning was heard as Vanilla was letting Amy fuck her more, thanks to her surprising stamina, she lasted for quite awhile and was stroking Xan off so she could breath and it finally looked like Amy was about to climax and Vanilla wrapped her legs around Amy to keep her from pulling free.

Amy was a bit surprised from that but the pleasure was too much as Amy kept thrusting her cock hard.

It took her 20 more seconds of intense thrusts while she got closer and closer to finishing in Vanilla's pussy until…

Amy groans a bit loud before she climaxed hard deep inside the rabbit milf's pussy.

Vanilla groans loudly and moans when she came on Amy's cock while Amy's mouth opened and her tongue hung out of her mouth thanks to how strong her climax was… honestly this orgasm was the most intense orgasm she had with her new cock and she went on cumming for a surprising amount as Vanilla's womb bloats a bit from the amount Amy unloads in her.

It wasn't long before Amy finally taps off and was now recovering while enjoying the afterglow.

Xan chuckles while he got off the bed to stand near Amy.

"Hehe, since Vanilla is a bit breathless thanks to you, might as well ask in her place… hows it feel cumming in a pussy?, doubt many feelings come close right?" Xan asked while he looks amused.

Amy pants a bit more before finally able to speak up.

"N-No… I-It felt so… wonderful." She said as she blushes.

"Hehe… good… might as well see how well you do when I do this." Xan said while he used a hand to rub Amy's folds and fingers her pussy in no time when Amy was soaking wet right now.

"W-Whoa!" Amy said with a surprised look before groaning as she feels Xan's fingers in her pussy.

Xan repeats this a few times while Amy's cock got hard in no time in Vanilla's pussy and as Vanilla slowly recovered, Xan pulled his finger free of Amy's pussy and smirks when he moved to get behind the pink hedgehog woman and aimed his cock at her pussy and a moment later, Xan slowly forced himself inside of Amy and Amy was forced up against Vanilla while Amy was overwhelmed by the pleasure on her cock and pussy when she got a reverse spitroast so to speak when her cock and pussy felt so good right now though she had trouble processing things which resulted in her hugging Vanilla for dear life as Xan starts to fuck her when he placed his hands next to Vanilla and Amy on the bed.

"O-Oh fuck!" Amy moans as she starts to feel good.

As this went on, Vanilla managed to recover enough to fully notice things and blushed and groans when felt Amy's cock get forced into her again and again as time went on thanks to Xan fucking her harder and faster.

Amy was starting to lose it thanks to how good her cock and pussy felt and she managed to speak while Xan grins at what he heard.

"V-Vanilla… I-I f-feel s-so strange!, I-I don't think I can take it!" Amy moans out when she felt like she was about to climax in so many ways it was mind boggling to her on how this was possible.

Vanilla blushes before she hugs Amy close.

"I-It's okay Amy. Just let it all out."

After she said that, Xan fucked Amy harder and faster right before Amy grits her teeth and groans loudly with a whorish moan when she came from her pussy and cock so hard that sperm nearly blasts from Vanilla's pussy from how strong Amy's orgasm was while Amy hugged Vanilla more while Xan grits his teeth and groans when he came hard inside of Amy's pussy with great force.

Vanilla moans a bit loud before she climaxed again as she hugs the blind hedgehog as the trio rides out their orgasms.

The trio tapped off one by one with Xan going first, followed by Vanilla, and Amy tapped off last with an audible groan and she pants for breath deeply while she twitched and what not on Vanilla's body… honestly if one could see her eyes if they were there, they would have a fucked up look while her tongue hung out of her mouth.

Vanilla couldn't help but giggle as she looks at Xan.

"L-Looks like she might be down for a bit."

Xan smirks when he heard that.

"And then there were two it seems… perfect so I can enjoy that sexy body of yours hehe." Xan said while he pulled his cock from Amy's pussy which caused her to groan while sperm leaked from her pussy to form a small puddle on the ground and Xan used a spell to clean that, and Vanilla off while cleaning Amy as well to save time and stuff.

Once that was done, Vanilla safely put Amy to the side of the bed before she looks at Xan.

"So… how will you… take me?" She said while blushing in a cute way.

Xan smirks at that and the scene went to a moment later to show Vanilla on all fours while Xan was fucking her ass while he smacked her ass a few times to really get her worked up.

