The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
A Pink Hedgehogs 18th birthday

The scene opened up to show TME while he grins at the readers.

"Hello dear readers… and welcome to a new chapter of TDS's Prequel Arc… and this chapter and possibly others are a bit special because to help me finish this with a bang… well... you know him, you love him, let me introduce my best friend and co-host in Fanfic writing… ATOMSK THE PIRATE KING!" TME said and called Atomsk's name while the sound of multiple people clapping was heard.

Atomsk appears as he waved his hands.

"What's up my peeps? Great to be here!"

"Indeed, it is an honor for a man with your skills to grace my soon to be solo to co-op story… however you remember the three golden rules when wanting to write this chapter and possibly more with me right?" TME asked while he walked up to Atomsk.

Atomsk blinked at the question.

"Oh yeah though let's explain it so the readers can remember."

TME nods his head.

"Indeed, for the readers, and Atomsk before he asks just in case… Rule 1 is pretty obvious for this point… no DDS characters… this is the very start of Emerald's journey since he barely trained himself, certain characters are alive at this point and many characters are not even born yet like Azure or Lavender, so rule 1 is pretty obvious… sure we could so something like Xenoverse where DDS characters travel to the past and stuff to help the TDS crew during key adventures but that is when we get into DDS territory, hope you all are following and hope the rule 1 reminder helps Atomsk if I forgot to put some extra detail in that text I sent… or if you didn't because of an error on my end then my bad and guess this is me explaining in full." TME said when he rubbed his head for a moment while he hoped rule 1 makes sense.

Atomsk was thinking for a bit.

"Actually I did remember that part. Also, didn't we talked about an idea where Cedric had his own story and pulls a Samurai Jack?"

"Yes, and while we can write it and stuff, I don't think we can go further then the first chapter since were pretty much trying to build up DDS and TDS first so we have a world to build on, sure could do the opposite but given how things change in our schedule, we may forget sooner or later and may write it much later than intended." TME said when he looks thoughtful… he and Atomsk don't normally stick to a schedule and stuff when it comes to writing aside from paid work.

"Yeah you have a point there… Also glad that I convinced you to do a… well can't spoil it but you get the picture." Atomsk said.

"Yup…. no spoilers yet, anyway dear readers, as you may read we don't make stories in order and if we do write that Cedric time travel story, it may not be too long chapter wise but will be detailed enough so that we can build up some interesting ideas…. Anyway ready for golden rule 2 Atomsk for this Prequel Arc?" TME said when he looks at Atomsk.

"Hehe, bring it." Atomsk said with a grin.

"Alright… rule 2… no changing certain things unless I agree with it… I already have a way this story can and will end and with how close we actually are and given the fact we could actually knock this prequel arc out of the way in say, this chapter or next chapter given we write pretty much double or triple what I can do alone, unless you have ideas and I agree with them, I want to just say follow my lead on this one, not saying changes are a bad idea, I've just had the end section set up and thought out so much that it's been driving me crazy lately and want to get that out of my head so I can clear my thoughts…. You feel me… could be the same on your end with that Cedric time travel story… doubt I could change much since it seems like it won't be too long and I won't have much impact plotwise given how short it may be given how there could be many ways to time travel back to the past… though we could brainstorm ideas later on what I can or can't do… for now since this is technically before the final boss fight of TDS might as well have a bit of fun at first before we really go all out with a bang." TME said while he looked pretty serious about this.

"Yes indeed. And now to the final rule." Atomsk said.

"Indeed, final rule is not as strict but the final rule is if we want to finish this in a timely manner, we can't take to long on stuff, at best I say we have three or four lemons before shit gets real… that is how close we actually are to finishing TDS, only debates can be said are on the length of each lemon, you cool with that?, fun aside I doubt we can do much with the current TDS cast since at this point, A, no Dimensional travel or hijinx yet, B, there are a limited number of characters that can be used, and C, at this point in time, no Angel City, just the classic Angel Island and stuff, think like this, this is Emerald's story of how he got his core, not the Angel City part itself, that comes much later after some adventures that Emerald's has and I'll have to talk a few plot ideas with you on some TDS stories so we can fill in some gaps between the prequel arc and TDS, for example, going to need a KH story series, a FF7 story, and a few others which will explain A LOT that we set up in DDS… now that I think about it we kinda shot ourselves in the foot from what we put down as the final stuff now need to explain the build up." TME said while he sweatdrops at how massive a project this would be…. Good thing they can do this at their own time.

Atomsk sweatdrops as well.

"Yeah… got a big laundry list to do."

"Yeah… and one more thing though its not a rule, unlike the DDS version of TDS characters, while strong Emerald, Sonic, Amy, ETC, in this point in time are not the OP juggernauts that they are, so think of them as the OG DDS crew before DDS was even made, that make sense?, still learning and stuff, though at this point in the chapter would consider Emerald slightly stronger then Cedric since if you read TDS…. had one hell of a training thing going on and a power boost thanks to Onimusha, everyone else might as well be under the DDS crew though since they didn't get a serious training montage besides Lillum in the 4 year cave." TME said when he hoped that helped with a good comparison, not for Atomsk mainly but for the readers on the whole power scale and stuff.

"Hmmm, that is true. I mean before the training things were already getting bloody especially during the blade trials." Atomsk said.

"Yeah with Steel and Metal, man that was an intense fight with the TDS crew while guest starring Zack fair from Final Fantasy Crisis core and stuff… anyway since Atomsk is the guest here, why don't we let him pick how this chapter starts, can be anywhere with the TDS crew since we left off last time with Bordux making his presence known to Dr. Robotnik… no real details yet but you can all tell that is a bad thing to be hehe." TME said while he looks amused.

Atomsk chuckled.

"I say let's start with that."

"Alright, who do you want to start with?, can't use Emerald since I want to show how painful Xan's lessons are, here are the people we can start with, Lillum, Vanilla, Sonic and Amy, Zack, Tails while he is repairing Pluton's body though that would be a short stop, and thats the list, anyone else would still be simply training or I have surprises later and don't want to spoil things till the final boss battles of this story so you have your pick so I'll let you decide and stuff." TME said while he sat back in the air so he could let Atomsk think on this for a moment.

"Hmmm… let's start with… Sonic and Amy." Atomsk said.

"Nice, could even have their first time here hehe, what do you think?, maybe if Amy figured out how to see fully and stuff she could celebrate with Sonic and what not?... being technically alone for a while in a training room could get things pretty heated." TME said with a grin on his face since at this point in time with the accelerated time in the back up training room, Amy should be more then 18 right now.

Atomsk grins.

"Oh excellent idea. Let's go with that."

"Nice, give me a moment to look up when the last time she went in the room was first to be safe, in the meantime mind giving a few shout outs for Yugi and the others and a warning about flamers and stuff?" TME asked when he quickly checks each chapter to make sure of some things like Amy's age and stuff to be safe.

Atomsk nods his head before looking to the readers.

"Like TME said, big shout out to Fiery Crusader who gave us some inspirational work vice versa, and also to yugiohfan163 for making those awesome Crazy Love series. Plus He23t?, if you're reading this, thanks for the support and giving us good story ideas."

"Indeed, also for Yugiohfan163, here is a shoutout of your work not only since you and I worked together on a couple, but an advertisement that you are taking paid requests for some, please PM Yugi so you can have a story requested since he makes a and stuff, anyway I found a good starting point, Sonic and Amy were already in the training room for about… ½ day or so, so lets skip to about… 4 days later since the last chapter ended, even if Amy was 14 or so at the time, would be legal age now and since Sonic is older than her, probably by a few years, would be more then adult in age." TME said while he did some quick math in his head.

"Hmm… sounds doable." Atomsk said as he couldn't find no wrong in that logic.

"Right, and because there will be a near 4 day time skip, expect some slight differences for a lot of people, for now though get ready for some fun with Sonic and Amy when they are both grown up hehe." TME said while the first co-op chapter of TDS officially starts.

Mobius/ Station Square/ Tail's basement/ Tail's training room (Upgraded)/ Sonic, Amy, Pluton's backup data

The scene showed Sonic, now much older since outside the training room, 3 days passed, add on the 170 or so days inside for the first trip, and Sonic and Amy by proxy were both 3 and ½ years older then they were, we could say at this point in time, Amy was 14 and ½ before the whole time skip in the room, she would be 18 soon, sonic being a few years older, was more or less around his 20's now… boy was Tails shocked when he found out that sonic and Amy spent 3 to almost 4 days in the training room.

Thankfully for the trio, thanks to some training from Xan with Amy in unlocking Aura for her and getting it under control, she was able to teach Sonic the same way so their aging was actually slowed a bit thanks to the life giving properties of Aura, their bodies still grew but once Sonic hit 18, his body pretty much stayed like that and Amy… damn she grew well over the years in the training room as she worked on her aura skills more than anything else… thanks to that, she had a decent grasp of Aura and with En she was able to make a bubble of Aura around her now, say about a few meters from her, and could see everything inside of it in a 360 degree view… best she could explain was seeing wisps of outlines and stuff and while not full on colored, she had a basic grasp of how En worked for sight which gave her some relief when she could pick the colorings of what she wanted to see and thanks to that, Sonic had his usual colorings though to her he did emit a slight blue mist from his body more or less either from Aura he was emitting around him or that was just how Amy saw things.

Thankfully for the duo, Tails kept the place well stocked with food, clothing, and other essentials when Amy and Sonic had to leave the room for a day for Tails to resupply, at best Sonic and Amy spent 3 to 4 days inside the training room… 3 of which were out of it so Tails could get things in order.

Amy really took the most from her training more or less and was now able to train with Sonic and while she was still learning how to expand her range, she was at least able to keep up in a fight now, though Sonic still had to help her a few times since her range of sight was limited and though she was able to avoid ranged attacks well, she was still getting used to reflexes and at this point in time, not many beings could heal so Sonic and Amy gathered some scars on their bodies here or there, Amy had a few on her arms and cheek, Sonic with his legs and fists so they wore bandages on them. (Not really a Boom reference since there was a training and medical thing here… now that I think about it that could be why the Boom incarnates wear bandages… protection against metal shells and stuff.)

The scene then went to a bit later nearing the end of the 4th day with Tails approaching the training room and getting ready to open it so he could restock and maybe get Sonic and Amy to leave it for awhile since they have been in there for technically nearly 4 years… Amy should be 18 now by his calculations and he approached a monitor so he could communicate with Pluton's backup data.

After some typing the image of Pluton's face appeared on screen.

"Hello Tails, how may I help you today?, planning another restocking session?" The backup data asked his creator with a calm look on his digital face.

"Yes Pluton. But also, I needed to get Amy and Sonic out of the chamber since its been four days." Tails said.

"I see… well mind waiting just say… 2 hours?... Amy's birthday is approaching so should be good enough for you to get help with planning a surprise birthday for Amy… besides Amy is fine tuning her Aura just a bit more so she can see at a longer distance with her En, I'll speak with them and after they leave, after you move my data to your computer again, we can shut this room down for now so you can do upgrades or repairs and what not for just in case moments in the future." Pluton's backup AI said while he smiles at Tails.

Tails blinked a bit after hearing that before having a thoughtful look.

"Right… almost forgot Amy's birthday was coming. Yeah I'll definitely get the party plan going."

"Great, though might as well make up for the last 3 birthdays on top of her approaching 4th birthday, Sonic may not care much but the times she did come out, she felt a bit bummed no one was coming to celebrate her earlier birthdays, she knew no one would remember that this place speeds up time inside to insane levels so that a year passes in a day and she accepts that but Amy's moral has been a bit low lately though Sonic is oddly supportive of her." The Backup AI said while he looks thoughtful on some past years to him since he was keeping an eye on Amy and Sonic and acting as a person to talk with, even took other people's forms so that Amy and Sonic wouldn't get lonely psycologically.

Tails facepalms after hearing that.

"Yeah… definitely need to make this birthday… very, extra special for her."

"Oh I don't think it will be that hard… Sonic has been acting pretty sweet with Amy lately… maybe the whole thing with Steel and her training pretty much caused her to grow mentally and instead of a rabid fangirl… Sonic finally sees Amy as a desirable woman… I mean even you blushed when her figure filled out greatly at the third year mark hehe… didn't think it was possible for organics to turn such a color especially with fur as thick as yours." The backup AI said as he got teased near the end and looked amused at Tails.

Tails was blushing brightly at the memory.

"R-Right… though surprised Sonic is showing interest in Amy. But I guess some changes are good."

