The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
A fatal mistake, P5

A portal opened near the Master Emerald shrine before TME stepped out before the gate closed with a bang before he looked to the screen before waving while grinning.

TME then frowned after he heard chuckling and saw the master emerald spirit next to the giant gem before TME walked to it while speaking up.

"Aren't you suppose to be in the story, not the intro?" TME said which made the spirit chuckle before stopping after a minute while point to it's own head.

"Omnipotent remember?, I can do anything in this story if I really wanted to." M.E. said which made TME frown before looking towards the screen while the spirit walked behind him before waving to the readers while grinning which irritated TME before he spoke up.

"Well readers, as you can read, I'm stuck with this guy in this story, we left off last time on a shocking note, Lillum was put in a critical condition while Dark took over his body, some of you can probably see where this is going while some are still waiting with baited breath for the end of this battle, however it should be a rare original ending for this dungeon arc if what I have in mind is really original, let me know if otherwise." TME said before he looked over to the grinning spirit before looking back to the screen before sighing.

"Let's get into the story before I try and throttle this thing!" TME said with irritation while the spirit waved goodbye while the scene shifted into the story.

Last time

"Who or what the hell are you!?" Aggro said with a slight growl before Emerald? grinned at the question.

"Hehehe, who am I, It's simple, My name, is Dark, simple as that." Dark said with a grin before a dark mist emitted from his body which made a chill go up everyone's spine before the scene faded to black.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald?, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

When Emerald's body emitted the dark mist, everyone froze in shock from the feeling it gave off, even Solar and Nocturn couldn't believe that it was Emerald emitting such a foul aura before Dark chuckled when he saw everyone's reaction before he looked to everyone.

"Whats wrong everyone? look like you've seen something...horrifying." Dark said with a malice filled grin before the scene shifted to the outside with the viewers.

Angel Island/Cave of trials/ Xan's group/ Xan(tied up), Knuckles (unconscious), Rouge, Shunpei, Pluton (INOR)(In need of repairs), Cream, Vanilla, Amy, Sonic (fire overdrive)(Pinned at the moment), Tails, Zack, Chise/ Elemental group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lighting), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)

Everyone watching the screen had different reactions.

The flame on Sonic's hand went out before his form shifted to normal before turning back into fire overdrive sonic before he resumed his welding, 3/4's of the way there.

Amy's eyes went wide before she slowly dropped her hammer.

Tail's froze when he tried to untangle Xan who's first aid of Knuckles slowed down.

Vanilla held Cream tighter while Cream covered her mouth while Cheese hid under one of Creams ears.

Zack nearly dropped his blade in shock.

Rouge blinked a few times before felling on her rear.

Chise stepped back a few times before she backed into Pluton's damaged body which made it spark.

Shunpei's tail fur ruffled from the bad feeling he was getting from watching Emerald.

The Elementals just went wide eyed while Shiro and Kuro covered their mouths before the scene shifted back to the cave.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald?, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

"What...the...hell." Core muttered which made Dark look in his direction which made Core flinch, like Emerald was something not to mess with right now, the feeling Core felt made every instinct in his body roar with the urge to run.

Dark chuckled at Core's expression before he turned to Lillum who's vision faded in and out.

Dark then walked over to Lillum while everyone looked on with various emotions on their faces.

Leonel had a wide eyed look of shock.

Umbra had a similar look on his face, though this one was of caution.

Aggro's was of shock, from Emerald's change in personality, confusion from the change in his aura, finally excitement, that Emerald might be able give Aggro a good fight this time.

Lynx, Solar, Lilly, Nocturn, Core, and Ikaru looked on with both caution and worry, mainly from what Dark might do to Lillum.

Dark then held his hand in front of Lillum before grinning, his eyes widened before he unleashed a ball of dark energy that consumed Lillum who's eye widened before the energy hit while everyone was shock silent.