Vanilla groans and moans a few times thanks to these actions.

"O-Oh fuck. Oh fuck!"

Xan really grins when he heard this and made sure to not climax anytime soon while his cock barraged Vanilla's ass again and again as time goes on while Vanilla's breast bounced a bit from the intense thrusts Xan used.

Vanilla moans more as her face starts to look fucked up as her ass starts tightening a bit on Xan's cock while Vanilla's toes curled on the bed.

It didn't take long for Xan to fuck Vanilla to an orgasm, seems after he got a shot with Amy earlier, he managed to last much longer but he continues to fuck Vanilla harder and faster while another orgasm approaches until...

Vanilla moans loudly as she throws her head back before climaxing on Xan's cock.

Xan growls when he forced his cock deep in Vanilla's ass and he came hard inside of her with great force, making her stomach bloat a bit from the amount Xan unloads in her.

Vanilla moans more as her climax got stronger as she waits for Xan to tap off.

Once Xan did tap off 15 seconds later, he pulled his cock from Vanilla's ass and he chuckles at the state of Vanilla's ass when he had her ass gapping a bit.

Vanilla, who taps off after, pants a few times before she turns her head to look at him.

"M-More." She said.

Xan grins when he did just that though the scene left the duo/trio to go back to Emerald and Sonic while they were having more fun with Lillum… Lillum was riding Emerald's cock while Sonic was fucking Lillum's ass with high speed movements.

"O-Oh fuck Lillum… Y-Your ass is tight!" Sonic groans as he thrusts his cock faster.

Lillum groans from the feeling and she looks back at Sonic with a lustful look in her eyes.

"A-And you have the f-fastest thrusts of anyone I know!" Lillum groans out while she tightened her ass on Sonic's cock that kept barraging her asshole.

Sonic groans as he thrusts and buck his hips more though as he looks at Lillum, the blue hedgehog ends up… kissing her lips when he moved his body up a bit to do so.

Lillum was a bit surprised by that but she went with it and kissed Sonic back while she made sure her ass tightened more on Sonic's cock while her pussy eagerly took Emerald's cock while he used his hands to grip Lillum's bouncing breasts and fondles them.

Lillum groans from that action as Sonic kept kissing her as the blue hedgehog's cock kept going in and out of Lillum's ass faster and harder.

It took a few minutes with the trio's orgasms getting close and sonic, using the most speed, fucked Lillum harder and faster until…

Sonic groans before he pushes his cock deeper in Lillum's ass before giving it a big creampie.

Lillum moans into Sonic's mouth while she came on Sonic's cock and Emerald's dick and Emerald growls when he pushed his cock deep inside of Lillum's pussy and he came hard inside of her womb with great force.

It took a moment or so before the trio starts tapping off starting with Sonic first.

Lillum rides out her orgams a moment later with Emerald doing the same last and the trio enjoy the afterglow while Lillum pulls away from the kiss so that she could breathe properly and allow Sonic to do so as well.

Sonic pants a bit as he was enjoying a bit of the afterglow.

"D-Damn…" He said.

"Hehehe… yeah… damn…" Emerald said while he and Sonic enjoy the afterglow for now while Lillum on her end as she fully absorbed the high class sperm…

"Hmmm… very tasty." Lillum said before looking at Sonic.

"So big blue… how did it feel kissing another woman?" She said with a smirk.

That made Sonic's eyes widened like dinner plates.

"Oh sweet Mobius." He said before paling big time.

"Lillum, quit teasing him, pretty sure Amy would understand considering we haven't heard any issues upstairs and stuff yet." Emerald said while he gave Lillum a half lidded look.

Lillum giggles.

"Sorry Emy. I just love to tease."

"Yeah I know, why do you think I'm reminding you?... and reminding you that Sonic can run out of here faster then we can stop him so try and not go too far alright?" Emerald said when Sonic still looked a bit pale.

Lillum sweatdrops.

"Yeah I see that." She said before giving Sonic a little peck on the cheek.

Sonic blushed from this and Emerald chuckles while he hoped Sonic would calm down soon.

Thankfully he did and this allowed Emerald to sit on the couch for now while he gave this suggestion to Lillum.

