The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
Training and dealing sessions for many

The scene fades in to show TME while he walked towards his home while he carried snacks back to his place before he chuckles and said this to the readers when he noticed them.

"Hehe, going to enjoy this game marathon, and hope you all like the chapter to be and last chapter, last time we left off Emerald's training with him getting horrified by Xan for some reason and Lillum after she left Vanilla's room after giving the mother rabbit mobian a real show of what she could do and that was just a small fraction of what Lillum can do folks…" TME said before he winked at the readers.

"Still, I don't want to take everyone's time here so I'll just say this, enjoy the chapter while I enjoy my games while I snack and what not." TME said before he entered his home while the scene shifts to Lillum while she was floating around station square to take in the sights.

Mobius/ Station Square/ Lillum

Lillum after she left Vanilla's home after watching an hour of TV, was floating around Station Square to see what she could do for now… granted she could feel areas of lust around the place in certain areas and would visit them later, but she wanted to see if anything interesting was happening anywhere and found herself floating around Station Square park since it looked interesting, especially with how many people walked around her.

To her surprise, aside from lewd looks from the occasional person, she didn't get a second glance or anything which was strange, normally if people saw her, they would either be screaming in fear or calling her a freak or something or people would try and hook up with her, but aside from the occasional Hybrid that she saw, she chalked it up to them thinking she was a Bat Hybrid or something.

Lillum didn't complain much since she liked how peaceful it was here, though the occasional bully or what not that she heard about was still here like in other Dimensions when she saw Humans or Mobians mess with a few Hybrids which made her frown in passing, the bullies made sure to not be in public when it happened and Lillum just happened upon them, thankfully she scared them off with a quick display of magic and was thanked by the people getting bullied which made Lillum smile before she left them to do her own thing again.

She even went to a few places like Rouge's club, Club Night, to the mall of Station Square, and even Twinkle park and was amazed with how everything was when she took an hour to play around in the park, she had to… persuade a ticket salesman for the park so that she got a free ticket, and when she left, she had some souvenirs and decided to come here with Emerald next time he came back to Vanilla's, all in all, she had a pretty nice time in Station Square.

Though aside from the bully issues, she did run into one incident that showed that Lillum wasn't to be messed with when she saw a small group of thuggish looking people from a mixture of humans and Mobians escorting a cute looking Squirrel Mobian into an alleyway, she looked to have B sized to C sized breasts, wide hips, and looked the same 3 feet as the normal Mobian... now that would raise warning bells but from the lack of lust, it seems either A, the lady knew the thugs or B she was doing business, but the nervous look on her face did make up her mind when she stealthy followed them.

Lillum then followed them into some kind of decrepit building after 30 minutes of floating after the group and hid behind a wall when she overheard this which made her raise her eyebrow while she peaked to see many rough looking human men, women, and Mobians, male and female standing near a very rough looking man who looked like something out of the Yakuza with a scarred over right eye and the man talked with the Squirrel mobian which showed he was the leader of the group.

"So Penelope, I hear from my men that you haven't gotten the Rings you owe us?, so tell me, why should I give you more time when you obviously don't have the means, you do owe us 100,000 rings after all." The Yakuza looking man said which surprised Lillum quite a bit, it was a bit hard to tell but as far as she knew, a Ring was like a dollar here, no change was needed, so all in all if this was the currency of her hell, it seemed the Penelope owed this guy quite a bit.

The Squirrel woman shuddered in fear when she heard that before she said this.

"P-Please sir, I just need more time, I needed it for my sisters operation and hospital bills, I managed to get 30,000 already." Penelope said with a begging tone before the man rolled his good eye.

"I don't care, we had a deal Woman, I give you 100,000 Rings, and in exchange, you pay me back on the designated time or you become our servant and follow our every command to pay it off, no ands, ifs, or buts, we even made a contract so that you can try and legal your way out of this but I doubt it would work, there are loan offices so you can't say loaning Rings are illegal, so unless you have another way to pay for the rest of the loan, I don't see why I should let you even go back to your sister." The man said which made Penelope tear up before Lillum spoke up which put everyone on guard when she walked into the room, which made more than a few blush when they saw her figure and outfit, though the Yakuza looking man didn't have much of a reaction aside from a raised eyebrow.

"Good grief, I followed this lady when I thought these guys here would try and have their way with her but it looks like I came to the wrong party if all I'm hearing is talk about rings and what not." Lillum said while the Yakuza looking man just looked at Lillum and said this when a few of his men circle Lillum.

"And who are you?, as you heard this is a legitimate deal and she is the one who asked for the money and I'm just wanting to get my money back, it is a loan after all." the man said before Lillum smiles, bows which made her breasts bounce a few times.

"Name is Lillum, not sure if this is a thing here… but I'm a succubus… a female sex demon…" Lillum said with an imp like grin on her face while the people around her looked surprised, disbelieving, or blushing when they saw how perfect Lillum's well rounded figure looked before the leader spoke up with a serious tone to his voice.

"Names Yuuto, I'll leave it at that." Yuuto said without reacting to Lillum being a Succubus, either he didn't care or he didn't know what a Succubus was, made sense if the only beings that normally lives in this Dimension are Human's, Mobians, and Hybrids. (A/N: Yuuto in this case means Person who helps in Japanese…. Ironic right?, figured I should put that in for lols.)

Lillum didn't mind the lack of reaction from Yuuto before one goon spoke up with a look a disbelief..

"A succubus?, sex demon?, lady we dealt with the aftermath of Robotnik's plans to try and conquer the world in the past but a sex demon?, your gonna need to try some th-!" the goon tried to say before Lillum shocked all and even Yuuto when Lillum shapeshifted her form to mimic Rouge's form to blush inducing results when Lillum's outfit hugged her curves in Rouge's form before Lillum spoke up when everyone was shocked silent.