Before anyone could move, the energy around Lillum faded to show that she was unharmed which confused the groups before Lillum opened her eyes before she blinked in surprise before she rose her hands to her face before getting further shocked when she noticed that her arms where healed, she and the group looked at her with wide eyes before realizing that Dark healed her.

Dark then turned back to Aggro before a wild, madness filled grin appeared on his face, however before he could move another step, he heard Lillum speak up.

"W-Why?" Lillum asked with shock filling her voice which made Dark grin before he turned his head towards Lillum before speaking up.

"It's simple, thanks to you, I was able to take over this body, even if it's for a short time, simple as that." Dark said which confused the groups before Dark spoke up again while standing up.

"Speaking of favors...I believe I owe the Iron wall something for helping me get control...what to do...what to do..." Dark said before trailing off while he turned so he faced Aggro who's grin widened before pulling his arm back before an orange aura appeared however Dark spoke up before Aggro's attack could be launch which froze him mid swing.

"Before we can begin though, I would like to preform a trick to amaze and astound everyone watching, inside and...outside the cave." Dark said before he raised his right arm before bowing to everyone which confused everyone before Dark got a grin on his face before he stood up while he breathed in.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!..." Dark said before the scene shifted to outside the cave.

Angel Island/Cave of trials/ Xan's group/ Xan(tied up), Knuckles (unconscious), Rouge, Shunpei, Pluton (INOR)(In need of repairs), Cream, Vanilla, Amy, Sonic (fire overdrive)(Pinned at the moment), Tails, Zack, Chise/ Elemental group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lighting), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)

"What could he be planning?" Zack said to himself but everyone heard anyway when things got oddly quiet, they wondered that as well before the scene shifted to Bordux's base.

?/?/ Bordux, Nex, various other members

Bordux leaned back in his chair to relax and think about this issue, Nex on the other hand was sitting on the edge of her seat while she waited for another surprise while various members of the group talked to one another before the scene shifted back to the dungeon groups.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald?, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

"Are you high!?" Aggro said in confused shock which made everyone blink once before looking to one another, friend and foe, before looking back to Dark who lowered his arm before continuing where he left off.

"GET READY FOR THE MAGIC TRICK OF THE LIFETIME!." Dark said before he held his hand out to Leonel who blinked a couple times in confusion before pointing to herself, but Dark spoke up before she could say anything.

"Now will my lovely assist, Leonel the Lioness, return what is mine so that I may attempt my magic trick" Dark said which confused everyone who looked to Leonel in confusion before looking back to Dark who's grin widened to sickening proportions.

"W-What are y-you ta...aaaaaahhhh!" Leonel growled before before groaning when she held her stomach while Dark hand gave off a purple glow before everyone looked to Leonel in confusion before looking to Dark who's eyes glowed before smirking.

"I see that's the kind of seal he used on my fragment." Dark said before a crest appeared in front of Dark which shocked everyone watching, it was purple in color but the meaning of the crest was lost on all groups, even Nexus and Bordux who looked at the crest with intrigue, though the crest looked familiar to Bordux who hid his smirking face to watch the fight.

When the crest appeared in front of Dark's body, Leonel gripped her stomach tighter before the camera panned towards her body before going inside, however it wasn't her physical body, it was the orb of darkness Aggro used on her earlier, the one Bordux used by using special crests.

The orb inside the crests pulsed once before the crests cracked which shocked Leonel greatly before Dark extended his hand towards Leonel before pulling before the sound of breaking glass was heard which made Leonel hunch down before throwing her head back and screaming as a result.

Everyone looked to Leonel in either shock or surprise at what happened next.

Smoky tendrils of darkness billowed out of Leonel before shooting towards Dark before condensing in front of his hand slowly before completing which floated over his hand before Leonel fell to the ground which surprised everyone when Bordux's brainwashing crest cracked before fading piece by piece before fading fully which made Aggro and Umbra's eyes widen in shock before Dark chuckled which got everyone's attention while Lynx ran over to check Leonel with worry showing on her face.