"Well there is that but also the fact that they are stuck in here for nearly 4 years, not many people to speak with outside of AI based battles for banter, so you either warm up to the person you are trapped with you or you would go mad, I did say that they could leave at anytime so not my fault they stuck around and stuff… anyway I'll let them know what is going on so plan a good birthday party for Amy, I would give you 5 or so hours… 2 for the time to catch up to Amy's 18th birthday and the extra three to fine tune the party and gather as many people as possible while Sonic gives Amy a tour of Station square and maybe takes her on a date to keep her busy, she is still working with improving her sight so while she can see half a block away from her now which from what I can tell from Guardian records in a feat not many could match which shows her talent for Aura, but she maybe nervous in moving around Station square… its like those games you play on PC where you control units and while your field of view is decent, its limited in a small bubble so the rest is like its in that fog of war thing that you sometimes talk with my main program about when you are working on his body… hope that gives you a general idea of Amy's sight for now so she may need a guide since to her its been nearly 4 years since she was last in station square." The backup AI explained when he explained a number of things and to Tails, Amy might as well be a controllable character in a RTS game, she has decent sight around her but outside of it might as well be a constant Fog of War where nothing could be seen.

"Hmmm… okay. I'll get right on it." Tails said as he left the room.

The backup AI nods before the screen blinks off and inside of the training room the AI opened his eyes when he watched a smirking Amy as she fought against Sonic while she trained her reflexes as she dodged many hits by him while she used her Aura to block other attacks that she couldn't dodge.

The AI looks on for a moment and as Sonic tried to spin dash Amy with a high speed hit, she raised her hands, focused her aura into her hands and blocked the hit and knocked Sonic into the air while the AI whistled at the shooting star now known as Sonic the comet.

"Wow, looks like you really have been working on focusing your Aura into serious strength, not like the old Amy who had a hard time walking around now you can pretty much walk through this place backwards, forwards, and side to side without tripping or falling once." The AI said when he compared data… Sonic was much faster than his starting self and this Amy was much stronger and faster as well… for a rate of growth Amy had the most improvement while Sonic had the least amount but that was only for the fact Sonic trained more even before he got here, Amy was the novice who had a serious growth in strength, honestly if the data was right Steel from the Angel Island battle would have a tough time taking Sonic or Amy on alone.

Sonic then lands on his feet after he managed to right himself when he was flung a bit away from Amy from that sudden shift in direction… sometimes speed worked against him.

Sonic then approaches the blind pink hedgehog.

"Yeah Amy. You really improved." Sonic said with an impressed tone.

Amy blushed while she rubbed the back of her blindfolded covered head.

"Hehe, thanks, just have a good teacher with the AI acting as a good source of Aura info… pretty sure without that I wouldn't be able to do even a quarter of what I can do but I gotta say Sonic you're no slouch either, pretty sure you're a lot faster than you normally are." Amy said when she smiles at Sonic… thanks to her pretty much using En, she could see Sonic in detail and boy did she have to get used to not blushing when she pretty much had to force herself to not undress Sonic… in this case literally since her En normally only got LIVING aura… so Sonic's clothes that he had gotten as he grew pretty much had to be explained by the AI to Amy so she could make a mental image… that… was probably the hardest time of amy's life since until she got that down… she pretty much saw in perfect clarity on how Sonic looked bodywise from his ripped but toned body to his feet which allowed her to see Sonic's well toned legs and well… she saw that Sonic had a pretty big package as well around 10 or so inches… for a 3 foot Mobian… this was massive to say the least and thankfully for Amy back then, she wasn't labeled a perv by Sonic when the AI explained to him only Living Aura could be seen… unless clothing made of energy was used Sonic would normally be naked as the day he was born to Amy with her new sight and she had to take half a month to train to pretty much make random clothing on people by habit… boy it was embarrassing when she pretty much had to leave the training room so Tails could restock things…

Sonic did blush a bit before chuckling.

"Well thanks." He said as he couldn't help but admit that Amy was looking good.

Thanks to her, being nearly 18 at the time, she had a well proportioned body with D cup breasts, wide hips, and while she was still shapely, she had a more well toned body then one would think given the clothing she wore, she went from a cute style to one that was more practical with cargo pants, her iconic boots, and a tank top so she wouldn't be hindered and she went without a hairband and her quills lengthened over time to pretty much go ast her shoulders… she needed a haircut later if she wanted to go back to her old style but she didn't complain about it so while the AI could do some hair or Quillstyling, Amy just kept the style when she thought it looked cute, honestly aside from the hammer icon on her tank top giving it somewhat of a cute look, Amy looked like a tomboy now aside from her well endowed figure… not Rouge or Vanilla proportions for figure or height wise but she was damn close to Rouge by a cup size and thanks to her body being strengthened by Aure… her body was perky as hell… she even went without a bra under her tank top which pretty much caused her breasts to bounce a bit sometimes.

Sonic blushes again for a moment.

'W-Wow… Amy sure looks… sexy right now.'

The AI smirks when he had a plan in mind to try and hook these two up.

"Anyway, in the real world, in two hours you two will be released and Tails will shut this place down so this place can be fine tuned and what not just in case for next time, Sonic… you may want to be a guide for Amy since its been awhile since she was last in station square and though her sight is great, you remember the last few times she went out and was a nervous wreck right?... maybe if she had incentive after this training session was over with she would be more willing to leave and really show how much she grew." The AI said while teasing Sonic with the incentive part.

Sonic blinks a bit after hearing that.

"Um… right." He said before looking at Amy.

"So how about it Amy? Want me to show you around Station Square?"

As Amy blushed at that, the AI smirks when he looks at Sonic.

"Oh come on Sonic… we both know that this isn't enough… why not take her to Twinkle park or maybe out for dinner?... it's been nearly 4 years and you got some time to plan a good date for the two of you… why not make it count?" The AI said with a highly amused tone while Amy really blushed at this when the word date was mentioned.

Sonic blushes again after hearing this before looking at Amy again.

"Amy… do you want to have… dinner with me?"

Amy as she blushed brightly shockingly said this.

"I-I don't k-know… don't want to force you to do that for me." Amy said while the AI looked shocked.

"Wow, first time Sonic asks you out on a date and you are conflicted… you organics are complicated." The AI said when he found this illogical given how much Amy talked about Sonic with the AI.

Sonic rubbed his arm a bit.

"It's not forced Amy. I want to do it."

Amy blushed more while the AI chuckles.

"Hehe, looks like Amy is fully off guard when Sonic is the one to come onto her and not the other way around, how amusing some of you organics are in a situation you are not prepared for." The AI said while Amy blushed more when the AI was right… she never expected this so she had a hard time collecting her thoughts… Sonic… asking her out… has the world gone mad!?

Sonic felt like he made things awkward.

"Look Amy, if I made things awkward, it doesn't have to be a date just the two of us hanging out."

"Well that would have to be in a few months, right now your still in sped up time so you need to wait about 2 hours or so… so Amy you have more then enough time to decide." The AI said while Amy shook her head rapidly.

"NO!... I mean no need to think… I would love to go on a date with you Sonic." Amy said while she had a happy smile on her face as the AI looks at Sonic.

"Well Sonic, you have a few months to think of the perfect date for Amy… I recommend ending it with a bang of sorts so she will remember this for a good long while…. Her birthday after all." The AI said while he nudged Sonic on the shoulder to mess with him.

Sonic blushes brightly after hearing that.

"R-Right… gotta make sure that the date goes perfect."

"Indeed, anyway Amy we should work on a few more things to make sure you are fully prepared for the outside world." The AI said while he gestured for Amy to follow him as he starts walking away from Sonic.

Amy nods her head before she follows the AI.

As Amy follows the AI, Sonic had one last thought on what just happened as he looked at Amy and his eyes were drawn to her ass… he just asked out AMY of all Mobians on a date… Amy his former Stalker...

'Oh my God… I actually asked Amy out… But damn does she have a great ass.'

That caused Sonic's pants to shift a bit and make him uncomfortable and he went to deal with this as time passed in and out of the room… as Tails returned two hours later, he saw the AI looking a bit panicked for some reason.

"Uh Pluton? What's wrong? I came back as you said." Tails said.

"Oh thank Chaos Tails, we have a serious issue!, the time fluctuation feature was messed up and time is speeding up fast in here!, two years passed already!, Sonic and Amy were locked in here from an error and can only be opened from the outside!, Sonic pretty much knocked up Amy and has a kid with her already!, you can tell why I'm glitching out with how mad this situation is!... AND TIME IS GOING FASTER IN HERE!" The AI said with a worried tone to his voice.

Tails's eyes widened in shock.

"WHAT?!... THEN WE GOTTA GET THEM OUT!" Tails screams before he went to open the hatch.

What he didn't see was the AI smirking and as the real Pluton came in his repaired and upgraded body, he saw his AI self smirking and looks at Tails as he struggles to get the door open.

"Tails, what are you doing?" Pluton said when he walked to Tails who struggles to pull open the door by hand.

"Pluton! You gotta help me open the door. The AI said that the time fluctuation feature is malfunctioning and now time is speeding up. Sonic and Amy have a kid together!" Tails said.

Pluton would have raised an eyebrow if he had one but he just reached over to a keypad that was oddly working and a moment later the door slowly unlocked like it was supposed to and Sonic and Amy were on the other end while they had no kid.

"Hey Tails… why do you look like you are having a panic attack?" Amy asked when she wondered why Tails looked disheveled to her unique view.

Tails panted a bit.

"Sonic, Amy… you're okay but… where's your baby?" He said making Sonic blinked and Amy blushed royally from that.

"Whoa what?!" the duo said with confusion on their faces.

Pluton quickly put two and two together just now and placed a robotic hand on Tails's head in a calming way given Pluton was much taller and would have to kneel down to place his hand on tails's shoulder.

"I see… Tails I believe my backup AI has developed a sense of humor and was as the organics call it… punking you." Pluton said as his backup AI busts out laughing which was strange to Pluton given how stoic Pluton was… guess living with Sonic and Amy for 4 years straight would change the backup to someone completely different.

Sonic and Amy blinked a few times in surprise as Tails's eye twitch.

"It was all a joke?! I nearly had a heart attack.!"

"Hmmm… unlike my comical self I may not get it but is it the part with Sonic and Amy having a kid that is the heart attack starter or the time dialation program having an error and speeding up the room's time?, either way I suggest making a new backup of myself and leaving my Comical backup here as the training room's person AI so you don't wind up with a comical version of me running around in the real world… I blame Sonic for this bad influence." Pluton said as he looks at Sonic with a blank look.

Sonic was taken back.

"Me? How's that my fault?"

"Out of the two of you, who is the most comical or relaxed of the duo?" Pluton questioned while have gave Sonic a half lidded look.

"Hey that's not fair. I wouldn't make a joke like that." Sonic said.

"Then are you telling me Amy has some kind of hand in this?" Pluton said when he gestured for Sonic to look at Amy who had her arms crossed to show she wasn't pleased with getting called a bad influence.

Sonic sweatdrops.

"Well… no."

Amy smiles and kissed Sonic on the cheek while Tails looked floored when he saw that… maybe the AI wasn't so far off as Amy walked by and Sonic looked oddly happy when Amy walked more into the lab and Tails saw Sonic actually looking at Amy's ass of all things right now.

Pluton noticed as well and leaned down to whisper to Tails.

"Maybe there is more truth to the prank than what we realize… no kid but seems like you maybe an uncle soon if the look on Sonic's face is anything to go by." Pluton said while he stands fully.

Tails jaw dropped after hearing that before seeing Sonic having a real happy look.

'I must be dreaming.' He thought before Tails comically starts to slap himself.

After a few slaps, Pluton stopped Tails when he gripped Tails's wrists and Pluton looks at Sonic.

"So Sonic, now that you are out, what will you and Amy do?" Pluton asked as Sonic shocked Tails further when he said this with a grin.

"Well take Amy on a date of course." Sonic said as Pluton gripped Tails's wrists tighter so he couldn't break free as Sonic walked by to follow Amy.

"Sweet Chaos… it's not a dream." Tails as he had a disbelief look.

"Well its happening… better explain to the others that they have a bit more to fine tune the party and make sure its extra special for Amy." Pluton said when he sets Tails on his feet and lets his wrists go.

Tails rubbed his wrists a bit.

"Right… Fine tune things." He said before walking out of the room.

Pluton then shakes his head before he looks at the AI who had a stoic look on his face.

"All according to plan right?" Pluton asked his now oddly stoic AI self.

The AI chuckled.

"Al According to plan."

"Good, I made the reservation and what not at Twinkle Park and the restaurant, so I'll make sure that Sonic takes Amy to them, after that he should have an hour or so before the party so he could do more with Amy later… anyway rest well, I'll make sure your data is backed up just in case Tails try and reset you for that joke." Pluton said as the AI nods and the screen turned black when the monitor turned off and a moment later, Pluton, after he made a backup, walked up to the main floor and saw Amy and Sonic sitting on a nearby couch while Tails was calming himself down as he drank some coffee.