"As you can see, I'm not from this world, I'm a lover of Emerald, A hero of Mobius when he saved many from Steel, the robot who everyone knows is a creation of Robotnik, but I'm not here to talk about that after all…" Lillum said while she took Vanilla's form in Lillum's revealing outfit which made a few men and women get nosebleeds… though one woman did blink a few times.

"Hold on, your a lover of that guy?, I heard he was a monster even if he di-!" A lady goon tried to say before she jumped back in fright which also startled most in the room when an ice spike hits the ground between her feet and Lillum said this in a cold tone while frost was emitting from her mouth.

"Call him a monster again without knowing the circumstances and I'll aim for you next time." Lillum said with a deadly tone to her voice which made the woman pale in fright before Yuuto spoke up with a calm tone to get Lillum's attention.

"Enough!, so what do you want here exactly?, I'm sure it's not just to help this woman here?" Yuuto said while he looked at Penelope who flinched at Yuuto's gaze.

Lillum however giggles at that.

"Why I need a feeding ground of course, granted this may not be the best time to say this and while I love Emerald, my main source of nourishment is well… semen… or to be more exact, the life force in it, I can also work with the life force in woman as well… plain and simple… after all if you know anything about my title or species… we succubus's need to have sex daily to survive, but I can't take too much at once since I would accidently kill a person, and a group as large as this would be perfect, granted I would need to wait for you guys and gals to recover but I'm sure strong looking people like you can do that." Lillum said which made most blush again before Yuuto cleared his throat and he said this when he points a finger at Penelope.

"And what does it have to do with her?, she still owes me 100,000 rings so unless your willing to take that dept yourself, I don't see why I should let her go free." Yuuto coldly said which made Penelope flinch again from his gaze before Lillum giggles.

"That's exactly what I'm suggesting, I offer my sexual services to you and your group in exchange for taking Penelope off your hands, I need minions after all, and a tour guide of this town so why not have one who is indebted to me?" Lillum said while she grins at Yuuto before she looked at Penelope who blushed when she saw Lillum looking her up and down.

Yuuto in turn raised his eyebrow at that before he said this with a tone that showed he didn't believe Lillum much right now.

"And why should I let you take Penelope?, granted sex does sell but what kind of proof do I have you won't let her run off before you finish working her dept off?" Yuuto said which made Lillum giggle before she said this when she turned to look at all the goons in the room.

"Well… why not get a demo of what I can do then?, I mean I am offering my services after all and everyone here does have some pent up lust." Lillum said before licking her lips at some of the goons who blushed a bit at the look before Yuuto sighs.

"Fine, but unless you can satisfy everyone here before... 12 in three hours, no deal and I'll have a few men escort you out of here." Yuuto said after he checked his watch and saw it was 9 AM right now..

"Nice, better start out by having the virgins go first." Lillum said with a grin on her face while she looked to some of the people in the room who gulp when Lillum somehow eyes about 6 people in the room who were the supposed virgins.

"How do you know they are virgins?" Yuuto said which made Lillum grin before she said this when she walked to them with swinging hips.

"Experience tells me that, not only that they are giving obvious signals, besides, I'm on the clock so instead of me answering questions…." Lillum said before she made her outfit vanish in a flash of dark light which showed her figure off to all which caused a few people to get nose bleeds before Lillum gave the goons lustful looks.

"... Why don't we get straight to the lessons and turn some virgins into real men and women right now." Lillum said with a grin on her face before the scene went to a couple minutes later with Lillum standing in front of the 6 people who looked nervous from being watched by everyone else in the room while Lillum got some good looks at them, 4 were male, 3 human and 1 Mobian Dog and 2 were female, one female was human and the other was a female Mobian Bird.

Lillum smiles at the 6 nervous people before she said this when she walked around them and looked them all up and down.

"Not bad, seems you six are well trained in certain ways, I wonder why all of you are still virgins with looks like yours." Lillum said which made the group blush.

"Now let's see what I'm working with, men pants off... ladies show me the goods…" Lillum ordered since she saw how nervous the 6 were and decided to take charge to get the ball rolling since things were taking a couple minutes which made the 6 jolt and they looked at one another before Yuuto sighs before he said this.

"Just follow her orders for now, considering I made a deal with her, it would make me look bad if my men caused an issue and force me to give up the 100,000 ring dept that this one owes me as a way to make up for my soon to be fired employees blunder." Yuuto said which made the 6 goons pale a bit from the subtle threat and they start to undress.

The three Human men, each of various heights, had different shaped bodies and skin tone.

Two had white skin tones though one had a serious tan, the tan one had brown hair while the pale one looked like he had blond hair, the tan one looked thinner than the other two and finally the third was the largest in height and size with decent muscle, he had ebony skin had black hair that looked shaven and was recently growing again but had a small beard on his face.

The pale man with white skin had a 7 to 8 inch dick which was 2 inches in width.

The tan man had a 9 inch dick that was 2 and ½ in width.

However Lillum practically drooled when she saw that the Ebony skinned man had a full 12 inch dick that was 3 in width that made many women in the room blush while Lillum tried to collect herself.

She then looked to the Dog mobian which caused her to grin when she saw he was well muscled and to her pleasant surprise, he had a 10 inch canine like dick and it was 2 and ½ inches in width with a 4 to 5 inch knot near the base which made the ladies blush.

Lillum grins at that before she looked to the Human woman and saw she was very shapely, with D to E sized breasts that made Lillum lick her lips at and the Bird Mobian woman had a similar figure but C sized breasts and thin hips which caused the two to blush from Lillum's gaze.

All in all, Lillum was impressed with the 6 people in front of her before she said this when she looked at each person up and down a few times.

