The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
Heated moments heading to the shrine

The scene fades in to show TME who appeared in Station Square while he approached a game store with his hands in his pockets before he stopped when he saw the readers.

"Hey everyone and welcome to chapter 34 of TDS: the prequel arc, hope last chapter went well for you all, the flashback explained some things and the lemon was interesting right?" TME said with a grin on his face before he spoke up again.

"Well a reverse happens in this chapter with a lemon as a starter before things go to a more serious day for Emerald and the others, maybe another lemon later as I'll leave you all by saying that I'll see you all in the outro, have fun in the story." TME said with a grin on his face before the scene shifts.

Mobius/Vanilla's home/?/?/ Lemon alert

The sun rises on The Rabbit residence in Station Square and the sun shines through the window into the room where Emerald, Vanilla, and Lillum was sleeping in which showed said trio on the bed… or one to be exact when Vanilla and Lillum were missing.

The Camera focused on Emerald's head and torso was snoozing right now before he felt something off on his groin area, a pleasurable feeling which for a moment, he tries to ignore so he could rest some more… but when it continues to bug him, he got an irritated strained look on his closed eye face before he spoke up and looked down to see a figure under the covers and with a bobbing head from what he could tell before he spoke up.

"Alright Lillum, I thought we agreed that only if I had morning wood you were suppose to wake me first, not give me a surprise this morning since you like to go overboard." Emerald said before he reached for the covers before he pulled it off his body to get surprised when it wasn't Lillum… it was Vanilla who was sucking him off to his shock and surprise before he spoke up when she keeps doing it after she noticed Emerald looking at her.

"U-Uhhh… gotta say… this is unexpected." Emerald said which made Vanilla stop for a second to chuckle for a moment before she resumes sucking Emerald off which made him groan while time passed to a minute to two later while Emerald in the meantime just lays back and enjoys the feeling before he felt his dick twitching in Vanilla's mouth before he spoke up.

"V-Vanilla… g-gonna cum!" Emerald said before Vanilla pulls her head away to Emerald's slight surprise before he looked to her with a confused look while Vanilla giggles before she turns onto all fours while her ass points to Emerald before she spoke up.

"Might as well get a real wake up call instead of a simple warm up right?" Vanilla asked while shaking her ass to tempt Emerald while he just gulps for a moment before he grins and spoke up when he sat up and got into position with the head of his dick pressed against her folds.

"Thanks for the wake up call than, might as well give a tip for such service!" Emerald said before he thrusts his dick inside of Vanilla's pussy before he starts to thrust his hips back and forth in and out of Vanilla who in turn pants and groans while time seemed to pass with Emerald alternating with gripping and spanking her ass before he bends down to grip and massage her breasts while time passed more until…

"Guh…gonna... c-cum!" Emerald groans out when he felt himself getting close again while Vanilla, after managing to catch her breath between thrusts, spoke up.

"G-Go ahead… creampie my pussy!, fill it with your cum!" Vanilla begged with a lust filled look to Emerald when she looks back at him and that was all Emerald could take before he quickly kissed Vanilla's lips, slammed himself fully inside of Vanilla, and he starts to unload in Vanilla's pussy which made them both groan from the feeling while Vanilla's pussy tightens around his dick when she herself cum a little when she felt his semen fill her womb.

About 20 seconds pass before the duo calms down and Emerald tapped off before he pulled himself from Vanilla and sat on the bed to catch his breath while Vanilla herself pants for breath as well before she spoke up between breaths while some semen flowed down her legs.

"S-So… how are you feeling?" Vanilla asked while Emerald sent her a grin before he spoke up.

"Well… it's around 6 to 7 AM here… maybe we could… go another round?" Emerald said with a grin on his face while Vanilla blushed… but before she could respond a familiar voice spoke up to the duo which ended things for the duo.

Lemon over

"Actually I hate to interrupt but I need Emerald real quick… sorry about this Vanilla." The Voice said which made the duo jolt before they looked to see the Spirit of the Master Emerald in the room before the duo had two different reactions.

One was obviously Vanilla quickly panicking and getting the blanket on her to cover herself while Emerald got pissed off.

"Ok… mind explaining why you couldn't at least wait?" Emerald growled out before the Spirit grins before it spoke.

"Well you did say you would take another round or two but that would take awhile so I figured I should say something now before things turn into another day here before you two know it." the Spirit teased which made Vanilla blush while Emerald gave the Spirit a half lidded look.

"Seriously… *sigh* sorry Vanilla, mind if we continue when I get back later?" Emerald asked while Vanilla, who was still thrown off by the Spirit appearing in her room, looks to Emerald before she spoke up.