"Thank you my dear, now then..." Dark said with a grin on his face before he pulled the upper left part of his shirt off which showed the stub that was made by Umbra's attack.

Dark then reached for the orb before moving it till it engulfed the stub before pulling away slowly which revealed a shocking sight.

When Dark pulled the orb away, Emerald's left arm slowly reappeared before Dark pulled the orb completely away which showed that Dark regrew Emerald's arm which made everyone's, inside the dungeon, outside the cave, even a few of Bordux's allies, eyes widen in shock before Dark chuckled at everyone's expressions before speaking up.

"If your shocked now, then what I'm about to do will really surprise you all." Dark said with a twisted grin on his face which shocked Aggro out of his stupor before gritting his teeth.

"OI!, who or what the hell are you!?" Aggro growled while his eyes glowed with a bright orange glow before Dark's grin widened before he held up one finger to his mouth in a shushing manner before speaking up.

"In due time Iron wall, let me finish my act and I'll tell you." Dark said which confused everyone before Dark did something that made everyone freeze.

Dark moved the orb in front of Emerald's torso before the orb floated towards Emerald's chest before flowing into Dark who's grin widened before he started to chuckle rapidly which unnerved Emerald's group before Dark spoke up while a dark mist emitted from his body while black tattoo like lines covered his body while he slid his regrown left arm back into his sleeve.

"Well that's one fragment down, two to go, now for the finishing touch." Dark said before a chilling feeling swept over everyone in the room while dark clinched his hands before a pillar of darkness appeared to consume him which made everyone cover their faces from flying debris.

The pillar vanished while a dust cloud was left in it's place, however the chilling feeling strengthened by many times which made everyone keep quiet for a minute while the cloud slowly settled.

"I believe I would say who I was did I?" Dark said before part of his body appeared, his right foot, however it was coated with dark energy while everyone kept quiet.

"Well...before I do I have to say one thing first." Dark said before chuckling a few times before his right hand appeared, it was coated with darkness as well before Dark continued.

"I have more in common with Helios, or Solar as everyone calls her now." Dark said before his other arm and leg was shown before everyone looked to Solar who stared at Dark in shock before Dark continued.

"I would give my name if I could but I can't for two reasons." Dark said before his darkness covered torso was shown while everyone got on guard, but no one could have prepared for Dark's next sentence.

"For one, new body, new name, right?, and second, I've been stuck in the Master Core for so long that I forgot what my original name was, however I do remember a few things." Dark explained before his head was shown, his pupils were glowing pure white, the rest of his head was covered with dark energy which ended in flame like hair that flowed down to the middle of his back.

Everyone registered what Dark said with shock before looking towards Solar who blinked a few times before she felt her stomach knot from discomfort before speaking up.(There is a lot of shock in this chapter.)

"W-What do y-you m-mean?" Solar stuttered before Dark chuckled again before he spoke up a few seconds later while crossing his arms.

"Guess I start at the beginning, you see...The reason I'm now residing inside of this body is for a simple reason, but before I say why I'll start with a little history lesson." Dark said before continuing.

"Long ago...after the first Dimension was created, the god's needed to create something to help stabilize it and other dimensions before creating more, they then had the idea of creating a power source so strong that the god's wouldn't need to do much except direct the energy." Dark said before he looked up to the ceiling of the room before continuing.

"However sense the dimension was brand new, the god's options were limited to the amount of power they could receive from the citizens there, they then had an idea." Dark said before he move his head side to side and heard cracking before continuing.

"Really long story short, before I was born, the gods picked me to help create the Master Core with a few gifts." Dark said with a grin on his face, the shock everyone felt before paled in comparison before Dark continued when no one spoke up.

"You see, In order to create an object of infinite power, the two gifts needed were as followed." Dark said before he held his hand in front of him before multiple crests appeared in front of him like computer monitors before he spoke up again.

