The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
Beyond The Abyss

The Camera fades back in to show TME and the spirit talking to one another at the Master Emerald shrine before they both noticed the readers which made TME grin.

"Hey everyone, sorry for the long... over a year long delay... but thankfully I am still continuing The Dimensional Saga, or TDS for short...though I'm sad to say that this is the final part of the dungeon arc before we get to the final arc of the Prequel arc so this chapter will be long as hell." TME said while the spirit nods.

"Indeed, I would say more but this would be a major spoiler if I talked... So I'll let the story do the talking." The Spirit said which made TME sweatdrop.

"Way to build things up..." TME mumbles before he looks to the readers with a serious expression.

"Well everyone... with that, we go into the story... right when Lillum took the hit for Dark." TME said with a serious expression before the scene goes into the final floor of the Trial of blades.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Dark, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

The camera fades in to show a shocking sight while time seemed to freeze for the others... when things start to register for them which caused Lynx to shout out.

"LILLUM!" Solar Lynx called out which got the others to fully realize what happened when Lillum starts to fall to the ground before she falls while the scene shifts.

Emerald's mind/ Gate of Darkness/ Emerald, Master Emerald Spirit

Emerald's thought process slowed greatly while he saw everything happening from the screen the spirit created earlier before he felt something... off... right before he fully realized what happened when he heard Lynx calling Lillum's name.

"Lillum..." Emerald mutters wide eyes before his hand twitches while the scene goes to reality while the spirits watches from next to him.

Reality/ Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Dark, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

Before Dark could say or do anything... his body pulses before he grips his head which got everyone's attention.

"W-What?" Dark said with a confused tone while the scene shifts again.

Emerald's mind/ Gate of Darkness/ Emerald, Master Emerald Spirit

Unlike for most of his time in the dungeon, Unlike the Steel incident and on Mobius, unlike his time in his home Dimension with his family,... this was the first time Emerald ever saw someone do something like that for him... which caused something to shift in him before he calls out.

"LILLLLLUUUUM!" Emerald roars out with wide eyes before he starts to fade from his mind while the scene went to reality.

Reality/ Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Dark, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

Dark stumbles a bit while he mutters something which was barely heard by all groups.

"I-Idiot...d-don't...!" Dark mutters before he threw his head back and roars before the dark energy in his body recedes which gave Emerald's body his normal look to everyone's shock before Emerald's body hunched forward for a moment while his body pants for breath.

"E-Emerald?" Solar said with a slightly nervous tone... she had no idea who was in control and even if she wanted to help, she didn't wanted to help, she doubt she could with the earthen spike sticking out of Lillum's chest.

However that question was answered when Emerald's head looked up to show normal tear filled eyes before Emerald rushed to Lillum's side with dread shown on his face.

"Lillum...Lillum!" Emerald mutters while he knelt next to the succubus... who was barely alive which caused said succubus to smile a little.

"H-Hey... wel...come...back." Lillum barely said between struggled breaths which caused Emerald to grit his teeth before looking to the earthen spike then back to Lillum.

"Y-You...w-why!?" Emerald said while he physically struggles with wanting to help Lillum or not in case he would cause her pain... that is if she still felt pain.

Lillum looked to Emerald with a slight smile of all things before barely speaking up.

" j-just m-moved...with...out t-thinking." Lillum said which caused Emerald's body to shake when he had no idea what to do before he looks to Nocturn with a frightened look on his face.

"NOCTURN, HEAL HER PLEASE!" Emerald begged while Nocturn jolts before he looks to Aggro who just waits with crossed arms before he spoke up after he grin.

"Doubt he could with a wound that bad." Aggro said with a grin on his face which made Emerald glare at the Iron wall with hatred showing in eyes.

"SHUT UP!" Emerald roars with a serious amount of killing intent which caused Aggro to grin before Lillum starts cough which got Emerald's attention.

"Lillum!" Emerald said with worry before he looks to her again while Lillum sends him a small smile.

"It's...O...K...I...c-can't f-feel anything..." Lillum slowly says which greatly worries Emerald... he might not know much about medicine but he saw Lillum's aura which was fading slowly to his horror.

"Come on Lillum, c-can't you just... cast a spell or something!?" Emerald said with a worried tone while Lillum weakly chuckles.

"I...I don't.. have a spell like that... and I doubt... that Solar has one either..." Lillum said which caused Emerald to grit his teeth before looking to Nocturn.

"DAMMIT NOCTURN, HELP HER!" Emerald called to the sealed elemental who to Emerald's shock could only look down.

"It... would be too late." Nocturn said which made Emerald freeze when spoke up with a disbelieving tone.

"You've... got to be can't heal her?" Emerald said which caused Nocturn to narrow his eyes... not in anger, but from sadness.

"Only darkness and non-element remember?, Lillum uses ice mainly... remember?" Nocturn sadly said while Emerald slowly looked to Lilllum with a frightened look when he starts to realize that he was loosing options to help Lillum.

"Solar!, can't you do anything!" Emerald begged the former elemental of light which caused her to get a regretful look before Emerald looked to Core and Lynx.

"Oh come on!... someone has to have at least one elixir!" Emerald begged which caused most of the group to get worried looks while Aggro gets a wider grin at Emerald's misery.

Lillum coughs a few times which made Emerald look to her with an agonized look when options got lower and lower…

"Oh God..." Emerald said while Lillum chuckled weakly.

"W-Wrong help..." Lillum weakly said with a joking tone before Emerald spoke up.

"D-Don't talk... t-try to...oh God..." Emerald mutters which made Lillum weakly chuckles again before she speaks up with a weak tone.

"He...hehe... M-Mind...doing… me… a...favor?" Lillum weakly asked which caused Emerald to grit his teeth before his eyes widen when he saw blood slowly building up under Lillum's body.

"O...Oh go..." Emerald tried to say before he looked to see Lillum struggling to raise her hand which Emerald gripped tightly to prevent it from falling.

Before anyone could say anything, Lillum tried to say something but her voice was so weak that Emerald had no choice but to bend down a bit more to try and hear her while he fought from tearing up…

But Emerald got greatly surprised when Lillum's other hand went to his cheek, angled his face towards her own, right before Lillum kissed him on the lips which made his eyes go wide in shock not only at what Lillum did… but what she said next would cause an extremely shocking moment for everyone.

"…" Lillum slowly said to Emerald before her body weakens...before her body went limp.

Everyone watching who could read auras besides Aggro and Bordux were shocked silent when Lillum's aura fades completely while Emerald was oddly silent when he slowly leaned up a bit but kept his gaze on Lillums face.

To mosts watchers surprise, instead of crying or attacking Aggro in anger… he was silent while his hair covered his eyes while his body shudders after he had this thought.

"" Emerald thought while the scene shifts to his mind where the spirit was while he felt something… off...

Emerald's mind/ Gate of Darkness/ M.E.S

The Spirit watched what was going on from it's screen before it noticed Dark appearing with an angered look on his face while the spirit sped up time in Emerald's mind.

"Oi...what the hell did you do!?, I would've ripped those bastards apart but then Light switched with me by force!, what are you planning by letting that happen!?" Dark growled out which caused the Spirit to grin.

"All I did was just explain a few things to him and let him watched what happened when his body was knocked out… simple as that." The Spirit said which made Dark's eyes glow brightly.

"And how does that help him exactly?, let him get pissed off?, that Iron Wall guy will destroy him even if Light does get a small boost in power, you should've let me handle things." Dark growled out while The Spirit keeps the grin on it's face.

"I'm looking at the bigger picture… and if I let you or others do the work before Emerald can learn some things then he won't be able to grow properly for what I need, besides… Emerald has two options at the moment… one of which is right here." The Spirit said right before the Gate of Darkness rumbles which made Dark's eyes widen in shock before the scene went back to reality while Emerald's mind rumbles as the Gate of Darkness opens to show a black abyss before a pillar of energy shot to the sky… unlike the amount that Dark summoned… this one seemed to have no end.


"She…" Emerald thought before he felt his body shaking a moment later while his breathing slowly turns labored.

Everyone of Emerald's allies worried for Emerald when they noticed that before Emerald slowly got to his feet after he placed one hand on his head.

"She… loved… me?" Emerald muttered like he had trouble with processing that info before he grit his teeth when his head flared with pain before certain memories came to his mind while a dark mist slowly emits from his body again… but this one seemed to have a will of its own while Emeralds shadow slowly pulls along the ground.

?/?/?/ Emerald

This memory starts out with Emerald being in a room that seemed familiar somehow.

He looked around before he saw to his shock… himself at a desk… with a blank dull expression on his face while he typed on a keyboard in front of a monitor before the scene shifts again.

?/?/?/ Emerald

Emerald was now seeing himself as he ate in a cafeteria… alone…

The scene shifts again when Emerald starts to breath harder when he starts to remember things… That he did and didn't want to...

Mainly… he remembered his family...his home… his world… But only in small bits before things start to get worse… he remembered that before he got to Mobius…

...he had no friends...

?/?/?/ Emerald

Emerald then saw himself walking out of his house with a dog in tow before he saw himself picking up Nocturn before he got transported to Mobius.

He then saw himself fighting a couple robots… then saw himself fighting Steel…

And with allies at his side...allies who get hurt because he was either too weak or slow.

?/?/?/ Emerald

Emerald then saw himself fighting Leonel the first time and Core with Leonel and Lillum.

Where it was seen that he was still too weak...

Reality/ Trial of Blades/ Emerald's group VS Aggro and Umbra (Second stage crest)(possessed)

Everyone, even Aggro and Bordux who controlled Umbra was confused when they saw Emerald gripping his head with both hands now before they noticed tears dripping from his eyes which made Aggro chuckle.

"Aww… look at the little weakling… crying over the death of that weak succubus." Aggro said with a wide grin which made everyone on Emerald's side glare at Aggro...before a large amount of killing intent emits from Emerald's direction.

"…" Emerald slowly muttered with a dark tone while tears continue to flow from his eyes as more dark energy emits from him...before his shadow surprised everyone when it rose from the ground and starts to form a shape behind Emerald.