"Feeling okay Tails? Though you should be careful. My analysis shows that coffee has caffeine in it." Pluton said.

Tails lowered the cup and gave Pluton a half lidded look.

"Only if I drink too much, I drank one cup this morning, and this one is just to help calm myself after nearly getting a heart attack and thinking Sonic and Amy had a kid… four days ago Amy was nearly my age now she is a full grown adult… so pardon me for wanting to calm myself when I was punked into thinking I was an uncle, besides I don't add much sugar to my coffee and has some help with that in the long run." Tails said when he points that out that the sugar in the coffee was either low or none at all so not much in sugar issues.

"I see... Well I'll let you continue your beverage." Pluton said.

As Tails went back to his sacred beverage, Pluton looks at Sonic and Amy and he approached Sonic, picked him up by the top of his head and carried Sonic away while Amy looks confused.

"I'll be borrowing Sonic for a moment Amy, give me a few minutes." Pluton said as he carried a confused Sonic upstairs.

"Um… okay?" Amy said with a confused look.

Once Pluton got Sonic in a room on the second floor, he placed Sonic on the a guest bed and walked to a nearby nightstand and before Sonic could register what was going on, he was tossed some tickets, a notepad and plenty of rings for some reason and a suit... and fancy dress?

"Uh… Pluton? What's going on here?" Sonic said.

"Simple, tickets to Twinkle Park and a reservation for one of the fancy restaurants here, the rings are for tipping the waiter there and the outfits are for you and Amy, you can get changed here in the suit or wait till later after your date for Twinkle Park but you may want to hold off on the suit wearing and dress giving till after the twinkle park date, here is a key as well to your place, had to make sure it was locked when you were gone for four days so it should be well clean and what not… what you do after will be up to you but you'll have an hour before a surprise birthday party happens for Amy so you'll have an hour after the date to Twinkle park and the reservation with the good meal… what you do in that hour is up to you so good luck with that if you want to give Amy a real gift if you don't have one to give since records state you are a virgin right?" Pluton said while he had a straight up stoic look on his face.

Sonic blinks in surprise after hearing this.

"W-Whoa!... Where did you hear that?"

"About two hours ago, when Tails first came down before he uploaded my data to my repaired body, while he was busy planning Amy's birthday party I called in some favors and it was pretty easy given that some knew me and might as well consider this a group birthday gift from many since you get to have fun with Amy free of charge for Twinkle Park, a nice restaurant, and you have an hour alone… in your home… with Amy… doubt I need to spell it out any clearer right?" Pluton said with the last part being drawn out.

Sonic was blushing brightly after hearing that.

"Um.. no. I get it."

"Good, anyway the window is open so make sure to store the outfits in your place and come back here, there is a ladder set up so you can climb back in, you have 2 minutes, given your speed and with your house keys I am being generous." Pluton said as he pretended to look at a watch.

"Right… thanks Pluton." Sonic said before grabs the outfits and goes out the window before climbing down the ladder.

It was a rope ladder so Sonic had to be careful to not drop things and when Sonic touched the ground, he zipped away and a minute later, Sonic returned into the room while Pluton hums.

"Intersting, a minute and 10 seconds… I take it the delay was because of the outfits you had to carry… anyway here is a gift from me, if you do give Amy a happy ending of sorts you'll want to have these at your place later, even with your speed I doubt you could rush doctors to get birth control pills for Amy given A LOT of situations." Pluton said when he passed Sonic a large box of condoms.

Sonic blinks a few times at the box.

"Okay… don't know how you know my size but thanks."

"Welcome, as for how, you were in a digital based room for most of the time and with my AI backup doing health checkups… well simple to find out, and before you get embarrassed I'm a genderless robot so no real interest in what you organics do and what kind of bodies you have, only reason I got these was so Amy doesn't have your kid anytime soon… noticed you looking at her backside so I figured this would be rings well spent… anyway I'll go distract Amy with small talk so I'll give you a minute to place this in your home as well… would have given it earlier but with a clipboard that had the address of the restaurant and who to ask and all that on where to go with a map, tickets to twinkle park, and a suit and dress for said restaurant… better make multiple trips… anyway see you later for Amy's birthday party Sonic." Pluton said as he exited the room and left Sonic with a box of condoms in his gloved hand.

"Right… see you." Sonic said before he went out the window again and climb down the rope ladder while being careful thanks to the box of condoms.


Pluton came back into the living room while Amy looks at him.

"Hey Pluton… got a reason why Sonic is climbing out the window again?" Amy asked which caused Pluton to blink as he looks at her.

"Interesting… seems you can see through walls and stuff, doubt you can see what Sonic held and stuff… better not ask, lets just say its part of a birthday gift from many to both you and Sonic, you'll be having a birthday party yourself later so as you Organics would say… please do not spoil the surprise by asking." Pluton said when he wondered if Amy could see objects as well… maybe walls and rooms with her new vision but small items hopefully not…. Even if so, best Amy could tell was some outfits, some small slips of paper, and a wooden board like item and some keys… not much detail unless they were brought close.

"Um okay I won't ask." Amy said.

"Good… anyway Sonic should be back in a moment so try and not ask details until later alright?" Pluton said while he moved to sit next to Amy though the weight from the heavy robotic being caused Amy to bounce once on the couch.

Amy was a bit surprised by that.

"Um right." She said before a moment later, Sonic came back and pretended casual.

When he entered the room, Tails returned while he saw the trio.

"Alright so… what now?" Tails said as Sonic moved to pick Amy up.

"Well Amy and I have some things to do so I'll leave you and Pluton alone now." Sonic said before he walked to the door, opened it with quick speed when his arm blurred before Amy could drop at all and Sonic zoomed away from the duo and Pluton looks at Tails.

"Well… that went well." Pluton said while giving a peace sign for victory.

Tails sweatdrops.

"No kidding. Best luck to them."

"Yup, anyway we have three hours… good thing you only need two to fine tune things for Amy's party, I'll lend a hand by making sure Robotnik doesn't try anything by keeping an eye on the surveillance system you made so you can upgrade my body if you want." Pluton said before he leaned back and his body shut down when his programming went who knows where.

Tails didn't say anything but did have a worried look.

'Even so… Eggman has two emeralds now. Which means I have to science the… shit out of you.' He thought.

As tails gathered his tools after making some calls, the scene went to Amy who was dropped off by Sonic for a second and after Sonic zipped away…. Amy saw she was at Twinkle park of all things.

'Huh?.. Wonder why Sonic drop me off here?' Amy thought.

A moment later, Sonic brought back the two twinkle park tickets from his house and passed one to Amy.

"Hehe, sorry about that, needed to run home and grab these tickets otherwise we wouldn't get inside." Sonic said when he grins at Amy a bit.

"Tickets? For what?" Amy said with confusion.

"Well… seems Pluton planned ahead and got these for us to start a date between you and I… got another surprise after we spent an hour here, these are VIP tickets as well so… not sure if you can read this or not since its paper and stuff… but well… Amy… want to go on a date here and to the places after this?, we got a few hours to kill before we go to a birthday party of yours." Sonic said while he rubbed the back of his head with a blush on his face.

Amy was surprised before she hugged Sonic.

"Yes Sonic. I would love to."

Sonic blushed from the hug and for the first time in public view… Sonic hugged Amy back and a few people who saw this dropped their ice cream or something when they saw the impossible become possible given what they know about Sonic and Amy.

"Are you seeing this? Sonic and Amy hugging?!"

"Forget the hug… Sonic asked her out!"

Sonic and Amy ignored the talk to approach the main gate of Twinkle park while the scene went to Vanilla and Lillum as they were walking to the shrine of the Master Emerald thanks to Lillum using a spell to teleport them while Cream was left with the Echidna bot that Tails made while it had different programming to be the perfect babysitter for her, point is, the younger looking Vanilla had some free time so she and Lillum went to make sure Emerald would be at Amy's birthday party, Emerald didn't return from the shrine so they were getting worried for him since he was gone for nearly four days and when they got close to the shrine, they saw Knuckles as he was resting up from a recent training session so he was wiping his head with a towel after he got cleaned, he went with a new outfit that have him some shorts with big pockets on the side and he had a cowboy hat on his head though it had some strings and given the sunlight hitting the island, this was probably so Knuckles could nap in peace and he noticed the duo.

"Hey Vanilla, Lillum, what are you two doing here?" Knuckles asked while his one good eye looks at the duo while he made sure his eyepatch was on his head right while Lillum smirks at him.

"Hmmm… would you believe to check out a prime cut of Echidna?" Lillum said as Knuckles blushed brightly from the tease and Vanilla came to Knuckles aid.

"We're here for Emerald actually and were hoping to see him, do you know where he is?" Vanilla asked while Knuckles's attention when to her.

"Well, he's at the main guardian shrine. The entrance is at the back of the Master Emerald Shrine. Sadly though, only Elementals or approved people by the Spirit or said elementals are allowed in so the only thing you can do is wait til Emerald comes out." Knuckles said.

"Oh… does that mean you're not allowed?" Lillum said while Knuckles eyebrow twitched.

"Even if I was… I wouldn't go since someone would need to watch the Master Emerald while I was gone… besides why do you want to see Emerald anyway?" Knuckles asked while a voice spoke up behind knuckles spooking everyone.

"Because of A-!" The being tried to say before they were backhanded by Knuckles or would have been if his fist didn't phase through an amused Spirit of the Master Emerald and Knuckles looked horrified at what he just did

"Oh sweet mobius! I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was you." Knuckles said.

The Spirit chuckles in amusement as it stands fully.

"No need to panic, I was just asking to be backhanded when I sneak up on people, anyway if its someone who needs to take your place, I don't mind having someone take your place for a bit so you can rest up, anyway ladies if you want to see Emerald, as long as you are with someone like Knuckles, I don't mind letting you in, you two are pretty much harmless when it comes to Emerald… the opposite in face." The Spirit said while getting teasing at the end while grinning at the two ladies… Lillum didn't mind when she blushed… Vanilla on the other hand who rarely got a tease like that…

Vanilla was blushing very brightly by that.

"U-Um… thank you?"

The Spirit chuckles before it looks to the left.

"So there you have it Terragaia, you are to watch my body while Knuckles gets the grand tour of the main shrine and these two ladies get to see Emerald, the guides are inside." The Spirit said as the Military like man with sharp teeth appeared from the ground and he bowed to the Spirit.

"Of course, I'll make sure until Knuckles gets back no one will put a scratch on your body." Terragaia said as he moved to sit on the lower step and looks at the group though he grins and winked at Lillum and Vanilla in a teasing way.

Lillum giggles as Vanilla blushes again.

Knuckles rolls his eye at that.

"Just be careful if Rouge shows up. Can still be very sneaky."

"Hooo… do I kill her then?, I'm suppose to protect the Master Emerald after all." Terragaia said while the Spirit chuckles.

"No, she is not to be harmed, either scare her away or do something to keep her preoccupied." The Spirit said while Terragaia shrugged.

"Alright, might as well tire her out in a fun way then." Terragaia said with a fanged grin as Lillum could feel the lust coming from Terragaia in waves now.

"Hehe oh boy… something tells me Rouge won't stand a chance is she arrives." Lillum said.

Vanilla blushed more from that when she got the idea and the Spirit looks amused while it grins at Knuckles.

"Just to let you know, Terragaia can go in the act for a long time so if you hear a pleased female near the shrine… expect it to be awhile." The Spirit said while it gestured for everyone to follow it as it leads them to the shrine's main true entrance.

Knuckles blinked a bit after hearing that before he shook his head before he, Vanilla and Lillum followed the Spirit.

As the group left, they came up to be behind the shrine and the Spirit gestured to the bit on the back to the trio.

"Just place your hand on the orb like protrusion here and you'll be at one of the telepads for the main shrine… I'll meet you all inside." The Spirit said before it vanished on the trio.

The trio blinked a bit when they saw it before Knuckles went first and placed his hand on the orb.

A moment later he vanished from view and Lillum did the same which left a nervous Vanilla behind for a moment.

"Well… here goes nothing." Vanilla said before she cautiously approaches the orb and slowly placed her hand on it.

A moment later, Vanilla vanished and she was in front of Lillum and Knuckles while nearby was two beings that Lillum and Vanilla recognized and Knuckles knew a bit… Kamikazix the elemental of wind and Nexus the sage of the Master Emerald.

"Hello you three… we already got the general orders from the Spirit… Knuckles, please follow Nexus for the tour of the main shrine and its features and you two, please follow me, I'll bring you to Emerald though he is in the middle of training right now." Kamikazix said while she laid on a floating pillow and yawns while she looks at the trio with a tired but wise eye.