"S-Sure." Vanilla said with a slight blush on her face when Emerald grins before he got up from the bed and went to get his clothing before he entered the bathroom while the Spirit looks to Vanilla and sent her a grin before it spoke up.

"Oh and you might want to brace yourself Vanilla, Lillum is going to bring a few items soon after Emerald leaves for some interesting times later so good luck for you, also tell Emerald to head to the floating island in the sky and I'll meet him when he gets there." The Spirit said before it vanished while Vanilla just got confused when she relaxed after her embarrassment fades.

A few minutes pass before Emerald exits the bathroom in his outfit from The trial of Blades before he spoke up when he saw that The Spirit was gone.

"Where did the Spirit go?" Emerald asked when he looked around the room before Vanilla spoke up.

"It… said something about going to Angel Island, the floating island in the sky, said something about meeting you there when you get to the island." Vanilla said before Emerald spoke up.

"I see, I'll head out then, sorry for the trouble Vanilla, hope we can continue where we left off when I get back though." Emerald said which made Vanilla blush some before she nods.

"Yeah, keep safe alright?... that cave was insane and with what happened inside of it, I'm worried things will get worse from here if your not careful" Vanilla said with some concern in her voice which caused Emerald to smile at her before he spoke up.

"No worries, I'm pretty sure we're alright here with the Elemental's here so if Bordux tries anything he won't get far… now if you'll excuse me… " Emerald said before he walked out of the room and closed the door before Vanilla took a moment to sigh before she smiles a bit before she just decides to go shower as well.

But before she could, something flickered from out of her view which made her look to not see something which made her sigh in relief, but something above her made a noise which makes her look up to get the shock of her life when she saw Lillum floating above her with a lecherous smirk on her face.

Vanilla's eyes widen in shock before she remembered what The Spirit said but before she could say anything, Lillum swooped down to her and the scene shifts to Emerald who was already in the park while Vanilla lets out a cry of pleasure… but thanks to the silencing seal, no one heard Vanilla scream.

Mobius/ Station Square/ Park/ Emerald

Emerald when he got to the park, starts to look around when he saw that his view of Station Square was unblocked.

A few moments later, he looked to one direction to see Angel Island in the distance before he spoke up.

"Hey Onimusha, know a way to get to the island easily or we going to have to huff it?" Emerald said before Onimusha's voice was heard in his head.

"Head to Tails's home, he has a teleporting pad for you to get to the island, but… prepare for a rough landing." Onimusha said before he fell silent while Emerald got confused from what Onimusha said before he just shrugged a bit before he starts walking to Tails's home.

When he got there after 10 or so minutes of walking so he could look around at all of the people around him that passed him by and some even waved to him with excited smiles which confused him a bit before he found himself at Tails's home.

Mobius/ Station Square/ Tails's front door/ Emerald

Emerald took a moment to knock on the door before he heard footsteps approach before the door opened which showed Pluton in his Echidna robot body before he spoke up.

"Hello Emerald, Nice to see you again, how's Vanilla and Cream?" Pluton asked while Emerald smiles a bit.

"Well first off, Vanilla's fine, she woke up before I did to… do a few things.. And I left her in her room to come here when the Spirit appeared and asked for me to go to Angel Island, Onimusha told me about a… teleporting pad that Tails had that can get me there." Emerald explained while getting a bit confused before Pluton spoke up.

"And Cream?" Pluton asked which caused Emerald to blink a bit before he answered.

"Well last I heard what that she was put to bed when she and Vanilla got back, and since it's… around 7 to 8 right now, I thought she was asleep so I left her room alone since I have no idea about schools in this world if she goes to one." Emerald explained before Pluton was silent for a moment before he spoke up.

"Databanks show that schools start normally around 9 AM in this dimension but Cream doesn't go to school and is home schooled by Vanilla and the occasional tutor or Tails if she or the tutor's busy." Pluton said while he stood aside to allow Emerald to enter and closed the door behind Emerald.

"Nice to know…Does Vanilla have a job or something since I never really heard anything about her having a job before and she seems to have a nice place here." Emerald asked before Pluton spoke up when he followed Emerald inside of Tails's home.

"She normally gets it from multiple sources, one of which is from getting things really insured when Robotnik caused trouble, the damage may have destroyed her homes but she got serious payoffs from it, there's also the alimony check she gets each month so she can support Cream from her Ex-husband." Pluton said before Emerald nods a few times.

"Oh I see…" Emerald said when he turned a corner to look for Tails before he popped his head back to look at Pluton in shock and only said this.

"WHAT!?" Emerald called out while Pluton just stood there while Tails ran out of the basement with a shocked look on his face while he saw a greatly shocked Emerald when he spoke up.