It grew before it slowly formed a wall of shadow behind Emerald before the Gate of Darkness slowly formed behind him which made everyone's eyes widen before Aggro spoke up.

"Hey Bordux… what the hell is that thing!?" Aggro said with a shocked tone while Bordux kept silent as he examined the object.

Emerald's risen shadow to act like a wall for the Gate to sit on… the gate itself looked… ancient compared to most objects Bordux seen… but why was it coming from Emerald's shadow?

Emerald starts to pant when he starts to hear a voice in his head while a dark mist seeped through the cracks in the Gate.

"Who is your target…" ? said with a deep echoing tone that seemed to reverberate throughout Emerald's entire body and the room itself to everyone's shock..

Emerald however didn't even respond to the voice with deep breaths when he looked to Lillum's body after he managed to get his breathing even… but it was a tough fight for him...

He then bent down and ignored the blood that he felt from Lillum's body before he starts to carry her body to Solar and the knocked out Leonel while his hair hid his eyes while the voice spoke up again.

"Who is your target…" The voice said with the same deep echoing tone while Emerald still kept quiet when he got near Leonel and set Lillum's body near her while Ikaru flew close and lands with Lilly on his back before she jumped off and went to Lillum's body before she nudged Lillum's body while Emerald waits with his face hidden by hair.

After a few moments, Lilly starts to tear up when she got no reaction from Lillum before saying something surprising.

"…" Lilly said slowly before she starts to repeat herself while Emerald grit his teeth from a feeling that was building inside of him before the Gate actually roars at Emerald.

"WHO IS YOUR TARGET!" The Gate roars with a great pressure which made everyone cover their ears before Aggro shouts to Emerald.

"OH COME ON!, ANSWER THE THING ALREADY!" Aggro shouts out while Emerald grits his teeth before looking to Aggro with a look that was beyond angered on his face.

"SHUT UP!" Emerald roars out which caused everyone to look to him with shocked expressions while the pressure the Gate emits stayed the same while Emerald looked down before he spoke up this time while he glanced to the Gate.

"...Every time… Every time I get some new power or ability… and it nearly costs my friends lives to get it... Now you appear now?, only when Lillum dies?... Just what kind of sick joke is this… what have I ever done to anyone?... What have I ever done to cause others to risk their lives like that... What have others done to deserve something like that..." Emerald said while a dark mist emits from his body.

In turn… the Gate rumbles a little from the negative energy that emits from Emerald before it cracked open as a result.

"Every time I fight…. It was from borrowing power or knowledge from others… Nocturn for his energy and advice… Leonel… Core… Solar… Lillum… all for their help in battle… and what have I done other then act as a way for Nocturn's Sealbreaker spell to used to help the others?,… it wasn't until we got to Dimensional Helix that I was actually able to be somewhat helpful… and that was only because Solar unlocked the ability to use Chaos energy in me… and even then… it wasn't enough…" Emerald said with his tone getting darker as more dark energy emits from him like a mist before the Gate opens more as Emerald's energy got stronger.

"Time and time again… I've been proved that that no matter how strong I got… there was always someone stronger… all because they were ruthless… merciless… doing things to get they want no matter the cost..." Emerald said as black tattoo like lines appear on his body while he looked to Aggro with hair covered eyes when the Gate opens more till it was nearly fully open while… two glowing dots were seen in it before something approached the opening of the Gate to everyone's shock..

"So… in order to keep everyone else here safe…" Emerald said while his tone got darker which made everyone of Emerald's allies worry greatly when his energy spiked… with an aura that was slowly turning away from his protective nature… and more into a threatening one while the creature got right to the edge of the Gate.

"..I'll do the same… AND BECOME A MERCILESS MONSTER!" Emerald said before he roars out right before the Gate opens completely which showed a black abyss behind the creature which seemed to have no end in sight before the creature emerged from the Gate which shocked everyone while Emerald had his sights set on Aggro.

The Lower half of the creature was still in the gate but the torso, head, and arms were seen,

The Torso looked like it had muscles all over, the arms were demonically shaped clawed and looked like they could rip through any metal easily, but the head was the real kicker.

It looked like a mix of shadows and a dragon's maw with glowing eyes looking to Emerald before it held it's Demonic hand to him before a small light of purple energy formed before the light shot in front of Emerald who looked to it with confusion before he looked to the creature as it starts to retreat back into the Gate.

"... Whether you want to use the energy or not is your choice… but the Time Limit… is three minutes." The Gate or Creature said before it entered the Gate which closed before it vanished into Emerald's shadow while the scene went to his mind.

Emerald's mind/ Gate of Darkness/ M.E.S., Dark

Dark was many things, a powerful fighter, intelligent beyond belief, but even he was shocked at the creature that appeared from the gate before he looked to the Spirit while the Gate slowly.

"Hey… what the hell is that thing?" Dark asked while the turned to the gate before it fully shut a moment later while the Spirit grins before it looks to Dark.

"Simple, that is the Guardian to the Gate of Darkness, it only appeared when Emerald opened the Gate on his own, either by accident or on purpose is anyone guess for this situation, but the Guardian protects the Gate and normally takes a bit of energy to pass to Emerald like it did just now, I would say more but I think the readers are more interested in the fight right now." The Spirit said with a grin which confused Dark greatly.

"Readers?" Dark said with a confused tone while the scene went to reality.


Emerald looked to the orb of energy in front of him when the Creature and Gate fades before he looked to Aggro with angered eyes who in turn grinned when he sensed the energy in the orb before he spoke up.

"What's the matter?...scared?...thought you would be angry or something since I ended that bitch's life." Aggro taunts which pissed off everyone watching Emerald's group from outside the cave while Emerald tilts his head a bit which hid his eyes while more Dark mist emits from him.

"Scared?... No..." Emerald said before he looked to Aggro with eyes that glowed pure white.

"I'M FUCKING PISSED!" Emerald roared before he shot his hand forward and gripped the ball of energy which caused him to freeze for a moment before he hunched forward before tossing his head back and roared.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Emerald roared before a pure black pillar formed around him which was outlined with a purple light while he continues to roar before the Pillar fades to show that he took his Dark form...but something strange was happening when odd symbols appeared on his arms, legs, and on his forehead.

Angel Island/Cave of trials/ Xan's group/ Xan(tied up), Knuckles (unconscious), Rouge, Shunpei, Pluton (INOR)(In need of repairs), Cream, Vanilla, Amy, Sonic (fire overdrive)(Pinned at the moment), Tails, Zack, Chise/ Elemental group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lighting), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)

To say all the groups were shocked was an understatement… All of the Elemental's had similar shocked states since it looked so similar yet different to the average dark form.

Xan nearly stopped healing Knuckles which caused Knuckles to groan which caused Xan to resume healing again… though he still had an eye on the cave screen.

Rouge just had an open mouth while she looked on in shock, she saw Sonic in his Dark form once or twice… but this was… different… and not a good different.

Shunpei like the others, just looks on in shock… he saw Emerald's previous Dark form… and this one frightens him more.

Vanilla hugged Cream tightly while Cream held onto Vanilla's arms while they watched what was going on while Vanilla had this thought.

"Oh Emerald…" Vanilla thought with worry while everyone else looked on in shock.

Though Steel looked on with a mad grin which allowed Zack to relax for a moment when he saw that Steel was focused on Emerald's battle.

Back to the Dungeon group…

Emerald then grips his head and let out another roar before a wave of power explodes from him before he vanished which made everyone's eyes widen from the speed and the force of the energy Emerald emitted… and not even a second passed before Emerald slugged Aggro in the face before he could react which sents the giant flying before Emerald shot to Aggro again while he flipped and lands on feet before he got his arm up in time right before Emerald slugged Aggro's arm before the battle between Emerald in the new form and Aggro starts in full after Aggro pushed Emerald away from him while Bordux caused Umbra to grin before he launched towards Emerald to back up Aggro.

Emerald (?) VS Aggro and Umbra (Possessed by Bordux) (Time limit… three minutes)

Emerald ducked under the attack that Bordux sent with a horizontal slice with Umbra's scythe and before he spun in the air and kicked Umbra in the back which sent him flying before Emerald lands on his feet.

Emerald then jumped back in the nick of time when Aggro appeared above him right before Aggro sent a large fist towards him which smashed into the ground which caused a small crater to form.

Emerald then flew towards Aggro before he narrowly avoids an attack from Umbra which caused the scythe blade to be embedded in the ground before he spun on the blade to kick Emerald.

However Umbra's kick was caught by Emerald and to Bordux's surprise before Emerald pulled and spun Umbra around before he tossed Umbra towards Aggro who pulled his fist from the ground.

Aggro eyes widen a bit when he notice Emerald throwing Umbra towards him before he caught Umbra and dropped him to the ground before he got the surprise of his life when Emerald slugged him in the face which caused him to stumble back before Aggro was surprised when he felt a dull ache where Emerald hit him.

Emerald wastes no time in charging Aggro before unleashing a barrage of punches at Aggro who raised his arms in defense and sent his aura into his arms to boost their durability before Emerald charged a punch and slugged Aggro's arms which caused Aggro to be sent flying again.

All in all… one minute passed…

With the other… (Time limit… two minutes)

Everyone who watched was shocked to see Emerald's new form and the fact that he was fighting two on one with Aggro and Umbra before Solar spoke up with a slightly worried tone.

"What… is that form?" Solar said with a shocked expression on her face… the form looked similar to his basic dark form… but the energy was… who knows how many times stronger.

Core and Lynx took the chance to get to her while Core spoke up.

"No clue, but I'm worried about Emerald for a crap ton of reasons… that time limit mainly." Core said before they all went wide eyed when they heard a loud bang before they looked back to see Emerald laying on the ground while Aggro and Umbra appeared before Emerald sat up much to the multiple groups shock while Aggro grins.