Knuckles blinked a bit before shrugging as he told Lillum and Vanilla he'll see them later before going to Nexus.

Kamikazix yawned again and she floats away while Vanilla and Lillum float after the seemingly tired looking woman who rests on her front on the large pillow.

Nexus then led Knuckles a different direction while she kept quiet while she had her hands in her hoodie pockets.

Lillum giggles.

"Its a bit funny how you can sleep through anything. Wonder if you'll sleep while someone is having sex with you."

"Well not the first time, if you can't have fun with Emerald, don't mind letting you have fun with me but don't expect me to react much, I don't normally stay awake for long so you'll most likely have fun with a sleeping body or something, better just pull my shorts down while I'm on this pillow and have your way with my while I'm like this." Kamikazix said like it was a natural thing to her while she keeps leading the duo further down the shrine.

Vanilla and Lillum blinked a bit after hearing that and didn't know if Kamikazix was serious.

"Is she serious?" Vanilla whispers to Lillum.

Lillum shrugged and when she went to test things, she shocked Vanilla when she fondles Kamikazix on the ass and aside from her blinking, Kamikazix didn't stop Lillum from fondling her ass.

Vanilla was surprised by this as Lillum smirks as she fondles Kamikazix's ass more before giving it a good slap.

Kamikazix may have jolt but aside from a first reaction, she didn't do that again when it seems she expected Lillum to do that for a bit and just humored her while she keeps leading the group deeper into the shrine as things got more and more ancient looking.

Vanilla stared in awe she looks at some carvings.

"Wow. Wonder how far we're going."

"Pretty deep, this place was made even before my time since I'm not the first elemental of Wind so your guess is as good as mine, right now were heading to a special training room that can do more then what that Fox inventor made, that's how advance the guardians and the connections to the Elementals were in their hayday." Kamikazix said as Lillum smirks when she pulled down Kamikazix pants and panties to show off her ass and pussy to Lillum and Vanilla though Kamikazix ignored that to continue leading the duo.

Vanilla was surprised at Lillum's actions.

"L-Lillum?... What are you doing?"

"Hehe, trying to get more then one reaction from her or at least get her to get more awake… lets see how she likes this!" Lillum said when she used a hand to start fingering Kamikazix's pussy and Kamikazix shuddered from that for a moment and she surprisingly lets that happen as she keeps the group moving while Lillum was enjoying herself when she pretty much had an easy meal before her and a primo one at that with all the energy she could feel from Kamikazix as she drained it… it was like Kamikazix had no end to her energy at all.

Vanilla couldn't believe what she was seeing as she and Lillum kept following the sleepy wind elemental.

As they went deeper, Lillum continues to try and get more then one reaction from Kamikazix when she tried more and more methods… fingering ass and pussy, eating her holes out, and hell, even using a spell to grow a cock and fuck the Elemental's pussy didn't get much more then an initial reaction which would have gotten Lillum to question her skills for a moment, but turns out when she looks at Kamikazix's face… she smirks when she saw a rather large blush on her face while she had her arms crossed under her mouth and stuff as she laid on the pillow… seems Lillum's actions were indeed working… Kamikazix just had a lot of control to not show it right now and probably didn't get much action while she was awake for this long.

Vanilla, though blushing, was surprised when she saw this. She had heard people sleeping with their eyes open but this is crazy.

'Just how much sleep does she need?' She thought.

As Kamikazix kept leading the duo deeper they came up to a large vault like door as Lillum fucked Kamikazix harder and faster while her orgasm was getting close until….

Lillum groans as she pushes her cock deep and climaxed inside the Wind elemental's pussy.

Kamikazix stopped near the door when she gave a light muffled groan when she came on Lillum's cock and her pussy nearly crushed Lillum's cock with how tight she got just now.

Lillum groans from that as Vanilla blushes brightly as she watches the duo ride out their orgasms.

When the duo tapped off and Lillum pulled her cock free which caused quite a bit of sperm to leak from her pussy, Kamikazix takes a second to breathe while she didn't adjust her body or clothing when she points at the large vault door.

"This is the training area of many guardians, Emerald and Xan will be in there, there is an elevator to the viewing area over there with stairs in case you don't want to take the elevator, the way to enter the door is over there by a console, you should only see an open or close command right now when you approach, once its in use it gives those options only." Kamikazix said while Kamikazix starts to float away while Lillum calls to her.

"Hey, how was that for a good fuck?" Lillum said with a teasing tone and all Kamikazix said was this.

"It was… good." Was all Kamikazix said as she left the duo's view as she used a hand to pull her pants and panties back in place and ignored the sperm for now when she fell back asleep as she floated down a hallway away from the vault like door.

Lillum blinked a few times.

"Just… good?"

"U-Um… Lillum… I think that was a genuine compliment coming from her… at least that's what I'm feeling since she is not too much of a talker… pretty sure she gave you high marks and may let you do… that again or return the favor though you may have to do the work." Vanilla said when she didn't think Kamikazix was a moving type of person unless it was needed for serious moments.

Lillum pouts as her cheeks puffed a bit.

"Maybe… or maybe I should give her the works."

"M-Maybe later, we're here for Emerald after all, you may want to remove your cock, not sure how he would react to see you come at him with it." Vanilla said when she looks at Lillum's cock for a moment with a blush.

"Oh right." Lillum said before she had her cock removed before making sure she was clean.

Once that happened, the duo approached the large vault like door and a moment after finding the open button that was on a touch screen, the vault slowly and dramatically opened… to show a white void from their end?

"What is that?" Vanilla said as she was a bit concerned about the void.

"Well one way to find out." Lillum said before she floats towards the void.

Vanilla followed a moment later and when the duo entered, the void was actually a portal and when the duo entered they found themselves in a large field with many rocks and trees near them while the exit of the training room was seen and unlike the outside in, they could see the hall where they came from.

"Huh?... not like what I thought it would be… lets try and find Emerald so we ca-!" Lillum tried to say as something flew near them and crashed into a nearby rock like wall and the duo in their shock saw a greatly disfigured Emerald when his arms and legs were broken into many ways that his arms looked barely recognizable and his jaw looked like it was barely hanging on with some skin and muscle and his body twitched which showed he was still alive as he fell to the ground.

"EMERALD!" Vanilla screams before she and Lillum desperately ran/flew to his side.

Though before they could get close… a massive giant of a man appeared and while the duo thought the man was Aggro from the dustcloud that formed… no the man was much smaller… about 6 feet tall but that wasn't the shocker… instead of hunched over, and bulked up beyond belief was Xan grandblade and stood up straight without his cane while he looks down at Emerald with serious looking eyes.

"Good grief, couldn't even take an attack of that level." Xan said when he didn't notice the two women behind him as he cracked his neck and starts reaching for Emerald while he had a serious expression on his face.

"No!" Vanilla said before she got in front of Xan.

"You sir have gone too far. This needs to stop." She said with a serious look.

Xan was surprised to see Vanilla and a moment later a pissed Lillum moved to aim a large ice spike at Xan.

"Give me one good reason not to launch this at you!" Lillum growled while Xan blinks at her.

"Well… if you don't want Emerald healed and not be crippled for life I guess I can leave him be… then again…." Xan said while he moved with speeds so fast that not even Lillum or Vanilla could spot him… as he stood over Emerald… though Lillum and Vanilla felt like they got slapped on the asses just now while Xan held a hand over Emerald as a green mist like light shot from his hand.

"Considering how weak you two are, not like you could stop me, nice asses through hehe." Xan said as Emerald's body starts to get fixed up with his jaw getting put back in place and mending followed by his arms slowly looking more and more normal.

"Oh so it was you that slapped our asses… Mr. pervert." Lillum said with a smirk.

"Hehehe, considering that this was coming from a succubus, I consider being a perv an honor though I doubt I come close to your perv level, anyway Emerald asked me to go all out and this is the end result." Xan said while he focused on Emerald as Emerald's limbs and even clothing looked repaired and he groans as he starts to come to.

Vanilla and Lillum were shocked when they heard that before looking at Emerald.

"Emerald?" Vanilla called.

"U-Ugh…" Emerald muttered as he sat on his ass and rubbed his neck.

"Ow… I got my ass kicked hard did I?" Emerald said while Xan crossed his arms.

"Yup… royally so, anyway you have guests so I've take a nap so have fun or something though I wouldn't mind the company of your sexy succubus girlfriend hehe." Xan said like this was a common thing to happen as Emerald's eyebrow twitched.

"Seriously… your strength is top tier yet all you think of is the ladies like that huh?" Emerald said as Xan laughed.

"HAHAHA!, when you get to be my age you need a way to keep sane and what better then have beautiful ladies help with that… anyway I'll be going to get the next lesson set up instead of that one sided spar, still need to work on your power since you could barely block that attack… can't believe you even tried to bite into it as well…" Xan said which would explain the fucked up jaw as he walked away… not before he used a burst of speed to smack Lillum and Vanilla on the other ass cheek and hums as he had his hands behind his head as he hums a bit of a tune.

"H-Hey?!" Vanilla said as she was blushing brightly.

Xan laughed more as he left the area which left an amused Lillum and a blushing Vanilla with a recovering Emerald who gets to his feet a moment later like he wasn't at death's door just now.

Vanilla was able to regain her composure before looking at Emerald.

"Are you okay Emerald?" She said as she approached him.

Emerald looks at Vanilla and Lillum and smiles at them.

"I am now that you two are here… I've been worse believe me so sorry for scaring you two like that… hard to fight without Nocturn but heard he is still getting treatment right now." Emerald said when he gave the two ladies kind looks.

Lillum approached Emerald before Lillum lightly bopped him on the head.

"Still… don't scare us again."

Emerald rubbed his head where he was hit and didn't have much of a reaction to the hit.

"Sorry, can't promise that since I'm training, but Xan always makes sure I'm at 100% before we do anything so I can train properly." Emerald said while he gave Lillum an apologetic look… Emerald looked a bit different now… for starters he looked much more muscular with his arms and legs though not much else at the moment.

Vanilla blinks when she notices.

"Emerald… you've changed a bit." She said as she lightly blushes.

"Hmmm?... oh thanks… Xan's training really helped, so do you two need something aside from a visit?, not like I'm complaining but this place is a bit far from station square and stuff so is something wrong?, is Cream in trouble… is Robotnik back?" Emerald said while he said that last name with some killing intent at the end.

"No. Neither of that Emerald. We thought you would be at Amy's birthday party but never came back." Lillum said.

"Oh you mean they are out of their own training room?, I had no idea, how old will she be?, unfortunately I didn't have time to get a gift for her so I may need to work fast or something." Emerald said while he looks a bit worried since he was training pretty much 24/7 when he got here.

"Well due to the 4 day training period, Amy is gonna be 18." Vanilla said.

"Yeah but don't worry, Tails said Sonic is gonna keep her busy so you got time." Lillum said.

"I see… Well I'm not sure what to get Amy… anyway I doubt you two want to leave as soon as you two got here, want to do something to pass some time?... not sure what though here." Emerald said while Lillum looks amused.

"Well… depends on what Vanilla wants to do since I have an idea of what we can do here…" Lillum said when she smirks at Vanilla to see what her response would be.

Vanilla blushes when she heard that.

"You mean you want to do it here… in the open?"

"Hehe, not like many would see us thanks to these trees and rocky walls and if Xan comes back, I'll take care of him, besides I had fun with Kamikazix so you might be worked up… or can you tell me that if I touched your panties you wouldn't be wet right now?" Lillum said with a teasing tone to her voice.

Vanilla blushes brightly since she knew Lillum was right since seeing the succubus fuck Kamikazix did work her up a bit.

Lillum smirks at that while she floats near a blushing Emerald.

"Besides… we can think of gifts for an 18 year old Amy later… for now we got our man here to help please and I'm sure he has quite a bit of stress right now for four days of such intense training." Lillum said when she fondles Emerald's dick through his pants which caused him to groan from the feeling as he slowly got hard thanks to Lillum's actions.

Vanilla blushes when she saw that before Vanilla made a bold move by taking off her clothes.

This caused Emerald to blush while he watched as Vanilla undressed then and there while Lillum grins at this turn of events.

It was only a moment before Vanilla was completely nudes as she blushes but you can tell she is a bit wet between her legs.

Emerald blushed more while Lillum moved away from Emerald and with a snap of her finger's she was naked in no time and while not soaked, she was wet right now which left Emerald in his clothing.

A moment later, Emerald starts to get undressed while he admired Lillum and Vanilla's figures… as a recap her breast size was E to F cup in size and thanks to the pseudo fountain of youth like effect from Emerald, her body was around her 20's in her prime and her breasts were perkier as a result while Lillum had F to G cup breasts that defied gravity and well endowed hips. (TME note: I looked up previous chapter, this was their last recorded cup size and what not.)