"What do you mean Vanilla gets support from an Ex-Husband!?, I mean I get why… but why did she separate from the guy!?" Emerald asked with a bewildered tone before Pluton was silent for a moment like he was searching for something before he spoke up.

"Databanks about that show that because of him getting drunk a lot, Vanilla filed for a divorce shortly after Cream was born when Vanilla feared for Cream's safety, after some work and after a few times when the man tried to challenge Vanilla for custody, Vanilla won when there was many witnesses who saw what the man was like in the past and he nearly harmed Vanilla once but thankfully a police officer was nearby to stop things before things could get really out of hand, though Vanilla did get slapped once before the officer showed up." Pluton said before Emerald got both pissed and confused.

"Ok…before I ask where that bastard is so I can kick his ass for what he did, mind telling me how you know all of this?" Emerald asked before Pluton spoke up.

"I am now able to *surf the web* as some would call it and I was able to dig this info up from many years ago, another saying is that what goes on the Internet normally stays on the internet for a long time, so be careful of what you put on there or it could bite you on the ass years later." Pluton said while Emerald and Tails sweatdrop before Emerald spoke up.

"Remind me to ask about how Tails did that one later… and to get back on track with why I came here before I go on some kind of manhunt for a guy who's most likely on a different part of this planet… the Teleporting pad please." Emerald asked while making a mental note to ask Vanilla about the bastard later before Tails who was listening in spoke up to get his attention.

"Uh… yeah… I can show you… just follow me and… yeah..." Tails said when he had trouble processing words which got Emerald's attention before he spoke up to the two tailed inventor.

"Hey Tails, sorry for the sudden visit and… if you overheard us, but the Spirit told me to go to Angel island and I need to use the teleporting pad… may I?" Emerald asked the inventor fox who just blinked a few times before nodding.

"Uh sure, just follow me and I can send you there." Tails said before he walked back downstairs to his basement lab with Emerald and Pluton in tow while Pluton had a thoughtful look on his face but stayed silent for now.

A few minutes later, and the trio found themselves in the room with the Teleporting pad before Tails spoke up.

"Just to warn you, you're landing will be off somewhat so don't blame me alright?" Tails said which confused Emerald before he spoke up.

"Ooook… how bad can it be?" Emerald said when he walked onto the pad when it glows while Tails chuckles nervously when a confused Emerald was enveloped with a white light and he vanished while Tails sighs before he looked to Pluton before he spoke up.

"Did you really look up stuff about Vanilla's past?" Tails asked which made Pluton nod before he spoke up.

"At least this Dimensions version of Vanilla… I held back though cause the real info would piss Emerald off to the point that he would skin the Ex-Husband and leave him alive to feel the agony… though considering what he did to Vanilla, I would help Emerald in the act." Pluton said with a blank tone… but it turned cold which caused Tails to shudder before he spoke up.

"Uh… what was the info?" Tails asked which made Pluton look to Tails before he spoke up.

"Trust me… you don't want to know the details… but let's just say that Cream wasn't conceived from love... and that man is in prison right now for what he did… and Vanilla's family was generous enough to pay for a lot of her things to help raise Cream… Vanilla herself has a few businesses that she invested in that helps to keep them afloat but long story short, don't think too much into it Tails… you won't like where your imagination takes you." Pluton said which ironically caused Tails's eyes to widen in shock… and horrifying realization but he kept quiet when Pluton walked away to do whatever he normally did around here while Tails just stood at the keyboard while he tried to calm himself while the scene shifts to Emerald when he appeared… above Angel City.

Mobius/ Angel Island/ Emerald

When Emerald's vision cleared, the last thing he expected was falling through the air and towards Angel Island from a high height before he had this one reaction.

"Oh Shit!" Emerald muttered before he crashed onto the ground with a loud thud and a dust cloud formed where he landed before it cleared to show Emerald who landed on the ground on his back with a wide eyed look on his face before the Spirit appeared from out of his vision and looked to Emerald with a grin on its face.

"Hehe, glad you could… DROP in." The Spirit said which made a still stunned Emerald slowly look to the Spirit and just shakingly raised a hand before giving it the middle finger which made the Spirit chuckle before it spoke up.

"When you recover, meet me at the Altar that houses my body, It's in that direction." The Spirit said before vanishing while Emerald, after a few minutes, managed to get up from the ground and after a few popping bones, some painful, some satisfying, Emerald then starts to walk towards the direction that The Spirit pointed out before the scene shifts to a bit later when Emerald, who was covered with grass, leaves, and twigs, found himself at the Master Emerald Altar.

When he got close, he saw Knuckles sleeping at the top of the stairs before Emerald spoke up.

"Uh… hey… us… Knuckles was it?, you the one with the eyepatch?" Emerald asked when he got close while Knuckles woke up and looked to Emerald while an eyepatch covered his missing eye before said Echidna spoke up.