"Hehehe….HAHAHA!, oh wow, I gotta say that this new form is fun, maybe I should kill another friend of yours and see what other tricks you have hidden from us." Aggro said before Emerald's eyes narrowed narrowed a bit before he got to his feet and shot towards Aggro and Umbra before he resumed the fight.

All in all...a second minute passed when Emerald charged the duo.

Emerald (?) VS Aggro and Umbra (possessed by Bordux) (time limit... one minute)

Emerald let out a roar this time when he slugged Umbra who raised his scythe to block the hit but was sent flying as result before Emerald looked to Aggro while Bordux had Umbra's body use its wings to stabilize himself but stopped fighting to watch what Emerald would do.

52 seconds left…

Emerald charged with a fist pulled back to attack Aggro while Aggro did the same before they both threw their fists forward.

The attacks connect before a loud bang was seen before they both got sent flying back and skid on the ground before they charged one another…

48 seconds left…

A moment later, Aggro tried to use Gaia's Pillar again but Emerald jumped up and over the attack at the last second and clocked Aggro in the jaw which sent him skidding back.

44 seconds left…

Aggro stopped skidding before looking to Emerald with a grin on his face surprisingly while Emerald charged him again with an orb of darkness in his hand which made Aggro's eyes widen before Emerald roars when he unleashed a blast of Dark energy point blank which sent Aggro flying again before he crashed onto his back.

38 seconds left…

Emerald dashed and jumped over Aggro before he could get up and spun over him before ax kicking Aggro a moment later which caused the ground to rumble before a dust cloud to formed before he jumped away and looks to the cloud to get ready for Aggro to exit.

33 seconds left…

A moment later, similar to what happened with Lillum, before he tried to backhand Emerald, but Emerald surprised everyone by raising his right arm and stopped the attack cold much to Aggro's shock.

"What is with this strength!?" Aggro thought to himself when Emerald actually held his attack back.

31 seconds left…

Emerald, not even a second, later pulled his arm away before using said arm to punch Aggro's attacking arm away before spinning and palm striking him in the gut after jumping which caused the giant man to skid back.

Emerald in mid spin shot a ball of energy towards Aggro before he could set himself right which caused said giant man to stumble more while Emerald lands on his feet before launching towards Aggro with glowing white eyes when both hands darken with Dark energy.

28 seconds left…

Aggro growls from the attack while he straightens himself before he saw that Emerald was right in front of him with both arms pulled back before Emerald sent them at the giant man.

Aggro took the hit before he got sent flying while Emerald gave chase.

25 seconds left…

Emerald tried to attack Aggro from the side mid flight, but he was caught off guard when Aggro spun like a top in the air which caused his massive arms to hit Emerald in the side which sent Emerald flying while Aggro flipped and landed on his feet.

Emerald crashed into the wall which caused a dust cloud to form which caused Emerald's group and the onlookers outside the cave who cared for Emerald to show various levels of shock.

the ground rumbles before Emerald shot out of the cloud with a demonic roar and towards Aggro who sent a twisted grin Emerald's way while he got on guard.

20 seconds left…

Emerald thrusts his right hand forward before a beam of dark energy shot to Aggro who got into a guarded stance.

The attack hits which caused Aggro to skid back while Emerald jumped into the air to attack Aggro but got caught off guard when Aggro's hand shot out of the cloud and blocked the hit.

Aggro then turned and slammed Emerald on the ground a few times before throwing him towards another wall.

15 seconds left…

Emerald was ready this time, he spun in the air and lands on the wall with his feet before launching towards Aggro again.

13 seconds left…

Emerald lands on the ground in front of Aggro while Aggro raised both hands and sent them to ards Emerald with an orange aura covering them.

Emerald in turn moved to the side before Aggro's attack connects with the ground again which caused a powerful shockwave which caused the area to rumble.

Emerald appeared behind Aggro with one hand held back before sending it forward with energy enhancing the attack.

However Aggro surprised Emerald again by flipping on his hands to imitate a gorilla somewhat and slammed his feet down on Emerald and pinned him to the ground.

8 seconds left...

Aggro jumped off of Emerald and a moment later brought his fist towards Emerald, who in turn after Aggro jumped off of him, pushed himself away from the massive human before the attack caused the ground to rupture which caused the ground to shake again.

5 seconds later…

Emerald looked to Aggro before he charged when the large Human pulled his arm free.

4 seconds left…

Emerald charged more energy into the attack as he sent it forward.

3 seconds left…

Aggro grins when he blocked the hit while his body emits a large amount of Aura.

2 seconds left…

Emerald roars with a slight echoish tone before he broke Aggro's guard to the multiple group's shock.

1 second left…

Emerald pulled his right arm back before sending it towards Aggro's chest.

0 seconds left…

Emerald's body pulsed with intense pain mid punch before he revert back to normal to everyone's shock and surprise before his fist connects with the Iron wall's body.

Emerald's hit barely did anything before he lands on his feet with wide unfocused eyes while he tried to pull himself back together.

Aggro got over his surprise before he starts to laugh before he pulled his arm back and slugged Emerald which sent him flying and he lands… Near Lillum's body.

Everyone else on Emerald's side was shocked… frightened… and worried for Emerald…

When Emerald crashed near Lillum… Core and Lynx tried to rush over to check on him but Bordux got in the way with a grin on Umbra's face while Aggro slowly approved him.

Meanwhile… with Nocturn…

Nocturn watched with shock… before he and everyone else heard Emerald speaking up.

"Dammit...Dammit… I so… pathetic…" Emerald muttered which caused Nocturn to think.

"Pathetic?" Nocturn thought while his body trembles when he remembered how this all started…

He remembered how he and Emerald got launched inside the cave…

"Pathetic?" Nocturn thought while his gem body rumbles more when he remembered how Emerald fought past so many obstacles while he was nothing more than a power source for Emerald.

And to Nocturn… compared to everyone else who was giving their all… he felt…

"Pathetic…" Nocturn thought while his body rumbles more before a cracking sound was heard when he saw Aggro reaching for Emerald while time slowed when Everyone tried to help Emerald but Bordux grinned when he had Umbra get in the way.


Solar who was next to Nocturn heard the crack, but before she could look, she was knocked to the side when something launched past her.

When Solar looked back, all she saw was a small crater where Nocturn was and a wisp of dark… flames which confused her greatly.


Emerald could barely make heads or tails of what was going on right now, his energy felt recharged somehow... but his body felt like he was put into a blender and it was set on oblivion or something and his mind faded in and out of consciousness.

He did see Aggro approaching a few times when his vision clears for a moment, but because of his current state… he couldn't even move an inch… but he was able to speak.

"Dammit… I… can' right…I'm… so...damn… pathetic... " Emerald muttered with a… defeated tone while he took a moment to look at Lillum's body with regret before he looked at Aggro who raised his hand while Emerald's failures flashed through his mind… at least the ones he could remember…

When Aggro reached for Emerald, he felt a large power source flying right at him from out of nowhere and he only had time to get his Aura up around his stomach before something… made out of Dark flames slugged him… which nearly broke his guard to his shock while the wind was knocked out of him to everyone's shock when Aggro got launched back into a far canyon wall before the attacking being spoke up.

"The pathetic person here isn't you Emerald…" the being said while camera moved a bit to show the attackers body

The closest way to explain the form the being had was a mix of a Dark form with two glowing white eyes and flames that made the body look unstable… with Nocturn's gem prison on the center of it's chest that had a large crack where the dark flame like energy emit from..

Emerald, Core, Lynx, Solar, lilly, and Ikaru looked on with shock while Aggro, Bordux, and the rest of his men watching while the scene shifts again.

Angel Island/Cave of trials/ Xan's group/ Xan(tied up), Knuckles (unconscious), Rouge, Shunpei, Pluton (INOR)(In need of repairs), Cream, Vanilla, Amy, Sonic (fire overdrive)(Pinned at the moment), Tails, Zack, Chise/ Elemental group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lighting), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)

All that could be seen from the people watching was shocked faces at the being that Nocturn's gem sat in.

The Elemental's were even more shocked at the form when they recognized that… it was actually Nocturn himself somehow.

"How…" Kamikazix said before falling silent while the other Elemental's wondered the same while the scene shifts to Robotnik's skybase.

Robotnik's skybase/ Eggman's lab #?/ Robotnik

Robotnik was watching the screen with shock before he chuckles at the images.

"Interesting… very interesting, I can use this…." Robotnik mutters to himself while he types on the keyboard in front of him while the scene shifts when the figure spoke.

Back to the dungeon group...

"The pathetic person is me after all…" The being said with a familiar tone which made everyone who recognize the voice before Solar spoke up.

"N-Nocturn… how… " Solar said with shock in her voice while Nocturn kept quiet while he kept his gaze on the shocked Umbra, or Bordux and Aggro before Aggro starts chuckling.

"Well, well, well, seems things might be fun after all…, Bordux… keep out of this!" Aggro said while a wild grin forms on his face.

Bordux lost the shocked look he had on Umbra's face before grinning when he calmed down when he rests Umbra's scythe on his shoulder.

"Alright… remember… don't kill Emerald… and go wild on the others." Bordux said with a grin which made Aggro's grin twist a bit before he roared out when Aura explodes from his body which made the room rumble.

"Just the order…." Aggro said before he shot forward with a roar.

"I WAS WAITING FOR!" Aggro roars before he shot towards Nocturn While Nocturn slowly bent forward while he spoke up.

"So that is why..." Nocturn said before he launched towards Aggro with his own roar.

"I STEPPED IN…" Nocturn roars when he sent a punch towards Aggro who sent his own punch towards Nocturn who continues to roar when the two punches caused a massive shockwave when they connect before Nocturn roars out again.

"...TO END THIS BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DIES!" Nocturn roars before Nocturn and Aggro start to throw punches at speeds that made their arms blur before more shockwaves emit with each blow which caused Core, Lynx, Ikaru, and Lilly to brace themselves after they got blown back a bit and Lillum hides behind Emerald's body for cover while everyone else in the dungeon room stumbles except for Umbra who just shifts his stance a bit while he watched the exchange with a grin.