"So… are you all really virgins?, I find that hard to believe… especially with how hot and sexy you 6 look… and especially with this one's big thick chocolate dick… hard to see you not getting any tail here, looks like you could get any woman to spread their legs for you big guy." Lillum said when she looked the ebony skin man up and down with a lustful look in her eyes.

The Ebony skinned man chuckles a bit before he rubbed the back of his head.

"W-Well I'm normally busy with… certain works that are… well questionable…" the Ebony man said before Lillum gave the man a lustful look.

"Then mind if I at least ask your name handsome?, I have Emerald sure, but I like to at least get to know my future favorite people to feed on." Lillum said before licking her lips which made the ebony man gulp.

"I-it's R-Raphael." The Ebony Man named Raphael said which made Lillum grin.

"Raphael huh?... hope you don't mind if I call you Raph for short if you get me to scream your name in pleasure." Lillum teasingly says which made Raphael blush brightly, more so when Lillum licks her lips before she looks to the others when she wanted to know their name and each person spoke up one at a time, starting with the pale looking Human.

"D-Donatello." The pale looking human named Donatello says before the tan one spoke up.

"Names Michelangelo." The tan man named Micelangelo said with a pretty upbeat tone to his voice before the Human woman introduced herself.

"April." The Human woman named April says before the Bird Mobian speaks up.

"Kurai." The bird mobian introduced before Lillum looks at the dog mobian who cleared his throat before he introduced himself.

"Leonardo." The Dog mobian said which made Lillum smile before she walked in front of the group.

"Nice to meet you all, I would ask for the others names here but I believe I'm on a time limit… so… why don't we get to the fun shall we?" Lillum said before she made her clothing vanish with a snap of her fingers which made everyone blush when they saw her figure in full.

Lillum then had Raphael lay on his back when she surprised everyone when she used her magic on him to make him float while Lillum approached him.

A moment later, Lillum stood over Raphael's dick with Lillum grinning at the man who blushed brightly when Lillum knelt down and used her right hand to grip Raphael's dick and stroked it a few times which made the large man fidget a little.

Lillum however just grins before she pressed the head of his dick at her folds before she lowered herself more and slowly took all of Raphael's dick inside of her which made the man groan from the pleasure.

"Hehe… welcome to manhood Raph." Lillum teasingly said when she looks down at the struggling man who fought from cumming already.

Lillum then looked at the others who had interesting reactions with all of the men getting iron hard dicks and Lillum could see April and Kurai getting slightly wet.

Lillum then licks her lips at the sight before the scene went to a few minutes later, about 5 to be exact, to show Lillum already well underway with the virgin busting when she was riding Raphael's dick with some serious twerking motions, she even had Leonardo fuck her ass with all his might while she sucked off Michelangelo, she used one hand to stroke off Donatello and every guy was enjoying themselves greatly, though the women blushed at the sight, they did feel left out.

Though Lillum did notice and would deal with them later when she decided to move her body faster on Raphael's dick while Leonardo fucks her ass like he was in heat.

Lillum then used her tongue to give Michelangelo's dick a good licking before she used her free hand to fondle his balls while she stroked off Donatello at a faster rate before a couple minutes pass before Michelangelo, after getting pleased in two different areas, came hard in Lillum's mouth with a loud groan which made Lillum moan in a pleased way when she lets her mouth fill with Michelangelo's sperm before she drank his load down.

Lillum then heard Donatello grunt before he came surprisingly hard on her right breast while the succubus stroked him off to help make the orgasm stronger while Leonardo pushed himself as deep as he could go in Lillum's ass without knotting her before he howled and came incredibly hard inside of her tight tunnel which made Lillum moan from the feeling before her body worked to absorb his cum.

Raphael then pushed himself as deep as he could go into Lillum's pussy a few seconds later when he couldn't hold it any longer and with a loud groan, came a large amount of semen into Lillum's pussy which made her moan more while she waits for all of the man to tap off before she licks Michelangelo's dick clean and waits for Leonardo to pull out of her ass and the dog mobian was surprised to see nothing leaking from Lillum's asshole.

Lillum in turn waits for everyone to calm down before she got up from Rachel and his dick fell free and he saw to some surprise that none of his semen dripped from Lillum's pussy and Lillum, who just ignored the curious looks, got off of Gregory and looked at April and Kurai.

"Now then… time to show these people some sexy lesbian action for a bit." Lillum teasingly says while she walks over to a blushing April and Kurai after using a spell to clean her body off.

A moment later, Lillum stopped in front of April and saw that April was a little shorter than Lillum was which made the succubus place a thumb and index finger on April's chin and made her look up at Lillum's face before the succubus kissed April on the lips that made her and Kurai get wide eyes before April blushed more when Lillum sent her tongue into the Humans mouth and.

April then groans from the feeling while she felt Lillum's hands grip her ass and pulled her in so Lillum could hug April around her waist a moment later while Lillum keeps the kiss up and April starts to get a bit light headed from how long the kiss was maintained.

Lillum pulled her head back to let April breath while April had a light blush on her face.

Lillum then let go of April before she turned to Kurai who jolts a bit when she saw Lillum approach her and like with April, Lillum just flat out kissed her on the lips, though thanks to Kurai's smaller Mobian form, Lillum was able to pick the bird Mobian up and holds Kurai by her ass and holds her to her body which caused Kurai's body to press into Lillum's sexy body for all to see.

Many men watching got erections in their pants while some watching woman feel heated when they saw Kurai surprisingly melt into the kiss and gripped Lillum's breasts which made the succubus moan into the kiss more.

Lillum then leaned back in the air and used her body to help rest Kurai on her body before she moved her hand to Kurai's pussy and starts to finger her lightly which made the bird mobian moan a little and fondles Lillum's breasts more as a result.