"The first gift and my ...analysis...try not to confuse it with the lower grade abilities that scan a person or monster for into, This gift is the key component that allowed me to form the Master Core long ago and it's unique to me." Dark said before he made the screens vanish before continuing his explanation.

"Analysis allows me to examine anything at its most base level, for example, I can examine the Master Emerald if needed and it would show what is needed to replicate it, though it would be in it's gem form, another example would be the ability to create my own magic at will, all I need to do is study a magic spell, skill, or ability, and I can recreate it, use it as a base for a new ability, another would be handy for battles against other ability users for many reasons." Dark said before looking to Aggro with a wide grin one his face before two large crests appeared in front of his eyes before turning transparent after they shrank before Dark spoke up.(If anyone has complaints about this ability, first off Dark is suppose to be an overpowered character, second this skill is like a major upgrade of the simple scan magics.)

"From what you could see, it also allows me to find my enemies weakness, no matter how small or how hidden it is." Dark said before he chuckled which unnerved everyone before Dark spoke up again.

"Now for the second, for analysis to work properly, the god's gave me an insane amount of magical energy and some of their consciousness to act as an AI of sorts so that the Master Core would already know what to do, your probably wondering why they didn't do this themselves,... well for reason I stated earlier, they couldn't do much with a newly born dimension right off the bat, however they could warp a human's inborn talents however they wanted to fit their needs, the only issue I had was training, so the god's gave me one more gift that you all heard of." Dark explained before his grin widened to sickening proportions before he continued while everyone kept quiet.

"You all remember that tome that Bordux found right, the one that allowed him to change the Master Core to it's current form right?" Dark said before everyone registered what Dark said before Dark spoke up again.

"That's right, that tome...the one with all of that forbidden knowledge that was sealed inside of that room...was originally given to me to create the Master Core, how to alter it if needed, and spells to use to defend myself if needed, the other stuff, that possession crest, and many more was written by me when I decided to experiment with the Analysis skill that I had." Dark said which made the Elemental's, Solar, and Nocturn, show various emotions on their faces, or in Nocturn's case a purple like frowning face.

Mainly it was shock, surprise, and Horror.

"H-Hold on!, why are you still alive then!?, shouldn't you be long dead!?" Core said before flinching when Dark looked over in Core's direction before shrugging.

"Like I said earlier, I have more in common with Solar then anyone,...after all...she bunked with me inside of the Master Core after it was altered into the Master Emerald." Dark said nonchalantly like it wasn't an important matter which shocked everyone watching before Dark spoke up.

"Now then, where was I?, oh yeah...After I created the Master Core, I experimented with the tome for years, to the point that I was a old man who was nearing his end, however I found out how to transfer my soul into the Master Core for storage,...more like a record breaking hibernation..., it was after I died that I had to wait for so many year, so many that I forgot my original name." Dark said before he looked to his right hand before clinching it while a wild grin appeared on his face.

"I did have a plan in place though after I died, after I was stored inside of the Master Core, all I had to do was wait until someone found my tome, it could be anyone but the tome had two enchantments on it that would help me stand here today." Dark said before holding up one finger.

"First, if someone who has no magical power found the book then it would send a pulse of energy to attract a magic user." Dark explained before he held up a second finger.

"Second, when someone who's a master of magical arts found the book it would compel them to shift the master Emerald into it's gem form, the shift would allow me a small opening to escape into a new body for recovery, however I didn't expect to get tossed into the former elemental of Darkness, more so when said Elemental was banished, and what was worse was that Nocturn's body had to fuse with an unborn kid just to survive." Dark said before dropping his arm before he chuckled at everyone's shocked faces before continuing.

"However as luck would have it, thanks to Light being fused with a elemental of Darkness's body, he had a underdeveloped darkside of his own, would have grown greatly thanks to all the crap he had to go through in his school life, so I just helped myself and absorbed his darkside which helped me recover greatly." Darkexplained to everyone before continuing though he did confuse the group with the name Light.