Nocturn (Cracked seal) (Unknown level of power) VS Aggro (Unknown level of power)

For a few seconds, nothing but the blows rang out through the room while everyone watched as they kept their ground.

Before anyone could say or do anything, it looked like Nocturn was slugged in the chest where his core was which caused him to flinch, but before Aggro could do anything, Nocturn slid in after shifting his stance when he took the blow which caused Aggro's fist to slide past Nocturn who sent a punch right at Aggro's stomach when his guard was down.

The resulting hit sent Aggro flying back before Nocturn gave chase which allowed some of Emerald's group breathing room, mainly for Core and Lynx who had to grip the ground and Lilly who gripped Emerald's back to keep from flying away before they looked to the battle as it continues.

When Aggro lands, he sensed Nocturn approaching before he sent a aura charged punch towards the Former Elemental who it turn spun around the attack and sent a kick towards Aggro who blocked the kick before pushing his arm away which sent Nocturn flying into the air before Aggro roars when he shot a Gaia Pillar towards Nocturn.

Nocturn in turn sent more energy into his left arm which made the flames grow bigger before he sent it towards the approaching attack.

The resulting attacks connect and Nocturn was sent flying away from Aggro as a result of not being on the ground.

Aggro grins at the sight before he laughs when he gave chase to the flying former Elemental.

When Nocturn lands, he sent a slight glare to Aggro when he noticed that the giant human was undamaged somehow… but he had an idea… but he knew it would have to be fast since he was running out of power already…

"This Form drains energy at a constant rate… I doubt I have a minute at best…" Nocturn thought while he clinched his hands a few times and saw the dark flames flickering a few times before he charged Aggro again with another fist drew back, but he surprised the Giant man when Nocturn slugged the ground and caused a dust cloud around the duo.

For a moment nothing passed to the onlookers before a bang rang out before Aggro was launched from the cloud with gritted teeth while Nocturn gave chase while he had various thoughts in his head before Aggro lands on his feet and charged Nocturn with a fist drew back.

Nocturn ducked under the attack while sliding his left foot forward while time slowed when he thought of certain issues… Like what would happen to him after this fight… and what of Emerald and the others…

"Still... he has allies now… so he'll be fine... without me..." Nocturn thought while he thought about his current state before time seemed to resume before Nocturn and Aggro attacked one another with attacks that were too fast for most to follow while everyone one watched.

A minute passed while everyone watched the two trade blows while Bordux thought something was off, if Nocturn was really going all out to protect someone then things would be a lot more dangerous…

"What is he planning?" Bordux thought when he to care to focus on Nocturn before Bordux spoke up.

"You do remember that Aggro's forte is his defensive power right?, you'll need to step up to cause even a scratch." Bordux said through Umbra with a grin on both of their face.

"Yeah I remember… but I know a way to win without killing this monster!" Nocturn said before he surprised everyone when his flames grew and he sped up his attack which made his blows connect with Aggro multiple times which slowly skid the giant back inch by inch when Nocturn used even more power with his attacks before Nocturn spoke up again.

"He maybe durable…. but there are other ways to win a battle then killing an opponent… you just need to look for one!" Nocturn cryptically growls out to everyone before he used more power to launch Aggro away before giving chase while everyone watched with either worry, awe, or confusion before Nocturn appeared under a flying Aggro before kicking him into the air.

Nocturn gave chase by jumping into the air before he went a bit over Aggro and spun while Aggro got his guard up right before Aggro was rocketed down to the grown by Nocturn's ax kick which caused Aggro to crash into the ground before he bounced into the air from the recoil while Bordux looked in with surprised.

Nocturn in the meantime pulled back his right arm before he shot it forward which caused the arm to elongate and slammed into the ground next to Aggro before he pulled himself next to the falling giant before said giant could fall to the ground… Nocturn then spoke up after he pulled his right arm back in a punching motion.

"Time to show my real strength…." Nocturn said when he sent the attack forward.

"OVERLIMIT…" Nocturn yelled which caused his power to erupt for some reason when it got close.

"DARK…" Nocturn shouts before he roars out with his attack shooting at Aggro before it connects with his gut

"...IMPACT!" Nocturn roars with dark energy shining from Aggro's gut from the point of impact before the Giant human shot to the wall with a bang faster than anyone realized before he crashed into… and through it while the most of the wall shattered to reveal a massive void with multiple large square boxes with lines of sorts were seen, it looked like multiple oversized DNA helix's were moving around the room itself.

But that wasn't the shocker for the groups… what was shocking was Aggro who was flying out of the room with a shocked look on his face.

Bordux snapped his fingers from his end before a portal opened for the giant man who launched into it before it closed.

?/ Bordux's base/ Bordux, Nex, Multiple henchmen

While everyone watched in shock, the grunts and other men and women near a portal generator that was set nearby on every floor of Bordux's base were shocked beyond belief when a portal opened before Aggro launched from it and onto the stage with a boom.

Aggro pushed himself up with a growl before he tried to launch back to the portal, but stopped when Bordux spoke up.

"Hold on Aggro... let's leave things as is to see what happens." Bordux said with a smirk on his face while Aggro, who had a frown on his face, growled a bit when he raised his hand and slammed it down on the stage which made a small crater form before he sat on the ground.

Bordux just chuckles at that before he focused again on the fight.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald (critical state), Nocturn (?), Core (Awakened weapon form), Solar, Lynx (Awakened weapon form), Lilly, Ikaru, Lillum (Deceased)

Everyone who saw, in and out of the cave, besides Bordux who controlled Umbra still, were shocked beyond belief from seeing the giant getting launched through the wall before Bordux spoke up while Nocturn was oddly still while he held a fist out.

"Well well… seems I'm the only one left… though I wonder… does that mean I lose?" Bordux said before Nocturn lovered his hand before his fiery body starts to break down to the multiple group's shock.

"N-Noc… "Emerald tried to weakly say before Bordux chuckles when Nocturn's legs fade.

"Well… to those who don't know what is going on… I'll explain…" Bordux said with a humored tone which made Emerald look to him with a tired angry eye before Bordux grins at his expression before he continues when he slowly walked forward to the group, mainly Emerald while Core and Lynx got in the way with guarded stances which made the mad Sage stop with a grin before he continues.

"..You see… for an Elemental, they have a certain ability when their own power at the time is insignificant…. An ability that let's them use to something close to 100% of their energy no matter the situation for one powerful attack..." Bordux said while he looked to Nocturn whose arm fades away.

"An ability called Overlimit… fitting since Nocturn pushed himself over his limit… but at a great cost since he has no body." Bordux said with an amused tone while Core and Lynx grit their teeth while Emerald's eyes slowly, barely, widen a little when Nocturns flame like form fades entirely before he fell to the ground with a thud and his dark purple coloring grey's out greatly.

Solar's eyes widen from Nocturn falling before she starts to run and glide to him before Emerald barely spoke up.

"N-Noc...turn!" Emerald tried to say while his body jolts with pain which made him grit his teeth while Lilly looked to him with a worried face.

"Oh don't worry Emerald, you'll forget this after I'm done here." Bordux said with a widening grin which made Umbra's face get a twisted grin which made the Phoenix get many times more unnerving before Core and Lynx got on guard in front of him with their weapons raised which made Bordux chuckle before he readied Umbra's scythe and got ready to attack but stopped when a green crest appeared under Emerald all of a sudden before the three fighters, Solar, and the viewers outside of the cave saw Lilly holding her hands out to Emerald with a look of concentration which made Bordux chuckle when he saw the crude but tellable crest.

"Hmhmhm… a low grade healing crest huh?, surprising that an adaptaslime knows it… but if the parent was the succubus than it would make some sense… still can't have you heal him too much or it'll make bringing him back a hassle… sorry but you'll have to stop now." Bodrux said when he spun the scythe a few times before he starts walking forward while Core and Lynx who charged Bordux with their weapons drawn back while they roared out while Bordux grinned before the camera shifts to Emerald and Lilly while the sound of the battle rang out in the background with metal hitting metal.

With Emerald and Lilly…

Emerald looked to Lilly before he realized what she was doing before he spoke up when his soreness went down a tiny bit, it wasn't much but it allowed him to talk a bit more, but it was still painful.

"Lilly… s-stop… the spell." Emerald barely said when he saw that even a small healing spell was already draining Lilly greatly when her pink coloring starts to turn grey slowly.

But Lilly ignored Emerald while she continued to try and heal Emerald while Emerald tried to stop her but his body wouldn't listen still even if he could now twitch his fingers a tiny bit.


Core and Lynx vs Umbra (Bordux possession)

Core drew a fist back while Lynx ran behind him before they split up to get Bordux in a pincer attack with Lynx summoning more scythe blades while a couple of Cores floating orbs lit with fire before attacked at the same time while Bordux grins while he spun the scythe which blocked the scythe blades before he used his free hand to catch Cores Fist much to his shock.

Bordux than gripped Cores fist tightly before he looked to Lynx and threw Core at her before Core could pull his fist free which caused the Elemental Dragon to fly towards Lynx who quickly called a few scythe blades to fly at Bordux while a few more flew to Core and used the flat sides of the blades to catch Core.

Core quickly jumped off the blades after he recovered and towards Bordux who grins when he starts to hit the scythe blades away with Umbra's weapon and dodged Core who flew by at the last moment which made the Elemental Dragon grit his teeth before three of the four orbs lit up before he rapidly turned to Bordux and threw a punch which launched a fireball at Bordux who keeps grinning when he sliced the fireball in half to see Core already throwing another punch at him.

Bordux jumped into the air before he used a foot to jump off of Core's head which made him crash to the ground before Core rapidly pushed himself up while Bordux just looked to him with an amused look.

"What's the matter Core?, losing your touch?" Bordux taunts which caused Core to growl out before he charged Bordux again while Lynx ran around the duo to get a better vantage point to attack Bordux while she hid her aura when she got in place.

Bordux's senses momentary picked her up before he lost track of her while he used the Umbra's scythe to block or redirect Cores attacks while he waited for what was about to happen.