Emerald however while not looking vastly different from the fun time that they had, had one thing changed that shocked the duo when Emerald's last recorded size of 8 inches and 2 and ½ at this point in time was pretty much tossed out the window when Emerald showed a cock size of a fucking 12 inches in length and full 3 in width somehow… just what happened these last four days!? (Note from TME: will have a plot point in a moment on the increase, just follow along for now dear readers.)

Lillum and Vanilla are shocked when they saw Emerald's cock.

"Wow!... talk about a big growth." Lillum said.

Emerald rubbed the back of his head for a second.

"T-Thanks… was getting a medical checkup and Nexus saw my size, called me pathetic and just used magic to boost it… not sure if that was an insult to what I had or how apparently small of a boost Nocturn gave me… either way not much of an issue with storing it in my pants… so… Vanilla… what do you think?" Emerald said when he looked to see a stunned Vanilla who was looking at his cock as it swung like she looked hypnotized by his cock.

Vanilla blushes brightly as she look as it causing Lillum to chuckle.

"Hehe… looks to me like she's liking your upgrade."

Emerald blushed at that and cleared his throat to get Vanilla's attention.

Vanilla blinked a bit.

"Huh?... oh sorry." She said while feeling embarrassed.

"N-No worries… follow me, I know an artificial lake nearby that was made so we can get cleaned before we start, pretty sure I reak right now so…" Emerald said as he picked up his clothes and Lillum smirks when she picked up Vanilla's clothing with a spell and followed Emerald before Vanilla could do much which left her behind for a second and fully in the nude with a Wild perverted Xan possibly nearby.

Vanilla jolted before she quickly runs after the duo even though that made her breasts bounced wildly.

Once she caught up, she found the duo near the edge of a wide lake and as Emerald sets his clothing on the ground nearby and gets in the water, Lillum did the same with Vanilla's and moved to get in the water a moment later after she shook her round ass at Vanilla to tease her.

Vanilla blushes when she saw that before carefully looking around and hope that Xan didn't follow before Vanilla went into the water.

When she did, she saw Lillum washing Emerald's back and as she approached, Xan was indeed watching them while he rubbed his beard with a chuckle… he was using Zetsu to hide his presence and was using his skills in stealth to not be noticed and grins at Vanilla when he looked at her breasts and ass, same with Lillum and chuckles as he moved to go to the training room's door and said this to himself.

"Hehe, next time Xan, next time the cute bunny Mobian." Xan said while he chuckles lecherously.

While this went on, Emerald relaxed as he noticed Vanilla approach him and Lillum and smiles at her.

"Hey Vanilla, you really need to get a backwash… really soothing." Emerald said while he smiles in content right now.

Vanilla blushes a bit.

"Okay." She said before she approaches the duo.

Emerald smiles when he heard that and a moment later he was watching Vanilla's back with his hands and he made sure to not get too rough with his movements.

Vanilla did feel relaxed as she hums from how soothing it was.

After a minute or two, Emerald went to wash her arms and shoulders while Lillum smirks when she used some water to wash Emerald's hair and as this went on, Emerald and Vanilla were rather clean thanks to the cleaning properties of the water and in no time Lillum was getting her back and legs cleaned by Emerald and Vanilla to repay her for the treatment she gave Emerald and Emerald for Vanilla.

Vanilla made sure that she thoroughly clean Lillum's legs since Emerald got the back.

Lillum moans from the feeling while she felt pretty good right now though once Emerald was finished with her back, arms, and stomach while Vanilla finished her legs, toes, and hips, Emerald went to clean Lillum's breasts and Vanilla went to Lillum's ass to rub and grip her ass cheeks a moment later to fondle the teasing succubus.

That caused Lillum to moan before smirking a bit.

"Oh, sneaky are we?" She said.

Emerald and Vanilla smirk when Emerald used his hands to pinch Lillum's nipples while Vanilla went to suck Lillum's bud to work her up.

Lillum hisses from that before letting out another moan or two as she lets the duo do their thing.

This pretty much went on for a bit before the duo stops for some reason after Vanilla rubbed her folds a few times and moved to the side and Vanilla starts to clean Emerald's cock as Lillum was momentarily weakened by the pleasure while Vanilla made sure to use some water to clean under the head of Emerald's cock while he groans from the feeling.

Lillum noticed as she turns her head before pouting.

"No fair." She said before she went help clean Emerald's cock as well.

"Hehe, to be fair, you would probably focus on pleasing Emerald then cleaning his cock, I got the cock cleaned around the dickhead so focus on his balls." Vanilla said when she points to Emerald's wet balls that were only submerged and not touched yet.

Hearing that made Lillum smirk before she went to handle Emerald's balls while being very careful as she cleans them.

Emerald groans from that while he slowly got hard thanks to the duo's actions, by the time both women were done with their respective parts, Emerald's cock was iron hard and towering over the duo and they saw all 12 inches in full power now.

Vanilla felt a bit heated as she stares at Emerald's cock while Lillum licked her lips.

Emerald blushed at the sight and he smiles at the two ladies.

"So… how do you want to start this officially now that we are cleaned?" Emerald asked when he looks at the kneeling duo.

Both Vanilla and Lillum smirked after looking at each other before a moment later, they were giving Emerald's cock a double lick.

Emerald shuddered from that and groans when he was a bit more sensitive than normal and enjoyed himself as he watched the two beauties work their magic on his cock.

Vanilla was working on the head as Lillum was licking the base while using one hand to fondle Emerald's balls before Vanilla uses her tongue to lick the tip.

Emerald really shuddered and used his hands to pet the duo on the heads to show that they were doing really good here.

That caused the duo to blush before they really made sure to please Emerald's cock and balls.

Emerald pants a bit as his cock starts to throb.

"F-Fuck… I-I may have heard you were single Vanilla but with a b-body like yours and actions like this… how do you not have a husband or wife again?, or a boyfriend or girlfriend at least?" Emerald asked… he got Lillum since he helped her and had her trust but he was still working on why Vanilla a sexy as hell rabbit Mobian liked him like this.

Vanilla blushes a bit before stopping.

"Well.. considering how my… last marriage ended… I was afraid of getting hurt. I may have fun… once in a while but I was making sure Cream had a good life so I never went back to the dating scene."

Emerald blinks at that, looks thoughtful, and got a serious look on his face.

"Hey Vanilla… after Amy's birthday party or maybe the day after so I can plan things, do you want to go on a date or something?" Emerald asked Vanilla while Lillum looked surprised by that when she wondered how Vanilla would react to that question.

Vanilla blinked a bit in surprise after hearing that.

"R-Really?... you want to take me on a d-date?" She said.

"Well… unless you don't want to and just be sex friends…" Emerald said when he thought he offended Vanilla and looks a bit embarrassed now.

Vanilla was quiet for a bit though she made sure to that her mouth was clean before she leans up and kissed Emerald on the lips before hugging him.

Emerald was surprised by that when he felt that and he hugged Vanilla gently when he kissed her back and made sure he didn't go for her ass yet.

Lillum smirks at the scene as Vanilla kept the kiss up before pulling her lips away.

"Yes Emerald. I would love to date you." She said with a smile.

Emerald blushed more and kissed Vanilla again while his hands went to fondle Vanilla's ass and his cock grew to be harder then ever somehow.

Lillum was a little surprise when she saw that as Vanilla moans before kissing Emerald back and slides her tongue in his mouth.

After that happened, Emerald pulled away from the kiss and looks at Lillum.

"Same to you Lillum… I know I have been busy but if you are interested… want me to take you out on a date as well?" Emerald said while he looks at Lillum with a serious look in his eyes.

Lillum blinks at the question before smirking as she leans up towards Emerald.

"Does this answer your question?" She said before kissed Emerald on the lips as well.

Emerald returned the kiss and used a hand to pull Lillum in though he gripped her ass with one hand so he had his hands on Lillum and Vanilla's shapely ass cheeks and squeezed their ass cheeks when he enjoyed himself now.

That made said duo groan though Lillum's groan was muffled as she kissed Emerald more before sliding her tongue in his mouth.

After Emerald kissed Lillum more, he switched to Vanilla again and moved his fingers to finger the two beauties before him.

Vanilla and Lillum groans from these actions before Lillum had her hand reach down and grips Emerald's cock before stroking it.

This went on for a moment and thanks to a rock being in the water nearby, Emerald was able to use it to sit Lillum on and he was eating her pussy out while Emerald used some shocking strength he got from Xan's training he seemed to get to move a large rock just as big so that he could finger Vanilla's pussy when she laid on her back on the other rock.

Vanilla and Lillum were surprised by that before they groan and moan in unison as they were enjoying the treatment.

Emerald keeps this up for a bit while he made sure to focus on the duo's buds and fingered both of their pussies a moment later.

Lillum and Vanilla kept on groaning before they start to play with their breasts for a bit.

They even played with each other's breasts.

Emerald keeps his actions up while he made sure to please the duo more and more as time went on and he alternates with sucking the duos buds until…

Vanilla and Lillum both groan before they climax on Emerald's tongue and fingers.

Emerald wiggles his fingers and tongue in and on the duo's buds and pussy holes while waiting for them to ride out their orgasms.

The duo's climax got stronger as this goes on before they tapped off after 15 seconds.

Emerald removed his tongue and fingers from their holes and wiped his face with his hands as he waits for the duo to recover.

It took a bit before Lillum and Vanilla were fully recovered while having light blushes on their faces.

Emerald chuckles while he looks at the duo.

"So… mind returning the favor before we start the real fun?, or want to get to the real deal?" Emerald asked when he stood fully in the water and his cock was at full power and squeeky clean thanks to the duo's actions.

Vanilla and Lillum smirked before a moment later, Vanilla was seen sucking on Emerald's cock while Lillum was licking and sucking on his balls.

Emerald groaned from that while he used a hand to pet Vanilla's head and used a few fingers that could reach to do the same with Lillum to show that they were doing good already from the get go.

Said duo blushes from that as they continue to pleasing Emerald's cock and ball with lustfilled looks on their faces before switching places.

Emerald really groans from that when he watched Lillum deepthroat his cock while Vanilla sucked his balls now and Emerald felt his cock throb in Lillum's mouth as time went on.

Lillum and Vanilla were now giving Emerald's cock a double lick as they each took turns fondling Emerald's balls.

Emerald shuddered from the feeling and groans more while he enjoyed the duo's work, his orgasm was getting close and he moved back to stroke his cock near their faces to show how close he was.

Lillum and Vanilla knew what was gonna happen before they got next to each other and had their mouths open while waiting for Emerald to start shooting.

It didn't take even a minute when he grunts and growls as he fired a pretty huge load on the duo's faces and in no time thanks to Emerald's cock being augmented, he fired a bigger load then normal which slowly fired thick ropes of sperm onto the two ladies faces and breasts.

Lillum and Vanilla were surprised at how much cum Emerald let out as the duo moans while making sure to catch it.

Emerald rides out his orgasm and it took him 15 seconds to finish and when he tapped off, he pants as he recovered and blushed at how much sperm was on Vanilla and Lillum's bodies.

Lillum and Vanilla panted before Lillum cups her cheeks and kissed the hot milf before the duo made out while trying to steal Emerald's cum.

This really worked Emerald up and his cock that wilted a bit to return to full power in no time while he blushed at the duo as he waited for them to finish cleaning one another off.

It wasn't long before the duo were squeaky clean.

"Ah, that hit the spot." Lillum said with a teasing smirk on her face.

Emerald blushed from that while he grins at the duo.

"Well… if you think that was good Lillum… why don't we get to the main event and really test out this new and improved cock of mine?" Emerald said when he grins at Lillum and Vanilla while he had a lustful look on his face.

Lillum giggles as Vanilla blushes.

"Sure thing Emy question is… who do you pick first?"

"Well… considering that you probably had a lot of fun without me… might as well make you a bit jealous when I plow Vanilla into a pleasure coma before I give that naughty ass of yours a good fuck." Emerald teased when he wondered if that dirty talk was good or not.

Lillum did pout.

"Aww… okay. But you better hurry." She said with a lustfilled look.

Emerald chuckles right before he looks at Vanilla.

"So Vanilla… do you want me to fuck you?" Emerald said while he gripped his cock and teasingly stroked it lightly to mess with Vanilla.

Vanilla blushes a bit brightly when she saw that.

"Y-Yes please." She said while feeing turned on.

"Good… get on all fours or lay back on the rock and lets see how loudly I can make you scream my name." Emerald teased when he looked Vanilla up and down a few times.

Vanilla blushes more before she gets on the rock and lays on her back so Emerald can admire her figure.