"Yeah... nice to see you again Emerald…" Knuckles said while Emerald gave him a half lidded look before he spoke up.

"Ok… what is it with people and puns?" Emerald said which made Knuckles raise his own eyebrow before he spoke up.

"Do I even want to know?" Knuckles asked with a half lidded one eyed look on his face before the duo got the shock of their lives when The Spirit popped up between the duo.

"AAAAHHHH!" Emerald and Knuckles screamed before the duo fell on their backs before Emerald glared at the Spirit and said this.

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack or make Knuckles's remaining eye pop right out of his skull!?" Emerald said which made the Spirit chuckle but before it could speak, Emerald stopped it by holding his hand out and speaking up.

"Hold it, don't answer that one…" Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face which made the Spirit chuckle before it spoke up.

"Well jokes aside, You need to head to the back of the Altar, I'll meet you there." The Spirit said before vanishing which had Emerald and Knuckles looking to where the Spirit was for a moment before Emerald just spoke up.

"I'm… just going to go where it told me where to go… anyway, see you later Knuckles, hope to get to know you again soon." Emerald said when he starts walking to the back of the altar before Knuckles spoke up.

"Yeah… and thanks for helping the others… doubt it was easy." Knuckles said while he walked back up the steps and Emerald took a moment to look to Knuckles before said Echidna fades from view behind an alter ceiling pillar before Emerald went to go behind the shrine and when he got there, the Spirit appears with a grin on its face before speaking up.

"Yo… just place your hand on the back of the Altar with the orb like part here and just get ready for a surprise, only Elemental's, the current sage, and their guests can enter and exit this place, but only if the guest is holding onto the Elemental or sage." The Spirit said while gesturing to a orb like object on the stone altar that looked like a stone orb that blended in with the stone somewhat.

Emerald was a bit confused when he saw that before he looked back to the Spirit which vanished before he could ask anything which surprised him a bit since the Spirit was a bit of a talker before he shrugged and placed his hand on the stone orb… and the next thing he knew, he was engulfed in a flash of light and for others if they were there, they would see Emerald vanishing before them, but no one did see him vanish before the scene shifts.


A moment later, Emerald appeared from a flash of light, and he got some confusion when he saw a wall right in front of him… and to his horror, realized that it was the ceiling and Emerald yelled for a few seconds when he crashed lands on some kind of stone platform with wide eyes when he wished he was still with Vanilla right now in bed, sleeping or not, instead of getting constant crash landings.

After a few moments, Emerald lets out a groan of pain before he sat up and rubs the back of his head before he heard laughing from nearby and got confused when he saw a man in a tank top and Military pants and combat boots before said man spoke up.

"Hehe, The Spirit said you would be a laugh, guess it was right." The man said before Emerald got confused from seeing the man.

"Uh… who are you?" Emerald asked which made the man chuckle with a fanged grin on his face.

"Names Terragaia, Elemental of Earth, I was told to meet you here and bring you to some areas by the Spirit who will meet us there." The man, know known as the Elemental of earth, Terragaia said while Emerald just looked straight up confused.

"Uh… right… you… know where Nocturn is?, cause he hasn't came by after I woke up yesterday." Emerald said while he remembered what the Spirit said about Nocturn not being able to do what he did in the Trial of Blades again before Terragaia looked to him before rolling his eyes.

"We'll get to him soon, he's getting recharged right now and Helios or Solar is with him while Kuro, the current Elemental of Darkness is using her energy to help him, but a short tour is needed cause you could wonder into a place your not suppose to since your not a real Elemental, you do have Nocturn's body so your a hybrid in a sense which gives you some liberties." Terragaia said which made Emerald frown from the Hybrid bit before he followed Terragaia in silence when he and the elemental walked out of the room they were in to show a shocking sight.

It looked like Emerald was back in the city that he saw in his vision from before he lost his memories… but it looked empty instead of looking like a thriving city, but since Emerald had amnesia right now, it was the first time he saw the place again before he spoke up when he found himself walking behind Terragaia through the empty city.

"What… is this place?" Emerald asked which caused Terragaia to glance at him before he spoke up.

"An illusionary place that showed what this place looked like before the Dimensional separation, honestly this place is normally a void and the Master Emerald or the Master Core as it was once called made this place with all the energy it has, so while it's an illusion, the illusion is real enough to feel and even act real with actual laws of Physics, literally a creation of a god here…. But the actual factual place that were heading… is there." Terragaia said while he points to the sky to get Emerald to look there… and when he did… he saw a massive floating temple with four floating pads connecting to the temple.

"Whoa... " Emerald said which made Terragaia grin before he spoke up.