Lynx starts running forward before she drew her gauntlet covered arm over her face which aimed her scythe at the possessed Phoenix before she jumps into the air before she starts spinning which gave her the appearance of a saw right before she brought the sharp part of the scythe down towards Bordux's head while Core jumped to the side quickly… but the duos eyes widen in shock when Bordux moved the scythe behind his back while ducking which caused him to block Lynx's hit.

Bordux then moved to the right which caused his scythe to catch Lynx's scythe blade before Bordux launched Lynx away from him and broke the scythe blade that was on Lynx's gauntlet.

"GAAAH!" Lynx shouts when pain radiates through her body when the Umbra's scythe cut her stomach somewhat and she rolled painfully on the ground before stopping while holding her stomach with her uncovered hand while she laid on the ground.

"LYNX!" Core called out to the downed panther before he looked to Bordux with glowing angry eyes before they widen when they saw Bordux's scythe already nearly charged for one of Umbra's stronger attacks with Bordux grinning while he spoke up.

"I recommend running to her if I were you." Bordux said with power radiating from him before he called out and starts a slicing motion with his scythe before he called out while Core starts dashing to Lynx.

"WRATH… OF THE PHOENIX GOD!" Bordux called out right before the deadly purple orb shot to Lynx who manages to get her bearings… but her eyes widen when she register what was about to happen to her when the egg like attack turned into a raging fiery bird.

Not even a moment later, Core got in between the attack and Lynx who's eyes went even wider when Core drew his fist back, the four orbs turned into different colors, red for fire… blue for water… green for wind… orange for earth.

When the attack drew close, Core threw his fist forward with a roar before his attack connects with Umbra's attack before a explosion happened in front of Lynx who got blasted back away from the explosion before she rolled more along the ground before she crashed into the canyon wall nearby with great force.

"Gah!" Lynx grunts out with blurry eyes while she coughed up some blood before she crashed to the ground.

Pain radiates through her body while Sombra turned back into its dagger like form in her hand before she heard footsteps approaching… and when she barely looked over… her eyes widen a little when she saw Bordux approaching her in Umbra's body from around the dust cloud while he rests Umbra's scythe on Umbra's shoulder before he spoke up when he got close.

"Well, well, well, seems like your the only one left who can fight right now… though that would be a difference of opinion since your damaged greatly and facedown on the ground, now I wonder what I should do… bring you back to our side… or kill you?" Bordux said with his free hand on his chin in mock thought which Umbra mimicked while Lynx's eyes widen before she tried to say something… but she couldn't when pain racked her body which made her look to the ground before she only muttered one thing.

"C-Core?" Lynx muttered which made Bordux chuckle before he spoke up.

"Oh don't worry, after taking a hit like that, I doubt he can move much if he's alive so it's not like he won't join you soon." Bordux said with an amused tone before he sensed something approaching before he looked back with one eye which widened when he saw a gauntlet encased fist heading towards him before he blocked the attack and got forced to skid away from Lynx before a couple thuds were heard which made Lynx look over with wide eyes to see a greatly damaged Core while his armor was gone from the torso up and his legs and feet while his hair covered his eyes before he spoke up.

"K-Keep….. A-away… from her…" Core said while he got into a shaky guarded stance while one eye that Bordux saw was full of determination to protect Lynx which made him chuckle.

"Hehehe…. HAHAHA!... Oh Core… if anything, I really shouldn't underestimate your own durability or stubbornness in this case… might as well give you a quick death before I send Lynx after you." Bordux said with a grin which made Core grit his teeth while he got ready to fight with whatever he had left.

However an explosion of green energy nearby made the three look over in shock to see a greatly wounded Emerald actually standing with a greatly greyed out Lilly in his arms while it looked like she barely had any pink like coloring on her slime like body while shadows covered his eyes while he grit his teeth with anger when images of everyone being hurt, Nocturn from his drained state… Core from his bloody form even while he stood there… Lynx and her disabled state… Leonel and her before he spoke up with venom.

"Bordux…" Emerald growled out while Lilly kept muttering these words.

"….ma….mama." Lillym muttered while Bordux gets a wide grin of his and Umbra's face when he turned from Core before he laughs more while he held .

"Hehehe…. HAHAHAHAHAHA…. Oh Emerald…. Whats wrong?, your little healer seems to be running out of gas, seems she'll need some help or she'll die from what I can tell if her coloring is any indication of her magic… or maybe all of your companions falling one by one is irritating you… or maybe… it's the fact that you can stop it huh?" Bordux said with a twisted grin which made Emerald grit his teeth more before he threw his head back and roared out.

"IKARU!" Emerald roars out to the multiple groups shock before the dragon lands behind Emerald with a loud smash before Emerald turned to the dragon and after carefully placing Lilly, Leonel, and… Lillum's body on the dragon's back before he spoke up while placing a hand on Ikaru's side.

"Get them down the stairs… and help get Core and Lynx out of here." Emerald said to the shock of thoughs who heard what he said which made Bordux chuckle before he spoke up.

"And what ma-!" Bordux said before his and by extenion's Umbra's eyes widen in shock when Emerald whose body glowed with green energy while shadows covered his eyes was in front of them already after he moved from Ikaru's side with a glowing fist drew back while he had his gaze on the possessed Phoenix… right before the attack connects with Umbra's gut before Emerald's eyes were seen when Umbra's body got launched back into a canyon wall…. Emerald's eyes were like cold mirrors that reflected no warmth whatsoever before he looked to his fist which radiated energy.

"I heard from some spirit like being of the Master Emerald about not forcing my energy out… but to just point it in a direction and let it flow naturally… I should really thank you for helping me with getting emotionless at that time…" Emerald said while Umbra's body was seen walking from the smoke with a grin on his face before Emerald starts to walk to him with energy charging his fists and blood dripping down his body while Ikaru got next to Core and Lynx in the air while he flapped his wings which surprised the duo before Ikaru picked them up carefully with his claws before he starts to fly to the starts to the stairs with Core and Lynx trying to get free but failed when their strength fades greatly when their wounds start to get to them before Emerald spoke up.

"Solar…" Emerald said before Solar looked to him with a worried look while she held Nocturn in her hands before Emerald spoke up again.

"Take Nocturn to the others and heal them… I'll handle things here." Emerald said which made Solar's eyes widen before she spoke up.

"Don't be stupid!, without Nocturn or I, who will cast the sealbreaker!" Solar called out before Emerald looked to his fist before he spoke up while Bordux in Umbra's body stopped a bit away from Emerald to listen.

"When Nocturn and I were knocked out… I met the actual Nocturn and he taught me how to do this without saying anything!" Emerald said before he held his right hand out before a crest appeared which made Solar's eyes widen in shock when she recognized the crest while Bordux grins before spoke up.

"Hoooo… and why not use it earlier with Lynx and Umbra before instead of hiding it?" Bordux said which caused Emerald to give him a cold look before he spoke up.

"To keep you from planning anything to stop this… I can even do this." Emerald said before he held his other hand out before the augmenting crest appeared before Emerald smacked his hands together in a clap of sorts before the second stage of the sealbreaker appeared which covered Emerald's right hand which made Bordux grin more before he held Umbra's scythe to the side.

"Interesting… very interesting." Bordux said before the augmented sealbreaker fades while Emerald got in a fighting stance before he spoke up.

"Solar… go." Emerald which made the Wyverness look conflicted before she looked to Nocturn who didn't move before she nods when she would just get in the way right now before she used her wings to fly to the others before it was just Emerald and Bordux who stood there for a moment before a rock broke off of a canyon wall before time seemed to slow while everyone watching didn't even blink when the rock hit the ground before Emerald and Bordux charged one another with their attacks drawn back before their attacks connect with Umbra's scythe connecting with Emerald's energy charged hands before they bounced away from one another before charging one another which starts the battle in full.

Heavily damaged Emerald (10% health) (Full energy) VS Umbra The Phoenix (Possession) (100% health)

Bordux tried to slice at Emerald with a few attacks while Emerald in turn read Bordux's attacks and blocked or redirected the attacks with energy encased hands while Bordux had a grin on his face from Emerald's growth from this dungeon and how he was doing against him with Umbra's body before he spoke up when Emerald blocked another attack.

"Good Emerald… Good…." Bordux said while Emerald just ignored the mad Sage by forcing the scythe blade up before he sent a chaos energy enhanced punch towards the possessed Phoenix.

Bordux in turn jumped with the scythe raised for an overhead strike before while Emerald's cold expression didn't change when he stepped to the side to avoid the blow.

Bordux grins more when he had Umbra's body summon its wings to block Emerald's view and float over the ground before he swings his scythe to the right which Emerald ducks under when he read the attacking heading his way by Umbra's or Bordux's aura before he sent an energy enhanced fist towards the floating Phoenix who shot into the air before Bordux sent Emerald a grin from high into the air before he spoke up while he rests Umbra's scythe on his shoulder.

"Come on now, did you think this would be easy?" Bordux taunts while Emerald continues to give the Possessed Phoenix a cold look before the rings on Emerald's neck glows before Hakumei was summoned in it's cloak mode before it turned into a pair of wings before two green orbs of energy were seen before Emerald shot into the air with great speed and looked right into a slightly surprised Bordux's face while Emerald coldly looked back with a fist drew back before he sent the attack towards Umbra's face which connects which sent Umbra flying before Emerald gave chase with a burst of speed from the two orbs which launched him to Umbra.

"That was for Leonel." Emerald said when he slugged Umbra into the ground and kept his fist there before he spoke up again.

"This is for Core." Emerald said before he shot a ball of chaos energy right into the Phoenix's gut right when he slugged him to the right before he spoke up again.

"That was for Lynx." Emerald said before he raised his hand and snapped his fingers before the ball of energy explodes before he spoke up again when the explosion formed a dust cloud.

"That was for Lilly." Emerald said before the dust was blown away from Bordux who was spinning the scythe in his hand like a fan blade before a orb of energy was seen which caused Emerald's eyes to narrow before he held his own hands out which summoned a orb of chaos energy which he quickly pressed between his hands and moved his left food forward while Umbra caught the scythe handle and used the blade to catch the orb of energy before he shouts out.