Emerald lickes his hips when he saw how shapely Vanilla was, and as he approached, Vanilla had enough time to have one good thought when she realized she was about to get fucked hard by a cock that not many could match or come close too… artificially boosted or not and Emerald had a good personality too boot so him asking her on a date for later was just the icing on the cake so to speak…

'Oh dear… seems I won't be able to walk for a month… that's if I wake up.' Vanilla thought.

After that thought went through her head, Emerald aimed his cock at Vanilla's folds and teased her for a moment when he rubbed the head of his large dickhead on her folds.

Vanilla shudders from the teasing before looking at Emerald.

"Please don't tease me Emerald." She said as she blushed cutely that would almost be sinful.

Which best explains who Cream resembles and how beautiful she would look in the future.

Emerald blushed a bit at Vanilla and leaned down and kissed her on the lips after seeing her face being fully clean and he pushed his cock deep into Vanilla's folds and in no time, his cock pressed against her cervix hard at the 8 inch mark while her folds were stretched wide as a result.

Vanilla groans from this feeling before hugging Emerald and kissing him back as she feels his cock going deeper.

Emerald gave Vanilla a moment to adjust before he starts to thrust his hips and his cock went in and out of Vanilla's pussy in no time and her cervix was barraged by Emerald's cock again and again.

Vanilla starts to moan and groan as she starts to feel that before Vanilla wrapped her legs around Emerald.

"O-Oh fuck." She groans when she pulled her head away from Emerald's head to speak.

Emerald in turn grits his teeth as he used a bit more power while Lillum looks on as she saw Emerald using more strength in his thrusts though it seems he was holding back on Vanilla since only 8 or so inches were going into Vanilla with each thrust like Emerald was trying to not harm her… did Emerald not know of Lillum's fun with Vanilla or something!?... the shocking nerve of him holding back!

That made Lillum puff out her cheeks.

"Emerald… I hope you're not really holding yourself back just now."

Emerald blinks at that and stopped his thrusts while he looks at Lillum and looks a bit sheepish.

"W-Well… maybe?... first time with Vanilla after awhile and new cock and new strength… worried I may hurt her if I go all out… I mean you saw me carry that boulder without Nocturn boosting my power and stuff so..." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head.

Lillum did remember that.

"Hmmm… okay I see your point."

"Yeah… though I will say this… if Vanilla wants me to go all out, I don't mind doing so but she would have to give me a warning if I'm too intense for her right now." Emerald said while glancing at Vanilla to see how she took that.

Vanilla panted a bit as she collected her bearings before looking at Emerald.

"I-I don't mind if you're… rough with me Emerald."

Emerald had a serious look on his face.

"You sure?... I won't lie you will be sore and stuff later since I can't control my strength fully so I'm asking this to you again for you to be 100% sure you are wanting me to get serious." Emerald said while he placed his hands carefully on Vanilla's hips and his body starts to emit a slight green mist as his body starts to power up a bit while Emerald was trying to be careful to not use too much power.

Vanilla blushes a bit before looking at him again.

"Yes Emerald… I'm sure."

Emerald nods and as he pulled his cock out of Vanilla with only the head inside of her… he then gave a small growl as he thrusts his hips hard and his cock bashed into Vanilla's womb by her cervix and he starts to fuck her hard again and again and Lillum saw to the side Vanilla's womb bulge again and again from how hard Emerald was with the Milf like Rabbit mobian and Vanilla's breasts bounced hard thanks to how hard Emerald slapped his hips against Vanilla's ass cheeks.

Vanilla was moaning and groaning loudly from how hard Emerald fucked.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

Emerald growls as he fucked Vanilla harder while his energy grew while Lillum on her end as she watched Emerald pretty much dominate Vanilla…

Though Lillum was turned on, she was greatly surprised at how beast like Emerald was right.

'Wow… he wasn't kidding about this.' She thought as she hears Vanilla making louder groans before her face starts to look fucked up as her tongue was sticking out.

Emerald in turn really fucked Vanilla harder and faster, he was going to make sure Vanilla was satisfied with him or he would throw his back out to do so, he even leaned down and sucked on one of Vanilla's nipples to get her more worked up.

Vanilla moans loudly before she wrapped her arms and legs around him to hug Emerald close.

"O-Oh fuck Emerald!... P-Please don't stop!" She moans.

Emerald didn't even need to consider stopping when he fucked Vanilla harder and faster as time goes on while he made sure to please Vanilla more and more until...

Vanilla moans loudly as her face got a bit more fucked up in Emerald's view before Vanilla climaxed hard on his cock.

Emerald surprisingly didn't climax yet and continues to fuck Vanilla hard and fast despite her pussy trying to milk him for his sperm.

Lillum was surprised when she saw that Emerald didn't climax yet as Vanilla, who taps off, was moaning his name each time.

Emerald snarls when he fucked Vanilla harder when he heard that and even used a hand to smack her right ass cheek while Lillum could see this… like Emerald was teasing Lillum on what he was doing to Vanilla right now.

Lillum blushes brightly before she slightly whimpers at the tease as her folds start to get wet while Vanilla's toes curl as she tightens her hold on Emerald.

Emerald keeps this up with him giving Vanilla a few more orgasms and finally on the 3rd orgasm, his own orgasm was approaching and pretty much fucked Vanilla harder and faster until…

Vanilla screams loudly with ecstasy as her pussy tightens greatly around Emerald's cock before climaxing very hard on it.

A moment later, Emerald snarls as he pushed his cock balls deep in Vanilla's pussy and womb before he blew a pretty hearty load inside of Vanilla and Lillum could pretty much see how much sexual energy from that one load when Emerald got serious was massive… it was like an all you can eat and fuck bufeet to her.

"W-Wow." Lillum said before her mouth started to let out drool from seeing all that cum as Vanilla's climax got stronger.

Once Emerald rode out his orgasm he pulled his cock from Vanilla's pussy and he saw his sperm flow from her and into the water while his cock was iron hard even after unloading all of that sperm and Lillum watched as Emerald gave her a lustful look when he was going to try and do the same with her like he did with Vanilla.

Vanilla had a very pleased look on her face as Lillum was being all cute towards Emerald.

"Is it my turn Emerald?" Lillum said.

"What do you think?... get on all fours and get ready for that ass to gap!" Emerald said with a dominating tone to his voice as his cock looked like it was emitting a LOT of energy now.

Lillum giggles before she got on her hands and knees with her ass pointed at Emerald.

Lillum even shook her ass to entice him.

It didn't take Emerald even a second to get behind Lillum, he did surprise her however when he starts to eat her ass out for a moment to lube her up since he never did get this part of her body warmed up yet.

"O-Oh fuck." Lillum groans after getting out of her surprise look as she feels her ass getting eaten out.

Emerald took a few minutes to do this and when he pulled his tongue from Lillum's ass, her body was shaking a bit from how eager Emerald's tongue was to eat her ass out.

Lillum shudders before she turns her head back.

"No more teasing Emerald. Fuck me like you did to Vanilla!"

Emerald grins as he placed the head of his cock against Lillum's asshole and unlike with Vanilla with the tease, he gripped her ass hard and forced his cock balls deep in Lillum and fucked her from 0 to 100 in no time when he knew Lillum could take a pounding like this.

Lillum was groaning loudly as she felt Emerald really going all out on her ass.

As this went on, Vanilla managed to recover and after she sat up with a groan, she looked over and pretty much saw Emerald making Lillum his bitch when he fucked Lillum's ass without mercy.

Vanilla was greatly surprised at the scene before blushes brightly.

'Oh dear. Emerald is really a beast if he's giving Lillum the same treatment.' She thought before blushing brightly as she remembers the cum in her pussy.

'With all this cum… Emerald may have helped give Cream a sibling.'

She would have to ask Lillum later on using some kind of spell to prevent that for now but right now she watched as Emerald pretty much dominates Lillum while he used his hands to smack her ass hard as he continues to fuck her hard.

Lillum moans loudly from that action but she was enjoying that.


Emerald had no issue with that when he smacked Lillum's ass hard and with each smack, her ass rippled and jiggles from each thrust of his hips to boot.

Lillum moans loudly as she was loving this before she had her ass tighten around Emerald's cock.

Emerald groans from that but this didn't stop him from powering through the tightness to fuck Lillum hard and fast while he gripped her reddened ass cheeks to do so.

Lillum really groans loudly before turning her head back to look at Emerald.

"C-Come on Emerald!... make sure that only you can please me!"

Emerald snarls and used more power in his actions and he fucked Lillum harder and faster like she wanted, so much so that she nearly slipped off the rock and had to float so Emerald pulled her on and off his cock like Lillum was an oversized sex toy.

Vanilla was blushing brightly at the sight as Lillum had a very pleased look on her face before she starts to play with her breasts while floating.

Emerald keeps this up for a bit while Lillum lasted much longer than Vanilla, so much so that Emerald and Lillum kept getting closer and closer until…

Lillum moans loudly as she throws her head back before climaxing hard on Emerald's cock.

Emerald in turn roars when he went balls deep in Lillum's ass and he came hard inside of her, thanks to her being greedy in wanting to get Emerald's energy, her stomach barely bloats as her body broke down his sperm at a fast rate.

Vanilla was a bit shocked when she saw that as Lillum's climax got stronger as the duo ride out their orgasms.

When the duo tapped off, Emerald pants for breath as he removed his cock from Lillum's ass and saw that not much sperm leaked from her asshole.

Vanilla noticed as well when she saw it.

Lillum had a content look on her face before she floats backwards and was nuzzling her head on Emerald's neck after having her feet plant on the ground.

"Hmm, that hit the spot." She said.

"Hehe, welcome…. Though I'm not done yet." Emerald said when he points at his still hard cock.

Lillum licks her lips when she said before looking at Emerald after turning around.

"Good… Neither am I." She said before she wrapped her arms around Emerald's neck before kissing his lips.

Emerald returned the kiss and pulled away 10 seconds later and grins at Vanilla and gestured for her to approach him… seems he wasn't done with the sexy mobian milf just yet.

Vanilla blinked a bit in confusion as she wondered what Emerald would do before the sexy mobian milf approached the duo.

Emerald then gripped her ass and pulled her in for another kiss while his tongue went to fight with hers a moment later.

Vanilla was surprised by that action before she melts into the kiss and returns it before having her tongue fight back.

Things like this would go back and forth while the scene showed one final moment between Emerald, Vanilla, and Lillum when they were giving him a double titfuck as he laid on the rock and Emerald shuddered when he felt the large breasts smother his cock while Lillum and Vanilla took turns with licking and sucking his cock.

Both ladies hummed as they were treating Emerald's cock like it was a delicious treat.

Emerald pets their heads to show they were doing well again as his cock starts to throb between the soft breasts the duo had.

The duo blushes from the petting which caused them to double their actions before they took turns licking the tip.

Emerald really groans as his cock throbbed more and more and when the duo pulled their heads away, Emerald groans loudly as he came hard in the air and on the duo's breasts while his cock gave plenty of big shots for the duo to enjoy.

Vanilla and Lillum moans as they tried to catch some of the cum while making sure to please Emerald's cock more.

When Emerald tapped off, he pants as his cock finally turned flaccid between the duos breasts after they gave it one final kiss on both sides of his cock and the two ladies went to lick one anothers faces and breasts with Vanilla really working to get as much as she could from Lillum, she even kissed her a few times as their breasts squished together.

Vanilla moans as she kissed Lillum back while hugging her.

By the time the duo were done, Emerald was sitting nearby as the duo made out one last time before Emerald cleared his throat to get their attention.

Both ladies blinked before separating as Vanilla was blushing brightly.

Emerald chuckles at that before he got in the water to relax.

"Well… that was fun… but I think we should get cleaned for real and get ready for the party… may try and get Amy something from here for her birthday as long as I get the go ahead from the others here." Emerald said when he referred to the Elementals and the Spirit.

Hearing that made Vanilla's eyes widened.

"Oh dear… the party. I almost forgot."

"Eh we have been here for 45 minutes so I doubt we need to rush… knowing Lillum she already has a gift or something that you two can give to Amy so I doubt we need to worry much." Emerald said as Lillum smirks.

"Oh yes… though that depends on if Amy can play for the other team… may need to give her a demonstration so Vanilla… think you and I can wow Amy at the party?" Lillum said when she had some kind of idea in mind.

Vanilla blinks at bit after hearing that.

"Well depends… what did you get for Amy?"

"Welll…" Lillum said before she summoned an odd looking dildo in front of Vanilla in her hand while she smirks at Vanilla.

"And this is not a simple dildo… hope you remember from our last encounter when I had you use this." Lillum teased when she reminded Vanilla of the dick forming dildo with the dial on the base.