Lillum then used a hand to go to Kurai's asshole before she starts to tease it a little which made the bird Mobian shudder before she groans when Lillum slowly pushed a finger into her ass and starts to finger it with expert precision so she could find Kurai's sweet spots which made the Bird mobian fidget while she gripped Lillum's breasts harder.

Lillum smirks when she felt that before she used gentle fingering motions on Kurai's asshole while she enjoyed the look of lust on Kurai's face as time went by and Kurai fidgets from Lillum's actions until she threw her head back and groans loudly when she came hard on Lillum's fingers and her juices squirt out onto the ground and on Lillum's groin and legs.

Lillum chuckles when she waits for Kurai to recover but placed her on the ground gently while using a shirt to give her a faux pillow of sorts before she looks at April who gulped when Lillum approached her.

"Hehe… and I got an interesting toy for you my dear…" Lillum teasingly said when she summoned her dial dildo much to everyone's confusion.

"W-What do you mean?" Kurai said when she was still conscious which made Lillum grin before she looks at Yuuto for some reason.

"Hey, Yuuto was it?, I have a bonus deal to make… agree and clear Penelope's dept, and I'll show what this can do and make a business proposition for you… should be really good if you listen and think about what I have in mind."

"Depends on what you have to offer." Yuuto simply said while he sat on a chair while Penelope just keeps blushing from the sight she was seeing.

"Well… better to show than tell, just don't be too turned on ladies." Lillum cryptically teased while everyone looks confused when Lillum placed the dial dildo above her bud and like last time, a dark light was seen before it fades and everyone say her cock on display which made everyone go bug eyed while Lillum smirks at their reactions.

"Hehe, as you can see, with this special toy of mine, I can grow a cock of any shape, size, and species as well, it can also be used with men to give them a second cock, so I'm sure you ladies will enjoy the image right?, Especially if I teach a few of you on how to make these sexy toys." Lillum teasingly said before winking at everyone which made a lot of women blush while some men got interested looks on their faces since they could grow a second dick to use if Lillum was telling the truth.

Yuuto at this time was rubbing his chin in thought but did ask one question.

"Well then, considering things, I may consider that deal… but a demonstration is in order to see if it can even work for my men and women here." Yuuto said which made Lillum grin.

"Well then, might as well have April here help with that." Lillum teasingly said while she looks at April who blushed at the look that Lillum was giving her.

A couple minutes later, and April, who wants kneeling on the ground was seen bobbing her head while her lips slide back and forth on Lillum's cock which made the succubus moan and groan while Lillum played with her nipples by tugging on them while she enjoyed the sight of April trying her best to suck her cock.

April, who at first didn't expect to be doing something like this, was surprisingly having fun when she sucked Lillum's dick and used a hand to rub Lillum's folds which made the succubus groan more before she used a hand to pet April's head which made the woman blush and bob her head faster as a result.

Lillum groans from that before she looks at everyone else with a lustful look on her face.

"As you can see, it works wonders for those who are curious on if this will work well for you and your lover, word of warning for first time users, it forces a one time ejaculation from the get go... the reason being your brain being rewired a bit to use this again without issues at a later date but there is no worry for your health, its is completely safe, and you will have more stamina to use so no worries about a once shot I-ISSUES!" Lillum moans out before yelling that last word when she came hard inside of April's mouth which made April's eyes widen from the amount and Lillum placing her hand on April's head which made April drink most of Lillum's load down.

For a bit, Lillum keeps cumming in April's mouth before she tapped off 10 seconds later with a pleased groan and pulled her cock free of April's mouth which made the blushing woman pant for breath after she coughed a few times to get her throat cleared.

Lillum took a moment to breathe a sigh of relief before she grins at April.

"I hope you don't think we're done yet…" Lillum lustfully said to April which made the woman blush when she saw Lillum's throbbing dick.

A minute later, everyone watched as Lillum place April on all fours and was rubbing the head of her dick on April's folds which made April shudder while Lillum licks her lips from the soaked folds.

Lillum then slowly pushed her dick in which made April groan loudly from the size and a few seconds later, Lillum felt her cock bump into April's hymen which caused Lillum to smirk.

"Now then… time to see how well you deal with a busted Hymen." Lillum said before she gripped April's hips and in one good go, busts through April's hymen which caused April to groan loudly from the pain and pleasure while Lillum groans from feeling how tight April was, more so when she felt April's pussy grip her tightly while some blood dripped to the ground from April's snatch.

Lillum had to wait for April to adjust for a bit so Lillum took this time to lean down and used her hands to play with April's breasts which made April moan from the feeling.

A few minutes pass with Lillum feeling April's pussy relax a bit before she starts to thrust her hips a little and her cock went in and out of April's pussy.

April grits her teeth for a minute or two when she felt the pain and pleasure assault her and she starts to moan a bit when the pleasure starts to override the pain.

The people watching the scene blushed a bit, minus Yuuto, and they felt their pants either getting tight or wet for male and female respectively before they saw April thrusting her hips back to meet Lillum's thrusts.

"Hehe, glad to see your enjoying this April, hope you like stuff like this!" Lillum teasingly said before she starts to smack April's ass which made her moan and groan greatly from each smack while Lillum had a demonic grin on her face while Yuuto watched when it looked odd that Lillum wasn't rushing like he thought she would.

"Strange, granted she is only 20 minutes in but why is she not going all out?, pretty sure she would have finished things by now so why did she…" Yuuto thought before he got what was going on and actually smirks a bit.

"That cheeky woman… using me to make a deal too good to pass up… even if she goes over the time limit, an idea like this would make millions of rings in no time flat… hmmm… maybe I should see how this goes." Yuuto thought as he keeps watching Lillum as she keeps fucking April harder and harder as time went on.