"WRATH OF THE PHOENIX GOD!" Bordux called out right before the energy shot to Emerald who had a cold look on his face when he actually charged the energy before he jumped while the two orbs of energy for Hakumei formed which allowed him to shoot around the orb before it could burst into it's more dangerous bird form before he aimed his attack at Bordux and called out when he had the possessed Phoenix in his sights when he couldn't hold his emotions back anymore.

"THIS IS FOR LILLUM AND NOCTURN YOU FUCKER!... CHAOS CANNON!" Emerald roars before he shot out the beam of energy from his hands with all of his being and than some which forced the speed and power of the attack to shoot through the roof which caused the beam to nearly hit Bordux who raised the scythe to form some kind of defense from the blast of energy before it connects which sent Bordux flying back from the force of the blast before he crashed into and through a canyon wall before Emerald roars which caused even more energy to shoot from him which caused the energy to focus and explode in front of Umbra who's eyes widen when that happened before Emerald pants for breath while he calmed down and starts to focus on both the Sealbreaker and the Augmentation crest.

Chuckling was heard a moment later which made Emerald's eyes narrow when he saw the dust cloud clearing to reveal that Umbra was still in decent health, damaged greatly but still in combat form before Bordux spoke up through him.

"Bravo Emerald, Bravo, I have to say that if things were different, than you might have had a chance at winning, but it seems that even with the Adapaslimes healing, it seems that this is how far you can go huh?" Bordux said while Umbra's body slowly regenerates itself while Emerald just gave the possessed Phoenix a cold look when he used the two seals together to form the advanced Sealbreaker on his right arm before he spoke up.

"Like Nocturn said, there's more than one way to win a fight besides just killing your opponent." Emerald said before he shot towards Umbra with surprising speed before drew his right arm back while Bordux grins again when he drew the scythe back and called out a new attck.

"UNHOLY BARRAGE!" Bordux called out before many crescent blades shot to a surprised Emerald who took a moment to think when time seemed to slow before he remembered some words which calmed him greatly.

"Let your power flow." The Spirit's words echoed through his body which made get a more relaxed look on his face before time went back to normal while Emerald continues his charge through the crescent blades while he read their moves and avoids getting cut before he found himself in front of a surprised Umbra before Emerald shot his right hand forward and gripped Umbra's head while Emerald roars when the duo shot towards a canyon wall.

"GET OUT OF UMBRA YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Emerald roared before the sound of multiple shattering glasses were heard before Umbra got launched from Emerald which showed that Bordux's crest on Umbra's head was shattered before Umbra himself crashed into the canyon wall while the scene shifts.

Angel Island/Cave of trials/ Xan's group/ Xan(tied up), Knuckles (unconscious), Rouge, Shunpei, Pluton (INOR)(In need of repairs), Cream, Vanilla, Amy, Sonic (fire overdrive)(Pinned at the moment), Tails, Zack, Chise/ Elemental group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lighting), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)

Everyone else watched with wide eyes at what Emerald did before Steel starts chuckling when he saw Umbra flying into the canyon wall which got everyone's attention.

"Hehe, you know… this fight is getting me really excited sense I'll be fighting him next if you don't end me soon." Steel said with a twisted grin on his metallic face which made everyone else frown before the scene shifts again.

?/?/ Bordux, Nex, Aggro, various other members

Most of the members in the room looked on with some shocked when they saw Umbra being blasted back into the wall while Nex looked a bit stunned as well while Aggro crossed his arms while looking to the mad sage.

Bordux was just grinning which confused a few of his men since Umbra was supposed to be one of the stronger fighters here.

Bordux just keeps the grin while a single horned female figure in the far back watched while the scene went back to Emerald while he approached the downed Umbra to retrieve him.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald

Emerald took a few breaths of air before he starts walking to Umbra to grab him sense the others normally fell unconscious after getting the crest removed before he saw the dust cloud fading to reveal that Umbra was on the ground near an indent in the wall while his scythe rests next to his body.

Emerald walked next to the down Phoenix before he looked at him while he remembered what he did during the time he was in the dungeon and Lillum's death which made him clinch his hands while energy emitted from him before he remembered that it was the crest that made Umbra did this before he let out a sigh when his energy fades before he went to grab Umbra while speaking up.

"Good thing you don't have that crest any more… come on… let's get you to the others." Emerald said when he gripped Umbra's right arm and got ready to carry him away before he got greatly surprised when his senses kicked in and jumped away from Umbra with wide eyes while some of his hair was cut before Emerald looked over to see a panting Umbra while he held his scythe with his left arm before Emerald narrowed his eyes before he spoke up with a cold tone.

"What the fuck Umbra!?" Emerald growled out whwhile Umbra held Mekai no shihaisha with his left hand while he pants for breath while he had a barely held on to consciousness.

Everyone watching the fight from various area were confused since the sealbreaker normally knocked the person out but Umbra seemed to stay awake somehow before he spat something from his mouth nearby which surprised Emerald when he saw that it was some flesh like substance which burned into Ash before some smoke emits from Umbra's mouth before he spoke up while Emerald realized that right before Umbra passed out… he actually bit the inside of his cheek off to give a great enough shock to stay awake even if he was in a more sluggish state.

"Sorry…. But… I'm not…. Done yet…." Umbra said with a more focused look on his face while Emerald got an angered look in his eyes before he said only one thing with venom in his voice while his eyes flashed pure white.

"Why?" Emerald growled out while Umbra was silent for a bit before he spoke up.

"Simple… like you… I have someone that I need to protect… even if it means becoming an enemy…" Umbra said with a cold look on his face while his scythe starts to spark with purple energy.

Emerald in turn was silent before his fists start to glow with energy before he spoke up.

"You know… I can respect that since I would do the same… and I won't ask for the reasons as to why you joined that fucker…. But…" Emerald said right before his body bursts with a mix of dark and Chaos energy which caused Umbra's eyes to narrow when Emerald spoke up again.

"Since you were under Bordux's control I would have given you a free pass but…" Emerald said before he looked to Umbra with angered eyes.

"...Considering that you attacked me with your own will and helped kill Lillum… I'm going to break every bone in your body before I bring you to the others." Emerald growled out with anger radiating from him in waves while Umbra took a moment to breath before he rests his scythe on his shoulder before he spoke up.

"Seems talking will get us nowhere than…" Umbra said while purple energy erupts from his body and it looked like he got ready to say something while his weapon seemed to glow with a purple light...but before he got ready to fight again… but before the duo could fight… a Portal opened near Umbra before a person appeared which got Emerald on guard while the scene shifts.

Angel Island/Cave of trials/ Xan's group/ Xan(tied up), Knuckles (unconscious), Rouge, Shunpei, Pluton (INOR)(In need of repairs), Cream, Vanilla, Amy, Sonic (fire overdrive)(Pinned at the moment), Tails, Zack, Chise/ Elemental group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lighting), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)

Most were confused at the person's appearance while Steel's eyes and the Elemental's eyes widen in shock before Steel starts chuckling before Steel grins before he spoke up which got the non-elementals attention.

"I see… so that's why he's still with him even after the leach was broken… he still has another leash on Umbra…" Steel cryptically said which made Zack look to the mad bot before he spoke up while he had his guard up.

"What do you mean?" Zack said before Steel glanced to Zack before he looked back to the canyon wall before speaking up.

"Simple, that person is Umbra's most treasured person and the best reason for him not going quietly with Emerald… Umbra's mate… Lycra the Unicorn… the strongest healer that the Shrine ever had." Steel said which made the non-elementals eyes widen in shock before they look to the screen which shifts the scene back to the three.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald

Emerald was really confused by the person's appearance while he had his guard up when he saw the crest on the Woman's forehead which was wrapped around a single horned on her head.

She had pale white skin, pure white hair that seemed to end a bit below her ears, had B-C size breasts and has a shapely figure.

The outfit was Similar to Umbra's but white and blue in color and instead of Cargo pants she wore shorts and sneakers.

But the eye catcher was the blank look on her face before she spoke up.

"Umbra… Bordux… wants us back…." The women slowly said while Emerald grit his teeth before he spoke up.

"Oi… I don't know who the hell you are… but-!" Emerald tried to say to the Women before a horrifying chill went up his spine right before he jumped away from Umbra and looked to him before he saw Umbra looking to him with purple glowing eyes and spoke to Emerald with a cold tone while a deadly feeling black aura emits from his scythe.

"I don't care what Bordux sees in you boy, and I don't care if your angry with me… but even look at Lycra like that and I will make you pay… we'll meet again… that I can promise you." Umbra coldly said before he lowers his scythe and walks to the Women named Lycra before Emerald spoke up to the walking Phoenix.

"I can break his hold on her, you know that right?" Emerald said with slightly narrowed eyes before Umbra looked to him with a look that seemed… both grateful… but sad.

"At your level… doubtful." Umbra said before he entered the Portal before the blank looking Lycra looked at Emerald for a moment before she entered the Portal before it closed while Emerald stood there for a moment before he grits his teeth and clenched his fists before he said one thing.

"Damn…" Emerald said before he grits his teeth while he walked to the stairs while his face showed how much regret he was feeling before time passes to Emerald getting to the stairs… he then saw Solar and the others near the stairs before he approached them while he saw Solar using some healing magic on the group while Nocturn and Lillum were out of the circle.

Emerald's eyes narrow a bit when he barely felt any energy from a weakened Nocturn… and Lillum…

Emerald gripped his hands with regret before Solar noticed him and got a relieved look on her face but frowned when she didn't notice Umbra… but instead of asking, she saw the look on his face that said it all before she spoke up with an understanding smile.

"I'm glad your safe Emerald." Solar said while Emerald grit his teeth more when he felt something in the pit of his stomach that was strange to him for a moment… but a memory helped him figure it out.


"Something wrong?" Emerald asked in worry which shocked Lillum out of her stupor for a moment before she pushed down her fear before turning to Emerald with a smile on her face.