"Even more in my favor, this body has the Ultimate adaption skill, I could use that skill for my on use, it was something that was thrown away into that magic-less dimension for various reason, though it did perk my interest when I felt Elemental energy emit from everyone in that Dimension, though it was so weak thanks to the magic-less environment." Dark said before shrugging before continuing again.

"After Light got transported to Mobius, the place where the Master Emerald resides, I knew it was only a matter of time before I could regain my strength." Dark said with a grin on his face.

"When that robot double caused Light to snap, I...lent a little help in accelerating the process, though Light's friends on Mobius annoyed me when they got him to calm down." Dark said while shaking his head which caused Nocturn to remember what Emerald said about some double of himself causing the darkness to run out of control before Dark spoke up again.

"It wasn't until Light got to fight Core that I was finally able send him some of my energy, it worked to give him the edge in battle but with some side effects." Dark said before he held up a couple fingers.

"One was that when he used my energy, he gave me more control, not enough for a real takeover but one step at a time, I will say that it spiced up Emerald's love life in the bedroom a few times, the second was making it easier for him to accept the dark energy, unfortunately Bordux screwed that plan when he stole the darkness I sent to Light from when we fought him in that replica shrine." Dark said with an irritated look on his face before he looked over to Aggro before grinning.

"I should thank you Iron wall, if you didn't return my darkness to me I wouldn't be able to get back into my initial form, though it's weaker then it should be thanks to the other missing fragments." Dark said with his grin widening which irritated Aggro before Dark spoke up again.

"Now not that I'm not thankful that you knocked out Light, but I got to say that this takeover is a temporary thing unfortunately, so after I finish my little story I'd like to give this body a test run." Dark said while dark mist seeped from his body while Aggro gritted his teeth in rising anger.

"Now then...where was I?...Oh yeah!" Dark said before bopping his right fist with his left hand before resuming.

"After Light got overpowered by Bordux, I lent him my power, however thanks to that energy absorbing crest that was used, my energy levels are a lot lower then normal, though like I said, one piece down which raised my power as most of you can tell, two to go now." Dark said before looking towards Aggro before Dark emitted a wave of dark energy.

"Now then, I believe I talked enough, let's get to the main even shall we?" Dark saidbefore vanishing which surprised everyone before Aggro felt someone poke his back and looked behind him in shock when he realized that it was Dark who placed the palm of his hand near Aggro's back before speaking up.

"Now...LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!" Dark said before a blast of dark energy shot Aggro away from him which launched Aggro into the air above Lillum at an angle before crashing into the canyon wall before a dust cloud covered where Aggro crashed before a blast of orange energy appeared before Aggro charged Dark with glowing orange eyes which started their fight.

Dark Emerald VS Aggro the Iron Wall

Aggro pulled his fist back before swinging it forward, however no one expected Dark to thrust his hand for before a crest appeared which blocked Aggro's attack.

Dark vanished before appearing above Aggro before kicking Aggro on the top of his head which slammed him into the ground with a resounding earth shattering bang before Dark spun in the air again before ax kicking Aggro on top of his head again which resulted in the another earth shattering bang before Dark jumped away while a dust cloud collected around Aggro.

"What's the matter Iron wall?, sleeping already?" Dark said before raising his right hand which summoned another crest which blocked spears of earth that flew from the cloud for a moment before Dark vanished with a flash of dark energy before the crest broke before reappearing nearby before summoning another crest above him when Aggro appeared with an orange mist covered fist that slammed downward into the crest that slowly pressed downward with made Dark grin with wide eyes glowing bright white.

"Impressive!, not many can push my defensive crest back that much, however..." Dark said before Dark moved his left hand near the crest which pushed the crest towards Aggro who grunted when he realized he was being pushed back.

"You've got to be kidding me!?" Aggro thought before he saw Dark pull his right arm back before vanishing before reappearing to the right of Aggro while an orb of darkness appeared in Dark's hand before thrusting it forward while Dark said the technique with a wide eyed grin on his face.