April moans and groans while her pussy keeps tightening on Lillum's cock and Lillum keeps on spanking April's ass while she fucked the Human harder and harder until April tossed her head back and groans when she came hard on Lillum's cock.

Lillum groans a bit from that but she keeps on fucking April harder and harder to show everyone here what a Succubus could do while Lillum held her orgasm back for as long as she could… which was for a quite a bit and gave April a few more orgasms before Lillum thrusts her hips and pushed herself balls deep into April and groans loudly when she came hard inside of April's pussy, filling her womb with her sperm which made April's stomach bloat quite a bit from the amount and April came hard again as a result which caused her to moan while tossing her head back.

When Lillum tapped off, she pulled herself from April's folds and April's body, exausted from the intense fucking, fell onto her front while her ass was in the air and sperm leaked from her pussy as her stomach slowly shrinks back to normal while April groans from the feeling and Lillum chuckles when she looks at Kurai.

"Now… what should I do with you…" Lillum said with a teasing smirk while Kurai blushed, but before Lillum could do Yuuto interrupts her.

"Actually, while I and my men would love to see more, I believe I should say something, a change in the deal you gave us so to speak." Yuuto said when he walked to Lillum who had an amused look on her face.

"Hooo…, going back on the deal?" Lillum said with a slight edge to her voice.

That caused Yuuto to chuckle when he heard that.

"On the contrary, I was just going to suggest that if we do make this deal work and my people make many of those toys of yours, you get 30% of the profits while I get 70%, mainly for manpower needed and the material plus the hotspots that I own… you can get Penelope for yourself and get some rings as long as you just supply me with the goods." Yuuto said which made Lillum smirk.

"40%, give Penelope to me, and I'll keep the secret of my toys to your group for a few years… 3 I would say as a start, and I would give the more extreme stuff that I have after a year and a half while I keep the safe stuff for well known people after and let another 3 years go by after the first 3 before giving them the really good stuff." Lillum said which made Yuuto chuckle again.

"35… and you have a deal." Yuuto said while he held a hand out for Lillum to shake which she did a moment later.

"Great, want to stick around and celebrate?" Lillum asked which made Yuuto shake his head.

"Sorry but gotta make the paperwork for the contract, maybe next time." Yuuto said before he turned to Penelope who jolts when Yuuto looks down at her with a less hostile look in his eyes.

"Well, seems you are free to go to that lady there, good luck and next time try and pick the people to borrow Rings from better people, after all… you never know what we could do to a girl like you… organs… test drugs… wait till you are 18 and make porn or something." Yuuto said which made Penelope pale and Yuuto chuckles lightly.

"I'm kidding… for the most part.. We don't deal with drugs." Yuuto said before he walked by Penelope which made her gulp since the organ thing and the prostitution thing was still options she could have been forced in.

Lillum chuckles at that before she looks at Penelope.

"Well you heard the big guy, run to your mother, we can talk later about details and don't worry about finding me… I'll find you." Lillim said in a teasing way when she already muttered a spell while Yuuto and Penelope were talking and under Penelope's fur on her skin, was a tracking seal so Lillum could find Penelope at anytime.

Though Penelope never noticed the spell while she nods her head quickly and she ran out of the room which made Lillum chuckle before she looks at Kurai who jolts from the lustful look she got from Lillum.

That caused many in the room to blush when Lillum starts to dominate Kurai in many suggestive ways while the scene went away from Lillum to Zack Fair.

Mobius/ Angel Island/ ?/ Zack Fair (World: Final Fantasy IIV: Crisis Core timeline point: Ending)

Turns out… after the fight with Steel, he managed to recover pretty well compared to most and was squatting in place in the infirmary of the Angel Island hidden Elemental base while Nexus looked over the data she could gather about Zack fair and the materia that he had… normally only those affiliated with the Elementals or a Guardian (Not the Echidna Guardians, different kind of Guardian) can come here, however since Emerald pulled him into this dimension and Zack has no home to speak of here in this Dimension and helped with fighting Steel and keeping others alive, the Elemental's, with the Spirits approval, brought Zack in to be healed and right now he was just waiting for the green light to leave from Nexus while she typed on a complex looking keyboard and looked at info that Zack couldn't even comprehend.

"So uh…" Zack tried to ask while Nexus just said one thing.

"Quiet." Nexus said with a dull but cold tone to her voice which caused a shudder to go up Zack's back and he followed the order as Nexus keeps on typing on the keyboard for a couple minutes more before she looks at Zack.

"You are good to go now, follow the arrow and you can get your materia back and meet with Kamikazix, she will give you something to do while we think on what to do with you, says here you are supposed to be dead in your world if Emerald didn't help you." Nexus said when she watched Zack as he keeps squatting in place for a minute more before he stands up.

"Alright, but what arrow?" Zack asked while Nexus sighs before she snapped her fingers and a floating purple arrow appeared in front of Zack which made him blink a few times while he poked the arrow which made it wobble.

"Cool." Zack said before the arrow starts to float forward towards the exit and when Zack followed, Nexus just looked back at the monitor and begins to type again.

That resulted in Zack following the floating arrow to a new room and sweatdrops when he saw a woman, most likely Kamikazix, sleeping on a large pillow in the middle of the room while all the materia he had which he unequipped for the Elemental's to look at were all on the pillow in various spots.

"What the hell?, thought I was to talk with her or something." Zack thought when he reached to grab his Materia, but jolts when he heard Kamikazix speaking up without opening her eyes.

"You know, you could have just said something… Zack Fair right?, just double checking the name to see if I remember right." Kamikazix said while she keeps her eyes closed.