"Nah nothings wrong Emerald, just took a moment to check if I got everything." Lillum said before she got shocked when Emerald gave her a hug out of nowhere which made her blush sense she was normally the one to make advances.

"E-Emerald!" Lillum said before Emerald spoke up, and what he said shocked her greatly.

"Don't worry Lillum, I'll get everyone out of here alive...I promise." Emerald said before he let go of Lillum and turned back to catch up with the group while Lillum floated in the air for another moment in shock before she flew after the group and caught up with them when they all reached the stairs while the scene goes back to the present.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald (Greatly injured), Nocturn (?), Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru, Lillum (Deceased)

"I-I c-couldn't keep my promise… to Lillum… I...I…." Emerald tried to say while his eyes teared up and closed before he felt someone hugging him a minute later which made Emerald jolt a bit which made him open his eyes to see that Solar was hugging before she spoke up with a soothing tone.

"I don't know what to say right now that can help you but most of us are alive… I know it's not much… but it's something right?" Solar said before she let's go of Emerald who blinked a few times while his tears slowly stopped while Solar went back to the others to heal them before Solar spoke up.

"I healed Lillum's body so that her blood won't drip… it's not much but we can bury her after we get out of here right?" Solar said while Emerald was silent before he spoke up.

"Yeah… I'll go ahead and take her ahead, I'll leave Nocturn with you to see if you can help him." Emerald said when he approached Lillum's body and picked her up while Solar was silent when she watched Emerald before she spoke up.

"Very well… be careful Emerald." Solar said while Emerald nods before he approached the final set of stairs with Lillum's body in his arms before he starts walking down the stairs while the scene shifts.

Angel island/ Master Emerald Altar/ ?

The scene now shows the Master Emerald on the altar which glows brightly before… something appears… it looked like a figureless being which had a grin on it's face before it spoke up.

"Well than, time for me to make an entrance now that I'm more awake." The being said before it starts walking to the Trail of Blades cave entrance.

Angel Island/Cave of trials/ Xan's group/ Xan(tied up), Knuckles (unconscious), Rouge, Shunpei, Pluton (INOR)(In need of repairs), Cream, Vanilla, Amy, Sonic (fire overdrive)(Pinned at the moment), Tails, Zack, Chise/ Elemental group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lighting), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)

The group saw Emerald walking down the stairs before the images on the cave turn to static before the images on the cave wall fades entirely which left the group stunned silent before Steel starts chuckling while a dark mist emits from his robotic body before he turned to Zack who got on guard when Steel looked to him.

Sonic had enough and just ripped himself from the cloak and zipped next to Zack which fire emitting from parts of his body before Amy walked forward with her hammer at the ready while most of the others getting on guard in some shape or form which made Steel chuckle before he spoke up.

Others while Steel spoke like Vanilla and Cream start to move away while Shunpei moved back with them with a frightened expression on his face when he realized that nothing was distracting the mad bot.

Xan, who was still tied up, grits his teeth when he still couldn't move yet while Tails redoubled his efforts to free the old man.

"Interesting, seems that most of you want in on the party… FINE BY ME!" Steel said before he roars out when he charged the group with a blade drawn back.

Non-Elemental's VS one armed damaged Darkness overdrive Beta steel Emerald

But to the group's shock, when he got close to Zack, he slammed his blade into the ground which created a dust cloud around the combatants before Steel roared out when he dashed past the fighters.

"I'm finishing things things first though… TIME FOR SOME RABBIT VENISON!" Steel roars out while everyones eyes widen before time slowed when everyone saw who Steel was targeting while Vanilla tried to get Cream away while Shunpei's eyes widen in shock since he was behind Vanilla and Cream… when he saw Steel rushing them… he remembered what his parents did and what his mother said to get him to run before he shocked all, even Steel when he rushed in front of the rabbit duo and points the gun he got from Emerald earlier at Steel which starts glowing before he shouts to the dark robot.

"KEEP AWAY FROM THEM!" Shunpei shouts before the gun glows brightly before a large ball of green energy shot at Steel while the mad bot blocked the hit and got blown back a bit and knocked the ball of energy away while Shunpei got blown on to his back from the recoil of the gun and dropped it while he had an unfocused look on his face while he seemed paler than normal.

"Shunpei!?" Everyone who knew his name called with worry when he saw the state the kid was in while Vanilla and Cream knelt next to him to try and snap him out of it while Steel starts chuckling.

"Well, well, well, seems the kid grew some balls this time, though it seems he used too much energy with that attack just now, last time he froze in fear after I offer his folks." Steel said with a grin while Zack grit his teeth in anger from how heartless Steel was while Sonic and Amy starts to emit a dark mist… but they were shocked out of that state when they felt a great pressure of sorts from Xan who looked at Steel with raw fury in his eyes while Steel chuckles when he saw that.

"Oh scary, might as well end this than before you break free." Steel said before he raised a blade which got charged with dark energy which caused some worry for the group before he held the blade upside down and spoke up with a twisted grin when he dropped the blade.

"Dark bomb!" Steel said when the blade stabs into the ground… and the next thing everyone sees is a black wave shooting in all directions and while Zack brought up his hand to cast a spell while the Materia in his arm glows, he could only think of one for this situation.

"STOP!" Zack shouts while the attack actually stopped for a second, but it seemed the attack was to strong before it resumed again, however that one second did allow some of the others to put up some defense while Sonic zoomed to the shield gauntlets that Tails made on Knuckles made and grabbed them while Xan managed to raise a hand when Tails untangled his right arm before a barrier formed to protect him, Tails, and the injured Knuckles.

Zack's Materia was glowing again when he was cutting things close when he had to cast two more spells on multiple people but he wasn't able to defend himself from the hit.

Nexus formed another Barrier to block the attack while the Elemental's looked on with various degrees of coldness or anger.

Sonic zoomed with great speed to Amy and tossed her the shield while he zoomed in front of the Downed Shunpei, Vanilla, and Cream before the attack engulfed everyone…

The scene than shows a greatly damaged area while almost everyone was down on the ground with greatly damaged bodies, only Can and The Elemental's were undamaged and Tails and Knuckles by extension when they were covered by Xan's barrier.

Zack Fair was knocked out while protect and shell barriers were over the people who couldn't defend themselves, but the explosion

Amy was barely able to stand while she held the shield Sonic passed her while she stood in front of Chise and Rouge who has lesser injuries thanks to Amy but the shield didn't block all of the damage which caused Any to fall to one knee before Rouge and Chise called to her while they held parts of their bodies, Rouge with her burnt shoulder and Chise with her injured arm which caused her to drop her greathammer.

"Amy!" The duo called out while they moved to her side while Amy had an unfocused look in her eyes while she struggles to stand.

Sonic was in a similar state while he held the shield to block the hit from hitting Vanilla, Cream, and Shunpei, but the damage caused his Fire Overdrive form to fade, however it seemed that only Cream and Shunpei were undamaged which greatly confused the younger rabbit who covered her head with her arms before she looked up to get a horrified look on her face… when she saw that Vanilla had moved between Sonic and them and used the back of her body to block the hit which scorched the back of her outfit off to and gave her back a serious scorch marks while Vanilla barely stood on her feet when her motherly instinct roars at her to protect Cream.

"" Cream said with a horrified expression on her face while Vanilla just smiles at her before she fell to her knees which caused Cream's eyes to widen in shock before she rushed to Vanilla to catch her before she could hit the ground.

"MOMMA!" Cream called out to a greatly injured Vanilla with worry before chuckling was heard when the conscious group of people saw Steel as he walked out with his weapon at his side while he actually hummed a tune at the destruction he caused before he spoke up.

"What to do, what to do, I could either continue with the Rabbit venison...or…" Steel said right before he vanished and reappeared in front of Amy, Rouge, and Chise with a blade drawn back to attack the surprised women… but what Amy did next would be shocking when she let's go of her hammer and pushed Rouge and Chise back… right before the last thing Amy saw was a blade covered dark energy that sliced right through her eyes.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHH!" Amy screamed in agony when she covered her face with her hands and slouched over when the pain practically left her defenseless while everyone looked on in shocked silence before Steel starts to laugh like a madman at Amy's misfortune before an injured Sonic's eyes widen when something snapped in him which caused his body to emit a dark mist which Steel noticed before he turned to Sonic with a blade that dripped with Amy's blood.

With the Elemental's…

Terragaia looked pissed at what was happening before he spoke up with anger radiating from him.

"Oi… Kamikazix… don't try and stop me…" Terragaia growled out before Kamikazix spoke up.

"Stop you?" Kamikazix cryptically said before her body emits some killing intent which got the Elemental's attention before they shudder at the cold look in her eyes while she looked at Steel.

"Why would I stop you since I feel like going myself." Kamikazix said with a cold tone and look in her eyes which caused Terragaia to grin… however a voice spoke up to get their attention.

"Sorry but your fighting part in this story isn't up yet." A relaxed voice said from nearby which made the Elemental's and everyone else who could look, looked over before getting shocked at who they saw, some more than others, like Xan and the Elemental's, but everyone was still shocked nonetheless.

The conscious group, minus a blinded Amy, saw a white figureless ghost like being who's only feature was the wide grin on its face.

"You!?, But how?" Steel said with shock evident on his robotic face while the being just shrugs.

"Could be Emerald jostling me awake a few times, could be other things, or it could be nothing, no one really knows right" the being said which made Steel get an angered look on his face before he calmed down and got a serious look on his face.

"Are you going to get in my way again?" Steel asked with some killing intent in his voice.

However the Being just waved Steel off with a humored grin on its face before it responds.

"Oh no, I'm more or less a ghost or an image." The being said before Rouge spoke up while she held Amy's shoulder.

"W-What are you?" Rouge asked the being which made said being chuckle before it spoke up.

"Oh just the Spirit of the Master Emerald, a combination of various God's created me and I was originally the Master Core, nice to meet you." The Spirit said while making a victory sign near it's eye which made everyone conscious and who was awake sweatdrop at the Spirits antics since this was a serious situation before the Spirit looked to Sonic with a serious look on its face which confused the injured speedster greatly.