Vanilla blinked in surprise before blushing bright as she remembered Lillum bringing that.

"Anyway this can be a gift from Vanilla and my gift would be letting Amy use this on me in a female Sonic form…. What do you think?" Lillum said when she looks at Vanilla in a teasing way as she turned into a female version of Sonic, about his height, but with C to D cup breasts, wide hips, and this Sonic's female form looked pretty cute to boot while she still had demonic wings and a tail and stuff.

Vanilla blushes more when she sees Sonic's female form and she hate to admit it but this form was very cute.

Emerald blushed as well though he looked curious.

"Hold on… this like the time you borrowed Amy's form?" Emerald asked which made Lillum giggle.

"Hehe, yup, though I got Vanilla's male virginity with a form of Tails I call Tailsko, could do a repeat later but for now we should get ready… hmmm… might as well call this form Soniko or something and use the ko part to make the names sound cute." *Soniko* said when she smiles at the duo before she went back to her Lillum form.

Vanilla blushes again.

"Well… it is cute."

"Great, so think this will be a good combo gift?, you give Amy the dildo and I take her male virginity?" Lillum said while she grins at Vanilla.

"W-Well yes… unless if… you want to switch." Vanilla said before blushing brightly as she just realized what she said.

"Ohh… kinky, did our fun in my Amy form get you lusting for a pink cutie now that she is of age?" Lillum teased when she moved to sit next to Vanilla.

Vanilla was giving a good impression of a tomato as she was feeling more embarrassed.

Lillum smirks when she saw how silent Vanilla was.

"Oh… again kinky, seems we have a real lustful woman and people call me a sex crazed demoness hehe." Lillum said while Emerald chuckles a bit at the teasing girl talk he was listening in on.

Vanilla continues to blush before she uses her ears to hide her face.

Emerald and Lillum chuckle as the scene went to Sonic and Amy after they left Twinkle park and Sonic got the suit and dress for himself and Amy, Sonic was waiting in the suit as he waits for Amy to get dressed in a changing room near the restaurant and stuff.

Though Sonic waited patiently, he was actually feeling nervous about this.

'Oh man… this is the first time that I'm ever feeling nervous. I mean… what if I screw up on this date?' He thought.

As he has those thoughts… Amy exits the changing room and while she still had the blindfold on, the rest of her outfit was completely different with the dress being detailed now.

It was a simple one piece dress with heels that made her ass more pronounced and the dress was a slim dress that had no sleeves so Sonic could see every inch of Amy's figure while the skirt part of the dress went to her ankles… giving her a princess like look.

Sonic was blushing brightly as he stared at Amy with an awe look.

Amy noticed and she giggled a bit when Sonic had a dropped jaw look as well.

"W-Wow Amy. You look… beautiful." Sonic said.

Amy smiles at that with a small blush.

"Thanks… your not too bad yourself Sonic… come on, we got a reservation to get to." Amy said when she walked by Sonic with swaying hips which gave Sonic a perfect view to see how round her ass was right now.

Sonic blushes more when he saw Amy's ass but made sure to calm himself down.

'Easy Sonic. Don't do anything stupid.' He thought before going after the blind pink hedgehog.

Amy smirks however when she saw him staring at her ass and kept quiet for now, she was hesitant on doing things earlier but now that she had Sonic all to herself for now, she would make sure she would have a birthday to remember as the duo went into the restaurant and Sonic approached the receptionist at the stand.

"Hello, I got a reservation under Sonic? Table for two?" Sonic said.

The receptionist saw the duo and smiles at them.

"Ah yes, lets see…. Actually there is a reservation for Sonic made by a person named Pluton… are you that Sonic?" The receptionist asked while Sonic remembered the clipboard… good thing he grabbed that earlier from his home.

"Yup. That's me. Sonic the Hedgehog." Sonic said.

Sonic then passed the clipboard to the receptionist who took a look at it.

"Ah yes, I know this neat handwriting… please follow me you two, I got the VIP area ready so you can have a nice meal in style." The receptionist said as he got up to lead Sonic and Amy into the restaurant.

Sonic then looks at Amy.

"Well you heard him." He said before he actually grab Amy's hand and starts to lead her while following the receptionist.

Amy blushed from that and as the duo got walked into the restaurant, they passed by many people and went into a back room area that had things more fancy than anything in the first room… like a five star restaurant or something.

"Wow… now this is a nice room." Sonic said with a surprised and impressed look.

Amy, while not seeing much in colors thanks to how her lack of knowledge on what the room looked like color wise was able to made a guestimate of how the colorings were as she saw outlines of chandeliers and fancy tables and smiles when this would be a like a date of her dreams.

"Hehe, yeah, its like were getting the royal treatment here." Amy said as the receptionist led the duo to a table and after Sonic pulled out a chair and moved to get seated, the receptionist passed the duo some menus.

"Here are the menu's, milady hedgehog, if you want I could read out the orders for you to see what you like." The Receptionist said while Amy smiles.

"No need, I can read this just fine." Amy said when she moved a finger over the options and it seemed like to the receptionist that Amy was reading things from the shape of the print or something like it was brail, however what Amy was doing was a bit deeper when she used her Aura to mark the letters so she could read it as plain as day while she smiles at the options…. In a nutshell think of Amy using her Aura like a highlighter and the words being darker so she could read it in her own way.

Sonic was a bit surprised when he noticed.

"Wow Amy, that Aura stuff really works wonders."

"Hehe, thanks, might as well adapt right?... anyway I'll have the steak, Mac and cheese, Mashed potatoes with gravy, and some mushrooms on the side while I have some sweet tea with light ice." Amy said as she smiles at the waiter and Sonic.

The waiter nods his head as he writes down Amy's order before looking at Sonic.

Sonic knew there's no chili dogs since this place is fancy before he took a bit to skim through menu.

"I'll have the New York strip with some steak sauce, sauteed mushrooms, Mac and Cheese and some corn with butter."

"Very good sir. Shall I introduce some drinks to the lovely couple?" The waiter said making Sonic blush.

"Well not sure about Sonic but didn't I order Sweet tea with Light ice a moment ago?" Amy said when she wondered if she misspoke or something.

The waiter mentally facepalm.

"My apologies I forgot that I wrote it." He said before looking at Sonic.

"Eh, I'll have a diet soda." Sonic said making the waiter nod before leaving the duo to get their drinks.

Once the waiter was gone, Amy looks at Sonic and smiles at him since he looked like he was a bit nervous and wanted to make sure he was relaxed by showing she was enjoying things so far.

Seeing this made Sonic feel a bit relaxed.

"So… That AI really went nuts on that joke with Tails huh?"

"Hehe, yeah, us getting sped up and having kids… won't lie… would be a dream come true for me but I prefer to try and hook up with you without getting locked in a box or something." Amy said with a teasing grin on her face.

Sonic blushes before chuckling nervously.

"Yeah… to be honest I feel the say way." He said before blushing brightly.

Amy blushed from that and smirks at Sonic.

"You mean taking it slow or wanting to have a kid with me in a natural way?" Amy said when she liked teasing Sonic now… no wonder Rouge loves to tease Knuckles like this.

Sonic was blushing brightly after hearing that.

"The taking it slow part. Not yet ready on the whole kids part yet. Besides, if I did have one, don't want them to witness creeps like Egghead and that Bordux jerk."

"Hehe, fair enough though… considering we would have over an hour if we eat fast… think we can head to your place and well… have some fun there?... noticed you looking at my ass so why not let you have some real fun as a reward for your hard work not only with saving the planet but from fighting so much in training lately… pretty sure you are stressed right?" Amy said while she grins at the blue blur.

Sonic rubbed the back of his head.

"Listen Amy, I want to say that… I'm sorry for all the running I did when you were looking for me and considering this is our first real date… I'm actually hoping it could lead to a… relationship."

Amy blinks at that or would have if she had working eyes and blushed a bit at Sonic.

"Why Sonic… are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" Amy asked while she was happy on the inside if this was the case.

Sonic blushes brightly while feeling nervous.

"Truthfully… yes… I am."

Amy smiles at that and while she would have gotten fangirl like, she was able to control herself to not glomp Sonic righ then and there.

"Nice… I would be happy to be your girlfriend Sonic." Amy said while she smiles big time from how happy she was.

Sonic actually felt relieved and… happy after hearing that.

"Great." He said before the waiter came back with their drinks.

Once the duo got their drinks, Amy held her glass towards Sonic for a toast of sorts.

Sonic did the same.

"A toast to a beginning of what I hope to be a wonderful relationship." He said with a smile.

After the duo clinked their glasses and they drank their drinks, the scene went to 40 or so minutes later with Sonic and Amy heading to Sonic's place, they had an hour and 20 minutes since they ate in record time and Sonic, after swiftly getting changed in his casual outfit was waiting for Amy to come out of the bathroom, given that she had a lack of sight and stuff, she would have to be careful not to slip though while that happened… Sonic went to his bedroom and blushed when he saw the box of condoms that Pluton gave him and blushed… a lot can happen in an hour and 20 minutes after all…

'Oh boy… this is really happening.' Sonic though before blushing as he imagines what he and Amy are gonna do.

Though as that happened, Amy, from her unique POV was sneaking up on Sonic while her body wasn't seen and she placed her hands over Sonic's eyes.

"Guess who." Amy said while she smirks when she saw Sonic jolt for a moment.

"W-Wha?... Amy?" Sonic said.

Amy giggles when she stepped back from Sonic.

"Correct." Was all Amy said when she waits for Sonic to turn around so he could look at her and the surprise that she had for him.

Sonic did turn around before his eyes widened at what he saw in front of him besides the obvious.

Turns out Amy had undressed most of her body and only her blindfold was on her head and lower was just a pair of rather intense looking black lacy bra and panties that Amy had on while she smirks at Sonic.

Sonic was a bit surprised by this before blushing brightly as he admires a bit of Amy's figure.

Amy again, being 18 now, had D cup breasts and wide hips, her body was toned greatly from her training and thanks to the lack of clothing minus the bra and panties being the only covering, even her gloves being removed, her breasts looked even bigger when they looked like they were strained in the bra… seems Amy would need to go shopping soon for a better fitting clothing selection if the D size was her being restrained and stuff.

"A-Amy… I… w-wow." Sonic said.

Amy giggles when she heard that.

"Thanks… so why not join me?, I barely have any clothes on and we do have more than an hour to kill so… why don't we officially become a real man and woman?" Amy said with a teasing tone to her voice as she used a finger to rub it against Sonic's chest.

Sonic shudders when he felt.

"R-Right." He before he starts to remove whatever clothing he had on.

Amy blushed a bit when she saw Sonic's body once he fully removed his clothing… even if she could see it before when she was trying to keep clothing on bodies… seeing Sonic like this was like a breath of fresh air to her when she saw Sonic's body in full and his cock wasn't being pressed up against his body in his clothing and she licked her lips when she would finally have fun with Sonic after all these years.

Sonic was feeling slightly nervous.

"So… how should we start this?"

Amy smirks when she had an idea already and in no time after Amy had Sonic sit at the edge of his bed, she was sucking his cock greedily while fondling his balls when she moaned when she enjoyed how good Sonic's cock tasted to her.

She removed her bra and panties and she did so and was fully nude and while her breasts were indeed bigger than D, not so much so it was a midway between D to E in size and thanks to her aura, her back was strengthened beyond belief so she could withstand the weight and her breasts were perky to boot.

Sonic was groaning as he enjoys the feeling Amy's warm mouth wrapping around his cock.

Amy had a mischievous idea in mind when she pulled her mouth of Sonic's cock.

"Hehe… so Sonic… that box near you… is that a box of condoms?, I'm seeing more details from it… mind humoring me and putting one on?... I want to see how much cum you can fire and a condom catching that load will be a good thing to consider." Amy said while she stroked Sonic's slickened cock.

Sonic shudders as he let out a groan.

"O-Okay." He said before he grabbed the box of condoms, opens it and takes one out before opening the pack and slides in on his cock.

Though what Sonic didn't notice was that the condom was pretty unique with a literal ring as the holder for the plastic part and the plastic part was so thin and clear that it looked like Sonic was not wearing a condom at all… looked like he was wearing a golden cockring right now.

Sonic blinked a bit as he saw it.

"Well… that's something." He said.

Amy licks her lips and instead of talking, she went back to suck his cock and to Sonic's surprise it felt like he didn't have a condom on at all while he felt Amy's tongue lick the underside of his cock.

"O-Oh wow." Sonic said with a surprised look before groaning in a pleased way before he softly pets Amy's head.

Amy giggles a bit as she sucked Sonic's cock harder while she fondles his balls more, his orgasm was quickly approaching and Amy sucked Sonic off at harder and faster rates until…

Sonic groans a bit loud before he climaxed inside the somewhat invisible condom.