"Hey Lillum, why not try a Mobian form so you and Sonic will be a bit more even in height?... saw him having trouble kissing you and stuff so was curious on why you didn't transform or something." Emerald said when he looks curious.

Lillum giggles.

"Sure. Just need to know what he wants. Can turn to Amy, Rouge, Vanilla or… maybe I can turn into female versions of his friends like Knuckles or Tails… unless if you want me to look like an 18 year old Cream."

Sonic blinks at that and Emerald chuckles somewhat though the part with Cream did cause his eyebrow to twitch but he kept quiet for now so he could speak to Lillum about that part later.

"Why not go similar to Rouge and make you own form and stuff, can't copy everyone otherwise you may get sued somehow for impersonating people… besides being a Bat Mobian would fit with the demonic wings and stuff right?" Emerald asked while he smiles at Lillum.

"Alright then." Lillum said before her body starts to change.

When Lillum did that, she shrinks down to a height similar to Rouge's, reduced her figure a bit so her breasts were just a cup larger and her ass was more well rounded by Rouge's for a moment… once she finished reforming her body… she had a hand on her hip when she smiles at Sonic with a form similar to Rouge's but different enough to show a difference when she used a different skin color the Rouge that was a shade darker while she went without lipstick for a purely natural look while Sonic's jaw dropped from seeing Lillum transform like this for the first time and had a big blush on his face.

"Well? What do you two think?" Lillum said.

"Hehe, I give it a pass, nice enough for a sexy bat mobian, yet different enough to not risk Rouge wanting to sue you." Emerald said while he looks amused by that though Sonic on his end…

Sonic was blushing brightly as he couldn't help but stare at Lillum's new form making Lillum giggle.

"I know i'm beautiful Sonic but at least close your mouth. Don't want flies to go in there."

Sonic blinks and used a hand to close his mouth a moment later and Emerald chuckles again when he went to the kitchen.

"Well I'll be getting a bite to eat real quick and another drink so if you two want to start some more fun, you got the OK and stuff." Emerald said as he left a blushing Sonic with Lillum.

Lillum smirks before looking at Sonic.

"Well big blue, since we got the okay, how about you help me break my new form in?"

Sonic in his blushing state could only nod his head dumbly when he was charmed by Lillum's beauty right now.

Lillum giggles before she pulls herself off of Sonic's cock and lays on the couch with her legs open.

"Then come and fuck this pussy of mine."

Sonic a moment later moved to get over Lillum and after gripping her legs, he aimed his cock at her folds and buried his cock deep inside of her and as Emerald heard a moment later when Lillum moans and groans, Sonic was fucking her hard and fast in no time while he put his head between Lillum's breasts and rubbed his face on the two large objects on his cheeks.

Lillum was moaning a bit loud as she wraps her arms and legs around Sonic.

"T-That's it big blue. Give me the works!" She moans.

Sonic had no issues with that when he fucked Lillum harder and his pelvis smacked against hers with audible smack together as his cock barraged Lillum's womb again and again.

Lillum was moaning more before she had Sonic look at her before Lillum pulls him down for an intense kiss.

Sonic was surprised by that but he went with it since he already did it once when he made out with Lillum and his tongue fights with her own for a bit.

Lillum moans as she kept the kiss going while having her tongue fight back as she tightens her pussy a few times on Sonic's cock.

Sonic really groans from that and as Emerald came back from the kitchen with a sandwich and soda and he watched Sonic fuck Lillum harder and faster with his speed backing his actions.

Lillum continues moaning as she enjoys the pleasure before her toes starts curling as she tightens her hold around the blue hedgehog.

This went on for a minute or two with Sonic fucking Lillum faster and faster until his hips blur from how intense he was being right now and as a result this caused his cock to barrage Lillum's womb in such a way that it pretty much would leave a bruise if Lillum was a normal woman.

Lillum groans a few times before looking at Sonic with a lust filled grin after she pulled away from the kiss.

"T-That's right Big Blue. Keep giving it to me good!"

Sonic didn't have much issue with that and keeps fucking Lillum harder and faster while Xan walked downstairs and blinks when he saw Lillum's form and Emerald.

"Oh… hey Emerald." Xan said while Emerald gave him a half lidded look.

"You couldn't help but join in huh?... how were Amy and Vanilla?... pretty sure unless you are a snack break or something you wouldn't stop until your back gave out." Emerald said while Xan rubbed his beard.