"Yeah… and your going there right now." Terragaia said which confused Emerald a bit before he spoke up.

"Uh… like now now?, there another teleportar… or a much safer way that won't involve me crashing on the ground?" Emerald said while he was sick of teleporters already and hoped for another way up there while Terragaia grins.

"Yeah there is a way… come close and I'll tell you." Terragaia said with a fanged grin on his face while Emerald smiles at the earth Elemental, maybe they weren't all bad after all.

However… when he got close to listen, Terragaia placed a hand on his shoulder and with an innocent fanged grin… said this to Emerald while Emerald in turn got an uneasy feeling right now that told him to run like hell.

"The easy way that doesn't involve falling… IS TO FLY!" Terragaia said before he roared when he threw Emerald who was already flying towards the floating temple and Emerald had this reaction that seemed to make the most sense to him.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH!" Emerald yelled while he flew towards the temple with Terragaia grinning when he saw Emerald flying.

"Hehe, almost… almost… Ohhhhhh… aimed a bit… to low there… going to need to apologize to him later." Terragaia said when he saw Emerald flying… to slam right into the edge of one of the pads connecting to the temple and bounce onto the pad by some funny laws of physics before Terragaia starts to walk to a different area with his hands behind his head while he whistles a tune before the scene went to Emerald.

?/ Floating Temple/ Pad/ Emerald

Emerald groans for a bit while he laid there on the… ground?... with a twitching body when he did not see this happening at all before he heard a worried tone near him.

"Emerald?" The voice said which made Emerald shakingly look down to the source of the voice to see a fully lioness formed Leonel who looked at him with wide eyes before Emerald shakingly held his hand up in a wave of sorts.

"H-Hey… s-sorry for… s-spooking you… b-but… T-Terragaia… t-threw me here…" Emerald said while he got a good look at the place.

Aside from a cosy looking home in the center of the pad, the rest of this place looked like a wide open savana complete with some trees for shade, all in all, looked perfect for Leonel to roam in in her Lioness form.

Speaking of Leonel, she got up onto her pawed feet before approaching Emerald while he slowly got himself to his feet.

"Well when you recover, you should leave…" Leonel said which confused Emerald when he slowly recovered.

"Uh… I was called here by the Spirit, so I… kind of can't right now…" Emerald said while Leonel shook her head and it looked like she blushed a bit even in her Lioness form.

"Well, it's not like I'm asking you to leave this place, I'm just asking you if you could leave me for awhile since…" Leonel asked which confused Emerald more before he spoke up.

"Uh… what do you mean?" Emerald asked which made Leonel look away before the Spirit shocked the duo when it appeared.

"AAAHHH!/AAAHHH!" Emerald and Leonel screamed out while the Spirit grins before Emerald shouts at the Spirit.

"WILL YOU STOP DOING THAT!?" Emerald called out which caused the Spirit to get an amused look on its face before it spoke up.

"I would… if it stopped being funny." The Spirit said which caused Emerald to sweatdrop before he spoke up.

"Seriously… I want to punch you so much right now!" Emerald said which made the Spirit chuckle more before it spoke up.

"You can try but you will fail since I am like a ghost and am therefore untouchable… HAHAHA!" The Spirit said with a grin on its face which caused Emerald to sweatdrop when the Spirit laughs at him which made his eye twitch.

"I hate you so much right now… Hey Leonel, sorry but… and what are you doing?" Emerald said to the spirit before he tried to speak to Leonel… but got confused when he saw her bowing to the Spirit before the Spirit spoke up.

"Eh try and remember I'm like the top dog here, the big cheese, the God of Gods over the Elemental's since I was put together by many multiple high level Gods and the four guardians are technically a tier lower than they are." The Spirit said which caused Emerald to give it a somewhat stunned look before speaking up.

"You know… I get that you helped me in the past but seriously?" Emerald said which made the Spirit grin before it spoke up.

"Seriously, and since your here, mind lending a hand to Leonel?, She naturally went into heat, last time Lillum put her in that state by magic but now its all natural and she's not wanting to be around anyone… mainly you." The Spirit teased which caused Leonel to blush brightly while Emerald did so as well when he registered the sentence.

The Spirit then spoke up to Emerald when it decides to mess with him a bit more.

"Welp, I'll leave Leonel to you for now since you came sooner than expected, I'll stop by in a few hours." The Spirit said before it vanished while Emerald tried to stop it.

"Wa-!... and its gone." Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face before he looked to Leonel a moment later who wouldn't look him in the eyes.

The duo were quiet for a moment while Emerald cleared his throat while Leonel sat on her haunches.

"So…. Do I just… go?" Emerald asked while Leonel looked conflicted since she knew how Emerald helped her last time but at the same time didn't want to cause him trouble.