Zack chuckles nervously when he heard that.

"I-I see… well can I get my Materia back?" Zack asked which made Kamikazix hum a bit.

"Maaaaybe… considering various things, relying on these won't be in your best interest though even if they give interesting effects." Kamikazix said which confused Zack.

"What do you mean?, I can't use any magic or skills without Materia until I master it, pretty common thing in my world." Zack said with a confused tone to his voice which made Kamikazix chuckle a few times while she opened one eye lightly.

"Well why not just learn how since you ARE in a new world… new world, different laws of physics… besides seems to me you will need the skills when we get you back home." Kamikazix said which confused Zack further.

"Well.. you do have a point but how?, I'm not sure if that training with Xan will work with me since I don't think 4 years in a dungeon...though cool… would work the same for me." Zack said which made Kamikazix chuckle a few times while she sat up and rubbed her tired looking bedhead.

"Well that was the full difficulty setting to test Emerald, though things went off the rails big time even I can see that, no, we talked with Xan and the training at best in the cave would take just two years to complete, and you would have an elemental with you as well to make sure things go well, not even Bordux would try anything with that kind of security and the dungeon itself would focus on blocking Bordux's goons and keep them out, perfectly safe aside from the monster fighting and training from Xan." Kamikazix explained while Zack looked thoughtful.

"Maybe… and all it would take is a day out here?" Zack said which made Kamikazix nod her head.

"Yeah, though you'll have to wait for Emerald to get through with his training with Xan, really needs it considering the revival skill Emerald got… really risky for his soul right now." Kamikazix said which made Zack frown when he remembered hearing about that.

"Yeah… that… costly revival ability, nearly forgot about it until that Nexus lady reminded me about it." Zack said which made Kamikazix nod her head.

"Yeah, and though we can get you home sooner or later once we get things ironed out, Emerald's going to need strong allies since we Elemental's can't fight in most battles normally unless its in self defense or against reality destroying enemies, the main reason we have the Guardians when they were in power was so we wouldn't have to step into fights since our powers are so strong that we could risk breaking Dimensions if we are not careful… at my level I could wipe out all oxygen on every planet in this Dimension if I go to planet to planet… that's how terrifying an Elemental of Wind's power… and that's just one elemental only so think of what multiple elementals can do." Kamikazix while Zack visibly paled at the image… granted he would have thought she was bluffing but hours ago… he did get his ass handed to him by a second hand robot being controlled by the first Elemental of Darkness and only a small part of his power was used for Steel… so if that was a low grade bot then how strong was full power?... destruction of dimensions like Kamikazix said?

"U-Uh… you serious?... about the Dimensional destroying thing?" Zack said while Kamikazix put on a nightmask from who knows where..

"Yeah but it depends on the personality of said Elemental, I mean personally do you see me getting off my ass to do something?... well it mainly depends on the personality of the Elemental but the point is that we are guardian deities who train new ones to take our place when the time is right… aside from the occasional Elemental of Darkness, we keep dimensions stable and protected." Kamikazix said which brought up a few points to Zack who looked thoughtful.

"You… have a point… well who do I train with then?, Xan is training Emerald right now so I don't think I can train with him." Zack said which made Kamikazix smirk a bit while she sat up as a small gust of wind kicks up which caused Zack to cover his face a bit with his arm as Kamikazix was lift to her feet from the wind and Kamikazix used a hand to raise her eyepatch over her eyes so that her tired right eye was seen.

"Simple silly… I'm your trainer." Kamikazix simply said which made Zack's eyes widen in shock.

"Huh?" Zack simply said while Kamikazix tossed Zack something from who knows where and when Zack caught it, he saw it was some kind of sword hilt.

"What the?... What do I do with this?" Zack said while he tossed the hilt from hand to hand which made the Wind Elemental roll one seen eye and she pointed at the hilt.

"Press the button on the hilt, Tails made that for you." Kamikazix said which made Zack blink a few times before he looks at the hilt and did see a button… and when he clicked the button, a silver fluid like substance shot from the hilt and reformed into a two sided blade much to Zack's shock and giddy surprise when it looked just like his old blade from when he worked for Shines.

"Whoa!" Was all Zack said before he swings the blade a few times to test the blade and not only was as light as a feather, Zack hit the side with his fist to test how durable it was and even when the higher level hits cracked the sword, it just repaired itself before Zack could fully grin when he saw all that.

Though thanks to his training as a first class soldier, Zack brought up the blade in a guarded stance and was knocked back by a gust of wind which was more powerful then he thought and skids on his feet for a moment while Kamikazix yawns.

"Sorry but I hate putting in effort into much so let's try and make this training count, think of this as your before moment where I see where you stand now before I make a training schedule for you with another elemental." Kamikazix said with a small smile on her tired face… while a massive twister appeared behind Kamikazix and all the materia on Kamikazix's massive pillow were pulled from the pillow and flew around the tornado like they were orbiting the cone of wind which made Zack chuckle nervously when he got in a guarded stance and had one thought as Kamikazix raised her left hand.

"I… am royally fucked." Zack thought while the elemental of wind sends her attack at Zack while the scene went to Knuckles while he shadow boxes near the foot of the shrine.

Angel Island/ Master Emerald Altar/ Knuckles

Punch after punch, swing after swing, Knuckles worked to punch imaginary figures while he had various thoughts… some about how Robotnik's creations and how strong they were getting… and how weak he was compared to some of the newer fighters and trained fighters in the group which made Knuckles growl a bit in frustration…. Sure he lost an eye… but the blow to his Ego was huge...

First was Emerald… the guy barely survived the first few days in Mobius yet thanks to a trip through the Trial of blades, Emerald's power skyrocketed enough to pretty much one shot Steel… granted thanks to Pluton and the others, Steel was weakened greatly, but Emerald was weakened to the point of passing out right after the fight but was able to destroy the rest of Steel entirely… and now he was getting training to get stronger.