"Dark Cannon!" Dark said before he launched his attack, an orb of darkness rapidly appeared during the technique name before Aggro was hit point blank with Dark's attack which sent him flying away from everyone before Dark landed near Lillum before walking away while keeping an eye on where Aggro landed.

Another blast of orange energy appeared which blew away the dust cloud which made everyone cover their eyes while Dark's grin stayed on his face.

"It seems your title of Iron wall isn't just for sounding impressive, isn't it?" Dark said with a grin on his face before everyone saw to their shock that Aggro was barely wounded, though considering how durable he was, it was shocking that he got wounded at all.

Bordux's base

Everyone besides Bordux and Nex had to blink or shake their heads to throw off their shock, of all people on Bordux's side, Aggro was known in multiple dimensions for being so durable that even an Elemental had to be careful or they would regret it, so to see Aggro of all people take damage was a rarity.

Bordux then grinned before a crest appeared on his forehead while the scene shifted back to the battle when Aggro charged Dark.

Dark VS Aggro the Iron Wall (Round 2)

Aggro charged Dark with an infuriated look on his face with glowing orange eyes before he slammed his stomped with his right foot when he stopped quite a ways from Dark before a boulder jumped from the ground before Aggro gripped it while Dark smirked.

"This old thing?" Dark said with a twisted grin on his face before he raised his hand to grab the spike that formed in Aggro's hand while the sound of something stabbing into the ground was heard by everyone.

Dark then froze in shock before slowly turning his head towards the source and saw that Umbra slammed his scythe blade into the ground with a crest showing on the ground that linked with another that appeared around Dark with his head looking to the ground before he heard chuckling from Umbra while Aggro pulled his arm back with the intent to throw the spear of earth.

Umbra then looked upward while time seemed to slow down to show a shocking sight which made Dark's eyes widen, but not in shock, but of anger that his fun was interrupted while everyone else looked on in worry.

Umbra's crest was at stage two, which meant one thing, Bordux was in control.

"Sorry to say...Dark was it?, but I need Emerald in control, your not welcome in this fight." Bordux said through Umbra when his face was fully shown.

Dark felt his body slow greatly, looked back to Aggro at a snails pace while a crest slowly formed in his hand to block the attack, however when Aggro threw the earthen spear, no one expected what happened next.

Before the earthen spear could hit Dark who raised his arm in defense, a shadow appeared in front of him while his eyes widened in shock while time seemed to slow down when the spear hit.


Emerald's mind/ Gate of darkness/ Emerald, M.E.S.

Time seemed to slow down for Emerald even though time was normal right now while his pupils shrank in shock while his mouth slowly opened in disbelief before he finally found his voice.

"LILLUUUUUM!" Emerald roared in agony when he saw Lillum had taken the hit for Dark while the scene faded to black.

The camera panned back to the shrine to show that TME and M.E.S. where arguing with one another before TME noticed the readers, though he didn't look to happy.

"Hello everyone, sorry but I'm in a little argument with this guy, long story short I suggested that he would stop spooking me but he said it was to funny to stop." TME said while he looked away from the Master Emerald spirit who grinned before TME turned back to face him only to see that the spirit vanished before looking around the field rapidly.

"The hell!?, This guy could give Batman a run for his money,...Anyway, it seems things just went from bad to worse with the dungeon group when Dark took over Emerald's body, however thanks to Bordux possessing Umbra, he was slowed enough for Aggro to aim his spear at, what everyone didn't expect was Lillum using her own body to shield Dark, what will the group do now?" TME asked before getting the shock of his life when he heard a voice behind him.

"I already know what happens next though." M.E.S. said which made TME jump in shock before turning to the spirit, however he looked to the readers before speaking up.

"Yeah...I'm going to fade out of this chapter so I can give guy one hell of a lecture, see you guys next time." TME said before the Camera faded to black while bickering was heard before everything went silent when the scene faded completely.

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