When Emerald didn't hear Leonel speaking up, Emerald thought it would be a good time to leave her alone before he spoke up.

"Well… I'll just… follow the wall and leave… bye." Emerald said before he turned a bit to walk away from Leonel.

But before he could get far, he fell on his face when something wrapped around his leg before he looked up and back to see that Leonel used a paw to hold his leg and when he looked to her Lioness face and sweatdropped when she had a puppy dog like look on her cat like face which was a bit impressive since it made her cat like face look cute before he sighs and spoke up.

"Alright, I get it, let's head to your place alright?" Emerald said which made Leonel blush somewhat while she nods before she lets Emerald go and the next few minutes of them going to Leonel's home while Emerald sat on her back while she shot across the savanna like area with great speed before they found a surprisingly large advance home but with a hut like theme to match the area.

"Nice place you have here." Emerald said before Leonel spoke up when she slowed to a slight walk when she got near the place.

"Thanks… sorry for this since you seem busy." Leonel said while Emerald shrugged before he spoke up while he saw the house getting closer.

"No worries, I was with Vanilla and Lillum last night and Vanilla earlier when I woke up today… got a... wake up call from Vanilla but the Spirit interrupted and… we could only get one round out." Emerald said with a slight blush before Leonel blinked a few times before she spoke up.

"Vanilla?, that… Rabbit person who was injured?, I think that was her name but I'm not sure about that, that younger rabbit seemed like her daughter if I heard things right… you… got more ladies here?" Leonel asked with a curious… and slightly off tone which confused Emerald a bit when it was hard to place for him.

"Uh… not sure, I mean I'm just going with what I remembered… I mean when you were in heat last time, I got a memory of her and she filled me in on some things after I woke up in the hospital, and Lillum kind of made things snowball out of control… wonder if I'm even doing the right thing getting dragged into Lillum's schemes, though Vanilla being really nice does make her more attractive to me since she is really sincere about things, but then again I got no memories of her before that moment, so I'm not sure what she is really like, but if she raised a sweet girl like Cream then she can't be bad right?" Emerald said with a grin on his face, though he did have a confused one on his face when he talked about his missing memories from before that moment.

Leonel blinked a few times while she listened to Emerald talk, and seemed to have an odd feeling when Emerald mentioned Vanilla and Lillim like that with a fond tone, she had no idea what that feeling was but it made her blood boil a bit when Vanilla was mentioned and the fact that Emerald went a few rounds with her and Lillum… which also irritated her when Lillum had fun with others…

But it really confused her since Lillum normally irritated her, but she couldn't really complain right now since she needs Emerald's help right now and it confused her since she should be mad but considering Emerald is getting more experience, it could help her… not only that but her Lioness instincts are really getting to her and because of those instincts, it made her body shudder when Emerald seemed to get more lovers.

Emerald in the meantime didn't really notice what was going with Leonel when the duo stopped outside of Leonel's home before Emerald hopped off of Leonel's back before he walked to the door.

"Guess I'll let myself in, I'll see you inside Leonel." Emerald said while he opened the door and while Leonel blushed a bit more before she followed Emerald inside of her home.

?/ Temple/ Leonel's Temple pad/ Leonel's home/ Emerald, Leonel

When Emerald entered the house, he saw to some surprise that the place looked surprisingly high tech, like it was filled with the latest tech, a Smartglass TV so it could connect to Wifi to have the internet connect to the TV to view things on the TV, a large couch round couch, a kitchen in one area, and other things which made Emerald whistle.

"Wow, gotta say this place is impressive." Emerald said before he heard Leonel speaking up while her form glows behind Emerald while the door locked which caused Emerald to sweatdrop from what she said next.

"Indeed… but unfortunately… I can't hold back anymore… so screw the bedroom, I'll use the couch!" Leonel growled out before Emerald tried to look back, but couldn't when he got tackled on his side before he crashed onto the round couch before he looked to Leonel after he recovered from his stunned state to get the surprise of his life when Leonel looked…different then normal.

Lemon alert/ Straight

Leonel had black cat ears and a cat tail on her ass in her human form which was nude right now which made Emerald blush a bit before he spoke up.

"L-Leonel?... what's… with the ears and ta-!" Emerald tried to ask before Leonel kissed him on the lips before she spoke up with a heated lust filled voice.

"Just shut up and enjoy this… I can answer questions later." Leonel said with a heated tone which caused Emerald to blush a bit more before he got a serious look in his eyes before he surprised Leonel by gripping her shoulder and turned themselves so that Leonel was on her back and Emerald was now on top before he spoke up to a wide eyes Leonel.

"Sorry Leonel… but I'm leading this one, normally I'm the one getting jumped… but now…" Emerald said while his eyes gave a momentary green glow which made Leonel blush a bit from seeing that before he spoke up again.