Then there was Shunpei… kid woke up a bit after Emerald passed out after Xan healed the kid… he could barely do anything against Steel yet with one of Tail's guns, seemingly modified by Shunpei somehow, was able to damage the mad robotic psychopath.

Then there was Pluton… Robot may have a heart of gold but he mainly took on Metal and Steel and though his Chaos Emeralds were stolen in the end, he did destroy Metal and critically injure Steel.

Even Amy who used to be one of the weaker fighters managed to outclass Knuckles this time when all he could do was hold off Metal and even lost an eye in the process… though Amy lost her eyes to Steel in the battle… but thanks to Xan, he heard that Amy would have been able to see things again… though not in the way he would think since thanks to Steel's attack, Amy couldn't regrow her eyes with healing techniques.

And don't even get Knuckles started with Xan and the Elementals… the supposed true Guardians of the Master Emerald.

Knuckles threw a few other punches with some growls when he remembered hearing about the Elemental's and Guardians… it seems… his people were just pale imitations of the actual dimensional Guardians which pissed Knuckles off since his people were guarding the Master Emerald for centuries.

That caused Knuckles to attack invisible enemies at a faster rate while he grits his teeth.

"Trouble Mr. Echidna?" A voice said which made Knuckles jolt before he looks over to see the Spirit of the Master Emerald standing near him near it's main body on the altar.

Knuckles, who didn't know what to say or do right now in this situation, just went back to Shadow boxing which made the Spirit chuckle for a moment.

"Well since you are quiet and worried about various things, I might as well just ramble… mainly about your people who defended my main body for so many years… ah the Echidna tribe… nice people… well except for those who tried to use me for their own benefit but that's a different group altogether… your people were pretty hardy folk… disciplined and while it's true they were not the strongest…" The Spirit said which made Knuckles eyes narrow… or at least his one good eye… but before he could counter… he stopped in his tracks when the Spirit said this.

"However… your people were the most honorable and unlike some instances with the Elementals and Guardians… your family never… ever… planned on betraying me or causing trouble for others… so your families loyalty are the best there is." The Spirit said which stopped Knuckles in his tracks while he looks at the Spirit with a stunned look on his face while the Spirit gives its ever present grin.

"So I really appreciate the help Knuckles since you stuck by when the rest of your clan died… so I got a bit of a gift for you to help with your guardian duties and you can even use it when you are helping your friends when they are in trouble." The Spirit said while Knuckles was confused from what the Spirit said about a gift… before they turned into greater confusion when Knuckles saw that the Spirit somehow summoned the helmet that Knuckles had and it looked… different… not broken as well since Knuckles remembered the visor breaking… but it looked fully repaired.

The Spirit noticed the confusion and chuckles as the helmet floats to Knuckles and he had to catch it so it wouldn't fall on him.

"As you can see, its fully repaired and it has a few upgrades as well thanks to a blacksmith of the Elemental's that we have hidden here on the island for now… see the dial on the side?, well your choice on wearing it or not but trust me, its better to get to know the helmets new features inside and out since it will be helpful in the future." The Spirit said which caused Knuckles to jolt when he heard the word Elementals and Hidden Blacksmith.

"H-Hidden?... but I looked everywhere on this Island and never saw anything like a smithy here." Knuckles said when he looks at the Spirit who chuckles at the Echidna.

"Well if it was any other location, you would get in no problem, but let's just say that this guy is way too important to let just anyone know since he A, helped make the shrine that I rest on and B, made all the Guardian weapons since Day 1, not even the Guardian's know besides the former leader for obvious reasons of him having Onimusha… which will most likely have me send Emerald to him so he can explain more about Onimusha and how the blades for the Guardian's are made since at this time… well… the Guardian's were pretty much disbanded after so many years of being inactive so Emerald would be the leader now… still needs to get stronger but I can think of worse people to be in the leader position." The Spirit explained which caused Knuckles to blink for a few reasons.

Though Knuckles looks at the helmet with a hesitant look, he did want to try and get stronger since even if he wasn't part of the Spirits past Guardians, he was still part of the tribe of Echidna who defended the Master Emerald for generations…

That caused Knuckles to put the helmet on and like last time, he got his armored form again and the visor was fully restored as well without a blemish or issue… though Knuckles had to look with his good eye and barely saw the repaired part from the corner of his good eye.

"Wow… thing looks brand new… actually… more then new?" Knuckles said which made the Spirit chuckle.

"As you can see, our blacksmith had a blast incorporating some of the requested parts for the new features but the point is, if you feel on the right side of the helmet, there is a dial there, if you turn it, you'll feel a click and…" The Spirit explained to Knuckles and starts to go over the features of the helmet while the scene shifts to Tails's place.

Mobius/ Tails's home/ Tails's basement/?

When the scene showed the basement, it showed the training room was being used while Tails worked on Pluton's newest body… last time he was more or less focusing on Pluton's new body purely as Pluton walked around here or there to help pass tools or parts to Tails in the smaller Echidna like body that Tails made for him.

Though as that happened, the scene went into the training room to show Sonic fighting digital versions of Steel and Metal again but this time with their latest forms and while he was doing well at this time, mainly for the fact he was getting used to their speeds and combos, though knowing how Robotnik was lately… Steel and Metal would be much stronger then ever so Sonic had the backup of Pluton that was watching the fight carefully from the side make subtle changes during the fight to keep things from being repetitive as a blind folded Amy sat nearby in a meditative state surprisingly enough… however that reason was explained in a flashback after Xan awoke Amy's ability to use Chaos Energy and Aura...