"I recommend not losing your cool Sonic, you can argue with me but who will protect Amy since Steel blinded her?, Especially after what Steel added to his attack." The Spirit cryptically said near the end which made Sonic's eyes widen when he blinked a few times and looked to Amy with a regretful look while she had her eyes covered with her hands while blood slowly flowed down her face.

"It's sweet that your concerned for them, but they'll be dead soon anyway…" Steel said with a twisted grin when he turned to Sonic, Cream, Shunpei, and Vanilla while Terragaia got ready to charge the mad bot but the Spirit stopped him for some reason.

Steel than crouched down before he charged the four while the Spirit spoke up.

"There was a reason that I showed myself now…" the Spirit said while Steel jumped into the air while Sonic got on guard and Cream hugged her mom right before the cave entrance shimmered before something launched out of it and smashed into the ground after it passed between Steel and Sonic which caused everyone but the Spirit to be shocked when a familiar voice spoke up.

"I honestly don't know what the hell happened here…" the voice said before everyone looked to the entrance to see a royally pissed off still injured Emerald while he exits the cave with a conscious Leonel, Core, Lynx, Solar, Ikaru, and Lilly who seemed recovered somewhat while she sat on Ikaru's back… but that wasn't all… another person exits the cave which made everyone's eyes widen before Steel spoke up with a shocked look on his face.

"Impossible… you were dead." Steel said with a shocked tone while the camera went to the person in question to reveal…

...That it was Lillum the Succubus, alive and at 100% somehow with a smile on her face before she spoke up.

"Hehe, I was dead you bucket of bolts, but Emerald helped me... but that can be explained later right Emerald?" Lillum said while Emerald nods while he had glowing eyes locked onto Steel after looking to everyone and their injuries.

Steel in turns grins at Emerald before his own eyes glow with a malicious aura.

"Hoooo… seems things are reaching the finale, you learned many things and you got a lot stronger as a result… I'm glad… SINCE I CAN FINISH YOU OFF MYSELF!" Steel said before he roars out the last bit when he charged Emerald with a large amount of power and speed while Emerald spoke up.

"Strong?" Emerald said while he read Steel's attack and slid his left foot forward while ducking under the slice while he drew his right arm back before energy went into his fist.

"No… I'm weak as hell if I can't even keep a promise." Emerald coldly said to the mad bot when he sent his fist forward and the attack connected with Steel's gut before his eyes widen in shock when he got launched back and skids on the ground before Emerald starts walking towards Steel who gripped his gut which showed a decent crack on his gut before Emerald spoke up with a cold tone that made though who heard, mainly Sonic and his friends and Chise, while Xan, the Elemental's, and the Spirit had grins on their faces when they saw Emerald's aura and Chaos energy were many times stronger than when it originally was than when he first entered.

"I may not remember much about everyone here… but something deep inside is telling me…" Emerald said with more venom in his voice and his chaos energy spiked before he spoke up with a slight growl in his voice.

"That I should kick your twisted metal ass." Emerald growled out when he moved his right hand forward and used a familiar stance that shocked all.

"Come…" Emerald said while a voice enters his head.

"My name…." The voice said before a rumbling was heard from where Emerald threw the object before Emerald spoke up again.

"Come Forth…" Emerald called out before the rumbling got stronger which made everyone look to the source and saw a… rumbling sword made of stone with black veins running along the entirety of the blade and handle while black flames start to burst from the weapon itself while Xan's eyes widen when he recognized the weapon.

"H-Hold on… is that really…" Xan tries to say with a slightly pale face before the voice spoke in his head again.

"My name is…. " The voice said to Emerald before he roars out.

"COME FORTH… ONIMUSHA! (Demon warrior)" Emerald roared out before the stone sword erupts with black flames before it seemed to vanish with the black fire being left behind which shot to Emerald who braced himself when he actually caught the black fireball before he clinched his hand while his body was forced to bend back a bit when he got forced back somewhat before he lowered his hand down before something formed in his hand that shocked all who saw.

The Fireball seemed to shift and reformed into a demonic looking greatsword of all things that looked like the opposite of Tenshimusha, it looked mostly black in color while the veins on the side looked white in color before Emerald rests the greatsword on his shoulder before he spoke up while he emitted chaos energy.

"Hope your ready Steel, because Onimusha and I are are about to kick your ass." Emerald growled out before a black mist seeps from the large hole on the blade near the handle and like with Tenshimusha, A man in ancient feudal looking demonic armor appeared… but unlike the mad man from the previous weapon, this spirit had a calm expression on his face while he looked at Steel. (Think of the Spirit Onimusha as Inu no taisho from Inuyasha but with midnight black hair, before anyone flames me, please hear me out that there is a story reason for later, but thats for a later story arc and I don't want to spoil anything.)

"...Get ready Emerald, This fight won't be simple if he's who I think he is." The Spirit of the man man said before Emerald raised an eyebrow at the figure before speaking up.

"Not sure what you mean by that Onimusha?, I already know this guy's insane, you saw my memories right?" Emerald said while the Man now known as Onimusha spoke up.

"I know, but I know who he is from past experience before he got that metal body with previous wielders, trust me... this guy is even stronger than any of you might think from the experience he gained over the years, even if this new body of his is damaged greatly, you shouldn't let your guard down." Onimusha said before he fades into a mist and flows back into the blade while Emerald kept quiet for a moment before he spoke up.

"Wasn't planning to." Emerald said to the blade before he heard chuckling from Steel before the mad Bot spoke up while chuckling.

"Hehehe…. Oh wow, I heard and had a feeling… but Onimusha of all blades?" Steel said with a growing grin while Emerald looked to him with a frown on his face before he starts walking to the bot before he vanished with a burst of speed and reappeared over Steel with one hand raised with the greatsword in his right hand for and overhead strike and brought it down towards the one armed mad bot before Steel raised his blade and blocked it for a second with energy charging the blade before he lets the tip of the blade fall which caused Onimusha to grind against the blade and slides past Steel without harming him more while using the momentum to try and attack Emerald with a swiping attack, but Emerald raised his left hand which got covered with green energy before he punched the side of the blade upwards which caused Emerald to land before he and Steel backed away before they charged one another to get the fight started with their weapon drawn back in full while everyone who could watched hoped Emerald could take out the mad bot.

Emerald (Greatly injured) and Onimusha (Weapon Partner) VS Steel (One arm) ( Greatly Damaged) (Darkness Overdrive mode)

For a moment, everyone saw the two trade blows with their blades with Steel using the weight of Emerald's blade against him while Emerald counters and ducks past the mad bots weapon to get close.

The adrenaline that Emerald felt during his fight with Bordux and his allies wore off long ago which left his body extremely sore but his anger overrode his exhausted state when he starts to swing the blade with faster speeds when he decided that power was just working against him during this fight.

For a minute everyone saw Emerald swinging the demonic greatsword with ease which brought up a couple questions, like was it as heavy as it looked or did it have some kind of secret?

Emerald then brought the greatsword down for a overhead strike which Steel got ready to block before everyone got caught off guard when the weapon vanished and Emerald stepped in with his right hand drawn back before he clapped his hands together when energy starts to build between his hands for a variant of his strongest attack

"Chaos…." Emerald said with energy emitting from him in waves which focused into his palms more while Steel slowly grins before he spoke up.

"I'll be seeing you later." Steel said while he looked Emerald in the eye before Emerald took a step forward with hands separating before Emerald aimed his hand at Steel's already damaged stomach when Emerald roars out.

"CANNON!" Emerald roars out right before Steel got blasted away with a large amount of chaos energy while Steel actually laughed with an insane laugh before breaking into two separate halves which explodes a moment later while his laughter fades with Emerald panting a moment later.

For a moment… nothing happened but with everyone, the Non-Elemental group minus Xan, awake or who could see, could only look on with surprise or shock when they started to realize that the mad bot just got destroyed.

But before anyone could feel elated… Emerald starts to fall forward before Lillum caught him and had a hand on his chest while he pants for breath when his energy felt weak before the last thing he saw was the Elemental's splitting up to walk to everyone while Kamikazix and The Spirit heading his way before he passed out before the scene fades to black.

The scene fades back in to show TME while he watched what was going on from a distance before he looked to the readers with a grin on his face.

"Well everyone… hope you like the chapters, while some might complain about how long it took to write, thankfully I'll be speeding past the next few chapters since I have the rest of the plot for this in my head iron out while the final part or this chapter of the dungeon arc was more or less improvised, I am sorry for the wait dear readers but I am glad to say that I'll be doing more from here on out and TDS is still active… until next time and for the start of the final part of the Prequel arc… cause I'll be glad to say that a lot of questions will be answered next chapter thanks to a detailed flashback to explain how Emerald got his weapon and how Lillum is alive…. And even a lemon with Vanilla and Lillum since I feel like you guys and gals deserve a bit of a spoiler in a good way." TME said before he spoke up again.

"Though I have to say that not all turned out well for this chapter, Nocturn is in a drained state, Umbra is still with Bordux and it's because of Lycra who is under Bordux's control, Shunpei defended Vanilla and Cream but got knocked out in the process, Zack had to defend everyone with magic and got knocked out as well, Amy got blinded by Steel after she protected Rouge and Chise, and most of the group got hurt from that blast of dark energy that Steel used, honestly it seems the next chapter won't have much in terms of action, more of a explanation chapter and a lemon chapter while most of the group recovers." TME explained before he continues.

"And if you didn't read DDS or Dimensional Drifter School, a co-op story by Atomsk and I, which is a future arc at an unknown point in time after this story, then you should read it if your interested, just a bit of a shout out for it here since I'm proud of the story since it's the very first co-op story by Atomsk and I…. until next time my dear readers." TME said before he looked to the battleground and saw the Elementals helping the injured members of the group of people before he starts to walk to a portal that opened with a grin on his face before he enters it before it closed before the scene fades to black.

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