"... if ladies who are interested in me want to have some fun, I might as well indulge them." Emerald said before he smashed his lips onto Leonel's and slipped his tongue in to wrap around hers which made Leonel's eyes widen in surprise before she slowly closed them and moans into the kiss and had her arms wrap around Emerald's back to hug him.

Emerald then pulled away after a moment before he spoke up.

"Give me a second to lose my clothes, then we can really start." Emerald said to a lightly blushing Leonel before he lightly kissed her lips which made her blush grow brighter before he pulled away from her and stepped off of the couch before he starts to strip down in front of Leonel who blushed brightly when Emerald starts stripping before he was in the nude a minute later and with a fully erect dick before he spoke up.

"Well Leonel, shall we start?" Emerald said with a grin on his face which made Leonel gulp when Emerald didn't have a nervous or hasitent look like he normally did in the past, it was like Lillum was quickly making Emerald getting used to situations like these or something.

A moment later emerald approached the couch and after gripping Leonel's legs, opened her legs wide and grins a bit when he saw how wet she was before he spoke up.

"Seems I won't need to do much… but Vanilla did say that this really helps ladies… so thanks for the meal." Emerald said with a grin before he bent down and latched his lips onto Leonel's pussy before he starts licking her folds which got an instant reaction from Leonel who threw her head back and groans loudly through grit teeth when pleasure shot through her body before she had this thought.

"O-Oh f-fuck!... t-that tongue!" Leonel thought while she clawed the couch a bit while Emerald continues to eat her out which caused him to taste her fluids already, he was a bit confused from that but didn't complain when it looked like Leonel was enjoying herself.

What either of them didn't know was that Emerald, after his time with Lillum, got his tongue and other parts of his body stained with Lillum's juices which caused an interesting effect when it gave Emerald a very subtle aphrodisiac like effect, not so much to really cause a lady to lose it, but enough to get the ball rolling so to speak.

But neither of the two really cared or even noticed when Emerald pulled his head away a few minutes later and licked his lips while he looked down to a panting Leonel before he spoke up.

"Personally I don't mind going for more foreplay, but it looks like you can't wait anymore, mind if I start?, if so what position?" Emerald asked when he stood up and his erection was seen and it was at full power which made Leonel gulp a bit before she spoke up.

"Y-Yeah… g-go ahead… and surprised me." Leonel said before Emerald grins a bit before he surprised her by gripping her leg and pulling her so her ass was at the edge of the couch before he spoke up.

"Well then, time to get serious right from the start." Emerald said while he aligns the head of his dick to Leonel's folds before he pushed himself in which caused Leonel to moan when she felt Emerald going deeper and deeper till he was fully hilted inside of her pussy.

Emerald then gripped her hips with his hands before she starts thrusting his hips with Leonel moaning and groaning in turn from his actions while Emerald breathes deeply while he focused on pleasing Leonel.

For a few minutes, Emerald kept up his barrage of thrusts before Leonel surprised him when her pussy tightens unexpectedly before she lets out a lion like roar and her pussy squirts on Emerald's dick which caused Emerald to slow down to a stop when he looked to Leonel with some confusion before he spoke up.

"You OK Leonel?, You lasted a lot longer last time." Emerald said before Leonel surprised him by wrapping her legs around his waist and he sweatdrops when Leonel said this with a slight growl.

"Don't you fucking stop!" Leonel growls out which reminded Emerald of him when he lost his virginity to Vanilla before he just shrugged and starts thrusting again into Leonel who groans and moans as time went by with Emerald taking Leonel in various positions.

One was Emerald taking Leonel from behind while he fucked her ass.

"OH FUCK EMERALD… DON'T YOU DARE STOP!" Leonel yelled while she fingers her dripping pussy with Emerald gritting his teeth when he didn't need to be told twice while he gripped her shapely ass with his hands and continues thrusting his hips before yelling when he came hard in her ass which caused Leonel to roar while squirting into her hand and on to the couch before the next position was shown.

This time Emerald was sitting on the couch while Leonel was bobbing her head while she sucked and licked Emerald's dick, she didn't even care that it was in her ass while Emerald grit his teeth from the pleasure before he spoke up when he felt himself getting close again.

"G-Good god… Leonel… d-did loving your virginity… c-cause s-something to s-snap in you?" Emerald asked while he lightly pets Leonel's head which in turn made her purr a bit but she didn't answer when she continues to suck his dick for a few minutes right before Emerald grit his teeth more and groans when he came hard in Leonel's mouth which made her eyes widen when Emerald's load didn't seem to drop off in quantity before she starts to drink it with audible gulps.