Hospital/ Amy's room/ Amy, Xan

Amy sat there on the bed while she held her hands in front of her face with a greatly stunned look… she was bandaged over her eyes… which should have been destroyed from Steel's attack… yet… after getting the Aura and Chaos energy under control thanks to Xan… she can make out a slight blur in front of her… it was like she was standing or sitting in mist of sorts but before she could gather her thoughts, Xan Spoke up to get her attention.

"Listen Amy, currently you can only go up from here since right now you are in a serious case of rock bottom but currently I have to focus on Emerald's training right now… besides even if I did train you, the best thing I can say is meditate and try and focus your energy so its well… more focused… mainly in your eyes for an ability called Gyo as a starting step… it's an ability where your Aura is focused in where your eyes should be thanks to the Aura that I helped focused in your eyes, you should see… something in front of you, however I never tried this since I have a good eye still and both my eyes are fully intact, if you can keep your new vision for a long period of time, say 24 hours straight without issues which is easier said than done, then we can move to a more intense method where your Aura is extended all over your body and expanded into a field of sorts around you… its called Enand while it may not make up for true sight, I can assure you that once you get that ability under control, you'll see the world in ways that most could only dream of… so… what do you say?... baby steps before we get you to really shine since it's rare for a person like you to have such talent being wasted on just being a fangirl of sorts… hehe… with this you may Sonic chasing after you from how different you may be after you become a truly kickbutt woman." Xan said with a wide grin on his face as Amy blushed when she could picture Sonic chasing after her for her affections though… she didn't feel too happy about that for some reason… especially when she still had the memories of Steel taking her eyesight when she was too weak to do anything at the time…

That caused her to look up which got Xan's attention when he saw that she had an oddly determined look on her face.

"I'm willing to go one step at a time seriously… not to get Sonic's attention… but to show I'm not going to stay weak." Amy said which made Xan laugh out loud for a moment which made Amy puff her cheeks out for a moment while Xan rubbed the back of his head and chuckles nervously before he cleared his throat.

"Well I can help you with a couple lessons to get on the right track before I leave, you see the first step is…" Xan said before the scene went back to the present with Amy working on one of Xan's lessons.

Present/ Tails's home/ Tails's basement/ Training room/ Sonic, Amy, Pluton's backup data

That lesson in turn was Amy sitting with her legs crossed while she had her hands together in a prayer like motion but instead of praying, she was just working on slowly trying to move some energy around her body and arms in a circular motion, if she could do that for a decent amount of time then she can work on other parts of her body.

The reason that she was doing this was so that she could not only train how long she could keep this up and work on the control so she could work on the En in the future.

Even if the scenes did change to other people either training to protect themselves or those who were just trying to live their own lives… it wouldn't matter much since it was all the same with the key players… they were training to get stronger so they could defend themselves from future threats… and one was quickly arriving around the corner… one which would change the lives of everyone when the scene showed Robotnik chuckling when he looked over the data that he got from the previous fight in his base…

Robotnik's Hidden Sky base/ Robotnik's main lab/ Robotnik

The scene did indeed show Robotnik chuckling as he looked over the data before him while he felt elated at how his plan was going.

What many didn't know was that Steel and Metal… were far from complete at the time and the slight upgrades that were used on Angel Island were nothing more than prototypes of what is to come…

"Hehe… good thing I had the real bodies on standby so I can upgrade them based on the data from that weird cave… I'll make adjustments based on possible growths that those runts and freaks will do since I saw them training in a few spybot videos… at least from the places where I can send them… still can't get any bots in that secret shrine of those Elementals but I have Destruct to thank for the inside information on at least how that Emerald brats training may go with that Grandblade character." Robotnik thought as he types rapidly on his computer for a few minutes.

Though as he types, he heard an echoing laugh of sorts fill the room which made him jolt and looks around to see nothing but heard though… that laugher sounded familiar to him.

That caused Robotnik's eyes widen when he finally pieced things together and could only say one work.

"Bordux!" was all Robotnik said which caused the laugher to grow louder right before a portal opens near Robotnik and low and behold… Bordux appeared from it before it closed behind him and he looks around the lab.

"Indeed good doctor… and considering you know me… I doubt I need to explain why I am here right?" Bordux said with an ever present smile when he looks at the Doctor.

"...Indeed… you are that traitor to the elementals as far as I'm aware of and you are after that Emerald brat for some reason, unless it's the reverse or something, but why have you come here?, if it's to offer help, then while I appreciate it, I got info and power from Destruct." Robotnik said while Bordux chuckles at Robonik's information.

"Maybe past information, but current information… especially with Emerald's training… I'm sure we can make those bots better then before." Bordux said while he smirks at Robotnik who in turn after thought chuckles evilly as the scene fades to black.

The scene now showed TME as he exits his home and stretched his body.

"Hhhhhmmmm… boy that was an interesting time… hope things will go well in the future with everyone either training or in Lillum's case, getting a new business deal going with Yuuto, everyone else training their asses off in some shape or form, or getting new equipment to do so... training was skimmed over since for Chise, it would have been that training with Tails's machine which wouldn't last long scene wise, Emerald is training with Xan and that will be a surprise later, all in all I got the key players so to speak in terms of business, next time is mainly a lemon chapter before the final battle of the prequel starts but things may not be as what you may expect it to be thanks to a little help with Robotnik from Bordux… trust me… anyway I'll be working with Atomsk on stories so like usual this story is developing slow… I mean geeze been a long time between 35 and 36 here so… don't expect a quick update but if I do update soon, then hope for the best." TME said while he starts to walk away from his home and waved to the readers.

"Anyway see you all later in some shape or form, I'll be busy hanging with Atomsk for now, byebye." TME said before the scene fades to black.

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