The condom caught each shot and Amy was surprised when she felt a bulge fill her mouth up and she pulled her head back on the large sperm filled bulge and used a hand to stroke Sonic off to milk his cock for all it had.

Sonic groans from that action which caused him to climax more before finally tapping off after 15 seconds.

Once Amy noticed that she carefully pulled her head back and the large sperm filled condom was seen and boy was Amy surprise by how full it was, she thought it would burst but the condom was somehow going strong and when Amy pulled the plastic part of the condom, it slipped off the ring which left it on Sonic's cock for a moment and it vanished with a ping like a ring was collected and Sonic groans as his cock was fully recovered… Amy wondered what kind of condom this was when she looks at the box when it was fully viewable to her and saw that it was a Lillum Demonica brand condom case though the smaller print was invisible to her, she would learn later on what this was but Amy didn't mind when she pulled out another condom and as Sonic was recovering, Amy slipped the new condom on with a smirk as she went to place the sperm filled condom on the ground near her after tying it up.

Sonic, who felt it, panted for a moment.

"W-Wow Amy. Your mouth felt… g-great."

Amy blushed from that and stands when she wanted to take this to the next level.

"Thanks… but with how wet I am and how hard you are… why don't we get serious and we lose our V-Cards." Amy said when she slowly got on Sonic's lap and his cock rests between her ass cheeks.

Sonic blushes a bit while feeling nervous.

"O-Okay but… if you feel any... discomfort, I'll understand if you want to stop."

Amy smiles and kissed Sonic on the lips.

"Sonic… your sweet but if you think I'm going to back out now and I don't mean to sound fangirl… but when my darling hero Sonic is going to take my virginity… you damn well expect me to go all in." Amy said as she moved to have the head of Sonic's penis touch her vagina and she rubbed the head on her pussylips so the condom covered cock would be well lubed.

Sonic blushes after hearing that.

"If you're serious then okay." He said before grabbing Amy's hips.

"1…" He said before he brought Amy down on his cock but made sure to kiss her hard to help numb the pain.

To his shock however, while Amy did groan from the sudden movement, she surprisingly bounced her ass up and down on Sonic's cock while her pussy which bled took Sonic again and again while she pretty much loved the pain and pleasure she was getting since Sonic the fucking hedgehog was hers finally after so many years of pining for him.

Sonic was still shocked by this before groaning from how hard Amy was bouncing.

'Sweet Mobius… can't believe Amy and I are no longer virgins. Call me crazy, I should've given her a chance after all this time… what's done is done. For now she is… my girlfriend and I'm gonna give her everything.' He thought before he starts thrusting his cock up before Sonic's hands groped Amy's ass and squeeze her cheeks.

Amy moans loudly from that when she leaned back and had her hands on Sonic's chest and really bounced hard on his cock, if Sonic had speed, Amy had power so this made an interesting combo and in no time, the duo were quickly approaching their orgasms and thanks to Amy being worked up, Amy grit her teeth and she groans when she came hard on Sonic's cock and her pussy milked him for all he had with a powerful grip.

Sonic groans loudly as he thrusts his cock up before climaxing hard inside the condom.

This caused the condom to balloon inside of Amy while the duo rides out their orgasms and in no time, the pink hedgehog mobian woman's womb was bloated by a surprising amount after Sonic and Amy tapped off around the same time and Amy pants for breath while she blushed at how full she looked right now.

Sonic panted a bit as he enjoyed the afterglow.

"F-Fuck Amy… T-that felt… g-great." He said as he was still holding her.

Amy takes a moment to catch her breath and when she did, she chuckles when she looks at Sonic.

"Y-Yeah… though if you get a hardon thanks to that ring on your cock… might as well go Raw next… doubt you can knock up my ass after all." Amy said… wait… was she actually going to give Sonic her anal virginity?

Sonic blinks in surprise when he heard that.

"A-Amy… are you seriously giving me permission to… fuck your ass?"

"Well unless you want me to give it to Lillum or something if I need to practice some kinky ideas that I may have to run by her first then I don't mind the wait… though just to let you know… I don't just use my hammer for fights some are more for masturbation if you get the idea." Amy said when she grins at Sonic in a sinful way.

Sonic blushes brightly when he get what Amy was saying before a moment later, Sonic had the pink hedgehog lay on her back on the bed after switching positions.

Sonic even pulled the condom free and boy was he surprised when he saw how full it was… should have burst long ago but given this was made by Lillum somehow… well he figured this was something she came up with while the condom was on his cock still for a moment.

"Even though it's surprising, I'm not gonna let something slip by. As your boyfriend, it's my duty to make you feel good."

Amy blushed a bit and smirked when she pulled her legs up and hugged her thighs under her knees and her ass was shown to Sonic.

"Then what are you waiting for Sonic?... an invitation?... pretty sure the fastest thing alive would fuck my ass long before now…. No condom by the way, we can try one later, I want to feel you raw in my ass." Amy teased while she made sure Sonic could see her asshole.

Sonic, after making sure that his cock was condom free and the ring vanished with a ping that gave him a boost of energy, smirks as he tied up the condom and placed it next to the other one before approaching Amy.

"Oh I'll give you fast. Also when it comes to your ass… no condoms allowed." He said before he plunges his cock inside Amy's asshole and once he got in deep enough, Sonic uses his speed to fuck Amy fast and hard.

Amy groans loudly while her tongue hung out of her mouth and she lets go of her legs to have them spread around Sonic so he could fuck her in any way he wanted right now as his cock barraged her tight asshole.

Sonic continues to thrust his cock in and out of Amy's ass before he brought his hands up and grabs the pink hedgehog's breasts before squeezing them.

Amy moans from that while she wrapped her legs around Sonic's waist as her toes curl and her fingers gripped the bed sheets when she felt Sonic really go wild with his thrusts and wondered what he thought as his cock entered her ass again and again.

'Oh man… this is amazing! So different while not using a condom. Plus Amy's ass is so tight! I don't think I can stop!' Sonic thought before he leans down and takes Amy's left nipple in his mouth.

Amy really moans from that and Sonic fucked Amy so much that his hips blurred but from how fast he was going, his orgasm quickly approached more and more while Amy's slowly got close until…

Sonic groans loudly after letting go of Amy's nipple.

"A-AMY!" He groans before giving the pink hedgehog's ass a big creampie.

"S-Sonic!" Amy groans out when she hugged Sonic tightly with her arms when she reached up to hug him and smashed her lips on Sonic's lips and waits for him to ride out his orgasm.

Sonic returns the kiss after hugging her as he kept climaxing for almost 25 seconds before tapping off.

However, it seems Sonic kept the kiss going as he didn't want to stop before he slides his tongue inside Amy's mouth.

Amy moans as she accepted the kiss and works to fight back against Sonic's tongue and when 20 seconds pass, Amy pulled away from the kiss to breathe.

Sonic panted as he blushes a bit.

"D-Damn Amy… y-your lips are sweet."

Amy blushed from that and smirks at Sonic.

"So are yours… and your load is pretty tasty as well… seems you really enjoyed my ass." Amy said while she tightened her ass on Sonic's cock a few times to tease him.

Sonic groans from that.

"M-More than you know." He said while looking at Amy's… well... face since she has that blindfold.

"I was an idiot to run from you Amy. But now, I'm gonna do everything that I can to make you happy."

Amy giggles when she had a lustful look on her blindfold covered face.

"Well then… why don't we mix things up… pretty sure you can go buy a box of birth control so why don't we do one round raw with my pussy and after we finish our fun you can zoom over to a place that sells them and I take one later… pretty sure there is this thing called morning after pills so no real issues with wanting a good cream filling where it counts right?" Amy said while she grins at Sonic.

Sonic was a bit quiet but he was so turned on, the blue hedgehog quickly pulls his cock out before aiming at Amy's pussy and shoves it inside before Sonic starts fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

Amy moans from that as her head was tossed back and her toes curl when she finally felt Sonic truely inside of her, this worked her up so much that she was soaking wet in no time and Sonic's cock glides in and out of her without trouble at all.

Sonic's hips blurred thanks to his speed as he grunts and groans.

"F-Fuck Amy!... Y-Your pussy is the best!"


As Emerald, Vanilla, and Lillum exit some shops in Station square… Lillum shuddered for some reason which caused Emerald to look at Lillum.

"You OK Lillum?" Emerald asked while Lillum hums.

"I don't know… think someone was dissing me just now." Lillum said which caused Emerald and Vanilla to look at one another with some confusion.

"You sure you're not being paranoid?" Vanilla said.

"Hmmm… maybe, though my gut is never wrong… for some reason I feel like I'm being one upped right now and that person doesn't even know what I can do…" Lillum said while Emerald looks confused.

"Bit specific aren't you?... anyway we can deal with that later, for now I found Amy's gift thanks to some help from you two… don't get why we couldn't find Elementals at the shrine… like they were avoiding us for some reason.

"Or maybe someone…" Vanilla said when she looks at Lillum with a half lidded look on her face while Lillum chuckles a bit.

"Hey I'm good at what I do… now lets get going, should be 40 minutes until the party starts." Lillum said as she flew from the duo.

"Right… though we better step to it." Vanilla said to Emerald.

Emerald nods before he picked up Vanilla bridal style and chased after Lillum with his body emitting a green mist which allowed him to jump after Lillum.

Vanilla blushes brightly from being carried before hugging Emerald's neck with her arms.

Emerald smiled a bit from that and made sure that each landing was light and each jump was smooth and as the trio left the area, the scene went back to Sonic and Amy…

Right as the duo's orgasms were getting close and Amy takes a moment or two to withstand the barrage and a moment later she groans when she comes on Sonic's cock with a vice like grip.

Sonic grinds his teeth as he felt that before he groans loud and climaxes hard inside Amy's pussy as the blue hedgehog's load headed straight for his girlfriend's womb.

Amy really groans from the feeling and wrapped her legs around Sonic's waist to keep him from pulling free as the duo rides out their orgasms.

Sonic didn't need to pull out as he continues to climax before finally tapping off and collapse a bit on top of Amy.

"F-Fuck Amy… t-that felt amazing." He said while hugging the pink hedgehog.

Amy keeps the hug going while she enjoyed the afterglow.

"Y-Yeah… s-so… good… so full… better get some birth control and morning after pills later but for now… want to see how many loads you can fire in all of those condoms?... should be fun given they recover your energy..." Amy said while she grins at Sonic in a teasing way.

Sonic this time grins as he looks at Amy.

"Either that or we can mix things up again. I'm not stopping till you're satisfied." He said before smashing his lips on Amy's lips.

As Amy returned the kiss, the duo continued their fun with Amy pretty much leading when she had Sonic wear a condom as she gave him a titfuck while she moved her breasts up and down more on Sonic's cock until...

Sonic groans before he shot his load inside the condom while enjoying the feel of Amy's breasts.

As it filled the condom balloned on Amy's breasts and she smiles when she could see and feel how much sperm went into the condom with each shot, when Sonic tapped off, the scene showed a new position as Sonic was face fucking Amy while she deepthroats his cock while she gagged and drooled on it while Sonic had another condom on it, this time he was going at his own pace and his cock blurred in and out of Amy's mouth and throat and she was fingering her pussy the entire time.

"Oh fuck yeah! Keep tasting my cock!" Sonic groans as he kept face fucking her but made sure to not harm her.

Amy gagged a number of times on Sonic's cock but she powered through the intense thrusts while she made sure to lick what she could and waits for Sonic as his orgasm gets closer and closer until….

Sonic may have let out a snarl like sound before he pushes his cock further in Amy's mouth before climaxing hard inside even though the condom was the one that was getting filled.

Amy really gagged from that as her throat bulged a bit when she felt the sperm fill the condom and when Sonic finished, he had to pull his cock and the condom from Amy's throat carefully and saw he was unloading more sperm then normal… probably from how intense this was and stuff.

"D-Damn… it's like my loads get bigger each time." Sonic said with an impressed look.

Amy cleared her throat while she recovered and chuckles as she removed the condom and the ring on the condom vanished and sonic's cock was at full power.

"Maybe you can blame Lillum for this though I'm not complaining…" Amy said when she saw Sonic's cock at full power.

Sonic chuckled

"Neither am I. But I will say this, if we plan to have kids, pretty sure the first shot I give will knock you up."

Amy blushed at that and she grins at Sonic.

"Well… maybe not first since I'm sure you would fire many in me to make sure I was well and truly having your kids… now it's my turn to have fun…" Amy said when she had Sonic wear a new condom but the scene fades to black before more could be seen… one thing was sure, Sonic and Amy maybe… fashionably late for the Birthday party since Sonic and Amy had a lot of condoms to go through.

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