Emerald in turn shudders and groans when he felt his dick fire more of his load into Leonel's mouth before he tapped off about 10 seconds later before Leonel pulled away while swallowing Emerald's load before the scene shifts again to show Leonel riding Emerald who was gritting his teeth to hold himself back while he gripped Leonel's bouncing breasts tightly which made her moan more and the duo was silent except for more moans and groans before Emerald roars when he hilts himself inside of Leonel and fires his semen into her pussy which in turn caused Leonel to yell with a pleased look on her face before Emerald tapped off about 8 seconds later before one last position was seen with Emerald having Leonel on all fours one last time while she screwed her pussy and he had his hands on her shoulders.

Leonel's eyes were rolled back into her head while she had gritted teeth when she felt Emerald practically molding her pussy to the shape of his dick before he spoke up.

"G-Gonna… Gonna…" Emerald muttered before Leonel looked back to him with a begging look in her eyes before she spoke up.

"I-Inside… p-please cum inside!" Leonel begged with a lust filled tone which quickly set Emerald off which made him roar when he blew his load inside of Leonel's pussy which in turn made Leonel groan loudly when she came hard before the duo tapped off after 20 to 30 seconds later before they relaxed and start to pant for breath.

Emerald then pulled out of Leonel when he saw said Lioness falling limp on the couch to catch her breath before he saw his semen flowing out of Leonel's holes before he took a bit to catch his breath before he spoke up.

"S-Sorry Leonel… but I should really get going if your alright now... I need to make sure Nocturn is alright and see what the Spirit wants, mind if I use your shower?, I'll come back later if you want to just hang out… or something… I mean… if you want." Emerald said while he blushed a bit while Leonel, who was panting a bit more, blushed a bit before she spoke up.

"D-Down t-the ha-hall and… to the right… a-and… sure." Leonel said with a slightly brighter blush on her face while Emerald blushed a bit more in turn before he grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom to clean himself up while Leonel had this thought when she saw him pass her.

"Going… to really… enjoy hanging… out with him." Leonel thought before her eyelids grew heavy and she went to sleep on the couch right then and there when her strength fades.

Lemon over

About 10 minutes later Emerald exits the bathroom before he saw Leonel laying on the couch in the position he left her in which made him sweatdrop before he walked over to her, and with using a clean towel to clean her a bit, he carefully adjusts her on the couch so that she was laying on her back and took a moment to find a pillow and a blanket before he used them to make her comfortable before he went to the kitchen to make himself a snack to see what she had and while she mainly had meat based dishes, she did mix it up with the occasional fruit or vegetable which allowed Emerald to make a BLT, after he ate, he surprisingly cleaned the kitchen, mainly the stacked dishes and other areas in the place.

Before he left, he wrote a note to let Leonel know that he'll be back later to hang out before he would leave and that he made a BLT for himself and that he went around to clean the place.

After he exits the building, he turned to look to the shrine but got the shock of his life when the Spirit was in front of him and had this reaction.

"AAAAAHHHH!" Emerald yelled before he held his hand over his chest when his heart beats a mile a minute before the Spirit chuckles before it spoke up.

"Hello, try to not have a heart attack, your not 92 yet." The Spirit said which made Emerald sweatdrop before he spoke up.

"I'll… ignore that...and if your the reason for that heart attack... THEN CUT IT OUT!" Emerald said before yelling at the Spirit which made said Spirit grin mode before it spoke up.

"Sorry but you did take your time so I figured I should check on you and lead you to the shrine to meet the others, how's Leonel by the way?" The Spirit asked which made Emerald blush a bit before he gave the Spirit a half lidded look before he spoke up.

"You should already know about Leonel you sadistic spooking bastard." Emerald said with a half lidded look while the spirit chuckles before it used a thumb to gesture for Emerald to follow him while speaking up.

"Eh you caught me, but we should get going right now." The Spirit said with a grin on its face before Emerald spoke up with a slightly confused tone.

"To see Nocturn and possibly Solar right?" Emerald asked before the Spirit grins before speaking up.

"Not just that… but your also about to meet the Elementals since this place will be like a home to you, now come on, some of them can be very impatient." The Spirit said before it starts to float away while Emerald jolts a bit from how fast it was floating before he ran after it while the scene fades to black.

The Scene fades in to show TME walking out of the store he walked into a bit ago with a package in hand before he noticed the readers before he spoke up.

"Oh hello everyone, sorry this chapter is so short, but compared to the other chapters, there is not so much drama, think of this like the calm before the storm before chapters kick back up again, and hope no one flames me for various reasons, but I hope the lemons work for you, anyway, I'll keep these Intro and outro's short and say hope you guys like the chapter and get ready for the next one… anyway, see you all later." TME said before the scene fades to black while he walks away from the game store.

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