"Welll…" Xan said as the scene went back to Vanilla's room to show a twitching panting Vanilla while she laid next to Amy as Amy was twitching and stuff while she pants on the bed, the duo were about to pass out thanks to all they did.

'O-Oh wow… t-that felt… amazing.' Vanilla thought as Amy had a similar thought but with one difference.

'H-Hope Sonic does that to me later.'

"H-Hey… V-Vanilla?" Amy said like she wanted to ask something.

"Y-Yes?" Vanilla said before she was slightly surprised by what Amy said next.

"N-Next time w-we do this… lets try and leave Xan o-out of this if Sonic and I need t-training… t-too intense for me for now." Amy said before Vanilla heard snoring from Amy which showed she passed out now.

Vanilla couldn't help but chuckle.

"I-I can try… but doubt Xan takes no for an answer." She said before sleeping with a pretty content look on her face.

"...After that happened, I came down here to see how things were going." Xan said after he got his own meal and explains things to Emerald.

"Right… hoping to join in or something?" Emerald asked his master with a raised eyebrow.

Xan chuckled.

"Well I could leave. Although…" He said before eyeing Lillum's mobian bod.

Emerald facepalms when he saw this.

"Give Sonic a bit to finish… might as well get used to you trying to hit on Lillum and Vanilla daily… may have issues with you getting it on with Vanilla but I can handle you having fun with Lillum… pretty sure she would drain you dry and stuff so your libido would be kept in check… lesser of two evils I suppose." Emerald said while he had a half lidded look on his face.

Xan laughed bit at Emerald as Sonic, who didn't hear that, was busy pounding at Lillum's pussy.

The scene then went to much later to show Lillum, after she had her fill, stretched her body after she returned to normal while Xan, Emerald, and a tired Sonic were all sitting on the couch while Lillum had a nice glow about her from having so much fun.

"Hehe… nice times… still prefer Emerald's loads but you Xan and Sonic were not half bad." Lillum said with a grin as Emerald blushed at the phrase.

Sonic blushes a bit but was too tired to say anything while Xan chuckled.

"Hehe, thanks. You're not so bad yourself sweetheart."

"Hehe, thanks… I'm pretty full now after that… I'll take Sonic to go rest with Amy and Vanilla, hope you two men won't miss me and my sweet ass too much." Lillum said when she used a spell to clean Sonic, Emerald, and Xan off and had Sonic float after her while her ass sways a bit with each step she took.

Xan eyed Lillum's for a moment before grinning at Emerald.

"You sir are one lucky SOB."

"Says the guy who managed to luck his way into getting it on with not one, two, but three high class ladies… you going to keep that deal with Lillum?" Emerald asked since he heard that from Lillum during a momentary break while Xan got a half lidded look.

"Eh, may cut back from 4 limbs to two next time… can't hold back too much with training." Xan said as Emerald shook his head.

"You sadistic SOB." Emerald said which caused Xan to chuckle a bit.

"And don't you forget it. Hehe… maybe someday you'll take a student of your own and do the same thing." Xan said.

"Maybe… but at least I'll not break limbs and stuff… mental scarring maybe but no limb breaks if I can help it…" Emerald said while he shakes his head… him a teacher?... highly doubtful…

Xan smirks.

"Perhaps but you never know." He said.

"Maybe… for now though considering I can barely defend myself from you in training, as long as I don't open my big mouth, go all out in training me… I got this costly ability so the stronger I get the less I need to worry about dying for a long time." Emerald said while he remembered he had to get strong enough to deal with Bordux and his group… right now he was just too weak.

"Oh don't worry kid. With my help, you'll be as strong as me… maybe even better." Xan said with a serious look.

"Maybe… for now though there is one important thing we should do." Emerald said with an equally serious look on his face.

"And what's that?" Xan said.

"Simple… we get dressed so we are not talking with a serious conversation while we are in the nude." Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face which reminds Xan that he and Emerald were still naked and sitting on Vanilla's couch.

Xan sweatdrops a bit as he almost forgot.

"Right…" He said before he went to get dressed.

The scene then fades to black on the Rabbit Residence while Emerald went to get dressed as well… the time before the storm happens was slowly approaching but until then there would be a number of days before that happens… what happens in those days would be a mystery until much later.

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